Top 49 Apps Similar to How to Get Anything You Want

Mind Power - Law of Attraction 66.0
This will tell you about the law of attraction, the power ofthemind, positive thinking, success tips, mind tips, the mapofsuccess, performance tracking and much more. Your searchformotivation and inspiration completes here. We have thebestmotivational quotes for you. Motivation can change your life.Learnhow to use complete mind power and power of habits. It willact asa brain booster for you if you challenge your mind. If youuse yourbrain potential then can result in a big success anddevelop asuccess habit. If you know the law power for the law ofattractionthen you can attract success in life. Follow the mindpowerworkshop and learn mind power facts and mind power secrets.It's amind power training app to help you with a successful life.Thisapplication was designed with the purpose of enlightening youaboutthe core of motivation and concepts like starting with why andthereason why it’s important. It includes fragments like the powerofthoughts and how the law of attraction can make your lifebetter.Motivational quotes give you a kick and you feel inspired todo acertain thing. There are Mind tips for better sleep and ahealthiermind. The law of attraction allows you to attract all thehappinessin the world to your cause and helps you feel satisfied.Mindcontrol is a very powerful tool if you can do it. Your thoughtsaresignals and the power of thoughts can be harnessed usingmeditationand simple techniques that anyone can do. We inspire, wehelp youdream, and hope for the best. Success secrets andmaintainingdiscipline are the signs of successful people. If youwant to betruly successful, this application is for you. Financialplanningsection is added where you can learn who can you manageyour moneyin a more effective way. It includes how can you savemore moneyand invest. Motivation and inspiration can be foundanywhere,motivation and inspiration can be shared anywhere. So ifyou likethe app, be sure to write back. We look forward to yourfeedback,thank you for giving us a chance.
Qaza Namaz ka Tariqa 1.0
Namaz is the important in Islamic life. five time of Namazisnecessary for Muslim.This Book contain a lot of topic about Namaz(Prayer ). The important things which we must be monitorduringprayer. Namaz during journey, way of Qaza Namaz, Namaz onTrain. Soread these Book that are very beautiful and necessary forall of usMuslim. Privacy Policy: We do not collect any personaluserinformation for our utilization or any of our associates. Youcancheck Details fromhere:
Sintelly – Education, Improvement and Learning 3.1.7
Sintelly Ltd.
Expand your education, get inspired and work onyourself-development as you explore our world of freeknowledge!Sintelly is a daily source of inspiring & lifechanging contentand ideas. Learn new skills, improve yourintelligence and findarticles, quizzes and discussions thatinterest you. Embarking on ajourney to feed your curiosity andlearn something has never beenmore exciting and interesting! Allour articles are presented toyou in a simple, practical and easy toremember, short summarizedformat. Relevant content. Learn somethingnew every day with thehelp of our carefully selected and presentedtopics – only fromcategories that interest you (from theories ofemotions totechnology). No clutter, only relevant and inspiringshort formeducational articles to improve yourself in differentareas, bothpersonally and professionally. Educate yourself byreading,learning and exploring a world of self-development,emotionalawareness as well as develop interests in socialintelligence,psychology, art or science – all of which will makeyou feelcomfortable to do anything you put your mind to. Shortandeasy-to-read articles. You need only 5 minutes per day. Ourusersand our team work for you. We deliver knowledge, feedyourcuriosity and intellectual intuition and encourage you to dothesame. Improve yourself by taking only a couple of minutes a dayforself-education. Learning has never been easier – save articlesyouwish to read later, track your progress and pick up where youleftoff. Personalized experience. Choose topics that interest you(likeintelligence, emotional awareness, personal improvement,psychology& more) and then just use the app at yourconvenience. As yousave articles, take quizzes or join discussionswe select the bestcontent to show you every day, to always keep youmotivated andcurious. Systematize your knowledge. You can bookmarkarticles andother content in your own personal profile and buildyour own coreof facts, quotes, quizzes, discussions and ideas thatmatter toyou. Search and filter relevant concepts and articles bylatest,oldest or most relevant and organize your informationintopersonalized stockpiles. Navigate easily through what youhavealready read or through quizzes you have already solved andmonitorthe progress made. Share your wisdom. We make it easy foryou toshare your emotions, expertise and insights with other usersor toshare ideas and discuss material found elsewhere. You canshareyour knowledge by writing new articles, quizzes anddiscussions onthe go. Let other users’ understanding andexplanations help youacquire new insights and knowledge. Our appallows you to getfeedback on your work or learn something new witheach like andcomment. Improve your problem-solving skills. Testyour knowledgein different fields, from psychology to science withthe help ofour entertaining quizzes. Evaluate your personalimprovement bytaking an EQ test, test your knowledge in music orgeography andhave fun in doing so. Upgrade your problem-solvingskills with anIQ test or entertain yourself with our lifestylequizzes. Reinforceyour intelligence and learn something new witheach wrong answer –our explanations help make you smarter. Educateyourself and becomea better, smarter you – download Sintelly andwise up today! We'realways open to feedback, ideas and thoughtsabout anything that canimprove our app. Give us a shout You canalso find us on social
My Affirmations: Live Positive 6.7
**Beware of other fraud apps with the same name. Want to have anewmindset in this new year and change your entire future?Thisapplication can help you constantly remind you of who you areandthe values you want to instill in your mind. Life does nothappento you, it happens for you. Your life is your creation. Whatyoubelieve in will become your reality. Affirmations helps youtochange the outlook of your life by impregnating positivethoughtsin your subconscious mind. Once you believe in a thought,thatthought begins to manifest into reality. Myaffirmationsapplication helps to impregnate positive thoughts inyour mind bygiving you reminders at specified duration. You canselectaffirmations from different categories, which you want toshow asnotification. All the active affirmations will be shown attheinterval you specify. You can modify the affirmation text,folder,recording and image by clicking the affirmation Features:*Addunlimited custom categories *Add unlimited custom affirmations*Addvoice recording to affirmations *Add images from applicationoronline or SD card as background to affirmations *19 imagesinbuiltin application *Modify existing affirmations *Fullycustomizablenotification timings *Enable or disable sound fornotification
Mind game : memorize 1.37
Berni Mobile
It has been recently scientifically proven that regularmentalexercise cangreatly improve your memory. This app has beendesignedto do just that! Mind game, memorize, is the classic memorygamethat can help you to Improve Your Memory.Colorful images oflogosto be easily remembered.There are no limitations in age andbrainpower. This is a free game for kids and adults, people of allages.
Skippy 1.21.4
Plain Bagel
Skippy helps you learn English like a native speaker. Ourmajorfeatures 1. Vocabulary Lock screen 2. Speaking practice 3.Allvideos subtitled 4. Real time dictionary 5. Speed control,A-Brepeat, and many more options at your convenience Categorieswecover Inspiration - Light bulb moments for all therationalizers,deflectors, quitters and procrastinators. Tech &Science - Takea journey from your brain to the universe. Let's be aproud nerd.Social Studies - If you want to sound like an educatedbelletrist,Nash and Plato are always your men. Art & Culture -Would arose by any other color smell as sweet? Shakespeare mightnot know,but Warhol would. We curate videos from ∙ TED ∙ TED-ed ∙Bloomberg∙ BBC ∙ Quartz ∙ Crash Course ∙ Vox ∙ Kurzgesakt ∙ Khanacademy ∙and the like.
VoiceTube - Learn phrases and words easily
With over 3 million users around the world, VoiceTube is one ofthemost popular English learning platforms. With trending videosfromYoutube, we offer various features including Chinese andEnglishsubtitles, a one-tap dictionary, sentence looping, voicerecording,and many more. Download VoiceTube today and learnEnglish!【Features】 • Specially-curated content Daily updates ofvideos withpractical Englsih usage. Carefully-chosen vocabulary andphrases,learn to speak authentic English. • Memorize vocabularyWatchvideos while taking fun quizzes to help you understandyourweaknesses and advantages. Repeat again and again, learnthecontent by heart. • Speaking practice Practice yourpronunciationthrough continuous imitation and correction. Replaythe keysentences and learn the content by heart, rid your fearsofspeaking. • Watch and review Gain full comprehension ofthecontents through the various genres of videos andsubtitlesprovided on the platform. With our specially designeddictionary onthe app, every vocabulary is just one tap away! •PronunciationChallenge Daily updates of themed videos explained byourprofessinal pronunciation challenge hosts. Make a recordingandinteract with other users, learn together and support eachotheralong the way. 【Categories】 Exciting contents onVoiceTubeincluding TED talks, CNN Student News, talk shows, musicvideos,movie clips, gaming videos, and much more. For student whoarepreparing for TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS, VoiceTube is yourbestchoice. • Celebrities • Comedy • Education • Entertainment•Science and Technology • Travel and Sports • News andCurrentEvents • Other 【Upgrade to VoiceTube Pro】 Users can choosetoupgrade to VoiceTube Pro to gain 100% access to all our videosandpowerful learning tools. In the Pro tab, you can see allrelevantdetails, as well as the option to purchase. VoiceTube Prousesin-app purchases, and you purchase will be processed throughGooglePlay and will be linked to your credit card. Your credit cardwillautomatically be charged at the beginning of each cycle. We donotoffer refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at anytimethrough Google Play. • Website •Facebook •Instagram • Download VoiceTube App now! Wetreasure allthe suggestions and comments from our users. Feel freeto give usany feedback and if you like our service, make sure togive us acompliment!
