Top 49 Apps Similar to Pixer - Unsplash Application

Artful - Photo Glitter Effects 1.4
Create sparkling pictures with amazing glitter effects.PhotoGlitter Effects is a powerful photo editor app with easy touseuser interface. Photo Glitter Effects provides hand draweffectsfeature. Just select the picture and hand draw effects onthepicture from multiple glitter dust effect patterns. PhotoGlitterEffects also provide photo effects, sticker and text so thatyoucan get perfect result every time. Features: > Selectpicturefrom your gallery or capture new one from camera > Handdraweffects on your picture from multiple glitter dust effectpatterns> Apply amazing photo effects > Add decorativestickers >Add your personalized text > Save your creation obSD card >Share your creation on social media directly from theapp Createshimmering effects on your pictures by hand drawingglitter dust.Try Now!!
GoArt is the world’s first AI technology based effects appthatsupports to export 10M Pixel image which makes it is possibletoprint the art!GoArt utilizes the latest emergent AI technologytoallow users to instantly transform them using preset ‘fineart’templates, inspired by the masters of fine art. Simulatedpaintingstyles from Van Gogh to Monet, give users the choicebetweenartistic styles. GoArt goes even larger than ever byallowing ourusers to create high quality versions of the photos upto2880*2880px ; which gives users the ability to print the arttheycreate. Having created over tons of filters and we continuetoproduce new styles. Every week two new effects will go liveandspruce up your creativity with GoArt!
Camly photo editor & collages 2.1.6
Camly is an awesome photo editing app that combinesprofessionalediting tools and simplicity of usage. UNIQUE FILTERSAND STYLISHEFFECTS FOR PHOTO Camly lets you use various effects forpicturesincluding unique filters that can easily make your photospecial.Filter packs were created by a team of professionalphotographersand compile their long photo editing experience. Usethe results oftheir work to give a desirable look to your photo! Wecreated thefollowing photo effects for you: light leaks effects,vintage,retro, selfie photo effects, black and white effects, colorbalanceand others amazing filters for photos! STYLISH STICKERSANDCAPTIONS Camly has a set of stickers that can turn your photointoan exciting story. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by ourstickers.We have everything from hipster moustache to hearts andflowers andeven fairy tale characters. Camly lets you add beautifulcaptionsso that you could express all your emotions on thephoto.PROFESSIONAL EDITING Camly has a set of professional editingtoolsespecially for the delicate adjustment fans. With Camly youcanedit brightness, contrast, optical exposure, light andshadows,hue, colour temperature(warmth), saturation, acutance. Youcan alsouse vignette, cutting and rotating tools includingstraighteningthe horizon, Fisheye, barrel and pincushiondistortion, keystonedistortion, blur, tilt-shift and other usefulsettings. COLLAGEMAKER When one photo is not enough to express allyour ideas usecollages. We’ve created a huge number of collages forevery lifesituation. Create your own unique photo collage withCamly usingour best layouts! BACKGROUND IMAGE FRAMES FOR PHOTOS Addnewcolours to your photo by putting it in a photo frame. Youcanchoose the most suitable background picture and add brightcreativehues to your photo. You can try various borders forpictures usingour app. Use our frames for pictures to post entirephotos tosocial networks. FAST POSTING OF THE RESULT IN SOCIALNETWORKS Youcan save the edited photo on your phone or share itwith friends byposting in your favourite social networks. Use#Camly when postingphotos. We’ll find your photos and post the bestones in ourpopular accounts with thousands of followers mentioningyou as anauthor. Moreover, using #Camly you help spreading theapplicationthrough your friends who will thank you for a greatrecommendation.Follow us in social networks:Instagram:
Pixlr – Free Photo Editor 3.4.23
123RF Limited
Unleash your creativity with Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) – afreeand easy photo editor. No account creation required, justdownloadand start editing. Capture any moment and edit with over 2millioncombinations of FREE effects, overlays, and filters. Shareof yourphotos seamlessly with friends or followers throughemail,Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any social network. Followus onInstagram (@pixlr) for daily inspiration, tips, and tricks tomakecool photo edits. Show us your awesome edits, #madewithpixlrfor achance to be featured on our feed! Features: • Createphotocollages easily with a variety of preset collages, gridstyle,customized ratio, and background. • Instantly adjust thecolor ofyour photo in one easy click using Auto Fix. • Use DoubleExposureto create an array of effects easily with layers andadjustabletransparency. • Create cool photo effects using Stylize(pencilsketch, poster, watercolor and more). • Effortlesslyremoveblemishes, red-eye, smoothen skin, or whiten teeth withsimpletools. • Bring out the color with Color Splash effect or addimpactwith Focal Blur. • Choose from a range of effect packs togive yourimage the look and feel you want. • Adjust the tone of thephotowith overlays – amplify the tone, cool it down, or addsurrealshades. • Easily add text to your photos with a variety offonts tochoose from. • Finish off your editing process with therightborder - pick a style that suits you. • Keep things fresh withourgrowing release of additional effects, overlays, and borderpacks.• Keep track of your favorite effects and overlays withtheFavorites button. • Crop and resize images quickly andeasilybefore saving. We love hearing your ideas and feedback.Follow uson Instagram (@pixlr), Twitter (@pixlr) or Facebook(/Pixlr). Forsupport or bug reporting, please reach out to us
com.pinguo.edit.sdk 4.9.5
PinGuo Inc.
MIX a powerful yet easy-to-use image editor that can enhanceyourphotos in seconds. == FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS == - Offers 130free,high-quality filters covering a variety of stylesincludingprofessional film, instant film, selfie, LOMO etc. -Supportsadvanced image editing tools like curve, HSL, split toningetc. -Provides 60+ effect-enhancing texture overlays - Save andshareyour own filters, which are backed up to the Cloud and willneverbe lost - Publish your best photos and filters to the MIXCommunityto share with millions of MIX users - Study imagepost-processingtechniques in MIX Academy - Smooth and efficientuser interaction== RICH FILTER CHOICES == MIX is a filter-centricapp. It isshipped with around 130 built-in, high quality filterscovering avariety of picture styles, which include professionalreversalcolor film, instant film, selfie (with face smootheningeffect),monochrome, lomography and many more. If you are creativeand wantmore image styles, MIX allows you to edit photos using thevariousediting tools and to save your edits as personalizedfilters. Theseuser-generated filters can also be easily sharedamong MIX usersvia popular social networks or the MIX community.Furthermore, whenlogged in, user-generated filters will be backedup to the Cloud sothey will never be lost. MIX also allows you tomark favoritefilters for quicker access. == PROFESSIONAL EDITINGTOOLS == MIXprovides 15 basic, simple-to-use image adjustment toolsthateveryone can easily master. In addition, for people thathavein-depth knowledge about image editing, MIX also providessomeprofessional color tools, including Curve, HSL, Split ToningandColor Balance. With all the tools and some knowledge, youcanachieve as many picture styles as you want. ==EFFECT-ENHANCINGTEXTURES == To further enhance the effect, yourphoto can beoverlaid with one of the 60+ textures. These texturescan providefun effects including raindrop, snowy day, sunlight,lens flare,light leak etc. Appropriate use of these textures canmake yourphoto more attractive. == CROPPING & TRANSFORMING ==Inaddition to the usual image cropping features, MIX provides youthetools to correct perspective distortion, which can be quiteusefulin cases like architecture photography. With MIX, thetallbuildings in your photo will no longer slant. == PublishPhotos& Filters to the MIX Community == You can publish yourbestphotos to the MIX community to share with the millions of MIXusersall over the world. Besides, you can share your editsaspersonalized filters at the same time so that other MIX userscandownload. == Online Academy == A place to learn the tips of MIXandgeneral photo post-processing techniques. New articles arepostedregularly.
HDR Max - Photo Editor 2.5
HDR Max provides you with all the tools you need to bring outthebest in your photos. The unique filtering technology enables youtoadd an HDR effect to any photo without the hassle ofmultipleexposures. HDR Max is a full-featured pro photo editor withanintegrated set of flexible tools. All effects have convenientandaccurate real-time previews. You can always zoom closer and/orusesplit view to see the difference to the original. And youcanalways go back to the previous version using the unlimitedundofeature. Get HDR Max now and start creating pictures that catchtheeye! Features - HDR effect: strength, detail, glow - 90colorfilters for one-tap enhancement - Pinch-to-zoom - Adjustablesplitscreen A/B view - Full undo - Tune contrast,brightness,saturation, exposure and color temperature - Colorbalance -Sharpen - Straighten - Crop - Flip/mirror - Orientation -Vignette- Fisheye lens effect - Cartoon/sketch - Tilt-shift HDRMaxpreserves original camera metadata including location.
