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Scary Stories 3
1000+ high-quality scary stories and creepypastas! ★★★ Features★★★➠More than 1000 scary stories➠ 7 Category➠ Scary Gallery(regularlyupdated)➠ No Internet connection required
Scary Stories 2.9.5
Are you interested in mysticism and can’t live without horrors?Ourscary stories are waiting for you! Every day we add morestories!Smart design and interactive environment with scary imageshelp youto enjoy chill of fear…• Read stories offline! All storiesyou cansee online will be available offline.• Estimate and discussstorieswith other users!• Add your stories and you can become thebestauthor! Your likeminded people will use the application andtheycan estimate you!• In application you can find section ofstoriesrecommended by moderators, chosen and accident. All storiesaredivided on many sections.• Find new friends and chat withthem.Allour stories are from open sourses. If you have rights for astoryor image and you right wasn’t indicated or you are againstitsusing in our application please contact us. We will correct dataordelete it as soon as possible. All information is usedfornoncommercial purposes. Application authors aren’t responsibleforuse of data available in the application. Any commercial useofapplication data without written permission is prohibited.Ifyouwant to add your stories:• You are responsible for yourstorycontent:• You are responsible for image attached to yourstory:.•Your story shouldn’t be copied, only original works. If wefind outcontrary we have right to delete your story.
com.vd.moralstories 1.0.8
English Stories Offline is completely offline english story bookappwith over 500+ moral stories for kids in multiple categorieswithmoral lessons. The categories of the stories are the following1.Comical Stories 2. Courage Stories 3. Diligence Stories 4.EducationStories 5. Fables 6. Family Stories 7. Friendship Stories8 .General Stories 9. Inspiration Stories 10. Life Stories 11.LoveStories 12. Moral Stories 13. Motivational Stories 14.ShrewdStories Now No internet Required for reading stories . Youhaveyour storybook every time with you now as all the storiesareoffline Features - Wide Range of Categories and Stories -RegularUpdates - Complete support Write us forsuggestions and feedback forimprovements. Follow us on twitter@gamesnapps4u 2.46.20029
This is a collection of well known horror stories byvariousauthors. Creepypasta audiobook free for teens and theirparents.Scary stories for people with audio and video. Horror storyaudioapp. *** Offline stories with audio and video in english.Withoutinternet *** *** Audio books that reads a story to you freeapp ****** Absolutely FREE creepypasta *** Features of our free"scarystories to tell in the dark" application: - install to SDcard -handy sleep timer to sleep to. Horror story books. - HDqualitybackground images for each story sound - ability to removeads forextra money via in-app purchase - works offline, no internetneeded- horror stories in english free - runs in background whileusingother apps or when the screen is locked, just press the"Home"button - in app volume control; - Most popular stories fromtheinternet - creepypasta stories offline. Creepypastas (scarystoriesapp without wifi) are horror-related legends or images thathavebeen copy-and-pasted around the Internet. These Internetentriesare often brief, user-generated, paranormal stories intendedtoscare readers. They include gruesome tales of murder, suicide,andotherworldly occurrences. According to Time magazine, the genrehadits peak audience in 2010 when it was covered by The NewYorkTimes. Horror stories free audio books. Scary storiesandcreepypasta United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,GreatBritan. In the mainstream media, creepypastas relating tothefictitious Slender Man character came to public attention afterthe2014 "Slender Man stabbing", in which a 12-year-old girlfromWaukesha, Wisconsin, was stabbed by two of her friends;theperpetrators claimed they "wanted to prove the SlenderManskeptics" wrong. After the murder attempt, some creepypastawebsiteadministrators made statements reminding readers of the"linebetween fiction and reality". Scary stories tagalog. Horrorstoriesin english free. Other notable creepypasta characters andstoriesinclude Jeff the Killer . Creepy pasta audio.
Real Horror and Scary stories 1.0
We offer a large collection of hauntings,thriller and suspense,realghost experiences from all over the world. Short sad scarymonstersstories for kids, teens and adult to tell in the dark.Read trueghost stories, real urban legends and spooky short talesof horroronline. These chain letters stories are perfect fortelling atHalloween, at bedtime, at sleepovers or around thecampfire. You canfind creepy true stories here. For example: truestories of people’sterrifying encounters with evil or aboutabandoned house for ascare. In the spirit of all things spooky andweird as hell, here isa lot of stories about people. Let thishaunt your dreams,nightmares.Redditors who have seen a UFO,Bigfoot or any othermythological creature. What is your story andhow did the people youknow react to your story? Do you make scarypranks?Features :- Largenumber good quality of true scary dollstories for kids- Day / Nightmode If you like read real horrorstories at night- Adjustable fontand font size- App. can worksoffline (creepypasta)- You can addyour like creepy tale tofavorites (favorites tab)- Keyword Search -It's completelyFREEOnly you will able to find riddles andanswers.You can findhere crazy murderers tales, paranormalexperiences and other deadlythings. The best app. in trip, jorneyor travels or just readingwhile commuting to work. Children canread funny scary story andtell in the dark.
com.horror.haloween.clicker.pumpkin 1.30
Horror Clicker is a halloween insanity clicker with heroes ofhorrorfilms and Creepypasta and SCP. Play alone or with a friendalone.Play with your friends and find out who has the fastestfingers! Weadded the Scary Granny, and for Yeti hunters, BigfootMonster wasadded! The most terrible monsters of horror: clowns,dolls, maniacs,murderers, mummies, zombies and ghosts came foryou. Can youovercome Horror Bosses? Tap on the screen to throwpumpkins atmonsters. Use the accumulated super strength. Coolweapons will helpyou take a big chunk of life from the enemies.The most famousheroes of horror, nightmares of Creepypasta andterrible storiesawait your furious clicks. A girl with horrorswith long hair, amaniac with an ax, Slender, a killer Jeff, alaughing Jack, a killerof Jane, a Plague doctor, and an EyelessJack from Creepypasta andother horror monsters. Also you will seemonsters of fairy tales,legends and myths of Japan, such asKutisake Onna - a woman with atorn / cut mouth and Jorōgumo- aspider woman! It's not for you tocrack eggs and cook cookies. Pullyour fingers to the maximum anddestroy the army of the undead. Tothe delight of the fans, we addedSCP 860-2, SCP 173 and theopportunity to buy a pet! Cool HalloweenGame with Horror Bosses!Open all the horror heroes, nightmares andhorror stories! Somecharacters in the game are a parody of thefamous heroes of horrormovies and horror games!
Ghost Evolution 2.1.3
Keong Games
If you are a fan of horror stories, ghost stories, horrorstories,mystical stories, this ghostly game will make you shudder!Or maybeshudder funny? Oh .. what is that! That must be a ghostgame is funfor you to play. There are 24 original GHOST OFINDONESIA, 6 GHOSTSJAPAN, 6 GHOST OF EGYPT, 6 GHOST WESTERN and 6GHOSTS OF EUROPE.Which spread from all over the country from sabangto merauke. Allthe local ghosts gather here. There anything?? Thereare tuyulghosts, kutilanak, ngesot sisters, jailangkung,grandfather hoe,buto ijo, sweet bridge ancol, palasik and manyothers. Be the bestghost skipper in Indonesia by collectingeverything. If you emangghost lovers, call all his ghosts! AYo playyour jailangkung!Collect all the ghosts in one room. And guaranteedexcitingnakalan! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO PLAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -The clicksthat appear. - Drag and attach the same ghost. The ghostwillevolve into a stronger ghost. - Collect the fire that appearstobuy a new ghost or ultimate weapon. - If you are crazy ghost,clickthe kantunya continuously and get fire as much aspossible.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Dictionary 24HANTUoriginal INDONESIA - Addition of 6 Japanese Ghosts andtheirlocation - Addition of 6 Egyptian Ghosts and their location-Addition of 6 Western Ghosts - Addition of 6 European Ghosts-Collect fire as a substitute for coins - Can buy ghostswheneverhave a fire. - Can buy fire if you are lazy to collectit.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ATTENTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This game can beplayedfor free and will instead serve ads. In this game there arealsospecial items and features that can be purchased using realmoney.The Ghost Evolution Game was created by Keong Games, which isalsoanother exciting game developer that is Snake Stairs IndonesiaandEmak-emak Matic. Download it soon and fill your freetime!Suggestions, Criticisms and Bug Reports can be sent throughoursupport team at and our Follow FBat ~~~~~~~~~ PERMISSION~~~~~~~~~We need additional access within your HP as follows:A.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This access is required toaccessdownloaded images outside the internal storage used in thegame B.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This access is required for internetquotasavings for ad views.