SimpleMind Lite - Intuitive Mind Mapping 1.26.0
Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember thingsandgenerate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app,soyou can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want.MORESimpleMind: • SimpleMind for Android FULL version adds tonsofproductivity boosting features - available in Google Play•SimpleMind Desktop is available for Windows and Mac- Free Functionality • Everything you needtoget started with mind mapping. • No ads. • No need to sign upforan account. • Upgrade to full functionality is a one-timesinglepurchase. Highlights • Easy to use. • Continuously fine-tunedbasedon customer feedback. • Trustworthy and reliable: 7 yearsofupdates and improvements. • Used in a wide range ofapplications:business, education, legal and medical. • Unique freelayout ordifferent auto layouts. • Change and customize theappearance. •Tools to help you maintain overview. • Create ○ placetopicsanywhere you want in the free layout ○ or use one of thedifferentauto layouts (great for brainstorming) ○ virtuallyunlimited pagesize and number of elements ○ supports multiple MindMaps on onepage ○ use single select or multiple select ○ notes ○apply ourpre-defined style sheets ○ collapse and expand branches ○highlightbranches by displaying branch borders SimpleMind isoptimized forboth phones and tablets. Some features are onlyavailable in morerecent versions of Android.
Positive Attitude Image Quotes 2.7
This Free Android App is amazing collection of Image Quotesaboutattitude positive thinking and happiness to bring positivityinlife that helps you discover and save creative ideas.Positiveinspirational attitude quotes to refresh the spirit andboost theemotional and mental level by changing the inner attitudesof mindsand soul. Positive thinking is a mental and emotionalperceptionthat looks on the bright side of life and expectspositiveoutcomes. Inspirational Quotes Pictures and MotivationalThoughtsAlways pray to have eyes that see the best in people, aheart thatforgives the worst. Each Quote has been handpickedcarefully andyou can share these quotes on whatsapp Facebookinstagram etcwebsites in just single Tap. You can also email QuotesImages orDownload Picture Quotation as photo in your mobile phonestorage.
1000 Powerful Affirmations 2.9
Byte Lab Inc.
Affirmation is very useful for Life Success, Money Mastery,WeightLoss, Personal Growth, Confidence, Social Skills, Health,BrainTraining, Dreaming, Metaphysical, Creativity,Business,Professions, Sports, Extreme Sports, Poker, Scuba Diving,Fitnessand Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Learning Languages,LearningMusical Instruments, Phobia Elimination, Addictions,Relationships,Success with Women, Success with Men, SexualEnhancement, etc. Whatis affirmation and why it is so powerful?Affirmation is simply aprocess of thinking, listening, saying orwriting a statement toyourself or other people repeatedly. Forexample, when you wake upevery morning, you may affirm by sayingaloud “Today is a greatday!” It will have great impact to the restof your day. Trust me!Before I explain to you the power ofaffirmation, I think it’simportant that you understand the power ofbelief. How many timeshave you heard people saying “if you believeyou can, you can”?Perhaps one of the great truths in life is thatyour belief createsyour reality. In other words, your reality isgenerally areflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.That’s why ifyou believe you can, you can. By the way, what is abelief? Abelief is simply a thought that is accepted by yoursubconsciousmind. Actually not all thoughts are turned intorealities. Onlythoughts that are believed by the subconscious mindare turned intorealities. The reason why belief turns into realityis because ofthe Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features:- Offlineapp, without internet access - Affirmation Categories -PresentTense Affirmations - Future Tense Affirmations -NaturalAffirmations - Quick and easy navigation - User friendlyinterfacePlease review and rate our app, I hope you'll give us fivestars.Thank you :) Follow us onInstagram:
Meditation Music - Relax 2.13
Free Meditation Music - Relax is a free meditation app to relaxthebody, stress relief and relaxing your mind. Enjoy listening tothebeautiful melody meditation sounds that will aid you infindinginner peace, helping reduce stress and even to fall asleep.**Youcan do meditation with different types of sounds usingMeditationMusic - Relax app : ★ Tibetan (Buddha) Meditation ★ DeepHealing,Managing Stress, Deep Sleep, Happiness Meditation Sounds ★MantraMeditation ★ Happiness Meditation Songs ★ SleepSounds/SleepMeditation Songs ★ River Meditation Music ★ NatureSounds, OceanWaves Sounds ★ Top Meditation Guided ★ Yoga MeditationMusic ★Relaxing Melodies ★ Top Calm Songs ★ Mindful MeditationMusic ★ TopMeditation Sounds for Sleep ★ Top Meditation HealingSongs ★ OmMantra Meditation Sound Chants ★ Healing Meditation ★RelaxingMeditation Music ★ Chakra Meditation ★ Meditation SleepMusic ★Best Meditation for Beginners ★ Guided Meditation &Mindfulness★ Self-Healing Meditation Music ★ Relax Rain Sounds andNatureSounds ★ Relaxing Nature Rain Sounds ★ Forest MeditationMusic andMountain Stream Meditation ★ Rain Forest Sounds and SummerRainMeditation Songs Free Meditation Music - Relax features :-Download the Meditation Music - Relax app now and live angerfreelife. - For Meditation Music sit down with your back straightandlisten melody music of Meditation Music – Self-Healing - PlayOmmantra and select how many times you want to play. - Aim ofourmeditation app is to bring mental, physical and spiritualhealth. -Timer to fit your desired meditation duration and use Yogamusicfor healing exercise. - Playlist (Play music) functionalityand behappy after listening Meditation Music.
minh095.logicalreasoning 3.3.3
In recruitment process of most of companies, logical reasoningisone of important parts which every qualify candidates havetoprepared for. So, what is logical reasoning? Logical reasoning isakind of using precondition or premises to arrive atvalidconclusions. When you have bad premises, you will getbadconclusions. However, if you have no idea about it or don’tknowhow to enhance your logical thinking skills. Don’t worry,ourLogical Reasoning application is definitely what you need.Withvarious systematic series of logical questions, lots ofusefultips and tricks, lots of practice tests from all levels whichbecarefully prepared for giving more effective and easier inbothstudying and thinking; will guide you to archive yourpassionatecareer in future. These general critical thinking testwill expandyour analyzing thinking, improve solving problemsabilities andhelp preparing yourself for competitive exams likeCAT, RRB, SSC,MBA, IBPS , CSAT, SBI, SSC, AIPMT, GMAT, SAT,MAT,etc…Additionally, this testing experience is very helpful foryourcareer tests, interviews, IQ competition or any brainchallenges infuture. Logical Reasoning’s major features: * Thereare 4 principalcategories : Logical, Verbal, Aptitude and Test(online test, dailytest, etc…). * We offer huge collection oflogical practice testswith more than 80 topics (+3200 logicalreasoning question, 760aptitude logical questions, +3200 verbalability questions). * Tipsand tricks for each categories within-app formulae list. * Theanswers are explained immediately afteryou make a choice of eachrelated question. * Getting better resultswith in-app answerutility(fifty-fifty). Can even be able to see theright answer withexplanations if you have not any idea. * You canalso bookmark yourquestions to enable quick access in future. *Many kind of testssuch as online test, daily test, etc…Particularstatistics at theend of tests will be described clearly yourperformance, therefore,totally revealing your strength andweakness. * Free for everyone.* Friendly graphical user interfaces.* You will find the darktheme toggle switch by going to Settingsand just enable dark modefeature to make it work. * No internetconnection required. Thisapp supports difference topic LogicalReasoning: + Alphabetreasoning + Alphabet series + Alphabet tests +Analogy + Antonyms +Arithmetic signs + Arithmetical reasoning +Artificial language +Blood relation + Calendar + Coding anddecoding + Decision making +Essential parts + Find the odd + Letterand symbol series + Letterseries + Logical reasoning + Logicalsequence of words  +Number sequence + Number Series + Oddletter group + Odd man out +Odd numeral + Odd numeral pair/group +Odd pair of words + Odd word+ Ranking Quiz + Sentence completion +Sequence of words + Seriescompletion + Situation reaction + Verbalability + Verification oftruth + Word formation + Brain trainingThis app supportsdifference topic Aptitude: + Ages + Area +Averages + Banker'sDiscount + Boats & Streams + Calendar +Clock + CompoundInterest + HCF/LCM + Height & Distance +Logarithms + Mixtures+ Numbers + Partnerships + Percentages +Permutations + Pipes +Probability + Profit & Loss + Races &Games + Ratio &Proportion + Simple Interest + Stocks &Shares + Time &Distance + Time & Work + Trains + TrueDiscount + Volume &Surface This app supports difference topicVerbal Ability: +Antonyms + Change of Voice + Closet Test +Complete Statement +Comprehension + Idioms & Phrases + OrderSentences + OrderingWords + Paragraph Formation + Selecting Words +Sentence Correction+ Sentence Formation + Sentence Improvement +Spellings + SpotErrors + Substitute + Synonyms + Verbal Analogies
com.power.positivity.dailycards 2.7
Norman Vincent Peale says "The way to happiness: Keep yourheartfree from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expectlittle,give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others.Try thisfor a week and you will be surprised." Power Of PositiveThinkingApp brings you daily wisdom of how to change your life forbetter,every day, day by day with magical wisdom of many greatthinkersThe app has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now& setthem as your app tune! - Weekly planner to set differenttune fordifferent day! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone!- Sharedaily card on social network & using other messagingtools -Listen to background music, to create a serene environment -Set analarm to receive daily quote notification - Add Cards toyourfavorites - In app purchase (to make the application Adfree)Download Now & enjoy daily bliss!
