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Secrets of the sea depths 1.0.2
Like fast , crazy game? You have a good response and you likefunand colorful game ? Then the game "Secrets of the deep sea "wascreated especially for you.Collect as much gold and Narvavariousobstacles : mines, lasers, and a variety of underwaterenemytorpedoes.Goal of the game boils down to , to try to swim,controlling a submarine as far as possible , thus it isnecessaryto try to collect as many gold chests . The collected goldcanspend in the store to purchase various bonuses that willhelpimprove your achievements . Among them are various magnifiersspeedshredders and obstacles , and more life and more.The gameconnectedgame services Google Play, which will allow you to competewithyour friends and just with strangers from around the world .Swumas far as possible and see their achievements on theleaderboard .Certainly be interesting to see who is stronger ?Train and be thefirst !The game is suitable for both boys and girlsof all ages .Many games for children 3 or 4 years are very hard tounderstandhow the game , and the process control . Our game alsofeatures aneasy - control simply click on any point of the displayto controlthe depth of the submarine.