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"Memory" - Memory game
Berni Mobile
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with "Memory" ?Agreatgame to exercise your memory !GAME FEATURES- Match pairs ofcards-Different levels of difficulty- The grid adjustsautomatically toyour device- Colorful images of logos to be easilyrememberedAllLogos & brands shown or represented in this gameare copyrightand or trademark of their respective corporations.This trivia gameis for fun and knowledge.Please note company orevent logos areprotected by copyright and/or trademark registration.A free memorygame for kids and adults .Brain trainer . Pairs game. Free matchuppro . Brain & Puzzle game . memory kids apps,matching game
Memory Animal Kid
Memory Animal Kid Memory Animal Kid is the classic kid’s boardgame,a memory game to improve memory skills for kids. Playingthisanimals matching game with your kids will help them improvetheirrecognition while having fun. Kids memory game contains verycuteimages of animals as lion, cat, dog, elephant, etc., which areonmemory cards. Animals memory game is a game for children ofallages, babies, preschoolers, school children and teens. Both,boysand girls will love this game. <> Rule is simple: makingthesame couple of image to get point. To achieve the highestscore,match pairs of adorable image as quickly.Features of MemoryAnimalKid- Levels of difficulty to keep both kids and adultsentertained-Share your best score with friends- Cute graphic andsound- Easy toplay>> Thanks for awesomeimagesfrom:>> Pleasefollow uson fan page:
Animals memory game for kids
* Animals memory game for kids is the classic board game, whichhelpdevelop memory skills of children.* Playing this animalsmatchinggame with your kids will help them improve theirrecognition whilehaving fun.* Kids memory game contains very cuteimages of animalsas lion, cat, dog, elephant, etc., which are onmemory cards. *Animals memory game is a game for children of allages, babies,preschoolers, school children and teens. Both, boysand girls willlove this game.* It has been recently scientificallyproven thatregular mental and concentration exercise can greatlyimprove memoryof kids.How to play animals game for kids:For eachlevel, player isrequired to tap the square buttons and need tomemorize what isbehind it in order to match its couple. Playersare required tocomplete a level in minimum finger taps to matchallanimals.Features of animals memory games for kids:- Threedifferentlevels of game play: easy (2 x 3 puzzles), medium (3 x 4puzzles)& hard (4 x 5 puzzles)- Memory game developsrecognition,concentration and motor skills of kid- Matching gameshas cutesounds for kids- Colorful HD graphic designed fortoddlers- Soundsettings to adjust or even on/off game sounds andmusic- Visualmemory training- Matching game has highscore (paidfeature)-Vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable images ofanimals likewolf, tiger, lion, crocodile, fox, dog, cat, etc.- Ithelps kids torecognize and teach different animals- Matching gameis designed andstructured according to kid's mentality -Application may containsads to keep it free * Simple and intuitiveinterface which is easyto use and easy to play, specially designedfor children.* Animalsmemory games for kids is also optimized fortablets (provide HDpictures).* This free animals memory game forkids will keep yourchildren quiet and entertained in car, in arestaurant oreverywhere.Have fun to play with our matching game!
Memory match game
Match the same pair of images and test & improve yourmemorywith this game. Learn to memorise.Game features:- Match thesamepairs of images for 180 sec.- Different levels of difficulty.Fromeasiest to hardest.- Colorful images of objects to beeasilyremembered.It's a cool game and it's just what Youneeded.Thismatching game is a brain trainer, which can be playedany of yourspare time.★ Enjoy 25 different sets of full-color cardswithvarious themes: flags, fruits, toys & games, citylife,animals, holidays.★ Defy your friends. There is publicorsocial/friends leaderboard game.★ Play challenges withunlimitedlevels and memorize game style match the pairs, follow thesequenceand remember all the positions.★ Memory game is forchildren of allages, babies, preschoolers, school children, teensand for adults.★It develops memory, recognition and concentrationof childrenMemorygame will quickly train your kid’s memory.A freememory game forkids and adults. Card matching memory game.Regularmental andconcentration exercise can greatly improve yourphotographic shortterm memory.App contains only one single ad tokeep it free.
Funny Matching Pairs Game
Matching game is a great way to improve your retention,mnemonicskills like visual retention, mnemonic skills,concentration andcognitive skills! Matching game is free. The goalof Matching gamehelps you to be relaxed and train your memory byfinding (matching)and remembering the same icons.The game has 5categories and 4difficulty levels.Free memory game for adults pairsgame free memory gamefree brain game
Memory Game For Kids
Memory Game For Kids is one of the most extensiveintelligencedevelopment and visual memory improvement games. Matchhundreds ofthe images in different categories and develop yourintelligence,improve your memory. It is a classical board game ofour childhood.The image categories: * Cars * Princesses * Objects *Fruits AndVegetables * Cartoons * Animals * Emojis * Mixed MemoryGame ForKids is played in 2 different modes. - Normal Mode -Challenge Mode* You can play in normal mode firstly by selectingthe category ofimages you like first and then determining thenumbers of imagesyou want to match. If you wish you can set thetarget time of thegame! * The most exciting part of the game is thechallenge mode.In this mode, there are 72 levels to be completed.Game gets harderat every new level. Category and placement ofimages are changedrandomly during each play. Your brain will bechallenged at variouslevels. If you reach 72nd level, it means thatyou have a provenvisual memory! * Memory Game For Kids includesyour favouritecartoon characters, cute animals, fruits andvegetables we consumeddaily, different kind of cars, princesses andqueens, dailyobjects, emojis which we use during chat* Every kidloves animals!With this game, you can lead your children to havezoolatry andimprove their visual memory! Animals cards include cuteandadorable images of cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, butterflies,monkeys,elephants, dolphins, birds, parrots, horses, etc. * Everykid,especially girls love princesses! Princesses cards include cuteandadorable images of princesses, mermaids, queens, unicorns,pinkponies, knights and horses, etc. * The game is enjoyablewithcartoon characters such as Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse, TomandJerry, Daffy Duck, Fred Flintstone, Dexter, Porky Pig, etc. ! *Youcan prevent your forgetfulness by matching the images offruitslike watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, peach, cherry,pomegranate, fig,etc. * Moreover the other categories includeemojis and objectswhich are used in daily life. You can make yourchild know theobjects better! * Playing the game with your kidswill help them toimprove their recognition while having fun. Evenif it is designedfor kids, it is also beneficial for adults toimprove and exercisetheir memory. * Memory Game For Kids has simpleand intuitiveinterface which is easy to use and play. This freememory game isalso optimized for tablets and it will keep yourchildren quiet andentertained in car, in restaurant and anywhere. *At last, we wantto say it has been recently scientifically proventhat regularmental and concentration exercise can greatly improvememory andprevent amnesia. * Do you want to sharpen your memory ?Have fun !
Memory Training Game
★ A brand new memory game, be careful of bombs. ★ ★ Easy and funwayto train your memory.★ Memory training game which helpdevelopmemory skills and improve your focus, problem solving,andmultitasking.★ All cards are pronounced in English whichimproveEnglish listening skills.★ This game contains very cuteimages ofanimals, fruits, cars, objects, which are on memory cards.★ Threedifferent levels of game play: Easy (120 levels), Normal(120levels) & Hard (120 levels).★ This matching game containimagecards, bomb cards, shadow cards, word cards, pure sound cards,youneed to match 2 or 3 cards.★ Memory game developsrecognition,concentration and motor skills.★ Let you play whilelearning, andthen learn from playing.★ Visual memory training andenhance theright brain memory.★ It is suitable for kids, children,students,adults, and seniors!★ Have fun to play with our memorytraininggame![JS10240219] [JS1024GAME G03K]
Matching Game for Kids
Kids Memory is actually puzzle game. The kids may improvetheirmemory. The game contains many puzzle figures like foods,fruits,Halloween and sports. You can choose another one beforeplaying.Your goal in the game should be match same figures. Whenall thefigures are found you will have completed the game.Features:- 4cute themes: Fruits, Halloween, Sports, Foods-Highscores table-Cute graphic- All the game modes could helps kids,learn to playpuzzle games.
