Top 49 Games Similar to CS16Client

Xash3D FWGS 0.19.2
Xash3D FWGS is a port of Xash3D SDL, which compatible withGoldSrcengine.Allows play Half-Life out-of-the-box and manyHalf-Lifebased modifications.To launch Half-Life, you need:- apurchasedgame in Steam.- installed Xash3D Android.To install:1)Copy "valve"folder to "xash" folder on your SDcard. 2) Launch theengine.FlyingWith Gauss is not affilated with Valve Software or anyof theirpartners. All copyrights reserved to their respectiveowners.
Counter Terrorist: Strike War 2.8
Counter Terrorist: Strike War online is a multi-player, armedbattlegame. The legendary episodes, all of the maps you loveplaying inthis cast. How to Play? First of all, you have to enteryour name onthe first entry into the game. You can then enter thelanguage moreclearly by selecting a language. If you want to setup a new game,click on the set new room button. If you want tologin to any room,click on the Random input button. When you enterit you can selectthe team you want to come face-to-face for theopponent to choosethe team, you can start the game. Market willappear for you toweapons after a certain number of seconds whenthe game starts. Youcan get bombs from weapons worth your virtualmoney. Every point youhit when you hit the enemy is subtractingvirtual money and life.You can make more money, especially byhitting your enemy head. 2 Ifother players die while playing theteam, they have to wait for theongoing players. You can let theplayer repeat the game faster bynotifying the player of the regionwhere the enemy is from thecamera section. How to Set Up a PrivateRoom: If you want to playprivate with your friends, activate thespecial room option whensetting up a new game. All you need to becareful about is the nameof your room, the quality of thepassword. Your friends will have togive you the name of your room.Because the game you set up in theroom list will not appear. Ifyou are a friend to enter the game,you can enter the name of theroom given to you by clicking on theenter button according to theroom name in the first entry into thegame and connect directly toyour game. (Do not make simple wordsfor your room name, it can beaccessed by different users.) CounterTerrorist: Strike War If youwant other favorite maps to be added toour FPS game immediately,you can support by giving 5 starsimmediately. Good games!
Special Forces Group 2 3.7
3D First Person Shooter in real-time. -Singleplayer(withbots)-Multiplayer Online and Wifi router. -9 gamemode(Classic,Resurrection,Capture theFlag,ZombieMode,BombMode,Knives,Deathmatch,ArmsRace,Sniper)-Weapons Skins(134 pieces) -8 Characters per team -30 Maps -9Pistols -4 Shotgun-6 Submachine guns -12 Rifles -5 Sniper-rifles -3MachineGun -3Grenades -3 Bulletproof vest-10Languages(English,Русский,Espanol,Deutsch,Francais,日本人,中国,Türk,Português,Indonesia)AppStore:
Counter Attack - Multiplayer FPS 1.2.08
The game and it's Multiplayer features are in Beta stageofdevelopment, we will update it very often to bring you newcontent,bug fixes, performance and gameplay improvements. If youfind a bugplease contact us via our social networks or use thesupport email.Step into the strike action with one of the bestCompetitiveMultiplayer FPS games ever made Counter Attack.Encounter theenemies with different weapons like Desert Eagle,AK-47, AUG,Shotguns, Snipers and more destructive weapons.Experience thethrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight acritical strikeoperation as a Counter-Terrorist or aim to causedestruction as aterrorist. Features: - Cross Platform Multiplayernow in Open Beta- Offline Practice mode with Bots - 3 Differentgame modes: DefuseBomb, Deathmatch and Gun Game - Stunning 3DConsole like graphics -Skill based gameplay. All the weapons havedifferent recoils, sprayand reloading time. - 5 different maps -Case system with Common,Rare, Epic and Special cases. - Customizeyour game match, set apassword and play with your friends only! -Different type ofweapons and guns. Including Karambit, Ak47, M4A1,Desert Eagle,Magnum sniper, Mac10, Tec-9 and many more! - 54different skins foryour weapons - Weapon Silencers and Kill Track -Adjustable gamecontrols. - Different Language Support - Playerleveling systemwith rewards! - Save your data to our Facebook cloudserver. - Upto 10 players in one game.
Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike 1.3
8Square Games
Maybe you are our zombie game fans,and here we are happy tosharewith you our new product :CounterTerrorist-CriticalStrike(CT-CS)Our developers are the hardcoreclassic FPS gamefans,we spent huge effort to bring this kind ofclassic game intoyour portable devices.Game control:☑Left 1/3screen is formoving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.☑When you aimthe target,yourweapon will fire automatially,giving you a mucheasier FPS gamecontrol.☑You can prepare your bullets beforebattling,or auto buybullet in the battle.Game tips☑Autoshooting,you only need to do isto place the crosshair on thetarget,the best way to play FPS onportable devices.☑You can tweakyour control sensivity in yourpause menu,fit all the androiddevices here.☑Auto buying bullets inthe battle,save your precioustimeGame features:☑Classic butgorgious battlefields☑Classic butpowerful weapons☑Classic buteasier control☑Classic but wide fitgameplay,you can choose theeasy mode or the hell mode☑Classicdagger battle,when you run outof your bullets,don't forget yourdaggerEnjoy!
Counter Strike - Street War 1
rakan bushnaq
A shooter game in which players are divided into two teams.Eachteam tries to complete their goal or eliminate the opposingteam.And start over the tour until you have determined which teamwillbe the winner All the players have only one life by defaultandstart with a pistol as well as a knife. Players can buy fromavirtual weapons store with a $ 1600 credit balance for eachplayerand you can earn money when winningThe goals vary dependingon thetype of game determined by the room builder, and these arethe mostcommon:1 - Normal Mode: The task of convincing theteam toplant the bomb in specific locations on the map and eachtime willbe selected a random player and give him a bomb and therest of theteam to help him and when successful mission and bombexplosion isa victory for the team The task of the other teambegins toprevent the planting of the bomb or the killing of itsowner andwhen it is removed the victory of the team .. And when thedeath ofone of them will watch and wait to complete the task by theotherteamOr when all team members are killed, the other team wins2.FFAmode:In this task there is no team with the other and everypersonwho kills more is a winner and everyone is given a new chanceoflife again at the same moment3. TDM modeIn this mission therearetwo teams and the goal is to kill more than the other teamandeveryone is given a new chance to live again at the samemomentwhich is the most used modeAdvantages:Multiplayer -Online3different situationsTwo maps (an Arab map with Arabbuildings, aPalestinian map and Palestinian murals)20 weapons5pistols4 lightweapons5 heavy weapons2 hunting nuts3 Sniper2grenades (Flascheng,Hegernad)A knifeLight design compatible withportable devicesSevenlanguages ​​(Arabic, English, German, Russian,French, Swedish,Turkish)
Counter Terrorist 2-Gun Strike 1.05
8Square Games
Thanks for our fans' love and great suggestions to ourCounterTerrorist - Critical Strike(CT-CS).Our team has collectedall thefeedbacks and spent great effort in the last a few months tobringthe "new boy" to our fans here.(Counter Terrorist 2) whichcombinesour fans' and our team's great is availablefordownload.2.0 New Features:☑You can turn "Auto Shoot" ON/OFFinbattle.☑You can modify "Aim Sensitivity" in pausebutton.☑Moreweapons, in 2.0 we have 20 weapons, some are reallythe"monsters":)☑More levels, in 2.0 we added 2 more levelswhichcontain gorgeous environment.☑More smart enemies, in 2.0 wewillface much smarter enemies, you'd better not despisethem.☑Harderlevel means more rewards.Game control:☑Left 1/3 screenis formoving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.☑When you aim thetarget,yourweapon will fire automatially,giving you a much easierFPS gamecontrol.☑You can prepare your bullets before battling,orauto buybullet in the battle.Game tips☑You can tweak your controlsensivityin your pause menu,fit all the android devices here.☑Autobuyingbullets in the battle,save your precious time☑Aim thehead,giveyour enemy the critical strike!☑Enemies' life and damagegrows whenyou select a harder level.Enjoy!
Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS 1.26.3
Modern Strike Online: First Person Shooter! Are you a fan ofthegood FPS games? Looking for a S.W.A.T. vs Terrorists game?Here’ssome news for you: We’re ready to change the face of onlineAndroidmultiplayer GPS gaming. Jaw-dropping graphics andoptimization,even on low-performing devices. Take part in thevanguard on thebattlefield of Modern Strike Online! Confront yourenemy – it’stime to blitz the target! Game features: ✪ 8 battlemodes for soloand team matches! ✪ Clans! ✪ Custom games where youcreate your ownrules! ✪ 14 maps to try different tactics and findyour enemy’sweak spots! ✪ 70 types of weapons: guns, pistols,snipers,tommy-guns, shotgun, grenades, rockets and body armors! ✪WeaponSkins! ✪ Perfect optimization, even on weak devices! ✪Beautifulgraphics! ✪ Easy and intuitive control! Game modes: ✪TeamDeathmatch: Teams battle against each other. The mission istodefeat the opposing team and show who’s the best online FPSplayer!✪ Deathmatch: Free for all style. Defeat the other playersas manytimes as you can. ✪Team DM with a Bomb: One teambecomeCounter-Terrorists, the other team become Terrorists. Oneteamneeds to successfully plant the bomb, the other needs to defuseit!✪Duel: One v One battle to the bitter end! Face to face FPS,youand your opponent alone. ✪ Special Operations: Two teams faceoffwith a single life for the whole round. The team with thelastplayer standing wins. ✪ Hardcore: Realistic action mode. Damageisdoubled, no room for mistakes. ✪ Custom games: Create yourownrules, soldier. Call your friends. Create a lobby and playwithyour squads in the best military games! *Reminder: Jointournamentsto win prizes and elevate your clan!   ✯✯✯ 70+ Weapons,CustomizeYour Exclusive Weapons and Skins! ✯✯✯ 70 types of weapons:guns,pistols, tommy-guns, shotgun, grenades, rockets and bodyarmors!Customize your weapon and get a unique test piece – changethecolor and get all the options, from barrels and stocks toscopes.✯✯✯ Upgrade gear system ✯✯✯ Upgrade your gear and become abiggerFPS threat! Regular updates and new elements are waiting foryou inonline multiplayer shooting games. This year’s best graphicsandperfectly matched sounds will make you spend your timeplayingModern Strike Online! =================================Join!Facebook:[email protected]
Guide for CS:GO 3.4.3
NOTE: This is not a game, this is encyclopedia! Readdescriptionbefore complaining. All-in-one app for information youneed to knowabout every detail in Counter Strike: Global Offensive!-You canfind information about every map -Learn map call-outs-Learn thebest places to deploy smoke, flashbang or molotovcocktail -Learnnames and stats of all weapons -Learn every weapon'srecoil patternand compensation! -Get information about every rank-Learnknowledge of basic CS:GO words -Learn how hitbox works-Getknowledge of all CS:GO achievements It involves maps like DustII,Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Cache, Overpass, Cobblestone,Italy,Assault, Train, Aztec and more. Don't forget about guns.Weaponslike M4A1-S, M4A4, AK-47, AWP, Scout, Tec-9, USP-S,Glock-18,Deagle, FAMAS, Galil AR, Nova, Negev, MP7, UMP-45, Bizon,P250, SGcan be found here. Skins, cases, more call-outs and smokespots,achievements, console commands will be added in futureupdates.With CS:GO Guide you will become a better player! It'slikewikipedia for CS:GO! You don't need internet connection toaccessany information. Legal notice. CS:GO Guide isn't endorsed byValveand doesn't reflect the views or opinions of Valve. Theimagescontained within are copyrighted by Valve and all informationareintellectual property of Valve.
Counter War: Sniper Attack 3D 1.4
Victory 44
Participate in a competitive battle in the most capable portableFPSThe game currently offers 3 game modes: TDM & FFA &NORMALBuy skins to customize your favorite weapons. This game isforplayers who enjoy the latest FPS, shooting games. The teamplays asa special force team leader to strike against the castleand tofight the brutal armed comanders who battle. GENERALFEATURES: -Great graphics for FPS game - 3 Game modes - RealThousands ofonline players GAME FEATURES 3 Different Game MOD: TDM& FFA& NORMAL 2 Different Teams 8 Legend Game MapsWonderful GraphicsFeatures such as sound bombardment, handbombardment 20 differentamazing customized weapons. How to Play?Create player profile onfirst entry Make more choice by Selectinga Language (7 Language) Ifyou want to install a new game, you canclick on New Room to createNew Room When you build 4 rooms, youhave to choose between twodifferent team selection Counter vsterrorist team After you havemade your choice, You can buy guns vsbombs worth your money fromMarket Botunun within 10 seconds afterthe game starts How do youspecial room? If you only want to playwith your friends, activatethe Private room option when creating anew game. What you need tobe aware of is the name of your room,the quality of the password.Your friends will have to give you thename of your room. CounterWar Sniper 3D If you want our games tocome to our other favoritemaps and other features, you know. Goodgames! Game Hard.
Mission Counter Strike
Mission Counter Strike be a best commando as you have been calledtoshow your sniper shooting skills, being an elite sniper useassaultguns with unlimited bullets to take a head shot of enemies.Snipeand shoot your enemy before they hunt you down within thelimitedtime in this real shooting game. The moment you fire it,yourgunshot will be heard & enemy would get to know aboutyourpresence, so start shooting until every one of them is down inyourmission! Are you ready to take head shots?Login every day togetdaily bonus! Awesome bonus at day 30!Mission CounterStrikeFeatures: 1. Take on hundreds of military missions inincredible 3Denvironments.2. Upgrade your gun from a wide range ofassaultweapons.3. 4 types of realistic battle arenas.4. Bulletswill loadautomatically.5. Smooth controls and addictive game play
Army Counter Strike Gun 1.0.2
Sasu studio
The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strikeonenemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist throughcounterattack with rapid shooting machine guns, hand grenades andotherweapons.As a swat commando, counter terrorist shooter withasoldier support in combat strike action against terroristduringthe anti-terrorist operation, your job is to protect thecity, andcounter attack and shoot all the terrorist to deadbrutally.counters strike counter terrorist missions in gocasescounter-strike cases cs and ca operations.Go counter-strikegameand clicker counter strike shooting to eliminate enemy. palycombatstrike game clicker idle clicker fps delta strike casesimulatorcliking counterstrike counter strike attack with skilledcounterstrikers gun war fire games and gun shooting fps game go forbestskins best shooter and best shooter games sniper battleterroristswith modern specialforce bullet force modern strike/swatstrike toshoot ennemy.Features:- Variety of modenr weapons guns-Challenging3d first person shooting gameplay.- Thrilling excitingmissions.-Immersive 3d environment- Multi Weapon game - Realisticcombataction - Enemies’ destruction with hand grenades- Addictivegameplay and environment.
Gun & Strike 3D 1.1.9
Doing Studio
"Gun & Strike 3D" is a 3D shooting game.The game has a hotandrealistic battle scenes, smooth operation, rich weapon system,theintelligent enemies regulation system, and the players canupgradethe property of the system. We will let you put it down,waitingfor what ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike 3D!★ Afullrange of weapons systems: covers let you experience the thrillofFun variety of firearms, from pistols, submachine guns to thewholeset of firearms sniper rifle, nine kinds of weapons are freeforyou to choose, such as DesertEagle,AK47,P90,M4A1,TMP,Barrett,Fiveeven,MAC10, Galil,etc;★ Theplayerattributes to upgrade the system: by destroying the enemy todropcoins can upgrade player attributes, including attack poweranddefense, superior fighting;★ Terrorists of intelligentregulationsystem: the play effect you want to achieve by adjustingthe numberof enemies (1-11) and wisdom (0-100), you can continue tochallengetheir own limits;★ A variety of different combat postures:standingshooting, squat shooting battle switch clip to experiencerealisticcourse of the fighting;★ Radar systems: radar system cansee theorientation and the number of the enemy, the better to graspthecombat situations;★ Realistic visuals: the strong distinctivesoundof a real battle screen effects and rhythm, such asshooting,running, and death.★ Free Games: Free download, freecoins, you donot pay also can play cool.We will let you put itdown, waiting forwhat ?Try the mobile version of Gun & Strike3D!
