Top 22 Games Similar to CAT de PIRATES

striker – Dropping balls – 1.0.3
How to play Pull and send away your own balls (green) and bashthemagainst your opponent’s balls (red)! You win by droppingopponent'sballs from above the board! It is a simple game thatanyone caneasily play! Points Make adjustments in factors such ashow hardyou pull and which way you aim! The key to winning isdropping asmany of the opponent’s balls with each shot! Number ofstages 256whooping stage (32 new ones)! Can you clear all of thestages?
ChalkDashDX 1.1.3
An application "chalk dash" of popularity became DX andcamehome!Many stages and a lot of new friends appear! Let'sexplorethedescribed world with chalk! You draw a line, and you willhelpastick human being running a blackboard with chalk!Stickhumanbeings are different in ability each. Try toemployvariouscharacters! Furthermore, I can compete for score withanendlessmode! Aim at the chalk master! [rule] There are manyareascreatedwith chalk. You push it forward in the next stage byleadingastick human being to the goal. In the last of each area,there isarival. You push it forward in the next area by beatingarival.[operation] I can draw a line on the blackboard withtouch&slide. Stick human beings can run on the line. Youmustoperate astick human being well! [star] The stage has a lotofstars. Youcan use a new stick human being by gathering stars.Let'sgatheryou much! [item] There are a large number of itemsincludingaparachute and the drill. Please see the help in the gameabouttheeffect. ◇ ◆ SAT-BOX app ◆ ◇ Drop Eraser 1,500,000DLbreakthroughtotal Pen series clamp 500,000 DL breakthroughtotalMonsters Coin400,000 DL breakthrough total Galaxylaserseries300,000 DLbreakthrough total Dark Knight Story Series 100,000DLbreakthroughtotal Other popular series number! Total 5,000,000DLbreakthroughapp! Send by mail the following inquiries
Pirates Battleship Strike 1.0.2
Pirates Battleship Strike is an actionpirategame for WAR.You are the captain of the Black Pirate Pearl, the moststrongbattleship to strike. You have to fight with the royal navyfrigateship. Finding her in a heavy fog off of the Sipadan Islands,youengage her in battle.A multiplayer battle ship game !Bomb it, bomb it. What you need to do is only firing andtakeyour enemy to sink.Be care of your enemy, he is smart and will not stay herewaitingyou attack. He will tightly wrapped you like a ghost, runaway fromyour attack, and fire before you run away.Control anti-aircrafts battery guns, cannons and turretswithmulti-touch controls. Shoot down Luftwaffe ships and bombers.Sinkships, bomb strategic installations and enemy ground targetsall ina realistic 3D environment.In the lower left corner of the screen, you will findanindicator which shows how many cannons are loaded and ready tofireat any given time. You do not have to have all cannons loadedtofire - neither does the royal navy frigate ship.The health of each ship is displayed at the top of thescreen.Your ship and the royal navy ship sustain damage when hit byenemyfire. the fist ship whose health bar reaches zero has lostthebattle.There are three difficulty level waiting for you. Higherlevelmeans more score and more powerful enemy. The best resultswill besaved to the world top list.You control your ship with left and right arrow keys andtheshoot button, The arrow keys move the Black Pearl left andrightand the shoot button fires her cannons.
Pirates vs. Zombies 1.0
In 1763, the Caribbean is awashinpirates.The pirates, accompanied by a zombie crew kidnap you andvoodoomagic has transformed the pirates into the zombies.Surrounded by avast ocean, there will be no escape.You must sail off the edge of the map and stop the curse beforeit'stoo late.Good luck!FEATURES:- Defend Yourself !- Don't get eaten !- Incredible graphics with detailed scenes and objects!- Stunning new sound effects guaranteed to cause a scare!- Experience exciting shooting gameplay against zombies out foryourbrains- Many items to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!- Multiple puzzles to solve and challenges to complete.- A dark adventure full of chills and thrills, face off withtheundead!- Zombies ! Zombies ! Zombies !Visit Facebook for HINTS and BUG REPORTS: us if you have problems or comments with the app.