Urban Legends & Creepy Stories - MyScaryTale 3.4
Best urban legends and creepy stories assemblies from all cornersofour planet. These stories will prove to you that not only moviescanscare. All the horror stories are real and happened to realpeople.After this, it is difficult not to believe in other worldforces andghosts. Urban Legends and Creepy Stories features: ✶ Awhole book ofoffline horror stories ✶ Much more online urbanlegends & creepystories ✶ Post your really scary story orchilling experience ✶Share your opinion in comments and rate it ✶Found the one goodscary story to tell in the dark? Save it foroffline ✶ Create yourunique profile ✶ Found interesting horrorwriter? Subscribe to him!✶ App is absolutely free Scary storiesare part of our lives.Everyone has at least once encounteredparanormal incidents orunexplained phenomena. Blood-chillingexperience, what you can'tforget. Someone was frightened and ranaway, but someone stayed andlooked into the eyes of fear. Afterall, are you the one of thosewho stayed? We know... So what areyou waiting for? Download UrbanLegends and Creepy Stories and tellyour scary story to the world!The main and the first feature ofthis app - a lot of onlinestories. Some of them are fun, other iscreepy, but many of it isreally scary stories. Just save to theoffline list all favoritedstories and tell them in the dark. Manypeoples in the world loveghost stories for a terrifying experiencethat they give. It makesour world more interesting and colorful,but at the same time, muchscarier and complex. If you the one whosearching for suchexperience, you must know, you are on the rightpath. Best urbanlegends and creepy stories assemblies from allcorners of our planetin the offline section. These stories willprove to you that notonly movies can scare. All stories are realand happened to realpeople. After this, it is difficult not tobelieve in paranormalworld forces. Here you will find more than2000+ online creepystories that are available to you anywhere.It's a really scarystories book! Installing this app will open awhole world of shortscary stories with the opportunity to commenton every one. Perhapsit is your voice that will be decisive,whether the story will turnout to be the best next week. And yournext sleepover will bescarier than all before. Because many of itis hereditary scary. Appcontains tons of creepy stories founded inthe books and theinternet. And much more from users in the app.You can make your ownand show it to the world. Most unique part ofthe app - allsuggested stories will be post instantly. Downloadnow and you willalways know scary stories to tell in the dark! Ifyou have anyquestions about Creepy Stories & Urban Legends,feel free to askthem through the contact form
Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) wasanAmerican author who achieved posthumous fame throughhisinfluential works of horror fiction. Virtually unknown andonlypublished in pulp magazines before he died in poverty, he isnowregarded as one of the most significant 20th-century authors inhisgenre. This lightweight app contains the complete horrorfictionstories and novels written by H.P. Lovecraft.
1000 English Stories 1.0.9
This app speaks to us daily with good stories allowing us toshareand enrich the world with a collaborative experience. Whydelaythen, download the app and use it offline… Share this app withyourfriends and have a good time! Watch this space for moreupdates.Please rate this app if you like.
Wattpad – Where stories live
Wattpad. Where stories live. Discover the world's most-lovedsocialstorytelling platform. Wattpad connects a global community of80million readers and writers through the power of story. Downloadittoday to start reading or writing original stories. Get yourstorydiscovered Have your own story to tell? Get it discoveredthroughthe power of community and technology on Wattpad. Share anoriginalstory on Wattpad and share it with our community who arethere tocheer you on throughout your writing journey. Think yourstorycould be the next blockbuster? Wattpad Studios discoversuntapped,unsigned, and talented writers on Wattpad and connectsthem toglobal multi-media entertainment companies. Read originalstoriesDiscover stories in over fifty languages from writers aroundtheworld! Whatever you’re into reading—romance, sciencefiction,mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adultfiction, orfanfiction—it’s all on Wattpad. So whether you’relooking for moreLGBT meet-cutes, cyberpunk fairy tales, or newtechnothrillers todevour, you’ll find it all, and so much more, onWattpad. Connectwith a community of story-lovers When you joinWattpad, you becomea member of an international community ofstory-lovers. Connectwith other passionate readers & writers,comment directly instories as you read them, and support writers asthey create andshare their original stories. You can even readtogether and shareyour library or create reading lists so yourfriends always knowwhat you’re reading. Start your own free librarySave your favoritestories to keep them with you wherever you go.Hooked on a story?Simply sync your account to easily pick up whereyou left off,whether you’re on your laptop, tablet, Kindle oriPhone. Read thestories that inspired blockbusters If you’ve seenThe Kissing Boothon Netflix, streamed Light as a Feather on Hulu orread New YorkTimes best-seller Anna Todd’s series After, you maynot know—thesestories were first discovered on Wattpad. Join theplatform theentertainment industry scours to find its next big hit,and startreading tomorrow’s box-office sensation today. Already aWattpadfan? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter tostayup-to-date on your favorite writers, stories, contests, andmore!Instagram:
Ghost Story 2.1
App Racks
If you are interested in supernatural and paranormal events,thenyou are welcome to the real ghost stories world! We show youtheway to the other world, it's your call to cross it. It's yourcallto enter the empire of the dead where tormented souls liveineternal darkness? Ghost Stories are an application and spookyrealghost stories collection, which can accompany your daywithvigorous excitement of horror and fear! Here we shared a lotofreal ghostly experience for the people all over the world toshiverwith fear! For your total thrills, chills and amazement readthesestories with your friends by the candlelight. All the storiesarehigh quality so read about supernatural encounters andhauntingsusing this amazing Ghost Stories App! You can't go to bedwithoutreading some, no matter if you believe some of them or not.Theyall are just awesome! Each story will give you curiosity toreadmore and make you shiver down the spine!:- Do you believe inghostor do you ever have an experience with ghost?:- Best app withahuge collection of real ghost stories.:- 1000+ scarystories!:-Real ghostly experience that you may never forget about.:- Realhorror stories that can make stay awake at night.:-High-qualitycreepy, scary and horror stories.:- All stories arecarefullyselected and unique.:- Scary stories with categories suchaspersonal experiences, ghost & haunting.:- New stories areaddeddaily.:- The ghost stories you will find here are not fictionsbutreal horror experience!:- Download this app for free and enjoy!:-All the fonts written are user friendly and easier to understandinbig UI fonts.:- User can read it with or without sound feature.
Creepypasta 2.25.5
Creepypasta Scary Stories will be your best creepypasta reader.Youwill find more than 10.000 creepypasta in this app. Stories willbeupdated every few hours so you can always read what is new fromthecommunity. It comes with built in notification system so youwillnever miss any new scary stories. If you want only thebestcreepypasta for a quick reading, don't worry, this app has aratingand trending system. Forget about browsing for hours only tofind agood story. Just open the app and begin to read what otherpeopleloved! If you need a fellow creepypasta lover to have a quickchat,just go to the comments page and start discussing yourfavoritecreepypasta. Main features: Latest and New Section This iswhereyou can find any new creepypasta from the community. Updatedeveryfew hours and will bring you unlimited reading enjoymentwhereverand whenever you are. Rising Section Not every story is agoodstory. When a creepypasta goes to this section, it meanspeoplereally love it and want you to read together with them. So ifyouhave no time to find a good stories, this will be your bestplaceto go. Top and Popular Section Creepypasta legends arecollected inthis place. This is a definitely must read scarystories list forlife. Prepare yourself for a maximum readingexperience. TrendingSection The crowd is here. If a creepypasta hasso many readers, itwill be placed in this section. This sectioncontains most viewedcreepypasta of all time. Search Ever heard of astory that you wantto read again? This app has a huge scary storiescollection, yourstory maybe is the one among others. Just write thekeywords andtap search. Comments Discuss stories with fellowcreepypasta fans.You can even start a coversation with its author.Readingcreepypasta is not complete without someone to talk with.RandomStill bored? Surprise yourself with this random feature. Itwillpicks you one story from ten thousands of storiesavailable.Notification System Never miss any new creepypasta. Withbuilt innotification system, this app will notifies you every timethereare new stories posted. Moreover, every happy hour, this appwillgive you recommendation to read creepypasta. It is alsodesigned tonot bother you by silently appearing in yournotification bar andwaiting for you to tap on them. Reader SettingWant bigger fontsize? Different font color? Or change backgroundcolor for mood?You can do it by changing it from setting page.Always readcomfortably using this feature on hand. We are creepypasta lover,so we create this application and publish it hopingthat you loveit too! In case you have a feedback, suggestion, oranything, youcould contact us directly via oryou can use the feedback form insidethe app. Some stories in thisapplication are licensed usingCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC-BY-SA) Someicons and logo are made by Icons8( and licensedusing Creative CommonsAttribution-NoDerivs (CC-BY-ND) Visit ourpages: Website:
Horror Stories in Hindi डरावनी कहानियाँ 1.0
Thiru Apps
