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MSD Manual Professional 1.6
SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT DOWNLOAD PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Thisisa native app and will store medical topics and associatedimages,figures, and on-demand downloaded videos on the device’sinternalstorage. Hence, to enable this storage, BY DEFAULT AndroidOS (fromversion 6.0 and above) prompts permission to "Allow App toaccessphotos, media, and files on your device?" beforeinstallation. ***Downloading this app is a 2-step process: thefirst step is adownload of the app template, and the second stepis a full downloadof app content. This can take 5 to 10 minutes onwifi in 64-bitdevices. 32-bit devices may take longer. Please donot navigate awayfrom the app until both steps have beencompleted. *** AppPermissions Install Settings Note: • We do notcollect or use anypersonal information. There are, however, somepermissions necessaryfor the app to function properly. 1.Photos/Media/Files – Thisallows the app to store the medicalcontent and multimedia foroffline use without requiring the userto reload all the largecontent when the app updates. 2. Device andApp History – This isused only to keep the app and content up todate. The amount ofclinical information currently doubles every 18months and the paceis only getting faster. Stay up-to-date withthe MSD ManualProfessional App. The MSD Manual Professional Appprovides healthcare practitioners and students with clear,practical explanationsfor thousands of conditions in all majormedical and surgicalspecialties. It covers etiology,pathophysiology, and options forevaluation and treatment. Thetrusted MSD Manual Professionalmedical app offers: • Thousands oftopics written and updatedregularly by more than 350 academicphysicians • Photos andIllustrations on thousands of disorders anddiseases • “How to”Videos on numerous outpatient procedures andphysical examinations.Concise instructional videos by medicalexperts on these key topics:- Casting and splinting techniques -Orthopedic examinations -Neurologic examinations - Obstetricprocedures - Outpatientprocedures (including IV lines, tubes,catheters, dislocationreductions and more) • Quizzes* checkknowledge of medicaldisorders, symptoms, and treatments • MedicalNews and Commentary*covering the most current and importantmedical topics • Editorials*written by top medical experts*Internet access needed. About MSDManuals Our mission is simple:We believe that health information isa universal right and thatevery person is entitled to accurate,accessible and usable medicalinformation. We have a responsibilityto protect, preserve andshare the best current medical informationto enable more informeddecisions, enhance relationships betweenpatients andprofessionals, and improve health care outcomes aroundthe world.That’s why we are making the MSD Manuals available forfree indigital form to professionals and patients around the world.Noregistration or subscription required, and noads.NOND-1179303-0001 04/16 This mobile application is intendedforHealthcare Professionals. For more information please read theEndUser License Agreementat Formoreinformation about our privacy practices, please see ourprivacycommitment at Adverse EventReporting:To report an adverse event with a specific MSD product,please callthe National Service Center at 1-800-672-6372. Countriesoutsidethe United States may have specific procedures in place toaddressreports of adverse events. Please contact your local MSDoffice orlocal health authority for more information. For questionsor helpwith the app, please contact
Civil Engineering Hand Book 1.6
RR Play Spot
“Civil Engineering Hand book” has been complied primarily forthe“Practical man” it should prove a most & should prove amostuseful work of reference to the young Civil engineers ofvariouspublic works departments.The Civil Engineering object ofthisvolume is to give a fairly complete but concise account ofthevarious subjects to serve as a ready reference foreveryday-workproblems in Civil Engineering Department whichconstantly con-frontthe Civil Engineers. Whether in the CivilEngineer Site office orin the field, without having to wade throughnumerous site notes.Civil Engineering construction practices,especially in designspecifications for construction materials,buildings , bridges,safety, health concerns, the most current codeschanges includingACI, AISC, ASTM, NDS for wood structures, etc.TheCivil EngineeringHand book covers systems of design, community,regional planning,the latest design methods for buildings,airports, highways,tunnels, bridges. It includes sections onconstruction equipment,construction management, materials,specifications, structuraltheory, geotechnical engineering, wood,concrete, steel designconstructionIn this Civil Engineer Hand BookFully Consist of Underbelow Topics are - Weight and Measure-Mathematics- AppliedMechanics & Bending Moments In Beam-Properties of StructuralSteel Sections & Design Tables (IndianStandards) IS CODE-Properties & Uses of Metals- FoundationDesign a Construction-General Masonry Structures Design &Construction- RCC -Reinforced Cement Concrete & ReinforcedBrick work- TimberStructures- Design of Simple Steel Structures-RCC Roofs- BuildingMaterials Properties- Arboriculture- Hydraulics-Water Supply-Drainage & Sewage- Irrigation- Roads &Highways- Bridges& Culverts- Estimating & Quantities-General TechnicalInformation for Civil Engineering- ElectricalService- CivilEngineering Unit Conversion Tables- EngineeringMechanics-Interview Basics Questions added- Engineering Mechanics-SolidMechanics- Geodesy- Hydraulic Engineering- StructuralMechanics-Design of Structures- Water Resources Engineering-FoundationEngineering- Introduction to Finite Elements Methods-PhysicalModelling in Geotechnics- Traffic Analysis Design-AdvancedGeotechnical Analysis- Prestressed Concrete Design-NumericalMethods in Civil Engineering- Advanced Solid Mechanics-ConcreteTechnology- Environmental Geotechnics- Reinforced Earth-NumericalMethods- Numerical Techniques in Hydraulic Engineering-Eco-hydroClimatology- Transportation Infrastructure Systems-Introduction toEarthquake Engineering- Structural Optimization-StructuralDynamics- Structural Stability- Finite Element Methods-PlasticAnalysis- Reliability Based Civil Engineering Design-NonlinearAnalysis- Soil Structure Interaction- Rock Mechanics-EnvironmentalGeomechanics- Geotechnical Centrifuge Modelling- SoilDynamics& Machine Foundations- Finite Element Methods inGeotechnicalEngineering- Hydraulic Structures- Physical &StochasticHydrology- River Mechanics & Control Structures-WaterResources Systems- Mechanics of Water Waves- FiniteElementApplications to Flow Problems- Soil Mechanics-TransportationEngineering- Introduction to Offshore Engineering-Design ofOffshore Structure- Concrete Technology- Plates &Shells-Advanced Solids Mechanics- Soil Engineering- Green BuildingDesign-Tunnel Engineering- Ground Water Hydrology- AdvancedExperimentalFluid Mechanics- Advanced Geotechnical EarthquakeEngineering- RiskAssessment & Management in GeotechnicalEngineering- RemoteSensing Technology- Geotechnical ConstitutiveModels-Photogrammetric Engineering- Data Processing in RemoteSensing-Testing of Materials- Mechanics of Fluid FlowGlobal Search:civilengineering hand book free download pdfp khanna civilengineeringhand book pdf
Update Software 3.0
Update provides OS updates for SmartPhone devices and alllatestAndroid operating system (OS) versions, as well asfirmwareupgrades, Android guides and how-to tutorials to check ifyou canApp upgrade or update your device to a new version ofAndroid. Foras long as smart phones has been around there hasalways beenupdates to their software. phone manufacturers hasalways been in ahurry to get new products out to a hungry audiencewaiting for thenext big thing to hit the cell phone market. As aconsequence thephones will almost always be put out for sale beforethe quirks anderrors has been taken out of the system. Applicationcan help CheckInstall, upgrade and update your smartphone or tabletwith theCheck latest Android OS version, read the latestAppfeatures:-Check Application version update.- Uninstall Application- ClearData Remove Cache for this app- Check Update Android OSversionUsers can choose the latest software according to userreviews andknow which is the best and suitable for them.This is theAndroidtutorial to show that how you can update your Androiddevicemanually step by step. These software can be updated on aregularbasis and accordingly new software and be installed.Makeyourandroid awesome! Discover the latest android tips, top apps,newfeatures, android updates, accessories and more.
Update Software Latest 13.7
Update Software LatestThis Update Software Latest Applicationistemporarily used for the update of the old version. With the daytoday advancements in technology, new software are being createdinorder to help people smoother their lives and accessing thevirtualworld with ease. For as long as smart phones has been aroundtherehas always been updates to their software. As a way ofcorrectingthese errors the makers of phones will from time to timeneed toupdate the firmware to phones. In most cases these updateswillshow up on your phone when the time is right, but for those ofwhoare not willing to wait a second longer than necessary there isaway to check for these upgrades Application can help CheckInstall,upgrade and update your smartphone or tablet with the ChecklatestAndroid OS version, read the latestUpdate Software LatestAppfeatures:- Check Application version update.- UninstallApplication- Clear Data Remove Cache for this app- Check UpdateAndroid OSversion Users can choose the latest softwares accordingto userreviews and know which is the best and suitable forthem.This isthe Android tutorial to show that how you can updateyour Androiddevice manually step by step. These softwares can beupdated on aregular basis and accordingly new softwares and beinstalled.Makeyour android awesome! Discover the latest androidtips, top apps,new features, android updates, accessories and more.
