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QuitNow! Quit smoking 5.123.1
Are you trying to quit smoking? If you are finding it hard tostopsmoking, QuitNow! is made for you. First things first: youknowsmoking is bad for your body. Even so, lots of people keepsmoking.So why should you quit? When you quit smoking, you improvethequality and length of your life and the lives of the peoplearoundyou. One way to prepare to successfully launch yoursmoke-free lifeis to power-up your phone with QuitNow! QuitNow! isa proven appthat engages you to quit smoking. It aims you to avoidtobacco justgiving you a picture of yourself. Quitting smoking iseasier whenyou focus your effort in these four sections: 🗓️ Yourex-smokerstatus: When you quit smoking, the focus has to be on you.Rememberthe day you quitted and get the maths: how many days areyou freeof smoke, how much money you saved, and how many cigarettesyouavoided. 🏆 Achievements: your quit smoking motivations: Asalltasks on life, quitting smoking is easier when you divide thetaskinto small and easy ones. So, QuitNow! offers you 70 goalsbased onthe cigarettes you avoided, the days since your lastcigarette andthe money saved. So, you will start celebratingachievements sincethe first day. 💬 Community: the ex-smokers chat:When you quitsmoking, you need to stay within the non-smokingareas. QuitNow!offers a chat full of people that, like you, saidgoodbye totobacco. Spending time with nonsmokers will make your wayeasier.❤️ Your ex-smoker health: QuitNow! offers a list ofhealthindicators to explain how your body improves day by day. Theyarebased in the World Health Organization ones, and we update themassoon as the W.H.O. does. In addition, there are more sectionsinthe preferences screen that could help you in your way toquittingsmoking. 🙋 Frequent Asked Questions: there are some tips toquitsmoking, and honestly, we don’t know where to put them.Mostquitters look for tips on the internet, and there are lots offaketips there. We researched in the World Health Organisationarchivesto find the investigations they made and the conclusionsthey had.In the Frequent Asked Questions, you will find all theanswers tothose questions you have about quitting smoking. 🤖 TheQuitNow!bot: sometimes, you have strange questions that don’tappear in theF.A.Q. In those cases, you can ask the bot: we trainher to answerthose strange ones. If she doesn’t have a good answer,she willcontact the QuitNow! crew and they will update theirknowledgebase, so she will learn the best answers to yourquestions. By theway, yes: all the bot answers are extracted fromthe W.H.O.archives, as the F.A.Q. tips. 📚 Books to quit smoking:knowing sometechniques about quitting smoking makes the taskeasier. There'salways someone talking about books in the chat, sowe made aninvestigation to know which are the most popular, andwhich onescan actually help you to quit smoking for good. Do youhave anyidea to make QuitNow! even better? If so, please do writeto us
com.despdev.quitsmoking 2.12
Are you trying to quit smoking and want to boost your motivationinthis regard? Quit Tracker is here to offer you a high qualityappthat helps you figure out how much money you can save simplybystopping smoking. The app will also enable you to how much timeyouspent without cigarettes and it will also let you know theamountof life you regained by not smoking. With Quit Tracker youcan alsosee how much life you lost and how many cigarettes yousmokedbefore quitting, but the you will also be able to see whattype ofrewards you can get if you stop smoking as well. This istheperfect motivational tool for those that want to break thisbadhabit right now but find it hard to do so. A great motivatorhereis the Health tab where you can see the positive effectsthatquitting has on your body. Thankfully, you will also be abletotrack the progress and see how close you are to become smokefree.Don’t hesitate and access the best motivator if you want toquitsmoking. Download Quit Tracker immediately and take controloverthis unwanted habit, remove it from your life! Features: •Trackhow close you are to a smoking-free life • See how much moneyyousaved and how much life you regained • Obtain rewards frombeingone step closer to quitting • View quit smoking timeline thatwillgive you a better sense of how quickly it benefits your body.
Stop Smoking - EasyQuit free 1.2.7
Mario Hanna
EasyQuit is a free application to help you break your smokinghabit.It has a quit smoking slowly mode, scientific healthstatistics,money saved, motivational badges and many morefeatures.Motivational Health Section ★ Countdown timer to watchall aspectsof your health improve as a result of your greatdecision to stopthis bad habit of smoking. Stop Smoking SlowlyMode ★ You cant quitsmoking now because the nicotine dependance istoo strong? noproblem! Easy Quit has an entire "Slow Mode" to helpyou stopsmoking slowly. It will create a customised plan for youto becomesmoke free with no pain or stress. It also has up to 5reminders tohelp you stick to the quitting plan and successfullyquit yournicotine addiction. Money Statistics ★ Watch your pocketsgrow andsee how much money you saved by not smoking anycigarettes. ★ Set anice treat for yourself let the app help yousee how long until youreach it. This will motivate you and helpyou stay smoke free.Cravings & Trigger Statistics ★ Pie Chartshowing you thebreakdown of your top triggers to help youeliminate your cravingsfasters. Memory Game ★ Have an urge tosmoke a cigarette? LetEasyQuit help you by providing a cool gameof Memory with beautifulicons to pass the scientifically proven 3minute mark & beatyour urge to smoke a cigarette. Badges ★Earn up to 57 differentbadges as rewards and use them as amotivational tool. They can alsohelp you stay strong against thenicotine addiction if you shareyour progress with your friendsthrough the screenshot optionprovided by EasyQuit. Themes ★Personalize EasyQuit by choosing anyof the 28 beautiful themesprovided. Personal Motivations ★ Get evenmore personal by creatingyour own motivations and have theapplication randomly remind youof them to keep you positive andhelp you stay on track. PrivacySecured ★ 100% Privacy. No log in.No collection or sharing ofsensitive data like your contacts orlocation. All your data issave on your phone and can never be readby anyone. BeautifulDesign ★ Beautiful & original designconsistent with the moderngoogle material design guidelines. ★ 2Awesome widgets to put onyour home screen and always see the moneyyou saved & timepassed since you stopped smoking. I hope myquit smoking app helpsyou become a non smoker forever and free youof this bad habit. Sodon't wait, quit now or use stop smokingslowly mode and letEasyQuit help you become a healthier and happierperson :)
Quit Smoking 2.0.5
* Users can intuitively verify the duration of quit smoking andbodycondition through a simple UI. * Unnecessary information,photos,etc. is not. * Check the Quit smoking status isperiodically updatedautomatically now * Contains a timer function.* Widget - The widgetis automatically updated with every hour. -If you touch the 'R'texture of the widget will be updated soon. -Every time you touchany background texture of 'C' to be used inthe background of thescreen changes transparency. * Become freefrom tobacco smell withthis Apps! Quit Smoking!
