Top 48 Apps Similar to Star Force Flash Lightsaber

com.androidrocker.shakeflashlight 1.0.70
Shake Flashlight is a small tool which can turn on or offcameralight by just shaking. When you need a flashlight, all youhave todo is turning on the screen and shaking your phone.
com.exatools.magnifier 1.3.01
EXA Tools
Pocket Magnifier with LED light is an app that changes yourdeviceinto a magnifying glass with a flashlight. Applicationmagnifier iseasy to use, functional and have functions: - zoom x2x3 x4 x8 -highlighting reading text - function view in negativecolor -autofocus - to take a pictures / screenshots of magnifiedimage.Magnifier is perfect for the elderly person, the visuallyimpaired.It is excellent instead reading glasses or other opticaldevices.It can be used at home and at work eg: for soldering orbrowse thelittle things. It is a great tool for all the curiousabout theworld, in particular children. Have a good use !!!
Flashlight - Color Flash Light & Colorful Screen 1.0.9
🌟Turn your phone into a Multicolor flashlight, police light andledeffects.🔦Have you ever tried to use your phone's screen or LEDas abeacon of light, only to find it's just flashlight withboringthemes? Turn your phone into a versatile flashlight withMulticolorFlashlight app, the app that brightens up your phone'sday andleads the way. More amazing themes make your phone morebeautifuland stylish.💡Multicolor Flashlight - Color Flash Light LEDmake youstylish!⭐️Light your way in the dark whenever Need!Stuckoutsidewith no street light? Multicolor Flashlight app helps youout inthe darkest of occasions. Use Multicolor Flashlight to findtheperfect seat in a dark cinema, or find your way around whenthepower goes out at home.❖ Multicolor Your Light and enjoymorethemesChange the Multicolor and brightness of your phone'sscreento help guide you where you want to go. Choose from a fullrange ofMulticolors to find your favorite custom-made light. Makefunflashlight effects by tapping on the menu button andchoosingeffect, Multicolor, and brightness.❖ Cool CustomEffectsHave yourphone's screen simulate police light, candle light,a rainbow, adisco ball, and more. You can even use MulticolorFlashlight todisplay your own personal message by typing in text,or host yourown personal dance party with the built-in strobelight.❖ Usage :Touch the screen to show/hide options❖ HighlightFeatures ❖-Maximize screen brightness- Use camera LED as a torch-ChangeMulticolor themes of flashlight- More stylish themes❖Effects-Normal Flash : Screen Multicolor flashlight,- Camera Flash: CameraLED flashlight- Useful light effects (LED Electronic Sign): Text,Scroll, Slide, LED Sign- Emergency light effects : Strobelight,Police light, Emergency light- Fun flashlight effects :Candle,Disco light, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral- Lovely effect : Heart,I LoveYouTurn your phone int a Multicolor flashlight! It helps findyourway in the theater is that you keep stepping on. Find your keysinthe dark. Dance with strobe light in a club.
Brightest Flash LED Lights 2.2.5
🔦Brightest Flash LED Lights, the fastest way to turn yourdeviceinto a bright flash touch by accessing your camera led flashlight.Light your way in the dark whenever need! 💡 This brightestledflash instantly turn your phone into the brightest led torchandstrongest flash led lights. Free flash LED lights up your nightandhelp you in emergency. Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supportedandit is fast to open, smart with multi-LED functions and providesLEDFlash Alert with colorful call screen themes for incomingcalls!Come and download this wonderful super brightest flash LEDLightsfor FREE! 💡Highlight Features for Brightest Flash LED Lights:-Brightest Flash LED. Brightest Flashlight stronger thannormalflashlight & torch light. - Fast to use. Instantly turnyourdevice into a bright torch light that control with 1 tap.NoNeed1s. - Easy to use. Flashlight app with Fast Startup andSmoothOperation. - LED flash for calls,messages and notification.Whenyour phone receives some messages or calls including otherapps,the LED will flash. You will never miss anything. - Variouscallscreen themes give you surprises for every incoming call! AllforFREE; just enjoy the fun! - LED Flashlight. Switch On/Off thepowerlight just like using a real torch light conveniently.-Strobe/Blink Mode. 5 blink/strobe modes in addition toSOSfunction. Flashlight can be used for party, emergency&location track, like using led laser torchlight &militaryflashing; used like SOS LED light for emergency. - VariousThemes.Personalize your flashligh with your own cool style. 💡WithBrightest Flashlight LED, you can: - Light up your night whenpoweroutage. - Light the way when camping and hiking. - Readbooksbefore bedtime with flashlight multi LED. - Find your keys indarkwith strong light. - Flashlight Free lights your room in thedark.- Ask for help when you get lost; - Add more fun to yourphone; -Light your way ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! 💡Brightest Flash LEDLights isthe best and brightest flash multi led in the world. Theintuitiveand elegant UI design makes it just like wonderfulflashlight witha power button to click. This always available lampand powerfulflashlight is designed to be at hand whenever needed.It’s a veryuseful multi led flashlight. You can use powerflashlight as LEDlight torch widget while walking in darkness andlight up strobelight for help. Our Flash Light will accompany youany timewhenever you need light! Download this Flashlight Free now!❤️Comeand join us!
Ringing Flashlight 4.8.3
Ringing Flashlight - Flash blink when you received a Phone Call,SMSand Notifications.Introduce:* Do you have trouble missing yourcall,SMS ? So this application is for you.* With RingingFlashlight, eachtime you received a Phone Call, SMS, orNotifications, your phone'sFlashlight will Blink to notify you,make sure you are not missinganymore. It help you to preventmissing any important Phone Call,SMS or Notifications.Super easysetting interface just one clickenable feature and you are readyto go.* We also include oneFlashlight Widget, so you could add thewidget to your Home Screenand customize the blink speed of itinside the application. CustomSettingsThere is only one screen forall of the setting inside theapplication.- You can enable /disable Flashing feature individuallyfor Phone, SMS,Notifications.- Ringing Flashlight allow you tocontrol theFlashlight speed individually for incoming Phone,SMS,Notifications ( customizable or each application ) or theblinkingflashlight widget.- For the SMS & Notifications blinkyou canset the blink times, up to thousands of blink if you want. -Youcould temporary enable / disable the Flashlight blink whenyourPhone is in Vibrate or Silent Mode- This application IntegratedtheShake to stop flash feature allow you to immediately stoptheFlashlight when you don't want to answer the incoming phonecall.-You could add any application inside the "notificationapplicationlist" for flashing flashlight when you receivenotification formthose apps. And we are supported you tocustomizable number offlash or the speed of the Flash forindividual Application that youadded.- Allow you to temporarydisable the flashing feature day byday, time to time. You could addmany time span in a day as youwant inside Manage Disable Timesscreen.Required Hardware:- Yourphone must have Camera and BackFlashlight to using thisapplication.- Feel free to contact us ifyou have anyquestionsSupported Language:- Arabic- English- French-German-Greek- Italian - Portuguese- Russian- Turkish- Vietnamese*If youcould help us to translate Ringing Flashlight into yournativelanguage please email to us.
Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS 4.3
Bhima Apps
Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when you receiveaphone call, text message & any other social notificationswiththe blink of your flashlight. Flash light call alert willhelppeoples in the night time when your android phone in thesilentmode or mute. This flash light alert is very usefulapplication forany android user. You can turn On / Off the flashalert any time.You can share this very useful flashlight alertapplication withfriends & family members.