Standoff Multiplayer 1.22.0
The incredible online confrontation of terroristsandcounter-terrorists in free multiplayer sessional onlineshooter"Standoff". Are you storm trooper, sniper or do you preferstealthoperations? Choose your role and weapons in multiple gamemodeslike Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Arms Race or SniperDueland show your supremacy. Overwhelming action, multiplayerandranking system wouldn't let you relax.Play with your friendsoverthe network or online with thousands of players from all overtheworld!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We'reinFacebook:'rein ВК:'re inTwitter:
Counter Terrorist Sniper Attack Army Shoot Strike 1.5.1
Play modern fps shooting game free, counter terrorist attack gunwargame & combat strike free shooting game with powerfulweaponsfor counter gun strike on enemy. enemy strike the city,moderncombat strike force deployed for counter gun strike on theenemies.A blazing sniper shooter commando will accompany youduring firstanti-terrorist counter terrorist strike mission inthis counterterrorist attack gun war game.This Counter terroristattack shootinggame is best among rest of free army shooting gamesand snipershooting simulation games and it have powerful weapons,team ofpowerful AI bots. Counter terrorist attack commando actionand wargames, forces of war to fight modern warfare in CounterTerrorist2018 army gun shooting 3d Game. Counter attack likeaction hero.kill terror beast, its modern warfare. You are asecret agent, killenemies by counter terrorist attack.Show yourcounter terroristcommando skills learn in the assassin forcetraining, be a bravesoldier , fight for your country like gunshooting hero.cross gunfire like legends anti terrorism countersniper strike killer incounter terrorist open war game. assassinthe frontier war soldierswith sniper way playing counter terroristopen war death games.soldier fight in fps games black operationsat mid nights, blood& chaos in dead warfare and killing duringswat strike majorreal gun attack in 3d game play. shoot assassinenemies at frontierwars and battlefield give an immense countersstrike skill.Soldiergames player love to play counter terroristattack gun war game, awar against terror. play this war on terrorshooting game and winthe war with blazing sniper and major gunstrike. swat strike withcover fire from AI bots and rival fire inmodern combat counterattack. Protect yourself and fellow soldiersduring counterterrorist attack. pickup guns from enemy, pickupmedical box topower up and protect combat players from counterterrorist firingsduring the missions. counter terrorist attack2018 gun war shootingalong counter sniper shooter team to endterrorism with Soldiersteams. counter terrorist 3d multiplayershooting and fps shootergame is fun shooter to destroy rebel campswith swat strike onglobal counter attack. fittest army action andarmy assassinterrorist action games 2018 .Commando counterterrorist attack killthe terrorist in this sniper arena in thebattlefield army withcommando group with blood & chaos. war ofcolony is art ofconquest, it will kill the terrorist soldier openwar in swat strikegun war games. gun war tactical shooting rivalswarfare strike waron open war counter terrorist & gun strikeshoot killer gamewith terrorist counter soldier squad strike andcounter terroriststrike in battle zone. Kill your enemy, let themscream.Hit themwith gun bullets like super war hero. take actionwith army traininggames, kill shot like bravo shooting man. Rangerbots ready tofights among you. Earn Cash and buy new ranger,collect life powers,collects new weapons during war, fight alongmodern war bots, buildmodern army for next mission. GameFeatures:Realistic 3D simulationand challenging missions toaccomplishMulti Weapon game Realisticcombat action Enemies’destruction with hand grenadesAddictive gameplay and environment.
Special Ops: Gun Shooting - Online FPS War Game 1.86
Special Ops: Gun Shooting - Online FPS War Game Fightcriticalbattles & strike enemies in this modern online FPSarenashooter Here is for you ! If you like Online Shooter ,MultiplayerPVP , Single Player FPS and to be a snipers, so ThisMultiplayerShooting game is for you Annihilate the completion inreal-timePVP, face off against your opponents in blast mode orcheck out ourterrifying single player mode! Special Ops: GunShooting - OnlineFPS War Game is coming at you with a brand newversion and lots ofnew additions to keep the action going at ablazing pace! With newmaps, awesome weapons and a new elitecompetition system; SpecialOps: Gun Shooting - Online FPS War Game- Multiplayer will blow youaway! Features: Intense, immersivereal-time FPS action - Awesometactical movement system withconsole-like shooting experience -Different real-world guns tochoose from Addictive multiplayergameplay - Work together withfriends to annihilate your enemies inTeam Mode - Experience theterror of fighting off teammates oncethey’ve become the living dead- Leap over the heads of youradversaries in space mode. Varied andrealistic scenarios - Fairmatches with no upgrading systemsavailable for guns - Sniper style- Be MVP Are you a fan of theextreme counter terrorists battles?Here is a good FPS multiplayershooter game for you. We are readyto change everything of freeonline pvp Android multiplayershooters ( FPS -First Person Shooter). Perfect strike graphics andhigh quality optimization for everyFPS lovers. Take the part atthe battlefield of Special Ops: GunShooting - Online FPS War Game! DOWNLOAD now for Free! ===GameFeatures=== ★100% Action FPS Maps★8 maps to get Best FPS ShootingExperience Ever. Ranked Game Modeto get rank and get more coins.Custom Game Mode to create your owngame with its rules for yourfriends Single Player mode to playoffline against to monsters GoodMaps for Snipers ★ Login to GetDaily Free Gifts★ Login to Get DailyFree Gifts, Login to get FreeDaily Quests! Login to get daily freeitems. Don’t also miss thebonus EXP and Credits time!   ★20+Weapons, Customize YourExclusive Weapons and Skins!★ 21 types ofweapons: Glock 18 , USPtactical , P228, Desert Eagle.50 AE, FNFive-seveN, Dual 96G EliteBerettas,MAC10,TMP,MP5 navy,UMP, P90,Galil, FAMAS, AK47,M4A1,SG-552, AUG,M249-SAW, Scout, G3/SG-1,SG-550commando,AWP !Detailed Snipers for shooters who like to be asniper. Customizeyour weapon and get a unique skins to be coolMultiplayer FPSplayer. ★Upgrade Weapon and Armor System★ Upgradeyour weapons andarmor! Claim first place at FPS Battleground Arena!Snipers forshooters who love to be Sniper ★The Gameplay★ -Deathmatch: It'skill or be killed. - Team Deathmatch: Team vs Teamfight - Createyour own games (create any game maps/rules) -SinglePlayer -Campaign Mode -AWP Maps for shooters who love to be sniper★Up to5vs5 multiplayers online PvP battle mode, fair fight!★ Have afunwith Special Ops: Gun Shooting - Online FPS War Game
Bullet Party Counter CS Strike 1.1.0
Bunbo games
BULLET PARTY 2AVAILABLENOW!!! a huge battlefield against real enemies. Choose your teamandkeep your brigade up and steady. You can choose; your combatstyle,strategy and gun. When you feel ready to battle: pull thetriggerand start the fight! You need minimum 50K over kill numberto becomethe best killer under heavy enemy fire and air strikeswith a bigblitz. Having hard time? Call your brothers and summonthem in thebattlefield for impossible duty to become the leader.Show yourcombat skills to prove yourself in the warfare. Beware ofthe hiddenassassins speed is never down don’t let your guard down!If you aredead don’t forget where you get hit for counter strikeget yourrevenge. Good luck!- AAA quality modern graphics- Localand globalleader boards.- Range of weapons from Desert eagle,AK-47,Mp5,M87-T, M79, Stw-25, Sniper, RPG and Pro-Knife! - MO- FPSthat you’venever experienced before on Mobile!- World's firstreal-timemultiplayer gun battle(Shooting) on mobile. - Easiercontrols withUI customization. Works on any device! - 5 maps/2battle modes-Unique sound effect/character action for eachweapon.- Realisticgraphics with more sophisticated lightings.Giveus 5 stars ratingfor encouraging us to improve the gamecontinuously. Important:Connect the game server by WIFI or 3Gnetwork, WIFI is better.Please don't try to connect server by 2G(EDGE) network
Modern Counter Strike War 2017 1.0
Modern Counter Strike War 2017 game is one of the bestcommandoactions Killing game full of thrills and adventurousmissions.Modern Counter Strike War 2017 game has stunning 3Deffects andgraphics, amazing simulation model, awesome soundeffects andadvance military arms to fight against the warrior enemywho arebusy in smuggling arms to the other warrior groups. ModernCounterStrike War 2017 game has multiple levels to play. When youstartModern Counter Strike War 2017 game, you will find yourself inthecommando action sniper killing excitement that you haveneverexperienced before.The Modern Counter Strike War 2017 gamehasstunning 3D environments to play in this top sniperkillingcommando action war game. Your enemies are very sharp andpowerfulthey are very dangerous for your city people. Your duty isto saveyour city people like special army commando by shooting downall ofthe deadly warriors. You are highly trained for this typeofspecial commando missions. Show your special sniper actionshootingabilities, select your target very carefully to get thesuccess inthis adventurous and thrilling commando action snipershooting gameagainst your enemies, if you miss the target you willbe no more inthe game. You may have played a number of CommandoStrike games,Combat shooting games, Battle Adventure Games, SniperShootinggames, Special Operation Games but the Modern CounterStrike War2017 game is one of the best sniper shooting war gameagainstdeadly warriors. In this Modern Counter Strike War 2017 gameyouare the frontline combat army commando and you are equipped withanumber of modern sniper guns and assault guns. The ModernCounterStrike War 2017 game has multiple levels to play.ModernCounterStrike War 2017 game is a top sniper action shooting andkillinggame in the enemy army base camp. In this special commandosniperaction war game you are free in killing the opponents withyour topsniper shooting guns. In Modern Counter Strike War 2017game youare in the territory of enemy, very dangerous area and theyarefiring on you from random directions so be careful aboutyourmoves. Find a safe place and start shooting with yourspecialcommando sniper guns. In this top sniper action game you arethefrontline combat commando against deadly enemies so like aspecialsharpshooter shoot them all one by one and complete alladventurousmissions in this Modern Counter Strike War 2017 game.KeyFeatures: Stunning 3D Graphics. Amazing Sound Effects. Multiplethrillingand adventurous missions. Addicting gameplay (FPS). SpecialSniper Guns reload automatically. Modern Sniper Guns andWeapons.Thrilling Fight with full of Commando Actions andAdventures. RealCombat Sniper Killing Experience. Very dangerousenemies in thisSniper Killer War Game.Download, Install and playthe ModernCounter Strike War 2017 War game for free. If you likefighting& action games, you will love the Modern Counter StrikeWar2017 game.
