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CDC Vaccine Schedules 7.0.1
Quick access from CDC to ACIP-recommended immunizationschedules,complete with footnotes. Intended for healthcareprofessionalsrecommending and administering vaccines to infants,children,adolescents, and adults. This app is one of an expandingcollectionof applications from CDC on a variety of specific topics,eachoptimized for your mobile device. When your device isconnected,content is automatically updated so you have the mostup-to-dateinformation. This tool provides: • Child and adolescentschedules,with immunization recommendations from birth through age18 • Adultschedule, listing recommended vaccines for adults by agegroup andby medical conditions • Contraindications and precautionstable,with footnotes applying to schedules Features include •Colorcoding coordinates with printed schedules • Hyperlinkedvaccinename opens pop-up with dose specifics • Catch-up scheduleforchildren 4 months through 18 years shows minimum dosing interval•Related vaccine resources and websites Automatic updates
STD Tx Guide
The STD Tx Guide app is a quick reference guide forhealthcareprofessionals and related parties on the identificationof andtreatment for sexually transmitted diseases. With the STD TxGuideapp you get: • Fast access to recommended treatment regimens •Listof common Terms and Abbreviations • Includes CDC’s guide toTakinga Sexual History • Push notifications for guideline updatesThe appis a collaboration between CDC's Division of STD Preventionand theInformatics Innovation Unit (IIU) within CDC's Division ofPublicHealth Information Dissemination (DPHID) - Center forSurveillance,Epidemiology and Laboratory Services (CSELS). Theseguidelines forthe treatment of persons who have or are at risk forsexuallytransmitted diseases (STDs) were updated by CDC afterconsultationwith a group of professionals knowledgeable in thefield of STDswho met in Atlanta on April 30–May 2, 2013. Theinformation in thisreport updates the Sexually Transmitted DiseasesTreatmentGuidelines, 2010 (MMWR Recomm Rep 2010;59 [No. RR–12]).Theseupdated guidelines discuss 1) alternative treatment regimensforNeisseria gonorrhoeae; 2) the use of nucleic acidamplificationtests for the diagnosis of trichomoniasis; 3)alternative treatmentoptions for genital warts; 4) the role ofMycoplasma genitalium inurethritis/cervicitis and treatment-relatedimplications; 5)updated HPV vaccine recommendations and counselingmessages; 6) themanagement of persons who are transgender; 7)annual testing forhepatitis C in persons with HIV infection; 8)updatedrecommendations for diagnostic evaluation of urethritis; and9)retesting to detect repeat infection. Physicians andotherhealth-care providers can use these guidelines to assist intheprevention and treatment of STDs.
CDC Health IQ 2.1.3
Challenge your Health IQ in this fun and educational healthtriviaapp. Do you know the minimum SPF needed to protect yourselffromthe sun’s harmful rays? Or how many seconds you should washyourhands to kill germs? Test your Health IQ to see how yourhealthskills stack up. Let our game show scientist lead you throughanexciting selection of trivia questions and word scrambles.Choosefrom three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, or Hard…orbesurprised by selecting a Random mix. Race against the clock toearnmore points or use hints when you are stumped. Each quizdelivers amix of 10 questions. Answer as many of the 10 questionscorrectlyand as quickly as possible with the hopes of earningbonuses likeA+ Student, Public Health Nerd, and Einstein! Playagain and againand challenge yourself to beat your highest score!!Come back tosee new questions and challenge yourself as new triviais added. *Optimized for phones/handsets
Solve the Outbreak 2.4.3
Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to get clues andanalyzedata to solve the outbreak and save lives! In this fun app,you getto be a Disease Detective. Do you quarantine the village?Interviewpeople who are sick? Run more lab tests? The better youranswers,the higher your score - and the quicker you’ll climb theranks tobecome a decorated Disease Detective. In level 1, you’llstart as aTrainee and earn badges by solving scenarios — with thegoal ofearning the top rank: Disease Detective. Unlock Level 2bymastering all the 12 outbreaks of Level 1. Then earn honorsbysolving new and more challenging scenarios. Earn recognitionslikeSurveillance and Treatment Honors. New outbreaks happen everydayand CDC's Disease Detectives are on the front lines — working24/7to save lives and protect people. When a new outbreakoccurs,Disease Detectives are sent in to figure out how theoutbreakstarted before it spreads further. In this app, you'llalso: •Learn about diseases and outbreaks in an engaging way. • SeehowCDC's Disease Detectives save lives around the world. • Havetheoption to post your scores on Facebook or Twitter andchallengeyour friends to play! -Only available on 7" tablets orlarger-Requires Android OS version 4.0 or higher
Ladder Safety 2.0
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)isdedicated to ensure the safety of portable ladder usersbydeveloping and disseminating an easy-to-use interactiveladdersafety application for smart phones. The NIOSH LadderSafetyapplication features a multimodal indicator, which usesvisual,sound, and vibration signals to assist the user inpositioning aladder at an optimal angle. Furthermore, theapplication providesgraphic-oriented interactive referencematerials, safety guidelinesand checklists for extension and stepladders selection,inspection, accessorizing, and use. Theapplication is intended tohelp a wide range of ladder users,employers, and safetyprofessionals, with their ladder-relatedsafety needs. The laddersafety app is also 508 compliant.
Growth Chart CDC WHO Percentile 3.1.19355.01
Osama Orabi
How to useit: Foronlinewebsite: Features: 1-Displaying theGrowth: using the World-Health-Organization (WHO),andCenters-for-Disease-Control-and-Prevention (CDC) tohelppediatricians and health professionals. Also, you can determineanypoint on the chart to view its percentile / z-score.AvailableCharts: BMI, Weight, Length, and Head-Circumference 2-Saving Data,and it will be available offline, so that youcanview,add,edit,delete it without internet connection. 3-SharingCharts, After Viewing the Growth Chart, you can share itviae-mail, social media,etc. 4- Percentile/Z-Score, ByenteringDate-of-Birth, Date ,Gender, Weight,Length/Height,Head-Circumference, you can view the percentiles.Also, the BMI,Age will be calculated. 5- Multi-Language: Currently,it issupporting Arabic and English. 6- Zooming 7- Printing:eithersaving as a PDF file or send to printer.
Relief Central 2.7.65
Relief Central™ is a free mobile and web resource developed bythestaff and friends of Unbound Medicine to assist reliefworkers,healthcare providers, first responders, and others calledto servein disaster relief situations around the world. ReliefCentralincludes the latest versions of The World Factbook from theCIA,CDC Health Information for International Travel (The YellowBook),Ebola Guidelines, the Field Operations Guide from USAID,MEDLINEJournals, and Relief News from the Red Cross, UnitedNations, CDC,FEMA, and more. THE WORLD FACTBOOK The World Factbookfrom the USCentral Intelligence Agency (CIA) contains detailedinformation onthe history, people, government, economy,geography,communications, transportation, military, andtransnational issuesfor 266 world countries and territories. CDCYELLOW BOOK (HealthInformation for International Travel) The YellowBook presentsup-to-date advice on any travel health issueincludingvaccinations, essential trip planning and safety tips,preventionof an expanded list of travel-related infectiousdiseases, altitudeillness, motion sickness, sunburn, medicaltourism, and much more.EBOLA GUIDELINES Ebola Guidelines presentsup-to-daterecommendations from the CDC and WHO on the evolvingEbola outbreakin West Africa and cases in the U.S. It includesguidelines forhealthcare workers, EMS, public health workers andlaboratorypersonnel along with helpful algorithms, checklists andoutbreakupdates. USAID FIELD OPERATIONS GUIDE The Field OperationsGuidefrom USAID delivers disaster assessment and responseinformationand includes chapters and appendices ranging frominformation onpopulations at risk to commonly used acronyms, allarranged in anoutline format. RELIEF NEWS Relief News puts thelatest news atyour fingertips with a collection of RSS feeds fromtrustednon-profit groups, international organizations, andgovernmentagencies. Feeds are from the Red Cross, United Nations,US Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US FederalEmergencyManagement Agency (FEMA), ReliefWeb, and more. MEDLINEJOURNALSMEDLINE Journals provides citations and abstracts from thelatestissues of trusted disaster relief journals. Link tothefully-integrated Unbound MEDLINE service where you can findrelatedarticles and view full-text articles provided by thejournalpublisher. FEATURES: • Cross Links for fast navigationbetweenresources • Personalized favorites • Citations and abstractsfromdisaster journals • Universal index search across allreferences •New Recently Viewed feature
Epi Info
Epi Info™ Companion for Android Epi Info™ is a public domainsuiteof software tools designed for the global community ofpublichealth practitioners and researchers. The Companion forAndroidbrings many of Epi Info's features onto the Androidmobileplatform. Epidemiologists can calculate sample sizes, collectdata,and perform analysis using their smartphones or inexpensivetabletsto investigate outbreaks, respond to emergencies, or conductpublichealth research in locations lacking IT infrastructure.Limitationof Liability. The materials embodied in the Epi Info™MobileApplication are "as-is" and without warranty of any kind,express,implied or otherwise, including without limitation, anywarranty offitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall theCenters forDisease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the UnitedStates (U.S.)Government be liable to the user or to anyone else forany direct,special, incidental, indirect or consequential damagesof any kind,or any damages whatsoever, including withoutlimitation, loss ofprofit, loss of use, savings or revenue, loss ofdata or the claimsof third parties, whether or not CDC or the U.S.Government hasbeen advised of the possibility of such loss, howevercaused and onany theory of liability, arising out of or inconnection with thepossession, use or performance of this software.
Contraception 2.0.8
The U.S. Medical Eligibility Criteria for ContraceptiveUsecomprises recommendations for the use of specificcontraceptivemethods by patients who have certain characteristicsor medicalconditions. The U.S. Selected Practice RecommendationsforContraceptive Use addresses a select group of common, yetsometimescontroversial or complex, issues regarding initiation anduse ofspecific contraceptive methods. The app is developed directlyfromthe CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) bytheDivision of Reproductive Health and covers more than60characteristics or medical conditions (U.S. MEC) andnumerousclinical situations (U.S. SPR). These recommendations areintendedto assist healthcare providers when they counsel women,men, andcouples about contraceptive method choice and use. Althoughtheserecommendations are meant to serve as a source orclinicalguidance, healthcare providers should always considertheindividual clinical circumstances of each person seekingfamilyplanning services.
