Top 14 Games Similar to Kacho

Candy Rufus Games
You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blockyworld.Explore,mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make trapsandgrow plants.Tailor clothes and hunt animals for foodandresources. Build ashelter to survive cold nights and shareyourworlds online. Ridehorses, camels or donkeys and herd cattletoprotect them frompredators. Blast your way through the rockwithexplosives. Buildcomplex electric devices. Possibilitiesareinfinite in thislong-running sandbox survival andconstructiongame series. This isthe thirtieth release ofSurvivalcraft, and itadds a new armor andweapons tier - copper! Youcan now paintstairs, slab, fences andsigns and place electric gateson thefloor or ceiling. Wander indense forests full of tall sprucesandfallen logs. Explore biggercaves, but watch out for hugemagmachambers underground (15x biggerthan 1.28). There are newsoundgenerator sounds for you to use,including hi-fi drums! Checkoutfull list of 70 changes at ourwebsite. Survivalcraftbringsfeatures you love in the PC version ofthe most popularblockyworld game to your mobile device: infiniteworlds, caves,logicelements (electricity), weather, boats,ridableanimals,explosions, clothes, armor and many more. It doessowhilemaintaining its own realistic, survival-themed style.Enjoy!Briefupdate history so far: - 1.0 (initial release, 16 Nov2011) -1.1(screenshots, torches, lamps, tools,controlssensitivity,recipaedia) - 1.2 (sneaking, stairs, slabs,doors,ladders, snow,ice, christmas tree) - 1.3 (basalt,limestone,marble, furnace) -1.4 (new world format, clay, bricks) -1.5(birds, weapons,throwing, food, eating) - 1.6 (emergencybugfixrelease) - 1.7(trapdoors, water animations, snowballs,traps,wildboars, gamemodes) - 1.8 (buckets, water physics, magma,worldproperties, viewangles) - 1.9 (Dropbox, fences, upside-downstairsand slabs) -1.10 (optimizations, bulls, signs, sulphur,saltpeter,adventuremode) - 1.11 (explosives, fire, matches, magmaas fluid) -1.12(wolves, cows, milk, diamonds, flat terrain,controlsimprovements)- 1.13 (creature spawners, eggs, saplings,compass,thermometer,grass spreading) - 1.14 (emergency bugfixrelease,hygrometer,sharper text) - 1.15 (big performanceimprovements,bears,machetes, adventure restart, cacti) - 1.16(smootherframerate,polar bears, paint, falling blocks, environmentmodes) -1.17 (3rdperson view, 3d tools, creature shadows,physicsoptimizations) -1.18 (rain, snow, thunderstorms,thawing/freezing,werewolves,pumpkins) - 1.19 (electricity, new UI,new recipaedia,new help,germanium + lots more) - 1.20 (communitycontent, bettercaves,creative options, SD card) - 1.21 (fish,horseriding,electricityimprovements, camels, leather + lots more) -1.22(survival,farming, boats, islands, more painting,pathfinding,rhinos andmany other animals) - 1.23 (content rating,largervisibilityrange, analog electrics, halloween special,donkeys,bass) - 1.24(bows and arrows, shooting target, reindeer,tigers,iron fences,ivy, feathers, string) - 1.25 (custom skins,newexplosions engine,bombs, crossbows, fire arrows, new UI,stonefences) - 1.26(clothes, armor, temperature effects,belugas,cassowarys, pumpkinand cotton farming) - 1.27 (moose,campfires,larger inventory,lightning button, more clothes, AIimprovements,new engine) - 1.28(firearms, dispensers, fireworks,digging cracks,left-handedcontrols) - 1.29 (more paintable items,copper armor andweapons,tall spruces, horizontal logs, biggercaves)
Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter 1.0.4
World's best action based archery gameisnow on available for android mobile and tablets in GooglePlaystore. Unleash the Robin Hood inside your with Bow ArrowMasterCrime Hunter hottest 3D and realistic bowman simulation gameforyou.Hunt or be hunted! With Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter 3D gameshowreal archery master level skills with ultra realisticbowmanexperience that features amazing animations and stunning3Dgraphics. Glide your finger on screen to aim the enemiesandfurious predators in dark forest. Draw arrows from quiver, takeaimwith your bow and release the arrow to kill enemies. Play asarcherhunting in dark forest location, you located armed soldierswithevil ninja warriors near your village kingdom. Defend yourlandfrom these dragon assassins, rise as knight or warrior totargetenemies with bow and arrow. Done enough target practice onarcheryranges, jump and start hunting devil ninja master ofdragonclans.Shoot arrows mark enemy and wild predator animals like lionandgorilla your targets. Shoot from various distance withsneakagility, if