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Hatsune Miku - Tap Wonder 1.0.8
Hatsune Miku - Tap Wonder (MikuTap for short!) is theHatsuneMikugame for smartphones that YOU can join the making of!LightupHatsune Miku's concerts with the tap of your finger!Thecontrolsare easy! All you do is tap! Gather all sorts ofcostumesandadorable friends to perform concerts around theworld![GAMEFEATURES] - Tap to make the crowds at Miku's concerts gowild!-Dress Miku up as you like with a wide variety ofcostumes!-Collect cute support characters that will help yourconcerts! Inaddition to Hatsune Miku, other popular virtual singerssuchasKagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, KAITO, and MEIKO appear! -WithSkillTrees and all sorts of items, make the kind of Miku youwant!-Tons of illustrations by popular artists made speciallyforthegame! Download now and start tapping! [PRICE]Free*In-apppurchases available [RECOMMENDED DEVICES] DeviceswithAndroid OS5.0 or higher Devices with OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher*Weare unableto provide support for other devices. *For asmoothgameplayexperience, we recommend playing with a Wi-Ficonnection.*The gamemay not perform smoothly with a poor connectionor undercertainconditions. Closing the app, rebooting the device,orclearing yourcache may improve performance. *Please read andagreeto the Termsof Service in the app before playing.
ISEKAI 2.8.0
[Would you like to chat with me?] Raphtalia from The RisingoftheShield Hero, which has a second season coming out in 2021,hasbeenadded as a new character ◆App Explanation ISEKAI is aservicethatallows you to have conversations with anime characters.Inadditionto a number of lines recorded from the anime, thelatestspeechsynthesis technology(※1) is used to create speechthatsoundsexactly like Megumin and Raphtalia to allow for amultitudeofconversations. We plan on increasing the number oflinesandcharacters in the future. ◆Function Explanations○TalkMode(Conversations) Megumin and Raphtalia will respond to youafteryoutalk to her using your device's microphone. There areover500voice lines recorded! She is able to respond to a varietyofkeywords, so please feel free to try many topics.  ▼Examplesofwordsto start conversations▼  "Good morning!"  "It'samatch!" "Congratulations."  "What is your name?" ○Alarm ClockTheapp isequipped with an alarm clock that wakes you up withMeguminandRaphtalia's voice. The alarm comes with a beginning setof 10voicelines which can be mixed and matched. We plan onaddingmorerecordings as needed, so please look forward to them. ▼AlarmVoiceExamples▼  "Explosion!!" (Meguminn)  "Ahhh, don’tfallbackasleep!" (Raphtalia) ○Other Functions ・Timer・Stopwatch・Englishvoice recognition and subtitles ・Outfit changes・Characterchoice■■■ Please check before purchase ■■■ ◆ SupportedterminalsDeviceswith Android 5.0 or later * Not compatible withsomedevices.Please use it after confirming the operation withinthefree usagerange. * Operations on other OS / terminals arenotcovered bywarranty / refund and full support. ◆ Abouttheoperation-Depending on the AndroidOS specifications, thealarmactivationtime may differ from the set time. ・ Depending ontheterminalused, the operation may be delayed or the layout maybedisturbed.©2021 Aneko Yusagi/KADOKAWA/Shield Hero S2productioncommittee©2019 Natsume Akatsuki・KuroneMishima/KADOKAWA/KONOSUBAMoviePartners
SEVEN's CODE 1.12.2
#Skills-based New Generation Rhythm Action Game#Arevolutionaryrhythm-game system where you control how to play#Abeautiful worldcreated by the concept-art group SSS #Unlock over50songs and over300 musical scores through the story#Uniquecharacters burstingwith personality and a fully-voiced storywithan all-starcast--------------------------------------------------[Story] Itisthe year 2052 in ""SEVEN's CODE"", aunifiedentertainmentmetropolis where anyone and everyone canenjoythemselves. Amodern-day paradise. Yuito Kashihara, ahigh-rankingmember of thecity's special SOAT security force, findshimselfunwittinglythrust into the trials of SEVEN's CODE thanks toanenigmatic girlnamed Aurora. Each mystery only leads to another.Thesuddenappearance of seven Pillars. Awakening and Judgment. TheidolgroupHARZiNA, who stand at the helm of gravest of sins.TheenigmaticAurora. Can Yuito and his allies expose the truthbehindthismysteriousworld?--------------------------------------------------[RecommendedDevices/OS]- Android 4.4 and above - Devices with 3GBor morememory *The gamemay run on devices/OS other thantheabove-mentioned, however,compatibility cannot be guaranteed. Wedonot guarantee thecompatibility of the game, nor will anyrefundsbe issued if the gamedoes not operate normally on anunsupportedOS. Thank you foryourunderstanding.--------------------------------------------------[OfficialSite][OfficialTwitter]
MUSYNX 2.3.3
Brand new independent rhythm game - MUSYNXnowon Google Play!-High quality graphics using each pixel of the retina screentocreate beautiful game images !-No matter your screen size or finger thickness, we guarantee youanenjoyable gaming experience!-With professional sound processing and high quality audio,MUSYNXwill bring you the ultimate audio experience.-Let melodious sounds flow from your fingertips with everysingletouch. Experience the fun of playing real sounds andtunes!-Our classic game design allows you to identify each droppingnoteat the highest speed. Play to the tunes of popular songs andstarssuch as M2U!-We will never stop updating and improving our gameinterface!
Booru Nav
-Browse and search images in different boorus. -Download oneormorepictures at once to your device. -Filter images bytagseasily.-Optional history for tags browsed.
OverRapid 1543v33MK24
Team ArcStar
◆ Game Feature ◆ ▣ Dynamic playstyle with 4 lanes and 2scratchlanesfor added DJ action! ▣ V-Shaped lane designed for easeof useandcomfort for the user! ▣ Random, Mirror and Hard modesupport! ▣BGEand BGA feature to captivate you! ▣ Step by step playwithsongunlock system! ▣ Play against your best record with BESTmodeinthe settings! ▣ Cheap prices of addon music packs! ▣Featuressuchas Clap and Auto Play to enhance your play! If want toreportanybugs or feedback, please send an e-mail to theaddressbelow.Developer's e-mail : ==== ※Thisgameessentiallyneeds permissions to write data from storage forcreateor modifygame data. ※This game essentially needs permissionstoread datafrom storage for read game data.
Akimeji: Shimeji, Chibis, Live Wallpaper over apps 1.9.8
A revamped Shimeji with All Free Animations and Physics.ModeClassicand Akimeji, we have Padorus too. Shimeji's areanimatedcharactersthat play on your mobile screen and other apps.You cankeep yourcurrent background and simply add a Shimeji ontop. *Alot of animeand video game character. *More than 320shimejiavailable. • Randomwallpapers based on the time of the day,neverget a wallpaper withwhite background during the night. •Freewallpaper in super quality(HD, 4K, HDR). • "Favorite" optiontocollect your favoritewallpapers and backup in multiple accounts•All categorized "Recent"and "Popular" option, so as not tomissnew items. • Ability toselect installation (home screen andlockscreen). • Share pictureson social networks. • Option"cropwallpaper" before installation. •Support screens ofanyresolution. contact us at support@akimeji.comYou can also writetous in Spanish!
Muse Dash 1.5.1
X.D. Network
【Now Game Start!!——】 Come and fix the world movement tamperedwithby a mirror image code with three beauties! This is a world oftheperfect combination of a cool parkour game and a traditionalmusicgame——Muse Dash!! Yes. You’re destined to be our Master! What?Youdon’t have nimble fingers? Meow~ Don’t be too modest! So,don’tworry! If you do not excel in playing action games, you canstillovercome the difficulties by dancing to the music! Chooseyourfavorite beauty to go through the romantic backdrop. Now let’sgetstarted with our journey to wipe out all the adorkablemonsters!!!【Game Features】 You will go through an unprecedentedexperienceofthe perfect visualeffects of a parkour game and thetraditionalgameplay of a music game. ◆ Unique and fashionable artdesign.There are 30 popular songs initially. Stay tuned forcontinuousupdates! ◆ Different music styles are matched todifferent scenes,enemies and Bosses. We have beauties, adorablepets and evenadorkable enemies! Believe me, you will even beimpressed by theBoss! ◆Well-designed scripts and VO. 【Award】Nominated, BitSummitVOL.6 2018 The Excellence in Sound Design AwardOfficial Selection,Taipei Game Show 2018 Languages Supported:简体中文(Simplified Chinese)繁体中文 (Traditional Chinese) English日本語(Japanese) 韩语(Korean)Facebook:@MuseDashtheGame Twitter:@MuseDashtheGame Service ©2018 X.D.Network Inc. All rights reserved.
