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com.hiblock.caller 2.7.3
Caller ID is a caller screen app that makes your incomingcallscreen stunning. The ad-free version is available now, turn offallads and enjoy the premium experience.  ● Continuouslyupdatedcaller screen themes. ● Calling screen theme with dynamiccallerscreen effect. ● A timely reminder for missed calls. ● Setuptheblacklist and block unwanted calls. Caller screen is an HDcallscreen for customizing incoming calls with stylish callingscreenthemes. Caller screen changes phone screen to a richanduser-friendly interface as well as offers full caller screenwithamazing caller themes. Caller ID will timely remind you ofmissedmessages. Download Caller ID to decorate your phone withtheamazing call screen display, block spam calls, identify realcallsand have fun with fake calls. Caller ID is committed tofightingagainst misleading ads, if you see any deceptive ads in ourApp,please contact our customer service centerbyemailing
Love Caller Screen 18.0
The Love caller Screen is show the you are lovly person. THislovecaller sceen is the whenever you are dial a call at thattimefilling are love because in your smart phone screen havelovelytheme or dail a call to your love or any othr friend. Thislovecaller screen is also supporing a incomming call on love theme.WEare provide a awesome love theme in your smart phone.Thisapplication are provide a many type of Features. **Set thecontactphoto in your phone and whenever this person are calling youatthat time the photo will display in a heart on your phone.**Thatis also supporting a outgoing a call on your phone.**Thisapplication are provide many type of lovely icon. **FullScreenIncoming Calling Screen. **Full Screen Outgoing DialerScreen.**Select either both or any of the given calling screen.**Thisapplication are provide many types of background areavailable.**This application have no need to connect the internet.**Thisapplication are working very smoothly and easy to use.**Lovecaller screen apps are fully free downloaded from androidmarket.Was Love caller screen were the show You are Lovly person.ThisLove caller screen were Whenever war Hey dial a call sogorgeouslytime filling Hey Love Bikoz In Your smarter Phone screenHve Lovelytheme and Dell a call Your Love and Other Author friends.This Lovecaller screen this ALSO Supporing a incoming call's lovetheme.They Hey Provide a Awesome Love Theme in Your Smart Phone.Thisapplication Hey Provide a Many type OF FEATURES. ** weresetcontact photo Person in Your Phone and Whenever This HeyCallingYou were so gorgeously Time photo will display in a Heart'sYourPhone. ** Under this I also supporting other outgoing a call sYourPhone. ** This application Hey Provide Many TYPE OF Lovelyicons.** Full screen incoming calling screen. ** fullscreenoutgoingperky screen. ** Select Aether Both were and OF Givencallingscreen. ** This application Hey Provide Many Types ofbackgroundHey available. ** This application Hve No connected tothe NeedInternet. ** This application Hey Working Very Smuthli andEasy it.** Love caller screen apps Hey Fully Downloaded for freefromAndroid Market.
Color Phone Flash - Call Screen Theme, Call Flash 1.4.5
🔥NEW call screen themes & call flash have arrived!🔥 Checkoutthe NEW call theme changer! Get the call screen theme app withcallalert & LED! Find amazing caller screen themes & callflashstyles, including love call screens, funny call screens, coolcallscreens and shining call screens! Color Phone Flash - a callscreentheme changer - customizes caller screen with caller screenthemesand LED flash alerts (call flash). Choose caller screenthemes andLED flashlight alert (call flash) for your call screenslidethrough call screen changer. Download the call theme changertoenjoy FREE call alerts & caller screen themes app tochangecall screen & default caller screen! LED Flash Alert- themostpopular call flash is available to change the caller screenthemesand caller screen display! Enjoy the perfect call screenthemes,LED flashlight alert (call flash)! The unique caller screenthemesand call flash make your call screen shine. Use the callscreenchanger with call screen themes now! 💥Features of the callscreenchanger💥 - Caller Screen for incoming calls with call flash.Thebeautiful, stylish caller screen display in caller screen themes-Amazing call flash alert - Led flashlight alert/LED lightandcolorful call flash - Stunning call screen themes todecoratecaller screen for caller screen display - Call themechanger tochange full-size call flash for android, make callerscreen displayflash color - Easy-to-Use call screen theme slide&Easy-to-Change caller screen through call screen changer -Lowenergy consumption, battery friendly with call flash &callscreen themes 💫Why Choose Color Phone Flash?💫 * Call screenchangermakes caller screen fancy with caller screen themes forandroid& call flash * Make your incoming calls more visiblewith LEDand Call Flash on Call Screen/ Caller Screen * Remind callswhenyour phone in silence mode with caller screen, call flash &LED* Call theme changer make you do not miss any call by callflash& LED ✨Call Screen Themes✨ Color Phone Flash, a callscreenchanger, reminds incoming calls through caller screen.Callerscreen replaces your default call screen themes, whichprovidesvarious caller screen themes to customize caller screen.The calltheme changer allows you to set up call screen theme slideor callflash for specific people. Enjoy the call screen changerwithcaller screen lights & call flash in this call screen app!🔆LEDFlash Alert🔆 The LED alert will light itself when the callcomeswith caller screen. Set a specific LED flash alert patternforimportant contacts and do not miss calls on silent mode again.TryLED flash alert and caller screen themes together to getvisualcall alert on both the caller screen and the flashlight. TheLEDflash alert & caller screen themes, amazing call alert(callscreen theme) is compatible with most android device.🔥CallAssistant🔥 As a call screen changer, except for callerscreenthemes and LED light alert that reminds you the incomingcalls,Color Phone Flash is a Call Assistant in case you misscallsthrough call flash and call theme. Try the LED alert, colorphonetheme, call flash & caller screen themes for specificcontacts.Easy to use the call screen theme of call screen changerto answerphones! Abundant options are available to personalize yourcallerscreen with our call screen themes. Choose your call flashstyle& caller screen themes and farewell to the boring defaultcallscreen interface!
Call Flash : Unique Call Theme & Blocker 1.2.6
Call Flash - one of the best free call screen app forincomingcalling screen theme and blocking blacklist.Unique CallTheme - letyou bid farewell to the system's boring callerinterfaceCoolAnimation - Make your caller ID appear cooler and morepersonal toyour friendsFlash LED - no longer missed calls, easy touse theCall Flash.Call Blocker - allows you to block numbers orunwantedcalls from your calls blacklist,avoid harassment andinterweavingpeople contact. Call Flash's main function1. Beautiful,cool andstylish themes, Full HD for all size2. Personalized callpage3.Flashing led light prompt calls4. Easy to operate5. Lowenergyconsumption, more power6. Ldentify caller informationMorenewtopics waiting for you to discover on Call FlashCome andjoinus!Your feedback always keeps us improving with more and morecoolfeatures on Call Flash:
Color Caller - DIY Caller Screen Theme 1.1.1
Do you get bored with default call screen without stunning HDcallerscreen display? Color Caller is a replacement calling screenforyour Android Devicea. It's simple and fast, and also easy touse!You just need a click, and you will never miss a call withagorgeous caller theme!This app allows you to customize yourcallerscreen with beautiful and awesome themes. You can choose anycallscreen theme you like and make your phone calls stand outwithunique styles. Download to enjoy FREE call theme app!Don’t letyourphone to look like any other and customize your calls as youdesirenow! The call screen app is customization application due towhichuser can replace old call screen with new fully amazingcallscreen.When the party on, this call screen makes you thefocus.Make your phone calling screen look incredible. Personalizeyourcalling screen and make them fancy like an Phone callingdisplaynow.❤️❤️Features❤️❤️● Stylish caller screen app with dynamiccallscreen lights notification● Colorful & lovely callingscreenthemes flash lights on incoming calls● Simple andEasy-to-Usecaller screen interface● LED flash notification lightfor androidcalls bright caller flashlight● Automatic numberlocation anynumber in your contact list● Low energy consumption,batteryfriendly😊😊 Why Choose Color Caller? 😊😊🌟 Get flash alertsforincoming calls🌟 Customize your flash theme, get personalizedandbeautiful flash alerts on call🌟 Remind you for calls whenyourphone is in silence mode with your favourite caller screen🌟Easy tofind your phone in night time and silent mode🌟 Never missanyimportant calls anymore when you can't hear your phone ringThisissuch a powerful Color Caller, a personalized call screen,callreminder and call flashlight app for you. Choose your styleandfarewell to the boring default call interface! 🎉 🎉
Call Theme : Gorgeous theme & Black list 1.0.5
Call Theme - one of the best call screen app for incomingcallingscreen theme and blocking blacklist, all for free!UniqueCallerInterface - let you bid farewell to the system's boringcallinginterfaceColorful Animation - Make your caller ID appearcooler andmore personal when you be with others.Flash LED light -Let younever miss caller, easy to use the Call Theme.★ Call Theme-Features✔️ lovely and cool dynamic calling screen themesonincoming calls✔️ LED flash light notification light forcallsbright caller flashlight, help you never miss incoming calls✔️CallTheme even can blocker the number you don't want to see, letyoufar from theannoying harassing phone calls forever.Come onandjoin!Your feedback always let us improving with more andmorebeautiful features themes. New Colorful call screen themesisarriving now in Call Theme, choose the theme you favorite andmakeyour phone more gorgeous!
Caller Screen Themes 3.5
Caller Screen Themes Caller Screen Color Color Phone Flash BestFullScreen Caller Screen Theme Caller Screen Themes : Best CallerScreenWith Our Beautiful and Awesome Themes . Feedback If you liketheapp, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews. If foundanissue, report to us via email. Thank you for your support
Grim Reaper - Skull Themes for Caller Screen 1.0.4
Call Me
Scary prank calling themes. If you love the character GrimReaper,love similar app, like Grim Reaper live wallpaper/keyboard,youmust love this real call scary people theme. We provide 3Dskulltheme, you can through a call scary people. The Grim Reaper istheright reaper HD Video Call simulator that allows you to getFakeVideo Call or fake call from dead Grim Reaper and talk to deadthereaper in a video call or chat video call from GrimReaper.GrimReaper is just the fun 3D skull theme you make fun withyourfriends. You use the fire skull 3D themes application throughyouchoose the different reaper and you talk your Grim Reaperfriendalso she calls. It’s also a real call scary people, you cansavephone numbers with different names and photos. You can set timeforcalling from particular number. You can pretend like you talkwithyour reaper in real, and have fun by call scarypeople.Features:•You select different skull Grim Reaper.• Addnumber and photo foryour device.• Give different timer to call.•Making scary fakecall.• Enjoy with this reaper themes.Using thisreaper scary prankcalling application you can make your friendsfool easily.Set skulltheme 3D call screen for your android devices.Customize screenwith fire skull 3D theme. Grim Reaper for Androidfree gives youthe possibility to set caller screen themes for yourcalls insteadof a default caller screen.
Call Screen Theme Slide V3 Phone X 1.0.1
This Call Screen Theme Slide V3 Phone X belongs to HD Phone 6 iCallScreen OS9, please download it here at first: your phone calling screen lookincredible. Personalize them andmake them fancy like an Slide toAnswer Phone i calling display now!Bored with default callscreentheme?? Customize You Calling ScreenPersonalize your mobile phoneis very trendy. If your family,friends or coworkers are trying tocontact you, you definitely needto customize each group make itfancy or professional. ?? Setting upa HD portrait or any otherpicture for each of your contacts is veryeasy to do. Don't bemainstream and have the same imagine form foreach person. All thebackground of the caller display areconfigurable. Be creative itis free Slide to Answer Call ScreenPhone 8 & Phone X!! HowSlide to Answer Works Once you haveinstalled the application, itis very simple to set up all theconfigurations you desire. Youhave different panels where you canchoose what to be displayed andhow. Set up incoming, outgoing,ongoing, dismiss, hangup displays,different backgrounds and themes,you have even the option to addcool animations or shows the numberas international prefix style.All it is simply organized in anadministration panel where you canaccess by taping on our icon. Nowyou can simple change and modifyyour phone style. Super Features -Show and Hide Incoming andOutgoing Calls Ids. - Phone X Call ScreenOS11 Replacement WithTrue HD Pictures. - Phone X Callscreen OS11Themes. - Full Id Themefor Contacts. - Slide to Answer Call Lookand Style Like Phone 8. -Clean and Attractive Design like Phone 8& Phone X. -International Number Format. Don't let your phoneto look like anyother and customize your calls as you desire now!Tell Us What YouThink. Tell us what you like or dislike of ourapplication, we arehere to hear and help you. Give us a review wewill answer all ofour reviews. ??
