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LiqCalc - Liquid Calculator
LiqCalc is the perfect App for every vaper! No matter howyourliquid/E-juice is calculated, using the user-friendlyinterfacewill make the calculation fast & easy!Liquidcalculator issuitable for beginners & experienced vaper!BaseCalculator:-Base + Flavor (+ other Flavors): The "standardcalculator" - Usethis to calculate how much milliliter Flavor for adesired amountof liquid is needed- Base + Base + Flavor: Bases withdifferentnicotine levels - Calculate the amount of each baserequired to getthe desired nicotine strength- How much liquid fromflavor:Calculate how much liquid can be produced from an existingquantityof flavorMy recipes:- Save your created recipes- Allinformation ata glance: total volume, PG / VG / H2O ratio, base andflavor (s) inmilliliters and grams- Take a recipe into the basecalculator andrefine / modify it- Share your recipes with yourfriends- Backupyour recipe database with your googledriveaccount"Bunkerbase"-Calculator:- Dilute bases with highnicotinestrengths in the desired VG / PG-sharePrice Calculator:-Calculateyour savings in comparison to the tobacco consumption-Choicebetween ready-mixed and self-mixed liquidOhm Calculator(OhmsLaw):- Calculation of voltage, current, resistance andpowerBatteryCalculator:- Calculate how long you can vape with yourbattery-Specified in number of puffs and seconds / minutes
Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock
Calculator Vault is completely free to Hide unlimited PicturesandVideos. Really want secret locker for your personal files inyourphone? you can not skip this app. Keep safe gallery and No needtoworry when giving your smart phone to friends and family whenSmartCalculator Plus app installed in your phone.Top Features☆HidePictures & Videos: Your files will be secretly stored andcanonly be viewed in this app after you enter correct passwordintosmart calculator.☆ Safe Browser: Surf through internet usingsafebrowser and even download photos and videos which will bestoredsecretly inside this app. You can even bookmark your favoritesitesto access them easily.☆ App Lock: Powerful App Lock system tolockprivate and social apps along with Fingerprint App Lock optionforcompatible devices.Advance Features► DisguisedandinconspicuousGallery Lock app icon magically disappears andgetsreplaced with a secret G-Scanner icon. You can also start thisappwithout icon from your phone's Settings/Apps/GalleryLock/MANAGESPACE.► Share to HideYou can directly hide pictures andvideos fromphone gallery or SD card by sharing to Gallery Lockapp.► FakeVaultCreate Fake vault with different password forstoring fakephotos and videos.► Face Down LockThe app will performaction givenby you when your device faces downward. You can chooseto close theapp or open a website or other app in emergency.►FakeCoverDisguise your apps lock screen to prevent from breakingintoyour password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialogwillhide the real lock screen.► Intruder SelfieAutomaticallytakesIntruder selfie when someone tries to break in your privacybyentering wrong password or pattern.► Inbuilt Image Viewer andVideoPlayerSupport Inbuilt Image Viewer to view pictures andslideshowthem with transition effects.Support Inbuilt Video Playerto playvideos with any media player installed in your phone.►UninstallProtectionPrevents Secret Gallery Lock app from beinguninstalledfrom kids or strangers.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.This app uses Accessibility Service.QuickTips✔ In orderto Change PIN quickly go to Settings tab and click onChangePassword.✔ After you Hide Pictures and Videos, Export iconinGallery lock brings back your media whenever needed.✔ EasilyChangeSlide Show interval using the Settings tab.✔ Use Theme iconto makethe Vault Lock Screen colorful so you don’tgetbored.---------FAQ--------Q: If I uninstall the app, can I getmypictures back if I reinstall the app?A: Re-installingcannotrecover those deleted files. So please make sure to unhideandbackup all your hidden files before uninstalling this app.Q:Whatabout if I lost my phone or broken?A: Your files are storedonly onyour device and not online.Q: Can I take out my media fromthisphoto and video Locker?A: Yes, you can easily export photosandvideos using couple of stepsQ: Photos and videos arestoredtogether or separately?A: You can hide photos in photo lockerandvideos in videos locker inside this app.Q: If I forgotmypassword?A: If you Forget Password you can always RecoverPasswordby your registered e-mail id and regain access to this appby,Input7777 then = button in our Calculator App to send yourpassword intoregistered email.Need Help?Feel free to mail
In This App you calculate all LIC plans Premium, MaturityCalculate,With Plan Features.Send All the Information to yourClient By singleclick using Msg, WhatsApp, Telegram, Mail, etc...-MaturitySettlement Option- Add Maturity Directly with Akshay(PensionPlan).- Plan Adviser added. (Enter Age and it Giveavailable PlansFor that age)- Tax Saved Every Year Option Added-Term Rider Optionadded in all Plans in which it available.-Revival, Late Fee,Maturity Settlement, Age, BMI Calc Added. - PlanCombination Added.-ASKLIC Feature Added.- Info of DocumentsRequired for New Policyadded. Many more Features will be add assoon as possible.ThisSoftware is only For Private use.All TheInformation is Best ofDeveloper Knowledge.Disclaimer : MaturityCalculation display in appis approximate(current rate of bonus).Shown premium is forindicative purpose only. Premium Shown in appis approximate. it mayvary as per under writings rule.For anyQuery and Inquiry Contactusdev.jigargohil@gmail.comFor moredetails visit our website :www.licallinonecalc.comAlso like us onFacebook:
Electronics Engineering Calculators
This app helps students and enthusiasts to buildelectroniccircuits. Containing the most frequently used functionsin thisfield and other useful information for engineering studentsorelectrical engineers. Check the full list of toolsbelow...ManyThanks! Enjoy!CALCULATORS:# Ohm's Law -DIRECT CURRENT-ALTERNATINGCURRENT # Resistors: -COLOUR CODE -BY VALUE -SMDRESISTORS -SERIES& PARALLEL -VOLTAGE DIVIDER -CURRENT DIVIDER-STANDARD VALUES-SMD MARKING CODE # Inductors: -COLOUR CODE-STANDARD VALUES-SERIES & PARALLEL -REACTANCE (XL) -RESONANCE#Capacitors:-STANDARD VALUES -SERIES & PARALLEL -REACTANCE (Xc)-RESONANCE-MARKING CODE# RLC Impedance: -SERIES / PARALLEL : RL,RC, LC, RLC#Voltage regulator: -78xx & 79xx -LM317 & LM337-PINOUT#Operational Amplifier -INVERTING -NON INVERTING -SUMMINGINVERTING-DIFFERENTIAL# IC-555 -ASTABLE -MONOSTABLE -PINOUT#Delta-StarConversion# Battery -AVERAGE LIFE TIME -CAPACITY#Converters-Number Converter (DEC, BIN, HEX, OCT) -TemperatureConverter(Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit) -Scientific NotationConverter -AWG& SWG -Voltage Converter (Peak, Peak to Peak,RMS) -CurrentConverter (Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS) -Power Converter(db to Watts)-Degree - Radians -HP - kW -bit - Byte# Wavelength-FREQUENCY-LENGTH# PCB trace resistance# Stepper Motor# AntennaPowerDensity# LED Resistor Value# Transformers# Zener Diode-VOLTAGEDIVIDER -SELECTOR -MODELS# AWG -CHARACTERISTICS-CONVERSION-VOLTAGE DROP -TABLE WIRE SIZE -TABLEAMPERAGE#KarnaughMapPINOUTS:RASPBERRY PI / ARDUINO / RJ-45 /RJ-11/14/25 / FIBER /USB 1.x/2.0 / USB 3.x / PDMI / SERIAL RS232 /PARALLEL PORT /FIREWIRE / ATX / EIDE / ATA / SATA / PS-2 / AT / CAROBD-II / CARAUDIO ISO / CAR TRAILER / DISPLAY PORT / HDMI / DVI /VESA / SCART/ S-VIDEO / VGA / AUDIO / RCA / AUDIO DIN / MIDI / XLR/ SD CARD /SIM CARD / LM7XXX / LM3XX / IC555 / 7 SEG DISPLAY / LCDSCREEN /LEDLISTS:#Resistivity (Materials)#CircuitSymbols#RadiowaveFrequency#Abbreviations#dB Values#ASCIITable#Logic Gates#FusesCategories#AWG Wire Size#AWG Amperage#SWGWire Size#ScreenResolutions#IEC 60320#Resistors StandardValues#Capacitors MarkingCode#International System ofUnitsTHEORY:#Basic theory andformulasGUIDES:#BLOCK DIAGRAMS#CIRCUITDIAGRAMS#ELECTRICITY#SERIESAND PARALLEL#VOLTAGE ANDCURRENT#METERS#MULTIMETER#OSCILLOSCOPE#AC/ DC#ANALOG ANDDIGITAL#POWER SUPPLY
Classic Calc
* This calc includes memory operations and can occupy largenumbers* Free for download* Useful for Business Calculations
Hex,Dec,Oct,Bin(Dev Calc)