Pixomatic photo editor 4.1.7
Pixomatic LLC
Pixomatic photo editor is featured by Apple in “GreatPhotographyApps,” “New Apps We Love” & “Share the Fever” on theApp Store,that makes smart cutouts from an image with fingertipsdirectlyfrom your mobile device and now is available in GooglePlay! Haveyou ever wanted to accurately and conveniently remove andchangeimage backgrounds from your photos? Now you can quickly,precisely,and easily edit your photos with Pixomatic. Turn yourpictures intomasterpieces in just minutes, and become an expertphoto editorwithout costly and complicated software. Take yourimage editingcapabilities to the next level. With Pixomatic, youcan: · Cut out,replace, and remove image elements – Pixomatic makeseven thetrickiest edges easy to edit! · Replace or removephotobackgrounds. Make it beautiful! Make it funny! · Blurbackgroundsto enhance the depth of field and make your subjectstruly pop! ·Create dynamic grayscale images from your colororiginals. · Applymultiple filters to your edited images fornuanced, sophisticatededits. · Adjust image colors with speed andprecision. · Preciselycrop and flip images on your first try. ·Smooth images, adjustshadows and set opacities to capture exactlywhat you’re lookingfor. · Manipulate image perspectives to bestsuit your devices andaudience. · Make stickers of anything you wantand save for futureuse on your photos. · Add a colorful textchoosing from 40+ fonts,change the alignment and add shadow for amore realistic look. Donot miss your chance to win our Instagrammonthly contest. Forrules and news make sure to follow ourInstagram page(@pixomatic_app). Pixomatic also makes it easy tosave your cutsand edits in a dedicated album for future use.Quickly share andupload them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, andTumblr. Contact usat if you have any featurerequests,questions, or comments.
piZap Photo Editor, MEME Maker, Design & Collages
piZap photo editor, MEME Maker, design tool and collagemakercombines four tools in one! - Create anything you can imagine- 1.6million stock images - 367 fonts - Colorful, vibrant filtersthatyou won’t find anywhere else. - Unique collage layouts likeheartsand mixed shapes. - Thousands of fun, colorful stickers.Nobody hasmore stickers than piZap! Be creative! Have fun! Let’ssee what youcan do Unlock all features and zap those ads with piZapPRO for$35.88/year or $5.99/month. Included if you are already apiZap PROdesktop user.
Color Pop Effects - Color Splash & Photo Recolor 1.25
Being the most popular Instagram Photo Editor for ColorSplashEffect on Android, Color splash photo editor has more than5millions fans worldwide & keeps growing. Color Pop Effectsisthe best free black and white photo editor with lots ofamazingPhoto color splash Effect & Photo Filters! With ColorPopEffects, you are able to tell a story with images livening upanymonochrome photo and adding a Color Splash Effect. Changeyour colored photo to black and white or recolor your pictureandapply lots of amazing photo filters and effects to make theColorSplash Effect! With color splash effect black and whitephotoeditor feature, you can definitely get a great vintage effectslookwith a little bit of photo color splash. This will turn an oldandvintage monochromatic look to a modern pop look which youcancherish among your friends.  You can tag your friendsonInstagram, and share on Snapchat too, it will bypass all theboringfilters of Snapchat and give your profile a standout look.Thiscolor picture effect is a good choice for everyone who islookingfor something attractive such as Instagram filters for hissocialprofiles. Color Pop photo effects let your old boring photofiltersand effects aside and take your pictures to the next levelwith ourfree black and white photo editor. Keep the selected partsof yourcolor picture in full color and convert the rest to blackand whitefor amazing color photo filters and photo effects. Recolorvariousobjects and you will get dramatically different coloreffects. Nopreset filters can do it! Downloading Color Pop Effects- ColorSplash Effect & Photo Recolor is comparable to gettingaccessto a pro lab to recolor pictures. This powerful photoeditingstudio stands out from other photo filters apps providing awiderange of free options to play around. Possibilities: 🔅 Grayouteveryone in an image, except for you! 🔅 Recolor theskygreen/yellow/rainbow or whatever! - Make your hair purple!🔅Colorize your eyes blue or green! 🔅 Add a splash of brightnesstoanything! The Possibilities are endless, just embrace thesplashesof your imagination! How to maximize the possibilities ofColor popeffects feature? You can pick any photo of you, turn itinto ablack and white vintage photo and then start playing withphotorecolor. Colorize anything in the picture and color that youliketo add. For instance, you can change your boring black coloredhairinto funky purple. You can change the color of your eyes andturnthem into blue, brown, hazel or even black. Like tohighlightyourself from others, change the brightness and yourpicture ishighlighted. There are tons of other things you can do incolorsplash effect photo editing app, just play with yourcreativity andit will amaze you. Features: 🔅 Pan & Zoom: pan& zoom towork in detail 🔅 Undo & Redo: undo & redo forperfectediting 🔅 Brush Size: brush size & opacity control forpreciseediting - Share: share your amazing editing on Instagram,Facebook🔅 Photo Filters: lots of amazing filters to make the photoslookinggreat Filter different recoloring options and choose the onewhichtells the story of your photo the best! We spent hundreds ofhoursperfecting every part of our photo editing app in order tobringyou the best quality possible because we’re passionate usersof 📷camera filters and editing apps as well! If you have anyquestionsor comments, please let us know on’dlove to hear from you! Thank you for downloading Color PopEffects- Color Splash & Photo Recolor!
Photo Editor
* A powerful photo editor with many amazing effects, filters,framesand collage maker! * A very comprehensive photo editor andprettymuch everything you could ever want to do on your phone! *There areso many effects, stickers and features to apply to yourphotos! *Photo Editor will give you the look you want in seconds.* PhotoEditor is a fun editor that lets you quickly be pro, evenif you’venever edited a photo before * Build in photo collagefeature * OurFacebook page:* OurInstagram: Features: +One-tap auto enhance + Photo filters + Gorgeousphoto effects andframes + Fun stickers + Color balance + Crop,rotate, andstraighten your photo + Adjust brightness, contrast,colortemperature, and saturation + Sharpen and blur + Colortemperature("Warmth") + Color Splash + Focus (Tilt Shift) + Drawand add text+ Create your own memes + Share to social networkTransform photoswith the tap of a finger. Use simple, yet powerful,photo editingtools to apply filters, adjust colors, and more. Sharephotosinstantly and use whichever apps you’d like to share! Note:theedited image is saved in "File Manager/DCIM/Camera"or“\Sdcard\Camera”
HD Photo Editor 9.2.6
AT Software
"HD Photo Editor" is free application professional photo editorandphoto effects, with a simple interface and easy to use, itwillcreate wonderful photo with high definition "HD PhotoEditor"provides effects and design professional will give you thebestphoto editor way and photo effects way and easy with one click"HDPhoto Editor" offers 150 grid photo collage with 1 to 9 slotsforyour style is unique "HD Photo Editor" offers photo frameswithdifferent genres like funny photo, baby, kids, love,xmas,valentine day, flower, wedding, men, beach, billboard,borderframes, etc it is suitable for anyone? it is suitable foreveryone,especially for the men and women you want to createwonderful photofrom their photo features - photo editor withprofessional effectsand powerful tool - photo effects easy with onetap - free paintingtool on photo - add mini photo from camera orgallery - collagewith photo frames - collage grid photo with morethan 150 gridtypes - the powerful photo editor tools such as blur,colorbalance, auto beauty - add message bubbles with multiple fontstochoose from - and over 5000 cute sticker - photo storageandmanagement easy photo editing functions, delete, share, setaswallpaper, view details - no watermarks on photo - etc
Photo Editor for Android™ 5.0
Need a fun photo editor app for free photo editing and coolfiltersand effects? Free Photo Editor for Android™ is the bestpictureediting app you can find to enhance and adjust your photostakenwith an Android device and make them look like they were takenwitha pro camera! Use this free picture editor, take photo editingto awhole new level and become a pro photo director! Edit yourtravelpictures, enhance landscape images and create a pro qualityartworkfrom an ordinary photograph with this free photo editor app!Coolphoto effects and filters enable you to crop photos, draw,write,alter color and brightness or add blur to your selfie andbackcamera photos. No matter which Android™ device you own,everypicture you take will have HD quality with this free photoeditorapp. Download this free photo editor, use all the coolcameraeffects and filters and capture every moment that matters!PHOTOEDITOR FOR ANDROID™ FEATURES: ★ Cool photo effects ★ Bestphotoframes ★ Convert photo to HD ★ Draw on the photo or inserttext ★Add blur, vignette & warmth to your photos ★ Insert coolandfunny stickers ★ Convert images into pixel art ★ Alter colorandsharpness ★ Change orientation & crop photos ★ Shareyourfavorite photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The best PhotoEditorfor Android™ offers literally a thousand ways to edit yourphotos!The magic of free Photo Editor for Android™ lies in coolphotoeffects and carefully chosen photo filters. Just imagine howeven asmall imperfection on your selfie or a photo with friendscandisappear if you use these fun photo editor pro features. Youwillnever have to worry about how you look on Facebook orInstagram,because with this free photo editor pro app, its coolphoto effectsand best photo filters, you can do no wrong! Get PhotoEditor forAndroid™ , free photo editor pro app, with cool photoeffects andfilters! LICENSE Photo Editor for Android™ is copyrightofAppsForIG, all rights reserved. Photographs used for the iconandscreenshots in this free photo editor app Photo Editor forAndroid™are under Creative Commons Licence. Android is a trademarkofGoogle Inc. Photo Editor for Android™ app is not affiliatedwithnor in any way related to Google Inc.