Pairs: challenge your mind!
For all ages. Absolutely Free. No ads. No purchases in app.Nospecial permissionss.
Dinosaurs Memory
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with"DinosaursMemory"?The main features of this free memory game:✔Match pairs ofcards. ✔ Different levels of difficulty: easy, mediumandhard."Dinosaurs Memory" will develop your cognitive skillslike:attention, working memory, visual perception and spatialrelation.A free memory game for kids.The game is a cards matchinggamecoming with colorful images from dinosaurs world. It also has3difficulty challenging levels.Enjoy it and have fun withthismemory game for kids.
Memory games : Brain Training
Memory Games - brain Training is a memory game to improvememoryskills and reflection for children and even adults. So tolearnmathematics by an educational method and easily forchildren.MemoryGames (Brain Training) are exciting games for memorytraining andattention. By playing our simple games, you not onlyget a lot offun, but also, gradually, improve your memory,attention andconcentration.The rule of the game is simple, you haveto find thepairs of magnificent objects in this game ofeducationalcorrespondence improving the memory of the children.Fromtoddlersto preschoolers, can play this puzzle game to enjoy. Itincludesmemory cards that you can return by touching. Try to keeptheimages in memory and find the two identical images ofdifferentfood items (Dragons, Math, Dragon, Fruits, Food,Sea).Families withtoddlers can install this game to entertain theirbabies and teachthem pets. This educational puzzle game is so,suitable forpreschool children. Thanks to this mnemonic matchinggame, childrencan, at the same time, improve their memory and theirknowledge ofpets.Memory Games Features - brain Training:- simpleand fun memorygames- 4 different difficulty levels (easy, medium,hard, Customs)to keep children and adults entertained.- Customizethe difficulty-Find the different pairs of cards- 4 themes for theMemory Game:Calculates Mathematics, Cute Dragon, Fruits, Food andSea- HighScore Table- Mathematical mode allows your children tolearnmathematics- User-friendly interface- Developsrecognition,concentration and movement of childrenPrivacy Statementfor MemoryGames - brain Training:* Being ourselves parents, we takeveryseriously the well-being and the private life of the children.Ourapplication:* Does not contain any built-in purchase(in-apppurchases)* Does not collect personal dataBut yes, it doescontainadvertisements as this is our way to ensure that theapplication isfree - the ads are carefully placed so that the childplaying isless likely to click on.The more you exercise your brain,the moreneuronal connections are created in your brain.If you haveanycomments or suggestions that help us to further improveourapplications and games, please leave a comment.Memory Games -brainTraining Exercise your Memory!Enjoy! And dragging his memory
Kids Game: Match Fruits
This is a free memory game for adults and kids. Are you readytochallenge your memory daily with "Kids Game: Match Fruits"?Themainfeatures of this free images matching game:✔ Match pairs ofcards.✔ Different levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard."KidsGame:Match Fruits" will develop your cognitive skills like:attention,working memory, visual perception and spatial relation.The game isa cards matching game coming with colorful images fromfruits andvegetables world. It also has 3 difficulty challenginglevels.Enjoyit and have fun with this memory game.
Recollect HD
Test your memory and concentration with this fun and simplecardgame.Take turns to match cards of the same value, but you canonlyturn over a pair of cards at a time.Memorize where all thecardsare and win the game!Modes:- Single player- Two player againstyourdeviceCustomize the look of the game by picking your ownbackgroundand card color.
Matching King
Enjoy a variety of modesWe are ready to game online withthemobile.It will be a boost to your brain.[Operation]Find a touchofthe same shape as the inverted card![Features]- Stage Mode:diverseand unique stage is ready.- Arcade Mode: Find same cardwithin thetimeout period- Multiplayer mode: Brain game togetherwith thepeople around the world- Easy one-touch operation-Leaderboards,achievements, friend Support- Low musk phones, tabletdevicessupportHomepage:
Princess Memory
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with"PrincessMemory"?The main features of this free memory game:✔ Matchpairs ofcards. ✔ Different levels of difficulty: easy, mediumandhard."Princess Memory" will develop your cognitive skillslike:attention, working memory, visual perception and spatialrelation.A free memory game for adults and kids.The game is a cardsmatchinggame coming with colorful images from princess world. Italso has 3difficulty challenging levels.Enjoy it and have fun withthismemory game.
Memory Test: Brain Memory Training, Improve Memory
The game use fruit images. The memory exercises, brain gymgamedevelop memory. Let's brain test, memory trainer with thisMatchingPairs quiz. This is a kind of memory builder, photographicmemoryimprovement games. Playing this memory trainer game todevelopmemory, brain builder. The memory enhancement, memorychallengegame rule is simple, you find 2 identical image, match thepairsuntil time runs out. Each level of this brain development,matchingpairs games has a time limit, so you need quick to victory.Brainspeed test, cognitive training with the game. Through thescreen ofthis eidetic memory quiz, matchup games, the ability tofocus,speed of problem solving will be improved, concentrationexercises.The speed of thinking, the ability to think logically aswell asthe ability to remember details are improvedsignificantly,concentration test. Through mind training, attentionexercise, yourcognitive exercise thus promoting increase memory,visual memorybuilder. The short term memory quiz, memorydevelopment game doesnot just working memory exercises in aconventional way, but alsobuild memory flexible, strengthen memoryenhancement. Throughmemory brain gym, memory development game foradults, threeintelligence factors including memory, problem solvingspeed,logical thinking are trained, concentration test. Yourcognitiveexercise, enhance memory. Improving memory with thismemorytrainer, increase memory game for adults. Getting memorypractice,strengthen memory development with the memory brainbuilder games.The brain fitness, memory puzzles help mind focustraining andvisual memory challenge through screens full ofattractive,interesting. This photographic memory quiz will helprelax butdevelop brain power, increase memory genius. Besides,attentiontest, attention training with this speed memoryconcentrationgames. Remember is a very important skill in the life.Playingbrain gym, enhancer memory puzzles will help you enhancememorygenius, mind training to remember that help acquire newknowledgeeasier, concentration exercises. Brain speed test,cognitivetraining with this attention exercise game. Memorypractice, brainfitness every day with this speed memory matchingpairs to healthybrain builder. Also attention test, attentiontraining with thismemory concentration games. The matchup game isalso a mind focustraining, logical thinking test. Attention todetail to rememberexactly and match the pairs. Attention test,cognitive exercisewith this memory builder game. Get involved towin this excitinggame.
