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Smart Android Course Free app development tutorial
Smart Android Course is outstanding among anotherandroidadvancement instructional tutorial application for designersanddevelopers around the globe. We are a non-benefit associationwithan open-source instructive application with the point of'improvingandroid development by giving a free world-classinstructionalexercise for anybody anywhere. Using theapplication you canlearn android simply by well-ordered procedurewith the source codedownload work. The points we spread: >>On basic androiddevelopment tutorial You will find topics about -AndroidIntroduction - Android Architecture - Installation Setup -ProjectStructure - Emulator Setup - About android components -Fragments -Creating your first android app - Concept about (android layouts,UI controls, and menu >> On advance androiddevelopmenttutorial You will find topics about - Android Activityand Intent -Android Service - Android Alarm-manager - AndroidStorage - AndroidSq-lite - JSON and XML - Storage in android -Multimediadevelopment - telephony service in android - device inandroid -android web service, and android sensor and cameratutorial.>> On android, libraries include everything neededto buildan app, including source code, resource files, and anAndroidmanifest. The libraries make your app more design-friendlyandattractive. We provide top android libraries available ontheinternet so you can make use of it for free on yourandroiddevelopment project >> On Google developmenttutoriallets you build, deploy, and scale applications, andservices on thesame infrastructure as Google by providing theAPI. We helpyou to integrate the google API with an easy step bystep processso you can reduce your difficulty in integration.>> On Firebase development tutorial you will find topicsabout - Real-timeDatabases for reading and writing, Authenticationand Fire baseChat integration >> Onweb API development tutorialyou will find topics aboutJSON, XML, Android's AsyncTask thatand uses of HTTP requeststo GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. How touse Retrofit inyour Android Application >> Snatchthe top freeversatile UI units for your android applicationstructure.Everything was made witha detail-oriented style andpursued by the presentpatterns. You can alter your applicationcomponents as yourequired. We help you to spare your TIME and COSTby modifiedfinished application formats. >> Purchase a SourceCode BeginMaking Money From App Source Code With NoCoding SkillRequired. Buy Mobile App Template and doapplicationRe-skin as you required. We furnish source code withless cost withlifetime support on integration. >> ApplicationFeatures: -Free Offline and Online Tutorial - Daily Topic Update -Free AppPromotions for clients - Free UI Design - You can beginassemblingyour android application - We give client support We areexpectingsome funds so that, we could improve the features in theapp andthereby it reaches a lot of users. We need your continuedsupportto enable us to continue with our - Thanks for every one ofyourbackings -
Expo 2.13.0
Expo Project
Start building rich experiences with just your Android deviceandyour computer. Expo is a developer tool for creatingexperienceswith interactive gestures and graphics, using JavaScriptand ReactNative. To learn more visit Someprogrammingexperience is recommended. By downloading and runningthisapplication, you are agreeing to our Terms of Serviceat
com.footaction.footaction 3.7.8
Head back to school in style with sneakerhead-worthy kicksfromJordan, adidas, Nike, and more. Gear up for team sports, checkoutlaunch shoes, or get a fresh backpack for the new year –whateveryou need, the Footaction app has your back. Plus, it’seasier andfaster than ever to shop, see upcoming releases, reservesneakers,and check out. • Enable push notifications and check theInbox tohear about deals, new releases, and more before everybodyelse. •Get ready for new releases with our Release Calendar. •Reserveyour kicks before they release with the Launch Reservationprogram.• Join Star Club for early access to deals, a welcomeoffer, abirthday offer, and more. • Scan your credit card right inthe appto streamline the checkout process. • Access My Account tosaveyour payment and shipping info for faster checkout. •Shopsneakers, clothes, bags, hats, and more from top brands. • UsetheStore Locator to get directions to stores near you.
