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My Bewitching Perfume: Visual novel games English 1.5.0
An exciting love simulation game for girls! It's theultimateromancegame/otome game for ladies who love handsome guys!■Romancestory"Even though he's so disinterested in love, for justa momentit'slike he's been enchanted. It's all because of theperfume Imade..."He's a handsome soushoku danshi who's had a badexperiencein lovethat he's never been able to tell anyone.However, hesuddenly turnsinto a nikushoku danshi!? The perfume Imade has adangerouslyseductive fragrance. Before we realize it,it's causedhim to abandonall reason... ■You can see the SuperHappy endingfor free! ✓Apopular romance game for women that'salready exceededover 3 milliondownloads! ✓You can enjoy the wholestory for free,and even get theSuper Happy ending for free!✓There's no missions,you can go throughthe story without anyinterruptions.✓Recommended for ladies who wantto try an otome gamewithouthaving to pay for a subscription orin-app purchases!■MyBewitching Perfume is this kind of app! ✓It's agenuineromancegame for women! ✓It's a romance novel game that allwomenacrossthe globe can enjoy for free! ✓You're part of areverseharemincluding the four attractive men in your life!?✓Thedevelopmentsin this exciting love story will have yourheartpounding and leaveyou wondering what happens next! ✓Andunlikeother romance gamesand otome games, there's no missionsduring thestory, so you cancontinue reading without anyinterruptions! ■Hereare the handsomeguys you can choose from! Youcan choose whicheverguy you prefer.♥Teppei Shidou An oresamanikushoku danshi who ispassionateSerious and a little shy ♥TakeruHiruma A pushy nikushokudanshiwho loves to tease A cool guy of fewwords, but he's actuallyquitekind ♥Rei Kirishima A charmingnikushoku danshi who likestoindulge women A devilish kind of guy♥Naomi Kanoura Anikushokudanshi who is an elegant gentleman He'scool but only nicearoundme ■Supported language English, French,German ■Follow us onour"SNS"Twitter:@Otomegamesinfo information byCiagram■BackgroundMusic Usage Site MusMus■Basic Information ✓Freeinstallation ✓Freebasic play ■Warning✓Uninstalling the app orclearing the cache willreset player data.✓This game will not workoffline. Make sure youhave an internetconnection when you play.✓Update your device'ssoftware to version4.1 or later to play.■Terms of service
Is It Love? Drogo - Vampire 1.3.360
1492 Studio
Is It Love? Drogo - Vampire is an otome in English interactive.Likefor television series, new episodes (chapters) areregularlyreleased. Story: "You have decided to move to MysterySpell tofollow the exciting and esoteric course of its unusualuniversity.Engaged as an au pair for the Bartholy family, you arein charge oflooking after little Lorie. Your hosts, Two rich andquiteeccentric brothers, arouse the curiosity and fear oftheinhabitants of the city who see them as evil... The wordvampirefloats on all lips without ever being pronounced. ButtheBartholy's are not the only ones to have secrets. You willdiscoverthat students and teachers also have things to hide. Butmoresurprisingly, you will learn more about yourself... You willhaveto side with all these strange characters and use courage tofacethe most impetuous of them: Drogo. You may even be able to tamehisdestructive character and discover in him a passionatelover..."Strong points: • Romantic dates with a vampire • It's yourgame:Your choices, your interactive story • A 100% free Otome GameinEnglish • A veritable Love Story in English An Otome is avisualnovel type game in which you are the heroine about to livetrueromance (love story) with possible twists (Love,seduction,betrayal, marriage...). Download this vampire game, ifyou: • Likelove stories or stories about vampires • Watch romanticfilms •Read Mangas with or without vampires • Want to live a loveStory •Discover a new otome in English Follow us:Facebook: Got a question or lookingforhelp? Contact the support in the game by clicking on MenuthenSupport. About us: 1492 Studio based in Montpellier, France,wasco-founded in 2014 by Claire & Thibaud Zamora,twoentrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in thefreemiumgaming business. Acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, the studiocontinuestoday to create interactive stories in the visual novelgenre tofeed the Is It Love? series. With a dozen of mobile apps-generating more than 58 million downloads to date, the 1492Studiogames offer players the chance to travel to new dimensions,inworlds full of intrigues, suspense, and romance. Thestudiocontinues to operate its live games by creating furthercontent andanimating a strong community of fans while working onotherprojects to come in a near future.
Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ 20.1
🌟🌟'I double-clicked on the icon and started playing Shadowtime.Idesperately waited to create my own world, MY NEW ME!'🌟🌟 ✨DEARFANS, get ready for a TOTAL MIND-BLOWER from yourfavoritedevelopers! A brand new interactive “love story” gamecombiningelements of virtual reality and RPG with beautiful mangacharactersand illustrations is finally out! Immerse yourself in themostthrilling gaming experience ever while you shape your destinyandmake life-determining choices on your way to true love! Whichoneof the guys will be lucky to be chosen as your PrinceCharming?Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ is aiming to capturethehearts of our dearest game fans and keep them hooked anddesperatefor new releases. Don't lose any of your precious time –downloadShadowtime right away and start living the love storyyou've alwaysdreamed of! 💜🌸🌞❣️💜🌸🌞❣️💜🌸🌞❣️ DOWNLOAD NOW! and startyour grippingadventure if: ✨ You like playing any kind of otomegames free; ✨You want to experience a kind of love set in twoworlds; ✨ You're afan of RPG games or virtual reality games; ✨ Youlove Japanesegames, manga or anime games; ✨ You'd love to createyour ownavatar; ✨ You enjoy impressive visuals, animationsandunpredictable plot twists; ✨ You're hooked to anime lovestorysimulation games; ✨ You wish to name and customize yourcharacterthe way you want; ✨ You want to create your own path bymakingpersonal choices at critical moments that change the storyline!💜🌸🌞❣️💜🌸🌞❣️💜🌸🌞❣️ ✨Only in “Anime Love Story Games”:✨Shadowtime✨ -one of the best virtual novel games on the market! 🌟🌟 🌟 SUPPORTEDLANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português,Deutsch, Français,Italiano, bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, عربى, 日本語, 한국어, 中文!It's time to dive into the most immersive anime lovestory ever!✨Download this fantastic teenage love story and enjoythe superbanime style illustrations that go along with the romancenovel youcreate. Veiled in suspense, this game presents you withoriginalcharacters and creative plot that combines two differentworlds.Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ offers you a chance toplay agame within a game combining elements of RPG and VR. Aboveall, itis also one of the most carefully written interactive storygamesoffering you new stories and chapters on a regular basis."Chooseyour storyline" and don't miss the chance to try the bestotomegames English free. These virtual love story games can beyours ina few seconds! Write your own manga romance! Create ananimecharacter and make your own story of love! ✨Looking for anoriginalshoujo game romance with fantastic characters and thrillingplotfull of suspense that will leave you craving for moresequels?Become the heroine of your story as it evolves into astunningromance. Decide on the look of your heroine in real lifeAND in thegame she plays. Engage yourself in avatar creation andcustomize itwith accessories. Download Anime Love Story Games:✨Shadowtime✨,one of the most addicting anime and “manga games” andwatch hoursfly by in a simple gameplay! A childhood friend or apopular gamer?What's your choice? ✨Curious to become a heroinewhose life changesat the same time when the most popular video gameis released? Tornbetween your old school friend and a new popularguy, you're aboutto encounter various difficulties that thisromance game carriesalong the way. However, you should know onething: there's nomistake with our “avatar games” with virtualworlds and “Englishotome games”! If you love to play “manga lovegames” that you candate in or "interactive story games", we have aperfect app to keepyou entertained for hours. Hurry up to find outyour ideal love inAnime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ FREE! Weguarantee that youwill be thrilled about our new "love storygames"!
Is It Love? Ryan - Your virtual relationship 1.3.360
1492 Studio
Embark on a romantic adventure worthy of the greatest TVseries,find the love of your life, start a family and become arealbusinesswoman alongside the mysterious and charismatic RyanCarter.Play all three seasons of "Is It Love? Ryan" and immerseyourselfin an incredible success story! Make your own choicesthroughoutthe episodes of this visual novel! The story: Your storybegins inthe heart of the bustling city of New York. You have aniceapartment in town and your best friends, Matt and Lisa, arealwaysthere for you. You started your career as a MarketingAssistant atCarter Corp, the most influential company in the UnitedStates, andyou are now managing your own Humanitarian andEnvironmentalbranch. But an unexpected event turned your lifeupside down: youmet Ryan Carter, the mysterious and untamable CEOof Carter Corp.It's love at first sight, and thanks to him you willlearn tobecome a better version of yourself, both humanlyandprofessionally. Tame the big boss, face the consequences ofyourrelationship and become unstoppable in the eyes of all. Butbeware,the love games you play can come at a cost... Features: •Yourchoices impact the storyline • Interactive narrative game 100%inEnglish • A visual, sensorial and emotional adventure • RyanCarteris back for a last season! • Photo-realistic backgrounds • Anewchapter every 3 weeks (11 chapters in total) • Two secretscenesper chapter • Regular additional content: Extra Love stories,ExtraEvent stories Cast: Ryan Carter - CEO and Founder of CarterCorpCharismatic, magnetic, bossy... Parker Snow - JournalistClever,ambitious, well-informed... Thomas Gordon - Matt'scoworkerWomanizer, clumsy, kind-hearted... Mark Leviels - CarterCorpBranch Manager Intellectual, workaholic, quiet... Jenny Blake-Business Partner Protective, stubborn, passionate aboutcooking...Matt Ortega - Director of Communications Bad boy,funny,creative... Lisa Parker - Ryan's Assistant Sociable,sweet,loyal... Follow us:Facebook: Got anyproblems orquestions? Contact our in-game support team by clickingon Menu andthen Support. Our story: 1492 Studio is based inMontpellier,France. It was co-founded in 2014 by Claire and ThibaudZamora, twoentrepreneurs with over twenty years’ experience in thefreemiumgame industry. Acquired by Ubisoft in 2018, the studio hasforgedahead in creating interactive stories in the form of visualnovels,further enriching the content of their "Is It Love?" series.With atotal of fourteen mobile applications with more than 60milliondownloads to date, 1492 Studio designs games that takeplayers on ajourney through worlds that are rich in intrigue,suspense and, ofcourse, romance. The studio continues to providelive games bycreating additional content and keeping in touch witha strong andactive fan base while working on upcoming projects.