Infection Prevention 2.0
**The most comprehensive guideline for infection preventiononGoogle Play store***All data adapted with permission from theCDCGuidelines for Isolation Prevention*The main purpose oftheInfection Prevention app is to decrease the level of infectionsandcross contamination in all medical and non medicalenvironments.This app is a quick and easy reference guide for everyclinical andnon-clinical staff at hospitals, long-term carefacilities, skillednursing facilities, ambulatory care, home care,hospice, and allstaff of emergency medical services. This is agreat reference toolfor medical and nursing students, nurses,doctors, occupational,physical, respiratory and speech therapist.Features:• Simple andeasy to use interface.• Sections includecommon hospital infectionsto Human pathogens• Detailed explanationabout isolation precautiontypes: standard, contact, droplet, andairborne• Illustration onhow to wear and take off proper protectionequipment(s)• CurrentCDC's guidelines for Ebola and how to wear andremove properprotection equipment. This application incorporatesguidelines fromthe 2007 "Guidelines for Isolation Precautions:preventingtransmission of infectious agents in healthcare settings"Thematerials in this application are used with permission fromcenterof disease control (CDC). Additional information was obtainedfromTodar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology.
app.Rhett.vacc1 27.2.2
Quick access from the CDC and the FDA to: All vaccinesandmanufactures of each vaccine approved by the FDA includingfullvaccine inserts--with all adverse reactions andingredientshighlighted, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event ReportingSystem)guidelines and Vaccine Court pursuing information.
CDC Access Mobile Application 1.9
CDC Pakistan
CDC Mobile Application is a convenience facility that allows youtoaccess your *account anytime, anywhere from your smartphone.Nowyou can transfer securities, view the position of your cashandsecurities with up to 30 days of transactions history, viewyourCorporate Actions, and submit your request for rightssubscriptionto IAS. Once registered on the CDC Access portal, youcan use thesame login ID and password for CDC Access mobile app:Features: •User friendly and secure application • OnlineTransactions • Viewup to 30 days of transaction history • ViewCorporate Actions •Personalized account information • RightsSubscription * CDCInvestor Accounts & Sub-Accounts
ENumber - Food Additives 1.0.7
Ismail Gul
Are you one of the people who has wondered additives in yourfoodare healthy or not?This app is for you.E# (E Numbers, ENumber)Applets you find detailed information about all kinds offoodadditives.What makes this app desirable is its greatfilteringsystem. None of the apps in store have this kind ofdetailedfiltering.Besides filtering additives by their name, type,coloretc. by typing, you can use multi selectable filter panel.Withthis panel you can filter additives by their type and color andyoucan find out if that additive is suitable forvegetarians(vegansetc.), children or allergic people.Additionallyyou can check whichadditives are approved by whichorganizations(FSA, CFIA,FSANZ).This list will be updated withchanging information.If youfind incorrect information you cancontact me via email. Please letme know if you have have notice ofany change with food additives.
com.fwdlifeth.fwdsmart 3.35
Single POINT OF SALE.... FWD SMART is designed for supportSaleForce exclusive for FWD distributors members to be able toenhancetheir sales performance with an easy to use bothillustration tooland Application submission ANYWHERE ANYTIME. Thereare 2 mainfeature, Proposal creation and Application Submission.Thesefeatures will guide you to create the sale proposal and showyouthe product benefits against customer's requirement, outlinethesale conditions, product benefits in graphically and link totheapplication submission, convert to application form readytocontinue to complete details information and summitapplicationonline. The validation and pre-underwriting decisionwill revealafter successfully submission which allow customer toget informpre-approval status before the physical application reachto thehead office. The customers can also receive the completedsaleproposal or application notice (in version upgrade) via emailandthe system enables automatic updating of new productinformationand application features will keep agent up to date andready tomake the sale. This application support on Android Tablets.SaleProposal Features summary: - Information filtering - ActiveBenefitReport yearly basis in real time - Get premium calculationbased oninput customer requirement - Get product benefit comparison- GetProposal via Email - Up to date in one click anywhere,anytimeSmart Application Features summary: - Integrated informationfromSale Proposal - Can work both online/offline mode -Validationonline to filtering product based on completed customerdetails -Get inform pre-approval status with MEMO (if any) beforesubmit thephysical application - Get Completed Application for justSignoffand submit to the Head Office Single POINT OF SALE .... FWDSMARTis designed for support Sale Force exclusive for FWDdistributorsmembers to be able to enhance their sales performancewith an easyto use both illustration tool and Applicationsubmission ANYWHEREANYTIME. There are 2 main feature, Proposalcreation andApplication Submission. These features will guide youto create thesale proposal and show you the product benefitsagainst customer'srequirement, outline the sale conditions, productbenefits ingraphically and link to the application submission,convert toapplication form ready to continue to complete detailsinformationand summit application. online. The validation andpre-underwritingdecision will reveal after successfully submissionwhich allowcustomer to get inform pre-approval status before thephysicalapplication reach to the head office. The customers canalsoreceive the completed sale proposal or application notice(inversion upgrade) via email and the system enablesautomaticupdating of new product information and applicationfeatures willkeep agent up to date and ready to make the sale. Thisapplicationsupport on Android Tablets. Sale Proposal Featuressummary: -Information filtering - Active Benefit Report yearlybasis in realtime. - Get premium calculation based on inputcustomerrequirement. - Get product benefit comparison - GetProposal viaEmail - Up to date in one click anywhere, anytime.SmartApplication Features summary: - Integrated information fromSaleProposal - Can work both online / offline mode. - Validationonlineto filtering product based on completed customer details. -Getinform pre-approval status with MEMO (if any) before submitthephysical application. - Get Completed Application for justSignoffand submit to the Head Office.
Child Growth Tracker 4.59
Record multiple children's weight, height, and headcircumferencemeasurements and use them to generate growth chartsand percentilesfrom birth to age 20 for some measurements. The CDC,WHO, IAP(Indian), Swedish, Spanish, German, TNO (Dutch),Belgian,Norwegian, Japanese, and Chinese charts are included, aswell asthe Fenton gestational age charts for pre-term babies and anAdultchart for tracking weight and BMI for all ages. There are alsoCDCand IAP recommended combination charts (WHO-CDC switching at2years old, WHO-IAP switching at 5 years old) and Preterm-WHOforusing corrected age with the WHO curve from birth. Allpercentilesare calculated using the same high accuracy LMS methoddoctor'soffices often use. You can save images of your child'scharts orpercentile tables to share, put in a baby book, or takealong todiscuss with your child's doctor. Easily export and importdata toan open CSV format. Generate a PDF report with a growthchart andpercentile table. Compare multiple children's growthcurves orenter a parent's data and compare child with parent.Project growthup to the end of each curve. Want the UK90 charts, oran ad-freeexperience? Try Child Growth Tracker Pro! Visit our webpage forFAQ, video user guide, details about percentiles andCSVimports/exports, and more. Features: * Easy to use andcompletelyfree! * Supports lb/in or kg/cm units (or a mix!) *Recordmeasurements for an unlimited number of children (localstorage) orup to four children with Cloud Backup * Optional CloudBackup tosync data between devices and share with other users*Age-vs-weight, Age-vs-Height, Age-vs-HeadCircumference,Age-vs-BMI, and Weight-vs-Height Charts * Showpercentiles orZ-scores in charts and tables * Customize the chartwith differentline colors * CDC, WHO, IAP (Indian), Swedish, TNO(Dutch),Belgian, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, CDCDownSyndrome, Adult, and Fenton Pre-Term Percentiles *Combinationcharts (Preterm-WHO, WHO-CDC and WHO-IAP) * Projectchildren'sgrowth out to the full curve * Show percentiles usingeither realage (based on birth date) or corrected age (based on duedate) forpremature babies * Compare multiple children on the sameplot *Charts support pinch zoom and use intelligent scaling to showtheright range for each child * Clickable points on the chartsshowexact percentiles, or easily generate a table of percentilesforall measurements * Easily share or save chart images or PDFreports* Securely stored data integrated with Android cloud backup*Export and import measurements to CSV files * Customize thechildlist with a photo of each child * Available in English,Spanish,French, Dutch, German, and Portuguese. Want to see yourlanguage?Contact us to arrange a translation!