Color Call - Caller Screen, LED Flash 1.2.8
ONE App Team
✨ 2019 NEW color phone themes are coming! Caller screen changerwithlove call screen themes & LED flash alerts: make yourcallsflash! Use the love call screen theme to create a love callscreenwith pretty themes. Get caller screen changer - Color Call -CallScreen, LED Flash and customize call screen with my lovecallerscreen themes and LED flash notification! Color Call - CallScreen,LED Flash, new call screen changer with new 2019 callthemes.Customize caller screen display with call screen themes,LED flashalert. Get the call theme changer, since caller screenthemes &LED flashlight alert for call screen is free! The calltheme appwill decorate your call screen with call screen theme andcolorphone theme, including love call screen themes, funny themesand soon. Download the caller screen display with color phonethemes andenjoy the free caller screen themes app - Color Call -Call Screen,LED Flash with my love caller screen style now! ColorCallFeatures👑👑 ❤️Caller screen changer - Call theme app makescallerscreen style unique, with different call themes. My lovecall themechanger & call screen changer with caller screenstyle effects,call screen slide, call themes for android is prettycool. 💋LEDlight - the call screen changer has Led flashlightalert, thatprovides unique caller screen style (color phonetheme). The specialled alert & call themes for android makescall screen beautifulwith color phone (call screen) theme. 🔥Callscreen themes - Callerscreen display decorates the caller screenwith call screen themes,using call screen changer. My love callscreen themes make my phonecolorful and lovely. 🎆Caller screendisplay - Call screen changerwith call flash through changingcaller screen themes and callerscreen display. Call screen changermakes the caller screen amazingwith caller screen (color phone)theme. 🎈 Battery friendly - Batterysaving call theme app &call screen changer with my love callthemes, call screen themesand color phone theme. The call theme app& call screen changerhas a unique caller screen display, whichchanges caller screentheme with call flash. More in Color Call 😊😊 -Fun caller screendisplay with call themes, LED for call. - Visiblecaller screenwith led notification and call flash on Call Screen -Call screenchanger reminds calls with LED flashlight alert &caller screendisplay - Unique caller screen themes with color phonethemes &caller screen style in caller screen changer - Do notmiss callswith led alert & color call screen theme in my lovecallerscreen changer Color call, amazing call theme changer (callscreenchanger), changes the caller screen style with LED flashalert,love call screen theme. The call theme changer can changecallerscreen themes to make caller screen display dynamic. Downloadandenjoy Color Call - Call Screen, LED Flash! Each callerscreendisplay & call flash will be fun with call screen themes,LEDflash! My love call screen themes make my call screen shining.
Dialer Theme OS 11 Phone 8 & Phone X 1.0.1
This Dialer Theme OS 11 Phone 8 & Phone X belongs to HD Phone6i Call Screen OS9, please download it here atfirst: Make your phone Dialer Theme lookincredible.Personalize them and make them fancy like an Phone iDialer displaynow! Bored with default Dialer theme?? Customise YouDialer ScreenPersonalise your mobile phone is very trendy. If yourfamily,friends or coworkers are trying to contact you, youdefinitely needto customise each group make it fancy orprofessional. ?? Settingup a HD portrait or any other picture foreach of your contacts isvery easy to do. Don’t be mainstream andhave the same imagine formfor each person. All the background ofthe caller display areconfigurable. Be creative it is free!! How ItWorks Once you haveinstalled the application, it is very simple toset up all theconfigurations you desire. You have different panelswhere you canchoose what to be displayed and how. Set up incoming,outcoming,ongoing, dismiss, hangup displays, different backgroundsandthemes, you have even the option to add cool animations orshowsthe number as international prefix style. All it issimplyorganized in an administration panel where you can access bytapingon our icon. Now you can simple change and modify your phonestyle.Super Features - Show and Hide Incoming and Outgoing CallsIds. -Dialer OS11 Replacement With True HD Pictures. - DialerOS11Themes. - Full Id Theme for Contacts. - OS 11 Phone 8 &Phone XDialer Look and Style. - Clean and Attractive Design likePhone8. -International Number Format. Don't let your phone to looklike anyother and customize your calls as you desire now! Tell UsWhat YouThink about Phone X Dialer. Tell us what you like ordislike of ourapplication, we are here to hear and help you. Giveus a review wewill answer all of our reviews. ??
Dialer Screen for android 1.7
Dialer Screen for android Lets Have free my custom caller screenforandroid with best background themes. dial speedy any numberfromcontact list and show your call screen dialer with photo id.Createyour screen caller advance theme with beautifulbackgrounds.Identify who has call you by caller photo. Its willshow contactpictures with incoming full screen and outgoing screendialer. Itscustomization with call screening color theme for makeit morelooks. check your contact friend-list, scan and make easycalls toyour girlfriend caller id & boyfriend caller screen.Peoplewould like to find best fake caller app but this app willmake youcall wherever call location do you need. In addition to thefactthat your calls will become more attractive, Switch to thisadvanceCall Screen from your default boring Call Screen. There aremanyoptions to customize as per your needs. Its like Simulate afakecaller id to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, likeboringmeeting, annoying conversation, meaningless interview... Seenamesand photos of people who call, even if they aren’t saved inyourphonebook. similar to Real call blocker, and true caller designforandroid. This caller sceen is the whenever you are dial a callatthat time filling are love because in your smart phone screenhavelovely theme or dail a call to your love or any other friend.FullScreen Caller ID for android platform. Best ICaller Dialerforandroid, Color True Dialer android app with All in oneDialer,Contacts + HD Caller ID. Its like PIP Full Screen Theme isawonderful and PIP Caller Screen Id for mobile dialer withdynamiceffects. It is beautiful, stylish and customization. Callerscreenwith pictures is an important feature because it allows youto seewho is calling you and to avoid getting spam calls that aresoannoying and wasting your time. Caller assistance forincomingcalling & outgoing calling for phone locator. This appwillguard like security because whenever incoming calls comethencaller screen will apear and will show options like accept thecallor reject the call unwanted. it will perform call behindprocess.App Feature Full Screen Dialer theme. Its like color themefor Iosdialer theme. Best Lock screen for dialer. Android Dialerscreenand avoid old ready made screen. Set Enable/Disable ICallerDialerScreen. Change background of theme. Change ringtone ofincomingcalls, and set ringtone I caller caller tune for android.Note:Some devices might not be supported this app.
Love Caller Screen 1.3
Love Icaller Screen The Love caller Screen is show the youarelovely person.Now you can express your love to your love onebyLove Photo photo call scene which will showpicturecall dialer screen.Fully Customize HD caller screen withbeautifulwith our HD Caller Screen on Love Theme.This love callersceen isthe whenever you are dial a call at that time filling arelovebecause in your smartphone screen have lovely theme or dail acallto your love or any other friend.Getting bored with oldCallerscreen theme??Customize phone dialer for android. It haslovetheme, full screen caller name with numbers.Here weintroduceCaller Screen Dialer android app with Call Blocker,Privacy HideCaller ID, Full Screen Love True Dialer android appwith All in oneDialer, Contacts + HD Caller ID.Love Full ScreenTheme is awonderful and Love Caller Screen Id for mobile dialerwith dynamiceffects. It is beautiful, stylish and customizable.FullScreenDialer theme.Its like color theme for Ios dialer theme.BestLockscreen for dialer. Android Dialer screen and avoid old readymadescreen.Set Enable/Disable I Caller Dial-er Screen.Changebackgroundof theme.Change ringtone of incoming calls, and setringtone Icaller caller tune for android.
Love Caller Screen 5.0
Larrea Apps
"Love Caller Screen” is a free dialer screen to change the themeofoutgoing or incoming call screens to smart photo screens whichformbeautiful love caller interfaces. Forget your default boringCallScreen, now you can have for free your custom caller screenforandroid with best love background themes. You also can dialspeedyany number from contact list and show your call screen dialerwithphoto id. If you are a romantic person this is yourapplicacion!Features: - Create your screen caller theme withbeautiful lovebackgrounds. - Identify who has call you by callerphoto. - Changebackground of theme. - Change ringtone of incomingcalls. - Thereare many options to customize as per your needs. -Full ScreenDialer theme. - Whenever incoming calls come then callerscreenwill appear and will show options like accept the call orrejectthe call unwanted. - This app is workable for all of yourdeviceeven it you have lower version of android. - You can activeanddeactivate your love call dialer so you can use yourdefaultandroid Love Call Screen Dialer. Download now for FREE andmakeyour calls will become more attractive.
Call Flash : Cool Theme & Blocker 1.1.1
Call Flash is one of the best free call screen app forincomingcalling screen theme, Calling Blocking for your AndroidDevice. Itis simple and all free, easy to use! You just need aclick, andwill never miss a call with a amazing caller theme!★ CallFlash -Features✔️ Unique and Colorful love dynamic calling screenthemeson incoming calls✔️ LED flash notification light for callsbrightcaller flashlight, you will never miss incoming calls✔️ CallFlasheven can blocker the black number, you also can set it, letyou farfrom theannoying harassing phone calls forever.Change Callerscreenstyle with Call Flash, android incoming call screen theme isveryeye catching, make your life more colorful around yourfriends.This is something cool, apart from picture display onincoming callnow apply color phone them, bright phone flash on yourincomingcalls. Hd and dynamic call screen theme changer app hasdecentcollection of screen call themes and stylish caller screentheme.Come and contact usYour feedback always keeps us improvingwithmore and more cool features, you can contact us in Call Flash,wewill read every message you sent.New gorgeous call screen themesisarriving now in Call Flash, choose one you love and make yourlifemore colorful!
