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Millionaire's Inspirational Quotes
Millionaire's Sayings is an eye-opening compilation of best howtoget rich quotes said by the famous and successful investorsandexperienced millionaires. So the selected quotes are practicalandinsightful and illustrate much-proven wealth buildingtechniques.These techniques are able to make an instant differencein yourfinancial and experience about life. A must have a friend inyourfinancial and wealth independence. Therefore, Don’t miss.Itisexperienced that money always brings fame with it. But how tofetchfame? To fetch the fame, it takes a lot of dedication,patience,and hard work. Most of us are inspired by the reality,dedicationsand hard work of many millionaires of the world. Socustomized yourmobile phone with the latest and best free quotes byMillionaire’sSayings app now. Therefore, you will find all theuseful quotes forAndroid mobile phones listed in the Millionaire'sSayings.So whatMillionaire's Sayings mobile app offers? The appcontains a bulkcollection of interesting and realistic quotes bythe famousmillionaires like Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and WarrenBuffett. Soin this application, millionaire’s sayings are uploadedin a hugecollection of which will know the thinking of richpeople.Therefore you can also work hard for this. More quotes andsayingswill be updated on the weekly or monthly basis.Features•Millionaire’s Sayings app for mobile phones provide thousandsofquotes in written and imaged form. • High-speed loading,thereforeyou can also save your data flow. • Quotes are accordingto namesof millionaires, therefore, you can easily find quotes fromyourfamous businessmen. • By Millionaire’s Sayings app, you canaccessto the thousands of quotes very fast. • Quotes are sortedaccordingto their time, date, rating and popularity.Benefits •Become ahealthier, better, wealthier and happier person by theexperienceof popular millionaires of the world. • Proven results. •In orderto succeed and gather large wealth, a shift takes place inyourmindset. • Provides Entrepreneur motivations for thefuturemillionaires. • Therefore, read 10 to 20 quotes daily, youwill seethe better business results in your life.Here are some ofthefamous quotes like:I don’t pay good wages because I have a lotofmoney; I have a lot of money because I pay goodwages.
RobertBoschThat man is richest whose pleasures arecheapest.
Henry DavidThoreauThese and other kinds of motivationalquotes are availablein Millionaire’s Sayings app. So hurry up anddownloadMillionaire’s Sayings app now and learn how to be a richman.
Millionaire Quiz: Game 2017
For the first time ever! A real simulator of the popularshow"Millionaire". You will get fully immersed in the gameenvironment.Unforgettable emotions, highs and lows on the way tothe covetedmillion!This free quiz will become your favorite game oflogicwhich you want to play again and again.You are alreadyfamiliarwith the game rules Millionaire. You need to give correctanswersto 15 questions from different fields of knowledge. Eachquestionhas 4 possible answers, only one of which is correct. Ifyou givean incorrect answer, your winnings will equal thenearestguaranteed amount. At any point in the game Millionaire, youcamtake your winnings and remain victorious.The threelifelines,"Askthe Audience", "Phone-a-Friend", and "50-50", willhelp you reachthe main game goal - $1,000,000!We are the bestbecause:★ Only ourMillionaire lets you play directly with the gameshow host.★ Thereare only 3 of them, each with a differentpersonality.★ The entiregame environment is created to resemblereality as much aspossible★ Global ratings and scores millionaires.A lot ofquestions in various languages:★ English★German/Deutschen★Italian/Italiano★ French/Français★Spanish/Español★Russian/РусскийMillionaire - Intellect Quiz - amulti-user quiz inEnglish, where you need to answer questions.English quiz onlinewill appeal to all scholars and amateurs to showtheir IQintelligence. A free online quiz allows you to arrange abattle ofwits for the title of the most intelligent and intelligentplayer.Aquiz for all lovers of books and encyclopedias, as well assuitablefor senior children, there are a lot of questions about itin theschool curriculum. Check your literacy andspelling.QuizOnline:There are more than 25,000 unique questions inthe game thatyou have not seen anywhere, on various topics: music,biology,cinema, chemistry, physics, sports, religion, astronomy,history,geography, mythology and many others.When you play ourintellectualquiz game Millionaire, you not only get a whirlwind ofemotions butconstantly develop your memory and intellect as well.So, who wantsto be Millionaire?
The Awesome Quotes - Millionaire Thoughts
Want to be a Millionaire? It is enough to learn to think likeamillionaire.Change Your Thoughts, Change Yourself!How to achieveaunique heights?Attached you will find answers to allthesequestions and also learn a lot. It collects rare basequotationsknown millionaires.Great collection with phrases to beovercome inlife, changing the thought of inferiority to one withpositive mindhas great benefits to oneself.Setting a good statusreceives anincrease in likes on your wall posts and readinginspirationalquotes on a regular basis can help a person becomemore successful,and lead a happier, more fulfilling life. If youare looking for anice, inspiring and amazing collection of quotes,sayings andstatus, your search ends here! You can choose fromthousands ofgreat quotes. Grab a never-ending supply of freemotivation forfree!The Awesome Quotes have been worded by the mostexperiencedand successful entrepreneurs, sportspeople, socialworkers,Military, Athletes, Politicians, and Veterans from theworld, eachquote a brook of inspiration, a river of knowledge, andan ocean ofmotivation. Not only do these gem-like instill a desireforachievement and Success in you, but also encapsulate thevaluablelife lessons learnt by the people who’ve given these Pomes.Startyour day with a look at the most impactful and see how yourbrainresponds to the stimulus and prepares for anotherSuccessfulday.Using the Awesome quotes app on a regular basis canhelp aperson become more successful, and lead a happier, morefulfillinglife. If you are looking for a nice, inspiring andamazingcollection of quotes, sayings and status, your search endshere!You can choose from thousands of great quotes. Grab anever-endingsupply of free motivation for free!Key Features:→ Getquotes,sayings and statuses for free→ A huge database ofMotivationwallpapers at a resolution of 4K.→ Over 15,000+ quotesofMillionaires thoughts→ You can save wallpaper & see savedlistof your favorite→ You can also manage your saved list bydeletingit→ You can also share your Motivational Quotes withFriends onFacebook, Twitter, Whats app, Google+, Hangout,Pinterest,Instagram, Email, SMS, MMS and many more socialplatforms.→ Userfriendly app, so easy to use.→ Less memoryconsumption.→ Highperformance.→ Support all Mobiles and Tabletslike all Samsungdevices, HTC Devices, Sony Xperia Series, Xiaomi Mimobiles, GoogleNexus & Pixel, OnePlus, LG, LeEco devices,Huawei series,Gionee mobiles, Intex devices, Lava, Micromax,Lenovo, Motorola,Oppo, Panasonic, Philips, Xolo, Yu, Coolpad,Meizu, Vivo, Nokia,iball, LYF, Fujitsu, Acer, Asus, BenQ, Amazonmobiles, Binatone,Vodafone devices, InFocus, HP, etc..Theapplication contains themost vivid, wise, useful, capacious, ideas,quotes, thoughts,opinions, tips, Love Quotes, Science Quotes,Religion Quotes,Nature Quotes, Life Quotes, Money Quotes, MindQuotes, PhilosophyStatus, Politics Quotes, Friendship Quotes,Leadership Quotes,Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Quotes,Patience Quotes,Happiness Quotes, Truth Quotes, Attitude Quotes,Wisdom Quotes,Perfection Quotes, Peace Quotes, War Quotes,Patriotism Quotes,Passion Quotes, Sports Quotes, God Quotes, FatherQuotes, MotherQuotes, Brothers Quotes, Sisters Quotes, Men Quotes,Women Quotes,Teachers Quotes, Animals Quotes, Motorcycles Quotes,Art Quotes,Music Quotes, Sympathy Quotes, Anniversary Quotes, NewYear Quotes,Christmas Quotes, Easter Quotes, Thanks giving DayQuotes,Valentines Day Quotes, Wedding Quotes, Random Quotes andwingedphrases known millionaires.Disclaimer : All the images havebeenuploaded by our users and we(developer) do not own the imagesinthe app. This App is in no way affiliated or associatedwithrespective owners of trademarks and images. All trademarksandimages are the property of their respective owners.See itforyourself, download it now and get inspired every day!
