Top 49 Apps Similar to Encrypted Notepad

Fast Notepad 2.0.9
This is the simplest notepad in the world, notes on the fly.Nothingextra, no ads, loads instantly.
Notes 2.2.1
Notes is an intuitive, lightweight notepad application thatallowsyou to capture and organize your ideas. Supportsimport/export,pattern screen lock features.
Paint and Notepad 4.7.4
[The basic features of this app ] 1. Common feature tutorial2.Drawing mode(paint board) * Loading a picture : Bringing a phototokeep the aspect ratio, Bringing a photo to fit the screen,Bringinga photo to set background. *Sort of pens : normal pen,eraser,spray, paint bucket, earthworm, highlighter, shadow pen,twoneonpens, shaping tool. *Magnification function : Using two fingertomagnify or curtail the paint board. *Coloring : Supportingdefaultcolors and Custom colors, able to change background color.Andtransparancy can be set. *Sharing : Sharing a drawing viavariousapps. *Saving : Save the drawing to opaque image ortransparentimage with two file type : png, jpg. *Undo, redo : Itcan bereturned when you mistake on drawing. *Inserting text 3.Notemode(notepad) *Loading text file : able to load a text filetonotepad. *Able to save the note in the app, or save as textfileand image file which is screenshot of notepad. *Attaching apictureavailable. *Sharing the note via various apps. *Thenote'sbackground color can be set with transparency.[Detailedexplanation] 1. Tutorial : It is an explanation about thisapp'sfunction. 2. Paint board function *Bringing a photo : There is4ways to load photography : Bringing a photo to keep theaspectratio, Bringing a photo to fit the screen, Bringing a phototo setbackground. Also It is convenient to use because you can cutthepicture when it is set to background. And you can setitstransparency so, it is possible to draw a picture to imitatephoto.*Sort of pens or tools. Normal pen : you can draw a picturefellnormal pen. Eraser : you can set its size and erase thepicture.Spray : This is unique tool of this app. Feeling actualspray, youcan be given much fun. Paint bucket : With one touch, youcan colorthe area which is surrounded with lines. Earthworm : Theearthwormfunction that was discovered accidentally duringdevelopment is afeature that is attractive once it is used.Highlighter :Literally, It feel a highlighter. Little transparentso that youcan emphasize the area. Shadow pen : This guy is onlyone existingin this app. Along the line, it cast a shadow. Neon pen1 : Givingthe neon effect. Inner of line is dark, and outer of lineblinkingthe light. Neon pen 2: Giving the another neon effect.Inner ofline is bright and outer of line is dark. Shaping tool :You canselect the shape : Square, triangle, line, circle. Ofcourse, youcan adjust the effect we have seen before.*Magnification : If youwant to draw elaborately, just widen ornarrow your two fingers. Ofcourse you should use two finger whenyou moving the paint board.With your one finger, picture will bedrawn. *Color : There are 30normal colors. And there are customcolors which are your owncolors you selected. In custom colors,there are empty palettes.And you can save the your own color bytouching the empty palettes.One more thing! You can set color withtransparency. Each time youadjust the transparency, the colors ofthe palette are adjusted fortransparency. *Sharing : You can setthe name of drawing, its savedirectory, and share the drawing viavarious app to brag of it!*Saving : There is 3 way to save. Savingas opaque png, jpg files,or Saving as transparent png file. If youwant to save it opaque,it will include background. And savingtransparent, excludebackground. *Undo, redo : If you can not draw apicture well, youcan go back to before you draw it. This can beundone if you do notwant to rotate the screen. 3. Notepad function*Loading text file :You can load a text file to notepad. Just likecomputer notepad hasthese features, this app does the same. *Saving: There is 3 waysto save note. Saving as text file, image file(jpg,png), and savein this app. *Attaching a picture : you can attach aphoto if it isneeded. Of course, it is possible to magnify orcurtail by touchingphoto. *Sharing : You can share the notes tomessage app or emailapp.
Notepad 2.0.440
Notepad is an easy-to-use free notes app for Android, optimizedforafter-call note taking. This clear and simple notepad appallowsyou to make quick notes and checklists to help organize yourlifewith great ease. SIMPLE AND CLEAR ✔ This quick notepad allowsyouto sort notes by date or title to help you keep them in orderand auseful search function will help you find specific notes ifyouhave many saved in your list of notes. SHARE AND CONNECT ☝Allnotes can easily be shared with others via your email accountorvarious social media platforms, and a smart link to phonecallsallows you to write notes or memos immediately followingeveryphone call made or received. Connect all aspects ofyourcommunication with this smart Notepad app! ORGANIZE YOUR TASKS✍The useful checklist function allows you to create clearchecklistssuch as to do lists, shopping lists or task lists, andalso allowsyou to cross out items on the list when they arecompleted withouthaving to delete them, in case you need to referto the originallist later. SMART CONNECTION TO PHONE CALLS ✆Following every phonecall Notepad is activated on your phone,allowing you to quicklymake notes so that you don’t forget anythingimportant from thecall. An advanced Caller ID feature also displaysdetailedinformation about the call. Details such as caller name,number,time and much more are displayed and serve as a usefulreminderwhen making notes. NOTEPAD KEY FEATURES ✎ ✒ Clearlypresented noteswhich can be sorted by time or name. Quickly andeasily edit, saveand delete notes at any time. ✒ Easy checklistfunction wherecompleted items can be marked as ‘done’. ✒ Usefulsearch functionfor those difficult-to-find notes to save time. ✒Backup &restore notes so that you don’t lose any importantnotes. ✒ Quicklyshare notes with others via email, SMS or varioussocial mediaplatforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,WhatsApp,Messenger, Skype and LinkedIn. ✒ Create notes quicklyfollowingphone calls with a handy quick link to Notepad after everycallmade or received. ✒ Identify unknown callers with theadvancedcaller ID feature and see detailed call information -useful whenmaking notes after phone calls! For your privacy anddataprotection we do not have access to any of your notes or storeanyof the information contained within them. Therefore, werecommendthat you regularly use the useful backup feature on thisapp toavoid the accidental loss of any important information.InstallNotepad today and organize your life with this easy-to-usenotepadapplication and enjoy a hassle-free time. Never be stuckwithout apen and paper again!
