Top 24 Games Similar to Werewolf Run

Werewolf Legend 2.0
200 years after Yu controlled the flood,thestele in the palace was destroyed! The monster broke throughtheseal, and the demon came to be the king and started to destroythesociety~~~The imperial board of Astronomy observed the stars and foundthatDubhe moved, so did Alkaid, and Seven kill was shiningwhileCynosure is dim!!!Three meteors fell in the east. Seven kill appeared in the worldandwould kill monsters to save human beings. This is called ShaPoLang!!! "The world will be taken once the 3 stars get together and there’snochance to turn any more!With the help of Seven kill and Alkaid, A boy with Dubhehisfortune, stepped in the complicated world and startedhisjourney.You can experience the 3 characters corresponding to 3relatedstart:Dubhe- swordsman- good at attackingSeven kill- archer- very flexibleAlkaid- Hercules- great defenderJust switch characters to pass level quicker and enjoy theextremefun of fighting! You can also enjoy the special levels whichwillbring you countless coins, items and tips!In Werewolf Legend, stop freely means death. You can onlyfightwithout end. The only way to survive is to kill!!!Just experience the creative multi-character switching systemwithits featured characters, amazing special effect, awesomeepicsoldiers and abundant dungeons!Control mode:Lower left button is for walkingLower right for fightingRemember to get equipments, coins, ExP and pets fromchallenginglevels!The key to improve your ATK is to upgrade your skills andintensifyyour equipments and pets!Money tree, treasure, home of BOSS …… multiple dungeons and somanyrewards are waiting for you to explore!
Werewolf Attack 1
In the dark moon night, the powerful werewolf appears todestroyeverything in his way. Knights and mages are trying to stopyou,but nothing can stop you, get in the action withWerewolfAttack.Slash everything that moves and evade enemy attacksand cutin the correct moment.Download for free this fun action gamewithepic boss battles
Handsome2x Werewolf 1.2
Play as Alianduk, a handsome guy but also a deadly werewolf.Walkingat the park at the twilight and full moon looking for truebloodfrom the girls around.The gameplay is simple: Flirt them,transformto werewolf, and finally crush them. Kill as many girlsas you can.Collect the money. Upgrade your character to becomeeven stronger.And boast your highscore to your family orfriends.Watch out for thepolice, otherwise they'll shoot youdown.Features:- Simple gameplay-Handsome main character- Cute& sexy girls- Upgrades-Leaderboard
Werewolf Hunter Mini
time of wild life hunting started. let's hunting the wild lifesuchas wolves before it become to berserk from full mooneffect.youhave 150 sec of time for kill it.Easy to play justupgrade yourhero and tab on it!!Grab your hero bazookas and readyyour grenadesin the thrilling successor to the award-winningtap-action-strategygame Werewolf Hunter Mini! Order your hero intocombat and marchyour hero to the frontlines of wolverinehunting.Features:✔ 6heroes✔ 8 weapons.✔ upgrade hero for get morestrength✔ Easy toplay.✔ 72 Stages.✔ More tab can make your troopstronger.✔ CutieCharactor and Good Sound Effect.✔ No need to usereal cash for goto ending scene.Keyword : Werewolf , Full moon,wildlife,wild lifehuntingThank you for playing ‘Werewolf HunterMini’!Get in touchwith Zigger Game EntertainmentJoin usonFacebook: & ณnspiration ----The legend of the werewolf is oneofthe most ancient and wide spread. Stories of werewolves canbefound as far back as history has been written. Theseshape-shiftermyths can be found all over the word from China toIceland andBrazil to Haiti.Some of the earliest accounts ofwerewolves comefrom Romania and Greek sources. Ovid, in theMetamorphoses, told ofKing Lycaeon, who was visited by passinggods. Not believing themto be true gods he decided to test them byserving human flesh inone of the many dishes served at a banquet intheir honor.Cannibalism being very frowned upon in that part of theworld was amajor slight indeed. Upon discovering the tainted dish,the godschanged King Lycaeon into a werewolf -- since he obviouslylikedhuman flesh, the wolf form would be a more acceptable form totakepart in such a vile activity.The most widely know