Matching Games
* Matching Games is the classic board game to help test yourmemoryskills.* Matching Games helps to improve your Short-termMemory *Matching Games helps to improve your speedy recognitionSkills.*Matching Games is designed to train your brain while havingfun inplaying * Very cute images of Animals Fruits and Objects.*Helps tolearn more about the matched picture.* Matching Games isnot onlyfor kids but for players of all ages.HOW TO PLAYMEMORYGAME:Initially you will have all the cards turned face down.Clickon one of the card and remember the picture on that card. Withthenext tap try to find and flip the card with the samepictureasprevious one. If the former and latter cards have the samepicture,you have successfully matched apair of card and your scorewill beincremented. The Matched cards will stay open now continuethegameand open all the cards. If the former and latter cards donot havethe same picture it would turn its face down you need to goon withanother card for another attempt. Try to findall matchedcards asfast as possible and with fewer number attempts.FEATURES -MatchingGames has 4 different difficulty levels - 4x4; 4x5 ; 4x7;9x6-Matching Games develops recognition, concentration and motorskillsof kid- Contains beautiful images of animals, fruits andobjects-Matching Games not only provides fun it also acts as ainformationdatabase. When a card is matched you have option toclick oninformation button to learn the unique or interestingfeature aboutthe picture which is more educative and informative.This Featuremakes this Matching game a unique one from other Memorygames-visual memory training- Matching Games adds up the scores toleaderboards based on . How fast or quick you have completed . Howmanyattempts you have used to complete the Game * Simple andcatchyinterface makes it easy to use & play.* Matching Games isalsooptimized for tablets.* This free Matching Games will keepeveryoneentertained.
Matching Madness - Animals
Matching Madness - Animals is a visual memory game. It isfree.Challenge yourself, choose your level of expertise andhavefun.ContentThere are 4 different levels of expertise: - Easy(4x4)- Medium (5x5) - Difficult (6x6) - Expert (Against Time)Levelswillbe formed randomly for every game.High scores arerecorded.Simplyclick the cards to turn, match the pair,andenjoy!PedagogicalDevelops memory, concentration, motorskill,creativity. Does not contain harmful images or ads.Userswillbecome familiar with animals.TechnicalThe size of the app isjust 6MB. High-quality graphics.You can turn on/off thesounds.Suitablefor both smartphones and tablets.You can contact
Memory Game
Pexeso is a fun matching game to train memory andimproveconcentration. Pairs game is very popular visual memorytrainingfor children, but also for adults. Regular playing helps todevelopkids memory, concentration, attention, intellect, speed ofreactionand cognitive functions. Kids memory game is easy mentalexercisefor everyone.Memory match game is the classic board cardgamewhitch you can now play everywhere. You can enjoy fun timewithyour family and play together on one device. Up to four playersatonce.- The game offers 6 levels of difficulty based on thenumberof cards.- You can choose between two game modes. Classic andTimechallenge.- You can play alone or in up to four players.- Youcanplay against smart AI.- Pleasant original hand-drawn HDgraphics.-The game includes several sets of cards: fruit,vegetables,flowers, birds.- Charming music and sounds.- Music andsounds canbe turned off.How to play:At the beginning of the gamecards arefacing pictures down. By clicking on one card, the cardturns overshowing its picture. Player is trying to memorize thecard and findthe second card with the same picture. If the bothcards are thewith the same pictures, player gains points and thecard pair isremoved from the game. If the pictures on the cardsaren’t thesame, the cards are turned and player guesses again. Inmultiplayermode if a player fails to find two same cards, its otherplayer‘sturn. The goal is to reveal all card pairs as soon aspossible.Ifyou like puzzle games, mind training and intellectualchallenges,try this matching pairs game. Brain training can be alsofun withour memory pairs game!
Memory Game
Exercise your memory with the memory game, guess the animals,cars,vehicles, vegetables and fruits. If you like puzzles orotherquizzes the memory game is for you.Pairs game is a freepopularmemory game consists in finding pairs of identical cards.Theplayer reveals two cards if they are the same they are removedfromthe board, if not, the cards are flip back. Matching cardsisawarded with the sound of the animal or a vehicle. The aim ofthegame is to removes the largest count of couples. Inmultiplayermode, the player who matched the largest number ofpairswins.Memory contains different sets of cards: over 140animals, 60cars and vehicles, 90 of vegetables andfruits.Multiplayer:Inmultiplayer mode, players in sequence revealthe card. The playerwho finds a pair of cards gets the score. Thewinner is the one whofits the largest number of pairs.High IQ isthe dream of many ofus. Certainly often you wonder how to developyour brain - how tostimulate it to better work, to think quicklyand logically.Memorygame is a great workout memory and a way toimprove concentration,as well as mute and killing time in thewaiting room or on anairplane. Since the work of the brain isclosely linked with theimage and sound, playing memory games greatdevelops and stimulatesthe brain to better work.In the game you canchoose different setsof cards: animals and birds, vehicles (cars,planes, ships),vegetables and fruits.Thanks to the pronunciation ofnames and thepossibility of changing the language the game excelsas an aid inlanguage learning.The game is designed for one, two ormoreplayers.Features of the game:● Combining cards in pairs,●Varyingdegrees of difficulty,● The game in the Englishlanguage,●Different sets of cards: animals, vehicles, vegetablesand fruits,●140 animals, 60 vehicles and cars, 90 of vegetables andfruits,●Game for two people (the number of players 1-4: multiplayermode)●Pronounced names in selected languages.● The game isoptimized fortablets and phones,● Designed for adults and kids,●Free game,Thegame is a great workout of memory for the wholefamily.Are youready for the daily memory training?
Match Pairs classic
The Match pairs game, is the classic cards game, which willhelpdeveloping memory skills of children and adults.Playingthismatching game with your kids will help them improvetheirrecognition while having fun.It has been proven that regularmentaland concentration exercise can greatly improve yourmemory.How toplay?The mechanics are very simple just click on thefirst card toflip, and then on the second. If they match as pair(same imagecard) perfect!, if not, keep trying.Features:✔ Multiplegame modes:Challenges, adventure endless mode, custom games,multiplayer,online,...✔ All games are automatically saved, you canfinish laterthe game.✔ Stats and Achievements.✔ Play against robots(AIcontrolled).✔ Hundreds of image cards in HD (many themessets),includes cards decks.✔ Fully language supported: english,spanish,portuguese, and more to come.✔ 100% Free and very fewpermissionsrequired.✔ Customizable options: colors, sound on/off,...✔Educational game, suitable for all ages -> Exerciseyourmemory.Online game:Have you already finished all thechallenges?Now you are ready to beat the other players in theonlinegame!Cards included:★ Animal cards, people cards, objects,foodcards, diamonds and gems cards, emoji and faces, poker andspanishdeck, ... and many more.Just one more thing...ENJOY IT !!!
Mahjong Titan
Mahjong Titan is a free mahjong matching game. This premiumqualitygame is your perfect match for playing somerelaxingMahjong.Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most popular boardgames inthe world. The simple rules and relaxing game play meansthatanyone can enjoy a round of Mahjong Titan.This free board gameisalso known as Mah Jong, Majong and Top Mahjong. InMahjongSolitaire Titan you match pairs of identicalMahjonggtiles.Features:• Over 1600 boards!• A new free Mahjongboard everyday!• 8 large, high quality tile sets.• 12 backgrounds.•Optimizedfor portrait mode.• Fun goals to master.• 1080p HDGraphics.