Notes - Notepad 1.5
Notes - Notepad is an intuitive, lightweight Notepadapplicationserves all your note taking needs.It gives you a quickand simplenotepad editing experience when you write notes, memo,email,message, shopping list and to do list. It makes to take anoteeasier than any other notepad and memo apps.FeaturesInclude:-Auto-saved.- Simply search notes using text.- Create notesfromother apps, using 'share'.- Reserve your notes withimport/exportfunction.- Simple Navigation
Password Notes 1.3
Password Notes is a secure, elegant notepad app withpasswordprotect. It gives you a private, quick and simple notepadeditingexperience when you write notes, memo, email, message,shoppinglist and to do list. Most importantly, in terms ofsecurity, wehave done the ultimate.Features:Pattern passwordprotection, it isvery safe;Super password;Invisible patternpassword;Mark note withdifferent color;Automatically link phonenumber/URLs innotes;2x2,4x4 widget;......
Notes (Notepad) 3.9
★ Notes (Notepad) is a simple application which you must have!Itgives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience whenyouwrite notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists andto-dolists. You can also use Notes (Notepad) as a notebook,journal,agenda or diary. ★ Notes (Notepad) features two basic notetakingformats, a text option, and a checklist option. Add as manyas youwant to your master list, which appears on the app's homescreeneach time the program opens. ★ Taking a Note ★ Serving as asimpleword processing program, the text option allows for asmanycharacters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can editordelete the note. From main menu you can delete all notes. ★MakingTo-do List or Shopping List ★ In the checklist mode, you canadd asmany items as you'd like. After the list is finished andsaved, youmay check or uncheck each line on your list with a quicktap. ★Features ★ - Checklist - Sorting notes - Many stickers -Manycolors of backgrounds designed by Freepik from Flaticon
Classic Notes - Notepad 1.0
Tran Tri
NOTES is an intuitive, light weight notepad application thatallowsyou to capture and organize your ideas. The main screen givesyou anote pad look-and-feel.Notes is a good helper to manageyourschedules and notes. It gives you a quick and simplenotepadediting experience when you write notes, memo, email,message,shopping list and to do list. It makes to take a noteeasier thanany other notepad and memo apps.Key features:* SimpleNavigation*Auto-saved. You don’t have to do anything to save them.
Notes 2.0.2
Notes is a good helper to manage your schedules and notes. Itgivesyou a quick and simple notepad editing experience when youwritenotes, memo, email, message, shopping list and to do list. Itmakesto take a note easier than any other notepad and memo apps.Youalso can cloud sync notes to the Google task. Let your notesmoresimpler and securer. Key features: * Add sticky note widget toyourdesktop, easy to open and edit your notes. * Can be organizedinfolders, easy to classified your notes; * Add Checklist for Todolist & Shopping list * Five kinds of notes backgroundcoloravailable to change, make your notes in personalized way. *Changethe Font size; * Transform your note into a checklist view; *Setreminder to your notes, no longer missing you important things;*Auto-saved. You don’t have to do anything to save them. *Shareyour notes via e-mail, SMS, and etc.; * Backup/export to SDcard *Import backup notes files. * Sync your notes to Google task,letyou sync/backup online. More advanced features, please downloadtoexperience!
Notepad 2.1
Anton Lashkov
All that you need for keeping your notes you can find inthatapplication.And without any AD!
Easy Note 2.2
***KIND ATTENTION***DO NOT TRUST THE NEGATIVE REVIEWSPOSTEDHERE.ITS ALL FAKE AND IS DONE TO AFFECT RATING ANDDOWNLOADS.NEWTREND TO ATTACK BUDDING DEVELOPERS. Easy Note is asimple butawesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simplenotepadediting experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails,messages,shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with EasyNote Notepadis easier than any other notepad or memo pad app. Itallowslined-paper styled text option format. It is user friendlyandavailable with a clean user interface. Easy Note allows youtoenter as many characters as you're willing to type. You canalsodelete the note if it is not required anymore.Features:-------------- • Fast, colorful and responsive interface.•Available in more than 90+ languages. • Tablet supportalsoavailable. And much more to come in future updates! Pleaseleave usyour valuable comments for improvements and thanks fordownloading.Enjoy! Contact us @[email protected]
Notepad - Text Editor 9.4
One stop solution to provide you the simple and powerfultextediting on your Android device is Notepad - Text Editor. Havingtheadvantage of font style selection, theme selection and fontsizemakes your notes look just as you want. Notepad has beentheeasiest text editing app for Android as it can also fetchyourfiles even from your memory card. With simplest and uniqueuserinterface design of the app, makes your text editing as yourbestmobile experience. With 1 million downloads Notepad - TextEditorApp allows the users to edit and share the documents wheneverandwherever you want. It is simple app to open, edit, delete,renameand save text files to and from the SD card. Key Features:•Compose the new text file and folder • Easily to managethesupported text files to any folder of the device • Supportingtheusers with edit mode option for any further correction inthedocument • Easy option for file renaming • Functionalitieslikecut, copy and paste the text in the doc just like Notepad •Syncyour text file edits with Dropbox and Google Drive. • Downloadandupload text files easily via Dropbox and Google Drive. •Deleteundesirable files and folders • Easily to open emailattachmentfile in the app • Sharing the document as email withfileattachment • File support format like .txt, .html, .php, .xmland.css • Opening the email attachment in the app very easily •Itsupports 16 languages with easy language change option •Compatiblewith both tablets and smartphones • Download the app forFREE • Andmuch more!! Explore it today. Usage: • Working likeNotepad •Simple Text Editor • Advanced File Manager App Your use ofNotepad- Text Editor is free of charge in exchange for safely usingsomeof your device's resources (WiFi and very limited cellulardata),and only when you are not using your device. You may turnthis offfrom the settings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Блокнот с паролем 1.0
Блокнот для хранения личной информации с паролем.Notepad forstoringpersonal information with a password.
Writer 2.2
Simple Article, book writing application. Features - Dark /Lighttheme. - Customize. - Text customization. - Export (.txt,.html)Pro - File Lock - Talk to summer feature. - Backup
WB Calendar 2018 + Notepad 3.0
Wisdom Apps
Best West Bengal calendar app . English Calendar app withBengaliCalendar inside . Get month by month details . January ,February ,March , April , May , June , July , August , September ,October ,November , December . Also contains বৈশাখ , জ্যৈষ্ঠ , আষাঢ়, শ্রাবণ,ভাদ্র , আশ্বিন , কার্তিক , অগ্রহায়ন , পৌষ , মাঘ , ফাল্গুন, চৈত্র। You will get these details 1. Date of birth of allfamousManishi2. All celebrations of west Bengal3. Annaprasan , Biye,Sraddho Dates 4. bank holidays , puja holidays 5. All kindsofvacations and holidaysthis is a complete calendar app . this appisvery perfect for Old people who really don't know to usecalendarsproperly . this easy calendar has details . This is thebestcalendar for 2018 . So friends thank you for downloadingcalendarbangla 2018 .