story ofthewerewolf would be "Little Red Riding Hood". There are manyancientwere tales to worn the fragile, small and easiest of targets--children. "Little Red Riding Hood" features a wolf who talkstoLittle Red Riding Hood and then dresses in grandmas clothingtofool the innocent little girl. Not something any 'ol wolfcoulddo.The full moon has been linked to werewolves. Conversely,unlikemovie werewolves, 'real' werewolves change shape voluntarily.Inmany myths they are witches who take animal form totravelunnoticed using either a potion made from magic ingredients -thefat of dead children, herbs, human blood - or an animal-skin.A'real' werewolf changes completely, becoming the animal ratherthana hairy human. The full moon business seems to be dramaticlicense.However it is an interesting notion since the full moon hasbeenassociated with creating madness in humans and to be a timeduringwhich man and beast have a magical connection.I want tocreatefunny game and easy to play from this legend story :D
Evo1 A Clan Werewolf 1.0
BeMor Mobile
Evo 1 - A Clan Werewolf ClashesSlenderManiacsis about Evo who is an Evolver who changes to dealwithhisenvironment. You start as Evo 1 and run acrossLondonrooftopsfacing obstacles, ghosts, spiders and slendermaniacs. Tapthe LEFTscreen to Jump to avoid collisions and collectcoins tobuyevolving upgrades into Evo 8, a full werewolf. Evo 8hasspecialshooting powers to clear your path. Tap the RIGHT screentoshootwith Evo 8. Some obstacles need to be shot more timesthanothersto defeat them. You can buy more coins for fasterupgradesfrom thecoin store. GOOD LUCK and remember SHARE andCOMPARE yourscores.Look out for the next EVO Adventure.
League Of Underworld 1.5.1
>> War Between Vampire And Werwolf IsOnThe Verge!!<<It takes one year to elaborately produce this U3D action mobilegameof 2015! Enjoy the killing spree!A dark fantasy game with free fabulous wings, weapon, etc![Features]--Delicate Graphics With Unity 3D –Enjoy a visual feast of U3D delicate graphics and coolspecialeffects that can rival masterpieces of client games!-- Exciting Feeling Of Attack—Initiative TSD battle mode offers you perfect fighting experience--lift or levitate, endless slash!-- Realtime Legion War --Let us fight in team instances, 1V1 and 3V3 realtime PK!Dominatethe world as the winner of Legion War!--Freely Instant Voice --Instant voice makes it easy for legion, team,friendcommunication.--Novel Gameplay Of Werewolf --Experience unique battle pleasure in werewolf transform!--Special Graphic Effects, Handy Gameplay, Strong Attack Feeling–All Make You Fall In Love With Fighting! --InnovativeBattleGameplay, Werewolf Transform, TSD Battle Mode, Cool ComboSkills –All Immerse You In The Game!--Various Social Contact And Interaction Like FormingTeams,Chatting, PK, Legion War – All Bring You Fun AndRelaxation!League Of Underworld, the 2015 Unity 3D action mobile game thatyoucan never miss!————◆Customer Service◆————For more activities, go to FaceBook fanpage: more services, send emails to CS mailaddress:[email protected] more information, go and check the gamehomepage:,Installation Needs A Short Time After Resource Downloading.PleaseWait. Patient.2,2. If you cannot play the game even after the updateprocessreaches 100%, please download APK version at our officialwebsiteor Facebook homepage.
Werewolf Runner
Twilight descends on the forest, the villagers hear the howl ofawolf.Under the light of the full moon Lycan, a lone villager,turnsfrom man to beast.The villagers set chase, in this adventureyouplay as the werewolf trying to escape from the forest.As duskfallsyou dash though the forest, jumping over fallen tree stumpswhilstavoiding the floating lanterns of fire.Can you survive?Doesthelegend of the werewolf endure?Does Lycan the werewolf live toseeanother full moon?The game seems simple at first, howevertheaction is fast-paced and grows more challenging the longeryouplay.The game is simple, with two button controls, fun&addictive!
Werewolf Hunt Jungle sniper3D 1.0
LIVE THE LIFE OF A SNIPERHunt deadly Werewolves until yourlastbreathKey features```````````````````High qualitygraphicsEasycontrolsrealistic soundsScore sharingmodern gungreatguijust 17MBExperience a whole new level of sniper gaming !!!!!!!!!
