Top 6 Games Similar to RollingBall

RollingBall 1.2
You can speed up ball by touchingscreen.Enjoy maximum speed as you can.You can boast your record in google plus leaderboard,andalsochallenge achievement.When you're ready, go to the world league.How to play Speed+ Mode1.1 When the ball is placed on the arrow just touch screen.1.2 Affects the speed of the ball is gravity and friction.1.3 Perfect timing touch : The maximum speed oftheballfaster.1.4 Good timing touch : The speed of the ball is faster.1.5 Poor timing touch : The speed of the ball is alittlebitfaster.1.6 If you are the Perfect Touch, then you can get achanceSuperBall( Small probability )1.6.1 In this case, the screen is slowly so you can build uparecordeasily.When the ball is placed on the arrow interactivetouchseveraltimes.1.6.2 Over time, coming back to the original, be careful.
Big Balls Avoid 2.2
Shovel Games
Big Balls Avoid is a arcade and speedgameinwhich you must guide a small ball while you need to takecaretoavoid big balls on your path. If you like to challengeyourselfandyou have strong nerves, then this game is for you :)Features :- Move your ball by pressing the left or right of the screen.- When you tap the screen, the little ball will freeze. Itwillbeginto move to the desired side when you stop tapping.- If you have the misfortune to hit a big ball, the gameisover.You can sometimes see coins during your progress, if youmanagetohave them, you will have a better score and you maypurchaseoptions(change the look of your ball).Whenever you have collected 10 coins, you will have theabilitytounlock a triangle which can burst the big balls. Tothrowthistriangle, press the top of the screen.Also note that the more coins you have... the fasterthegameis!Can you manage to get the highest score?
RollingBall 1.1
Kısa zamanda eğlenmeniz içingeliştirilmişminioyun iyi eğlencelerImproved funmini-gamestohave fun in a short time
Paper Roll 1.0
See how fast you can roll the paper wadoverthewater and into the wastebasket. Jump on platforms toavoidfallinginto the water below! Get a top time in this quickandaddictive gamethat is easy to learn and hard to put down.Instructions: Simply tap the screen to toss the paper wadup.Rollover speed bumps to get a fast time!Note: This game was developed on the Boxel framework.ThankstoJacob DeBendetto for releasing the source code to hisfungame!
Furball Jump
BE WARNED: Insanely addictive!So, what is it?****In Furball Jump, you help the Furball on a springy journey up,up,picking up rockets if you're lucky to climp faster.FEATURES:- World with 27 levels of difficulty.- Moving, disappearing, and moveable platforms- Rocket that fly you higher- Compete agains friends!How to play:Tilt to move left or right.--------------------------------------------------*Please don't play this game while driving, and BE WARNED: thisgameis Insanely Addictive!Bug Reports:
Dots Trouble 1.0
In Dots Trouble you have onesimpleobjective:Avoid the dots. Sounds easy? well, many a man hasthoughtthe samebefore you, but this game is knuckle bustlinglytough. It'ssimple,but it is deviously addictive. Give it a try andbeat thehighscorebefore your friends do.Features:-Very fun one-clicker-Zigzag your way through the obstacles!-Help a little ball on a bouncing adventure-Difficult but addicting!-Try again and again-Beat the highscore