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Night Owl - Screen Dimmer & Night Mode 3.01
Do your eyes feel tired while you're reading at night on thephone?Are you having trouble falling asleep after a long timelooking atyour phone screen? Night Owl may be the solution for you!WithNight Owl you can reduce the brightness of your screen lowerthanyou can achieve with the default settings in order to avoideyestrain or headaches in a dark environment or at night. You canalsofilter out blue light which causes eye strain, inability tosleepand headaches. Features • Display backlight dimming • Bluelightfilter • Advanced color filter • Auto start and stop timerPremiumfeatures • Ad free • Sun timer Permission details • Displayoverother apps Used for putting a filter on your device screen.•Modify system settings. Used for setting the system brightnesstominimum. • Access Location. Used for determining your locationforsunrise and sunset time. • View network connections andfullnetwork access. Used for serving ads and loading the locationmap.
Night screen 12
Arrows app
Night screen main goal is to reduce the brightness of yourscreenlower than you can achieve with the default settings.Thisapplication applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmertodarken the screen. It helps to avoid headache and eye pain inadark environment or at night 🕶️Features:- easy to use 💡-canautomatically set default brightness settings in Android totheminimum 📱- restore default brightness settings after stop theapp🔧- keep the screen on while the app is running 📗(optional)-amazing blue light filter to help you have a bettersleep ❤️(optional)- supports dimming the transparent navigation barinAndroid 4.4 and higher 🔅- extra-content: auto-enable &disablefeature and one-click widget ⏰How to make it work on Xiaomiphones: go to Settings - Apps - this app - allow popup
Dimly - Screen Dimmer 0.7.2
With Dimly you can easily decrease the brightness of yourscreenbeyond the default lowest setting and block light harmful toyoureyes. It's ideal for late night reading/gaming or general useofyour device in low light surroundings.FeaturesDisplayback-lightdimmingBlue light filteringCustomizable minimum andmaximumbrightness levelsShake to restore brightnessAuto stoptimerSimpleuser interface designed for ease of useLightweight &smallmemory footprintPremium featuresAd freeAuto start timerUsingtheshake to restore brightness featureJust toggle the power buttonandshake. This allows you to restore brightness to your screen ifsettoo low or the surrounding light is too bright (e.g. youwentoutdoors and you can't read the screen).What usersaresaying"Extremely useful and simple to use. Better thanotheralternatives.""...It's now part of my bedtime routine : ) Andit'ssuper easy to use...."Permission detailsdraw over other apps.Usedfor dimming your screen.view network connections and fullnetworkaccess. Used for serving ads.
Screen Dimmer 1.0.2
If your screen is so bright and you want to reduce thebrightness.You need this application called "Screen Dimmer"."Screen Dimmer"application helps you adjust screen brightness toany level. Youcan adjust brightness from 0% to 100% with this app.Features -Adjust screen brightness to the minimum. - Auto startafter reboot.- Able to open application via notification bar. -Stable, lowestmemory usage, minimum battery usage. - Easy to use.Just choosepercent of brightness you want to set from seek bar. -Smallestsize of application. - No permission required. - Emergencybuttonto turn off the service in case of black screen in somedevices oraccidentally set the brightness to 0%.
Lower Brightness Screen Filter
Have you ever set the screen brightness to the lowest but itstillso bright? If you feel the screen is so bright and you wanttoreduce it. You need this application called "LowerBrightness"."Lower Brightness" application helps you reducebrightness to anylevel. You can set brightness level from 0% to100% by just openingthe application and choose brightness level youwant. Features -Reduce screen brightness below the system minimumbrightness - Easyto use. Just enable and set the percent ofbrightness level(0-100%) - Auto start after reboot - Brightnessicon on topnotification bar (select notification bar to openbrightness appsetting) - Easy to use. Just choose percent ofbrightness you wantto set. - Small size of application. - Alsosupport devices thathave the navigation bar on thescreen.(home/back button at thebottom of the screen) - Ask forpermission in android 6.0+
Dimmer 3.3.1
Protect your eyes in dark environment.Lower screenlight.Simple,Intuitive, Useful.Features:Quickly controlinnotification.Automatically dim and brighten asenvironment.Oneclick icon to switch dim and bright.Auto launch atthe specifictime.Support color filter.Keywords : Dimmer,brightness, screenlight, night mode.Permissions:WRITE_SETTINGS:change systembrightnessSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: makescreendarkerRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: auto launch after reboot (onlyworksin time mode)GET_TASKS: exclude specify app from auto launch(onlyworks in auto mode)Support Tasker: receive broadcast withtheseactions tocontrolDimmergiraffine.dimmer.TOGGLE_ON_OFFgiraffine.dimmer.TOGGLE_PAUSE_RESUMEgiraffine.dimmer.STOPgiraffine.dimmer.STEP_UPgiraffine.dimmer.STEP_DOWNe.g.AddTasker command: Action Category → Misc → Send Intent →ActionDimmerDevelop Group refine andtranslate intoyour language.Welcome to contribute Dimmer opensource project.Knownissues:Apk installation failed: Androiddisable the installationwhenever any app with permissionSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW is active.Somedevices are not support disablephysical button backlight.
Brightness 4.1
You only need one touch to change current display brightness tooneof the predefined values or select the "Auto" mode, if devicehas alight sensor. Press and hold any of the buttons to changetheirvalues. This app only needs single permission - to modifydevicesettings. No ads, no "read your sms" or other malware.Brightnessapp does only one thing - changes brightness.
Screen Dimmer 2.3.3a
Screen Dimmer enable you to lower the brightness of your phoneortablet more than what you can do by default in order toavoidheadache and eye pain in a dark environment or at night. Ifyou ownan Amoled screen, this app will even save your batterybecauseblack pixels actually turn off on an Amoled screen. It isalsoscientifically proven that blue radiations can causeinsomnia,preserve your sleep by changing the filter's color to redor brown!(pro version only)Its design is simple and appreciable,you can'tdislike it!Great notification : click on the brightnessicon tostop Screen Dimmer or click on the progress bar to changethefilter's opacity.• Functions:- Variable opacity.- Displayanotification or not when Screen Dimmer is on.-Scheduling.-Minimize or not the screen's brightness.- Disablebuttons'backlight.- Quick launch widget and widget of opacityadjusting.-[PRO] Change the colour of the filter and the widget.-[PRO]Automatically toggle the app with the sunset/rise to useScreenDimmer at night.- [PRO] Choose the apps to launch whenScreenDimmer starts.- [PRO] Activate the silent mode when ScreenDimmerstarts.- [PRO] Do an opacity transition when the launch ofScreenDimmer is scheduled.If you like my app, feel free to rate itandbuy the PRO version (in app) to support its development andunlockthe pro features!• Permissions :- DRAW OVER OTHER APPS:needed todisplay the filter over other apps.- RECEIVE BOOTCOMPLETED: neededto preserve scheduling over reboots.- COARSELOCATION: needed bythe sun scheduling feature.• Known issues :-When Screen Dimmer ison, you can't install apps manually or allowroot access withSuperSu, please disable Screen Dimmer when doingso.- Disablingkeys' backlights doesn't work on most Samsungdevices.• Taskersupport:-sebmorand.brightcom.action.START-sebmorand.brightcom.action.STOP-sebmorand.brightcom.action.TOGGLE-sebmorand.brightcom.action.MORE_OPACITY-sebmorand.brightcom.action.LESS_OPACITY
Screen Filter 1.3
Applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to ensure your eyesdon'thurt. Far more powerful than Android's built-in brightnesssetting.Great for low-light gaming, web browsing, and eBookreading. Iteven saves battery life for AMOLED displays!Morefeatures:-Widgets: Easy access to preset brightness levels.-Tasker/LocalePlug-in! Set brightness based on time/place/etc. Todisable,configure for 100% brightness.- Brightness slider useslogarithmicscale for fine-grained control.- Drag the app icon toyour desktopto use for toggling on/off.- Prompts to confirm verylow brightnesssettings.- Option to disable soft-key backlight (doesnot work onall phones).NOTE:*** If you accidentally make yourscreen go BLACK*** 1. Pull your battery or (Nexus7) hold powerbutton for 10seconds 2. Uninstall the app to reset your badbrightness setting3. Reinstall the app and use it normallyagainThis app will alwaysbe free! If you want to show yourappreciation, please donate toWikipedia on my behalf (and let meknow youdid):https://donate.wikimedia.orgThank you! Email me if youhaveany other problems or questions I haven't mentioned.
