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CaratLane - A Tanishq Partnership - Buy Jewellery
Discover the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself withtheCaratLane Jewellery Shopping App. Browse through 1000s ofjewellerypieces – including rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces,banglesand more. Shop chic gold, diamond, solitaire and gemstonejewelleryonline and get savings of up to 25%!Key Features:* Browsethrough1000s of jewellery pieces – including rings, earrings,pendants,necklaces, bangles and more.* See stunning details of eachitem andpick your perfect pair.* You can also create a wishlist ofyourfavourite baubles & share it with your partner (hint!).*Shopon-the-go from a range of 3000+ stylish options indiamond,gemstone, gold, platinum and solitaire jewellery.* Enjoy afasterand smoother shopping experience.* Save upto 25% comparedtotraditional retail stores* Never miss out on our offers.Getinstant notifications through the app.* 100% certifiedjewellery,30-day money back, lifetime exchange, free & insuredshippingon all purchases* Request for a free Try @ Home visit fromourjewellery experts* Chat online with our expert consultants foranyqueries with your shopping* Register for a free consultationontips & tricks related to solitaire buying.* Easily findtheCaratLane store nearest to you using our convenient storelocatorfeature.* Track your orders with effortless ease.Ouronlinejewellery store’s selection of products includes:*Solitairejewellery – Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles* DiamondjewelleryRings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Necklaces, NosePins,Mangalsutra* Gold jewellery – Rings, Chains &Necklaces,Earrings, Pendants, Bangles & Bracelets, Men’s kadas*Gemstonejewellery - Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Necklaces*Platinumjewellery – Couple bands, Pendants, Rings, Earrings* GoldcoinsSowhat are you waiting for? Download the best jewelleryshopping app,find your perfect jewellery and save up to 25%today!Send us yoursuggestions and feedback
Gems Quest - Jewelry Treasure Match 3
Gems Quest - Jewelry Treasure Match 3, a super classic jewel&gems crush addictive match-3 type game with lots ofexcitement!GOFOR THIS ADVENTURE:Discover the secrets of Rune gemsand quest thetreasure.USE your fingers: slide, switch and match 3or more jewelsto rock pyramid world.Embark on egypt pyramid match 3journey withexploring fun. Mysterious Egypt world, 1000+ ofwell-designed freelevels!It's aim is complete the objectives inlimited moves ortime. Match 3 or more identical jewels. Defeat theDeath.Stunninggraphics with a highly polished interface. play withfictionalcharacter Egypt Queen. Continuous Elimination can getextra scoresquickly.THE STORY:Follow Archaeologists exploring theancientmysterious Egyptian pyramids.There are many dangers inPyramid,such as poisonous gas, magical mummies, and death.You needto avoidthese dangers to get more special jewels. Don't hesitate.Study themysterious treasure chest. There are ancient treasures inthechest, exploring the key to the unknown world.HOW TO PLAY:1:Ineach level, you have a specific list of goals that need tobecompleted.2: Match 3 more identical jewels quickly andswapcolorful jewels.3: You must have the sharpest mind. Learn tousespecial jewels or props.4: If you have any difficulties intrickylevels you can use power-ups.5: Try your best to makesupercombinations with super match!6: Less moves, More Stars,Higherscores! Crush all jewels!7: Pass the levels and try to getallstars in each level.If you really like the match puzzel 3game,also very love of Egyptian culture, let's start your journeyinEgypt jewels journey.Download now!FacebookHomepage: to the pointand focuson the home page.Welcome to contact us on the home pagetocommunicate.
Latest Earrings Jewellery 2018
Offline gallery of beautiful and nice earring designs.Weareproviding you with the facility to download them to your phone,setthem as a wallpaper or even a caller id to cheer you up everytimeyou look at your Phone.You can find images of earring design,goldearring design.Features:1) Facility to save the images toSDcard.3) Share Image using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook,whatsapp,hike, twitter, etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or contacticon.4)Next, Previous on image swipe.5) Offline gallery images.6)Galleryview of pictures7) Beautiful animated slideshow feature8)Biographyfeature9) Favorites feature : You can add your favoritesfeature tothis list and see slideshow10) Zooming option11) Goto toparticularpicture by numberEarring Jewelry Design showcases variousearringsdesigns/patterns released across the world. These are fromsome ofthe renowned fashion designers worldwide. This app containsgoodcollection earrings designs for every women. All HD imagesaredisplayed in album with zoom facility such that you can put themtobest use.The design images can be zoomed in and out, and canalsobe viewed as grid and Set-as-Wallpaper and PhotoSharing.Features-This app gives you best earrings design.-High-resolution,incredible HD pictures. (can also be used aswallpapers / lockscreens)- Share designs/images via Email, socialnetworking Apps-Set as Wallpaper- All kind of mobiles and tabletsare supportedTheearrings are of1. Fancy2. Latest fashion3. PreciousJewellery4.Imitation earrings.Disclaimer: All logos/images/namesare copyrightof their perspective owners. All the images in thisapp areavailable on public domains. This image is not endorsed byany ofthe perspective owners, and the images are used simplyforaesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, andanyrequest to remove one of the images/logos/names will behonored.The earrings are of1. Fancy2. Latest fashion3. PreciousJewellery4.Imitation earrings.Earrings can be comprised of avariety ofprecious and non-precious metals including gold, silver,andnickel-based alloys. When choosing earrings, it is importanttonote that certain metals have been known to causeallergicreactions in some people. This is especially true ofnickel-basedmetals, small amounts of which are found in stainlesssteel. Ifmetal allergies are a problem for you, then you'llprobably want tolook for hypo-allergenic earrings made of eithertitanium orniobium.Sterling silver is only 92.5% silver the rest isan alloy.14 kt gold is 58.5% gold with the rest is an alloy such ascopper,silver, zinc or nickel depending on desired shade. Ifneeded, youcan find out exactly what metal you are allergic to bygoing to anallergist.Matching Earrings to YouColor is anotherimportantconsideration in earring selection. A nicely coloredearring shouldcomplement your eyes and facial complexion as well asyour outfit.Experiment with an assortment of colors until you findones thatdraw out your complexion and go well with the colors thatdominateyour wardrobe. Remember: You buy earrings to match youroutfit, notoutfits to match your earrings!Gem or No GemThe decisionto wear anearring with a gemstone is largely based on occasion andpersonalpreference. Small gemstones add an interesting sparkle foreverydaywear, while larger gemstones should be reserved forspecialoccasions. Another factor to consider is cost. For genuinegems,the bigger the stone, the bigger the price tag.Is BiggerBetterWhenit comes to earrings, size matters. A good earring takesintoconsideration not only the size of the ear, but also the hairandface. If the earrings are too large they will draw undueattentionto themselves and detract from your overall appearance. Ifthey aretoo small, they will not be seen.
Temple Jewellery
Temple Jewellery, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launchedonandroid market.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving for templejewel.You must quest real treasures using old maps in thisjewelsKingdom. To be jewelry king.How to play:- in each level, listofgoals that need to be completed.- match 3 more identicaljewelsquickly and swap colorful jewels.- learn to use specialeffectsjewels. the sharpest brain puzzle game.- if you haveanydifficulties passing a level you can use helpful props.- tryyourbest to make super combinations with super match!- less moves,morestars, higher scores! crush all jewels!- try to get all starsineach level, become jewels legend.Features:- completelyfree.-exquisite gameplay, Best experience, graphics and puzzles.-brainpuzzle game in simple rule, easy to play, hard to master.-variousmission puzzles levels waiting for your adventuring.- brainpuzzlegame with simple rule- no play limit such as heart, play asmuch asyou can!- can play even without network!- game file is aslow as20M, light-weight download!- supports tablet screenEmbark onthistemple jewellery adventure, matching_three and switching yourwayto the kingdom through addictive match gameplay.Downloadtemplejewellery, rate this game and send your feedback, help ustoimprove this jewels game!
1Gram Jewellery
The World of 1 Gram JewelleryWelcome to Shubham Jewellers,theexquisite wholesalers and manufacturers in the world offashionjewellery where your dreams of jewellery are createdintoreality.Jewellery is deeply embedded in our historical,culturaland spiritual roots and is one of the most important partsthat awoman will cherish all her life. The selection of jewellerymust beone that will complement you and your trousseau. There issomethingwe have for every woman or bride, whether it is casual,formal oreven festive. The beautiful maang tikka (worn onhair-line),thedramatic nose ring, beautifully crafted chandelierearrings or thepopular jhoomkhas, necklaces with fabulous designsand shapes,slender or armlets, stylish haath phool or rings foreach fingerconnected with dazzling finger rings, tinkling and royaltheanklets and payals, attractive toe rings and much more.We haveawide range in Silver Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery,Victorianjewellery and much more with designs for every mood andpersonalityfrom wildly sensual to serenely graceful. Be itscintillating ringor exquisitely crafted bridal necklace or eventhe shimmeringcolourful bangles. Our collection made with a touchof traditionalIndian element, embedded with beautiful andattractivesemi-precious stones, rubies, embralds, pearls and meenawork issure to fill a women’s heart with joy mixed with feelings ofroyalgreatness. Our designs with their Victorian inspiration can bewornwith Indian as well as western clothes. Traditional andantiquelook is a special feature of our jewellery.