Otome : Is-it Love? Gabriel 💌 1.3.324
1492 Studio
The first Otome (flirting game) of ourseries“Is It Love?” is available in English. Discover the “FrenchTouch”of love games!“Is It Love?” Carter Corp. - SYNOPSISYou’ve just landed a job at Carter Corp., founded by themysteriousRyan Carter. Your manager, Gabriel Simons, (besides beingtalentedand seductive) has a reputation as a “serial lover”, makinghim thesubject of many of your colleagues’ dreams. Covering histracks,playing cat and mouse, sometimes a charmer and sometimesdistant,you may risk falling into his claws...It’s YOUR story!You’re the heroine in this free Otome! You influence the storyandthe final conclusion, happy or unhappy, through the decisionsyouwill choose to make. You’ll be able to play new episodesoften,adding length to your virtual love story.Is It Love? Carter Corp. - CASTINGRyan Carter: founder and CEO of the firmMagnetic, charismatic, direct, brilliant, intimidating.26 years old, single, multibillionaire.Personal trait: Control freak.Astrological sign: Sagittarius“Miss, there is nothing out of my reach”Mark Leviels: Subsidiary directorIntellectual, ambitious, calm, accessible.28 years old, work addict.Personal trait: Never without his smartphone.Astrological sign: Libra.“To choose is to abandon. I chose to totally invest myself inmyjob.”Gabriel Simons: ManagerExtrovert, manipulative, insolent, hands-on.28 years old, single, “serial lover”.Personal trait: Takes advantage of his seduction skills.Astrological sign: Leo.“I had to fight to get where I am today. I know how demandingyouhave to be.”Cassidy Sparke: Human ResourcesCold, arrogant, pushy.25 years old, single.Personal trait:: Full of self-assurance.Astrological sign: Capricorn“With a snap of my fingers, I can end your entire career.”Matt Ortega: Graphic ArtistPlayful, sensitive, creative, sporty.25 years old, single, epicurian.Personal trait: Bad boy with a big heart.Astrological sign: Scorpio“I know, I’m so brilliant that I can light up your day…”Colin Spencer: DeveloperHarsh, brief, mysterious.25 years old, single, morose.Personal trait: Leader of a heavy metal band.Astrological sign: Pisces“Hey.”Lisa Parker: SecretaryKind, social, professional, loyal.24 years old, single.Personal trait: Always keeps a smile.Astrological sign: Virgo“On bad days, I look at my smiley post-it and it helps mecheerup!”Superb IllustrationsThe more you progress into the Otome, the more superbillustrationsyou can unlock, adding visuals to your romanticstory!But pay attention to your choices! They can affect which imagesandsecret scenes you unlock! But don’t worry, you can alwaysreplaythe story, or a particular chapter, in order to unlock anyimagesyou might have missed!And Much MoreDiscover secret love stories, short flirting stories, andmuchmore!Follow us on Facebook by liking our page: to discover ournewgames.———————Questions? Concerns? Contact our customersupport:https://1492studio.freshdesk.comFree download“Is it Love?” is free to play. However, you can pay forcertainbonuses. You can disable in-app purchases in yourdevicesettings.Internet connection required, additional charges may apply. "
The Princes of the Night : Romance otome games 1.5.0
Is the rumor about vampires real? While you were leading apeacefullife, unexplained killings are disrupting everything andyour owndestiny mingles with those events that surpass you. Anexcitinglove simulation game for girls! Join the world of Japaneseotomegames! ❖Strong points ✦Read 5 episodes(chapters) every dayforFREE! ✦You can get more hearts by just watching ads! ✦Unlikeotherotome games(choice game), this one has nomissions/checkpoints!