shinobi ninja located you he will kill youwithpoisoned shuriken. Get ready for the intense challenges fromasarcher champion. Take deep breath; fight like a knight honoryourland. Jump and aim the target shoot the arrow and hit thebull'seye for kill shot. Enjoy best archer or bowman game likeneverbefore. Search rainforest deadly areas to kill all soldiersandenemies. Done playing static or moving target range shootinggamesfor Olympics or world championship. It’s time to enter inbattlesituation where enemies will attack you, rise like truehero.Watch out for shinobi ninja shuriken attack or soldierbullets,download Bow Arrow Master Crime Hunter 3D game in yourdevice forendless entertainment and fun.Archer Hunter 2015 Features:★Play as bowman hunter in deadly jungle location★10 breathtaking hunting missions for realistic battle★Real bow & arrow physics for amazing gaming experience★Smooth on-screen touch controls to draw and release arrows★HD graphics with superb sound effects to enhance yourgamingexperience
Bow Arrow Animals Quest 2.4
Bow Arrow Animals Quest is an addictive game. You are anarcher-erinjungle and your mission is to hunt the differentanimals withlimitedarrows. You can move by using left sidejoystick and screentouchrotation. There are numbers of animalsthat you have to hunttocomplete the game if time limit expiredthen game will be over.Thereare five different stages withdifferent environmentswithanimals.There is a timer on top of thescreen keep watching ityouhave time limit to hunt the animals. Youcan also use thetelescopeto close view of animals. You must haveplayed otheranimalshunting games, jungle games, sniper shootinggames,archergames butthis game is unique in the sense you willhunt differentanimals indifferent environments with bow arrow andhere you willfeel theair resistance during hunting. Whether youwant to go inforest tohunt the rabbit ,stag, loin, deer, wolfbear, dogs or polarbear,this game will gives you all, and invitesyou to take thechallengeif you can. Test your archer skills, yourjungle survivalskills,your temperament, your stamina in thisdangerous forestgame.Practice your bow shooting skills and becomea master ofarchery★★★ How to Play ★★★ - Use JoyStick on leftbottom to move to&fro - Swipe screen to rotate left or right -Use Telescope tolookfar - Aim animal and click shoot button forreleasing arrow -Clearthe level within specified time - Board atleft top ofscreendisplaying numbers of animals. - Timer at topcenter of screen-Five different attractive environments ★★★ GameFeatures ★★★ -HDhigh quality graphics - Nice jungle ambient sounds-Real-timeArrow throwing physics - Optimized for smartphonesandtablets (HD& non HD) - User friendly interface -Multiplelevels withdifferent animals for easy to difficult - Freeto playFollow usfacebook to know about the newest releases&more!
Archery Hunter 3D 2.0.6
Archery hunting game is now on cellphone!Archery Hunter 3D is the most realistic archery simulationgame foryou. Archery hunter 3D delivers realistic archeryexperience thatfeatures stunning 3D graphics. Enjoy the jungle huntthrougharchery as it is sizzling idea for jungle hunt lovers. Toshootanimals with gun as an expert sniper is exciting buthuntinganimals with arrow and bow will take you to ancient times.Playingthis game you will feel that as you have reached the ancienttimes'The Stone Age' through time machine. In ancient times archerywasthe main weapon to attack enemies (either human or animals) ortodefend yourself. So from childhood to old age everybody spenttimeto become expert in archery. Bow hunting or arrow huntingisdifferent from gun hunting in terms of violence level.In game play you have dual option either shoot when you areridingor shoot when running in jungle. As you play game yourarcheryskills and interest will increase. It's challenging game asyouhave to shoot and kill in limited time slab otherwise stagwillattack and kill you.Features:* Awesome jungle 3D environment* Dual option either hunt on horse or on foot runninginjungle.* Amazing third person game.* Hunting furious stags.* Must improve your skill to clear next levels.* Amazing riding and then archery experience.* Unlimited arrows but limited time to attackSo get ready for hunting jungle animals, with the mostaddictivereal jungle hunt ideas. You might have experienced huntingjungleanimals in many jungle hunting games but this is the bestfreejungle hunting game with horse archery games action and funofjungle hunter. If you are a fan of jungle hunt games,animalhunting games and jungle games with horse & archery funthenyou must not miss this.