RAVON 1.15.0
Have you imagined performing music in the vast universe?Haveyoubeen thinking of joining a DJ party and travellingarounddifferentstars? Join the space travel with RAVON! We willdeliverarefreshing experience of rhythm game through the cosmicworldandsounds of RAVON. YOU are the chosen one to join RAVON'screw."Feelthe futuristic beats with your fingers" [GameFeatures]•Hi-quality audio experience with interactive visualeffects •Widerange of difficulties for you to practice andchallengeyourskills, even RAVON is your first rhythm game everplayed •Missionfor players to unlock items to unlock in-gamecontent.•Collections of soundtracks made by a variety oftalentedartistsfrom all around the world, including Hong Kong,Japan,Korea,America and more!!! * Lite version (free download)containsplayrestrictions. You may purchase Full version in app.[Award]2019Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award “Best Audio”Nominee[Language]English[FollowUs]Facebook:[ContactUs]
KALPA - Original Rhythm Game 1.0.62
Can you hear my voice? Somewhere in the universe, adesolatestarthat has lost its light. A mysterious girl is standingin frontofthe star tree. The dead tree glows when themysteriousinstrumentsbegin to play beautifully. The stark starsturn blue. Iask her alot of questions out of gratitude, but theonly thing thatcomesback is her name. I didn't know anything else.She was knownonlyas the guardian of stars that roamed the universeand savedthestars. I didn't know the rest. She is called byvariousnames.Kalpa, Savior, Apocalypse... The instrument she playsis madeoflight, so we don't know the shape, but it seems that onlyshecanplay it. Game Features: - Play the original top-down rhythmgameonmobile The score is obtained by touching the note accordingtotheline of judgment like normal Rhythm game - 10 songs +IAP,morethan 50 songs will be included Rhythm game! withselectedqualitysongs and illustrations Rhythm game - 250+ notepatternsRhythmgame - A concert tour with a mysterious girl, KalpaRhythmgame.SUPPORT
Hatsune Miku Amiguru Train 1.0.2
This time around, Amigurus will be riding around the track in acutecart! Aim for the goal by simply dragging left and right! Ifyoucollect a ball of yarn, you'll connect to more Amigurus! Becarefulof the numbered walls, because you'll lose Amigurus if youbump intothem! There are all sorts of items and gimmicks in thecourse!There's also an endless mode so you can play over and overagain toaim for a high score! The Amigrus features Hatsune Miku,KagamineRin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO and KAITO invariouscostumes! Rabbit Yukine might even make an appearance!Collect lotsof cute toy vehicles and have a great adventure in thetoy room!
Project: Muse 5.8.0
**An incredible music adventure** It was an incredible musicgameina different way! Every note,every voice is respond to yourtapGameFeatures: • Rhythm Gameplay • Enjoy different style DEM •Easytoplay with unrivalled visual effect • Different characters•Competewith friends and global players Game rules: First,Tapthecharacterwhile following the rhyme Then,Ensure to getperfectImportant,Donot miss anyone Last but not least, Bestexperiencewith headphones。This Game Obvious Improvement OnAmblyopia!Instructions on the useof amblyopia / hyperopia training:1:first, you need to choosespecial skin for [amblyopia /hyperopia]in the game (those withnormal vision are not recommended)2: theprinciple of hyperopia isto increase vision by usingthesensitivity of awakening visualcells such as red light,bluelight, lattice light and afterimagelight to stimulateeyeballdevelopment and enhance vision. Hope youto enjoy the game!Thanksto the game icon p. Muse-- Emily made bythe player"SmolAntBoi"Facebook:《Project:Muse》is a free game,but it involves optionalVIP paidsubscriptionservice and some game props need to be paidfor.
RhythmStar: Music Adventure
★ Update (2020.7.8) ♬ New chapter was added ♬ New heroes wereadded♬ New "Summon Hero" has been added in TECHNIQUE Get ready tostartyour musical adventures with the most exciting and fun rhythmgamealong with cute characters. Over 80 iconic real lifeclassicalmusicians turned into heroes with classical and originalmusic.LET’S GET IT STARTED!! ★How to Play ♬ Follow the rhythm andhit thebeats by tapping the screen. ♬ Try not to miss any beat, toget into the next level. ♬ Level up your heroes for the nextadventure. ♬Clear the mission get exciting rewards. ♬ Collectamazing heroessuch as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and dozens ofother classicalmusician. ★ Key Features ♬ Cute characters with ashortintroduction of their personalities. ♬ Easy and thrilling toplay!ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, EVEN OFFLINE!! ♬ Compete agents thebestRhythmStar player around the world. ♬ Enjoy the variety linesandspeeds ♬ Be a master of different types of challenges every day!★Story ♬ A distant future, devastated by the invasion of Dust!♬There you are the last hope. ♬ Playing beautiful Music withcoolHeroes ♬ Please return the universe to its former appearance!★Enjoying RhythmStar? Follow Us ♬ Official Facebook: ♬ Official Twitter: ♬ Official Community: Have questions, commentsorsuggestions? Reach out to us at ★ Rhythm Starisrequesting the following permission. ♬ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE :Toupload images or videos to the community.
Kcanotify - KanColle Viewer 2.8.2r10
Kcanotify is an open-source viewer tool forKantaiCollectionAndroid, provides various featureslikeexpedition/dockingnotification or see battle prediction.Thisapplication does notmodify any incoming/outcoming packetwhencommunicate withkancolle/DMM server, and it does not provideanycheat or macrotools. Data not related with kancolle isnotprocessed. Kcanotifyprovides these features: - Notificationforfinished expedition anddocking, morale recovery - Alert forheavydamaged/not suppliedship before/during sortie - Showfleetinformation like LoS,fighter power, morale, etc. - Showcurrentnode during sortie -BattleView (predicts battle result) -QuestView(quest translation,show quest progress) - Akashi'simprovementarsenal - Ship list,Equipment list, EXP calculator,Expedition list※ Kancolle must beinstalled in your phone. Toinstall KancolleAndroid, checkhere:※(Important)Kcanotify cannot be used with other VPN applications.※Some imagesin the application are from Kancolle in-game.Forsuggestion orerror report, please mail to me.( codeis available atGithub.( to other languages are welcomed.(pleasecontact todeveloper to email)
Nora - Touch Your Feeling
Soulo Studio
* It's an aesthetic music game. More than a pocket piano!*Touchyour heart with melodious piano tunes and relax your soul.*Followthe development clue of the love story along withthebeautifulmelodies. * Every beautiful tune is played by yourself.*You soundlike a piano prodigy while you are playing thegame.Features: *Real piano instrumental feedback. Playingcomplicatedpiano tunesis so easy. * Rhythm and tempo control - Whatthe musicshould be?It's up to you! * Mass musics across variousgenres. *Choose yourfavorite scene like forests, outer space etc. -It'syour stage. *Instrument options: Grand piano, Digi keys,Guitar,Music Box, Bassand more. * Upload your own MIDI files, andthenplay it.