Immunization Planner 1.13.0
Immunization Planner : Never forget a vaccinationdateanymoreImmunization Planner is a FREE immunization reminderAPPthat helps in tracking vaccination in an easy way alongwithtracking development milestones of your baby.Main features:-Youcantrack vaccination schedule of more than one child.-Immunizationschedule of child is displayed in an easy way.-Location of Childin their immunization journey is displayed toeasily identifyfuture pending vaccinations.- Mark vaccinationswhich has alreadybeen done.- Add reminders for the futurevaccinations and updatethem anytime later.Learn about Vaccination /Immunization :- Mythsand Facts section that help people overcometheir apprehensionsregarding vaccination.- Provides summary aboutseveral diseases towhich immunization is mainlytargeted.Developmental milestones arethings most children can do bya certain age.- Track theDevelopmental milestones of yourbaby.Disclaimer:This App is onlyintended to be general summaryinformation to the user. Thisapplication is not intended to providemedical advice. Anyquestions regarding a user’s personal medicalcondition should bedirected to the application user’s primary carephysician.*Imagescourtesy of CDC Public Health Image Library
AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary 3.0.7
The AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary app provides mobile accesstodefinitions for more than 700 HIV/AIDS-related terms.Thedefinitions are written in concise, easy-to-understand languageinboth English and Spanish. The app offers people livingwithHIV/AIDS, as well as health care providers and students,anon-the-go guide to the complex terminology of HIV/AIDS.Theglossary app includes the following features: • Toggle buttontoswitch between English and Spanish terms and definitions •Audiofeature to hear correct pronunciation of terms in EnglishandSpanish • "Random" button that signals the app to displayarandomly selected term and definition AIDSinfo, a service oftheU.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), offershealthcare providers and consumers access to the latest,federallyapproved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, HIVtreatment andprevention clinical trials, and other HIV-relatedresearchinformation. AIDSinfo is collectively sponsored by theOffice ofAIDS Research (OAR), the National Institute of AllergyandInfectious Diseases (NIAID), and the National Library ofMedicine(NLM)—three entities within the National Institutes ofHealth(NIH); the Health Resources and Services Administration(HRSA); andthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Shots Immunizations 2019.2
Shots by American Academy of Family Physicians and SocietyofTeachers of Family Medicine is perfect for physicians,teachers,and other health care providers or for anyone who needsquickanswers to tough vaccine questions. In addition to thecomplete setof CDC vaccine schedules and footnotes, the appincludes importantup-to-date information about each vaccine,including: basics anddosing schedule, high-risk indications,adverse reactions,contraindications, catch-up, administration,epidemiology, brandnames and coding information, andexcipients/additives. All Shotscontent is written by immunizationexperts from STFM and AAFP andincludes commentary on each vaccine.What vaccines would yourecommend for a 10-month-old who has hadonly one dose of each ofthe basic vaccines and at what times wouldyou have him return inorder to catch up? How about his cousin whobabysits? She’s a19-year-old college freshman with asthma whothinks she might bepregnant. Or their grandfather, a 62-year-oldwith diabetes andrenal failure? Input a patient’s age, conditions,and specialcircumstances, and the Shots app will tell you whichvaccines areindicated. What’s New: • Updated with 2018 CDCrecommendedschedules and footnotes • Now co-developed byAmerican Academyof Family Physicians and Society of Teachers ofFamily Medicine• By Profile: Enter patient’s age, conditions,and specialcircumstances and see a list of recommendedimmunizations
vImmune - Family & Pet Wellness 2.3.3
vImmune is a Personal Health & Wellness Management App fortheFamily including your PETS (Cats & Dogs).The App is basedonPediatrician & Veterinarian recommended charts,offersimmunization guidelines from Pregnancy to Birth to Adulthood,isHIPAA compliant & provides timely vaccination reminders toletyou monitor your family's vaccine schedule.In the US, theAppfollows national health guidelines published by CDC & ACIP;inother countries it follows shots schedule recommended byequivalentmedical entities. The App comes with a comprehensiveknowledgecenter that offers an unbiased, science-based perspectiveon atopic of immense public health significance.The App hasbeendesigned to serve as a comprehensive Immunization Pocketbookforboth expecting and first-time Parents and covers topics suchas:•Is vaccination recommended during pregnancy?• How breastfeedingisthe First Vaccination for a Baby?• How long does a newborncarrymother’s immunity?• Are there any safety risks posed byvaccines?•Why maintaining a vaccination diary is crucial?• Whatdoes CDC andACIP recommend as the updated influenza (flu)guidelines for theseason?• What are Vaccine Preventable Diseases(VPDs)?• Do Teens& Adults need Vaccination too?• How vaccinesare the bestpublic health tools for outbreak prevention?• Arepneumonia andinfluenza among the top 10 causes of death for people65 years ofage & older?• Did CDC / ACIP or the medicalcommunity provide avaccine guideline update on preventableinfectious diseases such asMeningitis, Influenza & Hepatitisbased on outbreaks?And wekeep adding content based on currentPaediatric & medicalguidelines as they get approved by CDC orequivalent entities.Asyour baby grows out of the diaper phase &becomes a toddler toa teen and later on an adult, the App willcontinue to provide youwith age-specific vaccination schedule andmedical guidelines onvaccine preventable infectious diseases tohelp you make rightparenting choices.Essentially, we have done thehomework for you soYOU can make informed decisions for your lovedones, away from allthe myth that has been spreading in the worldaroundVaccines.------------------FEATURES• Track yourfamily'sImmunization data and documents• Receive timely Vaccine&Allergy shot reminders• Store and share immunization documentswithothers (doctors, daycare centers, schools)• No data is eversavedon your smartphone; your immunization data and documentsalwaysremain safe in Amazon hosted servers• HIPAA compliant(Militarygrade encryption and data access controls)• Gain ascience-basedperspective on topics such as "Vaccine Safety &AdverseEffects"• Quick & easy account setup when you are readyto getstarted------------------HONOR PLEDGEvImmune will alwaysremainFREE. We will make money only through those premium featuresthatenable VALUE for YOU.------------------ACCOLADES• vImmune hasbeeninducted into Facebook's selective FbStart program• AsepsisLifewasselected a national-level finalist in America's premierhealthtechnology incubator contest (2013)------------------SUPPORT&FEATURE REQUESTVisit ->"Support" tolet us know how we can make things betterforYOU.------------------LOVE vImmune?• Like us onFacebook:• Follow us onTwitter:• Follow us onInstagram:• Read vImmune MagazineonFlipboard: our usersand will never take your support for granted. Afterall, we havetaken great effort to build this app forYOU.------------------OURMISSION STATEMENT"To make best available,peer reviewed, scientificdata work towards community andindividual health and wellnessgoals."------------------Haveadditional questions? We'd love tohear from you
iVaccine - Vaccine Tracker v2.0 r3
Baby vaccine reminder & tracker with vaccine descriptionsandcustomized alerts for upcoming vaccinations. iVaccine is thefirstchild vaccine reminder application of its kind, designed toensureyou don't forget or lose track of your child's shots,iVaccine usesyour regions immunization schedule to automaticallysend outreminders for anyupcomingvaccination! custom regions and vaccines to your childimmunizationschedule! ***CORE FEATURES***❋ WORLD HEALTHORGANIZATION (WHO)& CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL (CDC) COMPLIANTIMMUNIZATIONSCHEDULES FOR ALMOST 25 COUNTRIES❋ BABY VACCINETRACKER❋ AUTOMATICREMINDERS (SENT OUT ACCORDING TO YOUR REGIONSIMMUNIZATIONSCHEDULE, LETTING YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD'S UPCOMINGVACCINE IS ALMOSTDUE)❋ CUSTOM REMINDERS ❋ VACCINE DESCRIPTIONS❋KNOWLEDGE BASE WITHVACCINE SIDE EFFECTS AND CDC RECOMMENDEDVACCINATION AGE❋ QUICKVIEW SUMMARY REPORT OF YOUR CHILD'S COMPLETEDAND UPCOMINGVACCINESAll you need to do is select your region andadd yourbaby’s name and date of birth to begin tracking andreceivingnotifications!***Legal disclaimer: The content on thisapplicationis presented for informational purposes only. Neverdisregardprofessional medical advice from your child's pediatricianorhealth care provider or delay in seeking it because ofsomethingyou have read on this application. This application offersvaccineinformation for informational purposes only. It is nottheintention of this application to provide specificmedicalrecommendation or professional advice. You should alwaysconsultwith your child's pediatrician or health care providerbeforemaking any decisions regarding your child's immunization.Youshould not use this information to self-schedule vaccines foryourchild. Always use your child's pediatricians recommendedscheduleand use this application as an aid in remembering when youneed totake your child in for a shot. You should neverdisregardprofessional medical advice or delay in seeking it becauseofsomething you have seen or read in this application.Thisapplication provides the information content on an 'as is' and'asavailable' basis. No warranty is expressed or implied thatthisapplication is a comprehensive source of information on anytopicof health or otherwise. In no event shall the creator ofthisapplication be liable in any manner for any direct,incidental,consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising outof youraccess, use or inability to use this application, or anyerrors oromissions in the information on this application. Thecreator ofthis application reserves the right at any time and fromtime totime to add, change, modify, update, or discontinue,temporarily orpermanently, this application (or any part thereof)with or withoutnotice. The creator of this application shall not beliable to youor to any third party for any addition, modification,suspension ordiscontinuation of this application. ***
Mudras [Yoga] 1.0
Yoga Mudra is another non-medical mode to treatment whichhelpswithout harming. Mudras are various postures of fingers andthumbs.By practicing mudras and mudra yoga, different diseases aretreatedby holding and retaining the fingers and thumbs indifferentways.MUDRAS FOR HEALING AND FEELING AMAZINGThis is simplemeasuresurprisingly restores a state of balance in the body andraises thelevel of the performer's resistance with the patient'simmunitythus strengthened, the disease has no other option but toflee. Nomatter if you are searching mudras for healing or mudrasforhealth, this app is the answer!Yoga + Mudra = HealthyLife.TheseMudras can be practiced while doing yoga asana. You canfind theterm yoga mudrasana as well. HISTORY, MEDITATING ANDMUDRASThe mostwell-known mudras are probably the ones performedwhile meditatingi.e the meditation mudras. Mudras have been in usein the East forthousands of years, particularly in Buddhism andHinduism for mudrahealing. Buddha statues often have the hands incertain handpositions. They have been used as a spiritual practice(and stillare), as a way on the path to enlightenment.HOW TO USEMUDRA HANDOR MUDRAS YOGA IN YOUR HANDSTo use a mudra, keep it forat least acouple of minutes. It is usually more effective to dothem a whilelonger, like 15 minutes or so. You might spread thattime over theday, but you could also make it part of meditation. Toperform thefinger mudras, hold the finger positions with bothhands, at thesame time. This will have a more powerful effect thandoing a mudrawith just one hand.SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVESome mudras aresimpleenough so that you can even do them with your hands in yourbusyschedule. You can do these anywhere when you feel you needthem,without attracting attention. However, they're also usedforphysical ailments. Many ailments have been covered in thisapp.Note that this app includes mudras for chakras, healingmudras,mudra for weight loss all with the purpose to help our userstofeel fantastic and tofeelperfect!****************************************This is totallyaFREE version. Please rate and share it with your friends.Moreover,you can add your Favorite mudra in a Favoritesection.Thanks :)Wish all of you a healthy life.