Notepad ++ for Android 1.0
Evolution of the classic Notepad ++ for Android.Notepad ++ is atexteditor with autosave.- Make and edit new text files (txt),notes,etc.- Save or delete files, notes, passwords, etc...
Unicorn Notepad (with password) 2.9
★ Unicorn Notepad is a beautiful designed application perfectforgirls who wants to remember about many things! ★ Unicorn Notepadisa simple app which you must have! It gives you a quick andsimplenotepad editing experience when you write notes, memos,e-mails,messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. You can also useNotes(Notepad) as a notebook, journal, agenda or diary. ★UnicornNotepad features two basic note taking formats, a textoption, anda checklist option. Add as many as you want to yourmaster list,which appears on the app's home screen each time theprogram opens.You can also draw something in your note. Choose thewidth andtransparency of the brush! ★ Taking a Note ★ Serving as asimpleword processing program, the text option allows for asmanycharacters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can editordelete the note. From main menu you can delete all notes. ★MakingTo-do List or Shopping List ★ In the checklist mode, you canadd asmany items as you'd like. After the list is finished andsaved, youmay check or uncheck each line on your list with a quicktap. ★Features ★ - Checklist - Sorting notes - Many stickers -Manycolors of backgrounds - Import notes - Export notes - Archive-Login - Reminder - Share - Send note to a friend - Searching-Drawing - Music (you can turn off animations and music intheoptions) Application is suitable for kids, especially for girls.Ifyou have any problems, please - contact us:[email protected] by Freepik from Flaticon
Notes 1.1
This Notes is simple and very easy to use .Notepad is veryusefultool.This Notepad will help you in private and work and soon.Ifyou Hurry,need to note something,you can use this Notepadquicklybacause this is is Simple and easy to use Notepad.
Notebook 3.4
Simple and trouble-free notebook application.
Notepad 1.6
Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick notetaking,for writing a diary or as a private notebook.
Handwriting notepad 1.1.3
Alone Soft
It is a simple handwritten memo pad application. ★ How to use ★·Create new memo Create a new Notepad with the Plus button. ·Changepen size, eraser size With the pen or eraser selected, pressthebutton again to change the color and size.
Miminote - Notepad
Miminote was designed for making a note quickly with only onehand.The primary interface is arranged in a range that the thumbsreach.So you can keep your ideas or sparkspromptly. Make a note quickly with onlyone hand.Miminote knows how to note in one hand. Instantkeyboard,auto-saving by the back key, etc. If you put app icon tothe dockor the bottom of the home screen, you can use moreconvenient. Folddown the corner to mark. Make a dogear for readingagain or todo.Just tap the right edge of the note, you can make it.With filter,you can narrow down folded notes.
ColorNote Notepad Notes 4.0.7
ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you aquickand simple notepad editing experience when you write notes,memos,e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Takingnotes withColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad ormemo pad app.* Notice * - If you cannot find the widget, thenplease read the FAQbelow. - When you're finished using thenotepad, an automatic savecommand preserves your individual note.* Product Description *ColorNote® features two basic note takingformats, a lined-paperstyled text option, and a checklist option.Add as many as you wantto your master list, which appears on theapp's home screen eachtime the program opens. This list may beviewed in traditionalascending order, in grid format, or by notecolor. - Taking a Note -Serving as a simple word processingprogram, the text option allowsfor as many characters as you'rewilling to type. Once saved, youcan edit, share, set a reminder,or check off or delete the notethrough your device's menu button.When checking off a text note,the app places a slash through thelist's title, and this will bedisplayed on the main menu. - MakingTo-do List or Shopping List -In the checklist mode, you can add asmany items as you'd like andarrange their order with drag buttonsactivated in the edit mode.After the list is finished and saved,you may check or uncheck eachline on your list with a quick tap,which will toggle a line slash.If all items have been checked,then the list's title is slashed aswell. * Features * - Organizenotes by color (color notebook) -Sticky note memo widget (Put yournotes on your home screen) -Checklist notes for To do list &Shopping list. (Quick andsimple list maker) - Checklist notes toget things done (GTD) -Organize your schedule by note in calendar- Write a diary andjournal in calendar - Password Lock note :Protect your notes withpasscode - Secured backup notes to SDstorage - Supports online backup and sync. You can sync notesbetween phone and tablet. - Remindernotes on status bar -List/Grid View - Search notes - Notepadsupports ColorDict Add-on -Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm, Allday, Repetition.(lunarcalendar) - Quick memo / notes - Wiki notelink : [[Title]] - Sharenotes via SMS, e-mail or Twitter * Onlinebackup and sync cloudservice * - Notes will be encrypted beforeuploading notes by usingthe AES standard, which is the sameencryption standard used bybanks to secure customer data. - It doesnot send any of your notesto the server without you signing in. -Sign-in with Google orFacebook. * Permissions * - Internet Access:For online backup& sync notes - Storage : For backup notes tothe storage of thedevice - Prevent phone from sleeping, controlvibrator,automatically start at boot: For reminder notes * FAQ * Q:How doyou put a sticky note widget on the home screen? A: Go to thehomescreen and hold down your finger on an empty space andchoosewidget, Color Note will then be desplayed so you can stick onthepage. Q: Why don't the widget, the alarm and notesremiderfunctions work? A: If the app is installed on the SD card,yourwidget, reminder, etc. will not work properly becauseAndroiddoesn't support these features when installed on an SD card!If youhave already moved the app to an SD card, but want thosefeatures,then you have to move the app back on the device andreboot yourphone. Settings - Applications - Manage Applications -Color Note -Move to Device Q: Where are backed up notes data on theSD card? A:'/data/colornote'or'/Android/data/com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note/files'onSD card Q: I forgot my master password. How can I change it? A:Menu→ Settings → Master Password → Menu Button → Clear Password.Youwill lose your current locked notes when you clear thepassword! Q:How can I create todo list note? A: New - Selectchecklist note -Put items - Save. Tap an item to strikethrough.