SmokeFree - quit smoking slowly 4.2.1
This app gives you two options to quit - if you are highlymotivatedyou can choose quit mode and if you need more time thereis reducemode.SmokeFree app can be your companion in process ofquitting - itcan help you slowly reduce the amount of cigarettesper day, keepyour cessation stress, nicotine cravings in normaland let you bodyadapt to less cigarettes daily, until youcompletely stop. This wayyou can accommodate with non-smoker lifeagain. The most importantthing is your desire to stop smoking.Whyshould you try thismethod?This app provides method that isdifferent from just saying Iwon’t smoke anymore - that’s reallyhard. Reduction of nicotine, andstress from no-smoking are comingin small doses here. With smallerportions of nicotine turkey andneed for cigarette it is easier toadapt to life without cigaretteand then completely quit.Remember:Desire to quit smoking is mostimportant. You can do it!:-)Features• Create your own quittingplan• Track yourprogress• Rich motivational tips with videos,images andquotes• Personal goals expressed as money saved, quitdays orcigarettes skipped• Your loved ones are yourmotivators• Widget onhome screen for easier access• Designed forsmartwatches (AndroidWear)• DashClock widget• Data synchronizationbetween all yourdevices• Facebook integration - like, share andsendWearapplicationThis application is designed for Android Wear.After youset up parameters on your mobile device, you are ready tousewearable application. Tap smoke action on notification whenyousmoke. Search for settings on mobile device to control behaviorofwearable notification. You can also open SmokeFreewearableapplication and tap when screen is green. Both mobile andwearapplications can work when devices are not connected. Dataisautomatically synced when devices connect.Check outSmokeFreeFacebook pageat
Smoke Free: Stop Smoking with Quitting Techniques
Quit smoking this New Year using 30+ proven stop smokingtechniquesand the most reliable quitting methods science has tooffer. Morethan triple your quitting chances and keep your NewYear’sresolution. Quit smoking now and make 2020 the best yearever.Conquer tobacco cravings for good with Smoke Free! QuittingwithSmoke Free is simple and effective. Smoke Free can helpanycigarette smoker stop smoking for good. Quit smoking before?Tryingto stop smoking for the first time? Quitting by yourself orarepart of a quitting group? Smoke Free’s scientifically testedandproven quit smoking techniques work. Don’t let your cravingstakeover. Use Smoke Free to help you succeed this year and everyyear.Half a million people helped to quit smoking. Quitting smokingismade easier with Smoke Free. Stop smoking by using severalquitsmoking features: • Quit Smoking Tracker – Stop smoking bytrackingthe cigarettes you have not smoked. • Achievement Badges –Quitsmoking and earn badges for your achievements. • Smoking Log–Track your quit and log successful smoke free days. • StopSmokingand See Your Money Savings – Quitting lets you treatyourself withthe money you saved from not smoking. • HealthImprovement Bars –Stop for good and see your health progress duringyour quittingjourney. • Share your quit smoking successes with yourfriends. •Record and conquer your cravings using diary entries. •And more!Smoke Free helps you quit smoking and stop bad habits soyou canmake better choices. Quit cigarettes and get motivated byyourprogress and achievements. Smoke Free’s benefits include: •Gainingyour life back - Quit and spend your newfound time, moneyandhealth on things that make your life better. • Quit and SaveMoney- See your savings grow with every cigarette you did not buyandtreat your success • Stopping to Improve your health - Watchhowyour body gets cleaner and healthier • Conquering cravings -Crushcigarette cravings before they occur by using proven quitsmokingtechniques that work Smoking cessation is our specialty.When youwant to quit smoking and stop cravings, we know whatworks.Extensive smoking research is behind Smoke Free’s successfulquitsmoking methods and we want to share our knowledge to help you.Thequitting process – Quit smoking now with some helpfulinformation:• Quitting smoking by tracking your progress andachievements helpskeep you motivated to continue to stop yoursmoking habits. •Smoking cessation social programs are a helpfulsupport. • The QuitNow Golden Rule: make your mantra ‘not one morepuff’. • Your quitsmoking journey is personal and your own. We helpyou find whatquitting methods work for you. Quitting smoking is aSmoke Freecommunity effort. Your quit smoking wins can help othersmokersquit. The more Smoke Free understands about our users, thebiggereffect we have on their success. Quit Smoking with Smoke FreetoHelp Us Help Everyone • Quitting smoking is hard, but tensofthousands of people do it successfully each month. •Futurequitters can be helped the more we know about what does anddoesn’twork • When you quit smoking, we can help even more peoplestoptheir smoking habits by using the data you give us. Try SmokeFreetoday and start your quitting journey. Quit smoking with SmokeFreeand give yourself the help you need to stop smoking for good.Formore information, visit
com.despdev.quitzilla 2.0.12
Overcoming addiction is extremely hard. With Sobriety Counteryoucan follow all of your bad habits and addictions and use the appashelp to analyze them and beat them. Besides the counting ofdays,it also features a sobriety clock letting you know the exacthourwhen you break the habit. Use it for overcoming drug,gambling,junk food and sugar addictions. BAD HABITS TRACKER Committo quit!Enter your bad habit or addiction in a glance. You can addtheexact day of the last time you did it, the money you spendusuallyon that bad habit or addiction and let it serve as yourstartingpoint. From then on you can get tons of interestingstatisticsabout it. The abstinence time and money saved are theleadingstatistics. REWARDS The rewards feature is actually acalculationof the money saved. For example, if you’ve spend $100 ongamblingweekly, and you haven’t gambled for a week, the those $100are yourweekly reward. Users can also manually add rewards forthemselves.This serves as great motivation to quit alcohol,cigarettes, junkfood or anything similar that costs us money and isbad for ourbody and health. MOTIVATION Sobriety Counter alsofeatures amotivation tab in which you can add your own reasons toquit youraddiction and bad habits. Simply list all of the benefitsofquitting and let them serve you as a motivation for you tocontinueyour journey of overcoming addictions. USEFUL STATISTICSThe appkeeps relevant statistics about each of your bad habits.Fromentering the day you quit and maximum abstinence period, tokeepingrecord of the money, time spent on addiction and averageabstinenceperiod, Sobriety Counter will show detailed statisticsabout yourbad habits. TROPHY ROOM For each of your successes youwill earn atrophy. These trophies are earned for the number ofhours and daysof your abstinence. The longer you are abstinent, themoreimportant the trophy. QUOTE OF THE DAY To keep you motivatedandfocused in your quest to get rid from the addictions,SobrietyCounter will display you “Quote of the Day” from variousfamousauthors. SOBRIETY COUNTER FEATURES: - easy and simpleentering ofbad habits and addictions - help in quitting alcohol,drug,caffeine, food, sugar addictions - customize your bad habits -setup date and weekly average expenses for a particular addiction-sobriety counter in hours, days and money - rewards system-motivation with reasons why to quit a certain habit -detailedstatistics about each addiction - trophies for achievements- quoteof the day for motivation and keeping focus - pin code topreventother people to enter the app - Google Drive support fordatabackup - ability to change color theme - Progress and dailyquotesnotifications Don’t ask how to quit drinking alcohol, takingdrugsor eating sugar, just download Sobriety Counter and you willhavean amazing help in overcoming your most scary addictions.Inaddition, this application can be very useful to motivate youtostick with your New Year's Resolution
QuitNow! PRO - Stop smoking 5.124.2
We're happy to see that you're enjoying QuitNow! :·) The PROversionunlocks all the features of the app, to help you to quitsmoking. -Unlocked health screen: You'll know how much time youneed tocomplete all the health improvements. And it's updatedsecond bysecond! - 52 more achievements: Tons of achievements tocomplete.You'll need several years to complete them all! By theway, we'llwait for your e-mail! - Mention indicators andreal-timenotifications: The community is great. But, with realtimenotifications, it gets better! - Unlimited chat scrolling: Doyoulike history? Well! With the PRO version, you'll see alltheconversations. The app was launched at 2010, so... let's scroll!-Fully customize your own Widget: Let the colorful magicstart!Customize the QuitNow! widget and make your desktop shine! -Noads: If you pay for the app, the ads will disappear... andthat'sgreat! - Thank the developers team: We're great peoplewilling todo our best. And purchasing the app, you send us someenergy to goon helping people to quit smoking. You're welcome! :·)-'s a lifetime purchase: The PRO app will work in all yourphonesand tablets, no matter if they're old or new! Thank you foryoursupport! :·)
Quit Smoking Tracker GOLD - stop smoking app 4.0