Night Mode Screen Dimmer 1.1
Night Mode Screen Dimmer: lowers screen brightness lower thanyoucan do it by default brightness settings in android.EyesProtector: It protects your eyes and gives you comfortwhilereading or playing. This feature makes it one of theirreplaceableapps for night readers. Energy Saver: This appalsoreduces yourphone's power usage and saves your battery. Usethis feature whenyour phone is low on battery. How it works?NightMode App appliesnew transparent black solid layer of screen filter.Which reducesyour screen brightness. You can regulate thisbrightness byadjusting transparency of black layer.
Lower Brightness 1.1
-Reduce the brightness more than allowed by Android -Relax theeyes-Use the mobile in dark places without damaging the eyes-Lowerbattery consumption - Simple interface
Night Mode 1.0.1
Bruno Barão
Night Mode's main goal is to reduce the brightness of yourscreenlower than you can achieve with the defaultsettings.Thisapplication applies an overlay filter that acts as adimmer todarken the screen and ensure your eyes don't hurt. 😎▶ UseCases ◀ -Prevent your eyes from hurting when the screen is toobright - Lowlight (In bed, theatre, cinema, ..) usage for reading,browsing,texting or gaming - Disable hardware or soft buttonsbacklight - Ifyou have an AMOLED display, you can also savebattery!▶ Permissions◀ - SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: To show the dimmeroverlay - INTERNET andACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To send anonymousstatistics and bug reports(you can disable them completely in thesettings) and to show thead (yeah, just one :-)Send me an Email ifyou have any problem,questions or suggestions!
Screen Balance 7.8
❝Exercise complete control over your screens white balance, tintandbrightness level - Finally!❞ I initially made Screen Balanceforpersonal use - I am extremely pleased with the result and I amsureyou will like it too. ❝Root NOT needed❞ UPDATES ★ Auto-sleepswhenincompatible windows encountered (e.g. Package Installers) ★Toggleon/off from notification tray - in Android Jellybean (4.1)and over.★ Save color profiles. ★ Due to popular demand, I haveadded RGBadjuster to allow you to create your own color filters. ★Again dueto popular demand, I have added option of adjusting thescreencontrast ... This vastly improves the readability of yourscreen atnight. It also allows correction of harsh or over vibrantscreencolors. FEATURES ✓ First Android App to allow adjustment ofthescreens white balance - this will allow you to define howwarm/coolthe screen appears and can be useful to correct odd tintsthat canbe found on many screens. ✓ Reduce brightness levels tobelow whatAndroid normally allows - prevents night time strain,especially onAMOLED screens. ✓ Apply color tint to the screen -this is used toapply a color filter, e.g. a red tint such that youcan use it inreally dark environments, e.g. star gazing or simplyreading atnight. ✓ Safety feature to auto reset brightness if settoo low byaccident. ✓ Dark and Light themes - allows you toaccurately testwhite balance and prevent eye strain at night andto test your colorbalance. ✓ Independently adjust brightness andtint as per yourrequirements. ✓ Due to popular demand, I haveensured that the Appstops from appearing on the Android task list.✓ Apply settingsautomatically on device boot. ✓ Save colorprofiles and settings. ✓Inherently low resource use with nonoticeable impact on performanceand battery.
LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH 1.4.5
Free flashlight app Selene is the best flashlight! Fastandbrightest flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlightandadjustable screen light dimmer. Featured flashlight forAndroidphones and tablets. It will immediately make your phone moreusefuland turn it into one of the best productivity tools in yourlife.Once you download flashlight, you will never forget to bringthistorch with you :) Main features: ★ Adjustable dimmer forscreenlight brightness ★ Battery level info ★ Takes little space inphonememory ★ Vibro confirmation of mode switch ★ Strobe lightwithseveral frequency modes ★ Always available lamp - apowerfulflashlight app is designed to be at hand when needed ★ Lowbatteryconsumption - the app is optimized to use the battery wisely★ SOSflashlight frequency will help you to be prepared foremergencysituations ★ Wonderful HD graphics and nice tacticalflashlightdesign ★ Uses phone camera flash light and screen light★Convenient super bright torch front and back ★ Better than afreegame! ★ Very bright and powerful flash light ★ Vibration givesareal tactical flashlight feeling. ★ The ultimatemilitaryflashlight style for all military lovers. ★ Usefulscreenflashlight for Samsung tablet without led flash. ★ Thelightilluminates when you click an icon on home screen and workslikewidget. ★ Totally free app Definitely the brightest lampwithlighting spotlight available for free can be useful for youandyour friends. Flashing light from the strobe can be seen reallyfarin the darkness. It is your lucky charm :) Why does aflashlightneed access to the camera flash? - LED (flash) is ahardware partof the camera. To enable LED, access to the cameraflash isrequired. Compatible with phone and tablet: Samsung GalaxyMotorolaSony Xperia LG ONE PLUS HTC Huawei Meizu Xiaomi Mi andother==============
Night Mode-Battery & Eye Saver 2.1
Benefits of using the Light Night Mode app ** New cool eyes modeforrelaxing eyes.* Turn your phone's brightness beyond thedefaultsettings.* Saves phone battery.* Prevents eyes irritation atverylow background light.* Get notified when the appisrunning.***Instructions***Click on the start button and adjustthebrightness according to your convenience.Enjoy
Flashlight super bright 1.6.3572.08
Green Banana
Flashlight super bright best flashlight, easiestflashlight,brightest flashlightThe best appication for flashlight,easiest touse, brightest and fastest flashlightThree modes inflashlight:lighting modes using your camera’s LED light, anadjustable screenlight that you can easily customize, blink SOSsignal.Keyfeatures:- Camera LED light- Screen light- SOSsignalFeatures :-LED mode, Camera' Led light- The brightestilluminator ever-Fastest startup flashlight- Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller- SOS flashlight signal- Bretty andelegant UI design-Enjoy the cam LED light!- Change color screen-Adjustable screenlightBy using super bright flashlight, You willfeel free andreadly useful. Thank for using this app.