The Calculator for Developer Developer Calc includes thefollowingfeatures: ■ Binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal in onescreen ■The maximum value : 0x0FFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ■ The minimumvalue :0xF000 0000 0000 0000 ■ The large 19-digit display ofdecimal ■Conversion reset ON/OFF
7th Pay Commission Salary Calc
Latest 7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator 2016The governmenthasannounced the implementation of Seventh Pay Commissioneffectivefrom 1 January 2016, that would hike the salaries andallowancesfor over 1 crore central government employees andpensioners by atleast 23.5 per cent. Salary as per 7th Pay will bepaid regularlyfrom 1st July 2016 Salary that would be paid on 1stAugust. TheUnion Cabinet on Wednesday gave its approval forrevision of payscales for about 8 lakh teachers and otherequivalent academicstaff in higher educational institutions underthe purview of theUniversity Grants Commission (UGC) and inCentrally FundedTechnical Institutions, following implementation oftherecommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission forCentralGovernment employees. The approved pay scales would beapplicablefrom 1 January 2016. The revised pay package will coverteachers of119 centrally funded technical institutions — IITs,IISc, IIMs,IISERs, IIITs and NITIE.Here are the 7th Pay Commissionreporthighlights: 1. Recommended Date of implementation: 01.01.20162.Minimum Pay: Based on the Aykroyd formula, the minimum payisrecommended to be set at Rs 18,000 per month. 3. Maximum Pay:Rs2,25,000 per month for Apex Scale and Rs 2,50,000 per monthforCabinet Secretary and others presently at the same pay level.4.New Pay Structure: Considering the issues raised regardingtheGrade Pay structure and with a view to bring ingreatertransparency, the present system of pay bands and grade payhasbeen dispensed with and a new pay matrix has been designed.GradePay has been subsumed in the pay matrix. The status oftheemployee, hitherto determined by grade pay, will now bedeterminedby the level in the pay matrix. 5. Fitment: A fitmentfactor of2.57 is applied uniformly for all employees. 6. AnnualIncrement:The rate of annual increment is being retained at 3%. 7.ModifiedAssured Career Progression (MACP): a. Performancebenchmarks forMACP have been made more stringent from “Good” to“Very Good”. b.House Rent Allowance (HRA): Since the Basic Pay hasbeen revisedupwards, the Commission recommends that HRA be paid atthe rate of24% instead of 30%, 16% instead of 20% and 8% instead of10% of thenew Basic Pay for Class X, Y and Z cities respectively.TheCommission also recommends that the rate of HRA will beincrementedby 3% when DA crosses 50%, and further incremented by 3%when DAcrosses 100%. 8. Gratuity: Enhancement in the ceiling ofgratuityfrom the existing Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh. The ceiling ongratuitymay be raised by 25% whenever DA rises by 50%.How toCalculate:-Enter Basic Pay- Select Grade Pay- Select HRA(%)- SelectCity-Click On Calculate Button- Get New Basic Pay Of 7th PayScalesInrecent update, you will be able to enter custom DA /Fitment Factorvalue and apply it for your currentBasicPay.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ThisAppis developed at ASWDC by Siddharth Sheth (130540107100) andHarshitTrivedi (130540107107), 7th Sem CE Student. ASWDC is Apps,Softwareand Website Development Center @ Darshan Institute ofEngineering& Technology, Rajkot run by Students & Staff ofComputerEngineering DepartmentCall us: +91 2822 293032Write us onFacebook: onTwitter:
India GST Calculator
GST Calculator (India) is a handy app which allows you tocalculateall 4 GST tax rates at your finger tips. It takes-in anamount(either gross or net) and allows you to add or reduce GSTfromgiven amount. It allows user to copy and share results. Alsoyoucan take snapshot of results.You can also check GST Rates foranyGoods and Services very easily on this app.Many GSTrelatedinformational videos are available on GST Calculatorapp.GSTCalculator app can be much helpful while generating invoiceorBills having GST.Features:1. Share GST calculationsviaWhatsApp/SMS.2. Copy results to clipboard3. Take a snapshot ofGSTresult4. Watch GST videos5. Find GST rates of Goods andServicesYoucan search this app using following keywords:India GSTBillIndiaGST Calculator GST TaxGST CalculatorGST CalcGST RateFinderGSTVideosIndia GSTGST IndiaGST BillGST InvoiceGST BillingGSTBillIGSTGST Bill CGSTBilling software for GSTGST IndiaAppInformationalGST Videos Bills for GSTGST InvoiceGST ActsGSTRatesGoods andServices TaxGST BillingDISCLAIMER: GST videos iscollection ofvideos uploaded on YouTube and all YouTube earningsare belongs totheir respective owners.Any request to remove thevideo will behonored.Developer: Smart
FSWizard Pro Machinist Calc
CNC Milling and Turning Speed and Feed Calculator(Wizard)Absolutelythe best CNC machinist speed and feed apparound.Calculate Speedsand Feeds simply by choosing your work andtool material.No need toknow any numbers.FSWizard willautomatically use recommended cuttingspeed and chipload formachining with a variety of indexed and solidendmills, drills,taps etc.Check our HSMAdvisor+FSWizard PRObundle:★ Made forCNCMachinists by a CNC Machinist Zero_Divide - the creator ofapopular line of Machine Shop Productivity apps. ★Improvemachiningproductivity and optimize cutter life.Calulate ChipThinning andHSM - High Speed Machining.Find out the optimummachining depth ofcut and width of cut parameters.FSWizardMachinist app hasfollowing features:★ Milling Speeds and Feeds.HSM. High SpeedMachining, Chip Thinning.★ Ball Nose Endmill Speedsand Feeds★Drilling and Tapping Speeds and Feeds★ Tapping threadEngagementand Best Tap Drill selection for both Imperial and MetricTaps★Drill charts for both imperial and metric systems★ Tap drillchartsfor most common imperial and metric taps.★ Tap drill chartsfor BSPand NPT pipe threads.★ HeliCoil Threaded insertsinformation★Imperial and Metric Flat Head Screw reference★ Imperialand MetricSocket Head Cap Screw reference★ Interactive GD&TReference.With definitions for Flatness, Position, Fetaure Frame,etc★Oblique Triangle Calculator★ Fillet Calculator: Calculatefilletbetween two lines★ Bolt Circle, Particial Circle and Line(polarpoints) calculators★ Countersink/ Drill point Calculator★TruePosition Calculator★ Scientific Calculator with trig functionsandbrackets.★ Milling Tools available: Solid Endmill, IndexedEndmilland Facemill, Solid and Indexed drills★ Drilling Tools:JobberDrill, Hi-Performance Parabolic Drill, Spade Drill, Reamer★TurningTools: Profiling and GroovingCharts: Drill chart,Imperial,Metric,Pipe Tap charts are also included in freeversion.FSWizardworks with both metric and imperial units.For thefull list ofmaterialspleasevisit: that come with FSWizard PRO:1) Very softlow-carbonsteels. (135 HB) Very Low Carbon Steel 120HB2) Freecuttingmagnetic steels (120-210 HB) 1018 Carbon Steel (175-200 HB)A-36Hot Roll Steel 160-220 HB Low Carbon Steel 5-20Rc3)Structuralsteels, Low to medium carbon steels (<0.5%C) (135 -165HB) 1015,Ck 15, C16(111 HB) 1043, 1045, C45, Hot/cold Rolled(162HB)4)High-carbon and ordinary low-alloy steels. Medium-Hard (165-210HB) 4140 Alloy Steel 250-300 HB5) Normal toolsteels.Hard-quenchingand tempering steels. (210-270 HB) Low CarbonSteel 30-40Rc O-1Tool Steel 175-225 HB6) High-alloy, high-hardnesssteels. (270-360HB) A2 Tool Steel 200-230 HB D-2 Tool Steel 200-250HB7)High-strength, Hardened steels. (>360 HB) H-13 Tool Steel50-55RC Hardox 500 (50-55 RC)8) Free-cutting stainless steels.(160-275HB) 17-4 Ph Stainless 150-200 BH 302 Stainless 135-185 HB303Stainless 135-185 HB9) Moderately difficult stainlesssteels.(185-325 HB) 304 Stainless Cold Rolled 225-275 HB10)Difficult andVery Difficult stainless steels. (275-375 HB) 440Stainless 275-325HB P550 Stainless 350-430 HB13) Cast iron. SGiron. (120-260 HB)6061-T6 Aluminum 7075-T6 Aluminum Copper 110 (42HB) High LeadBrass Magnesium - Alloy Titanium - Pure 70 HB Zinc -Die Cast17)Plastics, Soft non-metals Delrin, Nylon, NylatronDuratron XP,Vespel PI, Celazole PBI Mahogany Pattern / ModelingBoardPolycarbonate, Polysulfone, Ultem 1000-2300 PEI17.1) Wood HardWoodMDF Soft Wood
VAT Calculator