InnerHour Self-Care Therapy - Anxiety & Depression 3.39
Make time for self-care with the InnerHour app Depression,anxiety,stress, and a host of other mental health concerns can stopyoufrom leading your best possible life. The InnerHour app is heretohelp! Our psychiatrists and therapists are dedicated to yourmentalhealth. Using their insights from therapy along with thelatestscience in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), PositivePsychology,and Mindfulness, they have replicated the real-lifetherapyexperience into a self-help app for you. Our ultimate aim istosupport you to create a happier and healthier life with a rangeoftherapy-based self-help tools and techniques designed foryourmental health needs. Think of the app as your safe spaceforself-care. If you are looking for support to overcomedepression,get anxiety relief, tackle stress, or simply experiencehappiness,the InnerHour app is for you! ▌Six self-help coursesAccesstherapy-based self-help tools for a range of mentalhealthconcerns: • Depression: Make small changes to overcomedepression •Anxiety: Attain calm and balance with strategies foranxiety relief• Sleep: Build a sleep schedule and develop habits tosleep soundly• Stress: Keep a check on your stress levels to feelcalm and incontrol • Anger: Channelise your anger and build learnstrategiesto cool down • Happiness: Develop critical skills toexperiencehappiness in life ▌Personalised 4-week plans The appidentifiesyour unique mental health needs and builds a personalisedself-careplan in your area of concern - be it depression, anxiety,orstress. Your self-help plan is a reflection of what happens inreallife therapy. Over 4 weeks, you will learn and practise skillstobattle depression, get anxiety relief, and lead a happier life.Sowhat does your plan entail? 1. Self-care activities Wehavecondensed decades of therapy experience and mental healthresearchinto short, simple activities - each teaching a strategybased onCBT, Positive Psychology, or Mindfulness. All you need is 5minuteseach day for self-care! 2. Goal setting and tracking Ourgoalsetting and tracking mechanism will help you build healthyhabitsthat will last a lifetime. With this CBT-inspired feature,staymotivated to meet your physical and mental health goals, suchaseating healthy, exercising, forming better relationships,andthinking positively. 3. Mood tracking Our specialised tracker isadigital journal that will track how you are doing each day.Themore you track, the more insights you will get! You can alsomapyour mood to different activities you do throughout the day,inorder to get finer insights. 4. InnerHour Resources We want youtokeep learning and growing on your self-help journey. Ourresourcesinclude informative articles, easy tips, and inspiringquotes tohelp you stay motivated. For instance, you will: •Understand thedifferent causes of depression • Learn about thesymptoms ofanxiety • Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapyInaddition to the plan, you can also access support from: • Allie-relief chatbot Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you can talktoAllie, our intelligent chatbot. Allie identifies yourspecificmental health difficulty at the moment - be it intenseanxiety oroverwhelming depression - and offers support throughsimpleactivities that can help you feel calm immediately. •Qualifiedtherapists We know that sometimes, you might need a humantouch onyour self-help journey. In such times, you can reach out toanInnerHour expert for counselling, and get professional supportfordepression, anxiety, and even stress. Small changes can make abigdifference over time. Make yourself a priority, starting today!Forany questions, you can reach out to us our website:
BookApp - Upskilling your ethical commitments 1.1.9
Book App is like a close friend who helps you keep track ofyourmind. The app enables you, a number of times a day, to stop foramoment and be mindful of your actions, speech and thoughts inthepast couple of hours; it helps you cultivate mindfulness tothoseactions which are negative and harmful to your spiritual path,aswell as to those which are promoting you and your happiness.Theapp also enables you to take upon yourself a small act ofkindnessand merit which will bring blessing to your surroundingandyourself. All ancient spiritual paths discuss the notion of"Departfrom evil, and do good." All paths, with no exception,stipulatethe benefits and spiritual insights gained along the pathinkeeping one's ethics, i.e., avoiding causing any harm to others.Afew examples are refraining from killing, stealing, lying orusingharsh speech. On the other hand, one is encouraged to activelyworkfor the benefit of others; for example, supporting life,speakingthe truth or using pleasant and respectful speech. Thistoolenables you to keep your ethics and morality on the level ofyourdaily actions – these little deeds are the ones which transformourlives into blessing. The spiritual development is based ontheselittle, specific deeds. Simply watching yourself mindfully,youtransform. Your mind changes completely and then so does yourwholeworld. BookApp will help you with this important task youhavetaken upon yourself. Various packages of commitments orethicalcodes relevant to your practice Reminders when it is timetocontemplate on a commitment. Times of reminders can be set byuser.A user-friendly interface which allows you to writeyourselfpositive and negative feedbacks as well as decide on asmall act toimprove or correct yourself. Visual indication of thestatus ofyour performance of these acts of improvement. The optionofHistory, which allows you to visit past pages and updateyourstatus of performance. Additional features: The app changesyourcommitments daily so that you get to review them allcyclically.Your privacy is maintained. Your information is kept onyour devicesolely; it is not shared with others nor saved in aplaceaccessible to others. Bookapp is the tool to keep track ofourminds, to cultivate mindfulness so we can improve wherenecessary.For questions or any other information required, pleasecontact usat
Train Your Brain 1.21.5
Grove FX
These small games will help you to improve concentrationofattention, focus thoughts on a specific item, pay more attentiontodetail, train spatial thinking and improve your mental skillsatall. Train your brain and improve your cognitive skill withus!Fornow application contains 7 brain training games: 'Colors' -improvefocus speed and attentiveness. 'Numbers' - improveattentivenessand memory. 'Anagrams' - improve focus speed andattentiveness.'Fly' - improve focus and train attentiveness.'Rotation' - trainspatial thinking. 'Rotation+' - train spatialthinking and improvememory. 'Schulte Table' train speed reading,peripheral vision,attention and visual perceptionOther games willbe added soon.
Mind power in Hindi 1.13
My Creation
Human mind is a very popular topic for all in theworld.Psychologist and scientist have done various kind of researchonthat and many amazing results are got by them which is helpfultochange human life. This app covered mind power or man kishaktirelated many topics and many therapy in simple hindi languagewhichcan be changed human life for better style. In thisapplicationbelow topics are covered. - What is mind. - Man keprakar. -Conscious mind ke karyo. - Subconscious mind ke karyo.-Development of mind power. - Man ki visheshtae. - Mind or soul.-Chetan aur avchetan mn ka sthan. - Different names of. -mindDifferent states of mind. - Alfa avstha ka important. -Programmingof mind. - Exercise of mind, Visualization, Meditation,Relaxation.- Low of attraction,Telepathy. - Yadshakti. - Trikalgyan. - IQ,SQ, EQ. - Antratma ki aavaj. - Healing power and paincontrol. -Ichha mrutyu. - Mental clock and mental calendar. -creativevisualization technique, - SQ, IQ, EQ, - SMART Goal, -telipathi, -low of attraction - Memory power - yaadshkti ke prakar- how toimprove memory (yaadshkti kese badhae uska solution.) -yaadshktiko kam krnevale memory blocks. - Mind test and Mind poweraudio toimprove knowledge. Exercise: - User can create their owngoal chartand work on that. - User can create their own incomechart and workon that. - Positive status for motivation. -Transformative wordswhich can be help to change life. - Selfpositive affirmation -Daily regular practice to change life usingmind power. To makeGoal chart and income chart user have to allowpermission to accessphotos, media and file from device. Thisapplication has variousgreat features as like Systematicallydescription, Mind related,All subjects are covered, Freeapplication, To support all devices,etc. Download this Mind powerin hindi (मन की शक्ति) application toget superb knowledge andchange your life...
NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games 3.4.70
🏆 Awarded with the Google 'Best Apps' prize! 🏆 WithNeuroNationpersonalized brain training, you elevate your brain dayby day.Whether it's weaker memory, dwindling concentration orthinking tooslowly - only 15 minutes of training a day can makeproblemsdisappear and give your brain new momentum. Join theworldwidecommunity of over 15 million members and treat yourself toa pieceof science - right in your pocket. Why doing brain trainingwithNeuronation? - OUTSTANDING EFFECTIVENESS: NeuroNation'sbraintraining has been awarded the AOK Leonardo Health Prize forDigitalPrevention sponsored by the German Federal Ministry ofHealth. -DIFFERENT EFFECTS: Various studies have repeatedly proventhis:With brain training, you can improve your memory, noticeablyreducestress and the resulting risk of depression, increase yourthinkingspeed and concentration and even reduce the risk ofdementia by upto 48%. - PERSONALIZATION: NeuroNation performs acomprehensiveanalysis of your strengths and potentials and createsa personaltraining plan for you that exactly meets your needs. -CHANGE ANDBALANCE: With 17 exercises on 250 levels you get a variedandmotivating training for a balanced promotion of your brain.-SCIENTIFIC BASIS: In a study conducted by NeuroNation togetherwiththe Department of General Psychology at Freie UniversitätBerlin,the effectiveness of NeuroNation memory training was proven.-DETAILED PROGRESS ANALYSIS: Thanks to many years of experienceandmany millions of users, we can give you the opportunity tofollowyour progress closely and interpret it correctly according toyourcomparison group. - FUN AND MOTIVATION: Get together withfriends,compare your results, train for a race and blast the oldboundariesof your brain together. - AND MUCH MORE: Already15,000,000 membersworldwide train your brain with NeuroNation. Joinour community andconvince yourself of the brain training of thelatest generation.NEURONATION PREMIUM - Comprehensive trainingprogram with 17motivating exercises and many more to come - Fullpersonalizationaccording to your wishes, strengths and potentials -Regularpublication of new exercises and courses - Comprehensivecustomersupport and quick help with questions Download the app nowand stayfit - for the rest of your life! VISIT US:www.neuronation.comFOLLOW US: BE
Mahindra With You Hamesha 6.6.15
The improved "With You Hamesha" app provides a classleadingfeatures & privileges to Mahindra owners. Customers canget theadvantages of these features in our websitewww.withyouhamesha.comas well. My Dashboard: Begin your With YouHamesha Journey here.This section features all the servicing needsfor your vehicle suchas Total Service Cost till date, SettingReminders, Adding Vehiclesand Dynamic updates on the Journey Road.Mahindra Network: You canfind about our showrooms and servicecenters nearest to you usingthis feature. Schedule ServiceAppointment: Just key in the servicedetails, select a convenienttime, and get a confirmed serviceappointment. Just like booking amovie ticket! You can also checkyour Service Transactions Historywhile booking the service. E-JobDescription card: Here, you cangive specific instructions to theservice center by simply typingthem in. Cost Calculator: WhileBooking services the Service costestimator will bring in thetransparency as it provides theestimated cost for parts and labourfor the scheduled services.Service Progress Tracking and Payment:Easily track the progress ofyour service Online with regularupdates on Dashboard and SMS onregistered mobile number. ExtendedWarranty: With You Hamesha alsoenables you to purchase ExtendedWarranty “Shield” for your vehicleonline at the comfort of yourhome. Feedback: Give rating to theservice advisers who haveattended their vehicle at the workshop.
Cricbuzz - In Indian Languages 3.1
Cricbuzz, the No. 1 Cricket App on Google Play, now bringsCricketin Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali. Theappprovides ball-by-ball coverage of all international cricketmatches(Test, ODI and T20), Indian Premier League (IPL), ICCCricket WorldCup, Champions League T20, Big Bash and other majordomestictournaments from across the globe in regional languages.TopFeatures: - Live cricket scores and ball by ball updates thathelpsyou stay close to the action. - Squads, Playing XI, Umpires,Venues- all the information you need about ongoing matches. -Upcomingmatches - what's up for tomorrow, next week, next month? -Resultsof recent matches - in case you want to look at thescorecard of agame that you recently missed. - Player profiles -Cricket is allabout the players - runs, wickets and everythingelse. ImportantNote: - Some handsets do not support certainregional languages.So, if you are not able to find any of the abovementionedlanguages in the list, it is a device specific issue. -For theComplete Cricket App in English (which includes ball byballcommentary, news, photos, rankings, archives and muchmore)download this version of the Cricbuzz Apphere:
STD 10 14
Gujarat Board exam Subject based MCQ Test all subjectincludingSocial Science MCQ, Science and Technology MCQ Test,Sanskrit MCQTest, Hindi MCQ Test, Gujarati MCQ, Computer SubjectMCQ Test andMathematics MCQ Test. Results: In this section you cancheck yourGujarat Board GSEB SSC Result. Books: GSEB Gujarat Boardallsubject book you can read online as well as you can alsodownloadit in PDF file format. GSEB Gujarat Board all subject oldquestionpaper with solutions are added.
Mind Power Secrets - Powerful Affirmations 3.0
DeepMind Lab
Affirmation is very useful for Life Success, Money Mastery,WeightLoss, Personal Growth, Confidence, Social Skills, Health,BrainTraining, Dreaming, Metaphysical, Creativity,Business,Professions, Sports, Extreme Sports, Poker, Scuba Diving,Fitnessand Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Learning Languages,LearningMusical Instruments, Phobia Elimination, Addictions,Relationships,Success with Women, Success with Men, SexualEnhancement, etc. Whatis affirmation and why it is so powerful?Affirmation is simply aprocess of thinking, listening, saying orwriting a statement toyourself or other people repeatedly. Forexample, when you wake upevery morning, you may affirm by sayingaloud “Today is a greatday!” It will have great impact to the restof your day. Trust me!Before I explain to you the power ofaffirmation, I think it’simportant that you understand the power ofbelief. How many timeshave you heard people saying “if you believeyou can, you can”?Perhaps one of the great truths in life is thatyour belief createsyour reality. In other words, your reality isgenerally areflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.That’s why ifyou believe you can, you can. By the way, what is abelief? Abelief is simply a thought that is accepted by yoursubconsciousmind. Actually not all thoughts are turned intorealities. Onlythoughts that are believed by the subconscious mindare turned intorealities. The reason why belief turns into realityis because ofthe Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features:- Offlineapp, without internet access - Quick and easy navigation -Userfriendly interface - Affirmation Categories - PresentTenseAffirmations - Future Tense Affirmations - NaturalAffirmationsPlease review and rate our app, I hope you'll give usfive stars.Thank you :) Follow us onInstagram:
네이버 웹툰 - Naver Webtoon
Check out new webtoons everyday on NAVER Webtoons! All webtoonsaresorted by view count, update or title, so you can easily findtheone you're looking for. Use your reading history under the menustocontinue reading from the last page you read, or '48-HourTemporarySave' to enjoy webtoons offline. You can also use'Notifications'to get notified as soon as your favorite webtoonsare updated. Ifyou have any questions or problems while using theapp, please feelfree to leave your inquiry on NAVER WebtoonsCustomer Center ( ) or Settings > NAVERWebtoons CustomerCenter on your app.
