Top 49 Games Similar to Scuba END Calculator

Stickman: Hunter fisherman and scuba diver 1.0.1
Have a bad mood? Want to kill somebody ? - Then this game isforyou!Never make animals angry! See funny animated stories andcomicsabout stickman Hunter fisherman and scuba diver* 15 ways tokill,*a lot of fantasy, blood and fun.Just click on objects and seewhathappens.Live and death of stickman is in your hands now!
Scuba Fishing: Spearfishing 3D 1.1
Let’s go for some real fishing! Play the most awesomescubaunderwater fishing game! Sport fishing has been moved toanotherlevel! Grab your diver gear, speargun and dive deep into thesea.Let’s fish! Hunt down a hungry shark, a massive tuna or akingsalmon using a speargun. Be the ultimate scuba hunter. Bewareofdeadly sharks and barracudas. No reel, no fishing tackle nohook,no worm bait, no fishing rod, no net. Just you and thespeargun /harpoon. Enjoy the adventure in the world’s best fishinglocationsfor underwater scuba divers. Relax and unwind! Catch thefishingfever this season with this awesome spearfishing simulatorgame.Let’s go fishing! Underwater scuba harpoon spear fishing! Havefunwhile scuba diving and hunting realistic fish: fromcatfish,albacore and skipjack tuna to large fish species suchascoelacanths, peacock bass and even white sharks. We’ve gotmorethan 100 different kinds of fish! Travel to thephotorealisticlocations such as Florida Coast, The Great Reef, RedSea and more!From Hanauma Bay to the Amazon River, and China! Noplace isoff-limits! Leave your fishing tackle, forget about theworm bait.Get in to the diving suit, prepare your gun and dive!Dive and fishin the underwater paradise! Play Scuba Ace Fishing:Spearfish toget the ultimate experience of a diver! Explore theworld’s mostbeautiful fishing areas. Become the ultimate underwaterhunter. Butbeware! Water depth is a hostile environment. Oxygen canend at anytime. A poisonous fish can kill you if it touches you,not tomention the hungry sharks! Shoot your harpoon accurately andyou'requite a hunter yourself! Fascinating storyline, deadly fish,scubadiving - all this awaits you in this amazing game.UnderwaterHunting - that’s what it is! Fishing made easy:Simple andintuitiveinterface and controls - just tap and shoot! No need tofill yourtackle box with gear to lure in the big ones! No need tofind theright combination of tackle and retrieval motion of thereel tocatch the biggest fish. Just tap to shoot. Unlimitedunderwaterscuba fishing! Fish all day without any timers or energylimits torestrict your gameplayJaw-dropping 3D graphics:Interactwithcatches, collect the fishes in album! Perfectly recreatedphysicsof a fish so you can feel the excitement of fishing atyourfingertips! Over 100 real-life fishes:We’ve got most of thefishspecies! All in high quality 3D graphics. Salmon, shark,catfish -you name it - we’ve got it! Spear Fishing as you want it!Competeagainst friends in a multiplayer mode:Get the best score intheleaderboards. Collect achievements! Get hooked with ScubaSportFishing: Spearfish. Experience the thrill of catching avariety offreshwater and ocean fish. Immerse yourself in beautiful3Dlocations! Let’s fish now! If you want to relax with othergamessuch as: crossbow hunting, sport archery, crossbow targetshootingor just bowhunting simply click “see other games” and playforfree! Time for some real fishing!Stunning 3D graphicsWorldwidefishing locations
Spearfishing Diver: Let's Fish 1.8
Let’s go for some real underwater fishing simulator! Play themostawesome scuba underwater sport fishing games! Free divingwithspeargun! Grab your diver gear, speargun and dive deep intothesea. Let’s fish! Hunt down a hungry shark, a massive tuna or akingsalmon using a speargun. No need for a fishing hook. Sportfishinggames free for kids has been moved to another level! Betheultimate scuba hunter. Beware of deadly sharks and barracudas.Noreel, no fishing hook or tackle, no worm bait, no fishing rodorfishing hook no net. Just you and the speargun / harpoon. Enjoytheadventure in the world’s best fishing locations forunderwaterscuba divers. Let’s go fishing simulator! Relax andunwind! Catchthe fishing simulator fever this season with thisawesomespearfishing simulator game. Underwater scuba harpoon spearfishinggames free for kids! Have fun while scuba diving andhuntingrealistic fish: from catfish, albacore and skipjack tuna tolargespecies such as coelacanths, peacock bass and even whitesharks. Becareful of shark attack! Travel to the photorealisticlocationssuch as Florida Coast, The Great Reef, Red Sea and more!FromHanauma Bay to the Amazon River, and China! No place isoff-limits,but shark evolution line made them ultimate underwaterpredators,watch! Leave your fishing hook and tackle, forget aboutthe wormbait. Get in to the diving suit, prepare your gun and dive!Sharkgames won’t give you so many exciting moments as thisunderwaterfishing simulator! Dive in the underwater sea paradise!Play Let’sScuba Fish: Spearfish to get the ultimate experience of adiver!Explore the world’s most beautiful underwater areas.Deepunderwater lies shark world. Become the ultimate underwaterhunter.But beware! Water depth is a hostile environment. Oxygen canend atany time. A poisonous fish can kill you if it touches you,not tomention the hungry sharks! Shoot your harpoon accurately andyou'requite a hunter yourself! Shark evolution gave them powerfuljaws!Fascinating storyline, deadly fish, scuba diving - all thisawaitsyou in this amazing game. Underwater Hunting - that’s whatitis!Controls made easy:Simple and intuitive interface and controls-just tap and shoot! No need to fill your tackle box with geartolure in the big ones! No need to find the right combinationoftackle and retrieval motion of the reel to catch the biggestone.You don’t need a fishing hook either. Just tap to shoot.Defendyourself from shark attack!Unlimited underwater scuba fishinggamesfree for kids! Fish all day without any timers or energylimits torestrict your gameplayMany different real-lifespecies:We’ve gotmost of the species! All in high quality 3Dgraphics. Salmon,shark, catfish - you name it - we’ve got it! SpearFishing gamesfree for kids as you want it!Jaw-dropping 3Dgraphics:Interact withcatches, collect the fishes inalbum!Perfectly recreated physics ofa fish so you can feel theexcitement at your fingertips!Competeagainst friends in amultiplayer mode:Get the best score in theleaderboards. Collectachievements!Get hooked with Scuba SportFishing Simulator:Spearfish. Experience the thrill of catching avariety of freshwaterand ocean fish. Immerse yourself in beautiful3D locations! Let’sfish now! Watch out of shark attack!If you wantto relax with othergames such as: crossbow hunting, sport archery,crossbow targetshooting or just bowhunting simply click “see othergames” and playfor free!Time for some real fishing games free forkids!Stunning 3DgraphicsWorld wide fishing locations
DiveMate (Scuba Dive Log)