System Repair 2019 for Android 2
# Thank you all our users! We are ready for 2019! Use and FeeltheDifference! System Repair 2019 for Android takes care ofanyfrustrating software issue holding you back. -Eliminatesystemslowdowns -System error checks and repairs -It is fast andreliable-Operating system and the system makes it usefull.*Developed byCTech Software
Master Android - Learn Android, Java & Flutter 12.6
Master Android trusted by thousands of users worldwide, havingthelargest collection of FREE code learning content, from beginnertopro! Android courses make learning to code easy and fun. Dailynewandroid lessons and coding tutorials free with source codes.You'rewelcomed to join the friendliest community of coders, wherepeersupport is an essential part of learning and development.Learnprogramming languages like Java & Kotlin withwell-organizedjava courses and simply illustrated kotlin tutorials.Daily AndroidCourses: New android lessons are added daily in allsections,including sample apps and project source codes Free withVideotutorials. Personalized: Build your coding profile &Gainreputation points through taking fun coding quizzes withsolutionfor every question. Become the Master! Keep winning Medals&points... Video tutorials: We are making video tutorials tohelpyou code and build android apps faster! Learn with yourLanguage:Android, Java & Kotlin courses are all available in4languages: Arabic - English - Indonesian - Spanish .. Joinourtranslation team and help your nation to learn faster. Need HelpinYour Projects? Ask the community and our team about yourcodingproblems and get answers and solutions. We love feedback.Tell uswhat you think: Gmail:silver.pilot086@gmail.com
VEarn is a truly what we call as an NextGen Application. It is5level earning app where you can earn points or we may call asVEarnpoints completing simple tasks. The most important part aboutthepoints which you earn is the way in which you can redeemthosepoints.There are multiple options made available for userssuch asPaypal, paytm, bitcoin and many types of gift cards.ToUnderstandthe process and the redemptions method, click the belowyoutubelink. contact us :
Valentine Picture Frames 7.2
AT Software
"Valentine Picture Frames" is application collage photowithvalentine's day photo frames for the couples in love, with asimpleinterface and easy to use, it will create wonderfulvalentine's daypicture frames with high definition "ValentinePicture Frames"provides effects and design professional will giveyou the bestphoto collage for valentine's day photo frames it issuitable foranyone? "Valentine Picture Frames" is suitable foreveryone,especially for the couples in love want to createwonderfulvalentine's day picture frames from their photo features -bigcollection of valentine's day picture frames and update daily-many beautiful overlay and effects - painting on your frames -addmini photos on the frames - the powerful photo editor toolsforbest photo - many message bubbles and you can change fonts,adjusttext color and size - collection over 5000 stickers withmanydifferent genres - photo storage and management easy photoeditingfunctions, delete, share, set as wallpaper, view details -easysave and share with Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, SMS,Gmail,etc - etc
Playground 1.3.6
Pega Mobile Playground allows users to experience hands on someofthe rich features for mobile, UI, and Case Management thatarepossible through Pega's model driven visual mobile appdevelopmentplatform. Test drive UI elements like grids and tabs,deviceintegration like push notification, and Pega's industryleadingcase management capabilities by sampling an orderapprovalworkflow, and more! For more ideas and best practices on UXdesign,checkout
System Repair for Lolipop 2019 2
#Thanks to all our users! #Easy Using! Use 2019 version and FeeltheDifference! One solution for even the nastiest errors !SystemRepair for Lolipop takes care of any frustrating softwareissueholding you back. -System error checks and repairs -It is fastandreliable -Operating system and the system makes it usefull.
Baby Funny Videos 2019 2.0.2
Do You feel like babies? Do you spend the day watching funnyandlaughing videos? This is your app! Baby Funny Videos forWhatsappis a totally free application for Android (+4.0) with whichyou cannot stop laughing with newborn babies, playful childrencaringdolls ... and at the end always something fun! lol there'seven avideo of a virutal baby! Without doubt, this is a greatcollectionof funny videos for android! It's free and you can sharethe videosof kid dancing, singing, with animals, jokes, fails ofkids, humourwith children, pranks, etc. We like to take care of ourusers, soin this app you will find videos funniest videos forlaugh... canselect your favourite videos and create one list of thebest funnyvideos to get the best humoru on your mobile! and all forfree!These are not videos of children to download, but of courseyou canshare them! Furthermore, only with babies Funny Videos forWhatsappapp you can comfortably watch the most shared videos offunny kid,most viewed, most recently ... Only this app offersvideos of jokesand other most-viewed of recent times. Humour videosof kid oranimals like cats to get some laughs. The videos areupdated oftenso they are always available to the most recent. Somecategoriesinclude: * The best videos of babies (babies talkative) *The bestof infantil humour (babies that do not know how to treattheirgames, so it ends missed up) * Playing children. The bestfalls of2019/2020 * Laughs, scares and fear. Funny videos of horrorwithhumour. The best combination! * Babies playing with animals. *Thebest compilation of humour. * Baby on her first bath! Thisappfeatures a variety of kids videos and that´s why on this appyouwill find the most interesting baby moments. Among them wecanhighlight: Humour videos of animals, babies, jokes, children,kids,baby, fails, fear, cats and many more! share them on whatsapp!Thehumour videos are categorized to make it easier and confortabletofind videos. Moreover, as we take care of the user, weprovidelists to interact with you. Favorites, Most viewed, yourownfavorites, etc. Funny videos for having fun with friends andsharevia Whatsapp. Some of the most significant features ofthisapplication are: ✔ Player for Youtube videos. View and enjoymorefunny internet videos, with wich you can learn some jokes foryourkids ✔ Creation of own videoLists. Add the funny videos thatlikemost to Favorites, hitting the star. Download this app and youwillbe able to create your own playlists. ✔ side navigation Menu.Enjoythe different categories offered by the side navigation menu.✔Share videos! You can share the videos that you like mostbydifferent social media/networking. ✔ App 100% free withoutanyin-app purchase. You don't have to spend money to laugh. ✔ Thebesthumour content for android with updates of contentfrequently.Jokes, babies videos, new born and of all ages.DISCLAIMER: Allimages of this application and resources are ownedor obtained fromsources free of CopyRights which allows use anddistribute theirimages. The main image (Google Play Store image)was taken by Ryanand Sarah Deeds. All video content are public andare hosted onYouTube. Only is allowed the viewing and sharing ofthe content,but the app does not allow to download.
MyHRMS 3.6
All employees of SBI can access HRMS application throughtheirmobile device. They can apply 4in1 reimbursement request,Applyleave and Tour, Approve Leave and Tour and view their salaryslip.