PureTunes - Free Floating Youtube Music Videos 5.2.101
Pure Music
Pure Tunes - Floating Youtube Video Player gives you access toallof YouTube music videos and lets you play them in a handyFloatingpopup for a multitasking music listening experience. Youfinallyhave a free YouTube player that lets you check your newsfeedoranswer your messages while watching your favorite videos!CONTENTFROM YOUTUBE - Browse the daily Top Charts songs base yourcountry!- Access 100+ music genres: Electronic, Soul, Hip-Hop,Reggae,Rhythm & blues, Disco, Jazz and more - Search amongmillions ofYouTube music videos for free: Smart search withsuggestions -Access in a click a tab dedicated to your music wtihvideos you'verecently watched and liked FLOATING POPUP VIDEO PLAYER- YouTubemusic player: watch your videos in full screen or use thefloatingpopup for multitasking - Move the floating popup playerwhereveryou want on the screen - Switch between DARK or LIGHT mode.FEATURE* Search videos * Display general information about a video* WatchYouTube videos * Listen to YouTube videos (experimental) *Popupmode (floating player) * Select the streaming player to watchthevideo with * Show Next videos * Display general informationaboutchannels * Search channels * Watch videos from a channelIMPORTANTNOTE Pure Tunes is a third party app. All the content isprovidedby YouTube services. Therefore Stream does not have directcontrolover the content displayed. Please use the following link toreportany content that may infringecopyrights: This player is nota musicdownloader. An internet connection is required (wifi orcellulardata) According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are notallowed todisplay videos when in lock screen, nor to enable you todownloadyour songs. Thank you and best regard!
Miss You Photo Frame 1.2
Golden Heavan
Miss You Photo Frames App very special make your imagesmemorablewith this application. Lots of people search differenttypes ofquotes, image like I miss you, I hurt you, feelings,missing you,feel forever, love feelings, always miss you, miss youdear etc.,These Miss You photo frames are ideal to show yourunforgettablememories. Introduce to the new memorable photo editorapp “Miss YouPhoto Frames” FREE Download. Miss You Photo Frames Appvery specialmake your images memorable with this application. Lotsof peoplesearch different types of quotes, image like I miss you, Ihurtyou, feelings, missing you, feel forever, love feelings,alwaysmiss you, miss you dear etc., Do you miss your beloved onesandremember memories by gazing at old photographs? Sometimesdistancescome in relationships due to tiffs or living apart. Whenwe missour beloved ones we feel so gloomy and look a reason to getback intouch. Couple Miss You Photo Frame application comprises ofmanybeautiful photos. Miss You Photo Frames App very special makeyourimages memorable with this application. Edit your creativeswithMiss You photo frame. How you let someone see you miss themandcare for them? Sending SMS or giving a phone call is thefrequentcourse of action people do. Miss You Photo Frameapplicationcomprises of many beautiful photos. Your pictures andMake yourimages memorable with this application, This app includeverylovely and romantic feel miss you photo frames HD qualityprovided.Are you miss you girl friend or partner? Don't upset readyto usethis Miss You Photo Frames free select and decorate yourfavoritephotographs. Latest lovely most romantic memorable photoeditor app"Miss You Photo Frames FREE" Download Miss You photoframe willmake your photos more effective. Edit your creativitieswith MissYou photo frame. These Miss You photo frames are ideal toshow yourunforgettable memories Enhance your photos in the bestpossible wayby using this Miss You Photo Frame that will help youbecome aprofessional very easily and very quickly. Let select theMiss Youphoto frame you like best. Then, add your photos fromgallery. Youcan move, zoom, flip, mirror, rotate the photo and addlovelystickers and Text Style. Lots of people search differenttypes ofquotes, image like I miss you, I hurt you, feelings,missing you,feel forever, love feelings, always miss you, miss youdear etc.,This Miss You Photo Frames app very helpful for loversshare yourfeeling with this photo frames with miss you quotes frameapp toyour someone special. Miss Photo Frames New HD Free Download.MissYou Photo Frames App very special make your images memorablewiththis application. Miss You Love photo frame will make yourphotosmore effective. Edit your creativities with Miss You photoframe.Miss u photo frames enables you to express how much you missyourloved ones using some stunning photo frames and photo effects.Whenwe miss our beloved ones we feel so gloomy and look a reason togetback in touch. Some Cool App Feature of Miss You Photo Frames ::*Select a photo from the gallery or take photos using camera.*Multiple stylish Miss You Frames for any picture. * Selectmaskableshape for your photos. we give you different maskableshape. * Addmultiple photo shape to your images. * Adjust position,size, angleof your photo by just finger gestures. * Add cool andstylish fontto your final Miss You Frame. * Also add awesome emojiand stickerto Miss You Frame to look like stunning. * Save yourimage to SDcard or app gallery. * Share your creations via anyother socialnetworks. * Just easy to use.
Panduan Solat Jamak Qasar 1.0
Solat jamak ialah mengumpulkan dua solat dalam satu waktu,contohnyamengumpulkan waktu zohor kepada asar atau asar kepadazohor, maghribkepada isyak atau isyak kepada maghrib. Manakalasolat qasar ialahmemendekkan solat daripada 4 rakaat menjadi 2rakaat. Solat yangboleh dipendekkan menjadi 2 rakaat ialah solatzuhur, asar danisyak. Solat jamak atau solat qasar diharuskankepada sesiapa yangmusafir lebih dari 2 marhalah (60 batu) ataulebih 90 KM. Applikasiini menyediakan panduan dan caramelaksanakan solat jamak dan qasar
MentalUP – Brain Games 4.6.0
MentalUP – Brain Games offers scientific and entertaining gamesforchildren. Develop your child’s cognitive abilities andintelligencewith fun brain teasers! 🧠🕹📈 Join the world's largestbrain trainingapp for kids with 100+ brain exercises that challenge5 corecognitive learning skills. It takes just 15 minutes a daytoincrease your child’s skills with MentalUP’s mind games!ADVANTAGESOF BRAIN GAMES FOR KIDS Regularly solving MentalUP BrainTeaserswill: ✔ Improve attention ✔ Strengthen focus andconcentration ✔Improve memory and learning ability ✔ Build upvisual andlinguistic skills ✔ Develop problem-solving and logicskillsMentalUP Brain Games for Kids helps to increase yourchild’sintelligence and maximise their cognitive performance. 🚀Most Lovede-Learning & Award-Winning Homeschooling App! Lookingfor freeways to engage your children with distance learningorhomeschooling? Here is the best way to do it: MentalUP-Educational Games! MentalUP has many resources to helponlinehomeschooling, distance education, and eLearning. Because allofthe brain exercises are designed in the form of games,thereforechildren do not see MentalUP as an additionalresponsibility,anything but they find it fun and enjoy playing.Distance LearningContinues with Fun Brain Exercises! Distanceeducation has neverbeen this fun and educational for children 4-13years old! There isno need for detailed customization settingswhich takes a long time🎚Just download and ready to go! ✔️ Exercisesbegin with thesimplest level for each new user in MentalUP. Justlike an onlineschool, it getting more and more difficult when usersachieve ahigher level. This is why over the 5 million families andteachersuse it as the #1 best e-Learning app. As well ashigh-qualityeLearning exercises, MentalUP helps children to developtheirthinking and learning skills and contribute to theiracademicsuccess. These entertaining games to improve yourattention,memory, logic, visual and verbal skills move distancelearning towherever you are. KEY FEATURES OF MENTALUP CHILDRENGAMES 🎮Gamified, Scientific & Educational Brain Games:Challenge yourchild with 60+ fun brain exercises developed byscientists and gamedesigners. 💪 Personalised Daily Workouts:Automatically generated20-minute daily workout to fulfil yourchild’s learning needs. Playlogic games, learning games, puzzlegames, and many more! 📊Advanced Performance Reports: Track yourchild’s mental developmentand compare their performance with theirpeer group. SCIENTIFIC,ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL GAMES FOR KIDSEach game will becomeprogressively more challenging in order toimprove your child’smental skills and increase their intelligence.Children whoregularly solve brain teasers will develop analyticalthinkingskills and increase their chances of academic success.Educationalgames are one of the most fun ways to improve mentaldevelopment,as well as treat ADHD. Brain games for kids arefrequently used inschools. ARE YOU READY TO TEST & IMPROVE YOURCHILD’SINTELLIGENCE WITH BRAIN GAMES? Take MentalUP’s intelligencetest toidentify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. WHO ARE WE?We’re ateam of game designers, academicians and scientists whohelpchildren boost their brain power usingscientifically-backedresearch. Get ready to have fun on MentalUP! 😉CONTACT Visit us Contact us -
Rave – Videos with Friends 4.0
Rave Inc.