Animals memory game for kids
- Animals memory game for kids is the classic board game, whichhelpdevelop memory skills of children.- Playing this animals gamewithyour kids will help them improve their recognition whilehavingfun.- Animals game for kids contains very cute images ofanimals aslion, cat, dog, etc., which are on memory cards. -Animals game isfor children of all ages, babies, preschoolers,school children andteens. Especially boys will love this game.Howto play animals gamefor kids:For each level, player is required totap the squarebuttons and need to memorize what is behind it inorder to match itscouple. Players are required to complete a levelin minimum fingertaps to match all animals.Features of animalsmemory games forkids:- Three different levels of game play: easy(2 x 3 puzzles),medium (3 x 4 puzzles) & hard (4 x 5 puzzles)-Memory gamedevelops recognition, concentration and motor skills ofkid-Matching games has cute sounds for kids- Colorful HDgraphicdesigned for toddlers- Sound settings to adjust or evenon/off gamesounds and music- Visual memory training- Matching gamehashighscore (paid feature)- Vibrant, beautiful andcolorfulrecognizable images of animals like wolf, tiger, lion,crocodile,fox, dog, cat, etc.- It helps kids to recognize and teachdifferentanimals- Matching game is designed and structuredaccording tokid's mentality - Application may contains ads to keepit free-Memory game has simple and intuitive interface which iseasy to useand easy to play, specially designed for children.-Animals gamesfor kids is also optimized for tablets (matching gameprovides HDcar pictures).- This free animals game for kids willkeep your kidsquiet and entertained in car, in a restaurant oreverywhere.Havefun to play!
Mahjong legend is a free matching game using mahjongg tiles.Youselect 2 mah jong tiles with the same pair, When they matchtheywill blast into pieces. This free version is deluxe and it'splaylike a solitaire game. It's just like old one you play inarcade.We carefully made a 800 board,Is probably the most!you canplay itfor a long time. Eliminate all the tiles on mahjong boardwhich ismatch, you will pass the degree. This free game need luckystrategyand patience, but it is relaxing. We offer 24 gamesbackground andseven sets of tiles for your choice. This mahjongboard game isalso known as Mah jong, majong. matching pairs ofidentical mahjongtiles is really a enjoy.Game Features:# 7 set ofmahjong tileswhich you can change# 800 free board layouts keep yourmind active#MP3 background music and sound effect# 3D transitioneffects# freehint Function# HD high quality tile sets.# plenty ofHD beautifulpicture backgrounds# Optimized for Landscape mode.#Unlimited undo#offline play# All level board thumbnail displayMayyou enjoy ourfree shanghai mahjong deluxe version © 2015 HaoDingFollowus:
FlipCard - A Memory Game
This Game is based on card matching game .Any one can play thisgameto improve its mental ability .FilpCard is totally depend onyourmemory skill and how can you increase your memory abilityOneMinuteGame For Kids Teens and adults ,Because mind memory isessentialneed of every oneEasy to play, Mind Building Application,goodutility application for your mind improvement. SoloDevelopedGameBest Think its One minute game ,Non-addictive and fun.
Your Pictures Memory Game
“Your Pictures Memory Game” is a memory game (matching game)withyour own pictures! Match your gallery pictures. Improve yourmemorywhile exploring your phone pictures.Best kids memory gametoimprove memory, using gallery pictures – so each game is anewmatching game.That version also includes a “dogs theme”. Turnthegame into a “Dogs Memory Game” with great dogs andpuppiespictures. Great for dog and puppy lovers. This memory gameis usingyour own device camera pictures as the cards for the game.So thecards are real pictures from your Gallery. You can use your"addedlately" pictures as your cards to enjoy memories of lastaddedpictures or use "shuffle" to enjoy the variety of all ofyourpictures.This adults and kids memory game (matching game) isgreatto enjoy your pictures in a fun and enjoyable way.Memory gamesarea great exercise to your brain and a great way to improveyourmemory. “Your Pictures Memory Game” makes it a lot more fun asitis using your own pictures. This is a great and fun way torememberand memorize your great pictures which you did not look atfor along time.Research shown those kind of games are great todevelopkid's memory skills.This memory matching game is perfect forkidsand adults. A great fun for family, kids and friends.Usingyourdevice pictures, getting Gallery pictures, this is one of thebestpersonalized and most attractive brain trainer. Brain &Puzzlegame. Pairs game. Matching game. You simply get it all in onefunmatching game for everyone.Features:* 6 different levels fromeasyone up to really hard one* 3 different themes: "addedlately","shuffle" and “dogs”* Click to enlarge picture and share itthruthe share button* Sounds muting option* Play against timeandprogress bar: Better train your brain, match your ownpictureswhile playing against time.* Don’t want to rush? Want toenjoy yourpics for more time? Simply click “Stop it!” and enjoy thegame foras long as you wish.* Sharing button - share your results,score,level and the game with friends and family. Show them howgood youare thru the sharing button.* Game Over.* Scoring: getPlus50/60/70/80/90/100 points per pair, depends on the difficultylevelyou are in. Beginners level gets 50 point per pair, masterlevelgets 100 points per pair! * Scoring: If you can complete thefullboard and still have time left - you get extra bonus points perthetime left. The faster you go, the higher your score is!*supportfor default dummy pics in a case where not enough real picson thecamera default directory (or if camera storage setting is notthedefault setting).* Showing your record on the main screen and"NEWRECORD!" animation once you break it!* 2 versions available:freewith ads, and paid as ads-free.Great memory game for kids,familyand friends.Have fun, enjoy great time with friends andfamilywhile playing our personalized matching game with yourownpictures!For bug reports and improvements: ztsaba@gmail.comThecodeis: Apache License 2.0
Memory Game Various Phases
The Diverse Phases Memory Game has been produced to provide funandlearning for all ages. The Game has several types of memorygamesthat are called Worlds. Some of the Worlds are Emotions,Flags,Insects, Animals, Sports, Traffic Signs, Fruits, MusicalNotes,Numbers and Letters.The main features of the Various PhaseMemoryGame are:- Three game modes "Individual, Player vs. ComputerorAgainst Time";- Scores for Every World;- Achievements onGooglePlay Service;- Three languages: "Portuguese, Spanish andEnglish";-Notifications;Memory Game Details Various Stages:- At thebeginningof each game you have time to memorize the positions ofthe cards;-When clicking on a letter, you see its content that canbe animage, letter, number, cipher or sound;- The first levels ofeachworld are easier because they have few cards and will increasethedifficulty as soon as you progress;- When you complete alllevelsof a World, your total time is processed and released intheoverall rank of the completed world;- The purpose of the"OnePlayer" game mode is to find all pairs of cards in theshortesttime;- In the "Player vs. Computer" mode you need to findmorepairs of cards than the computer, in the case of a draw anyonewinsthe computer;- Against Time mode is to find all pairs ofcardsbefore time runs out. All the time left to complete a levelisadded in the total time of the next level;The first MemoryGamewith the "Player vs. Computer" mode. Play against the computerandsee who will be the best!About the "Against Time"- Every dayyouget extra bonus time;- If your time is up, you can choosebetween 4options to continue.- If you can not complete all phasesof theWorld, you will need to go back to the first phase totryagain.Memory Game CategoriesVariousPhases:PuzzleCorrespondingMemoryChildrenEducationalAdultsThekeywordsforrelatedgames;ChildrenMemoryPuzzleEducationGameFruitsSportChildren'splayMemoryMemoryGamesIf you do not want to see the advertisementsin the game, we'vereleased the option to buy to remove them.Besure to download andenjoy.Thank you for visiting and interest inthe Various PhaseMemory Game.Regards,Multi-Phase Memory Game Team