Ajith Wallpaper Gallery 4.0
Ajith Wallpaper Gallery is full of ajith,images and hisfamousdialogues he used in films.Various ajith updates,news aregatheredand updated.Set these ajith photos as your mobile wallpaperandshare it to your friends.
com.atsdev.xmaspictureframes 7.2
AT Software
"Xmas Picture Frames" is application collage photo with xmaspictureframes for everybody, with a simple interface and easy touse, itwill create wonderful xmas picture frames with highdefinition "XmasPicture Frames" provides effects and designprofessional will giveyou the best photo collage for xmas pictureframes it is suitablefor anyone? "Xmas Picture Frames" is suitablefor everyone,especially for men, women, baby, familys want tocreate wonderfulxmas photo frames from their photo features - bigcollection of xmasphoto frames and update daily - many beautifuloverlay and effects -painting on your frames - add mini photos onthe frames - thepowerful photo editor tools for best photo - manymessage bubblesand you can change fonts, adjust text color andsize - collectionover 5000 stickers with many different genres -photo storage andmanagement easy photo editing functions, delete,share, set aswallpaper, view details - easy save and share withGoogle Plus,Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Gmail, etc - etc
co.ronash.pushesample pushe-v1.6.0
"" is a push notification panel for mobileapplicationdevelopers.In this application you can preview sitefeatures andsee how it works.
Developer Tools
Roy Solberg
This app was originally just created for myself to makesomedevelopment tasks a bit easier. I've released it to the appstorehoping that someone else might find it useful too. Using thisappyou can see which resource qualifiers that are being used,whichsystem features that are available, and see details aboutthedisplay and its sizes. Also I wanted to create an appwhereeverything I needed was just one click away. The full listoffeatures: - See resource qualifiers in use - See availablesystemfeatures - See screen dimensions in dp, pt, in, sp, px, mm -StartDalvik Explorer (third party app) - Start aLogcat (third partyappfor viewing logcat) - Start ManifestViewer (third party appforviewing AndroidManifest.xml ++) - Start Clean Status Bar(thirdparty app for taking tidying up status bar for screenshots] -Godirectly to the Android 4.3's permission manager (App Ops) -Godirectly to the device's developer settings - Go directly tothelist of installed applications Works for Android 1.5 andup.Doesn't need any permissions to run. Please give me a wordifthere's something you'd like to see included in this app. :) Ihaveopen sourced the version 2 of the app. It can be foundat .
Duplicate File Remover 2.4
# Introduction:Duplicate File Remover or Duplicate ContactsRemoveris the application which scans your phone's internal andexternalmemory and gives you the exact results of having duplicatefiles orcontacts. You can delete the appeared file or contacts onebyone.Duplicate file finder and duplicate contacts merger scansalltypes of files and contacts on your Smartphone and clean uptheunnecessary space which have occupied by duplicate files.Thisapplication also works as a file cleaner or Whatsappcleaner.#Problem Statement for Duplicate File Remover:--> We allfaceproblems there are more than one copy of same file be it'sMedia,photo or images, video, audio, docs, pdf or others becauseitoccupies unnecessary space of you phone which is unwanted.->Themain reason for having duplicate files is due to Whatsappbecauseit might have saved same image or video or audio or photoondownloaded folder and on sent items. This applies to othersocialmedia apps as well.# The duplicate files are created undermanyconditions: - Having downloaded same file multiple times -Receivedsame file from different sources ex. You might havereceived samepicture from different contacts on your Whatsapp orfrom differentsocial app (Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc.) - The timewhen yourbackup apps take a backup of your device. - The time whenAndroidmedia apps create cached images or thumbnails. - The timewhen youare receiving files from Bluetooth and error occurs for anunknownreasons. # Problem Statement for Duplicate ContactsRemover:- ->We all face same problems when we buy a new phone orsync and addsocial media account for ex. Google, Facebook,Whatsapp, Linkedin,etc. This will sync and store all your contactsinto their cloud ina separate manner and when you try to sync itwith your phone itwill fetch and store all you contacts with all ofyour social mediaaccounts. Hence the duplicate contacts occurs andyou might havemultiple contacts with same name and number.# ProblemSolution:- -The Duplicate Contacts Remover identifies and detectsall yourduplicate contacts and will give a chance to deletethemindividually. - You can search the duplicate contacts by samenameor same number and perform an action such as by removing ormergingit with other contacts. # Features of the app: - Removeduplicatefiles for example, Photos, Images, Videos, docs, PDFcreated byWhatsapp, Facebook and other social media apps - Removeduplicatecontacts from same phone numbers and same names and have achanceto delete them individually - Go to settings and have achance tofilter the search criteria for example, include specificfiles suchas .mp3,.mp4,.png,.jpg and so on. - Has a backupdirectory fordeleted results so you can restore the deletedoperations. - Worksas a Whatsapp cleaner, Storage cleaner,duplicate file cleaner,storage space cleaner, junk cleaner, etc.#### Disclaimer ####------> We do not store any of the user'sinformation in anyform whatsoever. **** RATE US **** ------>Please do rate us ifyou like Duplicate file remover and DuplicateContacts Remover tohelp us grow <-----
Kernel Toolkit 1.2.2
Smart apps