Flashlight 1.55.1
Free fastest flashlight, with over 10 million users all overtheworld, will be a simple & useful tool in yourphone!Fastestflashlight takes full use of the LED and screen ofyour phone toprovide you many useful features. Our developerscreatively updatethe engine of fastest flashlight, and now fastestflashlight’sability of power saving is improved by 30%, which isone of the topin flashlight!Core features:1. Very fast. The LEDlight will turnon as soon as you click. No need 1s.2. Bright. Notonly is fast,but also is bright.3. Cool call screen light. You canchoose avariety of call screen light for your incoming call. Trustme, youwill have a good mood and never miss a call.4. LED flashfornotification. When your phone receives some messages orcallsincluding other apps, the LED will flash. You will nevermissanything.5. Shake to light. You can shake your phone to turn ontheLED light.6. Strobe/Blink Mode. You can choose lots of blinkmodeof your LED. Not just SOS.7. Screen light. If you don’t want tousethe LED light in some places, you can try to use the screenlight.The adjustment of the brightness for screen light willsatisfy you.Fastest flashlight just like the torchlight in thedark.Add apowerful tool to your phone now! Come and join us!Therewill be adcontent shown in certain scenes in our app. For moredetails, visit
Flashlight Plus Free with OpticView™ 2.3.2
Turn your mobile phone into a flashlight and magnifying glass!Fromthe makers of Calculator Plus, Flashlight Plus Free is a newtakeon the flashlight application. This clever two-in-one app hasbotha flashlight and a magnifier. The OpticView™ viewfinder allowsyouto see what you illuminate on your screen, turning your phoneintoone of the most compact and powerful utility tools you’lleverhave! Features: ★ Simple and free flashlight app, greatforemergencies ★ Use your device’s LED light as a torch – carrythebrightest flashlight around on your phone! ★ Turn the flashlightonwith a single tap from a widget or lock screen ★ Enjoy a 1x, 2xor4x zoom magnifier ★ Audio or haptic feedback when youuseFlashlight Plus Uses: ★ Extremely useful for finding things indarkplaces ★ Lights up your path at night like a lantern, whilehikingor camping ★ Use at restaurants, movie theaters, or anywhereelsewith dim lamplight ★ Magnifier enlarges small text on menusandbooks with the viewfinder Download this useful tool now andneverbe without a handy torch! Our app speaks your language! Theapp isavailable in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, BahasaIndonesia,Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Türkçe,Pусский,Українська, 中文, 한국어, 日本語 Flashlight Plus Free (C)2018Digitalchemy, LLC
Icon Torch - Flashlight 1.0
The most simple LED flashlight! Features: - There is no interface;-No advertising; - No settings; - Is not a widget; - Free; - Notagreat size; - Bright. Description: This flashlight fromtheinterface only has an icon. Place the label flashlight inaconvenient place for you. It can be a desktop, quick launchbar,the bottom navigation bar, or in the notification bar (withthehelp of third-party software), and more ... To activatetheflashlight, press the shortcut. To turn off - press again. Innoflashlight settings. In order to have these settings, myapp"Flashlight on the powerbutton" which it will be possible to adjust the vibration on / offandauto shut off. And also other interesting features. WARNING!ThisNOT WIDGET , the icon will not change its state (color,shape,etc.), Depending on whether the LED is lit or not. Donate Youcanbuy a paid version of this flashlightPayPal: WebMoney WMZ: Z305554935639WME:E593470543143 WMR: R748988480372 YandexMoney:
Flash Light Blink On Call 1.6
The best top most very useful and essential free applicationsforandroid smart phone! Not all smart phones offer default FlashLightBlink On Call or messages. Only few models offer thisluxuriousfeature. So, If you like the idea of flashlight blinkingonincoming call and sms, check our our notify app, free ofcharge!You are offered to adapt the ringing flashlight download toyourliking. Turn flashlight off or on for text messages orincomingcalls and browse through other options. You also get todecide atwhat time this led torch light should stop indicatingyournotifications – choose this option if your battery is low.Speakingof battery life, led flash notification light for Android™is afriendlier option for batteries! You don't even have toactivatethe device or turn on the home screen! Let led lightfornotifications remind you about missed calls and otherinformation!Are you at a party? Or in a meeting? Stress no moreabout missingout the activity on your device! Just turn on theflash on call andsms! Flash alert app is here so you don't miss outon phoneactivity! Customize your flash alert notification the wayyou want!Missed call alert when phone is off is here!➤ This ledblinkernotification isn't just flashing led for calls – getnotified aboutmessages too!You will use "Flash Light Blink On Call"when phonering flash light blink! Also, you can opt for messagenotificationlight! Incoming Call Flash Light uses a LED indicatorthat shinesbright so you can see it anytime, anywhere! Front flashlight torchwill blink on the front of your cell phone! Enable Ledflash foralerts for different modes: normal mode, vibrate mode orsilentmode. Don't forget to set start and end time for call alertand SMSalert notifications. Get flashlight alert for notificationsrightnow and stay up to date with newest customization apps! Youget tochoose whether you want slow or fast blinking flash alert oncall!➤Phone call flash led light app with flashing light when phoneringsor text message is FREE Stay informed with Flash Light BlinkOnCall at all times! Also, if you do not want to read a messageandwant to avoid it - blinking text alert flash will activateandyou'll know that an unwanted message arrived! The same goesformissed calls - phone call flash light activates and youknowsomeone tried to contact you! The flash blinking on call andsmstext is a super cool app that reminds and informs you! Don'tmisscall flash app! ➤ Blinking light when phone rings is yoursavior atparties and meetings! Flash light blinking alert onincoming callsfor Android will let you know about activity on yourdevice withoutany trouble. The light when phone rings and messagingis extremelyuseful in numerous situations, so it is a must-have appfor allbusiness man and text-addicts! Are you chatting with someoneandwaiting for that juicy reply? Call alert flashlight willstartblinking immediately after the phone receives a call or amessage!And you can also decide if you want flesh alert blink fastor slow– set the on and off length! Use this notification editor ifyouwant to stay up to date with activity on your phone! Not allphonescome with led notification so, it's a LUXURY to have flashalert onyour device! Blinker app will use your camera flashlightapp somake that calling flashlight blink! Stay aware of what isgoing onwith your device with one of the most useful notificationapps forAndroid! Turn on that torch notification!*Android is atrademark ofGoogle Inc.
LED Flashlight Plus - Call Screen Light/Screen LED 1.3.20
Free flashlight, popular colorful cool flashes for LEDscreen。Features: 1. Torchlight in Dark 3. Shake to Light LED 4.CoolCall-Screen Light : You can choose a variety of call screenlightfor your incoming call. Trust me, you will have a good moodandnever miss a call. 5. Strobe/Blinking Mode With this app, youcando : + Find Your Keys in the Dark + Hold up the phone withtheword. + Light the Way When Camping and Hiking + MakeYourselfVisible on Roadside at Night + Light Your Room During aPowerOutage + Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets + Sit in aconcert toexpress your excitement. There will be ad content shownin certainscenes in our app. For more details,visit Enjoy!