Jungle Werewolf Run 3D 1.0.0
You are the newly born WEREWOLF.Train yourself in the junglebyavoiding obstacles and killing other animals like lion,tiger,cheetah, horse, bear , wolf ,dinosaur ,black lion etc...Huntdownall your enemies.CONTROLS-----------------------Swipe left -moveleftSwipe right - move rightSwipe up - jumpSwipe down-attackENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world.Explore,mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps andgrow plants.Tailor clothes and hunt animals for food andresources. Build ashelter to survive cold nights and share yourworlds online. Ridehorses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle toprotect them frompredators. Blast your way through the rock withexplosives. Buildcomplex electric devices. Possibilities areinfinite in thislong-running sandbox survival and constructiongame series. This isthe thirtieth release of Survivalcraft, and itadds a new armor andweapons tier - copper! You can now paintstairs, slab, fences andsigns and place electric gates on thefloor or ceiling. Wander indense forests full of tall spruces andfallen logs. Explore biggercaves, but watch out for huge magmachambers underground (15x biggerthan 1.28). There are new soundgenerator sounds for you to use,including hi-fi drums! Check outfull list of 70 changesat Survivalcraftbringsfeatures you love in the PC version of Minecraft to yourmobiledevice: infinite worlds, caves, logic elements(electricity),weather, boats, ridable animals, explosions, clothes,armor andmany more. It does so while maintaining its ownrealistic,survival-themed style. Enjoy! Website:http://kaalus.wordpress.comBrief update history so far:- 1.0(initial release, 16 Nov 2011)-1.1 (screenshots, torches, lamps,tools, controls sensitivity,recipaedia)- 1.2 (sneaking, stairs,slabs, doors, ladders, snow,ice, christmas tree)- 1.3 (basalt,limestone, marble, furnace)- 1.4(new world format, clay, bricks)-1.5 (birds, weapons, throwing,food, eating)- 1.6 (emergency bugfixrelease)- 1.7 (trapdoors,water animations, snowballs, traps,wildboars, game modes)- 1.8(buckets, water physics, magma, worldproperties, view angles)- 1.9(Dropbox, fences, upside-down stairsand slabs)- 1.10(optimizations, bulls, signs, sulphur, saltpeter,adventure mode)-1.11 (explosives, fire, matches, magma as fluid)-1.12 (wolves,cows, milk, diamonds, flat terrain, controlsimprovements)- 1.13(creature spawners, eggs, saplings, compass,thermometer, grassspreading)- 1.14 (emergency bugfix release,hygrometer, sharpertext)- 1.15 (big performance improvements,bears, machetes,adventure restart, cacti)- 1.16 (smootherframerate, polar bears,paint, falling blocks, environment modes)-1.17 (3rd person view,3d tools, creature shadows, physicsoptimizations)- 1.18 (rain,snow, thunderstorms, thawing/freezing,werewolves, pumpkins)- 1.19(electricity, new UI, new recipaedia,new help, germanium + lotsmore)- 1.20 (community content, bettercaves, creative options, SDcard)- 1.21 (fish, horseriding,electricity improvements, camels,leather + lots more)- 1.22(survival, farming, boats, islands, morepainting, pathfinding,rhinos and many other animals)- 1.23(content rating, largervisibility range, analog electrics,halloween special, donkeys,bass)- 1.24 (bows and arrows, shootingtarget, reindeer, tigers,iron fences, ivy, feathers, string)- 1.25(custom skins, newexplosions engine, bombs, crossbows, firearrows, new UI, stonefences)- 1.26 (clothes, armor, temperatureeffects, belugas,cassowarys, pumpkin and cotton farming)- 1.27(moose, campfires,larger inventory, lightning button, moreclothes, AI improvements,new engine)- 1.28 (firearms, dispensers,fireworks, digging cracks,left-handed controls)- 1.29 (morepaintable items, copper armor andweapons, tall spruces, horizontallogs, bigger caves)
The Executive 1.1