** Any bug reports, or feature suggestions? Check out mysupportthread onXDA: me ** GPU settings have moved from CPU to MISC group.Anybackups including GPU settings will be automatically converted.**App is ready to be translated to other languages. If you'd liketosee the app in your native language, please contact me via emailoron XDA. If you're willing to do the translations (very fastandsimple process) I should have it ready within 24 hoursofcompletion. Kernel Toolkit allows you to get the most out ofyourrooted device. Take full control of your device andincreaseperformance and battery life. The purpose of this app is tomaketuning your kernel easy and simple to understand. Alwayslooking toadd new features, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact mewith afeature request. Kernel Toolkit ProUnlocker: Live device stats - Time in cpu states with customreferences -Adjust cpu settings: - Cpu governor - Cpu governorparameter control- I/O scheduler - I/O scheduler parameters - Readahead buffer -Enabled/disable system executables includingMpdecision, Pnpmgr -Intelliplug settings - Voltage table control /global adjustment -Apply settings on boot - USB fast charge toggle- Screen wakecontrol - Help information Pro Features: - Profilemanager, create /share / reapply profiles of settings easily. -Minfree (Low memorybehavior) control - Screen color control -Multicore power savings -TCP congestion - Vibration control -Sound control The app will runon any device, but can only applychanges on a rooted device.Permissions: - Receive boot to applysettings at boot - Read/Writeto storage to import/export profiles- Vibration for haptic feedbackafter applying vibration * Supportsall devices running 4.1Jellybean or later. Due to the nature ofthis app, it could not befully tested on all devices and versionsof android since it cannotrun on an emulator. If it crashes onyour device PLEASE click thereport button so I can receive theinfo I need to fix it! * Launchericon designed by neytireyqa @ xdadevelopers. Thanks!! * This appwas developed and fully tested onmy HTC one m8 GPE running 5.0.1Lollipop. Fully tested andcompatible with the following devices:HTC one m8 HTC one m7 Nexus7 * I am not responsible for anydamage/issues done to your device.I am of course, always availablefor support. Should any issuesarise, I will try to the best of myability to resolve them. *Feature and promo graphics from Placeit
Current Activity 1.5.2-play
A useful tool for Android Developers, which shows the packagenameand class name of current activity.It's now open sourcedat 1. Youcanrun "adb shell dumpsys window windows | grep -E 'mCurrentFocus'"to see the current activity.2. You can track the activitiesbyLogcat. Just add a Logcat Filter with Log Tag "ActivityManager"andLog Message "START.*".3. Or you can run this shellscript Usethisalfred workflow( the easiestway to access the Activity name on Mac
Interview Questions & Answers 8.0
ap developers
Interview Questions & Answers provides you different kindsofquestions for interview with it's answers.
Champs Sports: Shop Kicks & Apparel 3.7.10
Go back to school in style with the latest heat from Jordan,Nike,adidas, Champion, and more. Whether you need to gear up forasports season, stay up to date on the next launches, or just needafresh backpack, you can find it in the Champs Sports app. •Easilyshop the latest footwear and apparel. • Scan your credit cardrightin the app to streamline the checkout process. • Be first toknowwhat's next with our Release Calendar. • Reserve your kicksbeforethey release with the Launch Reservation program. •Enablenotifications to stay out front about upcoming launches,deals, andmore. • Become a Champs Sports VIP for exclusive offers,updates,and VIP access to events and more. • Access My Accounthelps youcheck out faster than ever. • Use the Store Locator togetdirections to a Champs Sports near you.
Foot Locker: Sneakers, Culture & More 3.7.10
The Foot Locker App is your link to the sneaker world. •Shopquickly for the latest heat in footwear and clothing • Browseyourbrand: Jordan, Nike, adidas, Reebok, Timberland, Vans, and more•Know what's next with the Release Calendar • Get notificationstocop new releases before the shoe drops • Become a VIP and befirstin line for exclusive offers and events • Find your nearestshopwith the Store Locator • Go back to school in style with afreshbackpack, kicks, clothes, and accessories to complete yourlook.Shop Foot Locker anytime, anywhere!
Tiles 2.0.9
Tiles makes use of the new Quick Settings TileAPI( new tiles that can be added to Quick Settings tochangesystem settings and take quick actions without leaving thecontextof the current app. Tiles also uses the new AwarenessAPI( to get theweatherconditions and the device's location. - This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission for the CameraLock and Locktile( app uses Accessibilityservices( does the internet say: -ComputerWorld: tiles: - Activities - Adaptive brightness - Alarm -Alwayson * - Ambient display * - Animations * - Application -Awake whileplugged in * - Battery details - Battery saver * -Bluetooth -Brightness - Caffeine - Calculator - Calendar - Call -Camera -Camera lock - Cellular data - Clipboard - Contacts -Counter - Dataroaming * - Demo mode * - Density ** - Dice -Double-tap to check *- Email - Font size - Heads-up notifications* - Immersive mode * -Input method - Invert color * - Keep - Liftto check * - Location *- Lock - Maps - Media volume - Memory -Monochromacy * -Multi-Window - Network traffic - NFC * -Notification light ** -Notification log - Orientation lock - Power- Recents screen -Reminder - Ringer mode - Screenshot ** -Settings shortcut -Shortcuts - Sleep * - Sleep timeout - Stopwatch- Storage - Streetview - Sync - Text - Timer - Touch sounds - Uptime - USB debugging* - Vibrate for calls - Vibrate on tap - Voice- Volumes - VPN -Weather - Web search * adb setup( or rootrequired. ** root required. #Localisations: - Croatian - Czech -Dutch - French - German -Hungarian - Italian - Japanese -Portuguese (Brazil) - Portuguese(Portugal) - Russian - SimplifiedChinese - Slovak - Spanish -Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Macao& Taiwan) - Turkish #Help & Support - Join our Telegramgroup: -Wiki: - PrivacyPolicy: app doesn't use any analytics and it doesn't read orcollectany of your data. ### ### This app does NOT work on MIUI.###
Its Danny T 1.0.2
Get to see all of Danny T’s music, video’s & competitionsbeforeit gets released. Keep up to date with where Danny T isplaying,when his tunes & mixes are released, as well as beingthe firstto see all of his DJ video’s. Get all the pushes thatkeep you up todate too!