Revue Starlight Re LIVE 1.0.26
The Adventure Begins on Stage in RPG Revue Starlight ReLIVE!Adirect continuation of hit anime Revue Starlight, the storyofthegame picks up right where the anime leaves off, but youdon’tneedto be a fan to enjoy all the excitement and drama thatawaitinthis RPG! ★ Original Story that Continues the Saga of theAnimeInaddition to all your favorites from the anime, there arealsotonsof brand new characters making their first appearances!★DeepBattle System with Optional Auto Mode Using the skills ofeachofyour Stage Girls effectively in battle will have you itchingtogetback into the fight. But if you just want to relax, putbattlesinauto mode so you can keep the momentum going! ★MultitudeofCharacter Growth Aspects Will Keep You Coming BackWithnumerousways to raise your characters and unique stories foreachthatunlock as you power them up, you’ll be coming back tospendtimewith your favorites again and again to get to know themevenmore.★ Stunning Visuals and Music Battles are renderedwithbeautiful 3Dgraphics and each Stage Girl’s special skills arejustas dramaticand stunning as you would expect with uniqueanimationsfor each.Stories are also brought to life with impressiveLive2D,andnumerous songs from the anime appear with tons more onthe wayinfuture updates! ★ Fully Voiced by a Superb Japanese VoiceCastThecast of the anime voicing their respective charactersinadditionto new voice talent will let anime fans fullyimmersethemselvesinto the world of Revue Starlight.[OfficialWebsite][OfficialFacebook][Price]Freeto play (in-app purchases available) [SupportedOS/Devices]Android5.0 and up * We are unable to support orcompensate for useon OS ordevices outside of those that areofficially supported. * AWi-Ficonnection is recommended for theoptimal Revue Starlight ReLIVEexperience. * Before playing RevueStarlight Re LIVE pleaseread theEnd User License Agreement, whichcan be accessed from thein-gamemenu. *Please see below for somecommon issues andpotentialsolutions. - Only a Black Screen IsDisplayed and the GameCan't BePlayed You may be using anincompatible device. - Unable toUseGoogle Authentication onAteamID Please use another account tobackup/transfer your data onAteamID. - The Game Is in a LanguageIDon't Understand Pleasefollow the below steps after completingthetutorial. English: Home> Other > Change LanguageChinese:[主畫面]>[其他]>[語言切換] Korean:[홈]>[기타]>[언어 변경]
8 beat Story アイドル×音楽ゲーム 2.3.14
8 beat Story (エビスト) について】 先生とのライブが彼女たちを育てる!"アイドル×音楽ゲーム"音楽の未来を変えていく…バーチャル、リアルで輝く音楽を目指して! ◆◇◆ ゲーム内容 ◆◇◆【バーチャルライブ】オリジナル楽曲で遊ぶ爽快リズムゲーム!リズムに合わせて画面をタップして、ライブを楽しもう!きっとお気に入りの曲が見つかるはず!【ストーリー】フルボイス、Live2Dで動く、可愛い女の子は必見!あなたは"音の杜学園"に赴任してきた先生となって、8人の女の子と成長し、彼女たちの青春を見守って下さい。【ライブ衣装】800種類以上のライブ衣装に着替えてライブに挑戦!レアな衣装で高スコアを目指そう!◆ キャラクター ◆ゲーム内に登場する8人の女の子たちを紹介! 【8/pLanet!!(ハニープラネット)】"音の杜学園"に通う女の子8人のユニット。桜木 ひなた (CV:社本 悠) 水瀬 鈴音 (CV:天野 聡美)神楽 月 (CV:吉岡美咲) 橘 彩芽 (CV:山下 七海) 姫咲杏梨 (CV:美波 わかな) 星宮 ゆきな (CV:和氣あず未) 源氏 ほたる(CV:吉村 那奈美) メイ (CV:澤田 美晴)【音の杜学園】 白鳥ロクサレーヌ慶子 (CV:立花理香)【Type_Z】 空乃かなで(CV:大橋彩香) 【2_wEi】 虎牙アルミ(CV:野村麻衣子) 虎牙ミント (CV:森下来奈)【開発者】 虎牙優衣(CV:芹澤優) 【B.A.C】 アモル (CV:田中美海)クゥエル (CV:楠木ともり) ベル(CV:菅沼千紗) --------このアプリケーションには、・「CRIWARE」(株)CRI・ミドルウェア ・「Live2D」株式会社Live2D が使用されています。
HoloPocket 4.1
This app allows you to check out a collection of fun videossuchaslive broadcasts and clipping videos of the VTubersbelongingtohololive. Feature List ・List of live broadcastinformation andfunvideos You can watch fun videos, including livebroadcastsandclipping videos of the VTubers. ・Archive and funvideosearchcapabilities By entering keywords, you can searchthearchives andfun videos you want to watch. ※This app isanunofficial app.●Twitter:
VoiceClock -KAITO-
VOCALOIDKAITOの声で時刻をお知らせする、アラームと時報のアプリです。ホーム(待ち受け)画面にウィジェットを置いてタップすると、KAITOの声で現在時刻を読み上げてくれます。■時報機能30分や1時間に1回、自動的に時刻を声でお知らせしてくれます。寝る時間や学校・仕事の間など、指定の時間だけ時報を止める設定もできます。■アラーム時刻を読み上げるアラームを設定できます。声で時刻が分かるので、時計を見る必要がありません!目覚ましや、目が離せない作業中などに便利です。イラストはえぞれんげ様より、ピアプロにてお借り致しました。御礼申し上げます。このアプリケーションはピアプロ・キャラクター・ライセンスに基づいてクリプトン・フューチャー・メディア株式会社のキャラクター「KAITO」の名称とイラストを使用したものです。※「VOCALOID」はヤマハ株式会社の登録商標です。To know the time inthevoice of VOCALOID KAITO, it is the alarm and hourly app.Home (standby) Tap by placing the widget on the screen,makesreading the current time in the voice of KAITO.■ Times featureAt least once every 30 minutes and 1 hour, automatically ustoinform the time in voice.Such as between sleep time and school-work, you can also set tostopthe time signal only specified amount of time.■ AlarmI can set an alarm to read the time.Since time is seen in voice, there is no need to look attheclock!Alarm and, it is useful to keep an eye such as during work.Illustrations from Ezo Renge-like, we have borrowed at Piapuro.Ithank.This application is what you use the name and illustrationsofcharacter "KAITO" of Crypton Future Media, Inc. basedonPiapuro-character license.※ "VOCALOID" is a registered trademark of YamahaCorporation.
"Create your very own 3D character!" Choose from a varietyofbodyparts and clothes, and create your very own 3D characterfromaninfinite combination of parts. You can create your veryown3Dcharacter from a rich and wide variety of customizationparts,suchas hairstyle, clothes, skin color, face type andaccessories.Youcan also create and save multiple 3D characters. Youcanusedifferent characters, or enjoy dressing them up bychangingtheiroutfitsandhairstyles.-------------------------------------------------"Poston socialmedia!" Take screenshots of your customized 3Dcharactersmakingvarious expressions and poses using the app, andpost themonsocial media! You can also decorate your screenshotswithcutestickers and frames. Show off the 3D models thatyoucreated!-------------------------------------------------"Let'sstream!"You can start streaming as a virtual streamer usingyourcreated 3Dcharacter. Your face will be detected by the cameraonyour device,and your 3D characters will move based onyourmovements, such astilting or turning your head. You can alsousethe gyro function tocreate immersive streams, and use Flickstomake your character dospecificposes.-------------------------------------------------・Operatingenvironment[Android version] Android 7.0 or higher 1GBfree storageor more
Touhou LostWord 1.1.1
Words are going missing, but nobody knows why... TheLostWordIncident has taken over Gensokyo. Explore Gensokyo toresolvetheincident with Reimu, Marisa, and the huge cast fromTouhouProject!Taking place in Gensokyo, Touhou LostWord is aderivativeworkbased on Touhou Project, officially licensed byTeamShanghaiAlice. ◇◆◇Characters◇◆◇ Reimu Hakurei: Also knownasHakurei ShrineMaiden, Eternal Shrine Maiden, WonderfulShrineMaiden of Paradise.She is a human who lives at HakureiShrine.Marisa Kirisame: Alsoknown as Western Magician of the East,StrangeMagician, OrdinaryBlack Magician. She is a human who livesin theForest of Magic.Meet the various characters from theTouhouuniverse, includingYukari Yakumo, Youmu Konpaku, AliceMargatroid,Reisen UdongeinInaba, Remilia Scarlet, PatchouliKnowledge, SakuyaIzayoi, andmany more! ◇◆◇Game System◇◆◇ Use yourcharacters' SpellCards tofight in exciting battles of bullets! Youcan power upyourfavorite characters and create a party of up to 6.Choosebetween 3voices for every character and dress them up in avarietyofdifferent costumes! ◇◆◇Participating Artists◇◆◇AkitsuMikami,Arata Toshihira, Capura.L, Eretto, Fruit Punch,Girotin,HagiwaraRin, Hinayuki Usa, Hiura R, Mikeou, MinamuraHaruki,Morinohon,Mottun*, Natsume Eri , Ragho no Erika, Rui Tomono,SakuraHiyori,Sakuragi Ren, Sakurazawa Idumi, Shinia, Socha,TakehanaNote,Tanaka Shoutarou, Tomioka Jiro, Umeckiti, YamadoriOfuu,YanoMitsuki, Yumeno Rote, Yuuki Keisuke, andmore!◇◆◇ParticipatingMusicians◇◆◇ AramiTama, Butaotome, Cajiva'sGadgetShop, flap+frog,Foxtail-Grass Studio,Hachimitsu-Lemon,COOL&CREATE, MelodicTaste, O-LIFE.JP TokyoActive NEETS/KokyoActive NEETs, and more!©Team Shanghai Alice ©GOODSMILE COMPANY,INC. / NextNinja Co.,Ltd.