Notepad 1.202
If you need to lock your notes, I recommend that you use itwithAppLock. If your phone spec is low, For safe use Turn offautoupdates in the play store settings. Backup/Restore: - Insettings,tap the cloud icon. Change/Delete Category: - In settings,tap orlong press an item of list. Add Category: - In settings, tapthepen icon on title bar. Writing the Normal note: - In the notelist,tap the red pen. Writing the Important note: - In the notelist,long press the red pen. Using the notes to the todo list /checklist. - In the note list, tap a note then tap check-list icon.- Itsupports Android 4.1 or later. Select-mode of note list: - Tapthescissors icon on title bar. Standard-mode of note list: - Tapthepen icon on title bar. checking All items: - In the selectlist,long press a unchecked item. unchecking All items: - In theselectlist, long press a checked item. Delete a note: - In thenormallist, long press a item. Delete notes: - In the select list,chooseitems then tap the red scissors. Exchange text: - In theselectlist, select two items then tap the red scissors. Using thereadmode: - In the note list, tap a item then drag to the leftorright. Copy or Share the text: - Press the body of noteview.Change the type of the read mode: - In settings, tap theoptionicon.
Daily Notes, Notepad, Note 1.9.9
Daily Notes is a simple and handy notepad app.Take notes,addreminders, email, message, shopping list, photos and notes,videosand notes to prepare you a fast and easy audio recording andnotesis a notepad.Daily Notes is easier than any other notepadandreminder application.-- Features --* Sticky Note widget* Ortoprepare a shopping list of things to do* Preparing a programonCalendar* Note encryption and locking* Backup memory card* ListorGrid view* Note on search* Reminder System* Convert notes to Txtorpdf.* Save txt or pdf files as notes.* Note that your SMS,e-mailor to share via twitter-- Description --Daily Notes, Text,Photo,Video, Audio Recording and checklists form of note-takingsupportsfive different formats.You can add notes as you want fromthe listwhen you open the application notes.Your notes will besaved withthe record button or the back button when you havefinished yourediting.Warning: If you experience any problems withthe upgrade tothe Premium version, you can follow the directions toSettings /Feedback / AboutBuy and fill out the form and send ittous.PermissionsWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE* To save files such asphotos,videos, audio recordings you created intheapplication.RECORD_AUDIO* To add a voice recording toyournote.GET_ACCOUNTS* To purchase a premium version or to backuptoGoogle Drive.CAMERA* To add a photo to your note.Notepad,Notes,Color, colors photo, voice, video, Note, daily, shoppinglist,calendar, notepad, notes, note
FNote - Folder Notes, Notepad 3.0.7
Notas Notepad
FNote - FNote means folder notes. - FNote is notepad, notesapp.Folder - You can create sub-folders inside folders. -Sub-folderscan be bookmarked. - There is no limit to the number anddepth offolders. Notes - You can set password for each note. - Youcan puta check box between text. - You can change the font color.-Supports landscape view. Widgets - Supports notes, menushortcutwidgets. Backup - Supports Google Drive Backup. Theme -Supportoptimized color themes.
Keep My Notes - Notepad & Memo 1.36.1
Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick notetaking,for writing a diary or as a private notebook. Features: *Offlinenotebook that you can use to write on all the notes torememberwithout the need for internet connection. * Notepad withpassword.You can make all your notes password protected. * Memoalarmreminders for your to do list or checklist notes. Thenotepadalarms of the reminders can be repeated daily, monthly oryearly. *Write notes with finger (handwritten note taking &drawings). *Take audio notes using the voice recording notepad. *You can setprivate note locks for specific notes or checklistswithout havingto lock the entire app. * Exchange your recordednotes that youtake or your diary with other apps. * Spell checktext of yournotes and diary. * Wordpad styles : bold, italic,underline,strikethrough and highlight options. * Sticky note widget(notesfor home screen). * Speech to text notes using androidvoicerecognition. * Picture attachments for notes. * Notepad withnolines (no lines under the text of your note). * Light themeanddark theme. Choose the theme you are most comfortable withwhenwriting notes. * Adjust the text font color used for writingnotesor diary. * Control the text size used when writing notes.*Offline backup and restore of all your recorded notes. *Litenotepad app that opens and loads quickly. * Can be used inportraitmode for android phones and landscape mode for androidtablets. *Free diary app & notepad for android phones andandroidtablets. Facebook: thefrequently asked question section on the website beforeaskingquestions: for 'Keep My Notes':
Private Notepad - notes and lists 4.2.0
Private notepad will help you to store your notes organized andwellprotected. Create notes and to-do lists, group it with labelsandprotect with password and encryption! Features: - To-dolists:organize your thoughts, make shopping lists, plan your day-Autosave: everything will be saved - Reliable protection:protectyour notes with password, PIN-code or pattern - Encryption:enabledata encryption with AES standard which is used in bankingsystems- Take picture on incorrect password: be aware of any personwhotried to learn your secrets: the app will take a picture ofaburglar after several unsuccessful attempts of password entering-Fingerprint access: tired of typing the password each time?Accessyour notes with one touch using fingerprint access (Android6.0+) -Google Drive sync: restore your notes if the device is lostorbroken - Reminders: set time reminders to remember importantthings- Labels: group your notes with labels to find them easily -Exportto PDF and TXT files: export your notes and send it viamessengeror email - Dark theme: switch between dark and light themeany timeyou want Permissions: - Camera is required for takingpicture whenincorrect password is entered - Access to accounts isrequired foruploading backups to Google Drive - Network access isrequired foruploading backups to Google Drive and loading ads -Access todevice storage is required for exporting backups and PDFfiles tothe phone memory - Run at startup is required forresettingreminders after device reboot
Notepad 1.23
This is a really simple notepad application which is as easytouseasa notepad. Just put your notes to the notepad whichgrowsandshrinksautomatically to fit your needs.Just launchthenotepadapplicationand start typing. Swipe left and righttochangepages.Native Androidcopy & paste functionalityisperfectlysupported.You can alsoundo text deletions.Your ideasorquestionsare welcome at theNotepadFacebookpage:
ClevNote - Notepad, Checklist 2.17.20
Cleveni Inc.