Horror Stories in Hindi हिंदी में रोमांचक डरावनी कहानियों कोमुफ्तमें पढ़ें This app contains large collection of the besthorrorstory in Hindi language.Best collection of real ghostandparanormal activites stories. All stories in HindiLanguage.Thesestories are all scary and full of horror. Don’t readthese storiesalone. All these horror and ghost stories arespecially arranged inorder to make you feel more excitement whilereading.if you want toenjoy these stories whether you believe inghosts or not, it's bestto read at night ALONE….Features of HorrorStories in Hindi डरावनीकहानियाँ App:- Lot of Stories- User friendlyinterface.- Copy toclipboard feature available.- Share thesestories among socialmedia or recommend to your friends.- Readablefont siYou can usethis app to read stories about bhoot preat,haunted place, preatbhadha, mahila vashikaran, kali kitab ke jadutona, jadu ke totke ,ramban totke ,victim of Lal Kitab ke Totke AurUpay and atma kerahasya in simple to understand Hindi languageBestcollection ofreal ghost and paranormal activites stories. Allstories in HindiLanguage.These stories are all scary and full ofhorror. Don’t readthese stories alone.Ghosts, Bhoot, Witches,Chudail, Wolf and othergreat stories are lined up for you all inHindi.Supernatural powersare some of the belief's we strongly tryto think about and want toread about.Horror Stories Hindikahaniyanapplication contain a lotsof horror story to read andshare with friends.You had a realparanormal experience related toghosts and hauntings, just look itour something hear thisstories.Best Collection of ghost stories inHindi language."शापितस्थान""भूतों की कहानी""डरावनीकहानियां""खौफनाक इलाके""सच्चीकहानियाँ""रहस्यमय कहानियाँ""आत्मा केरहस्य" - Ghost Stories (BhootPret Ki Kahaniya)- Mystery of Soul(Aatmao Ke Rahasy)- Real GhostStories (Sacchi Bhoot Ki Kahani)-Mysterious Stories (RahasymayKahaniya)haunted stories in hindilanguagehorror indian ghoststories in hindihorror stories in hindiapp downloadhorror storiesin hindi languagelist of horror storiesin hindiDISCLAIMER: Thecontent provided in this app is availablein public accessabledomain. This app is just an organized way toview content availablein public domain. Have any issue, Pleasemail us
Joe Kwon's True Ghost Stories 6.41.55
Joe Kwon, Inc
More than 1.5 Million downloads on iOS, Droid, and Window Phone8!Anominal subscription is required to unlock all features -- ONSALENOW! One fee unlocks everything!NEW GHOST STORIES ADDEDDAILY!COUNTLESS SCARY STORIES SHARED AND READ BY HUNDREDS OFTHOUSANDS OFUSERS WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVELY WITHIN THIS APP! What beganas an iOSapp has become a worldwide sensation!Find out why this isthe #1BEST SELLING GHOST STORIES APP, and ONE OF THE TOP 10BEST-SELLINGbook apps available on the App Store in the US, UK,Australia,Singapore, and sometimes in Canada!Also RANKING #1 inMacworld'sAppGuide for highest number of favorable ratings aboveall otherGhost Stories apps!Are ghosts real? This will convinceyou. Truestories. And Photos! Submissions from all over the world,of theweird, the frightening, the horrid. Thousands and thousandsoftales sent us from the United States, Canada, Russia,Japan,England and other parts of the UK, Australia, Korea,Singapore andmost other countries -- maybe from someone in your owncity. Weasked people to tell us of the strangest and scariestghostlygoings-on that they had personally witnessed, and they did:by thethousands. And each certified as true. You, too, can send usyourexperiences. Your story, too, can be read from within this veryappby the vast iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Android mobilecommunity!This app is packed full of ghost stories!Each day thislibrarygrows larger as more and more people share theirghostlyexperiences for your thrills, chills, and amazement! WillYOURstory be featured tomorrow? Read these stories by candlelightwithyour friends… but don’t read them alone! Submit your ownghastlystory to cause people on the other side of the world toshiver withfear! Join the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of users worldwidethat loveto share and read ghostly experiences!- As Seen on TV!-Featured onApp Attack by Meg Baker! - Featured on AppOfMyEye! Basedonsuggestions from emails, we have added the followingfeatures:-Share your thoughts with each other in each story'sCommentssection! - Rating system! Vote for your favorite stories!Easilyfind the best and most terrifying stories based on rating!-Abilityto Favorite Stories!- Read Favorited Stories Offline!-BeautifulDesign- Many Stories include Photos!- Categories!- ShareYour OwnGhostly Photos!- This app contains some features thatrequire anominal subscription, and one subscription coverseverything!Keepthe suggestions coming in! Take part in thephenomenon!suggestions@jkiportal.comMore updates coming, with evenMOREfeatures!A few of our many favorite reviews: - "Ever since Ihavedownloaded this app I check it daily. There are a great varietyofstories from seemingly professional written down to theeveryday.The users are active in leaving comments on the stories.The adminare active in updates not only on the app itself but onany storiesthey may have additional info on. Best app on my iPhone.Thanks!"-"If you're a fan of the paranormal this is a must buy. Hasgreatand cool stories, whether their true or not, theirstillinteresting, and fun to read. If you don't believe in ghoststhendon't download this app, and don't give it a bad review."- "Iluvit!! My kids sit and read for hours!!"- "If supernaturaleventsinterest you, then this app is a must have! I also like thefactthat the app is updated based on user input."- "The stories rsoscary I deleted it the first time I bought it. Then Ire-downloadedit again. I guess I like being scared. The sharedstories arereally interesting. It's a great app for long rides orwhen u rwith friends and want to read scary things."
Ghost stories KIDI 1.0
Duy Nhat
Don't believe in ghosts? You assert that there is no worldafterdeath, the souls who are attached to the place where they leftarefictitious. Ghost stories KIDI will change your mind. Withmillionsof horror stories which have been carefully selected,charismatic.Ghost stories KIDI absolutely sure of one thing thatyou will bescared by the experience that we bring. Features: -Stories can besaved and read offline without internet. - Quickaccess betweenchapters. - Scary soundtracks (a combination ofreading andlistening to music will bring more wonderfulexperiences). - Avoidthe sleepiness.
com.ocean.marathihorrosto 1.0.7
Oceans are full of mysteries. Over history of mankind sailorshaverecorded sightings of mysterious creatures, mermaids, ghostshipsand what not. This is a Marathi app about collection ofrealstories of ghost ships in the ocean. Most of these stories mayormay not have supernatural experience but they are mysteriousforsure
Creepypasta Skins 2.0.2
Write in the comments which skins you would like to see and wewilladd them in the new update!Creepypasta Skins for Minecraft hasacatalogue of skins for you to choose from: angel skins,animeskins, swords mod, teen skins, superhero skins, monsterskins,military skins, noob skins, furniture for minecraft, golemsmod,house ideas, robot ideas, skin editor, lucky block, airplaneideas,cape editor, free craft, shaders, pvp skins, girl skins,sisterlocation, baby skins, princess skins, boys skins, mobskins,enderman skins, youtubers skins, multiplayer forminecraft,herobrine skins, Pennywise and many others. You can applyany skinto either the Pocket Edition of Minecraft or thePC.Creepypastaskins (Pocket Edition) allows you to choose and applya skin toyour Minecraft character for free with just the touch of abutton!Skins can be applied within the app without the needofBlockLauncher. Within seconds you could be playing with anew,really cool skin! Skins even work in multiplayer!Skins works onallmaps and servers. Also you can try them with your favoritemods.Installing new skin will allow you to change the look ofyourcharacter on the server. To make it more recognizable,separatedfrom the crowd.Download free skins for minecraft pe freefor girlsand boys! Enjoy!Application features:- New and best vipskins-Skins preview;- Work in android and PC versions;- Skineditormods;- Easy and safe to download skins with just one click;-Allskins for free;- Minecraft skins for girls and boys;- Skins workinoffnline and with the mod;Creepypasta Skins for Minecraft thisisan unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.Thisapplication is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. NametheMinecraft Brand and Assets are all property of Mojang AB ortheirrespectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordancewith
Amazon Kindle
READ ANYTIME, ANYWHERE On the bus, on your break, in yourbed—neverbe without a book. Built for book lovers, the Kindle appputsmillions of books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and manga atyourfingertips. FIND YOUR NEXT GREAT READ - Find your next greatreadwith Kindle. Choose from over six million Kindle books(includingthose with Audible narration), magazines, audiobooks, andcomicsand start reading in seconds. Explore new releases, AmazonChartsbest sellers, and titles across genres like romance,sciencefiction, children’s books, self-help, religion, nonfiction,andmore—and try any book before you buy with a free sample.-Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited to enjoy unlimited readingandlistening. Explore over 1 million titles, thousands ofaudiobooks,and current magazines for just $9.99 a month. - Over1,000 books,magazines, comics, and more included with Amazon Prime.- WithKindle Daily Deals, save up to 80% on a new selection ofbooksevery day, including romance, science fiction, non-fiction,andbooks for young readers. GO BEYOND PAPER Turn your phone ortabletinto a book with the free Kindle app—so you can readanytime,anywhere. Explore these reading features in the Kindle app:- Readyour way. Customize your text size, font type, margins,textalignment, and orientation (portrait or landscape)—andchoosewhether to turn pages from left to right or continuouslyscroll.Read comfortably day and night with adjustable brightnessandbackground colors. Go to the Aa menu in your book to getstarted. -Look up words, people, and places while you read. Breezethroughwords you don’t know and characters you can’t remember withthebuilt-in dictionary, X-Ray, Wikipedia lookup, instanttranslations,and search within your book. Simply tap and hold aword to view itsdefinition, or use the Google and Wikipedia linksto get moreinformation. - Track your reading progress. See whatpercent of thebook you’ve read, real page numbers (for most toptitles), and howmuch time you have left in the chapter or bookbased on your actualreading speed. - Bookmark places you want torevisit, and makehighlights and take notes throughout your book.Open My Notebook tosee all your notes in the same place. - Hop,skim, and jump withPage Flip. Flip between pages or get abird’s-eye view of your bookwith Page Flip—don’t worry, we’ll saveyour place. - Zoom in onhigh-definition color images in Kindlebooks, magazines, comics,and manga. - Sync your books acrossdevices. When you’re reading abook, the Kindle app willautomatically sync where you leftoff—along with any bookmarks,highlights, or notes—so you can startreading on one device and pickup where you left off on another. -When you can’t read, listen.Switch seamlessly from reading yourKindle book to listening to theAudible book, all within the Kindleapp. - Get notified when authorsyou love have new releases, orwhen books you’re interested in go ondeal.