Satsuchika 2.4.0
Satsu-chika is a free smartphone App providing informationontheunderground system and surroundings in centralSapporo.Weatherfunction to check the weather conditions inChuo-ku,Sapporo, whileunderground Event function to check events intheSapporoEkimae-dori Underground Walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho)SubwayTimetablefunction to check the subway timetable of theSapporoCityTransportation Bureau, and the most convenient boardingtimebasedon your underground position at the time Dining functiontoreceiveinformation on restaurants around theSapporoEkimae-doriUnderground Walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho)
Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game 3.8.4
New Dimension Rhythm Game "A harmony of Light awaits you in alostworld of musical Conflict." Touch, hold and slide to therhythmthrough a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style rhythmgameexperience featuring artists from Japan and across theEntireWorld. Experience brand new 3-dimensional 'Arc' gameplay:takingyour touch screen to its limits swiping and following totherhythm. Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict withinaforgotten world ⚏Play anywhere and anytime with nolimitations.Internet connection not required⚏ All songs playable onphone ortablet! Both free to play and paid songs available! Freelyplaymany songs any time as well as unlocking Arcaea-exclusiveoriginalsongs. ⚏Features ⚏ - A high difficulty ceiling -experiencepersonal growth as you develop skills in arcade-styleprogression -Over 160 songs from more than 100 artists famousacross other games- 3 rhythm difficulty levels for every song - Anexpanding musiclibrary through content updates - Full song jacketillustrations -Online friends and scoreboards Download now andexperience a brandnew music game experience! ⚏Story ⚏ Two younggirls wander in abroken world filled with remnants of its formerself: Arcaea.Arcaea are melodical shards of the past that call outto the girls,but each chooses to be experienced only by one or theother. Overtime, the girls begin to notice inconsistencies in theArcaea thatchoose them and develop conflicting views about theworld as itonce was. --- Follow Arcaea & News:Twitter:
Pump It Up M: Beat Finger Step 1.62
◈ The World's No.1 Dance Simulation Arcade Game! 'Pump It Up'isback on your mobile device! The feeling in your fingers.Three,two, one PUMP! ■ The nostalgia of the arcade! Pump It Upcomes tomobile platforms. Experience the memories of ‘Pump It Up’throughyour hands. ■ A game easy enough for everyone. Tap thearrows thatfollow the music and get the best score! Enjoy a widerange ofdifficulty levels for beginners all the way to experiencedplayers.■ Compete with users around the world. Go for the highestscore onthe song and aim for the World Best! ■ Mobile exclusivesongsincluded. Play "mobile exclusive songs" you've never played inthearcade game. Only in Pump It Up M! ■ More than 200 originalsongsincluded. -You can enjoy all the songs 100% free. -New songswillbe updated constantly. ※ Facebook page:
Dynamix 3.16.01
Dynamix is a mobile music game that integratesarcadegamingexperience into mobile device. C4Cat brings you thefruitofcreativity of worldwide composers within this pocketsizemobilegame. With triple-dropping track design, you feellikeplayingdifferent instruments while hitting different sides.Justclick onthe button and download Dynamix to enjoy the variedtype ofmusic!Feature: Weekly new songs updated in Event system 5leveloptionsthat suit your level Rank Up to unlock more tracks,morethan 20tracks is avaliable for free version Collect characterstohelppass the difficult levels Over 100 tracks by composers allovertheworld, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and HongKongincludedin game Wide range choice of music includingJ-Pop,Trancecore,Chiptune, New Age and so on Facebook and Twitterresultsharingfunction *free version limited to 30 rank , purchasepremiumtounlock further rank OfficalWebsite:http://dynamix.c4-cat.comC4Cat Official FacebookPage: Dynamix OfficialFacebookPage: Play Trail: Causal, Normal&Hard: Mega&Giga:
Noah's Bottle 2.53
Rnova Studio
《Noah's Bottle》- An automatic note-generating rhythm gameformobiledevices.You can use any music you like in yourdevices.Youcan alsocompose your own music by creating your ownmusic script.The newNoah’s Bottle ver 2.0 added “Rhythm Mode” thatincludes 40pianosongs.All songs were reproduced by real timeperformance oftheoriginal recording, which gives the player awonderful sense ofliveperforming experience. How to import music:Sync your musicfrom PCto iOS devices with iTunes, or purchase themusic fromiTunesdirectly. Attention! Any free trials or subscribedmusiccannot beused in game. (*Access permission is restricted onthosemusicfiles.) story: There was a beautiful island surrounded bytheazureocean and various creatures lived happily in thatfecundplace.However, because of scrambling for power and profit byhumanbeing,the land was eventually doomed to destruction. AgirlplayingShamisen named Sakura showed up. She was forced tobeseparated fromher homeland by the disaster. And she hasbeendrifting alone in thesea until she met the Genies of Bottle.Everytime when she playsthe music well, the Genie would be abletocollect the music energyand use it to lead her back home.TopFeatures: 1. Beats Mode:Musicnotes generated from the musicinyour device. 2.RhythmMode:Recorded from the originalpianoperformance and all the notesare played. 3. Gorgeouswatercolorillustrations. 4. Each Genies ofBottle brings differentmusicpatterns and game levels.(Beats Mode)5. Self-edit gamepatternfunction helps to create unique gameplay.(Beats Mode) PLEASENOTE:1. Music file used in the game needsto be wav or mp3formatted;length needs to be longer than 45 secs.2. When playingwith themusic file from your device, if theoriginal file is deletedorchanged location, the correspondingscore will be deleted as well.
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! 4.4.2
Popular rhythm game in Japan! Tap to the rhythm of over 200songstochoose from. Play both original and cover songs frompopularJ-Popartists and anime songs! Play your favorite songs on alevelofdifficulty that suits you! Recommended for people who enjoy:-Animerhythm games - Popular rhythm games - One of best freeanimerhythmgames - Best rhythm music games for mobile phones -Rhythmgameswith simple controls - Anime song covers - Playingrhythmgames withpeople all across the country - Losing yourself inthesong andrhythm - Anime music - Japanese anime songs - Tapanimemusic game -Japanese anime voice actors ■ Play as a staffmemberof live house"CiRCLE" Create the best live concert togetherwiththe 7charismatic girl bands in the game!FeaturingPoppin’Party,Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, Hello,HappyWorld!,Morfonica, RAISE A SUILEN. ■ Real-time cooperativegameplayEnjoyreal-time cooperative gameplay with friends andplayers acrosstheworld with up to 5 members! ■ Story Enjoy fullyvoiced storieswithhigh quality animated Live2D band members.Immerse yourself ineachband's exciting journey towards stardomthrough theirindividualband stories. ■ Characters Train bandmembers to improvetheirmusic performance. Interact with cute bandmembers, and enjoytheirrhythmical actions and conversations.Discover and explore thetownto peek into the daily lives of theband members. Let'sgetstarted! It's a Live that is not tobemissed!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Support:Visit for FAQorcontact usin game by going to Menu > Support. Follow fornewsand updates:Facebook:
Danganronpa Soundboard 3.10
Apps by Lynic
Whether you want to tell your friends that's wrong, cutthroughthose words, believe in hope, suffer from despair, or go fora goodold "Puhuhu!", the Danganronpa Soundboard has you covered!PROFEATURES: - Remove all ads - Search for characters or voicelines -Star your favorite voice lines for easy access **Please notethatunlocking pro features does NOT grant you access toadditionalvoice lines. There are no refunds once you unlock theprofeatures**
SOUND SHOOTING!! - Rhythm Action & 2D Shooter 1.26
Rhythm game plus 2D shooter! Great for rhythm action andshootinggame fans! So, is it a rhythm game or a shooting game? Playandcheck it out for yourself! With Monica, the clever and Liz,thewild, and to the cheerful music, beat the 8 bosses! Get readytoenjoy both the rhythm and shooting elements of the game!---Rhythmgame part--- Plain and simple! Easy to play for musicgamebeginners! Tap or hold the notes falling down the screen asthemusic plays. Pretty basic for rhythm game fans! There are3difficulty levels (NORMAL, HARD, EXTREME) depending on the songyouchoose. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, chooseyourperfect level to play. ---Shooting part--- Easy 2DSTG - youcanmove around and shoot with one finger! Enemies flying aroundandtanks crawling on the ground, fixed artilleries aiming atyou,gimmicks, med-sized aircrafts firing, and huge machinesshootingthick laser all over your screen! This is so-called the2Dhorizontal scroll shooting! Get the power-up items tostrengthen,and wide shots, missiles, lasers, spread bombs formaximum power!During high-tension mode, you can turn the enemybullets into scoreitems (coins) by shooting! Shoot from close atany heavy-dutymachines or boss characters to beat them! You knowthe rules if youare a shooter! Just like the rhythm game part,choose from threedifficulty levels (NORMAL, HARD, EXTREME) in eachstage, dependingon your expertise! As you level up, shoot and firewith all you’vegot! This is so-called the BULLET HELL!! ---OtherParts--- Unlocknew music as you win the MB by running and jumpingin Melody Run(mini game)! You can also keep skipping to unlocksongs. You canshop for items using MB! Shop to effectively playMelody Run andunlock faster, or gain lives for Melody in theshooting part! SKILLPOINTS will be given based on the scoreobtained for each song(stage)! Your PLAYER SKILL will be the totalvalue of the top 30songs with high SKILL POINTS! You will be givena rank according toyour PLAYER SKILL! Your goal is "KAIDEN"!Compete your PLAYER SKILLwith online players from all over theworld! (first stage or more)All characters have full voicesincluding the enemies! The uniqueand adorable character voices willkeep you excited throughout thegame! ---Voice Cast--- MELODY:Nanahira MONICA :Megumu Morino LIZ:Mafuyu Hiiragi SYNTH :MegumuMorino CLASSICA :Megumu Morino GARAGE:Mafuyu Hiiragi RUTILE:Chiroru Ooyama ASHE :Mafuyu HiiragiFOLCLORE :Mafuyu HiiragiELECTRA :Chiroru Ooyama DIZ :ChiroruOoyama Side Character:MegumuMorino, Mafuyu Hiiragi, Chiroru Ooyama