From the creators of the award-winning “Pizza Vs. Skeletons”comesThe Executive: a fast-paced, cinematic, martial arts actiongamedesigned from the ground up for iPhone and iPad. You are theCEO ofa company that has been infiltrated by werewolves, and it’syourjob to save your employees, and eventually the entire city,fromtheir dastardly schemes.OUR PROMISE TO YOU: No ads. Nogettingsuckered into buying more stuff later. The whole game, foroneprice, for all updates, forever.The Executive combines ahigh-speedcombat system, timing-based running and platforming,120hand-crafted levels, a full inventory of moves and upgrades, andasimple mining company simulation for earning money, all intoonecohesive experience. The fighting engine evokes a crossbetweenStreet Fighter II and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link,withcontrols designed from scratch to be ideal for touch screens.Theplatforming (or “stunt”) segments require precise timing,similarto Elite Beat Agents but with an emphasis on visual timinginsteadof musical rhythm. Both of these mechanics are broughttogether bythe SP bar, which allows you to execute gesture-basedspecial moveslike flame kicks, health restoration, and evenmorphing yourcharacter’s arm into a silver spike to impale foes.TheExecutiveuses Riverman Media’s proprietary animation system tobring to lifeits large, hand-drawn 2D sprites with an unprecedentedamount ofsmoothness and detail. The Executive represents thepinnacle ofRiverman Media’s research and development into new 2Dgraphicstechnology.FEATURES+ 120 levels, hand-crafted one pixel ata time.No randomly generated endless filler.+ Dozens of abilitiesandskills to learn+ Battle enemies and execute stunts in everylevel+Over 50 unique enemies, each with their ownintelligence,strengths, and weaknesses+ Invest in your miningcompany and earnmoney continuously+ 12 Menacing bosses that willrequire yourstrategy and skill to defeat――――――――――Riverman Media istwobrothers who have dedicated their lives to the art of 2Dgamemaking――――――――――* Street Fighter 2, Zelda II: The AdventureofLink, and Elite Beat Agents are not affiliated with RivermanMediaor The Executive.
Monsters Squad Battle Camp 1.0.3
Monsters squad battle camp is a new freeFPShitman sniper shooter game that you would love to play. It’sasimple but tough game my bravo hitman hunter in the dark valleyofcold mountains. Clean your weapons and get ready fornon-stopsniper games action hitman. Who knows these monster squadwas sentby vampires, werewolf and monster gods of Egypt, Rome,Greece orBabylonia who have an everlasting wish to rule the worldby horrorand terror.A very hard to play FPS hunting shooting game featuringthevampires, werewolf and other creepy monsters as a monstersquadready to turn the city into a battle camp. You may have playedmanysniper shooting hunting games free before but darling thisissomething really hard to play, don’t believe! Come on and seeforyourself.There are 4 best guns to choose from e.g. AK47,M-24semiautomatic and M4A1. Which one is your favorite? So cleanyourweapons, crossbow, Katana swords, ninja daggers or whatever uhaveand get ready for a lifetime sniper hunt baby~== FEATURES ==☆ Great fun for everyone, even for girls!☆ Five hard levels for you to become a Monsters squad battlecamphero☆ Defend yourself and don't get eaten in this dark city sniperfuryshooting!☆ Cool HD graphics with mysterious foggy scenes of the darkgoldcity!☆ Five levels with different feel and look of theenvironment!☆ Terrifying sound effects!★ Experience exciting sniper fury shooting gameplayagainstvampires, werewolf and other monsters★ An evil and dark adventure in the cold of a winternight,Ohhh Ahhh!This was a very peaceful and remote lost dark city of gold may beElDorado or Babylonia who knows. People were very wealthy andhappy.But then someday, god knows from where, these monsters squadofhorror came and turned the gold city into a sniper shootingbattlecamp. Poor people are hiding in the jungle nearby and theyseek yourhelp, my magnificent, brave and courageous vampires,werewolf andmonsters squad hunter hero, to rescue them to theirbeloved city byhunting down these creepy mysterious and creepycreatures.Good luck vampires, werewolf and monsters squad battle camphero,you're going to need it the most at this point of time in yourlifeagainst the sinister dead targets and you must become a toughhardtarget for them otherwise they are going to convert you intodeadmeat hahaha!!Do like our Facebook page, give us good rankings and reviews aswellso we can make better games free for you always! then, Good Night and get ready for a deadly dark citysniperfight!!