Libraries for developers 3.79
This application provides a collection of third party libraries,asa developer this application is essential for you. You willhaveinformation about the author, captures, license, description,linksof the library and you can try a working example withintheapplication. Most applications are listed on github, othersarefrom google code and bitbucket. From this application we wanttothank all the developers who publish their libraries forthebenefit of others. We hope that developers might find it useful.
Tutorials for Android:Examples 1.1.5
This Android Tutorial provides a complete guide for learningAndroidApplication development.This tutorial for Android is mainlydividedinto three sections:-a. Android Tutorials:It is in thistutorialstab, users would find the theoretical aspect about theAndroidApplication Development and learn about the basic conceptsofAndroid. It starts from Introduction to Android to describingtheproject structure till Android Data-storage .Before proceedingtoAndroid Examples section it is recommended to refer thisTutorialstab.b. Android Examples:This example tab comprises ofbasic codesamples and working demo examples. It is in this AndroidExamplessection, the developer can analyse the working of Androidexamplesand relate it with the Android Code. While developingApplicationsfor Android users just need to copy and paste thecodes in therespective files in Android Studio .All the androidexamples aretried and tested in Android Studio.c. AndroidQuiz:Also , Developerscan find a Quiz section where they can testtheir knowledge andconceptual understanding about the AndroidProgramming.This quiz forAndroid comprises of total 10 multiplechoice questions which needsto be answered within 20 mins.For eachright answer of this androidquiz the score is increased by one andthe same is getting updatedin the rating bar. Also this androidquiz is provided with hintwhich could be used as and when theneeds persists. There is anadditional functionality of sharing theandroid questions withyourfriend.---------------------------------------------------AndroidTutorialFeatures:-Built on Latest Material Design Concept.Easy toLearn(CodeSamples with working Demo Examples)Android InterviewQuestions andAnswers.Content is availabletotallyoffline----------------------------------------------------Prerequisitesforthis Android Tutorial:-Basic Knowledge aboutJavaProgramming.----------------------------------------------------Thusnowlearning Android Development is an easy job since thistutorialsbrings to you a complete guide for Android ranging fromall thetopics to beginners and advanced.For all the Developers whoare newto Android it is recommended to refer the "Tutorial" tabsince itwill help you to grasp the intricacies of Android.Also byclickingon the play button on examples section in list user canfind how theparticular working demo of a particular AndroidExample.In short acomplete android tutorial comprising of all themodules ranging fromAndroid beginners to Android advanced conceptsalong with sourcecode and examples. This Android tutorial can bebetter called as abeginners guide for Android :)
NRG Player Adblocker v2.0.1
NRG Player Adblocker removes advertising from NRG Player -freemusic player with equalizer, plays songs from foldersandcustomizable user interface. Buy once and use on all deviceswithyour account! Features:▶ No ads▶ Uninterrupted music playback▶Savetraffic▶ Longer battery lifeTo use NRG Player Adblocker0. Logintoyour device with Gmail account, which you use to buy NRGPlayerAdblocker.1. Install NRG Player Adblocker2. Switch ON theInternetconnection3. Install and run NRG Player4. Don't delete NRGPlayerAdblocker from your device!