ClevNote is a memo app to help users to write memos necessarydaily.The list of memos supported by this app is as follows. 1.Managebank account number - If you enter the bank account number,you cancopy it to the clipboard or send it to someone. 2. Managechecklist- You can write down necessary items and use these in ashoppinglist or to-do list. - You can freely modify items forto-do lists,task lists or any kind of things-to-do lists. 3.Manage Birthdayslist - It reminds you about family or friends'birthdays. Itsupports calendar mode. 4. Manage site IDs - Sincethere arecountless internet sites out there, it is difficult toremember yourIDs. This function helps you to remember them. 5.General text memo- You can conveniently write down text memos. -Even long memos willbe okay. [ Other functions ] - Cloud backupand restore throughGoogle Drive - Reminder function - Widget [Reasons to allowpermission ] • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Thispermission is requiredto back up notes. • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE :This permission isrequired to restore the backup notes.
Notes : Colorful Notepad Note,To Do,Reminder,Memo 1.5.1
Lemon, Inc
Chroma Note™ is a simple notepad app to take notes by color.Takesimple colorful notes to distinguish different types ofnotebook,simply open your notepad whenever you have notes to takedown.Color notepad makes life simple with notebook at hand. ChromaNoteis as simple as a physical sticky colorful notebook, stickynoteswill remind you always about that task. But far moreconvenient andeasier to use. What does Chroma Note app do? 1.Organize notes bycolor. Create your own colored notebooks. 2. Quicknotes: takenotes within seconds, our notepad app only aims to saveyou time.4. Simple to-do list for your daily check list. 5. Widget:A simplesticky notes memo app and widget for home screen. Make andscrollthrough your notes without having to open the Notepad app.6.Offline: the notepad app works completely offline. No WIFIisneeded at all. 7. Reminder: it reminds you of thingswhennecessary. We only send notifications when needed. 8.Passwordprotection: protects your notes with pattern code. WhychooseChroma Notes? 1. Useful record     a. ofimportantpoints for future use     b. of wheretheinformation comes from. 2. Helps writing. 3. Helps ideas flow.4.Helps you get started. 5. Helps understanding 6. Helpsmemory:    a. Summing things up briefly   b. Helps long-term memory How to take effectiveChroma Notebook? 1.Be brief and clear - use underline and color 2.Be useful - cut outunnecessary info 3. Be eligible, but only foryou - no one elseneed to read them 4. Should contain any usefulnames, dates,statistics that you need to use again. 5. Sticky notescan drag toanywhere on the screen Our Notebook app is optimized forSamsungand Motorola phones which will help you enjoy taking note -Chromanote is your best choice.
A simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick andsimplenotepad editing experience when you write notes, memos,e-mails,messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Quickly capturewhat’s onyour mind and get a reminder later at the right place ortime. Graba photo of a poster, receipt or document and easilyorganize orfind it later in search. Easily to capture a thought orlist foryourself, and share it with friends and family.Features:-Organizenotes by color, it is a colory notebook tool - Sticky notememowidget, Put your notes on your home screen- Checklist notes forTodo list & Shopping list. Quick and simple list maker-Checklistnotes to get things done - Organize your schedule by noteincalendar- Write a diary and journal in calendar- Password Locknote: Protect your notes with passcode- Secured backup notes toSDstorage- Supports online back up and sync. You can syncnotesbetween phone and tablet.- Reminder notes on status bar-List/GridView- Search notes- Powerful task reminder : Time Alarm,All day,Repetition- Quick memo / notes- Share notes via SMS, e-mailorTwitter
Notepad Free 1.2.7
Notepad Free is a small and fast app to create and edit textnotes.Features: * creating and editing text notes * sharing noteswithother apps (e.g. sending a note in Gmail) * widgets allowingtoquickly create or edit notes
Notepad 1.0.25
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Notepad - Notes Adler Notes is free, full-featured and easy tousenotepad app for Android. You can use it as a digital notebookordiary. Our app is also perfect for recording lectures,businessmeetings and interviews. It saves your inspirations,holiday plans,shopping lists or anything you want to organize orremember! Colorsand tags help you to organize and classifyeverything. You can workeverywhere, stay productive and getreminders at the right time.More features and details • Basic notehas a text field where youcan write notes of any length • Notes canhave many additionalelements: - Bold title field - Colors such ason sticky notes, 8colors to choose from (one of them can be set asdefault) - Tasklists, to-do lists, shopping lists and checklists -checkboxes letyou control what is to be done - You can take a photoand attach itto your note - Voice memos - high quality and low sizeM4A audiorecordings - Speech to text - use voice recognizer todictate anote • Reminders (one-time or recurring) notify you ontime withblinking LED notification • Status bar - component (inthenotifications area) helps you add a new note quickly • Tagssupportfor better organize your notes • The most important notescan beadded to Favorites • Efficient search helps you to gettheinformation you need very quickly • Backup and restore features•Synchronization with Google Drive™ and Dropbox™ (auto syncworkswhen needed and by default works on Wi-Fi only) • Veryusefulwidgets - put your notes on your home screen: - Add QuickNote -provides quick access to the app - Single Note - sticky notememo,resizable widget displays one note - Your Notes - resizablewidgetdisplays all your notes or notes from selected list •Helpfulactions on multiple notes at the same time (long-clickselectionsupport) • Sorting notes by modification date, creationdate,reminder date and by name with favorites on top or not •Shareideas with friends and family via SMS, e-mail, Facebook,Twitter orany other app About Us • • Our PrivacyPolicy: • ContactUs: Follow Us •Twitter: •Facebook: •Google+:
My Notes - Notepad 1.8.6
