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Hide&Seek Live online hide and seek! Hide and seek game inwhichyou hide and find others live with many players Become anobject andhide well like you were part of the map from thebeginning. Becomeit and find the hidden objects. [Game Features]Real-time onlinemultiplayer game If you survive for 3 minutes asan object, you winIf you find all hidden objects that are tongue,you win Level UpSystem Please send your inquiries by e-mail
MilkChoco - Online FPS 1.9.0
Battle Royale Mode released : Survival mode to be the last oneinall players. 5 to 5 multiplay shooting game. 2017 GooglePeople'sChoice - Korea 2017 Google Best Indie Game - Korea 2017Google BestIndie Game - Japan Using various heroes with differentabilities,you can play various roles in battlefields such as'Assault','Deathmatch', 'Escort' and ETC. Each hero can beraisedindividually, they also have own 'ranking', 'weapons' and'skill'.==== Features ==== - Easy to Control - Small size (28 MB,Noadditional downloads) - Low latency online FPS ==== Notice ====1.In-game guide, please use the book button on the top leftcorner.2. Login will be a Google account. Even if you change yourmobilephone, you can log in with the same account and play withyourexisting records. 3. If you use Hack or Patcher, you can beblockedpermanently. ==== Update scheduled content ==== 1. Messageswithfriends 2. Star league (ladder league) * Description of yourin-apppermission agreement request In-app purchases: Purchasinggaminggoods ID: Google Play Login Photo / Video / File: Change ClanMarkWi-Fi connection information: Seamless network play
Spooky Runner 4.4.6
The whole world is cursed by devil.You should run & hidetosurvive.Hurry! If you're caught, you will be 'Tagger' andshouldchase other players.[Game Description]- Exciting Tag Gamewith 4players- Collect more than 100 characters and pets- It'syourchoice, hiding in the bush or using various items!- Show offyourmarvelous control in Spooky runner.[community]-Facebook: the following permissionto ensure a smoothgameplay.[Devices, photos, media, files, andaccess]-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThispermission isrequired to store the game in external memory.Thispermission isused only for storing game data.So you don't have toworry aboutthat.
School Run Away 1.4
Can you run away 90 secs?Play tag in a high school!Matesbelievethey're physically strong.Their jumping ability areextremely high,jump over the building in one kick.All mates exceptyou will behunters.The time limit is 90 seconds.See an eraser, pickit upbecause it will protect you.Get a drink, dash and shake offthehunter! Ok, now the time to run.
Survive for Money 1.5.6
Terrors of chasing by hunter! Irresistible temptations ofmoney!Dare you to challenge the hunters in black! Come toexperience theexcitement and win the big prize!
Merry Snowballs (Mobile, 360 & Cardboard) 2.1
New Content: Put your gloves on and play our new singleplayeradventure - Woodlands. Progress along the trails of abeautifulforest and discover a new way of playing but watch out,new enemiesare lurking behind the trees!Engage in action packedbattles inthis beautiful snowball game - this time with coolgadgets andpowers you once wish you had!Play through challenginglevels with avariety of Gadgets & Power-ups like Ice gun,Triple Snowgun,Blizzards and more. Battle against fierce kids, blowAngryGingerbread men to pieces and get the chance to shoot BadSanta inthe face! Put your gloves on and get ready to fight!Beingnice isnot an option if you want to become THE MASTER OF SNOW!
VR Escape Horror House 3D 1.0.8
Serkan Culfa
You are inside of a mansion with hidden passages, tunnels. Thehousehas different floors with paranormal activities. The minuteswithhorror & excitement is awaiting for you. You are lost indeepblack darkness and trying to find a way. You should use yourmind& be hurry without fears. We invite you to this new&absorbing adventure. Important: Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ andNote8users, please make sure to enable WQHD+ resolution to preventcrashand play the game in best settings. Settings > Display>Screen resolution > WQHD+ > APPLY The application istotallyfree. HOW TO PLAY: - It is very easy. Wherever you look, yougothere. The pointer on the center of the screen will befiringautomatically on zombies. Just aim them and shoot. You canusemagnet sensor to stop & examine the place around you. - Youcanplay the game by using Gamepad / Bluetooth controller. Pleasevotefor our app so that we will be adding more VR apps and developitbetter.
VR Haunted House 3D 1.0.33
Serkan Culfa
VR Haunted House is famous for the paranormal activities whichtakesplace inside. The abandoned house has mystical events and theheroneeds courage to enter here. You should protect the housefromrestless guests and unusual monsters. A hard mission isawaitingfor you. You can play the game in VR Cardboard or in Normalmode.The application is totally free. Important: Samsung Galaxy S8,S8+and Note8 users, please make sure to enable WQHD+ resolutiontoprevent crash and play the game in best settings. Settings>Display > Screen resolution > WQHD+ > APPLY FEATURES:- VRCardboard or Normal Mode support - Bluetooth gamepadcontrollersupport - Realistic haunted house and horror environment- Hard anddifferent game levels - 3D realistic sound effects -Differentmonsters and creatures - Different horror effects andanimations -Easy, Medium, Hard Levels HOW TO PLAY: - AutomaticMode: It is veryeasy. Wherever you look, you go there. The pointeron the center ofthe screen will be firing automatically on zombies.Just aim themand shoot. - Gamepad Controller: You can play the gameby usingGamepad / Bluetooth controller. - Magnet Sensor: You canuse magnetsensor to stop & examine the place around you. -Manual Mode:You can move to any place you want by using the arrowson the leftbottom side of the screen. Please vote for our app sothat we willbe adding more VR apps and develop it better.
BattleGun VR - FPS MULTI COOP 2.5
Def Studio
BattleGun VR is a FPS you can play on singleplayer ormultiplayer,with or without VR Headset, with or withoutBluetoothcontrollerFind billions of other players for your onlineparty : with BattleGun VRgold: have a gyroscope to be compatible.Description ofmodes-Singleplayer: Fight against waves of enemies stronger andfaster.-Multiplayer for 8 playersmax:      > COOP : Likethesingleplayer mode, you fight in cooperation withfriendssuccessives waves of enemies. You can shoot your friends iftheyare not the same colorofyou.      > VERSUS:Teamdeathmatch mode, you fight against the others players bycolorteam, the first team which has 10 points wins the game.Play in8maps : - Training room- Forest- Castle- Maze- Winter-Spaceship-City- RoomDescription of controls:- VR Headset +Bluetoothcontroller (recommended) : Move your VR Headset to seearound you.Move your character, jumping and shooting with thegamepad.- VRHeadset type Cardboard V2 or Homido mini : Move your VRHeadset tosee around you. Press action button to shoot, keep pressfor walk.Tilt your smartphone to the right or left to strafe. Youcan notbackward and jump. WARNING with the Cardboard V1, or aheadset witha magnet button, you will not be able to walk.-Bluetoothcontroller + smartphone fixe to the controller : Moveyoursmartphone to see around you. Move your character, jumpingandshooting with the gamepad.- Smartphone : ​Move your smartphonetosee around you. Press screen to shoot, keep press for walk.Tiltyour smartphone to the right or left to strafe. You cannotbackward and jump.Each player can use his owne control forthemultiplayer games.For multiplayer games, all smartphones mustbeconnected in wifi:- Either connected in local network- Eitherusingone of the smartphones in wifi hotspot and connecting theothersmartphones on it (see Tip 3)This game is compatible with allVRheadphones (with a bluetooth controller if the headset hasnoaction button).Examples of compatible headphones:- Homido-Archos-Dive- FreeFly- VRBox- Cardboard- ...~~~~ Coming soon ~~~~-NewArena- New Weapons- New enemies~~~~ Tips ~~~~1/ If you haveasecond smartphone, you can turn it into bluetooth controllerwiththe application "BT Controller"2/ If the RV rendering isblurred,BattleGun VR is compatible with the QRCode for VRHeadphones. Makesure you scan the right QRCode or build yourown( the steps to play direct wifi between 2 smartphones (S1andS2)- In S1 settings, start "Hotspot WIFI"- With S2, displaythelist of WIFI connections and connect to S1- Launch BattleGun VRonthz 2 smartphones and launch "Multiplayer"- Launch server onS2-Launch client on S1- Good game !