DiveMate is the dive log book app to quickly and easilydocumentyour diving experiences. Connect your dive computer,transfer divesand enrich them with personal experiences viapicture, video andnotes. For some divecomputer models weoffer DiveMate Fusion accessories for thetransfer. DiveMate isalso very well suited for diving instructorsin training. Students'dive computers can be read directly afterdiving and analyzed onthe tablet using the profile. DiveMate isoptimized for smartphonesand tablets. The logbook with manual entryof dives does not needany additional packs. Powerful additionalfeatures can besupplemented with the one-time purchase of"Extension Packs" andused on all Android devices.   Features: • Transfer fromyour dive computer (supports over 170models from 22 manufacturersvia USB, Infrared and Bluetooth[Transfer Pack]) • This allows fastand easy logging of dives •Complete logbook: Paper and PC nolonger required • Optimized forsmartphones and tablets of allsizes • Display of depth, pressureand temperature profile •Capture your diving experiences withpictures, notes and buddieswith signatures • All dive data plusRMV/SAC, weight, bottle andgas parameters • Brevet and medicalinstructions • Multi-Editfunction: updating equal fields of severaldives with one change(advantage compared to dive templates) • Shareyour dives and divesites • Merge dives and re-number divescomfortably • Dive sitemanagement with over 20 online maps (alsovia GPS) • Save manyonline maps for offline use when traveling [MapPack] • Multipledivers (for at least one pack for more than 2divers) • Print:logbook, profile, dive site map [Data Pack] •Backup & Syncbetween Android devices via Dropbox [Data Pack] •Sync with PC/Macprograms [Data Pack] • Statistics • Nitrox MODcalculator • Workson liveaboards or off the coast without internetconnection •Continuous development and improvement based on userfeedback •Languages:English,German,Italian,French,Spanish,Dutch,RussianSupported scubadive computers: • AERIS A300 ai,A300 CS,Atmos2,Atmos ai,Atmos ai2,Atmos Elite,CompuMask,Elite T3,EliteT3.1,Epic 1,Epic2,F10,F11,Manta,XR2 • AQUALUNGi200,i300,i450T,i550,i750TC •ATOMIC-AQUATICS Cobalt,Cobalt 2 •CRESSI Leonardo,Giotto,Newton •DIVESOFT Freedom • DIVESYSTEM iDiveDAN,iDive Deep,iDive Easy,iDiveFree,iDive Pro,iDive Reb,iDive Tech• GARMIN Descent Mk1 • GENESISReAct Pro,ReAct Pro 2 • GENZ BlackEANx,Black TMX • HEINRICHSWEIKAMPOSTC 2,OSTC 3,OSTC 3 (2015),OSTC4,OSTC sport • HOLLIS DG03,TX1 •LIQUIVISION Kaon,Lynx,Xen,Xeo •MARES Airlab,Icon HD,Icon HD netready,M1,M2,Matrix,Nemo,NemoAir,Nemo Excel,Nemo Wide,Nemo Wide 2(2013),Puck Air,PuckWrist,Puck Wrist 2 (2013),PuckPro,Quad,Smart,Smart Apnea • OCEANICAtom 1.0,Atom 2.0,Atom3.0,Atom3.1,DataMask,OC1,OCi,OCS,F10,Geo,Geo 2.0,Veo 1.0,Veo2.0,Veo3.0,Veo 180,Veo 200,Veo 250,Pro Plus 2,Pro Plus 2.1,ProPlus3.0,Versa Pro,VT Pro,VT 3.0,VT 4.0,VT 4.1,VTX • RATIOiDiveDeep,iDive Easy,iDive Free,iDive Reb,iDive Tech,iDive EasySeaJewels,IX3M • REEFNET Sensus Ultra • SCUBAPRO-UWATECAladin2G,Aladin One,Aladin Prime,Aladin Sport,AladinSquare,AladinTec,Aladin Tec 2G,Aladin Tec 3G,AladinTec3H,Chromis,Mantis/M1,Mantis 2,Meridian,GalileoLuna,GalileoSol,Galileo Terra,Galileo Trimix,G2,Smart Com,SmartPro,SmartTec,Smart Z • SHEARWATERNerd,Perdix,Petrel,Petrel2,Predator,Teric• SHERWOODAmphos,AmphosAir,Insight,Insight2,Vision,Wisdom1,Wisdom2,Wisdom3 •SUBGEARXP5,XP10,XP Air,XP Air (2014),XP-H,XP-3H,XP-3G • SUUNTOCobra,Cobra2,Cobra 3,D4,D6,D9,D4i,D4i Novo,D6i,D6iNovo,D9tx,DX,EonSteel,Gekko,HelO2,Mosquito,Spyder,Stinger,Vytec,Vyper,Vyper2,Vyper Novo,VyperAir,Zoop,Zoop Novo • TUSA Element2,Talis,Zen,ZenAir • XDEEP BlackBT,Black EANx,Black TMX ssi,padi,scubadiving,divessi
Deepblu - Enhance Your Dive 3.4.9
Your incredible dive journeys start with Deepblu. BOOKDIVEEXPERIENCES Discover dive sites, plan dive travel based onuserreviews and media, and book dives by directly chatting withlocaldive shops. POPULAR DESTINATIONS FOR DIVING ● Cancun –ExploreMUSA, C-55, and unique sea life ● Tulum – Dive in Cenote DosOjosand more underwater caves ● Bali – Dive with mantas anddiscoverunique reefs ALSO… THE MOST INTUITIVE DIVE LOG APP ● Enrichyourdive log with underwater photos and videos to share withthecommunity ● Create dive logs automatically by synchronizingyourdive computer via Bluetooth ● Compatible with most divecomputerson the market (see all compatible dive computers below) ●Have yourinstructor certify your Deepblu dive log in-app For Divers●Discover dive sites, plan dive travel based on user reviewsandmedia ● Book dives by directly chatting with local dive shops●Message shops and get in touch instantly ● Manage yourbookingitinerary all in one place ● Sync your dive computer withtheDeepblu app and create dive logs ● Join groups and engageinconversation with other divers For Dive Businesses ● Createyourdive business profile and promote your services ● Createdivepackages/experiences and be found on Planet Deepblu ● Chatandcommunicate on any booking requests sent by divers ● Manageallyour bookings in one place COMPATIBLE DIVE COMPUTERSDeepbluCOSMIQ+, SCUBAPRO Aladin Sport, Galileo 2, Aladin H Matrix,TUSA DCSolar Link IQ1204, and Shearwater Petrel 2, Perdix, PerdixAI, Nerd2. Deepblu is also compatible with Subsurface, whichsupportsnearly 200 other dive computers from popular brands suchasAquaLung, Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, SCUBAPRO, Shearwater,Sherwood,Suunto, Uwatec and many more. *The Deepblu app isrecognized as theofficial digital training log of internationaldive agencies suchas IDA, ITDA & DIWA, where instructors candigitally sign theirstudents logs directly on the app, countingtowards certification.Dive on.
Diving Log 4.3
Sven Knoch
If you are a scuba diver and want to have your logbook alwayswithyou, then Diving Log is the right scuba dive log app for you.Youcan leave your handwritten paper logbook safely at home andstillaccess all your dives. You can download* your dives directlyonAndroid from supported dive computers via USB or Bluetooth.DivingLog can synchronize, display and edit* dives from theWindowsdesktop version Diving Log 6.0. You can enter* your diveseitherdirectly on your phone or tablet or you can use the desktopversionof Diving Log ( to download yourdivesfrom the dive computer to your PC and then transfer them toyourAndroid device. *) Entering, editing and downloading divesrequiresan in-app purchase (10 dives possible for testingpurposes)Features: • Use the app as standalone dive logbook app onyourphone or tablet • Download dives directly on Android fromsupporteddive computers • Sync, view and edit logbook files fromDiving Log6.0 (Windows) or Dive Log Manager (Mac OS) •DropboxSynchronization & Backup • Statistics & Charts •View allyour dive sites on a map (Google Maps integration) •Navigation •Capture dive site coordinates via GPS • Online divesite search •Your buddy can digitally sign your dives • Manage yourequipment,trips, buddies and dive shops • Manage yourcertifications andpersonal data • DiveMate Import • Nitrox, SAC& Unit CalculatorSupported languages: • English • Danish •Dutch • French • German •Hungarian • Italian • Japanese • Polish •Russian • SpanishPermissions: • In-app purchases: Unlock editing ofunlimited numberof dives • Contacts: Import buddies from contacts •Location: AddGPS coordinates to dive sites • Bluetooth: Downloaddive computers• USB Storage: Write and read the logbook file •Internet: Onlinedive site search, Dropbox Sync • Disable Sleep:Duringsynchronization 2.0
Get the latest breaking news, comprehensive articles andregularfeatures on Freediving, Scuba Diving, Spearfishing andDivingTravel via the official app. isoneof the premier online destinations for divers. Founded in 1996wehave a thriving community built around those passionate abouttheunderwater world. is far more than just asimpledive blog or forum – the site has strong editorialfeaturearticles, daily news on diving, a thriving forum,user-submittedphoto galleries and a global social media presence.Some featuresof the App are: • Access the full journalism, specially designed for your iPhoneoriPad • Stay up to date with live news • Receive alerts tostayinformed on the underwater world • Keep reading even whenyou’reoffline • Read comments on articles and share your ownthoughts •Share stories by email, Facebook and Twitter • Search bykeyword,topic, series, section, or contributor This app is totallyfree touse.