GPS Navigator & Maps Tracker
With GPS Route Finder help to save your time while finding apathfor your destination.GPS map finder and route finder isyourpersonal application through which you can easily track allthelocations you have visited.Gps navigation and trackerlocationallows user to findRestaurants,ATMS,Hotels,Bank,Schools,UniversityPost office, Cafeand Police station etc nearby.GPS Navigator andmaps tracker allowsusers to navigate destinations via directionsand search maps usinga number of different methods.GPS navigationand maps sygic positionmap route finder which update everylatitude of earth and give youthe right path by district todistrict also,gps tracker is one ofthe best traffic control appwhich receive the directions from radarand update your map whenyou stuck at anywhere.GPS Route Finderhelps you not to waste yourtime in long route.GPS Route Finder andMaps Navigation is anApplication through which you can find a wayto many places. ThisApp enables you to search and browse locationsof differentcountries, cities all over the world. This applicationhave thefacility of finding shortest route, your current location,pathbetween two points etc. This application uses GlobalPositioningSystem for tracking. You can visited and watch all theplaces inyour nearby e-g Hospital, Gym, bus or train stations andmany more.This app GPS route finder and Direction have the featureof terrainand satellite view to increase your placesunderstanding.GPS RouteFinder provides detailed information aboutwhole geographicalregions , road maps and satellite views aroundthe world.bestapplication for address locator,places nearme,shortest routefinder,location tracker,road map,drivingroute,hiking gps routesand route planer. It helps you not to wasteyour time in longrouteand current location finder.GPS route finderand direction maphave three kind of maps which clarify yourdestination in asystematic way in order to make you journeycomfortable.Gpsnavigation and direction tracker will save yourprecious time andbest mobile locator for Android..Find easiest andfastest route foryour destination. Just pin start point and endpoint and getwalking route and driving route.Features of GPS RouteFinder:* withGPS location finder & tracker Find nearest routefor yourdestination* by entering starting and ending location andgetnearest walking route and driving route information* GPSnavigatorlocation and tracker Find the total distance and travelingfor yourdestination* GPS navigation system helping you to save yourqualitytime* Supports different maps types : Normal, Satellite,Terrainmaps* GPS Route Finder-Exact have three kind of maps whichclarifyyour destination in a systematic way in order to make youjourneymore comfortable* World Maps with GPS navigation system,bicyclenavigation & Location Tracker* Travel around the worldandnavigate using any method of transportation* Location trackerviaGPS app ( latitude , longitude) or IP-address if available*withGPS navigation system local traffic help you explore thefastesttrip route worldwide information. * current location ofuser* Sharelocation with friends via social media* Navigation mapswith GPSfor city, traffic and public transport routes view* Routeplannerfor cars, bikes and walking to any global needed addressreview*GPS Route Finder is completely free to download* Getaccuratedriving route and real-time navigation* Find easiest andfastestroute for your destination* Find Address of any area in mapeasilyand quicqly* You can search any places and add it by usingsearchplaces feature* You can save the target locations you set sothatyou can set it again* Travel around the world and navigateusingany method of transportation* Route planner for the bus, bikesandwalking to any place.* GPS location tracker having thedifferenttype of travel mode* GPS Route Finder helps in easydriving routes
Easy Homemade Facial Masks 5.0
Do you wish you could have soft and glowing skin without spendingafortune on beauty products? Here’s a simple recipe for ahomemadeface mask that uses items you probably already have in yourkitchencupboard.
vMEyeCloud 2.2.7
Based on vMEye Cloud Technology, which enables users to usemobilesurveillance without difficult setting like port forwardinganymore! You just need to plug the DVR or IPC, then register invMEyeCloud Server then you can view the device via iOSdevices.AdvancedFeatures:Audio, remote playback, online alarm andother controlingfunctions, User-friendly UI.
Locate Nashik 1.0
Locate Nashik Enterprises is a team of technical people havinganexperience in the field of Web site development, Webapplicationdevelopment, Software development, Embedded Systemdevelopment,Mobile Application Development & Graphics Design.We haveproven expertise in Web related application development,Softwaredevelopment, Embedded System development,MobileApplicationDevelopment and also in other fields related to Graphicsdesign.The Concept of Locate Nashik App is developed to cater theneeds oftoday’s population especially the youth. The purpose of‘’LocateNashik App” is to provide complete information about thecity on asingle touch. It comprises of wide range of categoriesright fromemergencies to luxuries, from spirituality toentertainment andfrom basic needs to daily requirements of everyindividual.
Rams Android 1.4
Rockin Apps
>> This app is a description of the Rams Androidinstitute,which gives a best future for the people who want to stepin to theAndroid Development. Android has occupied great place insmartphone market and moreover generated numerous opportunitiesformobile app developers with Google Android SDK. >>Appincludes the introduction about trainer, Batch Timings,placedstudents from the institute, Blog details, Play Storeaccountsorganised from Development, contact information ofinstitute andmore. >> The best place for learning Androidwith JAVAConcepts from an Industry expert having 6+ years of realtimeexperience in training students. We are proactive and offerbestguidance to ensure quality training.>> We offer thebestacademic projects to the students. Moreover we support thestudentswith a good technical knowledge. A best place to learnAndroid andget good practical knowledge.>> To sustain inthiscompetetive world you should have a special and goodknowledge.Learn more practically as Android has been the bestselling OS onmobile devices, get better knowledge and grabgoodoppurtunities.Note: This app is developed only to guidepeopleabout our institution.
My MDW 1.8
My MDW is the official mobile application for the MobileDeveloperWeekend annual conference. It makes it easy to theattendees of theconference to manage their event easily throughmany features:Viewfull Agenda or day by dayList Speakers.ListExhibitorsEasy checkin/Sign in on site using NFC and/or QREasyexchanging businesscards using QR
Jordan Sneakerz 1.0.2
Appswiz W.V
Jordan Sneakerz. Find the newest jordans for the latest jordans? Get the latestjordans at yourfinger tips. Never lose track of jordans. Stay intouch, stay instyle. Download jordan sneakers app today.
Ionic Code Play 1.5
Code Play
Ionic is an HTML5 mobile application development frameworktargetedat building hybrid mobile apps. Feature of this application1) 130+easy examples 2) Edit your code and see instant output 3)Save yourcode for future reference Google Map Tutorial When you usethegoogle map tutorial, please don't use the given API key, it isthefree key so only 25,000 API call only allowed, you can also getaAPI key through google developer console (it is free).
Study Tips & Tricks 8.0
ap developers
Study Tips & Tricks provides you very useful &effectivetips for your studies.