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot 1.3
Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot is an epic FPS shooting game. Inthiswar, terrorists lurk in a war-torn city. The brave commandohasaccepted the difficult mission of going to the city to destroytheterrorists. This mission is very challenging, in thebattlefield inthe face of brutal enemies, to protect themselvesand destroy theenemy.This is based on the modern shooting gamecommando mission,through a series of missions to complete thefinal war. The goal ofeach game mission is to fight againstterrorists, destroy everyenemy, and survive in the mission.Toattack in silence and the mostdeadly way to combat the terroristattacks against terrorists.Eliminate the next goal in themission.As an elite commando member,the government has providedyou with advanced weapons and equipment.Terrorists are planningterrorist attacks. You are assigned to aspecial counterterrorismmission by the counterterrorism agency.Through your superbfighting skills, kill the terrorists, and saveinnocentcivilians.This action shooter has a variety of challengingmissionsand a variety of interesting features. These features makethisaction shooting game quite unique, fun and addictive.In thiswar,your duty is to fight, shoot, kill, complete the mission. Inthiswar game, prove your shooting skills, fight against theenemy.Accept the mission, now download this exciting actionshootinggame.Counter Terrorist Sniper Shoot Features:- HD 3Dgraphics-Realistic 3D shooting battlefield environment- Simple andsmoothoperation- a large number of advanced powerful weapons-Radarvision positioning the enemy's position- Challenges ofincreasinglevels of difficulty- Best quality attractive soundeffects- Playanytime, anywhere
Real Counter Strike - Online FPS 2.0
It’s time to raise your expectations for an online shooting gameandget a consolelike experience on your mobile devices. In thisnewaddictive counter strike multiplayer game, you are a member ofaspecial force team and your objective is to kill and take downasmany enemies and trained soldiers as you can. You are equippedwithsome advanced weapons and rifles and the powerful arsenal letsyouchoose from different machineguns as your primary weaponanddifferent pistols as your secondary weapon. You can also choosetocarry on a knife as your special weapon. So, it’s up to you togosilent and play like a precise sniper shooter, or shoot atenemiesruthless and fearless.This new counter and strike shootinggamecomes with a 3D graphics and once you open the game and join ataskforce team, you’ll find yourself in a real battlefield andthanksto the surrounding sound music and realistic sound effects, arealinfinite warfare situation is literally waiting for you.Ontheother side of our first person shooter game, the smoothgameplayand user friendly interface let you get used to playingsuchcounter strike game after just a few tries. There is a virtualjoysteak to control and move the special force unit and there arealsosome buttons enabling you to aim the gun and shoot the enemies,aswell as reload and change rifle.Speaking of the gameplay, therearetwo game modes available in this CS portable game. You caneitherchoose the TDM (Team Death Match) and kill the entiresoldiers ofthe opponent or FFA (Free For All) and try to kill asmany soldiersas you can. There are also different battlefields andmaps tochoose from. Each map, needs its own tactics and you need tomakesure you are familiar with the area, before trying to attacktheenemy’s special force.Real Counter Strike - Online FPSiscompletely free and there are no in-app-purchase items and allthefeatures in the battlefield are available for free. You justneedto make sure, you are connected to internet to be able to playwithother players around the world in real time.Why you needtodownload and install Real Counter Strike - Online FPS onyoursmartphone or tablet instead of other cs portable games?● Easytolearn gameplay, but hard to master● 3D graphics withsurroundingsounds● Smooth control● Free to download and play!●Console likeexperience for a multiplayer shooting action● Differentmaps tochoose, and different tactics to use● 2 different gamemodes: TeamDeath Match (TDM) and Free For All (FFA)● Powerfularsenal,including: Revolver, P200, Knife, UMP 40, and HMG etc.●Chat withteammates and coordinate the operation● Fun for allages●Completely free with no IAP itemsSo, if you used to playcounterstrike games on your old PC, or you are a fan of onlinemultiplayercounter and strike games, or you just like team worksand want totake down some soldiers in a realistic battlefield, then“RealCounter Strike - Online FPS” is your best companion. You justneedto enter a battlefield (choose from 5 differentenvironments),choose the game mode, and start playing against someprofessionalplayers who are the masters of FPS games.Download theReal CounterStrike for free and challenge your shooting expertisein thiscooperative online shooter game with realistic design,console likegraphics, and super easy gameplay.Be in touch and makesure to letus know about any bugs or feature requests.Yourfeedbacks arevaluable to us, and stay tuned for more featuresandimprovements todeliver the best online shooting experience on amobile device.