Photo Editor 1.45
Want to edit your pics and create some mesmerising photocollages?Then you can do this with the photo editor pro app. Thephotoeditor includes four options - photo editor, pip collage,gridcollage and collage templates. Edit your photo instantly withthispowerful photo editor app, which is one of the best photoeditingtool in android. Get the best photography art in photoswithvarious photo effects. Create good color effect photos withthisphoto editor app and beautiful photo frames as well. Usephototemplates of categories like Christmas, Birthday, frames,seasonal,baby, love, business, sports and grids, for photocollages, usingthis photo collage templates app, collage maker withtemplates,template creator and template maker. Beautify yourpicture withphoto effects and overlays, using this photo editingtool or picediting tool. Use the red eyes removal option of thispic editortool and share pictures to Facebook and Instagram. Usethis gridmaker and pic stitching app, to stitch pics with variousgridoptions. This picmix app enables us to stitch pics effectively.Usethe pic stitch option of this picmix app, to stitch picswithvarious collage layout options. The collage layout options ofthispicmix app makes it an effective pic collage maker. Use thecollagelayout options, to create pic collages. The grid makerfeatureprovides us with grids of different shapes. This gridmakersupports grids for collage making. Use the grid maker optionofthis picmix app to edit pics. This collage maker supportscollagelayouts for collage making. This picmix app supports 60collagelayouts. Create photo collages using this pip collage makeroption,lot of pip camera frames or pip collage frames available.Thiscollage maker supports photo frames of different shapes suchasbottle shaped, heart shaped etc. for photo collage making. Usethispic editing app or pic editor app, to edit pics, with piceditingoptions. Apply some amazing photo filters and edit pictures,usingthis best free photo editor and foto editor which is one ofthebest free photo editing apps. Enhance the look of your pic,withthis potho editor, online image editor, free image editor,picturemaker, photography editor and new photo editor. Edit foto oreditimage with effects for pictures, using this free photo collageapp,free collage maker online and online picture editor. Blur yourpic,by giving it, a blur effect, with this poto editor andphotobackground editor. Create some amazing frame collages andpipcollages, using this online pic editor, foto edit app, funnyphotoeditor and pictures editor. It is time to get this photoeditordownload and photo creator, on android for free. Key features1.This pic editor supports various photo editing effects. 2.Changecolor of photo using this photo editing tool. 3. Use thebeautifulphoto frames of this pic editor, for the photo. 4.Pictures can befiltered using this pic editing tool or photoediting tool. 5. Piccollage app, free collage creator and photogrid app. 6. Mixmultiple images, using this grid collage maker andphoto collageeditor, with frames and shapes. 7. This collage makersupports, avariety of pic frame options, for creation of piccollages. 8. Usethe gradient option of this collage maker, to add abackground forthe pic collage. 9. Best photo editor, free pictureeditor andphoto maker. 10. Use the pic frames of this picmix appand photocollage editor, to create worth shareable pic collages.11. Thisphoto collage editor supports pic frames for pic collages.12. Usethis photo collage editor to flip images within the picframe orphoto frame. 13. Photo collage maker, picture collage appand freeonline photo editor. 14. Use this photo collage editor toadd asticker, text to the pic collage. Photo editor is one of thebestapps for pic editing and collage making. Download this toppiceditor app and collage maker, for free, to edit photos.
Space FX One Touch 1.0.3
Easy usage and beautiful user interface.Have you ever wondered,howwould it look like, you are in space at the same time?We offeryou54 built-in space effects to get your images into space, andothergalaxies!Share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and othersocialnetworks.Effortlessly create eye catching images and shareimageswith your friends. Be a part of the community: join us atInstagram@iphotoapps, get fame by tagging #spacefxoneMake yourmoments moremeaningful, share it with your friends and make theworld happy!Enjoy!
BlendMe : Double Exposure 1.10
Are you tired of combine two pictures by Photoshop? Or are youintothe amazing effect of double exposure? Double Exposure is yourbestchoice. BlendMe : Double Exposure provides a simplest andeasiestway to blend two or more pictures together with advancephotoediting and enhancement options. Blender Camera: PhotoBlender.Blend your photos in a very creative way! You can blendtwo, threeor four photo together. Make your image look creative insecondswithout using a professional editor, Just select two ormorepictures and blend them together with the help of PhotoMixer,Photo Blender and Photo Eraser to get double and multiexposurepictures. Photo editor is to effects quickly transformsyourfavorite picture into a fashionable eye catcher! Turn yourphotosinto beautiful wallpapers for your home screen. Using thisDoubleExposure Pixel Effect convert your photo into a Pixel photoEffectusing our diff. App effect. It Applies some magic effects onyourphotos to make it more beautiful. If you want to focus inyourphoto at particular area you can easy download this DSLR camera-Blur Background app. Double Exposure allows you to blend twophotostogether to create a double exposure effect! You just need topickpictures or take photos. BlendMe : Double Exposure is one stopappfor all your photo blending, photo enhancing and photoeditingneeds. It is easy to use and powerful app to get perfectresultevery time. You can merge your pictures from mobile galleryand forfree to create stylish photo works like astonishing doubleexposureportraits. Features: ⊙ Crop - Crop photos for Instagram orotheruse. ⊙ Blender - Mix and blend two or more image withadvancedblending tools like double exposure . ⊙ Double Exposure -Mix twophotos differently like Photoshop effect. ⊙ Editor - Editpictureslike professionals with many editing tools. ⊙ Enhancer HD -Enhancephotos to make then HD Effect. ⊙ DSLR Effect - Provide DSLReffecton your selected photo. ⊙ Background - Apply background togivedouble exposure. ⊙ Effects - Apply effects to make picturesevenmore beautiful. ⊙ Sticker - Apply different face swap emoji aswellas smily and many more free stickers. ⊙ Text and many more -Togive photo your personal touch using many more photo editingtools.⊙ Save & Share - Save your creation on SD card and Shareanysocial Apps. ✌Thank You !! ✌
Photo Editor 2.5.0
Photo Editor is a powerful photo editor that has manyamazingeffects and filters. Application contains all of the mostcommonlyused image processing functions, simple operation,that letsyoucreate the special photo! ✨ 💎Photo editor Highlights - One-tapAutoenhance - Fun stickers - Painting and graffiti - Gorgeousphotoeffects - Ornate picture frame 🎨Edit - Adjust brightness,contrast,color temperature, and saturation - Color balance,Colortemperature- Sharpen and blur - Crop, rotate, and straighten yourphoto❤️Beauty - Remove blemishes, Teeth Whitening and skinWhitening -Draw and Add a variety of interesting text pictures -Eliminateacne, make your face flawless - Red-eye reduction - Shareto socialNetwork The photo editor is one of the best photo editingtools forquick, easy, and powerful editing on mobile devices. Photoeditorprovides a certain quality and a wide range of photo effectstoyour images.Use your imagination - to create a masterpiece!🎉🎉🎉
Pixlr-o-matic 2.2.5
A fun and free photo editing tool to add retro effects andtransformphotos into cool vintage images.
com.rashadandhamid.designs1 3.11
New version of Designs app that support adding more images,stickersand fonts weekly. Designs App is Photo Editor to add texton photos.This photo editor provide the users capability to typetext, changefont, background, add stickers and effects and changefont format.The main features of the app are: + Adding text onphotos. + Drawingbrush. + Downloading hundreds of backgrounds,fonts, frames,stickers and effects. + Flip, rotate and cropphotos. + Beautifuleffects on photos. + New Arabic and Englishfonts. Improvements arecontinues to make it easy to use andproduce attractive designs.Also a lot of features will bedeveloped monthly. If you have anysuggestion or feedback, thensend it to us. We here from ourcustomers.