i Call Screen Slide To Answer 1.8
Get cool and best features like OS10 Phone 6 with i CallScreenSlide To Answer on your android smart phone. And it's verybeatifulSlider for answer call with Full Screen Caller ID. Withcallscreentheme slide you get incredible and best calling interfacesame likeOS9 and Phone 7. If you don't like default or stock callscreenthis app is perfect for you and really love it. In this CallScreenSlide app we include best and super T9 Search with SpeedDialoption dialer and looks same as Phone7 OS10. Functions of iCallScreen Slide To Answer Slide To Answer This application isperfectif you like Phone 7, Phone 6, OS9, OS10 Slide to Answer iCallingscreen this app is perfect for you it has same features asyouwant. Customize CallScreen It is very easy to customiseallsettings and themes. Like Full Screen Call, Back presskey,Internation number format, Enable or Disable Incoming andOutgoingi Call Sreen. HD Background You can customize callscreenbackground with elegant selected backgrounds or from gallerytoo.Block Caller ID You can anytime block unwanted calls with sometapsonly. It's very powerfull call blocker. Advance Dialer OS10 Ifyouare bored using default dialer apps now it's turn to use OS10andOS9 Style Dialer Screen on your android smart phone with T9Searchand Speed dial option. You can easily manage yourfavouritecontacts and call logs. Get this beautiful Full ScreenCaller IDapplication and get your phone i Call Screen Dialer likePhone 6and OS10. So why are you waiting download Caller Screen nowand ifyou have any issue with icallscreen feel free to contact
Eyecon: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Contacts 2.0.275
Use our true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and namesofunknown caller and contacts in your phone book by only clickingoneicon. Automatically record calls. Save important one to yourphoneor share them with your cloud backup (not supported onAndroid Pie).Sync with Facebook to automatically add photos toyour phone dialer,contacts & address book with Eyecon. Checknumbers of unknowncalls with our simpler caller ID and smart dialcontacts.Automatically link messaging and calling apps to connectquickly.FEATURES ✓ Visual – We sync with Facebook and other socialmediachannels to identify your contact’s true photos to create aphotobased address book and dialer. See names and photos insteadofnumbers for unknown callers and your contacts when you aredialingor receiving calls. ✓ Safe – Protect yourself from spamandanonymous phone calls with our caller ID. Our caller ID is basedonFacebook and other social media identifiers, so the photos areallhigh quality and the information is completely accurate.Blockcalls to control who can call you. ✓ Connective – Sync yourdialer,Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, messaging, email, Skype, Linkedinandmore with a single click for all in one communication throughyourfavorite app icons. ✓ ACR Call recorder - record phonecallsautomatically. Save the ones that are important by pinningthem toyour favorites list. Back them up by sharing your recordingstoDropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Email and more (not supportedonAndroid Pie). ✓ Ultimate personalization- Control how yourimageand contact information appear in your friend’s address bookand intheir phones when you call them. Choose from one of our 30+themesto customize your address book with your favorite of ourskinoptions! Change your settings to determine your dual or singleSIMsettings, caller ID notifications and more. ✓ Availabilitychecker– Find out if your friends are free before you dial withournon-intrusive "can you talk" feature to allow people toeitheranswer the phone, call you back immediately or respond thattheyare busy. ✓ Intuitive – Our technology learns your preferencesasyou interact with Eyecon and use our phone dialer. Weorganizecontacts by those most dialed and display communicationiconsaccording to those you use the most often. ✓ Set photos –Enjoyparticipating in our one-of-a-kind game to review the photosweautomatically synced with your contacts and find new picturesofyour friends. ✓ Add contacts - After a conversation withsomeonewho isn’t already in your phonebook, use our built in callerID toeasily add them as a new contact with a suggested name andphotowithout typing anything additional. ✓ Private – login bysimplyadding your phone number without syncing with third partysocialmedia or a lengthy registration process. CONNECT WITH US ♥Learnmore at ♥ Email if you need assistance or have asuggestion.♥ Follow us on Facebook at
Color Screen-color phone,call flash,call reminder 1.0.18
Velo Mobi
Color Screen - the perfect caller for Android, is one of thebestfree call screen app for incoming calling screen. Decorateyourphone with caller screen flash, icon packs, backgrounds andemojis.Personalise your phone call screen, icons and home screenwithColor Screen and enjoy your colorful home screen! Key FeaturesofColor Screen Cool call screen light for incoming callsVariousscreen flash themes for your personalized call screen Simpleandeasy-to-use, fast and small Automatic number location any numberinyour contact list Why you need a Color Screen: Get flash alertsforincoming calls Customize your flash theme, get personalizedandbeautiful flash alerts on call Easy to find your phone innighttime and silent mode Never miss any important calls anymorewhenyou can't hear your phone ring Color Screen focuses on coolcallscreen themes. It provides you all kinds of awesome calleridthemes, which will make your phone call unique!
Numler: Caller ID, Spam Detection & Call Blocker 3.3.1
AG Dev
Caller ID & Call Blocker that gives you all thecallerinformation before you pick up the call, without having thecallerinformation in your contacts, having this Caller ID will saveyoubig time of having to answer spam, unknown and unwanted calls,youcan also search mobile, fixed line or short numbers from ourhugedatabase of hundreds of millions of phone numbers, you cannowidentify the true caller and save time. We are being chosen bymanyusers all over the world as the best Caller ID and CallBlocker,our users depend on us on an everyday basis. You can nowfind thetrue caller behind every phone call, answer the calls youreallywant and stop taking calls that will waste your time, easilyfindyour friends who have Numler and start chatting with them forfreeand get rid of SMS messages charges. Identify callers instantlyandget rid of spam calls, reverse phone numbers lookup and searchourhuge database of mobile and fixed line numbers, and viewcallerinformation. We provide you with the best tool that helpsyoumanage callers in a better way, from chatting with them,addingthem to your favorites, block specific callers or postingreviewsto help other people find the truth. You can update yourphonebookwith the latest information from our huge database byaddingmissing pictures, new phone numbers, new emails and muchmore,always keep your phonebook up to date. Mark people asfavorites orblock them from calling or chatting with you, stayconnected withyour beloved ones and let everyone know who the greatpeople areand stay away from unwanted calls. We bring youeverything you needabout callers in one place, it's not just acaller ID, it's muchmore. Main Features: • Caller ID: identifycallers instantly beforeyou answer the call and avoid scams,spammers or any annoying calland answer only the calls you want. •Call Blocker: add any phonenumbers to the block list and you willnever hear of them again(you can unblock them later at any time) •Search phonenumbers/Reverse phone lookup: search our large databaseby phonenumbers, fixed lines, short numbers, names or email. •Update yourcontacts and get recent numbers, emails, and photos. •Chat: youcan easily chat with your callers or your contacts. •Mutualcontacts: find contacts in common between you and yourcallers andfriends. • Call logs: in-app call logs with theincludedinformation from your database. Our community feel free toget intouch with us at any time. Support email:support@numler.comTwitter: Googleplus: Website:
Call Flash - Color Your Phone,Caller Screen Themes 1.19
Blue Group
With Amusing screen themes and Striking phone light, it's one ofthemost popular phone call app in Google Play! Rating beyond 99%users!Color your call now! Call Flash focuses on cool flash phonecallerscreen themes. It provides you all kinds of awesome phonecallscreen themes, which will make your phone caller screenunique!Coloryour call now! Call Flash is simple and fast, and alsoeasy to use!You just need a click, and you will never miss a callwith agorgeous caller id! Perfect Support Performance : -Perfectlysupport Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEIP10, LGNexus 5X Google Pixel 2 XL etc. - Perfectly support Android7.1,Android 8.0 . Powerful Features of Call Flash: 🌟 Beautiful,cool andstylish call screen themes, Full HD for all size 🌟 LEDflash alertfor incoming call 🌟 Simple and easy-to-use, fast andsmall 🌟 Powersaving, battery friendly 🌟 Update new themes everyweek Why you needa Call Flash: 🌟 Get flash alerts for incomingcalls 🌟 Customize yourflash theme, get personalized and beautifulflash alerts on call 🌟Feel the perfect combination of themes andringtones 🌟 Easy to findyour phone in night time and silent mode 🌟Never miss any importantcalls anymore when you can't hear yourphone ring This is such apowerful Call Flash, a personalized callscreen, call reminder andphone call flashlight app for you. Freeto get the amazing incomingcall reminder now! 🎉 🎉 42.0
* Real Caller : Caller id Helps you identify the caller . *RealCaller : Caller id also block spam and helps you block phonecalls. * Real Caller : Caller id is Number lookup it helps youfindcaller id and the caller identification by displaying thecallername on screen during a call while your device connected totheinternet and the caller id service is active in the app . *RealCaller : Caller id has different types of phone numbers orcellnumbers . * Real Caller : Caller id list for you the callername orthe caller info if available . * Real Caller : Caller idhelps youknow who is calling you * Real Caller : Caller id isuseful phonedirectory for doing a reverse lookup or reverse phonenumber lookup. * Real Caller : Caller id search function works asfollow ,phonenumber lookup or reverse lookup by enter the phonenumbers to getthe caller name or enter the caller name to get thephone numbers *Real Caller : Caller id also helps you for businesslookup or namelookup or even places lookup . # All users must grantneededpermissions in order for caller id and call blocking toworkproperly . ———————————————————————————————————— subscriptions :youcan manage the subscriptions in one of the following ways: 1-OnAndroid, open the Google Play Store, then tap Menu>Subscriptions. 2-On a computer, go to, then intheleft menu click My subscriptions. On either Android or acomputer,use the URL toopen theuser's list of subscriptions. Please Note: In comply withGooglePlay developer policy, below is an explanation ofneededpermissions. Block call feature: The caller ID or Block callwillnot work if you don't grant the belowpermission:android.permission.CALL_PHONEandroid.permission.READ_CALL_LOG(Android 9.0+) - Caller ID: We willaccess calls information toperform search in our server and get thecaller name - CallBlocker: We will access calls information toperform block Searchfeature: -To be able to use the search feature,you need to grandthe below permission:android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - theDevice ID: In order toproperly provide you the search feature, weidentify your device byaccessing the device id and generating aunique id. - Belowpermission is needed to be able to keep callerid feature functionaleven after the mobile device -Belowpermission isneeded to be able to keep caller id and call blockerfeaturesfunctional even if the app was in background for -Below permission is needed to beableto display the Caller Name info on your device screen whenyoureceive a call canDrawOverlays
com.lovecallingapps.lovecaller.screen 1.14
The Love caller Screen is show the you are lovly person. THislovecaller sceen is the whenever you are dial a call at thattimefilling are love because in your smart phone screen havelovelytheme or dail a call to your love or any othr friend. Thislovecaller screen is also supporing a incomming call on love theme.WEare provide a awesome love theme in your smart phone.Thisapplication are provide a many type of Features. **Set thecontactphoto in your phone and whenever this person are calling youatthat time the photo will display in a heart on your phone.**Thatis also supporting a outgoing a call on your phone.**Thisapplication are provide many type of lovely icon. **FullScreenIncoming Calling Screen. **Full Screen Outgoing DialerScreen.**Select either both or any of the given calling screen.**Thisapplication are provide many types of background areavailable.**This application have no need to connect the internet.**Thisapplication are working very smoothly and easy to use.**Lovecaller screen apps are fully free downloaded from androidmarket.Thank YOu...