Horror Amino 2.4.28683
Amino Apps
Meet others like you and discuss your favorite movies,stories,CreepyPasta, and shows. Share what you make with a hugeaudience oflikeminded people. In this app, you can: - Chat withother fans andmake new friends - Vote on your favorite actors,characters,stories, movies etc. with polls - Find and discussmovies, TVshows, stories, and books recommended by a community thatknowshorror better than anywhere else - Read and publish originalhorrorstories and CreepyPasta - Learn from and contribute to ourhorrorcatalog - an encyclopedia of all things horror
Inkitt – Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories
Find thousands of new fiction books on the Inkitt App and readthemfor free. Fantasy books, scifi and thriller novels, horrorstories,mystery, romance and more! Discover hand-picked novels fromallgenres and join us on our mission to support aspiringauthorstaking their first steps towards publication. *** MostDownloadedFree Reading App in 5 countries. *** • Discover and readupcomingfiction books by indie authors for free (all in English) •Downloadfiction books and read them offline • Personalizedreadingrecommendations based on your favorite fiction genres•Customizable background colors and fonts to meet your preferences•When reading a story, tap & hold to autoscroll Over700,000readers have discovered new novels from indie authors on theInkittreading app. From Fantasy, Scifi, Thriller, Mystery, Horror,Actionand Adventure to Drama, Romance, Erotica, and YA,discoverhand-picked novels and books from all genres. -- AboutInkittInkitt is the perfect free app for reading fiction books onyourAndroid phone or tablet, especially for avid readers wholovediscovering upcoming novels from new and talented authors onthego. All stories published on the Inkitt app are ourreaders’top-picks. Books and novels are our passion and we want toshare itwith you. Join us on our mission to support rising talent!Findfantasy, scifi, thriller, mystery, horror, action, dramaandromance books and novels also on Interestedinknowing more about upcoming titles, learning writing tips,andreading author interviews? Visit our blog
iDickens: Ghost Stories. Immersive Experience 1.1.1
iClassics: Beyond EngrossingiClassics unites the old and the newtocreate immersive experiences that inspire and moveeveryone.CharlesDickens is perhaps the most canonical of allwriters from theWestern literary tradition. iClassics Productionshas become famousfor its artistic and technological enhancements ofgreatliterature, and our collection of Immersive Entertainmentappswould be woefully incomplete if it did not include the worksofCharles Dickens. Enter the iDickens Collection, which includessomeof the most famous ghost stories penned by the master ofVictorianliterature, including A Madman's Manuscript, ChristmasGhost, TheIvy Green, and The Lawyer and the Ghost. In thisinnovativeImmersive Entertainment app, these masterful andplayfully chillingshort stories are lovingly and artisticallyenhanced withinteraction, illustration, animation, FX, and OST. Bycasting amodern glare on these child-friendly ghost stories, theresult is aspectacular and wholly original experience that utilizeseveryfeature of modern mobile devices (gyro-perspective,flash,vibration). TILT to see moreTOUCH to transform TURN todiscoverwhat's in the shadowsAPP FEATURES:✓ 78 pages (tabletversion) / 126pages (mobile version)✓ Available in 4 languages:English, Spanish,French and Portuguese.✓ More than 70 interactivepages.✓Illustrated by César Samaniego and directed by David G.Forés.✓Over 25 minutes of Original Soundtrack by Miquel Tejada.✓Extras.The Charles Dickens’s Biography.✓ Original tale from thewriter –no cuts, no adaptations.Additional features:✓ Jump to anypage inthe book with our handy table of contents.✓ Page Memory.Leave theapp at any moment, and come back to the same page.✓ Easyto useinterface.With the lovingly constructed enhancements forwhichiClassics Productions has become famous, this creativelychillingImmersive Entertainment app makes Charles Dickens morereadable andenjoyable thanever.-----------------------------------------------------------------AbouttheiClassics Collection:The iClassics Collection is arevolutionarycollection of book apps where you’ll discoverliterary classics suchas Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Dickensthrough a unique interactiveand immersive experience. REVIEW below. It means a lot to us!We'd Love To HearFrom You!-Need tech support? Contact us hello to us on FB!
Sunday Suspense Audio Stories 34.0
Droid Cook
Features:One Stop app for :★ Enjoy popular Bangla thrilledSundaySuspense audio ghost stories in this free app★ SundaySuspense★Rohosyo Romancho★ Aloukik Robbar★ Happy to Disturb★Yatharth Gitain Bengali★ Hare Krishna Chants★ Om Meditation forYoga, Peace ofmind★ Ma Durga Dhak, Mahalaya, Chandi Path★ TagorePianoInstrumental★ Biyer Sanai★ Vatiali Song★ Kabita andAbritti★Gayatri Mantra, Om Mantra, Temple Bell, Shankha and BhaktiGeeti★Download option for offline play★ Auto timer off option★ SortusingLatest to Old or by Alphabetically★ 500+ items in one app★Searchfunctionality by Title, Author name★ Built in media player★Markyou favorite stories★ Share using social apps★ Rate 5 Star★★★★★and comment if you like
NoSleep reader (scary stories) 0.3.0
This is a light and functional reader for nosleepsubreddit.Currently in beta, more features to come! ➣ Easy accessto scarystories. ➣ Offline mode. ➣ Advanced and comfortable reader.➣OFFLINE. Save stories to read offline. Download the whole listorget them one by one. ➣ COMFORTABLE READER. Truly convenientandeasy to use text reader. Switch between several themes,pickbackground and text colors, select a suitable font, font-size,andorientation. ➣ PICK A RIGHT STORY TO READ AT THE MOMENT. Baseonyou reading speed we can calculate how long will it take to readastory. If you have no time, pick a short one. ➣ SETTINGS.Varioussettings to make reading easier. Keep screen on whilereading,marking story read automatically, select amount of storiesto getper one request etc. OTHER. ➣ Add stories to favorites andmarkthem read ➣ Share story or open it in browser
Short Stories Offline-Audible 3.2
Short stories are prose fiction pieces that are read in a sitting-huge collection of several short stories - audible short stories-you can list out your favourite stories - easy to read and easytoshare
Famous Kids Stories 1.0.6
Moral stories is a collection of short moral stories withwonderfulpics.In this app, to experience the bliss of innocence,love,adventure and many more.Short stories for kids can providethemwith a lot of fun and entertainment and also teach themimportantvalues in life those are necessary.Easy use andinteractivepics.This app has Good short moral storiesA new bookEVERY DAYdevelops your child's love for books and a daily readinghabit.Wow!!!- Phenomenal feedback from parents- Top reading app forkidsin the education category- Full support - we answer everyemail-Free books- Great Graphics- you can read aloud or listen tothestoryProduct Details:---Your child can practice reading -anywhere,anytime - while you’re driving, shopping in the grocerystore, orhaving a quick coffee at your favorite cafe. And you canspendquality time with your child while teaching the core skillsofreading and speaking that are so necessary for every childintoday’s modern world. Imagine your child reading a new bookeveryday, and developing a love for books and the habit ofreading.Spendless time searching for apps because there are greatnew books inRead Me Stories, already there, right in the app. Thelibraryincludes amazing collection of stories and we areaddingeveryday..Go ahead and get Read Me Stories right now... justclickthe ‘Free App’ button. More Features: ---- Please don't forgettorate the app. We promise to respond promptly and personally.-Famous kids Stories keeps track of your child's favorite books,soyou can read them again and again.