Manualslib - User Guides & Owners Manuals library 1.5
Find, view and read manual or user guide you need withoutcreatingan account. With ManualsLib app, you can find any Owner'sManual orUser's Guide you need, add it to “My Manuals” list, andview it onyour mobile device anytime. 🔎 Search manuals and guidesbydevice/product name. To find the right manual or user guide,youjust need to know the name of your device. For example, to findaguide for Fitbit Alta, you need type “Fitbit Alta” into thesearchbar and tap on “Search.” In the search results, you’ll seealldocuments available for this device. 🎛 Use search filters bytypeof document, manufacturer of device, and type of device.ManualsLibis a major platform to search manuals and user guides.For manydevices, ManualsLib offers different types of documents(userguides, installation instructions, fast start guides, speclists,maintenance manuals, etc.). Use filters to search guides bytype ofdocument, manufacturer, and type of device. 📃 View manualsandguides without adding it to “My Manuals” list All manualsandguides are available for FREE and limitless viewing andreading.You can search and open any number of manuals. 📁 Addmanuals andguides to “My Manuals” list to view them offline To beable toaccess manuals and user guides offline, you need to add themtoyour “My Manuals” list. You’ll be able to access your addedfilesin the ManualsLib app even when you’re not connected totheInternet. 🗂 Create folders for easier access and storage Foreasieraccess to your manuals, you can sort your documents bylocation andtype of device. For example, you can create a “Summerhousemanuals” folder to store guides on all devices in yoursummerhouse. Furthermore, you can create folders to store usermanualsfor certain devices, e.g. “cars guides”, “cameraguides”,“appliance guides”, etc. 🔍 Search inside a document You cansearchinside the document for the information you need. Use simplekeyphrases, e.g. “battery charge” instead of “how to chargethebattery.” You need to be connected to the Internet to usethedocument search option. 📄 View Table of Contents for eachdocumentAlmost every manual available in ManualsLib contains aTable ofContents for easier navigation within the document. 📌Create andname bookmarks Bookmarks are the fastest way to accessthe page youneed. When creating a bookmark, give it a short,descriptive name.For example, the page that tells how to change oilin your quadbike can be named “Oil change.” Avoid using long names,e.g. “Quadoil change manual”, as you’ll be able to see the name ofthe manualin the bookmarks menu. ✉️ Share links to an entiredocument or itsspecific page To your friends who haven’t installedthe ManualsLibapp (or don’t know the website), youcan send a linkto the entire manual or a single page. Suppose, yougave your mom anew GoPro to record your dad’s adventures. But yourmom doesn’tknow how to insert an SD card into the camera.Meanwhile, your dadis ready to dive into the swimming pool from thehouse roof. Yourmom is calling you for help. All you need to do isto open theManualsLib app, find the right manual and the pagedescribing howto insert an SD card, and send the link to your mom.Don’t forgetto tell your mom to install the ManualsLib app. Nowyou’ll have theunforgettable video of your dad jumping into theswimming pool! 🖨Print out pages You can print out any page of anymanual and hangit anywhere, e.g. on the wall above the coffeemachine in youroffice. ManualsLib App is 100% synchronized withManualsLib.comwebsite profile
Handbook Legion of Mary 3.5
This is the digital version of the Official Handbook of theLegionof Mary published by Concilium Legionis Mariae. KeyFeatures1. Youcan save chapters in favorite to open it quickly2.You can browsethrough the chapters and quickly jump that withoutbrowsing eachpage3. You can search the header to limit the list inthe page. 4.You can copy the chapter and share it as text or htmlformat5. Youcan change the look and feel of the screen and changethe fontsize6. You can share the page as image (Facebook) orcontents inemail or message
Learn Computer In 30 Days 4.0
Learn Computer in 30 DaysThis Basic ComputerFundamentalsapplication will introduce the basics of Computer tothose who donot know very much about computers. This application isforbeginners and intermediate users .This app is useful for thosewhoare starting to learn computer basics like what is Software,Whatis hardware etc. It helps to cover all terminology relatedtocomputer. The main purpose of this Basic Computer Fundamentalsappis to help the reader to better understand how to usetheircomputer more effectively and safely.Are you new tousingcomputers? Do you wonder what people mean when they say thecloud,Windows, ISP, or app?Impress your friends with yourintimateknowledge of Computer Shortcut Keys. Also you can boostyourproductivity by using Computer Shortcut keys app . You canuseKeyboard Shortcuts Instead of Mouse.If you are new to thecomputer,don't worry,with this "Learn Computer in 30 days" app.Whenit comesto learning today's technology, our Computer Basicstutorial apphas all of the basic conceptscovered.*****CATEGORY*****- BasicComputers- Hard-Ware- Short Keys-Email Basics- Internet Basics-Mac OS- Online Safety- Windows-Devices- Digital Skills- Photos andGraphics- Social Media- Usingthe Cloud- Office 2010- Office 2013
Dangerous Goods Manual helps you in identifying hazardousmaterials(HazMat). It is very useful for motorists, fire departmentandemergency responders. Features: - Search hazardous substances(UNnumber) - ERI-Cards ("Emergency Response InterventionCards")provide guidance on initial actions for fire crews -Informationabout hazard identification numbers (Kemler number),HazchemEmergency Action Codes (EAC), Packaging groups, Transportcategoryand Tunnel codes - Classification and labeling summary(includingGHS) - No internet connection required
Guide.Elite Dangerous - hints and manuals 1.0.0 RC-100
Everything you need to know to improve playing experience inthespace epic game Elite: Dangerous. This app comes up with guidesandmanuals made by players and fans of the game.In the Guidessection,you may find useful maps with locations of the differentrareitems, weapons, chests or resources. If the game has anyRPGelements, then you may find articles with characters'skillcalculators and spell definitions. People share their epicbuildsand favorite craft receipts.Some games have performanceissues,such as bad fps or freezes, etc. You may find instructionson howto improve your framerate and which graphics settings aremoresuitable for your hardware. And for PC users there are a lotofinformation about mods and modding, tips on how to play co-opwithfriends via the local network, etc.The guides cancontaininstructions for beginners and hardcore gamers, describein-gamestrategy and tactics, show best load outs or simply how toget 100%achievements. You may find the complete walkthrough andfinallybeat every quest. The app has cheats and secrets for thegame ondifferent platforms, such as PlayStation, PC, XBOX, etc.Ifavailable, you will see console commands andkeys/buttonscombinations. The last section is streams - now you cansee whenyour favorite streamer online and quickly switch to watchhis Let'sPlay.GameGuides.Online apps allow you to save guides andread themoffline anytime anywhere. Also, the apps have a dark themebydefault to improve your battery life, if you have(Super-)AMOLEDdisplay. It's simple to use and completely free -download now!Feel free to write us if you have any suggestions orcomplainsabout apps and content.
Entrepreneur Mindset 1.3.0
Afradad Media
"Entrepreneur Mindset" GuideHave you ever thought want to beasuccessful entrepreneur?Do you know how to think asuccessfulentrepreneur is different from ordinary people.Did youknow that tobe a successful entreprenuer it requires astrategy?"EntrepreneurMindset" guide will show you how the mindsetof an entrepreneur andhow to think like a successfulentrepreneur.With this guide youwill get 101 tips to become asuccessful entrepreneur* Why Becomean Entrepreneur?* The Importanceof Passion* Starting Your DreamBusiness* Managing Others* StayingMotivated* Growing YourBusiness* Communication Skills* Marketing*The Entrepreneur’sMindset Download this app and get 101 free tipsto becomesuccessful entrepreneur!Please, let us know your opinionandsuggestions about the guide in order to improve it.If you areagoogle+ user and you like the guide, please press 1+ button. Soyouwill help us to improve and to create more ebooks. Thankyou!!!Ifsomething doesn´t work or if you want to let us knowyoursuggestions, please write us an e-mail.
Laravel 5 User Manual 2.5.1
Laravel is a Framework for people who build web sites usingPHP.This app is the user guide, which covers the new 5.3 version oftheframework.
