Top 2 Games Similar to MIMICS

Dare or Dare for teen 2.0
this app its a greek dare or dare gameforteenonly.this app its agreekdareor dare game for teen only.
Ninja Turtle Adventure 2018
Once upon a time there were 2 families of teenage ninjaturtlesliving in the same jungle.there are a lot of kids in bothfamilieswho were growing steadily.Those ninja turtles spend a lotof timein swimming , playing and enjoying the water resources andthetunnel behind their homes. there were greenery side by sidetheirhomes. that beautiful site attracted many people towards thembutthat little ninja kids did't like human interference intheirfields. They wanted to live alone in an open and easylife.Once afisherman came to pick their sweet children, that smallninjaturtles left that place but some children left behind,fishermanpicked one tortoise and asked him to collect money for himinjungle and his survival is in danger.The game is speciallydesignedfor children and adults for their entertainment.what youhave todo???you have to keep turtle alive and pick a lot of fruits,sothat fisher man cold release the turtle honey and he cansurviveeasily.