This is the most powerful & handy VAT calculator appever.VATcalculator supports all kinds of devices.Calculate VAT easyandfast* When you install our other calculators, all appsareconnected each other* Purchasing the premium version, you getanad-free and support us to make better apps.* If you encounteranyproblem with this App or incorrect wording, please contact usvia:-
HiPER Calc Pro 5.2.3
HiPER Calc Pro is an advanced version of HiPERScientificCalculator.The calculator has up to 100 digits ofsignificand and 9digits of exponent. It detects repeating decimalsand numbers in itcan be also entered as fractions or converted tofractions.You canalso switch to the "expression" mode where you canwriteexpressions in a natural way and watch your calculations.Whenpossible, an expression is simplified and the result isdisplayedas an expression using fractions, square roots and ?constant.Thecalculator has several layouts suitable for variousscreen sizes:-"pocket" for small devices- "compact" for smartphones(in portraitand landscape orientation)- "expanded" for tabletsThemultilinedisplay can be turned on in tablets to show the completehistory ofcalculations and to provide access the previousresults.The userscan choose from several high-quality themes.Thecalculator hasseveral functions, such as:- basic arithmeticoperations includingpercentage, modulo and negation;- fractions (inthe expression modeany expression including nested fractions can beentered as anumerator and a denominator);- mixed numbers;- periodicnumbers andtheir conversion to fractions;- unlimited number ofbraces;-operator priority;- repeated operations;- calculationdetails -extended information about a calculation like all complexroots,unit circle etc.;- complex numbers- conversion betweenrectangularand polar coordinates- advanced number operations suchas randomnumbers, combinations, permutations, common greatestdivisor,etc.;- trigonometric and hyperbolic functions;- powers,roots,logarithms, etc.;- degrees, minutes and seconds conversion;-fixedpoint, scientific and engineering display format;- displayexponentas SI units prefix;- memory operations with 10 extendedmemories;-clipboard operations with various clipboard formats;-resulthistory;- binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems;-logicaloperations;- bitwise shifts and rotations;- hapticfeedback;- morethan 90 physical constants;- conversion among 200units;- ReversePolish notation.The calculator has many settings tomanage the fullscreen mode, decimal and thousand separators,etc.All features aredescribed with a built-in help.
A-Calc Ark Tools: ARK Survival Evolved
Are you a fan of ARK Survival Evolved? If your answer is yes,thenthis unofficial taming calculator and companion app guide isamust-have for you, as it offers a Ark taming calculator to letyouknow how much resources and time you need for taming dinosaursandother creatures in the game. This unofficial companion app forARKSurvival Evolved delivers everything you should expect fromsuchwiki and guide apps, and it even sets the bar to a higher levelbyoffering taming and engram calculator, Ark Maps, admincommands(cheats), dino stats, recipes, and a lot more. No matteryou playARK Survival Evolved on your PC, Xbox One or PS4, we've gotyoutaming tools covered. Simply download A-Calc Taming Calculatorforfree, select your desired language and leave the rest totamingcalculator features. A-Calc Taming Calculator Main Featuresat aGlance:• Taming calculator and guide for every tameablecreature ordinosaur in ARK Survival Evolved, Ark: Scorched Earthand Ark:Aberration• Compatible with Ark Survival game for PC, XboxOne andPlay Station 4 (PS4)• Dino taming and foodrate multipliersforunofficial ARK Survival Evolved servers - e.g. "0.5" / "2" / "5"/"0.25"• An all-in-one cross-platform Ark wiki guide &tamingcalculator• Always newest ARK Dev Kit data and personaltestingdata• Knockout details and calculations• Torpor timer andstarvecalculated timer for starve taming• Dino stats, dino traineelevelcalculation and Ark Wiki links• Overviews for dinos andcreatures:carryable, dmg, stun and fits through• Admin commands(cheats),engrams, breeding times, 3rd party breeding calculator,recipes anddyes, patchnotes for PC, Xbox One and PS4• Ark Maps(Custom mapsfor the survivor evolved game – created by A-Calc - ARKCommunityTaming Tools)• Available in different languages: English,Spain,French, Italian, Russian, Polish and German• Clean and neatdesignwith fresh and intuitive interface• Free with no in-apppurchaseitemPro version(AdFree): --Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0unlessotherwise noted.Game content and materials are trademarksandcopyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors(StudioWildcard). All rights reserved.used with permission | fairusepolicy© 2016 coded by A-Calc and is notaffiliatedwith the game publisher.
A-Calc Ark Tools Pro: ARK Survival Evolved
Pro Version: without ads! For a limited time special offerprice.Areyou a fan of ARK Survival Evolved? If your answer is yes,then thisunofficial taming calculator and companion app guide is amust-havefor you, as it offers a taming calculator to let you knowhow muchresources and time you need for taming dinosaurs and othercreaturesin the game. This unofficial companion app for ArkSurvival deliverseverything you should expect from such wiki andguide apps, and iteven sets the bar to a higher level by offeringtaming and engramcalculator, Ark maps, admin commands (cheats),dino stats, recipes,and a lot more. No matter you play ArkSurvival on your PC, Xbox Oneor PS4, we've got you taming toolscovered. Support the project anddownload A-Calc Taming CalculatorPro with AdFree feature, selectyour desired language and leave therest to taming calculatorfeatures. A-Calc Taming Calculator MainFeatures at a Glance:•Taming calculator and guide for everytameable creature or dinosaurin ARK Survival Evolved, Ark:Scorched Earth and Ark: Aberration•Compatible with Ark Game forPC, Xbox One and Play Station 4 (PS4)•Dino taming and foodratemultipliers for unofficial ARK SurvivalEvolved Server - e.g. "0.5"/ "2" / "5" / "0.25"• An all-in-onecross-platform Ark guide •Always newest ARK Dev Kit data andpersonal testing data• Knockoutdetails and calculations• Torportimer and starve calculated timerfor starve taming• Dino stats,dino trainee level calculation andArk Wiki links• Overviews forcarryable, dmg, stun and fitsthrough• Admin commands (cheats),engrams, breeding times, 3rdparty breeding calculator, recipes anddyes, patchnotes for PC,Xbox One and PS4• Ark Maps (Custom maps forthe survivor evolvedgame – created by A-Calc)• Available indifferent languages:English, Spain, French, Italian, Russian,Polish and German• Cleanand neat design with fresh and intuitiveinterface• AdFree with noin-app purchase item-- FAN Project--Content is available under CCBY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwisenoted.Game content and materials aretrademarks and copyrights oftheir respective publisher and itslicensors (Studio Wildcard). Allrights reserved.used withpermission | fair use policy© 2016 codedby A-Calc www.a-calc.deand is not affiliated with the gamepublisher.
Conduit Bender Elite - Calc
Conduit Bender Elite™ is an easy-to-use calculator designed tosaveElectricians time calculating, marking, and bending conduit.Packedwith diagrams and step-by-step help for the various bends youwillbe performing, Conduit Bender Elite™ is unlike any conduitbenderapp in the market. It simplifies the math and lets you focuson theinstallation.Bend Types Supported:-Offset (FarBendCritical)-Offset(Near Bend Critical)-Rolling Offset (FarBendCritical)-Rolling Offset (Near Bend Critical)-ThreeBendSaddle-Four Bend Saddle-Parallel-90° Stub-Up Bend-Kicked90°Bend-Segmented 90° Bend-Back-to-Back-RectangleObstruction-SquareObstruction-Round ObstructionPreference settingsallow allcalculations to be performed using inches or centimeters.Deductsettings for 90° bends can be customized for ½” through 4”conduit(16-103mm). If you are not 100% satisfied with thiscalculatorplease email us at so we canmakethings right before posting negative reviews. We strive toensurecompatibility with all new and existing Android devices. Ifyouexperience any problems with the layout/display of this app onyourparticular device please let us know so we can get it resolved.Weare also open to any suggestions you may have forfutureenhancements to this calculator.