Natural Remedies: healthy life, food and beauty 2.05
Love nature and find in nature your wellness. The health appforyour healthy life, with healthy recipes, healthy food, herbalteas,health tips for natural beauty and skincare. But it does notendhere, in fact you can also read lot of recipes of naturalcosmeticsand the latest news from science about nutrition andhealthynatural life. Toothache, insomnia, acne as well as nauseaare justsome of the illnesses that can be treated with naturalmethodswithout the overuse of medicines. Nature can be really ausefulhelp. Natural remedies such as herbal tea, essential oils,mothertinctures, antiwrinkle natural cosmetics and glycerinmacerate actslowly, require patience but they can be very helpfuland do nothave the collateral effects related to medicines. Thishealth app,easy and fast, is a handbook of the natural remedies forthe mostcommon diseases, a book of healthy recipes, a place whereyou canfind tips for a healthy life, for your skincare, to gethealthy andstay healthy The app for your natural wellness isstructured asfollows: NATURAL REMEDIES A list of plants, fruits andessentialoils with explanations about uses, properties andbenefits.PROBLEMS AND DISEASES List of the most common illnesses(allergy,poor digestion, acne, joint pain, nausea, anxiety,wrinkles andmuch more) with the related natural remedies. HEALTHYRECIPES &HEALTHY DIET & HEALTHY FOOD Every week one healthyrecipe tokeep you fit and healthy with taste. Enjoy the yummyhealthy food.YOGA EXERSICES For the flexibility of the body and thecalm ofmind. Yoga for the back, for the sciatica, to detox thebody, forbeginners and advanced. HEALTHY NEWS FROM SCIENCE Lastnews fromscience world: the most recent scientific studies aboutlifestyle,wellness, nutrition and health are reported. SMALLNATURAL TIPS& TRICKS Small and health tips and tricks for everyday: shortvideo tutorials that show you how to prepare at homesimple naturalremedies and natural cosmetics for your skincare andbeauty,antiwrinkle lotions, lip gloss for cracked lips, goldenmilk,remedy for swollen legs. CRHOMOTHERAPY This section is basedon thecolor-method to induce relax before bed. RELAX AREA Enjoythenature with sounds and calming music to relax your mind andbody.Some topics that you can find on the app Natural Remediesare:information and application about Aloe Vera, how to preparetheGolden Milk, but also the green tee Matcha. You can read alsotheproperties of turmeric, find out the essential oils that youcanuse against anxiety or depression. Do you have friends forlunch?Maybe you can find interesting the cake without butter orthehealthy recipes for every day. In addition to this, you canalsolearn how to prepare DIY beauty cosmetics also in case of acneorwrinkles. Finally you can learn about eye health tips,healthyeating tips or healthy hair tips Disclaimer This app is notasubstitute for professional medical or health advice,examination,diagnosis, or treatment. This app disclaims anyliability for thedecisions you make based on this information.
One Drop - Diabetes Management 2.0.4
One Drop
Welcome to One Drop for Android. We’ve brought together ourawardwinning diabetes data visualization and design into a cohesiveandseamless One Drop user experience for Android. Trackwhat'simportant in diabetes — Glucose, Food, Meds, and Activity —all inone place. One Drop makes managing diabetes an integratedpart ofyour lifestyle — something that empowers, keeps you mindful,andhelps to motivate. FEATURES: Simple, Intuitive Logging - Onetouchlogging for glucose, food, meds, and activity - Save &sharepictures, notes, tags, and tips with every moment - Seeeverythingdisplayed beautifully in your timeline Automatic CarbCounting -The largest built-in database of verified food andnutrition data -Find your foods & One Drop automaticallytallies up the carbsAutomatic Scheduled Daily Meds & Reminders- Set up your basalinsulin doses, oral medications, etc. forautomatic logging -Receive reminders to take your scheduled meds ontime, every timeCommunity - One Drop is a sharing platform thatenables us all tolearn from each other - Community tab showseveryone’s stuff - Showyour appreciation with a “like” - Leave a“pro-tip” for others tolearn from - Share everything anonymously -Privacy is guaranteed;your data is secure Powerful Analytics -Daily, weekly, and monthlystats - Average blood glucose, totalinsulin, total carbs, andtotal activity displayed right above yourtimeline. - Know whereyou are today, how far you’ve come, and whereyou want to goAutomatic Insulin Pump Data - Set up insulin pumpbasal rates &basal insulin will flow seamlessly into yourtimeline 24/7 - Logtemp basals right from the home screen
Paati vaithiyam in Tamil - Mooligai Maruthuvam 2.0
Paati Vaithiyam - நோய் வந்துவிட்டாலே உடனே மருத்துவரிடம் ஓடுவதைவிட,வீட்டிலுள்ள பொருட்களை கொண்டே எளிதாககுணப்படுத்தலாம்.UnnaveyMarundhu - Taking Food as medicine willPrevent from diseases.Paati Vaithiyam gives Health and Precautiontips for all disease toimprove our health. Patti Vaithiyam PattiRemedy is a traditionalTamil method followed by Tamil people allover the world. It canalso be defined as a form of SiddhaMaruthuvam. Patti Remedy /Iyarkai vaithiyam gives instant relieffrom the problems because itis from the natural products.MooligaiMaruthuvam AKA Ayurvedicmedicine - In Tamil culture, food we takeitself medicine. But nowwe started to avoid most of the healthyfood. To stay away fromDiabetes (sugar control), over weight,stress, kidney problem, legand join pain, etc we need to eathealthy food. From uchi mudhalpadham varai (head to toe) we givenfood for all tocontrol diabetes food in tamil Hairfall and treatmentBlack spotremovalHand ,leg body pain reliefKneePain reliefWomen Periodsproblem Menstrual Cycle Problem remedyGasTrouble / Gas AcidityProblemsCold & Cough Problem remedyEyeproblemSpinal & BackpainSleeping tipsSugar reduce tipsPilesFace& skin careMemoryPowerDental CareHeart attackStomach painandMore ProblemsNaatuMaruthuvamTamil Maruthuvam IyarkaiVaithiyamSiddha Maruthuvam DrArun ChinniahPatii kai VaithiyamUnaveymarundhupatti vaithiyamTamil Maruthuvamsiddha medicine tips intamilHealer Baskarrajeswarimohan book
Cardiac diagnosis (heart rate, arrhythmia) 134
If the measurement result is abnormal, please recommendanelectrocardiogram(EKG,ECG) test. [Guide to Access PermissionforUsing Cardiac Diagnosis App] 1. Camera (required) - It isnecessaryto detect the blood circulation of the measurement site.2. Storagespace (required) - It is necessary to save themeasurement result.3. Microphone (required) - It is necessary touse recordingfunction in real time measurement. This app can detectheart rateand arrhythmia(Atrial fibrillation (AF or Afib)). Soarrhythmia,bradycardia, and tachycardia are detected to show thestate of theheart as normal, caution, and danger. If the arrhythmiais detectedrecommends an overhaul in the hospital. If thearrhythmia isdetected,Get treatment. Share the application withmany peoplearound you. Even if the results come out as normal youcan helpprevent the disease should be checked regularly. How to use- 1.Gently place the tip of your finger on the camera lens 2.Clickstart button.
Homoeopathy Treatment 2.0.5
digital hunt
This app is different from another Homoeopathy app becauseanyonecan use this app without any knowledge of Homeopathic. Thisapp isvery simple & in Hindi language. Don't be confuse inchooseyour medicine, here you can find your suitable medicineaccordingto your symptoms. This app is based on Dr.Suman Dhama'sbook"Adhunik homoeo chikitsa" under the Guidance of Dr.Rajkumar.*Ownership of copyright The copyright in this app and thematerialin this app (including without limitation the text, sourcecode,artwork, app design, images etc) is owned by Digital hunt.*Datamining The automated and systematic collection of data fromthisapp is strictly prohibited.
Aloe Vera se ilaj or upchar 1.3
Akshay Khesal
Application explains the benefits and uses of aloe Vera indifferentkind of diseases. This app covers the following points.How to takealoe Vera in different kind of diseases. What is thequantity ofaloe Vera in particular disease. When to take this. Theuses of aloeVera in maintaining healthy life and get rid offdiseases.Ingredients in aloe Vera.