Developer options 1.3
robin android
Set Android developer options with one click
Tutorials for Android 2.2
Android Tutorials is based on Android Learning on mobiledevices.Now, learning the arduous concepts of Android Developmentis aneasy job since Dualcodes brings to you a new application,whichallows you to learn everything necessary about AndroidApplicationDevelopment. No need to go for any android trainingcourses fromany institution by paying a ton of money. Learn righthere for FREEof cost and even OFFLINE.If you are an AndroidBeginner then youcan complete all the android development basicswithin a week ortwo, it only needs basic knowledge of javaprogramming.The user caneven get the best experience while usingthis application on atablet or phablet. It explains about the majortools required tobuild a worthy application, which could make aboom in theplaystore. You can develop android applications usingjava andandroid development kit in any java editor. It alsopresents adetailed overview of various widgets and controls fromframework,for effortless application developmentprocess.Features:-SimplifiedProgramming Tutorials WithExamples.-Sample Outputs for BetterUnderstanding.-Covers AllConcepts of Android Development inBrief.-Easy Navigation Within theTopics.-ComprisesQuestion/Answers for Interview Preparation.-NoInternet connectionRequired.-Preference Included for Better UserExperience.-SupportsFull Screen for Better Reading Experience.
OG Mobile 2.0.7
With this handy app, Organo Gold independent distributors canviewOG Backoffice instantly from an Android phone or tablet!Accessyour personal profile, genealogy view, orders,commissions,Autoship and product information right at yourfingertips. Get theOG Mobile App and you will also receive thelatest Organo Gold newsand announcements!
Android Tutorial: Learn Android, Java & Kotlin 3.4
Orion - Android App Development /Mobile App DevelopmentTutorials,Java Tutorial, Kotlin Tutorial, Examples, and Help Blog.Now, LearnJava and Android in one APP! Orion - Android Tutorialguides youthrough, all the phases of 'Android App Development’.Itis briefJava Tutorial as Well. Android Development has become acrucialskill in the field of Computer Science/ComputerProgramming.Whetherit is Kotlin for Android or Java Tutorial, OrYou are a beginner orIntermediate App developer our Orion AndroidTutorial Will AlwaysHelp You To Learn Android App Development. Ithas great in-depthinformation about Android App Development &Kotlin forAndroid.Also, you can Learn Java if you are a completebeginner inAndroid Development. Orion Android Tutorial app helpsyou enhanceeasily and interactively, without getting into all thepainfulinformation. It abstracts the details for you and helps youfocuson key point required to Learn Android App Development.YouDon'tNeed to have any Degree in Computer Science/ComputerProgramming toget started with thisCourse.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CoreFunctionality: • Android Tutorial • Kotlin for Androidtutorial •50+ Example with their Source Code • Java Tutorial •Mobile AppDevelopment Tutorials • Learn Android Mobile AppDevelopment • .Learn Java Programming language • DescriptiveMobile App Developmenttutorial based on elaborative Chapters andexample • Get Android AppDeveloper Certificate • ProfessionalAndroid Quiz and Competitions •Learn Android Programming withExamples • Now Learn To Code withOther Android Developers • NewAndroid App Development Tutorial andExample Every Month:)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------LearnAndroid Programming Anywhere:- • Discover major topics forAndroidMobile app development • Enhance learning capabilitiesthroughcomprehensive Android tutorial • Participate in the quizand competewith others • Interact with others • Start FromBeginning, Javatutorial Included Easy to learn with tutorialexample code samplesand source codes. Enabling App Developers andstudents who arepursuing a degree in Computer Science/ComputerProgramming toenhance their skill and learn on their own. The appcontains modulesranging from beginner level to advance level andrelative data isalso provided. Capture new information andtrending code base andinformation onAndroid.------------------------------------------------------------------------------Theapp is the key tool for beginners or students pursuing a DegreeinComputer Science/Computer Programming to learn Android.Androidcovers a major market share. The app will help you tocapture thesemarket for your app.:)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whatare the Benefits of New Android Mobile App DeveloperCommunityfeature in this App? >The New Mobile App DeveloperCommunity canbe very beneficial for both the beginners as well asskilledAndroid Developers, Now, this is because of Community isexpandingrapidly with over 100 users connecting with us every day.Beginnerscan ask their Problems by taking a picture of their codewith adescription. Now, You can get Your Answers With People InComputerScience/Computer Programming. Learn Android and HappyCoding!Created By Youngest Google Certified Associate AndroidDeveloper -Shashank Kumar.
Screen Off and Lock (Donate) 1.17.4
**Please consider the donate version (with more functions!) ifyoulike this app or support my apps development.Thanks!****Touninstall the app, please go to the setting page andclick the"Remove device administrator" button**With over 2 millionof usersand over 30 languages support, Screen Off and Lock is theNo.1screen off application in Google Play Store.Screen Off andLockallows you to switch off your devices from:1. Launchershortcut2.Launcher widget 1x1 - 4x4, resizable in Android 4.0+(Alsoavailable in lock screen for Android 4.2+)3.Notification4.Floating button over all apps! (Double tap to useit)5. Searchbutton (if your device has it)Other features:1. Screenoffanimation (including the most famous Old TV style)2.Screenlock/unlock sound effect3. Screen off vibrationNotes:Forthose whocannot see the screen off animation even the app isreinstalled,please follow the procedures below:Android 4.x: Go to"Setting >Developer options > Transition animation", and thenselect 1xfor this option.Android 2.x, Make sure you selected theoption "Allanimations" under "Settings > Display >Animation".This appuses the Device Administrator permission.
