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Baseball Games 1.00
The Baseball Game is at its PEAK now!You can experience a real baseball batting throughthephysicalpendulum.Flick your finger and make a homerun.All many exciting games collected here in which youcanexperiencevariousthrows based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further ifyoucanhit the balldirectly with the quick flick. Experience arealbattingsimulation.The more accurate you flick your finger to hit the ball; itismorelikelythat you will be a home-run hitter. Think of your finger asabat,and flick itwith speed and accuracy.These Baseball Games here are the hottest, mostrealisticbaseballsimulation gamethat uses the names, photos, data, and league schedulesofrealbaseball players!Batter up for the greatest baseball simulation gameevercreatedTODAY!
美少女甲子園 - 無料の萌え野球ゲーム - 1.0
『私のピッチング、見たい?』 指一本で楽しめる、美少女野球ゲーム!!タイミングを合わせてタップすれば、爽快キャッチが楽しめる!!クセになる!!   ◉ストーリー 学校終わりの夕方。彼女はいつも通りの帰宅コースを歩いていた。   女子高生「今日も眠かったなぁ…ふぁぁ」おっさん「キミ、ちょっといいかな。あのね、うちの事務所の、どのののかちゃんの犬がね、風邪をひいたらしいんだ。」「今日、彼女は甲子園の始球式なのにドタキャンされたんだ!!」「とりあえず、キミに出て欲しいんだ!!」 女子高生 「ええええ!!??」「わかりました!!」     ◉操作方法 操作は超簡単!!女子高生があなたのミットめがけて魔球を投げてくるよ!!タイミングを合わせてタップすれば成功!! これだけ!!     ◉ルール・制限時間は25秒だよ ・魔球はキャッチ成功まで同じ軌道だよ・キャッチ成功すると、次から別の魔球になるよ・一発でキャッチ成功するとボーナスタイム2秒が発生するよ    ◉目指せ世界一・制限時間内に何球キャッチできたか、を世界中のプレイヤーと競おう!!    ◉「美少女甲子園」のオススメポイント・一発でキャッチできると超快感! ・コツをつかんで目指せ世界一!!・友達を誘ってみんなで競おう!! ・登録不要ですぐに遊べる!!・簡単操作で遊べるので、ゲームが苦手な人でも気軽に遊べる!!・美少女をこよなく愛するあなたにピッタリ!!・女子高生と野球好きにはたまらない!!
HomeRun Stadium Endless 1.0.0
YOU are the Home Run Slugger!!Hit any balls pitcher throw.Now,let's make a world record in the ranking!【How to Play】Tap marked area to take good timing.You could get home run when you tap good timing!Total meter for hitting will be points for the world ranking.Now,let's make a world record in the ranking!
Micro Fantasy
Micro Fantasy
Micro Fantasy offers a free, fun,simplefantasy sports experience for spectators of all ages &skilllevels.One touch to predict live outcomes per play or at bat whilewatchingany baseball, football, or basketballgame. Earn points for each correct prediction whilecompetingagainst friends or family.Follow Micro Fantasy on Facebook, Twitter orInstagram(@predictwatchwin) for a schedule of livecontests to join in person or online.You can create your own game while watching your favoriteteamincluding youth and college sports.Those games without automated results require manual input. Butthechoices are so simple, it’s easyto - Predict. Watch. Win.Contests are not affiliated with or provided by Apple.MicroFantasy, LLC is a US company withheadquarters in Brecksville, OH.