Droid Circuit Calc Free
Droid Circuit Calc has free electronics circuits,electronicscalculators, components info, pinouts, resources, cablesdata andmuch more. It helps and makes it lot easier to docalculations foryour circuits and design works. The Free versionoffers electroniccircuit calculators, electronic components guide,useful electronicresources guide, huge collection of electroniccircuits forhobbyists, electronic symbols and 74xx IC series pinouts etc.Youhave now lots of electronic circuit calculators like*Ohm LawCalculator* Resistor Voltage Divider Calculator* ParallelResistorsCalculator* LED Resistor Calculator* RC Filter calculator*LCFilter Calculator (Pro)* Op Amp Active Filter Calculator(Pro)*Resonance Calculator* Frequency and Wavelength Calculator*RFCalculators (Microstrip, coaxial cable, pi attenuator, tattenuatorcalculators)* 555 Timer astable and Monostablemultivibratorcalculator* Op amp inverting and non invertingamplifiercalculator* Open air single layer inductance calculator(Pro)*LM317 constant current calculator* LM317 voltageregulatorcalculator* Zener Diode series resistor calculator (Pro)*PCB TraceWidth Calculator* Battery Charge Time Calculator (Pro)*Wheat StoneBridge Calculator* Delta-Y Transformation Calculator*ADCCalculator* Stepper Motor Calculator* Wire LoopInductanceCalculator* Single Layer Coil CalculatorIn theelectroniccomponents section you can enjoy now* SMD resistor valuecodescalculator* Resistor color codes calculator* Capacitor valuescodecalculator (Pro)* SMD resistor and capacitor packages guide*Standard 2% and 5% resistance value table* Standard 1%resistancevalue table (Pro)* IC packages guide (DIP ICs, SO ICs,PLCC ICsetc)* LM78xx and LM79xx (Pro) voltage regulators guide*LM317 andLM337 voltage regulators guideAnd in the resources sectionwe have* List of ASCII codes* Radio frequencies list* AWG wiregauge tablefor resistance and current* Micro SD card pinouts (Pro)*DifferentPC ports pinouts (like serial port, parallel port,joystick or gameport (Pro), USB port, VGA port (Pro), mini VGA(Pro), PS2 mouseport, network port (Pro), mini USB, S Video, ScartPort, HDMI Port(Pro), Firewire (IEEE 1394) Port, GPIB Port (Pro),Sata, DVI(Digital Video Interface) Port, Extended IDE Port (Pro)and Apple30 pin Dock Port (Pro))* Microchip PIC microcontrollerICSPconnector pinouts.* Atmel AVR microcontroller ISPconnectorpinouts* LCDs (for microcontrollers) Pinouts (16 x 2 LCD,HitachiHD44780 LCD (Pro), 128 x 64 graphics LCD (Pro), Nokia 3310LCD(Pro))* ATX Power supply connector pinouts (Pro)* GSM SIMmodulepinouts (Pro)* PICAXE pinouts and specs. (08M2, 14M2, 18M2,20M2,20X2, 28X2 and 40X2)* Garmin GPS connectors pinouts (EM406, 4pinround connector, Nuvi connector)In electronics circuits sectionwehave came up with 7 categories and 40 circuits. But there islotmore to come soon. Circuits Categories are * AudioamplifiersCircuits* Alarms and Bells Circuits* 555 Timer ICCircuits* LEDCircuits* Power Supply Circuits * RC Plane Circuits *Home SecurityCircuits We have lots of free electronic circuits,electronicscircuits calculators, electronic components info,resources,tables, pinouts, components symbols and much more. Andall that isfree for you...........and still more to comeverysoon............. just stay tuned...............andenjoyElectroniccalculators, electronic circuits, electronicsreferences, Pinouts,Cables & Adapters and much more more.......
PEC Conductor Size Calc FREE
PEC Conductor Size Calc FREEBased on PhilippineElectricalCode.CALCULATE: - Standard Wire Size (upto 10 SETS of 3 -# 500 mm2) * - Standard Fuse and Breaker Size upto 6000 Amps.* -ConduitSizes (PVC, RMC, LFMC, LFNC, IMC, FMC, ENT, EMT) - StandardServiceand Equipment Grounding Wire Size. - Standard WireMaximumAllowable Ampacity. - Thermal and Overload Protection forMotorLoads. - Full Load Current (or Input Max. Current onNameplate) -POWER FACTOR CORRECTION. - Calculate kVAR &Capacitor Size. -AC and DC VOLTAGE DROP CALCULATOR. - Based on Wireand Conduitused. - Based on Different WorkingTemperature.APPLICABLE TO: -----AC SYSTEM ----- - Household Range& Cooking Appliance -Electric Motor - Main Service Line - POWERFACTOR Correction - AirCon(Compressor Motor) - Room Air Conditioner- Arc Welding -Resistance Welding - DC Motor-Rectifier (Half &Full Wave) -Fixed Space-Heating Equipment - Kitchen Equipment &ClothesDryer - Induction & Dielectric Heating Equipment -BranchCircuit (Continuous & Non-Continuous Loads) - GeneratorLine -Wound-Rotor - Inverter Output - X-Ray Diagnostic &TherapyEquipment ------ DC SYSTEM ------ - DC Motor - DC MainService Line- Solar Photovoltaic Output - Solar Photovoltaic Source- DC-to-DCConverter Output - Branch Circuit (Continuous &Non-ContinuousLoads) VIEW : - Minimum Wire-Bending Space atTerminal. - ConductorApplications and insulations. - Motor Control& Useful Diagrams( PDF FILE READER required! ) - Direct-On-LineMotor ControlDiagram - Single Phase Forward-Reverse Motor ControlDiagram.* -Three Phase Forward-Reverse Motor Control Diagram.* -Three PhaseWye-Start, Delta-Run Motor Control Diagram.* - ThreePhaseAuto-Transformer Motor Control Diagram.* - 20kW WaterHeaterControl Diagram.* - Water Pump Motor Control Diagram.* -25kWCooking Range Connection Diagram.* - Electrical ComponentsandFunction. - Symbols (IEC and ANSI) - Symbols (JIS) -FluorescentLamp Connection Diagram - Two Lamps Controlled byTwo-Gang Switch.- Three Lamps Controlled by Three-Gang Switch. -Three -GangConvenience Outlet - Lamp Controlled in TwoDifferentLocations.(3-Way) - Lamp Controlled in ThreeDifferentLocations.(4-Way) - Lamp Controlled in Four DifferentLocations.(2x 4-Way)* Available on FULL version---- FREE on GOOGLEPLAY.----*** Any queries, complain and request you can ----note : This android applicationisnot registered to any private or government agencies. Thisandroidapplication serve as guide only. User must still check andconfirmthe results under Philippine electrical code.
Calc and Graph
Scientific calculator Calc and Graph is inthetop of the similar applications. Simple and transparent writingofexpression lets users quickly operate with numbers,matrices,graphs and functions. It contains a comprehensive rangeoftrigonometric functions (sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent,secant,cosecant), inverse and hyperbolic functions, powers,roots,logarithms, matrices operations ...For drawing graph just use "X" variable and press "=" resultSummary of unique features of Calc and Graph:- Allows natural writing of expression- Easy navigation in the expression using touch- Ability to draw graphs- Ability to work with complex numbers- Functions "undo" and "redo"- Ability to select, cut and paste parts of expression- Viewing your favorite functions, most used and lastusedfunctions- Ability to compute with matrices up to 6x6- Three graphic themes that suite your needsBuying paid version Calc and Graph PRO you get:- increased undo history- increased maximum number of items in result list /savedexpressions- support of landscape display orientation in calculator- computing with matrices up to 10x10- you support next improving of this applicationCalculator for fast and simple everyday usage.If you find error in application, please report itatburnlinesoft@gmail.com**(developers from Slovakia)**
Complex Calc
Complex Calc is an ad-free application used to find a complexnumberas a result of addition, subtraction, multiplication, anddivisionof two complex numbers.Also, using this application youcan easilyconvert complex numbers from the a + ib form to thepolar form, andvice versa.Complex Calc is useful for calculationsin electricalengineering, mathematics, chemistry, statistics andotherengineering fields.In the settings you can select a number ofdigitsafter the decimal point for the result of yourcalculations**Needsrestart to apply the new settings.