Wants to Be a Millionaire? 2018
Cadev Games
The player must answer increasinglydifficultquestions of general knowledge.The questions are multiple choice: there are four possibleanswersand the player must choose the correct one.There are 45 seconds to answer a question.The player has 4 jokers:- Change the question: can change the question and answers.- Joker call: the player calls his friend to help choosetheanswer.- Fifty percent (50:50): two options of incorrect answersareeliminated, leaving the contestant with a choice between therightanswer and a wrong one.- Joker public: shows the percentage of choice, according topublicopinion.
Millionaire money rain
Ever wondered how to feel like a millionaire? Somebody richwithlots of money? Wonder no more and check this app.This app thatwilltransform your pictures into millionaire landmarks just bytweakinga little bit with the money stickers we have included. Notrealmoney, but at least a good vision for the future.So thatsit,include some money raining or some note piles on your picturestolook like a real boss.To do that Select a photo you have onyourphone (or take one at the moment) and start putting somestickersto make it real cool.It can be you, or a friend who youwant tomake fun ofWe have included -money rain-piles ofmoney-dollars,euros-gold and bars-bags with the dollarsign-diamonds and luxurystuffEverything you need to look like thebad*** rich you can be.We hope the pictures you make are just thebeginning of your pathto success and abundanceAnd meanwhilesurprise your friends andfamily with this rich life generatorreally easy to useHow To use1.Get inside the stickers app.2. Selecta picture from your galleryor take a picture with your camera inthe moment3. Check availablestickers in the stickers gallery4.Select a sticker and position itin the screen. You can magnify,zoom it and rotate until it getsplaced in the right spot5. Selectmore stickers and repeat untilyou are rich enough6. You can alsowrite some text, edit it. Selectalso font size and color and zoomit or rotate it7. When you aregood enough, save the picture in yourphone. You can also send itto friends right there.8. And that's it,you are cool enough, useit as many times as you want forfreeFeatures:# Easy to use. Easyinterface and experience.# Forfree, use it as many times as youwant# Variety of stickers# Lowspace on your phone# Load picturesor take them instantly with theapp###Finally, Do you misssomething? Just let us know and we'llupdate with the newstickers.Any other request or comment? noproblem, place a reviewor contact us and we'll check it outasap.Have a great time withthe app
Deal To Be A Millionaire
How to become a Millionaire? Very hard in the real live but noteasyin the: Deal To Be A Millionaire. You must think carefully togive agood answer for each round to get the biggest money as youcan. Themain target gets 1 million dollars.NEWBIE GUIDE:- The gamehas 16identical sealed boxes.- There are 16 boxes on the wingseachcontaining an amount of money between 1p and $1 Million.- Atthestart of the game, the player selects a numbered box atrandom.- Theplayer’s aim is to sell that box back to The Bankerfor the mostamount of money possible.-The independent adjudicatorloads andseals all the boxes. No one but the independentadjudicator knowswhat is in the boxes.- In the first round, theplayer must choosefive boxes before the first offer from TheBanker.- The Bankerplaces his opening offer into the capsule. Ifthe playersuccessfully predicts the opening offer (within 10%)they gain aone-time use of the Offer Button, which can be pressedat any timeduring the game. When pushed, The Banker mustimmediately call tomake an offer. - MC asks, “Deal or No?” Theplayer must answer,“Deal” to accept the offer or “No Deal” todecline the offer andcarry on.- Four boxes are opened in thesecond, third, fourth andfifth rounds, followed by the questionfrom MC.- If you decide to“No Deal” you will continue in thisfashion until only two boxesremain.- If you accept an offer bysaying “Deal”, the game is stillplayed out in exactly the sameway, in order for the player to seewhat they could have won ifthey’d carried on. - When the last twoboxes remain, The Bankerwill give his final offer. If you say “NoDeal” you will then gothrough to the final box opening in liveplay. Now you know therules make sure you download play the gameand give us your commenton the Facebookpage:
New Millionaire 2018 1.0.2
Welcome to Millionaire Quiz of 2017 & 2018...If you arelookingfor a fun, free quiz, then look no further! Here arethousands oftrivia questions waiting to be answered...MillionaireGame Free isInspired by the popular TV show, "Who Wants To Be ACrorepati ?"& KBC 2018, Millionaire Game Free lets youexperience thethrilling excitement of fighting for the grand prizeof one millionthrough 16 challenging trivia puzzles. KBC Jiojackpot is ready forall world languages.KBC in Hindi (GeneralKnowledge) offline orfull free - GK Questions with Answers. In KbcIndia If you don'tknow answer then don't worry. We will help you soyou can keeplearning.KBC 2017 is also known as Gk In Hindi, Gk InEnglish, KBC2018, millionaire game in hindi, millionaire game intamil &malayalam, Current Affairs.Millionaire Game is availableoffline.It's FREE!!! Compete with your friends! Who wants to beamillionaire and win million - should play this game! It is thebestquiz game available so far.Ready for whole World..... PlayWorldQuiz Game now and improve your GK. Daily update.Do you want tobe amillionaire?! Enjoy the "Millionaire 2017 - Lucky Quiz FreeGameOnline".Best GK game, Gk in Hindi, GK Questions in English,FreeMillionaire Game.We support the following languages in thegame:-English- Spanish/Español- German/Deutsch-Hungarian/Magyar-Italian/Italiano- French/Français- Russian/России-Hindi-Romanian/Român- Vietnamese/Việt Nam- Arabic/ عربى-Romanian/Român-Indonesian/ Bahasa Indonesia- Millionaire Australia2018- میلیونرجدید 2018- Neuer Millionär 2018- Yangi Millioner 2018-NouveauMillionnaire 2018- Novi Milioner Serbia (Srbija)EnjoyNewMillionaire Game & Rate Us.......