Magnifying Glass Flashlight 1.0.4
Cool Guy
Please present the Magnifying glass Flashlight app foryourparentsNow you can use your android device as the perfectmagnifierand flashlight. Magnifying Glass- Magnifier Flashlight isan usefulapplication which allows you to turn your phone into amagnifyingglass.Flashlight- Magnifying Glass Flashlight is theapplicationthat the function of the lantern in a dark place.- Withthe fasteststartup, it definitely outruns the real flashlight. -Will use yourdevice's camera flash as a torch.Strobe/Blinking Modesupported
com.idmobile.flashlight 2.4.3
ID Mobile SA
UNIQUE! No need to unlock the screen to get your Torch App,Justshake your phone from the unlock screen to activate the LEDflashlight. This Torch App is incredibly simple, useful andpractical.NEW! - Android Wear app is available ! - A bright compassisavailable on your watch to guide you ! - Settings: a check willbedone periodically to see if the background service responsibleforshake detection was destroyed by the system, in which case itwillbe restarted.  The feature "shake to light": - This modeisactive only when the unlock screen is visible, does not consumethebattery. - Works only with LED torch mode and not withdisplaylighting mode - Works with the original unlock screen ofyourphone, may not be compatible with alternative "home"screensFeatures: - Lighting via LED flash - Lighting with thescreen aslighting source (compatible with all phones without LED) -Abilityto configure the color of display lighting - Widgettoautomatically activate the torch (LED flash or screen) - Abilitytoturn on the LED light flash from the unlock screen by shakingthephone - We developed a repair system to make the flashlight workondifferent phones ! - Android shows you when the shake detectionisactive.
Flashlight App - LED Flash Light & Caller Screen 1.0.7
Call Me
Flashlight App is a bright LED flashlight widget with funnycallerscreen lights. It is an easy to use LED flashlight appthatprovides you with super bright LED light, adjustable strobelight,beautiful & funny caller screen lights, and SOS lightforemergency. It’s a very useful flashlight app.--- Main FeaturesofLED Flashlight App ---* Used as torch light for darkness:twoavailable light sources, LED flashlight and screen light*Colorflash alert lights on screen for incoming calls: offer manyLEDreminder notification themes* Strobe light with speed control:usedfor fun, adjusting from low to high frequency* SOS flashlight(Morse Code): used as emergency light, asking for help* Easyto useLED brightness controller: allow fast screen light adjust*Fastflashlight call screen notification for SMS: never missanimportant message* Keep bright light on the locked screen:alwayslight up your way* Built-in battery saver widget for powersavingindication--- Detail Functions of LED Flashlight App ---1.Easy touse & bright LED flashlightWhenever you need a realtorch, thisflash camera light can be used by simple switch(on/off),just likeyou are using a real mobile torch light. Flashlight Appuses cameraLED flash on Android device as a light source. Moreover,flashlight brightness can be controlled easily, lighter ordarker.2.Colorful LED light for incoming calls & messageYouwill nevermiss any important calls and messages by using callscreen lightreminder function of Flashlight App. Flashlight App canbe used asa LED reminder for incoming calls or when there's a textmessage onphone. It will timely remind you with color flashlightalertlights, like super bright LED light for incoming call andcolorscreen light for message. Several colorful call screennotificationeffects of ring light flash are available to choosefrom.3. UsefulCamera LED lightIn addition to camera LED lightcontroller, thistiny flashlight app uses phone screen as a lightsourceautomatically when fail to open camera LED or camera LED isnotpresent. Certainly, screen flashlight is adjustable.4. Funnystrobelight & helpful SOS lightFlashlight App's strobe lightcan beused for fun and rescue yourself from danger. It hasspeedcontroller that allows you to adjust flashlight from low tohighfrequency. This funny strobe light can be used for personaldanceparty or disco ball. And its SOS light mode can be used to askforhelp for emergency.5. Detect battery draining appUse batterywidgetto automatically detect and indicate apps that cause batteryenergydraining. To help battery save power, you are not suggestedtocontinue using the flash in case of decreasing batterylifedramatically.6. Convenient Torch LightBesides abovefunctions,Flashlight App has well-designed wallpapers which can bedisplayedon the lock screen. It’s quite easy to turn on this freeflashlightapp on the lock screen, switch on/off flash light and useall itspowerful functions. It will give you a wonderful and realtorchexperience.--- Daily Use of LDE Flashlight App ---*Funnynotification screen light on incoming calls* Use strobe lightforfun at the ball or party* Used as a torch light for powercuts*Used as a torch light in the dark* Light your way when hiking*Helpto open the door at night* Used as a light source for readingonbed* Send out an SOS if necessary* Check on the little stuffwithstable light
Flashlight super bright 1.6.3572.08
Green Banana
Flashlight super bright best flashlight, easiestflashlight,brightest flashlightThe best appication for flashlight,easiest touse, brightest and fastest flashlightThree modes inflashlight:lighting modes using your camera’s LED light, anadjustable screenlight that you can easily customize, blink SOSsignal.Keyfeatures:- Camera LED light- Screen light- SOSsignalFeatures :-LED mode, Camera' Led light- The brightestilluminator ever-Fastest startup flashlight- Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller- SOS flashlight signal- Bretty andelegant UI design-Enjoy the cam LED light!- Change color screen-Adjustable screenlightBy using super bright flashlight, You willfeel free andreadly useful. Thank for using this app.