Pirate Diamonds Crush
pirate diamonds crushThis sparkling puzzle adventure willinstantlysate your wanderland and craving for piratetreasureColorful gemsjewels crush effects and well designed puzzlesfor you to play inanytime and anywhere!Sea world and island worldcould be reallydangerous! Follow the map of jewels world then helpthe prince rideout the storm.Features:- completely free games in adazzling jewelworld- best match 3 games for adults and kids-wonderland of gemsand jewels and diamonds- more than 5 millionplayers already- easyto play and hard to master- match 4 jewels ina row to createsparkling effects- match 5 jewels or gems for adazzling blast
jewel free match
jewels & gemsPuzzle game with tricky levels will steal yourfreetime. Use your skills, logic and imagination to gather gemsandreach the game goals.Gems Fever features:- new version ofclassiccasual match-3 games- magnificent conspicuous design- 1000uniquetricky levels & more are coming- a free choice oforiginalpicturesque backgrounds to your taste- beautiful uniquegems tomatch and various obstacles to crush- no time limits-quicklyrestoring lives
Jewellery Photo Editor 1.0.3
Jewellery Photo Editor for GirlsWomen Jewellery Photo Editorappwill help you to pickup various Jewellry items like Necklacessets,Ear Rings, Ear Hangings, Diamond Jewellry Sets, Diamond andGoldJewelery sets from the collection of the jewellery and try onyouhow they look on your body.You don't need not to buyexpensivejewelry items to try, just use Women Jewellery PhotoEditor app totry different types of gold and diamond jewelryitems.UsingJewellery Photo Editor for girlsyou create coolJewellery looksusing only your photo and transform your self into aJewellery manquickly and easy.New Jewellery Photo Editor offers youvarious HDJewellerys styles for an instant Jewellery growth easilyand freeto use and make your photo differently.Stylish JewelleryPhotoEditor app will help you to pickup various Jewellry itemslikeNecklaces sets, Ear Rings, Ear Hangings, Diamond JewellrySets,Diamond and Gold Jewelery sets from the collection of thejewelleryand try on you how they look on your body.Features :1.JewelleryPhoto Editor app start with Gallery photo and camera photoeditingapp.2. Select photo from Start with Gallery and Start withCamerato choose photo.3. Selecting photo having crop image optionwithskip and cropping filter in your choose photo.4. JewelleryPhotoEditor having more than 40+ HD stickers of Jewelleryphotoeditor.5. Choose best Jewellery stickers from available optiontofit in your photo.6. You can also set opacity in Jewelleryphotoeditor stickers.7. Photo editor having option for Save ordownloadyour Jewellery photo editor and also share directly tosociallink.8. My creation having option for all the saved Jewelleryphotoeditor at one place.9. This is a best photography editorofJewellery and its a free to used for every users.10. Give usBestfeedback in Jewellery Photo Editor.How to Use:- Select photofromgallery or capture image from camera- crop and rotate yourimage-choose your neckless, earrings and chain set- change color ofalljewellery- Scale, rotate and flip to fit into your face- Savetheimage in your device storage- Share the image throughsocialmediaCopyright Disclaimer: All images/videos are copyright oftheirrespective owners. All images in the app are available onpublicdomains. This image is not endorsed by any of therespectiveowners, and the images are used only for informativepurpose. Incase if you have any issues regarding your intellectualinformationfound on our application, Let us know
Diamond Swap Witch Wicked
diamond swap witch wickedendless adventure with mysteriouswitchcruseMatch and quest treasure gems jewels in dazzlingcombinationsin wicked witch world!There are many crazy puzzles thatare createdfrom beautiful sapphire or diamond gems. It's anaddictive game foreveryone and all ages.This sparkling puzzleadventure willinstantly sate your wanderlust and craving for jewelstreasure.Youhave to overcome the difficulties to get the goal andquest realtreasures using old maps in this kingdom.If you likeswapping andmatching jewels then you will love this addictivelygame. Highlyrecommended to all fans of puzzle and match threegames.- Hundredsof blitz levels!- Win the shining jewels star-Different worlds,different adventure!- Brand new power-ups andboosters!- Greendiamonds help you to beat hard levels- Fun and easyto learn, but achallenge to fully jewels master
Jewellery Photo Editor for Girls
Jewellery Photo Editor for GirlsAre you a fashionable women/fashionable girl, who loves wearing gold jewellery /jewelry,silver jewellery / jewelry or diamond jewellery / jewelry?And youdon’t have time to visit shop and try jewelry / jewellerysets onyou? Don’t worry, jewelry / jewellery photo editor for girlsandwomen is there to make you try on ear rings, necklace,earhangings, diamond jewellery sets, gold jewellery set andmanyother. You can edit your picture in gold or diamond jewellery/jewelry with this jewellery picture editor / jewellery photoeditor/ jewellery image editor. You can find bridal jewellery,weddingjewellery, and latest fashionable jewellery. You can call itajewellery tattoo. Jewellery photo editor for girls is afreeandroid app for girls and women. A fashionable girl will getallwhat she wanted here in this jewellery photo editor for girlsapp.You can find bridal jewellery, wedding jewellery, weddinggoldjewellery sets, stylish jewellery, and many more in thisjewelleryphoto editor for girls. Jewellery is one of the importantaccessoryfor women or girls, and they love wearing gold jewelleryor diamondjewellery but not all can afford these gold jewellery ordiamondjewellery, so download jewellery photo editor for girls andtry allthe latest jewellery designs. Applying jewellery on yourpicture isas simple as cutting a piece of cake. Just select thepicture fromyour phone gallery in this jewellery photo editor forgirls, or youcan also take a picture from your camera application.You don’tneed to go and buy these expensive gold jewellery, latestdiamondjewellery, latest bridal jewellery, latest wedding jewelleryorlatest fashionable jewellery just use this jewellery photoeditorfor girls app and wear these expensive jewellery designs.Jewelleryphoto editor for girls is very easy to use and theseBridaljewellery / wedding jewellery / fashionable jewellery looksamazingand real on the picture. Download Jewellery photo editor forgirlsnow and select and try jewellery from more than 100 categoriesinthis picture editor app / photo editor app / image editorapp.Howto use Jewellery Photo Editor for Girls?Select picture fromyourphone gallery or from your camera. Select the jewellery designyouwant to try on. Rotate, flip and resize the jewellery on yourbodyand set it perfectly and easily in this picture editor /photoeditor / image editor. Save the edited picture/image/photo toyourgallery or share it directly on social media orothermedia.Features of Jewellery Photo Editor for Girls:• Takepicturefrom camera or select picture from gallery • Weddingjewellery Sets/ Bridal jewellery Sets• Stylish jewellery sets•Diamond jewellerysets• Easy to apply jewellery photo editor /jewellery pictureeditor / jewellery image editor • Numerousjewellery designs • Earjewellery , necklace jewellery, ear hangingsjewellery, nosejewellery, rings jewellery hair jewellery and otheraccessories•Various jewellery tattoo jewellery sets categories•Select, rotate,flip, resize, apply, save and shareWe would love youto review andrate our app, as we love making changes for all theusers, we needto improve continuously. Follow our account for moregirl’s apps,women applications, design applications and games.
Atlantis 3
Atlantis 3 is a fun match 3 jewels diamond dash game, enjoytheunderwater sea Atlantis adventure.there are many differentlevels,each level has different rules,limited moves, limited time,shootspecial underwater jewel bombs,or start amazing lightningstorms.just switch or match 3 or more diamonds. you can freelyenjoy theAtlantis feeling of bombing holes in the screen, orcollecting thespecial jewels, and advancing to higher levels of theAtlantisdiamond dash jewels adventure 3.Enter the diamond match 3Atlantisquest world , smash the Diamonds of Atlantis, collectspecialsurprises, gently move the gems , become an underwaterbubbleshooter and win amazing rewards.In this fantastic Atlantisjewelsworld adventure , you can become a jewels crush digger andjoinother champions and compete with your friends ,just controltheseAtlantis diamond jewels crush,splash,blast,or move.It will beanAtlantis diamond adventure saga quest, a diamond diggemsunderwater world!Features,**All levels are Free, and thegamebecomes more complicated as you go on**amazing jewels, andnewspecial underwater shoot adventures and rewards alongtheway.**blow up the screen, smash special crates and bombunderwaterbubble shoot bombs**When you get stuck, wait for a hintto helpyou,**Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who canopenmuch more levels,**Suitable for all ages,**Coolgamepieces,**variety of Sound, and enjoyable music.**Share itwithothers.If you have ideas for new levels please tell us aboutit,you leave a feedback we will appreciate it!!!Thanks for allthesupport!!!
Jewellery Photo Editor
New Collection of jewellery designJewellery photo editor willhelpto pickup various modern stylish jewellery items likeNecklacessets, Ear Rings, Ear Hangings, Chain, Bindi, Crown, Cap,gogglesand tattoosCollection of Awesome Diamond and GoldJewellerysetsJewellery Photo Editor is a free to used all the HDJewellerystickers set into your pictureLots of Amazing variety ofJewellery,this Jewellery changer app offers makes it uniquestyle.Keyfeatures:- Collection of beautiful diamond and gold neckless setsfor girls- Amazing verity of earrings and bindi- Verity ofmoderncrown- Lots of beautiful goggles for females- Unique flipoption toproperly fit hair style into your face- Rotation andzooming-zoomout tool for setting up neck less, earrings and bindion yourbeautiful face- rotate and crop image features- sharecreated imagein social media and your friends and familyHow toUse:- Selectphoto from gallery or capture image from camera- cropand rotateyour image- choose your neck-less, earrings and chainset- changecolor of all jewellery- Scale, rotate and flip to fitinto yourface- Save the image in your device storage- Share theimagethrough social mediaPlease try to check Collection page if udon'tfind your saved image in your device.Also known as:-Jewelleryphoto editor for girls- Jewellery photo frame- Jewelleryphotomakeup- Jewellery Stickers Editor- Jewellery photo Changerphotoeditor- Jewellery Booth Photo Montage.Please downloadjewelleryPhoto Editor app for free
Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collection 1.0