Otamatone Studio 1.0.1
Here comes Otamatone Studio, the official app forthenote-shapedinstrument Otamatone. Change your sound! -About theappConnectyour Otamatone Techno or Otamatone neo to asmartphone,startOtamatone Studio and play your Otamatone with thesound ofvariousinstruments or jam along to built-in rhythms. We gotrid ofall thecomplexities of most available synthesizer simulationsandcreatedan app that even beginners will master. It’s reallysimple!Accessall functions via a cute graphical interface thatfeels likeyourOtamatone called over a few friends for a basementjam.-Supportedmodels ・Otamatone neo ・Otamatone Techno Caution- Youwilldownloada free version of the app. The complete set of featurescanbeunlocked via in app purchases. -Main features●DifferentsoundsPlay your Otamatone with the sound of variousinstruments.Gatheryour friends and form a band! ・Instruments(FreeVersion)Otamatone/ Electric Guitar / Alto Sax ・Instruments (FullVersion)Otamatone/ Electric Guitar / Alto Sax Violin / Flute /SynthesizerTrumpet /Drums / Cat Display method Tap the instrumenticon on therightside of the main screen. ●Different scales Withscalesyourperformance will always sound spot. Play like a prowithout allthepracticing! ・Scales(Free Version) Otamatone / 12 Tone/ MinorBlues・Scales (Full Version) Otamatone / 12 Tone / MinorBlues Minor/Major / Major Blues Whole Tone / Pentatonic / JapanDisplaymethodTap the face of the Otamatone on the main screen.●EffectsYou canalter your Otamatone’s sound with 3 kinds ofeffects. Pushyourperformance to new heights! ・Reverb Ever wanted tosoundlikeperforming in a concert hall or a bathroom? Looknofurther!(Reverb is the only effect in the free version.)・DelayAdds anecho to your sound. ・Distortion The trademark of anyrocksong.Sound like an electric guitar. Display method Tap the tailoftheOtamatone on the main screen. ●Built-in rhythms Youcanchoosebetween different rhythms to play along to. Be yourownpersonalband! ・Rhythms (Free Version) Rock01 / Techno01 /Japan・Rhythms(Full Version) Rock01 / Techno01 / Japan Rock02 /Samba /SalsaMarch / India / Happy Birthday Happy Birthday isabandarrangement. Surprise someone special to you by playingalongtothis tune on his/her birthday and you will certainlyleaveanimpression! Display method Tap the rhythm icon on themainscreen.●Virtual keyboard No Otamatone at hand? Displaythevirtualkeyboard and play with Otamatone Studio nevertheless.EvenbetterThe Otamatone on the main screen will move its mouthduringyourperformance. It doesn’t get much cuter than that!DisplaymethodTap the stem of the Otamatone on the main screen.Holdyoursmartphone sideways toimproveplayability.・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・●FurtherinstructionsFurther instructions can be found on theOtamatonewebsite. Check itout! (C)MAYWADENKIProduced by CUBE Co.,Ltd. Powered by
dotpict - Easy to Pixel Arts 12.0.5
dotpict LLC
Let's make a simple to draw Pixel Arts! "dotpict" Is a newsenseofPixel Arts painting app. ◆Pen tip is not hidden bythefinger"dotpict" Nib is not hidden by the finger. Likeinoperability,such as a mouse, You can draw quickly! ◆Auto saveofpeace of mindSince the work is always saved in the auto save,Andpeace of mindto enjoy Pixel Arts production is! ◆Easy to sharethework You canbe easily shared with SNS services. Let's introducethePixel Artto everyone by email or Twitter! Now "dotpict"Gettingstartedwith! [Features] ・Undo, Redo ・Zoom of canvas ・Displayof thegrid,non- display ・Export / share of work List ofcreatorsofscreenshots 📷Firstscreenshot■Twitter:■URL:📷Third screenshot■Twitter: The thirdscreenshots areall from"@0412sraim." 1st row■URL: 2ndrow left■URL: 2nd rowcenter■URL: 2nd rowright■URL: 📷4th screenshot 1strowleft■Twitter:■URL: rowcenter■Twitter:■URL: rowright■Twitter:■URL: rowleft■Twitter:■URL: row center■Twitter:■URL: row right■Twitter:■URL: row left■Twitter:■URL: rowcenter■Twitter:■URL: rowright■Twitter:■URL:
DanceDreamMV MMD VRoid Live Simulator 1.2.2
Maruyu Apps
Combine over 50 dances to create your very own livedancestage!Combine characters, dance animation, music,stage,background, andeffects freely. The combination patternsareendless. How to playSetting button Purchase and setcharacters,dance animation, music,stage, background, and effectswith coins.You can set up to 5characters at the same time, and whenyou selecta Vtuber'scharacter, a Youtube link button will appear.Danceanimations canbe toggled on and off after purchase, and youcandecide whether ornot to play the selected dance duringrandomdances. Once you haveset the character placement, dancesettings,and music, press theplay button to start the dance. Youcan alsoplay without settingthe stage, background, and effects.Werecommend setting theeffects in particular, as they add agreatatmosphere. You canchange the effect settings to suit yourmood asa live producer.Random Custom Dance Button You can decidehow toplay the danceanimation for each character. Random DanceButton Thenumber of therandom button is 1. If you want all thecharacters todance thesame dance, you can set the same number. Ifyou want allthecharacters to dance the same dance, set the samenumber. Ifyouwant all the characters to dance differently, setnumbers 1through5 for each character. Custom Button Settings Youcan set thedancesin any order you want from among the dances youhavepurchased.After registering a dance, you can play it bysettingtheregistered dance set to the character.   Play Button Whenyoupressthe play button, cute characters such as Yandere andVtubers(Mikuwill not appear) will dance and play music at the sametime.Whenyou press the play button, Yandere, Vtuber, andothercutecharacters will dance and the music will play at thesametime.Camera Work Function  When you press the play button,thecamerawork function will automatically turn on, and the camerawillmovein time with the music to enhance the characters,dances,andeffects you have produced. There are three camerafunctions:Auto,Tap, and 360° mode. In Auto mode, the camerawillautomaticallyselect a character and show it from variousangles.You can alsoswitch the camera by tapping the screen in theAutomode. In "Tap"mode, the camera does not switch automatically,butonly when youtap the screen. In "360°" mode, the camera doesnotswitch, but youcan swipe the screen to rotate the camera, pinchinto zoom in, andpinch out to zoom out. While the character isposingon the homescreen, the camera is in "360°" mode, so you canwatchVtubers,Yandere, and other characters (Miku will not appear)inidle poses.The camera work switches automatically, so there'snoneed to makeany troublesome settings. Produce the only dancestageyou'll everneed. Points to note Vocaloid and MMD(MikuMikuDance)characterssuch as Hatsune Miku, Reimu, Marisa,Alice, and otherTouhoucharacters cannot appear in this game becausepermission hasnotbeen obtained. Please understand this in advance.We willbeupdating the game with more characters that we havepermissionforin the future. We are also planning to implementYandere.→We'vefinally implemented a Yandere character! We willcontinue toworkon updating and improving the quality of the app sothat Mikucanappear in it one day. I recommend it to the followingpeoplePeoplewho love Miku. People who want to enjoy MMD easily.Those wholiketo produce. People who like models People who like towatchidolslike Nogizaka dance with multiple people. Those who wanttosee thedance from various angles Those who want to see thesmilingfacesof the characters. People who like to see cutecharacterspose.People who like Yandere girls. Update Information1/17Translationimprovement 1/24 User interface improvement 2/5Morecharacters 2/9Added Vtubers 2/23 Added Vtubers &fixedcharacter behavior3/11 Add camera work function & addmorecharacters
Nightwave Plaza 1.3.2
The Nightwave Plaza - a place to indulge yourself withthetopaesthetic musical talents of the Vaporwave genre. You’veusedthewebsite, but now it is time to escape into a world ofnostalgiaanddreams with the Nightwave Plaza Android app. Featuringabeautiful,constantly updated database of Vaporwave artistsacrossthe globe,the 24/7 radio station prides itself with itsnoafter-trackadvertisements and full support page for all artistsandproducerstrying to find an audience. Whether you’re reading abook;dreamingof nostalgic times on the long commute home from work;orwalkingthrough the rainy city enduring the night-life;there’salways roomin the Nightwave Plaza. Extended Features: 58+differentaestheticbackground gifs to choose from. Simplistic,nostalgicuserinterface. No advertisement breaks betweentracks.Guaranteedrelaxation. All inquiries regarding NightwavePlaza,including bugreports & requests, can be or viaofficial twitter @nightwaveplaza.