Best Night Light 1.0.4
Best Night Light uses your phone's screen to illuminate a roomusingany of 3 different light modes - Night Light, Mood Light andLavaLamp. Each mode is customisable and can be set on a timer upto 8hours, or be left on all night with 'infinite' mode. BestNightLight also now includes a selection of white noise orambientbackground sounds. These can be selected from any lightmode, andplay until the timer runs out or the light is cancelled.Thebackground sounds are ideal to help calm your mind and relaxyoubefore going to sleep. Night Light The Night light provides asoftand gentle light. It’s bright enough to see by but is notbrightenough to dazzle you or anyone else. * Use it to read withbeforebed * To get undressed without disturbing a sleeping partner*Checking on or feeding your baby * To chase away bad dreamsandhelp adults and children alike to sleep better. And oncetheselected time has passed, it simply fades out and exits theapp.Mood Light The Mood light displays the colours of therainbow,either randomly or in order. It can add ambience andatmosphere toa room. Lava Lamp Choose from a large selection ofpre-set colourschemes, or create your own, then sit back, relax andwatch as thescreen swirls and whirls. Notice: If you are planningon using BestNight Light all night, then we recommend plugging inyour device toensure your battery does not go flat before you wake.For youngerchildren and babies, please ensure that the device isleft on abedside table out of reach of the child. If you want tostay up todate with news about updates to Best Night Light, as wellas otherexciting games and apps we’re developing then please eithervisitour website Or follow usonFacebook or Twitter
com.rvappstudios.Flash.Alerts.LED.Call.SMS.Flashlight 1.3.1
RV AppStudios
It's time to take control of your phone notifications! FlashAlertsLED lets you manage and customize blinking flash light alertssoyou never miss a phone call, text (SMS), app notificationsoralarm. When it's dark or your phone's on silent, you'll stillknowwho's trying to get in touch with you, all thanks to FlashAlertsLED! Flash light alerts put the power of blinkingflashcustomization for your android phone at your fingertips.Createflash blink patterns for incoming phone calls, texts (SMS),and appnotifications. For example use flash alerts for allnotificationsincluding email, social networking, and messengerapps. Plus useflashlight LED alert on call and sms when you're in ameeting or ifyour baby is asleep. You never know when silentblinking flashescould come in handy. You can even create customlight blinks forindividual contacts, letting you know who's callingwithout turningon your screen! Features: • Set the LED to flash onincoming calls.• Create a custom blinking light for incoming SMSmessages. • Setblinking LED lights to help find your phone in thedark. Use LEDLight Controller When: • You have to keep your phoneon silent butyou still need to know who's texting (movie theatres,plays, babysleeping, etc.) • You need to identify a caller butcan't turn yourphone on (in a conference or meeting) • You're in anoisy locationand can't hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties)More LED LightController Features: • Set individual blink patternsfor calls andnotifications. • Set continuous flashes or the numberof blinks peralert. • Change the speed of light flashes. • Instant"flash off"control using the power button. • Share flash patternswith friendsand family. • Disable flashes when the battery is belowa setpercentage. • DND mode to hide LED flashes during specifiedtimesThe flashlight alert app is fully optimized for tabletsthatutilize a sim card. Thank you for using the brightest and bestLEDFlash Alerts for your phone & tablets, and we hope youthinkthis is truly the best app in the market. Please let us knowhow wecan continue to improve the free flash alerts LED app bycontactingus or reviewing! We always welcome your questions,suggestions andcomments. Facebook:
WF Flashlight 19
WF Company
The Power You Won't Believe! WF Flashlight!Highly advancedfunctionsand usability served right up.1. Enjoy the strongestFLASH in itsclass2. Psychedelic lights (Turn any dark room into aclubinstantly)3. Intuitive usability: No wait necessary4. Compass:Knowwhere you are headed5. Colorful Lights: Bring spice to anydécorwith vibrant colors* Optimized to bring out the best qualitymeansWF Flashlight may consume your battery fast. We recommend youtoenjoy our flashlight when necessary.* We always appreciatefeedbackfrom our lovely users to enhance our quality. For anyquestions andcomments, please email to treefrog1015@gmail.comFlashFlash Now!
Music Strobe Light - Bicycle Lights 2.22
Mobile ARTS
Music Strobe Light features:- Super Bright LED LampFlashlightTorch-Guaranteed! - Security light - when walking in adark areaswitchonthe blinking mode.- Easy torch light enabled withasinglebutton.-Strobe works perfectly with music source -flashblinks inthe beat ofmusic e.g. beatbox, drums beat orconcert.-Are youbeatboxer ? Thisapp is for you!- Afraid of bikingduringthe night- Easy to sue BikeLights- Convenient - SwitchOn/Offthelight/strobe just like using arealflashlight-Strobe/BlinkingMode supported - Blinkingfrequencyadjustableflashlight- Usetorch to open doors in low light-Turnyour phoneinto a strobelight / flashlight that listens to themusicaroundyou and flashesaccordingly.- SOS security mode- FlashLightOnClapRave Music,Techno and Disco lights. Enjoy!
Flashlight 1.0
Apalon Apps
There are few things as handy and essential as the flashlight:fromhelping you find your way back to your campsite to findingcontactlens you dropped on the floor, from late night reading inbed towarding off a would-be attacker - this ordinary tool canbecome areal life-saver.But no need today to search your pockets inpitchdarkness for a flashlight! With this app your Android is onlyaswipe away from being a perfect flashlight, bright andpowerfulenough even for signaling aliens at night!Our features:-9different flashing frequencies - Built-in SOS flashlightsignal-Modern Material Design - Screen light mode for deviceswithout LEDflash - 3 stunning color screen modes In addition, theapplicationis really convenient and easy to use. A single tap isrequired toswitch on/off the application and enjoy the brightestLED light.Switching between several LED flashlight frequencies hasnever beeneasier. Even in an emergency situation you won’t be leftalone:just enable the SOS-mode and the brightest LED light willtell therescue service where to find you. Drawing on the bestpractices ofmaterial design concept we made the simple andintuitive flashlightapp which is not only powerful and lightweightbut simple enough tobecome the crowning glory for yourdevice!PrivacyPolicy:
Flashlight Galaxy
Szymon Dyja
Flashlight Galaxy is one of the best rated (4.8) torch led appsinGoogle Play. Flashlight for Galaxy instantly turns your deviceintoa bright flashlight with a modern and easy-to-use interface.Galaxyprovides two lighting modes using your camera’s LED andscreen.GALAXY FLASHLIGHT LED for Samsung (also LG, HTC, Sony)devicesfeatures: - 2 light sources: camera LED light ,SCREEN lightor LED+ SCREEN - 2 bright modes: always ON orstrobe/blinking/flashingwith frequency to choose from - 8 screencolors to choose from -Auto Light ON when you launch app - Clearand modern design -Widget - turn on/off light from home screen -Very bright - Energysaving - Ability to work on the locked screen -Compass FLASHLIGHTGALAXY LED supported smartphones: - SamsungGalaxy Grand Prime -Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge -Samsung Galaxy S7 -Samsung Galaxy S8 - Samsung Galaxy S9 - SamsungGalaxy S10 + new :)- Samsung Galaxy J3, J5, J7 - Samsung Galaxy A1,A4, A5, A6, A7,A8, - Samsung Galaxy S ||, III, IV, V, VI, VII,VIII, Neo - SamsungGalaxy Trend Plus, Grand Neo, Core Prime -Samsung Galaxy Note 2,3, 4, 5, 6, Note 7, Note 8 - Sony Xperia Z,X, Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2, XA,Z3+, Compact, Feiteng - Sony Xperia M2, M3,M4, M5 - LG G2, G3, G4,G5, G6, Mini - LG Optimus L5, L9 - HTCDesire X, Desire Z - HTCOne, X, x9, a9, e9, C - HTC One m7s, Onem8s, One m9s - HTC One m7,m8, m9, m10 - Xiaomi, Google Nexus,OnePlus, Asus ZenPhone, Note -Huawei Ascend Mate, Motorola Droid,Motorola Moto G GalaxyFlashlight is a simple app that turns yourdevice into a superbright flashlight. Check Galaxy Torch LED.
ngd.p_0001 2.1
TORCH - simple flashlight. Free. No ads. Efficient.
No Ads) Super Bright Flashlight 0.4
EZ to Use
Super bright flashlight!Features: ●Super Bright●Very Easy toUse●SOSMorse CodeDownload now!