Make yourself ever stylish and love to wear evertimes newlaunchedjewellary collection. Jewellary Fashion Editor: LatestCollectionis compiled according to your modern ornament taste whereyou seean exclusive variety of antique jewellary, traditionaljewellary,american diamonds, temple jewellary, stylish bridaljewellary andmagnificient store of south Indian jewellary. Thecharm of everygorgeous lady is enhanced with new fashion trendyjewels.Lovelyneckless sets, hoops, bindis , bands , rings andbracelets arebeauty boosting elements which add much to your grace.Visit theunique jewellary booth and have look over bestdesigner’sjewellary. Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collectionpersuadingyou to take latest fashionable women accessories likecollarneckless, bangles and bracelets, jhumkas, anklets, ringsandpendants, waist belts and nose pins for any party andweddingceremony. Girls Picture editor is linked with face beautyandglamour and its take you in jewellar shop for wearingtraditionaland stylish jewellary for any special events. Thefashionable girlsare conscious in selection of ornament for eachfunction and that'swhy jewellary photo editor is designed withvariation of stylishwomen accessories. Jewellary Fashion Editor:Latest Collectionincludes wedding rings, Traditional jewels, moderngirl’s ethnicjewellary, punjabi jewellary, south Indian jewellary,templejewellary, bridal ornaments and currated jewellary. Nothingis fakeat this fashion shop it offers you real diamond jewellary,goldjewellary and silver jewellary for hand, neck, fingers anklesandears. Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collection isparticulargirls and women application with ever new and latestjewellarydesigns from world's various parts. Wear the expensive andrealpearl jewellary at wedding, birthday and night partyfunctionfreely. You don't have need to purchase these accessoriesand wasteyour money. Jewellary Fashion Editor: Latest Collectionofferingyou most trendy and currently launched modern and antiquejewellarywhich make you graceful in your surroundings. Choose thematchingjewellary with your dress or wear any contrast jewellaryand givecolors to your appearance among the people. JewellaryFashionEditor: Latest Collection is camera and gallery photoapplication,feel easy in editing process, just upload any pic ortake a cameraclick for image editing. Keep your editing productsave in file andshare your new look to your friends at socialmedia. You can changea simple girl into bridal look by applying allsorts of jewel withliberty. Features of Jewelry Fashion Editor:Latest Collection •New girls and women fashion application• Storeof ethnic, AmericanPunjabi and south Indian jewellary• Current andtrendy collectionof gold, silver and diamond jewellary• Real girlsfancy ornamentshop and style bar• Quick jewels shopping likenecklace sets,jhumkas, rings, hoops, brecelets • Modern bridaljewellarycollection like bindis, collar neckless, anklets, anglesandbrecelts, ear rings, nose pins, waist belts and weddingrings•Women pics editing studio and image editor• All womenaccessorieswith different categories.... antique jewellery ,curatedjewellery, terracotta jewellary, temple jewelry and pearjewellery•Sharing of edited photos at all social networks• Galleryphotos andcamera photos application• Jewels for all types partiesandfunctionsHow to UseSee below and read the points for the usingofapplicationInstall the Jewellary Fashion Editor: LatestCollectionapp via internet- Upload any gallery pic that you want toedit ifnot then click a new one and set for changes- Crop the picfirstand then look at the jewellary shop and choose the accessoriesbytheir need- Save it in the app saving file and also share itwithothers when you like
gemstone rings
1. Batu Bulu Macan agate type first is Batu Bulu Macancategorizedas gems or agate. This stone, was pitch-entry of anumber of agateIndonesia which has fallen towards all worldfamous.2. Diamond GemKalimaya origin Maja subdistrict, Lebak havecharacteristicsdifferent from other rocks. Diamond acquisition ofnaturalfermentation. It is said that this stone is Kali Majaoriginalnickname for this stone is in the river or the times inMaja.3.Stone Agate green Garut this type has origins from Garut,West Javain the hills Bungbulang. Garut green stoneunbeatablecharacteristics can emit bright luster, that highlightedthe lusterfrom under the ring. Green stone fibers are striking inlooksbeautiful as cloud trapped in the rock.4. The diamond ring aswellas any wine fire bungur This diamond has the origin ofTanjungBintang, South Lampung, and also Kab Right Way.5. Batu BatuBacanBacan type is the type of stone obtained from Bacan Island,Maluku.Batu Bacan has a range of hue, more-again human bodytemperaturecan affect the beauty of the stone bacannya6. naturaljade naturaljade gold type gold has origins from Aceh. The types ofpreciousstones produced in the inland rivers Bener Meriah, Aceh.Jade ismore likely to golden yellow. levels of violence on sevenbenchmarkmohs ter-enter the wrong one and the rare stone uniqueanyway,until a reasonable price is expensive.7. Agate red gemredRafflesia Rafflesia has the origin of Bengkulu. DiamondsRedrafflesia is known a number of times to win the contestagatearchipelago until shortly so coveted and was hunted agatelovers.8.Diamond gem types spritus blue sky or increasingly knownby thenickname spritus, obtained in the region rife Ogan Ogan Ulu(OKU),South Sumatra. Balfour spritus origin stone type iscategorizedchalcedony. This stone is popular nevertheless dneganname BlueSky. 9. Agate gem dragon scales dragon scalesEnrekangcharacteristics typical Enrekang, South Sulawesi, namelyOne onerare type of agate is patterned gold stone dragon scales.10.IronAgate Turquoise Turquoise Gem Badr iron manifold with a degreeoranother one, commonly called Black and White Obsidian. Stonesthathave high levels of mineral substantiality 4, 5 This mohsscale,obtained in Ampana, Tojo Unauna community TadulakoGemstonediamonds Palu.11. Jade Jade Moss moss Aceh has the originof thevillage is also nicknamed Lumut in District Linge, CentralAceh.Type Jade Moss has a dark green color integrity, and hethinksthat's nevertheless the actual jade hue. Jade Aceh hasthecharacteristic features, if they are so anyep. 12. AgateKlawingBberlian Klawing has the origin of the river Klawing,Purbalingga,One 1st ter known which type of stone dragon sui.13.Batu Batuhoneycomb wasp nests can be found in the province ofJambi. Thisstone is the same initially wasp nest hanging on a treebranch.Reasons diujar Stone14. Diamonds Pancawarna agate type canbeobtained in Caringin and Bungbulang nevertheless, Garut, WestJava.Five colors of diamonds with a level of violence reaches fourtoseven mohs capacity. That downloads the benchmark levelofsubstantiality of stone is the mineral content. Unlike itsname,the five tones can have the more than five hue. 15.Amethyst(Amethyst) Amethyst can be found in Borneo. Agate amethystthat hasanother name Amethyst has a variety of colors from purpleto pink.
Jewellery Online Shopping App
Mirraw Jewellery App offers a whopping collection of morethan10,000 Variety of hot selling and edgy fashion trendspertaining tomyriad season.For all gorgeous faces in universe:check out thephenomenal runaway trends, Celebrities closet andlatest style ofdesigner pieces at unmatched prices. Mirraw appoffers you a onestop solution that covers head-to-toe multifacetedneeds ofluxurious and contented shopping.The information anddifferentsections categorically mentioned do guide you to amultitude offashion universe!Special Features of Mirraw OnlineShoppingAPP★Rains of Discount Offers: - You don’t need to wait forhugeperks for shopping your favourite closet or jewellery, theappkeeps you updated by notifications to get access of exclusiveappdeals★Freedom of filtering products: - This app is very easyandsimple to use, Get amazing range of products based onpopularity,celebrity trends, top selling and new arrivals byin-appsearch.★Saving to your Wish list: - You could simply go towishlistin one tap for buying that particular product which youhavesaved.★Fast & Secure Checkout: - The impeccable options ofCashon Delivery, net-banking, Credit card & Debitcard.★ProductDetailing: - The product with the detailed photographsis anadditional advantage of shopping from online store.★Share andShop:- Suggestions or flawlessly displaying products of what youhadshop for, is never been so easy to share with friends onFacebook& Whats app. This app allows you to do!This appbeautifullyshowcases more than 40 different categoriesofJewellery#Earrings#Danglers &Drops#Jhumkas#Hoops#Studs#EarCuffs#NecklaceSets#Anklets#Mangalsutra#Pendants#Bangles &Bracelets#MaangTikka#Baju Band #Brooch#Jewellery Box#WaistBelts#PartyJewellery#Designer Jewellery#Collar Necklace#BridalJewellerySets#Temple Jewellery#Statement Jewellery#ThewaJewellery#HandmadeJewellery#Pearl Jewellery#High EndJewellery#Ethnic Jewellery#KundanJewellery#South IndianJewellery#Terracotta Jewellery#CuratedJewelry#TraditionalJewellery#Antique Jewellery#American DiamondJewellery#PakistaniJewellery#Punjabi Jewellery#WomenAccessories#Bindis#NoseJewellery#Wedding Rings#RingsDownload MirrawApp today and alwaysstay connected with pro fashion style!
Candy Jewelry Shop and Making Factory
Cute Candy is waiting for awesome gold and diamond jewellery forherwedding party. Help her in your gold and diamond jewellery shopandfactory game for girls, boys and little kids Girls love diamondandgold jewelry even they feel incomplete without beautifulandmatching jewels in their necklace, bracelet or earring. Somegirlslike simple necklace design but some of them like to take thewholenecklace shop on their body. Diamond and gold Jewelry makingisreally a fantastic art in the jewelry shop and factorysimulator.You don’t worry about how to make necklace as the littlejewelerwill guide you. Keep in mind the beautiful gold necklacedesigns tomake your own awesome gold jewelry in the locket makershop. Designa beautiful diamond and gold necklace set to be ajewelry king ofyour diamond shop empire. It’s a crazy fun adventureto be a chokernecklace maker and making diamond necklace set. Let’sstart silverand gold necklace making like a locket master in theweddingjewelry shop and factory game for kids and girls. It is funfor ajewelry designer to make gold jewelry with diamond beads.Littlejewelry designer will teach you how to make beadsnecklacejewellery in the jewelry factory game for girls. Diamondbeadsnecklace making in the jewelry maker factory is a crazyfunadventure for little fashion designer like you. Choose thebestjewelry design for the superstar fashion model. Any fashiongirlknows lots of jewelry designs and making or decoration ideas.So belike a fashion girl and while making a necklace design fortherockstar girls. Let’s start necklace making and firstchoosebetween gold and silver. Make awesome gold and diamondnecklace forthe superstar fashion model and make your necklacemaking factory agreat gold jewelry shop for fashion lovers. Onceyou have done withgold locket maker process, decorate it withdiamonds and beautifulbeads. Make your gold necklace much moreexpensive by decorating itwith the most expensive diamonds andcolorful stones. Diamondjewellery is dream of any girl or woman wholove fashion and wantto be a star girl.Here is the story of Candy’sfactory ends upafter making great gold and diamond jewellery andselling it on thediamond jewellery shop, gold necklace shop andsupermarket.Ourmaking factory games are popular in kids as they geta chance towork like a factory manager, worker, owner andmanufacturer at thesame time. Manufacturing their own goods infactories is crazy funadventure for them.If you want some more funwith factories games,just click the link below and haveextrafun.
Jewellery Photo Editor
Jewellery Photo Editor app is a unique Jewellery or jewelry wearandtry app.Women Jewellery Photo Editor app will help you topickupvarious Jewellry items like Necklaces sets, Ear Rings, EarHangings,Diamond Jewellry Sets, Diamond and Gold Jewelery setsfrom thecollection of the jewellery and try on you how they lookon yourbody. You don't need not to buy expensive jewelry items totry, justuse Women Jewellery Photo Editor app to try differenttypes of goldand diamond jewelry items. Using Jewellery PhotoEditor you createcool Jewellery looks using only your photo andtransform your selfinto a Jewellery man quickly and easy.JewelleryPhoto Editor offersyou various HD Jewellerys styles for an instantJewellery growtheasily and free to use and make your photodifferently.JewelleryStyle Photo Editor App Features :-- Choosethe image from gallery orphoto or take picture from camera- Choosethe jewellery which youlike- You can change the color of jewellerywhich suits your body-rotate, resize tattoos on your photo andsave your photo withjewellery - Save or Share by clicking sharebuttonJewellery is thebiggest asset for a woman. Jewellery cangive you a beautiful andattractive look among your friends. Sodownload Women JewelleryStyle Photo Editor app and give aattractive look to yourself.WomanJewellery Photo Editor is easy touse and look realistic Jewelleryon your body, come with variety ofbeautiful realistic 100+jewellery in every categories, so letsstart and make your photomore attractive with Jewelry PhotoEditor.Jewellery Style PhotoEditor is providing facilities tochange your jewellery style withvarious colors and give abeautiful look to your face in a flash. Inaddition to JewelleryStyle Photo Editor you can use necklacejewellery, nose jewellery,ring jewellery, ears jewellery, hair ringjewellery, hair crownjewellery and much more, insort all type ofjewellery will you gethere for free. Share with your friends andhave fun!! Give yourselfa dashing looking without buying theaccessories.