Manual IPUC Manual IPUC 2.0
Manual IPUC contiene toda la información del manual interno delaIglesia Pentecostal Unida De ColombiaIPUC Manual contains alltheinformation of the internal manual of the Church PentecostalUnidaDe Colombia
Biomedical Maintenance 1.1
* fast to use manual for many bio-medical devices* you cansearcheasily for errors and there fix's* list of all devicescategorizedby manufacture
com.zdivdev.ebook.scripttool 1.16
This handbook includes the guide of various tools required inmakinglinux script. In this you will see the following thingsbelow. -bash - coreutils - diff - find - gawk - grep - sed - wget-coreutils contails these topics. arch, b2sum, base32,base64,basename ,cat ,chcon ,chgrp ,chmod ,chown ,chroot ,cksum,comm ,cp,csplit ,cut ,date ,dd ,df ,dir ,dirname ,du ,echo ,env,expand,expr ,factor ,false ,fmt ,fold ,groups ,head ,hostid,hostname ,id,install ,join ,kill ,link ,ln ,logname ,ls ,md5sum,mkdir ,mkfifo,mknod ,mktemp ,mv ,nice ,nl ,nohup ,nproc ,numfmt,numfmt ,od,parse_datetime ,paste ,pathchk ,pr ,printenv ,printf,ptx ,pwd,readlink ,realpath ,rm ,rmdir ,runcon ,seq ,sha1sum,shred ,shuf,sleep ,sort ,split ,stat ,stdbuf , stty ,sum ,sync,tac ,tail ,tee,test ,timeout ,touch ,tr ,true ,truncate ,tsort,tty ,uname,unexpand ,uniq ,unlink ,uptime ,users ,vdir ,wc ,who,whoami ,yesYou will find all this section offline without anyinternetconnection and learn compiler tools easily anywhere andanytime.
UN Handbook 2.9.7
The United Nations Handbook App is produced by the NewZealandGovernment as a ready reference guide. It providescurrentinformation about all the UN family organisations, includingtheirpurpose, evolution, structure and membership where applicable.Itis not intended to be a historical record. The Handbook has atitsheart information about the six principal UN organs establishedbythe UN Charter: the General Assembly, Security Council,Economicand Social Council, Trusteeship Council, InternationalCourt ofJustice and the Secretariat. It also contains informationaboutsubsidiary organs established in accordance with theCharter,related UN organs and programmes, specialised agenciesandautonomous bodies related to the UN, and various ad hoc organsandprogrammes. Non-governmental organisations with UN connectionsarenot included; neither, generally, are other inter-governmental(butnon-UN) organisations or political groupings.
Ultimate Survival Guide 2.0 1.4
★★★ New evolution of Ultimate Survival Guide ★★★We totallyoverwriteand rebuild Our APP, and now we have higher quality, welldesignedand fully complete App for all type of users, who decidedto becomeExpert of Surviving.If you are Real Survivalist, AvidCamper, WildHunter, or only novice in techniques of surviving, whowants to belike a famous Bear Grylls, this is the best APP forevolution ofyour Skills!New in this version:➢ More informationabout surviving➢New Paracord bracelets and Stuff➢ Ability to printmaterials in Proversion➢ Ability to use app without Ads (No Ads inPRO version)➢Functionality to buy Pro version on 1, 3, 6 month& 1 year.➢Possibility to get Pro version Free, by repostinginformation inFacebook or other social networks!This is uniqueguide to survive inthe wild nature, on land and at the sea, in thejungle and roughriver, in the dangerous forest and in the deadlydesert, in thefreezing North and in the extremely hot South.Ultimate SurvivalGuide will help you to survive and anywhere inthe world, and in anysituation.There are many best selling booksand guides in the world,about surviving in a wild, and now youhave an opportunity to alwayscarry all knowledge with you on yourmobile phone. And it will beworking offline in any situation,unless you have charge in yourbattery.In this Survival App youwill find the most useful andimportant skills and tips fromsurvival books of famous SASteammates, from text of the U.S. ArmySurvival Manual FM 21-76, andsurvival tips from real survivalexperts, like famous BearGrylls.Also, if worldwide catastrophehappens, emergency serviceswill be stretched beyond their limit.They are simply will not haveenough resources to look aftereveryone.Do not expectrescue!Authorities may deplete theirstockpiles quickly, and morethan that, they may be distributedbetween greedy powers before youcome round.It is up to YOU toensure your and your beloved onessurvival. ★★★ This interactiveedition consists of ★★★➢ SurvivalGuide Books ✔ Ultimate WildSurviving ✔ Ultimate SituationalSurviving➢ Survival bracelet(Paracord bracelet) ✔ 4 types of usefulsurvival paracord bracelets+ 1 paracord pouch➢ Stuff &Equipment ✔ Survival Fishing ✔Knots & Ropes ✔ Survival Knives➢Compact survival kit ✔ Idealand compact survival kit which you canmade by you self➢ ExtraKnowledge ✔ Archery ✔ Firecraft ✔ BlackPowder ✔ Morse Code➢ UsefulAPPsSensation! Only in our UltimateSurvival Guide as a bonus youwill have 2 really usefulsurvivalApps:================================================================================★COMPASS- for easy findingrightdirection================================================================================★SurvivalFlashlight - flashlight with a SOS function. You canattract help,by sending a signal light to therescueservices!================================================================================★ForUsers ★If you liked our app, be sure to give it some stars. Andweask you to be more constructive, good rates help the applicationtogrow, which means that you are giving us opportunity to improveitand fulfill your wishes.Keywords: Ultimate Survival Guide,SurvivalGuide, Survival, Wild Nature, Survivalist, Bear Grylls,Avid Camper,Army, SAS, SAS Survival Guide, Air Force, hiking,backpacking,camping, hunting, outdoors, shelter, survive, desert,mountains,wilderness, survivor, climbing, survival app, compass,flashlight,SOS signal
com.oef.keybook.mathclass10 7.1.1
Key & Textbook - Maths Class 10 (S) (PTB) is a Freesolutionmanual and textbook for Mathematics Class 10 (ScienceGroup)students who are following Punjab Text Book Board(Pakistan)textbook in a hope that it will be helpful for them insolvingtextbook exercise problems. Open Educational Forum (OEF)isdedicated to promotion of affordable education both at schoolsandcollege/university levels in Pakistan. OEF strives toprovideeducational support resources in the form of lecture notes,lecturevideos, solution manuals and other learning material FREE ofCost& presented in mobile device apps format tosupplementaryinstitutional formal education. This app covers studynotes andsolution notes on subject for easy understanding &learning.Key Book Maths Class 10 app will useful for students withno needof Internet, works offline and only one time download withcompletefeatures. The revision of all concepts can be finishedwithinSeveral hour using this app. The app is a handbook coveringnotes,definitions, concepts, diagrams, formulas, numerics, mathproblems,laws, tools, equations, calculations and graphs on thesubject.This (PTB) app covers the all main topics with easynavigationamong pages and solution contents of maths book. Thematerial inthis app ( ebook ) has been collected from varioussources, allstriving to support this noble cause for math skills.Weacknowledge all contributors in this regard. Download NOW -ITSFREE !! Key Book Maths Class 10 app Features : * Rich UI Layout.*Comfortable Read Mode. * Important Exam Topics. * Works Offline.*Mobile Optimized Images. * No need of INTERNET & 3rdpartysoftware. * Chapter wise complete Topics. * Step by Stepsolution.* Its Totally Free. * Small in size. * No need of thirdpartysoftware. * Very simple User Interface. * Cover all Topics. *Oneclick get related All Book. * Mobile Optimized Content . The appisvery easy to use and interactive. Users' feedback will behighlyappreciated in improving this and related apps. Formoreinformation regarding other resources visit our Facebookpage: & FOLLOWUS: If you Want any moretopicinformation please tell us and give us valuable RatingandSuggestion. So we can consider it for Future Updates.