Developer Device Information
Application for collect information on android device for usingonapp development. Many developers have a problem aboutinformationfor develop app. They have too little information fromthemdevices. That causes of a bug on many application becausetheydon't know about other devices information which differentfromthem devices. You can help them by install our app on yourdeviceand choose "Run Testing" to collect information on device andsendyou our server then we will public all information from alldevicesto all developers who need these information.We don'tcollect yourprivate data, we just collect data which useful todeveloper. Theseinclude the following:• Build - Model, Product,Manufacturer,etc...• Android Version - Version Name, Version Code,API Version,etc...• CPU : Processor name, Hardware name, etc...•GPU : Graphicprocessor name, Vendor, etc...• Memory : Total memory,Heap size,etc...• Storage : Internal storage size, External storagesize, SDsupported, etc...• Connection : Bluetooth supported,Telephonysupported, NFC supported, etc...• Sensor : Sensor name,Vendor,Sensor type, etc...• Screen : Resolution, Densiry, Size,etc...•Camera : Picture resolution, Video size, Color effect, etc•Feature: Uses Features supported and unsupportedFor "App List", Wedon'tcollect this data because is not useful for developer. We justaddthis feature for developer to view all app and package name inthedevice.FAQ : How can I sent my device information to yourserver?-Just submit in our app and waiting for app to collectinformationand send to our server. (Don't forget connect tointernet)How can Isee all android information on your server- Underconstruction (Wewill tell you after finishing)This applicationreally safety? -Yes, we promise. you can view our source code fromhere
Learn Computer Science 23.2.3
Learn “Computer Science” from AI driven coach and satisfyyourthirst for knowledge.App offers bite sized videos, quizzes andAIdriven coach to help you become smarter and become great.Just60minutes a week can help you become great in“ComputerScience”Following chapters are available for rapid fastlearning.Entrepreneurship MBA Accounting Marketing Sales LeadershipPublicRelations Interview Introduction to PMP Learn Patent,Trademark,and Copyright Investment Principles of ManagementBusiness MathFinance Management Information System Human ResourceManagementProject Management Communication SkillsPlease email for any questions or feedback.
Zaid AliT Videos 2.1
This app contains all videos of famous entertainer ZaidAli.Thisapplication update itself whenever Zaid uploads new funnyvideo sodon't miss any of his video.Features:- This app containsall videosof Zaid Ali- No need to search for zaid videos on videosites- Thisapp is completely freeDownload this app and stay updatedwith ZaidAli :)
Pega Mobile Express 8.3
STAY CONNECTED TO THE HEART OF YOUR BUSINESS.Put the power ofPegain the palm of your hand. With Pega's mobile capability, youcanextend your agile business processes in just a matter of daysoreven hours, enabling your mobile workforce to get their jobsdonefaster. Your Pega mobile solution isn’t just another enterpriseappaccessed through a web browser. It was designed to support thewaymobile users work, helping them be just as efficient in thefieldas they are in the office. Use this app to connect to Pegaversionsfrom 7.2 to 8.3 (7.2 requires HFIX-29036, 7.2.1requiresHFIX-29035).
Find The Difference - Spot It Game 1.1.2
Find the differences between two pictures! ● 1500+ levels tospotthe differences! ● Zoom functionality to spot wellhiddendifferences! ● No time limit (timer is optional) - find atyour ownpace! ● All levels unlocked - play for free! ● Hints arerestoring● Well designed differences ● Pictures with differentthemes ●Suitable for phones and tablets Find the difference is akind offinding games where you should find differences onbeautifulphotos. In our Spot the differences game you should find10difference but you can find 5 differences, postpone this sceneandfinish it later. Discover what's the difference between twophotoswhich only seems identical but there are 10 differences tofind!Find The Difference - Spot It Game is a free puzzle game andalsoknown as “Find the difference”, “What’s the difference”,“Findinggames", "Difference games", "Spot the difference" or "Findthedifferences”. It is almost similar to other observation gameslike"Hidden Object" where you have to find hidden objects, but hereyoushould find differences instead of objects. We love Spotthedifference games - join us! Gameplay of difference gamesissuitable for both children and adults. While playing findinggamesthere is a chance to improve your observation skill. Somepeople inthe beginning can say: "What's different? These picturesareidentical!", but after some time of playing they spotdifferenceseasily and can't stop photo hunt. All pictures andphotos forlevels were taken with the personal permission of theauthor of thepicture or with a suitable license. All images weremakeup in photoeditor and have differences with original photos.Feel free tocontact us by email if you have any questions about ourFind TheDifferences game.
Don't Fail - Matric Past Papers
Having recently matriculated, we know the struggle of findingpastpapers in order to study. Thus, Don't Fail was born. * Accessthewidest database of South African past papers right fromyourAndroid phone * Sync your preferences across devices withGoogleAccount integration * Organize your subjects for quick access*Mark exams as done when you've completed them, or save themforlater access - even when you don't have data. Stay tuned forfutureupdates - we're constantly trying to improve the matricexperiencefor you!