Gems Hero - Number Coloring Gemstones
Gemstones number coloring with Designer Jewelry. Numbercoloringdesigned for Gems and Jewelry.Gems hero designed forNumberColoring Gemstones is easy to use:1. Select one of ManyDesignerJewelry. We provide Gemstone designs and Jewelry.2. ColorbyNumbers with Gems and Use designer tools like Eraser, GemsColors,Zoom and other advanced tools.3. Save and Share thedesignerJewelry with friends and family.Create best lookingdesigner gemsand Designer Jewelry.
Glitter Pink Gem Keyboard Luxury Diamond
What is pink gem jewelry keyboard?pink gem jewelry keyboard isasmart and magical keyboard, which provides you a unique, smoothandfun typing experience. With the diamond luxury design, pinkgemjewelry keyboard would make you become the most trendy oneamongyour friends. Moreover, this keyboard applies to variousmobiledevices, including Samsung, Huawei and HTC.How to use?1) Makesureyou install our keyboard platform from Google Play Storealready2)Download the pink gem jewelry keyoard and tap the APPLYbutton.3)The keyboard will be automatically installed on your phoneand youcan start to enjoy typing!Why do people love pink gemjewelrykeyboard?1) Numerous themes of keyboard:Discoveringdiversekeyboards on the theme center, including tech, classic,stylish,crystal, golden, sweet, diamond, luxury styles and manymore! Findall the themes of keyboard you want and there are more tocome!2)Smooth animated motions: Enjoy the most smooth and funtypingexperience with the animated motions on keyboards.3)Personalizedfonts: Besides the diamond and luxury design, we alsooffer you anumber of fonts. No matter what kinds of styles youlike, pink gemjewelry keyword can always fulfill your needs. Cannot find yourfonts? We are keep updating, so more fonts will beavailable in thefuture.4) Auto words correction:The smart keyboardwill detect themistyping and provides you with the correctsuggestion.5) Smartwords prediction:We build delicate keyboard withdiamond and luxurydesign, and we care about our user experience aswell. pink gemjewelry keyboard can predict the words you are typingby usingcloud computing technology. We aim to provide the mostuserfriendly keyboard and make typing as enjoyable experience.6)Swypesupported:pink gem jewelry keyboard support “swype”, which letyouexperience more convenient and efficient typing method.7) Weloveemoji: We understand that sometimes it’s hard to expressyourfeeling by using words, so we also provide abundant selectionsofemoji on Panda keyboard. Let’s make the chatroom more vividandcolorful!8) Speech to text:pink gem jewelry keyboard supporttypingby recognizing your voice and speech. We aim to create thebestkeyboard, so we believe both fascinating user interface(e.g.,diamond and luxury design) and useful functions (e.g., autowordscorrection, smart words prediction, speech to text, etc.)9)120+languages supported:pink gem jewelry keyboard supports over120languages, including English, العربية, Hrvatski,Čeština,Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, עִברִית, हिंदी,BahasaIndonesia, Italiano, Malay, Pilipino, Polskie, Português,Română,Русский, Español, ไทย, Türk, Euskara, বাঙালি, ಕನ್ನಡ,ភាសាខ្មែរ,ພາສາລາວ, മലയാളം, मराठी, Монгол, नेपाली, தமிழ், తెలుగు,Zulu, andmore!Note: We won't collect or use any of your privateinformationwhile you're typing.Download pink gem jewelry keyboard.Typing isnot boring anymore!
Jewels Jungle Treasure : Match 3 Puzzle
Jewels Jungle Treasure, exploring style match 3 gems jewels gameinlost jungle.Uncover the unknown secret and collectvaluabletreasures as you play through match funwithchallengingchapters.Jewels Jungle Treasure is an addictive andexciting legendadventure match 3 game filled with colorful jewelscrunchingeffects! Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this lost jungle temple journey!Thissparklingpuzzle adventure will instantly sate your wanderlust andcravingfor jewels treasure. You have to overcome the difficultiesto getthe goal and quest real treasures using old maps in thiskingdom.Ifyou like swapping and matching jewels then you will lovethisaddictively game. Highly recommended to all fans of puzzleandmatch three games.HOW TO PLAY- List of goals that need tobecompleted in each level- Match 3 more identical jewels quicklyandswap special jewels.- Use helpful props or power-ups if youpassinga tricky level.- Make super combinations with super match.-Lessmoves, More Stars, Higher scores.- Try to get all stars ineachlevel, become jewels hero legend.FEATURES** Colourful ANDlosttemple style graphics!** 1000+ amazing levels!** Cast spells tousepowerful boosters!** Crush all jewels, Precise mashingjewels.**Sharpest brain puzzle game.Embark on this jewels jungleadventure,match 3 and switching your way to the jungle throughaddictivegameplay.Download Jewels Jungle Treasure, send yourfeedback, helpus to improve this jewels game!
Atlantis 2
Atlantis 2 is a fun match 3 diamond jewels game, a deepoceanunderwater jewels adventure.there are many differentunderwaterlevels, each level has different rules, limited moves,limitedtime, blow special jewel bombs, just switch or match 3 ormorediamond can freely enjoy the Atlantis feeling ofbombingholes in the screen, or collecting the special ocean jewels,andadvancing to higher levels of underwater diamondjewelsdashing.Enter the Atlantis 2 match 3 jewels dash world ,smash theunderwater Diamonds, collect special surprises, gentlymove thegems , tap the diamonds to become an underwater jewelsbubbleshooter and win amazing rewards.It will be an Atlantisdiamondjewels underwater adventure saga , a diamond jewelsdashworld!Features,**All levels are Free, and the game becomesmorecomplicated as you go on**amazing jewels, and newspecialunderwater match 3 adventures and rewards along theway.**blow upthe screen, smash special crates and bomb underwaterjewelbombs**When you get stuck, wait for a hint to help you,**Easybutfunny to play, a challenge to those who can open muchmorelevels,**Suitable for all ages,**Cool game pieces,**varietyofSound, and enjoyable music.**Share it with others.If you haveideasfor new levels please tell us about it, you leave a feedbackwewill appreciate it!!!Thanks for all the support!!!
Bangle Design Bracelet Diamond Jewellry Collection 9
This traditional bangles designs latest diamond jewelrycollectionornament is available in the following designs.The goldbangles arethe most precious and expensive ones. The bridal banglesare heavyand made from pure gold. They are either in a thick orthin solidcylindrical form or in the shape of glass bangles. Floraldesign isusually carved on the gold plate of the bangles. Adultwomen wearthe gold, silver and platinum bangles all the time. Attimes, youcan also find the beautiful diamonds or stones studded inthe goldbangles. They offer a marvelous look. For a more formaloccasionlike wedding, pearl necklaces can be accompanied withpreciousstones and diamond studs. Rarer elements like coral wouldgive onethe perfect contrast between the wedding dress and thejewel. For amore ethnic and traditional look, temple jewelry andterracottajewelry would be the right choice, especially for womenwho wish towear heavy sarees on their wedding day. For the sakeofversatility, neutral color ornaments would be appropriate astheygo well with both modern and ethnic attire.Gold, silver,platinumand diamonds have always remained the popular options amongwomen.Older women like to flaunt heavy and exotic necklaces andtheseelements provide the right amount of shine and glitter whichhelpsthem carry a rich and posh air.bangles designs latestdiamondjewelry collection are a traditionally wear accessories foralloccasions.In this era not only Indian wear it but also otherracesand people from other countries. There are many design typeofbangles designs latest diamond jewelry collection foroccasions.Inthis nice bangles designs latest diamond jewelrycollection ideasdesigns gallery app you will find not only greatbangles designslatest diamond jewelry collection ideas designsgallery which youcan follow with ease. • Party Bangles• WeddingBangles • CeremonialBangles• Festival Bangles• Casual Banglesjewelry collection•Bridal Bangles diamond jewelry collection•Latest bangles designgallery• Gold Bangles for Women and Brides:•Glass Bangles forTraditional and Cultural Events:• Bangles willalways make a womenlook good and awesome!The gold bangles are themost precious andexpensive ones. The bridal bangles are heavy andmade from puregold. They are either in a thick or thin solidcylindrical form orin the shape of glass bangles. Floral design isusually carved onthe gold plate of the bangles. Adult women wearthe gold, silverand platinum bangles all the time. At times, youcan also find thebeautiful diamonds or stones studded in the goldbangles. Theyoffer a marvelous look. bangles designs latest diamondjewelrycollection ideas designs gallery is nice gallery app thatoffersdozens of ideas designs and unique. See cool bangles designslatestdiamond jewelry collection ideas designs gallery for withfantasticbangles designs latest diamond jewelry collection ideasdesignsgallery and for all.This app bangles designs latest diamondjewelrycollection ideas designs gallery is very easy to use: justbrowsethrough wide variety of bangles designs latest diamondjewelrycollection ideas designs gallery.Recreate these wonderfulbanglesdesigns latest diamond jewelry collection ideas designsgallery forWhat you want. Find great home craft project ideasdesigns fordecorating home craft, backyard or create new. It isreal fun forthe whole family when making these bangles designslatest diamondjewelry collection ideas designs gallery and greatunique homecraft projects and ideas designs.Disclaimer: All theimages are notunder our Copyrights and belong to their respectiveowners. AllPictures have been taken from different sources, IfanyGraphic/Image/Photo is offensive or under your CopyrightsPLEASEsend us an E-mail to give it a credit or get it removed.