100+ moral stories in english short stories 13.1
Compile many of my favorite Moral Stories in the form of mobileapp,which I had collected from various resources, since last fewyears.Even though many of these stories are fictional in nature,but atthe end they will give a great lesson to learn for alifetime. Asthe reader can himself see from these stories, thesubject “Moral”is universal to every human being. Hence thesestories are not justfor any particular sect or the followers ofparticular faith, it isfor the entire humanity, irrespective ofthere belief, culture,race, color or age. With this I will end mylittle introduction andpray that May Almighty Allah accept it. Sothat we may all benefitfrom these stories. We want all personsearch this app for Moralbenefits. moral stories for small kids inEnglish. moral stories forfree, moral stories in English. moralstory for your kids. famousstory. famous stories. 100+ famousstories for kids. 100+ famousstories. english stories offline.english stories for improveenglish offline. english stories forimprove English. englishstories app. kids story books in English.bedtime story. bedtimestory apps for kids. bedtime story for kidsin English. nice story.good story. good story apps. best englishstories. best stories inEnglish. best motivational stories. bestmotivational stories inEnglish. Are you looking for someinformation on How To get moralbenefit? Luckily, you are on rightplace, and you are just a stepaway... This app provides you themost amazing tips and tricks onHow To Pick Out A Good Man. Are youwilling to learn all the tipswithin a short guide? This app is thesolution of your all problems.So what are you waiting for! Grabthis app now! DownloadNow!
African tales 1.0
Hello, application Tales Africans is an application created bythreestudents from Cameroon to describe Africa through its historyandallow African youth not to forget its traditions. His tales,rich inentertainment, in cultural emotion, and each tale isassociated witha descriptive picture to better understand thehistory. Thisapplication designed in beta, and soon the finalversion. ForAfrican, American, European, Asian and the worldfascinate Africanstories, we are not perfect but our applicationshould suit you verywell to control its history and understand itand understand theircustoms, the first application history Africansays. In thisapplication, the tales are divided into categories iein differentAfrican countries and you'll be spoiled for choice ashaving themost rewarding and exciting stories of Africa. So readand enjoy thestory as the story of kirikou, a small child braveand strong whosaves his country from drought and many other moreexciting. We arestaying on Africa at the moment and we will gofurther in the nextversions as other tales of the world. Thisapplication can beinstalled on Android Phones and Tablets, alsohas other featuressuch as tales are also categorize, that is tosay in differentcountries to better assist users, and other talesother Africandialects.
Hindi Kahaniya Hindi Stories HS2.1
Hindi Stories For Everyone (हिंदी कहानियां सबके लिए).Read Nani-makiKahaniyan, Betaal Pachchisi, Singhasan Batisi,Akbar-Birbal,Tenaliram, Panchtantra, Lok-Kathayen, Sheikh Chilli keKissie allin one App. This App contains various stories ofAkbar-Birbal,Tenaliram, Panchtantra, Lok Kathayen, SheikhChilli,Stories ofGreat People and stories told by Dadi/Nani,.Best app forkids andparents too for Indian stories in Hindi★ Hindi Story (हिंदीकहानी)Categories Available☆ Moral Stories in Hindi [नैतिककहानियां]☆Stories of Great People [महान लोगों की कहानीयां]☆MotivationalStories [प्रेरणादायक कहानियां]☆ Funny Stories [हास्यकहानियां]☆Sheikh Chilli ke Kisse Kahaniyan [शेख चिल्ली के किस्सेकहानियां]☆Betaal Pachchisi [बेताल पच्चीसी]☆ Singhasan Batisi[सिंघासन बतीसी]☆Akbar-Birbal [अकबर बीरबल]☆ Tenalirama [तेनालीरामा]☆Panchtantra[पंचतंत्र]☆ Lok-Kathayen [लोक-कथाएं]☆ Dadi/Nani kiKahaniyan [दादीनानी की कहानियां]☆ Drant Kathayen - (द्रन्थ कथाएं)☆Ghost Stories-(भूतों की कहानियां)☆ Success Stories - (सफलता कीकहानियां)☆ ShortStories - (लघुकथाएं)------------------------------Special FeatureofApp------------------------------CHANGE TEXT SIZE You changethetext size of Story as per your requirement. Go to Options Menuandchoose "Change Text Size". You can select the Text sizefromsmallest to largest. Select and hit Save. The size of StoryTextwill change as per your choice (Applicable only in StoryScreen).This feature is very useful when you are using Tablets orPhoneswith large screens.
Creepy Tales 1.2
A collection of short stories, tales and urban legends designedtodisturb and scare the reader. This application contains 100storiesorganized in 7 categories.If you are not scared enough,check outthis app too:
Creepypasta Stories 1.7
Creepypasta Stories is the best creepypasta reader apps.Thiscreepypasta app is created by creepypasta fans forcreepypastafans. You can read your favorite scary storieseverywhere with yourandroid. There are more than 1000 awesomehorror and creepy storiesinside. We will always update the storylist (Auto Update)Weintroduce you our newest feature: CreepyGallery. Now you can viewcreepy images, scary photo with this app.The images in the gallerywill always be updated.Feature:+ 4 Mode(Fresh Story, All Story,Random Story, Favorite Story) (Alwaysupdated)+ Creepy Gallery(Always updated)+ No Internet ConnectionRequired.+ More than 1000creepy and horror stories inside. (Alwaysupdated)+ Awesome scarystories that can keep you awake all night.+Search creepypastastory+ Auto Update Story List+ Auto UpdateGalleryStories Content:+Scary Stories+ Horror Stories+ GhostStories+ Creepy Gallery+ ScaryPictures+ Scary Image+ Scary PhotoIhope you enjoy this app.
Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story 20.0225
Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story Collection app has a huge collectionofRohosyo Romancho Ghost Story episodes. Rohosyo Romancho GhostStoryCollection app will help you to listen all Rohosyo RomanchoGhostStory episodes. Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story Collection appprovidesyou an easy download feature for your favorite episode.Its time notto miss any episode. You can explore all RohosyoRomancho GhostStory episodes for several years. Download favoriteRohosyo RomanchoGhost Story episode and keep it in your phone. Youcan hear it evenif you are offline. Check all the episodes in yourplayer list. youcan also hear Radio Friends FM 91.9 live. AppHighlights:✔Background play supports of Rohosyo Romancho GhostStory ✔RohoshoRomancho Ghost Story all episodes ✔Download yourfavorite RohosyoRomancho Ghost Story episode ✔Listen downloadedRohosho RomanchoGhost Story episodes even if you are offline✔Clear streaming ofRohosyo Romancho Ghost Story all episodes✔Clear streaming of RadioFriends FM 91.9 live. key word: Freebangla bhooter golpo, RohoshoRomancho, Sunday suspense,vuter golpobangla, bangla horror story,Friends FM 91.9 live, RohosyoRomancho, Sunday suspense, vuter golpomp3 download, Bhoot, freegolpo book audio here, Mirchi 98.3 FMlive, bhooter golpo, banglahorror story, free horror story book inbangla, radio appbangladesh, Mirchi 98.3 FM live, vuter golpo,bangla vuter golpo,bangla horror story, Mirchi 98.3 FM live,Rohosyo Romancho, Sundaysuspense, Radio Foorti 88.0FM, horror storybook in bangla, banglaradio app, Bhoot FM app, BhootFM app, FriendsFM 91.9 live.Disclaimer: This app is in no way affiliated withRohosyo RomanchoGhost Story or Radio Friends FM 91.9 live.
Khmer Ghost Stories 1.0.3
Khmer Ghost Stories collected Khmer ghost stories for you wholikereading Khmer ghost story.This application collected Khmerghoststories for you easy to read anywhere, anyplace.Let's installandenjoy with it :)Thanks for supporting us :)
+++ ADS FREE VERSION +++ "A Creepypasta is a short andoriginalstory that is born to terrorize and cause shock in thereader, itis a fairly recent trend sprung from the web, especiallyfrom4Chan." This app is a reader of stories of fear, all in Polish.Itincludes over 30,000 stories, which will not make you sleepatnight. All stories are available offline, but to get abetterhorror experience we recommend using it online. Enjoy thegreatcult like Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, Smile.jpg and The Rakeor godeeper and read the latest stories released recently. At thebottomof what do you need to sleep? +++ Help me to keep this appforfree: vote for 5 stars for pleasure +++
500+ Famous English Stories 4
100,000+ downloads, 1100+ Reviews. * 500+ English Storieswithpictures. * 15+ different categories. * Offline Reading: *Searchyour favorite stories. * Adjust your favorite font size. *Swipeleft/right to move betweeen stories. * Beautifully Designed,BestH.D Graphics. * Best app for English learning and Englishlearning* Simple User-Friendly Interface to read Story. * SupportsallDevices Like Mobile Phone & Tablets. - BeautifulChristmasStories. Among the top education app in store withlearning Englishineffective and adventurous way. Moral story is acollection ofshort moral stories with wonderful pics. In this app,to experiencethe bliss of innocence, love, adventure and many more.This app hasGood short moral stories A new book EVERY DAY developsyour lovefor books and a daily reading habit. Wow!!! - FamousEnglishStories - English stories offline - Free books englishstories forlearning english english story books for learningenglish historiasinglesas historias inglesas para niños famosashistorias inglesasইংরেজি গল্প বাচ্চাদের জন্য ইংরেজি গল্প ProductDetails: You canpractice English reading - anywhere, anytime -while you’redriving, shopping in the grocery store, or having aquick coffee atyour favorite cafe. And you can spend quality timewhile teachingthe core skills of reading and speaking English thatis sonecessary for everyone in today’s modern world. StoryCategories -* Panchatantra Stories : Panchatantra is popularcollection ofanimal-based fables. * Educational Stories : Learngood things inlife and give education to others. * Moral Stories :Moral valuescan be a great foundation for everyone. * CourageStories : Storiesof courage and bravery. * Akbar Birbal Stories :Have some Fun:read the Folktales stories of Akbar-Birbal. * Aladdin(Magic Lamp): Aladdin and the magic lamp is a folk tale. * TheArabian Nights :Arabian Nights stories are some of the world'sgreat treasures. *Inspirational Stories : Stories about love lifehappiness and God.* Motivational stories : Transform your life withthesemotivational stories. * Comical Stories : Stories areinterestingas well as entertaining. * Fables Stories : This is acollection oftales from the Greek storyteller. * Diligence Stories: Diligenceis the earnest conscientious application of our energy.* FamilyStories : Learn the value of unity from family stories. *LifeStories : Best inspirational and beautiful short storiesaboutlife. * Love Stories : What If You Fell in Love? * AnimalStories :Stories with a lesson to help shape your moral compass. *ShortStories : Creep into the world to experience the blissofinnocence. * General Stories : Fabulous collection ofstoriesspecially written for everyone. * Classic Stories : Acollection ofclassic all-time favorite stories. * Tenali Ramanstories. * VikramBetal stories. english storybooks for readingoffline القصص الشهيرةقصص الاطفال english story short stories inenglish moral storiesenglish love story very short english storiessimple english storyshort stories in english for students englishstory books learnenglish through story moral stories in englishshort stories withmoral english fairy tales storyline online storystorytelling shortstory story time english story for learning bookbest selling booksebook free books free ebooks books to read ebookreader ebook pdfebook library ebook online novel online englishlearn englishspoken english english speaking english conversationenglishgrammar english language english vocabulary englishspeakingclasses learn english online learn english grammar learnenglishspeaking english speaking course online learn english onlinefreespoken english course english language course basic englishenglishcourse online english language learning learn englishconversationenglish for beginners english live english grammar bookenglishlistening english for beginners easy english english story
1000+ Hindi Stories 5.9l
Tuneonn Inc.