Everything is more fun with friends. Whether it's the latestNetflixshow, or the hottest music video on YouTube, sync up withRave andnever watch alone again. - BINGE Netflix together withfriends -WATCH videos and listen to music with people from aroundthe world -ENJOY YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, and more - UPLOAD yourvideos toDropbox and Google Drive for global movie nights -CONNECT withfriends by texting or talking while you watch - SYNCyour phonesinto an instant speaker system - JOIN friends onAndroid, otherphones, and even in virtual reality - CREATE yourown mashups bymixing music with RaveDJ FOLLOW US Stay up-to-datewith our latestupdates and don’t miss the best mashups! Instagram:GetRaveAppFacebook: GetRave Twitter: @GetRaveApp CONTACT US If youhave anyquestions, suggestions or just want to say hi, reach or
JW Caleb y Sofia 1.0
Accede fácilmente a la web JW.ORG a la sección de niños y alosvídeos de Caleb y Sofia desde tu móvil o tablet.Como concualquiernavegador web es necesaria la conexión a Internet.Easilyaccess theweb JW.ORG to the children's section and videos of Caleband Sofiaon your phone or tablet.As with any web browser Internetconnectionis required.
Viral Booster 1.37
elysian apps
What Viral Booster do❓ Viral Booster is made to easily makeyourUTube video a viral video. Its very hard for new UTube videosto beranked up in UTube searches & suggestions. With ViralBoosteryour UTube video will get the boost it needs to become aviralvideo😀. How to make my video go viral ❓ To reach to potentialuserand get viral views follow these steps👇 💠Install Viral Boosterandget bonus 1 view points 💠Search your video or channel fromsearchbox and share it to Viral Booster. 💠‎Our app community willwatchyour videos and make them viral video. 💠You have to watchother'svideo for atleast 60 sec to earn view points. Features:⭐only realviews, no bots ⭐easy to use interface ⭐‎you watch othersvideo& people will watch yours ⭐earn view points by watchingvideosWhat is view points❓ Views points is the number of points youhaveearned by watching videos in Viral Booster. What is the use ofviewpoints❓ If someone watches your video using Viral Booster yourviewpoints decreases by one per view. Our community users will onlybeable to watch your video if you have enough view points. Howmyvideo get real views ❓ When other users watch your ViralBoostervideo your video will get views. Please Note: Viral Boosteris a3rd party app. An internet connection is required (wifi orcellulardata) And also note that we don't sell views as it isagainst UTubepolicy. We only provide a platform to get your videocontentrecognized by real users and make it viral.
Tube Manager 2.5.0
Tube Manager is a powerful application that helps user easytomanage and promote channel. This application includesfollowingfeatures: ★★★★FREE VERSION ★ Manage channel ★ Managesubscribers ★Observe all channel information: view, subscribe,like, dislike,registered date, total uploaded videos, long uploadedstatus,community guidelines, copyright strikes, contentId Claims...★Observe video information: view, like,dislike,comment,uploadedstatus, thumbnail status, privacystatus.... ★ Edit video info :title, description, privacystatus,tags,thumbnail.... ★ Observe andreply comment quickly ★Observe and edit playlist information ★Optimize video tags ★ Viralchannel and video to every one ★Research trending video in manycountries in the world (free in Proversion) ★ Find similar key wordfor Tags (free in Pro version)Tube Manager, the perfect supportapplication for manage channelFollow us to get latestnews Please feel freetocontact us by email at
Sub4Sub Pro - View4View - Get Free Views For Video 6.0
Sub4Sub Pro - View4View is best platform to get views foryourvideo. Sub4Sub Pro - View4View creates a community for peopletointroduce their own channels and videos to everyone all overtheworld. Users can watch the videos they like, subscribestheimpressive channels easily, so the channels and videos arespreadquickly. ★★★★How to make your video grow up ? To reach topotentialuser and get views/subscriber follow these steps: ★Searchyourvideo or channel from search box and share it to otherpeople.★Other people in the world will watch your videos, subscribeyourchannel and make them viral. ★You have to watch other's videoforat least 60 sec to earn points. ★You have to subscribeother'schannel to earn points. ★★★★Features: ★Only real views★Randomizedtimer ★You watch others video & people will watchyours ★Yousubscribe other channel & people will subscribe yours★Earn andwin bonus points by watching videos and subscribe channel★See allpeople who subscribe your channel or view your video ★Easyto useinterface ★★★★Please Note: ★Sub4Sub Pro is a 3rd party app.It onlya platform to bring nice channels and video to other peoplein theworld. ★Sub4Sub Pro does NOT offer the ability to buy viewsorexchange subscriptions or likes, as these are all againstpolicy.People subscribe channels which they like and watch videoswhichthey feel interested in. Sub4Sub Pro - View4View, theperfectsupport application to get view for your video. Follow us togetlatest news Pleasefeelfree to contact us by email at
Free Music - Red Plus 1.89
You've been looking for it,  now it's here: An freewonderfulmusic player for YouTube! Red Plus lets you access to allofYouTube music videos and lets you play them in a floatingpopupwith an no stop any work experience. Search your favoritesongs,create your own playlists, and browse the daily Top Charts ofyourcountry! No need to download songs anymore, just hear onlinesongs,you finally have a free music player that let you check youremailor answer messages while watching your liked songs and videos!BTW:we can not to listen to your music in lockscreen in ordertorespect YouTube's Terms of Use. FLOATING PLAYER - music playerforYouTube : watch your videos in full screen or use thefloatingpopup for multitasking - Customize the size of the floatingpopupto your needs - Move the floating popup player wherever youwant onthe screen. PLAYLISTS  - Create your own playlists -Shareyour playlists and the music you love with your friends - Addsongsand manage your current queue easily YOUTUBE SONGS: -Searchmillions of YouTube music videos for free: smart searchwithsuggestions - Browse the daily Top Charts musics: USA,Brazil,...choose your Top! - Access in a click a tab dedicated toyourmusic wtih videos you've recently watched and liked BETAFEATURES -Battery Saver player: reduces the brightness to save yourbatteryYOUR NOTE: Red Plus is a third app. All the content isprovided byYouTube services. Therefore Red Plus does not havedirect controlover the content displayed. Please use the followinglink to reportany content that may infringecopyrights: Red Plus is not amusicdownloader, An internet connection is required (wifi orcellulardata) According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are notallowed toplay any song when in lock screen and black screen, norto enableyou to download your songs. PERMISSIONS TIP: You will beasked toauthorize two accesses within the app: - Allow Red Plus tomodifythe brightness of your device (for Battery Saver) - Enablethefloating popup player
SGETHER - Live Streaming 3.6.1
SGR Soft
Communicate with more than one million global users through thelivebroadcasting of the SGETHER. * Live streaming andsimultaneoustransmission are available on YouTube and Twitch. * Thereceivedcandies can be exchanged for cash. SGETHER can broadcastthe phonescreen as is. Enjoy various games with viewers and shareyour dailylife through broadcasting !! ▶ Game play is beingbroadcast in realtime!! - Live streaming is available in YouTubeand Twitch. -'Subscription', 'Like' and 'Super Chat' are connected.- Grow yourchannel and become a popular streamer. - All genresincluding RPG,FPS and strategy simulation can be broadcast. - Youcan broadcastviewer participation, survival contents related toBATTLEGROUNDS(PUBG), OVERWATCH, LEAGE of LEGENDS (LOL), MINECRAFT.▶ Supportyour favorite streamers. - You can support your favoritestreamerswith candy. - TTS, voice and video support are alsoavailable. -External platform support is also possible throughoverlay websource. ▶ Daily life sharing through timeline and follow- Followpopular gamers and share the daily lives. - You'll benotified whenyour favorite's broadcasting begins. Do not miss it! ▶Radio orcamera broadcasting YouTube and Twitch can besimultaneouslybroadcast and multi-communication is possible. ▶ Youcan enjoy itwith PCs. Connect to and enjoy acool video onthe big screen. * Sponsor &
How to control your Mind? 1.0.3
How to control your Mind? - English texture with Hindi videobySandeep MaheshwariWe are all addicted to seeing things acertainway; doing things the way we have always done them. We aresoaddicted that we sincerely believe that our way is the onlyway.However, when we learn to control our mind and master ourthinking,then we have the power and freedom to change ourlivesprofoundly.Instincts are what drive the mind. So conditionedare weby the Mind that we are used to seeing things in a certainway; dothings the way we have always done. However, when we learntocontrol our mind and master our thinking, it is only then wehavethe power and freedom to change our lives profoundly.Ever sincethevideo How to control your Mind? by Sandeep Maheshwari went liveonYouTube, countless people reported significant transformationintheir lives. The requests started pouring in and the videowastranslated into this E-Book for more and more to benefitfromit.How to control your Mind? book is the crux of a dialoguebetweenSandeep Maheshwari and the audience. The dialogue mainlypoints outthe differences between the dual levels of existence. TheMind andthe Intellect. It outlines how the Intellect can be used todirectthe Mind in the right direction. While giving you acompletedemonstration punctuated with real life relatable examplesof howto control the Mind, the narrator also spotlights the truelevel ofexistence and unveils the infinite amidst thefiniteworld.DISCLAIMER: How to control your Mind? app & present the content on the "asis"basis in an organized manner.If anyone finds thisappharmful/inappropriate in any way, please contact us directlyorsend a request/suggestion to the developers clearly definingthecause.The sole purpose of How to control your Mind? app istoinspire, motivate and educate the viewers.Watch hisinspirationalvideos at you SandeepMaheshwarisir.