EMULATED: Pylons VR 3.0.12
!!!! Make sure that you have a controller beforeyoudownload!!!!!For more information about controllersvisit: questionshere: updates on v2, follow us ontwitter:@Southpac_coEmulated: Pylons VR is the first of the seriesof VRgames designed for mobile devices using Google Daydream(Cardboard)technology. Please note that Daydream controller is notcompatiblefor this game.Game is set in future when humanity existsin acyberspace. As an operative you are assigned a mission tocapturecommunication pylons in a city infested byVektorbots.Version 1includes 6 missions with unique maps + Trainingmission. Features:-Story driven game- Advanced, futuristicshooting- Elements ofquest- Cyber punk style graphics andenvironment- Most remotebluetooth controllers supported- Gamepadbuttons wiring systemWorkswell with: - Google Daydream view (withNFC disabled)- Homido VR-Xiaomi Mi VR Play- BOBOVR- VR BOX- ZeissOne Plus- Freefly VR-FIIT- ShineconHow to playCardboard:1. Makesure that you have theController connected and paired (Connectingcontroller)2. Launchthe EMULATED: Pylons VR and click on"Controller Setup"3. Followthe instructions on screen to set upyour controllerDaydream:1.Daydream controller is not supported soyou would need to have 3rdpart bluetooth controller2. Make surethat you have the Controllerconnected and paired (Connectingcontroller)3. Turn off the NFC onyour phone to be able to launchcardboard app in Daydream View(Playing Cardboard apps on DaydreamView)4. Launch the EMULATED:Pylons VR and click on "ControllerSetup"5. Follow the instructionson screen to set up yourcontrollerEnojy!
Water Slide 3D VR 1.14
Words Mobile
Feel and live through the excitement of riding on a realisticwaterslide in 3D water parks! Play the world's most hilariousWATERSLIDER today!Control the speeds of the rides and be carefulwhilemaking sharp turns at intersections of a massive waterslide inthisrealistic 3D racing game. Chase the adrenaline rush as youtwistand tilt your way round tight corners, make loops and whizzthroughat lightning speeds. But watch out, the edges are steep andthereare some little surprises and gold coins along theway.GameFeatures:- Ride the slide in 1st person view or 3rd personview- 7unique riders and 6 different rafts or tubes to choose from-40+challenging levels in 3D cityscape, rain forests, snowymountainsand Egypt pyramids backgrounds- VR mode (virtual reality)whichsupports Google Cardboard & etc.Notes: A water slide isalsoreferred to as flumes, water chutes, or hydroslides.
Tiny Gladiators - Fighting Tournament 2.2.4
BoomBit Games
Tiny Gladiators is an action-packed RPG Fighting Game,combiningvirtual worlds, animated characters and high adrenalinefighting!Join the excitement of real-time PvP games, thegladiator-game funand knock out your opponents! Begin your fightinggame journey asyou battle for glory, fight against powerful enemiesand discovernew virtual worlds. Watch out! Your opponents willbecome larger atthe end of every stage in this unique action RPGgame. Crush yourenemies in this dynamic skill based fighting gameusing unique setsof armor and weapons. Pick from 4 differentvirtual characterclasses in this one of a kind PvP online game.Upgrade Your VirtualCharacter Learn powerful new combat skills butalso gear up toprotect yourself in this fantasy RPG game. Whilemost RPG games arelimited in animated character options, TinyGladiators features awide variety of outfits, skills and manyunique pieces of weaponsand armor including medieval weapons. Theseand more can be usedfor protection or to launch attacks on yourenemies! Single PlayerStory or Multiplayer Game Options! Shift intoyour street fightermode and start Tiny Gladiators’ fighting game!You will go on funand exciting single player challenges. Once youcomplete the singleplayer mode you can battle friends or otherplayers around you.Bring your best items, prepare your deadliestabilities and rise inthe global ranks of Tiny Gladiators’ topfighters in this highadrenaline multiplayer RPG! Step into theSurvival Tower if youdare and Battle for Glory!! In the virtualworld of the tower, youwill find the greatest dangers in the game.Strap on your survivalgear and try to make it long enough in thetower by defeatingmultiple enemies in a row! Each player gets onefree pass to theSurvival Tower, after that you will need to useyour in-gameearnings – Take high-risks and earn high rewards inthis one of akind combination between RPG games and fighting games!★★★Available in 24 different languages ★★★ Make sure to check outmorefun games by BoomBit In BoomBit, we make simple onetouchMultiplayer Arcade games that are impossible to put down. Theyaresuper fun, very hard but mega addictive games.
Wands 1.5.0
AWARDED VR GAME OF THE YEAR @ IMGA “It feels magical.” -VentureBeat“You need to play Wands” - The Huffington Post WANDS®is a firstperson VR experience that offers fast paced magic duelsagainstother players online. Equip your wand with a wide varietyof spellsand battle other Wielders for fame, power and glory inthe fantasticrealms of The Beyond. Explore new spells and honeyour skills inyour secret workshop in between battles. - ActionPacked Magic Duels- Competitive Gameplay - Spectacular BattleArenas - 24+ PowerfulSpells - Strategic Wand Loadout - SurvivalMode - Frequent Updates
Panorama 360 Camera:360 Photos for FB:Photosphere 5.5.6
P360 has over 12 Million downloads on PlayStore with over41,0005star reviews. P360 has been called the Instagram forPanoramas andis the best app to capture 360-degree qualitypanoramas and watch360 videos. We have been the number 1 choice onAndroid to captureand share panoramas since 2011. With P360,seamless panoramas canbe easily created within seconds with asingle tap. Just tap theCapture button and move your phone slowlyand steadily from left toright. Once done capturing, the frameswill be stitched into oneawesome panorama automatically. P360 letsyou share high-resolutionpanoramas on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.Find out what the worldis up to through our REALTIME panorama feedand share your excitingpanoramas with other members.**********************************APPLICATION FEATURES: Panos canbe shared & viewed via 3Dviewer or as flat images Non-compasscapture Automatic storage inSD card. Photosphere integration letsyou upload directly intoTeliportme Direct upload to Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr Share flatimages via email Automatic geo-taggingClick 'Nearby' to viewPanoramas around your location HD option toget high res panoramasTo get the best panoramas, make sure there isenough light and keepyour hands steady while capturing the framesAll trademarks belongto the respective owners Follow us on [email protected] for moreupdates. For any queries, suggestions orfeedback contact us [email protected] Permissions required: •ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION :We use this to find the location when you aresharing a panorama sothat you can define the exact location. 1.8.2
iGene is a game in which you try to escape a maze along withotheronline users. Who will be the first to escapeit?[Gamefeatures]>real-time competition game>Select yourowncharacter with one and only skillset>Compare your timewithpeople around the world>Avoid different obstacles and findoneway>Level up systemPlease email your inquiries
Moon Bird 2 VR 1.2.8
3DiVi Inc.