Gems Mania Legend
panda & jewelryEnjoy the match-making madnessWelcome tothePanda Paradise! Swap and burst jewels to travel throughpandaparadise! Get famous match-3 game!Panda & jewel isagem-swapping puzzler with original features, magnificentcolorfulgraphics and vivid animation.This jewel puzzle remindsBejeweledbut has many interesting features and exciting gameplay.Align thecolorful, dazzling jewels and break them out of theirsturdy goldboxes. The 210 levels and two difficulty settings willkeep youcoming back for even more matching-madness. You'll have ahard timebreaking this habit! Burst the gems by grouping them tothree ormore in a row (or a column) before time runs out. You musttake allmosaic tiles to the lowest row.If you've burst four or moregems ina row, a bonus gem will appear (if available). In campaignmode newbonuses become available as your journey goes.*** Features***•Enjoy the match-making madness!• 150 levels to match yourwaythrough!• Mesmerizing gameplay• Retina Display showsoffhigh-resolution graphics• Animations enhance your gameplayingexperience• Can you make a perfect match? Explore thehand-craftedlevels and test your fate with this dynamic Match-3adventure game!
All New Jewellery Design 2018
For the fashion jewellery lover we have came up mutually thelatestcalled Jewellery Design Gallery which suppress lots ofcontrastingdesigns, various practice and various traditionaldesigns ofjewellery.All HD images are displayed in album with zoomfacilitysuch that you can put them to best use.The design imagescan bezoomed in and out, you can rotate the image along of yourneedsandcan also be viewed as grid and Set-as-Wallpaper andPhotoSharing.Features.You can zoom in and out the images.- Imagescan beshared to your friend and family via social application,email orsms.- Everything in this Application is absolutely free.-Imagescan be save in mobile memory card or set as mobilewallpapers.-Zoomin and Zoom out option for clear image-Simple, easyandelegant.-Awesome Blouse Designs photos!-CategorizedGallery-HighQuality Image.-latest and trending Jewellery Designslike -Saveblouse designs to your favorites list-Share blouseDesigns forWoman using other social media.-All kind of mobiles andtablets aresupportedCategories:1.Bangle Designs2.Black ChainDesigns3.EarRings Designs4.Haram Designs5.KommasDesigns6.NecklaceDesigns7.Pearls Haram Designs8.pendantsDesigns9.TikkaDesigns10.Vaddanam Designs11.Vankis DesignsLatestGold EarringsDesigns.Latest Neck Less Designs.Latest VankiDesigns.Latest GoldJhumki Designs.Wedding Jewelry.Pearl PendantNeck Less.and manymore designs...
New Jewelry Designs 2018
Trendy bracelets, costume jewelry! If you are looking to add atouchto your original style, here are some ideas new jewelrydesign’s2018 application contain fashion rings, gold or silver, tosublimateyour hands with jewelry trend. Discover the 2018 trendtrendyjewelry of fashion handcrafted necklaces jewelry areparticularlystylish. Rings that are part of the indispensablejewelry forsummer, summer accessories for everyday wear! Originaljewelrydesigners who sublimate your look in an instant.Zoom intoimages onlatest jewelry design’s trend that will punter thisyear.Theseunique and original creator necklaces sublimate yourlook eitherromantic or rock.Original jewelry trend wearable whicharemainstay’s jewelry of the season. With an ultra of fashionjewelrywhich have the advantage of any dress look.Beautifulnecklaces,bracelets, rings, earrings for any occasion.Thisapplication have:**Gold jewelry designs ** Diamond rings designs**New designs of goldrings** Artificial jewelry designs ** Customjewelry design &engagement rings ** Jewelry patterns** Weddingjewelry bridalnecklaces, earrings and bracelets** Wedding earringsfor brides **Jewelry design ideas
Diamond Story: Jewelry Quest
Solve hundreds of shiny and jeweled match-3 puzzles to takerevengeon Belly Bill! The greedy cat stole all jewelry, now YOUhave tosteal it back!Traveling through cosy districts of Petsburgwith adaredevil doggy, Ruby, you’ll swipe and mix loads ofcolorfuljewelry and crack safes in a series of brilliantlyfeaturedlevels.Key features:* ENDLESS supply of sophisticatedLEVELS withsparkling GEMS: from easy and bite-sized tobackbreaking!* BESToriginal puzzle storyline! Play a thief, weardisguises to pass thepolice patrol, use lockpicks and try to topthe Most Wanted playerslist!* Crazy mix of FUN and CHALLENGE: beatthe cat boss andcollect rare priceless jewelry to complete the lostCOLLECTION! *Want to SHARE fun with your FRIENDS? Connect toFacebook and playtogether!Download & Playnow!Like:
Jewellery Photo Editor
Jewellery Photo Editor offers you various HD Jewellerys stylesforan instant Jewellery growth easily and free to use and makeyourphoto differently. Women Jewellery Photo Editor app will helpyouto pickup various Jewellry items like Necklaces sets, EarRings,Ear Hangings, Diamond Jewellry Sets, Diamond and GoldJewelery setsfrom the collection of the jewellery catageroyJewellery StickersEditor Jewellery Style Photo Editor JewelleryPhoto MontageJewellery Photo Maker Jewellery photo Changer photoeditorJewellery Booth Photo Montage…………….. Jewellery Photo Editoris verysimple to use application. Just open the app and open yourpicturefrom the Gallery or Take a new Picture using Camera. Nowjustselect which ever jewelry you would like to try on you, justdragand adjust the jewelry item and save and share your image withyourfriends and family members.Jewellery photo editor forgirls:Selectphoto from Start with Gallery and Start with Camera tochoosephoto.Selecting photo having crop image option with skipandcropping filter in your choose photo.Jewellery Photo Editorhavingmore than 100+ HD stickers of Jewellery photo editor.ChoosebestJewellery stickers from available option to fit in yourphoto.Youcan Rotate zoom in zoom out flipSave and share you phototo socialmedia Give us Best feedback in Jewellery Photo Editor.
GnJ - Gems n Jewellery app 1.0.37
G P Infotech
Gems n Jewellery is the first of its kind network thatconnectsdiamonds, colored gemstones and jewellery buyers, sellers,brokers,retailers and consumers on a single platform. A tool thatconnectsB2B professionals from the gems and jewellery industry aswell as aB2C network that puts consumers in direct touch withretailers.Sell Colored gemstones, diamonds and jewellery: Tradesellers andretailers can upload their entire inventory with highresolutionphotos and specifications for thousands of buyers andbrokers tobrowse. Interested buyers can contact the seller directlythroughthe built in messaging system and then execute theirtradeoffline.Put up demands: Buyers of gemstones and jewellery canputup detailed demands as per their requirements througheasy-to-usedemand tool in the app. Registered sellers on the appcan receivethese demands and within no time, buyers can choose thebest optionfor their requirement.Broker network: Brokers can viewdemands andinventory and connect prospective buyers to sellers.Wheretraditional methods would limit the reach and range oftransactionsfor brokers, this tool will enable brokers to increasetheirbusiness by leaps and bounds as a huge network of buyersandsellers is now available on their fingertips.Retailers:Retailerscan now have their own digital showroom on the Gems nJewelleryapp. They can put up their entire inventory on the app,withbeautiful photos and detailed specifications to find buyersnotjust in their cities but far away who are interested inpurchasingtheir jewellery.Consumers: Consumers can now browse ahuge catalogof jewellery from the convenience of their phones. Theycan thenget in direct touch with the retailers to buy the latestgreatestjewellery at unbeatable prices.Business Directory: TradeBuyers,Sellers, Manufacturers and Brokers of the Gems andJewelleryindustry can all get in touch with each other on the GemsnJewellery app through a detailed and easy to use directory.Withtons of features, coupled with easy to use interface inabeautifully designed app, Gems n Jewellery is the tool thattheindustry has been waiting for. That wait is now over. So goaheadand join the network now!
Venus Jewellers Gemstone Shop
Venus Jewellers is a one-stop shop to buy all kinds ofjyotishgemstones online. Our wide range of products includes -Pukhraj(Yellow Sapphire), Kashmir Sapphire (Blue Sapphire),Manik(Rubies), Panna (Emerald), Moonga (Red coral), Moti(Pearl),Lehsunia (Cats eye), Gomedh (Hessonite), Safed Pukhraj(WhiteSapphire), Diamonds and other Semi-precious gemstones. Since2007,Venus Jewellers is providing 100% genuine and naturalgemstones tocustomers looking for cost-effective gemstones. Browsethrough ourlarge selection to buy gemstones online.
Joolz - India's Jewellery Shop
Discover your perfect Gold and Diamond Jewellery Online withJoolzapp, a fast growing online shopping app for Jewellery inIndia.Choose from 1000s of Gold and Diamond Rings, Earings, Pendantsets,necklaces, mangalsutras, nosepins and Indianweddingjewellery.Joolz is a leading marketplace for the word's topjewelrybrands and designs and one stop shop for your favoritejewelleryonline.* Discover on thousands of jewellery pieces onlinefrom thebest designers and brands* Share you favorite styles andjewellerywith friends, and loved ones on Facebook Instagram Twitter&Pinterest* Enjoy a fast and smooth online shopping experience*Shopon the go for classic and stylish diamond, gold, gemstone,platinumand solitaire jewellery* Save up to 35% compared totraditionalretail stores* 30 days money back, 100% certified,lifetimeexchange, free & insured shipping on all yourjewellery* Trackyour orders with ease* Get tips & tricks onjewellery buying*Get free gifts with every jewellery* Win freejewellerycompetitions* Get your latest jewellery and fashion newswith JoolzNews* Explore over 50 top Indian jewellery brands such asAsmi,Tanishq, Gitanjali, Gili , D'damas and many more.* Downloadforfree* Find the perfect gift with our gift finder* Joolz is notlikeCaratlane ,Velvetcase or Bluestone Jewellery - Joolzjewellerycomes from the topIndian jewellery brands and is asexclusive as itgets. Joolz jewellery only partners with the worldstopqualityjewellers and designers. Don't just explore one brandwhen you canexplore hundred jewellerybrands on one-stop- shop forall yourjewellery shopping needsDiscover best of Gold and Diamondjewelleryonline. Our selection of jewellery products includes:*Solitairejewellery such as Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles,Bracelets,Necklaces* Gold jewellery such as Rings, Earrings,Pendants,Bangles, Necklaces, Nose Pins, Mangalsutras,Chains &necklaces*Diamond jewellery such as Rings, Earrings, Pendants,Bangles,Necklaces, Nose Pins, Mangalsutras* Gemstone jewellery suchasRings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Necklaces* Gold coins(Comingsoon)* Men's jewellery* Shop Gold jewellery in all KaratSowhat areyou waiting for? Download the top jewellery shopping app ofIndiatoday. Feedback and suggestions are welcomeoncontact@joolz.inThank you!
