Top 10 Apps Similar to DOtick

University of Innsbruck 1.1.0
The app of the University of Innsbruck is suitable forstudents,university staff and anyone interested in courses, datesand newsoffered by the university. It includes complete accesstoLFU:online, the student portal of the University ofInnsbruck,along with all exam results and an ECTS counter. Inaddition, theapp offers a calendar with personal and public dates,research andstudy-relevant news about the university, acomprehensive campusguide to the university buildings and roomswith links to GoogleMaps and the menu plans of the universitycafeterias. Theintegrated mail client gives you mobile access toyour e-mailaccount at the university. The app will be expanded andupdatedcontinuously.
SameSystem 3.7.4
SameSystem is an internet based toolforplanning and scheduling the administration of stores andretailchains. It makes it possible creating ideal schedules in ashortamount of time, and to give the employee an easy and quickview oftheir working hours, budget, news, contacts and more.The functions you can find in the App are:*Schedule:-You can always see the actual schedule for yourself andthedepartment.-You can see your personal schedule, with extended info aboutlendouts, absence etc.-You can see salary percentage and the daily budget.-You can edit and confirm the days in horizontal view.-You can synchronise your schedule with you mobile calendar.*Weekly balance:- You can insert and save all key figures.-You can write comments and confirm days.*Budget:-You can follow the daily and monthly budgets.-You can follow the turnover in your department.-You can compare with turnover and budget from last year.*Daily overview:-You can easily adjust your daily overview to fit yourpersonalneeds.-You can select the overview, which give you the most importantkeyfigures.-You can get a personal overview of key figures forseveraldepartments at the same time.-You can select your own personal start screen.*News- You can see news from your department.*Contacts-You can see the phone book for your department.-You can make calls directly from the App.-You can send emails directly from the App.To use the SameSystem App you have to have an active accountatSameSystem. You can get more information at SameSystem.comorcontact us by phone at +45 70 70 70 27
Grocery list Courzeo 3.0.0
Courzeo App
Courzeo let you easily manage your shopping lists.Automaticallyshare your lists with your partner or roommate byusing the sameCourzeo account. You can also consult and edit yourlists atanytime on the Web : Create reusablelisttemplates, use advanced suggestion features and you'll beablecreate your lists very fast. While shopping, tick items as yougoand filter your list to only see what remains to buy. Fullversionwithout ads and unlimited synchronisations ! Internetpermission tosynchronize lists with Tags : grocerylist, grocerylists, shopping list, shopping lists, shop, store,supermarket,market
MyFoodways: Weeknight-friendly dinners. Your way. 1.13.12
What’s for dinner? Daily dilemma, same old question, sameoldmeals.After a long day, you deserve delicious. MyFoodwaysbringsyoutasty, weeknight-friendly recipes, based on the foodsyoulove.Deciding what to cook tonight has never been so easy.Savetime,eat well and enjoy more with simple dinners, tailored toyou.Tellus how you like to eat and we’ll dishuppersonalisedrecommendations to suit your preferences. Ourrecipesare flexibleand can be adapted depending on what’s in yourfridgeand how manypeople you’re serving. With handy leftovers tipsandstorageadvice, we’ll even help you to reduce your food waste –andyourshopping bill. With MyFoodways you can: - Preparesimple,tasty,balanced meals every day of the week - Spend lesstimesearchingfor inspiration, and more time eating what you love-Tailorserving sizes to suit your household, and customiseportionsforadults and kids - Reduce your food waste - and yourshoppingbill -Enjoy seasonal, sustainable food that’s good for youand goodforthe planet MyFoodways is the personal, low-waste recipeappthatmakes dinnertime simple. Download the app andreclaimyourweeknight meals!