Arduino HandBook 2 2.1.9
The application is a mobile directory for the Arduino platform.Itcontains: a description of working with the operators,data,functions and some libraries (standard, Arduino Due, Esplora)ofthe Arduino platform.For beginners in Arduino, aspecialintroductory material has been specially developed.
in.ajaykhatri.unixtutorial 1.4
Complete Unix and Shell Programming Tutorial. Topics covered1.Getting Started 2. File Management 3. Directories 4.FilePermission 5. Environment 6. Basic Utilities 7. Pipes &Filters8. Processes 9. Communication 10. The Vi Editor 11. What IsShell?12. Using Variables 13. Special Variables 14. Using Arrays15.Basic Operators 16. Decision Making 17. Shell Loops 18.LoopControl 19. Shell Substitutions 20. Quoting Mechanisms 21.IORedirections 22. Shell Functions 23. Manpage Help 24. AdvancedUnix25. Regular Expressions 26. File System Basics 27.UserAdministration 28. System Performance 29. System Logging30.Signals And Traps 31. Unix FAQ 32. Unix Cheat sheet etc....
com.wikihow.wikihowapp 2.8.3
Easily learn how to do anything from wikiHow, the world’sleadinghow-to guide. Step-by-step instructions on every imaginabletopic.Become the DIY master of anything, instantly. With thewikiHowAndroid app you can: • Search over 180,000 wikiHow articles•Bookmark articles to read and use later, even while offline •Viewstep-by-step photos, illustrations, and videos to help youlearn •Read wikiHow’s featured articles of the day • Browserandomarticles for your entertainment Learn how to do anything.Yesanything: • First aid: Learn how to do CPR, help a choking baby,orrecognize a heart attack. Or hundreds of other topics thatcouldsave a life. • Cooking: Learn how to poach an egg, fry aturkey,season a steak and thousands of other recipes. • Tech: Learnhow touse your android phone, tablet, facebook app and thousands oftechtopics. • Fitness, relationships and life: Learn how to getsixpack abs, know if a guy likes you, or just live in the moment.•Knots and ties: Learn how to tie a tie. Or how to tie a bow tie.Ora bowline knot, or hundreds of other ties and knots. • Justincase: Learn how to fly an airplane in an emergency, how toescapefrom a bear, how to walk through a minefield. And thousandsofother things you will probably never need, but will haveimmediateaccess to just in case.
Offline Survival Manual 4.2.2
This is a Survival Manual which is fully working offline (whichisimportant to survive in a case of some extreme situation)Itcontains info on how to make fire, build a shelter, find food,healand other useful content in a case of emergency. But it doesnothave to be used in emergency situations only - it can bealsouseful for trips to the outdoors, hiking, camping, learningaboutnature and yourself truly. This is not only fun, but you canalsotrain skills (make fire, build shelter, ..) you might need inacatastrophy. Some things work best with practice in arelaxedenvironment - then you also have time for someexperiments.Refugees are also welcome to use this app to prepareand guide themfor their dangerous journey. Although I hope we ashumans come tosense and stop the wars so that people do not have toflee and beafraid. Background: In the midst of the currentpolitical situation(A dangerous man as president of a big nuclearpower nation) I hadto prepare for doomsday scenarios and wassearching for a goodSurvival Guide that I can use offline. Therewhere some but none ofthem where really good & fitting. Alsothere was none freesoftware ( FOSS ) on FDroid. Hence I was writingthis Software. Youcan find the source-code ongithub: Pull requests arewelcome!If you have improvements regarding the content or want tohelptranslate you can use thewiki: You will findthiscontent: PSYCHOLOGY - A Look at Stress - Natural Reactions-Preparing Yourself PLANNING AND KITS - Importance of Planning-Survival Kits BASIC MEDICINE - Requirements for MaintenanceofHealth - Medical Emergencies - Lifesaving Steps - Bone andJointInjury - Bites and Stings - Wounds - Environmental Injuries-Herbal Medicines SHELTER - Primary Shelter—Uniform - ShelterSiteSelection - Types of Shelters WATER PROCUREMENT - Water Sources-Still Construction - Water Purification - Water FiltrationDevicesFIRE - Basic Fire Principles - Site Selection andPreparation -Fire Material Selection - How to Build a Fire - How toLight a FireFOOD PROCUREMENT - Animals for Food - Traps and Snares- KillingDevices - Fishing Devices - Cooking and Storage of Fishand GameSURVIVAL USE OF PLANTS - Edibility of Plants - Plants forMedicine- Miscellaneous Uses of Plants POISONOUS PLANTS - HowPlants Poison- All About Plants - Rules for Avoiding PoisonousPlants - ContactDermatitis - Ingestion Poisoning DANGEROUS ANIMALS- Insects andArachnids - Leeches - Bats - Venomous Snakes -Snake-Free Areas -Dangerous Lizards - Dangers in Rivers - Dangersin Bays andEstuaries - Saltwater Dangers - Other Dangerous SeaCreaturesFIELD-EXPEDIENT WEAPONS, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT - Staffs -Clubs -Edged Weapons - Other Expedient Weapons - Cordage andLashing -Rucksack Construction - Clothing and Insulation - CookingandEating Utensils DESERT - Terrain - Environmental Factors - NeedforWater - Heat Casualties - Precautions - Desert Hazards TROPICAL-Tropical Weather - Jungle Types - Travel Through Jungle Areas-Immediate Considerations - Water Procurement - Food -PoisonousPlants COLD WEATHER - Cold Regions and Locations -Windchill -Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival - Hygiene -MedicalAspects - Cold Injuries - Shelters - Fire - Water - Food -Travel -Weather Signs SEA - The Open Sea - Seashores EXPEDIENTWATERCROSSING - Rivers and Streams - Rapids - Rafts - FlotationDevices- Other Water Obstacles - Vegetation ObstaclesFIELD-EXPEDIENTDIRECTION FINDING - Using the Sun and Shadows -Using the Moon -Using the Stars - Making Improvised Compasses -Other Means ofDetermining Direction
iFixit: Repair Manual 2.9.2
The world's largest repair manual that anyone can edit! Fixityourself withour easy to use DIY guides for prettymucheverything.★ NEW IN v2.0! ★Document and share your repairs withtheworld! Now you can create your ownDIYguide straight fromyoursmartphone or tablet — Simply snap a photo, write (ordictate!)theinstructions, and then publish. It’s that easy!We have thousandsofstep-by-step guides with gorgeous images that makes iteasytorepair your stuff. We have new guides for dozensofAndroids,including the five most popular Android devices:theSamsung Galaxy SIII, theGalaxy S4, the Galaxy Note, the GalaxyNoteII, and the new Motorola Moto X.Also, stay informed aboutthenewest gadgets with our critically renowneddevice teardowns.★LearnHow to Repair ★✓ Fix a cracked iPhone screen✓ Upgrade theharddrive in your laptop✓ Change the oil in your car✓ RepairyourXBox’s Red Ring of Death✓ Change a flat tire on your bike✓Mendyour Patagonia clothing✓ Much, much, more★ Thousands ofHow-ToRepair Guides for Top Brands ★✓ Apple Computers: MacBooks,MacBookPro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro,PowerBook + iBook✓AppleMobile: iPod, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,iPhone,iPhone3, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone5s✓Android tablets: Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 7 2, Nexus10,Galaxy Tab✓ Cell phones: Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG,Blackberry,Nokia, Sony, & more✓ Gaming consoles: Xbox, Xbox360, Xbox One,PlayStation, Playstation 2,Playstation 3, Playstation4, Wii, WiiU✓ PC Laptops: Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba✓ PCDesktops:Dell, eMachines, Gateway, HP, Sony, Asus✓ Cameras: Canon,Nikon,Casio, Kodak, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Yashica✓ Cars andTrucks:Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes, Jeep, GMC, Subaru, Toyota✓Vehicles:Bikes, Tractor, and Motorcycles✓ Household Appliances:Espressomachines, Vacuums, Fans✓ Plus many, many more repair guidesareadded by our incredible community!★ Praise from thePress★"Empowers you to fix things yourself. From troubleshootingtoparts and tools,to repair guides, they have your back."—TreeHugger"Demonstrates the old-fashioned virtue of repairandextending the lifespan ofdevices." — Reuters"The robots ofthefuture will see this and murder us all. Thanks iFixit.Thanksalot." — Engadget"Illustrated repair guides that take you stepbystep through the process." —Dallas Morning News★ Support iFixit★Wefund these manuals by selling parts and tools. If you useourmanual to fixsomething, support our work by buying fromus.iFixit’sPro Tech Toolkit contains everything you need torepairelectronics: thousands of Android, MacBook, iMac, iPhone, andgameconsoleparts:★ iFixit:RepairManual supports Android version 2.2 and up ★This app isopensource! Fork us, open a issue, or just sayhelloat
Linux Command Library 2.0.2
The app currently has 2378 manual pages, 1351 one-line scripts andabunch of general terminal tips. Learn how to work withtheCLI(Command Line Interface). Categories: • Users/Groups•Files/Folders • Search/Find • Network • System Information •SystemControl • Video/Audio • Package Manager • Terminal Games •HackingTools • One-liners This app was developed as a part of theHomeRemote Control(available on Google Play). If there is anycommandyou miss, let me know and the next update will have it.Example ofconsole commands: shutdown, reboot, lock/unlock screen,printexternal/internal ip, print cpu/battery usage,takescreenshot/webcam photo, play text to speech, play sound file.
