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Learn Japanese 5.0
Binary Inc
★ "Easy Japanese" is a program of Japanese language lessonsproducedby Japan's public broadcaster, NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN. ★Learn theJapanese easily through audio lessons. This feature needa internetconnection but you can learn Japanese communicationeasier. ★ LearnJapanese conversation with common daily phrases andsentences. ★Learn Japanese new words in each lesson. Each lessonhave about 5 -15 vocabulary with the explanation. This will helpyou to learnvocabulary easier. ★ Learn Japanese grammar. Eachlesson have somegrammar points. ★ Learn Japanese in 17 language. ★Learn JapaneseAlphabet (Hiragana and Katana) ★ [Sound Words]Onomatopoeia andimitative words describing persons or things areintroduced withaudio and illustrations. ★ [Teach Us, Teacher] Thelessonsupervisor, Assoc. Prof. Akane Tokunaga, explains importantlearningpoints in the lesson. ★ This app lets you read and listento dailynews provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY in a very simpleJapanese. ★ Fast& Accurate Japanese Translation ★ Easy TravelJapanese. Whentraveling in Japan for the first time, what phrasesdo you need?Each 3-minute episode provides simple expressions youcan put to useas soon as you land. The program also offers tipsfor getting aroundthe country. Remember the phrases and make yourtrip more fun. EasyTravel Japanese is based on one of the mostpopular programs onRadio Japan, "Easy Japanese".Facebook:
learn English in 60 days with Hindi 3.0.1
In country like India where English is the part of personality.Thisapp makes you speak fluent English especially people who arefromHindi medium.The App contains number of lessons suchasgrammar,vocabulary,test,tips and conversation. We tried to useasimplified language by which you can understand easilyDownloadthisoffline application and speak fluent English to make a brightfullcareer.||||अब आपके अपने भाषा हिंदी में सीखें आसानीसेअंग्रेजी।।।।हमारा प्रयास की हम आपको कुछ नया दे सके, play storeमेंअनेक application उपलब्ध है।लेकिन हमने कुछ ऐसा करने की कोशिश किहैजिससे आप आसानी से English बोल पाए |Key Features:• lessons: Wehavecovered almost all important chapters that will give youclassroomexperience.• Well-designed Course: This English speakingcourse hasbeen divided into seven parts. ** Tips ** Test ** Tense** Grammar** Vocabulary ** Conversations ** Writing Skill•Test:This is themost amazing feature that you will appreciate a lot,this sectionmakes you practice the chapters that you have learntfrom grammar.You will have to just go through test and get yourbestscore.•Tips: We have tried to solve your queries and doubts inthissection which mostly students encounter.•One on one: You canclearyour English speaking related doubts with DeotirthSahu.•Absolutely Free app: There are no hiddenchargeswhatsoever.Please download this free application and startspeakingEnglish at home.===उम्मीद है की आपको यह application पसंदआएगा====****Short Description about Deotirth Sahu****देवतीर्थ साहूएकEnglish गुरु तथा प्रेरक वक्ता के रूप में देश के विभिन्न शहरोंमेंहजारों छात्रो का मार्गदर्शन कर चुके हैं| बहुत ही कम उम्र मेंएकछोटे से गैरेज से क्लास की शुरुआत करते हुए आज आप अंचल के सबसेबड़ेSpoken English institute के संचालक हैं| अपितु आप एक हिंदीमीडियमछात्र थे, आपकी इंग्लिश कमज़ोर थी, आपने इसी कमज़ोरी को ताकतबना करछात्रो को इंग्लिश सीखाने का एक साहसिक प्रण लिया| आज आपकेinstituteसे हजारों छात्र इंग्लिश को कठिन समझी जाने वाली भाषा मेंपारंगत होकरदेश विदेश में सेवा दे रहे हैं| आपकी खोजी प्रविती तथावैज्ञानिक सोचEnglish सीखने को आसान बनाती है | इसका जीवंत उदाहरण यहApp है, जहाँआप आसानी से English सीख सकते हैं |समाचार पत्र, टी.वी,रेडियो आपकेलेख तथा साक्षत्कार को युवाओं तक पहुंचाते रहे हैं |वेछात्रों केआत्मविश्वास, मनोबल वृद्धि तथा English language के लिएस्कूल-कॉलेजएवं अन्य संस्थाओ द्वारा आमंत्रित किये जाते रहे हैं | •Startedcareer in the field of soft skill and personalitydevelopment namedDev Spoken English in year 2004 which is thelargest institute inChhattisgarh.• Started classes at Central JailDurg in Year 2013.•Specially invited as a presenter in LANCOMMMalaysia • Hosted ashow with ABHI TAK News Bhilai on career andpersonalitydevelopment.• Hosted a show with Zee News on SpokenEnglish andpersonality development in year2011.• Invited as SpecialGuest asCareer adviser on Zee News in year 2012.• Interviewed andpublishedby BBC News Web Portal•Special interview by electronicmedia SahraNews,Bansal News, India News,Zee 24Ghante M.P/CG •Widelyinterviewed and published by many Newspapers like DainikBhaskar,Naidunia,The Hitvada, Haribhoomi, Navbhart , Patrika,Kanchan Path,Central Chronicle, Chhattisgarh, Etc. Invite DeotirthSahu to yourevents, seminars, conferences and conventions for hiskeynoteaddress and motivational sessions. The following subjectsarecovered : motivation Hindi | inspiration Hindi | businessspeakerscorporate speakers| Public Speaking| Communication Skill |SoftSkill.
