Top 49 Games Similar to Pixel999

Pixel Up : Fill up the Box 2.1.2
Pixel Bisrto
Touch the screen to make the block jump. Fill the blank area intheblock with pixels of the same shape. As you go up, thepixelsbecome more and more complex. Don't give up! Game Features: -Easyto play - Endless gameplay mode - 300 Stages gameplay mode -12leaderboards - Challenge your friends with the best high score
Pixels: Mental Health and Mood Tracker 3.3.6
Teo Vogel
Pixels is a minimalist and powerful approach to bulletjournaling.Track your mood in a simple, quick and easy manner.Every day is aPixel! You can log your thoughts through notes andthe emotions youfelt. Get insights and statistics of your mentalhealth with its“Patterns” feature: examine your data with graphsand otheranalytics tools! Use the app as a companion for yourtherapy ormental healing process. Pixels have been repeatedlyrecommended bytherapists around the world. Privacy and transparencyare key. Youare the only one with access to your data and thedevelopment ofthe app is transparent. You can read more about it inthe FAQsection. Ads are optional and non-intrusive! They, alongsidethepremium features, are just a way to support the development ofthisproject. Join our Discord community to get in touch withotherusers, get support and follow the development of the app! Youcanalso create a “Year in Pixels”, get reminders, customize thecolorsof your Pixels, secure your Pixels with a password, andmore!Original idea (Year in Pixels) from @PassionCarnets, go checkherInstagram account!
Pixels Building 1.2.2
I pixel
Pixels Building - Gather resources - Build Pixels Building -Createdifferent floors - And to meet the guests!
My Pixels - Numbers Coloring Sandbox 1.2.3
If you love coloring pictures, My Pixels is for you! MyPixelsprovides a relaxing and entertaining experience for both,childrenand adults. You’ll find hundreds of original pictures tochoosefrom, all of them created specifically for My Pixels incooperationwith pixel artists from around the world. By playing MyPixels yousupport pixel artist community and help it grow! Whetheryou are anartist, or you just love coloring pictures, we value yourinput.Help us make My Pixels even better and contact We're constantly updating the appwithnew features and content - in next update you can expect brandnewSandbox Mode where you will be able to design pixel arts ofyourown. Leave us comments and let us know which features youwouldlike to see in the app apart from Sandbox Mode - we'relistening toyou! Features: - Hundreds of pictures to choose from -Color bynumbers - Only original pictures, no random pirated content-Unlimited content - No subscriptions!
Pixoff: Battery Saver 4.8.5
Pixoff: Pixel OFF Save BatterySaves battery with filter thatturnsoff pixelsSaves battery by applying a filter that turns offpixelsof screens, also incorporates the possibility of make afilternight decreasing so damaging blue light and you can furtherreducebattery consumption with facility to put a wallpaper totrueblack.Screens doesn't have a backlight at all. Instead, eachlittlesub-pixel is like a tiny red, blue, or green colored light.If thescreen is instructed to display black, it doesn't need toblock anylight, it simply doesn't light up any of the littlecoloredsub-pixels.Black pixels save you a lot of power becausethosepixels can be turned completely off. There is arelationshipbetween brightness and power, but to really save juiceyou need atrue black.How fix detected in Screen Overlay Android6.0In theversion of Android 6.0 it is possible that in some appthat screenis launched, to fix follow the instructions in the nextvideo report anybugsto Pixoff Google Community - http://pixoff.urysoft.comThank youandenjoy!
Live Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds 3D/HD - Pixel 4D 2.03
250+ Cool 3D Live Wallpapers & Animated Lock ScreenBackgroundsare waiting to make your phone one of a kind! Decorateyour homescreen & lock screen with a different Live Wallpaperat thesame time! 1 for your home screen, 1 for your lock screen!Pixel 4Dcan apply 2 different Live Wallpapers for lock screen andhomescreen, without ANY modifications. NO custom lock screen isneededto replace your default lock-screen! ℹ️For the Double mode towork,your device must support live wallpapers for lock screen andhomescreen. If your device supports only home screen livewallpapers,you can still use the app as any other live wallpaper.This is atotally new approach of making 3D live wallpapers withreal 4Ddepth effect! Forget poor quality wallpapers that drainyourbattery, and get into a new magic world of amazing 4D AMOLEDcoolanimated 3D backgrounds HD! And all that at a minimum batteryusagebelow 2% 👍 Use any AMOLED live wallpaper to save even morebattery!Note: not all included moving wallpapers are AMOLED. Chooseandapply a live wallpaper, and tilt your device to witnessthestunning 4D depth effect controlled by your device's motionsensors(gyroscope or accelerometer). With new 3D backgrounds -moving HDwallpapers being submitted almost every week, we have aconstantlygrowing collection of cool animated wallpapers that youcan choosefrom! Choose between many categories such as Animewallpapers 4D,Superheroes 3D wallpapers like Thanos & BlackPanther, Spacewallpapers and Planets backgrounds, Themes for girls,Naturelandscapes, Super cars, Abstract 3D backgrounds 4K, Dark -Blackwallpapers, Animals 4D wallpapers, and many more different4Kmoving wallpapers - 3D backgrounds HD (many of themfree).Transform your Lock screen and home screen with thecoolestwallpaper that fit your style, add the best live wallpaperfor youto your favourites with one click, use our search engine tofindwhat you want, find most popular animated wallpapers, makeyourphone unique with this amazing 4D Depth Effect😎😎😎! Personaliseevenmore by adjusting the effects strength and set the batterysavingmode, to minimise consumption at 1% 👍👍👍 From SpaceWallpapers, toBlack wallpapers, to Anime 3D wallpapers & more,250+ cool 4Dbackgrounds are waiting to beautify your screen. Youwill never getbored again of your home & lock screen!😎FEATURES: ✅ For lockscreen and home screen ✅ Support for allaspects including ultrawide 18:9 ✅ 3D holograms - animatedbackgrounds ✅ Many differentcategories (From Space wallpapers toSuperheroes and more) ✅Battery efficient! ✅ New live wallpapers areadded continuously! ✅Embedded search engine! ✅ Fully customisable!✅ AMOLED 4Dwallpapers HD! ✅ Dark - Black wallpapers 3D! ✅ Space 4Dparallaxwallpapers! ✅ Anime HD wallpapers! ✅ The Coolest 4Dlivewallpapers--animated backgrounds app! We want to bring you thebestexperience we can, so we never put ads into our apps. Many4Dmoving wallpapers are totally free and some others arepremium.Support us by unlocking the Premium version. You only payonce toaccess all features - No hidden cost. With the Premiumversion youget lifetime access to all 4D wallpapers, including allupcoming 3Dbackgrounds! Tip: If your screen is AMOLED, while usingany AMOLED3D wallpaper, or any black wallpapers, battery usage ismeasuredbelow 0.5%! Each live wallpaper is designed andauto-adjusted tofit any aspect ratio, including ultra wide screens18:9, and testedwith the most popular devices such as SamsungGalaxy s8 - s8+ ,OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi 8, Huawei P20 etc. One of thebest 4D animatedwallpapers - 3D backgrounds app.. Because 3Dwallpapers are nice..but 4D is Awesome!😍😍😍 Get the Coolest 4D Livewallpaper HD -- 3Dmoving background 4K now!! Many FREE itemsincluded.