Info: There is a new version of the app available with someawesomenew features. Have a look at FreeLife:Hinweis: new life without cigarettes today. This app helps yo toquitsmoking with some scientific proven techniques. You can stopsmokingnow. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Amazing app! Every time I'm craving acigarette Ilook at the app and shows me that I'm doing great andthat makes mefeel good." How this app helps you to quit smokingStop smoking hasnever been easier with the apps integratedtracker. The trackershows how many cigarettes you've not smokedand how much moneyyou've saved. The tracker also shows how much ofyour life you andyour time you have regained. The apps achievementsystem constantlyrewards you for your smoke free time. See howyour health constantlyimproves when you stop smoking. The App cancreate personalachievments by importing your Amazon Wishlist. Getnotified when youcan buy something from your wishlist with yoursaved money and smokefree time. Remember that it was a gooddecision to give up smoking:The app has a built in diary thatshows how your cravings aredecreasing over time and that you willnot need cigarettes. Become apart of a community of quitters. Theapp is an world-wide communityof people who want to stop smoking.You can help each other to quitsmoking. Features ✔ See your savedmoney ✔ See your saved time andhow many cigarretes you have notsmoked ✔ Community - System: Talkto other quitters and help eachother ✔ Customize your app withprofile pictures and color themes ✔Diary: Share your thoughts andfeelings with the community or yourdiary ✔ Motivating achievementsystem: Watch the progress of yourachievements ✔ AchievmentGenertator: Build your personalachievments Generator ✔ Amazon® WishList: Import your publicAmazon® wishlist. ✔ EMERGENCY Button: Weakmoment? Press the button
Stop Smoking - EasyQuit Pro 1.2.7
Mario Hanna
This is the paid version of the stop smoking app "Easy Quit"whichdoes not show you any ads and the same features as thefreeversion: Money Statistics ★ Watch your pockets grow and seehowmuch money you saved by not smoking. ★ Set yourself a nicetreat,add a personal picture to it and the app will show you longuntilyou reach it. Memory Game ★ Have a smoking urge? Play thegameMemory with cool icons to pass the scientifically proven 3minutemark & beat your urge. Quit Slowly Mode ★ Cant quitsmokingnow? no problem, Easy Quit has an entire "Slow Mode" to helpyouquit smoking slowly, it will create a customized plan for youtobecome smoke free with no pain or stress. Up to 5 reminders canbeattached to keep on track and successfully free you of thenicotineand smoking addiction. Badges ★ Earn up to 48 differentbadges thehour you stop smoking up until two years. Badges forcigarettes notsmoked are also included. Themes ★ Personalize yourstop smokingapp Easy Quit by choosing 1 of 20 beautiful colors forthebackground of Easy Quit Smoking. Scientific Statistics ★ Watchyourhealth improve all aspects such as blood circulation,mentalhealth, oxygen levels, taste and smell, nicotine dependance,aswell as lowering the risk of developing heart diseases andcancer.All based 100% on scientific studies and millions of peoplewhosuccessfully stopped smoking. Personal Motivations ★ Get evenmorepersonal by creating your own motivations and have the apprandomlyremind you of them to keep you positive and on track in yousmokefree journey. Scientific Tips ★ The best and mostsuccessfulscientific tips for quitting smoking have been summarizedin thisapp. You can see them in a cool way of clicking on a diceandgetting a random tip every time. Privacy Secured ★ 100% Privacy.Nolog in, no data collecting or selling of any kind. All your dataissave on your phone and can never be read by anyone. Sharing ★Letthis easy quit smoking app take a high quality screenshot ofyourcurrent badge to share it with your friends . All in oneclick.Beautiful Design ★ Beautiful icons and the best design onthemarket consistent with google material design guidelines. ★2Awesome widgets to put on your home screen and always see themoneyyou saved by quitting smoking and your time as a smoke freeperson.★ Automatic choice of the currency your saved money is showninbased on your phones language. ★ Countdown timer for all yourheathaspects to see how much time is left until you reach them. Ihopemy Easy Quit: stop smoking app helps you quit this habit andbecomea healthier person :)
Stop Smoking - quit smoking, be smoke free 4.0
Info: There is a new version of the app available with someawesomenew features. Have a look at FreeLife:Hinweis: is finally available oniPhone: new life without cigarettes today. This app helps yo toquitsmoking with some scientific proven techniques. You canstopsmoking now. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Amazing app! Every time I'm cravingacigarette I look at the app and shows me that I'm doing greatandthat makes me feel good." How this app helps you to quitsmokingStop smoking has never been easier with the appsintegratedtracker. The tracker shows how many cigarettes you've notsmokedand how much money you've saved. The tracker also shows howmuch ofyour life you and your time you have regained. The appsachievementsystem constantly rewards you for your smoke free time.See howyour health constantly improves when you stop smoking. TheApp cancreate personal achievments by importing your AmazonWishlist. Getnotified when you can buy something from your wishlistwith yoursaved money and smoke free time. Remember that it was agooddecision to give up smoking: The app has a built in diarythatshows how your cravings are decreasing over time and that youwillnot need cigarettes. Become a part of a community of quitters.Theapp is an world-wide community of people who want to stopsmoking.You can help each other to quit smoking. Features ✔ Seeyour savedmoney ✔ See your saved time and how many cigarretes youhave notsmoked ✔ Community - System: Talk to other quitters andhelp eachother ✔ Customize your app with profile pictures and colorthemes ✔Diary: Share your thoughts and feelings with the communityor yourdiary ✔ Motivating achievement system: Watch the progress ofyourachievements ✔ Achievment Genertator: Build yourpersonalachievments Generator ✔ Amazon® Wish List: Import yourpublicAmazon® wishlist. ✔ EMERGENCY Button: Weak moment? Press thebutton
Quit smoking - Smokerstop 1.5.3
Smokerstop uses a science-based motivational approach to helpyouquit smoking in a pleasant way. The app individualizes yourquitattempt by letting you set personal goals, visualizes therecoveryof your body from tobacco, helps with advices to quitsmoking andreminds you of the advantages of non-smoking andquitting smokingalong the way. By sending you alerts on your recentachievementsthe app keeps you on your path of successfully stayinganon-smoker. Stop smoking today!
Tobano stop smoking cigarette 3.0.6
Tobano Devs
You've just quit smoking or you're abouttoquit, congratulations!! Tobano is there to support you inyourapproach and help you stay motivated.Like a game, you progress by unlocking levels as wellasachievements telling you the benefits of stopping cigarettesonyour body.You can track your progress real-time thanks to manyencouragingstatistics (money saved since you stopped smoking, timesince thestop, number of non-smoked cigarettes ...)Of course, you can share your successes with your family,friends,colleagues via Facebook, Twitter and other socialnetworks!As bonuses and to encourage you to hold on when you get a urgetosmoke, you have access to cards containing motivationalmessagesaccessible at all times.Tobano helps you stop smoking in German, English, Spanish,French,Italian, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.
Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation 1.6.2
Ron Horner
See how long it's been since you stopped smoking, the amountofmoney you've saved, cigarettes not smoked, and healthimprovements.Play a fun distracting game while you forget aboutyour cravings.Join the vibrant Facebook community! Featured intheir list of top quit smoking apps of 2013&2014!!Widgetsdo not work when installed to the SD Card. Move CessationNationback to the phone storage to enable the home screenwidget.If youare having trouble with Facebook please try thefollowing- On theFacebook wall select the options in the top rightcorner- Click theFacebook Settings option- Click Log OutPleaseemail me if you runinto any issues before posting a negativereview. I cannot help youotherwise.Notes- To disable all RewardPopups go to Settings ->Reward Network -> None- To re-enableAchievemint as the defaultReward Network, Go to Settings ->Reward Network ->Achievemint.
Get Rich or Die Smoking 2.6.7
Tobias Gruber
Do you smoke?Why do you spend so much money on damaging yourhealth?Why don't you spend this money more reasonably? This apphelps youto stop smoking by showing what you can now afford withthe moneysaved. Features:- Sophisticated reward system-Configuration ofsmoking habits, quit time, etc.- Community to chatwith otherquitters- Relapse button- 2 Widgets displaying yourprogress-Support for several currencies- Manage your products-Productpicture loaded automatically (Internet), via Camera orloaded fromgallery- Detailed statistics- Enable trophys (time,money,cigarettes, products)- Track the positive effects on yourhealth-Share achievements: Share your achievements via SMS, email,Facebookor many other applications.- Two info screens about costscaused bysmokingAvailable in English, German, Frech, HungarianandPolishPlease don't hesitate to*****Note: If you move theapplicationto the SD card the widget will not work properly! Thisis awell-known Android problem.Please rate the App if you like it!#stop smoking | quit smoking | health #
Quit Smoking 15.0
Lydia Games
Quit Smoking helps you to quit smoking and track your healthandsavings after quitting relying on scientific health data.QuitSmoking offers full functionality free of charge. You canmonitor:-the time you haven't smoked for,- the number of cigarettesyouhaven't smoked,- the amount of money you saved- and the timeoflife you saved.The app can fire notifications at major eventssuchas 'You haven't smoked 100 cigarettes'.
Cigarette Analytics 2.2.2
The aim of the application is to clarify all the issues connectedtosmoking and to help a person to overcomedependence.TECHNICALFEATURES2 main work modes:- "Smoking" mode-"Health" modeA few waysto add smoked cigarettes:- "Smoke" fastbutton- button with timerrecording the time of one cigarettesmoking- adding cigarettes withSmoking Diary with accurate timeindicationData panel on the mainscreen displays the most up-to-dateinformation in real timemode.You can display the very data you needon this panel.TheSmoking Diary displays amount of cigarettes smokedper day andallows to add, edit and remove records aboutsmoking.Goal sectionallows to set cigarettes day limit, minimumtime between smokes andplanned smoking quit date. Goals will helpyou to quit this habitstep by step. Notification system will informyou on thepossibility of smoking a cigarette or on the moment whenyoufinally need to quit smoking.A few active goals interacttogetherand if e.g. you have reached the cigarettes day limit asper onegoal, the other one will inform you that you have to waittill thenext morning to smoke again.5 widgets:2 simple widgets(light anddark);2 Pro widgets (light and dark);Advanced Pro widget(dark),with a smoke timer.Simple widget allows to list a smokewithoutopening the main application, displays an amount ofsmokedcigarettes per day and time passed from the latest smoke.Prowidgetallows to list cigarettes and displays the same data as themainscreen of the application.Both widgets interact with the setgoalsand will help you to control smoking according toyourneeds.Analytics display shows all the data about smoking forthechosen period of time:- amount of cigarettes smoked- averagerateof the cigarettes smoked- A diagram, graphically showing allthecigarettes smoked, with moving average displaying smokingdynamics-A round diagram showing the percentage ratio of thesmokedcigarette brands- amount spent on cigarettes- time spentoncigarettes- tar and nicotine inhaled- how many cigarette brandsyouhave smoked- how much time one cigarette is smoked- how oftenyousmoke- how much time has passed since the last cigarettesmoked-maximum time without cigarette smoking- how many times youtried toquit- all the data connected to the mail goalsOptionsscreen offersa lot of features:- selection of user's currency, newday startsetup option- managing the cigarettes brand list, withpossibilityto add, edit and delete (the application databasecontains morethan 400 cigarette brands with the preset data on thetar andnicotine content)- managing the main screen allowing to setthedata displayed on the screenGoals section allows to set newgoalsconnected to the smoking for better process controlDatasectionwhere you can reset all the false data and statistics forthedefined time period and also export and import statistics-feedbackscreen, where you can ask developer any question or sendthemcommentsHelp system shows all main application working issuesandmakes hints concerning all the smoking informationdisplayedInformation about what happens to the body and mind of aperson whoquit nicotine, is showed by the Events System in "Health"mode.
Drop It! Quit Smoking 1.7.0
Tired of smoking?You want back your health,money,self-control..Drop It! is there to hold your hand and remindyouabout the effort you're making so your clothes can stopsmelling!You tried to stop this horrible addiction?You triedeverything toquit smoking but your efforts were unsuccessful? Thisapp tries tomotivate you a bit more!Quitting nicotine is achallenge, but youcan treat it like a game.Drop It! is an app thatprovides you withthe support you need when you quit smoking :•Detailed statisticsto have a better perspective of youraddiction.> Thisapplication adapts you and provides manystatistics (money saved,days without tobacco, no smoked cigarettes,time saved by notsmoking, end of your physical dependence...).•Your health, yourpriority.> Want to know what are the benefitsof your stopsmoking? Drop It! gives you information related to yourhealth astargets to complete. For example: did you know that aftertwo dayswithout tobacco, smell and taste improve?• Keep itsimple!> Thisapplication is lightweight and easy to configure.The configurationshould not take you more than 30 seconds. Afterall, quittingsmoking should not be a fuss!• Tell the world thatsmoking isfinished!> Encourage your smoking friends and reassureyourparents. You can share your stats and medals by email, SMS,orsocial networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ...).• Drop It!iscreated with love.> I am trying to improve this app allthetime. But time resource is constantly lacking :\ This is mysideproject as I also have a full time job.. Sorry for those adsbtw,but my home country is not supported for merchant account onGooglePlay so I can’t put donations inside my app. This is the onlyway Ican try to get some money for the beer..Abstinence is a methodthatcan work. It depends of your motivation and how you stopsmoking.Using an application like Drop It! can make your tobaccowithdrawalmore enjoyable because you will feel like playing.Do nothesitateto ask for help, turn to your loved ones or a tobaccospecialistfor example.Think of your health, be master of yourdestiny andchoose the end of your story ...I wish you a greatsuccess! ;)
I Give Up Smoking 1.0.1
Congratulations for your decision on give up smoking. I GiveUpSmoking helps you to quit smoking and track your health andmoneyafter quitting. The health data is based on scientificresearch. Tostart using the app please click the next button andgive someinformation about your smoking habit.
Quit Smoking Pro 4.0.2
Would you like to stop smoking? Or do you just want to smokeless?Is your health important to you? Then you can't go wrong withthisapp. Write with the community, there's always someone there.Chatlive and share your experiences. - A nice non-smoker app. -Simpleand easy to use. - How much time has passed since thelastcigarette of your life? (days, hours, minutes) - Howmanycigarettes have you avoided since then? - How much time andmoneyhave you saved? - How many toxins haven't you inhaled in thattime?All these questions are provided as statistics. Good luck.
No smoking 1.4.1
We created an app for people who decided to quit Smoking andwhoneed additional motivation.Our app will help You in more detailtounderstand what kind of damage You bring to your healthfromSmoking cigarettes.The main advantages of the application:✔Theoverall schedule of recovery of the organism on the homescreen.✔Detailed statistics after Smoking cessation.✔ Your expensesfor amonth, a year on cigarettes.✔ 10 detailed graphs about therecoveryof the body.✔ General statistics for all years, when yousmoked✔The calculation of the index of the smoker.✔ The opportunitytoshare your statistics with your friends in 2 clicks.✔ Widgetsforthe desktop with the necessary information.Andmuchmore.Setting:When you first start the program will openthesettings window, you need to fill them all (remember, themoreprecisely You specify the data, the more accurate will beoutputprogram).The following runs of the program will beopenedimmediately on the main screen with statistics.Our app doesnotgive 100% guarantee that You will quit Smoking, it givesextramotivation, which can help You not to start Smokingagain.Theprogram is completely free, but contains ads.
Get Rich or Die Smoking Gold 2.2.6
Tobias Gruber
If you like Get Rich or Die Smoking...get the Gold version forlessthan the cost of a pack of cigarettes! It comes withadditionalfeatures and will be improved continously. * New Design!*Unlimited chat scrolling * Emoticons in community *Notificationabout replies in the community * No ads! * Thank thedeveloper :) *... and more coming Do you smoke? Why do you spend somuch money ondamaging your health? Why don't you spend this moneymorereasonably? This app helps you to stop smoking by showing whatyoucan now afford with the money saved. Features: -Sophisticatedreward system - Configuration of smoking habits, quittime, etc. -Community to chat with other quitters - Relapse button- 2 Widgetsdisplaying your progress - Support for severalcurrencies - Manageyour products - Product picture loadedautomatically (Internet),via Camera or loaded from gallery -Detailed statistics - Enabletrophys (time, money, cigarettes,products) - Track the positiveeffects on your health - Shareachievements: Share yourachievements via SMS, email, Facebook ormany other applications. -Two info screens about costs caused bysmoking Available inEnglish, German, Frech, Hungarian and PolishPlease don't hesitateto give ***** Note: If youmove theapplication to the SD card the widget will not workproperly! Thisis a well-known Android problem. Please rate the Appif you like it!# stop smoking | quit smoking | health #
aha!smokefree is an App designed to help you quit smoking andgetrid of the unhealthy tobacco. Get away from smelly, coldsmoke!Youcan enter your former smoking habits (e.g. cigarettes perday, tarand the time of quitting,..) and this app calculates howmuchyou've saved, how many cigarettes you have not smoked and howlongyou kept up. The use of electronic/electric cigarettes isalsosupported.You will be informed from time to time by the app onyoursuccesses to keep motivation high ;)There are 4 differentwidgetsavailable (4x1, 2x1, 2x3 and 1x1), but only the smallest(1x1) isunlocked in the free version. The remaining 3 can beunlocked withan in-app purchase. The Widgets are updated every 60minutes toconserve battery.Features:✔ Smoking habits can be enteredindetail✔ Real-time display of saved money and not smokedcigarettes✔Statistics (Savings per Week/Month/Year/Overall, gainedLifetime& Tar not inhaled)✔ Achievements (certain sections ofyour new-smokefree- life are highlighted) that will motivate you.You willbe informed about new achievements via theandroidnotificationbar.✔ 4 Homescreen Widgets✔ Updatetime ofWidgetschoosable between 10 and 120 minutes (in 10 minutes steps)✔Use ofthe electronic cigarette possible (Costs for hardware andliquidwill be substracted from the saved money)✔ 4 Themes(Standard, ICS,Dark, Bright)✔ Support for various currencies✔ Workson tablets✔Optimized for portrait and landscape mode✔ Languages:German,EnglishHow to display the Widgets:1. Long touch (3-4seconds) on anempty Area on the Homescreen2. Choose "Widgets"3.Choose"aha!Smokefree 1x1", "aha!Smokefree 4x1", "aha!Smokefree 2x1"or"aha!Smokefree Statistics 2x3"This app is financed by Apps.FormerPro-Users will still see noads:)Permissions:android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED = Neededtoshow achievements after restart ofphoneandroid.permission.VIBRATE= vibrate when showing a newachievementandroid.permission.INTERNET|android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE = Needed = Needed for In-App-Billing(Upgradeto Pro-Version)P.S.: Would you like to use aha!Smokefree inyourlanguage? You could help translating this App byvisiting
Quit Smoking -No smoking day 2.0.7
Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes, and cigars are all madewithdried tobacco leaves, which naturally contain the drugnicotine.Manufacturers of these products add additional nicotine,as well asa host of other chemicals and additives, to make smokingmoreenjoyable. One report suggests there are as many as 7,000differentchemicals in one cigarette. These additives can havedisastrouseffects on your health.Only about 4% to 7% of people areable toquit smoking on any given attempt without otherhelp.Yourapplication can help you identify ways you are sabotagingyourquit-smoking plan, and can provide the support andencouragement toget through the craving.It’s hard to quit smoking,but you can doit.Here are some steps to help you get ready for yourQuit Day: -Pick the date and mark it on your calendar. - Tellfriends andfamily about your Quit Day. - Get rid of all thecigarettes andashtrays in your home, car, and at work. - Practicesaying, “Nothank you, I don’t smoke.” - Set up a support system.This could bea group program or a friend or family member who hassuccessfullyquit and is willing to help you. Ask family and friendswho stillsmoke not to smoke around you, and not to leave cigarettesoutwhere you can see them. - Think about your past attempts toquit.Try to figure out what worked and what didn’t.
smoke less 119
David M.
tired of smoking a large amount of cigarettes day by day?Dosen´twant to spend a big amount of money each month for a smallthingthat will kill you?Control your amount of cigarettes smokedover aday! this small app will help you to reach yourgoal!Keywords: Stopsmoking, quit smoking, reduce cigarettes, nomore smoking
This is Quitting 20
Quitting smoking can kick your butt. This is Quitting puts thewholeInternet in your corner while you train to quit like a pro. *Getideas for how to quit from quitters all over the Internet.Theirquitting stories, in their own words.* Be inspired to keepyour ownquitting going with real life success stories.* Distractyourselffrom thinking about smoking with gif-ified posts about theups anddowns of quitting you can relate to and go "OMG yes beenthere donethat!"* Learn new strategies and tips to stay smokefreewithtraining challenges to prepare you for whatever quittingthrows yourway.* Access to free expert quit smoking counseling24/7 fromanywhere in the U.S.* Up-to-date, easy to understand infoabout quitsmoking medications.Love us, have questions, or wantsome props forgenerally being awesome?Follow us onTumblr:http://whatshouldwecallquitting.tumblr.comFollow us onTwitter: you like this app,please rateit!
Kwit - quit smoking for good - smoking cessation 4.3.10
Kwit SAS
Use Kwit – Quit smoking for good – Smoking cessation to quitsmokingfor good, get tips to avoid cravings and reach thehighestachievements. Make use of one of the most efficient andinnovativestop smoking apps free for your mobile device. See whygames,achievements and social media can be one of the best way toquitsmoking! 🚭QUIT SMOKING WITH GAME TECNIQUE & MECHANICSThishealth app for your android can help you quit smoking forgoodusing various game techniques, mechanics and thinking toencourageyou to stop smoking. You will be able to access manystatisticswith information about how much time passed since yousmoked yourlast cigarette, how money you saved and how manycigarettes youhaven’t smoked. All these statistics you can monitorin live withthis quit smoking app. ✨ ACHIEVEMENTS &MOTIVATIONAL CARDS Withthis smoking app for your android you canget many achievementsdepending on the time that passed since youquit smoking. About 84achievements you can unlock to see all thebenefits of stoppingsmoking. Try to become the ultimate Kwitterwith getting highrankings! With this smoking cessation, you areable to shake yourphone and get a motivational card. With more than200 availablecards on this quit smoking app you will get throughthe cravingseasier. 💫 SHARE YOUR PROGRESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Unlocknewachievements and get high rankings on this health app. UseSocialmedia to share your achievements on this smoking app, helpandmotivate your friends to stop smoking. 🚭 KWIT FEATURES✔️Quitsmoking using various game techniques and mechanisms ✔️Unlock84achievements to see benefits of stopping smoking ✔️Gethighrankings and become ultimate Kwitter ✔️Shake your phone andgetmore than 200 motivational cards ✔️Share progress on socialmedia✔️For phones and tablets ✔️Free for download Quit smoking withthisamazing app, get through your cravings and share achievementswithfriends. See why we have been reviewed as one of the best waytoquit smoking. Download it now for FREE!
Stop Smoking In 2 Hours 2.2.0
Juice Master
COMPLETELY FREE - NO PURCHASES REQUIREDSTOP SMOKING IN 2HOURSrequires NO WILLPOWER...NO GUMS OR PATCHES...NO GIMMICKS...Just aSimple Way to Freedom.Please note, this app includes severalhoursof audio and daily video coaching content, and will require350MBof free space on your SD card.Addiction and health authorJasonVale ran a "Stop Smoking" clinic for 9 years andsuccessfullyhelped thousands of people to become smoke-free. Jasonused tosmoke 40-60 cigarettes a day himself, until he learnt thesecret tostopping in 1995, and hasn’t smoked since! Now, YOU canlearnJason’s secret from his tried and tested programme fromtheconvenience of your own iPhone / iPod / iPad. Jason is literallyinyour pocket every step of the way! Stop Smoking in Just 2 hoursandremain Free for Life! There are only 2 simple steps: 1) Watchtheshort opening video 2) Listen to the two 1-hour audiosessionsThat’s it, you are now FREE - it's that easy! Extra BONUSmaterialincludes: * Relaxation & hypnotherapy audio recommendedeachnight for 21 days to help sustain your freedom * Dailymotivationalcoaching videos to keep you on track during the "5-dayadjustmentperiod" * In case of emergency two “SOS” videos to keepyou freefor life Jason knows there is an easy way of curingpeople’saddiction to nicotine. “It simply involves understandinghow thenicotine trap works and combining that knowledge with somesimpleinstructions.” commented Jason, “the need for nicotine iscausedonly by the previous dose - it’s a simple chain.” Jasonadded, “Thereason it appears so hard to stop is due to the slightemptyinsecure feeling that nicotine withdrawal creates. This inturn cancreate a feeling in the smoker’s mind of panic and fear. Itis onlythis fear, this invisible prison if you will, that keepspeoplesmoking. If you remove the panic and fear through anunderstandingof what the actual cause is, it can be very easy tostop.”Appdiction Review: "Jason’s Vales Stop Smoking in 2 Hours isa bitof a revolutionary self-help app. Now we have seen some reallygood“quit smoking” apps over the years, and the better ones utilizeanelement of hypnosis, but Jason Vale goes above andbeyond,utilizing audio hypnosis and video coaching to help finallygetsmokers to kick the habit with advice so simple and practicalthatit almost doesn’t make sense at first listen! Jason usesthatcalming yet forceful British accent to constantly remind usthatthe pleasure or the crutch is an illusion and we will gainnothingfrom the smoke. The app features a video to watch uponwaking,audio hypnosis for relaxing at bed time, and my personalfavorite;Jason’s video titled SOS. Jason is right there on thescreen,talking you off the proverbial smoking ledge when you reallycravea cigarette. I found this inspiring and very practical. Thevideosreally make this app, and add a nice, personal flair."
Smoke - quit 3.030
The most important thing we have is our health. We are for ahealthylifestyle! Smokers don't pass it by! "Smoke - quit!" is thebest wayto quit Smoking. This app contains lot's of things to helpYou quitSmoking and forget about the nicotine addiction once andfor all: -counter statistics before quitting smoking (number ofcigarettessmoked, spent on cigarettes money total weight andlength of allcigarettes smoked over a specified period of Smokingbefore makingthe decision to quit Smoking); - counter statisticsafter Smokingcessation (number of unlit cigarettes, the savings oftime andmoney, nicotine and tar in your body); - indication ofrestorationof health and the body after Smoking (visually and inreal timeshows you how your body is recovering after quittingSmoking); -interesting and motivating facts about Smoking, thedangers ofSmoking, tips to quit Smoking; - smart, simple, and niceinterface.
Smokenote Pro - Quit Smoking 2.2
The essential choice for health and for quittingsmokingsuccessfully! Smokenote helps you maintain your healthandhappiness by managing your workout, drinking and smokingrecords.Check out the benefits of a smoke-free life. If you finditdifficult to quit smoking now, start by recording the numberofcigarettes you smoke daily and slowly reduce smokingthroughanalysing your smoking history and triggers.Input yourdailyactivities into the app, then check your health status bylookingat the the number of workouts, and the number of drinks youhadlast week.No one can help you to quit smoking and maintainyourhealth except you. Make new healthy habits throughSmokenote.[MainFeatures]■ Timer showing duration withoutsmoking/drinking ■Detailed records about your workout, drinking,smoking■ Monetaryand time benefits■ Notification bar and messages■Monthlystatistics■ Convenient and elegantly designed widgetsThefollowingbenefits are offered when using the Pro version.■ You cansetcustom notification messages.■ You can use 4x2, 4x1 widgets ontheHome screen.■ No more advertisements■ Support the developer ifyousuccessfully quit.
Stop Smoking 2.15s
Stop Smoking apps is based on my experience in quit smoking.Whenyou stop to smoke cigarettes you need small satisfactionthatsupport your motivation in quite smoking. Stop Smoking permittoyou to set your personal goal, see it taking a picture fromthecamera or from your gallery. You can see how many day you needtoreach it, and you will receive a notification when you reachit.You can share on facebook your progress to receive yourfriendsupport Set initially small goals that are easy to achieveandafter think big. You can also receive notification every dayinorder to support your motivation. You can see our healthprogressand how much money you save. You can set one of the 3widget(small, medium, large) in your home page and see how muchmoney yousee and how many days have spent since the last cigarette.In apppurchase is only to avoid ads and to support developer. Iwould bevery grateful to you if someone help me to improve Englishor otherLanguage translation. For bug reporting or improvement ofStopSmoking apps send a mail to:
Quit smoking 1.8.22
Want to quit smoking but can not? Not enough willpower? Afraidoflosing something valuable? Throwing a lot of time andstartedagain? How it all familiar..."Quit Smoking" application wascreatedfor people who understand the benefits of smoking, but atthe sametime want to be free from addiction to cigarettes toimprove thehealth, saving money and time.What you will like thisapp?1.Establish stable relationship unconscious aversion tosmoking, andthat smoking, in fact, it is not necessary for aperson.2. Setpersistent unconscious link, that a healthy lifestyle- this iscorrect, it's nice, this should strive for.3. Find waysofsubstitution of smoking.The app contains more than 100motivationalimages, 5 actions for substitution of smoking. All youhave to do -is to choose the time and repetitions. Every dayincrease yourmotivation to be free from smoking.On the"achievements" page youcan track your progress - improved health,saved money, etc.In thefull version you will be available for +100motivational images andmore than 20 actions for substitution ofsmoking. Also you can setthe exact time of repetitions.The timerequired for establishing anew habit (rejection of old habits) is21 days or 3 weeks. If youcan be without a cigarette all the time,consider that you havewon. The total time to establish a new habit- 3 months. After 3months without a cigarette you will become acompletely differentperson. You want this?Finally, be honest withyourself.
Smokenote - Quit Smoking 2.3
The essential choice for health and for quittingsmokingsuccessfully! Smokenote helps you maintain your healthandhappiness by managing your workout, drinking and smokingrecords.Check out the benefits of a smoke-free life. If you finditdifficult to quit smoking now, start by recording the numberofcigarettes you smoke daily and slowly reduce smokingthroughanalysing your smoking history and triggers. Input yourdailyactivities into the app, then check your health status bylookingat the the number of workouts, and the number of drinks youhadlast week. No one can help you to quit smoking and maintainyourhealth except you. Make new healthy habits through Smokenote.[MainFeatures] ■ Timer showing duration without smoking/drinking■Detailed records about your workout, drinking, smoking ■Monetaryand time benefits ■ Notification bar and messages ■Monthlystatistics ■ Convenient and elegantly designed widgets[Proversion] ■ No Ads and limits
Quit-Smoking Coach 1.3.4
This app supports you on your mission of becoming a nonsmoker.Itprovides real-time information about your smoking status andthebenefits you earn.Let it remind you daily of why you wanttoquit!Features:• Track your progress in real-time:cigarettesrenounced, money saved, health gained and more!• Get yourreward:Earn medals for certain milestones!• A separate health infopageprovides detailed information about your smoking cessation•APanic! button provides you with emergency tips when craving• Ifyouare of the more chatty type, document your progress intheintegrated nonsmoking diary• If something goes wrong, youcanre-start at any time (we won't be asking questions)• NoAds•No "strange" permissions required, like reading your photosandfiles. We don't track your location or steal your data. This isahonest pay-and-own business.Your feedback is welcome! Just sendamail to:
Quitify, your app to quit smoking! 1.1.26
Quitify, your app to quit smoking! Trying to find the best waytoquit smoking based on cold turkey? Quitify is your mate in themostdifficult decisions of your life: to quit smoking forever. Itgivesyou advices based on the expert opinion of the AECC and WHO onhowto quit cigaretes but also helps you to quit smoking weed. TheAppallows you to see your progress over time, consumptionstatisticsand view your achievements you have accomplished eachday. Neverquitting smoking was so fun! Our anxiety room usesdifferenttechniques based on audio hypnosis to quit smoking andgive yourecommendations to help you with the detoxification of yourbody.This version allows you to reduce stress and anxiety causedbynicotine, with more tips and advices, some audios to reducestress,connect with other community users in your language, meetpeople inyour same situation, share your achievements with yourfriends, thecommunity, and other curiosities you never knew aboutsnuff andnicotine. Hop on, sure you get it! What's new: * Ourexperts cangive you personalised assistance when you are high onstress. * Newachievement badges * Track your quit progres and seeyour stats *Natural remedies like cream of tartar and orange juiceto quitsmoking information added. * Binaural audios added *Relaxingsounds added * Private chats improved * New notificationswith lotsof advices * Sound healing to help you reduce stress. *Createdforum to ask and share doubts with other users.
J'arrête de fumer 4.0
Jerome Baucher
Vous avez pris de bonnes résolutions et vous voulez arrêter defumer: Tout est une question de motivation! Pour vous aider,"J'arrête defumer" vous permet de visualiser et de mémoriser leseffetsbénéfiques de l'arrêt du tabac.Vous savez depuis combien detempsvous avez arrêter de fumer, le temps de vie (statistique) quevousavez gagné, et les économies que vous avez réalisé.J'arrête defumervous permet de renforcer votre motivation en testantvotredépendance à la nicotine, en vous permettant d'établir unelisteBénéfices/Inconvénients que vous pourrez consulter dans lesmomentsde tentation, en visualisant votre progression dansl'avenir, et envous fixant une liste d'objectifs.Vous pourrezégalement surveillervotre poids et votre niveau de stress.J'arrêtede fumer vous donneégalement des conseils et des astuces pour vouslibérez dutabac.Enfin, deux widgets d'accueil sont égalementdisponibles pourcontrôler votre progression et renseigner lestressometre sansouvrir l'application "J'arrête de fumer".You madegood resolutionsand you want to quit smoking: It's all aboutmotivation! To helpyou, "Quit Smoking" allows you to visualize andremember thebenefits of smoking cessation.You know how long youhave quitsmoking, the lifetime (statistically) that you won, andthe savingsyou have made.I quit smoking, you can increase yourmotivation bytesting your addiction to nicotine, allowing you tolist benefits /disadvantages that you can consult in times oftemptation,visualizing your progress in the future, and you inestablishing alist of goals.You can also monitor your weight andstress levels.Iquit smoking also gives you tips and tricks for youfree oftobacco.Finally, two home widgets are also available tomonitoryour progress and inform the STRESSOMETER without openingtheapplication "Quit Smoking".
Quit Smoking Now: Quit Buddy! 1.2.0
I’m a ex-smoker myself, I know how hard it is to quit smoking andtostay clean. After I quit smoking I started to use some quitsmokingapps. None of them did really helped me, what I needed wassomesupport during the difficult moments.I decided to spent mytime ondeveloping a app which would give ex-smokers the supportthey needduring the difficult moments. I’m proud to introduce youthe “Quitsmoking buddy” app. With our easy to use setup walkthrough you canstart using the app in seconds. The “Quit smokingbuddy” app willshow you how long it’s been since your lastcigarette. The app willalso shows you how much cigarettes youdidn’t smoked and how muchmoney you have saved! Quit smoking willfeel like a game when youcomplete our health goals and accomplishyour achievements! Whatmakes the “Quit smoking buddy” app reallyspecial is your personalquit coach! Choose the level of supportyou need and receive dailysupport from your personal quit smokingcoach. A life withoutsmoking will become a realistic and reachablegoal! Quit smokingtoday and let the Quit smoking Buddy coach helpyou!★ Check out theapp functions: ✓ Get daily support from ourquit smoking coach.✓Complete the health goals.✓ Accomplish yourachievements.✓ Shareyour results with friends on Facebook. ✓Shows: How many days sinceyou’ve quit, how much money you havesaved, the amount of cigarettesnot smoked. Our goal is to becomethe number 1 quit smoking appworldwide and to support as manyex-smokers as possible. ★ Are yousatisfied with our free app? Takea look at Quit smoking Buddy Pro.This app offers 100 days of coachsupport at different levels. ★What extra options does our paid Appoffer?✓ Choose the level ofcoach support you need.✓ Get up to 100days of support.✓ Add yourown personal achievements.✓ More healthgoals to accomplish.✓ 100%Ad-free.
SmokeLess! 2.0.1
SmokeLess provides an excellent tool for people who want toquitsmoking.* It has a variety of tips and information aboutsmoking.*Provides assistance to combat the urge to smoke.*Currentlyavailable in english and spanish.* Take control ofcigarettessmoked per day.* Shows through graphs the number ofcigarettessmoked and money spent in the last 24 hours, 1 week, 1month, 6months and 1 year.* The Community Messages section permitsto sharemessages with other users. Read encouraging comments frompeoplewho are trying to quit smoking.* Message section has roomsindifferent languages.* The widget allows you to displayrelevantinformation on the screen and easy access to the advice andhelpsection.Quitting smoking is in your hands...If you likethisapplication, consider buying the Ads Free Version. Help ussupportthis project and include new features. It would cost youless thana pack of cigarettes.
Smokefree 2019 20016
The smoke-free 2019 app helps you stop smoking. Enter yoursmokinghabits to adjust the app to suit your needs Withinterestingstatistics, health effects and own targets you arealways motivatedafter the smoke stop.
Qwit (Quit Smoking) V_1806051359
Team Geny
You smoke cigarettes, rolling tobacco or cigars?Tired of thatformultiple reasons (health, money, self-control, ...)?You try tostopyour addiction to nicotine?You tried everything to quit smokingbutyour efforts were unsuccessful? Our app motivates you abitmore!Quitting smoking is a challenge, but we can do that like ifitwas a game.Qwit is an effective Android application thatprovidesyou with the support you need when you quit smoking :•Detailedstatistics to have a better perspective of youraddiction.> Thisapplication adapts you and provides manystatistics (money saved,days without tobacco, no smoked cigarettes,life expectancy gained,time saved in not smoking, number of packsof cigarettes notpurchased, end of your physical dependence,...).•Your health, yourpriority.> Want to know what are the benefitsof your stopsmoking? Qwit give you information related to yourhealth astargets to complete. For example: did you know that aftertwo dayswithout tobacco, smell and taste improve?• Qwit is like agame!>With Qwit you earn Medals based on your performance :number ofunsmoked cigarettes, time spent without tobacco, etc. Eachmedalcan be shared on social networks with a single click.•Remindyourself why you quit smoking.> With Qwit, you can writeyourreasons for quitting ("sick of the smell of cigarettebutts","nicotine prevents me from really relax", "cigarette packageis tooexpensive",...). If you ever want to smoke, read them!Moreover,you will see one of your reasons every 24 hours inthenotifications bar.• Keep it simple!> This applicationislightweight and easy to configure. The configuration shouldnottake you more than 30 seconds. After all, quitting smokingshouldnot be a fuss!• Need more motivation to confront youraddiction tocigarette?> Qwit allows you to track your progressvia a desktopWidget... and you can choose the color of the Widget!• Tell theworld that smoking is finished!> Encourage yoursmoking friendsand reassure your parents. You can share your statsand medals byemail, SMS, or social networks (Facebook, Twitter,Google+, ...).•Special Version for touch pads> A specialinterface has beendesignated for touch pads. Enjoy!• For a worldfree of the greatestmurderer in history!> Qwit is an app for theworld! Thisapplication has been translated into more than 20languages.• Oneof quit smoking app the most downloaded onAndroid.> More than500,000 international downloads on the GooglePlay Store! Thank you:)• Qwit was created with love.> We areimproving all the timethis application. Currently, this is thethird version. The twoprevious versions were called Stop Smoking.We took the best ofthese versions and user feedback in order tooffer you a simple andeffective application to help you stopsmoking.Abstinence is amethod that can work. It depends of yourmotivation and how youstop smoking. Using an application like Qwitcan make your tobaccowithdrawal more enjoyable because you willfeel like playing. Thisis what is called gamification.Do nothesitate to get help aspossible for your loved ones or a tobaccospecialist forexample.Think of your health, be master of yourdestiny and choosethe end of your story ...We wish you a goodsuccess!
Breathe Now -Stop Smoking Free 1.9
Breathe Now - Stop Smoking is an app that helps you to quitsmokingand save money.Quit smoking is not easy, it's a dailystruggle.That's why an application is useful to help you everyday.*** Trackyour cigarette consumption ***With interactive chartsyou canreport the number of smoked cigarettes and the costsinvolved.Watch your consumption by week, month or year. When you donotsmoke you can also see a preview of the savings you canmake.***Reduce your consumption ***Discover the messages of supporttoovercome the urge to smoke. More than 35 messages of supportareavailable to resist against the cigarette. In addition, youcansuggest new.Also available, the weather of yourconsumption.Depending on when you smoked your last cigarette, theweather fits.If you just smoked, you have a gloomy weather, snow orlightning.After a few hours you will have a beautiful sun or arefreshingwind.*** Statistics to be informed ! ***Statisticshelp toanswer questions that you ask.How long I quit smoking ?Howmanycigarettes I have smoked ? How much it costed me?Howmanycigarettes I didn't smoked ? How much money I have saved?***Achievements ! ***It is important to set goals. There are70achievements to unlock (33 in the free version) to staymotivated.They are divided into 4 categories: Consumption, Health,Smokefree, Resistance.*** Share your progress ! ***Tell your lovedonesthat you have stopped smoking . Share your progress andunlockedachievements. You can share via SMS, email and yourfavoriteapplications.It's time to breathe ! The time to behealthy andsave money !No more cigarettes, no moretobacco !Try BreatheNow - Stop Smoking Free to quit smokingand save money.This is thefree version of Breathe Now - StopSmoking, with ads.If you havecomments or suggestions, do nothesitate to contact us onFacebook!