hindi stories containging 1000+ interesting stories. Wonderfulstoryabout god, festivals, motivational stories, akbar-birbal,tenaliraman stories, panchtantra, story, moral stories,funny/comedy,motivational, hindi novel/upanyas, educational, dadinani kikahaniya , lok kathayen, kisse kahaniya, kathayen, Animal,success,life short story, amazing and unique stories etc. and muchmore..Download now. The app contains all indian hindi stories,appincludes.. ► पौराणिक कथाएं | Pauranik Kathayen ( kahaniya )►आध्यात्मिक कथाएँ | Spiritual - spiritual Stories ► रामायण कथा|ramayan kahani in hindi ► महाभारत कथा | Mahabharat katha ►विष्णुपुराण | vishnu puran katha ► शिव पुराण | Shiv Mahapurankahaniya ►बाल कृष्ण लीला | krishna leela short stories ► वेद परिचय| hinduvedas in hindi ► अग्नि पुराण | agni puran saar ► ब्रह्मपुराण |brahma purana saar ► गरुड़ पुराण | garun puran saar katha ►सामवेद| samved in hindi ► महात्मा बुद्ध | mahatma budh ke updeshstories► मुल्ला नसरुद्दीन किस्से | mulla nasruddin ke kisse inhindi ► शेखचिल्ली | shekh chilli ke kisse ► तेनालीराम | tenaliramke kissestories ► अकबर-बीरबल | akbar birbal story in hindi ►सिंहासनबत्तीसी | sinhasan battisi story ► बेताल पच्चीसी | betaalpachisistories ► हास्य कहानियाँ | comedy stories hindi ► द्रन्तकथाए |Jatak Tales ( Dant Katha ) Stories In Hindi ► पंचतन्त्रकहानियां |panchatantra stories ► प्रेरणादायक कहानियां | prernadayakkahaniyan/ motivational stories ► ओशो कहानियां | osho stories hindi► अलिफलैला कहानियाँ नैतिक शिक्षा | alif laila stories, arabiannightsstories ► कहावतों की कहानियाँ | kahavato ki kahaniya ►दादी-नानीकहानियाँ | dadi nani stories in hindi ► लोक कथाएँ | lokkathayen inhindi ► शिक्षाप्रद कहानियाँ | shikshaprad kahani/educationalstories ► जीवन की सीख | moral short stories ► व्रत कथाएं| vratkathayen ► मुंशी प्रेमचंद | munshi premchand short storiesandnovel/upanyas ► रबिन्द्रनाथ टैगोर | rabindranath tagoreshortstories and novel/upanyas If you like this app, Please rate 5Starsand share..
Scary Ringtones & Sounds 2017 ☠ | Ghost mp3 1.1
Do you want to listen to scary ringtones 2017 for android&horror sounds for WhatsApp™ notifications ? listen to thecreepiestsounds and horror of scary movie sounds 2018, Halloween,scarylaugh ringtone, mommy or a creepy ghost horror sounds ?OurAppcontains the best scary ringtones & song 2017 " andthescariest and creepiest noises like : creepy clown ringtones,horror noises 2017 , danger horror tones, strange music,exorcistmusic, awful tones for cell phones, halloween soundeffects, I willkill you voice. We have gathered a wonderfulcollection of the mostfearful and frightening voices: scary alarmsounds, notifications,creepy message tones, free download forAndroid.Our app containsthe best ringtones for iphone 8 for androidphones and scarynotifications for WhatsApp™ 2017 remixed 100% free.If you likehorror movies such as movie exorcist music, terrormelodies 2017,horror noises, strange music for suspense, creepyclown popularringtones 2017: best scary sms sounds 2017 ringtonesis what youlooking for. The scariest & creepiest sounds effectson playstore.Dreadful melodies and scary alarm sounds (crying girl,babycry), awful and startling music: Easy download top scaryringtones2017: Help me, Dont be afraid your mother is calling, Babycry touse them on your phone as tone, message, alarm or assign themtoone of your awesome melodies ( ringtones )fornotifications sounds and sms alart sound also alarm music worksonevery phone (bollywood music , business ringtones , guitar,fluteand violin , pian , beautiful ringtones )Screaming Ghost musicforyour cell phone to scare your friends by popular spookyscaryringtones of the year especially on Halloween.Use this typeofmusic for a quick wake up in morning: tens of amazing bestmusicare gathered on the soundboard of frightening devil tones;chillingsongs Halloween; insidious melody for you.Our app containsvariouslanguages : hindi arabic , chinese sounds, popularchristmasringtones 2017, korean tones, love , and make the most ofpopularbaby and cartoon.☠ 🎵Features of scary ringtones free 2017🎵☠☠Possibility to choose haunted house-intimidating noises inyourfavorite phone song, and set as caller, SMS, notificationsoralarm.☠ We often update new tones, shocking & freescarysongs.☠ Easy app of nice spirits, ghost sounds &horrifyingmonsters to use.☠ 🎵Compatibility 🎵☠Scary Ringtones &Sounds2017 has been tested on several mobile like ( Samsung™ Galaxys7 and S7 Edge, also S8, iphone™ 7 & 8, Google Pixel, Moto Z,G4,ZTE Axon 7, HTC 10, Sony Xperia XZ, LG G5, Microsoft™ Lumia950,Huawei P9, Oppo F1, R7 ). It’s suitable for most Android™devices.
Rohosyo Romancho Ghost Story 9.0
Droid Cook
গা ছমছম ভয়ঙ্কর ভূতের Audio 93 টি গল্প!!Features:★ EnjoypopularBangla thrilled Rohosyo Romancho Friends FM audio stories inthisfree app★ Around 100 stories in one app★ Search functionalitybyTitle, Author name★ Built in media player★ Mark youfavoritestories★ Small app size (2 MB)★ NO Special permission★Share usingsocial apps★ Rate 5 Star ★★★★★ and comment if you like
Eyes - Scary & Creepy Survival Horror Game 6.0.50
You break into the mansion at night. It’s huge and built likeamaze. You're trying to escape, but the monster is after you!Thechase begins. RUN!! Escape ghosts and endure evil jumpscare inthisfree yet terrifying survival horror game. Discoverheart-thumpingterror, chase and scary creatures in this freeatmospheric horrorgame. But no matter what, never play alone in thedark. As youexplore decaying rooms in search of riches, an eeriewail shuddersthrough the dead air and fills your heart with horror.And thechase begins. Lights flicker, books rattle on their shelvesand thescary TV bursts into static. Seven reasons to download Eyes– TheHorror Game right now: → Multiple scary monsters and beaststochoose from – or create your own demon with custom visualsandaudio → Multiple levels to unlock: an old haunted house,anabandoned hospital, and a desolated school. More added allthetime! → Multiple gameplay modes to endure → Use mystical Eyerunesto see through the monster’s twisted vision and try to surviveitsgrudge → Consult a hand-drawn map to plan your next move →Competewith fellow adventurers on the global leaderboards or playoffline→ The perfect horor & thriller game: tense gameplay, ascarybeast, sudden jumpscare, and a chilling atmosphere Will youescapethe mansion? Download Eyes – The Horror Game today for free! 1.6
Best "Horror Wallpaper" HD and Backgrounds Graphics Art3DIllustrations For Smartphone And Tablet Free Download! •Esoteric"Scary Wallpapers" HD Images High Resolution For SamsungGalaxy S8,S9, S10 And Huawei P8 P9 P10 P20 P30. Nice Features OFLatest NewReal "Horror Wallpaper" Pictures Android Application ForAsusZenfone And Moto Phones. - Full support for landscape mode.-Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices. -Optimizedbattery usage! - Fully supports horizontal orientation -Add tofavorites - You can save or Share Occult "Horror Backgrounds"toFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr,Stumble,Instagram Or Line. • Best Mobile App 2019 APK Download! -VeryUnique "Creepy Wallpapers" For Real fans Dark Death Style.•Special Collection "Satanic Wallpaper" For Lucifer, Demon,Ghost,Zombie And Evil Clown Pictures.