180 - Caller ID & Block 2.1.26
180 Mobil AS
Tired of telemarketing calls? The app helps you with this :-)Alarge registry with a list of numbers related to telemarketingisnow included in the app. If you are contacted by a number thatisverified as a sales/market research number, a popup willinformyou. With more than 1,500,000 downloads of the app (iPhone&Android) you can now download the brand new version of 180.The apphas been adapted to all Android phones (including Android8+).-------------------------------------- We welcome with information about specific errors innumbers,addresses, missing numbers, etc., so that we find and weedout allsources of errors. We also welcome suggestions fornewfunctionality and other improvements to the sameaddress:-)************************************ Privacy /explanation ofpermissions on the phone: Phone conversations Usedsolely tocapture the incoming and outgoing phone number and forperforming alookup in 180 Your location Used to lookup services andbusinessesnearby (show nearest) as well as the "Take me there"function ifyou want a navigation map to your entry. In some casesyourposition is also used to display relevant ads based onyourposition. Your messages Exclusively used for lookups ofsender'sphone number. Your personal information Read and write toyourcontact list is used for displaying the contact's name in the"Seewho is calling the feature" and to store an entry in thecontactlist (if the user actively wants to save/update a contact).Networkcommunications Used to check Web-services communication,forlookups on unfamiliar numbers, and forlooking up businessesandpeople in the app. Services that cost money You can a choosetocall an entry from the application. No conversations takeplacewithout your consent. System Tools Used to display informationwiththe "See who is calling" feature.
com.caller.notes 1.0.385
Notes with Caller ID will give you a quick and simple notetakingexperience. Not only is the note taking app simple and easyto usebut also comes with a to-do checklist which can quickly besharedvia email, a search function, data backup, and restorefeatures. Asa top notes app for Android it is packed with manygreat featuresmaking it more than just a note pad. Notes withCaller ID linksyour notes & calls together in a powerful way.It’s the bestnote taking app, which links your notes with yourcontacts so youcan click-to-call directly from a note. Notes appalso shows thelast note you took on the caller. You can see it inreal time whilethe phone is ringing. This way you easily rememberwhat youdiscussed earlier. More than just a note taking app, italsoidentifies callers and adds the name and number to a note withjust1 click. When your phone rings the notepad app instantlyidentifiescallers. Even the ones not in your phonebook. After youhang up ournotes app gives you practical options like saving theidentifiedcaller to your contacts, calling back, or sending an SMS.Orconveniently take a note with one click. What’s included inthisfree notepad app: • Handy note search feature for the ones whotakemany notes • See your last note on the caller during theincomingcall • Create a new note and link it to a contact – now youcanclick-to-call directly from the note • Take, edit, export, andviewall notepad entries effortlessly • Backup and restore yournoteseasily • Save new contacts to your phonebook with one click,callback or send SMS • Identify callers and search numbers inworldwidedatabases with 1 billion+ numbers • Get warnings formillions ofspam numbers For your privacy and data protection we donot haveaccess to any of your notes or store any of theinformationcontained within them. Therefore, we recommend that youregularlyuse the useful backup feature on this app to avoid theaccidentalloss of any important information.
com.whos.teamdevcallingme 1.0.2-RC2
Do you have numbers that bother you ? Do you have numbers you donotknow from their owners ? Do you need to know the names offriends inother phones ? so you are here , just need to downloadthe App andlisten to the features presented in it . App Features:★ Search -Search for any mobile numbers . ★ Display recent Searchhistory ★Spam caller Detection ★ Display Contact ★ view &display morethan name ★ True Caller ID – Know the true caller IDfrom each calllog! . ★ Blacklist numbers– add spam calls, blocknumbers &contacts from your address book/ phone book to freeblacklist withinour App . ★ Window caller popup - manage Windowcaller popup byactivating and deactivating it . Application Notes: ★ From Android6.0 and above the application will requestpermissions on Call logs,Phone Default Dialer, Contacts and Drawover other apps. ★ CallLogs the application will use thispermission to display the callhistory Only . ★ Default Dialer Theapplication will request thispermission to facilitate the Servicesprovide it by the application
CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder
📱Caller ID, Spam Call Blocks, Video Ringtones, CallRecorder,Reverse Number Lookup & Detailed Contacts📱 A Caller ID&Free Calling app trusted by 50 Million users to block spamcalls& know the Caller ID. Identify calls & SMS using ourdialer& spam call blocker 📵 Block Caller ID – Know who’scalling youusing the best free call ID, call blocker, contacts& recorderapp! Personalize Video Ringtones - Customizeringtones with yourfavorite memories! Record Phone Calls -Automatically record yourphone calls CallApp Caller ID BlockerFeatures: ★ Who called me? –Reverse phone lookup, block caller IDapp that identifies unknowncalls & unknown numbers. A true callblocker that can blockspam calls and know the caller behind thenumber! ★ Caller ID App –Know the call ID from each phone call!Call-App caller App can showyou who called, see Facebook Pictureson the identity calls page.Automatically Block calls that are spamcalls or scam & unknownnumbers from sales & telemarketingcalls. ★Video Ringtones -Customize your ringtone with videos torelive the memories everytime an incoming call comes in. Yourringtone is no longer justaudio, but visual too. No more boringsolid color backgrounds. ★Dialer & Contacts app – CallApp is adialer & real callerID app that helps call your contacts phonenumbers from your phonebook with ease. Manage your incoming andoutgoing calls using ourfree caller ID, spam call blocker, truecall recording & dialerapp! ★ Automatic Call Recorder –Recording calls is easy! Recordingincoming & outgoing phonecalls ! Call App has qualityrecording calls! call recordings can beused on any android phone.★ Blacklist numbers – add spam calls,block numbers & contactsfrom your phone book or dialer to ourfree caller id & truecall recorder app. Blacklist a phonenumber & never get callsfrom unknown callers again! Use thephone number search to see “whocalled me” & blacklist the spamnumber you wish to block. ★Contacts – See the caller’s ID, name,photo, number lookup, numberlocator, birthday, social media, emailaddress book & phonebook. ★ Manage your Address Book –Automatically update your phonebook through our dialer & callblocker app to always know whoscalling! Manage your address book& contacts including theirimages, contact details and muchmore! ★ Contacts Info &Customize – Customize your address book,caller ID, dialer, callblocker, call recorder & all of CallApp. Choose betweendifferent themes to make your calling experienceeven better! ★CallApp+ - Identify calls from spam & unknownnumbers, blockcalls & callers from IM Social Media Apps &SMS. AllCallApp’s phone number identification (reverse phonelookup) in oneplace to show contacts caller id of your phone calls.No more spamcalls! ★ New! Incognito Mode - Ultimate Call Privacy.Whetheryou're doing business, rendezvous, fling, affair orcheating,incognito mode can help you! Privacy for all yourrendezvous,flings, affairs & cheating! CallApp dialer freecaller ID Apphas the most phone numbers compared to other caller IDapps! Thiscalling App can block spam calls, identify calls,blacklist unknownnumbers, record your phone calls and much more.CallApp’s automaticblocker caller will make sure you’ll always knowwho called you!Install now and know who is the caller ID behind thephone callnow! Blocking sales & spam calls is now easy thanever! CallApp is the best used for Call blocker, recording calls,robocalls,nuisance & spam calls, blacklist numbers, identifycalls withour caller ID. Use CallApp for contacts, address book,phone numbersearch, reverse phone lookup, block numbers, blockercaller, SMS,automatic call recorder, dialer & always know “whocalled me”with Call App’s caller id app! Upgrade CallApp caller ID& truecall recorder and enjoy premium features: - No ads -CallApp + forfree - Store items (themes, skins etc.)
HD Phone 6 i Call Screen OS9 3.0.16
Get a cool full screen Caller ID, dialer screen as similar to OS9inPhone 6, Phone X and Phone 6S, now in your android smartphones.Download HD Phone 6 Call Screen OS9 app and enjoy the icallscreenand Phone 6S calling features like on Phone X..!! Receive andgivea call in a similar manner you do in an Phone X. Cool Features:•Same Phone X i Caller Screen Changer & OS 11 Theme • UseOS9Phone 6 and Phone 6S call screen theme on your android phone.•Very small in Size just 7.0 MB. • Replace the old callingscreenwith the True HD pictures of our icall app. • Customize thethemeas it suits you. • Phone X Style i Dialer Theme like OS 11 •FullScreen Caller ID and T9 Dialer. • International NumberFormatavailable. • Very easy to understand user interface. •AwesomeGraphics like OS 10 Dialer • Select image of your choice forthebackground. • Compatible with all android phones. And a lotmore..!The application is very easy to use and customize the themeas peryour requirements and comfort. As you complete installationof theapplication open it and you will be able see a very userfriendlyapplication. Soon after the completion of the installationthedefault OS9 theme for call screen and caller ID is set readyforuse. You can check it by giving a call from other phone toyours.Are you set to customize the icallscreen theme for yourandroidsmart phone in just a few simple steps..? As you open theapp youwill be able to see various 6 options initially. Click onSettingsto move further. The first part allows you to set the CallScreen.There are two options namely: • Show Incoming Screen •ShowOutgoing Screen The first option ‘Show Incoming screen’ letsyouactivate the Phone 6 Call Screen theme for all the incomingcalls.The second option ‘Show Outgoing Screen’ lets you activatethePhone 6S Call screen dialer theme as and when you call someonefromyour android phone. The next part is about customizing theCallScreen. The first option is Theme Setting where in you getvariousoptions to customize the theme like changing the background,thesliders to receive or reject a call. By activating theoption‘International Number Format’ you will get the Caller IDstartingwith the country code like +91 for India +1 for USA, etc.Thismakes it simple to recognize the country of the person callingyou.The next option ‘Breakpress to exit’ will let you allow to getbackto your original Android theme by pressing the back key whileacall is going on. On the main Screen is “Theme Settings”, hereyoucan customize the OS9 theme for the Call Screen, Caller IDandPhone 6S dialer theme. The first option is ‘ChangeBackground’.Here you can customize your incoming and outgoing callscreenbackground in the Phone 6 & 7 theme. The applicationprovidesyou a lot of cool backgrounds. You can select a picturefrom yourgallery as well..!! The next option is ‘Animation’, youcan changethe ‘enter and exit’ animation for the call screen. Onceyou enterthe Animation part you get options like: None, Fade In,Zoom In,Slide Right, Slide Up. This enhances the cool looks of yourandroidphone with this Full Screen Caller ID in OS9 theme! When youselect'Full Screen' option it hides the status bar of your phonewhileusing our dialer as well as call screen OS10. The third optiononthe main Screen of this Phone 6S dialer theme app is 'Themes'.Thedefault theme in this app is similar to the OS9 theme. If youwishto get more cool themes for you smart phone then you candownloadthe featured themes compatible with our application. Wantto giveus any feedback, feel free to reach us any time by“Feedback”option. So what are you waiting for..?? Download thiscool FullScreen Caller ID app to use the OS9, Phone 6 & 7 ,Phone 6Sthemes on your android phones and make your friends gocrazy seeingPhone 6S Call Screen on your Android! Do not forget tosuggest thiscool icallscreen app to your friends..!!