Time Calc
An easy to use time calculator with a clean design.Features:-Add,subtract, multiply and divide time components.- Calculatetimebetween two time values, e.g., 12:30 to 15:45 = 3h 15m.-Convertcalculated times by pressing the equals button again.Thecalculation will then cycle through all time units.- See allyourprevious calculations in the history list.- History entries canbeused as memory recall.- Commas with time units. Common intimereporting systems.- Supports 12 and 24-hour clock.- Easy touse.The app shows you which buttons and calculations that can bemade.-Jelly Bean design on all Android versions.If you find a bug,pleasemail us instead of giving the app a low rating.
[Gen2] GO Evolution CP IV Calc
Now with full second generation Pokemon supportThisappcan:calculate the CP increase of your pokemonafterevolvingcalculate the hidden IV valuescalculate how much CP/HPperpowerup you'll gaincalculate the amount of XP you'll receiveafterusing lucky eggshow weaknesses and strengths for certaintypeshelpyou earn more prestige for your gym
Prime Calc
PrimeCalc - free scientific symbolic calculator- 70 functions,20mathematical constants and up to six variables- New functionsandconstants can be defined by the user- Supports complexnumbers-Matrices, vectors, sets and calculations on them- Solvesthemathematical equations- Calculate the integrals andderivatives-Step-by-step calculations - And many moreSupportedfunctions,operators, and mathematicalconstants:Arithmetic:Operators +, -, ×,÷, %x^n - nth power of x√(x)- Square root of x√(n, x) - nth rootof xln(x) - Natural logarithmof xlog(x) - Logarithm of x to base10log(n, x) - Logarithm of x tobase n∑(f(x), imin, imax) -Summation of f(x) from imin toimax∏(f(x), imin, imax) - Product off(x) from imin toimaxMathematical analysis:∫(f(x)) - Indefiniteintegral off(x)∫(f(x), xmin, xmax) - Definite integral of f(x)from xmin toxmax∂(f(x)) - Derivative of f(x)lim(f(x), c) - Limitof f(x) when xapproaches cEquation solving:Representation ofpolynomial -x^2+3x-2=0= - Polynomial equation operatorNumericalFunctions:m modn - Remainder of m ÷ ngcd(m, n) - Greatest commondivisor of m andnlcm(m, n) - Least common multiple of m andnabs(n) - Absolute valueof nround(n) - Integer closest to nfrac(n)- Fractional part ofnfloor(n) - Floor value of nceil(n) - Ceilingvalue of nComplexnumbers:Representation - 5+2ire(c) - Real part ofcomplex numbercim(c) - Imaginary part of complex numbercStatistics:median([a]) -Median of [a]gmean([a]) - Geometric meanof [a]amean([a]) -Arithmetic mean of [a]randi(n) - Random integerfrom 0 to nrandr -Random real from 0 to 1Numbertheory:harmonicN(n) - nth harmonicnumberCombinatorics:n! -Factorial of nbinomial(n, k) - Binomialcoefficientmultinomial(n1,n2, ...) - MultinomialcoefficientcatalanN(n) - nth Catalannumberfibonacci(n) - nthFibonacci numberTrigonometricfunctions:sin(x), cos(x),tan(x)sec(x), csc(x), cot(x)asin(x),acos(x), atan(x),acot(x)Hyperbolic functions:sinh(x), cosh(x),tanh(x)arsinh(x),arcosh(x), artanh(x)Matrixes:Representation -[[1,2],[3,4]][m1]⋅[m2]- Product of [m1] and [m2]tran([m]) -Transpose [m]ctran([m]) -Conjugate and transpose [m]inverse([m]) -Invert [m]det([m]) -Determinant of [m]tr([m]) - Trace of[m]mpow([m], n) - nth matrixpower of [m]Number sets:Representation- [1,2]union([a1], [a2]) -Union of two setsintersec([a1], [a2]) -Intersection of twosetsmax([a]) - Largest element of [a]min([a]) -Smallest element of[a]Constants:π - Number Pie - Euler's numberi -Imaginary unit∞ -Infinityγ - Euler–Mascheroni constantG -Catalan's constantA -Glaisher–Kinkelin constantφ - Golden ratioκ -Khinchin's constantC₂- Twin prime constantζ₃ - Apéry's constantB₄- Brun's constant forprime quadrupletsB₂ - Brun's constant fortwin primesEB -Erdős–Borwein constantδ - Feigenbaum firstconstantα - Feigenbaumsecond constantsBL - Legendre's constantM₁ -Meissel–Mertensconstant
The JUMO CALC application allows different calculationsforthermocouples according to EN 60584, platinum - RTDtemperatureprobe according to DIN EN 60751 andtransmitter.Thermocouple –calculationsThe cold junctions.Temperature can be individuallyspecified. Out of a specifiedthermoelectric voltage the associatedtemperature can be calculated.Or vice versa, out of a temperaturevalue the associatedthermoelectric voltage can be calculated. Inaddition, thestandardized tolerance classes can be selectedaccording to DIN IEC60584. For each respective measuringtemperature the admissibletolerance as well as the lower and upperlimit of the temperatureand thermoelectric voltage are displayed.The following thermocoupletypes are available:• Precious metal –thermocouples: R, S, and B•Non-precious metal – thermocouples: K,N, E, J, and T Platinum - RTDtemperature probe according to DIN EN60751After selecting thenominal value Pt100, Pt500, or Pt1000 theuser can calculate theassociated resistance value from thespecified temperature and viceversa.After having chosen thetolerance class AA, A, B, and C thecalculation of the admissibletolerance follows, the lower and upperlimit of the class asresistance and temperature value to thespecified temperature.Forthe 2-wire circuit: after selecting aspecific conducting material(copper, silver, nickel, and iron) theconnecting cable and inputsof the conductor cross sections ordiameter and the cable length ofthe lead wire resistance and theassociated systematic temperatureerror for the entered measuringtemperature arecalculated.Transmitter – linearizationTransmittersare used todepict the measuring range of a dimension to a standardsignal in alinear fashion.Different temperature ranges (that canalso beindividually adjusted) and the standard signals (4 mA to 20mA, 0 Vto 10 V) can be selected.Subsequently the associated outputsignalcan be calculated out of a temperature value or vice versa.
Programmer's calculator CALC-P
Calculators CALC-P is a programmer for Android.Base eliminatingthehassle of switching modes characteristic Input is done in thekeycorresponding to each number (Green:Hexadecimal / blue:decimal/pink:binary) It also simultaneously displays in decimal16/10/2done quickly the most frequently used base conversions.■Features+,-,×,÷, AND, OR, ExOR(XOR) leftshift(<<),rightshift(>>),NOT,NEG Change displayunsigned (US) / signed (S)decimal Number only. show last answer(Ans) Memory (Memory in(Min)/ Recall(MR) / Clear(MC)) ■ NOTESscreen size is 320x480 or moreare required for a screen. The testedHTC bufferfly(JPN HTL21) /android Ver 4.1.1
Industry Calculator for EVE
Calculate and keep track of profits from manufacturing,refining,reactions, and planetary interaction in EVE Online, basedoncharacter skills, blueprint ME/TE levels, and marketprices.Supports market price lookup for products and materialsusing theEVE-Central API.Test versions:To enable test versions jointhefollowingcommunity: on the "Enable beta testing for Industry Calculator forEVE"link in the community description.This app in now open-sourcedwithan LGPLv3Licese
SquareCalc Pro
construction calculator.Calculate the diagonal of a squarewithability to input and output in inches feet and also metric.Perfectfor carpenters, roofers, concrete, and other trades.
The most easy and simple calculator app.Try thispowerfulcalculation capabilities and intuitive & stylishdesignedapp.Calculator supports all kinds of devices.√ Keyfeatures:- Keepsfunctions of a pocket calculator and adds somescientificcalculator.- Remembers the last calculation condition andcheck thecalculation history records any time you want.- Up to 15digits canbe entered, and all numbers can be operated.* When youinstall ourother calculators, all apps are connected each other*Purchasingthe premium version, you get an ad-free and support us tomakebetter apps.* If you encounter any problem with this Apporincorrect wording, please contact us via:- -
Binary Calc / Converter
Binary calculator able to operate with fractional numbers(floatingpoint).Operations with Binary, Octal andHexadecimal.InstantConversion between Hex, Octal and Binary.
