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Godzilla Anime Wallpapers HD 4.4
Best Godzilla Anime Wallpapers HD is anappthat contains images of your most beloved anime characters inBestGodzilla Anime Anime that you can set as your wallpaper, sharethemwith your friends or download them to your smartphone. Thisappcontains many images with more on the way and many featuresforBest Godzilla Anime Anime, Also if you have any request aboutNewAnime, leave us a comment below!This App Features:- Great variety of Best Godzilla Anime images with more on thewaywith no need to update- Share button- Save image to your phoneSome of the upcoming Anime apps:- Detective School Q- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex- Gosick, UN-GOand more...
Fire dragon godzilla Keyboard 10001001
Download the fire dragon Godzillakeyboardskin, Godzilla fire dragon background, full of stylishfonts anddigital sound technology, suitable for friends like coolGod SnowDragonFire Dragon Gothic keyboard skin (typewriter) morecomprehensivetechnical products, equipped with retro pattern gemkeys, make yourphone more high-endFire Dragon Godzilla keyboard skin (typewriter) designed forpeoplewho like the cool Godzilla Fire Dragon keyboard. Download andapplyFire Dragon Gothic keyboard skin to design yourAndroid(typewriter) Whether your mobile phone is Samsung or Huawei,thenice Fireball Godzilla keyboard provides you with afaster,smoother mobile experience.Fire Dragon Godzilla keyboard skin supports a variety of HuaweiandSamsung phonesFire Dragon Godzilla keyboard how to apply?Note: Panda keyboard must be installed1) Download the Fire Dragon Gothic keyboard plate skin theme,thenclick the Install button.2) Download the "Panda Keyboard" (typewriter) Play StorefromGoogle. If you have already installed the Pandakeyboard(typewriter), click the Apply button.3) After installing and applying the "Panda Keyboard"(typewriter),the Fire Dragon Godzilla keyboard skin theme will beautomaticallyinstalled on the phone.
Miminote - Notepad
Miminote was designed for making a notequicklywith only one hand.The primary interface is arranged in a range that thethumbsreach.So you can keep your ideas or sparks promptly. a note quickly with only one hand.Miminote knows how to note in one hand.Instant keyboard, auto-saving by the back key, etc.If you put app icon to the dock or the bottom of the homescreen,you can use more convenient.Fold down the corner to mark.Make a dogear for reading again or todo.Just tap the right edge of the note, you can make it.With filter, you can narrow down folded notes.
Beautiful ID Photo Camera 1.0.0
Notice!- Now only available in 3cm x 4cm size. Please be waited tillwedevelop the new version covering other sizes.- Application is available in Japanese only. (Sorry. We hopeapp’ssimple design allows you to use regardless your nativelanguage…)ID photo app for 3x4 cm size (originally developed for resumesheetuse in Japan). Shoot your face photo with the app, andcompletewith skin smoother and eye bag concealer effects. Thenprint atyour home printer.This app is produced by Japan’s No.1 job-board brand “TOWNWORK”fromRecruit Jobs Co., Ltd.Best suitable for …NO TIME? Are you in hurry?- Anytime, anywhere!- Don’t worry even if it is midnight or the deadline istoday.- Easy & Quick process takes only 1min.NO MONEY? You don’t want to spend money for this?- All you need to pay is for printing only! (And it can be freeifyou have printer at home!)NOT confident? You are NOT A SELPHIE PERSON?- We give you selfie how-to guide dedicated for IDphotoshoot!- Of course, you can try as much as you get the best one!