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt 9.9.1
Hail to the Captain! Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in theAgeof Piracy - the time of black flags and white skulls, bluewaves andgolden opportunities. Hoist the Jolly Roger and grab thesteeringwheel to sail through battles and raids, ransoms andtreasures, tobecome the Crimson King of the Antilles! - 20 classesof ships -unlimited fleet size - control several ships in combat -bombardenemy fortresses with heavy mortars. - 5 types of ammo -cannonballs, chain balls, grapeshot, bombs, double-shot, -specialweapons: explosive barrels, burning oil, batteringrams,pre-boarding attacks - 30 ship upgrades - characterdevelopment,rising experience levels - 20 captain skills -unlocking new gamefeatures and possibilities - realistic sailingsimulation,incorporating distance and time - hundreds of islandsand dozens ofports to visit and explore day/night cycle - buildingconstructionand upgrades - multiple player held bases - unlimitednumber of seabattles and scenarios (merchant missions, smugglersmissions,convoy missions, treasure hunt, pirate attacks, escortmissions) -story-driven campaign set in a living world full ofpeople. -historical module, with more than 50 years of real historyand realevents - reputation in a dozen nations - fight with otherplayersin 2 multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE
Pirates! Showdown Full Free
This is a full version of the hit game Pirates!Showdownmadecompletely free!! Pirates! Showdown is a fast-pacedgamecombiningreal-time strategy(RTS) and defense tactics. 3rd placeonlist ofbest Android tablet games! Digital Trends "Seriously,thisis avery cool game!" AndroidGameplay4You 5 Stars-Wickedlyentertaining A must have 5 Stars - Awesome Mostaddictinggame onandroid!!!! 5 Stars - Great game Easy to play, manyskilllevels,totally entertaining. Face off against the fearsomeRedHandprivateers in thrilling head-to-head pirate battles onthehighsea! Capture towns and other structures to strengthenyourdefenseand increase your gold supply. Capture your enemy's basetowin,but make sure you are also defending your own base!75campaignlevels plus randomly generated maps in skirmishmode!STREAMLINEDRTS DESIGNED FOR MOBILES! Fast paced gameplay withRTSand defensetactics without heavy resource management or theneedtomicro-manage units. WEIGH ANCHOR! Command your fleetofpirateships as you send them to intercept the enemy pirates orlaysiegeto land targets. Send an armada of Brigantines or saveyourgoldfor a massive Ship of the Line! CAPTURE! Towns,guardtowers,shipyards, lighthouses, mystical obelisks, and more canallbecaptured. Structures all have a unique purpose and willsupplyyouwith gold, attack your enemy, buff up you ships, allowyoutolaunch more ships, etc. UPGRADE! Upgrade towns toincreasegoldproduction. Upgrade guard towers to increase theirfirepowerandstrengthen your defenses. STRATEGY! Will youaggressivelycapturetowns to loot their gold or invest in the townsyou havetoincrease their gold production? Wage a purely pirate shipbattleorstrengthen your defenses with upgraded guard towers? FindtherightRTS strategy to beat each level. 75 UNIQUE LEVELS INFOURWORLDS!Combat the enemy in the tropical Caribbean then followthemintoHades in the River Styx world. And the Open Sea andChaosOceanworlds have the largest levels of all ADJUSTABLEAIDIFFICULTY! Setthe game to be as easy or as difficult as youwant.Set the AI toadjust to your skill or set it to play acompletelyeven/fair matchevery time. Pirates of all strategy skilllevelsshould besatisfied CONTROL TIME SPEED! At any time you canspeed upor slowdown time to play at your own pace. Allow yourselfmore timetoprepare your strategy or speed up your opponent'sdemise!SKIRMISHMODES! Two skirmish modes provide an infinite numberofrandomlygenerated maps
Myth of Pirates 1.1.9
Sail your ship cross the oceans in search for amazingtreasuresinorder to become the new master of the seas. Nobody knowswhatiswaiting out there, but does it matter? Are you ready totravelfromisland to island with your crews trying to defeat any onestandonyour way? The fantastic journey awaits you. You decide!Chooseyourcrews wisely, equip the strongest items and use youruniqueskillseffectively: those are the keys leading you tofinalvictory.Feature: - Hundreds of battles - Tons of quests - Epicbossfights- Dozens of excellent items - Mission every 10 minutes -3sides(pirate, undead and marine) with different crews,weaponsandskills - Both SD & HD are supportedFanpage:
Pirates Vs Zombies 1.5
During a treasure hunt, the piratesencounteragroup of islands, which is filled with gold andtreasures. Butitturns out quickly, that these islands are guardedbybloodthirstyzombies. Help the pirates to clean up the isles!Usedifferentweapons like the cannon, a voodoo ball, rumbarrels,different gunsor parrots!Clean up the Isles and collect the coins!Review: game is just for real pirates!