Werewolf Game for Kids
The Werewolf Game for Kids is a timed three round matchinggame,featuring all kind of sweets that you love. You will find lotsofspooky stuff! The first round in this Werewolf Game 2014 is100seconds and each after that is 10 seconds less, so will havethetime to improve each round. There are all kinds of Wolf GamesforKids but this one will be addictive!!Another thrilling featuretothe Werewolf Game for Kids that makes it even more interestingandawesome then just a matching game, you must link the sweetssomeway! When you make a linked match the Werewolf Game for Kidsitwill show the link. You also get some help along the way. Youcanuse the REFRESH button 3 times, this mixes up the game cards soitis easier to find linking matches. You can also use the FINDbutton3 times, and this will find the matching links for you. ForChineseplayers; 狼人 游戏
iWolf 1.3
iWolf is action packed 2D platformer game inspired by epicfantasy(like Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, ChroniclesofNarnia etc.), that will bring you console like experience toyourphone or tablet. You will play as Theodosius, the only son ofKingValens. Your father was a great warrior, and now it’s your turntolead kingdom. In last battle evil forces of orcs, knights,dwarfs,wizards leaded by witch Aurora converts you into awerewolf(Lycan). Rules of your world are strict and you must behuman tohold a throne. In these circumstances, you must go and findAurorabefore is too late. FEATURES:- Console-like controls(onscreengamepad)- Beautiful graphics, music and sound effects -4magnificent worlds- More than 30 huge levels- 3 types ofweapons(knifes, axes, shurikens) and special weapon (fireballs)-Attackclose enemies with claws - Collect sapphires, rubies anddiamondsto level up your werewolf and get more power, stamina andmagic-Collect and use 6 different magic power-ups against youropponents-Huge number of different enemies like orcs, knights,dwarfs,wizards- Many deadly obstacles- No in-app payments
Moon Werewolf 1.2.18
Endless world, endless run, endless gold coins. Moon Werewolf ,afunny running game between valley and strange rocks. Run as farasyou can! All kinds of challenges are waiting for you tocomplete.Track by fighters issuing bombs periodically.There aresomeobstacles to jump over. Traps, stone heaps, fences, wall etc.Youhave to shy away.Also there are many fantastic things:★ Collectasmany coins as you can★ Coin doubler, which increase 100% thecoinscollected★ Diamonds to save life★ Magic magnet!★ Powerfulenergystick !!!★ Fight again many bats during the game★OvergoobstaclesChasing the moon at enchanting evening!
Attack Werewolf 3D: Full Moon 1.1
Carin Jones
You're a werewolf running around town onafullmoon night howling & scaring everyone!Race your wolf through the different landscapes,collectinggoldcoins along the way. Use your coins to unlock bunchesofupgradesthat include longer duration of bonuses, extra livesandevensurvival mode. But beware of the fences, tree branches,andotherobstacles as you navigate.Swipe up on your device to jump. Swipe down to slideunderthings.And side to side to avoid crashing into anyobstacles.- Run, jump, dodge and dash obstacles!- Collect gold coins and upgrade your werewolf.- Track your stats and beat your high score.- Unlock Hard Mode for the ultimate game challenge.- Great endless fun for families and kids of all ages!- Download for FREE now!
Tomb Rush Endless Run 1.0
tomb rush endless runSuper addictive and challenging 3D running game rocks on GooglePlaynow!Tomb Rush Dark Castle, dangerous werewolf and monsters huntingafteryou, wanna survive? Run! Run faster and faster!Get rid of dead evils, can you get to the exit of the tomb?Tomb Rush William Run is totally free to play, temple-themedrunninggame brings you fantasy action PRG and extreme runningexperience.Inspired by tomb endless run series, this quest is setin dark tombfull of evils, goblins and mysterious dangers. Getready for thebest running & escaping game with the story offinding back yourprecious temple badge lost in this mysteriousdark castle!Test your reflex as you run through mysterious tomb. Swipetoturn, jump, slide or even roll to avoid danger monstersandobstacles. Run fast and keep long run to collect moreboosters.Upgrade your skills to see how far you can escape withthisterrible tomb!Endless Run tomb rush 3d Features:-free endless running game-HD 3D tomb-themed environment-Heart pounding running sound effects-endless run gameplay integrated with RPG fighting story line-rush and find the exit of the mysterious dead tomb-temple & tomb themed endless run gameplay
Werewolf's Reflex 1.0.1
We are in 1765 in France, in the Gévaudan. You are a partyHunteravenge her village which has been decimated by a terriblehorde ofwild werewolves. Alone and lost in the Woods and on thenight offull moon, you can count on your speed and yourreflexes."Reflex ofwerewolf" is a game of free reflex. Test yourreflexes and youragility in this game which is to neutralize thewerewolves thatattack you.Can you finish the three modes that thegamefeatures?-"Reflex of werewolf", bronze mode: 12 werewolvestoneutralize with a reflex interval between each attack by1.2seconds.-"Reflex of werewolf", money mode: 16 werewolvestoneutralize with a reflex interval between each attacks by0.7seconds.-"Werewolf reflex", gold: 20 werewolves to neutralizewitha reflex interval between each attack of 0.5seconds."Werewolfreflex" also offers you the opportunity to beatyour own recordsand to continuously improve your speed and yourreflexes! Thisoriginal reflex game is waiting for you!