BBCounts 1.6
BBCounts (BaseBallCounts), recordofpitchingand batting position, adjust the pitching andbattingpositionauxiliary free tool, applicable to all types ofonlinebaseballgame. (ma9ma9, 마구 마구)C: ZeroALL C: all zeros-1: Fixed valuePitching: Pitching RecordsR_Batting: Record the right to play ball selectionL_Batting: record left to play ball selection
Birkball Table Soccer 1.7
This game is an abstraction of soccerthatfeatures a target ball, goal lines, and a rectangular playingfieldwith two opposing teams. Here are some benefits of the game:1. It provides fun and challenging entertainment whilesharpeningperceptual and motor skills.2. It's completely FREE - no in-app purchases or pop-up ads.3. Users can choose among three modes of play, with each having8levels.4. High scores are retained to offer a challengebeyondwinning.5. A game can be completed in less than a few minutes.6. Screens load quickly.7. Adapts to various size screensTo understand how the game is played, without actuallyplaying,it helps to look at one or more screen shots of the playingfield.You are the Yellow Player on the lower right. The OrangePlayer isyour partner in trying to get the red target ball to thered lineat the top. The Green and Blue Players are your opponents,who aretrying to score points by hitting the target ball to the redlineat the bottom. The first team to score 10 points wins agame.You have to tap the screen to launch a ball from the yellowhomebase to where you think the target ball will be. When you touchthescreen, you define a line that directs yellow balls from theyellowhome base origin to the point that you touched. The ballsyoulaunch and the balls that the three other players launchcancollide with the target ball and each other, leadingtotrajectories that simulate the laws of physics.No personal information is accessed. Some game and device dataiscollected to improve future versions.
MLB 9 Innings 21 6.0.9
Enjoy major league baseball game in your palms! MLB 9 Innings219Innings selected by Mike Trout and Cody Bellinger,ourcoverplayers from both leagues! Experience thrilling matchesin2021with MLB 9 Innings 21! MLBAM, MLBPA Official LicensedMobileMajorLeague Baseball Game! ◈ Game Features ◈ # Anexhilaratingbaseballexperience! Major League Baseball on mobile! -The in-gameUI hasbeen renewed for the '21 season, and the latestteam logo,uniform,stadium, etc. have been applied - Approximately2,000 MLBstarplayers realistically implemented in full 3D graphics-Thestadiums of 30 teams with vivid audiencecheeringperfectlyreflected - Approximately 600 different types ofhitting&pitching forms perfectly implemented for each player! #NewBlackDiamond Cards! - Acquire Black Diamond EXP to upgradeyourplayers!- Additional effects, such as Legend Skill, BonusGradeIncreaseAmount, and Special Training Expansion have beenapplied! -Upgradeyour players now to make the new Black DiamondCards! # NewLeagueMaster Mode - Another content to create the bestteam! -Thehighest difficulty League Mode! - Challenge yourself totheMasterMode, and get the new Stats Amp Ticket! - You'll be abletogetVintage/Prime Cards when you win the league! # UI Renewal-Thein-game UI has been renewed for the '21 season! Play MLB9Innings21 with improved game environment! # Enjoy endlesscontents!-Real-time battle! Compete in a 3-inning match inreal-time!