Fly like a bird! Get ready to work hard to get as far as you canbyflapping your wings. Also you can find the game forGearVRhere: scenery of distant planets, but be aware ofhostilefrogs and bombs. Control your flight with body tilts andflappingyour wings to catch as much precious points as you can.Useacceleration, shields and other interactive elements.This gamewasdesigned to showcase full body control by VicoVR sensor but canbeplayed in a more relaxed manner with simple HMD tilt control(ifyou do not have VicoVR sensor).VicoVR sensor is the World’sfirstwireless 3D sensor for Mobile VR bringing your full bodyintoMobile virtual reality without PC or wearable sensors.Formoreinformation about VicoVR sensor please visit
Eclipse: Edge of Light 1.3.1
White Elk LLC
Mobile VR Game of the Year 2017 - UploadVR “10/10 - Amasterpieceand instant classic” - Daydream District “EasilyDaydream’s BestGame” - Upload VR WorldSense(TM) support for theLenovo MirageSolo. Crash-landed on a sentient planet, you awake todiscover adreamscape world, filled with alien wonder and theremains of abetrayed civilization. You find a powerful relic, theArtifact,that can interact with ancient technology and grantyounear-magical powers. Just what secrets does the planet harbor?Whatcataclysm befell its inhabitants? Using your jetpack-equippedspacesuit, investigate the ancient ruins to uncover theplanet'sperplexing past. Immerse yourself in a fascinating andmemorablenew world. Can you rise to the challenge and solve thehauntingriddle of this mysterious place? Features: 3+ hours ofgameplayDesigned for Daydream Full locomotion - No moreteleporting!Original soundtrack throughout Truly experience analien world forthe very first time Mirage Solo - Experience a newlayer ofimmersion with the WorldSense(TM) update for Eclipse: EdgeofLight. Get closer than ever to the action by dodgingincominglasers from the Guardian Statues and take in every detailof theworld with 6 degrees of freedom. The entire game has beenoptimizedfor the Lenovo Mirage Solo standalone VR headset.Twitter:
Poptropica 2.30.21
Poptropica is an open virtual world created by Jeff Kinney,authorof DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. Join a community of more than 10millionplayers in a unique multiplayer adventure game, where youchoosethe type of HERO YOU WANT TO BE! Collect powers, prizes,andcustomize your character with exclusive outfits from yourfavoriteheroes! So, are you ready for your next big adventure?!Travel backin time, break out from jail, build your own Island orbattlezombies, monsters, robots, pirates, Vikings, thieves, Greekgods,and the evil Dr. Hare! Solve mysteries and complete questswhileexploring a virtual world composed of a growing chainofstory-based islands. Begin your journey and create your veryownPoptropican today! FEATURES: - Explore the virtual worldofPoptropica and its 20 islands! - You’re the Hero!Solve1000+Puzzles, mysteries! - Customize your hero from head totoewith 1000+ themed outfits! - Collect items from yourfavoriteheroes! - Multiplayer game where you can meet and chat withyourfriends! Join a community of more than 10M players. - Createyourown island! - Free to play, with in-app purchases availableformore customization! Poptropica made Time Magazine's list of"50Websites that Make the Web Great". Please rate Poptropica -yourfeedback helps us make the best game experiencepossible!*Poptropica is free to download and play. However, you canpurchasecostume bundle packs with real money. A WiFi connection isrequiredto download this app.* Want the latest news about upcomingislandsand other exciting developments in the world of Poptropica?*Website ( *Facebook( *Instagram( *YouTube( * Twitter(* Blog ( For appsupport, pleasevisit: a kidSAFE-certified virtual world enjoyed by millionsofadventurous kids across the globe! PrivacyPolicy TermsofUse ©2016Sandbox Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
VR Galaxy Wars 1.4
VR Galaxy Wars will bring you into the battle for the future ofthegalaxy. Prepare your guns and get into the turret of yourspaceshipto defend the humanity in a 360 degrees VR war that youcan playwith your google cardboard or using only the gyroscope ofyourmobile phone. Soldier, join the space resistance.*Easyinteraction: look at the enemies to shoot or look at theobjectsfor interaction* Amazing 3D environment full of actionwithhundreds of enemies. Experience frenetic combat with this VRspaceshooter* Two play modes: you can use a VR headset or you canplayusing only the gyroscope of you device. You decide how tocombatthe enemy* Four amazing missions around the galaxy fightingforsurvival of humanity in VR
Voxel Fly VR 2.4.1
Cenda Games
Beat the record in this impossible, endless game. Avoid all oftheenemies or simply destroy them. You can choose from sixmodes:Explorer - Slow speed with many enemies. Madness - Mad racewithfast speed and less enemies. Destroyer - Crash them all!Yourenemies has no chance. Attacker - Destroy enemies and objectsbyfire! Cannoneer - Just fire! Horizon - Super speed withleft/rightturn Become best player of the week! You can setdifficulty for allplay modes. WARNING: If you have any problem withVR mode, try VRSAFE MODE (buttons below). This is compatible withall devices.Features: - Google VR (Cardboard) or similar VirtualReality (VR)supported (no buttons, one button) - 2D mode - Gamepadand nVidiaShield supported - Android TV - Leaderboards -Achievements - Voxelgraphics - Endless Supports Cardboard players:Google Cardboard VRDaydream with controller Orange VR1 MattelViewMaster DodoCase VRTXOne ANTVR Fibrum VR VR Smartview VRTRIAMerge VR Nibiru !!! NOTE!!! If your device is not compatible, it isdue to absence ofgyroscope. Even without gyroscope you can playthis game in 2D mode(without VR). This game will not change yourdevice to HTC Vive orsimilar.
Space World VR 1.0
Application for Google Cardboard. Please observe Universeandplanets of Solar system.You can see Sun, Mercury, Venus,Earth,Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune andasteroid,meteorite..- minimum specification (Android 4.4 'Kit Kat'over)
VR Highway Racing Stunt Rider -VR Bike Attack Race 1.8
Highway Tricky Stunt Rider is very special Edition of VR BikeAttackRace one of its kind in VR Bike racing games. Stunt Ridergame is anultimate addition to stunt bike racing games2018.Welcome to VRMotorcycle game. VR Bike Attack Race just gotbetter with racingleader board game feature. Feature bike racing3d is one of its kindin turbo bike racing 3d in VR Games.Use yourgoogle cardboardheadset to play this VR Bike Racing Game. ThisVirtual Realityenabled racing game allows you to look 360 view andfeel yourself onracing vr racing asphalt track in this bike racing3d and VRGames.Win racing trophies. VR Impossible bike stunts onthis flyingbike stunts race are just amazing. Bike attack racefeatures punches, one wheelie, stoppie bike stuntsThis is virtualreality 360 gameamong best bike racing 3d games. One its firstkind in vr bikeracing category. Game allows you to play in virtualreality highway,Most realistic approach of bike racing, makes youfeel driving likea real pro bike rider. VR mode and simple modetake this highwayracing game to next level in this moto racinggame. Ride and travelon your bike on route 66. The Mother Road isfull of Bike Attackadventure! This motorcycle game is the DeathRacing of VR BikeRivals 3D, it is an crazy death games motoshooting free racinggame. where you race road rash and shoot theRivals traffic. Nospeed limit of crazy vr moto and no mercy thathas come on way, justto blow them with lethal weapons. Extremelyhigh speed VR real bikeracing challenge for you to shoot anddestroy all crazy moto enemyracing rivals on the mother road route66.Endless death highway VRasphalt looks amazing as HD Qualitygraphics are used. RealisticSports virtual reality motor bike andChopper Bikes are added tomaintain High standard bike racing mostenjoyable and crazy for userracing. Rash Racing never gets betterwith this bike attack ,Punches and Kicks while driving motor bike.Use your Gun to blow thecoming traffic. Its actually death racingsports game as well! ofroad bike rash on Blue Ridge Parkway , Takeyour bike safety guardsand ignite the engine of super bike.Thisfreestyle adrenaline racingis all about the road rash and highwaygp contest. This crazy bike3D sports games is best amongst themotocross motorbike games.Racing is all about the race againsttime fighting on bike, shootingMotors and cars make it really deadracing moto blue ridge parkwaycontest. Death games Moto Shootingfree is amazing in graphicsGetready for a bit of real action ofroad rash and thrill on highwayfast tracks, perform crazy bikestunts in highway bike attackrace.Feel the thrill and have anexciting and realistic experienceof bike race with amazing superMotorcycles and racing action inhighway speed Moto .This Recklessmoto drive is best of its kind inroad rash contest that includes.You can perform exciting Motobikestunts such as Basic one wheelie,Motor bike Nos, Drift MotorBike onone wheel. Your bike racer isalso free to kick and punch motorcyclerider. Hit them unless theywill smash you on the road.Try tosurvive as much as you can inthis highway what are youwaiting?Strap on the helmet, pullover the safety guards and beprepared for the extreme race on thedaredevil’s ride!How to Play: -Tilt your device to control thebike - Tap Kick and Punch button tofall down your opponentMotorBikes - Collect different Pickups ofBoost, Stunts and Power -Smash gangsters going away from you -Avoid from differentobstacles and vehicles, gangsters comingtowards you and gangsterswith bike - Race as many as you can toearn cash.★★★ Best GameFeatures ★★★1. Explosive and Furious RacingExperience!2. 5Destructive Weapons and Cars Motors!3. StrikingGraphics andIncredible Courses!4. Various Detailed Environments!★★★VR Controls★★★- Look Left to Punch- Look Right to Kick- Look up toperformstunts- Look Down use Nitro Boost
BBC Earth: Life in VR 2.0.0
An Official BBC Earth VR experience. Only on Daydream.Life in VRisa new way to experience the Natural World. Discover theCalifornianCoast and an underwater world bursting with life. Meetone of thefurriest animals on the planet, experience life atmicroscopicscale and dive into the Deep Ocean with giants.Witnessfirst handthe creature behaviours and relationships which sustainsthisocean’s rich and diverse ecosystems, and discover the secretsthatunderpin it.While exploring this underwater world the playerwill:-Dive with Sea Otters as they forage for food to sustain themandtheir families- Travel through the Kelp first and learn aboutthevital role Kelp forests play in the health of our oceans-Becomemicroscopic and discover how Zooplankton sustains thebuildingblocks of the ocean- Meet Krill, the most abundant lifeform on ourplanet- Witness the diurnal vertical migration ofHumboldt Squid -Dive with a lone Sperm Whale Bull and experience ahunt that nohuman has ever witnessedAudio: EnglishSubtitles:English, Japanese,Korean, Canadian French, French, Italian, German,Latin AmericanSpanish and Spanish.Warning: Please take reasonableand sensibleprecautions when using this product. Always be aware ofyourphysical surroundings and do not use in an environment whereyoucould put yourself or others at risk. Take regular breaks andstopusing the product if you are feeling dizzy, nauseousorunwell.Terms&Conditions
Dark Walls VR 1.5
You are a graveyard-shift security guard given an assignment attheSt. Claire Hospital. Due to an unfortunate fire accidentthatclaimed the life of a woman and her three-year old daughter,thehospital now stands abandoned You take the job, thinking it’sapiece of cake.But now, you aren’t so sure.Mysterious soundsandghostly apparitions haunt you at every turn.Uncover clues aboutthestrange happenings, and evade the sinister spirits out roamingthehalls with unfinished business.Will you survive the night?Thisgame is for Google Cardboard. For the best experience,useheadphones.