Diamond Temple Quest
hours and hours of fun for you,best match 3 gamediamondtemplequest, New and improved match 3 puzzle game launched onAndroidMarket.Match and quest treasure gems jewels indazzlingcombinations in this jewels journey!This sparkling puzzleadventurewill instantly sate your wanderlust and craving fordiamondstreasure. You must quest real treasures using old maps inthisjewels Kingdom. Embark on this diamond temple quest,matching_threeand switching your way to the kingdom throughaddictive matchgameplay.Download diamond temple quest, rate thisgame and sendyour feedback, help us to improve this jewelsgame!game features:*diamond temple quest is FREE to play with 700+amazing levels* manylevels of different diamond temple jewelsChallenges * suitable forall ages to enjoy the game and match 3diamonds or more of the samecolor* beautiful graphics and boost upeffect ( mega bombs,lightning, blocks, and many more).* amazingmusic and game soundsfor different challenges and game matches
Ice Queen Magic Jewel
A classic diamonds that are free Match-3 game launch onGooglePlay.Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in thefreezekingdom.Pass the levels and try to get all stars in eachlevel.Howto play:Match 3 or more identical freeze jeweledFreezeJewelsLegend features:- Complete adventurous levels and unlocktreats-Easy and fun to play, challenging to master- Hundreds ofmysteriouslevels in the frozen kingdom- More than 1400 levels andmultiplepretty scenes in the game.- Swap two advance jewels tocreatespecial effects.- Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors!- Match 4 jewels can win lighting jewel.- Match5jewels in cross pattern to generate a bom jewel and cursh around.
How To Make Silk Thread Jewellery Videos
Silk Thread Jewellery MakingSilk Thread Jewellery MakingVideoSilkThread Jewellery Making Step By StepSilk Thread JewelleryMakingAppSilk Thread Jewellery Making Video AppSilk Thread MakingAppSilkThread Jewellery Making AppSilk Thread Jewellery MakingSilkThreadBangles Making VideoHow To Make Silk Thread BanglesHow ToMake SilkThread EarringsHow To Make Silk Thread Earrings VideosHowTo MakeSilk Thread Earrings Step By StepHow To Make Silk ThreadBanglesStep By StepSilk Thread Jewellery Making With StepsSilkThreadJewellery MakingSilk Thread Jewellery Making At HomeBanglesBasicsAnklets VideosSilk Thread Jewellery Making VideoSilkThreadJewellery Making VideosSilk Thread Jewellery Making StepByStepSilk Thread Jewellery Making VideoSilk Thread JewelleryAppVideoSilk Thread Jewellery Making TutorialSilk ThreadJewelleryMaking OfflineHow To Make Silk Thread Jeweller
Treasure Pharaoh Quest - Gems Match
Treasure Pharaoh Quest - Gems Match, a super classic jeweltreasurepharaoh crush addictive match-3 type game with lotsofexcitement!THE STORY:Follow Archaeologists exploring theancientmysterious Egyptian pyramids.There are many dangers inPyramid,such as poisonous gas, magical mummies, and death.You needto avoidthese dangers to get more special jewels. Don't hesitate.Study themysterious treasure chest. There are ancient treasures inthechest, exploring the key to the unknown world.HOW TO PLAY:1.USEyour fingers: slide, switch and match 3 or more jewels torockpyramid world.2. You must have the sharpest mind. Learn tousespecial jewels or props.3. If you have any difficulties intrickylevels you can use power-ups.GO FOR THIS ADVENTURE:--Discover thesecrets of Rune gems and unlock the treasure.-- Embarkon pharaohpyramid match 3 journey with exploring fun.-- MysteriousEgyptworld, hundreds of well-designed free levels!-- Stunninggraphicswith a highly polished interface.If you really like thepuzzel 3game, also very love of pharaoh culture, let's start yourjourneyin Treasure Pharaoh Journey.Download now!
Jewelry Gold Designs 2017 1.1
Jewelry Gold Designs 2017A lot of female want to know aboutIndianjewellery and about jewellery making designs and style, thekhazanajewellery and best diamond jewellery is most famousjewellerydesigns and mostly like college girls, in this Latestjewellerydesigns application select for jewellery designs for bestfriendjewelry set, ring jewellery designs, jhumkas Designs,goldnecklace, bangles designs this is a best online jewelrydesignsandroid application, you can say about this is a bodyjewelleryshop because you can easily select jewelry designs forfamilymember, our friends and college friends, its a cheapjewelrydesigns online shop for your mobile, find a lot a ofartificialjewelry designs , best Indian jewelry designs or bestIndiandiamond jewelry designs for wedding party and for everyfunctionparty.The selection of designs of jewelry go to applicationandselect a lot of different style designs. simply downloadtheandroid application and select artificial jewelry designs andalsoselect new baby jewelry design from your mobile, aryjewelrydesigns is one of the valuable in the jewellery gold ofworld. Somegirls like and select designs for bridals so you cansimply selectfrom this android application FREE jewelry designs2017. This is abest bridal jewellery designs application for yourbridalsjewellery. This Latest free jewellery android applicationfor everyfemale. In this application you will find a jewellerydesigns forrings. In short this is a best and famous androidjewellery designsapplication in the world.Feature of thisapplications:- Easy touse- User friendly interface- Offlineversion- Pinch zoom- Set aswallpaper- Have sharing function- FreeDownload- Save image withscreenshotNote: All the designs arecopyrighted to their respectiveowners
2017 jewel quest 1.0
Jewellery and Gems Hunt begin, the jewel quest treasure isextremelyfun , free , new powers, new levels , addictive and willkeep youentertained for hours !!!!!!!If you are looking for theclassic gameplay but with modern features you can give it a try:)2017 jewelquest is a wonderful matching gems game, has a lot ofentertainmentwith more than 300 refreshing levels. Turn theprecious stone in adiamond blast , simple just by matching 3 ormore of them.⇑ 2017jewel quest game play: Match 3 or moreidentical jewels to make asweat jewellery crush saga. Matchinggemstones will make your wayand you will move on the next level.You can have ice blocks orstone one, match the jewels andgemstones until the board is clearwith transparency, at this pointyou will find the treasure and thejewel star will appear.. Yourmain goal will be to bring the jewelstar down.Tips: Eliminate thecandy jewels quickly can get extrascores. Use the diamond blastfor new gemstone powers, you will findit great in the game, ishard to get blocked with them. Make thejewels star down to lastline to pass the level.Another tip is tofocus on the last linesfrom the beginning, matching gemstones downon the board willincrease your chance to finish faster with lessmovement.Use theprecious stones and the jewel star for the way tothe top :)⇑ 2017jewel quest game features:- Two Game Modes: Arcade& Classic.-Match 3 gemstones at least to clear the board.-Match 4 gemstonescan win the jewel's bomb. Use it to blast moreprecious stones.-Match 5 gemstones can win color-changing gems and2 lighting jems-Match 6 gemstones to have the super jewel gemstone,will blast allthe diamonds that you want.- Jeweled bomb caneliminate the jewelaround, use the precious stone for higherscore.- Color-changinggem can eliminate to any other coloredjewel.- Timing gem canextend the playing time!- Lighting gem caneliminate more in onerow or column!- More Than 300 Levels- try thediamond match - Highclassic graphic combined with new elements (Precious stones,diamond blast, big jewel star and jewel crush willgive you a greatexperience.)- also we have a pro version withoutany ads, check inthe shop :)This Jewel Quest will bring you theadventure with oldclassic candy crush gameplay, precious stones arenow easy to take.If you like it , you can try the no ads version inour store:)Download and Enjoy - have a sweat jewel crush and adiamond blastin your day!
Pirate Jewels Treasure - Jewel Matching Blast
Pirate Jewels Treasure - Jewel Matching Blast, jewels questjourney,free match 3 puzzle game and addictive brain jewels game!Welcome tothe navigation trip through the jewel games during thispirate jeweltreasure hunter. You might get into an addictivetreasure blastwhile surviving in this match 3 puzzleadventure.Make awesome combosby matching more than 3 jewels inonly one move!!This sparklingpuzzle adventure will instantly sateyour wanderlust and craving forjewels legend.This game will letyou think ahead before you make anyswap while you are playing thisendless hunting.A simple yet coolgame, pirate treasure blastprovides you a great way to relieve fromall the stress with itshours of fun and brain tickling effect.Pirate Match Tips: 1.Multiple game props: Bomb, Colorful Ball, AddMovements, Fever,etc.Experience all these fun props in the puzzleby yourself!!2. Lotsof bonuses and daily rewards will help you tosolve all puzzles andcollect all diamonds-jewels.3. Your onlymotive is to burstjewels.4. Achieve millions and win all jewelgames on your way!5.The more matches you make, the more stars youfill.6. The gamestarts easy but it gets more difficult level bylevel.7. As youprogress further, you will travel through a seriesof differentpirate themed environments and adventures.Features: -Match 3puzzle adventure challenges- Amazing, beautiful andcolorfultropical island- Explore hundreds of adventurous levels.-Generatepower diamonds for completing levels with ease.- Hunt notales butwrite your own pirates story.- Solve puzzle games withfree match 3gems !- Mash with jewel in pirate treasure .-Challenging levelsand addictive gameplay!- Awesome boosters ,power-ups andbonuses!Win the pirate treasure hunt with amazing andveryaddictive gameplay!