-Conquer League Mode to dominate the World Series! - Findthebestplayers through dynamic Ranked Battle! - Jointhefiercecompetition among other MLB 9 Innings players worldwideinClutchHits Mode! - Test your skills in a 45-secondbattingcompetition inour Arcade Mode! # New mentor system to makeyourteam stronger! -Register mentor players to activate thementoreffect! - Fromincreasing players stats to weakening theopponent'sskills! Applya total of 20 level effects! Major LeagueBaseballtrademarks andcopyrights are used with permission of MajorLeagueBaseball. Officially Licensed Product of MLBPlayers,Inc. MLBPAtrademarks, copyrighted works and otherintellectualpropertyrights are owned and/or held by MLBPA and maynot be usedwithoutthe written consent of MLBPA or MLB Players,, the Players Choice on the web. *Accesspermissionnotice for gameplay · STORAGE: The permission isrequiredto storegame data and will not access personal files suchasphotos. ·PHONE: The authority is required to collect mobilephonenumbersfor sending event SMS ※ You'll be able to enjoy theserviceexceptfeatures related to above authorities even if youdon'tgivepermission to the above. Consumer Information: •Languagesupport:한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Español. • Itemsareavailable forpurchase in this game. Some paid items may notberefundabledepending on the type of item. • For Com2uS MobileGameTerms ofService, visit - Terms ofService: -PrivacyPolicy: •Forquestionsor customer support, please contact our CustomerSupportbyvisiting
【野球】おかず甲子園 全国編【育成シミュレーション】 3.1
このゲームを一言でいうとパワプロ的なサクセス的なやつです。おかげさまでサービス開始から1周年!つーわけでガチャ券的なやつとかポイント的なやつを大放出的な設定にしときました!この夏、サイコーに熱い体験をしてみないか?★今作の特徴★・対戦機能搭載 ・1周がサクっと短く ・発生イベント大増量・ご当地選手追加■対戦機能搭載!!全国のユーザー同士で自分の育てた高校を対戦させることができる!地区予選、本戦トーナメント、都道府県ランキングなど大会も超充実!■基本はサクセス!某パワプロ的なやつの某サクセス的なやつと同じような流れです。普通に練習→強化→イベント→試合→ドラフト指名という流れです。甲子園をめざしつつ選手を育成してマイチームを強化しよう!■他の野球ゲームの追随を許さないイベントボリュームイベントはなんと約1000種類!!もちろんケール博士の能力アップ手術イベントもあります。■登場するおかずは400種類以上!!定番のハンバーグやしょうが焼き、果てはくじら竜田などマニアックなものまで網羅。レシピ本並みのボリュームを実現しました。★例えばこんな打線がつくれます。1番センター 納豆 2番セカンド おしんこ 3番レフトサバ塩焼き 4番サード からあげ5番ファースト ハンバーグ 6番ショートロールキャベツ 7番ライト いか人参 8番キャッチャー 冷奴9番ピッチャー ちりめん山椒さらに今回はご当地おかずも登場するぞ!■おかずならではのゲームシステム選手は放置するとくさってしまいます。くさると大変なことに…。ゲームは鮮度を消費しながら進めます。鮮度がなくなると…?選手の組合わせによってスキルが発動します。例えば生たまご×しょうゆ→TKGカレー×福神漬→永遠なる友情といった感じでスキルが発動します。スキルはなんと5000通り!ユッケと生レバーを一緒に食いたいですね。■リアルを追及した超本格派夏季大会→秋季大会→春のセンバツまで忠実にスケジュールを再現。選手ごとの守備や打順の適正、さらには成長しやすさ、くさりやすさなど多彩なパラメータを用意。優秀な選手はドラフトで上位指名されます。上位であるほどボーナスが入ります。■全国の強豪と対戦マイチームを使って対戦ができます。自慢の打線で全国の猛者を蹴散らそう! 【こんな人におすすめ】・おかず甲子園シリーズが好き・暇つぶし無料ゲームがいい!・好きな順でいうと、高校野球>日本のプロ野球>メジャーリーグ・パワプロクンポケット世代・本格野球シミュレーションを楽しみたい・学校、学園青春スポーツものが好き・もともとパワプロ的なゲームをよくやっている・監督として采配を揮いたい 【素材提供】・P-MELO.JP ・魔王魂 ・くらげ工匠・効果音ラボ 【価格】 アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがあります
Top Hit Baseball Games 1.00
DescriptionBaseball Hero features improved graphics andintuitiveone-fingercontrols to give you the ultimate baseballexperiencewhile on thego. Grow from MLB rookie to the majorleague's superstar, blastaway your best hits and become the HomeRun legend inBaseballHero. Enjoy the greatest baseball sportssimulation gameevercreated NOW!Flick your finger and make a homerun.You can experience a real baseball batting throughthephysicalpendulum.Welcome to the most authentic Baseball 2014Pro HitonGooglePlay.the only baseball game based on 3D PHYSICS.This Free App is the most comprehensive guideforplayingbaseball.Easy to controlVery nice and addictive sport flash game.Compete with your friends and find out who getsthemorepoints.Game Features:- 3 Game Modes: Quickplay, Career, Practice- High quality 3D graphics and animations- Realistic physics of ball movement- Earn gold coins to upgrade ability and buy power-upsMinor & Major Mode- Hit as many home-runs as you can; asfarasyou can.Multiplayer Mode- You can compete with other playersviaGameCenter.Moon-Star Mode- Try for a record with the given 9 balls.Training Mode- You can practice with differentkindsofpitches.
THE HIT'S 2013 1.0.1