Virtual Brother Simulator : Family Fun 1.1
Virtual Brother is a real life simulation game. A familyfunsimulation of a Virtual Big brother, and how he helps his familyindaily house hold works. The game play is in the house and youcanmove around the house and can interact with different things. Asavirtual brother you have younger Siblings and even have ha petDog.You need to take care of both, Younger siblings and Pet Dog.Thereare also neighbors around the house and they sometime needyourhelp, you also have to help them as well. All you need to do istobe cool and enjoy the game Play. There are countlesspossibilitiesin what you can do in this game as it is a simulationand role playgame of the Real Life. It’s time to take an elevationfrom the kidto super brother and let your siblings rest for sometime in therole playing game.Game Play: you need to be the elderbrother inthe happy family simulation and will need to role playthe dailytasks done by the elder brother in the house. Work aroundthe houseand help your mom to raise your younger sister and brotherin thisVirtual Brother Simulator: Family Fun.You will be doingthefollowing task during the game and many more….• Need tofinddifferent things in the house.• Follow the instruction andmovearound the house.• Cook food for the younger siblings.• FeedthePet Dog.• Help neighbors by providing things they need.• Youneedto put out fire and wash clothes.Key Features: • Play ashandsomebrother and fulfill your responsibilities.• BeautifulHomeEnvironment.• Third Person Game Play.• Super Virtual FamilyGame.•Addictive gameplay and exciting missions.This family fun isfull ofentertainment and joyful activities. Serve the food to youlovelyfamily. In this amazing simulator you fulfill yourresponsibilitieslike mother and maintain your beautiful house.There is many morelevel based mission to complete with numbers ofinterestingactivities. Help the siblings find their stuff theylost. Performhome, caring, cleaning and cooking tasks in thehousekeeping game.Be a Superhero Virtual Brother in happy familySimulator.
Real Madrid Virtual World
Real Madrid opens the doors of the Tour Bernabéu and the RealMadridCity so you can enjoy them free from any device or place.And alsoin VR! JOIN REAL MADRID COMMUNITY Be a part of thelargestMadridista Community of the world, chat with otherMadridistas andshare experiences. CUSTOMIZE YOUR AVATAR Customizeyour avatar withthe equipment of your idols: Cristiano Ronaldo,Benzema, JamesRodríguez, Gareth Bale, Modric… You choose! REVIEWTHE WORLD'S BESTCLUB HISTORY Explore Santiago Bernabéu Stadium andReal MadridCity. Review the history of the club, collect all theEuropeanCups, the trophies of the list and unlock all theexclusivecontents. COMPETE IN FUN MINI GAMES Play free kicks, freethrowsand find the hidden badges of Real Madrid. Compete in therankingsagainst the whole Madridista Community. ALSO IN VR! ExploretheTour Bernabéu in VR and enjoy it as if you were there. FEATURES:●Be a part of the largest Madridista Community of the world andchatwith other Madridistas ● Customize your avatar with all theRealMadrid equipment ● Explore the Tour Bernabéu and Real MadridCity ●Review the World’s Best Club History ● 3 mini games: freekicks,free throws and hidden badges ● VR mode, Enjoy it as if youwerethere! ******************************************* RealMadridVirtual World is free to download and play, however, somegameitems can also be purchased for real money. If you don't wanttouse this feature, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings. A network connection is alsorequired.******************************************* Downloadingthis appyou agree to our terms of service. You can check them atxxx Areyou having problems? Visit xxx
VR Bang Fireworks 3D New Year 2018 1.0
VR Bang Fireworks 3D New Year 2018VR Explosion 3D Fireworks 3DNewYear 2018Enjoy an incredibly colorful and vivid spectacle withVRtechnology!Become a witness of a grandiose fireworks show!Watchforthe multicolored tears in the sky.Launch missiles and watchwhat'shappening!Get experience points and open new fireworks, evenmorepowerful and colorful.Collect the entire New Year's collectionforthe most incredible performances!  Colorful design ofthegame and excellent 3D graphics will give you a lot ofpositiveemotions.Share a holiday with friends, have funtogether.The roarof explosions and spectacularly flaring lights inall directionswill leave an indelible impression ofcelebration!Watch what ishappening on the smartphone screen turningit in differentdirections.The effect of presence will allow you tocompletely andcompletely immerse yourself in the world of virtualreality.Becomea witness of a grand show with VR Bang Fireworks 3DNew Year2018!  Evaluate the game and share your opinionin thecomments.Have fun with us!
Virtual Grandpa: Happy family Simulator 1.1
Vinegar Games
After the sheer liking of virtual families’ games here isvirtualgrandpa simulator for you. This game is an addition tovirtual momsdads sequels of virtual families games. Just for thehappy familyfun activities and grandpa will take care of moms dadsactivates athome because incredible mom and dads are out forvacations. VirtualGrandpa Simulator: A Happy Family Games is allabout head of thefamily taking care of the house as ultimate familyman. Grandfatheris get up and ready to take on the day. Play asboss of the housewith this grandpa simulator. Take care of toughtasks like managingall the household activities at once in virtualfamily game! Showfamily engagement by taking on all the house holdactivates playingthis family simulator. Seems like mom and dad havetaken some daysoff from their daily routine and wants some relaxand fun coupletime. So here is a virtual grandfather as a kitchenhelper and thecare taker of the house. The housekeeping job is notas easy asvirtual grandfather thinks. So be a family man and startbusy daywith Virtual Grandpa Simulator: A Happy Family GamesVirtual familyfun game of ultimate family man.Bring milk forvirtual kids, walkwith dog and take care of its food. Wake up yourgrandchildren forschool and help them having breakfast, quickly goto the marketuntil the virtual mom and virtual dad come back buysome dailygrocery. The house walls picked up some dirt and lookingmessy!Paint it up to give virtual moms dads a beautiful surprise!Washcar and take care of your neighbors too in the ultimate familygamefull of fun, virtual family activity and family adventure. Youwillreally enjoy to raise a family on your own and taking careofgrandchildren in the absence of virtual mom and virtualdad.Fulfill commitment & family engagement to become asuperherovirtual grandpa in this virtual family games do not letthe kidsmiss their mommy.With the Virtual Grandpa Simulator: AHappy FamilyGames you need to get all daily tasks done in time toprogress tothe next day! If you fall behind, virtual familyadventure will,too! Wash car on backyard of your house, There arelots of dailyactivities based missions to complete with numbers ofinterestinggrandpa simulator activities with this virtual familygame. Grabmilk and bread from the utility store in this virtualgrandpasimulator. Try best to become the best virtual familymember. TheGrandfather will now take care of the kids for tomorrowlikevirtual dads and virtual moms and be the kids anne. FeaturesofVirtual Grandpa Simulator: A Happy Family Games: Variousmissionsof painting, housekeeping & other family activities.Amazingsounds & 3D gameplay with high definition graphics.Realisticvirtual mom, virtual dad and kid’s animations of virtualfamilygame. Head of Family man life simulation & dailyhouseholdtasks. Smooth controls with loads of virtual high schoolboy.Complete all virtual dad family game tasks inlimitedtime.Grandpa’s day has been started and now it’s you who canhelpvirtual grandpa so all virtual mommy and virtual dad tasks willbedone by grandpa. Download now Virtual Grandpa Simulator: AHappyFamily Games! Become the virtual grandpa family man.