ICD-10: Codes of Diseases 1.1.6
Official ICD-10 table for searching and browsing theupdatedInternational Classification of Diseases, as published bythe WorldHealth Organization (WHO).★ Official application ★Features:► Search the ICD-10code by thedescription of the disease► Search the description ofthe diseaseby its ICD-10 code► Search and browse all ICD chapters►Search andbrowse all ICD blocks► Search and browse all ICDcategories► Alwaysupdated► Dynamic search results as you type►Works without aninternet connectionWhat is CID?The InternationalClassification ofDiseases (ICD) is the standard diagnostic tool forepidemiology,health management and clinical purposes. This includesthe analysisof the general health situation of population groups.It is used tomonitor the incidence and prevalence of diseases andother healthproblems.It is used to classify diseases and otherhealth problemsrecorded on many types of health and vital recordsincluding deathcertificates and health records. In addition toenabling thestorage and retrieval of diagnostic information forclinical,epidemiological and quality purposes, these records alsoprovidethe basis for the compilation of national mortality andmorbiditystatistics by WHO Member States. It is used forreimbursement andresource allocation decision-making bycountries.ICD-10 wasendorsed by the Forty-third World HealthAssembly in May 1990 andcame into use in WHO Member States as from1994. The 11th revisionof the classification has already startedand will continue until2017.★ Download the professional version ofthe app ICD-10 Pro ★
रामदेव बाबा के घरेलु उपचार 1.1
Gharelu Nuske
In the recent time, Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar areknownin the entire world as a Yoga Guru and Ayurveda Promoter. Theyhaverevived the India’s ancient medical techniques, widely knownasAyurveda.This application is an effort to take the teachingofAyurveda to millions of the people. So that they can learntheseeffective and simple techniques and apply these in daily lifetostay healthy and long life. The app covers various topicswhichinclude regular cold and cough, stomach ache, acidity,gasproblems, sex related problems, skin related diseases andmanymore.PLEASE GIVE RATE US AND REVIEW IN THIS APPLICATION
Healthians -Full Body Health Checkup & Blood Tests 9.8.1
Healthians is India’s largest Health Test at Home serviceproviderthat brings medical checkups and health test packages atyourdoorstep. Diagnostic Tests & Health Test Packages ⚕️FullBodyHealth Check up ⚕️Blood Test ⚕️Cholesterol Test ⚕️LipidProfileTest ⚕️Liver Function Test ⚕️Kidney Function Test ⚕️BloodSugarTest for Diabetes Diagnostics ⚕️Thyroid Test ⚕️HaemoglobinTest⚕️HIV Test ⚕️Cancer Test ⚕️Pregnancy Test ⚕️Vitamin Test….andmore. With Healthians, you can also book HbA1c Test, PSATest,CA125 Tests at home. Each Health Checkup Package includes FREEHomeSample Collection followed by FREE Doctor consultation forbetterunderstanding of your reports. Customized Diet-cum-nutritionplans& lifestyle changes are also advised to keep your healthontrack. Once the Health Test is booked our trained samplecollectorvisits your home to collect samples for various HealthTests.Reports for these medical tests are delivered online within24hours. Our Health Test App India makes Full BodyCheckup,Preventive Health Test, Health Screening & regularHealthcheckups a convenient & affordable process. Along withtheHealth Test Packages, we also provide health tips &healtharticles by doctors & nutritionists. Now, booking Bloodtest,Full Body Checkup or a Health Screening & tracking yourhealthstatus is just a click away using the Healthians -HealthDiagnostics & Medical Check Up app. What you get 💰Valueformoney for your health test packages 🆓Free home samplecollection💳Pay online or at the time of sample collection usingcash, card ordigital wallet 🙂Painless experience 💯100% accurateresults fromNABL compliant labs ⏲️Smart Reports within 24 hours👨‍⚕️Free DoctorConsultation Unique Features of Healthians App📱Instant bookingwith complete order tracking 🛎️Subscriptions &Alerts 📓SmartReports with personalized diet plan 📝Health tracker totrack yourweight, BP, sugar 💯Health Karma: Your lifestyle score🚶‍♂️Step& Calorie tracker 👪Family Health Management 🤲Specialoffers forFriends & Family 📑Health & nutrition articles byexpertsOur process 1️⃣Book Health test at home 2️⃣Free &hygienicsample collection from your home 3️⃣Sample is transported&tested at nearest Healthians lab 4️⃣Smart & selfexplanatory e-report is sent via email. Hard copies can be orderedtoo 5️⃣Afterreport delivery, avail FREE doctor consultation 6️⃣Getperiodicreminders for tests & lifestyle changes Healthiansprovideshealth and medical checkups in 38 cities across India -BengaluruDelhi Gurugram Noida Hyderabad Mumbai Pune Agra AhmedabadAmbalaAmritsar Bahadurgarh Bhopal Chandigarh Dehradun FaridabadGhaziabadGreater Noida Indore Jaipur Jalandhar Kanpur KarnalKurukshetraLucknow Ludhiana Meerut Mohali Mysore Panchkula PanipatPatialaRohtak Shuklaganj Sonipat Surat Unnao Vadodara So, next timeyouneed health tests in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram,orHyderabad do not forget to try Healthians as your trustedhealthtests partner. Awards and Recognition 🏆Innovative StartupinDiagnostic Healthcare 2017- The Indian Startup Conventions2017🏆Healthcare Innovator Enterprise Of The Year- Leaders Award2016🏆Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Annual Entrepreneur IndiaAwards2016 🏆Health & Social care enterprise of the yearaward-Leader’s Award 2015 🏆Health Beauty & Wellness eRetailerof theyear- Indian eRetail Awards 2015 To stay tuned aboutHealthians.comexciting offers & latest happenings follow us on:Facebook - Twitter- Support Us If you like ourapp,please support us by rating us on the play store. Feedback Ifyouhave any feedback, please write to us
All Medicine Inquiry 11.0
Black Hash
Open Our app then type your medicine name in search bar thenselectyour language.
Fat loss by home remedies 1.7
Discover Ways To Lose That Belly Fat Without Yo-yo Dieting SoYouCan Be On Your Way To A Flat Belly Starting Today! You wear atopbut aren't confident because of your belly so you resort towearingclothes that are big to cover up. It can put you down andloweryour self-esteem. All you want to do is wear what you want,feelconfident, have lots of energy and wear a swim suitwithconfidence. Abdominal obesity, also known as central obesity,issomething that many people worldwide have problems with. Onceyouhit middle age, far too many people are plagued by thosetwodreaded words…belly fat. It can, however, also be a problemforchildren and teens. People just look at it as a weight problem,butit can also be linked to cardiovascular disease,Alzheimer’sdisease, and many other metabolic and vascular diseases.Though noone likes belly fat, too often it is overlooked as just asymptomof age. It can, however, be a symptom of much, much more. Itis notsomething you should just consider the price of gettingolder. Itis something that should be taken seriously.
Ayurvedic Gharelu Nuskhe, Yoga, Vastu, Mandir Arti 4.0.9
India is origin of many novel things. Our Great Indian Saintshasdone a lot of research on the benefits of natural productsandtechniques called Ayurvedic Nuskhe, to get better health andlongage. Ayurveda is originated in Ancient India and many saintsandspiritual leaders like Charak, Dhanwantri and many more done alotof research on these Ayurvedic Nukshe and make theseayurvedicnuskhe and upchaar accessible for all. In the recent time,manyfamous Yoga Guru like baba Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravishankar,AcharyaBalkrishna, India's Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi andmany otherAyurveda Promoter have revived the India’s ancientmedicaltechniques called ayurevedic nuskhe, which is widely knownasAyurveda. In most of the local parts, these are known are dadinanike nukshe or ayurvedic nuskhe. The ayurvedic nuskhe appcoversvarious topics which include regular cold and cough, stomachache,acidity, gas problems, sex related problems, skin relateddiseases,Gharelu Beauty tips, Gora hone ke upaay, Fair andBeautiful Tips,Allergy, motiabind or Cataract, Cough And Cold,jukaam, khansi,khasi, dama, Asthma, sugar ki bimari Diabetes,bukhaar, ViralFever, khasra, peeliya, piliya, Measles, kabj, dast,loose motion,Gastric Problem, Gout), ghutne ka dard, Knee Pain,sardard,Migraine), Pneumonia, Indigestion, Pain), Insomnia, neendkibimari, Dementia, Malaria), thyroid ki bimari, sar dard,Headache,loo garmi lagna, Heat Stroke, Small Breast, Typhoid,kabaj,Constipation, High Blood Pressure, Hair Fall, ganjapan,Dandruff,Pimples, Baldness, Dehydration), Gharelu aushadhi, homeremedies,Dadi maa ke nuskhe This app brings Ayurvedic Nuskhe andAyurvedicUpchaar from the Ayurveda Experts. We work with AyurvedicDoctorsto bring best of Ayurvedic Nukshe for you. So that, you canusethese Ayurvedic Nukshe and Upchaar in your daily life andstayhealthy. These ayurvedic nuskhe are copletely harmless andconsistof natural ingredients. Ayurvedic Nuskhe is a completefamily appand you can use these ayurvedic nuskhe for your completefamily.Ayurvedic nuskhe are available for almost every disease andveryeffective. This ayurveda app is completely FREE and inHINDIlanguage, so that everyone can get benefit from of ayurveda,yogaand vastu and stay healthy and young. This app includes commonhomeremedies (ayurvedic nuskhe) which are also known as GhareluUpchaaror Dadi maa ke nuskhe. You will also get Daily health tipson yourphone as notifications, so that you can use these AyurvedicNuskheand Upchar in your daily life to stay young and healthy.AYURVEDA •Get Daily ayurvedic nuskhe Tips on your phone • Usefulayurvedanuskhe by experts • Home Remedies (ayurvedic nuskhe) withspicesand herbs from your kitchen Yoga • Include Yoga in yourlifestyleto stay healthy and fit • Expert Yoga Videos with completeYogaInformation and benefits • Hatha Yoga • Relax Yoga • Daily Yoga•Yoga for Beginners • Baba Yoga • Cure Fit Yoga to stay healthy•Yoga for men and women Vastu • Vastu and Feng shui tips formoreprofit and prosperity • Vastu Tips for a peaceful andprosperoushome • Vastu Tips to gain more profile in business andjobs • Gharka vastu • Dukaan ka Vastu • Business me safalta paaneke liyevastu (Vastu to get success in business) Dharm and Aastha •DailyAarti, Chalisa, Pooja Vidhi and Bhajan of all Hindu Gods •DailyMandir Darshan for all famous temples in India and abroad •FamousBhajan Collection • Listen Ram katha, Bhagwat Katha andBhajan fromfamous rishi-muni and sant like Jaya Kishori Ji, ThakurJi Maharaj,Morari Bapu and many more Note: We have taken utmostcare incollecting the ayurvedic nuskhe and other content for theapp butwe will not be responsible for any error in the content.Users arerequested to take expert/doctor advise or use common sensebeforetaking any decision. We recommend you to contact a doctorbeforeapplying any tip from the app.
Acupressure Guide in Hindi: एक्यूप्रेशर: सूचीदाब 1.2
Acupressure treatment for all diseases and will showstheinformation about acupressure points, reflexology points,handacupressure, leg acupressure, neck acupressure, footreflexologypoints, ear acupuncture, easy acupuncture 3d andacupuncture etc.acupressure points to help you get better when yousuffering frompain. Acupressure points to help you get better whenyou pain.acupressure is the most effective method forself-treatment oftension-related ailments and home remedies. Learnhow to healyourself to relieve stress, headaches, backaches,insomnia, chronicfatigue, pain & more showing the healingpoints. Acupressure isuseful for relieving pain, balancing bodyenergy, and maintaininggood health. Acupressure's healing touchreduces muscular tension,increases circulation, and enables deeprelaxation.