Anime Alarm
Become Kanon's brother/sister. Anime Alarm is a must havealarmclockapp for every "little sister MOE". ---How it works---1.Yourlittlesister comes to wake you up. 2.Pat her on the head andthankher.3.Kawaii little sister is delighted and happy. 4.You wakeupeasily,feeling good. You can touch and pat her while onstandby.---Featuresabout Kanon--- *More than 500 voice patterns*Able tochangecostumes, loves cosplay *Becomes happy when pattedortouched*Supports both big brothers and big sisters *Tweets onherownsometimes *MOE and Kawaii ---Forhelp--- and feedback fromabove.Please let us know what youthink.-----------------------------Customers having problemswithpurchased costumes and voices. Thankyou for using Anime AlarmIfyou can not set costumes or voicesthat were purchased, send usyourgmail address via twitter isalsoavailable @kanon_stm As soon aswe comfirm your purchasedrecord, wewill send you the resumeprocedure. This may take time,please bepatient.
Sky Studio 2.4.5
[Note] This app is not made by That Game Company. Itdoesn'tprovideany websites that sharing sheet files. The Sky Studiois atool tomake & practice the sheet music of "Sky: childrenofthe light"simply. 1. Compose mode: Create sheet music, andlistento it. 2.Practice mode: Practice sheet music. 4. Instrumentpadmode:Separate instrument pads to play freely. [Compose mode]1.Save& Load the sheet music 2. Play & Pause 3.Metronome4.Double layer system 5. Copy, cut, erase, and deleteportionsofsheet music 6. Select BPM, Pitch, Instrument [Practicemode]1.Load 2. Practice system(Repeating a specific section,Hidingkey,etc) 3. Resize pad, and toggle sheet view mode 4. Play&Pausethe sheet 5. Metronome 6. Select BPM, Pitch,Instrument[Instrumentpad mode] 1. Select Pitch, Instrument 2.Resize pad 3.Metronome[ETC] 1. Cave effect 2. synchronize delayedsound[Supprotedformat] 1. Json - Compatible with many other fanmadeprograms,support encryption. 2. ABC1/5 - Easy tounderstand.A1,A2,...,C4,C5means 15 keys, '.' means delay. 3. Midi -Officiallyused format inmusic work. [Json - Encryption] The purposeof thisfeature is toprevent abusing other people's score forautomaticplaying in thegame(macro). Please activate this when yousharesheet files at thecommunity. *Sheetsdirectory:Android/data/com.Maple.SkyStudio/files/Sheet *Instrumentfilesdirectory:Android/data/com.Maple.SkyStudio/files/Instruments
Gacha World 1.3.6
- New 7-Star characters have been added to the Gacha! ★Welcometothe Gacha World ★ Create your own anime styled GachaSummoner,andGacha the best 5-7★'s easily! Get gems by farmingquests,battlingRaid Bosses, PvP, and many more ways! Save theworldfromcorruption as you learn every character's story. Get yourgachaonand enter the Gacha World! «Game Features» ★ Gacha90+Charactersin Gacha World! ★ RPG Battle system withelementalstrengths &weaknesses ★ Story, Events, PvP League,Boss Raids,& Towermodes! ★ 3 gems per pull, 30 gems for a 10+1Gacha, 150gems for a50+5 Gacha! ★ Free 2 Play, You can farm forGems easily!★Customize your Hero! Buy clothes, hats, and more inthe shop★Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements ★ Playoffline!Nowi-fi is needed to play «Notes» - The game may lag onolddevices& devices with 4k screens. - Please restart the gameifyouexperience lag over time. - In-App-Purchases might notworkforAndroid 6.0+ devices / rooted devices. Thank you forplayingGachaWorld!!!!! ガチャワールド Like us onFacebook: VisitourWebsite:
Utano☆Princesama: Shining Live 5.0.2
Enjoy your favorite Utano Princesama music in thisintuitiverhythmgame, which is also a massive hit music game app inJapan!Simpleand fun to play. Just tap along to the rhythm! Meetthemembers ofleading entertainment company ShiningProduction’shottest newgroup STARISH and the veteran members ofQUARTET NIGHT.Communicatewith all eleven stars, follow theirbehind-the-sceneslives inStory mode, and then take to the stage andhelp themdeliver theshow of a lifetime! Support your favorite boysas theyaim for thetop! Enjoy a Japanese anime rhythm gamewithidol-raising features!Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Features -Playyour favorite UtanoPrincesama songs anytime you like! - Createyourideal unit andincrease the Bond between the unit members! -Meetall 11 starsanytime you like! Depending on the time you visit,hewill saydifferent things. - Collect Photos and then unlocknewvoice clips,original side stories, special outfits, and more!-Arrange yourunits any way you like. You don’t have to stick tothegroupings inthe story! Enjoy features that let you level themupand make thembetter idols! - All stories are fully-voiced,includedsidestories! - Increase your Bond with the guys to unlocknewvoiceclips. - Unlock Special Shots and high-quality Postersofyourfavorite stars! Raise his Bond with you and maybesomethingspecialwill happen on your home screen! Spend everyday inyour newlifesurrounded by 11 hot idols! Want to know moreaboutUtanoPrincesama Shining Live? Check out our website for allthelatestgame news: Youcanalsofollow us on Facebook andTwitterat:☆PrincesamaShiningLive is a completely free to play game thatcontainsoptionalin-game items that require payment. SystemRequirementsAmount ofstorage needed: 2GB (We recommend having atleast 3GB freeon yourdevice.) Troubleshooting when App isUnresponsive Please trythefollowing if the app stops responding.If the app startsworkingagain after one of these steps, feel freeto stopthetroubleshooting process. Restart the app. Restart yourdevice.Tapthe “Repair Data” button on the Title screen. (Thescreen thatsays“Tap to Play.”) Delete the app and reinstall it.(Only do thisstepafter making sure that your game data has beenlinked toanotheraccount. Tap “Other” on the Main screen then go to“AccountLink”to make sure you have linked your data.) If none oftheaboveresolve this issue, please contact customer support.Thefollowingpermissions are necessary to play thisgame.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These permissionsarenecessary for the gameto be able to store the data of photostakenwith the camera modein an external location. This applicationusesthe followingmiddleware: - “CRIWARE ™” by CRI Middleware Co.,Ltd.- “Live2D®”by Live2D Inc."" App Content is in EnglishorTraditional Chinese.
DanMachi ALARM 1.0.0
Monstar Lab, Inc.
From the TV anime first broadcast in 2015 "Is It Wrong to TrytoPickUp Girls in a Dungeon?", the Alarm App that featuresthetwoheroeines "Hestia" (CV: Inori Minase) and AisWallenstein(CV:Saori Onishi) is here! All Hestia's and Ais' voicesin the appwerenewly recorded! Also, many new illustrations areincluded!Thereare also a lot of other nice features such as a timerand astampfunction! Have fun every day with the two heroiens of "IsItWrongto Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" ■ App OverviewYoucancreate your own alarm by combining three voices in onealarm.Youcan also select your favorite illustration as yourbackground.Youwill surely find your favorite custom setting! Set upup to10different alarms. Let Hestia and Ais tell you when to get upinthemorning, warn you of an important appointment, and remindwhenit'stime to take out the trash! ▼ Example of recorded voices▼・Hestia「Morning came you know. Hey Hey, just wake up!」 「Ifyou'reanadventurer, it's time to start moving.」 「It's about timetoleave.We are going to the dungeon today, so please get ready.」・Ais「Goodmorning. Morning training... go?」 「You'll be late... isitfine?」「Let's do a special nap training. You have to beablesleepanywhere and at anytime.」 ■ Expand your customizablesvoicesandillsutrstions with the "Familia Packs" You canexpandyourcollection of custom voices and illustrations bypurchasingtheFamilia packs. All the voices are newly recorded, andalltheillustrations are newly drawn. ■ Everday is more fun asyoucollectstamps! You can get a stamp once a day by waking up attheset timeevery day and stopping the alarm. For every 5 youcollect,you canget 1 newly drawn illustration that you can useforcustomizingyour alarms, and you can get up to 3 illustrationsthisway. ■■■Please be sure to check before purchasing ■■■Issuesrelated todevices that are not using a supported OS arenoteligible forrefunds and support. 【Recommended Environment】Android5.0 orhigher *Required Environment: Android 4.4 orhigher【RequiredEnvironment】 Devices with Adnroid 4.4 or higher *Notcompatiblewith some models and tablet devices * Please notethatoperation onoperating systems not listed above is not coveredbywarranty /refund and support. * Please note that SIM-freedevicesand cheapsmartphone devices are not supported. ■■■ ImportantNotes■■■ ▼When purchasing this application, it willautomaticallybeconsidered that you have agreed to the terms ofservicedescribedin the following URL, so please be sure to checkbeforepurchasing.▼Freespace of [300MB or more] is required wheninstallingthisapplication. Please check the available space beforepurchase.▼When purchasing items from the shop in abadcommunicationsenvironment, there's a risk of data corruptionorloss of settings.Please be sure to use a goodcommunicationenvironment when doingso. ▼ Due to the specificationsof certainAndroid OS, the alarmactivation time may be delayed byseveralminutes from the settime. ▼ Depending on the device you areusing,there may be a delayin operation or layout issues. ■■■Contact us■■■ Please contactsupport via "Contact Us" on thefollowing page. *Before inquiring,please check the following page.I hope you have alook at thefrequently asked questions.【PageURL】【SupportMailDesk】 Business hours: (Excluding weekends, holidaysand NewYearholidays) Weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00 * Please checkyourspamfolder when looking for a reply from support. Pleasecontactus afterauthorizing the domain of “@”. *If youdo notreceive a reply even after a week, please contact usagainaftersetting up reception permissions. ©FujinoOmori-SBCreativeCorp./Danmachi2 Project ©GENCO ©Monstar Lab, Inc.