✦You can read the whole story withoutrecurring to in-apppurchases! ✦Choices you make don't affect theending ✦Great ikemencgs ✦You can re-read the stories anytime ✦Anexciting English animelove games that lets you fall in love withthe hottest guys you'veever seen! ❖Love stories Central Europe, ina walled city... Peacereigned on the village, until several womenhave been found dead...The only clues we had were two fang marks onthe necks of thevictims. This must be the doing of a demon... "Andnow this threatis on me too." in which men and vampires arefighting to conqueryour heart! ❖Here are the handsome guys you canchoose from! ♥KlausVon Dracula Type: Vampire With a stoicpersonality, Count Draculais devoted to his people and his duty. Itseems that his legacyholds many secrets... "I always wanted toprotect you." Will youanswer the call of love and fate, against allodds? ♥Gerald VanHelsing Type: Human Professor in theology andmedicine. He feels adeep hatred against vampires since the murderof her sister. "Yousay I'm stubborn, but I think you are worse thanme." Turn him awayfrom his vampire hunt does not seem to be an easytask. Will you beable to do it? ♥Mateus Type: Vampire Sadistic andcruel... This,however, seems to be only one facet of hispersonality. "Close youreyes and let yourself go... When you willwake up, you'll be mine!"His anger may be hiding somethingdeeper... and better. Will youfind the good in him and win hislove? ♥Ewan Type: Demon Ewan is ademon serving Dracula from thefirst generation of the lineage."It's a pleasure to meet you,Princess." This cute and nice servantwill surprise you more thanonce... Can a demon fall in love?❖Recommended for you if... ✦Youlike Japanese dating games andotome games. ✦You are looking for adrama app for girls, forromantic manga, novels etc. ✦You arelooking for a love simulationgame where you can experiment sweetand passionate kisses. ✦Youwant a dating game with beautifulillustrations where you get tokiss many ikemen guys. ❖Supportedlanguage English, French ❖Followus on our "SNS" Facebook: Otomegames information by Ciagram Instagram:otomegames_ciagram Twitter:@Otomegamesinfo ❖Basic Information ✦Freeinstallation ✦Freebasic play ❖Warning ✦Uninstalling the app orclearing the cachewill reset player data. ✦This game will not workoffline. Make sureyou have an internet connection when you play.✦Update yourdevice's software to version 5.0 or later to play.❖Terms ofservice ❖Ikemen otome games ofCiagram♥Nightmare Harem ♥Love Plan ♥Hozuki -Awakening- ♥LoveGossip♥Reverse Tales of Genji ♥Chocolate Temptation ♥DoubleProposal♥Princess Closet ♥My Bewitching Perfume ♥Diamond Girl♥ForbiddenLove and more! ✨✨✨Search more for Ciagram'sgames✨✨✨ Or search "pub: Ciagram CO., LTD." OnGooglePlay
Diamond Girl: Otome games otaku dating sim 1.3.0
■Love story "Proper ladies can do whatever they want!?" Youareaso-called "love-allergic" girl who spends her time at homeinatrack suit. You luckily get a job at the famousMisonoTradingCompany, but it is discovered that you are actuallytheheiress tothe parent company's Misono family!? You move intoamansion inorder to learn how to be a proper lady, but youjustcan't manageto get used to your glamorous lifestyle! Youcontinueto battle,surrounded by your kind butler, hot and coldfiancé, andditzycousin! This is perfect for girls who want to enjoyan otomegamefree of charge! ■Here are the handsome guys you canchoosefrom!You can choose whichever guy you prefer. ♥MasakiFujigayaSuper!Cocky fiancé ♥Hayato Aisaka Super! Protectivebutler♥KyoichiTakayanagi Super! Cool strict brother in law♥TsubasaMisono Super!Wild boy cousin ■Diamond Girl is this kind ofapp!✓This is a lovestory game in which relationships form betweenthe"love-allergic"heroine who wears track suits around andthehandsome men. ✓This isan otome game in which the handsomemensurrounding you suddenly gofrom friend to boyfriend. ✓Youcansimulate love scenarios younever can in real life, such asdating abutler, cocky boy, youngerguy, or mean but lovingboyfriend! ✓Inthis romance simulation gamefor girls, you can gofrom a life emptyof romance to one in whichevery day is filled withexcitement andhappiness. ✓You can enjoythe excitement of marryingthe man of yourdreams! ✓See that cockyboyfriend get smitten! Behindthat cockinessis kindness. ✓Theawkward communication of a servant!Love startswith friendship!✓This is a otome romance novel game forall girls!■Supportedlanguage English, French, German ■Follow us onour"SNS"Twitter:@Otomegamesinfo information byCiagram■BasicInformation ✓Free installation✓Free basic play■Warning✓Uninstalling the app or clearing thecache will resetplayer data.✓This game will not work offline.Make sure you have aninternetconnection when you play. ✓Updateyour device's software toversion4.1 or later to play. ■Terms ofservice
In Search of Haru : Otome Game Sweet Love Story 1.1.1
SEEC inc.