Mind Games (Challenging brain games) 0.8.1
AK Games
Mind Games is a free collection of hardest and challengingpuzzles.The game contains the most complex and interesting tasksrebusesand puzzles for training your brain. Challenges for logicmathattention. The set includes the 17 hardest puzzles, ofvaryingdegrees of difficulty and more than 200 levels. In MindGames youwill meet: Fifteen ( 15th Game) Coins Dependence (Game onattentionbrain training and logic) Puzzles with Chess and CheckersInfectionGame (Atrax) Brain game of honeycomb Variations of Rubik'sCubeChinese Checkers Blocks and jigsaw Magic Square from DominoSudoku- Dice Squares and Packer Tangoes logic game Q-Game - veryharddifficult but interesting logic puzzle NIM game MarblespuzzleSimple non-annoying interface, Not overloaded graphics Thegamewill definitely interest both children and adolescents, as wellasolder users. As I have already noted, the game is a setofinteresting puzzles. Some of them are known to each of ussincechildhood - these are the variants of the game reversi,chessproblems, tag. And some are an improved combination of twogames,as, for example, in the case of sudoku. Each puzzle hasseverallevels. Some levels differ from each other only in degreeofdifficulty. And some - set for the player task.
All in one Social Media app-Social Networking App 15.0
All in one Social Media -Facebook,Instagram,Youtube,TwitterSocialmedia app is a complete solution for hassle-free browsing.Areyoutired of switching apps like changing to Facebook and thencomingback to Instagram or twitter again or you can’t useyoutubesimultaneously!If yes,then now you can use all four apps inasingle app without changing multiple apps using All in oneSocialMedia -Facebook,Instagram,Youtube,Twitter ,Social media app .Youcan listen to songs on youtube and at the same time, you canuseFacebook ,Instagram and tweet on twitter .Browse yourfavouritesocial sites like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Youtubein justone place. Without hassle just swipe and browse the sitesyou wantto. Hear the songs and watch the videos directly from theyoutubeand simultaneously browse through Facebook ,TwitterandInstagram.One perfect solution for all social problems i.e Allinone Social Media -Fb,Insta,Youtube,Twitter.All in oneSocialMedia-Fb,Insta,Youtube,Twitter app acts like a social hubandsocial manager ,just one click and get connected tosocialmedia.Why to install 4 different apps for facebook,instagramandtwitter,when you can do it all in one single app i.e All inoneSocial Media app-Facebook,Insta,Youtube,Twitter Connectivity oftheapp is fast like a fox.No bloats,simple smooth browsing ,connecttothe favorite sites,tweet ,message on fb andtwitter.Follow,unfollow on instagram,watch videos oninstagram,twitter andfacebook.Benefits-1.Consumes lessmemory.2.Size - just 2mb.3.Fast4.Interactive interface.5.Swipe tobrowse.6.Singlesolution for all 4 facebook,Instagram,Youtube andtwitter -All inone Social Media -Fb,Insta,Youtube,Twitter7.GofullscreenSave lotsof space by using All in one Social Mediaapp.All in one SocialMedia-Fb,Insta,Youtube,Twitter acts as aderivative for big appslike facebook,twitter and Instagram.Yourtrue friend for all socialneeds.All in one SocialMedia-Fb,Insta,Youtube,Twitter is alwaysopen for suggestions.Werespect your opinion and crave for yourfeedback.We hope to reach atthe top of the leaderboard and becomean editors' choice.We are afamily of five thousand plus and aregoing fast. We don't save yourdata or passwords.All your data istransferred to the respectivesites only,we don't have any accessto your credentials.Social Mediamade easy.Follow the social trendeasily by installing All in onesocial media app for usingFacebook,Instagram,Twitter and Youtube.Follow people onInstagram,Tweet on Twitter ,share and like posts onFacebook andlisten to top and trending music on Youtube.Recommendyour friends,share and rate it.More and more updates will beprovided soon.Wehave tried our best to give you a goodexperience,in case of anyerror or problem mail us at the developermail.chasing theleaderboard for the editors' choice.
Do You Know Da Wae 2.0
This soundboard from Supreme Soundboards takes you straight intotheUgandan Knuckles village itself. Do you know the way?.. I thinkyouknow the way. Cluck cluck cluck.The Ugandan Knuckles arepeacefuluntil you insult their Queen so watch out.If you like it Ihope youfind da wae to the 5 star review button ;)Will you find dawae!?Findthe way or the Ugandan Knuckles will spit on you!
Live YouTube Subscriber Count 1.11
This app lets you view a YouTube channel's subscriber countinreal-time. The subscriber count in the YouTube website is notinreal time (updated about once an hour), but this app can helpyouview it in real time. When viewing the live subs count,otherstatistics will also be shown such as total channel views,totalcomments in the channel's discussion tab, and also totalvideosuploaded in the channel. *** FEATURES *** Live subscribercountThis is the app's main mission, it allows you to view aYouTubechannel's subscriber count in real-time close to per second.Thecount is accurate because it is taken directly fromGoogle'sservice, while the count on YouTube website does not updatein realtime (refreshes about every hour). Discover your favoritechannelsYou can find the channel by searching using keywords orfull titleof the channel. or If you are a new YouTuber with lowviews, youmight find it hard to find your channel by searching.Fear not, youcan simply sign in with your YouTube/Google account inthis app tofind your channel. or If you have the link to a YouTubechannel,you can select the link and share it to this app. FavoritechannelsFavorite a channel for easy access in the future. Favoritechannelswill be shown on the main page after the app is opened.Portraitand landscape screen mode supported When viewing the livecount,you can rotate your phone/tablet screen. The layout willadaptautomatically with the screen orientation. Widget Viewsubscribercount of your favorite channel on your Android homescreen. ____Tap "Send Feedback" from the app's menu or email medirectly torequest a new feature or report problems/bugs.
YouTube Studio
Google LLC
The official YouTube Studio app makes it faster and easier tomanageyour YouTube channels on the go. Check out your lateststats,respond to comments, upload custom video thumbnail images,schedulevideos, and get notifications so you can stay connectedandproductive from anywhere. FEATURES: * Monitor channel andvideoperformance with easy-to-use analytics * Filter and respondtocomments * Get notifications when something important happens*Update video details including thumbnail images,monetizationsettings, and schedule dates * Manage playlistsPERMISSIONS NOTICE:* Contacts (Get Accounts): Needed to allow youto log in to youraccount * Storage: Needed to allow you to storeyour videothumbnail images.
Regram Posts - Repost for Instagram 2.6.8
Helping you repost photos or videos with keeping the crediteasy.Feature + Repost photos and videos with watermark (the credit)orno watermark. + Supporting repost with the caption How To Use1.Open the Instagram app (click the icon in the action bar toopenquickly) 2. Click three dots icon and click Copy Link orShareto...(Share Link) for the shortcut "Repost for Instagram" intheshare panel 3. Return the app start reposting Recommend Youshouldkeep credit original content creators when reposting torespect therights of the Instagram users that you have theirpermissions touse their photo/video. Disclaimer: 1. This app is notaffiliatedwith Instagram. 2. Any unauthorized action or repost ofphoto/videoand/or violations of Intellectual property rights arethe soleresponsibility of the user. 3. Respect the rights ofInstagramusers. While using the app if you have any bugs pleasereview theapp or feedback to me. Thank you so much! Free icon playfrom Communicate withme: Supporttranslating betaversion
Mindly (mind mapping) 1.16
Mindly helps to organize your inner universe. Give a structuretoyour thoughts, capture ideas, plan a speech, take notes. It isupto you. The universe is yours. Try it for: • Thought structuring•Idea collection • Brainstorming • Planning a project • Preparingaspeech • Preparing for a meeting • Writing a quick summary Ifyouare a visual person (like us) you will love the way Mindlyworks.Mindly eliminates all unnecessary clutter and helps you tofocus onyour ideas, thoughts and concepts. FUNCTIONALITY oInfinitehierarchy of elements o Attach notes, image or icon to anyelemento Color schemes for elements o Visual clipboard forreorganizingcontent o Export as mindmap (PDF/OPML/Text) o Dropboxsync oPasscode LIMITS In-App purchase will remove the limit on thenumberof elements that you can manage. Full version has the widestrangeof export options and more features (Search / Passcode).NOTEPlease report any issues to so we canreplyand help.