com.syncme.syncmeapp 4.18.15
Sync.ME is the world’s #1 caller ID and spam blocker app. Seewhoscall you received and sync contacts photos with theirsocialnetwork profile picture. Identify spammers and blockrobocalls withthe world’s best reverse phone lookup and spamblocker app. ★Trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide! ★TechCrunch -“The App That Turns You into a God”. It has never beeneasier tosync contacts and reveal the true caller. Search phonenumbers andget the caller ID. Make a reverse phone lookup, detectrobocallsand report blacklist. Block spammers, block telemarketers,blockcallers, block robocalls, block SMS and block text messages.MainKey Features: ✓ Sync Contacts Photos – See who's call youreceivedand sync your contacts photos with their social networkprofilepicture. Add full screen photos to your contacts in youraddressbook contact list. ✓ Caller ID – See who's the caller whenyoureceive incoming calls. See the true caller ID, sync unknownCallerID. ✓ Call Blocker - Block callers, telemarketers andblockrobocalls. Block unknown calls with our best call blocker.Blockspam calls and add spammers to your blacklist. ✓ ReversePhoneLookup - View the true caller ID with our best reversephonelookup. Now you can identify and block callers, block spammersandunknown numbers by adding them to your blacklist. ✓IdentifyRobocalls – Sync.ME lets you identify spam calls,telemarketers,robocalls and see whos call it is. Show thetruecaller ID and makea reverse phone lookup to block callers. Youcan block spam callsand robocalls with the best call blocker with atap of a button.✓Block Spammers - Block callers and make your ownblacklist ofrobocalls, spammers and telemarketers. Make a reversephone lookupwith the best caller ID app. See whos call on the topspammers listand add them to your blacklist. ✓Call Recorder –Record any phonecall you want to save. ✓ Text ID – Identify SMS andtext messagesof spam, telemarketers and unknown caller ID. See thetrue CallerID and blacklist phone numbers. You can make a reversephone numberlookup for any spam text message. ✓ Find Out Who Called- Copy anyphone number and Sync.ME will make a reverse phone lookupso youcan search phone numbers and identify unknown calls with atruecaller ID. Received a spam call? Quickly block spammers,blocktelemarketers and block robocalls with just one tap. ✓ CallerIDThemes - Choose your color call theme for your caller ID withtheSync.ME color call app. View color call themes with fullscreenphotos of your address book contacts from Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. ✓ Merge Contacts - Findduplicatecontacts and merge contacts in your address book bycombining theminto one. Cleanup your address book and quickly mergecontactdetails of duplicate contacts in your address book contactlist. ✓Backup Contacts - Export contacts and backup contacts fileof allof your contacts in your address book. Sync your contactsbackup toyour Google Drive and automatically backup contacts withtheSync.ME Pro. ✓ Background Contact Sync - Always keep yourcontactsup-to-date 24/7 with latest contact profile pictures fromsocialnetworks. Keep your address book contacts synced withpictures soyou can know who call. Sync.ME is best used for it’scaller ID andspam call blocker. You can identify calls with ourtrue caller ID.Block annoying spam calls and robocalls with our topspam blockerapp. You can always know “who called me” with Sync.ME’sshow callerreverse phone lookup features. → Website: →Facebook: → →Support:
Automatic Call Recorder 1.82
Record Calls with the Auto Call Recorder App | Call RecordingswithCall Blocker ACR Call Recording App Our latest Call Recordingappfor Android has high-tech smart features in it which makesitdifferent from all other apps. The ACR Call Recording App isaneasy to use automatic call recorder app that records alldailycalls in high quality. It records all your incoming &outgoingcalls in high quality and stores it on your phone as .amrfiles.This call recorder app can be used without limits to recordcallsand is totally free to use. The ACR Call Recording app letsyourecord calls and manage the recorded calls beautifullywithfeatures like share, play, delete and rename. With ourcallrecording app, never worry about losing an importantdetailanymore. Why you should choose the ACR Call Recording App 👑GlobalCall Recording App with over 8 Million downloads. 📌WorksAutomatically on all major Android Phones. 🔎Real-Time CallerID toalways know who's calling before you receive. 🚫 Call BlockerBlockUnwanted Spam Caller with this call recorder app. 👉 Backup&Restore calls from Google Drive. 🎙 Best Audio Quality Recordcallsin clear sound quality from both sides. 🌟 PasswordProtectionSecurity to keep your recorded phone calls private.🔥AdvancedSettings Manage your app preferences as per your need.REAL-TIMECALLER ID ☞ Know who is calling before you pick unknowncalls. ☞See names of unknown numbers before you receive any call.☞Identify spam caller location. ☞ Mobile number tracker allowsyouto enter any number and get its details. HOW DOES THE CALLRECORDERFEATURE WORK? If you want to know how good this ACR app is,all youneed to do is to download the app from the play store. Onceyouinstall this smart mobile call recorder app to your smartphonethebest of recording journey begins: ☞ Open the app and click onthe‘user’ tab ☞ Log in with your details to the call recording app☞Fill up the credentials, username and set the password ☞ Clicktherecording option when you are making a call 【LIKE us andSTAYCONNECTED】 Feel free toprovideyour feedback and suggestion to our support
Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe 3.046.00023-Rel
Want to see Caller ID, spam indications and block spammers,directlyfrom your call screen? drupe is your app. Trusted by over20 Millionusers worldwide. drupe replaces the boring call screenwith a freshlook, built and configured exactly for you! Forgetabout traditionalPhone Book apps! We bring your contacts &apps together to oneplace, accessible from all your screens. Wishto contact a friend?Dial or text anyone? record calls? Swipe thecontact to the app& get in touch! Simple. drupe app supports:Deutsch, English,Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands,Português, Português(Brasil), Pусский, Türkçe, norsk, український,עברית , العربية,हिन्दी, 日本語, 한국어. Dial, text, record calls orreach anyone on yourcontact list, using any app! ★ Smart dialer -Cross app dialing madefast & easy ★ A built-in call recorder -NEW ACR! Recordincoming or outgoing calls! ★ A smart caller IDtracker &blocker to find out unknown numbers - drupe IDidentifier will helpyou with the search & the tracking of callspammers + withadding them to your blacklist: Show the details oftelemarketers orunknown & private mobile numbers who calledyou. Stop theblindness- Know "who is calling me" at any giventime, see thedetails of missed unknown calls. Uncover the names ofpeople orbusinesses who call you, and avoid unwanted calls. ★ AddanimatedGIFs to your outgoing calls!- Make animated calls based onthecontext of your calls. ★ Organize your address book / Phonebook-solve the duplicate Google contacts issues. No more phonebookmess... ★ All from one place -Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, walkietalkie,Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Allo, telephone… are all in,andthere are more. ★ Unified “recent” feed –Track yourrecentcommunication log - call log, SMS, Walkie -talkie audiomessages,WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. Reverse lookupthose unknownnumbers in your call history ★ Contact based reminders– Setreminders, time or context related. ★ Missed calls manager –Getback to your missed calls via call, SMS, whatsapp or else.Snoozefor later or set reminders ★ An integrated call blocker –Trace,discover and block any caller or number whether unknown,spam,scams, robocalls or telemarketers, expose their name anddetails& immediately move on to blocking them! ★ A built incallrecorder – Record both sides of the voice conversation (callerandreceiver), Choose if to record all calls, or turn on thecallrecorder only when needed. ________ ❄ A true cross app dialerwithT9 & dual SIM ❄ A Caller ID ( identification ) finder&anti-spam add on, to always identify the traces and identityofeach true caller name behind unknown or private calls. Alwaysknowwho's calling and control your callers! ❄ Contact basedreminders ❄A built-in auto call recorder for incoming &outgoing calls inyour cell (ACR) ❄ Missed calls manager - Answermissed calls or setreminders. + a caller-ID locator. ❄ A unifiedrecent communicationslog – calls, SMS, messaging and more ❄ Anautomatic favorites view❄ A semi-transparent trigger icon is alwayswith you – activatedwith one swipe to access your dialer orcontacts ❄ Works Seamlesslywith your native Android functions:Call, SMS, Calendar, Email& More. ❄ Integrated with: WhatsApp,Facebook, Tango, GoogleDuo, Allo & many more ❄ Choose from abunch of amazing freethemes and customize your drupe and cell phonelook ❄ Easy search -Reach all your contacts from the main screen.Search also throughtyping numbers in the dialer. ❄ Customize yourfavorites andcommunication apps by preference ❄ Get help withupdating relevantcontact info – smart search for your friends onFacebook and moreFollow us for updates and news: Facebook- Twitter -
Automatic Call Recorder 1.2.9
Call Recorder is a free and easy to use automatic telephonecallrecorder app for all android phones like Android 7.0,SamsungGalaxy S8 that records phone calls from both sides withhighquality anytime. It is the best recorder for sound recordingwithhigh quality. Our sound recorder provides high qualityrecordingswithout limits of time. It is simple and easy to use.Call Recorderapp let you record phone calls and manage recordingfiles in asmart way with features like share, play, delete andrename callrecordings, multiple audio format, add to favorite,voice recorderetc. Never worry about losing important callrecordings anymore.Available globally to help thousands of users torecord phonecalls. Call Recorder Features: 1. Call Recording -Automaticallyrecord any incoming & outgoing calls - Recordvoice with goodsound quality - Clear HD quality recording on bothsides -Enable/Disable call recording options - Playback of recordedcallsanytime - Quick search recordings 2. Recording Strategy-Automatically choose the best strategy for your device -Automatic/Voice call/ Native/ Media recorder/ Microphone optionsavailable 3.After Call Actions - Call, text & save the callerdirectly fromthe after call screen - Access call recordings fromthe caller IDscreen 4. Recording Delay - Set recording delay forincoming &outgoing calls 5. Share & Manage Recording -Share recordingfile to anyone via social media - Delete, renametelephonerecording - All caller detail from recordings available -Retrieverecordings deleted by mistake 6. Multiple Audio Formats -SupportsMP3, high quality PCM (wav), good quality AAC (m4a/mp4) andclearsound AMR (3gp) to save space - Supports auto, own voice,opponentvoice etc - More phone recording formats coming soon 7.CloudBackup - Back up your telephone recordings to thecloudautomatically 8. Lock & Protect - Private mode option -Easyforgotten password helper 9. More Special Features inAutomaticCall Recorder - Small APK Size - Super fast speed withsmoothexperience - Shows caller data on Home Page - Unlimitedlength ofcall on the first phone call recording - Minimum RAMConsumption(works in Background mode) - Power Consumption Savingmodeavailable Call Recorder - The best application for recordingasyour personal Call Recorder app. We can help you recordimportantphone calls and report someone’s threatening calls. Oursoundrecorder provides high quality recordings without limits oftime(only limited by memory size). Enjoy free phone callrecorderservices with Call Recorder!
Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App 6.44
To have a safe and trustworthy telecommunicationenvironment,Whoscall is your one and only option! With having morethan 70million downloads globally, Whoscall is a highly-regardedphone appwith Caller ID & Block function. Besides calls andtextmessages service, we're well known for our identificationofincoming calls & SMS, the blocking of malicious spamcalls& SMS, and powered by our massive database with over 1billionnumbers. ★Recognized as one of Google Play the most popularAPP inTaiwan for five years★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013, 2015 &2016the best app★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013 InnovationAward★★Recognized as the Top 10 Innovated App in Taiwan byTechinAsia★★Official partner with Taiwan National PoliceAdministration★Whoscall provides a fully functional phone feature.Calls, SMS,Anti-Spam, all in one app to manage your calls &messages! 【Trustworthy phone app 】 ▶Identify unknown calls Onlypick upimportant calls by knowing who’s calling! ▶Block spam callsAvoiddisturbing quality time by blocking spam calls. *PleasesetWhoscall as your default phone app to activate this service.▶Built-in dialer Search & confirm unknown numbers beforeyoudial out. ▶All-in-one Whoscall Call Interface In addition toAnswer/ Hang up / Speaker, Whoscall still provide Whoscall CallInterfaceto identify incoming and outgoing calls. *Please setWhoscall asyour default phone app to activate this service. 【Safeand secureSMS】 ▶SMS conversation page Chat with anyone onWhoscallconversation page. *Please set Whoscall as your default SMSapp toactivate Whoscall conversation page. ▶Identify unknownmessagesCatch important messages and avoid disturbed one. ▶Blockallannoying messages Block spam numbers and no longer receiveannoyingmessages! *Please set Whoscall as your default SMS app toactivateblocking messages function. Community-based data updatedbymillions of users worldwide, 【 Rich Caller Data 】 ▶More than1billion number of data from our global community. ▶Identifycallerswithout internet access by downloading the offline database.【Whoscall Premium】 ▶ Offline Database Extension Get premiumofflinedatabase, totally control your callers. ▶ Auto-updateAuto-updateoffline database. ▶ Ad-free Remove all ads and enjoy thepurestexperience. Note: *According to Google Policy, please setWhoscallas your default phone app to activate Block and WhoscallCallInterface function. *All authorized permission will only beusedinternally for Whoscall to provide better service. *WhoscallCallInterface is available on Asus, Google, Lenovo, LG,Motorola,Samsung, Sony. *Offline database is available in Taiwan,Korea,Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, USA,India&Indonesia...etc. *Up to Android 6.0 versions requestpermission on SMS,Phone, Contacts and Draw over other apps.*Whoscall is alwayslooking forward to hearing from you! Should youhave any inquiry orsuggestion, please reach us
Shark ID - Smart Calling app, Phonebook, Caller ID 2.9
SharkID is Smart Calling app with Caller ID, Contacts BackupandSmart Phonebook app with SPAM detection and Block number.2Million+ users trust Shark ID for their daily communicationneedsfor caller ID, Spam detection, finding connections ofcontactswithin their trusted friend group to elevate trust on anunknowncaller. Smart Caller ID - Automatically identify the name oftheunknown caller - Automatically identify Spammers andTelemarketers- Identify connections between you and a caller -Block SPAM andtelemarketers as well as any contact/number - ReportSPAM calls -Open WhatsApp to message to the caller during and afterthe call -Save the number to your contacts by a single click SmartCallingand Phonebook - Publish Digital Business card and Personalcard -One click Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp - Automatically updatecontactdetails when your contact updates their contact coordinates-Follow contact to get a notification when he/she updateshis/hercontact coordinates - Search contacts by various parameters,e.g.Name, partial name, Hashtags, Location, company name etc. -Quickaccess to frequently used numbers ( AI-powered) -Automaticallyterminate blocked calls - Backup contacts and restoreto anyAndroid devices - Manage contacts from My Contacts SmartCallHistory - See names of unknown numbers in the call history -Seeconnections/reference of an unknown number - See spammed calls-See Blocked calls - Search call history by name or number -Filtercalls by call types - Unblock by right swipe - Message toanunknown number without saving by left swipe - Can save anunknownnumber to your contacts by a single click - Block contactsby rightswipe - Report number as Spammer, Telemarket etc. by rightswipe -Grouped call history of each contact and an unknown numberSmartDialer - Identify name and connection before dialling thenumber -T9 dialling to dial name instead of a full phone number -Find abusiness card by the number of the business owner CallReminder -Never missed any an important call to call back - Addcallreminders - Reminds you to call by notification with SoundPeople /Business Search - You can search for new business withinyournetwork of friends so you can elevate trust in searchedbusiness byasking the reference to your friends or friends of thefriend AllShark DI personal profile (contact card) are private bydefault. Weneed permission to access your CALL LOG to show Name andSPAMdetection of an unknown caller in the recent call log list,andProcess Outgoing call to Show caller ID and Identify the Name ofadialled number. Shark ID will work as per expected with CallLogand Process Outgoing Call access only. Don't worry aboutyourprivacy, WE DO NOT UPLOAD/COLLECT/SHARE YOUR CALL LOG HISTORYONOUR SERVER, your personal information stays in your device andisnot shared anywhere. We respect your privacy, so You havebetterprivacy control from settings. CONNECT WITH US - Moreat - Email us at if youneedassistance or have a suggestion. - Follow us on Facebookat Twitterat Instagramat
Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker: Showcaller
📞Showcaller specialized in identifying true caller id nameandregion, unknown incoming calls and avoid spam, scam,telemarketingand robocalls. A powerful caller ID app, call blocker,callrecorder, quick number book, contacts and Phone Dialer. Morethan50 Million people trust! 🌟Only 4 MB; Fast, Safe and Smart🌟🌟CallerID working even offline🌟 It is the most accurate &easy-to-usecaller id app can help you instantly identify theincoming callsnot in your contact list. Showcaller identify most ofunknown callsand show detailed true caller id name and region onincoming calls,so you can see Caller ID and names of people who iscalling.Showcaller can help you identify spam calls, see who iscallingwith true caller id name and region, block number, stop spam&telemarketers. Simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder.Itis powered by a database of a billion phone numbers and millionsofhappy Showcaller users who depend on the app daily. Why shouldyouchoose Showcaller? 📞 Caller ID - Showcaller shows you truecallerid name and region. Once a result is found, you can add itdirectlyto your phone book, contacts and number book. Find out whocalled,true call region, name, carrier and more. Browsing numbertags anduser reviews can help you get more number details. 🚫 CallBlocker -Block number from known spammers or unwanted callers.Showcalleralso provides spam reports during incoming calls fromunknown andprivate numbers that could be used to block calls. TrueCallBlocker help you say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud,sales,ads, harassment and more! ✨ Call Recorder / Call Recording -Autorecord any incoming & outgoing calls with clear HDqualityrecording on both sides. You just need to enableautomaticrecording mode and when you make an outgoing call or haveanincoming call from someone. You can also use true callrecordermanage your recording files, Listen to the recording, addnotes andshare it. (not supported on Android Pie) ✨ Smart Dialer -Fast T9search in your recent calls and contacts, replace your stocksystemdefault free calling app, bring your dialing experience tothe nextlevel! Make a phone call more smoothly and intelligently. 🔎PhoneNumber Lookup - All phone number searches within Smart Searcharestored. Perform a phone number search on an incoming call andcopya number anywhere to find out who it belongs to (true calleridname and region). The most powerful phone number lookupinShowcaller. 👤 Quick Contacts - Easily have access to yourrecentlyor frequently contacts, call or text them, this makesyourcommunication fast and simple. You can also add or modifyyourPhone number book easily as you like. 🔥 Offline Database(Lightningidentification) - Fast caller ID and offlineaccessibility.Identify and show true caller ID without network.Caller ID workingeven offline! ☀ Easy to Use - Quick to download(Only 4MB), easy tosetup, it needs very little space to run,extremely fast andreliable to Caller ID. ✨ Showcaller Premium - Noads Showcaller isabsolutely free caller id app to identify truecaller id name andregion. If you enjoy it, feel free to rate itaccordingly. Startprotecting your phone communication now and enjoya pleasantcalling experience. Showcaller works great across allcountriesespecially 🇮🇳INDIA, 🇮🇩INDONESIA, 🇺🇸USA, 🇬🇧UK, 🇸🇦SAUDIARABIA,🇧🇷BRAZIL, 🇮🇶IRAQ, 🇮🇱ISRAEL, 🇳🇬NIGERIA and others.Showcallercurrently supports: Android 4.0 - Android 9.0. PerfectlysupportAndroid 9.0 now! Don’t hesitate to join in Showcaller andenjoy themost accurate true caller id service, I bet Showcaller forAndroiddefinitely worth your time and effort. ‼Please don’t give usbadrate if you have encountered with any problem. Your feedbackalwayskeeps us improving with more and more cool features.COMMUNITYHello, users ! Please follow us:
me.sync.callerid 2.18.10
Take control of your phone! With Caller ID never answer anunknownnumber again. Caller ID features include: 1. Reveal the nameandphoto of all incoming and outgoing calls 2. Block Calls fromknownspammers and unwanted callers 3. Perform Reverse phone lookups4.Call Recorder - you can record any phone call. 5. LeverageaWorldwide database of over 1 billion numbers 6. Top marketsincludethe US, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico,Canada,Japan, India, Holland, Argentina, Colombia, Turkey,Australia,Israel, Egypt and More
Video Caller Id 2.3.254
Video ringtone. Show video on incoming call. Allows you to useyourown incoming call screen with cool full-screen videos insteadof aboring little photo. However, in addition to the video, itispossible to set a full-screen photo in HD quality. FEATURES: ★Setan individual video ringtone for: contact, group, othercontacts(unknown, 'not found' and default). ★ Personal settings foreachvideo contact: sound volume, style of an incoming call, textcolorand buttons. ★ Unique features: rotate and scale video, setthestarting position of playback. Preliminary processing of thevideois no longer required. ★ Pronunciation of the name of thecaller ★Beautiful, stylish, individual themes of the call screen,more than20 preinstalled ★ Fine tune the incoming call window(full-screenor popup), ability to customize display elements (name,photo,telephone) and how to answer the call (buttons, slider,glowpad,swipe) ★ As videotones can be set to any video from thegallery orcreated with camera phone ★ Playing random video from theselecteddirectory when an incoming call All this is absolutely freeandwithout restrictions. Choose your style and say goodbye totheboring default call interface! Additionally, availablebysubscription: ★ access to a huge collection of video ringtonesforall tastes for different devices. Download and shareyourringtones; BASIC FEATURES: - Full Screen Video Caller Id -Fullscreen Photo Caller Id - Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD - HDVideo -HD Photo - Sensor-oriented actions (mute the sound bysimplyflipping the phone screen down) - Low battery consumption -CallingLine Identification (CLI) - Support for picture-in-picturemodewith partial overlapping of incoming call screen
Full Screen Caller ID 3.5.0
Congratulation! Full Screen Caller ID is more than 5milliondownloads. Do you think the photo of contact is too smallwhen youget or make a phone call. You could try to use this app,this appwill show full screen caller and high quality photo ofcontact whenyou get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phonecall or gettext message. It will help you quick to identify who iscalling,who is sending to you a text message or who is you missinga phonecall by using Full Screen Caller ID. Characters: ★ You canuse 500contacts for FREE ★ We offer 20 different themes for FREE ★FullScreen Caller ID for incoming and outgoing call. ★ FullScreenCaller ID for missed call and text message. ★ You can choosea highquality photo as a photo of contact.
Full Screen Caller ID 1.4.9
It's total Free and you can use any function in this app. Thisappcould show Full Screen Caller ID when you receive a phone call.Youalso can choose different theme for your caller interface.It'salso show beautiful interface for miss call and text message. 1.134
Caller Name Announcer instantly identifies and informs youaboutincoming calls with an audio feature to announce caller. Thebestcall announcer app to get easily notified about the caller inthesituations when you cannot look at your phone – when youaredriving or when your phone is simply in your pocket! Find outwhois the caller immediately without even touching your phonewithfeatures like, speak caller name! The powerful Caller IDidentifiesunknown numbers so you always will know who your calleris with theadded bonus of a caller name speaker function. Add amessage whichwill be announced anytime when you receive an incomingcall! Youcan even choose to hear the content of your message readloudly.Save the identified caller and modify Caller NameAnnouncersettings after you end the call in one click! Our callannouncerfor Android has the following powerful features: • Instantcallername announcement: identify the call without looking at yourphonewith the caller name talker • Add a message to the caller:yourmessage will be announced during the call • Customize toyourpreferences: enable or disable Caller Name Announcer at anytime •Real-time Caller ID: gives intelligent heads-up on nuisancecallsThis is an awesome announce caller app!