I was made fun of for being chubby, and I was crying. That'swhenaboy approached me. I only remember his name. I want to meethim--Haru -- one more time. Wanting to talk to Haru again, I hidmypastand decided to seek him out. ◆How to Play 1. Astimepasses,students will appear. 2. Tap the students to talk tothemand pickup Memory Fragments. 3. Collecting Memory Fragmentsmovesthe storyforward. 4. Your choices affect the story! ◆FunFactors*Free toplay and download! *The game even progresses whenidle, soit'sgreat for quick bursts of play time! *Your choicesaffectthefuture. Multi-ending system features four outcomes!*Collect14illustrations and swoon at their good looks! *Completeallthestorylines to have the characters tell you moreabouttheillustrations you picked up! ◆In Search of Haru is ateenromanceapp recommended for these kinds of people: *Fansofromanticmovies, dramas, and novels *Fans of girls' anime,romancegames,girls' games, and games where you play as a girl*Fansofstory-centric games and idling games *People looking tokillsometime *Gamers looking to swoon at the prospect of datingahandsomeguy *Gamers looking for romantic, heart-meltingscenes*Fans ofJapanese anime and manga-+-+--+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+◆Productionteam's Twitter account Getthe latest details on ourgames, plusexclusiveillustrations!◆SupportedOSes Android 4.2.2 and up◆Notes & precautions -Deleting the appcache or data, oruninstalling the app itself, cancause allpurchased items and gameprogress to be lost. - Note thatwe do notoffer refunds forpurchased items. - If the app crashes,werecommended trying againafter getting a stable networkconnection. -This app makes use ofadvertising to enable us todevelop and run thebase app free ofcharge. ◆Termsandconditions◆Troubleshootingandfeedback To report problems with the app orsend us yourfeedback,contact us at the e-mail address below, usingthe appname as thee-mail subject. *E-mail inquiries are available24/7,but note thatreplies on weekends and Jaoanese nationalholidays,and after 7:00PM, may be delayed. ◆ For users who haveproblemswith installationIf you have trouble installing theapplication,please check thefollowingpage.
Chocolate Temptation: Otome games visual novels 1.6.0
You are the only woman amongst a family of fourikemen...Surroundedby such handsome guys, will you find happiness,or...!?Immerseyourself in a thrilling romance that's likechocolate:sometimessweet, sometimes bitter... ■Love stories"Somewhere onearth, youcan find the legendary chocolates ofhappiness, whichbringhappiness to anyone who eats them..." My dadused to tell methatfairy tale before I went to sleep... You havebeen selectedtocompile a mook about chocolate, which you love somuch. Theplacethat you decide to interview for the mook is theverypopularchocolate shop in Omotesando: L'ecrin. Waiting for youthereis anexciting new life where you live with theshop'shandsomechocolatiers!? ■Strong points ✓Read 5episodes(chapters)every dayfor FREE! ✓Unlike other otomegames(choice game), this onehas nomissions! ✓You can read the wholestory without recurring toin-apppurchases! ✓An exciting Englishanime love games that letsyou fallin love with the hottest guysyou've ever seen! ■Who willyouchoose to be your boyfriend? Thehandsome brothers of"ChocolateTemptation" ♥Ibuki Aoi If you enjoyfollowing someoneelse's leadin a romance... The eldest brother ofthe Aoi family.♥Jin Aoi Ifyou enjoy romances in which you bothmature together...The cooland stoic second brother of the Aoifamily. ♥Mitsuki Aoi Ifyouenjoy romances in which you help yourboyfriend grow...Theinnocent third brother of the Aoi family.♥Junshirou AoiYournavigator in the Aoi household. The mischievousandplayfulyoungest brother. A romance game for women in which youcandateone or multiple guys at the same time! ■Recommended for youifyouwant... ✓To enjoy an amazing love story with one ofthemostpopular free otome games ✓To be chased by ikemen guysinboyfriendgames of mobile apps ✓Loves romance simulation gamesandromancestory games ✓To fall in love like in light novels andvisualnovelgames ✓Are looking for love simulator andvirtualboyfriendsimulator free ✓Or are looking for best anime lovegamesor otakugames for girls ✓Or are searching for free games toplayover textfor girls ✓Or are interested in mobile otakugamesapplication ✓Orplay various otome games such as pc,mobile,applications etc. ✓Tofreely choose episodes with yourfavoritevirtual boyfriend textinggames for girls ■SupportedlanguageEnglish, French, German ■Followus on our"SNS"Twitter:@Otomegamesinfo information byCiagram ■BasicInformation ✓Freeinstallation✓Free basic play ■Warning✓Uninstalling the app orclearing thecache will reset player data.✓This game will not workoffline.Make sure you have an internetconnection when you play.✓Updateyour device's software to version4.1 or later to play.■Terms ofservice
A Slick Romance: Otome games free dating sim 1.7.0