Memory Games For Adults
Memory Game Memory Game has set of 4 games. All the 4 gamesaredesigned to test and improve your memory skills.1. ClassicalMemoryGame - Also called as "Game of Concentration" is designedtoincrease the concentration level of the player.2. VisualMemoryGame - This game is designed to improve the visual sense oftheplayer. The more you visualize and remember the more youscore.3.Pattern Memory Game - This game is designed to improve thememoryretention of the player.4. Sequence Memory Game - If visualmemoryis to seek objects all around, sequence memory game is toseekobjects in a sequence where the player’s brain needs to savethingsin a linear fashion.FEATURES * Memory Game helps to improveyourshort-term memory. * Memory Game helps to improve yourspeedyrecognition skills. * Memory Game is designed to train yourbrainwhile having fun in playing. * Memory Game contains verycuteimages of Animals Fruits and Objects. * Memory Game is not onlyforkids but for players of all ages. * Scores are added toLeaderboard. How to play the gameClassical Memory GameClassicalMemorygame is a 4 level classical board game (4x4; 4x5, 4x7,6x9).ThePlayer has to complete all the 4 levels to sign off thegame1.Player will have set of cards.2. Flip open 2 cards; if boththecards are similar then, the player will get the score.3. If notthecards will flip back. The player has to try with next setofcards.4. Player has to clear all the 4 levels in thestipulatedtime.Visual Memory1. Visual Memory Game has 10 levels. 2.Therewill be a mix of cards with different pictures including cardswithbombs. 3. The set of cards will be shown to you for 3 seconds.4.Open up the cards that do not have Bomb. 5. Player will losethegame if, a bomb card is opened.6. Score to each of the card isasfollows.Lucky Face - 700Crown - 500Treasure - 300Gem -1007.Player’s score will be multiplied (2x,3x,4x etc) for each oftheconsecutive match that is made. If consecutive match is notmade,score will be incremented by the score of the respectivecard.Sayfor example, if the player opens a lucky face in firstattempt, thescore will be 700. In the consecutive attempt (secondattempt), ifthe player opens the same lucky face, the score will bemultiples,i.e. 1400. But if the player opens the crown in thesecond attemptinstead of lucky face, the score would be incrementedby only500.8. To score high, one has to remember the placement ofcards aswell the bomb cards. Thus making the game very veryenthusiasticand test your memory retention and increasesconcentration.9.Visual Memory Game would end at any level if theplayer opens thebomb card. Pattern Game1. Pattern Game is a 10level game. 2. Ateach level a card is shown in a pattern for 3seconds.3. The playerhas to remember the pattern of cards and formthe same pattern.4.The player will lose the game if a card that isnot part of thepattern is chosen.5. The player has to clear thelevels within thestipulated time.Sequence Game1. Sequence memory isa 15 levelgame.2. A set of cards will be shown in a sequence for 3seconds.3.The player has to remember the sequence of cards in whichit hasbeen shown.4. The player has to form the same sequence ofcardsfrom the list of cards provided below in a stipulated time.*Theplayer clearing all levels in minimal time would be the leaderofthe show.* Scores can be updated to Leader boards.* Simpleandcatchy interface makes it easy to use & play.* This Memorygameis also optimized for tablets.* This Memory game will keepeveryoneentertained.Review
Educational memory game (Pair Matching)
The best educational memory game (Pair Matching)!If you liketostrengthen memory with games, these educational games areforyou.Educational memory games (Pair Matching) appeal to adultsofall ages, preschool children and enjoyable games.Highqualityimages, plenty of colorful graphics,Educational memory game(PairMatching) is completely free,Great music,Very nicebackgroundmodels,Non competitive games, free time and points,A newcutecharacter is added to each section in the educational game,soentertainment continues differently.With simple andintuitivegameplay, preschool children like adults of all ages canplay thiseducational game.As adults and children of all ages playmemorygames, the memory skills improve more and more.Idealeducationalgame for adults of all ages, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years,preschool, girlsand boys.Educational games preschool children alsoincrease thespeed of development of memory skills.3 differentcategories: Easy(3 - 4 years and over), Medium (5 - 6 years andover) and Difficult(7 - 8 years and adults).For adults of all agesand pre-schoolchildren playing educational memory game (PairMatching); memory,creativity, focus, attention grabbing,concentration, motor andcognitive skills.The educational games wedevelop are updatedregularly.Twitter:
Memory Game Disciples Jesus
Memory Game Disciples of Jesus, is a great entertainment andwithoutage restriction, for you to interact and play with thewholefamily.Its goal: Awakening in the child's interest in theBible.Besides stimulating learning. Develop intelligence.Stimulate andincrease visual memory capacity in a playful manner,working logicalreasoning, visual and motor. The attention, visualdiscrimination.They can also develop different abilities ofthought as: observe,compare, analyze and summarize.GameFeatures:You will find picturesof the Disciples of Jesus andcolorful, facilitating theirmemorization.The game is formed bylevels 96Difficulty:Easy(4x4)Normal(4x5)Hard(5x6)Verydifficult(6x6)You should goplaying to unlock each stage. The goalof the game and you find allthe pairs to the end, with the lowestnumber of possible moves andwin the 3 stars.You can use the 3 tipswithout losing any points.The higher the number of hits, plus thechance to reach the 3 stars.Forming all pairs of illustratedfigures, with the lowest number ofmoves possible.You have theoption to play with or withoutinternet.Good luck and have fun withthe whole family andplaymates!Also check out the otherapplications we have, you willnot regret it."Jesus Christ is thesame yesterday, today andforever"Hebrews 13:8"Train up a child inthe way he should go: andwhen he is old he will not depart fromit."Proverbs 22:6
Kids Matching Game
Fun4Kids Honey Bee Kids Educational AppsKids Memory GameKidsMemoryGame is a comprehensive memory matching game for preschoolkids.This unique, educational and fun memory match game reinforcesthememory skills, while helping with the concentration andtherecognition of objects.Fun4Kids is committed to yourtoddler'seducation. This application includes zoo, aquarium andmonstersthemes uniquely designed to reinforce kids' involvement andsuccessby providing positive feedback while improving theircognitionskills.This application is specially designed for toddlersto enjoywith unique, fun graphics and cute sounds. FEATURES* 2differentmemory games with animation* Monster Memory Game* AquariumMemoryGame* Develops recognition, memorization and concentration.*Thismemory app will keep your kids entertained, educated and quiteincar, in a restaurant, on a plane or everywhere.* Memory gamescanactually help kids to increase their brain power alongwithimproving their memory.* Kids Memory Game will improve kids'memoryskills.* Kids Memory Game will develop their concentration.*KidsMemory Game will develop kids' cognition skills.* Kids MemoryGamewill help with the recognition of objects.* Kids Memory Gamehascute graphic images.* Kids Memory Game is easy to use. *KidsMemory Game is specifically designed as an educational toolbyexperts for preschool kids* Kids Memory Game user interfaceissimple with guiding clear images for kids.* Kids Memory Gamewillhelp your kid's memory training.* Ad-free, easy to Use,intuitiveand kids friendly user experienceFun4Kids EducationalApplicationsare endorsed by thousands of satisfied parents,teachers and kidsfrom all over the world.Please reach us forany feedback and support! We are committedto providing fun andeducational experiences to support your kids'education.