soul armors recollect 1.07
A knight who has lost his body,sets out on a journey to find his memories...Exhilarating battles! Smash your enemies up with eachattack!!Smash all kinds of enemies with different weapons and skills!Over 150 kinds of enemies are waiting! Be extremelycautiouswithgiant beasts!!There are many discoveries to be made as you walk around!Town, Dungeon, Training yard, Black crystal, etc...Event, Memories, Treasure box and formidableenemies.Endlessjoys!A knight who only have his armor and a cat who lives intheknight'sarmor.They go on a journey to recover his memories.Every person you meet have a wistful secret.When you reach the end of a journey, you may surely wishtoreplaythis journey again.Not just for collection but to grow stronger as well!Every 300 kinds of equipment and items have each havetheirownsignificance!The knight changes his looks in sync with his equippedweaponorarmor!■material【Graphic】qutエトリエぴぽや猫屋からしねくら誰そ彼亭【CLOSET】 【sound】ユーフルカ効果音ラボ
The Principal 3D 5.1
[In easy operation also headmaster! ]● You are the principal teacher of the phrase school.Also I think the topic of the morning assembly today. Operationisonly to enter the topic of the story!Talk long-Ihodo high scores. However, boring topic is tryingtoattention because students fall in anemia.Good topic of reputation increases students.If Different one character results change everything! Good to beaserious story, and good even blur. Let's look for a topic ofyourown!Popular person of principal Aim!● world of my principal that has spread in 3D!Wasteful reality is up in a reproducible dot 3D in full 3D!Picture book is also enriched! Share with Gekisha themorningassembly! Fun to find a topic in the rank evaluation withalso hasincreased.Also play devised to other a lot! I try to play once anyway!When the topic is not think ● it?Consider the hobby and today's events!Favorite drama and cartoon Toka topic.Also funny stories and ghost story something?The world's largest hints and search for reviews orchids andtheinternet! I wonder if the other principals are what story?Rarestory is found be ....Emergency, principal Toku!─────────────────────● Yu tuber is competing in my principal 3D?My principal 3D is a collaboration application with familiarUUUMcompany in Youtube! No way famous Youtuber appeared ...!?HIKAKIN (Hikakin), beginning Shacho, Gucci ... more isforyourself!
Escape Game Secret Base 1.4
Please escape from our secret base we madeonthat day.It is a escape game that you can easily play with justtapoperation.Game function· There is an auto save function.· There is a volume adjustment function.· By watching videos or big screen advertisements, you can seehintsof solving puzzles.Method of operation· Please find out where you feel on the screen by tapping.· Move is done with the arrow tap at the bottom of thescreen.· You can select acquired items by tapping.· If you tap the item again, you can enlarge it and check it.· A specific place on the screen can solve a mystery byselectingand using items.About advertisement· Production of the application is supported byadvertisementrevenue. Please note.
Household account book 1.2
Introducing a budget book app withcuteillustrations!With this app, you can keep track of how much money you spend inamonth, and even save money!As a bonus feature, the app includes a comic book! The longeryoucontinue to use this app, the more you will be able to readthiscomic book.-----------------------------------------------------◆About the app-----------------------------------------------------・Keep track of how much you earn and how much you spend inonemonth・A pie graph that shows what you spend your money on andwhatpercent of your money you spend on each item・A story that you can read more of if you use the app more・Download wallpaper-------------------------------------------------------◆This app is perfect for people who.....--------------------------------------------------------・want to avoid using too much money・want to save up・have trouble saving up・want to know in detail how much they spend in a month------------------------------------------------------◆A request from the staff:------------------------------------------------------If there are any problems with the app, please tell us by sendingusan e-mail. To send us an e-mail, open the app and select"Other",then select "Inquiry".If you write about any problems you're having in a review, wewillnot be able to tell which version of the app or device youareusing, which makes it difficult for us to fix the problem.Please cooperate with us in making our service better!
Write It! Japanese
Write It! Japanese is the firstwritingrecognition app for Japanese kana! Try our writingrecognition andyou'll never want to go back to tracing apps.✌★ Hassle-free writing. Never get stuck or have to go backandreference how to write a character.★ Practice writing with guides before testing yourself,makinglearning extremely fast and stress-free.★ Bite-sized lessons allow you to learn conveniently, even ifyouonly have a few minutes.★ Write anywhere! No longer be restricted to writing only whenyouhave paper and a pen!Stop referencing books, watching videos, and usinglacklustertracing apps that never test you, download Write It!Japanesenow!
