Top 5 Games Similar to Bacterial GO

Snake Battle: Color Mode 5.7
Welcome to Battle of Snake: Color Mode! You will play 5 fun modesinthe game.Download Now! 1. Color Mode Swipe your finger to eatthesame color. 2. Battle Mode Kill the other 99 snakes. 3. BlockModebreak the blocks. 4. Classic Mode Be the longest snake. 5.SpaceMode Be a flying snake.
The Little Outcaste 1.0
You are the product of two differencesandthusthe sum of the greater whole. You are an outcaste thatisscorned byhis peers, rejected by his elders and banished bythecommunity.Now, you must collect all seven globes as youbattleenemy robotsand drones as a way of proving to thesmall-minded,narrow-minded,peanut-sized brain imbeciles thatrejected you thatthe differencesof your parents would combine toproduce a rareimprovement in thespecies.
Frontline Army Commando Warfare!Welcome to Frontline Army Commando Warfare - Best shooting gameof2017.Frontline Army Commando is an amazing battle game for are a commando and a lone survivor snipershooterassignedto attack and kill enemy frontline commando's base to destroyandinvade the enemy base and protect your country from theenemythreats. you have to take action against the top militaryenemyforce. Go and use your special training and skills of moderncombatin this modern warfare. you have to gear up your weapons andplanthe attack with multiple and dangerous weapons armory andfinishyour mission. you must protect your base and team and makethemproud by counter attackingterrorists and win the day from unseen enemy who wage a waragainstyour country.Accurate and precise aim will lead to more accuracy andeliminateterrorism in frontier shooting showdown. Keep in mind yourenemy isthe vicious terrorist you are going to swat & kill.Stare downyour rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify thetarget. Take abreath...and pull the trigger to Kill yourenemies.Fight for your country and prove your Commando Skills byCompletingthe 15 Deadly missions againstagainst ruthless Enemy Officers and Commando's.Frontline Army Commando Warfare Game is blend of amazingfirstperson shooter and strategy games full of action and war gamesasyou are playing the role of lone survivorarmy commando at frontline in a outrageous mission againstaruthless and brutal firepower of enemy.This is a extreme challenging and full of bloodshed action andwargame to wage assassin sniper missions against the enemy forceswitha fury style against the secret enemy equipped with moderngunshiphelicopter ready to wage battlewith help of enemy military troops.How to Play frontline Army Commando Warfare game.->User friendly game play. Use Joystick to move yourcommando,press the fire button fast to kill enemy as if they seeyou mightnot get proper chance, use your best shooting skills andtake downyour enemy.-> Kill all the enemies in a level to go to next level.-> Use sharp shooter guns to take down your enemy.-> Use fire button to fire and kill you ruthless andmercilessenemy-> Use Zoom button to take exact target of yourfrontierenemy.-> Use reload button to reload ammunition in yourmodernriffle.-> Use radar to check the location of frontier army.-> For power gaining and increase your power in gamecollectpower bank cubes work as med kits.Lead you soldier squad and ultimate war team to the victoryanddestroy enemy army base and terrorist militarytrainingcenters.Take revenge from frontier army Commando's.Frontline/Frontier Army Commando warfare Features.* HD and Eye catching 3D graphics.* Multiple battlefields.* Limited time and power to Complete high profile missionandComplete the level.* Complete the level to unlock other next stage level.* frontier sniper commando shooting with 15 different breathtakingmissions.* Zoom in and out for clear view and target.* Amazing sound and after effects.* Different Frontline/Frontier Enemy AI.* Advance weapons to unlock.So Be ready and check all you weapons to start a new and modernagewarfare against a unseen frontier enemy.Frontline Army Commando Warfare is free to play so what areyouwaiting for download and have fun.Note : If you like our game please leave a positive review. Incaseof any bug or game Crashes foundor any other suggestion please Email @bestfreegames1@gmail.cominstead of leaving a bad review..we always appreciate your interest in our games.
Magic Gluttonous Snake 1.7
Magic Gluttonous Snake is a newly created Gluttonous Game, withafine reference and a new way to play, Magic Gluttonous Snakeisbetter than the previous one.Magic Gluttonous Snake is themostattractive and interesting game, it innovates its way that makethegame become easier to play. Exercising your strong andfastreflection and the ability of instant judgment.MagicGluttonousSnake owns various of exquisite scenes and backgroundmusic. Duringthe game, Gluttonous snake survive between millions ofsnakes,searching foods and prevent to be killed by other snakes.You areable to control your snake by yourself, using accelerator toescapedeadly chase by other snakes, and finally become the king ofallsnakes by eating food steadily. Magic Gluttonous snake is easytocooperate, the best choice for killing time! You can playanytimeand anywhere you want. The game is suitable for both youngand old,classic and interesting. What are you waiting for? Let uschallengeour fingertip as soon as possible!
Crazy 1.4.5
"Crazy" by the classicgame"Snake"re-set adapted from the new play is waiting foryoutochallenge!If your head touches another player, you will explode andthenit'sgame over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY willexplode,andyou can eat their remains!Slither and eat to grow longer.Do not touch other snakes.Touch the screen to speed up.In, you have a chance to win even if you're tiny.Youcanswerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them,nomatterhow big you are!Download now and start slithering! Good luck!