Kids Memory Game Birds
A memory game developed and designed to make scientificallyproventhat regular mental exercise in recent years.Memory of thememorygame artırabilirlig largely been proven scientifically. Thismemorygame;Mind games, memory, can help to improve your memory isaclassic memory game.Memory game for children, which is one ofthebest applications. Two playing the same card will developyourability to find and memorize cognitive. Do yourperformancecompared to other members and follow your progress withyourfriends.Located in Memory Game Memory game; memory skills, isagreat way to improve concentration and cognitive skills! Aim atthetouch of a minimum card and to match all the cards in theshortestpossible time in the game. Two identical cards will improveyourability to memorize cognitive and memory while playing the gametofind out.Download Memory Game is one of the best games for kidsandenjoy! Instant our children Spontaneous Perception andVisualPhotographic Memory is a fun game for development.You alsomeasureyour memory with a memory game, which made the game for you!Eachtime more birds found by clicking on the two frames.This isperfectfor you and your child an excellent instructor mind"braintraining" will be activity. It is absolutely free and thebestbrain training for you and your children.There is no limit totheage and brain power. These children and adults, is a free gameforpeople of all ages.memory can greatly increase. This applicationisdesigned to do just that!Properties;* It strengthens yourmemory.*It increases your focus.* Improves your intelligence.*Developslogical thinking.* Easy simple and fun.* Visual memorywithdifferent difficulty levels.Good luck ..
LDS Matching Game
LDS Matching Game (Formerly LDS Memory) - Matching Game toLearnProphets and Apostles plus other LDS themesHave fun learningtheprophets and apostles faces and names. No music or soundsareavailable so it is a quiet game.Click on the right side to gotoeach of the biographies of the First Presidency andApostles.Learnpast presidents names and faces.Temples have beenadded for morechallenging fun.Historical event tiles have now beenadded.See howfast you can complete the board with the new timer.2Player modefor more fun with family and friends.Numbered tiles soyou canpresent it on a TV and do it for Family Home Evening (FHE)orSunday school lesson. Finish the entire board to save yourbestscore.Level 2 will let you match the photos with the namestoincrease the memory and add some difficulty.MultipleThemes.Worksacross platforms so you can use it on your iPhone,iPad, Android,Kindle Fire, etc.
Memory Game / Brain / "Memory"
Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with "MemoryGame"?Thisis a great game to exercise your memory !!!The object ofthe game isto turn over pairs of matching cards. It is a good gameforanyone.GAME FEATURES- Write your name to top scorer list- Thecardgrid adjusts automatically to your device- Colorful images ofmanykinds to be easily rememberedU can play with:- Animals-Flowers-Fruits- People- Funny- Transport- Halloweenand etc.This isa freememory game for kids and adults / Brain & Puzzle game /memorykids / appsBrain trainer . Pairs game for free
MatchUp : Exercise your Memory
Exercice your Memory with the latest game from Magma Mobile:MatchUp. MatchUp is a card game designed for two people, althoughsingleplayer modes are available. Cards are laid out in a grid facedown,and players take turns flipping pairs of cards over. If thetwocards match, the player scores one point, the two cards areremovedfrom the game, and the player gets another turn. If they donotmatch, the cards are turned back over.The object is to matchpairsof cards in as little moves as possible. When cards areturnedover, it is important to remember where they are for whenthematching card is turned up later in the game.Match Up willallowyou to challenge your memory. MatchUp has very easy 2x2, 4x4bytables which your kids will love but also 5x6, 6x6, 8x8 and10x10tables which can be very challenging.Your brain's memory willbechallenged on various levels as we have incorporated variousimagesfrom different themes. Some of the themes are harder thanothers asthe disctintions can be very specific.Are you ready tochallengeyour memory daily with MatchUp ?With MatchUp Exercise yourMemory!MatchUp is a good Memory trainer for all the family !
brain games food memory
Exercise Your brain! Are you ready to challenge your memorydailywith "Food Memory - Fruit and Cakes" ?A great game to exerciseyourmemory and brain !Improve your brain effectively with FoodMemory -Fruit and Cakes . Improves and tests your short-term memoryandbrain age. Shows you exact age of your brain.Your brain alsoneedsexercise to stay fit !! GO.Benefits- fun for kids andadults-simple, yet addictive game play- kids love it- improvesbrainmemory and skills- free - A free memory game for kids andgirls andadults . Brain trainer .- After playing this cool mathgame, yourkids definitely will calculate faster.- Mathematical modehelpsyour kid and your daughter learn math.- kids memory Game iseasy touse.- train your memory of your kid and your daughter-design istop notch, the graphics are excellent, and the controlssuperb-strengthen your memoryFeatures★ supports all display sizesandscreen resolutions★ high quality graphics★ smooth animations★verynice sound effects★ 4 levels (fruits ,vegetables ,beverage,cakes)- fruits:Abricot,Amande,Ananas,Avocat,Banane,Cassis,Cerise,Citron,Clémentine,Fraise,Framboise,Kaki,Kiwi,Kumquat,Mandarine,Mangue,Nectarine,Noisette,Noix,Orange,Pamplemousse,Pastèque,Pêche,Poire,Pomme,Raisin,Tomate.-vegetables:Ail,Artichaut,Asperge,Aubergine,Oignon,Chou,Citrouille,Concombre,Courgette,Fenouil,Oignon,Petitpois,Poireau,Poivron,Pommede terre,Radis,riyad mahrez. - beverage: - cakes : cake simple,cake au chocolat, Mug cake au nutella, Mugcake façon cookiegoodluck
Kids Memory Game Animated
Kids Memory Game Animated is a fun way to improve kids'memoryskills. It is a matching game.* 8 different kinds of memorygame.*Each game has different animation tips and sounds.* Colorfulandvectorel graphics.* Improves memory skills.* Each game has10different difficulty levels.* All levels are free.Level 1:AnimalsMemory Game - (Birds, deer, seals, bears, snakes, ladybug,turtle,octopus, chicken, penguin, rabbit)Level 2: Shapes MemoryGame -(Triangular, square, circular, rectangular, oval, heart,pentagon,hexagon, star, rhombic, octagonal crescent shape)Level 3:ColorsMemory Game - (Red, brown, green, purple, yellow, black,white,blue, pink, blue, orange, mixed)Level 4: Numbers Memory Game- (0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)Level 5: Toys Memory Game-(Tethered horse, teddy bear, basketballs, teddy bear 2,trucks,dogs, Rubik's Cube, flowers, bucket-shovel,spacecraft,rattle)Level 6: Alphabets Memory Game - (A, E, K, J, H,M, Z, G, S,B, U, P)Level 7: Planes Memory Game - (Airplane,helicopter,zeppelins, kites, gliders, balloons, jets, ...)Level 8:ProfessionsMemory Game - (Cooks, engineers, soldiers, firemen,doctors,nurses, police, singer, comedian, housewife, football,waitress)
Match Pairs Memory Games
Picture Matching Memory Games , enjoy playing match pairs gameswithyour family Simple and beautiful application for everyone(especially kids ) . Match the pair of tiles and enjoy testingyourmemory skills .The best game to exercise your memory. Playingisvery simple , you turn over one tile and then try to findamatching tile .Game contains different sizes 3x2, 4x3 ,6x3,7x4,8x4 and 10x5 , each getting progressively harder.Features- 4Typeof Animals , Ocean , Fruits Vegetable , Monsters - 6DifficultyLevels- Different Grid Sizes- Add New Puzzle Themes- TimeLimitFreeDownload
Pairs Memory Game
Pairs Memory Game (Also known as Memory, Memory game, Braintrainer,Сoncentration game, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso orMatchinggame) is simple memory card brain game where you match uppairs.Atthe beginning of the game all cards are laid face down.Two cards(pair) are flipped face up over each turn. If rank ofthose twocards is the same, then you get coins, othervise they areturnedface down again and you get penalty. On first 28 levels(From level0 till level 27) you should find cards with same rank.From level 28till last level 54 you should find cards with samerank and color.Red is heart and diamond, black is cross and peak.From level tolevel number of cards on table increasing.The objectof the memory(match up cards) game is to match up all pairs ofcards in as littlemoves as possible. When cards are turned over,it is important toremember where they are.Pairs game features: *55 levels withgrowing difficulty. Finish them all and share scorewith yourfriends. * Wide range of UI customization: 6 card backs,6 tablesand animation speed * Nice game sound effects * GameenablessavingPlay "Pairs Memory Game" and train your brain! Keepyour brainin shape!