My Notes - Notepad is an easy-to-use, intuitive, fast, elegantandsecure notepad with cloud syncing (Google Drive™). You can useMyNotes as a notepad, notebook, journal, agenda ordiary.KeyFeatures: - App lock (Password or PIN + Fingerprint).-Save,browse, search and share notes on your smartphone and tablet.-Organize notes by folders.- Sort notes by date created,dateupdated, title and folder.- Add reminders.- Managefolders.-Navigate between notes in a horizontal position.- Managebackups.-Export (Text file and HTML)- Sync notes via Google Drivebetweenall Android devices you use. - Keep your notes safe in thecloud. -Store and display thousands of notes without anyperformancepenalty.- Store large notes (unlimited size).- Darktheme.- Themecolor.- Widgets.- English language.Premium Features:-No ads- Syncoptions > Auto sync *- Backup > Preview- Backup> Export> Text file and HTML* Manual sync also works in thefreeversionPlease remember to use the "Sync" option or the"Backup"option (in this app) to avoid accidental data loss.Especiallybefore updating the app.Sync details:Application data isstored ina hidden folder on your Google Drive. This folder isaccessibleonly by "My Notes - Notepad" application. Although thefolder ishidden you can see the amount of space it occupies anddelete itscontents.1. Go to Google Drive on the web at"".2.From the settings menu, select "Manageapps".3. Find theapplication called "KreoSoft - My Notes".Like usonFacebook: usonTwitter:
Notepad & To do list 4.3.19
This simple Notepad application makes it easy to writenotes,auto-save ensures you never lose note content, and secureonlinebackup/restore so you can access your notes when you move toa newphone.Inkpad Notepad features:- AutosaveNotes-Checklists/To-do-list Notes- Search Notes- Sync NotesAcrossAndroid/iOS Devices- Secure Online Backup/Restore- AccessNotessecurely from computer web browser at PINCode(premium)- Note HIstory (premium)- Tags to organizenotesOptionalInkpad Notepad premium upgrade for ad-free experience
Memo Widget (to-dos&ideas) v3.4.12
Looking for an easy-to-use, customizable memo app? ByusingMemoWidget, you can easily create and display memos on yourphone.Try MemoWidget to remind yourself of important events ortodecorate your home screen. * Widget size options 1x1, 2x1,2x2,4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 5x1, 5x2, 5x5 and adjustable widget *Customizationoptions - text size & color, background color,border color -transparent background, text-shadow - bold, italic,underline -text alignment possible (left, right, vertical (upper,center,lower)) * Features - Google Drive backup/restoring supported-share by sending to other apps - available to changedefaultsettings * How to display memo on home screen Home Screen>Press and hold onto screen > Widgets > MemoWidget * Ifyouhave a SD Card installed, the app will not work. *TheDayBefore'sother apps - 'The Day Before' for D-Day calculationand day count -‘THE COUPLE’ to remind couples of special occasions
Notepad Notes
Notepad for notes. The main features of the notepad: -Creatingcustom folders in notebook; - Adding an unlimited number ofnotesto the notepad; - Editing notes in the notepad; - Removingnotesfrom the notepad; - Export the selected note from notebook toatext file; - Setting a password for individual notes;-Highlighting of notes by color; - Sort the list of notes inthenotebook; - Colored themes of the notebook; - Changing thefontsize in the note window; - Highlighting URL links, with theabilityto navigate through them; - Autosave. Premium version ofthenotepad: - Backup of all notes; - Restoring all the notes fromthebackup; - No ads.
Note Daily, Notes, Notebook, ToDo, Planner 2018 1.9
Taking notes is a good habit which helps you to stay organizedinyour daily routine life. Note Daily is a note making appwhichhelps you note any info and makes available immediatelywheneveryou need. Use Note Daily app and don't forget anything.NoteDailysupports below features☆ Take text, checklist notes☆Categorizevarious notes in notebooks☆ Backup - backup your notes tofolder☆Sync - Sync and store your notes on Google Drive☆ Lock app-password protect your notes, set password to access notes☆ Sortinascending / descending calendar date order☆ Add reminder tonotewith inbuilt calendar view☆ Autosave on back☆ Assign color tonote☆Set reminder for morning and evening to prepare/updatenotes☆Delete outdated notes☆ Create reminder list☆ Autobackup -backupyour notes / data to folder regularly☆ Restore - you can gotobackup section and restore previously backed up file at anytime☆Multi device - Access and sync your notes across devices☆Trash -Deleted notes will be moved to trash from where you canrestorealso.☆ Backup before sync - Local backup will be takenbefore syncoperation☆ Settings to disable or enable thenotifications tonotification area☆ Strikethrough the textNotebooks:-☆ Managenotebooks - Create, Rename, Move, Delete notebook ornotepad☆Notebook list with Grid and List View☆ Delete, Move, CopyMultiplenotes in one go from note list view by long press andselect☆Easily switch between All Notes and Notebooks using grid andlisticon☆ Default notebooks like Daily Notes, Daily Tasks,ToDos,Reminders, Shopping, Diary, Expenses createdReminders :-(Daily,Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).Reminder can be set using clockicon whichopens the calendar view to select day, month, time etc.Reminderscan be used for following purposes☆ Medicine Reminder☆BirthdayReminder☆ Bill payment reminder☆ Meeting reminder☆ Taskreminder☆Doctor appointment☆ Event preparation reminder☆ And manymoreNoteDaily can be used for following purposes☆ Notes☆ Notepad☆To-Dolist / To Do List☆ Reminder Note or Reminder List ☆ Officenotes ornotebook☆ Notebook for daily writing☆ Color Note - Assigncolor tonote☆ Checklist☆ Shopping list☆ Daily routine tasks, work☆Dayplanner ☆ Journal writing☆ Agenda preparation☆ Schedule☆ Tasklist☆Memo☆ Notes with password☆ Any thoughts, Idea☆ Keep Noteshandy☆Any text/info, word / wordsAnd many more features to comestaytunedYour feedback is welcome. Please install review and sendyourfeedback to [email protected] please share this apponFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email etc
Notepad 2.13
Notepad 20, is a intuitive light weight notes applicationthatallows you to capture and organize your ideas. The mainscreengives you a notepad look-and-feel. You can now Change fontand fontsize. With the release of this new version, I have set thedisplayof ads to only be one time each time the app opens. If youhavePAID to remove the ads and one shows back up just click the BUYMEbutton again and they will go away, please let me know if thereisa problem. There is an email the developer button in the app.SENDTO PRINT only works on Android 4.4 +YOU CAN NOW PRINT....PLEASECONTACT ME WITH YOUR PRINT STORIESI will be adding newfeatures asthey are asked for, so please Email me with request.(IFYOURLEAVING 1 STAR PLEASE COMMENT WHY, SO I CAN FIX IT)KeyFeatures:-Fingerprint Security protected (Removed to make updates)-Backup& Restore- Change tablet Colors- Change Fonts- ChangeFontSize- Char Counter- Print your notes (Android 4.4+)-EmailDeveloper from with in the app- Add notes by Voice- Buy mebuttonto remove ads- Add Note to your Google Calendar.-SimpleNavigation- Share your Notes (SMS or E-Mail)- Preview thenotebefore opening. (Long Click)- Press the microphone to VOICEinputyour NOTES