World Of Pirate Ships 4.4
Game Wacky
Immerse yourself into the world of large scale sea battleswithpirate warships. World Of Pirate Ships is a classical, freeforall, death-match, multiplayer only, game for 10 players (ships)permap. The goal is to destroy, as many as you can, enemy ships .Eachround is 10 minutes long after which map changes. For everyhitwith your cannon you get gold. If you hit bigger ship, you'llgetmore gold. You can spend it on upgrades or new ships. Controlsarevery simple. Just tap on the water to set new direction fortheship and tap and drag for aiming. Good luck captain!
Return of Pirates 1.4
Return of Pirates! Play as a mostanxiouspirates of the Caribbean in this fast-paced game combiningrealtime strategy (RTS) & defense tactics. Fight naval battlesallover the Caribbean Sea. Break all the rules, destroy yourenemiesand become a true pirate legend. Sail throughout a vastarray ofislands& make your own fortune.

Bomb it, Bomb it! What you need to do is only firing and takeyourenemy to sink. Meet the most famous assassin pirates of theera,Captain Hook & Blackbeard. You are the captain ofthisbattleship with loads of weapons. Face off against the fearsomeRedHand privateers in thrilling head-to-head pirate battles onthehigh sea to become a better captain and the true master ofnavalcombat. Treat your enemies with heavy shells, let them chokeinthis return of pirates 2d game.

Story line

You are the captain of the black pearl, Misfortune has knockedyourdoor and Captain Hook is terribly trapped by the Blackbeard intheCaribbean Sea. Blackbeard is smart & he will not stayherewaiting you attack. He will trap you like an evil so get readyforthe showdown & start firing, protect your ship fromheavybombs. Your navy ship sustain damage when hit by enemy fire.Whosehealth bar reaches at end has lost the strongest battle.

Features of Return of Pirates:

• Fast paced & real time strategy 
• Survival Game
• Shoot Multiple Cannons 
• Realistic different Ships
• Pirate ship battle
• Appealing sound effects
• Epic graphics
Pirates Storm - Ship Battles 1.3.061
Recruitment of the bravest pirate! StartNavalBattles!In the Great Navigation Ages, the pirates driving the mostfamouspirate ship on the infinite sea. We need the smart andambitiouspirates to defeat and conquer the enemy. Who is the best?May be thenext is you!Features:- Easy to play but inconceivable challenges- More powerful Boss waiting for your challenge- Many famous pirate ships waiting for you to handle- Incredible weapons and wonderful scenes- Funny game with exciting enjoyment- Connect to Facebook share your best records and playwithfriendsHow to Play:- Use your finger to control the position of Pirate ships- Game props are assisting to complete the mission- 3 stars bring the extra rewards- Daily surprise rewards- View your rank on the Top list, and become the best pirate.Free Joining the Pirates Storm!
LEGO® Ninjago™: Skybound 10.0.32
The evil Djinn Nadakhan is stealing partsofNinjago Island to rebuild his realm of Djinjago in the sky.Playingas Jay you must battle him and his gang of SKY PIRATES torescueZane, Nya, Lloyd, Cole and Kai to take back the stolen landsandrebuild Ninjago.Outnumbered and behind enemy lines you must decide your Ninjastyle.Stealth or fight – the decision is yours!Features- Choose how you want to play. Sneak through shadows tooutwitenemies with stealth or fight them in epic swordbattles.- Awesome side scrolling fun.- Find the secret Tiger Widow venom to stop the evilDjinnNadakhan.- Collect studs to upgrade your Ninja skills.- Simple one touch control mechanic.LEGO NINJAGO: SKYBOUND is free to play and offers noin-apppurchases.For app support contact LEGO Consumer Service.For contact details refer to privacy policy and terms of use for apps are accepted ifyoudownload this app.Read more on and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group.©2016The LEGO Group.