New Rings Collection 2018
select a design and ask your jeweler to make one foryou.Threecategories are defined for ease.1. Gold Rings2. PlatinumRings3.Rings for MenApp is fast and consumes very less memory, withmemorycashe clear options in menu.Features:$ Slide images by moveorbuttons next and back.$ Set pictures as wallpapers.$ Easytouse.Features:1) Facility to save the images to SD card.3)ShareImage using Mail, Bluetooth, facebook, whatsapp, hike,twitter,etc.3) Set image as wallpaper or contact icon.4) Next,Previous onimage swipe.5) Offline gallery images.6) Gallery view ofpictures7)Beautiful animated slideshow feature8) Biographyfeature9)Favorites feature : You can add your favorites feature tothis listand see slideshow10) Zooming option11) Goto to particularpictureby number2016 is an application that helps you in choosingaperfect wedding ring for you. By downloading this app, you canknowthe latest and trendy wedding ring designs in 2016. You cancheckthe designs for Gold and Diamond rings also. This applicationisvery helpful for men's in selecting the wedding ring designsfortheir fiance's.Say that it’s your engagement or your wedding;thenthe ring must be very special.are great fond of pretty anddelicatejewelry. This is why we collected the pictures of best ringdesignsand posted them here to save the time of our viewers.You canthedesign you love and ask your jeweler to make asimilarone.Beautiful ring designs for girls/women 2016:Nocompromise canbe made on the design of your jewelry. Remember thatand enjoyviewing the finest ring collection with use.BestEngagementRings:On the event of engagement, it is the very firsttime when agirl wears her own special ring. This ring needs to beperfect,right? This is why there are several options for this one.Gold,silver, and diamond; rings in all the mentioned materialareavailable but the diamond rings are the best for engagement.Ringswith single or more than one diamonds, they can either beofnatural colors or colorful, twisted in one or multiple bands,ovalin shape or in a square cut; all of it depends onyourchoice.Fashionable Wedding Rings:Among the popular weddingringtrends, we have the gold rings as well as the diamond rings.Ringsmade of silver are usually worn by men. For women, gold andwhitegold rings are the most favorite wedding rings. The designsfromwhich you can choose are given below.There are a numberofimportant factors to take into consideration when it comestobuying diamond engagement rings, not only to ensure you buy astylethat is going to appeal to your future bride, but also toensureyou buy the best quality piece based on your particularbudget.Oneof the first things you are going to want to do when itcomes toselecting that one perfect diamond engagement ring is toidentify ashape. Diamonds come in a host of shapes, so you willfind that onematch that meets your future brides unique taste andrequirement.It's advisable to try and identify what meets her needsand thenchoose the cut accordingly, ensuring you provide her with aringshe is going to want to show off moving forward.Next you aregoingto have to focus on the size of the diamond. Remember thiswill bebased on your budget. Bigger isn't always better anddepending onthe style of the ring and the shape of the diamond, youwill beable to find one that meets your budget in terms of style,size andshape.The diamond in the ring should have no flaws orblemishes. Agood diamond engagement ring will be clear in colourand becompletely flawless. When you are unsure on whether you areaboutto purchase the right ring, you can always have itassessed,getting a valuation and a thorough assessment can help youensureyou are buying a genuine product that not only matches yourbudget,but is also the best quality within your chosenbudget.Note:Requires Internet access permission to display adsonly.
Gem Selections (Unit of Khanna Gems Private Ltd.) 2.0
Gem Selections: The Only Trusted Brand for *Govt. LabCertified*Gemstones, Diamonds & Jewellery launches the GemSelections Appto solemnize 30 Years of Excellence in the Indian Gem&Jewellery Industry!Gem Selections takes its CorporateSocialResponsibility seriously. The Gem Selections App is not justanordinary E-Commerce App. The main reason for the creation ofthisApp is not to increase revenues but to provideauthenticinformation about Gemstones, Diamonds, Jewellery &Rudraksha tothe masses which unfortunately they are unable togather anywhereelse.Features of the Gem Selections App:Create yourown Jewellery:You can create your very own Jewellery masterpieceusing the GemSelections App within the click of a few buttons.Getfree GemstoneRecommendation: Get free Gemstone Recommendation usingthe GemSelections App.Video Encyclopaedia: The Gem Selections Appisnothing less than a Video Encyclopaedia for the Gem &JewelleryIndustry in India.Buy Govt. Lab Certified PreciousGemstones fromGem Selections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified Semi PreciousGemstones fromGem Selections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified DiamondJewellery from GemSelections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified VictorianJewellery from GemSelections.Buy Govt. Lab Certified Gem StuddedJewellery from GemSelections.Gem Selections™ © Khanna Gems PrivateLimited
Genius Games & Gems - Jewel & Gem Match 3 Puzzle
Here comes Genius Games & Gems - Jewel & Gem is anaddictive& fun match-3 puzzle colorful game, more colorfuleffects thanever to exercise your jewels star skills. Classic& simple oneof the best genie games with friends puzzle freeavailable for everypeople to be a playing master now within yourgrasp.This jewels andgems has well designed puzzles for you toplay in anytime andanywhere! Be the jewels star and unlock allcastles in this jewelgems games. Enjoy the best combination ofgame mystical gem blast.Is available in 15 languages with 8.000levels per language, so eventhe smartest game gems enthusiastswill have a real challenge tocomplete this game. In fact, onlyvery few have!HOW TO PLAY:• MakeMatch 3 genie games or swipejewels star game in a line to crush andremove them• Make thejewels star down to the last line to pass thenext level• ArcadeMode: Reach a specific goal to solve the puzzlejewels star• TimeMode: Match as fast as you can to level up in gamegems• Reachdifferent level target to pass levels in your adventuregeniegamesSCORE TIPS:• We recommend you scramble with friends tohelppass genie games this easy.• Our biggest update to the jewelsstarever includes 80,000 new style, inspired by our players jewelgemsgames and pop culture.FEATURES:• Easier to pick up and controlthangame gems, and more addictive genie games game play• JewelquestControls via virtual analog stick or simple drag and swipe•With 7new color boom effects becomes the only one and verysparkling inthe game gems• Match 3 or more jewels and gems in aline to crushthem.• Match 4 jewel quest to create special lightningjewels star.Lightning Jewel quest can make a blast to destroy alljewel questin a row or column.• Match 5 jewels with T or L shape tocreatespecial jewel game. The jewel quest can destroy all jewelsaroundit.• Classic genie games, you can make thousands of not onlygeniesgems but also sweet and confounding Gems here!• Varietyofgame-plays, awesome new colorful genies gems characters!•Thecolor-changing mystical gem blast puzzle can eliminate to anyothercolored in each level.• The timing gems and jewels free canextendthe playing time.• Outstanding graphics and music, easy toplay,hard to stop!• The lightning mystical gem blast caneliminategenies game in one row or column.• Let's recreate thejewels andgems, Genies matching 3 sweep games around the world!•Unique anddelicious jewel gems games set with genies gems in eachlevel givesyou tons of sweet challenge.• Many colorful explosionswith type ofthe gems game.• Over 10.000 magical levels with moretons andchallenges in genies gems for endless FUN! Await you enjoythe app!and we will update more levels time by time• Totally freefor allplayers and fascinating graphics with special design jewelsstar•Jewel quest can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal andevenbackwards.• Obtain hint in several ways to solve difficultpuzzlesjewels star• Mystical gem blast Hidden extra words arewaiting tobe discovered• The bomb gems and jewels can eliminate thegems gamearound with multi color for more fun• Suitable for bothkids andadults to train genius games and enhancing jewel gems gamesskill•Fortune jewel games free with surprising rewards!• QUESTcontentsin gems and jewels• Visually pleasing to play jewels starinvarious kinds! • Ready for phones, tablets and displaysthatsupports a new wide range devices. Enjoy the jewels starwithvarious devicesNO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!• You can play offlineinanytime in the genies gems.Genius Games & Gems - Jewel&Gem is a fascinating puzzle game for free everyone, which ismoreaddictive than genie games, and you can find endless interestfromit. Let the manuscript for the genies gems, sweep the jewelsandgems all over the world.All free, hope you will be pleasurewithGenius Games & Gems - Jewel & GemKeep challenge withGems
Maya Jewelry Quest
Maya Jewelry Quest is an amazing match 3 game. There aremanypuzzles that are created from beautiful jewels legend. It'sanaddictive game for everyone.If you really like the mayanjewelsquest match 3 games, but also very love of mayan legendculture,maya quest is your first choice.Features of Mayan jewelslegend:- 3Worlds- 2 Categories Arcade and Classic - +300challenging levels-Combination of jewels unique to crush match 3-Match 3 jeweled canwin the jewel bomb to eliminate the Jewelryaround.How to play:Makecombinations of 3 jewels with same color tomake them burst. Getthe jewel bomb for each line of 4 and more, Youcan swap thejeweled for special burst to use in difficultsituations, then trydropping star to pass the level, If you are introuble use lighting3 jeweled and thunder.About Maya: The Mayacivilization was aMesoamerican civilization developed by the Mayapeoples.Famed Mayancivilization since the fourth century until thecoming of theSpaniards establishing the pyramids and temples andabove the peaksof housing priests, was also famous for pottery,which was in theform of cylindrical cups her pregnant and withthree legs andcolorful bowls. The Maya writings and pictorial worksAlfiresc(Alovrsk). And found traces of them of gold and potterywere alsofound on the tombs of them.Enjoy the Puzzle run throughMayaJewelry Quest and see for yourself! it’s tons of fun! Thisisn'tlike any other match 3 games.
Jewels Panda
One day, Panda found an old treasure map!A journey to the islandoffantasy to search the mysterious jewels!Easy and addictivejewelspuzzle game!Move the jewels to match the same shapeMatch 3 ormorejewels to clear the missions!Experience 1000 stages andspecialjewels![Features]- brain puzzle game with simple rule- noplaylimit such as heart, play as much as you can!- can playevenwithout network!- game file is as low as 20M,light-weightdownload!- supports tablet screen- supports 14languages
Gold Jewelry Designs
Back in 1641, patent laws originated to protect saltmanufacturersin the Massachusetts Bay colony in the United States.TheConstitution of the United States was ratified in 1789, and thatiswhen Congress first had the right to enforce federal patent lawsinthe United States. The Federal Patent Law was notactuallyintroduced by the United States Congress until thefollowing year,in 1790. Jewelry design patent laws began to beenforced.Actually,fine gold jewelry designers now had the option tochoose betweentwo different types of patents. By 1850, competitionwithin thejewelry industry had become steep enough thatmanufacturers anddesigners of fine gold jewelry startedinvestigating how they couldget patents on their designs. Patentsfor designs protect the ideabehind the design and how it's donewhile the utility patents guardhow the product works or beingused.In the United States, there aremore utility patents thandesign patents. There is also adifference in the length of timebetween the design and the utilitypatent as the former will onlylast upto 7 years with the averageof 3 1/2 while utility patentcould work for 17 years. In somecases, manufacturers opt not toacquire a patent on a certainproduct.One of the reasons why finegold jewelry makers didn't usepatent system is that there are somedesigns which are only goodfor a single season or event. The amountfor patents started at $60up. This expense is not cost productivefor some companies if thepatent is going to run out in just sevenyears, depending on theitem they are wanting to patent. They candodge this expensewithout being noticed.Utility patents onmechanisms might last morethan twenty years and is valuable inprotecting the manufacturerfor time frame. This, however, will nottell when the jewelry wasmade. There is a smaller time frame withinwhich a piece of jewelrycan be estimated to have been made, sinceits design patent isshorter than a utility patent. Even though thepatent expires, thecompany may still use the design so you may havesome inaccuracythere.Copyright laws were reformed in 1947 to giveway for jewelrymakers to give copyright to their designs. Sincethis wasintroduced, the need for patents decreases. Trifari Companysuedthe Charel Jewelry company in 1955 over rights on finegoldjewelry. Trifari Company claimed that Charel Jewelry hadstolensome of their designs for costume jewelry, specificallythe"bolero" designs. As compared to patents copyrights is said tobemore proficient and valuable since it could gain fasterapprovallast longer and cost less. There is a small copyrightsymbol youcan find beside the company's name to show that they haveacopyright on the fine gold jewelry.Even when a fine goldjewelrydesign patent has been eliminated on a piece of fine goldjewelry,the copyright symbol now gives us interesting insights asto theage and identification of a specimen of fine gold jewelry.