Counter Terrorist: Strike Shot 1.1
Arpa Games
Welcome to Counter Terrorist Game multiplayer fps game forfree.Maybe you are our zombie game fans,and here we are happy tosharewith you our new product : Counter Terrorist strike onlinefpsgame.Aim the head,give your enemy the critical strike!Gamefeatures:* shooting guns - special weapons* gorgiousbattlefields*amazing & Modern Shooting Combat Game.* superweapons* hot andrealistic battle scenes* smooth operation* richweapon system*easier control
shot Counter Attack online 1
rakan bushnaq
Counter a first-person shooter strike game in which playersjoineither the terrorist team, the counter-terrorist team, orbecomespectators. Each team attempts to complete their missionobjectiveand/or eliminate the opposing team. Each round starts withthe twoteams spawning simultaneously. All players have only onelife bydefault and start with a pistol as well as a knife.Theobjectivesvary depending on the type of map, and these are the mostusualones:Bomb defusal: The terrorists must carry a bomb, plant itonone of the designated spots and protect it from being disarmedbythe counter-terrorists before it explodes to win.Thecounter-terrorists win if the time runs out withnoconclusion.There is also a mod FFA deathandTDMFEATURES:Multiplayer3Mod5Maps(Aztec,Dust2,Italy,Poolday,Iceworld)20Weapons(USP-45,P-228,FIVESEVEN,EL?TE,DEAGLE,MAC-10,MP5,AK47,M4A1,SG-552,STEYR-AUG,M3,XM-1014,SCOUT,SG-550,AWP,KN?FE)2Grenades(FlashBang,Hegrenade) Best ParticleEffects6Language(English,German,Russian,French,Swedish,Turkish)
Counter Assault - Online FPS 1.0
Hey Soldier! World is under attack and the enemy is ineverywhereand they can be both humans and zombies! You are thechosen One tosave your territory by destroying as many creaturesand humans aspossible and get it back your absolute freedom again!Battlefieldis calling you for harsh duties. Take your guns andrifles and jointhis unique online multiplayer game of battles. Butdon’t forget!You will be in the middle of a bullet party when youaccept thisduty!Feel excitement of modern shooting game as youfight counterstrike operations against enemies depending on yourshooting skillssince it is the first and the only shooting game offightingagainst real enemies or zombies. It is not just by bulletforce,but also by your reflexes and tactical skills.Shooter! Thisis notonly a modern combat, but also an old style warfare. You havetoaccept the duty, join the ops, fight for your people toprotectyour territory by shooting others and to kill for survivalby usingyour bullet force. You are in a real battlefield withimpossiblecritical ops and enjoy unstoppable action while killingwalkingdeads and other humans.Fight with your teammates in thisfast pacedonline multiplayer application in first person shooterpositionwith limitless action in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch,Capture TheFlag, Hostage Rescue, Zombie Infection and ZombieSurvival combatmodes with headshot feature, voice chat and highlycustomizedweapons and uniforms to choose from.DeathmatchThe worldis inconstant war and you have to kill others for survival. Eachplayercompetes for maximum number of kills within a certaintimelimit.Team DeathmatchModern age comes with continuous strikesandcounter strikes. Communicate with your teammates by voice chatandcompete for maximum number of kills within a certaintimelimit.Capture the FlagFlags are the honor of every country.Twoteams compete to capture the flag of the enemy and to bring itnextto its national flag. Hostage RescueRescue Team must rescueahostage hold by the Kidnappers to win. Kidnappers win when thetimeruns out with no conclusion.Zombie SurvivalWalking-deadcreaturesinvade the world and humankind is about to disappear. Youmust keepyourself and your team in safe by beating back thesescarycreatures and repairing broken doors and barriers during playtorescue the world and get it back from thesemutants.ZombieInfectionThese creatures are turning every human intotheir kind.This is a global slaughter. They are coming in waves andyou haveto stop them before they bite and turn you into a zombie.It’s timeto counter assault.Hey Shooter! You are the chosen FPSSniper!Choose your gun and rifle in many 15 alternatives like M4,MP5,Shotgun, DP, AK-47, Benelli, Sniper and be ready for the fight.Youwere born to be a shooter and to kill. This is coded into youDNAand COD. Take your gun or rifle, pull trigger and fire inthismodern combat. Buy more powerful weapons or upgrade existingonesin your arsenal to be the winner in all of thesecriticaloperations. Yes! It is not only bullet force, but when itisnecessary use piercing bullet to explode their skulls and headsatonce! Employ headshot feature to kill them fiercely. Enjoy thebestshooting game ever made!FEATURES:• Solo & Multiplayer(COOP)play modes via automatic match-making• Options for offline&online game• 11 different battlefield maps• Team & CSonlinemodes• 12 different creatures and zombies• 15 weapons (guns&rifles) with various customization options and gunspecs•Customized uniforms with flag choice options• Run throughthebattlefield with dynamic & realistic effects•Real-likeheadshot feature• Voice chat (Walkie-Talkie - VoxerCommunication)•Support for Joysticks• Optimized Performance &Network usage•Minimum disk space on your device (under 85 MB)
Assault Line CS Online Fps Go 1.1.2
*** %100 FREE REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER FPS ***CHALLENGE THE WORLDYOUCAN BECOME WORLD LEADER!Multiplayer mobile FPS is not adreamanymore. Professional game experience and great maps it willletyou challenge your friends within a private room or groupagainstwhole other online players.You can see your friends killnumbersand beat them !All guns and mods are and always be free.Youwillnever be asked to buy anything.▶MO- FPS that you’veneverexperienced before on Mobile!-World's first real-timemultiplayergun battle(Shooting) on mobile. -Easier controls withUIcustomization. Works on any device!-3 maps/2 battlemodes▶Runthrough the battlefield with dynamic and realisticcharactermovements-10+ actual weapons with the different gunspecs-Uniquesound effect/character action for each weapon.-Realistic graphicswith more sophisticated lightings.Important:Connect the gameserver by WIFI or 3G network, WIFI is better.Please don't try toconnect server by 2G (EDGE) network
Counter Terrorist Shoot 2.0
Doing Studio
===== Best First-Person Shooter Action Game ==== Welcome toplayCounter Terrorist Shooting Game! Multiplayer characterfightinggame, a scene up to 5 players. You can train your shootingskillsand improve your weapon operation ability. Only goodoperationalcontrol in the war game mission in order to play thepower of avariety of weapons. In this first-person shooter game,you canunlock and open all maps. As a member of unity to play thesoldiersassault effect. Action shooting game, only aim and shoot,and themodern enemy tough soldiers, assault soldiers, commandersfighting.Just fire with your guns and kill the enemy, let us startto playthe world's greatest military attack game. Command thenationalarmy , brave battle! Modern Shooting Combat Assault Games,FirstPerson Shooter and Shooting, Action Shooter BattleCampaign.Trigger sniper rifles and assault rifles in a realistic3Denvironment, shoot crazy, and then get more items and weaponsfromthe award. Counter Terrorist Shooting all functions: ●Shootingweapons, special weapons, heavy weapons, assault rifles,main andauxiliary weapons ● AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniperrifles, ●Mission mode, Defuse bomb mode, zombie mode ● Realistic3Denvironment, high-quality 3D graphics, Download CounterTerroristShooting Game, Modern Shooter Fighting Game.
Standoff 2 0.10.7
The legendary "Standoff" is back in the form of adynamicfirst-person shooter! New maps, new types of weapons, newgamemodes are waiting for you in ths incredible action game,whereterrorists and special forces going to engage the battle notforlife, but to death. The game is at the beta-testing stage atthismoment: - 6 maps - 3 game modes ("Deathmatch", "Defuse thebomb","Arms race") - Friends - Lobbies - Messaging - Tradesbetweenplayers - HUD and crosshair customization - Text and voicechats -A lot of fun! Next features: - New game modes ("Capture theflag","Robbery") - Competitive games ("Defuse the bomb") -Tournaments -New models of knives, grenades, new weapons - Moremaps and skinsLet the battlebegin!---------------------------------------------------- We're inVK: We're inFacebook: We're inTwitter:
Counter Terrorist 2-Trigger 1.0
8Square Games
Thanks for our fans' love and great suggestions to our lasttwoversions of Counter Terrorist - Critical Strike(CT-CS).Herewepresent the Counter Terrorist 2-Trigger(sister version ofCounterTerrorist 2-Gun Strike)Key Features:☑As part of our playerslikethe "auto shoot", but the other part don't like it, so herewepresent the Counter Terrorist 2-Trigger, we add "trigger" buttonbydefault, but when you think it's too hard to use, you canstillturn on the "auto shoot".☑We also turn off "In App Purchase"inthis version, as it can be played by players from thecountrieswhere they can not play this game before.2.0 NewFeatures:☑You canturn "Auto Shoot" ON/OFF in battle.☑You can modify"AimSensitivity" in pause button.☑More weapons, in 2.0 we have20weapons, some are really the "monsters":)☑More levels, in 2.0weadded 2 more levels which contain gorgeous environment.☑Moresmartenemies, in 2.0 we will face much smarter enemies, you'dbetter notdespise them.☑Harder level means more rewards.Gamecontrol:☑Left1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is foraiming.☑When youaim the target,your weapon will fireautomatially,giving you a mucheasier FPS game control.☑You canprepare your bullets beforebattling,or auto buy bullet in thebattle.Game tips☑You can tweakyour control sensivity in your pausemenu,fit all the androiddevices here.☑Auto buying bullets in thebattle,save your precioustime☑Aim the head,give your enemy thecritical strike!☑Enemies'life and damage grows when you select aharder level.Enjoy!