VR Car Race -Real Classic Auto Traffic Race 2
"Both VR Car Racing gameplay and Simple Traffic Racing gameplayissupported". VR Cars racing games offer following featurewhichothers don't offer. *Traffic Racing game with whole lot ofnewfeatures and mission objectives. * This is new trafficracingaddition to vr 360 games in vr racing games category. *HighwayTraffic Racing in famous countries of the world. * This gameis avirtual reality 360 view game for google cardboard ! *Playablewith Remote and VR Box in VR Mode. You dream to drive fastor veryfast on the highway? VR Real Classic Auto Racing is for you!Extreme Racing Challenge in Highway Traffic. Best Highway vrCarsracing in endless vr traffic car race category. Its notsimpleasphalt racer, traffic race but with vr traffic racemissions.Amazing Highway vr car racing game with ultimate highwayracervintage cars. Enjoy the world best highway racer Classic DragCarRacing: London racing games and beat the rivals in no timeBraceyourself for highway racer the real classic car racing actiononasphalt racing tracks The vr real classic auto racing is amodernhighway racer form of classic car racing games which allowsyou toperform some insane drifting skills while beating youropponents inno time. The classic car game play is too muchaddictive andspecially designed for the passionate drift racers.Download cargames for free and enjoy world’s best car racing forkids onasphalt tracks and burn the tires while performingadrenalinefilled drifting stunts. Use the coins for upgrading yourlow riderand classic cars and win this amazing drag car racing.HighwayRacer racing game is beautifully designed. Enjoy the alldrag carracing games mission while enjoying beautiful locationsindifferent cities of the world like India, Brazil, China andLondonetc. Each drag racing mission has its own specificobjectives.However, in every mission, you have to beat the rivalracers. Usethe perfect shift gearing and car drifting skills andreach thefinish line as soon as possible. Playing the real classicautoracing will take you to the old ages of classic car racinggames.You will surely get the feel of old car games whenever youplaythis amazing and unique car highway racing games mission.Justdownload and install this free vr games pack and enjoy wheneveryouwant as the game doesn’t required the internet connection. Youcanplay the vr Moto car racing game without internet at any time.Toplay the game, select your favorite ride, customize and upgradeitaccording to your will and then select your desired location.Alsouse the nitro pack to perform adrenaline filled stunts anddragyour opponents to the losing side. So Brace yourself for themostthrilling and ultimate drifting and driving action and enjoytheworld best drag racing games for free. Real Classic AutoRacingGame Features: • Ultra High Quality HD graphics andanimations. •Best physics-based real cars gearing system. •Multiple cameraviews to give you the taste of real car simulatordrivingexperience. • A wide variety of drift racing cars availableto buyand upgrade. • Multi-level gaming. • Game garage andcarcustomization and upgrading. • Most realistic vr carsimulation2018. • Beautiful sounds tracks and music. • Nitro packforboosting the sports cars. • Get cash rewards for completingeachmission. Controls: - Simple Mode Use on screen buttons tocontrolcar movement - VR Racing Mode 1. GAMEPAD (All sort ofgamepads aresupported). 2. Accelrometer(If don’t have game pad youcan stillplay the game with head tilt) In Head tilt control look upand downto control speed and brake while left and right to turn theCar.Gyro Scope to look 360 View of highway game environment BasicUI isin 3D and is shown on car dashboard. We don't collect anypersonalinformation; any non-personal information collected by ourpartnerslike Google is used for analytic and game improvements.
Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World 1.025.03
The virtual world of AVAKIN LIFE: an amazing 3D experience whereyoucan meet people, chat & dress up! Decorate and design yourhomeand visit astonishing, paradise locations! Simulation androleplaying game with countless possibilities! It’s an excitingandvibrant virtual world! A second life where you can becometheperson you always wanted to be. Create your avatar andjoinmillions of other people who already downloaded this funroleplaying game! Dress up your avatar, design and decorate yourhome.Buy new clothes, discover new, amazing brands and create yourownperfect outfit. Be a fashion star and the centre of attention.Goon dates and parties in paradise locations. Show off yourdreamhome. Message new friends. Explore this ever-growingvirtualreality 3D world of AVAKIN LIFE now! CREATE YOUR OWN AVATAR• Roleplaying game and simulation where you can choose yourperfectcharacter, figure, hair, eye colour and many more! • Dressup youravatar how you want. Go cute or crazy - pick your favouritestyleand become the person you always wanted to be in yourwildestdreams! • Virtual reality world and simulation that givesyouendless opportunities to express yourself! MEET PEOPLE AND CHAT•Chat game where you can socialize with millions of other people!•Meet people from all around the world • Chat with other players,goon dates, fall in love and make friends! • Show off yourperfectoutfits and get advice on the newest trends, best styles,andclothes from your friends. • Compete with millions of otherplayersor explore all the amazing brands and outfits together!Makepictures of your avatar and share them on Facebook to winspecialprizes! STYLE THE PERFECT YOU • Express yourself withawesomeAvakin clothing brands and accessories • Browse throughhundreds offabulous items and fill your closet with stylishoutfits. • Dressup (or down), play with your style and amaze otherswith your senseof fashion. • Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags,jewellery andmillions of other clothing items and accessories. •Change yourhairstyles or even get a tattoo! • Be a fashion star ormodel – thechoice is yours! DESIGN YOUR HOME • Design and buildyour perfectapartment • Decorate your home how you want - modern,classic, orHollywood style – whatever suits your mood or the latestfashiontrends. • Invite friends over, organize parties or justspend somequality time with your date. THE 3D SIMULATION GAME • 3Dvirtualreality world where you can become the person you alwayswanted tobe! • Chat and meet with thousands of people • Create yourperfectsecond life! • Choose your look, clothes and accessories. •Becomea fashion star or a model. • Message friends and be thecentre ofattention. • Dress up, discover new awesome brands andshop forstylish outfits. • Role Playing game with dozens ofexcitinglocations! Go to clubs, the beach and many more places! •Explorebeautifully designed scenes and dive into the amazing worldofAvakin Life NOW! FOLLOW [email protected] LockwoodPublishing would love to hear yoursuggestions & feedback onhow to improve our game! Pleasecontinue to send questions,suggestions and ideas to Visit us at
VR Bang Fireworks 3D Christmas 1.0
VR Bang Fireworks 3D ChristmasVR explosion Fireworks Christmas 3D-This is a unique 3D game with fireworks at Christmas!The game3Dlocation of the city, in which you can arrange andFirecrackersFireworks and Poto blast them yourself!VR game, whichmeans youwill feel the effect of presence!If you are afraid to blowup thereal fireworks, try to secure our simulator!The compositionof aunique pattern of Fireworks and see what a beautifulfireworkswill!Create an atmosphere of Christmas and New Year!Surprise yourfriends with 3D Fireworks and firecrackers!Scatteredall over thecity Fireworks and see how beautifully they explode inthe sky!Thegame uses beautiful animation and sound ofexplosions!The more youLet missiles, the more points earned!Kopicoins and unlock newfireworks!Discover the complete collectionbefore yourfriends!Without Salute celebration seemsincomplete!Thank you forplaying our games and applications! Leaveus feedback and we willtry to make our games better!