Scuba Diver Watch Face 2.0.5
This watch face is designed for ultimate readability in lowlightsituations. Scuba diver watch face turns your AndroidWearsmartwatch into a sporty dive watch. It works perfectly on theLG GWatch R and other Android Wear devices. Custom features Thisdivewatch face features: ★ Superior readability ★ Bold andexclusivesportwatch design ★ No frills, just focus on time ★Powerful diverwatch appearance Notes to divers - Before diving withScuba, pleasemake sure your Android device is waterproof - Don’t gotoo deep yetand respect the waterproof indication of thesmartwatchmanufacturer Supported devices - This watchface works onallAndroid Wear devices - Supports round (LG G Watch R and Moto360)and rectangular smartwatches (Samsung Gear Live and LG GWatch). -Does NOT work on Samsung Gear and smartwatches usingotheroperating systems More watch faces - Visit our luxurywatchmakercollection for Android Wear on the Play Store Also please let us know if you like to haveany other watch facesto be added to our selection of watch faces.★★★★★ Engineered forthe element
Scuba Exam 2.0.2
Scuba Exam helps you pass any Open Water Diver course intheworld!"An ideal helper for beginners who need to passcertificationtests" /"I would recommend this app toanyone, whetheryou’re looking to get certified or just want tobrush up on theoryand test your knowledge." /"ScubaExam is a funapplication, well thought out and well written. Anexcellent studyaid and great to brush up your knowledge."/scubadiverlife.comAreyou planning to become a certified scubadiver? Scuba Exam willhelp you pass any Open Water Diver course inthe world by teachingyou basic diving theory and quizzing you onit. Do you plan totravel somewhere to learn how to scuba dive? Bystudying with ScubaExam at home, before your course begins, youwon't have to spend asmuch valuable vacation time studying!Alreadyhave a scubacertification but haven't been diving in a while? WithScuba Examyou can easily test and refresh your knowledge in a funandintuitive way!Scuba Exam is developed in cooperation withTecClark, diving expert and founder of Asanaward-winning diving instructor Tec brings his passionforeducation into this app as you will learn about divingequipment,physics, physiology, environment and decompressiontheory. MAINFEATURES- Developed in cooperation with leading scubadivingeducator Tec Clark. - Scuba Quiz with 250 illustratedquestionssimilar to those on the real exam.- Detailed quiz resultscompletewith educational explanations.- A quiz bank and guide thatwillteach you how to understand and use dive tables from PADI, NAUIandSSI in both feet and meters.- An extensive, easily navigatedandsearchable guide to basic scuba diving theory.SCUBA QUIZTheScubaExam quiz contains over 200 general diving questions similartothose on the real exam, covering essential topics such ashandsignals, how to dive safely without endangering yourself orothers,the physics and physiology of diving, and divingterminology.Additionally, the dive tables quiz will teach you howto properlyplan dives using the dive tables from PADI, NAUI or SSIusing bothfeet and meters.After the quiz you can review youranswers in theResults section. Here you can read an explanation forthe questionthat goes into more detail on the topic of thequestion, or markquestions that you would like to have appear in afuturetest.THEORY GUIDEThe Theory Guide will teach you everythingyouneed to know in order to take the Open Water Diver course exam.Thetheory guide contains chapters covering basic scuba divingtips,buoyancy, air pressure and gas laws, the scuba unit and howtoassemble it, the buddy system and pre-dive safety check,divetables and much more.FEEDBACKPlease let us know if you aremissingany features or content in Scuba Exam as we will continuetoimprove it. We always listen to our customers and we striveforperfection!DISCLAIMERThis application is for educationalpurposesonly. It is in no way intended as a substitute for a realdivingcourse. Before attempting any form of scuba diving youmustcomplete training with, and receive a valid certification from,arecognized scuba diving organization.
Deep Dive Scanner - Scuba Diving App 3.0.26
Trizeri LLC
Discover the best scuba diving sites with Deep Dive Scanner,yourgo-to diving app. Just state your location or tell DeepDiveScanner your preferences, get a detailed dive spots info,divecenters nearby and organize your perfect dive!Exploretheunderwater world of Thailand! Right now you can find 180 ofThaidiving sites including famous ones in Koh Tao and Phuket withover170 dive centers ready to take you there. Check out theirprofilesto find the best dive trip and book it right in the app.Discoverthe secrets of Andaman sea and The Gulf of Thailand withDeep DiveScanner!Be a part of our diving community! Operating in100countries with over 7,000 scuba diving spots, covering cavediving,wreck diving, and even shark diving, Deep Dive Scanner isthe topresource for dedicated scuba divers.Features for divers:-Add moredive spots, edit the existing ones, share your scuba divingphotos,and write reviews to earn your personal title;- Searchdiving sitesnear to you and find real pictures with reviews fromother diverswho have been there previously;- Share your own tipsand photos asyou go on dive trips;- Get access to dive centers'contacts andinformative reviews of our active experts.Features fordivecenters: - Check in on the spots in which you provide divetrips toadvertise your dive center among our diving community;-Update theinformation about the diving sites and share professionalphotos totell divers about your unique experience and entice themto visityou;- Improve your profile and provide translations intodifferentlanguages to attract potential clients from all over theworld.
Scuba Exam Lite 2.0.0
"An ideal helper for beginners who need to pass certificationtests"–"I would recommend this app to anyone, whetheryou’relooking to get certified or just want to brush up on theoryand testyour knowledge." –"Scuba Exam is a funapplication,well thought out and well written. An excellent studyaid and greatto brush up your knowledge." – scubadiverlife.comAreyou planning tobecome a certified scuba diver? Scuba Exam willhelp you pass anyOpen Water Diver course in the world by teachingyou basic divingtheory and quizzing you on it. Do you plan totravel somewhere tolearn how to scuba dive? By studying with ScubaExam at home, beforeyour course begins, you won't have to spend asmuch valuablevacation time studying!Already have a scubacertification buthaven't been diving in a while? With Scuba Examyou can easily testand refresh your knowledge in a fun andintuitive way!Scuba Exam isdeveloped in cooperation with TecClark, diving expert and founderof As anaward-winning diving instructor Tec bringshis passion foreducation into this app as you will learn aboutdiving equipment,physics, physiology, environment and decompressiontheory. ScubaExam Lite contains all the features of the paidversion of the app,but only a small part of the contents. If youlike the interfaceand the sample questions and theory guidechapters, you can buy thefull version for just $4.99.FULL VERSIONMAIN FEATURES- Developedin cooperation with leading scuba divingeducator Tec Clark. -Scuba Quiz with 250 illustrated questionssimilar to those on thereal exam.- Detailed quiz results completewith educationalexplanations.- A quiz bank and guide that willteach you how tounderstand and use dive tables from PADI, NAUI andSSI in both feetand meters.- An extensive, easily navigated andsearchable guide tobasic scuba diving theory.SCUBA QUIZThe ScubaExam quiz containsover 200 general diving questions similar tothose on the realexam, covering essential topics such as handsignals, how to divesafely without endangering yourself or others,the physics andphysiology of diving, and diving terminology.Additionally, thedive tables quiz will teach you how to properlyplan dives usingthe dive tables from PADI, NAUI or SSI using bothfeet andmeters.After the quiz you can review your answers in theResultssection. Here you can read an explanation for the questionthatgoes into more detail on the topic of the question, ormarkquestions that you would like to have appear in afuturetest.THEORY GUIDEThe Theory Guide will teach you everythingyouneed to know in order to take the Open Water Diver course exam.Thetheory guide contains chapters covering basic scuba divingtips,buoyancy, air pressure and gas laws, the scuba unit and howtoassemble it, the buddy system and pre-dive safety check,divetables and much more. Scuba Exam keeps track of where you werewhenyou last stopped reading, so that you can always continuefromwhere you left off. You can also create bookmarks and searchforparagraphs covering a particular topic, and even search for awordor phrase within each chapter.FEEDBACKPlease let us know if youaremissing any features or content in Scuba Exam as we willcontinueto improve it. We always listen to our customers and westrive forperfection!DISCLAIMERThis application is for educationalpurposesonly. It is in no way intended as a substitute for a realdivingcourse. Before attempting any form of scuba diving youmustcomplete training with, and receive a valid certification from,arecognized scuba diving organization.
Dive+ : World's Diving Community 3.3.4
[ Dive+ : All About Diving In One App ] Can't believe youstillshoot those 'bluish' diving photos? Still write your dive logsbypen in 2017? With Dive+, we will give you a whole newdivingexperience. [ The WOW Color Restoration ] We have to say: weare soproud of this. In one-touch, you can restore the originalcolors ofyour underwater photos, and the vibrant pictures are therewaitingfor you. [ Automatic Dive Logs + Diving Community ] It'scool indeed. You can say goodbye to your hand-written logbooks.Rich anddetailed interface is designed for better sharing to yoursocialnetworks. [ Underwater Photography + Dive Computer ] It'sreallypractical. Combined with smartphone diving case, It showsyourreal-time depth, time and ascent speed. You don't need tobehurry-scurry to switch between them any more. Of course,anotherclean dive computer interface is provided when you are nottakingphotos. With Dive+, diving will never be the same!
Treasure Diving 1.283
Batten down the hatches! We're diving into the challengingseaadventure! Be careful! You will find many obstacles on theway:greedy pirates and sweet-voiced sirens, the bloodthirsty Krakenanda cunning witch. You'll see sunken ancient cities and galleonswithholds full of gold. Pimp your submarine and set off on ajourney.Incredible adventures and greatest discoveries are waitingfor you.Enjoying fantastic sea views, don't forget about thepurpose ofyour trip: explore new locations, find a book of magicalrecipes,gather together all the parts of the old map and saveCaptain Jackfrom the terrible curse. Feel like a fearless explorerof the seadepths! Game features: - Awesome colorful graphics -Variedgameplay experiences - Hundreds of exciting expeditions tocomplete- Hundreds of unique artifacts to discover - Hundreds ofexoticmarine inhabitants - Over 50 different buildings to build -Endlesssandbox gameplay 800x480 or higher resolution is required.You mayneed to download nearly 150MB when you first start the game.
iScubaToo 2.1.11
iScubaToo LLC
The iScubaToo app is your 24/7, on­call scuba concierge!WithiScubaToo you can log your dives, connect with other divers,findnew dive spots and more. There are other dive log apps outthere,but no other app allows you to find everything you’re lookingforall in one place. With iScubaToo, you’ll easily locate diveshopsand understand everything they offer ­­ from where the shopislocated to what kind of beer is on tap for after the dive! Youcanupdate and share your dive log and equipment preferences witheaseand connect with other divers who’ve been to the dive spotsyouwant to check out. FEATURES: * View, edit and manage yourdiverprofile * View your dive log and historical data * Viewdiverstatistics (i.e. total number of dives, last dive date, yearsofexperience, time under water, etc.) * Select yourequipmentpreferences * Locate the nearest dive center * Sharecertificationdata, equipment preferences and other details withdive centers *Confirm the language(s) spoken at dive centers *Confirm amenitiesoffered at dive centers (i.e. accommodations,food/beverages,equipment, dive options, etc.) * Get directions todive centers *Log specific types of dives (i.e. cave diving, nightdiving, wreckdiving, etc.) * Upload photos and share yourexperiences, includingother iScubaToo users as well as Facebookfriends * Use hashtags tocategorize your images and help otherdivers find relevant divespots. * Divemasters: Track the details ofeach dive (i.e. depth,location, underwater sightings) and sharethem with divers withjust one click. This allows divers to updatetheir own log quicklyand easily and ensures you won’t answer thesame questions manytimes! Your feedback and suggestions areimportant to us. We arecontinually improving the app and adding newfeatures based on userfeedback. Connect with our developers to makesuggestions or askquestions at
V-Planner 1.29
V-Planner scuba diving decompression planning software.V-Plannerpresents the VPM decompression model and includes bothVPM-B andVPM-B/E model versions. The diver can specify anycombination ofnitrox or trimix, and as many deco gases as required.Planningmethods include both OC and Closed Circuit Rebreather. Itincludesplanning for bailouts with SCR and OC legs in a CCR plan.Includesdetails of ppO2, END, and gas consumptions.
Pooldiver 2.0
POOLDIVER - Diving with a little bit of insanity- Jump! Makeposes!Progress throughout the stages before the time runs out;- Buycardsto win new poses;- Evolve your cards to maximize your score;-Raiseyour special to the max, freeze time and build a strategicdeck topotentiate your score;- Unlock all the challenges, get allthetrophies;- Become a true POOL DIVER!
Speedy Diver 1.0.2
Survive until you reach the Ship by diving without hittingtheSharks on your way!This Speedy Diver Game immerses you inthedanger and excitement of diving with sharks. Dive until youreachthe Ship!Yes! It's not easy. Challenge yourself now toexperiencethe amazing mission with Sharks! You will have only threelives ineach level.Enjoy the world's best Diving Game with Sharks!
Crafty Flip Diving Jumping 11
Explore this this amazing cliff jumping game. Performmultiplestunts from different locations/maps. Submerge intoupcomingfeatures like: -Apple pen map -Bottle flip challenge map-Coin rushdaily challenge If you like flip and diving then youshould trythis app. Hvae you been playing too much Bottle FlipChallenge?It's time stat something new or similar to it with someawesomefeatures that this game has. Hope you enjoy!
Divers Guide edt. Lizard - 52
The most complete app for divers Scroll through recentdivelogreports from all over the world or from a region of yourchoice.Store your favorite dive sites on the frontscreen. * Checkbeforeyou leave for a dive site, weather conditions, wind speed,winddirection, water temperature and visibility. * Read whatdiversjust experienced at your favorite dive site and what speciestheyhave spotted. * Use our dive maps, watch underwater picturesandnavigate to a dive site. * Plan dives in the DutchOosterscheldewith our tide planner. And much more. You can expectmore divesites every month! Do you want even more specific divesiteinformation? Become a premium member and get access topremiumcontent in the app and on ourwebsite.Subscribe: andwishes Foundbugs or errors? Or do you have suggestions for newfeatures or newdive sites? Contact us from the phone menu. Talk anddevelop withus onFacebook: = hl
Pocket Diver - Spearfishing 1.47
kivvi games
Pocket Diver is a open world 2D spearfishing hunting game basedinNew Zealand waters, so forget your fishing rods andgodiving!Features Include;- Random open world maps &randomfish.- Hunt for over 60 different types of fish/shellfish.-Levelyour character up to 65 and choose from 12 skills.- Spendyourearnings on wetsuits, spearguns and other equipment.- Competein 10different spearfishing competitions and become the ultimatediver.-Compete on a global scale by holding world records.- Inapppurchases available to speed up your progress.Published bykivvigames
Khai Lagai Calculator 5.7
Khai Lagai Calculator is a CALCULATOR and MANAGER for winningandloosing amounts. In this app you can Add records according toyourstakes on a particular game. Choosing the game type, teamsandvalues is upto you. Key Features : *Khai Lagai CalculatorandManager *Session Calculator and Manager *Share accounts withonetap *Add Name and Additional information with each record*FilterRecords with Names *CricChat , Connect to all Khai LagaiPlayer inthe world !!!
in.testskill.AgeCalculator 16
Show Result in 1. Age in Years & days 2. Total Years 3.TotalDays 4.Total Hours 5. Total Minutes
Resistor Code Calculator 1.4
Calculate resistor color codes with this handy reference app.Theapp is useful for every maker, engineer, student and arduinoorraspberry pi tinkerer when working with electronics.Supports 4and5-band resistors!The industry standard resistor color code isusedto identify the resistance value of resistors used in all kindsofelectronics.
Hours Minutes Time Calculator 1.3
The #1 free time calculator for iOS is now availableforandroid.Hours & Minutes is a simple time calculator thatallowsyou to easily add, and subtract time values without the needtoconvert those values into their decimal counterparts. Thepaidversion also lets you multiply and divide time values bywholenumbers.
com.mohits.calculator 3.1.2
Betculator is significantly the most advanced cricketsessioncalculator as well as match bets calculator or Khai Lagai.Thisapplication serves a number of features as mentioned below•Accurately calculate your cricket session outcome on every runasshown in the screenshot • We deliver outstanding “PartyName”feature wherein • We provide the easiest way to inputcricketsessions bets as well as Khai Lagai bets for calculation •It isthe most innovative session calculator for cricket and alsocricketmatch bets/odds calculator • Betculator is the bestapplication forfeatures such as Party name which can be understoodand usedwithout any efforts • Users can also calculate Sessioncommissionand commission on match bets for each party and also foreach matchtogether or separately. • Cricket Session calculationpage andmatch odds are the most convenient and easy to understandfor allthe cricket session lovers. • Cricket odds betscalculatedprecisely with time including minutes and seconds forcrossverification • Betculator arranges all the sessions andmatchesbets in a systematic order for convenience • Switch fromsessionpage to match odds page for quick accessibility Betculatoris trulyone of the finest session calculators and matchesodds/betscalculator. How to use the wholeapp: How toaddsession entries (*turn on CC option on youtube fordetailedcaptions): writeus at for any queries orsuggestions and helpus improve the application for yourconvenience.
Harry High Dive 1.0.0
Harry is a climbing machine. See how high you can help him climbaladder littered with devastating explosives. Avoiding the bombsischallenging enough, but you will also need to keep Harry'senergyup by eating food and drink to keep him attaining newheights.Oh,and there are valuable coins to collect as well. Save upthesecoins and wisely spend them on Boosts... items that willdefinitelyhelp you climb higher and improve your score.At thispoint you maybe wondering why this game isn't called Harry HighClimb. Where'sthe diving part? Excellent question. Lets dive intothat aspect ofthe game. (yes, I can hear you groaning)On the way upHarry willcome to empty diving boards. These diving boards can bealifesaver, literally, especially if you are very low on energy.So,its decision time. Do you continue climbing for that newrecordheight knowing the risk of a quick death is quite possible?Or doyou decide to take the less-gutsy, but likely the more sanechoiceof diving? During the dive, points are accumulated by divingINTOthe explosives. You will also be able to collect piles ofcoinsduring Harry's descent into the pool below.Harry High Dive isagreat little game to challenge your friends, family, neighboursandstrangers to see who can climb higher up into the sky andintoouter-space. Also challenge them to see who can achieve thebestscore on a dive. Key Features• Online Leaderboards• Boosts•Randomplacements of diving boards each climb/dive• Top qualitygraphicsand gameplay• Skill based multiplier scoring• Anti-mashingfeatureduring diveUpcoming Features in Future Releases• Awesomenewclimbing characters, other than Harry, to choose from!• MorecoolBoosts!• Fluffier cloudsDo you have one or two, or perhapsahundred, ideas and/or features you would like to seeimplementedinto future releases of Harry High Dive to improve thegame? Wesure like to hear you feedback. Contact
Cricket Calculator 1.1.2
Theme Reflex
Need to calculate your favorite Batsman Strike Rates, BowlerEconomyRates and if you want to calculate your favorite team runrate incurrent match and Net run rates of tournament.This wholelot easierwith Cricket Calculator – the app that allows you tocalculatebatsman strike rates, bowler's economy rates, team runrates (perover) and Net run rates.> Batting Strike Ratescalculator>Bowler's Economy Rates calculator> Run Rate (Runsper Over)calculator> Net Run Rate calculator.>Duckworth-Lewis Pointcalculation> Duckworth-Lewis Targetcalculation
Youtubers Earnings Calculator 5.0
Autiero Apps
Discover how much they earn your favorite youtuber!ThankYoutubersEarnings Calculator you have a rough estimate of theirearnings,thanks to our algorithm calculated on purpose.
Diving Doongdoong 1.405
Curious Lab
DoongDoong's diving episode was recreated diving game★★★Selectcharacter ★★★ DoongDoong, Wood, Charming, Keaton, Toy - Youcanselect and play one among 5 characters.★ Character has auniqueability• DoongDoong- Rookie : 1m height. No limit of twistandrotation. Basically the best playable character.• Wood-RollingJumbo : 2m height. No limit of twist.• CharmingLegendarytwister :3m height. She needs a lot of twist than other character.•Keaton-Banana Killer : 4m height. Abaillable character at the moonlevel.Keaton can get the most quantity of banana.• Toy- The kingofheight : 5m height. A character can get higher level at onetime.You have to get this character if you want to go to thehighestlevel, Gallaxy.★★★ Level & Mission ★★★• LevelHill,Mountain,Cloud, Airplane, Rocket, Moon, Sun, UFO, Galaxy.You cantry threetimes at the same height.There are two solution of unlockthelevel.You can use the banana to unlock the level.Or the levelbelowone step will be unlocked automatically.(ex : If you reachtheairplane level, cloud leve will be unlocked)• MissionYou havetopass the mission of rotation and twist rightside.You havetoachieve over average scoreWhenever you pass the height,averagescore will be higher.0.5 means a half circle - head-firstentry1means a full circle - feet-first entriy1+ means you have torotateat least twice★★★ Diving technique ★★★Forward, Back,Inward,Reverse, Twist technique.★★★ Whole score ★★★You can getanadditional combo score next to the total score as you get 10pointfrom all judges.also you can get an additional combo scorenext tothe height score as you succeed at the first trialtwicesubsequently .additional scores of rotation and twistingaredifferent according to each character.
com.nightcoder.lovecalculator 2.3
Are you in love, but not sure he or she loves you back? How doyouknow if your partner is true to you? Then a must use isLoveCalculator app for calculating love compatibility based onanancient numerical computational algorithm. # It derives itsrootsfrom ancient systems of planetary influences and numerology.So ourlove compatibility test, or love calculator, is utterlyACCURATE.#Sometimes you'd like to know if a relationship withsomeone couldwork out. There comes the power of Love CALCULATOR.The LoveCalculator can enable you calculate the probability of asuccessfulrelationship between two people. The Love Calculator isaneffective way to get an impression of how bright the chancesofstability & mutual harmony existing in a relationshipbetweentwo people, find out what are the chances of you and yourdreampartner getting close to each other.. Hold your breath !!There isone thing that you would absolutely love. If whilecalculating thelove score, prima facie you get an unexpected score- in this caseyou can go into settings & preset the desiredresult. Now ifyou calculate & demo this to your lovely paramour, the scorewould come from the stored result which you already set:-)*Features* Love quotes/SMS/valentine day message HistoryPredefinedShare
Calculator L 1.1.3
Shakti Malik
Simple Calculator with material design.Beautiful andintuitiveinterface with mesmerizing animations. Keypad optimizedfor tabletsand phones of all sizes. Basic operation likeaddition,subtraction, multiplication anddivision.TrigonometricfunctionsExponentLogarithm Declaimer: It isbased on AOSP sourcesof android calculator.
Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra 1.0.23
Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra is a 2D vertical runner in whichyouembody a master cliff jumper trained in the ancient artsofDivasutra.Perform amazing jumps from ridiculous heights, frombeachcliffs and high mountains, to olympic pools and cityskyscrapers.Avoid the dangers that will get in your way and keepyour swag on.Master your diving techniques and discover newacrobatics that willsure impress your fans!Considered for many asthe next MSGOTY (MostStupid Game Of The Year), Dive Hard: Secretsof Divasutra is meantto cover all of your procrastinationdemands!FEATURES- Anunforgettable character!- Unique art style andsoundtrack- Up to 16diving acrobatics- 4 different world scenariosfrom where to divehard- ...and much more surprises!
Age Calculator 1.9
age calculator, is a real age calculator app. It is freeagecalculator. This application calculates your age on the basisofyour date of birth. Results that it shows are accurate and arejustbased date of birth. The age calculator app free, finds yourage inyears , days and month. Share with your friends throughfacebook,twitter, linkedin, e-mail, WhatsApp and all over the placeonsocial media. And help them to find their age. How to use:Startage calculator app and set your date birth. After thisagecalcolator will calculate your actual age in days, monthsandyears.
Gems Calculator for CoC 2018 1.0
This is a good app for all clashers to calculate the number ofgemsyou need to buy for a certain amount of gold, elixir or time.Thisapp also show you how to calculate XP in Clash of Clans2018.Thisis NOT a cheat but a way to calculate how many gems youshouldbuy.Clash Gem Calculator will let you calculate the gem costforthe following in Clash of Clans:- Gold or Elixir- DarkElixir-Time- XP Calculator
Stairs-X Lite - Stairs Calculator 2.0.31
You can calculate and create detailed and precise stairs plans.Seethem in 2D from side to top. Calculations and drawings in thesametime fast and accurate, useful for fast calculations and designforstandard stairs and advanced stairs. Your stairs drawingsarepresented in real-time in more views from side view, top viewanddetailed view. Stairs-X mobile is accurate, fast and offersanabundance of features, makes life easier for everyone involved inaproject. An ideal app for architects, engineers,constructionprofessionals, field technicians, builders, handymenandcontractors You can calculate: - Simple stairs -Semicircularstairs - Stairs on stringer - Stairs on bowstring -Stairs on 90degrees turn (stairs L shape) - Stairs on 180 degreesturn (stairsU shape) - Spiral stairs - Helical stairs - Stairswithintermediate landing - Zig-zag stair Benefits: - Moreproductive inthe field by working with the accurate drawings andmeasurements -Replace blueprints at job sites with drawings on yourmobile device- Calculate better to avoid mistakes and re-workFeatures: Createdrawings on the fly Detailed drawings, from sideto top view withall type of stairs. Send email with yourcalculation. Measureaccurately while on site Advanced stairsdrawing Share yourdesigns in the field Support for tablets Workoffline without aninternet connection Choose between millimeters,centimeters orinches. Detailed drawings and accurate calculationsof stairs.Treads and risers, straight stairs, spiral staircase,stairs on Land U turn. Calculate treads depth, rise height, numberof stepsand angle fast and easy. Calculate concrete stairs, simplewoodstairs, spiral staircase and stairs on bowstring, each one withthebest techniques of calculations. All in one stairs calculatorisall what you need. Check the Stairs-X Pro with more features.Ifyou have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me.
Touch RPN Calculator 5.12
Touch RPN, formerly known as Touch Fin, is an RPN calculator.Thisapp implements many features of the industry-standard HP-12C.Thisapp offers many additional flavors of RPN calculators,includingfinancial, scientific and for computer programming. Twoflavors areavailable for free (ad-supported): financial andscientific.Additional ad-free flavors are available for purchasewithin theapp. The purchased flavors also offer vertical layout andsavingmemory to files. Press the ON key to change Settings, choosetheactive flavor, and purchase additional flavors.
India GST Calculator & GST Rates 3.7.2
Smart Up
India GST Calculator is a handy app which allows you tocalculateall 4 GST tax rates at your finger tips. It takes-in anamount(either gross or net) and allows you to add or reduce GSTfromgiven amount. It allows user to copy and share results. Alsoyoucan take snapshot of results. You can also check GST Rates foranyGoods and Services very easily on this app. Also, you can seemanyGST related informational videos on India GST Calculator.Features:1. GST Calculator 2. GST Rates for Goods and Services 3.GSTInformational Videos 4. GST Updates 5. GST Due Dates Calendar6.Fixed Deposit Calculator 7. SIP Calcualtor 8. RD Calculator 9.EMI/ Loan Calculator 10. Retirement Planner 11. GratuityCalculator.DISCLAIMER: GST videos is collection of videos uploadedon YouTubeand all YouTube earnings are belongs to their respectiveowners.Any request to remove the video will be honored. Developer:SmartUp Email: Website:https://smartupapps.inFollow us on:
Freedive 2.8.1
Luca Naterop
A simple but effective breathhold training applicationforfreedivers. - Use auto-generated tables for CO2 Tolerance andO2Deprivation - Create your own custom tables by choosing tablesizefreely and setting all durations individually - Test yourbreathhold duration and have a history of your attempts.
Private Photo, Video Locker 32.0
Kohinoor Apps
Calculator Gallery Vault may look like simple calculator withthenaked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. If you enterthecorrect password, this will actually allow user to Keep safephotosand videos behind fully functional Calculator.TopFeatures⦁Photos& videos protection: Selected files will behidden and can onlybe accessed with correct password.⦁SecretLocker: You can only openprivate photo vault by typing correctpassword into our SmartCalculator or your fingerprint (forsupported devices).⦁IncognitoBrowser: an inbuilt private browserfor your safe browsing ofprivate websites and downloading ofphotos, videos and audios fromweb and lock instantly inside secretlocker and leaves no tracks inyour system.⦁Fake Password: SmartCalculator supports Fake Passwordto show fake content in extremecases when you need to open secretlocker in front of otherpeoples.⦁Direct Sharing: Share your lockedPictures, Videos or Filesdirectly to social apps. No need tounlock.⦁Music/Apps/Docs/Contactsprotection: Hide your personalaudio,contacts,apks or any documentseasily.⦁App Lock: Powerful andfaster App lock with different lockthemes for your better privacyof your apps. Fingerprint App Lockand fingerprint gallery vaultsupported to compatibledevices.IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall thisapp before unhiding yourpersonal files otherwise it will be lostforever. Activate UninstallProtection to prevent this app frombeing uninstalled by othersespecially kids.⦁Other usefulfeatures:⦁ Face Down Phone will helpyou to perform chosen actionin emergency situations when someonecame suddenly. for exampleclose smart calculator app, open websiteor open other appimmediately.⦁ Capture images and downloadPictures, Videos fromsecret browser inside the app itself.⦁ AppDisappears from recentapps list. If you got any call when usinglocker then lockerimmediately closes itself and also if suddenlysomeone came nearyou and you just screen off then locker willcloses automatically.⦁Supports “Calculator App Protection” toprevent calculator vaultfrom being uninstall by kids or strangersand also prevent forcestop your app lock by other applications.MoreAmazing Tools:⦁Customize color of your full app. DIY color themesinto our SmartCalculator.⦁ Amazing image viewer with shuffle andslideshowoptions to relax and view photos.⦁ InbuiltAudio/Videoplayer.Inbuilt AppLock Features:⦁ Choose from Multiplenew themesand backgrounds for applock.⦁ Intruder Selfie : catch thesnoopersand capture selfie who try wrong password, pattern orfinger printin your app lock.⦁ Fake Cover: Fake App lock cover offorce closescreen appears over locked apps and only you know tricktoopen.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.TopreventCalculator being uninstalled, Calculator need DeviceAdministratorPermission and Calculator never use any other DeviceAdministratorpermission except uninstall prevention.This app usesAccessibilityService. To keep applock at best and help users withdisabilitiesto remind unlock apps.Useful FAQ: Q). My hidden filesare storedonline?A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phonelocally.Q).Got new phone or phone stolen or broken. Can i recoverhidden filesfrom old phone?A. No, currently we do not supportonline backup ofyour hidden files so that you can not recover anyof files from oldphone.Q). How do I change my password?A. Open yoursecret vaultfirst and Go to settings of calculator gallery vaultapp and clickon Change password option.Q). Forgot my password andhow torecover? A. Enter 7777 = on our smart calculator. This willopenpassword recovery screen to recover your password inyourregistered email id with an
Calorie Counter HiKi 3.25
HiKi Soft
Do you want to lose weight or build muscles? Use our newHiKiCalorie Counter app for Android to count calories and loseweightwith ease! The application will automatically count yourdailycalorie allowance and PCF correlation depending on yourparametersand activity. Thousands of people all over the world useHiKiCalorie Counter every day, join us! No account orregistrationneeded Use as you install! All data is saved on yourdeviceoffline! • Calorie Calculator • Food intake tracking thatallowsyou to make notes in your food diary • Daily calories,fats,proteins and carbohydrates counter • Daily pure water counter•Food products and cooked dishes calories info plus an enormousfoodproduct database • Body mass index, fat percentage,calorieallowance and PCF calculation • Agile tuning of calories,fats,carbohydrates and proteins limits • GI (glycemic index) andGL(glycemic load) of food products • CU (carbohydrate units) countinfood intakes for patients with diabetes • Ability to uploadrationto website and get link to it • Graphs and statisticscovering foodintakes and weight losing data • Previous days rationdisplay •Portion weight adjusting for various food products •Offline accessto data stored on devices • Burned calorie count forvariousactivities • Synchronization with your other devices • Foodandfitness information aggregation Pro version Advantages -Addunlimited number of food products to database - Createseveralprofiles on one device - Save food as templates for quickloading -Fill in your food diary for days to come - Statistics tabshowsdata for all days - Mix products to get complex dishesinaccordance with recipes If you go PRO, the payment will bechargedthrough your Google Play account during purchaseconfirmation. Thesubscription will be auto-renewed shortly beforethe subscriptionperiod ends, maintaining the same price andsubscription type youpreviously purchased, unless you unsubscribeno later than 24 hoursbefore the subscription ends. Subscriptioncan be managed throughyour Google Play account after purchase. Itis not possible torefund a subscription or cancel a subscriptionduring the currentperiod. Future updates: • Workout diary •Measurements • Food anddrinks reminders Help us to impove HiKiCalorie Counter app. We arealways looking forward to yoursuggestions and feedbacks
Samsung Calculator
[Key features] Perform four fundamental operations andengineeringcalculations. To start the engineering calculator, taptheengineering calculator icon. To check the calculation history,tapthe calculation history icon. To close the calculationhistorypanel, tap the keypad icon. You can use the previouslyinputtedformulas. Tap the formula you need from the calculationhistory.[Additional features] To convert units, tap the unitcalculatorbutton. You can easily convert various types of units,such asarea, length, and temperature. This software uses theApacheLicense 2.0. The details can be foundat 1.4
In a world of calculators, one dared to become a game. Sure,you'veused calculators before, but have you ever "played" acalculator?Welcome to Calculator: The Game where you'll manipulatenumbers byadding them, subtracting them, converting them, reversingthem, andstuffing them through portals ... yes ... PORTALS.Calculator: TheGame features: - LCD DISPLAY for extra longequations - COMFORTABLEBUTTONS designed for modern gameplay -CLICKY, THE SNARKY ASSISTANTwho will help you win - FUNCTIONINGSOLAR PANEL - APPROVED for usein Calculator: The Game
Calculator Vault 2.2.3
This Calculator Vault is for Hiding and locking your filefromunauthorized access and locking app . Now Never Loose yourDataJust enable Auto Sync. its free *** important Please restartyourdevice if you are unable to see your file after update *****Note :1. Please press equals Button After entering password toenter thevault. 2. To enter recovery please enter 11223344 andpress equalsbutton to enter Recovery. 3. After Unhide pics or filespleasedon't check in gallery go to the folder in phonememory--calculator -- folder name in application to get your filesasgallery updating takes time. 4.Auto Sync Uses your Google DrivetoStore Data So it will be In you drive only Not on any otherserver.Main Features: - Import and hide pictures, hide video fromphotogallery. - Uninstall Prevention : once set On can't beuninstalledfrom settings - Pattern And Pin Lock - Themes ForApplocker Screen- Not Visible in recent App - Inbuilt Image viewwith slide showand pitch to zoom - Use Security question to resetyour password incase forgotten - Beautiful Gallery Design. -Private notes for yourprivate Thoughts -Contact lock to hidecontact from the world -Private Browser to browse freely - To resetyour password enter11223344 into calculator and press equals Buttonthen answer thesecurity question. -Custom Theme -Locks notificationof locked apps- Power saving mode for Applock With very littleimpact on batteryand Phone memory. Most useful features: ☆ AutoSync Your Photos toPrivate Storage in Your Google Drive. ☆ GIFplayable photo viewer.☆ Photo Slideshow by folder hidden photos andGIF. ☆ Text editor tomanage personal hidden notes. ☆ Online Backupto get your data onmultiple devices. ☆ Custom Theme use yourfavorite Image as yourtheme. ☆ Notification Locker for Locked apps.Data Backup -DataBackup fully functional now -Calculator Vaultsupport both localand Cloud backup using Google Drive. -Now youwill never loose yourdata even if you loose your phone. AndroidVault uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. To enable UninstallProtection, pleaseactivate Calculator vault as "deviceadministrator". It's only usedfor preventing intruders uninstallingCalculator Vault. Please beassured that Android Vault will neveruse this permission to accessyour privacy data Calculator Vaultuses Accessibility service. Toenable Power saving mode, pleaseallow Accessibility services. Theservice is only used to remindusers with disabilities to unlockapps, and reduce battery usage.-Request user to Report All theIssue to make next release bug freeand smooth. -If have anysuggestion please contact
LiqCalc - Liquid Calculator 4.0.12
LiqCalc is the perfect App for every vaper! No matter howyourliquid/E-juice is calculated, using the user-friendlyinterfacewill make the calculation fast & easy! Liquidcalculator issuitable for beginners & experienced vaper! Withthis extensivecollection of tools you will be able to solve all theproblems of atypical vaper day. Liquid Calculators Base + Flavor(+additionalFlavors): Mix base with flavors. How much base &flavor do Ineed for a desired amount of finished liquid. Base +Flavor(Advanced): Dilute nicotine base and mix with flavors. Dilutehighnicotine base in desired VG/PG/H2O content and mix withflavors.Can also be used for bunker base. Base + Base + Flavor: Mixseveralbases and flavors. Calculate the required amount of eachcomponentto get the desired nicotine strength & flavorpercentage. Basemixer: Mix bases. Mix different bases into onebase. NicotineShots: Various calculators for calculating a mix withnicotineshots. Amount liquid from Flavor: Calculate how much liquidcan bemixed based on a given amount of flavor and mixing ratio.Flavorreduce/increase: Change the aroma content. Increase ordecrease theproportion of the aroma. Shake & Vape: Mix flavorconcentratewith nicotine shots to achieve a desired nicotinestrength. ToolsPerformance Calculator: Calculation of voltage,current, resistance& power. Battery Calculator: Calculate yourbattery runningtime or how often you can pull with your settings onthee-cigarette. Savings Calculator: Calculate your savings comparedtotobacco consumption. Other Features My Recipes: - Allinformationat a glance: Total amount, PG/VG/H2O-ratio, base andflavor/s inmilliliters and grams - Save all your calculations -Automaticbackup in your account - Notification function for thesteep period- Take a recipe into the respective liquid calculatorand refine /change it - Make notes and rate your recipes - Shareyour recipeswith friends Coil Reminder: - Save your inserted coils- Keep track- when was the coil used, maker, model, resistance,notes -Notification function for coil change We take privacyseriously!LiqCalc requires minimal permissions on your device. Wedo our bestto comply with the new data protection laws (GDPR). Youhave fullcontrol over your data. We stay transparent so you canalways seewhat's being stored about you.
Calculator Vault- App Lock Hide Photo Video Lock 3.4
Calculator Vault App Lock use to hide pictures, hide photos,hidevideos, files safe and app lock by hiding them in apasswordprotected behind function look like a simple calculator.BestGallery Lock on Play Store ---------------Calculator Vault AppLockFeatures-------------- ★Calculator Fake Icon - Disguise photo&video Vault as Calculator. - On the Screen is a calculator apptohide your secrete photo vault. ★App Lock - Lock the app withapassword and pattern lock to protect your privacy. e.g.Messenger,WeChat, Whatsapp and any apps. - Support pin and patternlock. -Personalized with multiple app lock themes. - Calculatorhide app★Hide Photo & Video - Hide your pictures & Videoeasilyfrom a gallery, album or photos.
 - Fast and intuitivephotoviewer. - Unlimited Photo & Video can be locked - WatchVideoin Vault - Keep snoopers away from private videos. -CalculatorVault gallery lock Calculator Vault : App Hider - HideApps ★HideFile Vault - Keep your personal File in safe space. -Hide your anyformat files. - Unlimited Files can be locked.★Intruder Selfie& Alert - Calculator Vault App Lock captureselfie secretlywhen the password is entered incorrectly (if yourdevice has afront camera). - If someone tries to break into privatephotoVault, we will send you an alert to protect your photos andvideos,keep photo safe. ----------------Calculator Vault App LockADVANCEFUNCTION---------- ★Trash Vault ★Face Down Lock - Face DownPhonewill help you to perform chosen action in emergency situationswhensomeone came suddenly. for example, close calculator vaultapp,open a website or open another app immediately.★UninstallProtection - App support "Calculator Vault AppLock" topreventcalculator vault from being uninstalled by kids orstrangers. ★FakeCover Protection - You can even hide the fact thatlock the appwith fake error window. ★Hide Icon - You can hide iconfrom applist and open by dialing #4567 number. No StorageLimitation -Using "Calculator Vault App Lock" you don't face anystoragelimitation for your hidden files if your phone memory hasenoughstorage space. Calculator Photo Vault Hide App This app usestheDevice Administrator permission. Disclosure: To preventCalculatorVault being uninstalled, Calculator Vault need DeviceAdministratorPermission and it never use any other DeviceAdministratorpermission except uninstall prevention.-----FAQ-------- Q). Myhidden files are stored online? A. No, yourhidden files are storedinside phone locally. Q). Can I recoverhidden files from old phoneif my new phone or phone stolen orbroken? A. No, currently we donot support online backup of yourhidden files so that you can notrecover any of files from the oldphone. Q). How do I change applock password? A. Open yourCalculator vault AppLock first andselect app lock then go tosetting click on Change password option.Q). After hide icon, How iwill open Calculator Vault AppLock?. A.Open the hidden AppLock bythe four methods below: 1. Gallery Openyour Gallery and select apicture. Click the share button. Find"Open Calculator Vault" andclick it. 2. Dial pad Enter*#*#222333#*#* in your dial pad. 3.Browser Open any link in thebrowser: ① Q) Iam not able to open my appafter hiding my app. What should I donow? A. Go to you phonesecurityapp(setting)-->app-->permission-->enableautostart ofcalculator vault. IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this appbeforeunhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lostforever.Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app frombeinguninstalled by others especially kids.
Sleep Time - Cycle Alarm Timer 1.8.1
It is recommended to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle. SleepTimehelps you to calculate when to wake up or fall asleep tosleepefficiently and wake up feeling great. Features: - Simplematerialdesign build for speed and efficiency - Calculate when towake upif you go to sleep now or at a certain time - Calculate whentosleep if you want to wake up at a time - Notifications for whentowake up or go to sleep - Factor in time to fall asleepincalculations If you have any feedback or bug report, pleasecontactme using Feedback tab in the app drawer.
BMI Calculator 1.4.16
With this BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate yourBodyMass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on bodyweight,height, age and sex. Check your body stats to find youridealweight, because overweight and obesity are risk factorsfordiseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Itcanalso be used to find your healthy weight if you want to loseweightor are on diet. More information about BMI classificationwhich isused by the BMI Calculator is available on the website ofthe WorldHealth Organization (WHO). Please leave a ★★★★★-rating ifyou likeour app! Criticism, praise, problems with this app? Feelfree tocontact us via email:
Calculator with Percent (Free) 32.1
Alex Oliinyk
Mathematical calculator with percentages, memory, history,largedigits and innovation continuous lighting buttons foravoidmistakes.
Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos 2.3.2
Calculator+ Vault for photo, The best calculator photo vault,hideyour photo, security the hide private photos Calculator+ Vaultforphoto is a photo hide app that lets you hide yourpictures,Calculator+ Vault for photo looks like a beautifulcalculator, andworks very well, but have a secret photo vaultbehind it. all hidephotos will be encrypted, uninstall the app willnot delete thepassword, or remove the photos. Calculator+ Vault forphotoFeatures ► Hide private photos under the calculator ► Welldesignedcalculator, you can calculate with it very well. so, no onewilldoubt it. [Well designed calculator] Calculator+ Vault forphotofirst is a well designed calculator, All the calculatorfunctionsare correct. [Hide Photo] Some pictures are not suitablefor yourpersonal album, Calculator+ Vault for photo can hide it foryou.[Encrytped photo] All hidden pictures are encrypted, So, evenifothers find the file, there is no way to view the photos[Smallsize] The app size of Calculator+ Vault for photo is verysmall, itwill not take up a lot of your mobile phone space