Stealth Run 2.02
Stealth Run 3D: The best assassin's run game is here.Enjoytheadventurous run through an 18th century American villagewhere'fight to survive' has become a guiding creed for manypeople.WhereHatred, bigotry, and ignorance don't need anyparticular creed.Youare the assassin,fighting for the freedom offree will.You mustfight and overcome all the obstacles andhardships on yourpath.Controls:Attack - Swipe downLeft - SwipeleftRight - SwiperightJump - Swipe upwardsGet past all thehurdles,giantanimals,assassins and other monsters on yourpath...The path isfull of suspense and unlimited action..
wolf hunter sniper shooting 1.4
If you love Hunting Jungle Animals like wolf then aim your gunandbecome sniper shooter.Wolf Hunter is an amazing actionpackshooting game in the most realistic environment. Grab yourgun,aim, test your sniper skills, and don't let the wolves escape.Thewolves might be unaware of your presence so take your best shotandbecome the expert shooter. Werewolf are present in thesnowmountains. Your role in game is as wolf hunter. Use yourSniperShooting skills to kill Deadly wolves in SnowMountains.Werewolfhunting is different than other Jungle huntingGames. Snipershooting fun gets real when you take headshot, lungshot, heartshot of wolf.Features: - Realistic Snow Mountainsenvironment-Sniper Shooting- Smooth gameplay- Easy Controls- Trueto life WolfHunting game
Persian Princess 1.2
The Persian Princess game shows the age of battle between GreeceandPersian empires. The game is one of the best princess fightinggamein play store.Experience how bravely she fought,how gracefullyshelived and how fiercely she loved.Play and experience her valorasPrincess fight through her enemies, fulfil prophecies ,slaysdragonsand finally reclaims her kingdom.The game assets arehighlyoptimised and is just 38 Mb .There are no additional filestodownload.Please do not forget to leave your valuable reviewsandgive us a quick +1...:)
Paranormal House Escape 5.0
We need your help once again. This job is no simple task, thedangeris real. There have been reports of unusual activity comingfrom ahome located deep in the country. After being alerted toamysterious disappearance and death in the area, we decidedtoresearch this house..Do you have what it takes to facethesupernatural, the undead, and worse? FEATURES:↗ Incrediblegraphicswith detailed scenes and objects!↗ Stunning new soundeffectsguaranteed to cause a scare!↗ Hidden objects, locks &keys andmore challenges await!↗ Many items to collect, combine andsolvepuzzles with!↗ Multiple puzzles to solve and challengestocomplete.↗ A dark adventure full of chills and thrills thatwillhave you battle the supernatural and beyond.↗ Easy and funtoplay!↗ it’s FREE!↗ Ghosts!Visit Facebook for HINTS and BUGREPORTS: you have problems or comments with the app.
Werewolf War III 1.1.0
You are brave werewolf with many skills!!!One day you werekidnappedto a isolated island,that surrounded by all kinds ofenemies.Tosurvival and fight against the enemies which attacksyou.Aim andshoot as much enemies as you can to earn golds on eachlevels.Switchyour weapon,buy new upgrades and weapons.You can flywhile shootingthem.It's challenge but cool and fun.Go on toFight!Fight now!!!
Soldier Run 1.0
Escape the war zone forests withnothingbutcourage and M16 Grenade Launcher.You are a United States Marine and your chopper 65CDauphinwasshot down by enemy soldiers and you are separated fromyourtroops.Now the 'jarhead' must get past the enemy trapsandobstacles toreach the rest of your team.Controls:Attack - Swipe downLeft - Swipe leftRight - Swipe rightJump - Swipe upwardsYour path is full of land mines,bombs,tanks,enemyvehiclesandother enemy traps.