💡 Lux Light Meter 015.2018.11.07
Doggo Apps
★ FREE ★ High accuracy light measurement ★ Lux and Foot-candleunits★ Measures minimum, average and maximum brightness possible★Calibrate the measurement with easy controls ★ Reset the valuesatany time ★ Understand the characteristics of the hardware sensorofyour device ★ Uses the smartest algorithms ★ Constructionworkerscompare the light level of different globes, particularly asyouupgrade from halogen to led ★ Flower hobbist setup therightlighting level for each of your plants ★ Biology teachers useforphotosynthesis practicals ★ Students use for practicalsofelectronic ★ Photographers measure light on the photo scene andsetexposure ★ Office workers measure the acceptable illuminationlevelat your work space ★ At home check the intensity of the lightthatcomes to solar panels ★ Before reading test the light level,itbenefits your eyes and vision ★ Smart, minimalistic andintuitiveuser interface ★ Instant start ★ Easy UI to master ★Excellentperformance ★ Perfect minimalistic design ★ Excellentperformance ★Improved light evaluation proximity ★ Perfect everydaycompanion ★Ensures the most efficient use of battery ★ Highestaccuracypossible ★ Ready for productive usage ★ Doesn't causebattery drain★ Intuitive UX ★ Maximized efficiency ★ Improvedreliability ★Unique algorithms ★ Total satisfaction Thisapplication usesanalytics to collect and aggregate statistics. Thisdata helps usimprove this Application and services. None of thisdata can beused to identify you. We respect your privacy. ContactUs:[email protected]
Flashlight App - LED Flash Light & Caller Screen 1.0.7
Call Me
Flashlight App is a bright LED flashlight widget with funnycallerscreen lights. It is an easy to use LED flashlight appthatprovides you with super bright LED light, adjustable strobelight,beautiful & funny caller screen lights, and SOS lightforemergency. It’s a very useful flashlight app.--- Main FeaturesofLED Flashlight App ---* Used as torch light for darkness:twoavailable light sources, LED flashlight and screen light*Colorflash alert lights on screen for incoming calls: offer manyLEDreminder notification themes* Strobe light with speed control:usedfor fun, adjusting from low to high frequency* SOS flashlight(Morse Code): used as emergency light, asking for help* Easyto useLED brightness controller: allow fast screen light adjust*Fastflashlight call screen notification for SMS: never missanimportant message* Keep bright light on the locked screen:alwayslight up your way* Built-in battery saver widget for powersavingindication--- Detail Functions of LED Flashlight App ---1.Easy touse & bright LED flashlightWhenever you need a realtorch, thisflash camera light can be used by simple switch(on/off),just likeyou are using a real mobile torch light. Flashlight Appuses cameraLED flash on Android device as a light source. Moreover,flashlight brightness can be controlled easily, lighter ordarker.2.Colorful LED light for incoming calls & messageYouwill nevermiss any important calls and messages by using callscreen lightreminder function of Flashlight App. Flashlight App canbe used asa LED reminder for incoming calls or when there's a textmessage onphone. It will timely remind you with color flashlightalertlights, like super bright LED light for incoming call andcolorscreen light for message. Several colorful call screennotificationeffects of ring light flash are available to choosefrom.3. UsefulCamera LED lightIn addition to camera LED lightcontroller, thistiny flashlight app uses phone screen as a lightsourceautomatically when fail to open camera LED or camera LED isnotpresent. Certainly, screen flashlight is adjustable.4. Funnystrobelight & helpful SOS lightFlashlight App's strobe lightcan beused for fun and rescue yourself from danger. It hasspeedcontroller that allows you to adjust flashlight from low tohighfrequency. This funny strobe light can be used for personaldanceparty or disco ball. And its SOS light mode can be used to askforhelp for emergency.5. Detect battery draining appUse batterywidgetto automatically detect and indicate apps that cause batteryenergydraining. To help battery save power, you are not suggestedtocontinue using the flash in case of decreasing batterylifedramatically.6. Convenient Torch LightBesides abovefunctions,Flashlight App has well-designed wallpapers which can bedisplayedon the lock screen. It’s quite easy to turn on this freeflashlightapp on the lock screen, switch on/off flash light and useall itspowerful functions. It will give you a wonderful and realtorchexperience.--- Daily Use of LDE Flashlight App ---*Funnynotification screen light on incoming calls* Use strobe lightforfun at the ball or party* Used as a torch light for powercuts*Used as a torch light in the dark* Light your way when hiking*Helpto open the door at night* Used as a light source for readingonbed* Send out an SOS if necessary* Check on the little stuffwithstable light
Night Mode 2.0
Rahul Kamma
Night Mode is a Material Design Application which can protectyoureyes from being hurt by bright screen at night, creating a maskatthe top of screen in order to make screen darker. . Even thoughyouare using our application to make screen darker, you shouldreducethe time watching screen(while watching a movie or playingagame)The application has two modes:· Default mode: It needsnopermissions, but it couldn't cover the status bar and lockscreen.·Overlay Status Bar mode: It needs permissions in somesystems(Example: MIUI 6+ and Android 6.0+)( Enable permission inAndroid6.0+: "Settings" app - "Apps" - The gear icon - "Draw overotherapps" - "Night Screen" - Then enable it )** Added supportforAndroid 7.0 and 7.1
Night Screen 2.1.1
「Night Screen」is a Material Design Application which canprotectyour eyes from being hurt by screen, creating a mask at thetop ofscreen in order to make screen darker. We can solve theproblemthat the lowest brightness is not low enough in somedevices.(PS:Even though you are using our application to makescreen darker,you should reduce the time watching screen in a darkenvironment.)(Enable permission in Android 6.0: "Settings" app -"Apps" - Thegear icon - "Draw over other apps" - "Night Screen" -Then enableit )Otherwise, this application is open source under GNUGPL v3License.Github Repo:
Darker (Screen Filter)
Darker can lower your screen brightness to extremely low levels,tohelp prevent eyestrain during the night. Use the built-incolorfilter* to adjust the color of your display, perfect forfilteringout harsh white backgrounds during the night. This app isfullyfunctional and does not include advertisements. Additionalpaidfeatures are unlockable through an In-app purchase. Xiaomidevice /MIUI users need to go to Settings → Installed apps → Darker→ Otherpermissions, and enable "Display pop-up window" for Darkerto workcorrectly. Paid features include: » Auto-On & Auto-Off »Startat boot » Lower brightness below 20% » Darken navigation bar»Custom filter colors » Root mode » Customizablenotificationbuttons • Up to three buttons can be added for quickaccess. •Buttons to increase and decrease the brightness (+5%, -5%,+10%,-10%) • Buttons to set a specific brightness (@0%, @10%, @20%,..., @90%, @100%) • Quick toggles (stop, pause, reset, colorfilter)Note: When manually installing APK files, Android blocksthe"Install" button from being pressed when Darker is running. ThisisNOT a bug. It's a protective measure to prevent malicious appsfromcamouflaging the install button. Pausing Darker will solvethis.*The color filter is similar to how the desktop version off.luxworks. Selecting a redder color will reduce more bluelightemittedfrom the display. Tasker Support Darker has Tasker support,usethese intents to send commands to Darker: darker.STOPdarker.PAUSEdarker.INCREASE_5 darker.INCREASE_10darker.DECREASE_5darker.DECREASE_10 darker.SET_10 darker.SET_20darker.SET_30darker.SET_40 darker.SET_50 darker.SET_60darker.SET_70darker.SET_80 darker.SET_90 darker.SET_100darker.TOGGLE_COLORdarker.ENABLE_COLOR darker.DISABLE_COLOR Add theabove intents toTasker by going to Action Category→System→SendIntent→Action, leavethe other fields default, and note that theintents are casesensitive. These two intents below need anadditional parameter inthe "Extra" field darker.SETCOLOR "Extra"field: COLOR:1~16 (Colorsare numbered left to right, top to bottom)darker.COLORSTRENGTH"Extra" field: STRENGTH:1~10 The intent belowneeds the "Target"field set to "Service" darker.START FlickStartSupport Darker canwork in conjunction with FlickStart, an app whichcan send commandsto Darker by using the sensors on your phone orAndroid Weardevice. The command set for Darker is available fordownload on theFlickStart website. Simply download the command setand import itinto FlickStart.
Lower Brightness Night Filter : Light Delight 2.2
Have you set your brightness to lowest and you are in bed andstillthink that screen is too bright? Then don't worry LightDelight lowbrightness filter is best app for you to low brightnessin phone atnight.In light delight low brightness filter app you canpick anycolor of your choice as your filter and use it for nighttime tolow brightness.Light Delight is Blue light filter app thatwork asa screen dimmer but it has simple Ui.---- Features -----▶SimpleUiThere is no complexity in Ui of Light Delight lowbrightnessfilter. it provides what exactly a filter provide inminimalnon-complex settings.▶ Easy To UseIt is very easy to useLightDelight low brightness screen filter.▶ Color Choice Pick anycolorof your choice in Light Delight lower brightnessFilter.▶Brightness DimmerLow brightness filter dims each coloralso.▶ Autostart after rebootLight Delight low brightness nightfilter startsAutomatically if it was enabled before device restart.▶ DimBrightness from notificationChange color opacity directlyfromlight delight night filter notification to dim brightness.▶ScreenDimmerLow brightness filter is a brightness adjuster app thatdimsscreen brightness.▶ Black as default colorLightDelightLowBrightness Screen Filter has black color as default fornight.▶Small SizeThis low brightness filter app has smallersize.▶LightDelight brightness filter also supports deviceswithnavigation bar .(Soft Keys Devices).Light Delight brightnessapphas simple ui so there is no complexity in the app settingsandopacity can also changed from notificationbuttons.Permissions:Draw over other apps: Required for the lowbrightness screenfilter to work.Tips:● Before installing any otherapp, please turnoff LightDelight night filter to enableinstallation.● When takingscreenshots, please turn off LightDelightlow brightness screenfilter app in case screenshots use the appeffect.