com.gamma.photoeditor 1.4
Gamma Play
- Photo Editor PRO is extremely powerful photo editing softwarewithamazing filters, effects, frames and much more! - Photo EditorPROis the only photo editing software you will ever need onyourAndroid device. - Photo Editor PRO is designed with averageuser inmind, simple and fun to use. Everyone one can master PhotoEditorPRO within minutes of first use. No image editingexperiencesneeded. - Edit your photos with the tip of your fingersand createamazing results in seconds. Share photos with yourfriends witheasy to use share feature. - In Photo Editor PRO youcan browseyour photos, take new photos with your favorite cameraapp, selectphotos from your favorite gallery app, edit photos andshare themwith your friends on social media. Key features: -Enhance photoswith one tap auto-enhance - Amazing Effects - Manydifferent Framesto choose from - Add Stickers - Overlays - Vignette- Crop - Focus- Change Orientation - Adjust Lightning - AdjustColor - AdjustSharpness - Splash - Draw - Add Text to create yourown meme -Remove Red eye - Whiten - Blemish - Blur Photo Editor PROis theonly image editing app you will ever need! ► Like us onFacebook: ► Follow us onTwitter:
com.atdev.blurryphotoeditor 6.2
AT Software
"Blurry Photo Editor" is the perfect photo square editor topostfull size picture on Instagram. "Blurry Photo Editor" make thesizephoto so easy by blur background. And you can simply to use it."Blurry" is free and wonderful .You will love it so much! Blurryisproud of No cropping and amazing effect. "Blurry Photo Editor"isapplication professional photo editor and photo effects, withasimple interface and easy to use, it will create wonderfulphotowith high definition, it provides effects and designprofessionalwill give you the best photo editor way and photoeffects way andeasy with one click "Blurry Photo Editor" offers 150grid photocollage with 1 to 9 slots for your style is unique - addoverlay tophoto big collection with more than 100 overlay will makeyourphoto have unique style - add frames to photo great frames isanecessary way to make your photos be good. Everyone love it .Thereare +100 frames and will be more and better. - add stickersandfilters to your photo many beautiful stickers withdifferentcategory and colorful filters. - add Caption and bubblesms texteasy write caption and text with bubble sms, having manynice fontsto change - add paint - add small photo - photo storageandmanagement easy photo editing functions, delete, share, setaswallpaper, view details - no watermarks on photo - easy shareyourphoto via sms, mail, facebook, Instagram, etc - etc
Photo Blender Pic Editor Cam 1.13
⌘ Now you can blend two pictures into one and achieve a"doubleexposure" effect with pictures overlapping thanks to a brandnew"photo editor" for your Android™ device! Photo Blender PicEditorCam is an awesome "photo blender" app that will help you"combinephotos" and make a work of art in a few swipes. Take yourselfiecamera, get this pic blender "Photo Blender Pic Editor Cam",changetransparency and start an exciting adventure of "photoediting"."Merge photos" with amazing "photo effects" and let yourcreativityrun wild! Add a fade effect, join two favourite photos,put atransparent crease – have the time of your life and makeyourmemories last forever! Share your artistic "photo montage"withfriends and enjoy your photo fusion time free of charge!Features:☒ Merge two pics and blend them together easily with thebest freepic jointer app! ☒ Choose a picture from your phonegallery or takea selfie with your camera ☒ Stitch favourite photosinto one andset the transparency level ☒ Create a faded imageeffect with asilhouette in the background ☒ Add "photo frames" andmake a coolcollage ☒ Instantly share your photo montage onFacebook, Twitterand Instagram ☒ Save your decorated pic to thegallery or set it aswallpaper background on your phone or tablet ⌘The best camerablender and photo merge app is ready for you to getit and exploreits options, so wait no more! Grab it now and makeuse of all thetools it offers to mix your beauty pictures and makethem comealive! Edit photos in a matter of time and achieve ghostin photoeffects with the best camera app - Photo Blender Pic EditorCam canmake it happen! You don`t need other image blenders andphotooverlay apps. This photo editing software is the easiest tooltocombine pictures together and morph them into perfection!Trainyour editing skills, play with photo effects and become a proatphotography with a single double exposure app. The best thingisyou don`t need an internet connection to use this app - itworksperfectly anyplace and anytime even offline! ⌘ Mixingpicturestogether can be fun like never before! Combine yourfavouritemoments and make them last forever! Set out on an excitingphotomanipulation adventure and start blending multiple photos intoasingle one with precision of an expert photographer. Captureyourimportant events and save them from oblivion! Add a mirroreffectand discover all the options that you have at your disposalwiththis photo editor. Start decorating pics and plenty of ideaswillcome your way – blend them, make them transparent, combinethemwith cute frames. Download this best camera blender app andspendyour free time creatively with photo merging. ⌘ It is easy tomakea greeting card to send to someone special by blending yourphotosand adding text on pics. Make someone smile with a cutecollage!Work wonders with your images and edit pics any way youlike! Givean extreme makeover to your old selfies, refresh them andmake ablended image with your precious memories merged together.Take apicture of you and your bff and join them together to showhowimportant your friendship is to you. Unite the pic of you andyoursweetheart and show the most creative expression of lovetoeveryone! Use fantastic overlapping effects and make yourpicturesstand out from a pile of others! You will get hooked onthis imageeditor instantly – just try it out and observe themagicaltransformation of your photos! * This app is ad – supported.
Beautiful Photo Frames 7.0
🎀 Want to decorate photos? 🎀 Do it easily with gorgeous framesforpictures, camera filters and effects! Get beautiful pictureframesfree!With filters for pictures, one-tap saving and sharingoptionsand really beautiful photo frames, this frame photo editorwill bethe only one you will ever need! Embellish all of yourlovelyphotos with best photo frames and effects! Share with yourfriendsand have fun!🎇 🎀 🎇We all need new photo frames sometimes,and thesebeautiful frames are something you must have! Take a lookat allphoto frames included and use the ones you like the most!Frameyour life photos and your selfies with cool frames forpicturesfree! Install Beautiful Photo Frames to get the best photoframeeditor app!🎇 🎀 🎇Features:💟 Fully functional photo editorwithframes & camera filters!💟 Choose a photo from your galleryorsnap one with the camera!💟 Add beautiful pic frames witheffects!💟Try different color effects on your photo!💟 Resize,rotate, zoom inand out... make your picture fit the frame!💟 Shareon Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, or save on your device!💟🎇🎀🎇💟If youlove photoediting apps, you will enjoy using Beautiful PhotoFrames! Decorateyour photos with family frames for pictures andluxury photoframes! You will find many nice photo frames that willmake yourphotos stand out! Get this high quality photo editor andyou willalways create beautiful photos!💟🎇🎀🎇💟When adding cool photoframesis not enough, you can also add beautiful photo effects!Discoveramazing photo filters with special effects! You can add hdreffector black and white photo effects in this color effect photoeditorwith frames! Best pic editor effects and filters will be allyours,when you install Beautiful Photo Frames! Use these lovelypicframes with effects to create amazing photos!💟🎇🎀🎇💟Would you liketohave a beautiful photo editor? Have the best photos by justaddinga new photo frame to them! Install Beautiful Photo Frames andgetvarious frames for pictures with effects! These beautifulpictureframes will make your photos look completely new! See whatjust onepicture frame can do! Get this photo editor HD andbeautiful framesfor pictures free!💟🎇🎀🎇💟
Photo Editor: Foto Collage Maker & Blender 21.0
Photo Editor: Foto Collage Maker, Mirror, Selfie Camera,Blender,Overlay, PIP, Gifs & Messages All in One Picture Editor&Photo art App ★ PIP Camera make your photo in glass, hand,camera,board and more. ★ A very comprehensive photo editor andpretty mucheverything you could ever want to do on your Gadgets.We’veincluded all the tools you need, in a super intuitiveinterface soyou can get right to editing. Features: One-tap autoenhanceGorgeous photo effects and frames Fun stickers Color balanceCrop,rotate, and straighten your photo Adjust brightness,contrast,color temperature, and saturation Sharpen and blurColortemperature ("Warmth") Color Splash Focus (Tilt Shift) Drawand addtext Create your own memes Cosmetic tools: fix Redeye,removeblemishes and whiten teeth Photo Editor Studio, Foto CollageMakeris combination of many apps
Color Splash Photo 1.74
Do you want to give an impeccable color splash effect to yourpic?Then color splash photo is the ideal photo editor app to doso.Color splash is a color photo editor which allows you tocreateawesome images by converting images to grey color or applycolorsto your images. It’s a free color splash effect application.Youcan change color of any image to any color. This colorsplashsupports awesome photo effects (mono, sepia, hue,saturation,contrast etc.) also. This app offers a variety of photofilters foryour photo. Using this photo effects app, you can createan awesomecolor splash effect and you can even use this as a photoeditor.Use this color photo editor app and apply some mesmerisingphotoeffects and photo filters to your pics. Give your photo, abreathtaking look, by exploring the numerous photo filters.Features ofColor splash photo + Pinch Zoom. + Supports photoeffects likebokeh and vintage effects. + Supports a variety ofphoto filters. +Crop image + Undo functionality + Resetfunctionality + Convertimages to grey color and color mode. + Highresolution imagequality. + Recolor image with any color of yourchoice. + Imagefrom gallery. + Post to wall and Upload photos toFacebook andInstagram. + Email paintings to friends. + Save theimage to the SDCard. + Configure brush size in settings screen. +Undo yourchanges using refresh button. + Move to SD card option.Colorsplash photo is one of the best color photo effects andphotofilters app for giving a color splash effect to yourphoto.Download this top photo editor app for free and give somestunningcolor splash effect to your pic. If you'll have any issueswith theapp kindly email me. I will try to solve your problems.Kindlydon’t put at once the bad ratings. Checkout onFacebook
EDS Photo Editor 3.8
Our image editing software combines a powerful multilayerarchitecture with a selection of well designed photo effectstogive you an ultimate design tool. Use selection tool tochangesaturation, white balance, apply photo effects to a smallarea oran entire layer. Import and work on multiple images creatingyourproject the way you want it and at your own speed. EDS PhotoEditorprovides an array of tools to turn your photos into abeautifulartwork.
Photo Editor 1.0
Mobi Studios
Photo Editor is powered by Aviary.Photo editor an amazingphotoenhancer which is powered by Aviary. It is basically a aviaryphotoeditor which edit picture in HD. Now you don’t need anyphotoeditor or photoshop for photo editing. This photo effectappretouch your pictures with cool and best photo effects. This isthebest photography editing tool. This app makes you aprofessionalphoto editor and photographer. It has surreal featureand creativeeditor inside, media editor, color splash photo editorand a uniquephoto fixer pro.Start editing your phone gallery. Makethem moreattractive and professional. Start editing your photoswith someamazing editing tools.Enhance your photos with ease- Photoenhancerhas 5 options to enhance your photo- High definition,scenery,food, portrait and night modeEasy to apply photo effects,photoframes, stickers, overlay- 12 original photo effects. Youcanchange opacity of effect with using your figure up and downonphoto or by tapping on effect icon- 12 photo frames adds polishtoyour pics with high resolution frames- Decorate your pictureswithour 24 stickers. Sticker pack has hats, eyewear, neckwear,speechbubble, shapes and more- Give your photos a new look withsomeclassic and sharable shape overlays. Pinch your photo in or outtoperfectly set overlay on photoAdjust, crop, sharp, focus,vignette,orientation, transform, splash feature for your photos-You canchange your photo brightness high or low- Give more colorstopictures with contrast feature, increase photo exposure- Youcanchange photo temperature. Make photo blue or red- Make photosblackand white or you can give some extra colours- Give objects inphotoshadow, highlights, vibrance, tint and fade feature- Cropimage insquare, custom and with many pre loaded aspact ratio-Sharpen pic,use radial or linear focus feature- Change phototransformation,use splash feature to highlight some area of pic-Add text, meme,draw anything on picturesEasy photo sharing- Savephoto to yourdevice gallery- Share pics quick and easily to socialapps directlythrough app, You don’t need to leave app when sharing
Photo Editor&Sticker 3.0.0
Make your picture with stickers (Photo Sticker) applications,andshapes, and shapes cute pictures. Brighten your styleUniqueTheapplication is available. The following features- You canchoosefrom a gallery or take a photo immediately.- Over 200+stickers tochoose from.- A sticker teen terminology- Enter textwasprovocative comments that you want on the screen.- You can savetheimage on your computer, or share pictures through. Facebook,LINE,IG or other applications immediately. 2.1.9
Dozens of inspiring filters for instant photo editing: –Enhanceyour photos. – Apply artistic filters and compare differentartstyles. – Have fun and add unique photo effects. – Sharetheresults with your friends. The algorithm was described in"TextureNetworks: Feed-forward Synthesis of Textures and StylizedImages"(2016).
Repix 1.5.9
Repix is more than a photo editor. It’s a creative tool thatletsyou turn ordinary photos into masterpieces. Perfect for yourphoneand tablet!***** "Repix gives your photos a fantastic newlook" -Mashable ***** "Repix turns snaps into masterpieces" -Engadget***** "Turn your ordinary photos into works of art" -AppAdviceUsing Repix couldn’t be more simple – all of the tools areeasilyavailable at your fingertips and all editing happens inreal-time.Use the brushes to freely edit your photos with stunningeffectsand apply some of the world’s most beautifully designedfilters andborders. Repix gives you the creative editing tools youhave alwayswanted. Once you've finished, save and share your photosto yourfavourite services. The free version of the app offers aselectionof tools and users can purchase more tools in-app.KEYFEATURES: -30+ handcrafted effect brushes to edit any part of yourphoto witha finger. Amazing set of Animated, Decoration, Effect,Color andArtistic brushes to add unique touch to your photos -Built-insupport for Samsung’s Galaxy Note S-Pen & Galaxy S 4Air Viewtechnology- 16 carefully designed filters, includingamazingspotlight filters- 17 beautiful frames gives a final touchto yourphotos - Super smooth cropping tool with 5 presets - Fastandrobust adjustments tool let you easily bring out the best inyourphotos - Zero-friction design: ability to switch betweentoolswithout extra steps - Direct access to all the albums as wellasphotos in Facebook - Studio-grade technology andintuitiveinterface to inspire new levels of creativity
 - Directshare yourphotos on your favourite services. Keep on using#repixRepix is themost inspiring photo editor! Have a question orsuggestion? Contactus: Twitter:@repixit Instagram: @repixapp
com.pcvirt.ImageEditor 4.5.b150
Byte Mobile
Image Editor is a powerful and free photo editor designedforAndroid. It supports cool effects, multiple projects/tabs,layersand action history. There is also the popular Image 2Wallpaperfunction to quickly set photo as wallpaper, and it can beused justas an image viewer, photo editor or icon editor. You cando all theusual canvas or free layer manipulation such as resize,crop, brushdrawing, erase, draw shapes, bucket fill, select, copy,paste,delete, move, align, rotate, flip and more. Adjustbrightness,contrast and saturation with filters or apply effectssuch assharpen, blur or bump, just to name a few. Undo and redoareavailable, and you can also save a set of actions to re-applythemlater. Change images taken with you camera or from yourmobilephone, then share them with friends on social media.Includessupport for multi-window. Feel free to give us yourfeedback bymail or comments on the market to help us improve thisphoto editorapp.
Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers 1.53
Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers a best way to add snap andfunnystickers on photo. Post the snap photo with your friends. Andthereare square function for you . You can make your photo besquarewithout cropping . At the same time you can collage your 1-9photosbe together. ~ Are you like the snap with stickers? Do youwantcombine the word and emojis on your photo? Come on the PhotoEditorSnapPic Stickers , We provide the the snap text function .It’s aeasy way to edit the funny snap. ~Amazing animal facestickers :You can add the cute and funny stickers on your face liketheselfie. Photo Editor SnapPic Stickers have more stickers for you.It will make your photo be more beautiful. ~ You can use theinstasquare function to make your photo be square. There are blur/solid/ grad/ pattern background for you . You can post fullsizephoto withe snap photo. And There are beautiful filters for you.You can add the text and stickers on your photos. And easy toeditthe rotation / flip /scale and so on. Shadow will make yourphotobe vivid. ~ Pic Collage your 1-9 photos. We provide a varietyofcollage templates. You can choose it and combine thephotostogether. And you can adjust outer/inner/ corner so easy .You canalso add the stickers and frames . Photo Editor SnapPicStickers isthe powerful photo editor to post the snap text photoand squareand collage photos to Instagram / Twitter / Facebook /SnapChat.Use it and get more like !
com.appspot.swisscodemonkeys.paintfx 4.7.2
Color Touch Effects allows to recolor images and apply coolphotoeffects to them. You can select an image, turn it to gray(orsepia, ..) and paint the color back with your fingers. - Easytopaint, move, zoom with your fingers - Splash a differentcoloringon your pictures with vivid colors - Two finger zoom andpaint -Many effects such as black & white, sepia coloring orblur. -Import photos easily from your photo gallery, photo album,cameraor from Facebook into this picture editor - several coolimageeffects in the fx gallery - configure brush and opacity - addacaption / title to your image after drawing - Post your arttofacebook, share via email, or send via MMS, or share itwithwhatsapp So much fun to edit your photos and pictures.Downloadthis free picture editor now. Works great together with ourfreecamera effects (fx) app. Icon based on a photo bySeafrost/flickr.This image app is earning money using the AppBrainapp monetizationsystem:
Pixel Effect 1.6
The most amazing app to create particle dispersion in 3 easysteps.Select Photo from gallery or camera. Paint module to cutpictureand apply different different style of pixel effects.Transformphotos with the tap of a finger. Use simple, yet powerful,photoediting tools to apply particle dispersion/pixeleffect.Feature :-+Easy to use UI.+ Import photos from gallery ortake from camera.+Make your photos extra fun with creative pixeleffect style.+ alldirection particle dispersion effect.+Autoparticle dispersion toolfor any photo.+ Easy to change backgroundcolors.+ save your art inyour phone gallery.+ Post your pics easilyon Facebook, Twitter,and even Instagram.
Photo Editor and Collage 2.3
❤ If you are looking for a new image editing software of thehighestquality that will introduce you to the latest imagingtechniques andprovides you the experience the best picturemontage, you're inright place.Best photo app for love cutepictures that will turnyour cherished moments in a period of realphotos!Characteristics of❤ Photo Editor Collage ❤ . It is a makerand photo editor for yourstrong coupling to create wonderfulcollage pictures, stickers,backgrounds, text, and frame layout.♫Combine multiple photos into acollage cute!♫ Select, organize andedit photos from your collectionwith a collage image producingsimple and easy to use!♫ Choose from40 photo layout grids until 6images!♫ Hundreds of cute layouts andframes to choose from!♫ Easyto change border colors, backgroundsand patterns!♫ Simple touchgestures to rotate, resize, flip♫Hundreds of fun backgrounds andstickers!♫ Easily add text andstickers!♫ Many beautiful wallpaperfor your phone♫ Provideunlimited effects♫ Draw, Add text and signup on your photos ..♫large number of background colors andpatterns to choose for yourphoto collage!♫ A lot of beautifulframes to add to the collage!♫Over 30 filters and photo effectsfor your images - Pop art,vintage, retro, black and white, andmore!♫ Share your artwork viaFacebook, Twitter and Instagram!❤Bring your camera beauty whereveryou go, make cute photos anddecorate them with a cool frame forInstagram images and imageeffects and filters. Combine multipleimages into a collage cuteand you'll get new wallpaper for yourphone. Useful for making amosaic image or an image wall, cute ♥ ♥Photo Pairing with lovelytexture and backgrounds really niceexperience will help you makethe best collage and will passinspires you every day with creativeartwork. Be the first toproduce magical love collage andstrengthen this hd. Photo studioimage will allow you to share yourphotos on social networks suchgreat friends and all your familywill be able to see what yoursweet memories in a photo frameLovely transplant.❤ Picture funawaits you in the editor camerathis wonderful beauty!Creating agreat collage for Instagram, forexample, or use the optional photomontage of his amazing to make acorrect any image with your cutepicture. Colorful borders imageeditor that offers will make yourfotos look like brand new. Loveheart ornament perfect frame foryour picture. Enjoy yourwell-image collage or make a unique collagewith photos of yourlove.❤ Edit photos like a pro in black andwhite, pop art, vintage,sepia and visual effects perfect. ❤ PhotoPair cute with reallybeautiful platforms and image editingfunctions will help you coolexperience best collage. Create aluxury image, a cute feminineimage or a family photo album. Beautyfx camera, photo frame plushupholstery and filters which arewaiting for you! Beauty image withlots of girly cute labels, writeon photos and create a funnymontage images using our applicationfor Android.❤ Save thosewonderful moments with special image editorPhoto Editor Collage
com.BookPhotoFrame.PhotoFramesAndEffects 1.13
✨ Book Photo Frame – Book Dual Photo Frame ✨ If you haveeverimagined your photo on book cover, then Book Photo Frame –BookDual Photo Frame is perfect for you. Every bookworm needs thisbookphoto editor with photo frames and effects. Book Photo Frame –BookDual Photo Frame has everything you need for the bestphotomontage. Get Book Photo Frame – Book Dual Photo Framecompletelyfor FREE and have fun! 💛 Book Photo Frame – Book DualPhoto Framehas the most amazing frames for multiple pictures. 💖Make the mostbeautiful photo collage with Book Photo Frame – BookDual PhotoFrame. 💚 Create a lovely book photo collage with photoframes free,filters for pictures and photo effects. 💙 Change thelook of yourphotos with Book Photo Frame – Book Dual Photo Frame. 💜DownloadBook Photo Frame – Book Dual Photo Frame now free ofcharge! ✨ Howto use: *Add photo from phone gallery and decorate itwith framesfor pictures free. * Move, rotate and zoom photo to fityourborders and frames. * Share your photo with beautiful framesforpictures on social media or send it via chat apps. ✨ BookPhotoFrame – Book Dual Photo Frame features: book editor photocollageapp book photo edit photo collage art borders for picturesfreephoto editor on book photo collage maker frames formultiplepictures free photo on book picture collage free mostbeautifulphoto frames photo frames love romantic collage editor probookphoto editing borders for photos frames for pictures photocollagepictures collage editor app book picture photo framescollage makerframes for friends beautiful frames for pictures photoframes fortwo photos very beautiful photo frames 💖 Romantic photobook framesMake remarkable photos with photo frames withbackground. Add photofrom gallery or take a photo with this bookphoto camera, and add abook photo frame with music to make abeautiful picture collage.Put your photo in book cover photo framesand see what it wouldlook like if you had your picture on bookcover. These are the mostamazing book photo frames you can have! 💚Book photo collage makerCelebrate your special moments with bookframes photo your picture.This book editor app includes everythingyou want. You will getbook dual photo frame love, book pictureframe, beautiful frames,side borders, frames for every occasion,photo frames effects, andmuch more. Decorate your photos with lovebook photo frames. Makeevery photo perfect with this book photomaker. 💜 Borders andframes for photos Make your memoriesunforgettable with open bookphoto frame. We have all types offrames for girls and boys youwill ever need. Book picture frames,bible book photo frames,beautiful picture frames, white borders forpictures, frames forcouples, photo frames for all occasions and somuch more. This isthe most impressive collage maker photo editorwith book photoframe hd! Get this photo frames app and have fun forhours! ✨Frames for pictures with effects This is the perfect photocollageeditor and book picture app to create amazing book pictures.Makeyour picture montage even more charming with this book photoframesapp. Get your picture on book with one of the best bookapps.Embellish your pictures with book frame photo apps. Create themostamazing book photo with Book Photo Frame – Book Dual PhotoFrame.Book Photo Frame – Book Dual Photo Frame is the best bookphotoeditor app. Download Book Photo Frame – Book Dual Photo Frametodayfree of charge and enjoy!
com.pavahainc.blendphoto 5.0
Pavaha Lab
Let imagine, Your shadow or silhouette merge with Galaxy,Sky,Smoke, Couple, Girl, Rainbow, Fireworks, Lighting,Mountain,Hill... It look like amazing, difference and easy do itwithOverlay. Blend Photo is the best of overlays for combinephoto,It's easy to use, just select overlay that you like. We have56overlays for 0verlap Photo and blending. Beside features forPhotoMixer you can decorate photo with stickers and captions, writetexton photo or change photo effect with 25 selective filters.OverlaySticker add beautiful layer masks on your photo from ourhugecollection of Overlays, You can make a funny, cute photo oraddtext with great quote in your photo to make them deep. Youcanoverlay your photo with many of our layer masks. Ourpackageinclude: Bokeh effects, stickers, texts, birthday, love,keep calm,shapical, frame, Christmas and many more. Enhance PhotoBlender byimage adjustment tools: Vintage, Warmth to changephototemperature, contrast, brightness... Texts on Pictures letsyoueasily add beautiful or cool texts, captions, and stickers toyourphoto. Tips: Select your photo that clear background tomakebeautiful photo. Let try difference Photo Blend and enjoy it,thankyou.
com.zohalapps.pipcamraeffect 0.25
Zohal Apps
Pip camera photo editor is magical app which is going to makeyourphotos look like something way more than creative and rare.Shapeup your selfies and photos by using pip camera photo maker.Pipcamera photo effect will redefine your photos in a way to getthemaximum attention and unbeatable focus. You shouldn’t have tomissthis amazing photo editing tool which has the ability to makeyoulook diverge and stunning. 👌 Select your favorite photos fromthegallery and apply different filters with breath takingquoteswritten on them. There isn’t any limit for your photos whichyouare intended to edit or want to give blurry background to hidetheunwanted part of your photos. In the pip camera effects, thereareseveral types of overly photo frames which make your photoslookmore gorgeous with the help of unbeatable filters. Let thepipcamera app 2019 serves you with the best collage styles. Whoneedsa professional photographer and expensive cameras when you cantakeand edit your memories with pip camera photo editor pro. Pipcameraapp actually works on step by step strategy to make yourhappymoments look like the ever green memories. Unlike otherphotoediting apps pip camera beauty camera won’t compel youtowardsending and give you free hand to terminate the editing atany pointbecause not everyone wants to use all the features. KeyFeature 🖼️Pip camera 2019 has different types of shapes which canbe used toreshape your own photos. This feature will let you cuttheundesirable part of your photo. 🖼️ You can enjoy zoom in/outwhilefixing the photos in different shapes and can applyenormousfilters to change the effects of your photos. 🖼️ If youhave doneediting but still not satisfied with the photo and wantsto changeit? two photo pip camera will allow you to change thephoto andautomatically will apply the same editing effects on it.🖼️ Expressyour feelings with a wide range of stickers which can addup moreattraction in your photos. The stickers in twin pip cameraare ofthree major types in which following are included: l. Emojistoexpress your feelings 🤩 ll. Different heart designs to expressyourlove 💟 lll. A wide range of general stickers to give yourphotos afun effect. 👁️ All of these categories have zoom in/outeffect, andtilt effects. 🖼️ Bring the pip camera selfie art to nextlevel byadding your customized text on it. It will let you rememberthemoments for longer. 🖼️ A wide range of random frames areavailableat pip camera new which are magical effects and has thetendency tomake the photos look like something beyond theimagination. 🖼️Different number of photos can be added and you canenjoy a rangeof classy frames. 🖼️ If you are willing to join yourmore than 2photos, here is a range of different frame combinationdesignswhich you can be customized according to your needs. 🖼️Multiplephoto frames will automatically detect the background whichwouldbe a photo from your selected ones. You can change the orderofphotos and background as per your desire. Say cheese 😁 andcollectyour memories 📸
Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute Photo Editor for Girl 1.7
Adorable and unique stickers for pictures are ready foryourselfies! Download the latest 📸”Unicorn Photo Stickers: CutePhotoEditor For Girl”🦄 photo editing app! Apply the unicorn filtertoyour pictures with the new unicorn photo stickers editor.Enjoyusing the sophisticated image editing tool and photo editoreveryday! With the selfie camera stickers app for girls, you cancreatecute photo montage easily. Take one of your pictures anddecorateit with the girl photo stickers to beautify your images forfree!Go crazy when using unicorn horse and unicorn cupcakes onyourphotos. Pick a cute “pony photo”, take a picture with theinstantsweet camera editor and enjoy looking at your new memories!Grabthe sticker photo editor and photo studio camera and spendlesstime editing pics! Become the prettiest girl thanks to theponyeditor full of pink unicorn photo stickers! Use theuniqueopportunity to improve your photos with the new “picturemodifier”.Get the 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute Photo Editor ForGirl🦄 tocreate your own unicorn photo montages with the bestunicornsimulator! Give your photos a beautiful makeover by usingtheunicorn girl photo effects and stickers! ↓Features↓ 🎀Stickerdesign image photo edit! 🎀 Amazing unicorn photo filter! 🎀Take aphoto or upload one from your gallery! 🎀 Beauty selfie camerawithphoto editor! 🎀 Free pics stickers and effects for yourselfies! 🎀Turn your photos into unicorn pictures! 🎀 Cute photoeditor withsticker in effects! 🎀 Latest photo editor unicorn! 🎀Save the phototo your device! 🎀 Cute stickers for girls! Thewonderful picturedecorator will make wonders for your photos!Install the 📸UnicornPhoto Stickers: Cute Photo Editor For Girl🦄 andtransform yourimages into works of art in a fun and easy way withthe cutesticker camera! If you are looking for a real unicornsticker photoeditor, search no more because the finest sweet cameraeffect andphoto studio app download is in front of you! Have funwith yourfriends and family members by editing your photos with theponyphoto editor. Invite all of your dear friends and beautifyyourmemories with the fun cute stickers and photo studio collage.Putstamps for pictures and cute love stickers for photos onyourpictures for free. The free photo app with stickers hasaneasy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface. Enter the photostudioand try out the photo editing software for fashionable girls.Edityour pictures like a professional and start creatingincrediblephoto montages! The 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute PhotoEditor ForGirl🦄 has been designed for cute girls who like unicornwallpapers,unicorn backgrounds, and unicorn photo frames. Make yourphotosglamorous with the unicorn theme girl stickers. Explorethecollection of photo stickers free and add them to yourselfies.Create stunning photo manipulation with the photo montageapp andunicorn “stickers for girls”! Peep into the sticker appforpictures and find your favorite pony photo. Enjoy the photoeditingexperience with one of the best pictures of unicorn! Thebest photosticker app will refresh your pictures and give them anew fancyglow. The photo edit funny enables you to add some selfiefiltersand try out some realistic “sticker unicorn”. If you arefond ofunicorn wallpapers cute, the 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: CutePhotoEditor For Girl🦄 will become your new favorite photostickercamera. The photo editing software for fashionable girls iswaitingfor you!
Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro: Filters & Stickers
With more than 150 million installs, Photo Collage Maker Pro isthebest photo editor and collage maker mobile app allowing you toeditphotos, make collage, add makeup to your photos and gives youaselection of dozens of filters, grids, backgrounds,stickers,fonts, etc. You will be creating amazing picture arts withPhotoCollage Maker Pro and it is %100 FREE! Be sure that you'llenjoyall the FREE features of our photo editing and collage makingappand have fun while editing photos, creating #tbt and also youcanshare all the details of your memories with the help ofphotocollages which show your photography skills to your socialmediafollowers. Top Features of Our Photo Editor Collage Maker ProApp★Edit Photos ★Make Collages with up to 15 photos ★Add beautyselfiemakeup ★Add Effects ★Add Filters ★Add Backgrounds ★Add FramesforPictures ★Add Stickers ★Create Memes ★Use Cool Fonts ★CreateSquarePhotos fit with Square Size ★No crop frame for square photo★MotionPhoto Stickers ★Popular Tags ★Add Emotions to your Photoswithhundreds of Emojis ★Very easy to use ★Flip rotate crop resizeratio★Crop photos ★Hundreds of frames ★Hundreds of stickers★Hundreds ofbackgrounds for photo editing ★Fancy Face Swap ★LiveFace CameraEffects ★Funny Doggy Face, Ears and Nose with DogFilters 📷 EditPhoto Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro’s all-in-oneediting toolincludes; crop, flip, stretch, clone and rotate photo,mirroreffect, photo filters, stickers, doodles, texts andfonts,backgrounds, layouts, grids, frames, etc. 🎞 Photo CollageMakingYou can choose up to 15 photos and turn them into collageswithdozens of different templates, frames and arrangements. Addcolorand effects to it, choose from hundreds of differentbackgroundimages and styles, share with your friends on Facebook,Instagramand Twitter. 💄 Beauty Makeup With Photo Editor CollageMaker Pro’samazing makeup tool, you can professionally change eyecolor, addeyelash and eyeliner, change lip color, adjust nose,change facecontour, whiten teeth, add blush, foundation and skinsmoothener,remove acnes, slim face, remove eyebags, enlarge andbrighten eyes,etc. With this cool beauty makeup tool, your selfieswill beeye-popping! ✂ Edit Photo Size You can freely resize yourphotos incustom sizes or you can choose ratios and let Photo EditorCollageMaker Pro do the magic. Wanna post it on stories? Noworries. Justpick 1:1 ratio to make it fit square size. LyrebirdStudio’s PhotoEditor Collage Maker Pro is the most professional,the best and themost easy to use photo editing app, collage makerand picture labfor your social accounts. It is totally FREE to editphotos and forcollage making and share your artwork on socialnetworks.
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Be the new king of insta pic photo manipulation and play themostinteresting game with pictures of thrones! Get our brand new♛Throne Photo Montage Maker ♛and put your face in hole! Usethisamazing virtual makeover camera pro app to add your imagesorselfies to different face swap stickers if you want to have alotof fun using the best editor in 2016!♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Throne PhotoMontageMaker features: ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ◆ Collection of 2016 king thronechair facein hole picture stickers!◆ Become royalty with one of 15stamps foryour images!◆ Simple & free photo makeover editorthat iseasily operated!◆ Multiple templates, free effects and greatfaceswitch stickers !◆ Take new pics directly from this coolstickercamera app for boys or men!◆ Upload images from mobiledevices& let the virtual makeover start!◆ Take pictures withbothfront as well as back camera of Android device!◆ Focus bothcamerasto fit your photographs perfectly!◆ Zoom in & out,rotate andmove each selfie to fix it in the right place!◆ Make sureto savethis insta sticker pics art to phones!◆ Set these pics ascustomwallpaper this new season!◆ Share your king on throne imagestoInstagram, Facebook or Twitter!◆ Send art from this free mobileappvia Skype, Messenger, Viber etc!♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Download this freeeditorwith awesome throne frames! ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛Be unique and makecreative thisseason photo montage pics art with “Throne PhotoMontage Maker”!Show the world that being royal suit you, and playthis amazingdress up game with fabulous insta image picturestickers of thronechairs! Decorate your selfies with these facechanger free specialeffects & filters to step up your game onsocial networks in afew seconds!♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Sit on the throne chair andbe a real king ofthe world! ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Enter this posh dress up salonand virtualmakeover editor to create some really cool pics of yousitting on athrone! Easy to use software allows you to become theruler of theworld and share this face photo montage on Facebook,Instagram orother social networks! What are you waiting for? GetThrone PhotoMontage Maker right away for ♕ FREE ♕ ! This season youcan beroyalty!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
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👱🌟👀🎉👶 Get fluffy and chubby with tiny memories photo editor forbabypics collage photo grid maker! 👶 🎉👀🌟👱 It is time forcutenessoverload with Baby Photo Collage Maker app FREE download!Thismonth by month baby picture editor collage maker will meltyourhearts! If you love tiny babies babbling, you will adore ourbaby1st birthday collage frames for family photos! You caughthercooing in sleep, and you took lots of pics? You want to share itonsocial networks, but you think it's too much? Decorate yourkidsphotos with cute photo collage baby maker with two picturesormore! Download baby birth announcement maker photo editor withoneclick on INSTALL and make gorgeous pics! Our lovely photo ofverysmall baby wallpaper collage maker goes with lovelybirthdayframes, fluffy toys for girls and boys, baby dolls,bubbles, animalframes and cute stickers for pictures! Creatememories for lifewith "new born baby photo frame"! Our cute babyboy photo collagesoffers 40+ grid photo collage for many pics! Manyphoto filters andeffects that will catch everybody's eye! Say"happy birthdaycollage maker" with your little kids pics! 👱🌟👀🎉👶Enjoy the chubbylittle cheeks begging for a kiss with "Baby PhotoCollage Maker"formore than 5 pictures! 👶 🎉👀🌟👱 👶 Features for BabyPhoto CollageMaker free download: 👶 👱 Customize your phone with kidmaker forAndroidTM! 👱 Photo collage maker for baby birthday is easyto use -select picture from your gallery or take a selfie! 👱 Babypipcamera collage maker offers many cool options to edit pics:move,zoom in or out, rotate pics! 👱 Add different cute pictureframes:mushrooms, teddy bears, hippos, flowers, frocks or bubblepictureframes! 👱 Set different cute backgrounds for girls or photogridpatterns! 👱 Choose over 35 effects and filters for yourpictures –pop art, vintage, black and white and many more! 👱 Saveyour kidpicture and show off by clicking on social share button! 👱Makeplumpish baby photo design with picture grid collage maker!👱🌟👀🎉👶Decorate your phone with sweet baby on screen NOW and getready tomelt ! 👶 🎉👀🌟👱 Its so fluffy you're gonna die once you putkidsframes for boys! Put stickers for kids and make your pics evenmorebeautiful! No need for cute little animals once you get yoursweetbaby girl pic! Start laughing out loud once you see the littlegirlbig eyes looking at you with our photo collage for baby boy!Purpleand pink flower background, heart shape frame, dandelionswill warmthe coldest hearts! New born baby picture frames withstripes anddots will make you smile all the time! Collage maker forchildrenpictures will make all the mommies happy! Cooing, playing,crying –take pictures all the time and put it in the best familycollagemaker photo editor! Imagine all those pics into one with thehelpof mother and daughter photo frames! Be best mother everwith"photo collage for baby girl" NOW FREE OF CHARGE! 👱🌟👀🎉👶Theloveliest baby shower picture frame and collage app is onthemarket again! 🎉👀🌟👱 Searching for "family picture framesandcollages" that will take your breath away? You want a babyalbummaker that puts many pics into one? You want to have babystoryphoto maker with baby photo grid? You are at the right place!Trythis amazing kids collage maker photo editor and see howdelightfuland interesting it can be! This wonderful picture collagemaker forbaby pics is a precious gift to any mother! Now, she canput manysmall child photos into an astonishing photo editor andcollagemaker with cute frames and designs! Babies collage makerforchildren is what every family needs! Make chubby and "cutebabypics" NOW FREE! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Photo Editor New Version 2018 1.2.5
Amaze App
We add some more gorgeous effects and make it like pro and thisoneis totally free Photo Editor New Version 2018 is a free appwhichgives you colouring and beautiful effects and so many filters.ifyou need to give beautiful and awesome color splash effect toyourpic Then Photo Editor New Version 2017 is the ideal and thebestphoto editor app to do so. Use Photo Editor New Version 2018andapply some divine and colorful photo effects. Select your photoandselect effect or color and your pic is ready. more than 30+effectsin Photo Editor New Version 2017, stickers and features toapply toyour photos with Photo Editor New Version 2018! PhotoEditor NewVersion 2018 feature * Photo Editor New Version 2019 issupport inalso android 7.1 , 8.1 and also 9.0 * Color splash photofilters,effects and frames also available in photo editing software2017hd. * Crop photos as per your requirement before or aftereditingphotos. * Adjust, edit and effect to create fantasticcollages viathe color splash photo editor! * High resolution photoquality. *Give colourful effects to image with any color of yourchoice witha Photo Editor New Version 2018. * Image from camera ,gallery ,media etc. * Save your photos to the SD Card with photoeditorsoftware hd. * you can also Pinch Zoom in color splash photoeditorhd 2017. * Color Touch lets you turn photo into Black andWhitePhoto, Old Photo or Sepia Photo. * Make blur background toyourphotos with Photo Editor New Version 2017. * Add name in yourphotowith photo editing software new version 2018 hd. * Add text,stickers and emojis in Photo Editor New Version 2018. * AlsoAdjustbrightness, temperature , contrast, and saturation in PhotoEditorNew Version 2018. * Blur effects are more amazing and easy soyoucan also say blur photo editor new version 2019 * Add tilt shifttoyour pic. * Share your image with your social media friends. *Giveyou HD photo effects so you can also say new version photoeditor2018 HD * No internet required for use This application. *Nopurchase required its totally free application. * Blurintensityadjustment. * Brush Size adjustment and re-sizable. *Using pinchzoom to help you blur and effective photos. Color splashphotoeditor is gives you amazing and professional effects.Funnystickers, more frames , Color balance , Gorgeous photo effects,color temperature , Create your own photos and name , fix red-eye,Focus , Color Splash , Beauty tools , Sharpen and blur ,Adjustbrightness. Rotate photos with the tap of a finger. newversionphoto editor 2018 make cool collage of photos. i hope youwillenjoy Photo Editor New Version 2019...!!!! if you have anyquerythen contact on our email address.
com.smartworld.enhancephotoquality 1.3.6
Enhance photo quality is a pic and selfie editing app where youcanenhance photo quality by apply best photo effects and overlaysonyour photo in this photo editor. You can transform yourcreationinto a desired image with all photo editor app features,photoeffects and overlays. Enhance photo quality tool is Averycomprehensive photo quality enhancer app where picBeautifyingEffects give a professional look to your image by applyphotoeffects, overlays, frames,vignette and photo focus, textonpic,stickers,lens flare,adjustment toolincludecontrast,sharpness,hue,crop,brightness. Through this photochangerimage editor app photo editing can become a real art: yousimplytouch with a finger you can make photo effects localized!despiteits simple structure, it is best for your selfie andpictures toprovide a certain quality and wide range of photoeffects. so getready to arrange your photo through this photoorganizer. Use yourimagination - to create a masterpiece ! ****Features of PhotoQuality Enhancer App **** - Color adjustmentoptions include hue,saturation,sharpness,blur, contrast, andbrightness etc. - Largevariety of effects for your photos includingpencil sketch, black& white,sepia,lighting,uni color ,hardburn,vintage and more. -Around 50 overlays for making quick fixesor adding your personalstyle. - Photo frames,borders,text on picand stickers to decorateyour image. - Apply lens flare for lightingeffect. - Greatvignette and photo focus features. - Apply desirablecolor onphoto. - Share your creations via whats app, Facebook,Twitter,Flickr, email, and other social networks. - Much more .
Photo Collage - Collage Studio 2.1.0
"Photo Collage - Collage Studio" is a powerful imagestitchingapplications, with more than 100 kinds of photocompositiontemplate, picture effects and stickers.Make a collagewith yourphotos (photo composition), can be added to stickers, texteffects,picture frames, filters, etc.Just select some photoscanimmediately get a nice photo collage. Very easy to use,powerful,rich customization options, you can create personalizedphotocompositions - and totally free!Main features:* Quicklandscaping -Add rich Wonderful filters, to create beautifulphotos.* ImageCollage - Select 2-9 images combined into any effectyou want.*Free combination - Produced exclusively for yourcollage.* Longstitching - With multiple pictures composed filmstrip chart, tella story about you.* The most user-friendlyfeatures *1. More than100 kinds of collage layout- More than 100kinds of collage layoutto meet all your requirements puzzles.2. Tenbalance fine filter-Dozens of filters, including portraits, retro,scenery, glow, blackand white as well as the effect of a variety offestivals, andsupports advanced adjustments adjust brightness,contrast, shadow,color separation, color saturation.3. The beautyfeatures-Intelligent face recognition technology, whitening, removered eye,acne, so you always beautiful.4. 100+ personalized picturesticker-More than 100 kinds of styles of stickers, let your picturecanspeak.5. Easy to use text editor- Supports multiple fonts,colors,speak freely; remember the previous default operation,editfaster.6. More than 30 kinds of colorful background- Withabrilliant color or a beautiful picture as a photo backdrop,letyour photos breathtaking.7. Adjustable exquisite border- Youcanadd a picture frame, a variety of optional lace to makeyourpicture more range of children.8. Graffiti- Rich colors,adjustablestroke, easy graffiti their own personalized photo.9. HD-Save HDpicture to your phone gallery10. Photo Sharing- Onekeymulti-platform sharing, photos can easily share Sinamicroblogging,WeChat, QQ, Instagram and Facebook, to easily retainfond memoriesof life, so that more people find you, admire you.Sowhether youare a professional or a novice, you can through this appin a fewseconds, it is easy to create variety and state, stunningpictures.Make your work looks the same as with theprofessionals.This photocomposite application structure is verysimple and clear that evena child can use it! However, despite itssimple structure, itprovides a certain quality and a wide range ofphoto effects toyour images.Use your imagination - to create amasterpiece!ForTablet layout has been optimized! It can be theperfect show.
com.PinkbirdStudio.PhotoPerfectSelfie 3.2
Best Selfie photo Editor for Instagram, Snapchat, TwitterandFacebook. Whenever, wherever, take your candid selfies. Justswipewith finger gestures on live camera to change filters. Edit- Apply natural and unique filters to your images. Write texton anyof your images and make your images more memorable. Applyfunnystickers which are all very attractive. Apply artistic framestoyour images and give them a special effect. Beauty - Autobeautyapplies a radiant complexion for perfect face and selfiepics. Youcan use one of the perfect filters to your images. Need todo aquick retouch? Let our Photo Perfect Selfie do the work foryou!Camera - Multiple grids you can make from live camera and beastar. Change style and pattern of grids anytime. Perfectlightingeven in the darkest locations. In low light Photo PerfectSelfieautomatically adjusts exposure. Single picture editingfeatureallows you to edit your normal pictures into worth-sharephotos infew seconds. Collage -  Coolest collection of gridisavailable so that you can apply multiple effects and filterstoyour collages. Apply natural and unique filters to yourimages.Write text on any of your images and make your imagesmorememorable. Apply funny stickers which are all veryattractive.Combine your chosen photos with our new designed layoutsinto abeautiful picture. Apply artistic background to your imagesandgive them a special effect. Share your images to social media.Theoriginal way to post entire photos on any social media. Moveyourimages to private album and hide your content, which is theuniquefeature of this app. If you have any suggestions, pleasecontact usvia email.
photo collage editor 5.15.15
photo collage editor is a powerful photo editor to collateyourphotos, collage editor is a best collageeditorphotocollage editor lets you create awesome collages (grid orpilelayouts) using your picture, fun icon, sticker, backgrounds,textwith layout and template collage editor hascleanmodern interface, using material design, very easy to use.Youcreate a new beautiful picture by some quick steps.Mainfeatures: +photo collage editor has many layout to choose + combinesomeimages to create new photo with 2 images, 3 images or 6 images+create amazing pile collage + you can add text to image + youcanadd sticker to your image + Filter, rotate, create memotexts,blur, focus photos with Photo Editor + Select ratios :square(1:1), fit (9:16) + you can decorate your photo with fun iconorsticker, change size of icon, can move the icon to anywhereyouwant + easy to use, with some actions you will have a newbeautifulpicture. + you can change border colors, margin layout,you canchange frames. + you can share created photo via facebook,twiter,instagram, mail (ex: gmail, yahoo) + you can changebackground ofphoto + save your photo created in HD mode, you canalso choose thesize to be saved. + if you're lazy, you can userandom button attop-right cornerHow to use photo collage editorapp: 1. open thisapp, you can see two main feature: pick gridlayout or pile layout2. touch to add your pics, photos, images fromyour gallery tolayout, then adjust photos, images to match layout3. add frame forlayout 4. add text with many customize options:choose color, fonts5. add fun stickers 6. save current image toyour photo collagecollection and share to your friends. Give it atry, you'll beamazed! You can share the result with your friends onFacebook orYouTube.If you like our app, please take a minute torate it onGoogle Play market.