InNote is a handwriting note taker featuring a natural digitalink,a full set of tools and a beautiful UI. It is the easiestfingerwriting app for taking notes, writing memos and makingannotations.When you are at brainstorms, meetings or need ashopping list andto do list, InNote is here to help. FULL EDITINGTOOLSET• A fullset of ink pens, ballpoint pen and highlightersproviding lifelikehandwriting experience.• A color palette ofmillions of colors tocustomize your pen colors. • A selection ofpaper templates for youto write on• Adjust the size of eraser underdifferentcircumstances EASILY TAKE NOTES• Add widget for creatingquicknotes• Smoothly hand writing experience on smartphone ortabletscreen• Insert text into notes and customize textsize/color/shadoweffect• Embed and annotate images. Take a photodirectly or importan image from album and use it within notes.•Rotate and zoomimage• Take notes or annotate on maps screenshot forcurrentlocation or others• Record your voice notes when you are notableto write GET ORGANIZED• Neatly organize all your digitalnotebookson the shelf with a cover and title• Change notebook titleandcover• Sort notebooks by created time or modified time•Rearrangepages within a notebook• Preview notes pages thumbnails•Mark apage with bookmark for easy searchSHARE YOUR NOTES •Sharenotebooks in PDF format.• Share multiple notebooks viaemail/socialmedia• Share pages in image format• Use annotationfeature inCamScanner, syncing edits to CamScannerSupportinstallation on SDcardWe'd love to hear your feedback:[email protected] Check outother INTSIG products:CamScanner –Intelligent DocumentManagementCamCard – Professional Business CardReaderCamDictionary- Snap Translator
SuperNote: Widget Note, Color Notes & Notepad 1.4.9
Write notepad free and note color notepad incredibly fast andeasilyon mobile You are a forgetful person and often have notecolor notesapp stuck on the walls at home and office. Are you busywith dozensof important jobs to do every day? Or is it simply thatyouregularly have appointments,hang out or exercise schedules tokeepin mind? 💡 Forget the inconvenient notes on the wall as wellas thedesk. Now with color note, you can store all yourinformationwithout having to carry your pen and note paper, soconvenient,right ? Colornote has many outstanding features suchas: ✓ Wirtecolor notes or make quick notes simply ✓ Make a list oftasks orChecklist, to do list extremely fast and easily seen ✓Remember,reminder app or notepad, color notes with Reminder ✓Diverse view:Can be viewed as a list or a very intuitive grid ✓Powerful searchfeature makes it easy to find saved notes or to dolists app, colornotes ✓ Variety of color notes, change coloreasily, notepad, memoor to do list Powerful Offline Activity:Write and store all thingsvery quickly without the internet ✓Easier to remember with quicknotes and easy widget creation.SuperNote is top free apps will giveyou an entirely new way towrite color note app, completely replacethe old notes you usebecause of its simplicity, convenience andspeed. SuperNote - Bestfree apps is still in the development stage,we always listen toyour feedbacks, we hope you will appreciate andcomment, we willdefinitely upgrade and develop more features asbeloved. Yourbridge. Sincerely thank!
Notepad 2.3.4
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Features: • Quickly create and save plain-text notes •Optionallycreate rich-text notes using Markdown or HTML (Android5.0+) •Beautiful, easy-to-use UI with Material Design elements •Dual-paneview for tablets • Share notes to and receive text fromother apps• Auto-saves drafts • View Mode for notes with clickablelinks •Sort notes by date or by name • Keyboard shortcuts forcommonactions (see below) • Integration with Google Now "note toself" •Import and export notes to external storage (Android 4.4+) •Zeropermissions and absolutely zero ads • Open-sourceKeyboardshortcuts Search+M: launch Notepad from any applicationCtrl+N: NewNote Ctrl+E: Edit Note Ctrl+S: Save Ctrl+D: DeleteCtrl+H: Share
School Notepad : Reminder & Timetable & Grade Calc 2.2
It has been designed to improve students' performance and tomakethem more organised. (Teachers can also use:))SchoolNotepadincludes 5 different characteristics: -Notepad -WeeklyCourseSchedule/Timetable -Exam/Assignment Reminder -GradingCalculator-Questionmeter--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎒Firstregisteryour subjects🎒Specify the classes with colors. Red forMath , Greenfor English...🚀Take your notes for every lesson.🚀Makeyour ProgramSchedule/Timetable easily via drag-drop just inseconds.🚀You can seethe today's timetable on your Home screens byadding thewidget🚀Update your schedule/timetable whenever youlike🔔Create yourreminder for each class🔔Don't miss your exams,assignments,homeworks, appointments and other activities.🔔You cansee all eventson your Home screens by adding the reminderwidget🔔Set notificationreminder about your events. 💪Record yourmarks with GradingCalculator💪Learn your results and average💪Recordthe number ofquestions you solved on Questionmeter and followyourself💪Assessyour performance👊Share your daily performance withfriends.👌Nowavailable in English, German, PortugueseandTurkish.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Simple&Easy to use★The only thing to do is to record yourclasses★Then youcan use other tools by selecting theclasses/subjects❤You will loveSchool Notepad with its attractiveinterface andsimpleuse❤--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aneducationalapp for students.Easily manage your subjects, lessons,classesEasilymanage your reminders about yoursubjects,classesEasily manage yourmarks,gradesNot only for K-12Students, College Students alsoteachers can manage theirschedule,reminderseasily.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sendusan e-mail for any suggestions, We welcome your questions andareeager to meet your [email protected]👍Join us onfacebook🐦Follow us [email protected]_Notepad All theiconshave been licensed by creative commons Attribute 3 licenses.Theyhave been used withsomechanges.,Notebook, Timetable, Class, Course, Exam, Schedule,Student Agenda,Teacher, Reminder, Grade Calculator, Homework,Planner, Notepad,K-12, College, Education, School Notepad,Assignment Organizer,School Timetable Creator, Timetable Organizer
Simple Notepad 2.0.1