Screen Flashlight 1.2.5
Screen Flashlight uses your screen's light to convert yourdeviceinto a handy flashlight, owns brightness control and has anelegantdesign. Screen flashlight also offers more functionalitythan acommon flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS (an internationalcodefor help) mode. Screen Flashlight features: - Flashlight -Strobe -SOS - RGB mode for screen color customization. - Presetscreencolors. - Strobe frequency changeable - Brightness controlWarning:some people may be sensitive to flashing lights.Photosensitiveepilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in whichseizures aretriggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in timeor space,such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, orregular movingpatterns.
Eyes Protector (Screen Dimmer) 1.1
Check out our new Music Player app: the brightness of your screen lowers than defaultbrightnesssettings. Blue light from screen causes strain and keepsyou fromfalling asleep at night. It reduces blue light whichreduce starinson eyes.You can :- Prevent your eyes from hurting byreducingbrightness.- Low light usage for chating, reading,browsing in latenight time- Disable soft buttons backlightReportbug at :[email protected]
Power Flashlight 1.09
Asaf lubliner
Bright Flashlight + Screen never go to sleep + Work in background,Very Useful! * Easy to Use * Fit for everyone * Motivation Quotes*Digital Clock * Battery Level Enjoy the Applicaion
Brightness Slider Pro 5.1
It is an application to set the brightness of the screen.■Features·It can reside in the notification area(You can call atany time.Default ON)Black filter deployment(You can darken beyondthe limitsof. Hardware configuration useful in the nighttime.)Andsettingincrements of 10% to touch 0-100%• Can also automaticadjustment ofbrightness by the illumination sensor■ To endit?Press the Menu keywhile you start, please exit.Exit the appcompletely resident alsois released.■ Development BackgroundYoucan save the battery bychange frequently the brightness of thescreen to adjust.Also, tiredof the optic nerve, damage to theautonomic nervous system isconcerned dazzling screen.Letsuppressed emission than necessary forthe health of the eyes andheart.Night is recommended that you dimthe screen to match thebrightness of the surroundings especially.■RequestAlthough I thinkthat there is also a bug initialpublicPlease send us a crashreport as much as possible. Supports.Weplan to perform theadditional functions at any time.We are lookingforward to yourrequest, such as impressions.
Dimglo - Brightness Dimmer for Night Mode 1.7
AD FREE | NO REGISTRATION | ZERO CONFIGURATION Looking forabrightness app to soothe your eyes from glaringluminoussmartphone’s screen? If yes, the wait is over now.Presenting toyou the best brightness control app - Dimglo.Brightness adjusterlike never before. Squishing & squintingyour eyes are in thepast now. Now enjoy the night mode reading andleave your worriesbehind with Dimglo. Unfortunately, ourSmartphones set off the bluehue of light which is given naturallyby the early to mid-day sunwhich alerts our bodies when to wake up- which affects ourphotoreceptor Melanopsin in our eyes. This inturn negativelyaffects our quality of sleep and thus overallhealth. Dimglo’s lowbrightness and ability to subdue blue hue issurely going to giveyou a good night sleep and a refreshing startto your day. No moreare your eyes going to suffer from yourSmartphone’s shenaniganswith the use of this brightness dimmer app.Since you keep yourbrightness low due to your sensitive eyes, youcan get hooked toyour smartphone all the time. It taps a shade thatacts as a dimmerto ensure that your eyes don't hurt. Far morepowerful thanAndroid's in-built brightness settings. Best forcontinuous gaming,web browsing & ebook reading. Now enablenight mode readingscreen in any of your Android devices. Works withAndroid 4.0.1 andhigher like a charm. Adjust brightness or decreasebrightness atyour will - you’re the boss! Unbox the thrillingexperience of thisbrightness dimmer. Key features: ● Managebrightness & hues atthe same time ● Whopping varieties of huesto choose from ● Shaketo on/off ● Light as a feather ● Night modeapp or night modeenabler ● One click start and stop ease ● SupportsAndroid 4.0.1and higher Manage brightness & hues at the sametime: Simply goto the app, set your preferred colour & hue andyou are done.Whopping varieties of hues to choose from: Choose fromtheunnumbered hues that make you feel comfortable. Shake toon/off:Without having to press a single button, now much easiertostart/stop Dimglo with the shake feature. Light as afeather:Subtle light app that doesn’t drain your battery like otherappsrunning in the background. Night mode app or night modeenabler:Adjust your brightness & hue in the night to avoid eyepain inthe dark with easy to use functionalities. One click startand stopease: Easy to operate app. Just one click to open the appand stopthe app. Supports Android 4.0.1 and higher: Runs smoothlyonAndroid Icecream Sandwich through Nougat. Decrease the blue huetoensure you get a good night sleep. No ads & free of cost.Wecare for you! Adjust no more, use Dimglo. Version HistoryDimglov1.6.4 ● Bug Fixes Dimglo v1.6.4 ● BUG FIXES AND CRASH ISSUES●Added new feature to save filters ● A few changes totheuser-interface Dimglo v1.6.1 ● Bug Fixes Dimglo v1.6.0 ●Savefilters functionality ● Performance Improvements Dimglo v1.5.1●Bug Fixes Dimglo v1.5 ● Bug Fixes ● Enable/disableshakefunctionality from notification panel Dimglo v1.4.2 ● Bugfixes ●Memory Optimization Dimglo v1.4.1 ● Bug fixes Dimglo v1.4.0● Bugfixes ● fixed notification issues Dimglo v1.3.1 ● Bug fixesDimglov1.3.0 ● Built-in brightness control to toggle betweenpre-setbrightness levels ● General bug fixes ● Improvedcompatibility forbetter responsiveness Dimglo v1.2.0 ● Bug fixesand performanceimprovements ● Different modes installed – night,normal &bright ● Shake functionality to start/stop ● ImprovedUI &blackout fix Dimglo v1.1.0 ● Performance and stabilityimprovements● General fixes ● Improved notification UI ● Specialguide forXiaomi users Dimglo v1.0.0 ● Initial release ●Notification display● Color & brightness control ● Source UI
Dim Easy - Screen Dimmer 2.0.3
Vinayak Bhat
If your phone's brightness level bothers you even if it is atthelowest possible level, this is the right application for you.DimEasy is a light weight app which provides simple and usefuloptionsto dim the brightness of Phone/Tablet. Dim Easy has belowoptionsto play with: 1. Dim the brightness of device by addingcolorfilter. 2. Option to select filter color. 3. Change theopacity offilter color. 4. Option to enable/disable Screen Dimmer.5. Anoption to reset all the user setting and go back todefaultsetting. You can select any color you feel comfortable as acolorfilter. Keep the application running in background. Thisappdoesn't consume much battery, instead it reduces the batterydrainby turning off the bright pixels on display. Useful forreadingonline books, playing games in low lights, during night,WhatsAppchat in low lights. Permission Request: Dim easy requiresDRAW OVEROTHER APPS permission enabled as it draws a color filteron top tochange/dim the color and brightness Feel free to shareyourfeedback. Write to me on my email below if you've anysuggestionsor issues.