Discount Calculator
Calculate discount price / rate with Discount Calculator√Keyfeatures:- Calculate Discount price / Discount %- CalculatewithAdditional discount* When you install our other calculators,allapps are connected each other* Purchasing the premium version,youget an ad-free and support us to make better apps.* Ifyouencounter any problem with this App or incorrect wording,pleasecontact us via: -
Aya Calc
It is a calculator with an emphasis on ease of use,simple,colorful.I is useful because there are two calculationscreenMorethan 200 design
Voltage drop / Cable size calc
Version : 1.0.1 Oct2015Features : - AWG AND Metric.- Voltagedropcalculator.- Cable size calculator.- Temperature correctionfactorin air .- Ground temperature correction factor .- SoilCorrectionfactor .- Thermal correction factor .- Cable distancecorrectionfactor .- Cable depth correction factor.- Cable groupingfactor.-Cables construction.- Voltage drop for single core LVcables(Copper).- Voltage drop for Multi-core LV cables (Copper).-Voltagedrop for single core LV cables (Aluminium).- Voltage dropformulti-core LV cables(Aluminium).- PVC vs XLPE cables.- Selectingapower cable.- KA short circuit current - copper conductor-PVCinsulated.- KA short circuit current - copper conductor-XLPEinsulated.- KA short circuit current - Aluminium conductor-PVCinsulated.- KA short circuit current - Aluminium conductor-XLPEinsulated.
ChampCalc Pro Scientific Calculator
ChampCalc Pro© Scientific Calculator is a powerfulscientificcalculator that supports large numbers with an extremeprecision.The calculator displays up to 50-100 digits of a decimalfloatingpoint with ultimate accuracy.The calculator fully supportscomplexnumbers in rectangular and polar form (expression and viewmode).The scientific calculator contains functions and operatorsinvarious subjects like mathematics, trigonometry,logarithms,statistics, percentage calculations and more. Edit yourexpressioncomfortably and efficiently by multiline expressioneditor withsyntax highlighting and dynamic cursor. You canintegrateparameters and scientific constants freely inside theexpression,by their scientific notation.Programmers Calculator thatsupportsbinary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems. Thecalculatorperforms a logical operations, bitwise shifts androtations.UsingChampCalc Scientific Calculator is simple andconvenient, thanks tothe friendly and intuitive user interfaces.And not less important,professional and aesthetic look with afullcustomization.Features:• Multiline expression editor withblinkingcursor• Expression with a custom syntaxhighlighting• Supportslarge numbers and extreme precision• Up to50-100 digits of decimalfloating point• Complex number expressionsare fullysupported• Rectangular and Polar of complex numbers• Math,Trig,Logarithmic, Statistics and more• Binary, octal andhexadecimalnumeral systems• Logical operations• Bitwise shiftsandrotations• Statistics calculations by stackentries• Trigonometricfunctions with complex support• DMS supports(Degrees, Minutes,Seconds)• Percentages calculations inside theexpression• Usingparameters inside the expression (PRO)• Quicknavigation inexpressions history• Angular mode: Degrees, radiansandgrads• Configurable number format and precision• Fixed,scientificand engineering mode• Scientific notation sign insidetheexpression• Using of 300 scientific constants[CODATA]• Conversionamong 600 units• High-quality themes andexpression color setsUserInterfaces:• Advanced settings dialogbox• Intuitive interface forkeeping values• Intuitive interface forkeepingexpressions• Statistical calculator with stackentries• Scientificconstants arranged by subjects• Result dialogbox with expandedoptions• Share menu and clipboardoptions• Advanced angular unitconversions dialog box• Extended userguidePRO VersionFeatures:★ Organizing and savingexpressions★ Expressions dialogbox★ Intuitive interface forParameters★ Access to parameters fromvarious interfaces★ Advancedcolor editor for expressionsyntax★ Customize text size ofexpression★ Trigonometric functionswith complex argumentsupport★ Keep supporting this project☺Download the powerful andadvanced scientific calculator app now!
DarkCalc-(popup & normal calc)
WHY HAVING 2 SEPARATE CALCULATORS INSTALLED WHEN YOU CAN HAVEONLY1?With this amazing DarkCalc you have 2 fullycustomizablecalculators in 1 small package.One simple Calculatorwith basic andscientific functions and one floating-popup-onscreencalculator forcalculating while you are viewing other programs.Moveit anywherefrom everywhere, not only from the top.Resize it fromcorner orwith pinch to zoom gesture.Maximize it, minimize, hide,close andmany more!Open as many popup DarkCalc as you like!Enjoytruedesktop multitasking experience with DarkCalc and neverswitchbetween calculator and other programs again.Also you havetheability to customize your DarkCalc as you like!★★ALL FOR FREEANDWITHOUT ADS!★★Features :✓1.Normal-fixed andfloatingsupport✓2.Minimize/Maximize/Close support for popupDarkCalc✓3.Move(from everywhere to anywhere, even outside fromscreen) support forpopup DarkCalc✓4.Resize (not only from cornetbut with pinch tozoom gesture also) support for popupDarkCalc✓5.Hide and Restoresupport for popup DarkCalc✓6.Cut, Copy,Paste support for bothcalculators✓7.Multiple for popup DarkCalccalculatorssupport✓8.Change background color for popup ✓9.Changebackgroundtransparency for popup✓10.Enable/Disable button vibrationfor bothcalculators✓11.Change button vibration duration forbothcalculators✓12.Basic and Scientific panels inbothcalculators✓13.Optional History view and delete support fornormalcalculator.✓14.Supporting switch between radians and degreesforcos, sin, tan for both calculators.✓15.Ability to createshortcutfor popup DarkCalc for easy access from everywhereAvailableinEnglish and Greek Language for the moment.SPECIAL THANKS TOMARKWEI(pingpongboss) FOR THE AMAZINGStandOutLIBRARY!!!!★★FEATURED★★✓XDADEVELOPERS✓SAMSUNGAPPSTOP1 FREE APPLICATION IN FIRST RELEASED DAY★KNOWNISSUES★-Popup`sDarkcalc buttons have no text inJellyBean-4.1+(FIXED IN VERSION1.3).★PERMISSIONS ★-For Pollfishsurveys (forsupportingdevelopment)android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATEandroid.permission.INTERNET-Historyfileandroid.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-PopupDarkCalcandroid.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW-Buttonvibrationandroid.permission.VIBRATE
FV Calc
PV Solar Calculator pocket.Help make the first calculationstoproject a solar photovoltaic system. From values ​​such asenergydemand, solar radiation and system voltage, shown as resultsthepower of PV panels in Wp, the battery bank capacity in Ah andeventhe current in amperes that flow from the panels to thebatteries.
Lidaris Calc
Lidaris Calc - is a free software tool for smart-phonesequippedwith laser related calculators that are frequently requiredinpractice.Main features:• estimation of laser peak- fluenceandpower; (these are units used to characterize Laser-InducedDamageThreshold - LIDT)• scales laser damage threshold - LIDTsofdielectrics with pulse duration;Calculations can be donebyproviding intuitive parameters such as laser beam diameter,laserpulse energy or average power, wavelength, repetition rateect. Itcan save a lot time when adjusting laser systems in frontofoptical table. Take it and enjoy. Its free!
Best Calc - Amazing Calculator
Best calculator with best functions for Regular use. Highlyaccuratewith lots of new features. Simple and Handy for dailyuse.BestCalculator Highlights:- Save calculations as files.-Adjust keyboardsize and position.- Edit your calculation tape anytime and evaluatewith new result.- Undo and Redo calculations.-Calculator have avery high precision and will not displaycalculations in exponentialand mantissa form. EXAMPLE:Other nonaccurate calculators:9999999999X 999999999 = 9.9999E19 BESTCALCULATOR:9999999999 X 999999999 =99999999980000000001- Shorthandfeature to perform operation on sameoperand again and again inthis calculator.Your feedback isnecessary. Please feel free toshare your feedback
Electrical Calc Canada
E-Calc is a professional electrical application for calculatingmanycommon electrical problems. This app is an essential tool forallelectricians and electrical engineers. Unlike other similarappsE-Calc not only calculates simple formulas but returns coderesultsincluding wire sizing, conduit sizing, fusing, overloadsize, groundand bond size and much more based on the CanadianElectric Code. Thefeatures of this app are too long to list buthere are a few of thekey ones;- Basic construction calculatorallows you to easily dividerooms for lighting in imperial ormetric measurements.- Calculateany single motor and get maximumovercurrent, maximum overload,minimum wire, minimum pipe, andminimum bond wire size.- Calculateany transformer size and getKVA, FLA, pipe size, fuse and breakersize, bond size and groundsize, on both primary and secondary.Easily choke down thetransformer and get appropriate results forthe modified demandload.- Calculate the allowable ampacity of anywire type andderation situation.- Calculate maximum number ofsimilar sizedwires in a given pipe size.- Calculate box fill of anybox and anysituation.- Calculate pipe size required for a list ofany number,size, and type of wire.- Calculate required ground andbondingsizes.- Easily calculate complicated voltage dropcalculations. Getresults for percentage voltage drop as well asmaximum lengths ofruns. Derating is also supported. Support forwire sizes from#24awg to 2000mcm.- Calculate minimum burial depthsfor anysituation including special situations includingmechanicalprotection, under slab, and rock encased.- Calculaterecommenededtorque settings for all varieties of lugs andterminations.-Convert many common units.- Find NEMA codes and specsofreceptacles.- Easily access in app support with quick links toyourphone's email.