Son Korsan Pirate MMO 2.0.517
Become a pirate, sail the oceans, plunder enemy shipsandconquerislands! Take control of your own pirate ship in thisMMOand livethe life of a plundering pirate. You can band togetherwithyourfriends, become a guild and fight against other guildstodominatethe oceans! Features: - Play a piracy themed MMO withahuge anddetailed map right on your tablet or phone. - Improveyourship toget stronger and faster. - PvP action: Fight againstotherplayers- or weaken them and just plunder their ship. - Explorethewatersand wide oceans full of danger and opportunity. - Joinaguild /fleet, meet friends and organise attacks onenemyislands:Strategy! - Take missions and go on quests to huntdownsystemships and raid trade ships. --- Starting with a smallboat,yourunskilled pirate will soon become a legend! To accomplishthis,youwill need to; ... sail the high seas and survive. ...embracetheindependent nature of piracy. ... send enemy ships to thebottomofthe sea. ... earn coins by trading. ... collect piecesofatreasure map and go on a treasure adventure. ...battleotherplayers in PvP mode, 5v5 arena and deathmatchquests....participate in activities like Capture the Flag,Octopus,Conquerthe Island etc. ... play every day and claim yourdailyprizes.Download Son Korsan now and battle your way to victory!
スクラッチパイレーツ 1.1.6
【新機能搭載!!】プレイヤー同士のバトル機能で熱くなれ!バトルに勝って限定キャラや船パーツをGET!!新感覚ゲーム「スクラッチパイレーツ(スクパイ)」登場!海賊をモチーフにした個性溢れるキャラたちが激アツの「スクラッチバトル」を繰り広げる!ガリガリ削って敵を倒せ!【ゲーム紹介】世界に散らばるお宝を求めていざ出航!舞台は海だけでなくジャングルや砂漠、火山まで!?次々と立ちはだかる海賊やモンスターを削って倒し、世界中のお宝をゲットしよう!★簡単操作!スクラッチバトル!大砲をひっぱって弾を発射!敵を削って倒すだけ!たった、一撃で形勢逆転することも!?★船のデザインは自分次第!好きなパーツを組み合わせて自由自在にカスタマイズ可能!こだわりの船で、冒険に出かけよう!★個性豊かな敵キャラクター海賊船やモンスターなど、様々な敵が出現!作戦を練って敵を削って倒せ!敵が持っているお宝をゲットできるかも!?★削ってザクザク!お宝ゲット!「宝島」を見つけたら、ビッグチャンス!時間制限内に、隠された「お宝」を探しだせ!削る爽快感が癖になる!■対応OSAndroid OS 4.1以上(一部端末除く)■推奨端末一覧※リンク先に記載のない非推奨端末での動作は保証しておりません。あらかじめご了承ください。※※推奨端末の予定につきまして、個別にはお答えしておりません。■注意○ダウンロード時、端末に「400MB以上」の空き容量が必要です。○インストール中は絶対に端末の電源をOFFにしないでください。■お問い合わせはこちらへ■提供株式会社パオン・ディーピー PAON DP Inc.
Contra Pirate 1.0.7
Rambo Pirate — together with Peter protectyourcountry from attack of pirates. You will become the last hopeofrescue of the whole country, but as soon as you rescue thepeacepopulation from awful pirates there will be a new danger:Cyclopsand dragons decided to burn the cities and to destroypeople. Petershould take up arms again. Throughout 50 levels ofvariousdifficulties destroy enemy forces. Simple gameplay, variousweaponand a lot of adrenaline are guaranteed to you.