Flash Light Alert On Call And SMS 63.4
App notifications included now in flash alerts. So that you cangetflash alerts when you receive any Facebook feed, even a What’sAppmessage or a tweet from twitter. Get flash alerts controlledbywatch/time now. So that you can fix a particular time likefrom11am to 4 pm you get only flash alerts and rest of the time yougetregular calls. This application use your camera led tomakeblinking flashes without keeping the app open all the time, soifyou decide you no longer want your phone to use flash light,slidethe button to "off". Flash on Call and SMS will give youflashnotifications which are useful at many times. Flashlightalerthelps people at night when your android phone is on vibrateormute. Fully customizable flashlight ! A cool flashlight alertsorflash alerts application. When you receive a call, newtextmessage, the flash will blink with this flash alerts. Features:-When you receive a call or a text message, the flash will blink.-Flash alerts when have a call. - Blink flash alerts when haveSMS.- Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call and incomingSMSand Notification from all other app. - You can turn on or turnoffservice by manual over device status sound mode as Ring, VibrateorSilent mode. - Very useful to help you not miss Call, SMSorNotification . - You can receive flash alerts byparticularcontacts in your phonebook/contact list. - Turn off flashalertswhen battery low, help you save battery. Flash blinking/flashonCall and SMS message app is user friendly and really easy touse.Ultimate led color Flash on Call and Flash on SMS has a varietyofoptions included in it.LED Blink interval and Flashlight blinkonmissed call smart notifications count on incoming call and SMScanbe controlled within this flash on call and sms App. It's timetotake control of your phone notifications! Flash Alerts LED letsyoumanage and customize blinking flash light alerts so you nevermissa phone call, text (SMS), app notifications or alarm. Whenit'sdark or your phone's on silent, you'll still know who's tryingtoget in touch with you, all thanks to Flash Alerts LED! One ofthecool flashlight alert or flash alert application in the playstore.Very useful in the dark or at night when you do not want tohearringtones. Do you want flash light alerts on call! Thendownloadthis application. Feedback If you like flash on call andsms, rateus 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews If found an issuewithFlash Alerts on Call / SMS, report to us via email, wemustconsider it for solution Thank you for your support
Flash Alerts call, sms - Super Flashlight 2.0
It's time to take control of your phone notifications! FlashAlertsLED lets you manage and customize blinking flash light alertssoyou never miss a phone call, text (SMS), app notificationsoralarm. When it's dark or your phone's on silent, you'll stillknowwho's trying to get in touch with you, all thanks to FlashAlertsLED!Flash light alerts puts the power of blinkingflashcustomization for your android phone at your fingertips.Createunique blink patterns for incoming phone calls, texts (SMS),andapp notifications. For example use flash alerts forallnotifications including email, social networking, andmessengerapps. Plus use flashlight LED alert on call and sms whenyou're ina meeting or if your baby is asleep. You never know whensilentblinking flashes could come in handy.You can even createcustomlight blinks for individual contacts, letting you knowwho'scalling without turning on your screen!Features: • Set the LEDtoflash on incoming calls.• Create a custom blinking lightforincoming SMS messages.• Set blinking LED lights to help findyourphone in the dark.Use LED Light Controller When:• You have tokeepyour phone on silent but you still need to know who'stexting(movie theatres, plays, baby sleeping, etc.)• You need toidentifya caller but can't turn your phone on (in a conference ormeeting)• You're in a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone(coffeeshops, parties)More LED Light Controller Features:• Setindividualblink patterns for calls, SMS, and notifications.• Setcontinuousflashes or number of blinks per alert.• Change the speedof lightflashes.• Instant "flash off" control using the powerbutton.•Share flash patterns with friends and family.• Disableflashes whenbattery is below a set percentage.• DND mode to hideLED flashesduring specified times* Best Flashlight - BrightestFlashlightstronger than normal flashlight & torch light.* FreeFlashlight- Powerful flashlight app for Android, trusted by over500m users.*Brightest Flashlight - Instantly turn your device intothebrightest led flashlight.* Easy-To-Use - Flashlight app withFastStartup and Smooth Operation. * LED Flashlight - Switch On/Offthepower light just like using a real handy torch light.* FlashLight- Amazing blinking LED Flashlight for your phone!Frequencyadjustable.* Stunning Graphics - Beautiful Interface andCleanLayout make the operation simple and fast!* Strobe Flashlight- 9Different Strobe/Blinking Mode supported, likemilitaryflashlight.The flashlight alert app is fully optimized fortabletsthat utilize a sim card. Thank you for using the brightestand bestLED Flash Alerts for your phone & tablets, and we hopeyouthink this is truly the best app in the market. Please let usknowhow we can continue to improve the free flash alerts LED appbycontacting us or reviewing!
Brightest Flashlight - LED Light, Call Screen 1.6.1
Super-bright, handy and the brightest flashlight with colorcallscreen! Don't miss important calls with shining call screen.Superconvenient when you need extra light in the dark! This torchis thebrightest flashlight and has the amazing 🔥 call screenthemes! 🔥 ★Flashlight Features: - Stylish screen flash for yourincomingcalls. - Easy-to-use operation and clear design. - Switchon/offthe brightest flashlight like a real torch. - Best flashlightonlyaccesses camera flash light. - Simple flash light & fastLEDlight. ★ Flashlight Highlights: Call Screen Flash Plenty ofcallscreen themes and LED flashlight alert make your phone shiningandcool. The brightest flashlight and amazing incoming callscreen,all in this one app. Download for free now! Handy FlashlightPowerflashlight app comes in really handy when the power goes out.Thebrightest LED flashlight can brighten up your darknessinstantly.Super bright flashlight just like a regular torch light,simpleflashlight and tiny flash light! LED Flashlight LEDflashlight canlight up the dark by turning your phone into thebright led light.Bright flashlight always available in anysituation when you needsome extra light. Flashlight WidgetFlashlight widget can be addedon your home screen. With theconvenient flashlight widget, you canturn on/off the bright ledlight easily by pressing the buttonwithout entering the flashlightapp interface. Security FlashlightSecurity LED flashlight accessesthe camera LED flash only forbright flashlight without unnecessarypermissions & personalinformation and data collections. ★ WithFlashlight, you can do: +Best flashlight lights up your night whenpower outage. + Find yourkeys in the dark. + Read a book at nightwith powerful and brightflashlight. + Not missing Important calls.+ Take your puppy outfor a walk at night. + Save yourself when inemergency with thestrobe light. + Flashlight free lights the way atnight. + Changethe bubble or repair car at night. Flashlight is thebest led lightin the world with cool call screen flash. Don’t missthe BEST powerlight widget for Android! Download this flashlightfree now! Pleasenote that Brightest Flashlight - LED Light usesfollowingpermissions 1.Read contacts - only used to show contactsin screenflash; 2.Directly call phone numbers- only used for callassistantfeature to call back. 3.Read phone status - only used forcallflash feature to know your phone status and show screenflashprecisely. 4.Camera - only used to turn ON/OFF your device'scameraflashlight.
Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO 1.3
Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO allows you to use your Phone asafull-screen magnifier with the flashlight! With this app, youcanuse your phone's camera to magnify text, images, or anythingelse.It's a great alternative when you need to read small print orwhenyou just can't be bothered to put on your glasses. MagnifyingGlassFlashlight PRO can be used also at restaurants, movietheaters, oranywhere else with low light.With Magnifying GlassFlashlight PRO,you can auto-zoom as you want (2x,3x,4x,8x), and canpinch to zoomin/out manually (1x to 32x).What you can do with thismagnifyingglass:- Read text, business cards or newspapers with noglasses-Check the details of your medicine bottle prescription-Read menuin a dark light restaurant- Check serial Numbers From BackOfDevice (WiFi, TV’s, Washer, DVD, Refrigerator, etc.)-Replacebackyard bulb at night- Find things in purse- Can be usedasMicroscope (for more fine and tiny images, though, this is notareal microscope)MAIN FEATURES: - High magnifying factor: from 1xto32x- Photo Capture: Save magnified photos on your phone-Freeze,unfreeze, save or share images- Zoom and Exposure controls:Pinchto Zoom In/Out- Flashlight for low light situations: useLEDflashlight in dark places or during night- Torch LightActivatesInstantly with Video Zoom - Negative mode to enhance somedetails-Invert function: flip image 90° or 180°.- High focuscapabilityKeepin mind, that the quality of the image is directlyrelated to thequality of the device's camera. Also, thefunctionality offered issubjected with the hardware capabilities ofthe camera. As forexample, some devices don't have zoom, flash orauto focus.GetMagnifying Glass Flashlight PRO NOW! If you like it,pleaseconsider to rate us, as positive feedbacks help us to improveourapps.