500+ Scariest Horror Stories scarest horror stories
Top 500 Scariest Horror StoriesTop 500 Scariest Horror Stories,Thegreatest collection of creepy tales and scary stories ishere!•Read free short scary stories, ghost stories, spookytales,hauntings, and real ghost experiences from all over theworld. Allstories are divided on following sections: Scary Stories,GhostStories, Ghost Experiences, Thriller and Suspense. Do youbelieveghosts exist? Read about the real ghost experiencessubmitted byreaders !• We show you the bridge to the other side,it's your callto cross it. It's your call to enter the realm of thedead wheretormented souls live in eternal darkness? The harvestermenu wasjust handed to you! Well, take your chance and download ourapp.•Perfect for camping trips, travels or just reading whilecommutingto work. You can read real ghosts experiences from realpeople likeyou. It has come to our attention that many people havehad thiskind of unexplained experiences, and it makes forwonderfulreadings, maybe at times disturbing, but most often,leaving youwondering what is happening on the other side ofmaterial life andour physical senses.• Horror stories fromspecified countries like: United States, Vietnam, Germany, Canadaand more...• Short horrorstories and scary tales for kids andadults to read. Some of thescariest stories you will ever read,featuring urban legends andclassic scary horror tales of creepyghosts, crazy murderers andother deadly things.• Stories that youmay never forget about.•Stories that can make stay awake at night.
Scary Craft: Five Nights of Survival Horror Games
Discover the monster world! Begin crafting your weapon at dayandbuilding defenses at night! Can you survive five nights andholdoff a living dead army of zombies, ghosts and othermonsters?Horror adventure begins! Jump into a blocky cube cityinvaded byevil scary monsters! Prepare to fight off hordes of suchspookycreatures like a zombie, ghost, mummy and undead clown! It’sa truehorror adventure game. Survive a night! You’d like to closeyoureyes but crafting weapons and upgrades is a better way tohandle anight fear! Build a blocky cube wall and other defenses.Make surethat every zombie, ghost, mummy or clown will be dead bydawnlight! How long can you survive? One, two or five nights? Testyoursurvival skills in our brand new horror adventure game! Nofear!Chat with other NPCs (not real people!). You can even findagirlfriend or boyfriend! What’s better than love in thezombieapocalypse times? Craft, build & explore a scary world atdayYou won’t see any dreadful monster at day - enjoy freeexplorationexperience! Craft & mine resources! Look forsupplies in avast, sandbox blocky world. Pay a visit to the scaryhospital,haunted mansion or forgotten mine. Search a spooky oldcemetery anda city garden - you can set plants there! Gatherresources to craftbetter weapons and upgrades! Prepare for thenight! Before zombies,mummies and other living dead will storm off,you have to enhanceyour fortress! Build wall and other defensesfrom blocks. It’s nota game for little boys and girls! Scary horroradventure for realmen, who won’t run away seeing such a spookynight monster like azombie, ghost or clown! Best zombie apocalypsesurvival game withexploration mode for boys and girls! For free!Hold back anymonster and survive another night! You’ve beenexploring, craftingand building all day long - hopefully you’reprepared for thenight! A true battle begins! Blocky cube zombies,ghost, mummiesand any other living dead will try to break intoevery building.Don’t hide in a dark room of a hospital, hauntedmansion. Undeadstupid monsters have their eyes on you! Unload yourblocky cubeweapon and shoot any monster zombie or ghost you see!This scarybattle won’t end until the dawn - prove you’re skillednot only atcrafting & building, but also as a spooky zombiehunter! Everydead target must be dead by dawn light - for good!Fight evil &fear for five nights or even longer! This survivalhorror adventuregame never ends! CORE FEATURES: Exploration of aworld with terrorslike the living dead, zombie or ghost! Builddefenses from blocksand survive another day! Craft and upgradeweapons! Crafting &building at day, hunting monsters at night!Blocky cube horroradventure for boys and girls! UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer mode!(multicraft) Co-op mode! More scary environmentsto explore! Moreresources to mine for crafting & building!(design craft) Moremonsters to fight with!
Horror Craft Scary Exploration Five Nights of Game
Feel the thrill and become a square head ghost buster! Dont’tleaveyour friends alone too long otherwise it could be last timeyou seethem! But don’t be scared tooOOoooO early! Firstly play themostenjoying free survival crafting game based in cube world withscarymonsters & ghosts! Play one of the best scary craft gamesforgirls and boys – play HORROR CRAFT for free! Spooky HorrorHouseExploration! No dungeons and dragons ! Just you, thehauntedmansion & halloween exploration. This lite pocket mineblockgame for boys and girls, inspired by the popular cube &voxelbased pocket edition creative games, lets you craft &buildspooky world! Experience fear and deep horrifyingatmosphere.Survive in a world of monsters, skeletons, ghouls,vampires andother creepy creatures! Craft & build a perfectcube horrorhaunt story! Search an old, abandoned house and collectanyvaluables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghost hauntingthebuildings! Exploration world craft is here! Constructhauntedmansion, halloween decorations or haunted abandoned cemeteryfullof skeletons! Play in a creative mode with unlimited resourcesormine deep into the cube scary haunted world. Craft andexplore!Become a ghostbuster! Exploration of randomly generatedcubeabandoned, terrifying robots terrains, build and createamazing& perfect things from the simplest of creepy homes tothegrandest of cube fortresses, haunted castles and mine to theearthcore finding the hell! Become an adventurer! This game willnotbring you only joy and relax of halloween time! This game forboysand girls scare the heck out of you! Adults are welcometo!Dragons, monsters and survival world craft mode. Cube robotsworldand your infinite creativity! This lite game for boys andgirlscontains: block placing, cube world, real time worldcraftgeneration. Build a cube horror story world! Craft &Explorethe cube world - build a horror maze! In this incredibleandtotally free game you can destroy all the blocks,collectresources, survive and build terrifying & scaryBuildings. Thispocket edition game (PE) contains a large number ofdifferentblocks with which you can craft your own cube horrorworld! Craft& explore! High resolution textures, veryconvenient andthoughtful game control, High FPS, withoutcompromise! So plungeinto the fantastic world of halloween HorrorCraft: Scary BuildingExploration’ - with new cube spooky worlds andadventures! Placeblocks / cubes move voxels, dig and mine! Gobeyond your wildestdreams, make your own cube scary robots world,castle or city!Transform the surface in a 3D environment! Buildshelter, fight,grow and use block craft. The only limit is yourimagination! Starta cube world craft! Horror Craft features: 🎃Crafting &building fun in horror! 🎃 One of the scariest horrorgames! 🎃Halloween sweets! 🎃 Ghosts and monsters! Play the besthalloweenscary game – Horror Craft – and feel the thrill! Comingsoon:Multiplayer Crafting items Building craft mode Survivalexplorationmode Cube Block Craft World Craft Story Skyblock freemode Storymode Weather (rain, snow) Moving cars Stats and inventoryDifferentworlds (hell, heaven, lair) If you are interested insimilar gamessuch as our cube girls craft world game please see ourother games.1. Explore the haunted house! 2. Build & craftduring the day3. Survive the night!