Learn German - 5000 Phrases 2.5.2
Play, Learn and Speak – discover common phrases for dailyGermanconversation! ✔ 5,000 useful phrases for conversation. ✔LearnGerman in your tongue (60 languages available). ✔ Best FREEapp forlearning fast. Speak German Fluently in Real ConversationsWithLearn German application, you can now explore over 5,000Germanphrases for short daily conversations while having absolutelypurefun! Whether you’re a tourist having a vacation in anGermanspeaking country or someone who just wants to speak aforeignlanguage, this application will help you learn Germanphrases in afast, easy and enjoyable way. Why Our FREE App isDifferent ✔ Nointernet connection required – play where you wantand when youwant (offline). ✔ 5,000 common phrases – audiopronunciations andphonetic transcriptions to show you how nativespeaker from Germanyactually pronounce them. ✔ 11 fun games – ainnovative approach topractice your listening, writing and speakingskills. ✔ 4 levelsfor learning: beginner, intermediate, advancedand expert. ✔ 20topics divided into 145 subtopics – so you’ll knowwhat and when tosay each phrase. Topics for German conversation:Greetings,Conversations with friends, Basic sentences,Travel,Transportation, Hotel, Restaurant, Food, Shopping, Work,Businessetc. More Features to Improve Your German SpeakingVocabulary ✔Search and bookmark your most common expressions fromthephrasebook. ✔ Earn points as your German skills progress andunlockall levels for free. ✔ “Random Categories” feature torandomlyselect the topic, subtopic and game. ✔ 60 languages –so youcouldunderstand and speak each phrase easily regardless of whichcountryyou’re from. About FunEasyLearn: Fun Easy Learn hasdeveloped manyapplications to help people around the world learnforeignlanguages for free. Fun Easy Learn applications improve yourGermanskills: speaking, listening and grammar. The dictionary ofthe appshas human voice pronunciation for each common phrase toimproveyour speaking skill. Speak German easily and fluently fortravel,business or fun!
English Vocabulary 4.3.4
English Vocabulary Do you have any of these problems? There aresomany English words. I don't know which words to study! I knowthemeaning of words, but I don't know how to use them insentences!Even if I study, I keep forgetting the words. How do Irememberthem? We solved all of these problems to help you learn howtospeak English using frequently used words. Learning the top2000words in English will give you a solid foundation that willimproveyour reading, speaking, and listening. Do you want to testandimprove your English vocabulary? Are you preparing forTOEIC,TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, GRE, MCAT, PCAT or ASVAB exam? If you wanttoscore high, you need an extensive vocabulary. The dictionaryinthis app includes: TOEIC (3420 words) TOEFL (600 words) GMAT(1400words) SAT (5000 words) GRE (3750 words) MCAT (1230 words)PCAT(1190 words) ASVAB (300 words) For each word you will findacorrect pronunciation (via your Android device) and translationtoyour mother language (via Google Translate - requires aninternetconnection, but only a little data). This application willhelp youlearn essential vocabulary. You can test and improve yourknowledgein two ways: You can either match words with theirmeanings ormeanings with their words. Every test contains 10questions andeach question has 4 answer options. You have to selectthe correctanswer. In the end of each test you can check youranswers. EnglishVocabulary Daily is an offline application to helpyou learnenglish vocabulary with a simple and efficient way.EnglishVocabulary Daily helps you learn vocabulary effectively stepbystep: Learning words -> Learning words with lessinformation-> Reading test -> Listening test. And in newversion, theapp English Vocabulary also help you improve letterwriting skilland prepare well in interviews. Especially, with everylessons, youcan do test lessons to remembered longer. Additionally,throughwidget, the app English Vocabulary Daily helps you tolearnvocabulary every hour, every day like "small rain lays greatdust".The app English Vocabulary Daily works offline, so youlearnanytime, anywhere without a network connection. People whowant toimprove their English or the students who are preparing forexamslike CAT ,MAT , GMAT , GRE , SAT , SSC, Bank PO, BBA, BBS,BCA,CET, GATE, IAS, IBPS, IELTS, IES, TOEFL, UPSC etc will findvoltapplication extremely valuable because now they don't have tocramthose words and will save excessive repetitive effortsrequired.english english dictionary english grammar learn englishvocabularyenglish speaking spoken english english conversationenglishspeaking course speak english dictionary english englishlanguagehow to learn english voa learning english vocabulary wordshow tospeak english english learning english to englishdictionaryenglish exercises talkenglish english test vocabulary comlearnenglish online english pronunciation english lessonsenglishgrammar exercises english course english words englishenglishdictionary voca learn english speaking how to improveenglishenglish grammer english grammar test english class englishas asecond language learn english grammar english listeningvocabularytest vocabulary games wordlist how to speak englishfluentlygrammar english listening english conversation englishenglishlanguage course english worksheets easy english englishonlineenglish grammar tenses english grammar rules englishspeakingpractice study english english sentences learn englishconversationenglish grammar lessons English Vocabulary helps you inlearningthe most difficult words that you come across almosteveryday.Instead of being blank the next time you hear or read suchwords,you can come over them with the help of this powerful tool.Thisapplication is simple and easy to use. It creates a senseofexcitement about learning, and increase your vocabulary fast.