Who calls Caller name id, Safe calls SMS Blacklist 5.5.10
Free and effective SAFE CALL management APP. Caller name id appforincoming calls from unfamiliar phone numbers that are not inyourcontacts or phonebook! Fake or unwanted robocalls will notbotheryou anymore now! ⚠ PERMISSIONS NEEDED BY THIS APP: Caller ID,SpamDetection and Blocking, Default SMS, and Default Caller.Thispermissions will let you to: - check calls for their ratingsandtags and block them - right in call log inside NumBuster app!-check SMS text senders and block sms texts - right in smsloginside the app! - use NumBuster as default SMS app and feelsafeabout texts from unknown senders! - use NumBuster as defaultcallerapp and find out who calls you right on the call screen!Become apart of NumBuster Community with more than 2 million Users!★ Checkunfamiliar numbers for SPAM or FRAUD. ★ Mark them or tagthem - soyou will help another people to avoid unsafe calls and SMSWhat youwill get for free : ★ Automatic phone number lookup withbuilt-inCaller ID feature before you answer the call ★ Definitionofservice provider, carrier and possible location of the caller-you'll see region, country and area, where actual phone numberwasregistered ★ Block incoming calls, free social blacklist forSPAMcalls ★ Automatic Protection against fraud, advertising(spam),calls from the debt collectors, car dealers, salesmen andcriminals★ Social Blacklist is constantly updated with newfeatures, guidedby the opinion of real people about various phonenumbers ★Built-in incoming calls history log, as well as contactslists witheasy caller verification directly in the app - just entercaller'sProfile and see his rating, tags, possible names, etc. Inadditionto our struggle against telephone scammers,advertising,telemarketers, surveys, resellers and financialSCAMMERS, NumBusterconstantly learns and verifies the numbers,which used by: ✪ banks✪ stores ✪ auto dealers ✪ insurance companies✪ debt collectorsWith our free social caller ID in calls and SMS,you can find outwhose phone number calls and whom it belongs to.This helps tounderstand who is calling, using an unfamiliar phonenumber. Youcan always block unwanted calls ☢ blacklist - protectyourself fromdebt collectors, you will always see the collector,who hidesbehind a strangers' phone number in calls or SMS texts.  ❶Identification service operates during an incoming callanddisplays the on-screen information about incoming calls andnumbersin the built-in call history and sms log ❷ This program usesanexperience of more than 2 million of users and allows you toblock100% of unwanted calls with ads and fraud, robocalls PCMagazine /RE: "NumBuster - application of the year 2015!"⚠IMPORTANT ✪ Yourphone number will still be available only to theperson to whom youcall yourself - we carefully guard your data,contact lists andcall logs from intruders ✪ No one can get yourphone number fromNumBuster, using search by name ✪ Internetconnection is requiredfor Caller ID
Clever Dialer - caller ID - block calls 1.22.0
Clever Dialer caller ID is the easiest way to identify andblockunknown callers. Actively protect yourself against spamandunwanted calls. We are sorry, but we cannot resolvesuppressedphone numbers! We care about your privacy and that ofyour friends.Unlike some other apps, we DO NOT upload your addressbook contactsto our servers! Features: ★ handy caller ID with lotsof functions★ automatic identification of unknown phone numbers ★real-timeidentification of unknown callers ★ caller ID / phonenumberidentification via internet search and telephone directory★automatically adds all calls to call history ★ identifyspamcallers: warns against cost traps and other annoying spam calls★Identify spam caller even if you have no internet connection(offline spam identification ) ★ block spam callers: simplyaddannoying callers to your Blocked list ( call blocker ) ★CleverDialer’s call manager is free and always will be ★secureinformation: we protect your privacy With Clever Dialerspamcallers don't stand a chance. Incoming calls are beingcheckedagainst our extensive spam caller database. The CleverDialercommunity helps us staying on top of things. Every user canreportspam calls, so even numbers that spam only very recentlyareincluded. Want to block your boss or ex spouse? With CleverDialeryou can block any number you want and get your privacyback.Unknown numbers can mean trouble. (Lächeln) That’s whyspamrecognition is Clever Dialer’s most important feature. Becauseifan unknown caller wants to annoy you, we’ll find out who it is.Byworking with various partners, Clever Dialer can identifytelephonenumbers as spam and block them – making it the ideal adblocker.Someone ringing from a call center can be identified forexample,and the app can block the associated phone numbers. Thisworks,even if you have no internet connection because all spamnumbersare stored in your app and updated as soon as you areonline. Thisway you are protected even of you are offline. With thecallblocker, you don’t have to bother with unknown numbers fromcallcenters – identify spam and simply block the numbers – itmakeslife so much easier :) It’s also possible to review thecallerstraight after the call. If you feel harassed, you can givethecaller a bad review and also leave a comment directly.Everybodyelse benefits too because this means that the app warnseven moreeffectively against annoying spam callers. Naturally, youcan givea positive review and comments after a call too. Numberrecognitionnot only shows you unknown spam numbers but also allowsyou toblock unknown callers. Identify calls and add the numbers totheBlocked list – then there’s no chance that those numbers caneverreach you again. Your telephone won’t ring if you receive acallfrom someone on the Blocked list – because the app recognizesthecaller and instantly blocks the call. We guarantee you thatwetreat your contact details responsibly. We will never uploadyourdata or disclose them in any other way. If you havequestions,problems or ideas, please visit ourwebsite or contact
Full Screen Caller ID 2.2.1
Expert Zone
Full Screen Caller ID This Full Screen caller ID is bestapplicationto demonstration you the Caller ID Information on fullscreen forincoming call or outgoing calls. The Full Screen CallerID is areplacement of old small caller screen for your phone.Instead ofold caller ID screen you now have a different option forCaller IDnotification and the option to see it on Full Screen.
Full ScreenCaller is the best contact photo app to set contactphotos. This HDCaller ID app is both beautiful and highly usefulfor day to daycalling purpose. Download today our Free Full ScreenCaller ID app,it will display high quality full screen photo ofthe caller whenyou have a phone call, make a phone call, miss aphone call. You donot have to guess who it is when you are drivingor othersituations, or when you just missed a call. The FullScreen CallerID will let you quickly recognize the caller and helpyou to makethe decision on the phone call. It’s FREE. Features •Full Screennotification for incoming calls • Full Screennotification foroutgoing calls • Full Screen notification formissed calls • Usepictures from SD card, internal camera •Customizable design forcaller background screen • Convert oldsmall caller Id to FullScreen • Select contact from your contactslist • Best caller id appfor call screen Download and Share thiscaller id app with yourfriends and family. So they can also useand set big calleridentification screen for incoming and outgoingcalls. Disclosure:We are using contacts, phone and storagepermission in this appContacts to change the calling screen Phoneto check the phonecalls, incoming and outgoing calls Storage tosave thewallpaper/background images of the caller screen
Caller Screen Dialer 1.10
Getting bored with New Caller screen theme?? Let’s Have freemycustom caller screen for android with best background themes.dialspeedy any number from contact list.   Full Screen CallerIDfor people who need full screen Photo's with caller informationonevery call. Instead of small photos go with HD Full ScreencalledID with our Full Screen Caller ID App. This HD Caller ID appisboth beautiful and highly useful for day to daycallingpurpose.  Here we introduce Caller Screen Dialerandroid appwith Call Blocker, Privacy Hide Caller ID, Full ScreenCaller IDBelow Step for Caller Screen Dialer Are you set tocustomize thecaller screen theme for your android Smartphone injust a fewsimple steps...? As you open the app you will be able toseevarious 6 options initially. Click on Settings to move further.Thefirst part allows you to set the Call Screen. There are twooptionsnamely: #Show Incoming Screen #Show Outgoing Screen •Compatiblewith all android phones. The application is very easy touse andcustomize the theme as per your requirements and comfort. Asyourcomplete installation of the application open it and you willbeable see a very user-friendly application.  Getting boredwithold Caller screen theme?? Here we introduce Caller ScreenDialerandroid app with Call Blocker, Privacy Hide Caller ID, FullScreenCaller ID Caller Screen Dialer change your screen to richanduser-friendly interface. Dialer is important part of the anytypeof smart phone or mobiles. If your dialer keypad or wholeincomingcaller pad and outgoing caller pad is nice andbeautiful looksand attractive look then everybody will think onceabout your colorand unique caller dialer screen.  ✆ Lots ofFeatures like: •Smart and Fast T9 Photo Dialer For the first time.• Speed Dial ForQuick Call. • Customizable Incoming Full ScreenCaller ID. •Customizable Full HD Incoming and Outgoing Screen. •ActivateDeactivate your after Call Received Screen. • Control yourkeypadtouch sound • Dialer Keypad change to new HD Dialer keypadwithRich layout design. • Whatsapp Integrated for quick chat. •CallerScreen Rich Call log screen to see your missed call, receivedcalland dialed call. • Caller Screen contact screen will give youyourall contact list in which you can search your contacts and seeallcontacts with new rich look designed. • Favorite contacts canbeadded to Dial quickly. • Recent contacts can be filtered withAlland Missed Calls contacts. and it supports quick tap dial. •Callerscreen is supported on most of latest devices. up to android6.0.1and also for lower version of android. • When you receive acallyou will have full UI of caller screen theme. • Caller Screengivesyou complete feel of HD theme. • If your device doesn'tsupportIncoming or Outgoing layout you can definitely turn it offto runit smoothly. • You can Block or unblock contact from callblockerin this app. • Finally here we presents you Privacy HideIncomingCaller ID, by which you can hide your private contact forincomingcalls. • Do you want to send SMS from our app ? , Oh yesyou cansend SMS from our app. The application is very easy to useandcustomize the theme as per your requirements and comfort. Asyourcomplete installation of the application open it and you willbeable see a very user-friendly application. Soon afterthecompletion of the installation the default OS9 theme forcallscreen and caller ID is set ready for use. You can check itbygiving a call from another phone to yours. key words - freecallerdialer App on android - free caller app on android. - dialerscreenapp on android - caller screen dialer app on android - photowithcaller screen dialer app. - get incoming calls app. - getoutgoingcalls app. - caller name and caller id app. - Love dialer.- PhotoDialer App. - Photo Background Caller Screen Thank you.
WePhone - Free Phone Calls & Cheap Calls 19062418
★ Best Phone Call App in Google Play ★ Cheap or freeinternationalcalls to over 200 countries ★ Can display the callerphone number ★Make High-Quality Phone Calls To Anywhere In TheWorld For A VeryCheaper Price ★ Get A Second Virtual USA/CanadaPhone Numbers ★ Add2nd or 3rd Phone Number To Your Phone/Tablet ★Answering PhonesThrough The Secondary Phone Number ★ Great voicequality at superlow VoIP rates for the US and global calls ★ FreeVoIP calls, cheapInternational calls ★ Check-In Daily to Earn FreeCredits 💰 💰 💰💰💰 ★Get Bonus Credits 💰 for Watching Videos ★ Pay AsYou Go with GoogleWallet ************************************* WithWePhone - thebest calling app on your device, you can make cheapcalls withcrystal clear voice quality! ★ VERY VERY EASY TO USE!Noconfiguration is required. You get trial phone calls rightafterdownload with free gift credit. ★ Call over WiFi/3G/4G/GPRS,noroaming costs even you make phone calls from abroad, callfromanywhere with the same rates! ★ Calling rates are amazinglylow!Only list a few: United States: $0.0075/min China:$0.016/minIndia: $0.0195/min Kuwait: $0.06831/min Saudi Arabia:$0.2/min ...★ Dial a phone number directly from your existing phonecontacts. ★Call conversation is securely encrypted. Prevent phoneservice frombeing blocked in any countries. ★ Easily purchasePAY-AS-YOU-GOphone call credits using Google Wallet right withinthe App. ★ Nohidden costs, no connection fee. ★ No expiration datefor yourcalling credits ★ Ask customer service for help at anytime.*NOTICE: If you use 3G/4G/GPRS to make calls, your carriermaycharge you for data usage. Please visit the company website forFAQand other information: ♥ Learn more at♥Need Help? support email: 2.9
AppX Apps
Caller Location Tracker helps you to Search and Track MobileNumber,STD code and ISD code without internet connection, it willdisplaylocation of caller with service providers name, with City,Stateinformation on every incoming and outgoing calls. Are yougettingcalls from unknown number? Do you want to find from wherethatperson is Calling? Now you can use Caller Location Tracker Apptofind from which State/Telecom operator and Mobile numberbelongsto. Best Caller Location Tracker, Mobile location, TrackPhoneCalls, Incoming Calls & STD ISD Codes Caller LocationTrackerShows the Caller Location information like Area and operatoronyour mobile phone screen during Incoming and Outgoing calls.CallerID Phone Location Tracker allows you to search and track anymobilenumber or fixed line phone number in the world including246countries and 12982 cities areas. This fixed line &mobilenumber locator will track the exact Geographic location(cityarea,state, country and operator). Caller Location Tracker helpsyou toSearch and Track Indian Mobile Number ,STD code and ISDcodewithout internet connection, it will display location ofcallerwith service providers name, with City, State information oneveryincoming calls. Caller ID & Location: You can easy see whoiscalling and identify unknown incoming calls via the caller idwithname and location information(country, State, city areaandoperator). Track any Mobile number from overallINDIA,USA,CANADA,PAKISTAN. View list of your Contacts with Area andoperator name.View list of your Call Logs with Area and operatorname. Search anySTD Code from overall INDIA and any ISD code fromWorld. CallBlocker: Caller blocker allows you to block unwantedcalls such astelemarketers, spam callers, fraud, etc. Searchoffline: You cantrack the mobile phone number, show caller id,search STD code, ISDcode without internet connection. No.1 CallerLocation Tracker,Mobile location, Track phone calls & IncomingCalls Find STDISD Codes & Phone tracker Displays CallerLocation of everyincoming & outgoing calls over call screen.Mobile locator isthe only app that displays Caller Location ofevery caller. Callblocker allows you to block unwanted calls liketelemarketers, spamcallers, fraud callerse. -- Key FEATURES -- ✔Track any Mobilenumber from overall INDIA,USA,CANADA ,PAKISTAN andview Location onMap. ✔ Block Calls from unwanted mobile phonenumbers &Callers. ✔ Find STD Code, ISD Code. ✔ No Internetconnectionrequired for Caller ID. ✔ Locate mobile phonenumber,operatordetails, area and state. ✔ Shows Caller Informationduring incomingand outgoing calls. ✔ View list of your Contactswith Area andoperator name. ✔ Caller Location Tracker app iscompletely offline.✔ View list of your Call Logs with Area andoperator name. ✔ CallerID - Helps you identify who’s calling beforeanswering. ✔ Simpleand Best Caller Location app for your Androidmobile phone. ✔Easily Track Caller Location with this app. ✔ FreeCaller LocationTracker app for your android mobile phone. ✔ FindSTD Code, ISDCode. ✔ Best Caller Location Tracker App for mobilelocation,Caller id & unknown calls. ✔ Locate phone number,operatordetails , area and state. ✔ Shows Caller Informationduringincoming call. ✔ Find Your Current Location on Map. ✔ FindLive MapCaller Location. ✔ Find Caller Location Tracker app foryourmobile. ✔ Locate phone number, operator details, area andstatename. Download Caller Location Tracker App now ! Note:Thisapplication will not show the actual physical location/GPSlocationof the caller. All location information is at State/Citylevelonly. Shows location at city/ state & country level onlyandnot GPS location.
Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro 6.40
Welcome to Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro, the topAndroidapp that announces the caller name the instant you receiveanincoming call or text messages. Faster, better, and 100% free,Thisis a powerful announcer app to help you drive safely &helpsyou interact with the device in situations when you’rephysicallylimited. Features: ✔ Hear the name of the person callingyou ✔ Readincoming SMS messages ✔ Read messages fromWhatsApp NewWidget Youcan use the app widget to enable/disable the spokenannouncements.This way you can turn off the system quickly if youaren't in agood place to hear them. Our caller ID feature alsoidentifies alsoidentifies unknown telephone numbers so you can knowwho called youeven if the number is not in your Contact list. Thiscall announcer& SMS announcer app for Android is ideal when youare working,driving, or doing other things and you need to put yourphone onhands free mode. The best thing about Caller Name Announcer:Hands-Free Pro? It’s FREE to download and use for any Androiduser,user or phone. The app is designed for when users are drivingordoing something important and when you can’t just acceptanyincoming call or text message. The app is also designed forblindand/or visual impaired users, for users who are physicallylimitedto interact with the screen. That’s why a callerannouncementsolution is vital: identify who is calling you withouttouching thephone, by using our speak alert system. As the creatorsof the topcaller identification tool for SMS and calls weunderstand thatit’s not easy to find a call announcer app that isboth FREE andpowerful at the same time. Caller Name Announcer :Hands-Free Prospeaks the caller’s name for incoming calls. Tellingyou who iscalling before you look at the phone. Caller NameAnnouncer isconnected to our Caller ID function, which enables ourannouncerapp identifies unknown callers so you know if you shouldaccept thecall or not. Our Android SMS announcer feature announcesthe nameof the person who sends you text messages. Similar to ourcallannouncer function, our SMS announcer is also connected toourphone database and is able to identify unknown numbers who sendyouSMS. CALLER NAME ANNOUNCER : HANDS-FREE PRO TOP FEATURES: •Ourhands-free app, lets you hear who’s calling or texting youwhiledriving and support in situation when your physicalinteractionswith your phone are limited. • Our app identifiescaller and textmessage sender and announce it loudly, servicing asa caller checkbut also caller name speaker alert system. • Find outwho calledyou or send you text messages immediately even before youtake alook at your phone with our smart caller ID display system.•Identify unknown numbers and callers ID who are not on yourContactlist with our Caller ID function. • Our incoming messageannouncer& SMS announcer it’s the the most user friendly forAndroidusers • Turn ON or OFF our caller announcer function as youlike.Customize it 100% • Built in Caller ID function to identifyunknowncallers & text message senders. • Options to save andcall backMissed Call numbers, Completed Call numbers, and No Answercallnumbers.
callerid.callrecording.callmanager 28.0
* Call Recording: auto Call Recorder or auto Call recordingisuseful app that helps you recording your calls or record calls .*call recorder works in 2 way automated call record or manualcallrecord . * call recording is available on all android devicesbuild5.0 or later. * call recording works without Internetconnection .* call recording helps you retain your call recorderfiles on yourdevice . * call recording files solely stored in yourdevice . *call recording share option is useful for sharing thecallrecording files via the web or other apps. * call recoding iseasyand free of charge where ‬You can record call or record yourcallswith unlimited duration of time . -Call recorder , Callrecording ,Calls recorder, Calls recording, record calls, recordcall ,recorder call, recording calls ,call recorder, calls recorder. -After installation please restart your device once and make surenoother app causing changes in the voice settings . -Test theappbefore recording a call : * Regular Call speaker OFF * RegularCallspeaker ON * Regular Call using earphone *Users must complywithlaws & regulations in their respective countries (e.grecord acall with other party consent) .
Caller ID & Call Blocker Free 1.7.7
Caller ID & Call Blocker is the best app to identify andblocknumbers, unknown callers, Spam SMS/messages. Caller ID helpsyou tofind who is the true caller. You can also make fake calls tohavefun. As a contacts widget, Caller ID &CallBlocker works like a mobile phone number tracker,dialer,number locator and caller number identification tool. Wecanidentify calls, track phone number even identify unknowncallersand show who’s calling you - Including the callerlocation. Call Blocker function, which is also calledcall block, isbased on a huge data base, we block numbers orunwanted calls fromyour calls blacklist. The reserve phone numberlookup functionallows you search any number or name, trackphonenumber. Caller ID & Call Blocker also allows youtomake phone calls in the app, just like a dialer. The call logshowsyour recent calls, like who called you, the missed calls andnoanswer calls. What’s important is Caller ID &CallBlocker is the best free android phone app. From now on,youwill have the most delightful finding the caller. Caller ID&Call Blocker Features: ★ Caller ID ✔Calleridentification& number identification - Real time identifywho’s calling,regardless of the reserve phone numbers or fromunknown number. Theblock number function & Caller ID mobilenumber locatorfunction shows the real caller name and callerlocation and acts asMobile Number Tracker so as to help find thetrue caller. Figureout the true caller by installing Caller ID& Call Blocker.★  Call Blocker ✔Block numbers,unwanted calls andcontacts, by adding them to calls blacklist. Whenthe numbers fromthis calls blacklist calls you, we identify unknowncallers,unknown numbers, unwanted calls and block numbers foryouautomatically, that is called Call Block. ★ Full CallerID& Call Blocker info  ✔The Caller ID & CallBlockername, photo, birthday, SMS, social info etc through thismobilenumber tracker. ★ Caller ID & Call BlockerLocationTracker ✔Now free yourself from unknown Callers callingfromUnknown Locations, Caller ID & Call Blocker helps youtrackphone number with Location Tracker.★ SMS/MessageBlocker  ✔No worry about spam messagesconsume storage spacewith blocker. Block text messages via addingto SMS blocker andblock sms. ★ Fake Call  ✔Prank yourfriends. Save youfrom embarrassing occasions. ★ Themes ✔A lot of amazingthemes are available in Caller ID & CallBlocker. Now you canpersonalize the way you see your Caller ID& Call Blocker.★ Contacts widget  ✔Fast access tosave the unknownnumbers or call back from the missed calls,completed calls or noanswer calls from the call log. ★Caller ID& Call Blocker andLocation:   ✔You can now easily seeWho is calling andidentify unknown incoming calls, track phonenumber, block numberwith the Caller ID & Call Blocker App.★ Dialer ✔Makephone calls in the app directly. Now your Dialeris truly yours toblock number. ★ Reserve Phone NumberLookup  ✔Search forany number or name in an efficient way.Works like a true callertrace app.  ★ Call Log  ✔Seeall the call history inthe recent calls. Including the missedcalls, completed incomingand outgoing calls, no answer calls. As amobile number locator,shows in detail the true caller name andcaller location. Callblock function aka call blacklist - callblocker blocks unwantedcalls. These call logs will also be shown.No unknown numbersanymore. ★ Do not disturb  ✔Set a starttime and an endtime, calls will be blocked during this period.Under theprotection of Caller ID & Call Blocker. You can have acozynight from now on. Caller ID & Call Blocker does notuploadyour phonebook to make your contact names searchable. Wealsodo not sell, share data with any third party applicationand/ororganization.
com.callblocker.whocalledme 1.4.1
Caller ID - Who Called Me is the top true name caller id app.CallerID works like a phone number lookup, spam call blocker,phone dialerand call screen app. 30 million people trust! CallerID helpidentify unknown callers and show who’s calling you. Blockspamcalls, robocalls, telemarketing and unwanted calls. Displaytruecaller id name and region for you. Caller ID - Who CalledMehighlight: Instant Caller ID - Caller identification helpidentifyunknown and private callers. Shows the caller id and name.Find outtrue phone caller id and more number details. Not onlyidentifyunknown calls, Caller ID - Who Called Me can also help youidentifyspam, scam and telemarketing calls. Figure out the truecaller byinstalling Caller ID. Call Blocker - Block unwanted callssuch astelemarketing, spam callers, robocalls, fraud, by addingthem tocalls blacklist. Caller ID app will automatically blocknumber fromyour blacklist and help you say goodbye to all spamcalls. PhoneNumber Search - Caller ID lets you perform a phonenumber lookupany number to find out who it is and find out whocalled. You cancopy any number you see and put it into the searchbox. Caller ID -Who Called Me will identify the number and displaytrue phonecaller id and more details. Based on a huge data base, itis thebest phone number lookup and phone number search tool inAndroid!Smart Dialer - Make phone calls in the app directly. NowyourDialer is truly yours to block number. Use our smart dialertoquickly search in your call logs and contacts, and enjoythesmoothest dialing experience! Call Screen - Want to color yourcallscreen? Caller ID provides various beautiful, stylish andcolorfulcaller screen themes for customizing incoming calls.Continuouslyupdated caller screen themes. Now you can personalizethe way yousee your full screen Caller ID! Share the Color CallFlash withyour friends. Call Log Scan - Have you ever checked yourcallhistory and wondered: who called me? Caller ID app scanseveryunknown caller to protect your security. See all the callhistoryin the recent calls. Including the missed calls, completedincomingand outgoing calls, no answer calls. Show you all callregion andtrue phone caller id. No unknown numbers anymore. CallerID - WhoCalled Me is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful. Ifyou wantto find a number detail, you can also try phone numbersearch inCaller ID - Who Called Me. You will get the best resultsabout thisnumber. Caller ID - Who Called Me is a free caller ID appdedicatedto serving users. It has never been easier to identifynumbers fromunknown callers and block numbers and unwanted calls!DownloadCaller ID - Who Called Me today! Note: * Caller ID app doesnotupload your phonebook to make it searchable. We also do notsell,share data with any third party application and/ororganization. *All authorized permission will only be usedinternally for CallerID to provide better service. * Up to Android6.0 versions requestpermission on SMS, Phone, Contacts and Drawover other apps. *Caller ID app will not show the actual MobileNumber Locator / GPSlocation of the caller. All locationinformation is at State / Citylevel only.