Music Strobe Light 4.2
- MUSIC STROBE LIGHT LED Strobe Light with music rhythm (Openappand play your Music from another apps or Speaker...) - STROBELIGHTFREQUENCY Light up the dance floor with a Strobe. Set thedesiredfrequency with and enjoy the effect. All these amazing appsmakeMusic Strobe Light a trusted companion in ANY kind of reallifesituation and a MUST-HAVE utility app for all users. Justimagineall that things you can do with it: • Use in car emergency •Findthe lost keys • Read the book at night • Tell spooky storiesindark • Light your way home • Survive during the power outage•Light Up the dance floor • Send a morse code message •Communicatein your own coded language • Do the shadow theater • SOSduringemergencies and MUCH MUCH MORE! TABLET The screen light orviewlight uses a very bright full screen white casting as aflashlight.- Music Strobe Light works Perfectly on every devices aswell asnon-supported torch mode
Brightest flashlight 1.12.120
Brightest LED Flashlight, super bright LEDFlashlight!Thefastestest, brightest flashlight, the app instantlyturns yourdevice into a bright flashlight. The lighting tool takesfulladvantage of the LED light . Blinking Mode is alsoThe appisdesigned to support all android devices and really easy to usethecamera flash and LED. LED Flashlight likes a mobile torch. Withthefree app, you'll be able to add brightness to any situation!Mainfeatures include:- The brightest flashlight.- Fasteststartupflashlight.- Built-in SOS signal .- Switch On/Off the lightjustlike using a real flashlight.- Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller.- Beautiful design.- Use the cam light.- Lightyourtorch- Light your flashIt is a free app that gives you afreebright light at night with the brightest flashlight.I'm surethat,it's one of the best free LED flashlight apps ever!Let's getyourLED Flashlight right now!
Flashlight Pro - Free flashlight app, screen flash 1.19
Flash AI Inc.
Flashlight Pro is a Super Bright Free Flashlight APP forAndroidwith various features. It functions as a real torchlight inthedark, and provides Strobe SOS Light for Self-defense whenunderemergencies. Furthermore, Screen Flash & Flashing alertwilladd cool and fun experience to your phone life. What FlashlightProFeatures? Ø Slide to set 3 Strobe light & SOS Modes; ØMultipleScreen flash on incoming calls Ø Flash alerts on SMSnotification,messages & Calls Ø Auto Flashlight ON when you onetap tolaunch APP; Ø Turn Flashlight ON/OFF from home screentoolbar; ØLighting for longer distance & wider range; Ø OnlyAccessCamera Flash light Not Need Private Info. Ø User-friendlyinterfacedesign How Flashlight Pro helps you? Ø Best flashlight appwhenpower outage; Ø Powerful flashlight when bulbs break down; ØRepairthe car that break down suddenly; Ø Find Tiny things in thedarkplace; Ø Read books under quilt; Ø Walk dogs in park at night;Ø Gohiking & camping at night; Ø Intimidate enemy forself-defenseØ Ask for help when get lost; Ø Never miss importantcalls andmessages; Which Phones Flashlight Pro Be Compatible with?The FreeFlashlight APP be applied on most Android phones, includingbut notlimited to: Samsung Galaxy Note7, Note 6, Note 5, SamsungGalaxy S7and S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung GalaxyS5, S4,S3, Samsung Galaxy J7; Motorola, HTC, LG, SONY, One Plus,GoogleNexus, Asus, Huawei, etc. Flashlight Pro is among the toptacticalfree flashlight apps, which can assist anyone any kindofactivities indoor and outdoor; Meanwhile screen flash andflashalert add such fun to mobile itself.Ad_choices: PrivacyPolicy:
* Instantly turn your phone into a bright flashlight! *Thebrightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight! * TheFlashlightyou will never forget to bring when in need! * With themostelegant design and the fastest startup, The Flashlight takesfulladvantage of the LED light! Note: The Flashlight App needcamerapermission of your device(flashlight hardware is attachedtheCamera, for opening the light. It's the reasonable andnecessarypermission request). Features : • The brightestilluminator ever •Fastest startup flashlight • Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller • Built-in SOS flashlight signal •Intuitive and elegantUI design • Enjoy the cam LED light! * OurFacebookPage:
com.emoji.flashlight 2.8.1
Emoji Flashlight, turn your Android device into the brightestLEDflashlight only by a swipe, illuminate your way in the darknight.Emoji Flashlight is your necessary tool no matter you're athome,traveling or outside. We do not provide the service/contentfor anyminors under 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age inrelevantjurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the aboveconditions, youmust read the terms of User Agreement and use thisapp under theguidance of your guardian, and confirm that yourguardian agrees toyour Use of this app. Key features: - LED brightlight, it's easyto switch-on/off. - Strobe mode, you can totallycontrol the strobefrequency and it is a must having tool for you tocreate an activeatmosphere in concerts and parties. - Fast to startup, totally nobackground operations, and occupy a very small memoryspace. -Simple and extremely user-friendly. You deserve to havethesimplest, the most convenient, the brightest LED flashlight.Trythis free app, and you'll like it! Feedback and suggestions:We’dlove to hear from you! Send us your
Flashlight & Call Screen Theme by Sirius Torch
Sirius Torch is the latest flashlight app with a uniqueUIdesign. Handy and smart. You can light up the darknesswiththis super bright LED flashlight.  Can’t find yourkey inthe dark? Like to read your favourite books at night? Forgotto bring your torch when camping or hiking? Or want to be abeaconof light in the darknesss? Get Sirius Torch! The latesttorchlightapp with a top user-friendly design by an experiencedteam ofdevelopers.  Sirius Flashlight is a smart torchapplicationthat transforms your devices into an extraordinarilybrightflashlight in an instant. Your device camera LED light willbefully utilized to light up the darkness like a beacon. Keyfeatures: 1. Torchlight - Camera LED brightest lighter 2.SOSflashlight - Blink Mode ( Flash frequency can be customized )3.Screen Light - Screen brightness can be adjusted from darkertobrighter 4. Screen Blink - Never miss important calls 5.Notification Flashlight - Flashlight will be turned on inblinkmode when receiving a notification  6. Screen Saver-Well-designed screen saver display  7. Incoming CallScreenTheme - Tons of call screen themes are for free. A pureflashlightwidget that doesn’t seek to be granted any unnecessarypermissions.Well-designed user interface. No data consumption.Thanks to ourtop-class Android programmers, Sirius Torch is bothtiny in sizeand also consumes minimal battery. Lighting up yourworld whilesaving energy. No ads.  Sirius, a star known to bethebrightest in the Earth’s night sky with a visual apparentmagnitudeof −1.46, is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the nextbrighteststar.  As developers, we drew inspiration from thisnaturalwonder to bring you Sirius Flashlight - a powerfulflashlightapplication with a difference! Just like thestar, SiriusFlashlight will bring you to the light in thedarkness.★Multi-languages - English, Português, Españo, Español,Pусский,Français, Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى,ไทย,Bahasa Indonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語and中文. If you have any questions or any problems, please contact
com.peacock.flashlight 8.10.5
It quickly and easily turns on the flashlight next to therearcamera. Features: 1. Flashlight in Dark 2. Color ScreenFlashlight3. Morse Code Flashlight for SOS 4. Compass & MapWith thisapp, you can do : + Find Your Keys in the Dark + Read aReal Bookat Night + Light the Way When Camping and Hiking + MakeYourselfVisible on Roadside at Night + Light Your Room During aPowerOutage + Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets + Check on theLittleOnes It's hard to beat the super bright LED flashlight onAndroidwhen it comes to simplicity. The flashlight app's setupmimics anactual hardware flashlight, with an on and off switch youcantoggle to turn on and off your digital torch light. You canalsoadjust the light's strobe or blinking mode by swiping left orrighton the digital flashlight's bezel. If it's a free andsimpleflashlight app you're after and you use a smartphonerunningAndroid, this should be one of the first downloads you checkout.You'll find the basic torch functionality with this torchlightapp, but it also offers some more "fun" features. Apart fromthatmost basic torch functionality, you can even use the torchlight tosend Morse code.