Bright Screen + LED Flashlight 1.44
Turn your mobile screen into a flashlight! Displight turnyourmobile display into super bright flashlight app "torchlight".Newdesign with easy function and three light-emitting surfaces.Whiteflashlight, green flashlight and red flashlight. You canchooseyour favorite screen flashlight. Swipe over lighting screenforchoose your color. White is a super flashlight.Easy asneverbefore.Cell phone without flash? no problem Use a superbrightflashlight on LED or LCD screen. Is a torch or lamp for yourneeds.Easy function open app and mobile phone turn brightnessbacklightto Maximum. When closed app, the backlight automaticallydims theprevious setting lights.Very useful flashlight for darkspots orlight warning / emergency signals. Flashlight only use yourLEDlight or LCD light screen. Compatible with allmobilephones.Compatible with phone and tablet:Samsung GalaxyMotorolaSonyXperiaLGHTCXiaomiAlcatelLenovoHuaweiOppoAsusCaterpillarandotherPaidversion withoutads
Night Mode 2.0.2
Application is Night mode for android and eye protection app.NightMode is very simple to use. Just open night mode andchangebrightness level. Night Mode lowers screen brightness ineveryapplication and make screen brightness lower than devicesystemminimum brightness. Screen filter will appear in everyapplicationand device will have darker screen. So du to applicationyou keepyour eyes at night and save some battery level. To turn offscreendimmer function just set brightness 100% and night mode willturnoff screen dimmer and you will carry on to use your deviceasbefore. Night mode is also eye protector. Make darker screenandenjoy Your device at night without injured eye. Night Mode hasalsobluelight filter. Scientists say the blue light emittedbyelectronic devices, increasingly used by people lying in bed,couldlead to interrupted sleep or even harm our eyes. Blue lightfilterplace a red overlay on the screen to transform itscolourtemperature. Night mode's blue light filter designed totransformthe blue light into red light could save your sight andhelp youget a good night's rest. Blue light causes strain on youreyes andkeeps you from falling asleep at night. Using bluelightfilter youcan use Your device without injureing your eyes. -bluelightfilter- night mode- blue light filter- eye protector fromscreenblue light- darker screen- screen darkener- eye protection-screenfilter- eye protection screen filter- decrease systembrightness
Night Mode - Screen Dimmer 2.4
If you think that your device is too bright in dark environmentsyoushould try Night Mode!Night Mode allows you to use your deviceindark environments without bothering others around you orhurtingyour eyes.There are three ways to enable Night Mode.1. Usingthewidget to start or to stop the filter.2. Set a time to schedulethestart and the end of the filter automatically.3. Usingthepersistent notification.Night Mode is heavily customizable, youcanset the color you prefer, the opacity of the filter and manymoreadvanced settings.And it's all free!What are you waitingfor?Download Night Mode!Your eyes will thank you!
Brightness Control & Dimmer 1.4
Free user-friendly brightness control widget with custombrightnessuser levels. Dimmer / screen filter that can make yourscreendarker than the system’s minimum brightness level (e.g. -75%,-60%,etc.). Brightness control buttons in the notification thatworkeven on your lock screen. Saves battery, protects your eyes.Try itout for FREE!Features● This app allows you to controlbrightness alot faster and easier than the default Android systembrightnesssettings allow.● A convenient widget with customizablebrightnesscontrols: you can assign your custom brightness levels tothe quickbuttons and then adjust brightness in one click.● You canconfigurethe appearance of the brightness controls: you can show orhide UIelements as you like. Hide unnecessary brightness buttons ifyouneed only a slider, or hide the slider and use only buttons, oruseboth of them.● Dimmer / screen filter / night mode: you canreducebrightness to a lower value than the default settings allow(subzero brightness levels, e.g. -50%, -60% etc.). Thesemi-transparentlayer is drawn over your screen to reducebrightness below zero. Itwill protect your eyes in a darkenvironment.● This app saves yourbattery if you have an AMOLEDdisplay. The amount of power thedisplay consumes variessignificantly depending on the colour andbrightness shown. Fordetails pleasesee:●Brightness controls in the notification will allow you toquicklycontrol brightness from anywhere (even from games), justopen thenotification drawer. You can set your custom brightnesslevels forthe quick buttons in the notification too.● Your cancontrolbrightness even on the lock screen (supported in android 4.2andabove). For Android 5 devices the notification brightnesscontrolsshould be available on your lock screen by default. You canfindinstructions inside the app that explain how to enable it onpreAndroid 5 devices.● Action bar icon and home screen widgetdisplayyour current brightness level.● Far more convenientbrightnesscontrols than Android default brightness settings.● Thisapp willNOT block manual installation of apps (apk files). You caninstallany apk files that your want and this app will not causeyour anyproblems. There are lots of dimmer (screen filter) apps inthe appstore that won’t allow you to install apk files because theyhaveconflicts with the security system of Android. They all mustbemanually disabled to allow you to install apps from apk filesandmanually reenabled after the installation. This is notconvenient!This app automatically disables itself when it detectsthat you aregoing to install an apk file and enables itself backafter theinstallation is complete.● Lots of brightness control appsandwidgets in the app store simply don’t adjust brightnessbecausethey are incompatible with some devices. This app usesmultipletechniques to adjust brightness simultaneously and willwork on themajority of the devices.● Try it out for free!RISK FREEpremiumupgrade: if you are unhappy with the premium upgrade youcanrequest a refund within 7 days after the purchase via eMail -noquestions asked. Give it a try!Note: It is not recommended tousemultiple brightness control apps at the same time, because inthiscase brightness widget and brightness icon can showincorrectinformation.Feel free to send me an [email protected] if you have any questions, problemsorsuggestions.
Best Auto Display Filter 1.2
100% FREE Application - 100% AD-FREEBest Display/Screenfilterapplies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darkenthescreen and ensure your eyes don't hurt with display glareandbrightness. It is a simple application that allows you tochangethe screen brightness, adjustable on screen control is top ofallthe windows. You don't need brightness widgets or otherBrightnesscontrol applications any more.Best Display/Screen filterisbeautifully designed, simple, customizable brightnesslevelapplication, which allows you to change very easilyscreenbrightness. Will reduce the brightness of your screen lowerthanyou can achieve with the default settings. Using the DeviceLightSensor values, Best Screen Filter intelligently adjuststhebrightness of your display based on our environment needs. Ifyoustep into a dimly lit room, the best screen filterwillautomatically lower the brightness of your display to make itnotonly comfortable to read, but to also preserve batterypower.BestScreen filter has option to automatically adjust thebacklight atfixed intervals (periodic mode), when a change inenvironment isdetected (dynamic mode), or when the phone wakes fromsleep. It'salso possible to adjust the backlight manually. Simplydisableautomatic mode and you can use it like a traditionalbrightnesstool! Night mode is specially handled and all otherconditions arehandled in Auto mode by default.FEATURES:- Custom& Autobrightness - Easy filtering to required brightnesslevels- Sub-zerobrightness to make reading in the darksignificantly lessirritating- Battery efficient- Backup to SD-Handles inaccuratelight sensors- Logarithmic scale for fine-grainedcontrol- Gradualfade for backlight adjustments- Automatic nightmode forcomfortable night time viewing- Add app specific exceptionsviasleep modePERMISSIONS:SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOWMODIFY SYSTEMSETTINGS:Toggling system settingsRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETEDPERMISSIONSareneeded for writing system brightness settings
Dimmer 1.1.1
Never let your phone blind you in the night again.Dimmer is asimpletool that puts a black filter on top of all apps so that theamountof light emitted by your display is even lower than it wouldbe withonly lowest brightness settings. Dimmer also includes"Timed mode"that allows you to set the times when you want thefilter to beapplied and removed so that you do not need to startDimmer manuallyevery night. If the filtering level seems too highor too low, youcan simply adjust it in your notifications whereyou can alsodisable it completely.
Brightness Dimmer-Night Mode 1.1
App surfer
You have ever set the screen brightness to the lowest but itstillso bright and affecting eyes?If you feel the screen is sobrightand you want to reduce it. You need this applicationcalled"Brightness Dimmer-Night Mode"."Brightness Dimmer-NightMode"application helps you reduce brightness to any level. You cansetbrightness level from 0% to 100% by just opening theapplicationand click start and choose brightness level you want.You can alsotry different colors like a mirror in front of youwhich will avoidyou from high contrast and your eyes will benotaffecting.Brightness Dimmer-Night Mode main goal is to reducethebrightness of your screen lower and lower, you can achieve withthedefault settings. This application applies an overlay filterthatacts as a dimmer to darken the screen. It helps you toavoidheadache and eye pain in a dark environment and at night. Atnightit will also help to your mobile battery life to work forlongtime. Brightness Dimmer-Night Mode is the only applicationwhichwill keep your eyes from defection andheadache.BrightnessDimmer-Night Mode will help you in nighttime andin nighttime youcan adjust your screen brightness as low of themobile brightness.In Nighttime more brightness of your mobile mayaffect your eyes soyou must use this app in nighttime to protectyour eyes. BrightnessDimmer-Night Mode is here for you to make yourmobile screenbrightness as of your choice. There are differentcolors you cantry it on your mobile screen. This app is all aboutcare of yourprecious eyes.Often in night the brightness of yourmobile makeyour eyes effective. By using this app you will be ableto makeyour brightness up to your choice. Then your eyes will benoteffecting from the brightness and you will be enjoying indark.Youcan adjust your 스크린 brightness by using this app. 스크린 canbeadjustable like you want. 스크린brightness will be less thanthemobile built in 스크린 brightness. Your mobile LCD brightness willbeadjustable. Because LCD can affect your eyes when LCD brightnessismore. So by using this app, your LCD brightness will be less asyouadjust. By using Brightness Dimmer-Night Mode you will have atintfor your eyes. By using tint your eyes will be not affectedandtint is in Night Mode. So you will be able to use the tint inthisapplication.Features: Different colors of your choiceManyscreens of your choice Reduce screen brightness below thesystemminimum brightness Easy to use. Just click the start buttonandset the percent of brightness level (0-100%) Manually startbyopening this app Small size of this application Just click onappicon and click the start button and then adjust brightness ofyourchoice.There are different colors which you can apply toyourscreen display by opening this application and start it.Differentcolors are black, blue, sky-blue, grey etc.