याद शायरी - Yaad Shayari Hindi, Yaad Status Hindi 8.0
Welcome to our great Hindi Yaad Shayari App . App is free,offlineand ready with Latest Collection of Hindi shayari , This appwillalso help you to add favourite shayari for future references.Oneof the best Shayari App of All time. This app containslargestcollection of Yaad hindi Shayari, Hindi Shayari Yaad, MissYouShayari and Sad Shayari.
Would You Rather? 2.1.2
Would You Rather is a simple trivia casual game where you needtochoose would you rather scenario 1 or scenario 2. You can alsoaddyour own would you rather questions. Every would yourather(either) question have it's own question number that you cansharewith others and they can enter it and play that question andseewould they rather smash or pass scenario 1 or scenario 2. WouldYouRather is completely free to play and can be played by youngandadult. You can play it alone or with your friends at houseorparty. Just pick would you rather this or that scenario andseewhich scenario is higher and which scenario is lower voted.Foreach either question you can see how other people voted, howmanymen, woman and other would rather scenario 1 and how manymen,woman and other would rather scenario 2. You can also playGuesspercentage, Guess answer and Guess popular games withotherplayers. In Guess percentage game you need to guess whatpercentageof people voted for selected option. In Guess answer gameyou needto select your answer and then guess opponents answer. InGuesspopular game you need to guess which option has more votes.Whoeverguesses correctly more questions wins. Win more games andclimb uptop list. Enjoy in best Would You Rather game!
Music Tube 1.4.0
Horizon. Team
Wellcome to Music Tube +. MusicTube Play all music and videoonYoutube via Youtube API player. +. Search video, playlist,channel.+. Playlist managerment. +. Manage youtube account andmanager youraccount. +. Support playing in background +. RepeatingandShuffling +. Share your favorite videos with your friendsviaFacebook, Twitter ,Gmail ... ------------------------Policy:--> YouTube logo (if any) is used for informationalpurposeonly. YouTube and YouTube Logo are trademarks and propertiesofGoogle Inc. YouTube logo are trademarks and properties ofGoogleInc. YouTube logo is used for informational purposes only.This appdoes not allow for downloading YouTube content.
Subscribers Counter 1.5.4
Luiz Santos
This app allows you to track, in real time, the amountofsubscribers of a Youtube channel. Using the app is verysimple.Just search by channel's name and select it from the list.Inaddition to the total number of subscribers, the number ofpostedvideos and total of views are also displayed. You canalsohighlight channels. The app also has a widget, which can beused totrack the subscribers of highlighted channel more easily.Thiswidget can be positioned on the smartphone's screen and itwillupdate the number of subscribers of the selected channel every30minutes. New Feature! Compare Channels! Now you cancomparechannels and follow the difference between the numberofsubscribers. You can use this feature to follow the warbetweenT-Series vs PewDiePie to know what is the most subscribedYouTubechannel. You can also compare your channel with others. Itisimportant to clarify that all the information used bytheapplication is public and made available by Youtube itself. Ihopethis app helps you grow your channel. Good luck!
Why You Always Lying Button 3.2
In Why You Always Lying Button are five meme sound effects thatyoucan switch by pressing the arrow right or left. When yourfriends,family or someone else is lying to you use this button toshowattitude for the lies that they had told. This applicationhasoption to play sound effects in shuffle order if you do notknowwhich one sound to use at a given time. Feature: • Qualitysoundeffects • Real button simulator • Legendary meme • Shuffleoption •Vibration option Why You Always Lying Button has beendesign to besimple. It's completely free to use anytime you want!
Floating Tube (Multitasking) 5.5.1
Watch youtube videos in floating mode so that can you canplayyoutube videos as well as youtube playlist out side the appinfloating mode. Floating Tube Player have the features aslistedbelow :- ✔ Play Video & Playlist ✔ Movable Video Player ✔Videocan be play when player is minimized ✔ Re-sizable Video Player✔Locking player on a screen ✔ How to use tutorial ✔ Free of cost⦿By selecting on playlist from the youtube it will directlyplaywhole playlist in player with out any interruption.And afteronevideo by tapping on your desired video from the player. No needtogo to the app again. ⦿ Video always play exactly in the front.⦿Video player can be re-sized using bottom right corner edge.Thereis a triangle with chessboard design and red-black color(tinyone). ⦿ Video player can be minimized and still can becontinueplaying.To minimize player click on center icon ofminimization. ⦿Video player can be maximized by single tap. ⦿Player can be lockif you don't wan't to move it anywhere else fromthe screen justsimply tap on the lock button. ⦿ After locking forcontinue movingplayer click on the unlock button. ⦿ If player willbe too smallerat the time of re-size it will be minimizeautomatically. ⦿ So thatsimply anytime video player, FloatingYouTube player. Easy to shareon whatsapp, facebook, twitter,instagram and many more. With itsnew premium look it looks best.
Thumbnail Maker 2.2
Want to create stunning thumbnails, channel arts and bannersforyour Youtube channel? It’s possible with our app! Design yourownyoutube thumbnail for FREE with Thumbnail Maker. You don’t needtopay up to hundreds of dollars to get the banner, channel artorthumbnail that you need anymore. You can make a thumbnaildesigneasily with Thumbnail Maker. We have provided everything youneedto get started. It only takes a few minutes to create yourownimages in a couple of easy steps and within a few minutes.Thereare so many things to do when you decide to launch a newyoutubevideo on your channel. Because a good thumbnail can make ahugedifference in views, so you will have to create an attractiveoneto let anyone click on your video and watch it. But, to createagood design, you will have to hire a designer and payhimexpensively to get great results. People can spend a lot ofmoneyand time to find a graphic designer to make a channel artorthumbnail and even then it might not work out as they expected.Youmight not like the result and need to find and hireanotherthumbnail designer. Time and money is precious in business.WithThumbnail Maker, you can save the time and money by creatingyourown thumbnails within a couple of minutes and with minimaleffort.We provide you with premium multicolor graphic designelements anda huge selection of awesome backgrounds and graphicelements. Wealso provide wide range of fonts to add more choiceswhen youpersonalize your banner. Thumbnail Maker is an ultimategraphicdesign app that everyone can use and the best thing is thatour appis Free and you can start using it without paying anything.Why youneed to download and install Thumbnail Maker on your deviceforFree instead of other thumbnail creators or graphic design apps?✓Straightforward and user friendly interface. Everyone can useourapp successfully to make a banner, channel art or thumbnail.Wehave done all the hard work to minimize your effort. ✓Wideselection of attractive designs to choose from as yourstartingpoint. We curate the best pictures to choose as your basedesign.These designs can be modified later on to create a uniqueandattractive thumbnail. ✓ Color panel to choose the color thatyouwant. There is many awesome and attractive colors that will letanyuser click on your video instantly! ✓ Variety of fonts foreverytype of businesse and video to personalize your thumbnail andwritesomething on it. ✓ Our banner maker app is Free and it willstayfree for life, so there’s no hidden fees, no specialmembershipsand no annual subscription fees. ✓ We developed a smartsavefunction. No more worrying about loosing your design, becauseyoucan save it and edit it anytime you want! ✓ Import your imagesoryour logo from the gallery of your smartphone easily and add ittoany design you want within a few seconds. ✓ Once youfinishcreating your channel art, banner or thumbnail, you can saveit onyour android smartphone or tablet and publish it anywhere youwant.You can create unlimited design with our app for Free! You canalsoearn money from our app by creating and selling bannersorthumbnails on other websites. So, even if you don’t own ayoutubechannel, you can start our app and use it to earn moneywithoutspending much money to buy expensive softwares. Are you ayoutuber?What are you waiting for? Download Thumbnail Maker now onyourandroid smartphone or tablet for Free and enjoy creatingchannelarts, banners and thumbnails within a few minutes.Disclaimer"Thumbnail Maker" is not affiliated with, endorsed,sponsored, orspecifically approved by YouTube and YouTube is notresponsible forit. This is NOT an official thumbnail maker forYouTube. Allreferences to "YouTube" are solely for the purpose ofidentifyingthe app for potential users. No trademark infringementis intended.