com.zdivdev.ebook.advbash 1.16
Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Foxforthe GNU Project as a free software replacement for theBourneshell. The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide provides beginnerswith asimple introduction to the basics, and experts will findadvanceddetails they need. In this you will see the followingthings below.Table of Contents Part 1. Introduction 1. ShellProgramming! 2.Starting Off With a Sha-Bang Part 2. Basics 3.Special Characters4. Introduction to Variables and Parameters 5.Quoting 6. Exit andExit Status 7. Tests 8. Operations and RelatedTopics Part 3.Beyond the Basics 9. Another Look at Variables 10.ManipulatingVariables 11. Loops and Branches 12. CommandSubstitution 13.Arithmetic Expansion 14. Recess Time Part 4.Commands 15. InternalCommands and Builtins 16. External Filters,Programs and Commands17. System and Administrative Commands Part 5.Advanced Topics 18.Regular Expressions 19. Here Documents 20. I/ORedirection 21.Subshells 22. Restricted Shells 23. ProcessSubstitution 24.Functions 25. Aliases 26. List Constructs 27.Arrays 28. IndirectReferences 29. /dev and /proc 30. NetworkProgramming 31. Of Zerosand Nulls 32. Debugging 33. Options 34.Gotchas 35. Scripting WithStyle 36. Miscellany 37. Bash, versions2, 3, and 4 38. EndnotesYou will find all this section offlinewithout any internetconnection and lean DB easily anywhere andanytime.
Indian Penal Code IPC Handbook 1.4
This app is a handy tool or a handbook for the Indian PenalCodeLaw.This app features- Sections by Chapters- SearchSections-Recent Last Viewed Section- Share Details of a Sectionetc..
My phone: the official app for Nokia phones 2.4.9
HMD Global
Welcome to the official app for Nokia Android smartphoneowners.We’ve put a ton of useful features all under one roof: getpersonalcustomer support, join the Nokia phones community, getapprecommendations, explore your phone’s user guide and more.Withthis app, you can: - Get involved with the Nokia phonescommunity -Discover apps recommended for you - Contact supporteasily withlive chat - Check battery health and phone stats at aglance withthe device monitor - Get quick answers to frequentlyaskedquestions - Check out the user guide for your phone and findouthow to make the most of your Nokia Android smartphone - Findyournearest Nokia Mobile Care center - Check up on the status ofyourwarranty Do you find the app useful, or do you have asuggestionfor us? Let us know – your feedback is used to help makethe appeven better in the future.
SQL Reference 3.2.0
SQL Reference will help you to understand the basics of SQLandbecome familiar with the advanced level. Content of the handbookisdivided into four categories: - Basics - Advanced - Functions-Articles - Training Articles contain syntax (which ishighlighted)examples for functions. The description of eachfunction includessome examples with comments. Reference is alsoshows majordifferences of the syntax of the various databases:MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, Access, SQLite. Training section allowsyou topractice in running sql queries. This section availible onlyinfull version. If you have suggestions, ideas to improvetheapplication and comments, please, use the feedback form. Youcanfind it in the menu. Or write directly to
Bacon Camera 1.10.7
First Camera app with manual controls for devices that doesnotsupport Google's Camera2 API.With Bacon Camera you will be abletosee how powerful is your camera module, optimized with allpossiblefeatures, It's like a DSLR but for everyone!ManualControlssupported: - Full Manual Focus - Full Manual White Balance- FullManual Exposure Compensation - Semi-Manual ISO speed - FullManualExposure Time* - Bayer RAW and DNG supportBacon Camera offersalsoa wide control over basic camera parameters such ascolorbalancing, effects and scenes, together with useful toolsyourshots will be as like a pro!Highlighted features: - LiveHistogramboth RGB and Luminance - Timed Shots, a trueintervallometer foramazing time-lapses - Unique Multi Exposurealgorithm with maxresolution - Exposure Bracket - Useful grids -Virtual Horizon -GIF! - Tiny Planets - PanoramaAnd much more.. justdiscover!Eachdevice is different, and unfortunately not all supportallfeatures. Since Bacon Camera uses most of timesexperimentalfeatures sometimes forgotten by device manufacturercould be a bitunstable.Please have a look to compatibilitytable: testeddevicesare: OnePlus One, LG G3, OnePlus 3/3T, Xiaomi Mi 6, OppoFind 7,ZTE Blade S6.We officially supports a small range ofdevices, butwe try, update after update, to improve maximumcompatibilitymainly for all Snapdragon based devices, so for anyissue don'tforget to email us, everything can be fixed! BaconCamera nowsupports remote shutter control through Xiaomi Mi Band 2thanks to"Mi Band 2Selfie"(***BaconCamera does NOT support official Camera2 API, This mean thatallNexus/Pixel, Sony and others that officially support ONLY theseAPIsare NOT supported by this app. Please do not leave bad reviewifyour device is in this situation. Because this simply is not theappyou are looking for. ***Not in your language? Help us totranslateBacon Camera! ( foryou withLove ♥ 2.4.5 build 100003
A brand new, fascinating, user-friendly and robust camera appishere, ready to capture, orchestrate and give a new life toyourbest moments… *** If you have any problem or if you can'tfindmanual controls, before give us a negative rate, please readF.A.Q.( an issue to support *** Major Features - Simpleandbloat-free user interface - Amazing Photo and Video quality-Utilizes Android's camera 2 API (on devices that supports theAPI)- Focus and exposure from different areas (if supported bydevice)- Integrated Gallery and Slider - Burst mode - Animated GIFs-Video slow motion recording - Manual ISO, Focus, ShutterSpeedcontrol (if supported by device) - RAW format (if supportedbydevice) - Snapshot during video recording - Selfie Light -Panoramamode (if supported by device) - Timelapse - HDR+ (Pixel 2devices)Camera Premium Package - Burst Interval below 500ms - Morethan 20maximum shots in burst - Better JPEG Quality - Antibandingin 50Hz(Europe) and 60Hz (Asia) - Video max duration over 5 minutes-Photo histogram - High resolution Animated GIFs -Timelapseintervals over 10 seconds This app uses Accessibilityservices.Please send us your feedback or report any For more information, pleasevisit: Frequently AskedQuestions: betatester: us onFacebook Followus onTwitter!categories/footej-camera
Scorpio 95+ 1.9.4
Attention! The application is only available in russianlanguage!Currently, the author is working on translating intoEnglish.Please consider this! If you want to help translate intoEnglish,contact the author by e-mail. User manual for Ford Scorpio95 andlater. "Scorpio 95+" will help you find factory spare partnumbersand their analogs without having to access the Internet.Basicinformation: ✪ Wheels and tires ✪ Oils and other liquids ✪Sparkplugs ✪ Sensors ✪ Trip computer ✪ Vacuum system  Electrics: ✪Fuses ✪ Bulbs Diagnostics: ✪ Immobilizer ✪ Airbags ✪On-boardcomputer And other information. On Android 7.1 +additionalshortcuts are available for long clicking on the icon, aswell assupport for splitting the screen. The possibility of scalingwith apinch by two fingers is added. If you notice an inaccuracy orerror- please contact the author by e-mail specified in theattachment.
com.caddish_hedgehog.hedgecam2 2.10
* Flexible photo and video settings. * Support for focusmodes,scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO andexposurecompensation. * Customizable user interface. * Advancedselfiemode. Start shooting by timer, face recognition, or voicecommands.*Control by hardware keys. Separate settings for each key.*Display the angle of the device. * Face detection support.*Automatic image alignment based on accelerometer data. Nowyourphotos will never be overwhelmed by the horizon. * Supportofexposure bracket. * HDR (High Dynamic Range) and DRO (DynamicRangeOptimization) photo modes. * Flexible settings of sounds:theability to turn off the sound of the shutter, select the soundofthe shutter (not supported by all devices), adjust the volumeofsounds. * Location of the interface for the right-hander ortheleft-hander. * Widgets that allow you to take a single clicktotake a photo or start recording a video. * Support for Camera2API:manual focus distance; manual ISO; manual exposure time;manualwhite balance temperature; * RAW (DNG) files support. *Focusbracketing mode. The source code can be downloaded here- Based on OpenCamerasource code. If you want to translate the application toyournative language, just send me the language file via email. Inthearchive with the source code you can find english languagefile(values/strings.xml) and unfinished language files that wereparsedfrom Open Camera source.
Indian Evidence Act Handbook 1.1
This app is a handy tool or a handbook for the Indian EvidenceActLaw.This app features- Sections by Chapters- SearchSections-Recent Last Viewed Section- Share Details of a Sectionetc..- VoiceSpeak of Section Details.