best.flashlight 1.4.0
Download our bright & lasting flashlight with LED light tolightup darkness. Flashlight is the most easy to use free androidappwith several blink mode. The brightness of the LED lightisadjustable, reduce or increase the brightness as you want inthispowerful flashlight. Features: 1. Strobe/Blink Mode. Changetheblink mode to your preference. Many blinking frequencyavailable,including SOS. 2. Easy to use. Only with one tap to turnon/off theflashlight. Just like using a real handy torch light.Also candirectly open/close the flashlight in notification bar. 3.Bright.Flashlight gives out LED light. 4. Flashlight app forfree.Flashlight provides with you all the powerful function freely.5.Flashlight is a low battery consuming app. 6. Friendlyuserexperience. Cool and clean user interface design. Definitelyyourbest choice. 7. Colorful screen flash when calls come in. Therearetwo modes to choose. 8. LED flashes when there are incomingcalls.Flash time of 3 seconds, 15 seconds and flashing until youanswerthe phone or hang up. 9. Screen Light. You can controlthebrightness of your screen light by controlling the circle onthescreen. You can use it in the following occasion: + Light uptheroom during a power cut. + Find your socks under your bed. +Readbooks in darkness. + Find the way when walking at night. +Findyour keys in your bag. + For emergency use when necessary.+Regulate atmosphere on a concert. + Brightest flashlightforcamping. + Strobe light for parties. If you have anyquestions,feedback, or just want to say hi, feel free to email us.Email:bestliferecorder@gmail.comFacebook:
Screen Flashlight 1.2.6
Screen Flashlight uses your screen's light to convert yourdeviceinto a handy flashlight, owns brightness control and has anelegantdesign. Screen flashlight also offers more functionalitythan acommon flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS (an internationalcodefor help) mode. Screen Flashlight features: - Flashlight -Strobe.- SOS. - RGB mode for screen color customization. - Presetscreencolors. - Strobe frequency changeable. - Brightness control.-Sleep timer. Warning: some people may be sensitive toflashinglights. Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsyinwhich seizures are triggered by visual stimuli that formpatternsin time or space, such as flashing lights, bold, regularpatterns,or regular moving patterns.
Flash Light Alerts 1.9
Flash light alert on call is a smart application to remind you ofanincoming call or SMS with the blink of your flash light.Thisapplication will use your camera flash to make blinkingsignalswhile your device is ringing or new notification messageisreceived. A very useful and handy application for those whoarealways busy in meetings or work in hospitals or in silent zones.♥♥Features ♥♥ ♦ When you receive a call, new text message, theflashwill blink ♦ Incoming call flash and sms flash can be usedtogetheror separately ♦ Blinking can be disabled with just a tap onscreen♦ Blinking frequency can be changed as per your needs ** Thisappuses Accessibility services (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE).
Night Light: sleep well 1.55
M.T Player
Night Light uses your phone's screen to illuminate a room withsoftlight.This night lamp includes a shutdown timer feature,easysliding brightness control, analog and digital time option.Alsoincludes wonderful screen colors and different backgroundtemplatesto choose from! Key Features:- Bedside Lamp: It helps toget rid ofthe fear of the dark.- Many different lights to choosefrom:Soothing glowing colors make sleep more enjoyable andrestful-Animated background: change backgrounds- Brightness isadjustable:adjust the screen brightness as you wish- Clockfunction: The dateand time display on the screen- Shut down Timer:you can enjoy andrelax before sleep without risk that it remains onall night long-FlashlightTip: If you are leaving this on all night,please plugyour phone or the nightlight will wear out the battery.
Flashlight HD LED 4.9
Flashlight HD LED is the brightest LED flashlight you will everuse!It also might be the easiest flashlight app you can have foryourAndroid phone. The flashlight is FREE, compact, convenient andgivesyou many useful innovative lighting features.Brought to youby thecreators of popular BATTERY SAVER, the world’s leadingbattery saverand power manager that can extend your phone’sbattery up to 70%!Wehear your requests to add additionalflashlight features. We areworking hard to make our flashlightapplication even more fun foryou. Flashlight HD LED featuresinclude:1) The brightest flashlightin the history! 2) Adapted tomore than 1000 Android models and thelist is still growing3)Includes both LED flashlight and screenflashlight options4)Variety of different light and color screenmodes (e.g. strobelight, police light)5) Easy to use flashlightinterface withone-touch controls6) Small memory usage, low batteryand CPUconsumption7) All Flashlight HD LED are FREE
🏆 Flashlight LED MF PRO - Brightest HD torch 1.1.5
For the magnetic compass to be displayed your device need to haveamagnetic sensor.🔥 THE ULTIMATE MULTI-FUNCTION LED TORCH🔥FlashlightLED MF (multi-function) PRO is an ad free, powerful,quick &super bright flashlight app for Android with HDgraphics, that - inaddition to its high power torch LED flash lightfeature - has:✔Tactical strobe / blinking light✔ SOS-signaling foremergency✔Magnetic compass (magnetometer sensor needed)✔ Text tomorse codesignaling✔ Signal lamp for manual morse code signaling✔Fast accesshome & lock screen widget.In short: Not just aflashlightapp!Features in detail• Uses the camera LED flash aslight source(or the screen on devices without flash)• Turns on thetorch lightinstantly at app launch• Has a fast access home &lock screenwidget for turning on the light without launching theapp (lightstays on when the screen is turned off, or while otherapps areused).• Has tactical strobe / blinker mode for sendinglightsignals (strobing) at adjustable speed• Has emergency mode /SOSmode for sending SOS signals at adjustable speed• Has amagneticcompass (both a small and a big one [magnetometer sensorneeded])•Has a morse translator (text-to-morse) with which you canwrite atext and send it off as light signals at adjustable speed•Has asignal lamp with a international morse code alphabet chartthat canbe used to manually transmit morse code signals & getsomemorse training• The screen can be used as source instead of theLEDflash• Has a timer to automatically turn off theflashlightafter selected time limit passed• Works on both tabletsand phones•Uses high resolution (HD) quality graphics•All-purpose,professional & multi-functional. Useful for homeuse as well asfor outdoor activities such as camping/hiking•Without ads, no adswill be displayed, fully ad free• ⚡ High power& as bright asthey come :-). Simply the best & superbright,guaranteed!IMPORTANT Your device must have a magnetic sensorforthe compass to work. If no sensor is found the compass willbehidden. You can check what sensors your device hashere: models from all well known manufactures such asSamsung(e.g.galaxy)Lenovo (e.g. vibe)Motorola (e.g. moto Z)LG(e.g.Optimus)Huawei (e.g. P9 Lite)OPPO (e.g. A1601)Xiaomi (e.g.RedmiNote)+ many more[2017]
com.ashapps.led.torch 2.19.10
ASH Apps
LED Torch its amazing and useful app for android users thatshinesbright and looks great on your phone! This quick and easytorch hasa power button to (enable/disable) only a single click.Thisapplication is very helpful specially when you are in dark andyoucan easily find any little thing. FEATURES: * Enable/Disabletorchlight with a single button. * On/Off torch light with asoundeffect. * User Interface. * Easy to use. * Use for thebrightest,most reliable light to find your way. Totally free torchlightapplication for all android users. Install it withamazingfeedback.