Ayurvedic Gharelu Asodhiya ,Home Remedies hindi 2.0.6
Find more than 3000 Ayurvedic Gharelu Asodhiya and Upchar inHindiLanguage. If you value your health, it’s worth having thisapp.This application contains information for various commonAilments,their causes and natural cure or home remedies. Itcontains acollection of over 3000 most effective home remediesavailable fromthe average kitchen shelf. In home Remedies, the ideais to use thequalities naturally present in fruits, vegetables,herbs, spicesand other food. It’s simple, no side effects, nochemicals andinexpensive. It gives pleasure of being cured byyourself. Homeremedies and natural cures or medicines made at homefrom naturalingredients such as fruits, vegetables, herbs arecatching a lot ofattention due to its very nature of cure: simple,no side effects,no chemicals, inexpensive, plus the pleasure ofbeing able to cureyourself. It also gives information about commonfruits andvegetables, their benefits and nutritive value. Thebenefits offruits and vegetables are plentiful. Sufficient quantityof suchnatural content fruits and vegetables helps to maintainhealthy andhappy life style up to the older age. For best resultsIt'simportant that you find the remedies which works for you thebestfrom options available! Note that most experts will disagreewiththe process of "Home-Remedies" in general and tell you thattheyare not effective treatments. This is not always the caseandoften, a home remedy can provide better results thanthosesuggested by experts. FEATURES:- - No Internetconnectivityrequired - Search from database - Content search - youcan searchany word in remedies section. - Add term to your favoritelist -Share it with your friends and family through Email, Facebookandtwitter - Change the font size for better reading experience -DayMode and Night Mode
Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound 6.0
Stress is the source of the disease. Did youexperiencestress-related illness?(stress anxiety, insomnia,depression andanxiety disorders and other mental disorders)The'RelaxingAnti-Stress Sound' present a supplementary resolution.Anxiety,anger, depression, occur arises, Find your peace of mindandstability mental conditions the natural sounds andvisualimages-----------How to Use-----------First, the sounds ofnature(rain, thunder / lightning, wind, woods, streams, ocean,fire) toadjust the volume of the sound of their favoritecombinationhere.(White noise) Use the buttons at the bottom toselect thedesired visual image focused on the periodoftime.-----------Button tip-----------Rain : energy,fatigue,serenityWave : hypnosis, trauma, concentration,post-traumaticstress(Various phobias)Forest : stress, urge,angerSpace :stability, sleep disorders (insomnia, narcolepsy),distractionFire: vitality, depression, anger, mood swings* The timeaccording tothe person and the sound effects, the effect of thevisual imagecan be changed.* This application is an auxiliarydevice fordiverting the mind and is not a medical device. Do nothave blindfaith in grave condition effects, be sure to consult yourdoctor.
Breast Cancer 2.3
" ★★★ Download It For Free ★★★ Learn Best Breast CancerPreventionTips You Should Know To Lower Your Risk! Breast CancerAwarenessmonth (or Breast Cancer Prevention month as we like tocall it atKeep A Breast) is over and by now you have probably seenyour fairshare of pink ribbons and sports stars going pink forbreastcancer. But what does it mean? How can you lower your riskforcancer? And why should you care? Did you know that fewer than15%of all women who develop breast cancer have a familymemberdiagnosed with it? This might seem like a scary statement,butthink about it… This means that 85% of all breast cancer casesarecaused by factors other than heredity, such asenvironmentaltoxins, bad eating habits, and stress. ✰✰✰ Support UsBy Rating Us5 ★★★★★ ✰✰✰ ✰✰✰ Please contact us first if you have anyquestion!✰✰✰ "
Cancer.Net Mobile 5.0
Get easy-to-use tools to help you plan and manage care –fromdiagnosis through treatment and beyond – provided byCancer.Net,including the latest oncologist-approved cancerinformation.Brought to you by the American Society of ClinicalOncology (ASCO).Intuitive, on-the-go tools keep track of questions,symptoms,medications, appointments, and health care providers,allowing youto: • Get Information – up-to-date guides on 120+ typesof cancer,including treatment, managing side effects, cost of care,andliving with cancer • Record Questions - easily jot downquestionsfor your doctors and record their answers • LogMedications - takephotos of medication labels and bottles. Inputdosage, frequency,and prescribing provider. Set reminders andrecord when medicationsare taken • Track Symptoms – note symptomsand side effects.Automatically plot severity, date, and time in aneasy-to-read linegraph • Appointments – enter appointments withhealth careproviders, view upcoming appointments, history, and syncwithdevice calendar • Providers – record health care providers'fullcontact information. Assign, questions, symptoms, andappointmentsto specific providers • Scheduling – add questions,symptoms, ormedications to your mobile device calendar • LinkQuestions - linkany questions to ask at your next appointment witha currentsymptom, medication, or provider Cancer.Net Mobile is acompanionto the Cancer.Net website, a service of ASCO, the world’sleadingprofessional organization representing physicians who careforpeople with cancer. All information on Cancer.Net was developedandapproved by oncologists who are members of ASCO. Cancer.Netissupported by the Conquer Cancer Foundation, whichfundsbreakthrough cancer research and supports the sharingofcutting-edge knowledge with patients and doctors worldwide.
Lose Belly Fat Guide 3.0
Why Lose Belly Fat? Abdominal obesity, excess stomach fat orsimplybelly fat, can be a disaster area for every individual.Abdominalobesity can hamper confidence, making a person conscious,which mayreflect on social interactions. It is a conditioncharacterized byexcessive accumulation of body fat and increasedbody weight.Scientific studies have revealed that obesity isassociated withnegative effects on health and reduced lifeexpectancy. TheNational Institute for Health and Care Excellence(NICE) recommendsthe use of body mass index (BMI) to assessoverweight and obeseindividuals. It advises the measurement ofwaist circumference tosupplement this in individuals with a BMIunder 35 kg/m2. Thefollowing classification is advised by NICE: • ABMI of 25-29.9kg/m2 is overweight. • A BMI of 30-34.9 kg/m2 isobese (Grade I). •A BMI of 35-39.9 kg/m2 is obese (Grade II). • ABMI of ≥40 kg/m2 isobese (Grade III) or morbidly obese, meaningthat weight is a realand imminent threat to health. Obesity is mostoften defined as abody mass index (BMI) above 30. High BMI isassociated withincreased risk of high blood pressure, lipiddisorders, type 2diabetes and cardiovascular disease. However, thedefinition of BMIhas several problems. It doesn’t account fordifferent body frames,and it doesn’t differentiate between muscleand fat. The termscentral or abdominal obesity, or belly fat,describe fataccumulation in the upper part of the body. Why Do WeAccumulateBelly Fat? Why do some individuals accumulate fat withintheabdominal cavity while others don’t? Age and gender clearly playarole. Men are much more likely to accumulate fat in the upperbody,whereas women often accumulate fat in the lower parts of thebody,on the hips and thighs. The best way to avoid abdominalobesity isby preventing it. More than exercise, what you eatmatters; aproper diet is a must if you want to stay away fromabdominalobesity. Follow some of these effective preventivemeasures thatwill help prevent abdominal obesity: 1. Drink lots ofwaterthroughout the day. Water is the best natural resourceavailable tothrow out waste. 2. Eat your food at your own time.Munch itthoroughly before swallowing it. 3. Limit consumption ofcarbonatedwater. Instead drink lemon water. 4. Say NO to sugaryitems. 5. Eatlots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 6. Eat smallmeals, and eatafter every 3-4 hours. 7. Avoid late night eating. 8.Include atleast 60 minutes of daily exercise in your life. 9. Get aproper8-10 hours of sleep every night. 10. Include low fatdietaryproducts like skimmed milk and low fat cheese and yoghurt.11.Control hypertension. 12. Check your cholesterol levelregularly.13. Control your weight. Physical activity is good foroverallhealth and is especially important if you’re trying to loseweight.To begin losing weight, you will need to do moderate tovigorousexercise for more than three hours per week. Vigorousactivityraises your heart rate significantly. Be sure to check withyourdoctor before you begin any vigorous exercise programs.DownloadLose Belly Fat Guide Now To your good health
Diabetes:M - Management & Blood Sugar Tracker App 8.0.5
Designed for both smart phones and tablets, this applicationwillhelp you manage your diabetes better and keep it undercontrol.Whether you are Type 1 or Type 2, have Gestational Diabetesor justwant to help and monitor a family member, this is thelogbook appfor you. The application tracks almost all aspects ofthe diabetestreatment and provides you and with detailed reports,charts andstatistics. You can send the reports to your supervisingphysicianvia email. Diabetes:M also gives you various tools, so youcan findthe trends in blood glucose levels and allows you to get aninsightabout normal and prolonged insulin boluses using itshighlyeffective, top-notch Bolus Advisor. It also has a vastnutritiondatabase, to help you keep track of your food intake andnutritioninformation, as well as exercise time. Never forgetanother checkwith our simple but powerful reminders system.Diabetes:M cananalyze the values from the imported data fromvarious glucometersand insulin pumps via the exported files fromtheir respectivediabetes management software systems. Supports WearOS smartwatches. The Diabetes:M platform is CE certified as Class IMedicalDevice. IMPORTANT: DIABETES:M DOES NOT SUPPORT 14 DAYS USLIBRESENSORS! PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION FEATURES If you’re reallyseriousabout your health, our subscription plan includes: + No Ads–Subscribing removes all advertising from the app, so youcanconcentrate on what is important. + Smart Assistant – Utilizethepower of artificial intelligence to help you with your diabetes.+Bluetooth Integration – connects to some of the mostpopularbluetooth glucose meters. + 2 Additional Profiles – You canset upto two additional, fully featured profiles. This allows youto keeptrack of your loved ones (or even pets). + Additional labresultrecords - Add a comprehensive metabolic panel, kidneyfunctiontests and much more... + Expanded Food Database – This willallowgreater access to server food database, as well as an optiontosave selected food as Meals and Dishes + Pattern Analysis–Advanced glucose analysis of logbook data with explanations forthemost probable problem causes. + Synchronization –Automaticallysync multiple devices on data change. Allows you touse any of youravailable mobile devices to keep track effortlessly.+ Reports -Get your reports in PDF or XLS format