Bow Arrow Wild Animal Hunting 1.0.2
Expert bowman is going for uniqueanimalhunting quest to shoot bear, lion, tiger and other wildbeasts.Unleash Robin Hood inside you rely on your marksman skillsand huntdown deadly animals to feed villagers.Revenge taken from raiders and shinobi ninja’s now return tojunglelife. Explore biggest hilly terrains and snowy mountains.Trap wildanimals like wolf, cheetah and hippos are looking to preyon you.Survive their brutal attack and kill them by shootingarrows. Relyon your aim shoot for target perfectly; you need to befearless assniper marksman. Glide arrow from quiver, hold steadyand releaseswiftly. Rest only when you are bow master and achampion archer inthis hottest arrow shoot game. Claim title ofjungle sniper. Here’sa safety tip: Avoid going near to wild animalor they will attackand you will get killed.Played some dinosaurs hunter games in parks with fast movingvehicletry this unique bow arrow game. More than just archerygame, it isfight for survival of the fittest in lush savannahforest. Protectyourself from dangerous predators and sustainthrough wilderness.Combine intense fps training with archeryskills learned in olympicsto exhibit diverse expertise. As bravebear hunter, sneak in and runthrough perilous locations to chaseand encounter movingpredators.Download Bow Arrow Wild Animal Hunting 3D simulator game offersyouto experience thrilling adventures chasing hungry beasts inrealsafari jungle.Coolest Wild Animal Archer Hunting Features:→10 most challenging and addictive bow shooting missions→Exotic rainforest location with real life jungle environment→Explore wildlife and hunt animals like fox, deerandelephants→Realistic physics behind bow arrows release→Smooth on-screen controls to hit bullseye target→Immersive hunting game play for to shoot running animals→High fidelity 3D graphics for a remarkable experience
Bubble Archery 1.5
The game is to shoot Bubbles with Bow and Arrow. This isalevelgame. It has many unique and interesting levels where youhavetoshoot all the bubbles using your aiming and logicalskillstocomplete a level. The physics used in this game isveryaccurateand interesting. So get it and enjoy thisinterestingworld.
Bow Man
Jeffrey Woo
Bow Man is a game of skill. Practiceyourarchery skills, or try and kill your friend in a 1 on 1match!Funny especially for two friends playing.Wind and distance variety adds extra difficulty.Two modes gameplay:1. VS mode that you can play with your friend oragainstcomputer2. Bird hunting mode which is of lots of fun.
Break the Prison 1.0.14
Candy Mobile
Breaking the rules is way more fun than playing by them.Andbreakingthe prison is even more fun, especially you areframedinto the jail!You have been sentenced to death for a crimeyou didnot commit. Nowyou need to devise an elaborate plan toescape theprison and clearyour name. As a brilliant mechanicalengineer, youneed to build upthe tools in your cell first. Thensteal the keysfrom the guards,discover the escape route by solvingpuzzles, andbreak out theprison by sneaking into an escape tunnelunderneaththe prison. Areyou ready to escape and prove yourinnocence now?Game Features: -Mind-bending puzzles plus addictiveactiongame-play - Chillingatmosphere and beautiful visuals -40+challenging levels in 8different themed cells
Arrow Defense Ultimate 1.0.2
*** REVIEWS *** "It is definitely challenging&addictive...Fans of tower defense games will love thistitle!" "not sure how many levels the gamehasbutone of sons has gone quite far in the game and has unlockanumber ofthe characters without having to make any purchases" "Space Invaderpatterning-Theenemyspawning patterns should be given praisehere" "It deserves a spot on any TD gamer's deviceforthefascinating storyline, unique gameplay and multiplemodes"*** DESCRIPTION ***As we all know the Imperial Rome history in the westernworld,theChina Three Kingdoms history has the similar backgroundof “warandconquer” in the eastern world. Many famous commandersandheroes arecoming from that part of the Chinese history; thatiswhy the ThreeKingdoms era is the most popular topic for thegamingindustry,especially for the TD series.Your main task in the game is to prevent various wavesofarmiesto intrude into your city. Before their approaching tothecitywall and destroying it, you need to shoot arrows to killallofthem. You can also employ heroes for the help.*** GAME FEATURES **** BOW: strength and agility* TOWER: your city wall* BOTTLE: from which you can repair the city wall# WARRIOR1. LU BU: a famous warrior, who possess the penetrationarrowskill,which having the opportunities to do combo hits tothesoldiers withone shoot.2. ZHAO YUN: a brave warrior, who possess the powerarrowskill,which having the opportunities to repel the enemies andgivesthema fatal attack.3. HUANG ZHONG: a matured warrior, who possess themultiplearrowskill, which having the opportunities to shoot severalarrowsatone time.