Lux Auto Brightness
Vito Cassisi
The original custom auto brightness solution for Android. "To putitsimply, Lux kicks the pants off of Android’s stockbrightnessmanager, and it’s worth every cent." - Lifehacker "Lux isathird-party app that allows you to easily calibrate yourphone’sbrightness sensor, saving you battery power and reducing eyestrainif your phone is normally too bright in dark rooms." -HowToGeekLux isn't your ordinary brightness app. It intelligentlyadjuststhe brightness of your display based on the environmentyou're in.If you step into a dimly lit room, Lux will automaticallylower thebrightness of your display to make it not only comfortableto read,but to also preserve battery power. Lux is also able toadjust thescreen temperature of your display automatically to makeitappropriate for night usage. At sunset, you can haveLuxautomatically warm your display and switch to your Nightprofile.If you're an astronomer, you can enable astronomer mode tocut outharsh white light. If you have a root enabled phone, you mayevenbe able to apply these enhancements at a low level withLux'splug-in system. Perhaps the best thing about Lux is that youcanteach it how to behave. If the backlight is too bright or dimforyour liking, simply open the provided Dashboard, adjustthebrightness slider to the level you desire, then hold thelinkbutton. Lux will use this new 'link' as a reference in future.Giveit a go! I want you to test Lux for more than the 15 minuterefundperiod offered by Google. I understand that some devices maynothave the best quality light sensor, and that you may need moretimeto play around with settings. If you find that Lux doesn't suityouafter the 15 minutes is up, you can request a refund within aweekof purchase via e-mail - no questions asked. ★FEATURES★ ■Stable,custom auto brightness with root plug-in support. ■ Useyourambient light sensor or camera(s) to read in ambient light.■Subzero brightness for night viewing. ■ Select between Auto,Day,Night, Car and Cinema light profiles ■ Automatic night mode.Changethe colour temperature of your display for comfortable nighttimeviewing. ■ Astronomer mode. Adds a red filter to your displaytopreserve the eyesight of stargazers. ■ Power-user settings suchaschoice of interpolation, filters, and linked sample editing. ■Addapp specific exceptions via sleep mode. NOTE: This is brokeninAndroid 5.0 due to API changes beyond my control. ■Customisablefade for backlight adjustments. ■ Tasker and Localesupport ■Battery efficient. ■ Backup to SD. ■ No ads or othernuisances.Note: Please disable other brightness apps before usingLux. Theauthor is not liable for any issues caused when using thisapp.Want Lux in your language? Join the translation projecthere: ★PERMISSIONS★TAKEPICTURES AND VIDEOS: Used to read in luma values if camerainput isselected. DRAW OVER OTHER APPS: Required for night/astromode. READPHONE STATE: Required to prevent Lux from interferingwith phonecontrols in Android 4.1. MODIFY SYSTEM SETTINGS:Brightness is asystem setting, as is toggling the default autobrightness.RETRIEVE RUNNING APPS: Required to make the 'sleeplist'functionality work, so Lux can disable itself when certainapps arein the foreground. COARSE LOCATION: Required toautomaticallycalculate sunrise/sunset times. Need assistance? Havequestions?Contact me via the 'Send Feedback' button in Luxsettings, or viaemail at [email protected] NOTE: Please use thepower symbol inthe notification to temporarily toggle Lux whenusing secure views,such as banking apps, VPN and accessibilitysettings.
Tactical Flashlight Laser LED 1.3.5
Free tactical flashlight app with many useful blinking modes isthebest choice on Google Play for mid and high-tech Androidphones.Simple and bright flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlightand adjustable screen light dimmer. Powerful strobe mode.Designedfor Android phones and tablets. Features: - Fast start fromicon. -Adjustable dimmer for screen light brightness - Batterylevel info- Strobe light with adjustable frequency modes - Lowbatteryconsumption - the app is optimized to use the battery wisely-Always available lamp - a powerful flashlight app is designed tobeat hand when needed - SOS alert will help you to be preparedforemergency situations - Wonderful HD graphics and nicecampflashlight design - Uses phone camera flash light and screenlight- Convenient super bright torch front and back - Very brightandpowerful flash light - Vibration gives a real tacticalflashlightfeeling in the silence of a night. - The ultimatemilitary style. -Useful screen flashlight for Samsung tabletwithout led flash. -The light illuminates when you click an icon onhome screen andworks like widget. Totally free app Definitely thebrightest lampwith lighting spotlight available for free can beuseful for youand your friends. LED flashing light from the strobecan be seenreally far in the darkness. It is your lucky charm :)Why does theapp need access to the camera flash? - LED (flash) is ahardwarepart of the camera. To enable LED, access to the cameraflash isrequired. Compatible with phone and tablet: Samsung GalaxySamsungGalaxy Note Motorola, Motorola Droid, Motorola Moto G SonyXperiaLG Optimus L5, L9 HTC Desire HTC One Xiaomi Mi5, Mi6, XiaomiRedmiNote Google Nexus, OnePlus, Asus ZenPhone Huawei Ascend MateHuaweiHonor, Huawei P9 Meizu m3 note and other models==============
Brightness Swipe Settings bri
When you start this app you get Brightness switches which youcanuse every time you need to switch brightness. Just selectthedisplay brightness that you want to have, easy as that!Sometimesyou need to access display settings, drag the buttonupwards! Youcan also use the brightness widget!More about theappChange screenbrightness instantly, change ringer mode instantly,or maybe youwant to enable WiFi which is done with just one click!Sometimesyou need WiFi settings when you have found a new wifispot, justdrag up the WiFi button and there will be a link to theWifisettings. This is the way the app works in general whenusingBluetooth, GPS, NFC and many other functions. On top of thelist, aswitch button, drag the button up, and you will find thesettingsfor that function on the bottom. Other great features are amirror,ruler, screen light and LED light buttons that are as easyto findas the rest. Read the full list below. This app also worksas abattery power saver because it always shows status offunctionsthat drain the battery and lets you turn them off.You canalwaysaccess the buttons and shortcuts by either using thewidget,getting the app from "recent apps menu", or by usingthenotification message! You don't have to leave the app that youarecurrently in!Along with a super improved experience withyourAndroid device, you get:● Screen brightness (instant change)andsettings● Ringer mode (instant change) and settings●Bluetoothswitch, visibility mode, and settings● Wifi switch andsettings●Mobile internet switch and settings● GPS switch● Airplanemodeswitch● NFC switch● LED light (flashlight) switch● Shareyourinternet via Bluetooth switch (tethering)● Share your internetviaWi-Fi switch (tethering)● Share your internet via USBswitch(tethering)● App list shortcut● Accounts &Synchronizeshortcut● System settings shortcut● Ruler with inchesandcentimeters● Screen light (white light torch)● Mirror(frontcamera) with night light and sunlight mode. Pause button.Allthisin a clean but very powerful control of great tools availableas:★Widget★ App★ Notification message★ Lockscreen widget(Android4.2+)The buttons in these come preconfigured, but they canbecustomized through settings:• Change order of buttons•Removebuttons• Add buttons• Change theme, colorsThis app comes inseveralthemes with different background colours:✓ Blue indicatorswithdark background✓ Pink indicators with dark background✓Blueindicators with bright background✓ Pink indicators withbrightbackgroundAlso includes a battery indicator in the status barwiththe features:☆ Percentage status, 50% is shown as 50☆Colouredbattery indicator, from green to red☆ Possibility to removethispower indicatorOther features:* Send error report to us throughtheapp* Send suggestions to us through the app* Send this app toyourfriends* Link to rate our app* Find our other apps- Works onallhomescreens, not restricted to Go Launcher (which waspreviouslyrequired to be able to use list views in the home screen)or anyother "launcher". It is possible to resize the widget inmosthomescreens.- Works on all devices, from small phones tobigtablets!- Automatically reads if your device does not supportafeature. In that case, the buttons for that feature getshidden,but still possible to add, through settings.- Translatedinto morethan 50 languages!- The permissions that are used in thisapp arerequired for the features above to work.- This app comes forfree,please help us and share it with all your friends. Help usimprovethis app!- This is the ultimate settings tool controlwidget, andwas developed by sun light weather! in this text can be interpreted as toggles,switches,settings, shortcuts
Pixoff: Battery Saver 4.8.5
Pixoff: Pixel OFF Save BatterySaves battery with filter thatturnsoff pixelsSaves battery by applying a filter that turns offpixelsof screens, also incorporates the possibility of make afilternight decreasing so damaging blue light and you can furtherreducebattery consumption with facility to put a wallpaper totrueblack.Screens doesn't have a backlight at all. Instead, eachlittlesub-pixel is like a tiny red, blue, or green colored light.If thescreen is instructed to display black, it doesn't need toblock anylight, it simply doesn't light up any of the littlecoloredsub-pixels.Black pixels save you a lot of power becausethosepixels can be turned completely off. There is arelationshipbetween brightness and power, but to really save juiceyou need atrue black.How fix detected in Screen Overlay Android6.0In theversion of Android 6.0 it is possible that in some appthat screenis launched, to fix follow the instructions in the nextvideo report anybugsto Pixoff Google Community - http://pixoff.urysoft.comThank youandenjoy!