Restaurantguide Falstaff 3.1
Erleben Sie die besten 2.000RestaurantsÖsterreichs sowie internationale Top-Restaurants aufIhremSmartphone. Mit der neuen Falstaff Restaurant-App 2.0 habenSieIhren Genussratgeber immer dabei - mit Bewertungen der über17.000Gourmetclub-Mitglieder, allen RestaurantbeschreibungenundImpressionen der gelisteten Betriebe.Die Falstaff Restaurant-App zeigt Ihnen die bestenRestaurantsdirekt in Ihrer Umgebung und wie weit diese von IhremStandortentfernt sind – Sie können Lokale aber auch über dieKartenansichtsuchen. Gourmetclub-Mitglieder können Ihre Erlebnissedirekt in derApp bewerten und kommentieren.Ihre Vorteile der neuen Restaurant-App auf einen Blick:+ Entdecken Sie neue Restaurants in den Falstaff Empfehlungen+ Vergessen nie wieder ein gutes Restaurant, indem Sie es inIhrenFavoriten speichern+ Kontaktieren Sie das Restaurant direkt aus der App+ Bewerten Sie Ihre Erlebnisse als Gourmetclub-Mitglied+ Teilen Sie Ihren Restaurantbesuch mit Freunden+ Lesen SieaktuelleGourmet-News direkt in der App+ Bleiben Sie über Falstaff-Events auf dem LaufendenExperience the Best2,000restaurants in Austria, as well as top internationalrestaurants onyour smartphone. With the new Falstaff RestaurantCruises 2.0 youhave your enjoyment Guides on the go - with reviewsof more than17,000 gourmet club members, all restaurantdescriptions andimpressions of the companies listed.The Falstaff Restaurant App will show you the bestrestaurantsright in your environment and how far they are away fromyourlocation - you can search for local but also on the map.GourmetClub Members can rate your experiences directly in the appandcomment.The advantages of the new restaurant App at a glance:+ Discover new restaurants in the Falstaff recommendations+ Never again forget a good restaurant, by saving it inyourfavorites+ Contact the restaurant directly from the app+ Evaluate your experience as a Gourmet Club Member+ Share your restaurant visit with friends + Read latestgourmetnews directly in the app+ Stay on Falstaff events up to date
Exact Online 5.42.2
Exact Online Wholesale Distribution and Exact OnlineManufacturingare cloud-based software solutions for small tomid-sizedbusinesses. Now with Exact Online for Android, you’llenjoy evenmore value from your subscription with your keycustomerinformation and sales data at hand anywhere, anytime.Convenience& Insight • Manage all sales processes andcustomerinteractions on the fly • Instantly view and report oninventoryand stock availability • Keep your remote staff in tunewith up tothe moment business conditions • Interact with vendordata forinstant quotes • Quote and place orders on the roadRequirements Inorder to use Exact Online for Android, you requirean Exact Onlinesubscription. Visit for moreinformation andsign up for a free trial. We’d love to hear yourfeedback on ExactOnline for Android. Do you have questions,comments or problems?Send an email to
Shopping list: BigBag 12.3
You seem to 🤔🤔🤔: - Always forget something you need to buywhencoming home. - Buy somethings you will never use or alreadyhaveenough at home. - Waste a lot of time go from aisle to aisleinstore until find what need to buy. - Fill heavy walletswithmembership cards. - Forget food expired in pantry or fridge. -Beconfused what for every day dinners. - Be stressed byuncontrolledfamily spending and over budget. 👉👉👉 BigBag is exactlywhat yourneed, grocery shopping will be easier and faster than everwith theuseful features of BigBag: ✅ Shopping list to remembereverythingyou need to buy, plan where to buy and keep track of thetotalamount of your shopping cart. 🥫 Pantry list to manage theitems youhave in the pantry, fridge, to remind you what to refilland whatwill expire. 🥣 The Recipe book to keep your favoriterecipes withcustomized ingredients that meet your family taste. Youcan put theingredients to a shopping list to prepare your nextmeals. 💳 Cardwallets: To digitize your loyalty cards with barcodeso you can getrid of heavy wallets filled with plastic cards. 👍BigBag is madewith love, users love BigBag because the followingamazingfunctions: - A excellent shopping list with Editing andShoppingmodes separated: The handy edit mode to plan your shoppingstrips.The shopping mode is optimized for shopping situations inthestores. - History list: Remembers entered items forrepeatpurchase, - Text import: Quick add items from text of a list,-Drag & Drop: Reorder and change item's categories by drag&drop, - Swiping: Swipe item to the left for deleting or therightfor snoozing, - Quick set quantity: Set needed quantity ofitemdirectly in the list view, - Categories: To group itemsbycategories, arrange items by shop aisles, - Screen turned-on:Keepscreen turned on while shopping, - Multi-lists view: Mixsomeselected lists to view at one time, - Color lists: To markitems bylist's color in multi-list view, - Share: Share list withotherapps, - Get shared: Import shared lists from other apps, -Backupdata: Always keep your data safe, - Dark theme: Reduce eyestrainat night, - Sorting: Sort list items alphabetically or bygroup, -Coupon: Never forget coupons & promo codes, - Photo:Rememberproduct to buy with picture, - Widget: Quickly viewshopping listson home screen of your phone. - Cloud sync:Synchronize your datafor use across multiple devices. - Barcodescanner: Quickly saveyour card code and ready for scanning instores. We cannot explainall the beautiful features of BigBag bywords, please download andexperience BigBag for yourself. *****BigBag is free to use, youcan always support us by downloading Proversionat: