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LiqCalc - Liquid Calculator 4.0.6
LiqCalc is the perfect App for every vaper! No matter howyourliquid/E-juice is calculated, using the user-friendlyinterfacewill make the calculation fast & easy! Liquidcalculator issuitable for beginners & experienced vaper! Withthis extensivecollection of tools you will be able to solve all theproblems of atypical vaper day. Liquid Calculators Base + Flavor(+additionalFlavors): Mix base with flavors. How much base &flavor do Ineed for a desired amount of finished liquid. Base +Flavor(Advanced): Dilute nicotine base and mix with flavors. Dilutehighnicotine base in desired VG/PG/H2O content and mix withflavors.Can also be used for bunker base. Base + Base + Flavor: Mixseveralbases and flavors. Calculate the required amount of eachcomponentto get the desired nicotine strength & flavorpercentage. Basemixer: Mix bases. Mix different bases into onebase. NicotineShots: Various calculators for calculating a mix withnicotineshots. Amount liquid from Flavor: Calculate how much liquidcan bemixed based on a given amount of flavor and mixing ratio.Flavorreduce/increase: Change the aroma content. Increase ordecrease theproportion of the aroma. Shake & Vape: Mix flavorconcentratewith nicotine shots to achieve a desired nicotinestrength. ToolsPerformance Calculator: Calculation of voltage,current, resistance& power. Battery Calculator: Calculate yourbattery runningtime or how often you can pull with your settings onthee-cigarette. Savings Calculator: Calculate your savings comparedtotobacco consumption. Other Features My Recipes: - Allinformationat a glance: Total amount, PG/VG/H2O-ratio, base andflavor/s inmilliliters and grams - Save all your calculations -Automaticbackup in your account - Notification function for thesteep period- Take a recipe into the respective liquid calculatorand refine /change it - Make notes and rate your recipes - Shareyour recipeswith friends Coil Reminder: - Save your inserted coils- Keep track- when was the coil used, maker, model, resistance,notes -Notification function for coil change We take privacyseriously!LiqCalc requires minimal permissions on your device. Wedo our bestto comply with the new data protection laws (GDPR). Youhave fullcontrol over your data. We stay transparent so you canalways seewhat's being stored about you.
Tank volume calculator 2.4
The application calculates the volume and weight of a liquide byitsfilling level, empty and total volume. Calculations areperformedfor: - Rectangular tank - Horizontal cylindrical tank -Verticalcylindrical tank - Cylindrical tank with conical bottom-Cylindrical tank with truncated conical bottom - Cylindricaltankwith spherical bottom
Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock 10.0
Donna Danley
Calculator Vault is completely free to Hide unlimited PicturesandVideos. Really want secret locker for your personal files inyourphone? you can not skip this app. Keep safe gallery and No needtoworry when giving your smart phone to friends and family whenSmartCalculator Plus app installed in your phone.Top Features☆HidePictures & Videos: Your files will be secretly stored andcanonly be viewed in this app after you enter correct passwordintosmart calculator.☆ Safe Browser: Surf through internet usingsafebrowser and even download photos and videos which will bestoredsecretly inside this app. You can even bookmark your favoritesitesto access them easily.☆ App Lock: Powerful App Lock system tolockprivate and social apps along with Fingerprint App Lock optionforcompatible devices.Advance Features► DisguisedandinconspicuousGallery Lock app icon magically disappears andgetsreplaced with a secret G-Scanner icon. You can also start thisappwithout icon from your phone's Settings/Apps/GalleryLock/MANAGESPACE.► Share to HideYou can directly hide pictures andvideos fromphone gallery or SD card by sharing to Gallery Lockapp.► FakeVaultCreate Fake vault with different password forstoring fakephotos and videos.► Face Down LockThe app will performaction givenby you when your device faces downward. You can chooseto close theapp or open a website or other app in emergency.►FakeCoverDisguise your apps lock screen to prevent from breakingintoyour password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialogwillhide the real lock screen.► Intruder SelfieAutomaticallytakesIntruder selfie when someone tries to break in your privacybyentering wrong password or pattern.► Inbuilt Image Viewer andVideoPlayerSupport Inbuilt Image Viewer to view pictures andslideshowthem with transition effects.Support Inbuilt Video Playerto playvideos with any media player installed in your phone.►UninstallProtectionPrevents Secret Gallery Lock app from beinguninstalledfrom kids or strangers.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.This app uses Accessibility Service.QuickTips✔ In orderto Change PIN quickly go to Settings tab and click onChangePassword.✔ After you Hide Pictures and Videos, Export iconinGallery lock brings back your media whenever needed.✔ EasilyChangeSlide Show interval using the Settings tab.✔ Use Theme iconto makethe Vault Lock Screen colorful so you don’tgetbored.---------FAQ--------Q: If I uninstall the app, can I getmypictures back if I reinstall the app?A: Re-installingcannotrecover those deleted files. So please make sure to unhideandbackup all your hidden files before uninstalling this app.Q:Whatabout if I lost my phone or broken?A: Your files are storedonly onyour device and not online.Q: Can I take out my media fromthisphoto and video Locker?A: Yes, you can easily export photosandvideos using couple of stepsQ: Photos and videos arestoredtogether or separately?A: You can hide photos in photo lockerandvideos in videos locker inside this app.Q: If I forgotmypassword?A: If you Forget Password you can always RecoverPasswordby your registered e-mail id and regain access to this appby,Input7777 then = button in our Calculator App to send yourpassword intoregistered email.Need Help?Feel free to mail usat:[email protected]
Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos 2.1.3
Calculator+ Vault for photo, The best calculator photo vault,hideyour photo, security the hide private photos Calculator+ Vaultforphoto is a photo hide app that lets you hide yourpictures,Calculator+ Vault for photo looks like a beautifulcalculator, andworks very well, but have a secret photo vaultbehind it. all hidephotos will be encrypted, uninstall the app willnot delete thepassword, or remove the photos. Calculator+ Vault forphotoFeatures ► Hide private photos under the calculator ► Welldesignedcalculator, you can calculate with it very well. so, no onewilldoubt it. [Well designed calculator] Calculator+ Vault forphotofirst is a well designed calculator, All the calculatorfunctionsare correct. [Hide Photo] Some pictures are not suitablefor yourpersonal album, Calculator+ Vault for photo can hide it foryou.[Encrytped photo] All hidden pictures are encrypted, So, evenifothers find the file, there is no way to view the photos[Smallsize] The app size of Calculator+ Vault for photo is verysmall, itwill not take up a lot of your mobile phone space
Photo,Video Locker-Calculator 20.0
Calculator is the Vault app can secretly Hide Pictures, HideVideosand Lock Apps without anyone knowing as gallery lockinstalled inyour phone looks as just a regular calculator.Yourfiles will besecretly stored in vault and can only be viewed aftera Numeric PINis entered on calculator panel of this app.Also thisPhoto,VideoLocker can be used as regular calculator for dailyuse.How to use✔Hide Pictures and Videos : Click on Plus Button atthe bottom ofmain screen and then select media from gallery andclick lockbutton to hide into Photo,Video Locker-Calculator app.✔Lock Apps:Go to App Lock tab on main screen and Lock your Apps byselectingthem to keep safe from others.✔ Intruder Selfie: Enablingintruderselfie lets you capture intruder's photo and show them whenyouentering into smart hidden calculator.✔ Fake Cover: you canenableadvanced security where you can set fake cover of Force closeofapplications which are locked and only you know trick to openyourapp lock interface.✔ Finger print app lock: you can enableyourfingerprint for locked apps to open it without also used for your smart hide calculator.✔ Wi-fisecurity: nowyou can have control over your switched like wifi andBluetooth byour strong app lock security.Features:• AccessPhoto,Video Lockerby typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of thisapp.• Lock appsusing Classic PIN pad.• Support all Picture formatsin gallery locklike GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.• Backup PATTERN UNLOCK.•Beautiful Themesfor calculator and app lock screen.• Easy toManage, Delete,Unhide, Move Pictures in gallery vault.• AmazingInbuilt Imageviewer with Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffleoption.• Supportsapp protection to prevent Calculator from beinguninstalled bystrangers.“This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.” Youcan activate device Administrator permission forthis app toprevent accidentally Uninstallation of app and avoidloss yourdata.• Powerful and Instant Lock Apps system to keep safeyourprivate media.• Finger Print unlock for both calculator andapplock for supported devices.• Intruder Selfie. Instantselfiecaptured when someone tried wrong password on your app lock.•FakeApp lock cover. Enable double security or fake screen over yourapplock. you can set force close app screen for locked apps.• youcanlock wifi and bluetooth with password protection of applock.•Disappears from recent apps list.• Dark Mode feature helpstosecretly open personal photo,video locker during nightwithoutanyone knowing.• Latest Material Design with easy touseinterface.This app uses Accessibility Service.USEFUL TIPS :✔ForgetPassword? Recover Password by your registered e-mail id andregainaccess to the app.✔ Change PIN? Go to Settings tab and clickonChange Password.✔ Unlock Media? After you Hide pictures andVideosfrom this gallery lock, use unlock button in this app tounhidemedia whenever needed.✔ Advance Protection? Turn “ON”appprotection option from settings after you Hide pictures andVideosto keep safe without losing it.✔ Relax and View Images?UseSlideShow option and set slide interval from settings.✔Beautify?Use Theme icon to change color of Lock Screen so you don’tgetbored.FAQ: Q: Forgot my password. How to Reset?A: Enter 8888numberin Calculator and press EQUAL(=) button. password recoveryscreenwill open.Q: I uninstalled app and my locked photos gone. CanIrecover?A: No you can not. once you uninstalled appwithoutrestoring files back to your gallery, you will lose lockedfilesforever. re installing can not recover those deletedfiles.AnySuggestion or Feedback?email: [email protected]
Youtubers Earnings Calculator 5.0
Autiero Apps
Discover how much they earn your favorite youtuber!ThankYoutubersEarnings Calculator you have a rough estimate of theirearnings,thanks to our algorithm calculated on purpose.
Calculator 6.0.10
Calculator is a simple 4 function calculator, with a panel thathasmore advanced functions when you need them. It includeshistory,real time graphing, base conversion, and more. It alsocomes with alockscreen widget, a floating calculator, and a wearapp so you canuse whichever is most convenient.The goal is a simpleanduncluttered calculator.Because Calculator is a full replacementforyour stock calculator, we recommend you disable the one thatcamewith your phone. If you long press your original calculator,anddrag it to App Info, you can Disable it where you'd normallyfindUninstall.And, while this release has a few extra bellsandwhistles, Calculator is still an open source project. You cancheckit out at
Lovedays - D-Day for Couples 0.999
Lovedays is a D-Day counter and widget for couples, helpingcouplesto remember anniversaries and important eventstogether.-------------------------------------------------------LovedaysFeatures : ▷ D-Day Counter ◁ How long have you beentogether?Manage and remember important anniversaries for you andyourpartner. ▷ First Screen ◁ Set your first screen with yourpartner'spicture. Now you can directly call your partner on yourfirstscreen. (You should activate first screen feature inLovedayssetting menu) ▷ Widget ◁ Decorate wallpaper with beautifulwidgets(1x1, 4x1, 4x2) ▷ Couple Profile ◁ Put pictures and names ofyouand your partner to main screen ▷ D-Day Calculator ◁Calculateimportant events with D-Day Calculator ▷ Settings ◁CustomizeLovedays with font size, color and every other details.
India GST Calculator & GST Rates 3.4.1
Smart Up
India GST Calculator is a handy app which allows you tocalculateall 4 GST tax rates at your finger tips. It takes-in anamount(either gross or net) and allows you to add or reduce GSTfromgiven amount. It allows user to copy and share results. Alsoyoucan take snapshot of results. You can also check GST Rates foranyGoods and Services very easily on this app. Also, you can seemanyGST related informational videos on India GST Calculator.Features:1. GST Calculator 2. GST Rates for Goods and Services 3.GSTInformational Videos 4. GST Updates 5. GST Due Dates Calendar6.Distance Calculator for e-Way Bill 7. Fixed Deposit Calculator8.SIP Calcualtor 9. RD Calculator 10. EMI / Loan Calculator11.Retirement Planner. #IndiaGSTCalculator #IndiaGST#OneNationOneTax#IndiaGST DISCLAIMER: GST videos is collection ofvideos uploadedon YouTube and all YouTube earnings are belongs totheir respectiveowners. Any request to remove the video will behonored. Developer:Smart Up Email: [email protected] Follow uson:
Calculator with Percent (Free) 32.1
Alex Oliinyk
Mathematical calculator with percentages, memory, history,largedigits and innovation continuous lighting buttons foravoidmistakes.
Mi Calculator 10.0.14
Xiaomi Inc.
Mi Calculator will do the math for you. Regular, scientific,andmortgage calculators, as well as currency and unit convertersareall here in one place. 1.Edit history and view previous resultsinthe regular calculator.2.Find trigonometric functions,logarithms,and more additional features in the scientificcalculator.3.Dailyupdated exchange rates in the universal currencyconverter.4.Knowthe exact amount of the next installment with themortgagecalculator.5.Freely convert units of length, area, volume,speed,time, and mass in the unit converter.
Calculator Vault- App Lock Hide Photo Video Lock 2.2
Calculator Vault App Lock use to hide pictures, hide photos,hidevideos, files safe and app lock by hiding them in apasswordprotected behind function look like a simple calculator.BestGallery Lock on Play Store ---------------Calculator Vault AppLockFeatures-------------- ★Calculator Fake Icon - Disguise photo&video Vault as Calculator. - On the Screen is a calculator apptohide your secrete photo vault. ★App Lock - Lock the app withapassword and pattern lock to protect your privacy. e.g.Messenger,WeChat, Whatsapp and any apps. - Support pin and patternlock. -Personalized with multiple app lock themes. - Calculatorhide app★Hide Photo & Video - Hide your pictures & Videoeasilyfrom a gallery, album or photos.
 - Fast and intuitivephotoviewer. - Unlimited Photo & Video can be locked - WatchVideoin Vault - Keep snoopers away from private videos. -CalculatorVault gallery lock Calculator Vault : App Hider - HideApps ★HideFile Vault - Keep your personal File in safe space. -Hide your anyformat files. - Unlimited Files can be locked.★Intruder Selfie& Alert - Calculator Vault App Lock captureselfie secretlywhen the password is entered incorrectly (if yourdevice has afront camera). - If someone tries to break into privatephotoVault, we will send you an alert to protect your photos andvideos,keep photo safe. ----------------Calculator Vault App LockADVANCEFUNCTION---------- ★Trash Vault - Keep file protectedfromaccidentally deleted from calculator vault App. ★Face Down Lock-Face Down Phone will help you to perform chosen action inemergencysituations when someone came suddenly. for example,closecalculator vault app, open a website or open anotherappimmediately. ★Uninstall Protection - App support "CalculatorVaultAppLock" to prevent calculator vault from being uninstalled bykidsor strangers. ★Fake Cover Protection - You can even hide thefactthat lock the app with fake error window. ★Hide Icon - You canhideicon from app list and open by dialing #4567 number. NoStorageLimitation - Using "Calculator Vault App Lock" you don'tface anystorage limitation for your hidden files if your phonememory hasenough storage space. Calculator Locker Calculator PhotoVault HideApp This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Disclosure:To prevent Calculator Vault being uninstalled,Calculator Vaultneed Device Administrator Permission and it neveruse any otherDevice Administrator permission except uninstallprevention.-----FAQ-------- Q). My hidden files are stored online?A. No, yourhidden files are stored inside phone locally. Q). Can Irecoverhidden files from old phone if my new phone or phone stolenorbroken? A. No, currently we do not support online backup ofyourhidden files so that you can not recover any of files from theoldphone. Q). How do I change app lock password? A. OpenyourCalculator vault AppLock first and select app lock then gotosetting click on Change password option. Q). After hide icon, Howiwill open Calculator Vault AppLock?. A. Dial #4567 from phonedialpad to open Calculator vault app. Q) I am not able to open myappafter hiding my app. What should I do now? A. Go to youphonesecurityapp(setting)-->app-->permission-->enableautostart ofcalculator vault. IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this appbeforeunhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lostforever.Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app frombeinguninstalled by others especially kids.
Hours Minutes Time Calculator 1.3
The #1 free time calculator for iOS is now availableforandroid.Hours & Minutes is a simple time calculator thatallowsyou to easily add, and subtract time values without the needtoconvert those values into their decimal counterparts. Thepaidversion also lets you multiply and divide time values bywholenumbers.
Sleep Time - Cycle Alarm Timer 1.8.1
It is recommended to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle. SleepTimehelps you to calculate when to wake up or fall asleep tosleepefficiently and wake up feeling great. Features: - Simplematerialdesign build for speed and efficiency - Calculate when towake upif you go to sleep now or at a certain time - Calculate whentosleep if you want to wake up at a time - Notifications for whentowake up or go to sleep - Factor in time to fall asleepincalculations If you have any feedback or bug report, pleasecontactme using Feedback tab in the app drawer.
Resistor Code Calculator 1.4
Calculate resistor color codes with this handy reference app.Theapp is useful for every maker, engineer, student and arduinoorraspberry pi tinkerer when working with electronics.Supports 4and5-band resistors!The industry standard resistor color code isusedto identify the resistance value of resistors used in all kindsofelectronics.
calculator 1.0
This is Calculator - the perfect calculator for Android andit'sfree. Calculator very simple, fast and easy touseCalculatorprovides simple and advanced mathematical functions inabeautifully designed app.Calculator design simple and clear,veryeasy to use.Calculator like like a pocket calculator.Myintuitive,lovable design makes it simple to do everydaycalculations on yourphone or tabletFeature★ Less memory and batteryusage. It is quickand smart★ Easy to use★ Perform basiccalculations such asaddition, subtraction, multiplication, anddivision★ You'll neverforget where you are in a calculation -Calculator show you exactlywhat's happening at all times★ Seeinstant results of yourcalculations as you enter them★ ThisCalculator show yourcalculations in clear, elegant type that's easyto read★ You canuse backspace anytime to correct a simple mistake,instead ofstarting over★ Use memory to keep a running total you canactuallysee★ You can customize the sound or vibrate when pressed★Supportyour language★ Support almost phones and tablet devices Ifyou likeour app, please take a minute to rate it on GooglePlaymarket.Thank you for using the app.
Microwave Link Calculator 2.3
Microwave Link Calculator is useful fortelecommunicationsengineers, especially when deploying newmicrowave links (PasolinkNEC NEO VR4 , SIAE, Ceragon, Ericsson -Minilink, Huawei ...). WithGPS Coordinates of the two stations, theapp can produce: -Distance between the two sites. - Azimuths fromone site to theother one. - The elevation of each site andelevation of the link,so implementer can estimate the position toset up the outdoorequipment part on the tower. - After implementerdecides the heightof antennas, Microwave Link Calculator will giveyou the down tiltof each site (DOWN or UP in degree) - With inputparameters suchas: frequency, antenna diameter, antenna efficiencythe app willprovide you estimated antenna gain and expectedreceived power (infree space condition). - Current GPS Coordinates(latitude,longitude) can be shared immediately to get more exactlyinputvalues. - Compass is provided if implementer is at theantennatower (by tap on the current position's marker on map). Thecompasswill tell you if you choose right direction (azimuthvalue).Furthermore, with Google Map integrated, the microwave linkcan bedisplayed on map, therefor implementer can look at someclosertargets (cross-roads, buildings …) to easily determineexactlydirection of the link from his site. In the lastest update,admobads is integrated, but they will not be shown withoutyourpermission. To encourage us, you can support us by clickingthecoffee cup icon at the top-right corner of the screen, thenclickthe shown ads.
Tank Volume 2.01
Tank Volume Calculator is a fast and simple app forcalculatingvolume of tanks. Also you can calculate liquid volume ina tank. İfyou know density of liquid you can calculate weight ofliquid tooDeveloped with an intuitive interface. It means lessclick, fastresults. App remembers your settings for next use. Tankvolumecalculator also has a built in volume convertor, if you needtoconvert volume types, like m3, liter, imp. Gallon, U.S GallonorBBL Calculations are performed for: - Vertical tank -Horizontaltank - Rectangular tank - Ecliptic tank - Tanks withconicalbottom, flat bottom, Torispherical head, Ellipticalhead,Hemispherical head. Other Features of Tank Volume Calculator-Metric or imperial Units support - Internet connection isnotrequired. - Small apk size. - No background process. - ShareorSave function. - Better tablet support. - Fast and simple.-Totally Free. * This Calculator should be used as anestimatingtool ONLY. Application is not responsible for anydiscrepancies oncalculations. *
Princess Cash Register Free 1.3.1
Creature Corp
Let's go shopping at the mall with princess cash register! Youcanplay as both the shopper and cashier. Use your pretty pinkcashregister to ring up any of the 52 princess items available. Youcanshop for makeup, shoes, bags, tiaras, and dresses. Thecashregister is a real working calculator with a scanner that canscanthe available merchandise. You can also swipe the credit cardtopay at the end of the shopping spree. Move money in and out ofthecash register. Give your customer the right amount of change.Thereare also 6 different shopping phrases sound. Have fun and useyourimagination with this princess cash register. You can now gotocheckout with up to 3 items. Get the full version tocheckoutunlimited items, use credit card to pay, and ad freeexperience.This is the prettiest cash register for all theprincesses outthere. Show your best fashion sense.
Water Physics Simulation 1.1.2
Do you like liquid simulations? Do you like the flow behaviorofwater? Do you like bomb explosions? If yes, then you will havemuchfun with the Physics Sandbox app. [by]Threephysics simulations in One: 1. Shipping / Raft Survival: Youcanbuild your own ship or use a pre-builted boat and try tosurvive,if you go on a raft trip with your boat now. 2. PowderGame: If oneuse the real-time sandbox, then you can play with ourbombsimulator or simulate diverse states of waterbody underdifferentinfluences in every areas of the room. Furthermore you canbuildfor example a house and let it explode later. 3. Liquidsimulator:One can watch various structures, ships, buildings, dustetc. andthey interact together in different forms, if youinsertprefabricated user-actions like a spawner... into theSimulation.Features: - this game is free! - a) sandbox, build forexamle awall and throw bombs to it (Powder Game) - b) raftsurvival(shipping mode) - c) 24 prefabricated level designs(simulationmode) - construct your own boat with 13 different singleparts of aship - 6 prefabricated levels in the section "shipping" -one canadd to a own constructed boat 4 prefabricated - furthermore:5bombs types + 5 upgrades per bomb with different explosions -4000water particles (soft bodies /powder/ dust) - watch thegeneralbehavior of fluid, e.g. pressure, flow behavior, spread intheobservation room, special effects, etc. - build and controlyourboat - create various structures like a house, a seesaw, atower... be creative And now have fun with our free physicsgameeverybody! by This game is free, but shows
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator and Calendar 1.84
Pregnancy due date calculator, pregnancy calendar and much more:✔Our due date calculator (EDD calculator) will quicklycalculateyour due date. ✔ Our illustrated pregnancy calendar is adetailedpregnancy week by week guide to all the changes takingplace inyour baby — and in you! Each week of pregnancy includesadescription of your baby's development, as well as anexplanationof the changes taking place in your body. You'll alsofindimportant medical info that will help keep you and yourbabyhealthy. ✔ Our due date countdown ticker counts the days,hours,minutes and seconds until your bundle of joy arrives! ✔ Onlyin ourapp! See how your baby's length and weight change everysecond! ✔Our articles cover a wide range of information aboutpregnancy: -Early pregnancy symptoms (early signs of pregnancy) -Prenatalscreening and diagnostic tests - Food and drinks to avoidduringpregnancy - How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?-Hospital bag checklist - Setting up the nursery Our team wishesyoua healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.
Date Calculator 1.8.4
This is a great tool for anyone who is interested in daterelatedoperations in Android device; it's Free, fast, easy. Itprovideshelpful information about date and time guide for more than100years, and also it will give you expert knowledge and point youinthe right direction to plan future.This is a simple andawesomedate and time app to calculate duration between two dateswith timelike total years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes andsecondsand also it is useful to find date difference between eventslikework anniversaries, birthday, holidays, and important dates.Itgives you a quick and simple user experience when you dodatemanipulations like date-to-date calculation, add or subtractfrom adate, find leap year, week day calculation and agecalculator.Calculating time and date is easier than any otherapplication inAndroid platform.Do you want to know the exact amountof hours,minutes and seconds between two dates? This app providesthe mostpopular features of date and days; it is the smartest andfastest"Date Calculator" app available in Google Play.Key Featuresof thisApplication► Calculate date and time units between two datesinyears, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.► Usethe"Add or Subtract from a Date" calculator to add or minus dateandtime units to get a new date and time, find weekday of thenewdate.► Using this app simply Find a leap year and also findtotaldays in given year.► Day of the week calculator find weekdaysSunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday andSaturdayto the given date.► Calculate how many working and nonworking daysbetween two dates.► Calculate your accurate age inyears, monthsand days as an age calculator.► Figure out how manydays are leftuntil a given date with the day's countdown.►Calculate yourfinancial dues as a due date calculator.► You canable to findcurrent device time zone in navigation menu andsettings page.Don'tkeep Date Calculator app a secret! We grow withyour support, keepsharing :)Please don't leave negative feedbackabout a concern, bugor issue! Instead, please contact us @[email protected] andwe'll do our best to solve your issues andappreciate all thesupport that has made this application moresuccessful! Thank you!
Tank volume 2.6
Igor Lyakshev
Calculate liquid volume of a barrel Calculate free volume ofabarrel Calculate volume of a barrel Calculate liquid volume ofatank Calculate free volume of a tank Calculate volume of atankCalculate liquid volume of a oval tank Calculate free volume ofaoval tank Calculate volume of a oval tank
Classic Calculator 1.51
This application has been designed and engineered for easyoperationat any level. The natural display and enhanced featuresmakes itversatile and the perfect choice for high school andcollegestudents alike.* Multi-skin* Copy clipboard* Percentages*Memories*Trig functions in degrees, radians or grads* Fixed-pointdisplaymodes* Configurable digit grouping and decimal point*Degrees,minutes and seconds.* Adjustable size digit
Citizen Calculator: GST 2018 2.0.8
Citizen Calculator app is very cool app, for calculate maths inanew cool way. This app looks like real Citizen calculator,withcooler & Smoother UI. You can simply use this app onyourphone, and calculate with it. This app is completely free touse,there are no hidden charges. If you are bored with your oldCitizenCalculator app, then you can make your maths interestingwith thehelp of this awesome Citizen Calculator app. So let's havea lookat this app now. Try our new Citizen calculator app with lotsofcool new features. This app is little bit different fromotherapps. Features of this app -> GST Calculations. -> AddCustom% for GST. -> Plus or Minus any Amount from GST. -> M-,M+Supported. -> GT, MU, +/- etc supported. -> Check,CorrectFeature working. -> Real looking Citizen Calculator app.->CT 512 Design. -> Enable/Disable Volume or Vibrationanytime.This app is refined with new look & feel. Don't forgetto trythis app. Our Citizen calculator app is very useful forbusinesspurpose, students, Office use, Tax calculate, GST Calculateet.This app is available all over the world for free. This appalsosupports Mark Up (MU) which is very handy. You can enableorDisable GST options from settings according to yourrequirements.If you have any suggestions for our app, feel free tocontact usvia [email protected] Email.
Land Area Calculator Unit Convertor Indian Units 1.5
Calculate area with minimum effort and convert units to almostallIndian Units. बीघा बिस्वा अन्कनम कट्ठा गुंथा मरला किल्ला लेचाetc.Available in हिंदी and ENGLISH language Select your plotshape,fill lengths and it is done. "Indian Land Unit Converter"ishelpful to convert all the basic units of Land and Areaconversionin Indian States. In India Land Measurement units varyfrom stateto state. Standard units such as Square Feet, SquareYards, SquareMeters, Acres and Hectares. Local units such as Bigha,Biswa,Marla, Kanal, Ground, Cent, Ankanam, Guntha, Kattha,Shatak,Kantra, etc. Sizes of units like Bigha, Biswa and Katthaalso varyfrom state to state. This app is extremely useful toBuilders, LandBuyers / Sellers, Farmers and Government Officials,Measurement ofLand, People living in Villages, Metro, and City. ✔Easy to use ✔Land Unit Conversion Table with detail ✔ Show and HideUnits☆☆General - Unit Conversion☆☆ Acre Hectare Rood Sq. Foot(Feet)Sq.Inch Sq. Meter Sq. Yard Sq. Kilometer Sq. Mile ☆☆IndiaUnitConversion☆☆ Aankadam Are Bigha (Pucca Kachha) Biswa (PuccaKachha)Cent Chatak Decimal Dhur Ghumaon Ground Guntha Kanal KatthaKillaKranta Kuncham Lecha Marla Sarsahi (Square Karam) Shatak
50+ construction calculators
Set construction calculators. Demo version. 50+differentcalculators and designers in one application: designersstairs - 8species, calculators building materials for roofs -Gable,straight, attic, Concrete stairs, foundations, laying pavingslabs,calculation of concrete, the calculation of the volume oflumber,calculator fittings, ceramic tile, drywall, calculation oflogmaterials, wall, brick and metal fence, fence, floors, roofs,landarea, the calculation of earthwork - pit, trench, well,turf,swimming pool, calculate the volume of pipes, tanks, barrelsandrectangular containers, greenhouses, loan calculator anddesignerwardrobe. Generate drawings and plans. Detailed andaccuratecalculation. Constantly adding new calculations. Supportfor 90languages. Requires an internet connection.
Simple Calculator
This is a simple calculator app. Easy to use with large buttons.
Tap And Drill Chart Calculator 2
Greg A Miller
App to calculate charts for various thread percentages forstandardSAE and Metric screws. Also shows hex nut size and adiagram withthe screw threads to check TPI/TPMM and screwdiameter.This apprequires no permissions. Please rate this appafter evaluating it,it is knowing that people use and love my appsthat keeps the trulyfree app developers producing apps.
Unit Converter Calculator Plus 1.21
Simple and easy to use currency and unit converter app to handleanyconversion you need. With 41 categories and more than 800 unitsandcurrencies you will get a very handy tool. Need moreconversions,just drop us an email and we will check adding them.You can alsocreate your own custom conversions directly in theapp. UNITCONVERTER FEATURES: ✓ 41 predefined categories withhundreds ofunits. ✓ Offline mode, internet connection is neededonly to updatecurrencies. ✓ Searching for units. ✓ Conversionbuilder to createyour own custom conversions. ✓ Keypad withembedded calculator thatsupports percentage calculations. ✓Currency exchange rates fromEuropean Central Bank and other banks.Requires internet connectionto fetch new rates. Once fetched,exchange currency rates areavailable in offline mode. ✓ Simple andclear design. Supportslandscape mode on all devices: phones, andtablets. ✓ Unlimitedfavorite conversions for quick access. ✓Conversion history. ✓Sharing conversion results by email. ✓ Copy /Paste functionality. ✓Display instantly the results while typing.No need to press thatannoying "Calculate result" button :). Onlarge screens the resultsare displayed for all units so you canmonitor all of them at thesame time. ✓ Supported languages:English, German, Portuguese,Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian.More languages will be added.Below is the list of supportedconversion categories, all convertmetric to imperial units andimperial to metric transformations.(convert metric to us units,convert metric to uk units) ✓ Basicdimension: length (distance),area, volume. ✓ For daily use:currency converter (European CentralBank and others), clothes andshoe sizes for men, women andchildren, cooking weights, fuelconsumption and time. ✓ Mechanics:pressure, weight, force, torque.✓ Motion: speed, acceleration,angular speed, flow rate ✓ Chemistry:density, dynamic andkinematic viscosity, mineralization. ✓Computing: data storage anddata transfer. ✓ Energy: power,temperature conversions (Celsius,Fahrenheit), consumed energy. ✓Electricity: electric charge,electric current, electriccapacitance, electric potential,electric resistance. ✓ Photometry:luminescence, illuminance. ✓Radioactivity: radiation,radioactivity. ✓ Magnetism: magneticfield ✓ Mathematics: numbers,roman numerals, fractions, astronomydistances. ✓ Other: Typography.* For ad-free version withunlimited custom conversions get [UnitConverter Pro]. In case youwant to request new units, have aquestion, a suggestion or wantjust to give us a feedback on the appplease send me an email [email protected] or leave a comment ingoogle play store whilereviewing this unit converter tool. UnitConverter Calculator Plus©UUCMobile - convert metric to us units -convert metric to ukunits - unit converter - currency converter -convert app - convertapplication - converter unit - converter app -converter calculator- conversion of measurement units - conversionapp - conversioncalculator - conversion calculator free
Calculator Vault and App Lock 1.5
Calculator Vault is an App to keep your precious pictures,videosand files safe by hiding them in a password protectedfunction looklike a simple calculator. Key Features ★ AppLock: Lockthe app witha password or pattern lock to protect your privacy.e.g) Messenger,WeChat, Whatsapp and any other apps installed onyour device. -Support pin and pattern lock. - Personalized withmultiple app lockthemes. ★ Safe Pictures Vault: Keep your personalphotos in safespace. - Hide your pictures easily from a gallery,album or photos.- Multiple Photo can be handled at a time. - Fastand intuitivephoto viewer. ★ Safe Video Vault: Keep your personalVideos in safespace. - Hide your videos easily from a gallery,album or videos. -Watch Video. - Keep snoopers away from privatevideos. ★ Safe FileVault: Keep your personal File in safe space. -Hide your anyformat files from built-in file explorer. - View yourfiles. ★Intruder Selfie: Catch the snoopers and capture selfie whotry toaccess your app. ★ Trash Vault: Keep file protectedfromaccidentally deleted from calculator vault. Other usefulfeatures:Face Down Lock: Face Down Phone will help you to performchosenaction in emergency situations when someone came suddenly.forexample, close calculator vault app, open a website or openanotherapp immediately. Uninstall Protection: App support"CalculatorVault App Protection" to prevent calculator vault frombeinguninstalled by kids or strangers. Fake Cover Protection: Youcaneven hide the fact that lock the app with fake error window.HideIcon: You can hide icon from app list and access by callingtocustom number(#4567) Support sound and vibration effects.Nostorage limitation for your hidden files if your phone memoryhasenough storage space. This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. Disclosure: To prevent Calculator Vaultbeinguninstalled, Calculator Vault need Device AdministratorPermissionand it never use any other Device Administratorpermission exceptuninstall prevention. -----Useful FAQ-------- Q).My hidden filesare stored online? A. No, your hidden files arestored inside phonelocally. Q). Got new phone or phone stolen orbroken. Can I recoverhidden files from old phone? A. No, currentlywe do not supportonline backup of your hidden files so that you cannot recover anyof files from the old phone. Q). How do I change applock password?A. Open your Calculator vault first and select applock then go tosetting click on Change password option. Q). Afterhide icon, I amforgetting a password. A. Dial #4567 from phonedialpad to openCalculator vault app. Q) I am not able to open myapp after hidingmy app. What should I do now? A. Go to you phonesecurityapp(setting)-->app-->permission-->enable autostartofcalculator vault IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this appbeforeunhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lostforever.Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app frombeinguninstalled by others especially kids.
Mileage Calculator
This is a simple utility that allows you to calculate and trackthemileage of your vehicle along with providing great insights onFuelMileage, Fuel Expense and a lot more. *** NOTE: The appwasdeveloped keeping in mind the "Full Tank" way of checkingmileage.So if you are doing full tank every time, then this willgive youan accurate result. However If you tend to do otherwise,the appcan give erroneous results. What's New [Version 2.8.1]FeatureAddition and Bug Fixes: # Added Support for Android Oreo #FixedNotification Issue for Oreo # Fixed Export Receipt Issue forOreo #Fixed the issue where wrong calculations were being saved #FixedCamera Crash on some devices running latest Android versions#Reduced the APK size a little ========================KeyFeatures: # Calculate the Mileage of your vehicle # Knowyourvehicle's "Cost per Kilometer/Mile" # Receive a 7 daysummarythrough notifications ** # Ability to feed odometer readingsinMiles and Kilometers # Ability to feed Fuel Quantity in LitresandGallons # Ability to choose currency from INR, USD and EUR #Moveto SD enabled # Save Mileage details # View Fuel Logs # DeleteFuelLog # Change Units # Share the app # Rate on Play Store #DynamicHelp Content ======================= *The app requests forthefollowing permissions: # STORAGE and CAMERA - allows you tocapturephoto of the fuel receipt and save on your device. ** Tousenotifications, please exclude the app from any Task Manager /TaskKiller app's kill list because this will affect thenotifications.Deeply indebted to my pals Deepak and Konark forhelping me testthe app. Thanks guys, wouldn't have been possiblewithout yoursupport ! For any issues, queries or suggestions, feelfree to dropa mail to [email protected] Read FAQhere -> -> latest on Technology, Travel and Food,checkout:
Electronics Engineering Calculators 3.0.4-free
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and many other resources it's a great reference bookforstudents and engineers. Check the full list of tools below...ManyThanks! Enjoy! Calculators: # Ohm's Law - Direct Current-Alternating Current # Resistors: - Colour Code - By Value -SMDResistors - Series & Parallel - Voltage Divider -CurrentDivider - Standard Values - SMD Marking Code # Inductors: -ColourCode - Standard Values - Series & Parallel - Reactance(Xl) -Resonance # Capacitors: - Standard Values - Series &Parallel -Reactance (Xc) - Resonance - Marking Code # RLCImpedance: - Series/ Parallel : RL, RC, LC, RLC # VoltageRegulator: - 78xx & 79xx- LM317 & LM337 - Pinout #Operational Amplifier - Inverting -Non Inverting - SummingInverting - Differential # IC-555 - Astable- Monostable - Frequency- Pinout # Delta-Star Conversion # Battery- Average Life Time -Capacity # Converters - Number Converter(Dec, Bin, Hex, Oct) -Temperature Converter (Celsius, Kelvin,Fahrenheit) - ScientificNotation Converter - AWG & SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, PeakTo Peak, Rms) - Current Converter(Peak, Peak To Peak, Rms) - PowerConverter (Db To Watts) - Degrees- Radians - Hp - Kw - Bit - Byte #Wavelength - Frequency - Length# PCB Trace Resistance # StepperMotor # Antenna Power Density #Led Resistor Value # Transformers #Zener Diode - Voltage Divider -Selector - Models # AWG -Characteristics - Conversion - VoltageDrop - Table Wire Size -Table Amperage # Karnaugh Map # Filters -Passive : High Pass &Low Pass Full list of Pinouts: RaspberryPi / Arduino / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / Fiber / USB 1.X/2.0 / USB 3.X/ PDMI / Serial RS232 /Parallel Port / Firewire / ATX / EIDE / ATA/ SATA / Ps-2At / CarObd-Ii / Car Audio Iso / Car Trailer /Display Port / HDMI / DVI /Vesa / Scart / S-Video / VGA / Audio /RCA / Audio Din / Midi / XLR/ SD Card / SIM Card / LM7xxx / LM3xx/ IC555 / 7 Seg Display / LCDScreen / LED / Transistors Lists: #Resistivity (Materials) #Circuit Symbols # Radiowave Frequency #Abbreviations # Db Values #Ascii Table # Logic Gates # FusesCategories # AWG Wire Size # AWGAmperage # SWG Wire Size # ScreenResolutions # IEC 60320 #Resistors Standard Values # CapacitorsMarking Code # InternationalSystem Of Units Theory: # Basic TheoryAnd Formulas Guides: # BlockDiagrams # Circuit Diagrams #Electricity # Series And Parallel #Voltage And Current # Meters #Multimeter # Oscilloscope # AC / DC #Analog And Digital # PowerSupply
Moonshine Plus! 9.0
The calculator supports Arduino automation, calculates: - Grainmashwith saccharification of congestion by microbiologicalenzymes; -Fruit, sugar and congestion of theirconcentrates/molasses; -Measurement of wort: Calculation ofresidual Sugar content, Alcoholcontent and Percentage offermentation: °Brix, °Plato, SG, %Sugar; -Fractional distillationaccording to Gabriel's method; - Selectionof "Heads"; - Rate offluid intake (flow rate); - Temperature of themixture of liquids;- Calibration of the thermometer; -Automatically corrects thecorrection of the atmospheric pressurecoefficient at the currentmoment; - Weighed enzymes depending onthe given activity; -Correction of distillate strength bytemperature; - Alcoholicity ofthe mixture by weight and volume; -Current alcohol content in thecube and at the outlet of thedistiller, as well as the currentalcoholicity in the alemic,adjusted for atmospheric pressure; -Mixing and diluting alcoholsolutions with regard to contraction,with the possibility ofcalculating both volume and mass; -Dilution of alcohol solutionswith regard to contraction, adjustedfor temperature; -Determination of strength by mass and volume; -Content of absolutealcohol (AC) in fractions; - Sugar mash for agiven number ofingredients, volume and alcoholicity, as well as ahydromodule; -Minimal amount of fertilizing, inverting sugar and asample offractional sugar; - Conducts a laboratory log offractionaldistillation with the calculation of the necessaryparameters andthe possibility of saving the results to a file.
Samsung Calculator
[Key features] Perform four fundamental operations andengineeringcalculations. To start the engineering calculator, taptheengineering calculator icon. To check the calculation history,tapthe calculation history icon. To close the calculationhistorypanel, tap the keypad icon. You can use the previouslyinputtedformulas. Tap the formula you need from the calculationhistory.[Additional features] To convert units, tap the unitcalculatorbutton. You can easily convert various types of units,such asarea, length, and temperature. This software uses theApacheLicense 2.0. The details can be foundat
BMI Calculator 1.0
CWA Team
With this BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate yourBodyMass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on bodyweight,height, age and sex. BMI compares your weight to yourheight, andis calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) byyour height(in metres squared). It gives you an idea of whetheryou’re'underweight', a 'healthy' weight, 'overweight', or 'obese'foryour height. BMI is one type of tool to help healthprofessionalsassess the risk for chronic disease. Another importanttool iswaist circumference. It is also important to understand yourotherrisk factors. Hope you like the app.
Age Calculator 1.11
Need a actual age calculator or anniversary calculator?Now itispossible to calculate your current age and anniversary inyears,age in months, age in hours, age in minutes, age in secondswithage calculator.Age Calculator is very easy to use andbeautifulDesign. using this handy age calculator you cancalculateChronological age of your baby, family and everyone. Youcan alsomeasure your actual age in years, months, days, weeks,hours,minutes and seconds by this age calculator app. Overall Ifyoulooking for a Chronological age or anniversary calculator thenthisis your best option.Age Calculator provides you best andeasycalculation of you age and remaining days of your nextcomingbirthday or anniversary.How old are you in years, or months,orweeks, or days, or minutes, or seconds?In age calculator appeasilycalculate age from date of birth or calculate anniversaryfrom yourmarriage day. You can calculate two dates difference fromthis agecalculator .Calculate the age based on the Date of Birthandanother date (default is the current date).Now, It's hassle freetofind your age, how many days you are living and remainingdaysuntil your next birthday.-- Key FEATURES --✔ Calculate yourperfectage/anniversary in years, months and days.✔ Calculatedatedifference in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutesandseconds by date calculator✔ Calculate your FLAMES percentagewithAge Calculator app.✔ You can find out how many Month and daysto gofor your next birthday/anniversary.✔ Share your age withyourfriends, family etc.✔ Save birthday or anniversary, changedateformat, generate notification etc.✔ Upcoming 4 birthdaysoranniversary with days name✔ you can calculates flames betweentwopersons.✔ Calculate your love percentage with Age Calculatorapp.✔you can calculate love percentage between to people inagecalculator.✔ Age Calculator is completely freedownload.DOWNLOADAge Calculator NOW.
Touch Fin Calculator (free) 3.43
Touch Fin is an RPN financial calculator. This app implementsmanyfeatures of the industry-standard HP-12C. This app is free andhasno limitations whatsoever! Everything works: financialoperations,programming, depreciation, statistics... Once installed,it worksforever. It is always available and handy for you. Theinterface isthe cleanest possible: just the calculator filling thewholescreen. The app supports three numeric formats:American(999,999.00), European (999.999,00) and Indian(9,99,999.00), andsupports copy of the value to the clipboard.Touch the left uppercorner of the calculator to open the menu andget access to thesefeatures. If you like this app, consider buyingthe premium version(Touch Fin Financial Calculator) that is ad-freeand loaded withextra features.
Resistor Color Code And SMD Code Calculator 2.4
Resistor Color Code And SMD Code Calculator Features: - SimpleUserInterface - Light Weight Resistor Color Code - Calculateresistor'svalue with color code - Support four, five, and six bandsresistor- Search resistor's color with resistance value in ohm -Color CodeTable And Information about how to calculate SMD CodeCalculator -Supports both 3 and 4 digits - E-96 SMD resistor code -UnderlinedSMD resistor code Types Supported Note : Very few usersfaces theproblem of multiple crashes due to internal error. usersneed toclear cache memory or just reinstall application in order toworkproperly. If you have any suggestion regarding applicationfeelfree to share email me at: [email protected]
True Love Tester With Thumb Test 1.1
This Real Love Tester,Love Meter, Love Calculator, LoveTestCalculator, Love couple, Love Score Test, LoverCompatibility,Partner love, Romantic Love, Couple match calculator,valentinelove, Real Love Test Calculator Scanner, Perfect RealLoveCalculator, Ideal love can detect your true love forfree.Featuresof love test game1. Name test2. Horoscope matching3.Count LoveDays RelationshipTest your love with the information ofyour loveand know if he loves you.Do not take too seriously theresults.Have fun!Simple prank application you can fool yourgirlfriend orboyfriend.NAME MATCH: Name match will show you andyour lovercompatibility.ZODIAC/HOROSCOPE MATCH: Take your and yourlovelylovers birth-date can calculate your zodiac and lovepercentagebetween two zodiac.LOVE DAYS: Find out How many daysinrelationship between you and your lovers from starting date ofyourrelationship.Thumb Test : Scan your finger and partner fingertest.
lbs kg converter 1.2.5
Convert units of measurement such as units of weight: lbs to kgorkilograms to pounds. You can also format the result number, youcansee details of your computation and you also have acalculatorintegrated that can give you the result by pressing equaltouch orby shaking your device. You have the possibility to changethe nameof your units, even formulas and besides you can manage theformatnumber. Finally you can store values and conversion directionifyou exit this app or you can erase all fields.
Calculator Vault - Gallery Lock v3.9.1
Best Calculator Vault – Gallery Lock for privacy of your dataandapps.Calculator Vault is the easiest and safest way to secureyourpersonal/Important Photo & Video data and protect yourappsaccess and ensure that your friends can’t see thePhotos/Videosbrowse through the Gallery. Prying eye may know whichapp lock ordata hide app you are using and may remove/uninstall tobreaksecurity so, we design this app as a simple calculator andiconalso look like a calculator so no one can open your GalleryVaultwithout correct password. Powerful and secure best app lockerforandroid for free. Awesome user interface and easy to use andsetupyour Data and App privacy with smart applock.♚ ImportantFeaturesof phone lock app★Photos & Video Privacy: Best Photoand videoprivacy on Calculator Vault Gallery Lock app. LockPhoto/Video fromyour gallery. Data Hide become easier with oursmart applock. Youcan create folder inside the gallery lock photovault.★App Lock:Smart lock & Secret App lock inside theCalculator. SuperfastApp lock with customized app lock themebackground. Built app lockfeature. ★ Wi-Fi - Bluetooth Lock: Youcan lock Wi-Fi and Bluetoothto prevent unauthorized use of it fromunsecure users.★Finger Lock:You can use the finger to unlock yourlocked app by enabling fingerunlock from setting . ★Face Down Lock:By enabling face down lockif you put your mobile on down screenthen action will start. Facedown have a 3 options like 1) OpenOther App, 2) Open Web URL, and3) Close the Calculator Vault Applocker.★Uninstall Protection: Byenabling this feature it preventsaccidental uninstall ofCalculator Vault – Galley Lock, SecureGallery App.★ Fake Cover: Byenabling fake cover feature you willenable double security of yourlocked apps. This will set Forceclose fake screen when locked appswill opened. ★Intruder Selfie:Awesome feature to capture thestrange user tried to access yourlocked apps.★Prevent Uninstall:By enabling this feature other userscan’t uninstall any apps fromyour mobile without app lockpassword.★Temporarily Disable AppLock: You can set the time todisable app lock temporarily.★Re-LockApp: You can set one of thistwo options. 1) Immediately: this isthe default option that natureway of working app lock 2) AfterScreen turns off: App lock stopuntil screen off and againon.★Reduce Battery Usage:This app usesAccessibility Service Byenabling this feature the battery usagewill 50% reduce byaccessibility service.★Stealth Mode: By enablingstealth modepattern not visible to any one.★Sound & Vibrate:Youcan enablesound and vibrate feature it will affect on lockscreen.★App LockBackground: You can set different app lockerbackgrounds.★ SharePhoto/Video/Music: You can share your hiddendata directly from theapp locker to your friends or share on socialmedia networks.★NOTE:You Must Give permission of usage access whenyou open app lock.★DISCLOSURE:This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission toprevent accidentally uninstall thiscalculator vault. That is thereason we are using thispermission.★FAQ:1) How to set myCalculator password?When youinstall Calculator app then first timeit will ask you to set yourcalculator vault password.2) How to setmy app lock password atfirst time?When you open app lock then itwill ask you to setpattern lock first.3) How to change password orpattern?In App Locksetting you can find the ChangePassword/Pattern as you have set thelock type.4) Data are storeonline?No.5) Data can be recovered ifapp was removed?Not possibleat this time.Contact us on:[email protected]
Land Area 3.4
Igor Lyakshev
Calculate area of 4 angle land. You have to insert 4 sideslengthand one angle or diagonal. Meters and Ft-Inches With Ads
Calculator Plus 1.03
Calculator Plus let your phone be a professional calculatorwithBASIC, SCIENTIFIC and EQUATION SOLVER Mode. 📌CalculatorFeatures ✔Scientific Mode: All-in-one calculator(sin, cos, tan andso on). ✔Equation Solver Mode: Simply calculate your math problems.✔ FloatWindow: Supports float window for multitasking scenes. ✔MemoryKeys: Supports memory keys(mc, m+, m-, mr) option. Ads willbeshown in certain scenes in our app. For more information,pleasevisit
Voice Calculator 2.3
Voice Calculator is very amusing app of your android andvoiceactivated calculator is most running app. Calculator is basicneedof life most probably for working people, for studentsofengineering, teachers, for clerical work and for othersuchpurposes like carpenter on shops markets fast calculation isdoneon daily basis. So for all calculator users, this bestvoicecalculator free is a finest fast calculator. Now you just havetospeak and voice online calculator will automatically calculatewhatyou say. You can perform simple as well as complicatedcalculationby just speaking and talking calculator. Just keep inmind that youhave to speak all the equation at one time and notsplitting theequation. You can carry out long calculations too.It's very easyto use and very quick to calculate. You can performfastercalculation then typing or pressing keys. Scientificcalculator appis most popular calculator app in android. Simplifycalculator ishelp to find favorite calculator and bet calculatorcalculation assame discount calculator in best voice calulator itis easily tocalculator download. You can also create myscriptcalculator inthis speaking. Design calculator excel to helpcalculation in yourphone calculator and also call mini calculator.This is free multicalculator and handwriting calculator. It is nota fake calculatorand you also create overtime calculator in thisvooicea-calculator. The voice input process calculator spreadsheetandmax calculator as well as interactive calculator. Calculatordigitsnot available only voice input or voice commands. You canalso bignumber calculator and postage calculator help. Datacalculator andpower calculator help to calculation and datecalculator. How touse: Step 1. Click on Tap to Speak. Step 2.Instructions to use. #To calculate addition(+) speak "plus". liketo do 8+1, say: eightplus one. # To calculate subtraction(-) speak"minus". like to do5-1 say: five minus one. # To calculatemultiplication(*) speak"multiplied by". like to do 6*3 say: sixmultiplied by three. # Tocalculate division(/) speak "divided by".like to do 7/3 say: sevendivided by three. Step 3. Tap to calculateto get result. Step 4.Tap on speaker to hear the result. * forbetter result usemicrophone. Features of Voice Calculator. # Voicecontrolcalculator will automatically calculate what you say. # It'sveryeasy to use and very quick to calculate of voice. # You canperformsimple as well as complicated calculation by just speaking.# Veryeasy to use it and it uses speech recognition technologywithfaster calculation. # Free talking calculator app fordownload.Voice calculator app, calculator simulator, bestcalculator, voiceactivated calculator is love calculator by namesimply as talkingand speaking calculators apps. Its functions arereally veryhelpful for mathematics students and teachers, so it isalso calledschool calculator, smart calculator and minutescalculator. Forevery calculator user this is very smart calculatorand voicecalculator free. Download this help to GST calculator anddo relaxsimple difficult in your difficult calculations as adailycalculator. Financial calculator app helps everybody intheirdifficult fast calculations. Best voice calculatorincalculatorscientific is next version model can be add as calcforkids typing as a kids calculator. Basic Calculator hide appiseasily to calculate your mathematics express and calculatorlocker.Just speaking on audio calculator that demands your voicetask toperform fast calculations for android. You can also findthepercentage calculator in this voice calculator andfractioncalculator. Percent calculator and math calculator is sameascalculation of math. Download and give us a review ofVoiceCalculator.
Real Scientific Calculator 1.2
Real Scientific Calculator is best scientific calculator onplaystore. The Scientific calculator offer variety ofmathematicalfunction.The calculator has 100 digits of significantand 9 digitsof exponent . It detects repeating decimals and numbersin it canbe also entered as fractions or converted to fractions.Youcanwrite expressions in a natural way and watch yourcalculations.When possible, an expression is simplified and theresult isdisplayed as an expression using fractions, square rootsand ?constant.The multiline display can be turned on in tablets toshowthe complete history of calculations and to provide accesstheprevious results.The users can choose from severalhigh-qualitythemes.The calculator has several functions, such as:-basicarithmetic operations including percentage, modulo andnegation;-fractions (in the Pro version any expression includingnestedfractions can be entered as a numerator and a denominator);-mixednumbers;- periodic numbers and their conversion tofractions;-unlimited number of braces;- operator priority;-repeatedoperations;- complex numbers (Pro version);- conversionbetweenrectangular and polar coordinates (Pro version);- advancednumberoperations such as random numbers, combinations,permutations,common greatest divisor, etc.;- trigonometric andhyperbolicfunctions;- powers, roots, logarithms, etc.;- degrees,minutes andseconds conversion;- fixed point, scientific andengineeringdisplay format;- display exponent as SI units prefix;-memoryoperations with 10 extended memories;- clipboard operationswithvarious clipboard formats;- result history;- binary, octalandhexadecimal numeral systems;- logical operations;- bitwiseshiftsand rotations;- haptic feedback;- more than 90 physicalconstants;and- conversion among 200 units.The Scientific calculatorhas manysettings to manage the full screen mode, decimal andthousandseparators, etc.
BMI Calculator 1.4.9
With this BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate yourBodyMass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on bodyweight,height, age and sex. Check your body stats to find youridealweight, because overweight and obesity are risk factorsfordiseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Itcanalso be used to find your healthy weight if you want to loseweightor are on diet. More information about BMI classificationwhich isused by the BMI Calculator is available on the website ofthe WorldHealth Organization (WHO). Please leave a ★★★★★-rating ifyou likeour app! Criticism, praise, problems with this app? Feelfree tocontact us via email: [email protected]
Battle Odds: calculator for GO 2.7.1
E46 Studios
Battle Odds: calculator for Pokemon GO aims to be the mostreliableand complete, yet simple to use battle calculator forPokemon GOtrainers :) [COPYRIGHT] - Copyright of all Pokemon namesand imagesbelongs to The Pokémon Company. The app uses them underFAIR USE,see copyright notice below Test if your Pokemon has thegood moves,is it any good in battles, or who is the best attackeragainst aGym! You just select the Pokemon, and Battle Odds launcheshundredsof Gym battle simulations against multiple opponents(Snorlax,Vaporeon, etc) adds up and shows the results. Use thispower toanswer questions like which moveset is the best for yourPokemon,is moveset more important than IV for a Pokemon, orquestions likewhich Pokemon and which moves have good typeadvantage against aGym you plan to attack. Features: - calculatebattle odds betweenany two Gen I and II Pokemon (even Legendariesand Mythicals!) -test if your Pokemon has the good moves, rank allpossible movesetsfor both attack and defense (including legacymovesets) - test ifyour Pokemon is any good against popular top Gymdefenders - testif your Pokemon is any good for prestiging (searchfor potentialfavorable prestige matchups) - compare importance ofmoveset and IV- search for best attackers against a Gym opponent -search forbest trainers against a Gym opponent - compare twoPokemon ingeneral, without Gym rules Use it only with Pokemon GO!(otherPokemon genres have different rules) How real are thebattlesimulations that power Battle Odds? We're trying to calculateasrealistic odds as possible. Each battle calculationinvolveshundreds of battle simulations with different charge anddodgedecisions to assess winning chances. The simulations usethecomplete Pokedex and move database data, and use exactdamages,move durations, simulated delays between moves, maintainchargemove energy according the rules, use type effectiveness, sametypeattack bonus, all according to the Pokemon GO battle system.Youcan inspect all the inputs and a lot of aggregated stats fromthebattles in the app to improve your knowledge. *** Copyrightnotice*** Copyright and possibly registered trademark of allPokemonnames and images is believed to belong to The PokémonCompany. Theuse of these names and images, in low resolution, forillustrationpurposes - in line with their usage, and other Pokemonrelated websites and numerousGoogle Play apps - is believed to befair use.

 This app is notaffiliated with or endorsed by the ThePokemon Company, Niantic orNintendo in any way. It is built by fansfor other Pokemon GO fans,to foster a deeper understanding ofPokemon stats and powers, helpsharing Pokemon related informationand thereby ultimatelypromoting and supporting the Pokemon brand.
Real Love Test Calculator 1.0
This test combines 5 love tests that reveal your true love!(*)Areyou in love? Are your searching for a true love or a soulmate? Alove that is based on trust, happiness and respect?This isanadvanced love calculator simulator (love meter)! It calculatesthecouples compatibility. You can check your compatibility by:fingerscanner, photo match, name compatibility and date ofbirth(including a love horoscope). This innovative test also checksyourfeelings by measuring the beat of your heart. The love testerhasfollowing love calculator features:(1) Finger match (2)Photomatch(3) Date of birth match (including love horoscope)(4)Namematch(5) It measures feelings with your heartbeatSharelovecalculator result with your partner or friends onsocialnetwork.After performing all these tests a total score willbecalculated for you and your love! That is new among love testsandbetter than simple love calculator. It's a good gameforValentine’s day.(1) Finger scanner – it scans the fingerprintsoftwo people and calculates the strength of love better thananyother love test.(2) Photo scanner – it scans the photos oftwopeople and calculates the love percentage for them(3) Date ofbirthmatch – it analyzes the date of birth of you and your loveandcalculates the best score for your relationship inpercentagevalue(4) Name match – it compares your names andcalculates yourpersonal couple love match(5) Heartbeat – this lovetest uses ascientific formula to measure the strength of yourfeelings whilelooking at the photo of the person you choose. Itshows betterresults than love calculator because it measures yourtrue feelingsexactly.Come on! Use this love tester and see howcompatible youboth are!This is just a joke/prank app. Don’t takethe results tooseriously, they are simulated.(*) The app is a prankso it does notreally calculate anything (we are convinced it’s notpossible) butjust simulates it – its purpose is to make prank onfriends (1)Actually the finger is not scanned but scanning issimulated byholding finger on the panel.(2) Scanning of photos issimulated,actually content of the photo is not evaluated(3)Officiallyhoroscope is not true science, decide yourself what tomake out ofresults – we do not believe in horoscope(4) The resultis justsimulated but we make sure that you get similar results forthesame name pair(5) We check if you really hold finger on camera,butheartbeat is simulated.Should you have any problems using thisapp- before giving us a bad rating - please contact [email protected] will be happy to help you.