HD Camera Pro - Real professional camera hd 1.99R
Cam Dev
This HD Camera pro for android will turn your phone into DSLRcameralike, with fully manual control on ISO, shutter speed,exposure,manual focus and another features like a professionalcamera, whichcan bring your mobile photography to the next level.Take the bestcapture of your photo and even record your video in4K UHDresolution.☆ HD Camera Pro Top Features : ☆✓ Manual ISO✓Manualfocus✓ Control shutter speed✓ Control exposure✓ Controlwhitebalance✓ Realtime filter / color effect✓ 4K camera recording(onsupported devices)✓ Set video frame rate and bitrate✓Intervalometer / burst camera mode ( limited on Lite version)✓Geotagging ( Pro Version )✓ Photo stamping ( Pro Version )✓ Savetointernal /external memoryIt's excellent fast camerafeaturesperform quickly giving your fast camera performance whichis ableto take many pictures at some interval in burst mode, veryusefulfor creating stop motion or time lapse video Create photoswithdifferent effects and another pro hd camera pro featureslikemanual exposure lock, manual ISO, white balance, hd camera progridview, golden ratio grid, etc. and reach the highest levelofphotography with this professional camera and fast camerahdFastBurst Camera key features are described as below :* Burstcameramode with configurable delay to create stop motion or createtimelapse video* Face detection / facial recognition* Front backhdcamera pro selection.* Professional camera hd features: Scenemode,focus mode, burst mode, color effects, white balance, andmanualexposure lock, manual ISO.* Choose to and 4k video qualityandresolution.* 4K camera recording (With optional audiorecording)like professional camera hd* Option to turn off theshutter sound.*GUI to change the orientation without any pauseworks in anydirection.* Adjustable volume keys (image to zoomreceive or changethe exposure compensation).* Excellent and fastcamera / burstcamera hd performance* Remote control (optional audiocountdown)timer (with configurable delay) automatic repeat mode.*Customablevolume keys to perform quick operation like dslr camera*DSLRcamera feature to adjust shutter speed* Manual Focus likeDSLRcamera* DSLR camera feature to choose manual ISO* ManualExposure*Location targeting feature* Remove with multi-touchgesture andsingle-touch control.* Option to lock the photo or 4kvideo inportrait or landscape orientation.* 4K video recording onsupporteddevice, turn your phone into 4k camera* Realtime PhotoFilter*Photo Grid : 4K camera line, golden ration line* Disabletheshutter sound / silent camera mode when take photo or record4kvideo* Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging), photosandvideos; For photos that compass direction contains.* A dateandtime stamp on photos, location coordinates and implements acustomtext.* (Some) external microphone support.* Manualfocusingdistance; manual ISO / iso manual camera ; manual cameraexposurelock; RAW (DNG) files on front back manual camera* ManualISO / isomanual or just balance ISO ( set iso manual )* Flash modefeature*Brightness / exposure setting* Burst camera mode usefulforcreating time lapse or stop motion which requiredintervalshooting* Unlock phone manual camera capability to recordat 4kcamera on supported devicesAll complete features packaged insmallcompact size and clean interface, Download this professionalcamerahd and start record your 4k videoNote : To use all manualcamerafeatures you need device with Android 5.0 and up which issupportcamera2 API, you will know that your device is supported ifyou canfind “enable camera2api” option in setting menu.HD cameraPro isbased on open source app named "Open Camera", source codeareavailable at
Structural Design Enginerring 1.0
Structural Design Enginerring application is completely freeandusefull application of structure engineering learningBasicallythisapp is handbook, easy to use , works offline Structural DesignAppsThis app covers all important topic. Its like a book forstudents,a co worker guide for engineers.The objective of the Appis tobring faster learning and quick revision of the topics.Sometopiccovered by this application are :Reinforced concrete : asacomposite material, has occupied a special place inthemodernconstruction of different types of structures due toitsseveral advantages.Concrete :Concrete is a productobtainedartificially by hardening of the mixture of cement, sand,gravelandwater in predetermined proportions.Depending on thequality andproportionsreinforcing steelUltimate load method(ULM)One-way andTwo-way SlabsDoubly Reinforced BeamT−beams andL−beamsLimitingMoment of ResistanceDesign of Staircase :Thestaircase is animportant component of a building, and often theonly means ofaccess between the various floors in the building. Itconsists of aflight of steps, usually with one ormore intermediatelandings(horizontal slab platforms) provided between thefloorlevels.Design strength of materialsCompression membersarestructural elements primarily subjected to axial compressiveforcesand hence, their design is guided by considerations ofstrength andbuckling. Examples of compression member pedestal,column, wall andstrut.Longitudinal ReinforcementSlenderColumnsDesign of isolatedcolumn footingSafety at Ultimate LimitState in FlexureMasonry : isone of the main items of constructionin a building and needscarefulconsideration.Design Shear Strengthof Reinforced Concrete:Recent laboratory experiments confirmed thatreinforced concretein beams has shear strength even without anyshearreinforcement.Bond :The bond between steel and concrete isveryimportant and essential so that they can acttogether withoutanyslip in a loaded structureNumerical Problem
Motorcycle Permit Test US - License knowledge test 2.9.0 prepares you for DMV Drivers Permit Test,availablefor all USA states. Download it for free. This App isbuild based onthe official Motorcycle Operator Manuals; It helpsyou study forrider permit test. The app contains pdf Rider'sLicense Handbook.The user-friendly interface provides super easynavigation insidethe application, which speeds up your learningprogress. Also, youcan practice for free online on our websitehttps://Driver-Start.comOur driver's permit test contains: 1)Tools to learn: - flashcards; - listof questions and answers; - pdfMotorcycle Rider Handbook (Manual);- topics manager: Laws, Signs,Situations, etc. 2) Tools to testyourself: - The Practice Test,which is similar to the realMotorcycle USADMV/OMV/MVD/DHSMV/DOS/BMV/RMV/MVA/OMVC/DOL/DDSKnowledge PermitTest; - The Marathon Test, which gives you anopportunity to exploreall available MotorcycleUSADMV/OMV/MVD/DHSMV/DOS/BMV/RMV/MVA/OMVC/DOL/DDS Knowledgetestquestions. 3) made Statistic tool todisplayinformation about your knowledge level of each topic so thatyoucan evaluate your real progress. 4) Also, our easy navigationandchosen colors of menu and test sections made your preparationtoMotorcycle USA DMV/BMV/... Driving Permit Test more enjoyable.ReadMotorcycle Operator Manual (Handbook). DOWNLOAD, PRACTICE,PASS,The Motorcycle USADMV/OMV/MVD/DHSMV/DOS/BMV/RMV/MVA/OMVC/DOL/DDSKnowledge Test.Online driver's permit test practice on our websiteDriver-Start.comHappy learning for your driver's permit test, 2.2
Circle Camera is a complete camera for most Androiddevices.Features: • Photo optimization. • Real HDR, DRO&Exposure-Bracketing. • Take photos while recording videos.•Internal screen flash for photos and videos. • Manual exposure.•Manual focus. • Many types of autofocus can be setted. •ISOsemi-manual. • Lateral menu with settings, white balance, sceneandeffect. • Print phrases, dates and locations on photos.•Recognition of faces. • Auto-stabilization. • Choose many gridstoshot photos. • You can customize the volume Keys. • Manyphotosresolution. • Storage Access Framework. • Change the savingname ofphotos. • Change the saving directory with a long tap on agalleryicon. • Share the photo immediately and delete it aftertaking it.• Disable shutter sound. • Geotagging. • Set Timer. •Show angle,compass and more! 1.4.1
This application makes IS 808 Steel Table is available onfingertip. Very useful for structural designer / engineer forprojectestimate and supervision. We have covered Four type ofsteelsections. Those are Equal Angles, Beam. Channel and Pipe.Thesesections are widely used for structural steel fabrication.Keyword:Civil Engineering, Handbook, Structural Engineering. DataincludesWeight per meter, Moment of Inertia , Cross sectionalarea,Thickness of sections Etc. 3.1.0
