Top 3 Games Similar to Gravity Boots

Laser Slasher 23.0.7
DincriD Games
Tired of monotonous games? Try this one, you won't regret it!Thegame is simple in gameplay - similar to those games where youneedto knock down blocks with a ball, but in a more relaxing style.Thegame is not boring - because you have burning lasers on board,tonsof buffs, and levels that will not let you get bored.Features:-EASY CONTROL: just tap the screen to reverse thedirection of thelasers. -RELAXING: You want something to destroyafter hard work?Definitely for you. -SECRETS: There are manysecrets in the game,can you solve them? -EVENTS: Lots of events -let's say the levelcan suddenly become covered with ice and snowthat needs to becleared. -ACHIEVEMENTS: Play like a real pro to getextraordinaryachievements. NOOBS are completing a level for 30seconds, whilePRO can complete it within 10 seconds and get muchmore goldencoins -COOP: Bored with your friend? Call your friend toplaytogether with you on the same device. Coop mode enables inoptionsof the game. -EASY/HARD MODE. Choose which game mode fitsyourneeds. Want just to relax? Easy mode for you. Want acompetition?Choose a hard mode ( it gives more rewards as well).-UNIQUE SKINS.Laser Slasher will be updated with more levels,buffs, and skins tounlock. Stay tuned for updates and drop me areview!
Tumblestone 1.0.16
Tumblestone is a fresh take on block-matchinggames.Solveprogressively more difficult and creative puzzles, helpasausagemake friends, and find out what happened totheTumblecrown.Tumblestone completely reinvents the matchinggenreinto a deep andcerebral puzzle solving experience that youwon'tforget!Featuring: * Story mode: The 40+ hour story campaignwilltest yourpuzzle-solving prowess. Featuring 11 gameplaymodifiers. *Arcademodes: Relax and enter the zone withTumblestone's 3 arcademodes.* Leaderboards: Online leaderboards letyour friends knowyou'rebetter than them. * Quests: Hundreds ofunique quests tocomplete.* Stats: Hundreds of stats to geek out on.*Personalization:Choose from a dozen unique charactersandenvironments.
Pixicade 2.40.14
Get your paper and markers out, and get ready to DRAW, SNAP, PLAY!*This application is free to download and play games. A purchaseisrequired to create games. * Internet connectivity required toplay.Data charges may apply. * Pixicade requires use of thecamera,children under 13 require parent permission to play.