Counter Terrorist Fire Shoot 1.1
Counter Terrorist SWAT Shoot is a fast-paced FPS, this gamewilltest your ability to respond and tactical skills. In thefightagainst terrorism, or the destruction of terrorism as thepurposeof fighting, to experience the passion of modern terroristwar.Join game with your friends, to contest by leading thescoreboard.Join the competitive combat in the most skill-basedportable FPS!This game is a new, realistic action shooting game.Game Tip: - youneed to do is to place the crosshair on the enemy, -You can adjustyour game settings in the pause interface. Gamecontrol: - clickthe firing button to easily destroy the enemy. -You can preparethe bullet before the start of the battle, or switchweapons incombat. Game features: - Simple and easy to control -Choice ofvarious task modes - cool and powerful weapons - Real andmajesticbattlefield - Do not forget your dagger when you do nothave abullet entered the game, find the phone most strikingsniperexperience.
Forward Assault 1.1032
Best online and multiplayer shooter tactics in FPSgame.first-person shooter with tactical gameplay, become the leaderof aswat team, and get ready take down killers, terroristandinternational criminals. High-quality graphics, andfast-pacedshooting action game play. Several guns, shotguns,snipers, rifles,assault rifles and more powerful weapons you canchoose from.Choose your side you can be with the good cops andcombat terroirsattacks or international criminal actions fromhappening, or youcan become the criminal try to make the worldburn. Fight as thecounter terrorist S.A.W.T CT team or theterrorist mafia leader andplant bomb. Play on strategic &tactical maps and bring yourteam to victory. You can also play aRanked mode in this new FPSgun game, where you must climb theladder and become the top playerin the world. PVP Shooter in aModern Survival War FPS survivalgame, intensive action, incrediblesimulator that will take youright to the action. Run, hide,distract, aim, shoot, and kill. Youbetter have a good plan to makeyour army win. Play offensive,defensive or counterattack, usetactical shooting strategies toassure your victory, but be careful,this is not as easy as itseems, you should have an elaborate actionplan. Main Online FPSFeatures • Role Playing S.W.A.T. Cops Team orTerroirs Army •Several Weapons – Gun, Rifle, Shotgun, Knife,Assault Rifle,Sniper, and more. • Fast Action Tactical Shooter Game• IncredibleGraphics & Sounds • Real Physics & Effects •OnlineMultiplayer FPS • Best PVP Shooter Simulator Are you readytoshoot, run, hide, and kill? Download it Now… if you dare !!
Counter Terror Bullet Party HD 1.4
Are you ready fast paced action shooter game ? Counter terrorbulletparty is a online realtime fps game. Create your team andshow yourskills. Its a competitive portable fps game. If you are ahardcoregamers battlefield ready for you. Play as special forceleader ofthe team fortress gun and strike warfare.Features- 20 newmaps- Newskins on weapons- Case simulator system- Quality Graphics
Contra City Online 0.9.9
Are you a fan of 3D shooter games? Grab the weapon and fightonlinewith millions of players all over the world in new onlineFPSContra City. Choose the equipment you like among the varietyofoutfits. You can look like commando, gangster, military,raper,biker and dozens of other characters. Show everyone who isthe bossof the city!WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT:• Variety of modernweapons:Katana, Desert Eagle, Kalashnikov AK47, Minigun, RocketLauncherand Flamethrower. Also hand gun, assault rifles, gatlingguns andeven Golden weapons and bullets for real pro players!•Differentoutfits: hats, masks, camouflage. Equipment setswithbonuses.UPGRADES AND CONTRACTS:• Improve your character’stalentsin Gym and make him undefeatable.• Upgrade your favouriteweapons.•Get new interesting tasks every day and receivetherewards!COMMUNICATION:• Invite your friends and find the newones.Compete with your friends and show your skills.• Join a clanorcreate your own one. Chat with your clanmates and improve yourclantogether.• All your friends and clanmates will see yourprogressand achievements! MAPS AND MODES:• Fight counter otherplayers indifferent modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture theFlag,Control Points, Zombie mode.• Balanced maps of appropriatesize fordifferent game styles: for snipers and for those who likeclosecombat shooting.• Exciting Zombie mode: kill all zombies orbecomea Zombie boss to infect other players!TOPs AND RATINGS:•Leagues:earn the world ranking among the top shooters and getcombatbonuses.• Create your own strike squad and show your force togainyour place in overall Top.• Lead clan wars to show everyonehowskilled your team is.• Each league will give you armor anddamagebonuses.Contra City Mobile is:First person shooter with fresh3DgraphicsFrequent updates and blitzsalesExcitingmultiplayerNeverending shootingPlay for free allcombat modesMorethan 100 types of weapons and equipmentCommunication andcompetitions among the players all over theworldOnline shooteroptimized for a comfortable game on the weakestdevices
Strafe Esports 2.6.2
Sidledes AB
EVERYTHING ESPORTSStrafe Esports App provides a broadesportexperience on mobile. Follow the action of your favoriteteams andplayers in the biggest tournaments for the major esportsgames.Watch live streams (Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Azubu, Hitbox),checkout scores with live updated results and stay up to date withthelatest news. THE WIDEST COVERAGE OF ESPORTSTOURNAMENTSStrafecovers the widest range of esports tournaments(LCS, LPL, IEM, ESLPro League, Valve Majors, GSL and more) forCounter-Strike (CS:GO),Dota 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone,StarCraft 2 andOverwatch.FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE TEAMS ANDPLAYERSFollow and supportyour favorite teams and players to getpush notifications withmatch results and news. Make sure to nevermiss a match again!SHOWOFF YOUR SKILLS BY PREDICTING THE WINNERBe apart of the mostactive prediction community in esports on mobile.Compete withfellow strafers and climb theleaderboard!FEATURESCalendar &tournaments - Keep track ofcurrent and upcoming games andtournaments Following - Follow yourfavourite teams and players toget esports live scores and newsupdatesPredictions - show off yourskills at predicting the winnerand rise to the top of theleaderboardFeed - Watch live streams orbrowse the latest news fromthe biggest esports sitesMatchBreakdowns - Dive deep into matchupand map statsTeams & Players- Browse esports teams andplayers… and much more!SUPPORTEDTITLESLeague of Legends (LoL)Dota2Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO)StarCraft 2(SC2)Hearthstone (HS)OverwatchRocket League….andmore to comesoon!We'd love to hear how we could further improve theStrafeEsports app! Please send your feedback to: [email protected]'ll be happy to hear your thoughts!
Commando Action Counter Strike 1.0
Hey this is the the criminal mania to fight against the enemiesandkill them from your arena and save your city. This is asurvivalMission to counter strike the criminals who spoils yourcountryland.Make your city save and do the army commando gun fightmissionas a commando battlefield and kill your enemies.This isbasicallyus army commando mission against the criminals to get ridoff.Commando Action Counter Strike is the main purpose ofCommandoAction Counter Strike. In the intelligence operation thesecretdepartments of our country reports to their headquarters tocounterstrike against the terrorists who hideout and theirfacilitatorstoo. This Game is basically developed for the fans ofcommandoterrorist attack game and commando sniper mission game.Inthis gameyou are highly trained elite commando and you have tofight withthe enemies and to eliminate them with your counterterroriststrike mission. Because it is army commando gun fightmission whichoccupies the different strategies for attacking andarresting theterrorist with shooting machine guns and other latestweapons.Thisarmy commando mission is basically Commando ActionCounter Strikewhich actually planed for eliminating the terror fromyourcountry.This Commando Action Counter Strike is full of actionandthrill that engage you to playing it again and again withlatestand advanced challenging missions. ?The commando snipermissiongame is an commando war game with latest features,wonderful3Dgraphics and 3D environment. This commando war game hasmanychallenging missions and those missions has moreinterestinglevel.when you play this us army sniper 3d killer elitegame youwill feel more enjoyable and more engaging for your freetime. Thisus army sniper 3d killer elite game is free of cost. So,Downloadand enjoy it. Why you should Have this Game in yourAndroidmobile??? Feature and Game Play - Commando TerroristAttack.-Sniper Shooting. - Multiple Weapons.- Smooth andEfficientControls.- Unlimited bullets and reloaded automatically.-GorgeousBattlefields arenas.- Intelligence and strategy basedmissions. -Wonderful 3D graphics.- Super addictive Game play.
SMLTR 0.6.7
SMLTR app allows you to play the lottery with the CSGO weaponskinsinprizes.======================================================================CS:GOcontentand materials are trademarks and copyrights of Valve oritslicensors. All rights reserved.This content is not affiliatedwith,endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Valve andValve isnot responsible for it.Note: Weapon skins found in SMLTRcannot beused in official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamemade byValve.
Critical Strike Shoot Fire 1.3
Doing Studio
Critical Strike Shoot Strike is an action game that providesyouwith a real shooting experience.As a commando, you acceptthearduous task. The game provides you with many advanced weapons.Letyou feel the exciting experience. Powerful weapons can makeyoueasily kill terrorists, better destroy the enemy base. Jointhegame, complete the mission, get gold coins, buy and upgradeyourguns, let you conquer the whole battlefield. So do not beafraid tolaunch an attack to destroy the brutal terrorists.In ahigh degreeof freedom of shooting environment, You have receivedthe arduoustask of the anti-terrorist commando, so your action isfull ofadventure. You need to fire and hit the enemy. But you needto becareful of the enemy's attack, looking for enemies, one by onetodestroy all the enemies.Everything is ready for you to join!Thebattlefield is full of the crisis, all the cutting-edgeweaponsagain, whether you can escape all the attacks, complete allthechallenges. Stick to the end, you are elite fighters!Features:-thereal battlefield environment- Action FPS game- realshootingeffect- all kinds of advanced and powerful Guns- actualgamecontrol- Simple and smooth control- realistic scenes andclimate-shocking music and sound effects
Case Simulator Hero for CS:GO 3.1.4b
A Case Opener Simulator for CSGO(Counter Strike GlobalOffensive)with a whole new gameplay! You can get the best skinsfrom CS:GOand play online games in the ultimate csgo casesimulator. - Knifeand Ak-47 Cases - More than 800 CS:GO Skins ingame - Music Playerand obtainable Music - Howl Case! ONLINE GAMES •Crash, Coinflip,Jackpot, Double ► 3 different MINIGAMES to earnvirtual money andexperience! • BunnyHop, Flappy, Knife ♣ OnlineTRADE and CHAT soyou can reach anyone In Game! ♠ Online SkinMarketplace and CloudSave - A Case Simulator that gives you thesame opening feelingjust like in Counter Strike. Open up to fivecases at the same timeand feel the thrill of Case Opening. Rank upto Global Elite andunlock everything! Quests in game to help youearn Hero Coins andobtain hundreds of items. Advanced Stickersystem so you cancustomize your weapons and higher their price aswell. ✪ StatTrakweapons, exteriors (Factory New, Well Worn etc..)all in game! Playthe best game based on Case Opening from CSGO andexperience theunique gameplay! Soon: - Advanced rank system -Souvenir Items andsome Knife Phases This game is not associatedwith Valvecorporation or their Counter Strike Global Offensivetitle
Critical Ops 1.2.0.f381
Critical Ops is a 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS build for mobile.Experienceaction, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills areessential tosuccess. Are you ready for the most skill-based mobileFPS?Critical Ops is a first-person shooter that featurescompetitivecombat through beautifully crafted maps and challenginggame modes.Battle it out alongside your band of brothers or lead anindividualscoreboard. Will you fight as a member of Coalition orThe Breach?The outcome is determined by your skills and yourstrategy.Offering no in-app purchases that give competitiveadvantages, weguarantee a FAIR-TO-PLAY scene! Master a variety ofweapons andskills by competing in intense PvP gameplay. Competitiverankedgames pit you against other similarly skilled operatives.Whileplaying, you will learn new mechanics and gain knowledge,allowingyou to evolve as a player. Go SOCIAL! Create or join aclan. Hostprivate matches. Gather your friends and join them inexcitingcombat! Critical Ops expands the world of esports onto themobileplatforms. Join our VIBRANT ESPORT SCENE and gain areputation forYOU and your team. The game currently features threechallenginggame modes: DEFUSE Two teams, two goals! One team tryingto plantand defend the bomb until detonation, the other one tryingtodefuse it. Dominate the battlefield! TEAM DEATHMATCH Twoopposingteams battle it out in a timed deathmatch. Make each bulletcount!GUN GAME Two teams fight against each other, withindividualplayers working their own way through all the weapons inthe game.Gear Up! Play the game how you like through ourmatchmaking: QUICKGAMES Play all the available game modes in quick,matchmade gameswith operatives of similar skill level. RANKED GAMESOperativescompete for points and secure their rank through victoryin acompetitive matchmade adaptation of Defuse. Climb to the top oftheladder! CUSTOM GAMES The classic way of playing Critical Ops,joinor host a room of any of the available game types, enableapassword to host private rooms. Regular updates improvegameperformance, unlock new game modes, features and skinstopersonalize the experience for you as a player. Critical Ops isandalways will be a FREE-TO-PLAY game. Purchases are purelycosmetic.Download now and join the Critical Ops community! Followus onsocial media: Facebook: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: 
Counter Terrorist Game 2.0
------- Best 1st Person Shooting Game Ever 100% FREE------HelloHiWelcome to Counter Terrorist GameAll to All Features ShootingGuns- special weapons● Heavy Machine guns and sub-machine guns ,Squadmatches● Pistol 9mm● Ak 47● MP5● M4 rifles● Shotgun●SniperriflesMobile Game Play - Counter Terrorist Game● Realistic3D●Trilling graphics ● Real MissionsDownload " Counter TerroristGame" to proclaim amazing & Modern Shooting Combat Game.●Bundle ofThank for your Support and Ideas for Better GameEnvironment Our 1million Users Worldwide Thanks Thanks a Lot..
Quiz CS:GO players 4.2
Test your knowledge in the CS:GO eSportsOur quiz is:Interesting!Thegame has more than 200 questions about cs:go pro players.Competewith your friends and players from all over the worldonleaderboards. Сollect achievements in GooglePlayGames.Informative! After each level you will findinterestingadditional information about this question.The game hasstatistics!Demonstrate your knowledge to friends.Several additionalgame modesare available:1) “Yes or no”: A simple game with yes\noanswers.You lose all of your points for wrong answer;2) “Timechallenge”: Agame in which you need to answer the questions asquickly aspossible;3) “Find the pairs”: A game mode, where you haveto matchup the images with the correct words.Enjoy!