The Skyscape Medical Library app is the only decision-supporttoolfor Physicians, Nurses, Students and Healthcare Professionalswithover 400 resources/titles from leading Publishers, AuthorsandMedical Societies. Originally released over 20 years ago as afirstmHealth tool of its kind, over its lifetime it has beentrusted bymore than 2.6 million Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) toaccess themedical resources they know and trust at the point ofcare.EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE APP Skyscape has partnered withmorethan 35 respected publishers and content providers to offermorethan 400 virtual “greatest hits” of the most trustedmedicalresources, regularly updated to ensure you have the mostcurrentinformation at your fingertips. Popular premium resourcesinclude:• 5-Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) • Diseases andDisorders: ANursing Therapeutics Manual • Davis’s Drug Guide forNurses •Intravenous Medications: A Handbook for Nurses andHealthProfessionals • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary • RosenandBarkin's 5 Minute Emergency Medicine Consult • Wills EyeManual:Office and Emergency Room Diagnosis and Treatment of EyeDisease •Pocket Medicine - The Massachusetts General HospitalHandbook ofInternal Medicine • Harriet Lane Handbook: A Manual forPediatricHouse Officers • Ferri's Clinical Advisor • Netter’s Atlasof HumanAnatomy • Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis ofClinicalDermatology • ICD-10-CM INCLUDED FOR FREE • SkyscapeRx:Comprehensive information on thousands of brands and generics,withinteractions (including multi-drug analyzer tool) and over400integrated dosing calculators. • Skyscape ClinicalCalculator:Medical calculator with more than 200 interactive tools,organizedby specialty. • Skyscape Clinical Consult: Evidence-basedclinicalinformation on hundreds of diseases and symptom-relatedtopics,presented in convenient outline format. • Skyscape MedBeats™- newsand information tailored to your specialty PATENTED POWERFULTOOLSTURN INFORMATION INTO ACTION AT THE POINT OF CARE • SmartLink™–Empowers your natural thought process by cross-referencingallresources in your personal library, from initialpatientinteraction to diagnosing, treating and prescribing. •ContentUpdates – Skyscape resources are continuously updated so youcan beconfident that you have the most up-to-date information.•SmartSearch™ – Patented dynamic search finds the informationyouneed, even when you don’t know where to look. •Audiopronunciations of medical terms • Integrated Calculators –Poweron-screen calculations directly from your research topic.•Flowcharts – Transform complex algorithms and protocols fromstaticimages into dynamic step-by-step decision support tools. •FullColor Images – Bring conditions to life and incorporateclickable“hotspots” to identify structures. • Signs & SymptomsIndex –Matches a comprehensive checklist of symptoms withpossiblediagnoses. CUSTOMER SUPPORT Skyscape customer support isalwaysavailable to help get you up and running, available by emailorphone (see
Manual MI 4.0.0
Manual de consulta rápida - Medicina internaQuick Reference-Internal Medicine
The Handbook of MRI Technique is now an established text formanyMRI practitioners, This application discusses about MRIplanningbrain, spine, abdominal, musculoskeletal, and others.Thishandbookmri is very useful for radiology technologist either beingstudyingor already working.The Handbook of MRI Technique is nowanestablished text for many MRI practitioners, Thisapplicationdiscusses about planning MRI brain, spine,abdominal,musculoskeletal, and others.This handbook MRI is veryuseful forstudying radiology technologist either being or alreadyworking.
CMC Field Guide 3.1
CMC has put its authoritative Rope Rescue Field Guide andConfinedSpace Rescue Technician Field Guide into aninvaluable,full-featured new app. It's packed with referencecharts, diagrams,and how-to information. You can even customize itwith your ownnotes and photos for quick reference in the field!Withthe CMCField Guide App you can:Access rescue references instantlyin thepalm of your handCreate your own customized user notes andlink tosections within the guideCustomize your field guide to beoptimizedfor your specialtyBrowse equipment and information,tutorials, andproduct user manuals**Note**Updating this App willgive you accessto all of the functionality built into the mostrecent version ofthe App, but your saved information includingNotes, References,and Attachments, will be carried through into theupdated version.
com.jee.level 2.4.9
Take advantage of accurate and integrated compass, level andgpstools in one screen. For lovers of D.I.Y. and fansofself-assembling: this makes you an expert in placingfurniture,hanging up a shelf or frame. For tracking, hiking andcampingfanatics: now you will never be off course, always havingthe rightposition and direction. This tool is handy and veryaccurate - tryit yourself! Advice: for a better accuracy, firstcalibrate once. ✓Compass Usage • Find and keep track of the rightheading • Getinformation of your current position or a targetposition • Findyour parked car through the target position feature.✓ Level Usage• Proper positioning of furniture • Straightinstallation of ashelf or a frame • Quickly level out your motorhome or caravan ✓Features • Automatic horizontal and vertical leveldisplay • ChooseSound and/or Vibration when level • Manual compassand levelcalibration available • 'Hold / Release' button, for easyreadout •Screen Capture: no notes, just copy • Sensor sensitivityandupdate-cycle adaptable • Powerful GPS feature: set targetposition,and find the direction and distance. ✓ Remarks (Compass) •Sensoraccuracy may differ depending on the device used • Forbetteraccuracy, keep away from magnetic fields and electronicdevices. **Usermanual:•If you encounter any problem with this App or incorrectwording,please contact us via: -
Ruby on Rails Handbook 1.16
Ruby on Rails Offline Handbook includes useful ruby gems andrailstutorial.
The Grey Book 1.1
Twm Davies
“Guidelines for the Management of Common Medical Emergencies andforthe Use of Antimicrobial Drugs” or the Grey Book, wasfirstpublished and edited by Professor Joe Collier in August 1979.It isprobably the oldest established set of such guidelines intheUK.The Grey Book App brings the guidelines to the mobilephoneswhich have become ubiquitous and essential for anyjuniordoctor.Already successful on Apple devices, this is thefirstrelease on the android platform which widens the reach of theappsto a multitude of Android based devices.Features include-Latestguidance written by Consultants from each specialty- Easytonavigate table of contents- Drugs link to onlineBNF(MedicineComplete/open athens account required) - Superfastsearching of table or the entire text- Offline : always havetheinformation you need without having to rely on patchycellularsignal/wifi- Content adapted for mobile devices - no sidewaysscrolling/zooming in and out of main text (as with PDFs).-Intelligent representation of large tables which can be swipedbackand forth in place without - Navigate diagrams and flow chartswith'pinch to zoom' gestures
AISC Steel Tables 1.1.0
This application makes AISC Steel Table available on fingertip.Very useful for structural designer / engineer for projectestimateand supervision. We have covered Four type of steelsections. Thoseare W, S, M, and HP Section, C and MC Section, WT,ST, and MTSection, Rectangular HSS (Tube) Section, Single Angles,DoubleAngle and Round HSS and Pipe. These sections are widely usedforstructural steel fabrication.Data includes Weight per meter,Momentof Inertia , Cross sectional area, Thickness of sections Etc.
Lumio Cam 2.2.8
Overview Lumio Cam is a full featured camera application inspiredbyreal photo cameras and made by enthusiastic photographers tocombinethe look and functions of professional DSLR cameras withthe latesttechnology of smartphones. Easy yet professionalapplication whichcovers the range from beginners to professionalphotographers. Idealtool to capture photos and videos forInstagram, Facebook, Youtube,Vimeo and other social media sites.All models from the big brands(Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei,Motorola, HTC, Asus, One Plus, Nexusetc.) to the small ones arecompatible. Main Features • Real Camerainterface and easy handling• Retro Leather, Brushed Metal or FullScreen Viewfinder skins •Supports front and back facing cameras andalso dual camera systems(LG G5, LG G6, Galaxy S8, Huawei P9, HTCOne) • Full ManualControls and RAW photo in Pro Mode • Videorecording up to4K/UHD/2160p resolution • Digital Horizon Leveldisplay (based onaccelerometer), calibration is possible by tap& hold over it •Grid Display (Rule of Thirds, Center Cross,Combined) • PerfectFraming™ technology, which helps you to takebetter photos by usingvisual templates • Takes perfect selfies inhigh resolution with HDeffects • Tap to Focus (It locks the focusto the subject) • Pinchto Zoom • Can save photo and video files toexternal SD Card •Wear/Smartwatch support with remote shot andvideo recordingfeature • Using volume buttons and dedicated camerabutton forphoto capturing and video recording Camera Features •Highresolution images • Selectable JPG quality • Scene,Contrast,Metering and ISO settings • Flash: Auto, On, Off, Red-eye,Torch •White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Tungsten,Fluorescent• Focus Mode: Auto, Touch-to-focus, Infinite, Macro •Drive modes:Single Shot, Multi Shot, 5 sec Timer, 10 sec Timer •ExposureCompensation Manual Settings - Pro Mode* • Full ManualCameraControls • Both for photos and videos • Manual Focus withFocusAssist option • Manual Exposure (ISO and Shutter Speed) • RAW(DNG)format • Noise Reduction setting • Flat Profile and 'FadedHDR'Mode (enhanced dynamic range for supporting color grading)VideoRecorder Features • High resolution HD, Full HD, 4K/UHD (4Kissupported on selected models) videos • Adjustable FrameRate(24fps, 30fps) • High Video Bitrate from 15 Mbps up to 200 Mbps•Selectable Audio Source (Camcorder, Mic) • ExposureCompensation,Exposure and White Balance Lock • Noise Reductionsetting* • FlatProfile and 'Faded HDR' Mode (enhanced dynamic rangefor supportingcolor grading)* Effects • High quality Amaro, Lomo,Black &White and Sepia effects • Can keep the original photoAndroid WearSupport • Wear Camera Remote • Live preview on yoursmartwatch •Remotely taking photos • Start/Stop video recording •Flash andDrive Mode settings QUICK STARTGUIDE: In Trial mode LumioCam canrecord short video clips only (30 sec), otherwise it isfullyfunctional. If you like Lumio Cam, please consider to supportourwork by purchasing the full version. Thanks. Please sendyourquestions, comments or feature requests to*ProMode relies on camera2 API. If you do not see "Pro Mode"optionunder Menu/Settings that means your device does not supportthisfeature. If your device supports Pro Mode, you should firstenableit in Settings, then you can adjust additional settingsunderCamera/Recorder tabs.