Pirate Gunship Combo 1.0.0
Pirate Gunship Combo is a helicopteractiongamethat combines stunning pirate 3D graphics withflightcontrolsimulation and engaging military scenarios to pull youintoanimmersive combat experience the moment you start the game.Attack your friends' islands, steal their gold and buildyourownisland empire in the best new casual strategy game onmobileandtablet devices!Join millions of our savage pirates from all over theworldwhoare already enjoying Pirate Kings for FREE!Pirate Kings is an amazing, fun, free-to-play multiplayergame,whereyou spin an addictive, dynamic wheel to win piles ofgold,raid theislands of your Facebook friends and loot all theirmoney,all inorder to... conquer, explore and build exotic,beautifullycraftedislands!EXPERIENCE THE RUSSIAN WAR AIRCOMBATImmerse yourself into the mist of the Vietnam war asanUShelicopter or a fighter pilot.Not like other flight sim games for mobile devices,inPirateGunship Combo the cockpit is highly simulatedwithultra-realistic3D cockpit, full function dashboard, realisticsoundeffects andall moving parts.Graphics are highly detail with cities, jungles,airbases,alsoincludes a vast terrain covers Vietnam, Laos andThailand.In Pirate Gunship Combo, you have more aircrafts availabletoflymore than any other games. We're working hard to bringevenmore infuture updates.Weapon systems in Gunship-III are also highly detailandaccuratewith real recorded sounds, high fire rate for minigunsaswellexplosion effect for bombs and rockets.Your mission: you are a mighty pirate in combat, your questistoconquer the Twelve Seas, build AMAZING islands andbecometheUltimate Pirate Captain King.Don't forget... in order to become the Pirate King you needtostealfrom your richest fellow pirates, attack their islandsandupgradeyour own - but beware! They can always take REVENGE!ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT (AI)Each mission features many AI aircrafts, you also haveAIgunnersonboard who will shoot at anything firing at them andmakesurenothing could touch your aircraft.The enemy is also aggressive and fearless, they only shootatyouwhen in close range and be aware of those RPG, they suretakeanaircraft down just by one hit.ENGAGE IN BRUTAL NAVAL COMBATSFight in real-time naval battles all over the Caribbean Sea.Choose from a wide range of weapons to destroy yourenemiesandbecome a true pirate legend!BUILD UP YOUR CREW AND YOUR SHIPAcquire the most iconic boats of the Golden Age ofPiracy;rangingfrom the smallest gunboat to the Man O’WarfloatingfortressUpgrade your vessel using the massive bounty plunderedfromyourencountersRecruit the finest crew members and learn more than 50newpiratingtechniques to become a better captain and the truemasterof navalcombat.DISCOVER GROUNDBREAKING 3D VISUALS ON MOBILE AND TABLETSChanging weather conditions directly impact the gameplayandredefineevery landscape.Beware of storms and of the treacherous fog that willconcealyourenemies until the last moment!Bask in the West-Indies sunshine, admire beautiful sunsetsandsailthrough the night along breathtaking coastlines.EXPLORE THE IMMENSITY OF THE PIRATE ISLANDSail throughout a vast array of islands as you exploreaPIRATEISLAND huge mapEnjoy more than 50 story and side missions, search fornearlyonehundred treasures and lost parchments and compete withyourfriendsfor the highest bounty.EMBARK ON AN EPIC QUEST FOR A LEGENDARY TREASURELive an adventure that will reveal the truth aboutLaBuse’smysterious lost treasure.Cross paths with Assassins and Templars and take partintheirage-old struggle.Meet the most notorious and colorful pirates of theera,includingDarvin Saimon and Whitebeard!Pirate Gunship Combo is fully compatible with tablets.prepare your strategy or speed up your opponent's demise!
Pirates World 1.22
Ninja Games
Pirates World - the new Tower Defense GameProtect your buildings and destroy the enemies.- over 20 different enemies- amazings graphics- great gameplay- over 20 exciting levels- and a lot moreGet it now for FREE!4e062ee82bPirates World - TheNewTower Defense GameProtect your buildings and destroy the enemies.- Over 20 different enemies- Amazings Graphics- Great gameplay- Over 20 exciting levels- And a lot moreGet it now for FREE!4e062ee82b
PLAYMOBIL Kaboom! 2.3
Master the High Seas with PLAYMOBIL Kaboom! Ahoy, matey!Areyouready to face gruesome sea monsters and enemy pirateships?Then,come aboard and prove your skills! Use the cannons fromthenewInteractive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets (6162, 6163, 6164,6165)toshoot at virtual targets, earn gold doubloons, andimproveyourship's equipment. • take aim and shoot by using oneofthecannons from the Interactive PLAYMOBIL Pirates sets•customizeyour own pirate captain • upgrade your equipment • hitthebarrelsand receive power-ups • prove your skills in 18excitinglevels and3 different game modes ("High Seas", "Defense,"and"Duel") Youdon't own one of the four PLAYMOBIL InteractivePirateswithCannons yet? No problem! Use the touch-based mode andplaywithyour finger.