Electrical Calc Elite Electric
The Electrical Calc Elite™ is designed with electricalprofessionalsin mind to solve the most common electricalcalculations based onNational Electric Codes.Compliant with 2011,2008, 2005, 2002, and1999 NEC®Updateable Electrical CodeCalculator. An in-app purchaseis currently available for NEC 2014code update. Great forElectrical Contractors, Designers,Engineers, Electricians,Maintenance Inspectors, Planners,Builders, and LightingSpecialists. The Electrical Calc Elite™allows you to solvecode-related problems quickly andaccurately...the most commonNational Electric Code tables are nowat your fingertips!ElectricalCalculations• Wires Sizes• VoltageDrop on Wires• Conduit Sizing•Ohm's Law• Kirchhoff's Law• MotorFull-Load Amps• Power Factor andMotor Efficiency• Fuse and BreakerSizes• Service and EquipmentGrounding Sizes• Electrical Unitconversion• Parallel Resistance•Circular MILs Wire• NEMA startersize• NEC® references forcalculationsDescription of Calculations•Convert between Amps,Watts, Volts, VA, kVA, kW, PF%, Efficiency%,and DC Resistance.•Ohm's Law Calculations: enter any two values(ohms, volts, or amps)to solve for the third.• Calculate requiredwire size per NEC®tables 310-16 and 310-17; Copper or Aluminum, 3øor 1ø, 60°C, 75°C,90°C insulation ratings and 100% or 125% ofampacity. Adjust wiresizes for ambient temperatures other than30°C and for more thanthree wires in a raceway.• Calculate Voltagedrop: Find minimum VDwire size, maximum length for any given wiresize to stay withinspecificed VD, drop percentage, actual numberand percentage ofVolts dropped.• Conduit sizing for 12 types ofconduit per NEC®:Find recommended size of conduit for combinationsof #THW, #XHHW,and #THHN wires. Also calculates fill percentages,conduitcross-sectional areas, remaining areas and more.• FindMotorFull-Load current per current NEC®: Works in 1ø or 3ø,synchronousand DC motors per NEC® 430-247, 430-248, and 430-250.•CalculateFuse and Breaker Sizes per NEC® 430-52.• Parallel andderated wiresizing• Calculate parallel resistance• NEC Tablenumber displayswhen performing wire size calculations• Sizesoverload protectionper NEC® 430-32.• Finds NEMA starter sizes perICS 2-1988 (Tables2-327-1 and 2-327-2).• Calculates service andequipment groundingconductor sizes per NEC® 250-122 and 250-66.•Convert between BTUand Kilowatts per Hour• Circular MILscalculated for wire sizes•Works as a standard math or electriccalculator• Quick and easyupdates to future NEC® coderevisionsVisit ourwebsite: formoreinformation including our detailed user's manual.If you arenot100% satisfied with this calculator please email so we can make things rightbeforeposting any negative reviews. We are also open to anysuggestionsyou may have for future enhancements to this electriccalculator.Please note that any download and Google Checkout issuesaredirectly involved with Google Play and should contact themforassistance.Electrical Calc Elite™ is not associatedwithElectriCalc® Pro and Cyberprodigy LLC is not affiliatedwithCalculated Industries, Inc.
Machinist Calc Pro Calculator
The Machinist Calc Pro machining calculator is deal formachiningpros and machine shop owners who want to increaseproductivity andprofits in the design, layout and set-up stages ofproduction andreduce wear and tear on costly cutting tools. Andwhile perhapsobvious, if you change from an Android device to aniPhone or iPad,you WILL need to buy a new license as they areincompatible.TheMachinist Calc Pro is the first machining math andreference toolto provide a complete assortment of machine shopsolutions. Thismachining calculator has more complete Thread datathan theMachinery's Handbook, including step-saving Thread andDrill Sizechart look-ups, speeds and feeds, right trianglesolutions, boltpatterns and much more. Spend more time machiningand less timelooking up specs and data in books, on charts or incomputerprograms. A must-have for all machinists andmachineshops.FEATURES:• Created by Calculated Industries, theoriginatorof the award-winning Construction Master calculators•Built-inhelp, just press and hold a key• All the functionalityandsolutions of the handheld Machinist Calc Pro calculatorsandoptimized for the Android device user• Entry Editing BackspaceKey– with a swipe of a finger (left - to - right)• A completeUser’sGuide is available free at www.calculated.comDEDICATEDFUNCTIONS:•Speeds and Feeds - Calculate for Milling, Turning andDrilling;Spindle Speed (RPM), Feed Rate (IPM), Cut Speed, Cut Feed,Feed perTooth, Number of Teeth and Radial Chip Thinning (RCT)adjustmentfactor with the Speeds and Feeds functionality• ThreadSize - Enternumeric, fractional or metric thread sizes and displaytap, rolltap, close and free fit drill sizes. Display pitch, majorand minordiameters• Drill Point - Enter the cutting angle and DrillSize andcalculate the Drill Point cut depth• Drill Size - Enternumeric,letter, fractional or metric Drill Size and display theclosestfitting Drill Size and scroll through available drill sizes•3-WireMeasure - Enter Wire Size (or use calculated Best Wire size)and3-Wire Measurement to calculate pitch diameter•TrigonometricFunctions - Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arccosine,Arctangent•Right Triangle Math - Enter, calculate Angle,Hypotenuse, Oppositeand Adjacent side lengths• Bolt Pattern HoleLayouts - enter startangle, number of bolts, diameter and optionalx, y offset;calculate x and y coordinates. Find center-to-centerspacing forbolt pattern layoutsAdditional Features:• ThreadClassificationTables ◦U.S. - Internal (3) 1B, 2B, 3B - External (3)1A, 2A,3A◦Metric - Internal (14) 3G-9G and 3H-9H - External (28)3g-9g,3h-9h, 3e-9e, 3f-9f• U.S. and Metric Unit Entries andConversions◦Decimal Inches/mils◦Feet-Inch-Fractions◦m, mm, cm◦Area,Volume andWeight• Works as a Standard Calculator•Calculate forMilling,Turning, Drilling & much more.TRADEMARKS:MachinistCalc® is aregistered trademark of Calculated Industries, Inc.
Simple, convenient and free calculator.It does notcontainadvertising.
Tank volume.
The application calculates the volume and weight of a liquide byitsfilling level, empty and total volume.Calculations areperformedfor:- Rectangular tank- Horizontal cylindrical tank-Verticalcylindrical tank- Cylindrical tank with conical bottom-Cylindricaltank with truncated conical bottom- Cylindrical tankwith sphericalbottom
Calculator quotation business
Be the most responsive ! Negotiate fares with your customers, inthefield, without any risk of error. Just before leaving, convertyourcalculations into quotation and send him it immediately viamail orBluetooth. Watching demo video is ESSENTIAL to acquiretotal controlof your calculator.Try the free/demo version :Calculator orspreadsheet?⛔ Currency conversion is no longeravailable due to thetermination of Yahoo Finance'sfreeservice.__________________________________________________HELPWITHVIDEOS :♦ Adding :♦Modification,debit, currency conversion :♦Parentheses :♦ Sub-total, discount, taxand copy PDF :♦ Quotation: VERSION:__________________________________### Free version###(Calculator or spreadsheet ?)♦ Demo of specifics functions ofMediumand Full versions♦ Additions (Accounting)♦ Modifications♦ ⛔Currencyconverter (150 currencies)♦ Link a result of a row inother row♦Adding discounts or taxes ( VAT ) manual or automatic♦Roundingvalue of the total incl. taxes♦ Successive discounts♦ Twocolumns :debit and credit♦ Can enter variables with [M=] key♦Powers, rootsand fractions in exponential notation♦ Share copy inPDF format♦Sending, sharing or storing calculations via email,skype, googledrive (cloud) or Bluetooth♦ Offered : "Tipcalculation"♦ Visible indaylight♦ Right to left and localizedno indi-arabic digitssupport added for PDF quotations♦ Noconnectionrequired__________________________________### Medium ###(Officecalculator)♦ All features of the free version+ no containsADS.+save, backup and restore calculus+ import from Excel 97 -2003(xls)+ ⛔ givechangemulti-currency.__________________________________### Full ###(Thisversion)♦ All features of medium version+ Share quotations inPDFformat+ Export to excel 97 –2003(xls)__________________________________________________SENSITIVEPERMISSIONS:♦READ_CALL_LOG:♦READ_YOUR_CONTACTto find the recipient of the PDF file♦FIND_ACCOUNT_ON_YOUR_DEVICE :to send a copy to the default sender(you)♦ RETRIEVE_RUNNING_APPS :if you are running two versions ofCalc'1
Tank Volume
Tank Volume Calculator is a fast and simple app forcalculatingvolume of tanks. Also you can calculate liquid volume ina tank. İfyou know density of liquid you can calculate weight ofliquidtooDeveloped with an intuitive interface. It means lessclick, fastresults. App remembers your settings for next use. Tankvolumecalculator also has a built in volume convertor, if you needtoconvert volume types, like m3, liter, imp. Gallon, U.S GallonorBBLCalculations are performed for:- Vertical tank- Horizontaltank-Rectangular tank- Ecliptic tank- Tanks with conical bottom,flatbottom, Torispherical head, Elliptical head,Hemisphericalhead.Other Features of Tank Volume Calculator- Metricor imperialUnits support- Internet connection is not required.-Small apksize.- No background process.- Share or Save function.-Bettertablet support.- Fast and simple.- Totally Free.* ThisCalculatorshould be used as an estimating tool ONLY.Application isnotresponsible for any discrepancies on calculations. *
Smart Time Calc
How many hours in 1 week and 5 days? What date will be in 40weeksfrom yesterday? If you need answers on such questions, SmartTimeCalc is for you!Features:- convert from one time unit toanother,-determine difference between two clocks,- add or substractcustomtime interval from custom date.If you have any questionsorsuggestions, feel free to message me.