Matching Game:Object & Shapes
Matching game for kids is a application for learn alphabetsandalphabets with picture. It also helps kids to learn shapes.Thisapp contains :Matching game for toddlersMatch Small andcapitalalphabet Matching shape / also helps in Learn shape/matchingshapes for toddlersMatching Alphabets withpicturesCounting orcount the similar image/ Learn Identifiedsimilar imagesFind Oddpicture / odd one outLearn Picture name likeCat start with "C"this is learning game for kidsLearn shapeThanks
Princess memory game for kids
* Princess memory game for kids is the classic board game,whichhelp develop memory skills of children.* Playing this gamewithyour kids will help them improve their recognition whilehavingfun.* Game for kids contains very cute images ofprincesses,mermaids, unicorns, pink ponies, fairies, castles,knights, horses,queens,… which are on memory cards.* Princessmemory game for kidsis a game for children of all ages, babies,preschoolers, schoolchildren and teens. Especially girls will lovethis game.* In thismemory game for children you can find awesomepictures from famousfairy tales like Cinderella, Little red ridinghood, Sleepingbeauty, Snow White or even Rumpelstiltskin. Pictureslook like theyare frozen.How to play princess memory game forkids:For eachlevel, player is required to tap the square buttonsand need tomemorize what is behind it in order to match its couple.Playersare required to complete a level in minimum finger taps tomatchall memory cards.FEATURES ( of Princess memory game for kids):-princess matching game has 3 different difficulty (easy:2x3;medium: 3x4; hard: 4x5)- princess game for kidsdevelopsrecognition, concentration and motor skills of kid- cutesounds forkids- colorful HD graphic designed for toddlers- kidsmatching gamehas beautiful images of princess, mermaids, unicorns,pink ponies,...- designed for girls- visual memory training-highscore (paidfeature)* Simple and intuitive interface which iseasy to use andeasy to play, specially designed for children.*Princess memorygame for kids is also optimized for tablets (provideHD pictures).*This free princess memory game for kids will keepyour kids quietand entertained in car, in a restaurant oreverywhere.
Memory Game: Animals
Memory game: animals - memory game for all will help trainyourmemory and ability to improve concentration, relax and calmdown.Aligning images with animals in the game memory improveslogicalthinking. Pronounce of animal names by teachers inselectedlanguages ​​promotes learning languages. Find and matchanimals andhear the sound of the animals.Animal sounds encourage toexplorethe next levels and learning new animals. If you haverememberingproblems, quickly distracted and unable to concentrate,you shouldpractice memory and concentration. To achieve excellentacademicresults, you will ensure that your memory isproperlydeveloped.Playing memory game with the pronunciation ofanimalnames is also a great way to learn English andforeignlanguages.Application properties:● More than 140 animals,●Learninganimal names in foreign languages,● Pronounced names ofanimals byprofessional teachers,● Three levels of difficulty,●Exploringsounds made by animals,● Support Google Game to save scoreand tocompetition with friends,● Science and learning aboutanimals,●Photos of real animals in HD,● Understandable andnon-dispersibleattention graphics,● Support for over 40 languages,●Freeapplication.Memory game "Memory" is a great workout supportingtheintellectual development of brain. Memory exercise is theperfectway to keep a efficient brain, which stimulated to regularjobfunctions better every day.Train your memory, develop self andhavefun learning new animal sounds. Improve yourconcentration,attention and speed of reaction by playing in memorygame.
Super memory match
Super memory match! is a FREE card matching game. With thisgame,you can see how powerful is your brain memory. This game hasTHREEdifferent game modes:(1) Leisure time killing mode - There are3x3,4x4 and 5x5 card matching with preview, partial preview ornopreview features.(2) World competition mode - You need tocombatwith players of other countries for championship.(3)Adventure mode- The castles of 'Island of Sorrow' are attacked bymonsters, youneed to defeat the monsters!The game has otherfeatures(1) Itcontains up to 30 different cards of differentcategories(2) Thegame is characterized by excellent graphics andanimations(3) Thegame has shop for players to buy weapon and armorin order to fightagainst different monster.Hurry up! Download andtry Super memorymatch at once!
Memory game for kids: Unicorns
* Unicorn memory game for kids is the classic board game, whichhelpdevelop memory skills of children.* Playing this Littleponymatching game with your kids will help them improvetheirrecognition while having fun.* Kids memory game contains verycuteimages of ponies such as unicorn, horses and magical flyingpegasuswhich are on memory cards.* Unicorn memory game is a gameforchildren of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school childrenandteens. Both, boys and girls will love this game.* It hasbeenrecently scientifically proven that regular mentalandconcentration exercise can greatly improve memory of kids.
Howtoplay little pony game for kids:
For each level, player isrequiredto tap the square buttons and need to memorize what isbehind it inorder to match its couple. Players are required tocomplete a levelin minimum finger taps to match all yours ( my )horses.
Featuresof little pony memory games for kids:
- Threedifferent levels ofgame play: easy (2 x 3 puzzles), medium (3 x 4puzzles) & hard(4 x 5 puzzles)
- Unicorn memory game developsrecognition,concentration and motor skills of kid
- Matching horsesgames hascute sounds for kids
- Colorful HD graphic designed fortoddlers
-Sound settings to adjust or even on/off game sounds andmusic
-Visual memory training
- Matching game has high score(paidfeature)
- Vibrant, beautiful and colorful recognizable imagesofunicorns, horses and little ponies
- It helps kids to recognizeandteach different fairy tale creatures like unicorns, horsesandlittle pony
- Matching game is designed and structured accordingtokid's mentality 
- Application may contains ads to keep itfree
*Simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easytoplay, specially designed for children.
* Unicorn memory gamesforkids is also optimized for tablets (provide HD pictures).
*Thisfree “ my pony memory game ” for kids will keep your childrenquietand entertained by ponies, unicorns and horses.
Have fun toplaywith our matching game!