Kill Pirates on Island 1.0
The pirates in the Arabian ocean have beenabig threat to the world because of their consecutiveactionsagainst the sea ships bloating in the deep sea on commercialroutspassing through Somalia.It's said that the pirates are Somalia, after taking and makingthepassengers hostage they ask heavy amounts to release them.Here the game "Kill pirates on Island" is one of the new kindofgame about shooting and hunting criminals on island. Thepiratesusually take the hostile ships to some far islands and takecare ofthem to not let approach the defenders of hostages. Thefrontierborder is the first place they land after they bring thehostage onisland.Game Play:There is an Island occupied and controlled by the piratesnearSomalia in Arabian Ocean. There is a news that the Piratesaregathering on Island for planning purpose and they will approachonIsland through sea boats one by one and in small groupsequippedwith weapons. They have got AK47, Pistols, revolvers andSniperguns with them to defend their self. But, they are verymonster andforceful enemies. They have installed the heavy machineguns on thedifferent positions on Island to counter attack theoffensiveforces who want an operation clean up on the Island.So, a commando sniper is sent to the Island through parachutefromair to counter strike on Pirates and kill them one by one withhisbest sniper and shooting Skills to show off. The modernsniperaction is launched on Island. The commando has to be carefultoavoid any attack or counter attack from the Pirates. They areonRocks and huts build on the Island to counter anymilitarycampaign.Features of Games: Real 3D HD graphics of all models Very natural sounds effects of Pirates and Shooting Multiple weapons show in the game Natural sea view with jungle and rocks Very nice and bullet effects of camera Simple and easy to play for all ages A positive and creative story base
Flying Pirate 3.4
Flying Pirate is an endless action game,aboutpirates.Do you like pirates? Great, now you are a pirate king, acrazyflying pirate king! As everyone knows, the pirates have themaniato hunt lost treasures, gems and jewels on tropicalparadiseislands. So, in this action game, you have to fly youravatarthrough the bay of a tropical island, in the immenseCaribbean Seaand collect the coins and diamonds to increase yourscore andcredits. In this awesome endless adventure game, you canplay withour hero, the pirate king, or you can unlock more friendslike apirate princess or a little monkey. Here we are on theshowdown inthis epic sim game, are you ready to fight againstyourself tobecome the myth of pirates and to reclaim your kingdom?Therefore,play your card, fly like a bird over a island cove, intheparadisiac Caribbean Sea, becomes a legendary hero and havefunwith this crazy mobile game!Tips & Game Controls1 - To move your character use the phone accelerometer or tap withafinger.2 - To increase the pirate's speed take the bottle.3 - To attract the coins take the magnet.4 - Don't bash the cannonball, the sword, the ship's anchor andtheJolly Roger (the pirate skull).5 - Collect 10 red diamonds every day to earn more credits.Flying Pirate is a free to play game. You can unlock somegamecontents through two way:1) 100% free way. You can earn free credits, by playingthegame.2) You can purchase credits for real money. If you don't want tousethis feature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.
PLAYMOBIL Dragons 1.2
Take to the skies on the back of your dragon andchallengedangerousninja fighters, mighty dragons and flyingfirepots.Choose one ofthe four Dragon Warriors who master theelementsRock, Fire, Ice andStorm. Demonstrate your skills, improveyourequipment and collectextra powers during the game, to fulfillyourmissions even moresuccessfully… Notice for Parents:NOIN-APP-PURCHASES requiringextra costs included in this app.Withthe activation codes from thefour "PLAYMOBIL Dragons"bags(available in stores), additional gamecontents can be unlocked.-choose one of four experienced DragonWarriors who havedifferentskills - make your way through anoverwhelming crowd ofopponents -you can use the codes from the"PLAYMOBIL Dragons" bagsto unlockadditional equipment for theelements Rock, Fire, Ice andStorm -win coins and use them to equipyour Warriors with evenmorepowerful swords, shields and banners -fend off the dangerousBlackDragon's fire attacks - rotate betweenthe different gamefiguresas often as you like
Blue Sea Pirates 1
Andreas Droth
Be now a pirat in the caribbean and plunderandsink enemy ships.