Cinema FV-5 Lite 1.33
Cinema FV-5 is a professional video camera application formobiledevices, that puts professional manual controls in yourfingertips.Tailored to enthusiast and professional videographersandfilmmakers, with this video camera application you can capturethebest footage with top-of-the-line controls forperfectpostproduction purposes. The only limit is your imaginationandcreativity!Major features:● Adjust all the image sensorparametersthat you only thought pro-videocameras had: exposurecompensation,ISO, light metering mode (matrix/center/spot), focusmode and whitebalance.● Change sensor parameters (like ISO,exposure compensationor white balance) also during recording.●Focus adjustments duringrecording: lock focus on your subjectbefore recording and changefocus planes while recording.●Professional viewfinder: 10+compositing grids, 10+ crop guidesavailable, safe areas displayand much more.● The most advancedelectronic viewfinder on a videocamera: live RGB and luminancehistogram are available also duringrecording.● Professional soundmetering options: display audiopeaks and sound clipping warningsduring recording.● Use any audioinput source for your video:built-in microphone, external (wired)microphone or wireless(Bluetooth) headset.● Choose video and audiocodec, adjust thebitrates, audio sampling rates and number ofchannels.● Record in 4KUHD (Ultra High Definition) video onsupported devices (currentlyonly the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3,Note 4, Note Edge and Alpha).●All camera functions assignable tovolume keys. You can adjust EV,ISO, color temperature, zoom andmore using volume keys (includingthose in cable-headsets) as wellas focusing and recording. Deviceswith hardware camera shutterkeys are also supported.● Videogeotagging support.● Autofocus,macro, touch focus and infinityfocus modes, plus a focus lockswitch (AF-L).● Autoexposure (AE-L)and auto white balance (AWB-L)locks in Android 4.0+. You can alsolock exposure and white balanceduring clip recordingautomatically.● Zoom after and whilerecording. Set specific focallengths thanks to the 35mmequivalent-based focal length display.●Powerful video clipsorganization options: different storagelocations and fullycustomizable file names (even withvariables).Cinema FV-5 is theperfect app for producing the bestfootage for any short- tomedium-sized production. With it you canrecord the best materialpossible with any medium- to high-enddevice. Cinema FV-5 speciallysupports Android-based compactcameras, so you can even leverage ahigh-quality, opticallystabilized zoom. The footage captured withCinema FV-5 can be easilyedited on any NLE like Apple Final CutPro, Adobe Premiere, SonyVegas or DaVinci Resolve.For moreinformation, visit the officialwebsite ordownload the official CinemaFV-5 User Guideat Fortechnicalsupport, please read the FAQ( orwrite Lite version is afully-functional versionwithout any time or feature restriction:it just limits the maximumlength of the individual clips you canrecord. Please acquire thepaid version to remove this limitationand record clips of anylength.Permissions explained:- Approximatelocation and preciselocation: only used for geotaggingfunctionality (disabled bydefault, and requires manual GPSactivation).- Modify or delete thecontents of your USB storage andtake pictures and videos: requiredfor the usual camera operation.
Wisp Handbook 2.3
WISP app is a mobile employee handbook. It simplifies theexecutionof company’s HR management practices of onboarding,employeeengagement, and employee information. WISP delivers themostimportant corporate information directly into the employees’mobilephones. Your mobile employee handbook will give users aquickaccess to the company’s policy, info, and staff contact book(phonenumbers, skype IDs, and e-mail addresses). Employees willalways beupdated about what happens in the company with WISP’s newssharingand commenting option. They will also be able to communicatewitheach other in an instant corporate messenger. Features:• Addingandchanging the company info, mission; branding the app withcompany’slogo and corporate colors• Sharing company’s policy•Creating andmanaging staff’s contact book• Sharing and commentingcompany’snews• Tagging news to share with selected groups of users•Using acorporate messenger to communicate with colleaguesIMPORTANT! Theapp is simple to use and manage. It is configured andcustomizedwithin the web interface. All changes made in the webinterface areimmediately shown in the app. You need to subscribe atwispapp.comto start using your unique corporate employee handbookapp.
Industrial Engineering 7
The app is a complete free handbook of Industrial Engineeringwhichcovers important topics, notes, materials, news & blogs onthecourse. Download the App as a reference material & digitalbookfor Mechanical engineering programs & degree courses.Thisuseful App lists 140 topics with detailed notes,diagrams,equations, formulas & course material, the topics arelisted in5 chapters. The app is must have for all the engineeringsciencestudents & professionals. The app provides quickrevision andreference to the important topics like a detailed flashcard notes,it makes it easy & useful for the student or aprofessional tocover the course syllabus quickly before an exams orinterview forjobs. Track your learning, set reminders, edit thestudy material,add favorite topics, share the topics on socialmedia. Blog aboutengineering technology, innovation, engineeringstartups, collegeresearch work, institute updates, Informativelinks on coursematerials & education programs from yoursmartphone or tabletor at Use thisuseful engineeringapp as your tutorial, digital book, a referenceguide for syllabus,course material, project work, sharing yourviews on the blog. Someof the topics Covered in the app are: 1.FACTORS INFLUENCING LAYOUT2. APPLICABILITY OF PLANT LAYOUT 3. WorkStudy 4. HistoricalDevelopments 5. Method Study 6. InformationCollection andRecording 7. Templates and 3-D models 8. CRITICALEXAMINATION 9.Developing Better Method 10. Installation of ImprovedMethod 11.Motion Study 12. Therbligs 13. SIMO Chart 14. Cycle graphandChrono cycle graph 15. Principles of Motion Economy 16. DesignofWorkplace Layout 17. Work Measurement 18. Selection of jobandworker for Time Study 19. Dividing Work into Short Elements20.Number of cycles to be timed 21. Normal Performance 22. SystemofRating 23. Example of system of rating 24. Allowances 25. Typesofallowances 26. Example of allowance 27. Work Sampling28.Observations in work sampling study 29. AdvantagesandDisadvantages of Work Sampling in Comparison with Time Study30.Predetermined Motion Time System 31. Physiological Methods forWorkMeasurement 32. Plant layout 33. TYPES OF LAYOUT 34. Processlayout35. Fixed Position layout 36. Quality introduction 37.Qualityaspects 38. Evolution of Quality 39. Historical Aspects ofQuality40. Quality Control 41. Quality Costs 42. Traditional andmodernview of Quality Costs 43. Normal Cost of Quality Distribution44.Histograms 45. Run Chart 46. Pareto Chart 47. Flow chartandscatter diagrams 48. Cause and Effect Diagrams 49. ControlCharts50. Types of Process Data 51. Example of Control charts forthevariable type of data. 52. Control charts for Attribute typedata53. Example of P-chart 54. Example of c-chart 55.PROCESSCAPABILITY 56. Process Capability for Bilateral andunilateralSpecification 57. Measuring Process Capability 58. FlowChart forConducting a Process Capability 59. Possible ApplicationsofProcess Capability Index 60. Facility location 61.AnalyticalMethods of Location Planning 62. Techniques of conductingafacility location study 63. Facilities Layout Design andFacilitiesLocation 64. Product layout 65. Process layout 66. Fixedlocationlayout 67. Cellular type layout 68. Layout Selection 69.Types ofFlow Patterns 70. Introduction to material handing 71.LIMITATIONSOF AUTOMATED MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS Each topic iscomplete withdiagrams, equations and other forms of graphicalrepresentationsfor better learning and quick understanding.Industrial Engineeringis part of Mechanical engineering educationcourses and technologydegree programs of various universities.