TAPSONIC TOP - Music Grand prix 1.23.16
The new beginning of TAPSONIC, over 14 million downloadedmusicgameworldwide! Support your idol stars to win the TAPSONICMusicGrandPrix for Universe Best Idol! TAPSONIC TOP - THE BESTMUSICGAME FORFREE! ■■■ FEATURES ■■■ -「TAP & SLIDE」representativeofTAPSONIC. - Amazing! Number of touch lines changesdynamically!-Play famous DJMAX songs and TOP originals, Classicslike'CANON','BINGO' for free! - Cast cute idols, and Support themtobecome asuperstar. - Compete real-time ranking againstothercompetitors inGrand Prix mode. Challenge the world best rank!-Enjoy music gameplay with Wireless headphone! ■■■ HOW TO PLAY ■■■-Score points bytapping the screen as the notes appear withrhythm& beat. -Idols and song have ownattribute,VOCAL/DANCER/SESSION. - Selectidols of the same attributeassong's. You can get bonus scores. ※E-Mail NEOWIZ All rights reserved.
Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet 2.4.0
this is the mobile version of SYRUP AND THE ULTIMATE SWEET:avisualnovel originally made for YuriJam 2015! it's aboutacandyalchemist, syrup, who one day finds a candy golem inherbasementworkshop. where did she come from?? who the heckmadeher????? GOFIND OUT!! features: 10 different endings,opendyslexictextoption, and several language options. play time isabout anhour,depending on the ending. content advisory: candynudity. insomepaths she gets eaten. in some paths characters die.there are afewquick screen shakes and flashes. CREDITS - story andart-NomnomNami - music - MockOff - translations - Español -DavidMaríFrançais - mapledinosaur Português - Fah Braccini Deutsche-MarcelWeyers und Steven Korkowsky, Tolma4 Team Polski -DominikaKlag 한국어- KyleHeren 简体中文 - Yuriatelier 日本語 - Shigekazu Oda
"When music plays, the sun shall stay." A girl withflowersgrowingon her head and an incredible white being with ahumanform──Deemo. As a melody issues forth from the center ofthetrainstation, the rain gradually stops, and the sky clearsuponceagain. In the endless pouring rain, the two of themsearchthefantasy kingdom for a hope that will save the world.
Steins;Gate ALARM 1.0.5
Monstar Lab, Inc.
The Alarm application based on the popular series"STEINS;GATE",thatshipped over 1 million books! Over 250 Newlyrecorded voicesby theVA of Makise Kuris (Asami Imai) 30 Exclusiveillustrationsdrawingwith the supervision of MAGES. There areplenty of nicefeatures suchas the Sleep Mode, the Timer function,the Stampfunction and more! ■Overview Create your own alarms bycombiningthree voice lines. Setup to 10 Alarms. Set importantreminders. ▼Examples ▼ [Hello. Goodweather today isn't it?] [Only5 moreminutes. I won't wait anymore.] ■ Exlusive [Sleep Mode]Exclusivevoice lines that exceed 40seconds of playtime. You canenjoysituations where you are sleepingnext to Makise Kurisu. Afterthescenario is done, sleeping soundswill be played for 30minutes.Extensive voice lines recorded onlyfor the Sleep Mode.ExclusiveIllustrations. Try it with yourearphones! ■ Extra customvoicesand illustrations in the "MemorySelection" You canpurchaseadditional content to expand yourcollection of voicesandillustrations. All the voices andillustrations are newlyrecorderand drawn. ▼ Examples ▼ [There is noparticular meaning.Right?][If you still insist on sleeping thenI'll put Ponzu intoyourcerebral cortex!] ■■■Important■■■ Pleaseconfirm that yourdeviceis listed in the compatible devices beforepurchasing. Shouldyourdevice not be supported, you will not beeligible for refundsorsupport. [Compatibility] Android 4.4 orhigher versionsrequired.*Some devices, tablets or phones are notsupported.*Pleaseunderstand that devices/OS not listed above arenotofficiallysupported, and thus are not eligible for supportorrefunds.*Please understand that cheap smartphones arenotsupported.■■■Notes■■■ ▼By purchasing this App you agree toourTerms ofService in thebelowurl.▼ThisApprequires [300MB or more] of free space. ▼It may take sometimetodownload the app. ▼Using the app in a badconnectionenvironmentmay result in data corruption. ▼On somespecific Androidbuilds,the Alarm activation time may differ fromthe set time.▼Dependingon the device used, there may be operationaldelays orlayoutissues. ■■■ Inquiry ■■■ To contact the Supportplease checkthefollowing page. *Please check our FAQ page beforecontactingus.[Page URL][Support]OpeningHours (Except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)Weekdays10:00~17:00*Inquires are accepted at any time. We willreply onlyduringbusiness hours. If you use Email filterings, youmay notrecive thereply. Please allow emails from the[]domain.*If you do not receive a reply withinone week, pleasecontact usagain. ©2009 MAGES./5pb./Nitroplus
Monstar Lab, Inc.
"Prisma Illya Alarm 2wei!", the sequel to the150,000download"Prisma Illya Alarm". Now featuring Illya and hersistersMiyu andChloe! Featuring the new "Motion Mode"! The sisterswillmove andreact when you tap them. Also featuring the "GirlsTalkMode" Allvoices recorded by VA Mai Kadowaki (Illya), KaoriNazuka(Miyu) andChiwa Saito (Chloe)! "Over 1000 voices!Illustrationsnewly drawnby SILVER LINK." Enjoy every day with Illyaand theothers! * Somevoices and illustrations are part ofadditionalpurchases. ■ AppOverview A basic alarm function, whereyou cancombine up to threevoices. "Se your favorite Illustration asyourbackground image.Customize the Alarm to your liking!" "Set upto 10alarms. AskIllya to wake you up in the morning or to remindyouanappointment!" "Switch between the illustration mode andthemotionmode! Chose your favorite option!" "In the motionmode,select yourfavorite character and her costume! Have eitherIllya,Miyu or Kuroalways displayed in the TOP screen!" *Charactercostumes areadditional purchases. ▼ Recorded voiceexamples ▼・Illya Goodmorning! A new day just started! ・Miyu It'salmost thetime but...are you sure it's ok to not wake up? ・KuroGood morning!Let's doour best today too ♪ ■ Illya and her sisters'[Girls TalkMode]"Listen to Illya's conversations with hersisters.Dedicatedscenario voices and illustrations included."Featuresscenarioswith either all the 3 sisters or Illya with Miyuor Kuro.■ HolidayPack The Holiday Pack includes Illya's casualclothesalongsidededicated motions and voices. WIth the help ofSIVLERLINK, it'snow possible to enjoy animated version of Illya andhersisters. ■Ruby Select and Sapphire Select Includecustomizablevoices andillustrations. Newly recorded voices! Newlydrawnillustrations! ■Stamp Function Get up in time and collect astamp!"Collect 5 stampto unlock new motions and voices! Completethemall!" ■■■ Checkbefore purchasing ■■■ Models that are not partofthe [SupportedDevices] list are not eligible for refundsorsupport. [RecommendedDevices] Android 5.0 and above *Notcompatible with some tabletand devices. * Using the apponoperating systems not listed aboveis not covered by warranty/refund and support. * SIM-free devicesand cheap smartphones arenotsupported. ■■■ Important Notes ■■■▼By purchasing thisapplicationyou automatically agree to theterms of use described inthefollowingURL.▼[250MBor more] required when installing this application.Pleasecheck theavailable space before purchasing. ▼ Up to [350MB]freespace isrequired when downloading additional items. Pleasechecktheavailable space before purchasing. ▼ Downloading andinstallingmaytake some time. Depending on the connectionenvironment, it maytakesome time. ▼ When communicating within theapp in a badcommunicationenvironemnt, there is a risk of datacorruption orloss of settings.▼ Due to the specifications ofAndroid OS, thealarm activation timemay be delayed by severalminutes from theset time. ▼ Depending onthe device you are using,there may be adelay in operation or layoutdisruption. ■■■ Contactus ■■■ Pleasecontact support via "ContactUs" on the followingpage. * Pleasecheck beforeinquiring.【URL】【SupportMailAvailability】 Business Hours: (Excluding weekends,holidays andNewYear holidays) Weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00 * Ifyou have thespamfilter activated, you may not receive emails fromus. Pleasecontactus after authorizing thedomain「」. * Ifyou do notreceive a reply aftera week, please contact us again.©2019HiroshiHiroyama・TYPE-MOON/KADOKAWA/Prisma☆PhantasmPartners©D-techno©㈱SILVERLINK. ©Monstar Lab, Inc.