Agrobase - weed, disease, insect 1.1.3
WEB version: Agrobase is the mostpopularapp for farmers and agronomists. It includes agronomicknowledgedatabase with pests, weeds and diseases catalog and allregisteredpesticides, insecticides, herbicides in a chosencountry. Easily identify diseases, insects or pests in yourfield and find ahassle-free solution for crop protection. Savemoney on pesticides,fungicides or herbicides, aim for higher yield.Agrobase is usedamong crop, vegetable, fruit, nut, horticulturaland livestockfarmers to reach higher farming productivity. This apphas beendesigned to be practical and easy to use in-field by CropAdvisors,Gardeners, Trainee Agronomists and Agricultural Students.Correctlyidentifying specific weed, disease or pest is the firststep toeffective control.  This application features a richandcontinuously updated database of weed, diseases, pest andinsect,also including crop protection product descriptions withlinks –choose the right solution to a specific problem. It alsoprovidesinformation about crop protection product registration andexpirydate, and the most importantly - efficiency on differentissues.This is a great help for agronomists, farmers, distributorsor farmcontractors to find product by their main ingredient,name,category or culture. In the field, a farmer or agronomistcaneasily identify weed, pest, insects or diseases by searchingfortheir common name, Latin name, category or culture. If, byanychance, incorrect descriptions or information about cropprotectionproducts, weeds, diseases or pest occur, please reportthe problemusing Report button. In our database pesticides from allcropprotection manufacturers are included: BAYER, BASF,SYNGENTA,MONSANTO, DU PONT, NUFARM, Dow AgroSciences, AganChemical, ADAMA,Belchim, Cheminova, ISK, FCS, StahlerInternational, BarclayChemicals, Arysta LifeScience,RotamAgrochemical, AgriChem, NissanChemical, United Phosphorous Limited,Nisso Chemical, SumitomoChemical Agro. ➜ In this app you may find:Weed ID, Diseases ID,Pest, Insect ID app for farms who are growing:Corn, Winter wheat,Spring oats, Spring barley, Winter rye, Winterrape, Wintertriticale, Beets, Buckwheat, Winter flax, Spring wheat,Winterbarley, Spring rape, Spring triticale, Winter oats, Peas,Beans,Alfalfa, Canola, White mustard, Sunflowers, Soybeans, Rice,Almondsand other row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans,andwheat). ➜ In app you can also find different types ofherbicide,fungicide, insecticide, adjutants, growth regulators,seedtreatment, Foliar Nutrition and other pesticides forprofessionaluse in farms.  ➜ Choosing right pesticide you canuse sprayercalculator, calibrator, calibration, sprayer tank mix,nozzle flowrate, tank mix rate, spray rate, fertilizer spraying,fertilizerapplication, chemicals mixed in the tank, agriculturalapplicators,agriculture, ag, agro, agri, tank mixing , Spray Logs,farm recordkeeping, plants, seeds, soil and water, water pivot,HGCA, basf,adama, bayer, syngenta and other companies. Otheragroculturemeanings like broad-leaved weeds, grass - weeds, youngplant andmature plant growth stages. Tractor, tractors,harvester,harvesters, new holland, case, class, fend ant otherfarmingequipment.  ➜ Also: weed spotter, insect spotter,pestspotter, diseases spotter, wheat, price, forecast,commodities,grain price, grain market, farm managing system, recordkeeper,farm, farmers, farming, farmer, log farm data, vermin,vermins.Before downloading the app, don't forget to check if itprovidesyour region language.
Glycemic Index Load – net carbs keto diet tracker
Glycemic Index & Load Diet Assistant is an app that letsyoueasily browse, search for, and display the Glycemic Indexfordifferent foods. The application also helps in keeping abodyweight and blood glucose levels measurement logs. Additionallyyoucan access Glycemic Load and carbohydrates contents infoods.There's also a calculator of the Glycemic Load in a givenserving.Knowing these values and following a low-carb diet likeMontignac,Paleo, Atkins, low-GI and similar, helps avoid weightgain orobesity and lower the risk of diabetes, coronary heartandage-related health diseases. Do you want to eat smart? + knowgoodfood + eat smart + follow low-carb diets or keto diets +controlyour weight + prevent diseases like diabetes + fight weightgain,overweight and obesity + have the Glycemic Load, Index andcarbsdata always at hand + backup or sync with other devices Thefreefeatures of the app are: + Glycemic Index foods tables +Favoriteand recent food + search feature + Weight tracking withstatisticsand beautiful charts + Glucose tracking with statisticsandbeautiful charts + BMI calculator We keep this app free byshowingads. If you want to remove ads or utilize the otherexcitingfeatures like below, you can have them for a small fee. +GlycemicLoad list + Carbohydrates content list + Fiber content infoods andnet carbs calculator + Fiber content in foods and netcarbscalculator + Meal content calculator + Food diary to keeptrack ofyour food, glycemic load and carbs consumption + Statisticswithaverages for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods +Beautifulcharts of the GL and carbs consumption over time + Weighttrackingwith statistics and beautiful charts + Future additions tothe foodtracker, charting and stats + Import/export all your datato/fromcloud storage + No more ads! So, do you know what you eat?Find outnow! Install the app and use it to take control of yourhealth. GImeans Glycemic Index. It is a number associated with aparticulartype of food to indicate the food's effect on a person'sbloodglucose (blood sugar) level. The number typically rangesbetween 50and 100, where 100 represents pure glucose, an equivalentamount ofpure glucose. The Glycemic Load (GL) of food is a numberthatestimates how much the food will raise a person's bloodglucoselevel after eating it. It can be used to apply the GlycemicIndexto dieting by connecting the GI number with carbohydratescontentin a given serving. It gives an estimation on how much aservingsize of food is likely to increase blood-sugar levels. Netcarbsare total carbs minus fiber which is indigestible thus itisconsidered not to raise blood sugar levels. BMI is used toassesshealth risks and body structure but does not take inconsiderationmuscular mass so it can sometimes be inaccurate, forinstance inthe case of athletes or pregnant women. Diabetesmellitus (DM),commonly known as diabetes, is a group of metabolicdisorderscharacterized by high blood sugar levels over a prolongedperiod.Hyperglycemia (also spelled hyperglycaemia orhyperglycæmia), is acondition in which an excessive amount ofglucose circulates in theblood plasma.
घुटने के दर्द के असरदार उपाय 1.0.1
क्या आप घुटने के दर्द से परेशान है? हम लेकर आये है बहुत हीउपयोगी58+ टिप्स जिनको अपनाकर आप नैचरल तरीके से अपने घुटने के दर्दसे राहतपा सकते है। क्या आपको पता है आपके किचन में ऐसी बहुत हीउपयोगीसामग्री पड़ी है जो आपके घुटने के दर्द को कम करने में हेल्प करसकतीहै। नहीं?, तो ऍप को डाउनलोड कीजिये और जानिए ऐसी अन्यउपयोगीटिप्स।Are you desperate enough to try anything to relief fromkneejoin pain, but not sure how to do that in a natural andhealthyway? If so, look no further and try this app! We bring youacollection of over 58 tips, which offers time-tested techniquestohelp you control your knee pain faster naturally. Don’tjustbelieve the word! Download the app now and try a few tipsforyourself, and you are all set to make your way to a betterandhealthier life.Any damage to the joints from disease or injurycaninterfere with your movement and cause a lot of pain.Manydifferent conditions can lead to painful joints,includingosteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout,strains,sprains, and other injuries. Joint pain is extremelycommon. Painwithin the joint is a common cause of shoulder pain,ankle pain,and knee pain. Joint pain is also referred to asarthralgia.SalientFeatures of Knee Joint Pain Remedies app -★ Quickintelligentsearch: Search Joint pain tips by Hindi or Englishkeyword (by nameof available kitchen item at your home).★ Hundredsof ways torelief from knee joint pain in one App. ★ Share any tipwith yourfriends (Whatsap, SMS, EMAIL etc.)★ 100% free app.★Professionallydesigned user friendly and intuitive interface.KneeJoint PainRemedies app has the following categories ofcontents:Joint pain,Symptoms of joint pain, reasons of joint pain,Ghutne ke dard KeGharelu Upchar hindi,Ghutne ke dard Ke ayurvedicupchar, Knee JointPain Tips,Diabetes diet, Knee Joint PainTreatment , how to treatKnee Joint Pain, Knee Joint Pain treatmentguidelines, Knee JointPain information, health tips, Fat loss byhome remedies, healthtips in hindi,yogasana in hindi, ghar ka vaidhin hindi, Rogon kaelaj, Home remedies for knee pain, dard kaupchar, ghutne ke dardka upchar.Oil massage is very effectivesomeof effective tips forjoint pain relief:- Hot and cold massage,Apple vinegar, Rock salttreatment, Red pepper beneficial, GarlicEffective, Ginger naturalremedy, Scorpion effect, Turmeric sage,Dana Fenugreek Effective,Parijat Hai Bardan, Use of carrots, Onionbeneficial, Salmon fish,Barry curative, Nuts daily, Olive oil,Orange juice, Lactose juice,Vegetables useful, Milk is boon,Gugalul dasadi, Neem bark, Walnut,Cucumber juice, Pine leaves,Coral powder, Fresh leaves of bethua,Guava leaves, Jamun is quiteuseful, Cinnamon anti-inflammatory,Fish oil (fish oil), Intake ofalfalfa (ridge), Cherry beneficial,Borage seed oil, Ice cream,Papaya better, Nirgundi beneficial,Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Amla,Water is essential, Lemon peel,Painkiller, Date food, Black lentilpulse, Dhanrassan, SuryaNamaskar, Setuband seat, Sukhasan,Vajrasana, Palm seat,Gomukhasana, Veer Bhadrasan, Exercise, Eatablediet, Tips forRelief for Joint PainDisclaimer:1. The info containedin the app isnot a substitute for professional medical or healthadvice,examination, diagnosis, or treatment. This app disclaimsanyliability for any decisions you make based on theinformationprovided.2. The purpose of app is to provideentertainment/generalinformation to user. All the images and textcontained in the appare collected from different internet sourcesfrom public domain.If you own the right to any content in the app,please write to usat with the copyrightdetails of the originalsource, and the stated content will beremoved immediately. Noinfringement intended.We are adding moreTips to the collection, sostay tuned!