Ammo Reload Cost Calc
The Ammo Reloading Cost Calculator calculates the cost per roundofreloaded ammunition. The application provides input forquantityand price of the four components used to reload ammunition(Cases,Primers, Powder, Bullets). Press the "Calculate" buttontocalculate costs for 1, 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rounds. Theusercan also enter a custom number of rounds and the costisautomatically calculated.A pie graphs is used to show agraphicalrepresentation of the cost % for each component.Theapplicationalso has an email feature that will allow the user toemail theresults using an email program on your phone.Pressing thePowder(lbs) label will change the units to Powder (kg). Press againtochange back to lbs.Pressing the Grains label will change theunitsto Grams. Pressing Grams will change the units back toGrains.NewFeature allows the user to enter the number of timescases havebeen reloaded. Press the "Case" label to get a popupwindow toenter the usage number.See the Help information in theMenu foradditional information.The application can be moved to anSD card.
Kumamon Calc
Simple calculator famous character in Japan " Kumamon "appeared!Corresponds to the percentage calculation arithmetic , % ,it isequipped with a memory function .It is a computer that doesnotcorrespond to the function operation .It is a calculator ofthecalculation Kumamon addition, subtraction , multiplication,division , percentages , can be .※ Kumamon calculator is free ,butyou can hide the ads by purchasing the extension plug-in .[Mainfunction ]- Can be calculated by the Home widget- If you exittheapp in the middle of a calculation , it holds the value ofall-Copy to clipboard by pressing and holding the calculationresult-Input the number of digits to 12 digits- Can be used inverticalscreen in horizontal screen-DEL 1 character at a timedeleted whenyou tap the key-DEL Clear entry in the long- press thekey- Supportfor tablet- Clear entry when you tap the C / CE whenthe memoryfunction is ON- All Clear Press and hold the C / CE whenthe memoryfunction is ON- Can change the theme- Can changethefontSettingsThe vibration when you touch : ON / OFFMemoryfunction: ON / OFFSaving Values ​​: ON / OFFTheme : black / white /red /yellow / blue / greenFont : ROBOTO / SERIF / SERIF BOLD /SERIFITALIC / SANS SERIF / SANS SERIF BOLD / SANS SERIFITALIC[Operating environment ]Android OS 2.1 or more© 2010 kumamotopref.Kumamon #13492
UniCalc - A Universal Unit converter calculator app made withUnity3D. So here comes the part "Uni" in the app name. "Calc"partbecause it is basically a calculator with unit convertingfeaturebind in.There are 9 unit category in this app, whichinclude:*Volume* Weight* Length* Area* Temperature* Currency*Speed*Pressure* EnergyI only include some most popular units inthis app,otherwise the drop down menu will be too long and thecoding partwill be too complex.All feature except Currency can beusedoffline. For the Currency exchange rate, I will try to updatetheonline database once per week depending on my personal schedule.Soit's may not contain most up to date exchange rate. You can useitas a brief estimation tool.If I can manage to code anautomaticupdated database, I will release another version of thisapp as apro version.
Droid Circuit Calc Pro
[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Discount Week is ON my dear fellows!!!! Thepriceis down to 1.49$ from 1.99$.........Hurry up guys, don't misstheopportunity ]]]]]]]] Droid Circuit Calc Pro has freeelectronicscircuits, electronics calculators, components info,pinouts,resources, cables data and much more. It helps and makes itloteasier to do calculations for your circuits and design works.ThePro version has electronic calculators, electroniccomponentsguide, useful electronic resources guide, huge collectionofelectronic circuits for hobbyists, electronic symbols and74xxseries pin outs etc.You have now lots of electroniccircuitcalculators like* Ohm Law Calculator* Resistor VoltageDividerCalculator* Parallel Resistors Calculator* LED ResistorCalculator*RC Filter calculator* LC Filter Calculator* Op AmpActive FilterCalculator* Resonance Calculator* Frequency andWavelengthCalculator* RF Calculators (Microstrip, coaxial cable,piattenuator, t attenuator calculators)* 555 Timer astableandMonostable multivibrator calculator* Op amp inverting andnoninverting amplifier calculator* Open air single layerinductancecalculator* LM317 constant current calculator* LM317voltageregulator calculator* Zener Diode series resistorcalculator* PCBTrace Width Calculator* Battery Charge TimeCalculatorIn theelectronic components section you can enjoy now*SMD resistor valuecodes calculator* Resistor color codescalculator* Capacitor valuescode calculator* SMD resistor andcapacitor packages guide *Standard 2% and 5% resistance valuetable* Standard 1% resistancevalue table* IC packages guide (DIPICs, SO ICs, PLCC ICs etc)*LM78xx and LM79xx voltage regulatorsguide* LM317 and LM337 voltageregulators guideAnd in the resourcessection we have * List ofASCII codes* Radio frequencies list* AWGwire gauge table forresistance and current* Micro SD card pinouts*Different PC portspinouts (like serial port, parallel port,joystick or game port,USB port, VGA port, mini VGA, PS2 mouse port,network port, miniUSB, S Video, Scart Port, HDMI Port, Firewire(IEEE 1394) Port,GPIB Port, Sata, DVI (Digital Video Interface)Port, Extended IDEPort and Apple 30 pin Dock Port)* Microchip PICmicrocontrollerICSP connector pinouts.* Atmel AVR microcontrollerISP connectorpinouts* LCDs (for microcontrollers) Pinouts (16 x 2LCD, HitachiHD44780 LCD, 128 x 64 graphics LCD, Nokia 3310 LCD)*ATX Powersupply connector pinouts* GSM SIM module pinouts * PICAXEpinoutsand specs. (08M2, 14M2, 18M2, 20M2, 20X2, 28X2 and 40X2)*GarminGPS connectors pinouts (EM406, 4 pinround connector,Nuviconnector)In circuits section we have came up with 7 categoriesand40 circuits. But there is lot more to come soon.CircuitsCategories are * Audio amplifiers Circuits* Alarms andBellsCircuits* 555 Timer IC Circuits* LED Circuits* PowerSupplyCircuits* RC Plane Circuits* Home Security Circuits* RFCircuits*Solar Circuitsfor you...........and still more to comeverysoon............. just staytuned...............Electroniccalculators, electronic circuits,electronics references, Pinouts,Cables & Adapters and much moremore.......
Touch 11i sci RPN calculator
Touch 11i is an RPN scientific calculator. This app implementsmanyfeatures of the beloved HP-11C plus some extras.The interfaceisthe cleanest possible: just the calculator filling thewholescreen. The app supports three numeric formats:American(999,999.00), European (999.999,00) and Indian(9,99,999.00), andsupports copy of the value to the clipboard.Touch the left uppercorner of the calculator to open the menu andget access to thesefeatures.Other features: portrait layout, quickguide, savingmemory images, 100% fullscreen, keyboard feedback, andmore.