Simple Notepad is a notepad app that gives you a quick and easynotetaking experience. It's not only simple and easy to use butalsocomes with many features: checklist, widget, reminder,passwordprotection, search, picture attachment, share,andmore!v1.9.7beta*Features-------------------------------------------------✔Checklist✔Password✔ Protect app launch and note/checklist usingdevicesecurity feature (PIN, pattern, password) for lollipop+✔Reminder✔Widgets/shortcuts✔ Widget customization✔ Convert note tochecklist(lines -> check items)✔ Attach pictures from cameraand gallery✔Search and sort✔ Share✔ Color title✔ Read-only mode✔Upload topopular cloud storage services✔ Auto/manual export to SDcard✔Import .txt from SD card✔ Archive deleted items✔ Add toCalendar✔Pin to status bar (sticky reminder)✔ Folders togroupnotes/checklists✔ Send data to Google Cloud Print(experimental,download Simple Notepad Cloud Print Addon to enableit)✔ CustomFonts (copy .ttf files in $sdcard/simplenotepad/fonts)✔Localclipboard to insert frequently used texts andtimestamp✔Customizable font and background✔ Clickable links (url,email,phone, and map) in read-only mode✔ Character/Word count✔VoiceinputIf you have questions, please mail me instead of usingthereview comment. FAQ is available in the settings.Export/Importarenot Backup/Restore. When you export a note/checklist, itstextcontent is saved as .txt file 'without' meta data likecolor,priority, folder, etc.Setting password does not deleteexportednotes. If you don't want to keep them, deletemanually.Moving appto the SD card disables widgets. Android doesnot support widgetsfrom SD card. Moving hides shortcut icons tooonreboot.Translators:Chinese (simplified) -Cye3sChinese(traditional) - Ensign LauCroatian - CvitaCzech -rizla, ZbynekKrivka, and DuckDaffyFarsi - Farid(oveishasanpour)French - Yozil,anonymous userGerman - ReinerSüdding, Andre Ramnitz, Frank,HB9KNS, Michael and anonymoususers.Italian - Giovanni Aneloni,Emanuele BrownJapanese - anonymoususerKorean - 허선영, 김희재, 정성엽,Hoyeon ChoPolish - Karol Bieńkowski,ArgailRomanian - CristianSavinRussian - Oleg Avilov, anonymoususerSpanish - YamilSwedish -Mattias (removed as of v1.8.9)(in caseyour name is missing, pleaselet me know)
Simple Notes 5.0.3
DEPRECATED: This version of the app is no longer maintained, getthePro versionat take a quick note of something to buy, an address, or astartupidea? Then this is the app you've been looking for! Nocomplicatedsetup steps needed, just type in what you came for.Comes withautosave, so you will not discard your changes bymistake. Supportscreating multiple independent notes. You canaccess the note in notime by using the customizable and resizablewidget, which opens theapp on click. Contains no ads orunnecessary permissions. It isfully opensource, providescustomizable colors. This app is just onepiece of a bigger seriesof apps. You can find the rest of themat
Notebook - Notepad and Notes 3.0
Use our notepad app to jot down important notes & remindersonthe go. A great way to write down memos and dailyreminderswherever and whenever just like an actual notebook. Hereare justsome things our app can help you with. Writing down arecipe whilewatching a video or a cooking show on TV. Recording ajournal foryour daily activities.Jotting down your grocery list forthe nexttime you go shopping. Setting up reminders for your dailyexerciseroutine.Change headings of your notes and notepad icons.Easilyorganize your memos & journals with categories.Categorizenotes & journals by specific categories such as homeandschool. Using icons to differentiate between a recipe,grocerylist, work, journal, school & more.See why our notepadapp isone of the best productivity apps in the market!FeatureSummary& App Uses:✔ Copy & Paste right into notepad✔ Selectanicon for your notes✔ Jotting down a journal✔ Easy &simplenotepad✔ Favorite notes option✔ Multi-task your work withwrittennotes and memos on your notepad✔ Mark important memos✔ Writedownyour grocery needs & recipes✔ Great for remindersOur appisdesigned to be used as a personal notebook if there isanythingyou'd like us to add to the app let us know!
Notepad 2.4
Notepad a new, comfortable and simple notepad right on yourAndroid.Notepad is always at your hand, you just have to writedown what youwant to do or what you don't want to forget, you mayeven do notsave it, it would do it for you.Choose any color youwant to writenotes, also you do have a chance to share notes withfriends orrelatives. If you like to leave a lot of articles and donot knowwhere is the one you want? Your new notebook will finditeasilyNotepad is fine for students in writingcribsheets.Features:- Search notes, drawings- Automatically savenotes-Save images into SD in notepad folder- Painting the choice ofcolorand brush size- The intensity of the brush saturation andcolortransparency- Undo in painting- Edit the name of the picture,ornote- Eraser is used to remove areas of color from the activelayeror selection of this layer, leaving behind transparency.-Supportsplotting boards for sketching, like a graffiti in touchwith choiceof color, thickness, intensity- The "Add Bookmark" willhelp you toput Desktop shortcut of your note or drawing as areminder.-Drawing, Color picker- Photo notes drawing- Photo notestext- Voicenote- Reminders- Shopping list- Gallery notes-Background color-Backup/import/export to SD cardAutomatic backupschedule daily /weekly /- Video Notes- Password ProtectionAre you acreativeperson? You need to not only record your ideas but also dosketchesas a picture, then this new notepad is for you!With thisfeature,you can quickly and easily create notes as sketches,drawings, ormake a note in the form of handwriting.Bright paletteand vibrantcolors will help you to express all your feelings in thetime ofthe drawing.An excellent option for the manuscript is adeviceGalaxy Note 5 with its pen, you can create amasterpiece.Fast,easy, beautiful and accessible at any time. Thisis what you need
MixNote NotePad Notes 1.2
DoMobile Lab
MixNote is a mobile note taking app, like a memo pad ornotepad.Take note of every deserved thing, with text, ToDo, voiceandpicture.You can take notes, write memos, create to-do list,recordvoice and add pictures in MixNote. Make your notes morevaried andinteresting.Capture ideasTake notes with words, picturesor recorda voice memo in any time and place. Capture ideas is sosimple.When you come up with a plan, record it by words or voice.If youwant to take note when calling, shake the phone to startrecordingyour voice. No need to find pen and paper. All notesareauto-saved.Share ideasCreate notes about recipes, take picturesofsceneries, write down feelings and share your memo viaSMS,Facebook or emails, etc. Local backup and cloud syncMixNotehaslocal backup and cloud sync. So you don’t need to worry datalossand can view notes in different devices.ReminderCreate ato-dolist. You can put it on the home screen to be a reminder. Justlongpress on the home screen and add widget. OrganizeandsearchCustomized tags help you organize all notes. You cansearchmemo quickly by the tags. Or use search bar to input akeyword andsearch.SafeYou can lock and hide private notes withpassword. Keepimportant notes safe.----Features----WritenotesRecord voicememoAdd pictureMake to-do listRemind by ToDowidgetCreatetagsOrganize notes by tagsUse tags to find notesSearchbykeywordRecord voice when callingLock private notesHideprivatenotesShare your notesCheck the deleted notes Any suggestionorquestion, please send us an email. Your feedback is valuedtous.Email:[email protected]:http://www.domobile.comFacebook: