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AudioClip - Listening to stories&audiobooks
AudioClip is an audio content platform where you canencountervarious stories&audiobooks by listening to differentkinds ofaudio technology of NAVER.    * A story madewithaudio technology : Meet various contents with severalaudiotechnologies of NAVER. Experiments on AudioClip’s audiotechnologywill keep up.   * Follow channels of interest :Chooseyour favorite channels among various categories likehumanism,history, language, science, culture, health, and arts, andfollowthem.   * Listen with visual materials : Listen tothecontents by looking at images or descriptions and make amoreabundant experience.   * Share clips you want tolistentogether : Found a clip that touched your heart or clipthatyou must definitely listen together? Then share it withyourfriends and family by sharing on social media or throughlinks.    AudioClip uses various audio technology ofNAVER tobuild a world for new audio contents; helping creatorscreateeasier contents in daily life and users encounter audiocontents inan easier way.    For suggestions andaffiliate inquiresfor new audio contents, please follow the linkbelow.   *Official AudioClip Post * OfficialAudioClip Website Thank you. ---- Incase of a problem oran error occurs while using the app, resolve your questions byvisiting NAVER customerservice( ). ---- Developercontact:1588-3820  Gyunggido Sungnamsi Bundanggu Jungjadong178-1Green Factory 16th floor
Galwaykart 7.1.0
The GALWAYKART Shopping App brings to the Distributors ofGLAZETRADING INDIA PVT. LTD., a brand new platform, to shoptheirfavorite products, at great costs. Shopping ExperienceGALWAYKARTShopping App makes sure you have a great shoppingexperience with alightweight and user-friendly app, which makesyour shoppingexperience, a delightful one. You can browse andsearch for yourdesired products by product name, category orbrands. Rich catalogimages so you can view the product frommultiple angles, withoptions to zoom. Recently viewed products willbe highlighted, sowhen you come back you don’t have to search forthem again. EnjoySafe and Secure Shopping Presently orders placedat Galway cartwill be delivered with in 72 hrs (excluding orderdate &delivery date) through your frachisee against cashpayment. Trackyour Orders Track your order status with thisprovision to know thestatus of your order. So you get the latestinformation about yourorder. Order can be placed in Galway Karttill 24th of each month.
Flat Pack 1.0.4
Flat Pack. A 2D and 3D platform mix-up!Features:• Cool trapsandenemies that escape the confines of the level.• Take to theskiesand explore 30+ levels each with there own unique twist.• Wrapyourbrain around this 2D and 3D hybrid!• One handed platforming atitsbest.• Epic Boss Fights!!!• Explore and find all of thesecretstars to unlock a secret ending!
Joyz 4.42
Joyz is your chance to trully do something good! Here yourlikeworth: A social network with real impact, wherethroughphilanthropic campaigns, you can make or receivefinancialdonations. An easy and fun way to support noble causes asmany asyou wish. Our philosophy is to do good for its own sake,therefore,every action counts. Are welcome to raise their campaignsincethose who believe that also can make a difference bythemselvesfrom NGO’s and big institutions. With our symbolic coin“Joyz”,that worth R$ 0,10 (=~ US$ 0,03), users can make donationsand helpthose who most need. Joyz is a practical crowdfundingplatform,that with the strength of engagement, gives a new andpositive wayto social network. Joyz #SpreadTheGood
Swing 1.2
Swing from platform to platform. Simply tap the screen when theropeis long enough to reach the next platform. How long canyousurvive?Collect gems and unlock cool new characters.
4Sale 12.0.5
4Sale application has been designed to help buyers and sellersfindeach other on a mobile platform. The application now boastsover amillion users with over 600,000 of those registered andgrowing.Signing up is easy! All you need to do is provide yourmobile phonenumber and you will receive an sms within seconds thatgives youaccess to the platform. 4Sale is the first and mostsuccessfulapplication in Kuwait try it now and receive your first 2ads freeof charge. For more information please contact us at (965)22915257 - (965) 22915258
Indian Train Status Companion : Seat Availability 3.0
Indian Train Status Companion is designed to work with andextendthe Indian Train Status app and offers thefollowingfeatures:-Indian Railways Seat Availability -You cansearch trainsby its name / number OR between two stations andchoose the classto know seat availability - Fare Enquiry -YouSearch trains by itsname / number OR between two stations andchoose the class to knowthe fare- Current Booking - Check Indiantrains seat availabilityafter chart preparation - Special Trains-Indian Railways usuallystarts some special trains for festivalseasons and vacations.Youcan easily search by station names-Platform Locator- CancelledTrains- Diverted Trains- RescheduledTrains and- Latest News.
MouseBot 1.2.2
Vector Unit
Guide MouseBot through mazes of fantastical mechanical mousetrapscreated by the cat scientists of CatLab. Dodge giant metalKittyKrushers, leap over mouse-grinding Roller Graters, evadescaryMines and Lasers, and platform your way across pools ofbot-meltingAcid on an epic quest for cheese and freedom.Conquerover 65challenging platform-style levels as you delve deeper intothemysterious laboratories of CatLab and uncover the cats'nefariousplans. Collect epic piles of cheese, and transmogrify thatcheeseinto new skins and accessories for your roboticmouse.MouseBot:Escape from CatLab is a zany and excitingplatforming game thatwill test your reflexes, skills, timing, andlove of cheese! GAMEFEATURES• Over 65 thrilling levels!• Unlock newabilities! Run,jump and transform for land and water!• Collect epicpiles ofcheese!• Win new paint jobs, and accessories tocustomizeMouseBot!• Eye-popping cartoon visuals on phone, tabletand TV•Control options include touch screen, gamepad (and remoteonAndroid TV.)• Earn achievements and cloud save with GooglePlayGame Services.MouseBot is free to play but there areoptionalin-app purchases available.CUSTOMER SUPPORTIf you encounteraproblem running the game, please visit STAY IN TOUCHBe the first to hearaboutupdates, download custom images, and interact withthedevelopers!Like us on Facebook on Twitter @vectorunitFollow uson Google+ our web page
Cloud Console
Google LLC
The Cloud Console enables you to manage your solution running ontheGoogle Cloud Platform directly from your Android phone ortablet: *Check the state of your resources * Create your owncustom dashboardto get a glanceable overview of your solution *Take quick actionsdirectly from your device such as stopping avirtual machine * Viewlogs, errors and latency profiles to maketroubleshootingapplication and resource issues easier on the go. *Opt-in toreceive push notifications when a new error occurs inyour GoogleCloud services. * View billing accounts associated withthe user. *View and manage Incidents tracked in Google Stackdriver* View andedit project level permissions We plan on shipping newfeaturesregularly. Please give us your feedback in the app byswiping fromthe left, tapping "Help & feedback", and thentapping "Sendfeedback".
Market+ Mobile 6.31.2
AASTOCKS is the most authoritative financial informationandanalysis solutions provider in Hong Kong and has beenwellrecognized by investors. According to comScore statistics2012,AASTOCKS always has the highest impression count among allHongKong’s financial websites. Quote Services - Free Real-time HKStockQuote - Real-time Streaming Teletext, Streaming DualQuoteInterface, Bid/Ask Queue & Brokers Queue - Real-timeTechnicalAnaylsis with over 20 of most popular technical indicators-Real-time “My Portfolio” – Real-time monitor all stocks withintheportfolio - Real-time “Portfolio Anywhere” – Synchronizesportfolioin AAStocks website, paid service, & Android App -Real-timeTop 20, Index Constituents, Industry Constituents - A+H,ADRs,ETFs, Forex, Commodities Market information - Hong Kong, ChinaandWorld Indices - Financial News, includes Research Reports &AAMarket Move - Company Fundamentals and Corporate Events-Investment Advice, Dividend Announcement, 52-Week High/Low -IPOPlus provides all relevant information of Upcoming IPOs,ListedIPOs and IPO Calendar Other Functions - Shortcut to OnlineTradingPlatform - Share AAStocks Financial News via FacebookRemarks: -Recommended screen resolution is 320*480 or above
Lesbian Amino 1.9.22282
Amino Apps
Lesbian Amino is the fastest growing community and chat platformforyoung lesbians and allies. Meet new friends, express yourself,andshare your opinion in a safe and welcoming environment.LesbianAmino is a like forum, chat, and commynity all rolled intoone. -MEET other lesbians from around the world and make newfriends -DISCUSS issues and experiences being a lesbian - SHAREyouropinions and POV in safe space - GET advice and support fromasupportive community - LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to ourLesbiancatalog - a resource guide for all things Lesbian
MiDas eCLASS - The Learning Platform 0.9.7
MiDas - The Learning App is developed to meet all typesofeducational needs of Nursery to Grade 10 students andtheirparents. It includes Curriculum based StudyMaterials,Communication Tools and Talent Show Platform. ----Animated VideoLessons are Approved by CDC, Govt. of Nepal --- MiDaseCLASS मा केछ? =================== ✓ Homework गर्न सिकाउन OnlineTeachers ✓किताबको पाठ बुझाउन Animated Video Lessons ✓ Problem Solveगर्नसिकाउन Tutorial Classes ✓ खेलाउदै सिकाउन Quizzes & Games✓परीक्षामा धेरै Mark ल्याउन Practice Exam QAs ✓ बच्चाले कति पढेथाहापाउन Graphical Analysis MiDas eCLASS ले विद्यार्थीहरुकोपढाइमासुधार कसरी ल्याउछ?=============================================विध्यार्थीहरूको पढाइमासुधार ल्याउन उनिहरूलाई पढाइमा रूची जगाउनेकिसिमको पाठ्य सामग्री दिनआवश्यक छ। साथै उनिहरू पढ्न बसेको बेलामाकेही जानेनन् भने तुरून्तसिकाउने ब्यवस्था हुन आवश्यक छ। त्यसैलेMiDas eCLASS ले Web र App बाटनिम्न सेवा र सुबिधा उपलब्ध गराएको छ।✓ MiDas eCLASS मा मुख्य विषयकापाठहरुको Concept बुझाउने AnimatedVideo Lesson हरू राखिएको छ। यिVideo Lesson हरूले विध्यार्थीहरुकोपढाइमा रूची बढाउनुको साथै अप्ठेरापाठहरु सजिलै बुझ्न मद्दत गर्छ।यसले गर्दा उनिहरूको सिकाइ दिर्घकालीनहुन्छ । ✓ साना नानीबाबुहरूकोलागि Cartoon Character प्रयोग गरेररमाइला Video Lesson हरू तयारपारिएको छ। जसले गर्दा उनीहरू CartoonFilm हेरेजस्तै रमाउँदै हेरेरआफ्नो पाठ सजिलै सिक्छन्। ✓ पढेको कुरनबुझेमा, Homework गर्न नजानेमावा पढाइको बारेमा कुनै जिज्ञासा भएमाविध्यार्थीहरुले जहाँबाट जतिबेलापनि MiDas eCLASS मा सोध्न सक्छन्।हरेक विषयका सयौं शिक्षकहरू बेलुका५ बजे देखि ९ बजे सम्म MiDas eCLASSमा Online हुनुहुन्छ। उहाँहरूलेविद्यार्थीहरूलाई Tuition Teacher लेघरमै सिकाए जस्तै गरि हरेकप्रश्नको उत्तर तुरुन्त दिनुहुन्छ। ✓ बाबुआमाले पनि आफ्नो बच्चालाईसिकाउन खोज्दा नजानेको कुरा MiDas eCLASS मासोधेर पहिले आफुले सिकेरआफ्नो बच्चालाई सिकाउन सक्नुहुन्छ। ✓ MiDaseCLASS मा विषयविज्ञशिक्षकहरूले पाठमा आधारित प्रश्नहरूको उत्तर दिनेतरिका रMathematical Problems Solve गर्ने तरिका सिकाएको TutorialVideoराखिएको छ, जसलाई विद्यार्थीहरूले जहाँबाट जतिबेला पनि हेरेरसिक्नसक्छन्। ✓ MiDas eCLASS मा पाठामा आधारित हजारौं Quizzes &Gamesराखिएको छ। ति Quizzes & Games रमाउदै खेलेर पनिविध्यार्थीहरुलेआफ्नो पाठ सजिलै सिक्छन्। साथै यि पाठामा आधारितQuizzes र Game हरूलेविध्यार्थीहरुको सिकाइमा रूची पनि बढाउछ। ✓ सानानानीबाबुहरूले तआफ्नो पुरै पाठ Quizzes & Games खेलेर नै सिक्नसक्छन्। ✓विद्यार्थीहरूलाई परीक्षाको तयारी गर्न मद्दत गर्न हरेकविषयको नमुनाप्रश्न र उत्तर MiDas eCLASS मा राखिएको छ।विद्यार्थीहरूले आफूलेचाहेको विषयको कुनै पनि पाठ छानेर नमुना परीक्षादिन सक्छन् र आफ्नोउत्तरलाई त्यहाँ दिइएको उत्तरसँग दाँज्न सक्छन्। ✓अभिभावकहरूले पनिMiDas eCLASS बाट प्रश्नपत्र निकालेर आफ्नो बच्चालाईनमुना परीक्षागराउन सक्नुहुन्छ। बच्चाले दिएको उत्तर त्यहीँ दिइएकोउत्तरसँग दाँजेरहेर्न सक्नुहुन्छ। ✓ MiDas eCLASS मा हजारौँ स्कूलकाविद्यार्थीहरूलेप्रश्नहरू सोधिरहेका हुन्छन्। सयौँ शिक्षकहरुले उत्तरदिइरहनुभएकोहुन्छ। हजारौँ विद्यार्थीहरू छलफलमा सहभागी भइरहेकाहुन्छन् । यसलेहरेक विद्यार्थीहरूलाई अरू हजारौँ स्कूलकाविद्यार्थीहरू र शिक्षकहरूमाझ पुर्याउँछ। उनीहरुको सोचाइ र बुझाइलाईफराकिलो बनाउँछ। उनीहरूकोआत्मविश्वास बढ्छ, उनीहरू बढी प्रतिस्पर्धीहुन्छन्, योग्य हुन्छन्।-------------------------------------------------------------MiDaseCLASS ले विद्यार्थीहरुको पढाइमा सुधार कसरी ल्याउछ थाहापाउन मा आजै Log In गर्नुहोस वा Google Play बाटMiDaseCLASS App Install गर्नुहोस। यसको लागि पैसा लाग्दैन। यदितपाईलाई मनपर्यो भने पैसा तिरेर MiDas eCLASS बाट आफ्नो बच्चालाईसिक्नदिनुहोस्। IME Pay, eSEWA, Master Card वा Visa Card बाट MiDaseCLASSको लागि पैसा तिर्न सकिन्छ। नजिकैको IME Counter, eSEWA Zoneवापुस्तक, स्टेसनरि तथा मोबाइल पसलहरूमा गएर पनि पैसा तिर्नसकिन्छ।साथै देश भरिको कुनै पनि बैंकबाट पनि पैसा तिर्न सकिन्छ।मुख्यशहरहरूमा Cash On Delivery (CoD) को पनि ब्यवस्थाछ।============================================== थप जानकारिकोलागि:Ph: 9851228009, 9851170896, 01- 4244461
URL Shortener 3.0.5
Thomas Devaux
The fastest and prettiest way to shorten URLs and get theirclickanalytics.Shorten long URLs and squeeze them into fewercharactersto make links easier to share, tweet, or email tofriends. Using ashortened URL leaves more room to say what'son your mind.For example, is a convenientshorthandrepresentation for the longlink analytics of anyshortURL, including the raw click counts and their distributionacrossreferrers, browsers, platforms, and geographicallocations.The appalso lets you• Shorten URLs and share themquickly• Access yourhistory - always synced with• Getcolorful analytics reportsof any short URL, not just yours -without leaving the app youclicked from• Android Beam - push ashort URL onto another deviceby tapping the devices together•Shorten links through "share" inany app and get rich notifications•Star your favorites• Generateand share QR codesHave a bug report orfeature request? Pleasecontact me by email or on Google+.You canhelp translating thisapp! Contact [email protected] for moreinformation. Thanksinfinitely to all who already contributed:extendwings, BrunoMioto,fedec96, siveZ, johan98, Bigomby,HeinrichReimer, SHURman, keem1,Yari27, echelonx, Froony,aniquewetzels and many others.This appis in no way affiliated norendorsed by Google Inc.
PhonePay 2.10.1
PhonePay Co
A platform for mobile-based payment and cash transfer. The appcouldbe considered as a proper substitute for traditionalmicro-paymentmethods. As the first use-case you can pay your dailytaxi fareinstantly with just a QR-code scan. SAFE TO USE Protectpaymentswith Touch ID or a passcode INSTANT ACCOUNT CHARGINGOptionally useyour debit card to charge your credit GET STARTEDFAST Just registerwith your mobile number and use the app simplyto transfer moneyKeep in touch with us via [email protected]! Note:Any payment on theplatform does NOT include any furthercommissions in any kind andyou just pay the merchant's price, sofill free to use the app. :)
Idea eCaf 1.0.180630.rd01
DescriptionIdea eCAF app enables Idea retailers to performaadhaarbased eKYC activations for Prepaid connections. Retailerscanadd/manage activation sub-agents for successful eKYCactivationsfrom this app. It facilitates instantaneous andpaperlessactivation of new prepaid connections. Frees you fromlengthyprocedures of manual/physical CAF entry, document managementandensures retailer safetyFeaturesSub-Agent Enrolment: This apphelpsthe Idea retailers to enrol activation sub-agents who willfurtherprocess the end to end activation. Retailers and Sub agentsunderhim needs to have Aadhar no and OTG supported Smart handsetforself registration process, so the retailer can facilitateCustomerActivation.New prepaid activations: Through Idea eCAF app,Idearetailers can activate prepaid connections with the helpofcustomer aadhaar number and biometrics. It providessimplifiedplatform and view for the Idea retailers to capturecustomerinformation and eliminates management of physical CAFanddocumentsOut of Scope : The outstation and ForeignNationalCustomer activation will need to follow the Current Cafbasedactivation.
Absher 2.5
Absher is the official individuals eServices Mobile Applicationthatprovide the services of Absher portal in Kingdom of SaudiArabia. -With Absher, which is available in both Arabic andEnglish, you willbe able to perform many services for individualsin KSA whether theyare citizens or residents. - Absher has beendesigned and developedwith special consideration to security andprivacy of user's dataand communication. So, you can safely browseyour profile or yourfamily members, or labors working for you, andperform a wide rangeof eServices online.
RoyaleStats for Fortnite Battle Royale Stats 18.3.2
The top Fortnite Battle Royale stats app on the GooglePlaystore!View the statistics of any Fortnite Battle Royale playerforall platforms (PC, PS4 and XB1)Use the Fortnite BattleRoyaleleaderboard feature to track the top rankings!Features:*Lifetimestats so you can track how you have improved in FortniteBattleRoyale over time!* Solo stats to see your stats in Solo play*Duostats to see your statistics in Duos* Squad stats so to seeyoursquad’s performance in Fortnite Battle Royale* Leaderboards soyoucan track your performance and rankings against the best!*Gamedata is available for all platforms! (PC, PS4 and XB1)*Weaponstats* Map and chest locations* In-game item shop* SkinleaksHow doyou rank against the competition? Track your statisticsand theperformance of other players on the leaderboard so you canstayahead of the game!RoyaleStats collects Fortnite Battle Royalethemost updated real time data!View your stats and rankings on thegofor all platforms* PC* PlayStation 4* Xbox OneRoyaleStats putsyouone step closer to the top of the leaderboard!Special thankstoGarren Animations.Send bugs/suggestions to [email protected]
RS Game Official App 2.2
Romi Games
RS Game provides an online platform for playing Game
Sub4Sub Pro For Youtube 4.7
Sub4Sub Pro is best platform to promote Youtube channel andvideo.Sub4Sub Pro creates a community for people to introduce theirownchannels and videos to everyone all over the world. Users canwatchthe videos they like, subscribes the impressive channelseasily, sothe channels and videos are spread quickly. ★★★★How tomake yourYouTube video and channel grow up ? To reach to potentialuser andget views/subscriber follow these steps: ★Search yourYouTube videoor channel from search box and share it to otherpeople. ★Otherpeople in the world will watch your videos, subscribeyour channeland make them viral. ★You have to watch other's videofor at least60 sec to earn points. ★You have to subscribe other'schannel toearn points. ★★★★Features: ★Only real sub, no bots ★Onlyreal viewswith comment, no bots ★Randomized timer ★You watch othersvideo& people will watch yours ★You subscribe other channel&people will subscribe yours ★Earn and win bonus points bywatchingvideos and subscribe channel ★See all people who subscribeyourchannel or view your video ★Easy to use interface ★★★★PleaseNote:★Sub4Sub Pro is a 3rd party app. It only a platform to bringnicechannels and video to other people in the world. ★It showsonlyYouTube videos and channel hosted on YouTube servers. ★Sub4SubProdoes NOT offer the ability to buy views or exchangesubscriptionsor likes, as these are all against YouTube policy.People subscribechannels which they like and watch videos whichthey feelinterested in. Sub4Sub Pro, the perfect supportapplication forYoutube. Follow us onGoogle+ Follow usto getlatest news Pleasefeelfree to contact us by email at [email protected]
Hadif 4.6.2
Hadif is a comprehensive media platform of informativeeducationalcontent suitable for all members of the family providesmanyadvantages. •Live broadcast of a group of conservativechannelsincluding Al Majd channels. • Watch your live broadcastprograms upto seven days to the back. • A huge library containingthousands ofprograms and Arab drama with more than (2000) episodeof animationand educational programs suitable for children. • WatchHadif onfour devices at the same time for each account.•Suitablesubscription fees with multiple payment methods. • Enjoythe firstmonth for free. For more information visit‏
AOSP Music+ 1.3.1a
Ryan M
This is a custom build of the KitKat (Android 4.4) AOSP musicapp.It should work on most android phones and tablets runningAndroid2.3 and higher. It's ad free and I have no intentions ofchangingthatThere are a couple of modifications: * The notificationisclearer and has the album art visible on it * The lockscreenshowsthe default album art if there's no album art found for asongI'llbe changing some other stuff eventually :)Source code fromtheAndroid Projectfoundhere:
Give It Up! 2 1.6.4
New songs for free! You can select what song should play oneachstage.☆☆ More than 10 million downloads from Give It Up!worldwide.☆☆Give It Up! 2 combines the best features of platformand rhythmgames, bringing the best Give It Up! ever. Play with Blobor one ofhis friends in a unique and surreal grayscale world fullof deadlyspikes and platforms.One-tap gameplay, numerouschallanges•Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up!• 27excitingstages: proceed in an order of your choice.• Tap to therhythm ofthe music and jump across the platforms!• Watch out forspikes,steps and other obstacles! • Discover hidden stages!• Jumplike apro: accomplish 3 starts on every stage! Interactive music•Neworiginal soundtrack • The multi-layered music changesdinamicallyduring the game.
Forest Panda Run
Forest Panda Run is a free 2dplatformerrunning game . Run, run and do not stop. Make your way intheForest run over the obstacles and enemies, have fun,make pandajumpand do not fall. Collect all the gold coins you can to earn asmanygold stars as you can for each level.the jungle is fullofdanger,the deer ,scary cat and the wolf awaits,the panda needsyourhelp to come over the jungle!While running, timing is everything. Make the panda jump in ordertocollect all the coins and do not fall off the platform!Download now this cute panda game and see for yourself! Thisisn'tlike any other cute panda games.
ALLEN Test My Prep 1.4.6
Test My Prep ( is the best Mobile App foronlineentrance (competitive) exam preparation to practice freeOnline MockTests for IITJEE(Main + Advanced), NEET-UG, AIIMS,BITSAT, NTSE,Olympiads, CBSE Class 6th to 10th. OnlineTestSerieshas been createdby India’s most favoured coaching ALLEN CareerInstitute and isdesigned to provide the best FREE mobile app tohave completepractice for IITJEE, NEET, AIIMS, BITSAT applicants.Our free onlineplatform allows students to practice test papers asper ourphilosophy: STUDY ANYWHERE, TEST HERE. Test My Prepprovides freemock test papers and Online Test Series packages forpreparation ofvarious Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical exams like: •IIT JEE Main •IIT JEE Advanced • AIIMS • NEET/AIPMT • BITSAT Hereare the Olympiadexams that you can prepare for on Test My Prep: •NTSE • IMO • NSO •NSTSE • HBCSE • IJSO CBSE Classes catered: •Class 1 • Class 2 •Class 3 • Class 4 • Class 5 • Class 6 • Class 7• Class 8 • Class 9• Class 10 • Class 11 • Class 12 Test My Prepis a cloud-basedplatform offering top-quality academically-curatedcontent over anadvanced and intelligent framework which providesreal-time,insightful feedbacks on performance. The practicequestions forNEET, practice papers of JEE Main and Advanced, andother examsample papers provided on this platform are perfect inquantity andquality required to excel in entrance exams like IITJEE, AIIMS,NEET UG etc. Solving these questions helps you improveyour examrank and score. You can also get an overview of yourperformance andyour scoreboard after solving mock test papers. Thecontent is aptlycomplemented with latest NTA Exam pattern for JEE(Main) & NEETto keep students updated and practice with thelatest NTA NEET andJEE Exam pattern. Why Download Test My Prep: •Free Mock tests •Online test papers for NEET & AIIMS • TopQuality PracticeQuestions • Online Test Papers for IIT JEEAdvanced • ExactSimulation as the latest Exam Pattern • InstantResults • NEET AllIndia Test Series • JEE All India Test Series •Previous Years NEET& JEE Main solved Papers • Insightful SelfAnalysis Reports •Comprehensive test-taking interface for betterNEET and JEEPreparation • JEE Sample Paper Solutions • Minor andMajor TestSeries • NEET & AIIMS Sample Paper Solutions •Syllabusavailable for every test • Submitted Exams and PausedExams • Reviewand Bookmark attempted questions • Solved Testpapers • QuestionPapers for Free Online Practice • PRMO practicepapers UniqueFeatures of Test My Prep Online Test Series App: •Based on thelatest pattern • All India Rank among lakhs of examaspirants •Exact exam simulation for NTA online exams • Resultanalysis to findstrong and weak areas • Bookmark importantquestions for Revision •Complimentary free tests for IIT JEE,AIIMS, NEET UG, NTSE, IMO,NSO, NSTSE, HBCSE, IJSO, PRMO • AttemptHistory for Correct andIncorrect questions • All India Online OpenTests • Customized TestRevision (incorrect and unattemptedquestions of subjects likePhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.)Other Highlights: • TALLENTEXpast year solved papers available:Students can now practice forTALLENTEX 2019 exam with the help ofFREE TALLENTEX past yearpapers. Latest Statistics: • Over 7 lakhhappy students • Over 3.7lakh questions listed • Over 15 lakhtests attempted • Over 23 crorequestions practiced • Enrolmentsfrom all 36 States/UT • Over 40,000aspirants enrolled in thesession 17-18 Download Test My Prep forFREE Mock tests, Samplepapers, Practice Papers, All India Rank,Minor Test Series, MajorTest Series, Past year papers for NEET andJEE to boost yourentrance exam preparation with ALLEN CareerInstitute's support.Visit: Call:0744-2750275 Mail:[email protected]
beIN SPORTS TR 1.5.25
One of the biggest sport platform of the world beIN SPORTS areinTurkey anymore. Turkey's leading football channel LigTV changeditsname as beIN SPORTS. From now on you won't miss a singleinstanceof the action with beIN SPORTS TR application. With thisapp, nomatter where you are, you will be able to follow and watchcurrentfootball news and video clips as well as match highlightsand goalsfrom Spor Toto Super League, English Premier League,Spanish LaLiga, Italy Serie A, France Ligue 1, Turkish AirlinesEuroleagueand Turkish Basketball League. Additionally, with thebeIN SPORTSTR app, you will be able to follow the latest news aboutyour team,keep track of game results for you 'iddaa' bet list,follow yourfavorite beIN SPORTS reporters' latest articles and viewphotosform the image galleries.
 With the beIN SPORTS TR Androidapp, theworld of football is at your fingertips! CepteGol is aservice thatlets you to watch high quality videos of all goals andimportantevents from SporToto Super League matches during the matchtime.You can subscribe to that service using "CepteGol" buttoninapplication menu. CepteGol subscription costs 8.92 TL per monthperteam and 11.16 TL per month for whole teams. This fee ischargedfrom the credit card associated with your iTunesaccount.Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned offat least 24-hours before the end of the current period.Accountwill be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the endof thecurrent period. Subscriptions may be managed by the userandauto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user'sAccountSettings after purchase. No cancellation of the activesubscriptionis allowed during subscription period. On cancellation,you maycontinue using the service till the end of the period.
Zapya WebShare - File Sharing in Web Browser 2.0.2
Zapya, the world’s fastest file sharing tool, has been wellreceivedon multiple platforms since its launch. Now Zapya has adedicatedapp for the Android platform in the form a simple and yetpowerfultool known as WebShare. WebShare will allow users toaccess all ofthe contents of an Android phone from any device thatcan connect tothe Android phone by WLAN, 4G, WiFi Hotspot or WiFiDirect. Insteadof having to download an application onto yourcomputer, all of thefollowing can be done in the web browser tocontrol the Androidphone : - View Photos - Play Songs - WatchVideos - Access anyfolders on the phone - Download files from thephone - Upload filesonto phone - Access Android Apps(.apk) -Remote control the phonecamera New and interesting usage scenario:- View Android contentfrom web browser on another phone - Remotecontrol Android camera,now your old phone can be used as a babymonitor, or hidden camera!- Display Android notifications andmessages in the web browser -Send text from web browser to Androidclipboard and search siteZapya WebShare - Simple Multi-PlatformFile Access
Scholly 1.11.3
We’re proud to announce that Actor/Activist Jesse Williamshasjoined Scholly’s team to help us bring equal access toqualityeducation to communities all over America! Finally, an easyway tofind scholarships. Scholly has helped students win over $70millionin scholarships so far, making college affordable and dreamsareality. **With a free Scholly account, gain immediate accesstoScholly's scholarship-winning essays, tips and advice. Createapaid account and unlock access to Scholly’saward-winning,personalized scholarship matching and applicationtrackingplatform. It’s only $2.99/month.** If you’re a high schoolsenior,current undergraduate, or graduate student in the U.S., oraninternational student looking to study in the U.S., Scholly isforyou. Designed to ease the scholarship searching andapplicationprocess, our patented scholarship-matching enginedelivers asmarter, targeted list of scholarships that are uniquelysuited toyou. The Scholly mobile and web platform turns the longmonths ofsearching for free money for college into minutes. To helpyou winscholarships, Scholly also gives you free access towinningscholarship essays and advice. This app connects you to theSchollyweb platform, allowing you to access your account whereverandwhenever is most convenient for you. Scholly was created byForbes30 under 30 winner, Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 millioninscholarships through hard work, grit, and determination.Realizinghow broken and time consuming this process was, he createdSchollyto make things a lot easier for you! Simply fill out 8parameters,and our comprehensive and constantly curated databasedelivers averified and personalized list of scholarships. Ourplatform alsogives you access to management tools and essayresources to helpyou manage deadlines, track progress, and increasesuccess.
ONN Bikes - Bike Rentals 2.7.3
ONN Bikes is a self-ride motorbike rental platform. Coveringmajorcities in India, ONN Bikes is the most affordable bikerentalservice where you can rent two-wheelers on an hourly, daily,weeklyand monthly subscription. From your daily intra-city commutetoyour inter-city travel plans – ONN Bikes with its supereconomicalpricing aims to create an alternate mode of commute inIndia. It isextremely easy to rent a bike of your choice form ONNBikes – Hereis how it works:- • Location: - Open the app and selectthelocation from where you would like to pick-up the vehicle. Ifyoufall into our delivery zone, you will be eligible forfreedelivery. You can enter the location in the location tab, orletthe app detect your current location. Depending on your choice,youcan either chose to pick-up the vehicle from our station orpress‘Delivery’ tab if the option is activated. • Date & Time:-Choose the start and end date/time of your booking. You willbecharged based on the duration for which you wish to rentthevehicle from ONN Bikes. • Select Bike:- The next screen willshowyou the available bike models for the selected location andtimeduration entered by you. The screen will also show the tariffandthe security deposit to be paid for the respective bike.Pleasenote that the deposit has to be paid while taking thedelivery ofthe bike. You only have to pay the tariff amount throughtheapplication to book the bike. • Confirmation Screen: - Thisscreenwill give you all the necessary details related to yourbooking.The user is requested to read the terms and conditionsthoroughlybefore proceeding further. Once you agree to the ‘Termsof Use’,you will be directed to the payment page. • Payment: - Youcan makethe payment via Paytm, Debit card, Credit card or NetBanking. •Booking Confirmation: - After successful completion ofpayment,your booking will be confirmed. This screen will show allthedetails related to your booking. Security Deposit: -Pleasenotethat the security deposit will be refunded at the time ofvehiclereturn. In case of any damages or late return, penaltycharges willbe applicable and the same will be deducted from thesecuritydeposit. Please refer to the Pricing Policy in case of anyqueries.Driving License: - Please note that it is mandatory to havea validDriving License in order to rent a bike from ONN Bikes. Thelicensecopy can be uploaded to the application while booking orwhiletaking the delivery of the vehicle. Menu Options:- MyBookings:-This option will show you details of your existing andpastbookings. Offers and Deals: - You can check out all therunningoffers and deals on the ONN Bikes application in the menusection.Make the most of all the offers and discounts while bookingyourride. Report Accident: - In case of an accident or anemergencysituation, you can directly call the ambulance servicefrom thismenu option. Call Support: - You can directly call ourcustomercare center using this option. Refer and Earn: - ONN Bikeshaslaunched ‘Refer and Earn’ program. If you like our service, donotmiss the opportunity to earn credit points by referring toyourfriends. These credits can be used for your next booking fromONNBikes. Pricing and Models: - You can check out our fleetdetailsalong with the pricing details by clicking on this option.OurPolicy: - You can read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use andPricingPolicy by clicking on this tab. Follow us on Facebookat Follow us on Twitterat Follow us on Instagramat Do not forget to rateourapplication experience in the APP store.
Scream Go Hero: Eighth Note 1.2
Use your voice to move and jump between platforms. Soft voicetojump, scream to jump. Watch out!Don't disturb your neighbour!
TibiaME MMO 2.25
CipSoft GmbH
Discover TibiaME, a free-to-play cross-platform fantasy MMORPG!Jointhousands of players in TibiaME and help your friends fightagainstdangerous monsters in the colourful world of TibiaME.Become alegend of your own and prove your skills against otherplayers inPvP!FEATURES- It’s online - since 2003 (Guiness WorldRecord) -Persistent gameworld. Your actions make a difference!-Classic 2DRPG experience- Collect & trade thousands of items-Challengingteam quests and boss fights- Hundreds of differentmonsters-Hundreds hand crafted unique quests- FullcharactercustomizationPLAY ANYTIME AND ANYWHERESlay your enemywhile waitingfor the bus or save the princess in your lunchbreak.Play TibiaMEonline - anytime and anywhere!REGULAR UPDATESThegame is updated ona regular basis. In addition you can look forwardto some greatevents across the year, like finding dragon eggs andfighting theevil Dragons across all islands.PREMIUM ITEMSItemspurchased in theapplication can be used on all platforms whereTibiaME isavailable: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web, Symbian,J2ME,Blackberry.FOLLOW US:OfficialWebsite:http://www.tibiame.comFacebook:
EDGE Demo 2.2.0
Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube withinageometric universe. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine tomakeEDGE a rich and very comprehensive game. Try out twelve levelsforFREE in this demo version of EDGE. You can play all 48 levelsinEDGE and 48 more in EDGEExtended!FEATURES:─────────────────────•An original game ideallysuited for mobile devices• Catchyelectronic soundtrack!• A simple,addictive game for every type ofplayer• 12 level in the demo - tryEDGE for all48!AWARDS:─────────────────────BEST MOBILE GAME-Videogame FestivalMilthon Award, ParisEXCELLENCE IN GAMEPLAY- IMGA(InternationalMobile Gaming Awards) WinnerBEST MOBILE GAMEBESTiPHONE GAMEAUDIOACHIEVEMENT- Triple finalist in IGF Mobile(Independent GameFestival)REVIEWS:─────────────────────9/10 Award)5/5 - FingerGaming.com4/4 -slidetoPlay.com4,5/5 -Touchgen.com4,5/5 -
Baaz Social Media Channel 1.14.0
Baaz Inc
Baaz is the only social media channel that gives youunfilteredaccess to trending content from around the world. Zero inon thetopics that matter to you most, post them to your Baazlineandshare them with your followers. Want to get theconversationstarted? Discussions gives you a place to communicatewith yourfriends privately so you can share your favorite storiesor justtalk about your plans for later! Baaz also lets you poststories,photos, anything that interests you, to your other socialmediachannels. With Baaz, you can share your passions with theworld!Key Features: - Baaz is a stand-alone social media channelthatdelivers content that is currently trending. -Createandpersonalize your own profile and build your community! -Connectmore than 150 social media networks to your Baaz account. -Publishposts to your social media channels from one place. -Broadcastyour favorite trending news stories to friends andfollowers onBaaz and other social media channels. - Host Baazdiscussions withyour network and share the day’s most importantstories.
Lightshot (screenshot tool) 1.0.5
Lightshot app loved by millions of users world wide on bothWindowsand Mac platforms and it's coming to Android world now.Takescreenshots instantaneously by hinting Power+Volume downphonebuttons or turn on floating button and have screenshot onejust onetap away.All usual features we all come to love in Windowsand Macapps are available on Android as well. Feel free totakescreenshots, crop them in the editor and put emphasis onimportantparts of it by applying lines and arrows in the editor.Sharescreenshot in messengers, upload them to your very own or just save on your device locally. New andAndroidspecific - enjoy viewing all Lightshot created screenshot inyourapp instead of the browser.
Brother of POU 1.0
circumvents many obstacles , jumps the most fun platformsbecomesbubble and avoid the most difficult traps.The Adventures ofPoubrother in platformer game in the purest style you be able toreachtill the end ?
ZipSigner 3.4
Ken Ellinwood
This app signs files, APK, or JAR files using yourownprivate keys or one of the four built-in certificates(media,platform, shared, testkey). All output isautomaticallyzip-aligned. ZipSigner can work with existingkeystores, or you cancreate keystores, keys, and self-signedcertificates with this app.JKS and BKS keystores are supported. Acertificate's MD5 and SHA1fingerprints, as well as the SHA1 keyhash, can be copied from thekey properties screen. Think of thisapp as a combination ofjarsigner, signapk, keytool, andzipalign.The built-in keys andauto-selection modes will appeal tothemers and modders. Theability to sign with private keys willappeal to developers. Thisapp does not require root privileges.Seethe website for fulldocumentation.
Act It Out
Act It Out !
Why can’t you give an audition online?!!In today’s world ofhightech devices and internet if one can apply for a job online.Whyisthe location a hindrance between you and your dreams?Wooshhh!!!Welcome to AIO an Actors delight and a blessing indisguise forProduction houses to unearth the sea of talent spreadall overIndia and abroad. AIO is a web platform, to bridge the gapbetweenAspiring actors and the Production houses in the MediaandEntertainment Industry.Production houses from all backgroundslikeFilm Production houses, Advertising Agencies, EventOrganisers,Corporate, Theaters, Documentaries, Web-Series etc canupload theirrequirements on AIO. Aspirants look into therequirements and ifthey think they fit the role they can record andupload their bestshot!To know how AIO works, kindly follow us on FBor mail us [email protected]
Parallel Space&Multi Accounts-ES Parallel Accounts
ES Global
ES Parallel Accounts is designed for users to log onmultipleaccounts, including social media, instant message platformsandgames at the same time on one device. It would alsoprotectapp-using privacy and keep them secure in the device.ESParallelAccounts allows users to sign into duel identities on thesamedevice, so that users could easily balance between life andwork.By simply tapping on button, it could switch from one accounttoanother one. If you want to keep your work and life separate,ESParallel Accounts is your best choice. Get ParallelAccountsimmediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy,andcustomize your own space.☆ Sign in 2 accounts of one app onthesame device☆ Easily switch accounts through the app ☆Independentapp-install system☆ Install apps inside our app and keepthemsecure and private*Shadow app feature: Sign in 2 accounts ofoneapp on the same deviceShadow app feature is an app Clonefunction.It helps users to log in to multiple accounts of the sameapp, andit will easily balance between users' life and work. Datafrom bothaccounts won't interfere with each other. No matter onlinegames orSNS, ES Parallel Accounts provide you the double experienceatonce. * Insulated zone feature: Install apps inside our appandkeep them secure and privateIt protects user privacy by makingappsinvisible on device with the Insulated zone feature. It makesappsinvisible on device through this feature.It hides users'secretapps without worrying about other people peeking by keepingappsonly in secret space.Come and experience ES ParallelAccounts!Don’t forget to give us a 5-Star rating if you like us!Ifyou haveany problem or you just want to chat with our developers,you couldjoin our Whatsappgroup: - Online Service Market is the first and the largest local service marketplaceinBangladesh for all urban lifestyle services. We help you tohirelocal service provider and to get things done without anyhassle.Download the app and book your service by just followingsomesimple steps. gives you the opportunity to selectyourrequired service from 2000+ services where you can selectyourservice provider based on their rating and pricing. When youaredone with the service booking a verified service provider willbesent to your premises at your scheduled time. After theservice,pay securely and easily through the app. providesalmostall the services which you may need on daily basis.Servicesyou canbook from Appliances Repair ● Refrigerator Repair●Washing Machine Repair ● Microwave Oven Repair ● TV Repair&Installation ● AC Service & Repair ● IPS Service &Repair ●Water Purifier Repair ● Electric Geyser Repair ● GasStove/BurnerRepair ● Plumbing Services/Sanitary Works ● ElectricalServices ●Generator Services ● Lift Repair & Maintenance ●CarpentryServices ● Trade Mill Repair & Installation Shifting&Renovation ● Cabinet, Furniture & Door ● Furniture Paint ●WallPasting & Paint Job ● Steel Works ● Printing & Sticker●False Ceiling ● Home Shifting ● Office Shifting Vehicle Rent&Repair ● Rent A Car Within Dhaka ● Day Long Tour Near Dhaka ●RentA Car Outside Dhaka ● Rent A Car Within Dhaka forOccasion/Event ●Driver ● Car Mechanical Works ● Car ElectricalWorks ● CarDecoration Works ● Essential Car Care ● Vehicle TrackingServiceGadgets Repair ● Desktop Services ● Laptop Services●Monitor/Display Services ● UPS Services ● Apple Product Repair●CCTV Camera Services ● Access Control Services ●InternetNetworking Services Business Support ● Company SecretarialServicesBook My Look ● Salon Services Pick My Laundry ● LaundryServicesTake EAT Easy ● Home Made Daily Meal ● Home Made Snacks&Desserts ● Office Meal Catering ● Restora Food Clean My Home ●HomeDeep Cleaning ● Home Light Cleaning ● Office/IndustrialCleaning ●Kitchen Hood Services ● Pest Control Service ● TankCleaningService App Features: ● Powerful Service FindingFilter ●Browsing Service by Category ● Area Based Service ●FilteringService Based on Price ● Filtering Service Based onRatings ●Personalized Service Schedule ● Cash on Delivery Payment ●OnlinePayment through VISA, MasterCard, Amex, bKash and Rocket ●Easy toSign up and more
KrushiKing कृषिकिंग 2.1.6
Krushiking is hyphenated and multi functional applicationplatformdesigned for Indian farmers. Facilitating sharing ofinformationand knowledge about agriculture, weather forecast, cropmanagement,market rates, general updates, governmental schemes,answers offarming queries by agriculture professionals and successstories inagriculture. Krushiking App is a high tech platformupdated andmanaged live by expert agro professionals (M.Sc./ Ph.D.AgriSciences), researchers working in Indian and foreignUniversities,highly qualified team of IT professionals, team ofexpert customercare officers and business analysts, BD for B to B/B to C, dataanalytics and premium access to ERP dashboard.Krushiking Appprovides you authenticate and real time informationusing dedicatedhuman resource teams of more than 90 employees.We doprovidepremium add on features for enterprises Features- WeatherForecastas per location selected Daily updates of market prices ofAPMCs,Mandis, traders Governmental updates- schemes, GRs,subsidies,Trends etc. Extra Series- Dairy farming,vermicompost,sericulture,Organic farming, goat farming and many(more than 45)Languages- Marathi, English, Hindi. Covering statesof Hindilanguage, Maharashtra and surrounding states. Initiallycompatibleto Marathi. E- Magazine- E copy of "Krushiking Magazine"publishedevery month. Features of Krushiking Magazine - Containsinformationabout agriculture market intelligence and informationthat helps toboost revenue of farmer. Calculator for PPMconversion, Sharingutilities options, see friends lists and manymore socialnetworkingutilities.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FORB2B SERVICES CONTACT ON : [email protected] FORKRUSHIKINGMAGAZINE CONTACT ON : 9657415741
Reed 2.0b
Reed – it’s a tiny creature and the last creation of anoldsupercomputer. The old supercomputer is dying by losing all ofhiscubes and he’s getting much slower without them.Withoutsupercomputer, world is going to end. Could you help him andsavethe world ? Can you collect all the cube that could be foundinlevels that are not so easy to pass ?Features:- Beautiful pixelartgraphic !- Ambient music !- Easy to control !- Addictivegameplay!- Hard levels !- Different traps !- Achievements !We arein socialnetwork:[email protected]
GOGOVAN – Your Delivery App 5.7.2
Need delivery now? Let GOGOVAN helps you. Download GOGOVAN toplacean order with just a few steps. Whether you’re going todeliversmall packages or move bulky items, GOGOVAN is here to helpyou in24/7. With training sessions and rating systems, our driversanddelivery partners are well-equipped to deliver your goods safelytothe destination. Instant matching with 1.2 millionregistereddrivers, GOGOVAN offers you fast and reliable service in24/7. Weprovide services in HK, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea,MainlandChina and India. Just a few taps, you can easily requestfor a van,truck, bike or walker to finished moving or door-to-doorservice.Download our app now to enjoy the new delivery experience.3 Stepsto Place Your Order: 1. Set Route and Choose Service /Vehicle type2. Match with Driver and Track the Delivery 3. Receivethe Goods,Sign off packages and Rate the Service Features andBenefits: +[HASSLE-FREE BOOKING] - Book a professional deliveryservice withthe App in a few minutes + [DIVERSE SERVICE] - Offeron-demand,4-hours* and same day delivery service to cater needs+[TRANSPARENT PRICING] - View transparent pricing instantlyafterchoosing destinations and vehicle/service + [INSTANT MATCHING]-Match your order instantly with the nearest driver anddeliverypartner + [REAL-TIME TRACKING] - Track and trace thelocation ofyour goods and vehicle + [DRIVER RATING] - Ensuresreliable andconsistent service + [ORDER RECORD] - Manage and accessyour orderhistory in the app *4-hours delivery service is availablein HongKong ONLY. For moving and same-day delivery service, you canusethe same GOGOVAN app to place orders in Hong Kong,Singapore,Taiwan.* **GOGOVAN now supports Faster Payment System(FPS) in HongKong.** If you have any enquiries, please contact usat: - GOGOVANHong Kong: [email protected] | +852 3590 3399 - GOGOVANSingapore:[email protected] | +65 6836 1110
My Fishing HD 1.6.29
Immerse in world of fishing with awesome HD graphics.- Lotsofpicturesque locations.- In-game time depends on real time.-Everylocation has changing weather.- Huge selection of fishinggear,many bonuses and types of fish.- Built-in fish encyclopedia.-Allyour trophys are saved in album you can watch anytime.- Thegamehas awards and quests.Good luck fishing!
AdBlock for Samsung Internet 2.2.0
Stop seeing ads on the web. AdBlock is the completely freecontentblocker for the Samsung Internet browser, with over 50millionusers across all platforms! AdBlock. Accept no substitutes.* Savebattery life by only loading the content you care about *Savemoney on monthly data usage * Enjoy faster web page performance*Built-in privacy protection with anti-tracking * Customlanguagesetting to block region-specific ads * Free, responsivesupportFrequently Asked Questions: * Does AdBlock block all ads inall myapps? AdBlock only blocks ads on websites you visit in theSamsungInternet browser. * Is AdBlock compatible with any otherAndroidbrowsers? Not yet! But you can get AdBlock for Chrome,Safari, orOpera on your desktop. Visit!
Vidmoon - Video search & watch 1.0.1
Vidmoon is a global video search engine that collects, links,andembeds videos and information from third-party videosharingplatforms. Our vision for Vidmoon service is to create asingleplatform that integrates every kinds of videos all over theworldso that users can search and watch videos conveniently. In asimpleterm, you can think of Vidmoon as a search engine like Googlebutfully focused on videos.Currently, we have incredible amountofvideos and its categories like music videos, sports, gaming,news,animations, lectures, fun videos, etc. More and more videoswill benewly added everyday so just have fun!
Philips Lumea IPL 1.6.1
Philips Lumea IPL app is your ultimate partner and personalcoachhelping you to get the most out of your new Philips Lumea.Ensureyou know what it takes to use your new Philips Lumea rightwith thePhilips Lumea App, your next must have Lumea accessory. ThePhilipsLumea App offers the step by step guidance and support youneed, soyou can feel confident about your (Intense Pulse Light) IPLLumeatreatments. The App creates a personal treatment plan for youforeach body area the way you like it, making it easy to get thebestpossible result for you from your Lumea device with tips andadviceduring each treatment and by following the righttreatmentschedule. Download the App now and enjoy your journey.
SamMobile Device Info 1.0.8
Share the information with your friends or copy it totheclipboard.Find out the following about your device.General:*Model*Device type* Product name* Manufacturing date* Mobileoperator*KNOX warranty bitFirmware (Samsung Specific):* ProductCode* PDA*CSC* Baseband* BootloaderAndroid:* Changelist*Buildnumber* Builddate* Build fingerprint* Build description*Android version* KernelversionHardware:* Manufacturer* Internalstorage* Board* Chip name*Platform* Modem* Total RAM* Screen* DPI*PPI* CPU ABI* Sound Chip*GPU* Rear and Front CameraPersonal:*Android serial number* Samsungserial number* IMEI for dual SIM-carddevices* Bluetooth nameTheapp will also work with othermanufacturers but some informationwill not be available.Migrated toFirebase which added 3 newpermissions including WAKE_LOCK andpermissions to receive pushmessages (not used atm). Also addsBLUETOOTH permission to find outthe bluetooth name.The app needsthe READ_PHONE_STATE permission tobe able to fetch the IMEI number
InstaForex 1.5.4
You can trade forex wherever you are – on a business trip,atholiday, while meeting with friends. Now InstaForextradingplatform is available for your Android smartphone at anytimeanywhere in the world.All you need for trading forex on yoursmartphone is Internet connection.Thanks to InstaForexMobileTrader, youcan seamlessly manage your trading account andtrade forex freely.By downloading our app, you get:- quotes oftrading instrumentsonline;- all types of orders, including pendingones;- all types ofexecution;- access to trading history;-user-friendly interface;- 9time frames: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4,D1, W1, MN;- access to demoaccounts;- access to MT4 accounts;- lowtraffic consumption;-access to news, analytics and company news;-sell-to-buy ratio forevery trading instrument.InstaForexMobileTrader – Forex availableanywhere anytime.
Smart Keyboard with HD Emoji 1.3
HD Emoji Smart Keyboard is a new version for Android whichcontainsmultiple themes, new functions. It’s free for all users tosharefacemoji. share e-motion with friends and family.This is thebestandroid keyboard.Get Faceemoji smart Keyboard + GIFs withtheseamazing Android keyboard emojis 😀. emojiface Smart Keyboard +GIFsallows you to enjoy typing with over 1200+ emoji,emoticons,stickers, lenny face, GIFs and mcuh more! This emojikeyboard iscompatible with various social media platforms includingFacebook,Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp Gmail and moredirectlyfrom this app. With cool keyboard themes &keyboardcustomization in Facemoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs, you cantext inthe way you’ve always wanted!This HD emojis keyboard isintelligentto craft your messages in text messages other socialchatapplications - share emotion to your friends and family-emojifaces support all android devices.- support emoji faces,emotionsin facebook, twitter, tumblr, hangout..etc- best emojiandroid appforever.- This is the normal english keyboard with lot'sof emojifaces, emoticons.Features of HD emoji smart keyboard : ★Fast andconvenient input of thousands of smart emojis, emoticon,emojifaces everywhere.★★ Colorful themes - Over 20 cutebeautifulthemes★★ Smart auto-correction and smartword-suggestion.★★ Over 15dictionaries of all major languages.★★Easily Input various kind ofsmiley and emoticons.★HOW TO ENABLE KADsmart emoji Keyboard?Step1: Press “Enable Input” and select “HDEmoji Keyboard”Step2:Press “Select Keyboard” set “HD Emoji Keyboard”Note:Some Deviceinitial keyboards can not see the colorful emojisbecause thesystem is not compatible, but in some certainthird-party apps it’sOK.Follow us : smart emojikeyboardTwitter:
WhatsTools: Share File Via IM 1.45
►Highlights◄ ☆ Via WhatsApp: Click on Attach button in chatwindowtoshow Whats Tools share menu. Click on the received messagetoopenDownload file popup.(We need your permission to show ourmenuon theclick of attach button using an accessibility service) ☆AnyFileType: Share any type of file Archives, Docs, EBooks,Music,Images,Gif Videos of up to 1 GB via any Instant messagingappinstalled inyour phone. ☆ Up To 1GB: Many of the IM'shaverestriction on size offile sending (16MB) whereasWhatsToolsallows you to send files of upto 1 GB to any of yourinstantmessaging app's contact. ☆Pausing/Resuming: Uploadinganddownloading can be paused as well asresumed. In case of anetworkfailure, you will be able to resume theupload/downloadwithoutlosing the current progress. ☆ Preview videobeforedownloading:Thumbnails of video at different durations canbepreviewed beforedownloading the actual video which will helpyoudecide whether todownload the video. ☆ Cross-Platform: Send filetoIPhone, WindowsPhone & Blackberry. If the receiver isonanother platform, thelink will be opened in the browser andtheuser can download filefrom the webpage. ☆ Share to Anywhere:Filesharing is not limitedto SMS or IM's. You can copy thedownloadlink and share itanywhere through SMS, Email or SocialMediaPlatforms. Anyone withthe link can download the file fromanyplatform using a browser. ☆Peace of mind: All data isguardedbehind HTTPS/SSL encryption. Weconnect to your Google Drive™withyour permission to transfer yourfiles. You can view &managethese files from your Google™drive as well. ☆ InbuiltMediaSupport: WhatsTools support playingof GIF and Music fileswithinthe app itself. The app has inbuiltVideo player as well forcommonvideo formats.►Initial Setup◄1.Enable AccessibilityService.2.Connect to your Google™ Drive.3.That's it. Startsharingfiles.Note:-➤ Sending virus/maliciousfiles are against theterms ofservice of Google™ Drive. If file isinfected, the receiverwont beable to download it.Disclaimer:*Unofficial App - We havenorelationship with any Messenger appsand its related trademarksinany manner. This application is notendorsed by or affiliatedwithany other Instant messaging apps.Their name, trademark, andotheraspects of the other apps aretrademarked and owned bytheirrespective owners.* ►Kindly give usyour valuable feedback.Pleasereach us at [email protected] case of any bugs. Weareworking hard to make your experiencebetter. You can also getintouch with us at +91-9895791823 or+91-7736232006.◄RelatedKeys:-Whats Tools, File Sending Via Cloud,File Sender, Share FileLink,Send Link, App Tools, Send GIF, SharePdf file, Previewvideosending