It's just you and him in the Salon room... These sexyandhandsometalented estheticians will make your heart warm andyourbodysweaty... "It's just a massage, but it seems you'reenjoying italot" Massages, styling, make up, skin care,aromatherapy...There's a hot specialist for everything! Theirexpertfingertipswill make you feel some unknown sensations...■Lovestories"Gratia" is a celebrity beauty salon run by handsomeikemen.You,working in a rival salon, decide to spy on them in ordertolearnthe secrets behind a genius esthetician called"GoldFingers"...■Strong points ✓Read 5 episodes(chapters) every dayforFREE!✓Unlike other otome games(choice game), this one hasnomissions!✓You can read the whole story without recurringtoin-apppurchases! ✓An exciting dating sim that lets you fall inlovewiththe hottest guys you've ever seen! ■CharactersIntroduction♥MiraiIgarashi A charismatic hair stylist, as popularas an idol."Itwill be my pleasure to make you even morebeautiful."♥ZioFujishima A sadist nail artist who has gainedanoverwhelmingfollowing. "What a nice voice. It motivatesme."♥Tenkyu Todoji Asexy genius massager, who knows how to treatawoman. "Leave yourbody and mind in my hands, and you'll feelgood."♥Seima Serizawa Areticent perfumer who specializes inaphrodisiacfragrances. "Thisperfume will bring out your charm."♥Toru KunikidaA mysteriousgenius esthetician with a doctor'slicense. "Don't showyour skinto other men. It's unpleasant."■Supported languageEnglish,French, German ■Official websiteLOG(Love stories &OtomeGames)■Follow us onour"SNS"Twitter:@Otomegamesinfo information byCiagram ■BasicInformation ✓Freeinstallation✓Free basic play ■Warning✓Uninstalling the app orclearing thecache will reset player data.✓This game will not workoffline.Make sure you have an internetconnection when you play.✓Updateyour device's software to version4.1 or later to play.■Terms ofservice
Véritable princesse | Otome Dating Sim games 1.1.22
whomor Inc.
▼Un nouveau volet à la série des jeux otome DeareaD▼ Avecquilaprincesse va-t-elle tomber amoureuse ?【PrincessToBe*véritable princesse 】 Jeu de simulation d'amourotomepourfemmes Aquria, petit royaume au milieu de l'océan. Vousviviezunevie tranquille quand tout à coup, un chevalier dupalaisroyaumeapparaît devant vous !? "A partir d'aujourd'hui,tu eslaprincesse ." Votre vie de princesse commencesoudainement.Desjournées excitantes avec votre fiancé aupalais ! Maisdespersonnes en veulent à votre vie … Que va-t-ilrester de laromancede la princesse après que la véritéaéclaté ?・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆Caractéristiquesdel'application・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Jeu deromancepopulairecomplètement gratuit ! Progressez dans le jeuavecles ticketsdistribués tous les jours ! La fin del'histoirechange enfonction des choix opérés pendant lapartie !Remplissez votrealbum de moments inoubliables !Profitezd'une relation avec unhomme charmant n'importe quand etn'importeoù !・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・◆Présentation despersonnages・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Qui sera celuiqui teprotégera 1. Alex Rhondhurd ( arrogant leaderdeschevaliers)Arrogant et autoritaire, mais gentil dans le fond.Ilne veut plusperdre d'être cher. Quel secret cache-t-ilderrièrecessentiments ? Tu as toujours été ma princesse 2.LucaLindberg (Jeune voyou aristocrate) Toujours joyeux et entourédepersonnes.Quel secret cache-t-il ? Quand la véritéserarévélée, que vontfaire les deux amoureux...? Si seulementjepouvais toujours êtreamoureux de toi 3. Denis Sakuraba (princeétourdi) Le princesérieux et aimable d'une nation alliée.Enconflit entre sessentiments et les ordres de son père Jeseratoujours à vos côtéspour vousprotéger・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ◆Jeuconseillé sivous :・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ Êtesintéressée parles jeuxOtome Cherchez un jeu de simulation Otomepour femmesCherchez unjeu Otome gratuit Voulez avoir une relationavec un hommecharmantAdmirez les princesses Voulez une histoired'amour à couperlesouffle avec un prince Voulez jouer à un jeu desimulationpourfemmes Voulez jouez à un jeu Otome gratuit Aimez lesmangaspourfilles et les jeuxderomances ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ ◆A proposdel'entreprise・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ DeareadInc.estuneentreprise qui propose du contenu destiné auxfemmes【Siteofficiel】 【Facebookofficiel】【Nouscontacter】*------------------------------------------*
Otome Game:Love Magic Episode2 1.0
Hanabi Media
Otome Game: Love Magic returns with Episode 2! Aninteractivevisualnovel where you make the choices and decide theoutcome ofthestory. === The Story === What do you do when a witchhunter ishoton your trail? With a cat demon as your only ally, youaredrawndeeper into a maelstrom of magic, secrets, andviolence...Will yousurvive with your life intact? And moreimportantly...your sanity?What's more, Minuet or Paris? That's ahard questionfor youthere... === About Us === Hanabi Media makeshigh qualityepisodicinteractive love stories for people who enjoyhaving adaily dose ofromance in their lives. OurWebsite:www.hanabimedia.netOurFacebook: We areaddingnewstories all the time!