Dini Bilgi Yarışması Milyoner
En iddialı Dini Milyoner Bilgi Yarışması oyunu ilekarşınızdayız.Dini Bilgi Yarışması.Geniş havuzumuz ile bir soruyuikinci defagörmeyeceksiniz. Dolu dolu bir bilgi yarışması ilekarşınızdayız.Dini oyunlar kategorisinde yeni bir dini oyun. İslamiBilgiYarışması.Oyunumuzda 5 adet joker hakkı bulunmaktadır :TelefonlaArama joker hakkıÇift Cevap joker hakkıSeyirciye SorjokerhakkıSoruyu Değiştir joker hakkıYarı-Yarıya joker hakkıdinibilgiyarışmasıdini milyoner olmak ister 2017bilgiyarışmasıdinioyunlardini oyundini uygulamalarBelirtmek isterizki;Oyunun Son yPicture s yarışmalarıyla ilgisi , ilişiği yoktur.Oyun yalnızca birbilgi yarışması oyunudur. Icon, logo, müzik vegrafiklerin orijinalyarışma ile bir ilgisi bulunmamaktadır.The mostambitious ReligiousMillionaire Quiz Here we are with the game.Religious KnowledgeQuiz .Our large pool with a question and youwill not see a secondtime. Packed full of a quiz Here we are with.A new game inreligion Religious games category. Islamic Quiz.Thereare 5 piecesof our game lifelines:Phone Calls jokerDouble quotejokerAsk theaudience jokerQuestions Change jokerSemi-half the jokerreligionquiz Want to be a millionaire in 2017 religious quizreligiousgames religious games religious practices We would like tomentionthat;Last year Picture s nothing to do with the competitionof thegame, is not attached. The game is just a quiz game. Icon,logo,does not have anything to do with the original contest ofmusic andgraphics.
Millionaire Quiz HD
This quiz aims to entertain you. Question is up to thedifficultquestion will be shown in this millionaire quiz to testyourknowledge with ease and fun.millionaire quiz world is the kindofgame that type of science quiz. The genius of your brain willbetested with a general knowledge of the world.There are 15questionscompiled from the easy to the difficult level.You have 3chancesassistance provided in the quiz millionaire.Collect yourprizemoney as much as possible and write your name on thescoreboard asthe most intelligent answer gamesmillionaire.Congratulations playmillionaire game together with yourfriends
Millionaire Or Ten Million Dollars 1.0.4
To Be A Millionaire Or Win Ten Million Dollars is very fun gameforyour free time. GAME MODES1 - To Be A Millionaire2 - Win$10MillionHOW TO PLAYTo win the game you need to give 14 to 15correctanswers out of 14 or 15 questions depends on the gamemode.Downloadand enjoy the game!
Millionaire Quiz 2018 - Million Trivia Game Free 3.27
This trivia game Millionaire Quiz 2018 FREE is amazingmillionairegame free to improve your knowledge and learn moreabouteverything. The game Millionaire Quiz is based on the famousTVShow - Who wants to be a Millionaire. 
Players have toanswer15 questions with 4 answer options to get the grand price ofonemillion and show your talent with friends in the world.
Areyouready to become Millionaire? It’s time to play trivia game-Millionaire Quiz 2018 FREE 
Millionaire Quiz 2018FREEFeatures
-Beautiful Graphic.
-Tens of thousands ofquestionsupdated continuously.
-Free 100%.
-The simple andattractive GamePlay.
☆Not only having fun but also improve yourknowledge-Learnmore something new.-Prove how clever you are.-Relaxand get greatmoments.
☆Support 11 Languages in thistriviagame

What you are waiting for! If you are fan of gameshow –Who wants to be a millionaire in general and Millionairegame freein particular, you should not ignore this trivia game.It’s time todownload and play this trivia game to becomeMillionaire ofknowledge.Access official Legasoft’s website to knowmore detail:http://legasoft.comFollow Us on:-Facebook:
Milyoner 2018 - Millionaire quiz game in Turkish
Millionaire quiz game is an unofficial android applicationforfamous television show "Millionaire" in Turkish language.Thereare10000 interesting questions about different topics.Millionairewilllet you feel the relax like never before as you take ontheultimate general knowledge challenge! Test your knowledgebyanswering all questions about general knowledge and and a lotofpoints to show your experience.Just like you would expectinMillionaire , you should Answer the questions and climb your wayupthe money tree to become the ultimate virtual millionaire.Ifyouneed help, you can use the famous Millionairelifelines:Phone-A-Friend, 50:50, and Ask The Audience! enjoytheMillionaireThe miniature world of knowledge… Play it right nowtoget the best things.FEATURES:★ Thousands of generalknowledgequestions, the further you go the harder these questionsget.★Ranking lets you invite your friends to play the game.★Facebooksign in★ Facebook friends score leaderboard★ Google sign in★General leaderboard table★ Achievement list ★ Share your scorewithFacebook★ Tweet your score with Twitter★ Invite yourFacebookfriends to challenge ★ Offline play possibility★ Free 100%★6achievements to win game★ You can buy different electron goodstoincrease your game result with Google in app billing: - Removeads- Double your help on game - Double your gained pointsBe asocialbeing, follow us!: -Facebook: what are you waiting for? Let's downloadandinstall it :)Useful: like who wants to be millionaireintellectualtest, brain game in Turkish language
Millionaire Quiz Free: Be Rich
If you loved to watch it, it’s time to play and be amillionaire!Downloaded and loved by 6 million users worldwide! Everwonderedwhat it is like to be in the hot seat of a TV show,fighting forthe grand price of one million? With Millionaire youhave a chanceto play and experience the thrilling excitement ofclimbing up tothe top through 15 challenging trivia puzzles fromhistory togeography and see if you have what it takes to beamillionaire!Features: - 15 questions with gradual difficulty -3lifelines - 3 chances to win! - local high score leaderboardWesupport the following languages in the game:-English-German/Deutsch -Italian/Italiano -French/Français-Spanish/Español-Russian/России -Hungarian/Magyar -Romanian/RomânIf you love whatwe do, please support us by leaving a review! :)Stay in the loop: Feelfree to contactus at:
Muslim Millionaire