Galactic Warrior 1.04
Noma Games
Hard action game and incredibly fun, for all those wholoveschallenges and pixels. Galactic Warrior is a fast paced actionandArena style, where you must defeat waves of enemies to obtaingold,armors, and... ¡Reach the glory! FEATURES: - 10 skills(pasives andactives) that you could buy and upgrade. - Get armorparts tocomplete it and upgrade it. - Upgrade your sword as youtgetexperience. - Defeat Final Bosses in each Arena. - BeutifulPixelArt. - Fun to play. All warriors looking for action arewelcome tothe Arena!! Contact us: nomagames@hotmail.comWebsite:
URB: Last Pixels Battle Royale 1.4.1
URB: Last Pixels Battle Royale Starting with nothing, playersmustfight to locate weapons and supplies in a battle to be thelonesurvivor. Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, lootyourenemies and become the last man standing.BUT be afraid oftheshrinking zone, it does significant damage! Jump out of theplaneinto any of the locations - night ford, warehouse, powerstation orrural area. Shoot with AK, pixel gun, smg,multiple-barrel andother weapons. BE THE LAST lone survivor! Do youlike militaryblocky pixel online games? URB: Last Pixels BattleRoyale is amassive multiplayer online action battle arena where youhave to doanything possible and impossible to stay alive andsurvive! Ourbattle royale will put up to 40 players on a remotebattlegroundfor a winner-takes-allshowdown where strategic gameplayis asimportant as shooting skills. Dominate the battlefield bytaking oneach opponent and become last survivor #1! Grab your pixelgun andget shooting! - Auto shooting: you don’t need to push theshotbutton, all you have to do is just pixel combat and attacks tofortwith enemy. - Team battle: play with friends in squad game modeupto 4 players! - Massive map size: big island this is theplacewhere you have to survive while you plaiyng in the block city.Wehave more than 40+ players in the same map in themultiplayeronline shooter! - Battle in Online Multiplayer Games:Intense PVPgameplay against players around the world! - Guns willrandomlyappear, so search the ground thoroughly! Survive bycollecting moreguns so you have an advantage over other players. -Huge arsenal ofvarious weapons: huge military arsenal such as AK,minigun, sniperguns, pixel gun, smg, pistols and so on. Start theend of theworld, with pixle gun! - Skins for every taste: skinslooksabsolutely perfect, just like in true 3D block city survivalgames,you can purchase any pixel block skins! - Search secretplaces!Find royal weapons like flamethrower and pixel rocketlauncher! -Win only one! This royal battle, optimized for a quickgame on thephone. Our pixel battles go no more than 10 minutes! -Multiplayergame is absolutely free online game for download. -Easy, intuitivecontrol. You will not notice how hours and dayz willfly by whileyou playing the pixel shooter. Our pixel shooter withfull HDgraphics and also you can make low setting if you have aweakphone; ROYAL BATTLE AND PIXEL WARFARE HAVE ALREADY STARTED!Watchout for news URB: Last Pixels Battle Royale in socialnetworks: tips: - The gamerequires an Internet connection. -Received coins, open tanks arestored on your device. DO NOT DELETETHE GAME before the update,otherwise all achievements WILL BE LOST!
Sticky Pixels - Coloring Book 1.0.7
Flex Games
Sticky Pixels - Coloring Book is relaxing pixel stickingandcoloring book for adults and kids! With super easy-to-usepaintingon grid line table, coloring and free drawing.The gamehelps adultsto relax while drawing in normal mode and childrenlearn aboutcolors, animals, vehicles and lot of other stuff whiledrawing thempixel by pixel or coloring them in normal, easy or freedrawingmode.Have fun and relax until making real small unique artwithyour finger.This game will increase your children motoricskills,creativity and assessment for small details. Moreover,StickyPixels - Coloring Book will develop children sense forattentionand will increase concentration.Features:3 Different gametypes -Drawing with pixels - Coloring book - Free drawing- Uniquevehiclesto draw- Unique animals to draw- Unique space objects todraw- 14free color crayons- Training memory- Normal help (3levels)- Extrahelp (>90%) - Helps parents teach their kids-Children recognizeanimals, objects, elements...- Shapes and colors-Small size game-Lot of other drawings are coming soonSticky Pixels- Coloring Bookalso is created for children which are in theprocess fordeveloping their skills and knowledge. As base, is takenold pixeleffect in new approach with the overall goal forchildrendevelopment but more important to have fun.