VR Roller Coaster Crazy Rider & Adventure Thrills 1.1
Join the next step in the VR evolution and download thisVRrollercoaster that takes you through cities,desert,temples,cavesand even snow mountains to see polar bear and other animals.Becareful where you look, you wouldn't want to provoke ananimalattack!This roller coaster simulation can be experienced infullVirtual Reality or can be experienced using regulartouchcontrols.Feel how the roller coasters runs on the trackthroughhigh- and low speed corners as you observe the detailedgraphics ofthe ancient hidden temple. Run past trees and torches asyou wiz byat ultra high speed! So much detail to observe... Are thetemplesMayan, or maybe left by an alien race? No time to think asthejourney continues to ride into the dark and scary caves andenjoythe sensation of gravity and speedy curves as you pass throughthesubterrane. Ultimately you'll dive into the water and be treatedtoan amazing underwater experience. See tropical fish infullanimated detail as they life theirunderwaterlife.Features:-Gyro-meter based 360-degreerotation.-Exciting VRroller coaster experience with loops anddives.-Vast, randomlygenerated city that changed each time you openthe app.-An excitingenvironment filled with noisy crowds,buildings, birds, screamingriders, and an airship.-Immerse yourselfin fastest rollercoasteradventure.-New trail tracks scene city,snow terrain & joyland.-Awesome fun 3D rollercoaster ridegame.-A fun racing game forkids.-Theme park kingdom & endlessVR-roller game.Detailed 3Dgraphics at every angle, look around andfeel part of the VRexperience as you see the temples and beautifulrendered cedartrees emerge from the realistic fog. The point ofthis VR app is toget you the thrills and the looks that go beyondyour ordinaryvirtual reality demo. The roller coaster physics aretrue to lifemaking it a real world experience that will make youswing side toside as you enter the high speed corners.Our engineersdid a greatjob and have crafted this 360 3D VR Rollercoasterexperience foryou to enjoy.Get ready for the thrilling ride withrealisticdynamic lighting and 3D stereoscopic sounds.Compatibility:Thisroller coaster simulator runs on devices withouta gyroscope, butwill be experienced best with a gyroscope.Furthermore you canexperience the ride without VR goggles usingsimple touchcontrols.For devices that don't support Cardboard weoffer a customown stereoscopic VR solution. If you run into anyissues pleasecontact our support email and we're happy to help!
RealTagPlay 1.3
- Outline -Real Tag Online is an online free match-upactiongame.When two or more people connect to the room, the gameplaywill be automatically started.Since the game score will behalvedif the game is finished with yourself be a ogre,Let's catchotherplayers who run around.Just tap the mobile stick and buttonfor theoperation!Anyone can feel free and intuitive to play.Let'saim forthe high score by winning the high score!- Features -<Chasingside (ogre viewpoint) >- Automatic trackingIf you can taptheopponent who run around, you can target the player.As long asyoudon't operate, you can keep track of the targetplayer.-TransparencyDemon can hide their appearance for a fewseconds bytapping the transparent button.Let's approach and catchup quicklywhile other players are losing sight.< Escape side>-provocationWhile the ogre is in your sight, you canprovokedemon.It is a high risk, but as it closer to the ogre youcan earnhigher score.- Banana installationYou can set up a bananabehindyourself. The player who stepped on the banana, slips andfalls,and he cannot move for a while.Of course yourself too, solet's payattention to your feet.
ASTEROIDS! Full Release 3.2
From the director of Madagascar, ASTEROIDS! is the follow-upepisodeto the Emmy award-winning film INVASION! DIVE INTO A NEWANIMATEDSPACE ADVENTURE and experience the challenges of outerspace as youbecome part of the crew in a journey with quirkyaliens Mac, Cheez(Elizabeth Banks) and their sidekick Peas (IngridNilsen). In this11-minute immersive cinematic, you are a taskrobot, and it’s up toyou to save the crew while you are taken on adeep space missionwhere you and your new friends come face-to-facewith teeth-gnashingspace-bugs and careening asteroids. In theprocess of saving thecrew, you become a respected member of theship and are taught whatreally matters in life. ASTEROIDS! was aSundance Official Selectionand won the Unity Vision Award for bestvirtual reality. **BONUSSHIP EXPLORER MODE**EXPLORE MAC AND CHEEZFANTASTIC SPACESHIP andget a first look with exclusivebehind-the-scenes concept art andcolorful backstory. Look around,and uncover alien secrets usingyour own special Transponder. Justbe courteous and don't peekinside their bedrooms!
Rope Crossing Adventure VR 1.8
Balance on a tightrope walking over deep valley in betweentwomountains with a bar is a thrilling and exciting experience...andis more exciting in VR.Take the walk of your life feelingthetension of the tightrope under your feet when your heart startstobeat even faster when crossing over Death Valley.The RopeCrossingAdventure VR is a breathtaking tightrope simulator thatputs youdirectly into one of the most dangerous activities known.Just holdyour breath and start the rope balance over the skies!Justimaginethat you are a tightrope walker walking on a rope resistingthewinds which are pushing you left or right to make you fall.Itwillbe entirely different experience when you wear GoogleCardboardglasses or VR Headset and start walking on a tightrope.New SequelReleasesWe have released 3 more sequels of Rope CrossingAdventuresVR series, namely:1- VR City View Rope Crossing2- VRAnimal WorldRope Crossing 3- VR Volcano Rope Crossing How to setthings:+ Startthe game on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone VRGlasses like4DUD, Google Cardboard+ Align your phone in center +Check forblurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear yourGoogleglasses and enjoy the Rope Crossing Adventure inVRMovementControls:+ Maintain your balance by tilting head left orright+Resist winds by tilting head either side+ can also lookaround toview the environmentGame Features:+ Amazingly detailed3Denvironments+ Easy controls just tilt head left or righttomaintain balance+ A unique virtual reality (VR)experience+Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD,GoogleCardboard VR+ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals+ Developed forhighend phones which have Gyro Sensor+ Cover the distance as muchasyou canCover the distance as much as you can and challengeyourfriends to beat it....Become a Tightrope Master by crossingtheentire rope successfully.Caution: While using any VR headset,youneed to hold on to something as it does take over your senses.It’seasy for someone to fallover.PrivacyPolicy:-----------------------We don't collect anypersonalinformation , any non-personal information collected byourpartners like Google is used for analytic and gameimprovements.For details please read our PrivacyPolicy
GunCrafter 2.0.9
Naquatic LLC
• TOP 5 APP • FEATURED AROUND THE WORLD • • DREAM IT. BUILD IT.USEIT. SHARE IT • Craft your own gun and compete against yourfriends,your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual realityshootingcompetition! • INSTANT MULTIPLAYER • With our exclusiveQuick Matchsystem, get placed in a lag-free multiplayer match in 5SECONDS. Nowaiting. No lag. Just play. • JOIN OVER 50 MILLIONGAMERS WORLDWIDE• And find out why Naquatic apps like ShootingShowdown andBasketball Showdown have lit up the top charts and beenfeatured byeveryone from Apple to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN,AppAdvice,and TouchArcade. CALLING ALL SHARPSHOOTERS • Virtualrealitycontrols let you take aim with your device-- how accurateare youreally? • Physics-based shooting challenges withdestructibletargets • Leaderboards to track your improvement •Unlockableblocks and upgrades
Juventus VR 3.0
Juventus VR is the official Juventus app that brings you closertothe action than ever before in virtual reality. ExperienceJuventusfrom the view point of your favourite heroes: soak in theStadiumatmosphere from the centre circle, step inside the homedressingroom, go behind the scenes at Juventus Center, take ajourneythrough Bianconeri history at J|Museum. Juventus VR bringstheJuventus universe to you, from the comfort of your own home.