Muslim Millionaire Quiz (English & Bahasa Indonesia) is agameto improve our knowledge about IslamThis game consist of 5levels:Level 1 consist of 15 questionsLevel 2 consist of15questionsLevel 3 consist of 15 questionsLevel extreme consistof100 questionsLevel 2extreme consist of 150 questionsUpdate1.0.1FixerrorNew Online ScoreLevel 2extreme
Afrique Millionnaire Quizz
Afrique Millionnaire Quizz est une application très instructivequivous permet de jauger de votre niveau connaissance sur l'Afriqueenparticulier.Littérature, actualité, proverbes,personnagescélèbres, l'histoire, la géographie, la technologie, lesport etbien d'autres domaines, sont les thèmes abordés.Le principedu jeuest le suivant : Vous devez répondre à 15 questions sanserreurafin de remporter 1.000.000 ( virtuellement ) commerécompense!Pour y arriver, vous disposez de trois jokers à savoir :1 - LeBouton magique dont est rôle est de supprimer une ou deuxmauvaisesréponse.2 - Demander de l’aide à un ami par appeltéléphonique.3 -Solliciter l'avis du public, cependant méfiez-vouscar ce dernierpeut se tromper.* Si vous échouez avant d'avoiratteint 1000 vousrepartez les mains vides. Dommage !* Si vouséchouez avant d'avoiratteint 32000 vous repartez avec 1000 !* Sivous échouez aprèsavoir atteint 32000 vous repartez avec 32000!Alors êtes-vous prêtspour une partie ? Si oui essayezl'application des maintenant ...elle vous plaira surement.Si vousaimez l'application, n’hésitezpas à la noter, d'en parler à vosamis et aussi laisser des avisafin de l'améliorer.AfricaMillionaire Quiz is an informativeapplication that allows you togauge your knowledge level on Africain particular.Literature,current events, sayings, famous people,history, geography,technology, sports and many other areas, arethe themes.The gameprinciple is:You must answer 15 questionswithout error to win1,000,000 (virtually) as a reward!To getthere, you have threewildcards are:1 - The Magic Button which isrole is to remove one ortwo bad answer.2 - Ask for help to afriend by phone call.3 -Solicit public opinion, however beware asthis can go wrong.* If youfail before reaching 1000 you walk awayempty handed. Pity !* If youfail before reaching 32000 walk awaywith 1000!* If you fail afterreaching 32000 walk away with32000!So are you ready for a party? Ifso try applying it now ...surely please you.If you like the app,feel free to vote, to speakto your friends and also leave reviewsto improve it.
Get Rich Quiz - Best Free Knowledge Game
"Become Rich" is a multiple choice quiz game in English,Greek,German and Indonesian from the creators of Eureka and"EducationalHangman". The only 100% free Quiz game for ever in theGoogle PlayStore! No hidden fees, just download it and play! If youlike quizgames, you are going to love it! This is a game that willtest yourtrivial knowledge. Answer 16 questions correctly in thisfun andeducational quiz, win a million and become a newmillionaire!If youfind it too difficult to become a millionaire,feel free to use thethree aids.Includes:✓ Over 1000 multiple choicequestions inEnglish✓ Highscores✓ Online Score✓ Beautiful graphics✓Very smallsize, just 4Mb✓ Supports all mobile and tablet PCs withandroidoperating system.✓ The chance to become a millionaire (wellintheory).The questions of the game are chosen from 16 categoriesofquestions:• History• Geography• Music• Space• Sports•WorldMythology• Science• Arts• Techology• Animals•Politics•LanguageEvery player can add questions by simplysubmitting themvia an ingame submitter. After being reviewed theyare going to beadded to the database.Please send us any commentsyou have. Pleasehelp us make this app, the best free (for ever)quiz in the world!Thank you!Have fun and improve your knowledge!
Milyoner Türk Futbolu
Hem eğlenmek için, hem de yeni bilgiler öğrenmek için MilyonerTurkFutbolu oyunu tam size göre. Bu oyun televizyonprogramlarındayıllarca izlenen Milyoner oyununun resmi olmayanAndroidversiyonudur.Özellikler:- Lokasyon bazlı reyting- 4 jokerhakkı -Özgün ve güncel sorular- Online sıralamalar (En İyiler,Rekorlar,Arkadaşlarım)keywords: yeni milyoner millionaire 2017 quizgame kimmilyoner olmak isterTo enjoy yourself, learn newinformation forboth Millionaire Turkish Football game is for you.This game isunofficial Android version of the game for yearswatched televisionprograms Millionaire.Features:- Location-basedrating- 4 joker- Theoriginal and current questions- Online rankings(Best, Records,Friends)keywords: 2017 new millionaires millionairequiz game Whowants to be a millionaire
Millionaire 2z
Millionaire 2z - is a fun game in which you need to give 15correctanswers on the way to victory. Feel yourself in the place oftheparticipant in the popular quiz!The game has a global tableofmillionaires, you can compete with players from aroundtheworld!Rules:To win is required to correctly answer 15questions.Every next question is more difficult previous. If youhavetrouble, you can use the tips: "Help the hall," "50/50","ReplacingQuestion" and "Skip Question".- Quiz has about 10,000questions.-The game is absolutely free! No built-in payment.-Beautifulgraphics and smooth animation.- Support for phones andtablets.- Aset of questions in Russian.Play every day and improveyourerudition!
Do you want to feel the adrenaline of the famous quizparticipant,and become a millionaire? - Then our game is foryou!Millionaire -is an exciting game based on the popular TV show,where you have toanswer 15 questions.Each question has 4 possibleanswers, only oneof which is correct. At any time you can stop andpick up themoney. An incorrect answer will reduce your winnings tothe nearestachieved "fireproof" sum (1000$, 32000$). Three cluescan help youon this difficult way: "Help from the audience","50/50" and"Change the question".Play online and compete withplayers fromaround the world: who will take the highest step of thepodium andbecome the smartest Millionaire?The game is absolutelyfree - noshopping!A great number of questions: from the most simpleandfunny to incredibly tricky and demandingencyclopedicknowledge!Simple and intuitive interface!We hope thatour game willbring you great pleasure and benefit, and not justwaste your time!