The Winter Kiss Novel ♥ Otome Love Story 4.0.9
Best Interactive Love Otome Story ♥ Make your own chooses andfallin love NOW ! Start your love story by downloading The WinterKissand find your crush in this interactive & visual novelFollowYour Heart Our passionate heroine has just finished herstudies ininterior design. She moves to New York because she wantsto workfor Walsh's Design. The best agency in town which wasfounded by abrilliant and ambitious woman, Sheryl Walsh. To hersurprise, sheis summoned for an interview with the agency that somany younggraduates dream about. The interview is conducted bythecharismatic artistic director, Dan Walsh …Little by little, aduois formed between the two. Is it love? Or Cary Hughes abusinessmanwho is back in town after many years on the West Coastandtraveling around the world. Hughes calls on Walsh's Designtorenovate his New York penthouse. The heroine spends manymomentsgoing between the agency and the Hughes’s penthouse, and,little bylittle, she becomes acquainted with the mysteriousbusinessman.What is his secret? is it romance? … is it love? Youwill findyourself caught in the middle of a love triangle, havingto choosebetween Dan Walsh and Cary Hughes. Make your choicescarefully asyou might lose the love of your life. Interact withromantic andmysterious characters to decide who will be yourpassionate romanceFinding your soul mate was never this intriguing& fun. Becomethe most talented interior design desired by somany. Find thatspecial person and have love-struck over all thereading &choices you make in this fantastic novel of love inwinter. BestOtome Romance Novel • Best Romantic Story of Love &Seduction •Interactive Visual Novel with Choices. • Otome Game inEnglish •Your story of love and seduction • Unexpected lovingproblems &jealousy • Incredible outcomes to your decisionsDownload it NowFree
The Arcana: A Mystic Romance - Love Story 2.10
Nix Hydra
Welcome to The Arcana. You’re about to enter the interactiveworldof Vesuvia, the most captivating visual novel full ofmystery,love, and romance. In merely seconds, you’ll enter yourownimmersive, inclusive, otome inspired love story and visualnovel.In this captivating romance story you won’t be able to putdown,you’re the main character and love interest. Choose yourpreferredpronouns, make your own choices and romance to yourheart’s desire!The Arcana is LGBTQ+ friendly. Brought to you by NixHydra, afemale founded studio with games loved by over 23 millionpeople.THE ARCANA STORY You’re a young prodigy tarot card reader.You wakeup in a magic shop confused with no memory. A mysteriousfigureappears that wishes to speak to your mentor but you offerthem atarot card reading instead. They’re intrigued by yourreading. Theyoffer you an invitation to the Palace, but for aprice: You mustuncover the mystery of their murdered partner.You’ll immediatelybe thrown into the thick mystic interactive storyand dating sim,where you’ll rendezvous with many sultry people onyour path touncover the mystery. Each character has many hiddensecrets thatyou discover through your choices. Be careful, yourchoices and whoyou decide to romance impact more than justyourself! MEET THECHARACTERS Intertwine paths with enthralling& stunningcharacters you won’t be able to take your eyes offof. Win overtheir hearts, flirt, or stir up drama! In The Arcana,you can playmultiple character paths simultaneously or one at atime - thechoice is yours. Julian: An exciting and dangerous doctoraccusedof a vile crime Asra: Your magical mentor with a wealth ofsecretsMuriel: A mysterious outsider you encounter in VesuviaNadia: Thepowerful and intriguing countess of the city Lucio: Thedeadhusband of Nadia who once ruled Vesuvia Portia: Nadia’sfavoriteand most trustworthy handmaiden If you love interactivestorygames, LGBTQ games, or play otome, anime, romance, or datingsimgames you’ll love who you’re about to meet in Vesuvia. Areyouready to find true love in your very own romance story? HOW TOPLAYOnce inside The Arcana, you can roleplay in up to 21uniqueotome-inspired stories taken from the 21 Major Arcana tarotcards.First, you must choose your pronouns. Each episode hasendlessamounts of options for you to role play. Unlike other datingsims,The Arcana story lets you be who you want and love who youdesire.As you interact with characters on your chosen path, youmust makedecisions quickly or