# WIZARD1. DIAO CHAN: a pretty wizard, who has the poison arrowskill,whichhaving the opportunities to exert a poison affect to arangeof thehit enemies.2. SUN SHANGXIANG: a cool wizard, who has the ice arrowskill,whichhaving the opportunities to exert a freezing affect toarange ofthe hit enemies.3. ZHOU YU: a smart wizard, who has the fire arrowskill,whichhaving the opportunities to exert a burning affect to arangeofthe hit enemies.Combination of WARRIOR and WIZARD? What willhappen?SUPERASSULTING! Try it from the real game!!! HINTS: BU&CHAN.# INSANE modeThere are 12 insane modes in total, each of them will beunlockedinevery 10 stages. Why to call these modes insane? Why nottryingtounlock them and have a try!# ENDLESS stageEndless stage will be unlocked once you passed Stage 125-5.Allyourattributes will keep upgrading in this stage duringtheprogress ofthe waves' spawning. The online ranking system forthismode will beimplemented soon.────────────────More from WSW GAME────────────────< Defenders' Creed > 3 kingdoms style PvZ game!< ChibiWar II > Experiencing the “Three Kingdom"atmospherebybow-shooting at ancient Red Cliff.< Blade II > Cut the grass-men using your fingers!< Bar Story > Wine master or pub lover? This gameisdesignedfor you!< Green Driver > Drive with fast speed!< RPS Online > PRS with others anytime anywhere.────────────────We endeavor to make best android mobile game for the players.Ifyouhave any suggestions or complaints, please contact us:WSW Information Technology (Australia) PTY LTDE: support@wswsoft.comW:────────────────
Arrow Invincible 1.9
Arrow victorious, Thousands of arrowsSleeping in the ancient world of Warcraft due toincreasinglyheavymagic gas, gradually regained consciousness. Tosupplement thewakeof Warcraft energy in humans for food. Worldbear, given underGodbow, called "Arrow victorious!" As atmospherictransport you tousea bow to resist enemies of God!Operation:Pull "Arrow victorious" God bow, shooting WarcraftGorgeous trick:Arrow victoriousThousands of arrows
Ravan 1.1
Ravaṇa is the primary antagonist in theHinduepic Ramayana, where he is depicted as the rakshasa and asurakingof Lanka. Help Rama Defeat Ravana in this Arrow shooting gameineach level as complexity increases.Ravan with his 10 heads in the battle need to lose all theheadsto lose the battle. You have limited arrows to achieve thegoal ofhelping rama in Ramayana to win the epic battle.
Clash of Arrows 1.09
Noma Games
AIM, SHOOT, DODGE! Don't let an arrowreachyouor you will have lost!Clash of Arrows is an addictive same device two playersgametochallenge your friends in a battle with bows.Get 3 medals to win a match.More in upcoming updates:-New maps that affect the gameplay.-New characters with special own abilities.We appreciate suggestions to improve the game orsolvepossiblebugs.
Arrow Colony 1.1
アローコロニーは不思議な生命体『コロン』をスワイプで描けるアロー(矢印)を駆使してどこまでも導くのが目的のスワイプアクションゲームです。スワイプで画面をなぞるとアロー(矢印)が引かれ、その矢印に触れたコロンは引いた矢印の方向へと進んでいきます。自分ではただ落ちていくことしかできないコロンを道中のトゲに当たらないようにどこまでも導いてあげてください。【★POINT1:常に緊張感のあるゲーム性!★】突然の背景の白黒反転!背景が黒と白を行き来するのですが、背景の黒いときは一気に高難度になるので常に気が抜けない・・・!【★POINT2:子沢山?!!★】途中不思議な色のアイテムが流れてくることがあります、GETするとコロニーが子沢山に・・・?!【★POINT3:周辺機能の充実さ!★】練習用のチュートリアル、スコアをTwitter等でシェアする機能も搭載!Arrow colonies isastrangedraw life form the "colon" in swipe Arrow (arrow) Combandalsopurpose of swipe action game that lead to where the.When tracing the screen with swipe Arrow (arrow) isdrawn,colontouched on the arrow will go in the direction of thearrowminus.Please give also led to anywhere so that it does notcomeintocontact with along the way of thorns the colon that can notbeonlyjust fell to go it on their own.[★ POINT1: game of always a tension! ★]Sudden background of black and white reversal! ... BackgroundbutItraverse the black and white, it will not come out isalwayscaresince become at once a high degree of difficulty whenitblackbackgrounds![★ POINT2: Kodakusan? ! ! ★]You may middle mysterious color of the item flowing, ···GETThencolonies in Kodakusan? ![★ POINT3: to enhance peripheral functions! ★]Tutorial for practice, the ability to share the scoreonTwitter,etc. equipped!
Shooty Arrow Man 1.0
Are you ready for an archery adventure?Testtheskill of Shooty Arrow Man in two spectacular game modes.Honeyourprecision in Classic or make it rain arrows in TimeAttack.Sportingretro graphics and a fabulous mustache, ShootyArrow Manis thearchery hero that fits in your pocket.Art & Programming by James FiaccoMusic sequenced by Barry Taylor