Cleopatra Match 3 Jewels Quest - Pharaoh Gems
🔰 Game Story :• At the beginning of time before the curse ofthepharaoh, ancient Egypt was an arid desert with no life, Untiltheappearance of the elements jewels or so-called Cleopatrajewels,these jewels possess the greatest power ever known, that canevencreate life itself, such power must be hidden from the public.Theancient pharaohs locked the jewels of Cleopatra inside thegreatpyramids and harnessed its power to revive the ancient aridworldof Egypt. It has worked and turned the desolate world intoaparadise above the earth.• But over time the mystery of thejewelswas no longer hidden. Some began to pursue Cleopatra'sjewels,Everyone had a reason behind this quest but the purpose wasone.They thought that if they could possess the lost jewels, theywouldhave the great power of creation. One day, the boldest ofthemdecided that she had to take what was her right. She was one ofthepharaohs, she was a great warrior and a good queen for herpeople,her name was Cleopatra. But possessing the elements jewelsthatlater bore the name of Cleopatra jewels, under one hand turneditfrom a grace to a curse, giving birth of a terrible darknessthatCleopatra herself could not control it, and she never sawagain.•Cleopatra's cursed jewels began to take everything theygave, lifehas been taken away from the ancient world of Egypt.Cleopatra diedand was the last of the pharaohs, but the curse ofher jewels neverdied.• The prophecy says that one day Cleopatra'scursed jewelslegend will be destroyed by a noble and immaculate manwho willbreak the curse, restore stability and fertility to ancientEgyptand all the surrounding worlds saving all forms of life fromloss.•Are you the chosen person that the prophecy spoke about? Doyouhave the courage to do whatever it takes to break the curseofCleopatra jewels and end the jewels quest?• If your answer isyes,welcome to a fascinating world of exciting adventures. Duringthismatch 3 game, you will have to break the cursed jewels tounlocknew levels with every 20 levels you unlock you save a worldof thecursed worlds.• Challenge your friends and family during yourepicjourney to save the world from the lost jewels of Cleopatraandprove them that you are the chosen who seeks glory, notmedals.Reveal the mystery of old Egypt by solving the puzzle ofthismagical match 3 game, and remember that heroes are made notborn.🔰How to Play :• Match 3 or more jewels (one in a row) of thesamecolor by clicking at one jewel and drag it to other adjacentjewelsof the same color and all of them will be crushed, use thespeciallost jewels to enhance the destructive force when you crushthem.☥Jewels Features:- Horizontal stripe jewel destroys alljewelshorizontally on its way- Vertical stripe jewel destroys alljewelsvertically on its way- Volcano jewel destroys all jewelsaround (9jewels) on its way- Multicolor jewel destroys all jewelsthe samecolor which has been combined☥ Mix of Features:-(Horizontal stripejewel) + (Vertical stripe jewel) = Destroys alljewels horizontallyand vertically on its way- (Horizontal stripejewel) + (Volcanojewel) = Destroys 3 rows of jewels horizontallyand vertically-(Volcano jewel) + (Volcano jewel) = Big Volcano Boomdestroysaround more jewels than just Volcano jewel (13 jewels)• Andmorefeatures we'll let you discover it yourself while playing oneofthe best free match 3 games.🔰 Special Bonus:• When you reachthelast level of our casual match 3 game and finish it, takeascreenshot of the map showing that you are successfullyunlockedall levels, and send it to us via e-mail or throughCleopatraJewels group on Facebook and we will put your name on thenext newmap of this cursed pharaoh match 3 game!••• Have funplayingCleopatra Match 3 Jewels Quest 2 ツ
Jewels Gems blast is a mania type of match 3 game. The goal ofthisis to win 3 jewels stars by matching as many as gems. Jewelsblastis also a saga like game, you should clear all ices in theboard tofinish the puzzle . In our ultimate jewels there are zenmode andclassic mode By swapping two jewels or gems, your can be alegendOur free Jewels blast game have 4 different scenes:.. Werecommendthat you play snow and ice first Purple candy isDesigned.specifically for girls. Spring rainbow give you good moodwhen youplay. Egyptian Pyramids is full of saga style. - B2B Gems & Jewellery Marketplace App 1.0.16
Jewelxy Marketplace Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Gems andJewelleryIndustry Marketplace. Jewelxy is to serve everyone in B2B,B2C& O2O Jewelry Market. We work to bring alongmarvelousopportunities to discover, connect and exploreworldwideopportunities through a global business networkingplatform. ThisBusiness App assures more than 10X Growth of yourbusiness.Beingfirst of its kind, Jewelxy is an industry specifictrade portalemphasises on valuable deals of gems & jewelryonline therebyconnecting gems & jewelry manufacturers,wholesalers, suppliersthrough retail jewellers internationally& helping business tosave time and communicate directly fromsmartphone, anytimeanywhere.In addition, Jewelxy is India's largestjewellers businessdirectory with 100,000+ listed business from 130+countries in 26categories such as gold jewellery manufacturers,silver jewellerywholesalers, diamond jewellery manufacturer,platinum jewellerysuppliers, palladium jewellery, importer &exporters, gemstonetraders and dealers including jewellery makingtools and machinery,offering a wider pool of potentialcustomers.Key Features ofJewelxy App:- G&J industry specificcommission FREE tradingplatform.- Buy or Sell your products &services, worldwide.-Real-time updates on product catalogue,inventory & offers.-Buyers & Sellers can chat directly atanytime from anywhere.-Online trade directory of manufacturers,suppliers, dealers etc.-Industry event calendar to ease businessnetworking.- Stayup-to-date with industry trends & events.ForBuyers /Jewellers:- Search exactly what you want, quickly 24x7.-Post yourbuying requirements & get prices from multiplesuppliers.-Follow your favorite business & receive instantupdates.-Connect with exhibitors participating in jewelleryexhibitions.-Discover suppliers on your preferred geo-location.ForSellers /Suppliers:- Build your business presence & be found intheglobal market.- Easily add or update your product details&broadcast.- Receive instant quote request, buy Lead &enquirynotifications.- Promote Your Event Presence, & IncreaseStallVisitors footfall.- Share your products on social network&reach millions.Business Website:With Jewelxy you get aLifetimeFree Professional Business Website to showcase yourproducts. Openyour Digital Shakha (digital branch - your permanentonlinebusiness address) & introduce your business on theglobaljewelers market. Announces deals and offers, share &broadcastyour brand's unique selling points to attract morecustomers &optimize your productivity to get more than 10xGrowth in aneffective way with countless otherbenefits.GemstoneInventory:Jewelxy has the exclusive gemstonesinventory that getsyou all the resources you need with just a fewclicks!, making it aperfect marketplace to connect with gemstonesuppliers includinggemstone jewelry & diamond jewelrymanufacturers &wholesalers. Source your preferred precious& semi-preciousloose gem stones, coloured gemstones, Sapphires,Emerald, Ruby the most competitive price.BusinessNetwork:On-the-Go MeetingPoint, Jewelxy offers you an essentialbusiness networking platformwith up-to-date industry eventscalendar. It lets you accessschedules, participants list of globaljewellery shows & fairs,connecting exhibitors & visitors,helping them build lastingrelationships with potential customers& futurepartners.Jewelxy brings global marketplace directly onto yourmobile phone, takes away the complications of digitalmarketing& facilitates two-way search that empowers business topursuedesired results.Join the Largest Gems & JewelryBusinessNetwork, Buy-Sell & Grow Your Business Faster!
Jewellery Photo Editor 2018
Collection of Awesome Diamond and Gold JewelrymakeoversetsJewellery Photo Editor offers you various HD Jewellerysstylesfor an instant stylish jewellery growth easily and free touse andmake your photo differently.Jewellery Photo Frame Editor isaunique face makeup Jewellery app or jewelry wear and try thisnewapp, with new collections of Jewellery designs.JewelleryPhotoEditor will help you to pickup various Fashion Jewelleryphotoframe items like Necklaces sets, Ear Rings, Ear Hangings,DiamondJewellry Sets, Diamond and Gold Jewelery sets and Chain fromthecollection of the stylish jewellery and try on you how they lookonyour body. Jewellery style photo editor is providing facilitiestochange your jewellery style with best picture editor variouscolorsand give a face makeup beautiful look to your face in aflash.Jewellery is the biggest asset for a woman. Fashion Jewelleryphotomakeup can give you a beautiful and attractive look amongyourfriends. So download women jewellery style photo editor appandgive an attractive look to yourself. Woman Jewellery PhotomakeupEditor is easy to use and look realistic Jewellery on yourbody,come with variety of beautiful realistic 100+ jewellery, solet’sstart best picture editor jewellery booth photo montage photomakerand makes your photo more attractive with jewellerystickerseditor.Key features of Jewelry photo editor for girls: -Collectionof beautiful diamond and gold necklace sets for girls-Amazingphoto changer verity of Jewelry earrings and bindi- Photochangerphoto editor have verity of modern crown- Rotation andzooming-zoomout tool for setting up neckless, earrings and bindi onyourbeautiful face- rotate and crop stylish woman image features-sharecreated image in social media and your friends and familyTakeaselfie and let our makeup camera editor do its magic. Choose anyofthe Indian Jewellery stickers and tap on it to manipulateit.Stylish jewellery provides you nice collection of rings,bracelets,earrings, necklace, silver bracelets, and gold jewellery.Tap onthe stickers to move them around the photo maker photo andyou canerase the sticker at any time when you do. This stylishjewelleryphoto editor with cool photo effects for you makeup photo.Save orshare your “virtual makeup” photo montages. You can shareyourselfie/dp on social media friends and family members. Downloaditnow for free and play with photo stickers for girls on yourimages!With our high end retouched & team of jewelry imageediting weadd shiny look and brand new feel to jewelryphotography.Write usyour feedback to make this app better. We willconsider them forfuture update.Thank youDisclaimer---------------------Thisapplication complies with US Copyright lawguidelines of "fairuse". If you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademarkviolation that doesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines,please contact us directly.