Neuer Millionär - Millionaire quiz game in German
"Millionaire - quiz game in German" is an unofficialandroidapplication for famous television show "Millionaire" inGermanlanguage.There are 10000 interesting questions aboutdifferenttopics.Millionär - Deutsche will let you feel the relaxlike neverbefore as you take on the ultimate general knowledgechallenge!Test your knowledge by answering all questions aboutgeneralknowledge and and a lot of points to show yourexperience.Just likeyou would expect in Millionaire , you shouldAnswer the questionsand climb your way up the money tree to becomethe ultimate virtualmillionaire.If you need help, you can use thefamous Millionairelifelines: Phone-A-Friend, 50:50, and Ask TheAudience! enjoy theMillionaireThe miniature world of knowledge…Play it right now toget the best things.FEATURES:★ Thousands ofgeneral knowledgequestions, the further you go the harder thesequestions get.★Ranking lets you invite your friends to play thegame.★ Facebooksign in★ Facebook friends score leaderboard★ Googlesign in ★General leaderboard table★ Achievement list ★ Share yourscore withFacebook★ Tweet your score with Twitter★ Invite yourFacebookfriends to challenge ★ Offline play possibility★ Free 100%★6achievements to win game★ You can buy different electron goodstoincrease your game result with Google in app billing: - Removeads- Double your help on game - Double your gained pointsBe asocialbeing, follow us!: -Facebook: what are you waiting for? Let's downloadandinstall it :)Useful: like who wants to be millionaireintellectualtest, brain game in German language
Who wants to be the smartest in your country? Win in theinterestinggame - Quiz Millionaire!Answer the 15 smart and complexissues andbecome a millionaire!Millionaire is not just a game - itis anintellectual quiz show, which makes you more intelligent,smarterand richer!Millionaire Quiz is made in the likeness of thefamousand popular TV show, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."Thegame hasmany unique and intelligent questions.The ability to usehints:50-50, help the hall, call a friend.The more questions youanswer,the more you pump over your brain and intelligence.In thisgame youspend useful time and increases the level ofintelligence.Answer ourintellectual intelligent questions andbecome the winner of the quizMillionaire!But do not stop and winthe Billion! Then you willbecome the winner Billionaire!For you,we have tried to find themost interesting questions in the quizMillionaire.Questions aboutyour country, about the world ofunusual facts.Also, there arequestions on various topics: music,movies, cinema, art, history,geography, the country and thecapital, and others.Sets Millionairequiz and develop!
Millionaire Mindset Course
The way you think shapes your future. With this, to think likeamillionaire or not is the biggest root cause of success andfailurein marketing and business. Not all millionaires got theirmoneywith a matter of luck. There are lottery winners who happen tofallback to where they started, if not, got worse which is losingallthe gained wealth than expected. Many of the millionaires whokeepgetting richer solely has to do with the way theythink—themillionaire mindset. The Millionaire Mindset Course willshow youon how to think for success, to completely transform yourthinkingand not just to achieve your business success but to turnyour lifearound as well. With the contemplation of variousmillionaires, youwill learn the common techniques and traits thatcan be applied inyour business and to your life. From learning theway they savemoney on every single purchase, no matter how much andthe moneythey earn. There is a constant emphasis on revenue flow aswell, tolet millionaires take calculated risks to increase profits.Ifyou’re thinking that the millionaire mindset is all abouthavingbig money to spend on any kind of luxuries, disregardthatthinking. The Millionaire Mindset is about acting and thinkinglikea millionaire.The Millionaire Mindset Course will give youthesteps on how to think and act like a millionaire. It givesyoulessons on how to frame your foremost vision of thefutureregarding short term goals, realizable, and to know the waysofincreasing profit constantly. The course is not only about howtoget rich, but how to STAY rich. Here's some of what this coursehasto offer:* Vision* Focus* Risk-Taking* Mindfulness* BeCompetitive*Be Persistent* Network and Connect * Have a GrowthMindset * BeConfident...and MUCH more...
Millionaire Game IQ
Millionaire Game IQ is a unique, fun, excellent and addictivegame,developed to deliver the experience of a famous TV game show‘’'TV-Millionaire' on mobile devices. This unique quiz Gameoffersfun and exciting quiz questions that will keep youentertained andtest your general knowledge with history, science,culture, sports,fun facts, word puzzles and many more.MillionaireGame IQ deliversthe same unique and diverse experience that theTV-Millionairesgame show lovers enjoyed and loved. The game ispresented in anoutstanding visuals and graphics as well as greatsound effects foran immersive and an exciting experience.How toplay.MillionaireGame IQ is easy to understand. Simply Start thegame and click onthe questions, Think and then click theappropriate answer box. Asquestions are answered correctly, thearrows will fill in and pointto the next question. Answer manycritical questions and prove tothe world that you’re a genius!! Doyou love to watchTV-Millionaire game show for fun? Experience thereal thrill ofthis game. Players are guaranteed a smooth experiencethrough it’suser-friendly interface. With this Game in Your Devicethere willbe no doll moment. Download the game and experience ityourself!TopFeatures• Test your intelligent• 10,000 questions with15 levels•Extremely lightweight game that will not take much spacein yourdevice.• Well designed graphics interface• Melodious soundandbackground music• Highly addictive gameThis is a must try outgamefor you. You have to test how intelligent you are to provetheworld that you are a real genius.Millionaire Game IQ is therealTV-Millionaire game show experience youwant! DownloadMillionaire Game IQ now and Join the league ofTV-Millionaire gameshow lovers FREE!! Entertaining game-play andunlimited funguaranteed!