Counter Clicker 1.9.6
Sufle Games
Up for a mobile CSGO idle clicker experience for FREE? In thisidleCounter Strike clicker simulation game you have to show alltheskills you got or you won’t become a pro! Tap until yourfingersget sore, get the upgrades, up your game and earn morecash!Whether it be CSGO skins, new equipment, learning Russianorgetting a pro team jersey, all the upgrades help you becomeabetter cs player. Clicking has never been more fun! IMPROVEYOURCOUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE SKILLS! Got tired of watchingthepro players and not having enough skills to compete with them?Areyou a silver, gold nova, or global elite? Don’t worry,CounterClicker doesn’t care about your gaming skills. As long asyou cantap, you are going to be a successful Counter Strike playerwith alittle training! Just keep on tapping and buy upgrades. Youcaneven get a rare case, or a pro RGB keyboard! ✔️ COLLECT CASESANDUNLOCK AWESOME SKINS! ✔️ GET FANCY UPGRADES! ✔️ COMPLETEMISSIONSAND EARN REWARDS! ✔️ PLAY FLAPPY GRENADE MINI GAME! ✔️100+ACHIEVEMENTS! ✔️ BECOME A PRO PLAYER! ✔️ ENJOY THE GAME FORFREE!✔️ NO ANNOYING ADS! No trolls, no rage quits, no expensivekeys orstress! Just you, slowly becoming a pro CS GO clicker! Jointhe CSGO clicker clan now! Feel free to send your [email protected]
Critical Shot: Online FPS Game 0.52
Best Online CS style shooting game ever!FEATURESMultiplayerFPSGameTeam Deatmatch and Deatmatch gamemodesFast-pacedcompetitionLegendary Counter MapsAmazingGraphicsHardcoreActionOffensive GamePlayWEAPONSBerettaM9-PistolMP5-SubmachinegunAK47-RifleM16-RifleMK11-SniperAndmanyskin options! Bullets are ready to strike!Counterenemiesdown!Shoot the gun and start battle!Go to gun strike!BeReady torush counter enemies!Counter your worst enemies, but makesure theydon't strike first!GO GO GO!GIVE FEEDBACKGame is in underALPHAphase. Please write reviews or give feedback via sending [email protected] ,We will continue progress and addnewfeatures and content soon.Facebook Page:
Battleground Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018 1.0.3
Get ready for hardcore classic FPS game of Counter Strikers,thereal swat team is going to fight real war in deadlybattlefield.This time you have to face the most modern commandos infull actionwith modern weapons to ambush your territory. But youare the realcounter strike force not trained to be defeated easily.Destroy theenemy troops and commandos with modern weapons and AK47.Gets thereal feel of combat fighting in realistic 3D environment.Get holdof your grenades and refill your M5 ammo to pull the burston yourenemies.Play with two different teams Swat Counter Strikeforce andterrorists. Use melee attacks and throw hand grenades, forthefirst time in First person action game we have added pump actiontoblow the enemy crazy. Follow the guidelines directed bytheoperator and run the mission cleanup in occupied army base.Theultimate war is ahead Sargent are you ready to fight forthevictory? We got intel from higher authorities to destroy themostprecious data stolen from our base which can be very fatal toournational security stored in a laptop, you need to find itanddestroy it, use your special training skills and plan a strategytoambush in enemies area, make sure you get yourself to safepointafter your mission is completed. You are responsible forthesecurity of civilians a very well knows political personalityiskidnapped and authorities are informed to safely rescuehim,remember soldier we do not trade with our rivals, go out withyouralliances and rescue the political personality without anytrade,you must secure him at any cost, you need to be very carefulwehave got intel that there must be mines field everywhere inenemybase make sure you don’t hit any of them and we don’t wantanycasualties.Playing this Army commando Action game will makeyoufeel like a real team of counter terrorism and counter sniperteamwith one to one combat against enemies. This is not amodernshooting combat assault games, you are a team leader ofcounterstrike force so play like an action shooter battle withrealsnipers, AK47, M5 and shot guns which you are trained for. Onlyastrategically planned battle can be won in war games. Only aimandshoot to kill, Fire with your guns and kill the every enemymakesure no one is left and get back to the extraction point.Let’splay the world’s greatest military attack game on yoursmartphones. Commando your counter strike force in combat andbattlefields to win every war. Once your pistol is out of ammoinstead ofreloading it change your weapon to kill the enemy in yourfront,reloading your weapon takes time then swapping it. Let knowyourpresence to your enemy, shot the gun fire and kill to shoot inthisaction game 2018. Play at your own risk and beat all ofyourfriends in multiplayer mode, Play as a special force teamleader tocounter strike the brutal armed terrorists commandos whoareengaged in blackout and warfare against your team fortress.Theenemy commando strike will never let you take a breath sothatshooting until every one of them is down in this free actiongame2018.Battleground Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018 real feelofshooting and warfare playing in battlefields. Startdownloadingthis counter strike now for free.Features ofBattleground CounterAttack Army: Gunner 2018: • Free to play. •Multiple characters tochoose from. • Lethal and modern weapons tokill and shoot. •Realistic enemy AI. • First person shootingexperience. • Next Gen3D graphics. • Realistic controls withjoystick. • Player rewards.• Beautiful game environment.
Block Strike 5.8.6
Rexet Studio
Play a fascinating dynamic first-person shooter with friendsandother players online. Gather with friends in your team, createaclan and win together in dynamic battles. Buy weapons, upgradeit,change the look of your weapons and character. ** Modes ** Gamehasmore than 15 different game modes from which you can select: -TeamDeathmatch - Death Run - Gun Game - Hunger Games - ZombieSurvival- Bunny Hop - Surf ** Maps ** More than 60 different maps,in whichevery day there are dynamic battles. From small maps to asmallgroup of friends, to large maps on which you have to work hardtowin. ** Weapons ** More than 40 types of weapons likepistols,submachine guns, machine guns, shotguns, machine guns,rifles andmelee weapons. ** Skins and stickers ** Change yourappearance ofyour weapons with skins and also don't forget to stickthe sticker.All this you can get in cases for free and in-gamecurrency, whichyou can get for the fights. Create your unique lookweapons, to beenvied by even your friends.
AWP Lotto skins 0.1.47
This simulator has expensive AWP skins drop.Are you tiredofsimulators with cheap skins? Do you want good expensiveskins?AWPLotto is all you need!Just expensive skins AWP: Asiimov,Boom,Hyper Beast and more others! Visit our application every dayandyou will get back up to 100 percent coins even in case youloss.Nodeception - it is just a every-ticket-wins lottery forexpensivethings.DISCLAIMERCS:GO content and materials aretrademarks andcopyrights of Valve or its licensors. All rightsreserved.Thiscontent is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored,orspecifically approved by Valve and Valve is not responsibleforit.Note: Weapon skins found in AWP Lotto cannot be used inofficialCounter-Strike: Global Offensive game made by Valve.
Counter Terror Sniper Shoot 1.3
Doing Studio
Do you want to join an exciting action class shooting game?CounterTerror Sniper Shoot is a new action class first personshootergame. It is full of action, war and combat missions. Are youreadyto fight the terrorists on the real battlefield? It is timetoattack, pick up your weapons, move forward, fight onthebattlefield. Destroy the brutal enemy, complete the mission.Yourcity is threatened. Terrorists sneaked into your city andmadechaos. You as a commando striker, accepted the mission of thearmy.Destroy all terrorists who have sneaked into the city, savetheinnocent people and restore the peace of the city. the isadifficult mission, you must use your superb shooting skillsandcombat capability, survive on the battlefield and completethemission. Counter Terror Sniper Shoot Features: - Realbattlefieldenvironment - modern weapons and various equipment -Challengingshooting mission - HD graphics - amazing music and soundeffects -Smart AI - Play anytime, anywhere
Case Opener HighSkill 1.1.15
This application allows to open cases cs go. You can collecttherarest weapon.There are some features of this case opener: •Manyskins cs go • Price is specified for each item • Knives cs go,forexample Karambit Damascus steel and others • You can sell skintobuy more boxes and keys • Chances are close to realIn general,youcan try your luck without spending money in real counterstrike,just train with opening case simulator.Attention: The gameis asimulator and joke, so all weapon which you have won here, cannotbe used in Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Free cases for GO 1.3.011
THIS IS NOT A ROULETTE. Earn coins for watching video orbyinstalling free apps. Exchange your coins for real csgoitemsOpenGO cases and get the rarest skins of weapon, knives with100%chance to get them!There is also a chance to get rare skin!
Counter Terrorist Attack 5.3.2
Counter Terrorist Attack: SWAT Combat Mission is an actionpackedshooting war game. Encounter the enemies with armor,Ak-47,shotguns and new destructive weapons. In counter terroristattack3D game your role are as the brave assassin commando from thearmyforce. With every targeted gun shots you would get in practicewithyour targets. Accurate and precise aim practice will lead tomoreaccuracy will help you to assassinate the numerous terrorist.Keepin mind; these are the rebel terrorist, and you are going toleadthe SWAT and anti-terrorist team. More advanced features ofthecrusade against terror allow your choice of ammo, likeshotguns,Ak-47, and machine-guns from different places duringaction. Traveldeep into enemy territory to locate and eliminatehidden targets.Stare down your rifle scope, zoom in to find andidentify thetarget. Game play Features:• Complex situation, clearthe wararenas• Short & long shooter rifles• Exciting mapwithrealistic fighting arena environment • Negate the land to leadyouto the next stage• Different auto loader guns • Bestterroristshooting 2017 game• Amazing 3D Graphics• Counter TerroristAttack:SWAT Combat Mission game with both FPS (First personshooter) andTPS (third person shooter) controller options• Lead thecounterterrorist team and use your skills to negate the land andsurvive •Very simple and smooth joystick ControllerHow to Play:•Choose yourmission • Shoot with fire button• Move up down jumpbutton • Useadvance weapons to eliminate the enemies• Auto targetwheneverclose to enemy.• Change different type’s ammo during actionwar.