Coins For Pixel Gun 3D : Prank 2.0
Awesome Pixel Gun 3D Hack to get you unlimited pixel gun 3dcoinhack.Pixel gun 3d is one of the best video game around if youarelooking for something exciting and fun. I really love the factthatwe can play the game in different modes. Don't you worry aboutmyawesome pixel gun 3d hack, it works perfectly in both gamemodes.Just in case if you want to use my awesome pixel gun 3d hacktohelp you in this video game. If you do not want to hack pixelgun3d game, then there is no need for my pixel gun 3d hack ofcourse.I know if you can't find a hack that you like you may wantto learnhow to hack pixel gun 3d. But, if you really want, I do ownthispixel gun 3d hack tool that you can use for cheats for pixelgun3d.When I play this game, I must admit that I do prefer to playinthe multi-player mode. But sometimes, I find that the singleplayermode can be relaxing to play too. Either you like to play insingleor multi player mode, you can use my pixel gun 3d hack onthem. Youhave my words that I will share with you my pixel gun 3dhackdownload on this page. I don't want you to waste your precioustimelooking for other pixel gun 3d cheats, you can just use myhackhere.Pixel Gun 3D Hack Unlimited Free Coins Cheats Tool NoSurvey:The ProsNow that we have familiarized ourselves with thegame, itsseveral features including the different platforms that itcan beinstalled and played lets now talk about our pixel gun 3dcheatstool for the game and why any passionate player of the gamewouldwant to access and use it.As it is common with every othergame,resources (coins, stars, diamond, gold, gems, etc.) mustbecollected and in turn, be used to buy game upgrades that willmakeplaying and winning the different levels built-into differentgamespossible. Pixel gun 3d is no exception! Here coins are theprimarycurrency of the game with which other resources and upgradescan bepurchased.**Instruction**1 Download Cheats for Pixel Gun 3DPrank2Type your username 3 Type your age4 Type the amount of coinsandGems you want5 Click on generate6 Wait for few minutes7 And youareDone***Disclaimer/Legal Notice***This content is notaffiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved byPixel gun 3dgame and Pixel gun game is not responsible for it.Wemade this Apponly as a FREE FAN APP, only for those who wants toenjoy thegame.No Pixel gun 3d hack tool app.No Pixel gun 3d freecoins andgems.No Pixel gun 3d cheats for coins.just You can prankyourfamily and friends and make them believe that the coins forPixelgun 3d and all Pixels games is real.If there is any trademarkorcopyright violation that does not follow within the fairuse,please contact us and we will immediately take actiononit.NOTICE:THIS APP JUST A PRANK
2048 Pixels
Lukasz Majda
Play pixel version of the most addictive puzzle game ever. Enjoythecolorful graphics in the style of Nintendo gameconsole.Warning!This puzzle game is incredibly addictive.2048 gamerules aresimpleSwipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with thesame numbertouch, they merge into one. Example: 2+2=4, 4+4=8,8+8=16,2048+2048=???? etc...Collect game achievements and beatyour friendsscore. Share scores on Facebook and Twitter.What makesthis gameunique?• Stunning pixelated graphics like on Nintendogameconsole.• 2048 Pixels looks perfectly on any device. Sizedoesn'tmatter.• Catchy chiptune music.• No ads on the gamescreen.• ConnectGoogle Play Games to climb to the top ofleaderboard and collectachievements• You can keep playing aftercollected 2048 tile.• Youcan close the game and continue reaching2048 later.• Game isabsolutely free.Inspired by Gabriele Cirulligame available ontheweb: 2048, puzzle,game
Chinese HSK 1
The new Chinese HSK Level 1 will allow you to easilyandinteractively dominate the official HSK Level 1. You will findafull HSK 1 dictionary and a comprehensive list of sentencesandexpressions spread over 9 very everyday topics. But there aremore:15 different games, 150 Picturecard/Flashcard, +3000challenges and33 achievements are waiting for you. With Chinese HSKLevel 1 youwill listen, speak, write and play while you arechecking yourprogress. Full stats will show your learning progressand mistakes.Dominate this Chinese level easily! CONTENT ●Dictionary with the150 HSK level 1 words ● 150Picturecard/Flashcard HSK level 1 words● Simplified and Traditionalhanzi characters ● Save your words inyour starred list ● Searchwords by meaning, hanzi or pinyin ●Voice search (Chinese andEnglish, requires internet connection) ●247 sentences andexpressions spread over 9 everyday topics ●Chinese lessons (only inEnglish, requires internet connection) ●15 different games ● 33achievements ● +3000 challenges ● Chinesestroke order ● Hanzi colortones ● All audio content is recorded bya Chinese native ●Possibility to record your own audiopronunciation ● VoiceRecognition (requires internet connection) ●Real-time learningstats ● Check your mistakes ● Adapted forsmartphone and tablet ●Available in English, French, German,Italian, Russian, Spanish
RPG Clicker 1.26
RPG Clicker is a fantasy RPG simplified to one finger touch. Nomoregetting lost in boring dungeon, just tap your way throughdiverseterrain and menacing monsters. Find loot and rack up goldto buy theultimate weapon. Research powerful spells and set thepixels onfire. Then, when your hero is ready, engage in epic bossfightsagainst titans where your hero’s strength and skill will beput tothe test. We developed a unique inflation system to allowforexponentially powerful enemies as well as exponentiallyvaluableloot for heroes to find. That means you can upgradeweapons andspells to do billions of damage with our crazyinflation system! Andsince this is RPG Clicker, you can tap asfast as you can to do evenmore damage! RPG Clicker is the nextevolution in clicker games.Join thousands of heroes in theultimate clickersadventure!FEATURES• Incremental game progresswith prestige system•One finger tap attack• Upgrade weapons,spells, and equipment•Fantasy themed pixel art
1 bit pixels 1.1.1
1 bit pixels lets you experience 80s style retrodigitalphotography. This simple application converts your photosinto 1bit depth, pure black and white images with no othergray-scalecolors. Features:- Photo filters which let you apply fourdifferentdithering methods: Bayer matrix, Cluster dots, Errordiffusion,Random..- Change image size.- Change the brightness andcontrast.-Colorize - replace black and white colors with customcolors.- Saveimage to the SD card.- Share image to other apps.
Q*bert: Rebooted 1.2
One of the most critically acclaimed and commerciallysuccessfularcade games of the 1980s is back in its Classic pixelperfect 2Dform, and a re-imagined Reboot version with state of theart 3Dgame-play and graphics that remain faithful to theoriginalconcept. Both versions are exciting twitch games requiringkeenpuzzle solving skills and logic. * 2 Fun Play Modes, ClassicArcadeand Q*bert Rebooted!* Coily and the rest of the crew are backwith3 New Enemies :- Homer, Uppercut and Treasure Chest* 30+ NewLevelsin 3D Rebooted Mode* Earn Crazy Q*bert Variants likeQ*zilla,Q*bot, Q*knight and moreFirst introduced in 1982 byGottlieb,Q*bert was critically-acclaimed and went on to become theone ofthe most successful arcade game of all time. It inspiredhomeversions, a variety of Q*bert merchandise, numerous copycatgamesand even an animated TV series. Q*bert Classic stays true totheoriginal in all its jagged 2D pixel art glory, now optimizedfortouch screen control. As the title character, players jumparoundan isometric cube pyramid and convert each blockís colorwhileavoiding familiar adversaries Coily, Ugg, Slick, Sam, WrongWay andRed Ball. Levels become progressively harder with moreenemiesblocking your path and the tiles requiring multiple jumps tochangeto the required color. Q*bert Rebooted takes the arcadeclassic andcatapults it into the 21st century with 3D game play yetremainsfaithful to the original. Featuring hexagonal blocks insteadofsquares, Q*bert Rebooted introduces new enemies,playablecharacters, power-ups, traps, gem collecting andcharacters, andnew ways to play.Developed by Sideline Amusementsand Gonzo GamesTM& © 2015 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.All Rights Reserved
HD Wallpaper for Pexels 1.3.3
HD Wallpapers for Pexels is a free HD wallpaper app whichprovidesthoudsands of photos with high resolution. All photos arelicensedunder the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. This meansthepictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose.-Photos are free for personal and even for commercial use. - Youcanmodify, copy and distribute the photos. ★ Feature: - Thoudsandsofphotos in at least HD quality to make your background screenfreshand beautiful - 100 daily high-quality photos - Providevariouscategory to fit your needs: Abstract, Animals, Car, City,Color,Natural, Ocean, Pattern, Sky, Vintage, Wedding ... -Download, Setas wallpaper, share photos to anyone or any app -Image search bytitle and color - Save your all favorites photos andhistories -Share image within apps and between android devices ★Note: Yourprivacy is very important. We only ask for thepermissions that areessential for the app to be used properly. Weuse -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to save the wallpapers toyourown device’s storage. - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission toreadthe saved wallpapers from your storage ★ Contact: Any feedbackorsuggestion please send to below email: -
Pixel Sketch - Color by Number 1.0.3
Pixel Sketch is more than just coloring. It's a pleasant waytorelax and bring out your creativity.