Mind of millionaire
The application contains the most vivid, wise, useful,capacious,ideas, quotes, thoughts, opinions, tips and wingedphrases knownmillionaires.Want to be a Millionaire? It is enough tolearn tothink like a millionaire.Change Your Thoughts, ChangeYourself!Howto achieve a unique heights?Attached you will findanswers to allthese questions and also learn a lot.It collects rarebasequotations known millionaires.You can find a biography,basicinformation and read quotes, opinions of the author selectedamillionaire.Convenient and beautiful interface, ampleopportunitiesto work with the content of the program.Two languageprogram:English and Russian.Some of the benefits andadditionalfunctionality applications:-Full Support for the Englishlanguage,including content (thoughts in English).-Global Search onthe basisof the content of the program.-Intuitive, Friendly andbeautifulinterface.-Ability To view the basic information, abiography ofthe author citation.-Ability To select, sort content byauthorquotes.- Add content to your favorites list-Ability To copyanycontent to the clipboard-Search Inside the favorites list-WorkWiththe list of favorites (list management, adding, copyingcontentremoval)-Keep last viewed content.-Unique, A huge databaseofcontent (opinions, tips and ideas).-Sound Support, animationandbeautiful graphics program.-Setting Language programs andotherparameters such as sound, animation, image content.-AbilityToreturn to the previous posts.-Good Support programupdates.Aninverse relationship, wishes to the program and more.
Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Other names of the game on TV. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,HighVoltage, 50 15.The player must answer increasinglydifficultquestions of general knowledge.The questions are multiplechoice:there are four possible answers (A, B, C or D) and theplayer mustchoose the correct one.There are 45 seconds to answeraquestion.The player has 4 jokers:- Change the question: canchangethe question and answers.- Joker call: the player calls hisfriendto help choose the answer.- Fifty percent (50:50): twooptions ofincorrect answers are eliminated, leaving the contestantwith achoice between the right answer and a wrong one.- Jokerpublic:shows the percentage of choice, according to public opinion.
Millionaire 2018
Millionaire 2К18 is a game created based on the popular TV quizshow"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?". In our game the participantcancheck the intellect and erudition.High-quality graphics,animationand sound in order to convey an exciting atmosphere andimmerse youin the game!Features:- three game modes to choosefrom;-high-quality graphics, animation and sound;- the atmosphereissimilar to a TV show;- ability to spend points earned;- statsandachievements.Follow news andupdates!Facebook: wish you luckand enjoy game!
Millionaire 2017
When someone tells you “Wow you’re so smart!” you feel proud,right?This amazing quiz is perfect to improve your generalknowledge andlearn a lot of things that will let you even smarter!The goal is tobe a millionaire: Answer 15 questions and winmillions! And you knowwhat you’ll never get bored, because thenumber of questions isgrowing everyday!Who wants to play withfriends or family and havefun?
Millionaire Battle conditions
Millionaire: Battle conditions is a new quiz game. We tried tomakethe game interesting, and developed a unique designandmusic.Features:- Standart game mode(Like "Who Wants to BeaMillionaire?")- Battle mind mode(Play with AI)- Over1000interesting questions- Unique graphics and soundHave a niceday!
Millionaire Slots - Free Slots
Millionaire Slots, the most popular FREE SLOT GAMES online,offersthe hottest casino slot machines and the most excitingplayers.Everyone is able to have an immersed sense with vivaciousgraphics,intense slots actions and stunning sound effects, leadingto theclassic Vegas casino slots experience!Spinning MillionaireSlots,you can HIT IT RICH…TONS OF BONUSES are waiting for you:☆FreeSLOTS bonuses every hour!☆ Puzzle turntable spinning bonuses!☆FreeSpins, Re-Spins, big win, jackpots, scatters, double bet andmore!☆Numerous daily mission rewards!☆ Free coins throughinvitingFacebook friendsJackpot and Social Reward Party Casinoslots areboth available for free!MILLIONAIRES, ELVEN ARCHER, SNOWQUEEN,CIRCUS, SPARTA, DIAMONDS, SEA WORLD…Social Casino at itsbest!Millionaire Slots is a FREE online multiplayer casino slotgamewhere you play gambling with people from all over the world!Inviteyour Facebook friends, join social slots tournament, and get&send freely coins!VIP Rewards:VIP players have access toexclusiverewards offers by collecting coins every day!Get toadventure withMillionaire Slots! Just enjoy yourselves in the mostpopular freeslots games with big wins, free spins, double jackpotsand more.Download Millionaire Slots and get ready for upcomingadventureNOW!!!【CONTACT US】Like usonFacebook: need help or support, please contactusat:company@uphillfun.comFind out more at:http://www.uphillfun.comMillionaire Slots is intended for adult useby those 21 or olderfor amusement purposes only. It does notmanipulate or otherwiseinterfere with tournament outcomes in anyway. Results are basedentirely on luck and the choices made byplayers in the tournament.The games do not offer "real moneygambling" or an opportunity towin real money or prizes. Practice orsuccess at playingMillionaire Slots does not imply future successat "real moneygambling".
Daifugo (Rich Man,Grand Millionaire) is a Japanese popularcardgame.How to play, please refer totheWikipedia
Dear friends with hard work, we bring you a new 2018millionaireapplication with George Qirdahi new cultural andentertainmentissues.Test your level of knowledge.Answer 15 culturalquestions toearn a million saudi riyals ...Two ways to play: playregularly andquicklyGraduation in the difficulty of thequestionsYou can contacta friend to help himUse sounds andinstructions throughout the gameto play regularly.The possibilityof withdrawal and retention ofthe balanceYou can view all thequestions and answers from thelatest game and read additionalinformation related to the issue(read additional information mustbe available on theinternet)Check the check with your name and theamountcollectedAbility to check and verify balances and see checksat alltimes
Millionaire Whot
The WHOT game was one of the earliest commercial games based ontheEights family, in which players try to be the first to get ridoftheir cards by following numbers or suits. Millionaire Whot!Asuperb game played with cards in five suits: circles,crosses,triangles, stars and squares. Millionaire Whot game isdevelopedwith our users in mind, to provide a convenient way ofeasing-offstress from a busy work day. It is fun-filled and wepromise youwill enjoy every bit of it.Download Millionaire WHOTgame and tellothers to come join you in our fun-filled game. Wehave got a wholelot in Stock for you.
Millionaire is one of the most popular game of general knowledgeandis now available for all Android devices.Take on theultimategeneral information knowledge challenge! Just like youwould expectin Millionaire, you should Answer the questions andclimb your wayup the money tree to become the ultimate virtualmillionaire. Ifyou need help, you can use the famous Millionairelifelines:Phone-A-Friend, 50:50, or Ask The Audience! Enjoythe"Millionaire"WHAT IS SO SPECIAL?- More than 20 Thousands ofgeneralknowledge questions, the further you go the harder thesequestionsget.- Interactive Lifelines algorithm to increase thesuspense,don't trust them all the time especially after the 10thquestion.-Smooth graphical design.- Daily special question and infothat willnotify you to answer!- This trivia game is available in7languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,Portuguese,and Arabic.- The perfect hobby to show that you stillhave a lot tolearn! - A game of questions and answers for lovers oftrivia.-Millionaire is a dynamic game to speed up your thinking andhelpyou to be faster and faster.- Share in social networks(Facebookand Twitter) your achievements and show your friendsyou're thebest!HOW TO PLAY:- 15 questions to answer. - 3 types oflifelines (50:50 / Ask Audience / Ask Friend )- Even if you answerit wrong,there is always another way ;)- If you fail you willloseeverything or gain the corresponding to the level you are - Ithasseveral personal achievements to reach - Finally, theonlineranking to show what you got!