Virtual Father Happy Family Home Construction Site 1.0.2
Become member of virtual family, step into shoes of virtual dadandspent time with kids, take care of your wife and doconstructionsite jobs. Play Virtual father happy family homeconstruction sitegame filled with amazing crane operator tasks.Wake up and getready to take all happy family fun activities invirtual familyhome construction game. You are the boss of virtualfamily home inthis virtual father happy family home constructiongame. Take careof household chores like managing all happy familyfun activitiesat once in this virtual family game! Virtual dadstart your day,take shower, have your breakfast, drop children tosummer schooland then drive to construction site for advancedconstruction invirtual family game. Park your crazy car inconstruction siteparking mall, take control on heavy machinerytransport andconstruction truck sim to clear the land from garbageand trees,dig and make the construction site land even in thisconstructiongame. Work as construction site tycoon, place pillarsand take hugeconcrete bags from store on construction site. Virtualfamily gamejob is not easy as virtual father thinks. So be avirtual fatherhappy family man and start your busy day with virtualfamilygame.Virtual dad make food for family, walk with dog and takecareof its food. Wake up your children for summer school andmakebreakfast for them, cook some food for your virtual familygame.Quickly go to the supermarket, buy some groceries and abeautifuldiamond ring for virtual mom! With this virtual father invirtualhappy family game, get all your daily tasks done on timetoprogress to the next day!Build city buildings with heavymachineryin home construction game. Dive right into this virtualfatherhappy family home construction site job for ultimate fun inthisvirtual family game!! Start up as a virtual familyhomeconstruction novice contractor & take advancedconstructioncontracts from New York City. Become a constructiontycoon of NYcity project and construct new modern mega city!Virtualfather takehappy family for beach party dancing on weekend forsummer party.Dance with dancing queen at beach party and have funin thisvirtual family game!Virtual Father Happy Family HomeConstructionSite game Features:• Multiple challenging virtualfamily gameactivities!• Various missions of construction game,housekeeping& other happy family fun activities.• Dailyhousehold tasks andconstruction site task based missions tocomplete• Smooth and easycontrols to play virtual family game•Addictive game play andvirtual family game environment Are youready to take job ofvirtual dad in happy family game? Now the timeis to show off yourvirtual father skills & abilities in virtualfamily game!Download virtual father happy family home constructionsite gameand give us your feedback so we can make more virtual dad,virtualmom and virtual family game for you!
View-Master® TMNT VR Game 1.2.1
There’s something afoot in New York City and it’s up to you andtheTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to find out what’s going on and putastop to it! Go on missions throughout New York City to learnmoreabout the secret plot and stop Shredder from taking over thecity!And visit special locations to unlock special objects fromtheshow! Key Features:The View-Master® TMNT Virtual Reality appallowskids to explore the sewer lair, chill with the Teenage MutantNinjaTurtles, and train with Master Splinter in the dojo to learntheirunique moves! Explore the lair in 7 different missionlocations,including:• Sewer Lair• Chinatown• Antonio's Pizzeria•NYCDowntown• TCRI Building• Coney Island• Shredder's LairThreelevelsof difficulty make each mission fun to play again and again.Minigames within the app feature panoramic photospheres creatingaunique and immersive experience.*The View-Master VR platformiscompatible with Google Cardboard and View-MasterViewers.PrivacyPolicy:
VR Shark Attack Angry Blue Whale 1.0
Hungry Blue Shark Attack VR is one of the best vr hunting gameamongthe shark attack games. If you like angry shark fish huntinggamesthen you will surely love to play underwater shark attackadventurein VR. Enjoy the perfect shark attack fish hunting vrgame withrealistic underwater blue whale survival adventure. Theblue sharkattack VR game has deadliest killer sharks in deep bluesea on tourof ocean life as shark simulator. If you are new to theblue whalegames or deadly shark attack games then this amazingfish huntingshark attack game of sea life will give you a uniqueexperience ofangry shark evolution in VR. Hungry Blue Shark AttackVR, If you arethe expert sea man then hungry deadly sharkevolution VR is for you.Shark attack wild simulator VR has sharkattack challenges for youin vr mode. Free shark attack games VRhas fish hunting adventureand shark attack mania, attack and killsmall fish but be carefulhungry whales are also in sea to huntyou. Explore the hungry sharkworld in VR mode to enjoy realisticenvironment and breathe takingvisuals through VR shark attackadventure.Hungry Blue Shark AttackVR is the world's best sharkattack 3d virtual reality game amongthe shark games. Fulfill yourshark simulation fish hunting hungerin killer shark attack fishhunt 2018 game. For realistic experienceshark will moveautomatically in angry shark attack VR 2017 game.Focus on fish toattack and kill in angry white shark game. HungryBlue Shark AttackVR, There are lot of challenging missions ofdeadly shark attack invirtual reality mode. Avoid bombs that placedin hungry deadlyshark world. To keep your shark alive hunt or killthe small fishin whale shark hunter 3d vr. Eat maximum number ofsharks with inthe limited time to get a good score of angry blueshark hunt. Ifyou do not kill or hunt fish then white shark willbecome dead indeep blue shark bite attack vr game. Download freeshark attackrampage vr and enjoy hunting adventure.How to play: •You must havegyro sensor in your android device to play this game.•Tilt yourHead to move your shark within the ocean.• Chase fishesand bluewhales to hunt them down.• Beware of the sea bombs if youwish tosurvive.• Take your hungry deadly shark near the fishes forafeeding frenzy.• Don’t let your shark’s health fall beyondacritical level.• Complete challenges to level up thefun.KeyFeatures of Hungry Blue Shark Attack VR:• Advanced VirtualRealityfeatures.• Superb controls for hungry-shark.• VR based3Dunderwater environment.• Best of free action packed games.•Physicsbased controls.• Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation.•Compatiblewith virtual reality glasses.If you like this Hungry BlueSharkAttack VR game, please try other fish hunting games byclicking“More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account.Anddon’t forget to rate and review.
Masha, run 1.181116
Masha Run is a fun game based on the popluar cartoon seriescalled"Masha and The Bear". This game is designed to be enjoyed bykidsof all ages. Masha and The Bear are friendly and kindcharactersfrom the children's cartoon who love to run, jump, andhave fun.Install this app today to enjoy simple yet mind-blowinghours offun on any device. The game is based on a well-knownRussianCartoon and will be interested for both boys anf girls ofall ages.Action packed, you'll find the characters never to bequite or stistill. Running, jumping making noises and simply havingfun isMasha and The Bears favorite everyday activities. Watchyourchildren engage in the world of Masha and The Bear and get lostinendless fun in this action-packed kids game. Download the appforfree and enjoy playing online or offline anywhere on just aboutanysmartphone device or tablet. Masha and The Bear love to runandplay games just like your kids, therefore kids who are 4, 5, 6,7,8, 9, 10 or even older love to engage in this type of fun.Kidsolder than 10 years old still enjoy these fun games because ofanostoligic love for Masha and The Bear cartoon. Donwload ourapptoday to enjoy endless fun at the app store. You and your kidswilllove our game for children.