Night Mode for Samsung 1.8
Night Mode for Samsung is designed first for Samsung smartphonesmodels which lack of screen adjustment function. Night Modegivesyou additional functionality for controlling of screenbrightnessand works perfectly.This app allows you to decreasescreenbrightness lower than you can achieve on Samsung phone'sdefaultsettings.Night Mode for Samsung app will give comfort toyour eyeswhile reading and using your phone in dark places. Thisalso savesyour some battery energy.Also do not forget to do someresearchrelated on "Could Using Your Phone At Night LeadtoBlindness?"Note: this app shows you little banner at the bottomofthe screen. This helps us to keep and improve our app. We donotcollect, harm or use your battery at the background."ThebestSamsung screen dimmer app."
Lux Meter 2.0
Measure the ambient illuminance in lux (lx) or foot-candle (fc)withyour light sensor.Simple application to detect the intensityoflight. Check and compare the illuminance of different lightsources.With recording function (see below).The measured valuesdepend onthe accuracy of your light sensor. It may differ fromrealilluminance and between different devices.The application onlyworksif your device has a light sensor.* Unit: lux orfoot-candle*Minimum and maximum values* Diagram with average value*Adjustablesensor sensitivity* Calibrate if the sensor's valuesdiffer fromreal illuminance* Choose your layout color* Moresettings*Application can be moved to SD cardRECORDINGFUNCTION:Record theilluminance for up to 16 h 39 min. Select therecording time andthe number of recorded values.The data can besaved or exported(for example via email).PERMISSIONS:'Internet andnetwork access'are needed to show the ad. Therefore the applicationis for free.Read the privacy policy to get more information aboutadvertisementand your data.'Read/modify contents of your SD card'is used tosave your recorded illuminance data.
Color Flashlight
Turn your phone into a color flashlight, police light, discolight,candle and led banner. Have you ever tried to use yourphone'sscreen or LED as a beacon of light, only to find it's justnotbright enough? Turn your phone into a versatile flashlightwithColor Flashlight app, the app that brightens up your phone'sdayand leads the way. Never be caught in the dark without alightagain. [Color Flashlight HD LED improved design quality] *LightWhen You Need it, Where You Need it Stuck outside with nostreetlight? Color Flashlight app helps you out in the darkestofoccasions. Use Color Flashlight to find the perfect seat in adarktheater, or find your way around when the power goes out athome. *Color Your Light Change the color and brightness of yourphone'sscreen to help guide you where you want to go. Choose from afullrange of colors to find your favorite custom-made light. Makefunflashlight effects by tapping on the menu button andchoosingeffect, color, and brightness. * Cool Custom Effects Haveyourphone's screen simulate police light, candle light, a rainbow,adisco ball, and more. You can even use Color Flashlight todisplayyour own personal message by typing in text, or host yourownpersonal dance party with the built-in strobe light. * Usage:Touch the screen to show/hide options * Features - Maximizescreenbrightness - Use camera LED as a torch (LED Torch Light) -Changecolor of flashlight - Flashlight app by color note developer*Effects - Normal Flash : Screen Color flashlight, - Camera Flash:Camera LED flashlight - Useful light effects (LED ElectronicSign): Text, Scroll, Slide, LED Sign - Emergency light effects :Strobelight, Police light, Emergency light - Fun flashlight effects:Candle, Disco light, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral - Lovely effect:Heart, I Love You * User comment: Changing flat tire in28°WEATHERwith no street light. Color flashlight app saved my life!*Permissions - Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LEDflashlight,LED Light - Internet, Access Network State : Admob ads*Disclaimer: Strobe light can cause epileptic seizures insomepeople with history of epilepsy. Do not point to the face whentheflash light is in strobe mode. Turn your phone int acolorflashlight! It helps find your way in the theater is that youkeepstepping on. Find your keys in the dark. Dance with strobelight ina club.