Millionaire slots Casino
Millionaire slots - classic casino has the best classicalgamemachines for all their fans across the world! More bonusgames,more payouts, more fun! Millionaire slots - classic casino isaselection of classical game machines with its ownunsurpassedatmosphere and high winnings. Your favorite gamecharacters arewith you again! Don't turn down the pleasure ofbecoming amillionaire in a new game right now! This game isintended forindividuals over the age of 21 and is for entertainmentpurposesonly.- Convenient interface- Free credits every 2 hours-Favoritebonus games- Classical setup- Timely updates- Largeselection ofgame machines
Hindi GK Quiz Game - KBC In Hindi 2018
Welcome To KBC Quiz GameNote :- We are presenting you thebiggest& finest crorepati quiz. Of course this game doesn'trepresentany official game or any official tv show/channel. This isour ownquestions and purely for the knowledge. Contact us if youfind anycopyright content in our game.KBC 2018 In Hindi &English isIndia's Gk Quiz Game. If you are planning for competitiveexamsthen this is the best place for you. IPS, IAS, MPSC, GPSC,UPSCexams, Bank exams preparations can be done from thisgame.Crorepati in English 2018 game will blow your mind.KBC 2018gamewill be very useful for the people who are preparing forthecompetitive challenging exams like bank exams, PO, Cleark,IAS,IPS, UPSC preparation, SSC preparation and all kind of otherexamspreparations for HSC and CBSC board students.We haveaddedquestions from all the subjects like History, Geography,Physics,Biology, English, Social studies, Current affairs quiz,competitiveexams quiz, government exam quiz. KBC Jio is also knowas Jackpot,Gk in hindi, Best Gk App india, India Gk, New KBC,GeneralKnowledge App.GK In Hindi - General Knowledge is a veryfamous gameformat now a days for all the MCQs. We are going tobring you allthe kind of questions like: General knowledgequestions, Currentaffairs quiz, English learning quiz, bollywood,cricket quiz,hollywood quiz and quiz from the subjects like indianhistory,geography, biology, physics, chemistry mathematics andreasoning,trivia. So basically this game is the best educationalgame.Enjoy& Rate Us, Share With Your Friends & Family....
New Millionaire 2018
New Millionaire game for you to spend your time by playingexcitinggame. There are location based rating, city rating andfriendsrating lists in the game. Who wants to see advanced ratingsystemenjoy this game. In this game:- Advanced rating system- Ingamehelp options- Integration with Facebook to see yourfriends'scores- Location based rating - You will see rating amongplayersof your region. Selected location may be your house, office,schoolyou are studying or graduatedDo you like trivia games? Do youwantan addictive quiz game that can test your knowledge? If youransweris yes, then you will have to download and install NewMillionaire2018 on your android smartphone or tablet because it isthe perfectgame for you right now.If you or your kids are addictedto triviagames, then you will instantly get hooked to thisaddictive brainchallenging game! You will have to take a hard quizabout manytopics and try to find the correct answer of eachquestion. Youneed to prove that you are the best in this field andbe on the topof this advanced rating system because we offerlocation basedrating, city rating, and friends rating. And the bestthing is thatwe have thousands of question for you, so you willhave a greatopportunity to prove that you are intelligent. Soundseasy, but canyou really do it and find the correct answer of eachquestion inthis amazing free game.• Why you need to download andinstall NewMillionaire 2018 on your android smartphone or tabletfor Freeinstead of other new games and free games?✓ Beautiful HDGraphicsthat will give you a very great experience while playingthisawesome trivia game. ✓ New Millionaire 2018 is Free and itwillstay free for life, so there’s no hidden fees and noannualsubscription fees to challenge your brain. We only offerinapppurchases.✓ New Millionaire 2018 is a daily brain challenginggameand it can be played by Adults and Teens. Your whole familycanplay it and they will enjoy it.✓ We added thousands ofquestions!We guarantee that you will play our game for hours nonstop! Theonly one who can really stop you is you.What are youwaiting for ?Download New Millionaire 2018 and enjoy the best, cooland freetrivia quiz game ever!Keywords: Quiz game, new games, freegames,New Millionaire 2018 app
Deal The Big Deal
Hosted by VMOGA, Published by VGDN Publisher."Deal The Big Deal"isan exhilarating hit game show where contestants play and deal foratop prize of $1 million in a high-energy contest ofnerves,instincts and raw intuition.Each night, the game of odds andchanceunfolds when a contestant is confronted with 25 sealedbriefcasesfull of varying amounts of cash – ranging from a measlypenny to $1million. Without knowing the amount in each briefcase,thecontestant picks one – his to keep if he chooses – untilitsunsealing at game's end.The risk element kicks in when theplayermust then instinctively eliminate the remaining 24 cases –whichare opened and the amount of cash inside revealed. Thepressuremounts as in each round, after a pre-determined number ofcases areopened, the participant is tempted by a mysterious entityknownonly as "the Banker" to accept an offer of cash in exchangeforwhat might be contained in the contestant's chosen briefcase–prompting Mandel to ask the all-important question – Deal orNo?You must think carefully to give the right answer.As each caseisopened, the likelihood of the player having a valuable cashamountin his or her own case decreases or increases. Viewers willsee if,truly, fortune favors the bold. The contestant knows that aslongas the larger cash prizes haven't been opened, the Banker'sdealswill only get higher. And if the conflicted contestantaccidentallyopens a case with a bigger cash value – the Banker'soffer couldsuddenly evaporate.If you see anything need to improveto make gamemore fun. Please give us your comments.VGDN committedto bringingthe good game for Google Play.
Press The Luck
Cadev Games
Answer 7 questions, press your luck andgetmany points.The gameplay is very simple and entertaining: after eachcorrectquestion appears the lucky wheel. In the lucky wheel thereare 18prizes. To get the prize you press the center of the luckywheel.The prize that is selected at this time is the one that youadd toyour score.Press the correct box and take your luck!