Mydol- Lockscreen, Virtual chat, Chat bot 4.2.6
- My favorite star says hello to me whenever I turn onthelockscreen! - My favorite star dances on my lockscreen!?Innovative GIF lock screen! - If I send “What are you doingrightnow?”, my star replys “I’m thinking about you♥”! Sweet virtualchatservice, Mydol Talk! - Video call with my favorite star??Bestfeature what take your heart lately! Mydol is essential appforfans all over the world! Mydol will make your fan-lifemoreexciting and sweet! ▶︎ What if my star calls my name? - Ifyouenter callname you want to hear, your star will talk to youwiththat name! You can also add your own, special lockscreenmessages!▶︎ For those who want to answer to star’s lockscreenmessages -Desperately wanted to answer to star’s message such as‘Are yousleeping?’ ? You don’t have to feel sad anymore! Enjoyvirtual chatwith your star through Mydol Talk function~ ▶ You caneven make avideo call with a star! - Beyond virtual chatting, nowyou can evensweet video calls with your star. Let's try it rightnow! ▶︎ Theseday’s hot trend! Now you can make star’s gif as yourlockscreen -No more freezed star on your lockscreen! If you add GIFto yourlockscreen, your star will wink at you everytime you turn onyourlockscreen~ ▶︎ For those who want to hide their fanship in therealworld - Oops! Want to hide your fanship in the workplace orinfront of your lover? Drag the lockscreen button down and usesecretILKO function! ▶︎ Pretend that you are your favorite star AndenjoyRoleplay Chatting! - Put yourself in situations such asschoollife, dating with somebody, and etc,. You can enjoy a varietyofsituations through Roleplay Chatting. Mydol will always bewithstars & fans. And Mydol will do our best to make you loveyourstar more. * Messages appearing on Mydol lockscreen arevirtual& computerized messages. Those messages are not fromreal idolgroup/members, but from Mydol Team andusers.*------------------------------------------------ QuestionsandFeedback - e-mail : [email protected] - Twitter: -KakaoStory:
Goosebumps Night of Scares 1.1.7
Cosmic Forces
VR compatible! - Featuring Jack Black as the Voice ofR.L.Stine***GOOSEBUMPS’ GREATEST MONSTERS COME TO LIFE! WILLYOUSURVIVE?***The bestselling horror series comes to life onmobilefor the first time and features Goosebumps mostfrighteningmonsters, including Slappy the Dummy, evil gnomes,werewolves, andmore. Can you survive a night in R.L. Stine’s house- a living trapfilled with his most famous monsters? Mystery,madness, andfrightening moments await!****HIGHLIGHTS****Thefirst-everGoosebumps game for Smart Phones and Tablets.Goosebumps’greatestmonsters come to life, including Slappy the Dummy, evilgnomes,werewolves, and more.Jump scares galore! Play a terrifyingsurvivalgame of hide-n-seek with Goosebumps’ most fearedvillains.Hide tosurvive! Learn the secrets of R.L. Stine’smysterious house toavoid being detected.Solve the mysteries!Collect pages from R.L.Stine’s most famous books to trap monsters.Virtual Reality mode:Place your phone in a VR-compatible headset toget even closer tothe action! Compatible with any SmartPhone-compatible VRheadset.Stop Slappy from unleashing havoc, butbeware of the TWISTthat may lead to your doom. *** READ THE BOOKS.SEE THE MOVIE. PLAYTHE GAME!***Goosebumps TM Scholastic. Movie ©2016 CPII. Game code© 2016 Cosmic Forces, Inc. All RightsReserved.Game Developer &Publisher: Cosmic ForcesGameDeveloper: Free Range Games
How To Make Glass Virtual Reality 1.3
How To Make Glass Virtual Reality How to Make VirtualRealityGlasses - an instruction for making virtual reality glassesin yourphone! This application will help you with your own hands tomakevirtual reality glasses from improvised tools! Maximumimmersion ingames and videos! Enjoy the unforgettable spectacle! Weneed asingle-layer cardboard, patterns for the design, a plasticbottle,glue, scissors, clerical cutter and ruler! First of all,print outthe templates of points on the printer! They can be easilyfound onthe Internet! Next, paste the templates to the cardboardand cut!Then we need to make lenses from a plastic bottle! Cut thecirclesat the very neck of the bottle! We need four plasticcircles, whichwe then glue together with a soldering iron! Using asyringe, fillthe space between the lenses with water, seal the holewith thesame soldering iron! We glue the whole construction ofglasses!Adjust the distance between your eyes and lenses for amorecomfortable viewing! VR glasses are ready! Helmet VirtualRealityis amazing and make friends! On the second option and othersyouwill learn in the game! Attention! It is not recommended towearglasses for a long time! It can lead to eye fatigue andvisualimpairment! Leave your comments and ratings! Play with us!
Islamic Screen Door Lock 1.1
Islamic door screen lock is closing layout to guard androidhome.The smart phone securing phenomenon requires screensaver toassureprivacy. Islamic door consist on 7 different digital doorswhichwork to protect your home screen from any sort of contentleakage.The app is formatted by taking concept from home and itsouter doorwhich guards it.Features- 7 different beautiful Islamicdoors-Super HD graphics doors- Switch to swap criteria to lock orunlockthe screen- Free for androidHow to useDownload Islamic doorscreenlock- Apply Islamic screensaver and select one of the doorfromlist- Swap the screen to open the door
GermBuster VR 1.4
GermBusters is part of WiseMind, an immersive therapy platformbyREALITEER. It requires hand-eye coordination, attention, andfocus.GermBusters is also designed to encourage eye contactwithnon-threatening characters.It is the first Virtual Realitygamewith body motion-based input. In addition to the GoogleCardboard,players can also use the RealControl system, the firsthandtracking VR controller on the market that allow you to interactinthe game. Players can build the RealControl systemforFREE: GermBuster, "You" theplayer,are transported into an exciting new virtual world that youmustclean-up by killing pesky germs. You are equipped with a stateofthe art virtual bubble gun and control the gun with youownhand!Germs are spawned in waves and must be destroyed byshootingthem with bubbles from the bubble gun. Avoid being slimedby germsand keep an eye on your high score!You don't need high endVRequipment to enjoy interactive and immersive virtual reality.Allyou need is a piece of cardboard! If you don't have a CardboardorRealControl, you can still try it with Option >> VR ModeOff.And if you like it, build or buy a Cardboard + RealControl tohavethe full immersive experience.By using this app you agree tobebound by Realitter's Terms ofService( Realiteer'sgeneralPrivacy Policy (,andRealiteer's copyrightPolicy(
Hunters Gate 1.3.48144
Climax Studios
The classic shooter has been reinvented for a completely newarcadeDaydream View VR experience! Blast your way through the townofHunters Gate as either Forge (a lucky gunslinger) or Payne(arevenge driven mage) as you defend it from demon invasion -thentake the fight to the demons by invading their home world!Unlockand upgrade powerful weaponry, spells and Hunter Skills asyouinvade the demon world to destroy its overlord,Cephalos.Deceptively simple yet addictive and fun to play, HuntersGate alsooffers co-op play over local Wi-Fi and hours upon hoursofprocedural content.Only available on Daydream Viewcompatiblephones
Unity-chan WA! 1.6
You can fly freely 3D field with wire!Cute Unity-chan realwireaction appeared!In addition, You can play with VR(`・ω・´)"Shoot""Pull" & "Release"Simply touch the screen anddrag to aim forthe goal.Game over when falling into the water and"Mood" becomes0.The number of stages, including random generation,is 8 intotal.Once you clear it all you will be able to usenewcharacters!■ 3 play modes installed"Normal mode" to swipethescreen and operate the camera,"Gyro mode" in which the cameraisoperated by tilting the smartphone,"VR mode" to operate withVRgoggles and joypad,Three play modes are installed.■ Youcanexperience the VRUnity-chan is in front of you!A new experienceasif you are flying in the sky.Do not you want to take a look atVR'swire action?※ About VR mode ※· VR goggles are necessary.·Joypadwith MFi authentication is required.· Because your eyes getbad,please do not play under 13 years old.· It may be "VRsickness"which resembles motion sickness.· Please stop playing whenyou feelsick.
Twilight Pioneers 3.0.8
NetEase Games
CONTENTTwilight Pioneers is a first-person ARPG in VR by Netease.Inthis game, players are thrust into an Eastern-inspired fantasyworld- a world they must save as the magic-casting andsword-wieldinghero! Developed specifically for Google Daydream,Twilight Pioneersutilizes to the full the Daydream controller andheadset, allowingplayers to navigate the game freely from a firstplayer perspective.Developed on Unity, this game is one of the toprecommended mobileVR games only on Daydream. Born from the darkestpower deep in theuniverse, the Dark Lord is collecting all of thegreatest evils fromevery era in time. The magical being Longxia,despite being able tocontrol the souls of dragons and to stoptime, is unable to escapeimprisonment by the Dark Lord when sherealizes that the evil beingis a time traveler. You, the hero,must rescue Longxia, gain thesupreme power of summoning dragonsouls, pursue the Dark Lordthrough ancient times and stop his evilplans!FEATURES● FIRST-PERSONARPG IN VR | ONE-ON-ONE WITH GIANTBOSS● FREE DOWNLOAD | ONLY ONDAYDREAM● IMMERSIVE VR EXPERIENCE |FREE MOVEMENT● MULTI-WEAPONWIELDING | EASTERN FANTASYADVENTURECONTROLS● Move: Touch differentareas of the touchpad tomove around. Double click the touchpad toactiviate teleport.●Battle: Click the app button to switch betweendifferent skills andweapons. Hold down the app button to releaseyour uniqueskill.NOTES● It's recommended to play this game whilesitting in aSWIVEL CHAIR or STANDING in an OPEN SPACE.●Non-Bluetoothheadphones are recommended for betterexperience.AWARDS● Top 15Best INSANE HIGH GRAPHICS GAMES For iOS& Android 2017 -YouView● Top 15 Console Quality FREE AndroidGames 2017 (HighGraphics) - Android Gamespot● Top 10 Best AndroidGoogle DaydreamVR Games 2017 -XPERTGAMING!Twitter:©2016 Hong Kong NetEase InteractiveEntertainment Limited. All rightsreserved.