LifeRPG 2.3.4
- Gain XP for achieving goals (missions) and level up.-Breakmissions down into full sub-missions as much as you want,orjustjot down ideas, notes or steps for each mission withthebuilt-inscratchpad feature. - Automatically sort your missionsbysuggestedpriority, even taking your energy level into account.-Assignunlimited skills to missions and watch your skills levelupaswell. Rename and delete skills any time. - Radarchartdisplaysyour top skills, or any combination of skills youselect. -Createyour own reward system: set and gain reward pointsforcompletingmissions and buy rewards. - Set your own customsoundsfor levelingup, completing missions, and increased skills.-Ability to sortmissions by date worked on, searching all yourplansto identifywhat you've most or least recently worked on. -Unique"Next" tablets you view the next calculated highestprioritymissions toadvance all your goals. - Lots of icons includedtocustomize yourmissions, or use emoji. - Ability to set duedatesand repetition.Specify custom intervals for repetitions(e.g.hourly, every 2days, every 3 weeks, etc.) - Addunlimitednotification remindersfor missions. - Ability to setestimatedduration for missions andsort by duration. - View chart ofXPprogress over past 7 days. -Level progress bar and dailymissionshome screen widgets.
Cosplanner 2.3.2
Cato Kusanagi
Create and manage all your cosplays with Cosplanner. You'llknowtheprogress percentage of them in each moment, savereferenceimages ofthe character, know the total cost and timeyou'veinvested inmaking each of its elements and the time lapse ofyourproject. Whenyou finish it you'll be able to do even more!Logevents where youwill wear it, places, photo shoots,achievementsand its bestpictures! Do you know what has been yourmostexpensive cosplay? Orthe cheapest? What number of photos youhaveof them? Or which onehas been worn in more events? Cosplannerwillhelp you to track thisinfo, so, you'll be able to decidewhat'sthe next cosplay to wear,or which of them is missing a goodphotoshoot Download Cosplannernow for free and try it on yourAndroidpowered device *Allcharacters shown in the screenshotsareproperty of their respectiveauthors, their use herein isforillustrative purposes only
Anime Music - OST, Nightcore And J-Pop Collection 31
Anibi Ltd.
With Anime Music, you can play millions of songs andthesoundtrackfrom all of anime and movie you love, for free •Searchfor yourfavorite song, artists from Anime or Japan animation• Makeyourplaylists with your favorite Anime OST • Discovernewmusic,including Vocaloid and Nightcore songs, or Anime gamingmusic•Collection of Openings and Endings from famous Anime • Sitdownandchilling with some 8-bit, lo-fi anime music • We alsohaveJapanmusic that is popular from all over the world Find musicfromyourfavorite Anime, and listen to new Anime music forfree.PleaseNote: - This application is streaming music only, we donotsupportdownload service. - We are using public API for allthesongs inour application and there is absolutely nocopyrightinfringementintended. We are just simply streaming themforentertainment andput some ads to cover the server cost - If youarethe originalartist and you don't want me to have your work onourapplication,please contact us by sending to thisemail"", wewill remove them immediately.
TAPSONIC World Champion - rhythm game 4.2.1
Welcome to TAPSONIC World Champion! Players all around theworldarewaiting for you. ARE YOU READY TO BE THE WORLD CHAMPION?TWCinvitesyou to the worldwide competition. Be a member ofnationalteam andcompete with other players all over the world. -AUTHENTICRHYTHMGAME - TWC is a traditional arcade-style rhythm gamewithmusicvideo. Music, beat, video, and notes. What more do weneedforrhythm game? - RANKING - TWC provides variousrankingsystems.Including rank by country, world,internationalcompetitions, andalso there are Masters Ranking forthe truechampions. Prove yourskills in various rankings, and becometherepresentatives of yourcountries! - CHAMPION'S TOUR -CAHMPION'STOUR provides a field ofcompetition with selected tracksandscheduled day to players.Similar to the real sportscompetition,there is only one chancefor all participants. Premiumtracks thatusers have to buy to playwill be provided for free inCHAMPION'STOUR. It is a competitionthat you can truly show yourskills. -PLAY-TO-WIN - TWC highlysupports 'Fair Play' attitude.There are nopay-to-win elements ingame such as characters or scoreboosters.You can play dozens oftracks for free including basicallygiventracks and ad-acquiredtracks. - Download free songs fromtheprevious TAPSONIC and DJMAXseries. - Tap & Slide, easy toplay.- Experience high qualityof rhythm effect. - Challenge 3differentdifficulties : Basic, Proand Legend. - Get more medalswith highscore to make your countrywin. - Offline game modesupported. Youcan be the champion of aglobal rhythm game TAPSONICWorld Champion!※ Forward all and anyinquiries @ NEOWIZAll rights reserved.
VRChat Tracker (assistant / companion app) 1.6.2
VRChat Tracker is an unofficial companion / assistant /helperappthat lets you manage your VRChat friends, invites andavatars inaconvenient way, with multiple sorting options. The appwasreleasedin early 2019 and is still gaining features. Some oftheapp'sfeatures: Backup your favorite worlds and avatars. Addnotestoyour friend profiles. Get notified when chosen friendsareonline.Look up the author of the avatar that a user iscurrentlyusing.Browse missed invites. Check hidden user ranks.Search forworldsand users. View your recent worlds. Manage youravatar list.Switchyour avatar's privacy to public or privatewithoutreuploading.Change your status description and biography. Alotmore featuresplanned. Please note that you cannot login withastandalone Steamor Oculus account but you can easily merge itintoproper VRChataccount by following the officialVRChatguide option to support the development by purchasing darkthemewithinthe app. Read/write external SD data permission willbeprompted ifyou decide you want to backup your app data into afileso that itdoes not get lost. In case you were wonderingaboutviewing andfavoriting public avatars - it was removed onVRChat'sside from theVRChat's API which the app uses. It doesn'tlook likeit's comingback. If you have any questions, requestsorencountered bugs, feelfree to email me at
VOEZ 2.1.0
VOEZ invites you to embark on the remarkable journeyofteenagedreams, Following after Cytus and Deemo, two titlesthattook theworld by storm, Rayark’s remarkable rhythm game,VOEZ,hasofficially arrived! ------ It is recommended tovisitthecalibration page first ------ Click Icon ->Settings->Calibration Setup calibration for best gamingexperienceStory:Listen to our voice! Chelsea, a girl whowholeheartedlylovesbaking and singing. Due to an unexpected event,she and herLanKong High School classmates decided to pursue theirmutualdream,leading to the birth of their band VOEZ. Over timetheyfaceobstacles and fight hardships together,completelydevotingthemselves to band practice so the world may heartheirvoices.Game Features: -Game app free of charge, just downloadtojoinVOEZ! -Dynamic tracks with falling notes, bringingvisualandgameplay experience to a whole new level! -Striving tobearecord-breaking rhythm game with the largest musiccollectiontodate! Players will be able to access new tunes on amonthlybasis!-As the game progresses, players will join thegamecharacters ontheir youthful adventures -Occasional updateswillfeature a vastselection of new free and paid song packs-Ability tocreate gameaccount and engage in real-time competitionwith otherplayersaround the world for the leaderboard
Top Anime Wallpaper Pro 4.1.0
if you love Anime you will find in this app Top AnimeWallpaperProbackground you want are in high quality for your mobile* No ADS*All Anime serie wallpaper * Anime 2018 * Dark Animewallpaper*Anime romance Wallpaper * Anime Sport - You can requestaddinganyanime you like to the application - You can saveanyAnimewallpaper in SD card or internal storage - You can setanyAnimewallpapaer you want as wallpapers - You can add anime toyourwish- More then 9 000 background All Anime Wall of the DayComebackevery day for a new treat. This is where we showcasenewlycreatedbackdrops, or just some of our favorites. Contact us ifyouwantyour own original work in the spotlight. Updated DailyWe'llbeconstantly designing new backdrops for you. This meansnewhighquality content within the app every day.