Millionaire Game Free
If you are looking for a fun, free quiz, then look no further!Hereare thousands of trivia questions waiting to beanswered!Inspiredby the popular TV show, "Who Wants To Be AMillionaire?",Millionaire Game Free lets you experience thethrilling excitementof fighting for the grand prize of one millionthrough 15challenging trivia puzzles.Test your general knowledgewithhistory, geography, science, pop culture, sports, fun facts,wordpuzzles and more with this free fun quiz.Feel the suspense ofbeingin the hot seat of a famous TV show and race to the topthroughincreasingly difficult questions to become avirtualmillionaire.Our free trivia quiz lets you stretch your mindandchallenge others to beat your high score! Play trivia againstyourfriends to see who knows more about the world or challengeyourselfand become a quiz master with the most popular game ofitskind.This fun trivia allows people of all ages to test theirwitsabout some of their favorite subjects!Enjoy this challenginggamewhile learning new fascinating facts!Millionaire GameFreefeatures:- Over 2800 questions- Hundreds of categories-Originalvisual and sound effects- No time limit- Skip the questionx 3Youdon't know the correct answer? No problem! Just use theskipbuttons for a new question, but be careful, you can only usethisoption three times per game! So challenge yourself withtriviaquestions from a vast number of topics and become a quizmaster anda virtual millionaire!
The Billionaire Quiz
Do you want to be a millionaire? How about a billionaire!Testyourknowledge in the most diverse categories of questions in ourTheBillionaire Quiz game!Here you can go beyond one million,reachingthe sum of one billion.Challenge your friends and see thatyou canexceed the million mark.The Billionaire Quiz is also a greatquizto help increase your knowledge, helping you in school andineveryday issues.To go beyond the million mark and reachanincredible billion mark, the game has some help like callingafriend, asking for help from the audience, picking up twowronganswers and skiping questions.Show to everyone that you get alotmore than a million! Get a Billion!Note: The winnings of thegameare merely fictitious, not generating any real prize.
Homeless Life
Homeless LifeWhen you start playing, you play an unskilledhomelessperson who has no money in his pocket.You can startclimbing thesteps of wealth by doing various things in the survivalstrugglethat you start by daring.Reach a million from poverty!Youcan earnmoney by making jobs.Do not forget that the police will beincharge when doing risky work.Do not neglect to pay attentiontoyour character's status to die!Buy and manage your own places!
Millionaire : Who want to be?
Join over 2 million people who play the game.Challenge yourselforplay with your friends with 15 questions, 4 possible answers,4lifelines and $1.000.000 top prize.The game after a famousTVshow.Rules:- "Increase the chances" - removes two wronganswers,increases your chances.- "Help of the crowd" - ask peopleabouttheir opinion what answer might be correct.- "Help of the GameGod"- try to get the correct answer from God of thegame"Millionaire".- "Save yourself" - change other questions,saveyourself.Features of the new version of the game:- Goodsounds-Sleek and colorful interface- Worldwide ranking system-Added a lotof new questions. Now it contains more than 5.000questionsPlaygame and improve your knowledge.
How to be a Millionaire
Discover the secrets and advice of brilliant minds andmillionaireminds.With Positive Attitude makes a profound change inthe way youthink and recognizeThat only financial education canchange yourcurrent situation.Every entrepreneur who wants to earnmoney musthave control of his time, because it is the mostimportant resourcethat he has, for that reason eradicates the badteachings and badpractices that have given or learned. ! Time is agreat teacher whoarranges many things! This "Being a Millionaire"App is designed togive you a personal motivation.Taking as areference the dreamsthat inspires and motivates you based on whatyou want andbelieve,Dreams of pain are those you do not want andyou knowperfectly these stimulate the desire to succeed.Benefit:✔️Articles of how to make money online.✔️Mentality likegettingrich.✔️How to earn money tips✔️Wealth files.✔️ Learn how toearnmoney from home with a positive attitude. Note: Atencionthecontent is in spanishThe content you find is inspired bybooks:Millionaire Mind, How to be a Millionaire, The Voice oftheSoul.The content you find is inspired by books: MillionaireMind,How to be a Millionaire, The Voice of the Soul.--------------- Howto be a millionaire---------------------Download it now----------
من سيربح المليون إسلاميWho Wants Islamic million
Pasión Monumental
Todo lo que querés saber del millonario, acá loencontrás.Descargate la aplicación móvil de Pasión Monumental yenterate detodas las novedades del millonarioEl sitio del oficialdel hinchade River Plate.All you want to know the millionaire, hereitencontras. Download the mobile app Monumental Passion and findoutall the news MillionaireThe site of the official fan ofRiverPlate.
Binary Options Millionaire App
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Binary Options Millionaire?ThisBinary Options simulation app allows you to trade BOs likeapro.Features:- Buy or sell Binary Options if you think the priceisgoing up or down in the next 15 seconds.- Unlock new itemswithyour income to increase your profit and your investment.-BecomeBinary Options Millionaire and get your first supercarwithinhours.How to play:Each time you click “CALL” (price willincrease)or “PUT” (price will fall), you're making a deal. Ifyourprediction is correct, you'll get your investment back and aniceprofit. Follow the chart to see how your trades perform inrealtime. Warning:Please note that this Binary Options MillionaireAppis only a trading simulation. Its not based on real charts. Itisprogrammed, to make you a millionaire (unlike trading with arealbinary options broker). The Binary Options Strategy used inthisapp, will NOT work with your brokers real account!DevelopedbyYanndbox Games (Yannick Deubel)Yanndbox Games
Super Quiz Italiano
Tutti sanno che la Pizza è un tipico piatto cosasaidella Feijoada?Gioca a Super Quiz e imparerai cose incredibilisulmondo!Potrai giocare mentre sei in attesa, con i tuoi amici onelleserate in famiglia! Condividi la tua cultura divertendoti!Leregolesono semplici: rispondi a 15 domande di cultura generalepervincere 1 MILIONE! Più giocherai, più vincerai e arriveraivicinoal raggiungimento della cima della classifica!Se avereculturasignifica essere ricchi, allora diventerai unmilionario!Everyoneknows that the Pizza is a traditional Italiandish ... but what doyou know of Feijoada?Play Super Quiz and learnamazing things aboutthe world!You can play while you're waiting,with friends or familyevenings! Share your culture while havingfun!The rules are simple:answer 15 trivia questions to win 1MILLION! The more you play, themore you win and you'll come closeto reaching the top of therankings!If having culture means to berich, you will become amillionaire!