face the consequences! CREATED FORALL TheArcana is the ultimate inclusive visual novel & lovegamedeveloped by and for players of all sexual orientations&genders. Whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer,pansexual,or any other orientation, your romance awaits. The Arcanais theultimate inclusive love story game. A new twist for fansoftraditional yuri, yaoi, bl and otome games. We can’t waittowelcome you into our community. Find us online: TikTok,Reddit,Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. #thearcanagamePrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Please note that The Arcanaiscurrently only available in English and this game will not workonChromebooks. See you soon, The Arcana
Teen Love Story Games For Girls 21.1
💖😘👄Create your own love story with attractive charactersandimpressive visuals in our ultra exciting visual novel game!Weinvite you to embark on a crazy love adventure in a brandnew"interactive story" where one choice changes everything! Anewschool year brings a lot of excitement and a need for manynewdecisions. Live your own high school life through immersivevisualstories where YOU control what happens next! Who will be yourdreamboyfriend? It's completely up to you! Or... Is it?! Download💑TeenLove Story Games For Girls💑, one of the most addicting “highschoollove” games and watch hours fly by in a simple tap-basedgameplay!Your 💑HIGH SCHOOL LOVE STORY💑 starts NOW! 👫 FEATURES👫🚶💜💄🤗💃🌷🎀😎👯👄🌹🍀💖😘🚶💜💄🤗💃🌷🎀😎👯👄🌹🍀💖😘 💑 Impressive visuals, coolteenagecharacters and simple gameplay combined in the mostimmersive teenlove story ever! 💑 Name your own character and playas yourself! 💑Dress up for the first day of school according toyour taste andchoose the style that expresses yourself! 💑 Decide onyour futureboyfriend! 💑 Choose what you want to say to your friendsand to thenew guy, but choose wisely! 💑 Make personal choices atcriticalmoments that change the story line! 💑 Choose your own path– writeyour own school romance! 💑 Only in 💑Teen Love Story GamesForGirls💑 - one of the best high school story games on the market!💑SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português,Deutsch,Français, Italiano, Srpski,Русский,العربية!🚶💜💄🤗💃🌷🎀😎👯👄🌹🍀💖😘🚶💜💄🤗💃🌷🎀😎👯👄🌹🍀💖😘 👫It's time to startyour loveadventure!👫 💖😘👄For all fans of games for teenage girls!Dear girls,we welcome you to the visual novel where you will reviveyour highschool and college life and make choices and decisionsregardingyour best friends and your ideal boyfriend. 💑Teen LoveStory GamesFor Girls💑 offers you a chance to take part in aninteractive lovestory and enjoy a dramatic romance. In "teenagegames for girlsfree" such as these, you may fall in love with ahandsome guy, seeif your BFF is really what you think she is, andsee who you canrely on in the new school year! Choose yourstoryline and don'tmiss the chance to try teenage high school girl"love story" gamesfor free. These virtual love story games can beyours in a fewseconds! 👫Take a journey into your “high school life”and find yourideal prom date!👫 💖😘👄The story games such as this onelet youchoose your path and find your true love. In 💑 Teen “LoveStoryGames” For Girls 💑, you'll eventually have to decide betweentwohandsome guys who both have an eye on you. One of them isyourchildhood friend he is sweet and caring. The other one isamysterious new guy who has just moved to your hood and goes toyourschool. He's very popular with the girls because he's abasketballplayer. Luckily, you always have your BFF to consult andask foradvice whenever you're in doubt. Choose your storyline andyourschool crush in one of the best “love story games free forgirls”!👫"Romantic games" for couples and teenage girls!👫 💖😘👄If youlove toplay “high school games” that u can date in or "interactivegames",we have a perfect dating sims game to keep you busy andentertainedfor hours. Hurry up to find out your ideal prom date in💑 Teen LoveStory Games For Girls 💑 FREE. Your Prince Charming iswaiting,download the app and see why this is one of the best gamesforteenagers. Both girls and boys will be thrilled about our newlovestory "simulation games". Download these amazing “free otomegames”and be part of this super thrilling “love triangle” game.There'sno mistake with our fun games for teenagers and “otome gamesfree”– just download this love story game for girls and see foryourself! Your “high school” romance starts NOW!