Flashlight 1.61
Splend Apps
Flashlight is free, intuitive and easy to use torch app forAndroid.Our app uses the built-in camera LED flash and providesthebrightest light as possible. If your device doesn't have aflash,then you can use the white screen mode. For quick access youcan usethe status bar buttons (available in notification area) orclick theflashlight widget on your homescreen. Walk in the dark,visitingdark basement, no electricity at home or looking forsomething underthe bed - in these and other unexpected situationsour flashlightalways helps you! About Us • • Our PrivacyPolicy: • ContactUs: Follow Us •Twitter: •Facebook: •Google+:
Flashlight! Free. No ads. 1.7
Simple free flashlight. With no ads inside!Please feel freetocontact me if it doesn't work on yourdevice:android@wildev.ruKeywords: flashlight android, torch,strobe,brightest, best app, best flashlight, free phone app,freeflashlight, ad free flashlight, free flashlight
Flashlight for Samsung 1.3
Mobilead Inc.
You can experience real torch that have real motion andsoundeffect. Elegant interface, simple layout andconvinientfuntionality make up of this cool flashy fun light!Besides, it'stotally free and support all the android devices.Strobe/blinkingmode offer various blinking mode with SOS blinkingmode. 1.Brightest Flashlight instantly open; 2. The super-fast,nobackground security more at ease; 3. The interface is simpleandeasy to use; 4. Completely free, energy saving in memory;5.fastest brightest, professional attitude is everything.Theflashlight has also been recently tested to work well onthefollowing devices: - For Samsung Galaxy S8 - For Samsung GalaxyJ7- For Samsung Galaxy J5 - For Samsung Galaxy J3 - ForSamsungGalaxy Grand Prime - For Samsung Galaxy Core - For SamsungGalaxyS7 - For Samsung Galaxy S6 - For Samsung Galaxy A8 - ForSamsungGalaxy A7 - For Samsung Galaxy A6 - For Samsung Galaxy S5 -ForSamsung Galaxy S4 - For Samsung Galaxy S3 - For Samsung GalaxyS1 -For Samsung Galaxy S2 - For Samsung Galaxy Note5 - ForSamsungGalaxy Note4 - For Samsung Galaxy Note3 - For Samsung GalaxyNote2- For Samsung Galaxy Express
Super-Bright Flashlight 2.8
The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LEDlight.Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supported and it's FREE!Features: *Stunning graphics This is the most beautiful flashlightyou can getin hand! * Convenient Switch On/Off the light just likeusing areal flashlight * Super Bright Flashlight Guaranteed!*Strobe/Blinking Mode supported Blinking frequency adjustable*Least battery consumption! * Desktop widget Add a widget forquickaccess, open the flash * Support compass function
Flashlight. Super Bright 1.25
The brightest flashlight on the market that activates a flashcameraor screen for backlighting. This is an incrediblypowerfulflashlight with a good set of functions and almost no ads.Ourbright LED flashlight is a powerful light source that hasexcellentutility.Super flashlight functionality:- turns on thephone's (ortablet's flash)- causes screen to glow- has astroboscope (flash orscreen flicker)- it can change the screen'scolor- has a simple andconvenient designPracticality in use:-Allows you to read books inthe dark- You can always find your keysin the dark- It can lightup the road in the darkWe are constantlyimproving our flashlightand trying to select the most importantfunctions that woulddeservedly earn our product the reputation as"the best flashlight"on the market. Turn the backlight functionon/off to quickly turnon the backlight.Our application is suitablefor any phone andtablet using the Android system and that has anLED flash for thecamera.Download Flashlight. Super Bright. It'svery convenient andpractical!
Super LED Flashlight 1.22
Super brightest flashlight is a FREE flashlight app withmultiplefeatures which turns your device into a bright flashlight.It’smore than just a flashlight app. It is the combination ofsafety,stability and accessibility, which is very battery-friendly,withamount of LED flashlight modes & call flash forcustomization.Super brightest flashlight – the flashlight in themarket, is nowcompatible with more than 10000 android devices!💡💡Feature MultipleLED light Swipe to change the strobe lightFlashing LED for callsand SMS LED reminder for incoming calls andSMS LED SOS LED SOS foremergency LED SOS can be quickly started bysimply setting PrivacyPolicy: FacebookADchoice:
Flashlight Led 2019 - Super bright torch light 5.1
Flashlight 2019 Led is a totally free application that turnsyourSmartphone into a super led flashlight quickly and efficiently.Theapplication uses Flash from the camera of your Smartphone tobeable to lighten up what you need. The application has aStrobefunction that makes the led light of your phone blink veryfast.This app is an indispensable tool in your day to day, withthisapplication you will always be accompanied by a super andpowerfulflashlight in your pocket. This Torchlight has asophisticateddesign making your phone even more beautiful. Avoidusing the oldcandle and use the new Flashlight app 2019. Flashlighttorch issimple, beautiful, fast and brightness. Use thisapplication to: -Walking in a dark place - Read a Book in the Dark- Light your way- When the light ends at home - During the night -During a partywith the strobe function - Use the Torchlight inDarkness Mainfeatures: - Low phone space - Strobe function - Strobofrequencyadjustment - Front brightness adjustment - Works withlocked screen- Low battery consumption. - Hd Interface - Availablefor varioussmartphone models - Totally free Super brightest foryour MobileLight Fast and efficient to get you out of the dark.InstallFlashlight 2019 on your phone and enjoy this free app. *Americanlight * Flashlight App 2018 * Led torchlight * Flashlighte* Strobe* Best torch * Strobe light. * Torchlight * Brightest *Brighter *Torch app * Free Torch app * light in Darkness app