100% FREE. No IAPs.Stop smoking and stay quit with new MyLastCigarette™ for Android, the original quit smoking software.Since1999 My Last Cigarette has successfully helped 1000s of exsmokersstay quit. If you are serious about staying quit then thisappcould make all the difference! Recommended by Reader's Digestwithover 20,000,000 readers.MY LAST CIGARETTE WORKS !Simply enteryoursmoking habit and personal details then watch as variousindicatorsdisplay your expected increase in lifespan, yourcirculatory andlung function improvements, your savings, and muchmore. Over 10different readouts keep you informed and motivated. MyLastCigarette for Android is a proven aid to help you resistrestartingthis fatal addiction. It is a serious tool that benefitsfrom yearsof medical research into the harmful effects of smoking.By showingyou the behind the scenes improvements in your healthyour willpower will be increased and your resolve strengthened fromday one.Be sure to check out the testimonials.FEATURESStatisticsareupdated in real time, every second!Nicotine levelreadoutExpectedcravings readoutAll calculations are based upon thelatest medicalknowledge and statistics.Daily motivational quote ormedicalfact.Daily picture / diagram.Daily motivationalmessageCarbonMonoxide level of your bloodIncrease in lifeexpectancy readoutTimeyou have been a non smoker readoutNumber ofcigarettes NOT smokedreadoutYour risk of a heart attack compared toyour risk beforeYourrisk of lung cancer compared to your riskbeforeMoney savedExpectedcirculatory improvementExpected lungfunction improvementDeathssince you quit readoutReadouts updatedevery second and are basedupon your own personal past smokinghabits.100% FREESUMMARYMy LastCigarette has helped 1000s of userssuccessfully resist restartingsmoking. If you are serious aboutstaying quit then My LastCigarette could make all the difference.
Quit Now: My QuitBuddy 2.5
My QuitBuddy helps you get, and stay, smoke free. It's withyouthrough the hardest times with helpful tips and distractionstoovercome cravings; tracking systems to chart your progress andallthe facts you need to understand the impact smoking has onyourhealth. Better still, My QuitBuddy is easily customised. Youcandetermine whether you’re ready to quit right now or whetheryou'reintending to do so soon or you have already quit. You can setyourown goals, the reasons you're quitting, include photosandrecordings of loved ones and even add buddies you can call uponintimes of need. Key Features: - An option to 'Quit Now', prepareto'Quit Later' or 'Continue quitting'. - Home dashboard:Visualisethe health benefits of each day you stay smoke freethrough aseries of body animations - My Goals: set your goals andadd thesupport you need to achieve them - Visual icons: viewyourprogress, including a count of every day, hour and minute youstaysmoke free and how much money you've saved - My PersonalBest:Compares your best 'time-off-smoke' records and motivates youtoremain smoke free - Daily Message: for the first 30 days,you'llreceive a useful tip when you open the app; - DangerTimes:nominate your danger times and My QuitBuddy gets in touch tokeepyou on track - App widget: set it permanently in yourphone'sdashboard to count every day, hour and minute of yourprogress. Itwill also send you a series of scheduled alerts (suchas"Congratulations, it's been two weeks!") to keep you on track-Distract Me: when craving, My QuitBuddy helps with a rangeofdistractions including - a Fruit Sorter game to occupy yourmindand your hands through any moments of craving. Fruit Sorter isajuicy distraction game to help occupy both your fingers andmindthroughout any moments of craving. - Remind Me: apersonalisedslideshow reminds you why you decided to quit and tostay focusedon your goal - Community: read helpful messages fromother peoplewho are quitting with the My QuitBuddy and leave yourown forothers to read - Quitline: call the Quitline directly on 137848from the app - Buddy Up: Nominate friends or family who youcancall in the tough times Quitting smoking can be difficult butMyQuitBuddy is here to help you every step of the way. Designedtodeliver you support in a way best suited to you, for you togetquit and stay quit. Be sure to update the app regularly as wewillcontinue to add new features based on your feedback.
Let's quit smoking! 2.1
- Please use this app if you make your mind to quit smoking.-Please check how much money you save. - Tell friends that youareon quit smoking and get help from your friends.
Tracy: Quit smoking! 1.0.8
RSTeam Apps
Tracy - the fading light of the last cigarette. This is a simpleandconvenient assistant for those who want to say goodbye to thebadhabit of smoking once and for all.Start nowTracy will helpyougradually get rid of tobacco dependence. The applicationcalculatesthe optimal number of cigarettes and the time duringwhich you canquit smoking.SmartStop ModeConvenient, simple,innovative!Automatically creates yours personal smoking plan, whichwill helpyou gradually adapt to fewer amount of cigarettes.TrackyourresultsDetailed statistics will help you to monitor yourprogresseasily in a convenient graphical form.Control yourexpensesAlaconic and informative interface will help you to controlyourexpenses. Tracy will show how much money you burnwithcigarettes.Tracy is constantly evolving and new featuresareadded.Enjoy using!
Time To Quit Smoke 2.1.0
This application was created for people who want to quitsmoking.With the application you can find out how much time haspassedsince you last smoked cigarettes, how much you smokedcigarettesand how much money saved. You can also customize thewidget to thedesktop for more convenient display your achievement.Thisapplication is not 100% guarantee that you stop smoking, thefinalresult depends only on you! PS this is my first experienceincreating and publishing the application, and if you haveanyquestions or comments you can leave them in the comments or sendmeemail:
myQuitTime - Stop Smoking 1.7
Arete Appware
Stop smoking and reward yourself with the money saved!Createashopping list, add photos and prices, and let the app tell youwhenyou can afford a treat from your saved smoking money.Seeyourhealth benefits increasing daily.Press the big HELP buttonforinspiration to keep you going.We believe in you, now you justhaveto believe in yourself!myQuitTime is an Android app designedtohelp keep non-smokers on the path to success throughinspirationand targeted incentives.If you've already stoppedsmoking,fantastic! Well done. You can use myQuitTime to providetheinspiration and incentive to keep you a successfulnon-smoker.Ifyou haven't stopped smoking yet, you are about toenter a new worldwhere everything is better, brighter, and muchmore wonderful.myQuitTime can not only help you stop smoking, butit can make theprocess easy and enjoyable.myQuitTime displays thefollowinginformation about your Quit Statistics:- Years, Months,Days,Hours, Minutes, and Seconds since you stopped smoking.- Howmuchmoney you have saved since you stopped smoking.- Howmanycigarettes you haven't smoked since you stopped smoking.- Howmuchof your life you have potentially saved since you stoppedsmoking.-Your current Health Improvements Status.myQuitTime has abig redHELP button for those occasional moments of weakness. Justclickthe button and the app will display an Inspirational Messagetohelp you through.myQuitTime has a shopping list for you tochoosesome rewards that you would like to spend your money oninstead ofwasting it on cigarettes. The app will tell you how longit willtake you to save for each item, and how long you have towait untilyou can treat yourself.
Qwit Pro LICENSE, Stop Smoking 6.9.1
Team Geny
You tried everything to quit smoking but your effortswereunsuccessful? We will help you to understand why you shouldquitsmoking.Qwit Pro is an effective Android application thatprovidesyou with the support you need when you quit smoking.Do youknow whyshould you quit smoking?• Increase your life expectancy>QwitPro tells you how your health improves over time when youquitsmoking and gives you information about your physicaldependence.•Save Money> Did you know that cigarettes are thesingle-mosttraded item on the planet? Qwit Pro tells you how manycigarettesyou have not smoked and how much money you have savedsince youhave quit smoking.• Save Time> Smoking a cigarettetakes aboutfive minutes in average. Qwit Pro tells you how muchtime you coulddedicate to activities other than smoking.• Rememberwhy you quitsmoking> With Qwit Pro, you can write your reasonsfor quitting.If you ever want to smoke, read them! Moreover, youwill see one ofyour reasons every 24 hours in the notificationsbar.• Do you needmore motivation? > Qwit Pro allows you to trackyour progressvia a desktop Widget.• Qwit Pro is like a game! >With StopSmoking Pro you earn Medals based on your performance!•Tell theworld that smoking is finished!> Encourage your smokingfriendsand reassure your parents. You can share your stats andmedals byemail, SMS, or social networks (Facebook, Twitter,Google+, ...).•Special Version for touch pads> A specialinterface has beendesignated for touch pads. Enjoy!• Stop SmokingPro is an app forthe world!> This application has beentranslated into more than20 languages.