Lux Meter (Light Meter) 1.4
Lux Meter is a simple light meter for measuring illuminances(lux,fc) by using the light sensor of your android device.KeyFeatures:★calibrate your device with the multiplier★ shows theminimum,maximum and average value★ shows the sensor data★ 100% free
Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care
Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care is highlyrecommendednot only for adults but also small kids to ensure a24-hour eyecare. There are variety night filters to protect youreyes byproviding warmlight & dim screen. Key Features of BlueLightFilter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care ★ Easy to use with smartnightshift; ★ Relieve eye fatigue with warmlight and gentlenightlight; ★Filtering harmful blue light; ★ New eye care module:Fatigue test,vision test & eye exercises; ★ Keep good eyesprotecting habitswith the daily health report; ★ Choose your colorfor 24 hours’eyecare; ★ Fully compatible with smartphones,tablets, laptops andLED screens. The bright blue light from thescreen can disturb yourcircadian rhythm and affects your sleep.However, with the help ofour Blue Light Filter - Screen Dimmer forEye Care, you can now havea much more pleasant screen experienceat late night. It providesgentle nightlight(warm light like redlight & orange light) andbook reading light with its supernight mode which can largelyrelieve your eye fatigue. OurBlueLight Filter – Screen Dimmer forEye Care protects your eyes byadjusting the screen to natural colorand filtering harmful bluelight. It’s a must-have app when you aredoing night reading,typing or playing games. How to use Blue LightFilter – ScreenDimmer for Eye Care Firstly, open the app and turnon the Filter.Secondly, choose your Filter Color and set AutoEnable time. What’smore, ❶ You can click “Report” to check your EyeHealth Report. ❷You can click “Menu” to set Reminder option andshare with yourfriends. Once the Show Notification is activated,you can controlthe filter in the notification bar anytime you want.❸ You canclick “Eye Care” to do some eyes’ exercises or tests,always becareful on your eyes. ❹ You can also read something elsewith oursuper dark mode and then go to sleep to get a good rest.What isBlue Light Blue light is a range of the visible lightspectrumcoming from a variety of technologies includingcomputers,smartphones, televisions, and lights. Natural exposure tobluelight during the daylight hours boosts people's energy,alertnessand mood. However, elongated exposure to the wavestransmittedthrough screen devices during the evening in lowlightcircumstancecan disrupt circadian rhythm and cause various healtheffectsincluding a disruption in normal sleep schedules. Thus, bluelightshould be decreased at night.(Reference: like us, don’t hesitate to share Blue Light FiltertoInstagram, Facebook, Google hangouts, Whatsapp, Vine, Line,Kakaoand Twitter. There will be ad content shown in certain scenesinour app. For more details,visit
Physics Toolbox Light Meter 1.4.5
This app displays a digital reading or a graph of Illuminance(lux)vs. Time (s) that can be exported to Google Drive or in ane-mailas a .csv file (comma separated values). Testthebrightness/intensity of light sources using your phone lightmeter.The light meter can be used for various applications industryandSTEM education: to investigate the inverse-square law from apointsource of light and true magnitudes of light bulb brightness(asour eyes do not directly perceive comparative brightnessaccuratelydue to the constriction and retraction of the pupil) inphysics,solar intensity variations dependent upon weather or angleofincidence, the ability of objects and surfaces to absorb,reflect,and/or transmit light in Earth and space sciences, and todeterminethe concentrations of colored solutions through thederivation ofBeer's Law A csvfile is created and modifiedon the phone's internal memory.If youhave any questions, comments,or would like to seemodifications/updates, please email me [email protected]
Velis Auto Brightness 4.65.234
Velis Works
Usage manual &FAQ:[email protected]:Notification is mandatory for thisapp because without it Androidwill stop the service too often fortoo long. There's no use in autobrightness if it doesn't work halfthe time. So before you give aone star review, consider this factand my assurance that I'm tryingto find a more user-friendly way.I will no longer respond to "ithas an ugly notification" type ofratings.Also please see homepageabout language support. Anytranslation help most welcome!Velis autobrightness aims to providethe best possible brightness experienceby using your devicessensors to determine the environment you'rein. You have completecontrol over how much brightness will beapplied for any givenlight condition, from selecting the sensorsused to fullycustomizable brightness graph. This is a replacementfor systemprovided auto-brightness functionality usually found inSettings /Display / BrightnessFeatures:- Initial configurationwizard for aneasy start- User-selectable sensors: light, proximity,cameras-Supports custom sensors on phones such as Sony Xperia, SGS2-Brightness presets for every taste and screen- Profiles (savethebrightness graph under your own name)- Fullycustomizablebrightness graph to fit your needs or cover yoursensor’s faults-Extensive sensitivity adjustments (light changethreshold,smoothing times up / down, boost threshold)- Superdimmingto makethose shades really dark- Excluded apps (will disable VelisAutoBrightness when they are in use)- Launcher widget withon/offbutton, profile select button and a brightness graph- Tasker/Locale support for many sensor readings and appsettings-Convenient in-app store for premium content (some taskerand widgetfunctionality) and developer support- Custom applanguage-Additional brightness when charging- Only uses sensorswhen screenis on conserving batteryTasker plug-in / Locale plug-in:Providesconditions for screen on, calculated light reading,proximitysensor reading, calculated brightness. Exposes manysettings tolocale / tasker for detailed adjustment from thesemanagers. Someof this functionality is premium content availablethrough in-apppurchase.Apphomepage: forsupport): applications will not produce expectedresults somake sure only Velis auto brightness is active while youtest it.This file is provided AS IS - without any warranty. Theautor willnot be liable for any (un)imaginable inconveniences,including, butnot limited to your phone frying or your screenstarting to shootlauncher widgets at you. :)This app is availablein followinglanguages: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French,Italian, German,Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Norwegian,Persian, Polish,Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish,Slovene,VietnameseThanks to all the translators for their hardwork. Pleasesee homepage if you want to help withtranslations.REQUIREDPERMISSIONSWRITE_SETTINGS: Required to turnoff systemauto-brightnessRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Required forstarting theservice at boot-up so that auto brightness workswithout manualprogram startSYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Required for autobrightness tooperateGET_TASKS: Needed to detect current topactivity for appexclusion list and proper screen filteroperationCAMERA: Determineenvironment brightness throughcameras.BILLING: Required for in-appstore
Screen Night Mode Brightness 1.6
You set your brightness to the minimum value but it is stilltoobright? Then this app is exactly what you need!The SystemNightMode application lets you breach the limits, and set yourscreenbrightness to extremely low levels (way lower than supportedbyandroid) using a cool looking, simple and user friendlyuserinterface.Main Features● Screen DimmerDim your screenbrightnessway below the standard level supported by android● Fullcontrolfrom the Notification BarTo make it even easier, you cancontrolthe brightness settings right from the Notification Bar!(Pleasenote, you can disable this feature from theconfigurationsettings)● Automatic turning offYou can easilyschedule a dailyautomatic stopping of the "Night Mode" using theconfigurationsettings● "Emergency" turn offEntered "Night Mode" bymistake, andyou can hardly see the content of the screen? Justpress thephone's power button for 2 seconds, and the "Night Mode"will bestopped (Due to android limitations, this feature issupported onlywhen the main screen of the application isdisplayed)RequiredPermissions● "Draw over other apps" – Is requiredin order to showthe overlay filter that is responsible for dimmingthescreen.● "Full network access" and "View network connections"–This is an ad supported application, and these permissionsarerequired in order to load the ads when a network connectionisavailable.
High Brightness Mode 2.08
Can't see your screen in the bright sunshine? This app triggersanextra high brightness mode that is built in to many phoneswithAMOLED screens, including most Samsung, Motorola andOnePlusphones. See below for a list of devices with high brightnessmode(HBM) capability.Even if your phone does not have the specialHBMhardware setting, this app will force maximum screenbrightness,which is really handy when you are outside in thesun.HBM does notrequire root on Samsung devices, but the screen canwill bebrighter if your device is rooted. With root, this app canforcemaximum brightness beyond what is available in systemsettings.HBMdoes not require root on OnePlus devices, except theOnePlus 6.HBMrequires root on the Nexus 6/6P, Pixel, Pixel XL,Pixel 2, OnePlus6 and Motorola phones. Root is required because HBMis a specialhardware setting, it does NOT simply increase yourbrightnessslider to max. This is significantly brighter than maxbrightnesson compatible devices.Four ways to activate highbrightnessmode:-Auto mode, which turns high brightness mode on oroffdepending on ambient lighting-Widget for yourhomescreen-QuickSettings tile (Android Nougat or later)-Manually intheappCompatible devices:-Most Samsung phones, includingGalaxyS6/S7/S8 and Note 6/7/8. Works without root on Samsungphones, butwill get brighter on rooted devices-Most Motorola phoneswithAMOLED screens. Requires root.-Nexus 6. Requires root forHBMhardware setting-Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel 2. Requiresacustom kernel such as ElementalX or franco kernel androot.-OnePlus3/3T/5/5T: works with or without root-OnePlus 6:requires rootOnphones with the HBM hardware setting, this app canmake your screenup to 20% brighter than the highest brightnesssetting. HighBrightness Mode Widget uses a hidden hardware settingto unleashthe full potential of your AMOLED screen. Auto modewillautomatically turn high brightness mode on or off depending onthebrightness (ambient light) of your surroundings. You can adjustthethreshold for triggering high brightness mode and set automodeusing either the app, widget or quick settings tile.This appcanmaintain high brightness mode even if you turn your screen offandon (and even across reboots!) For Samsung and OnePlus phones, itisrecommended to select the "Disable autobrightness when HBM ison"option if you use the system's auto brightness. This settingwillprevent the system from turning off HBM if you enable it, butstillallow you to use auto brightness the rest of thetime.Taskerintegration with theseintents:flar2.hbmwidget.TOGGLE_HBM (thistoggles high brightnessmode)flar2.hbmwidget.HBM_ON (turns on highbrightnessmode)flar2.hbmwidget.HBM_OFF (turns off high brightnessmode)
Screen Brightness Control Lite 2.0.6
The original easy auto brightness solution for Android.Luxisn'tyour stock brightness app. It wisely adjusts the brightness ofyourdisplay based on environment light. Lux will automaticallylowerthe brightness of your display to make it not only comfortabletoread, but to also preserve battery power.Lux is also able toadjustthe screen temperature of your display automatically to makeitappropriate for night usage. Lux is completly automatic. Justteachit how to behave and it will dim or light your screen for you!