IDdx: Infectious Diseases 5.6.0
IDdx was built for queries. Users can find lists ofmatchinginfectious diseases by picking disease search criteria. Theusercan see all the symptoms associated with a disease or see allthediseases associated with a symptom.IDdx was updated in May andJuneof 2017. See for a completelistof updates.New features added in January 2015 are RankedDiseasesand Weighted Findings. Ranked Diseases means that the usercan sortthe list of diseases returned from a query by cases/yearsin eitherthe U.S. or worldwide. Weighted Findings means that colorcodingindicates how frequently a finding is used to describe thediseasein the twelve primary references. The findings of a diseaseareincluded only if they are published in the primaryreferences.Weighted Findings enables another new feature: QuerySensitivity.Choose High to get the most diseases that match one ormore signs& symptoms. Choose Low to get only those diseases inwhich thefinding was cited in three or more of the 12 references.Backgroundupdating gives users the latest information on a dailybasis--nomanual updating of the app required."A remarkableinfectiousdisease tool that combines ease of use with up todateepidemiological data that could truly help providers makethecorrect diagnosis at the point of care."[]IDdxwaspicked as one of the 25 bestnursingapps! DO WITH IDdx?- Explore the database of 249 diseases in15categories.- Search by disease Name or Criteria.- Diseasecriteriainclude 104 signs & symptoms, 39 epidemiologicalfactors, and16 regions of the world.- Search by Occupation. Resultsare sortedby high-risk job tasks.- Search by one or more incubationperiods.-Examples of epidemiological factors are ingest (entry),soil(source), ticks (vector), and cats (reservoir).- Accessdiseasesworldwide or limit the search to those endemic to theUnitedStates.WHAT IS THE CONTENT? - Similar to the ControlofCommunicable Diseases Manual, the content includes coverage of249important infectious diseases organized into thefollowingcategories: Arthropod-Borne, Cestodes, Childhood,Foodborne,Gastroenteritis, Immune-Related, Intestinal Nematodes,LocalizedInfections, Person-To-Person, Sapronoses,Sexually-Transmitted,Tissue Nematodes, Trematodes, andZoonoses.WHAT ARE THE SOURCES OFTHE INFORMATION? - See this pagefor the primary and secondaryreferences:
com.bimaryh.seiljhd 2.3
Rola Tech
Now find solution to your day to day health problems from"HealthyHome Remedies" app. It gives you the detailed solution forallhealth problems faced by most of the people. Now good healthwon'tcost you more. Its FREE..!! Hit install and get thetreasure...!!You can avoid medicine and there side effect usingthis remedies.This is a complete app .
Gas Acidity k Upaay 1.0
Gas in the stomach (hyperacidity) What to do,For relieffromacidity, acidity correcting measures,The main symptomsofhyperacidity, hyperacidity how to growAyurvedic remedy foracidity,acidity home remedy,To hyperacidity diet-wise,Simple homeremedy toremove acidity,Measures to be carrying gas, gas,domesticmeasures,Good measure to avoid stomach gas, gasAyurvedictreatment,Ayurvedic treatment of hyperacidity, gas measureoffennel seeds,The remedy for acidity cloves,Measures to recovergascelery seed,Stomach remedies gas hot water,Aciditydrugasafetida,To get relief from acidity measure of celery,Togetrelief from acidity measure of mint,To get relief from acidityofapple vinegar solution,Measures for correctingacidity,Othermeasures of abdominal gas,Measures to remove mein gais (esiditee) hone par kya karen,pet keegais seraahat paane ke upaay, esiditee se nijaat paane keupaay,esiditeeke mukhy lakshan hain, esiditee kaise badhateehai,esiditee keaayurvedik upaay, esiditee ke ghareloo upaay,aahaarjo kareesiditee par vaar,esiditee ko door karane ke saralghareluupaay,pet mein gais banane ke upaay, gais ke gharelooupaay,pet kegais se bachane ke lie achchhe upaay, gais kaaayurvedikilaaj,esiditee ka aayurvedik upachaar, gais ke lie saumphke beejonka upaay,pet kee gais ke lie laung ka upaay,gais theekkarane kelie ajavain ke beej ka upaay,pet kee gais garm paanee setheekkarane ke upaay,esiditee kee dava hai heeng,pet kee gais seraahatpaane ke lie ajavain ka upaay,pet kee gais se raahat paane keliepudeene ka upaay,pet kee gais se raahat paane ke lie seb kesirakeka upaay,pet kee gais se nijaat paane ke lie upaay,anyghareloo petkee gais ke upaay,esiditee door karane ke gharelooraamabaan upaay.
Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans - Eye Care Plus 2.5.1
3 million installs strong, Eye Care Plus is the #1 eyetraining,testing and learning app on mobile. Download Eye Care Plusandenjoy our exercises, training plans, info cards, recipes, gamesandmore. Eye Care Plus is all about giving you better visionandhaving fun with clear view, relaxed and strong eyes. Give youreyes5 minutes a day, and see better for the rest of your life. Withallthe tools and info, you get an all-in-one eye care package.Andit’s FREE. You go all the way to the gym for your body care,youreye care can be done on the couch. That’s why we’ve developedEyeCare Plus, so you can improve your eye health wherever youare,whenever you want. Whether you’re looking to simply relax youreyesafter a strained day or start seeing like you’re young again,we’llget you there. Join more than 3 million people who havedownloadedour vision therapy app and move your eye care to the nextlevel.What we offer Vision training and daily eye exercises in onesleekand fun package. Developed with the help of eye careprofessionals,our eye exercises are based on the most proventechniques inophthalmology and utilize brain training algorithms toget youseeing the world better, sooner! Features: • 50+ exercises -thebiggest database of high quality eye exercises • 10exercisecategories for eye relaxation, dry eye, lazy eye andotherconditions • 7 training plans that fit you • 12 eye tests totrackvision improvement • 8 quizzes to check your knowledge aboutcommoneye diseases, problems and first aid • Adaptivedifficultyprogression for a challenging and rewarding experience •Trainingcalendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivatedOurlearning & science section comes with • Daily tips &eyefacts • Healthy recipes & nutrition facts • Q&Aswithcertified ophthalmologists • Detailed information about eyehealth,diseases, trainings, etc Download our app now and ensurebetter eyehealth and prevention of many eye problems.
Dr. Nature 4
To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall notbeable to keep our mind strong and clear. - Buddha#1 app that has200+day to day problems, with 1000+ natural home remedies. Areyoumissing the entire simple natural home remedies thatyourgrandmother had for each and every common ailment…..? Notanymore…. Bingo!!! We have it!!!We are a one stop solution tosimplenatural home remedies that cures your day to day problems.Dr.Nature contains more than 1100 natural home remedies foreverydayproblems which help you stay healthy and avoid loss ofproductivityin both personal and professional life.You can try outthese simplenatural home remedies from the comfort of your home togetexcellent results and relief from day to day ailments that occurinvarious body partssuchas:Face,Stomach,Chest,Skin,Leg,Fingers,HandAnd naturalhomeremedies are also available for all other privateproblems/ailmentsbothering you in your day to day lifelike:PsychologicalSexualWellnessPregnancyEver since the time of ourancestors we have usednatural home remedies to solve our commonailments before the onsetof conventional medicine. Let’s get backto our roots to treat allcommon illnesses via simple natural homeremedies. Let us cometogether on a path towards better health andcheaper medical costsby adapting our ancestral procedures to live amore healthy andhappy life.Why Dr. Nature? :Contains easily doablesolutions usinga readily available ingredient that saves your timeand money.Timeand effort required is minimal and the results faroutweigh theseefforts.Takes you on a journey of discovery of themost simple andelegant solutions to the perceived irritatingillnesses.Come onboard - an endeavor on a healing experiencecourtesy MotherNatureDisclaimer:The information provided in thisapp is acollation of data from various sources on the public domainandserves to provide as a comprehensive common repository. Usersareadvised to exercise their own discretion before startinganytreatment.
How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor With Home Remedies 2.0
It’s normal for your vagina to have a slight odor. But if youfeelyour vagina has a strong odor, such as a fishy smell oranunpleasant smell, it could be a symptom of another health issueorproblem. How to get rid of unpleasant vaginal odor!Understandingwhat your particular feminine odor means and how totreat thissometimes embarrassing problem. While many women do notlike thesmell of their own vagina, the fact of the matter is that ahealthyvagina doesn't smell bad. A healthy vagina naturallycontains awealth of bacteria which keep it in working order andclean, muchlike your other internal organs. Truly bad vaginal odoris a resultof infections or bacterial imbalances and you should seea doctorto solve this problem. Read below for information onkeeping yourvagina fresh and healthy and smelling normal. [1] Theodor may beaccompanied by other symptoms like itching, burning,irritation, orvaginal discharge. [2] In general, if you havevaginal odor withoutother symptoms, the odor may not be abnormal.[3] There are severalcommon infections found in your vagina thatcould cause anunpleasant odor or smell, and you can try homeremedies as well asprofessional products to get rid of the odorfast.