Scary Ringtones & Sounds 2020 & Ghost mp3 ☠ 5.1
Do you want to listen to scary ringtones 2020 for android&horror sounds for WhatsApp™ notifications ? listen to thecreepiestsounds and horror of scary movie sounds 2020, Halloween,scarylaugh ringtone, mommy or a creepy ghost horror sounds ? OurAppcontains the best scary ringtones & song 2020 " andthescariest and creepiest noises like : creepy clown ringtones,horror noises 2020 , danger horror tones, strange music,exorcistmusic, awful tones for cell phones, halloween soundeffects, I willkill you voice. We have gathered a wonderfulcollection of the mostfearful and frightening voices: scary alarmsounds, notifications,creepy message tones, free download forAndroid. Our app containsthe best ringtones for iphone™ 8 forandroid phones and scarynotifications for WhatsApp™ 2020 remixed100% free. If you likehorror movies such as movie exorcist music,terror melodies 2020,horror noises, strange music for suspense,creepy clown popularringtones 2020: best scary sms sounds 2020ringtones is what youlooking for. The scariest & creepiestsounds effects on playstore. Dreadful melodies and scary alarmsounds (crying girl, babycry), awful and startling music: Easydownload top scary ringtones2020: Help me, Dont be afraid yourmother is calling, Baby cry touse them on your phone as tone,message, alarm or assign them toone of your contacts. new awesomemelodies ( ringtones ) fornotifications sounds and sms alart soundalso alarm music works onevery phone (bollywood music , businessringtones , guitar, fluteand violin , pian , beautiful ringtones )Screaming Ghost music foryour cell phone to scare your friends bypopular spooky scaryringtones of the year especially on Halloween.Use this type ofmusic for a quick wake up in morning: tens ofamazing best musicare gathered on the soundboard of frighteningdevil tones; chillingsongs Halloween; insidious melody for you. Ourapp contains variouslanguages : hindi arabic , chinese sounds,popular christmasringtones 2020, korean tones, love , and make themost of popularbaby and cartoon. ☠ 🎵Features of scary ringtonesfree 2020 🎵☠ ☠Possibility to choose haunted house-intimidatingnoises in yourfavorite phone song, and set as caller, SMS,notifications oralarm. ☠ We often update new tones, shocking &free scarysongs. ☠ Easy app of nice spirits, ghost sounds &horrifyingmonsters to use. ☠ 🎵Compatibility 🎵☠ Scary Ringtones& Sounds2020 has been tested on several mobile like ( Samsung™Galaxy s7 and S7 Edge, also S8, iphone™ 7 & 8, Google Pixel,Moto Z, G4,ZTE Axon 7, HTC 10, Sony Xperia XZ, LG G5, Microsoft™Lumia 950,Huawei P9, Oppo F1, R7 ). It’s suitable for most Android™devices.
Fairy Tales ~ Children’s Books, Stories and Games 2.6.2
“Fairy Tales” is a kid reading app with interactive mini gamesandfairy tales for children which makes reading more funandentertaining! “Fairy Tales” is a marvelous collection ofstorybooks for kids that includes such bedtime stories for kids as:-Puss in Boots - for FREE - The Beauty and the Beast - Cinderella-Sleeping Beauty - The Three Little Pigs - The Snow Queen -LittleRed Riding Hood - The Princess and the Pea - Gingerbread man-Goldilocks and the three bears - The Tinderbox - Ugly Duckling-Rumpelstiltskin - The Three Spinners - The Wolf and sevenlittlekids - The Enormous Turnip - Mother Snow - Aesop's Fables-Norton's New House by Arpad Olbey - The Realm of Sweet DreamsbyAsa Guves Collect DAILY BONUS to open interactive books andreadkids stories for FREE! Let your kids library grow withinteractivebooks and stories for kids! FEATURES: - “Read to Me,”“Read itMyself” modes - Interactive scenes with fully narrated andanimatedcharacters - Offline reading - download a book once andread itanytime, anywhere. These reading chapter books for kids areusefulfor long trips, doctor's appointments and restaurants -Designedfor children interface - Lots of games for kids under 5years -Safe and kid-friendly - protection from unintentionalpurchasesRead books and play educational games with yourfavoritecharacters! Best for toddlers and preschoolers. Theprofessionalnarrator will read along bedtime stories. It makes adailygo-to-sleep ritual easier! Each fairy tale contains pop-upgames tomake reading books more entertaining and educative. Findfollowinglearning games for kids in these storybooks: labyrinth,cardsmatching, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects. This app is agreatcollection of the high-quality short story for kids withchildrensstories and learning games for toddlers and preschoolers.Magicmoments with vivid illustrations, professional voicenarration,interactive activities, amazing animations, colorfulpictures andbeloved fairytales will delight kids and parents. Feelthe magic ofa kids story by the perfect storytelling! Bestpreschool learningapp with interactive educational books forprepare boys and girlsfor kindergarten and first grade. Yourfeedback is important to us.Please SHARE YOUR REVIEW below! For anytechnical issues, pleaseemail us at
Tamil Stories - Siru kathaigal 1.9
All about Tamil kid's learning through Tamil Aesop fables,Tamilkids kadhaikal, Tamil knowledge stories, Tamil moralstories,Tamilpanchatantra stories, thenali raman stories, Tamilbedtime stories,Tamil short stories, Tamil moral stories for kids,Tamil couragestories, Tamil comic stories, Tamil short stories forkids, TamilChristmas stories for kids. More over 100+ stories inthis TamilStories App were related to the below topics, - Tamilmoral stories- Tamil short stories - kulandhai kathaigal - storiesfor childrens- stories for kids - motivational stories in tamil -romanticstories in tamil - small stories for kids - tamil shortstories forkids - tamil good stories - baby stories in tamil -moral storiesfor students in tamil - tamil comedy stories - tamilmotivationalstories - interesting stories in tamil - tamil storiesfor babies -tamil latest stories - siru kathaigal in tamil -ambulimama storiesin tamil - funny stories tamil - tamil novelstories - tamil beststories - tamil stories for reading - tamilstories for childs -children stories in tamil language - best tamilstories - tamilnursery stories - tamil stories for kindergarten -tamil dramastories - tamil inspirational stories - tamil cinema -old tamilstories - tamil short stories for students - tamil longstories -tamil daily stories - tamil knowledge stories - tamilmagazines -tamil bed stories - tamil fantasy stories - all tamilstories -tamilkathaikal - tamil kavithai - tamil positive stories -tamilproverb stories in tamil - tamil youth stories - tamilschoolstories - tamil kadhal kadhaikal - tamil kids kathaigal -storiesfor babies in tamil Global search : bedtime stories, shortstories,stories for kids, story for kids, short stories for kids,Christmasstories for kids, short story, the short story, a shortstory,child story, child stories, child short story, short childstory,comic stories, courage story, courage stories, story ofcourage,friendship stories, friendship story, a story offriendship,mischief stories, mischief story, naughty story, taleofkings,tamil short stories in tamil language, bedtime storiesforkids in tamil, neethi kathaigal in tamil, short comedy storiesintamil, panchatantra stories for kids in tamil, tamil shortstories,short love stories in tamil, tamil short stories sujatha
Horror Hospital® 2 6.9
Heisen Games
★ ★ ★ 15+ Million Download ★ ★ ★ Are you ready to face yourfears?You are in a hospital corridor which fear and horror innested. Youare feeling which fear and death pester to you in everystep. In ahaunted hospital which contains paranormal activities, itis verydifficult to survive if your nerves is not hard as steel.You can'tdetermine who is angel who is devil. Extraordinaryatmosphere,nervous scenario and blood-curdling flow, you are onestep ahead ofcomic book horror game. In second story, young girlcouldn't getrid of nightmares and curiosity. There is only way toget rid ofthis hell which threaten her mental health. Face it! Ofcourseyoung man won't leave alone the girl and our story continuesfromwhere it left. If you have courage, what are you waiting for?-Amazing graphics - Detailed areas - Unique musics - CompletelyfreeNote: We recommend that play the game with headset. -Internetpermissions are required for advertising display andanalysis. -Also requires a network connection. - PrivacyPolicy: - Attention please!According toour Privacy Policy Horror Hospital® 2 game to play ordownload atleast 13 years old. ★ Twitter: ★Instagram: ★ Facebook: ★Web: ★ Horror Game Heisen Games © 2019.AllRights Reserved.
3 Chanchitos Cuento Infantil 1.2
Cuento interactivo con sonidos y gráficos 3d.Tale withinteractivesounds and 3D graphics.
Bedtime Stories Goodnight : short stories for kids 1.0
“Bedtime Stories Goodnight” is a storybook help to developsyourchild's love for books and a daily reading habit. develop agoodsleeping habit. Storytelling is also an easy way for parentstospend quality time with their children, and the benefits tobothparents and kids are countless. Storybook help childrendeveloplanguage and thinking and develop their imagination. Youngchildrencan learn about the world from books. Showing simplepictures andnaming what they are helps young children learn whatthings arecalled. Available languages: English and Thai Features -Originalgraphics with adorable characters - Easy and simplestoryline. -Interactive and easy to use. - Helps kids in learningcore skillsof listening, reading & speaking. - Your childlearns to readthese stories by him/herself - Download stories just1 time, Yourchild can practice reading - anywhere, anytime - Thisapp supportboth mobile phone and tablet. A List of the Fables FairyTale -Beauty and the beast - The Little Mermaid - Jack and theBeanstalkAesop - The town mouse and the country mouse - The Threelittlepigs - The lion and the mouse - The dog and the shadow - TheSunand the Wind - The Hare and he Tortoise - The shepherd boy -TheOak and The Reeds - The Fox and the Goat - The Bee and The Dove-The Crow and Pitcher - The Goose with The Golden Eggs - TheLionand The Boar - The Frog Who Desired a King - The Raven and theSwan**Stories will be updated, So don’t miss the latest updates!