ZIP with Pass 4.6.5
Is a tool extracting the ZIP.It has the following features.Extracting ZIP file with password.(rar and 7z is notsupported)Starting from other file browser. (associate ZIP)You can see the files after extracting file.function simple browser.
flick - Emoticon Keyboard
IO Inc.
flick is the name of this app, now!【features of flick】・AI Prediction, considering for context.・Searchable a million emoticons forfeelings.・Theme from your images and videos for thekeyboardbackground.Easy to input emoji🐷・AI predictionWhen AI conversion is turned on, predictions and conversions canbeperformed by considering the input sentence. You canentercharacters more comfortably than ever, because fewerflickmanipulations display the words you want to input. It isalsouseful for those who are not used to typing characters usingflickoperations on smartphones.・Searchable emoticonsSearch emoticons with a keyword from feelings and just touch ittouse it. This app has many topical news emoticons, so it isalwaysupdated.・Theme90 color themes for the keyboard background. Not only imagesbutalso videos can be applicable for the keyboard background.Imagescan be trimmed and shared, videos can be controlled volumeandmute.flick is Japanese input keyboard applicationwithEmoticon Dictionary.【About AI prediction of flick】This feature is to predict candidates, considering for context.AIpredicts on the IO Inc.'s server in Japan, because this processisso heavy for smartphones. AI predicts candidates on serversinJapan, which are operated by IO Inc. Nobody except AI analyzesthetyped text. The used data is treated only in Japan and itisdeleted as soon after AI uses.======================================================【How to use flick】Following steps, after downloading.1. Touch the flick icon on the home screen.2. Touch Next on Easy Set Up.3. Touch Enable and enable flick.4. Touch Switch and swich to flick.5. Touch Next and finish setting up.【How to search emoticons】1. Type「wa」「ra」「u」.2. Touch the bear (search) icon on the left side.※Search with kanji.1. Type「wa」「ra」「u」.2. Type the conversion key on the right side.3. Touch the bear (search) icon on the left side.======================================================【About permissions】• Modifying or deleting the contents of USB devices orSDcards.Used to back up SD cards.・Allows access to the vibrator.For the vibrations on touching keys.•Network CommunicationsFor searching emoticons.※AI Prediction: for communications to predict using AI on serversofIO Inc. in Japan.======================================================【About information displayed during installation】Permits the collection (flick) to be used with this app.This is not an indication of this application’s risk. This showstherisk of all keyboard applications. It is displayed when akeyboardapplication, which wasn’t previously installed, isinstalled andactivated.In this application, just setting up does not send any text andanyprivate data.Under the enabled AI prediction, text will be sent to AI of IOInc,AI running on servers in Japan. Only AI uses the text topredictcandidates and deletes the text after the process as soonaspossible. These processes runs only in Japan.======================================================【FAQ】■Cannot search emoticons with the error message"NetworkError".Turn off energy saving or except this app from the energysavinglist■To quickly input the same characters.Select Flick on flick > Advanced Software Keyboard Settings>Input Style.■Change the font size of candidates.Slide the bar of flick > Settings > Font size ofcondidatewords.■Sent text accidentally.Some app implements the shortcut to send text. Please turn offonthe app.ex)Open LINE and go to Other > Settings> Talk> TransmitwithEnter Key.======================================================The programming behind flick is based onmozc(, an open sourcesoftware.======================================================
Free Learn Japanese Hiragana 5.0.7
※ English language support: You can checkthemenu and words into English.For those who want to learn Japanese, mastering HiraganaandKatakana is the first step, and most important.Hiragana and katakana are the basic alphabets of Japanese basedonphonetic characters that represent vowels and consonants.Hiragana and Katakana each contain 46 characters andtheirpronunciation is the same.However, they each have different applications in writing.Hiragana appears in every part of a Japanese sentence, andplaysmany roles. Katakana also has a large role, but not asessential asHiragana.Katakana is mainly used for nouns that originate from outsidetheJapanese language, and it can also be used formanyadjectives.If you can learn the proper use of Hiragana and Katakana, itwillnot only improve your comprehension of the Japanese language,butalso deepen your understanding of Japanese culture.When you open the app, you will be able to choose either"practice"or "tests"[Practice]-Write practiceWhile listening to the pronunciation, you'll also learn thecorrectstroke order!All you have to do is trace the screen according to thedisplayednumber of stroke order.Numbers, arrows, grid lines, and various other functions willhelpyou.Once you learn the correct stroke order, you can write thecorrectform of each character.-Card PracticeWhile listening to the pronunciation, you'll also learntheword![Test]You are able to check your level!And you will be master of Japanese[World Record]You can be a challenge the world record[Online Match Play]You can be Online Match PlayThis is the recommended app for Japanese language beginners.