Pixel military vehicle battle 1.0
This funny battle pixel is perfect to play with all yourfriendsaround the world.Join in any server you find or you cancreateserver with favorite maps.Choose gun unlocked and characterfrominventory and fight to unlock more feature .Be the best playerfrommap and show your friends on Facebook how good how good areyourskill .Enjoy !
Pixel - Photo Editor 1.2
With Pixel, you can edit your photos, crop, apply amazingfilters,add stickers or maybe make beautiful collages of yourphotos, drawon photos or create animation. Pixel helps you to saveyourmemories and important events in your life. Create story fromyourlast trip, holiday or celebration. You can view your photos onmapwith location where they were taken.
24 Megapixel HDr+ QCamera 3.3
You are ready for 24 Megapixel HDr + QCamera resolution. Get ontopof everything with this camera that offers you the latestqualityHDR + color, brightness, contrast, sharpness settings. Evenfor you8x zoom will provide great clarity. You are ready to sharegreatphotos and fun filtered and effective videos. Immediately edityourphotos and show them your friends.
Pixel Effect 2.0
The most amazing app to create your photo with new PixelEffect.Select Photo from gallery or camera. Cut or Crop yourpicture andapply different different style of pixel effects.Transform photoswith the tap of a finger. Use simple, yet powerful,photo editingtools to apply particle dispersion/pixel effect.Feature :- + Easyto use UI. + Import photos from gallery or takefrom camera. + Makeyour photos extra look with creative pixeleffect style. + alldirection particle dispersion effect. + Autoparticle dispersiontool for any photo. + Easy to change backgroundcolors. + save yourart in your phone gallery. + Share your picswith your friendseasily on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.Give us bestrating and review if you like this app and share toyour friends.Thank you.
Ravens Sky 1.3
Ravens Sky is an exciting skill and adventure game in which ourmaincharacter, a digital being, must recover pixels of light thatwerestolen and scattered all the way through different worlds.Jumpfromwall to wall non-stop, collect coins and pixels of light,avoidhitting sharp edges, aerial traps, magnetic objects, blackholes andrandom enemies. But Beware: this game issuperaddictive!CHARACTERISTICS- A bunch of fantastic worlds to playandeach one more challenging than the other.- Incredible portalsthatallow you to cross from one place to another avoiding tohitdangerous areas.- Obstacles to avoid: Sharp edges on walls,hammersand doors that crush, saws that cut with no mercy, blackholes,magnetic objects, random enemies and aerial traps that won´tletyou cross.HOW TO PLAY:You must touch the screen to push yourselfindiagonal. When our main character reaches a wall, it bouncesinzigzag. Calculate the amount and speed in which you touchthescreen to reach the top and stand on the teleportation platform.
Next Pixels 3D Theme 1.0.2
Next Pixels 3D Theme is officially designed for #1 rankedNextLauncher 3D in Google Play Store. Get it now and redefineyourAndroid device with splendid operation experience and visual3Deffects!■ Main Features- Free for Next Launcher 3D - 20specialicons, covers the main apps of the phone such as dial, SMS,emailand so on- Wallpaper of the topic- Show you a integraltheme,screen preview and dock are included- New folderinterfaceexperience- Special app drawer skin■ How to use- Make surethelatest version of Next Launcher 3D has been installed! -Apply:MENU—>Theme—>Installed—>Next Pixels 3D Theme■ContactsAnyproblems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.E-mail:nextlauncher@gmail.comFacebook:
Wallpapers HD - PIXELS 1.0.16
PIXELS is a collection of 100% FREE photos for wallpapersandbackgrounds. All photos published on PIXELS - Premium WallpapersHD(Backgrounds HD) are licensed under CC0 (Creative CommonsZero)which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use thephotos forfree, including commercial purposes, without askingpermission fromor providing attribution to the photographer orPIXELS. We'reinspired by many of free stock photo websitesproviding beautifulfree stock photos to do whatever you want. Andwe've found out thatthere is no alternative one particularly inandroid apps to enjoythese kinds of photos, which is called as CC0licensed images orpublic domain images. Give a shout-out toauthors, optional butthey love it. All our wallpapers have beencarefully selected byPIXELS professional moderators so you candecorate your smartphoneaccording to your taste. A modern andsimple UI inspired byGoogle's material designs is adapted so thatyou can easily browsebetween categories and between photos. Staytuned on upcomingupdates where hashtag search is the top on thelist. Features: ✔Only CC0 photos to be used freely.✔ Thousands ofwallpapers in HDand QHD quality.✔ Wallpaper sorted by 20+categories.✔ Newwallpapers and images every day.✔ Save wallpaperson your SD card.✔The high speed of the application.✔ Stylishinterface with Google’sMaterial Designs Categories: Abstract,Animal, Architecture, Blackand White, Cloud, Depth of Field, Field,Flower, Food & Drink,Landscape, Lifestyle, Minimalism,Mountains, Nightscape, Painting,People, Road, Sunset, Tree,Vehicle, Water
English for kids 1.0.1
English Learning for kids App is specially designed for kidsaboveone year old. While playing the game, the kids could improvetheirunderstanding of the world, identify various Basic Knowledgetoolsand improve pronunciation.A very easy way for toddler tolearnEnglish Alphabets and Numbers• Full ABC• All Alphabetsincludesletters A to Z sounds and images.• 1 to 10 numbers withsounds andimages.• Real sound• Real images• Exercises about how towrite thealphabets and numbersLet your kids learn English Alphabetsandnumbers in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with anobjectand each number with his fingers‬‏.Sounds interesting right?•Humanvoice for Alphabets.• Image of each Alphabet.• Human voicefornumbers.• Image of each number.• Slideshow is Available whereyoucan sit back and watch your kid learn.We love to hear fromparents– and from children, too. To tell us how we made adifference inyour child's education or , please rate our app andpost a comment.
Megusta games
Pixelo is a simple logic puzzle game commonly known as PicrossorPic-a-Pix. The main goal of Pixelo is to fill out pixels withgivenclues. ※This is lite version. It includes ads. ※Lite ver. andfullver. use different savedata Because of differentpuzzlecomposition.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Somedevice loses its save data when battery dies while you areplaying.Please, turn off the pixelo when battery is about to die.※Googlecloud save system can't be added because of technicalissues. Whenit can be supported I'll add that rightaway.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features:- Support for both mobile and tablet PC - Over 500puzzles - Dailypuzzles - Over 100 badges and prizes which upgradeyour abilitiesand results. - Many options for your solving style -Customizepuzzle environment * Background color * Backgroundanimation * Pixeltype * Background music - Supports puzzle sizesfrom 5x5 to 20x20 -Supports two type of controls: virtual pad orfinger - Auto save. -Statistics for your records - Supports googleplay * XP rank * Dailyrecords New features, more themes, badgesand prizes will be addedin the next major update. Walktrough andguide pagehttp://Megusta.tistory.com you have any problems,send me an E-Mail.
Live Pixels 1.1.1
inHause Games
Watch as hundreds of pixels, each with a mind of its own, flyaroundand change color to create beautiful and interesting imagesandscenes. From fireflies in the night sky, to cats shootingthroughspace, the possibilities are endless.Scenes include:- Cityat Night-Pixel Explosion- Fireflies in the Night- Blazing Fire-Fireworks-Cat in Space- Your own Pictures- Hungry Snake- SnowStorm- Text ofYour Choice- Raging Thunderstorm- Water Dynamics-More + scenes willbe continually added in updates- Full 3Dhardware acceleration. UsesOpenGL ES 2.0.- Optimized for lowmemory usage and little to noimpact on system performance.-Supports all Android devices withAndroid 2.3 and up.Note: This appis a live wallpaper and has nolauncher icon. To use, set it asyour wallpaper (Home -> Menu-> Wallpaper -> LiveWallpaper).
Galaxy Pixel Robot Theme 1.1.2
Galaxy pixel robot Theme is a tech and mechanical Theme withallassailant, ellipyical galaxy, milky way , star cluster emojiswithtech and hitech keyboard. Galaxy pixel Theme designed forpeoplewho wants to make their phone amusing like galaxies and wanttobright and starry look to their plain Mobile phone today. Ithasgalaxy robot set as wallpaper filled with different nuances ofdarksheds.Features of starry galaxy robotics Theme🌟 You can makeyourphone look brand new with the help of tech robot theme you willgetfully customized phone interface as this theme will changemobilewallpaper, mobile icons and amazing graphics will incorporatethegalaxy tech robots in your everyday life in happy and funnyway.sotry now..!Accessibility- star clusters robots 3D Theme canbeaccessed on all social media apps.New Look- Try mechanizedrobotstheme to give new look to your android phone and replacedefaulttheme with exciting theme. More Space - galaxy warrior onlycovers2MB space of your phone and keep your android mobile safefromvirus.Compatibility - pixel robotics Theme is compatible withallandroid mobile phones and do not hang your phone. BatteryFriendly-star cluster warrior Theme is battery friendlyTheme.ReplaceIcons - pixel component Theme replaces your defaulticons withrobust robot icons and keyboard with emoji keyboard.GoodNews -and the amazing news is you can also share robust andpowerfulrobotics Theme launcher animated Theme on. Background andHighDefinition Theme- This animated computerized automatic manThemehas amusing galaxy pixels warrior wallpaper in background sochangebackground picture if you wish to have perfect andoutstandingTheme. 2D pixel warriors Theme is a High definitionTheme and whenit is used, it makes your android phone very easy andfeasible fortyping with emoji keyboard.3D Effects 🌍-If you are fedup of allold and boring Themes and if you are looking for somethingamazingwith starry tech robot theme then download galaxy pixelrobot Themewith 3D animations and graphic effects.Availability-you cansimply download robotic pixels Theme from anywhere as itisavailable on google play and all other Mobile appsstore.SmoothTyping Experience- play sounds of alphabets andautocorrectspellings while typing with pixel launcher tema withtrendyterrific starry pixels robot Theme.Make Your typingexperience morecomfortable with star cluster tech robot Theme &Keyboard.talkin different and suitable languages with your friendswith the helpof starry robotic Theme (FREE).Customized Theme-robotic warriorTheme with galaxy pixels effects tema is a customizeTheme and youcan apply and remove trendy and pixel galaxies Themewhenever youwant to. To download Customized universal galaxiesTheme(FREE).download robotic pixels Theme.apply metal robot3DTheme.Keep latest and tech pixels robot Theme for 24 hourstounlock 3D effects.Share review and ratings, as reviews matterthemost.😊
Digital Matrix Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
Digital Matrix live wallpaper, beautiful abstractinteractivedigital pixels. If you like this wallpaper, pleasesupport us bypurchasing Pro version with more themes andfeatures. Beautiful abstract digital pixels - 2 colors - Touchablepixels -Use 3D hardware to render images, save battery - Supportmostresolutions including Android 3.0 tablet Instruction Home-> Menu-> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers Note: It is livewallpaper soyou can't open the app, you will need to follow theinstructionabove in order to set the wallpaper. If you have putthe app on SDcard and restarted the phone, the wallpaper willreset to defaultsince the system couldn't find the app first. FAQ:1. Why is there"Internet access" permission? It is for Google adson setting screenonly, nothing else. Pro version is ads free withmore features. 2.Wallpaper resets to default after reboot/restartthe phone? Pleasemove the app to phone instead of SD card.
Pixels Touch - Sprite maker 1.6
#=======================================================================#Thankyou for using this app all these year, I finally got somefree timeto provide # a simple fix for file OPEN error. Notperfect but atleast working. # # It's time to retire this app sono more update.This app would remain free (and ads-free too).# Imay release acompletely new app for drawing pixel art inthefuture.#=======================================================================Asimpletool for create pixel art and sprite art. Perfect to createsmallsprite for video game. Easy control, just open app andstartdrawing.Work even better for device with big screen and(or)stylus--Tool: ++pencil, move, fill bucket, eye dropper,Select++Mirror, Eraser, Preview ++New, Save, Save As, Open, Undo,Redo,Palette Manager--Zoom and Moving around with ease--This applimitthe image size to 512x512. This mean you CAN'T open or createfilebigger than that***PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DO ANYSERIOUSWORK***--Some very important feature is hidden in theinterface++New, Save, Save as, Open can be find at the menu ++Clickon thein-use color panel (the biggest one) to open color pickerdialog++Long Click on the in-use color panel to open PaletteManager ++InPalette Manager click on a color panel to selected it,click againon the selected panel to get it color.--Most of thefunction shouldbe self-explain but some may work different thanwhat you expected++Switch the Eraser on will make Pencil or Fillbucket paintTRANSPARENT color no matter what color is in-use ++Whenopen a fileplease use a File Manager or File Explorer app insteadof thebuilt-in Gallery. It may give some incorrect thumbail ofimagewhich can make your life harder. ++Click on Menu\Info tocheckfilename and filepath (if already saved)
Pixel Riot 3.0
Mr Funcs
The Pixrus ( Pixel + Virus ) are invading. They want to overrunyourphone and declare their independence from you. Yes, You! Foryears,they have been following your every gesture, tap and press.Now, NOMORE !!!_____________________________________________Thereare TwoModes of Play:1. Riot : Where you survive each day byerasing acertain no. of pixels. Only to be confronted by entirelynew Pixrusformations at the end of each day. A progressive mode,where youdiscover the Pixrus side of the story. Leaving even asingle pixrusto go through, ends the day.2. Arcade : The plain ol'arcade mode.Where you face off against continous streams ofPixrus, coming atyou. Leaving even a single Pixrus to go through,ends therun._____________________________________________This gameisdeveloped by Mr.Funcs, a ragtag team of 3 members, who wanttoreimagine the existing genres to provide new gameplays, orperhapseven make new ones. This is our first creation, Enjoy andhave agreat day. If you reached this part of the long description(Great!), you have quite a good reservoir of patience. 3:) Willberequired for figuring out ways to beat the Pixel formations. :p
Pixel Animator:GIF Maker 1.5.3
Pixel Animator: GIF Maker With Pixel Animator, you can do morethancool pixel art. Make your sprites moving is just like a pieceofcake. If you like Pixel Animator, please join Googlepluscommunity: share GIFs or have discussions with the developer incommunity.In the Pixel Animator ver1.1.4 update, two very powerfulpixel arttools are added. Now you can make pixel art, GIF moreconviniently.Although these two tools are not free, you can stilluse them inlimited times every day. Shape tool: You click the tooland thechoose the shape type. Next touch the screen and the touchpointswill be the vertex of your shape. Currently, the supportedshapeinclude circle, rectange, line and triangle. Transform tool:Youclick the tool and adjust the select area. After you havefinishedselecting, click the OK button in the tip window. Then dragthearea to move the selection, or drag the corner to scale thearea,or drag the cornor to rotate the selection. After you havedone ,click OK. Another important change in new Pixel Animator isthe wayhow you add GIF frames. The frame number will not appearunless theGIF frame is added. The old way is confusing to manynewcomers.This time, you can add unlimited frames to a GIF in afull version.In free version you can add as many as 15 GIF frames.Features: 1Make your pixel art from scratch or based on an existingphoto orcartoon. 2 Adjust next GIF frame picture based the previouspicturewhich saves your lots of time. 3 Export your animation as aGIFformat which is support by every version of browser no matteronthe PC platform or the mobile platform. 4 Edit an existingGIFfile. 5 Share your GIF Pixel Animation with your friends. Tips:ThePaint Bucket is very useful. You can use it to change the colorofa line or change the color of a closed area. Simple tutorialTomake a GIF with Pixel Animator, you should know 2 simpleconcepts.At first you should know what the current button is, thebuttonthat is working. The current button is blinking. The colorischanging form normal to red and from red to normal repeatedly.Thedefault current button is a pencil. You can change thecurrentbutton by click the button on the right panel. The secondconceptis GIF frame. A GIF animation is made up of many singleimages,which is called frame. If you click the “add” button, a newframewill be added. If you click the “minus” button, the currentframewill be deleted. Pay attention to the color of frame numbers.Redmeans the frame is added, green means it is the current frameandgray means the frame can be added but not added yet. For thefreeversion of Pixel Animator, you can add as to 10 frames. Framerateis the speed of the GIF animation. Large frame rate meansquickanimation. Make your original GIF animation with fun.
dotpict - Easy to Pixel Arts 4.2.3
dotpict LLC
Let's make a simple to draw Pixel Arts! "dotpict" Is a new senseofPixel Arts painting app. ◆Pen tip is not hidden by thefinger"dotpict" Nib is not hidden by the finger. Like inoperability,such as a mouse, You can draw quickly! ◆Auto save ofpeace of mindSince the work is always saved in the auto save, Andpeace of mindto enjoy Pixel Arts production is! ◆Easy to share thework You canbe easily shared with SNS services. Let's introduce thePixel Artto everyone by email or Twitter! Now "dotpict" Gettingstartedwith! [Features] ・Undo, Redo ・Zoom of canvas ・Display of thegrid,non- display ・Export / share of work
Pixel Filter 2.4
Decrease screen brightness below minimum level, by turningoffindividual pixels. This way the screen contrast is kept at thesamelevel.Save battery on newer AMOLED screens - they will turnoffblack pixels completely.Tap app icon 3 times to showsettingsdialog.Includes screen pattern editor.Screen pattern isshiftedeach 5 minutes to prevent uneven pixel wear-out.This apphaslimited functionality on Android 7 and newer, it cannot dimsystembuttons and notification area, because of new security modelinAndroid 7.App sources availablehere:
Voxly - Color by Number 3D 4.9.9
byss mobile
Color by Number - Voxly 3D is relaxing, de stressing andveryaddictive coloring app. Kids & adults love to color and wehavefascinating models: animals, architecture, characters topaint.Just follow the numbers to bring characters and animals tolife.You can choose from a diverse of super duper fun 3D images:funnyanimals, world landscapes, ocean creatures, princesses a lotofunicorns, rainbows and nature. features: • A lot of cool 3Dvoxelobjects, paint it, and wait for the magic! • Share you workwithfriends and family on messaging apps, Instagram, TwitterorFacebook • Family-friendly objects: Coloring by Numbers forallages • Unlock exclusive content weekly It's best rated colorbynumber app! Happy painting! You can do it!
Pixel Effect 1.2
The only app to provide a free hand brush tool to createpixeleffects where you want. Apply customized pixel effects onparts ofphotos - using PIXEL BRUSH. OR Quickly create predefinedPixeleffects with tons of STANDARD TEMPLATES. The most amazingandexciting photo effects is here. Create amazing pixeldispersioneffect pictures in just seconds.Just select the picturefrom yourgallery or capture new picture from camera and apply pixeleffectwith pixel brush or using predefined pixel effect templates.Makeyour Photo look like its bleeding Pixels from photo tocreateawesome looking Pixel Effect. Pixel Effect has variety ofbleedingpixels in various styles. Feature :- ♦ Choose your PixelEffectShapes ♦ Hand draw to create pixel effects ♦ All directionparticledispersion effect. ♦ Auto particle dispersion tool for anyphotousing Standard Templates ♦ Easy to change Pixel colors. ♦ Saveyourart in your phone gallery. ♦ Show off your pics easily onsocialmedia.
Pacman3D 1st Person 1.0
The new Pacman3D 1st person is released. Three levels to beginwithbut may add more in the future. Collect the pixels to advanceanavoid the ghosts that get harder to avoid with each level.Theworldis so scary through the eyes of Pacman.
Chinese HSK 2
The new Chinese HSK Level 2 will allow you to easilyandinteractively dominate the official HSK Level 2. You will findafull HSK 2 dictionary and a comprehensive list of sentencesandexpressions spread over 11 very everyday topics. But therearemore: 15 different games, 153 Picturecard/Flashcard,+3000challenges and 33 achievements are waiting for you. WithChineseHSK Level 2 you will listen, speak, write and play while youarechecking your progress. Full stats will show your learningprogressand mistakes. Dominate this Chinese level easily! CONTENT●Dictionary with the 153 HSK level 2 words ●153Picturecard/Flashcard HSK level 2 words ● SimplifiedandTraditional hanzi characters ● Save your words in your starredlist● Search words by meaning, hanzi or pinyin ● Voice search(Chineseand English, requires internet connection) ● 166 sentencesandexpressions spread over 11 everyday topics ● Chinese lessons(onlyin English, requires internet connection) ● 15 different games● 33achievements ● +3000 challenges ● Chinese stroke order ●Hanzicolor tones ● All audio content is recorded by a Chinesenative ●Possibility to record your own audio pronunciation ●VoiceRecognition (requires internet connection) ● Real-timelearningstats ● Check your mistakes ● Adapted for smartphone andtablet ●Available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian,Spanish
Pixel Effect Photo Editor
=> The pixel effect photo editor allows for variety ofbleedingpixel effect on your image. It looks like magic effects onyouroriginal image. => Pixel effect photo editor makes brokenpiecesof your original image. => pixel effect photo editor apphas hdlight glare effect for a photo. Photo makes casual also bypixeleffect. How to apply pixel effect: - Choose photo from cameraorgallery for pixel effect. - Crop your photo for pixel effect. -Youcan apply huge number of pixel effect on photo. it looksbleedingeffect. - Your original photo is having zoom in and zoomouteffect. - You can change your opacity and contrast of images. -Youcan reset your image also. - Pixel effect photo editor has textandemoji effect. - Beautiful pixel photo share with your friendsandfamily. Features: - Huge number of pixel effect. - Lightglareeffect. - Hd effects on photo. - Original photo zoom in zoomout -Different stickers and text. - Lots of effects. - Resetphoto.Pixel effect photo editor app is completely free to download.
Pixel Art - Color by the Block Number 1.3.17
Brainit Games
Pixel Art - Color by the Block Number is an anti-stresssandboxgames. Pixel Art - Color By the Block Number helps yourelievestress and anxiety in work and life. Pixel Art - Color bythe BlockNumber is favored by all ages. You just need to draw colorby theright numbers and you will have a funny masterpiece. Itdoesn’tneed any skills! Pixel art also helps to developchildren’sconcentration and recognition of numbers andcolors.Massiveinteresting pictures in the pixel art games, waitingfor you todiscover! Include: ★ Save your pixel art works and sharewith yourfriends ★ Simple and easy to recolor sandbox ★ More than800pictures in different kinds ★ Pixel Art - Color By the BlockNumberfit for all ages Pixel Art - Color by the Block Number isfree andthe best for all! What are you waiting for? Download the"Pixel Art- Color By the Block Number" and start your coloringjourney! Enjoya relaxing and restful coloring sandbox game!
Pixel Effect 1.0
Pixel Effect is to focus on objects to make them the centerofattraction! effects allows you to create amazingprofessionalphotos against a beautifully pixel background.Pixeleffect photoeditor provides two facility for editing you can eitherselect yourpicture from gallery or you can instantly click new picusingcamera.Pixel Effect Photo Editor Application is convert yourphotointo a Pixel photo Effect using our diff. App effect. ItAppliessome magic effects on your photos to make it morebeautiful.Themost amazing app to create your pixel photo. SelectPhoto fromgallery or camera. Paint module to cut picture and applydifferentdifferent style of pixel effects. Transform photos withthe tap ofa finger. Use simple, yet powerful, photo editing toolsto applyparticle dispersion/pixel effect.Pixel 3D Photo EditorApply Lenseffects to existing photos. Funny Picture Editoravailabledifferent special lens effects, you can easily add lenseffect onyour photos.Pixel effect photo editor is convert your anyphotointo a Pixel photo using our app effect. It Applies somemagiceffects on your photos to make it more beautiful andrealistic.Pixel Effect Photo Editor is to focus on objects to makethem thecenter of attraction!This Pixel EffectPhotoEditor  is free photo editor for Android is perfectgiftfor the people you love - you can make the best Insta Photo fortheguests and be sure that all of them will come.You can applyvariousbleeding pixels to your photo using our powerful editor.AlsoYoucan adjust picture like ,Zoom,Rotate,Move etc to make surethatpicture is perfectly fitting with the effect.Also, You cancheckyour previously created pixel effect photography in Mycreationsection for easy browsing.Features:☀ Pixel effects and 3Deffects-Good Collection of Pixel effects and 3D effects.☀Orientation-Adjust orientation to get perfect view of photos.☀Light Glare- HDcollection of light glare overlay.☀ Move /Zoom - Support moveand pinch gestures to control theblending.☀ Effects- Apply effectsto make photo even morebeautiful.☀ Text- Add text with differentpattern, color, font ,blur on your photo.☀ Sticker- Add differentStickers on your photo.☀Save & Share- Save your creation andShare any social networkingplatform like whatsapp, facebooketc.How to apply PixelEffect :- Pixel Effect : Photo Editoris to choose photo fromCamera or your Phone Gallery.- Crop yourphoto for Pixel effectphoto editor for user choice.- Pixel EffectPhoto Editor is havingmore than 20+ Pixel effects and 3D effects.-Pixel Effect PhotoEditor is also having Light glare for moreattractive photos.- Addstickers in Pixel Effect Photo Editor byuser choice.- Saved imagein Pixel Effect folder.- My Creationhaving all the saved image ofPixel Effect Photo Editor.- You canalso share image of Pixel effectphoto editor via Facebook,Whatsapp , and much more..Are you lookingfor simple app with newconcept then please try this app. We sureyou would like this appand make your number of pictures with PixelPhoto Effect.Give usbest rating and review if you like this app andshare to yourfriends.Thank You..!!
7 Colors - Pixel Art Coloring 3.6.1
Complete a Pixel Art with '7 Colors' easily and perfectly!Forgetthe stress of your life entirely! * Features - Make afantastic arteasily with tapping a number box - See various andamazing picturesonly Available in 7 Colors - Challenge a new recordwhich haveelapsed time, pixels, etc - Save the making movie andshare it onSNS - Make a own pixel art with your pictures Terms ofUse PrivatePolicy With the 7Colorssubscribed, you pay a low subscribtion fee to receive newpictureevery day as well as access ALL the pictures. You can try itwith afree 7 days trial period. • Support
OLED Tools 1.3
OLED Tools
OLED displays are finally here. Use this toolkit to test yourOLEDdisplay for burn-in, motion blur, andsample-and-holdeffect.Burn-in TestFind areas with unevenly brightpixels(burn-in). Blue pixels tend to burn out faster than redorgreen.Burn-in ReduceAttempt to improve pixel uniformity bycyclingthrough pixels at 100% brightness.Motion Blur TestMotionblurringeffects are demonstrated with this test. On most OLEDdisplays,blue sub pixels react to color change at a different speedthan redand green. You can see this effect with the motion of asolid whitebar and circle moving fast down the screen. Lowerbrightness has agreater effect.Sample-and-Hold TestSample-and-holdcan cause aghosting effect with moving objects at high frames persecond(FPS). This test can be used to measures the effectofsample-and-hold at a high FPS.
Pixel Effect 1.6
The most amazing app to create particle dispersion in 3 easysteps.Select Photo from gallery or camera. Paint module to cutpictureand apply different different style of pixel effects.Transformphotos with the tap of a finger. Use simple, yet powerful,photoediting tools to apply particle dispersion/pixeleffect.Feature :-+Easy to use UI.+ Import photos from gallery ortake from camera.+Make your photos extra fun with creative pixeleffect style.+ alldirection particle dispersion effect.+Autoparticle dispersion toolfor any photo.+ Easy to change backgroundcolors.+ save your art inyour phone gallery.+ Post your pics easilyon Facebook, Twitter,and even Instagram.
Butterfly Pixel Art - coloring by number 1.06
Butterfly Pixel Art - coloring by number for adults and kids isthebest game to have fun and relaxation. Color by number pages areagreat way to teach your kids or students basic numberrecognition,how to use a legend, and it will give them theopportunity to workon their fine motor skills."This pixel coloringbook as an pixelart therapy helps you relieve stress and anxietyfrom reality.Butterfly Pixel Art - coloring by number app offersmany of pixelart :--**categories**:ANIMALSCATS DOGSCARSThis is agreat activityto practice your drawing skills. It’s also fun forany age to tryto finish the drawing..........Trains yourconcentration andsteadiness Or just want to color your own way,practice yourdrawing and coloring skill.
Pixel Dungeon 1.9.2a
Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike* game withpixel-artgraphics and simple interface.Explore the depths of PixelDungeon,collect useful items, fight fierce monsters to find AmuletofYendor (surprise!) - the ultimate artifact of this gameworld.*FromWikipedia: "Roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playingvideo games,characterized by random level generation, tile-basedgraphics andpermanent death."Many people consider this game verydifficult andluck-based. Anyway, you will die often. You arewarned! :)PLEASEHELP ME TO MAKE THIS GAME BETTER!• In case of crashor freeze press"Report" button, it really helps to find the bug• Incase ofincorrect behaviour of the game please contact me by emailso Icould ask you about the detailsPixel Dungeon is open sourceandfree software. The source code is available atGitHub:!
Under Heroes - Digging Game 2.1.3
HyungJun Kim
Under Heroes is a VERY ADDICTIVE tapping game with colorful 2Dpixelart. Keep digging through blocks and earn huge amount ofgold!Explore the world and make famous landmarks rise!Colorfulpixel arteverywhere! Build unique villas for a beautiful princesswith ourheroes. Tap the screen and dig with the heroes to earn alot ofgold, and use this gold to build pixel art versions offamouslandmarks all around the world. This is an ADDICTIVE tappinggameeveryone can enjoy!Let's Dig!★ UNDER HEROES NEW UPDATE :NOWINTRODUCING PETS!Pets are coming to Under Heroes! Each cutePetshave very unique and useful effects that helps you dig more.Theycan be bought with rubies. Collect all three of them!★Features:•VERY ADDICTIVE Gameplay that will keep you playing forhours - Tapthe screen and Dig!• Build most famous landmarks fromall aroundthe world! Sphinx, Merlion, Statue of Liberty and manymore!•Colorful 2D Pixel Art Graphics that keeps you entertained!•Collectlots and lots of Gold coins and Treasure boxes!• BeautifulhugeWorld Map to view your landmarks!• Cute Miners and Pets thatwillkeep you addicted for hours on end!★ User Reviews:"GreatTimeKiller, one of the greatest clicker game I have ever played!"-AidawesomeGaming"Very interesting concept! I can even sync upmydata from the cloud so I can play everywhere!" -HunterSquyres"Amazing game and great new update, now there aresuperuseful Pets. Must get them all...!" - R. WillFind us atTwitter& Facebook!Twitter :
Art Pixel Coloring. Color by Number.
Art Pixel Coloring is cool, free application for children andadultsto have fun and destress 🎨. Color by number helpspracticeconcentration and also have a great time! Inside of theapplicationyou will find beautiful pictures like flowers, animalsand food,which suit for both adults and kids. It’s really easy,choosesuitable color and click to right place. If you make amistake youcan undo your move. Color by number can be playedanytime andanywhere! All settings and controls are easy to use foreveryone -drawing is as easy as playing in a sandbox - no draw justtap. ArtPixel Coloring will be appeal to anyone who likes our crossstitchapplication. Art Pixel Coloring features: - Easy to color:colorpages according to numbers and the highlighted area - 500+pictures - undo feature - zoom feature - saving pictures togallery- share with others on Facebook and Instagram - counter -shows howlong you are doing a picture - the ability to set thedrawing as awallpaper - Perfectly develops children motor skills-Family-friendly content: coloring anti-stress pictures suitsforboth adults & kids - Perfect relaxing way to become themasterof your own mind Choose your favorite pictures withanimals,flowers, people, cartoons and many more. Share with friendsonInstagram or Facebook! In case of any problems with the effectofArt Pixel Coloring - number coloring app, instead of giving usthenegative opinion, please send us an e-mail and review brieflytheproblem. It will help us to solve it in the next updates ofapp.Art Pixel Coloring is free but contains ads in settings ofthewallpaper and inside app. Revenue from advertising will help ustocreate new attractive wallpapers and applications. Allpermissionsare required only for advertising and are supported bytrustedvendors.
Pixel Kingdom 1.16
Follow @SeanYoungSG on Twitter for exclusive codes and andgameinfo!*****Like us on Facebook to preview NEW Units, Items,andEnemies**********Free Code giveawaysonFacebook!***** to victory! Pixel Kingdom is an RPG Defense game in whichyoucollect Units to fight for you across infinite levels. Therearetons of Units, Items, and Gear to unlock with your hard earnedGold.Pixel Kingdom features multiple environments with 50+ uniqueenemyunits including rare and powerful Dragons. Complete with afull setof achievements, Pixel Kingdom is an easy defense game topick upbut hard to master!