Brain Train - Matching Game
MIND GAMES BRAIN TRAINING!Brain it on! Download for freeBrainTrain: Matching Game for kids and adults and exercise yourbraintoday! If you’ve been looking for brain games for adults, youareat the right position! Install this “free matching game” andenjoymatching cards brain training. This is an excellent brainteaserand matching app for all people around the world. Experiencethebrain crash with these popular matching games free ofcharge!Improve your brain skills by playing these brain apps withmatchingpairs. Let your brain focus on matching cards and exerciseyourmind with puzzles teasers mind games for adults. So, if youarelooking for challenging games for your brain, this matching appisall you need! Have fun playing brain teaser games free foradults.Improve your memo and sharpen your brain with brain teaserspuzzlesand mind games top free. FEATURES:✓ game statistics✓ highscoreboard✓ game timer✓ turns count✓ sound effects✓ exciting&challenging gameplay ✓ simple and intuitive interface which iseasyto use and easy to play, specially designed forchildren.CARDMATCHING GAME FREE FOR KIDS!Brain Train: Matching Gameis acollection of matching learning games, educational apps andbrainpuzzles. Kids matching games adore! Get this free braintrainer andmatch pairs all day long. A perfect combination of mindgames foradults and matching games for kids free is a must haveapp! Easyinstall mind muzzle games free and enjoy playing the bestmatchinggames. Flip the matching cards and try to memorize all theobjectsas fast as you can. Get the highest score on this simple,yet logicboard game and become the best player. Matching the brainteaserslogic tests will improve kids memory. Play games withmatchingcards and enhance your mind! HOW TO PLAY GAMES WITHMATCHINGCARDS::➤ Flip the cards.➤ Tap the square buttons andmemorize whatis behind them in order to match their couple.➤Different levels ofgame play: easy, medium, hard.➤ Single playerand multiplayermode.➤ Matching board sizes: 3x2, 4x3, 6x4, 7x4 and8x4. ➤ Visualtraining.➤ Have fun with games that are fun toplay!FREE MATCHINGGAMES FOR TODDLERS AND ADULTS!Train your mindwith Brain Train:Matching Game free of charge! With these “braingames” you canimprove your short-term memorization, visualconcentration, speed,calculation or reasoning. Upgrade your brainpower with pairsmatching games and practice your mental skills. Tryout thisbeneficial application and have fun playing these freematchinggames. This “matching pairs for kids app” has a dash ofacompetitive character – children can play alone, or competewiththeir friends! We promise a lot of entertaining while findingallof the pairs and solving all levels of difficulty! Keep yourkidsentertained with free matching games for girls and boys. Cutenewboard game will improve memorization capacities of children,theircognitive skills and ability to focus. Be a happy parent,watchyour kid matching pairs puzzle game. MIND GAMES WITHMATCHINGPAIRS!Matching pics has never been fun like this. WithBrain Train:Matching Game you will learn and play for hours. Feedyour brainand do some mind work out with matching games free foradults! Stayfocused and concentrate by matching pics. If you are abig fan ofmind trainer apps, prepare for the brain trainer game.Match it up!Matchup games will make you and your children pair allthe pairsfor sure. Matching pairs to find two same cards is notonly fun,but also educational. Touch the cards to create a matchingpictureand have fun playing. Easy and simple to play this matchingcardsgame with colorful images will be the best brain gym foreverymind. Simply enjoy!
Memory Game: Match Pairs
Memorynik: Exercise and boost your memory, train your brain withthebest and funnier free card matching game ever.Game Features-Funnypictures of cute monsters- Multiple levels of difficulty-Play theadventure mode with time limit- Find the same couple ofimages- Youcan play classic mode and choose the board size (small,normal orbig).- You can play even without internet connection-Tabletsupport- Perfect for children and adultsGame for the wholefamily.Free game for children and adults. Free game to strengthenmemoryand keep the mind active. Free game ofconcentration.Exercise yourmemory and train your brain with theclassic game of focus with funand diverse images.Free Matchup pro.
Memory matching game for kids
Features of memory game:- Memory matching game for kidsdevelopsrecognition, concentration and motor skills of kid-contains cutesounds- colorful HD graphic designed for toddlers-Memory matchinggame for kids contains beautiful and funny images ofcars- supportsvisual memory training of toddlers- highscore- Memorymatching gamefor kids is very easy to play for little kids- Memorygame hassimple and intuitive interface which is easy to use andeasy toplay, specially designed for children.- Memory matchinggames forkids is also optimized for tablets (matching game providesHD carpictures).- This free cars memory game for kids will keepyour kidsquiet and entertained in car, in a restaurant oreverywhere.- hasthree different levels of game play: easy (3 x 3puzzles), medium(4 x 4 puzzles), hard (5 x 5 puzzles) & hardest(5 x 6puzzles)How to play cars game for kids:- For each level,player isrequired to tap the square buttons and need to memorizewhat isbehind it in order to match its couple. Players are requiredtocomplete a level in minimum finger taps to match allcars.Manytheme1) Cars memory game for kids* Cars memory game forkids is theclassic board game, which help develop memory skills ofchildren.*Playing this cars game with your kids will help themimprove theirrecognition while having fun.* Cars memory game forkids cointainsbeautiful images of cars like truck, formula, policecar, firetruck, ambulance, bulldozer, tank, monster truck, tractor,racingcar, motocycle, train or other civilian vehicles.* Cars gameis forchildren of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school childrenandteens. Especially boys will love this memory game.* It hasbeenrecently scientifically proven that regular mentalandconcentration exercise can greatly improve memory ofkids.2)Animals memory game for kids* Animals memory game for kidsis theclassic board game, which help develop memory skills ofchildren.*Playing this animals matching game with your kids willhelp themimprove their recognition while having fun.* Kids memorygamecontains very cute images of animals as lion, cat, dog,elephant,etc., which are on memory cards. * Animals memory game isa gamefor children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, schoolchildren andteens. Both, boys and girls will love this game.* Ithas beenrecently scientifically proven that regular mentalandconcentration exercise can greatly improve memory ofkids.3)Princess memory game for kids* Princess memory game for kidsis theclassic board game, which help develop memory skills ofchildren.*Playing this game with your kids will help them improvetheirrecognition while having fun.* Game for kids contains verycuteimages of princesses, mermaids, unicorns, pink ponies,fairies,castles, knights, horses, queens,… which are on memorycards.*Princess memory game for kids is a game for children of allages,babies, preschoolers, school children and teens. Especiallygirlswill love this game.* In this memory game for children you canfindawesome pictures from famous fairy tales like Cinderella,Littlered riding hood, Sleeping beauty, Snow White orevenRumpelstiltskin. Pictures look like they are frozen.4)FruitsMemory Game For Kids* Fruits memory game for kids is theclassicchildren's board game, which help improve memory skillsofchildren.* Playing this game with your kids will help themimprovetheir recognition while having fun.* Kids memory gamecontains verycute images of fruits & vegetables as apple,orange, carrotetc., which are on memory cards.* Kids memory game:fruits &vegetables is a game for children of all ages,babies,preschoolers, school children and teens. Both, boys andgirls willlove this game.5) Letters and number memory forkidsRecognizing theletters , the numbers or letter sounds in a funway! A fun way tolearn the english letters for toddlers andpreschoolers kids.Andmany fun theme ....
Memory game for kids 2
Memory game for kids 2 is funny, educational puzzle memorygameabout the universe(space) for toddlers, babies, preschoolers,kidsand adults. Memory game for kids 2 helps them to improvetheirrecognition while they play it and also to learn aboutuniverse. Its the best game to exercise your memory. There aremanyspace(universe) objects in this game which need to bepaired:Stars, Spaceplane, UFO, Astronaut, Comet, Planet, Moon,Asteroid,Sun and many more. - Goal in the game is to clear all thecards.Memory game for kids 2 - FEATURES AND BENEFITS:- Mindtraining.-Brain skills improvement.- Cute sounds and beautiful,relaxingmusic.- Develops concentration and observation.-Memoryimprovement.Memory game for kids 2 is beautifully designedforbabies and toddlers with simple, nice and intuitive interfacewhichis easy to use.Memory game for kids 2 is fully optimized forallandroid devices(including tablets), and most of theandroidversions(from android 2.2. until the latest versions).
Kids Matching Game
Kids Matching Game is a memory game for you and especially foryourkids.This game will help to train your and your childmemory.Nicekids pictures , toy icons.Two levels Easy with 16 imagesand hardwith 24 images!Challenge mode with 9 levels.High scoretable.Try toopen all cards as fast as you can!