Spanish Words Learn Español 2.7.1
Vocabulary Trainer for Learning Spanish: Learn to Speak SpanishforTravel, Business, Dating, Study & School. •Flashcarddictionary with Spanish-English translations of 10,000words. •Fastest growing language course education app for mobile&tablet: 500,000 new users/month. • Unique features: seecomparison with duolingo,babbel,RosettaStone,busuu. •100% Free Spanish lessons for beginners, advancedlearners, adultsand kids. Build a solid vocabulary in just 10 minsper day.Pioneering sleep learning function designed withleadingresearchers. Learn the most frequent Spanish words andtravelphrases quickly, before your holidays. Proven methodologyforaccelerated and stress-free learning of Spanish. Over 10.000wordsand phrases with images and quality audio. More than any otherapp!Learn vocabulary while driving, running or doing houseworkinlistening-only mode. It's 100% free. Give it a try anddownloadnow! Key Features: ► 10,000 Flashcards containing Spanishwords andphrases and their English translation ► Listening-onlymodeincluded ► Accelerated learning method with spacedrepetitions,based on the latest research for optimum memorization ►Qualityaudio pronunciation and images ► No internet connectionrequiredwhile learning (offline) ► From absolute beginners toadvancedlearners ► Adapts to mobile phones and tablets ► SleepLearning:Learn Spanish words while you sleep. Save hours ofvocabularystudy. Based on the latest academicresearch: Howdoes it compare to other language learning apps? ► 100%Free: Nolimitations of content or functions in an attempt to makeyou buy apaid version. Everything is free. ► More Words andCourses: Coursesadapted to fit your language learning objectives,whether you wantto study the language for your job, your holidaysor just forasking someone on a date. ► Adjustable Learning Speed ►AcceleratedLearning Methodology: Research in the field ofvocabulary learningshowed that spaced repetition language traininggives the bestresults for memorization in language lessons. Plusoptionalrelaxation music can increase student memorycapacity(superlearning). ► Add your own vocabulary lists: If youare takinga course at a school, university or private academy, youcan addthe words from your textbook and learn them here instead oflookingthem up in a dictionary. ___ Do not download this app if youwantto learn grammar. This app is designed for rapid learningofvocabulary and phrases. For learning grammar thoroughly (suchastenses and verb conjugations) the best option is to attendalanguage course ideally in a country where the language isspoken.On our website you can compareover10000 reviews of language courses & programs worldwide.Thebest app is no replacement for a Spanish course, but can helpmakethe vocabulary learning part of any course so much easier.___Available Flashcard Language Course Lessons: ► Most FrequentWordsin Spanish - Beginner A1 (500 words) - Elementary A2(501-1250) -Lower Intermediate B1 (1251-2250) - Upper IntermediateB2(2251-3500) - Advanced C1 (3501-5000) ► Dating Phrases -Dating,Romance and Going Out ► Practise Business Spanish -BusinessVocabulary ► Travel phrases - Basics - Transportation&Direction - Hotel / Accommodation - Free time, Sports &more -Eating out
Portuguese to English Speaking 17.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensivePortuguese to English Speaking Course which is meantfor teachingyou English speaking. * This is a Portuguese to EnglishSpeakingtutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodologywith very interactive English audio sessions for each ofthe sixdedicated chapters. * You are systematically coached to getmorecommand over English language with Portuguese with each andeverylesson that you take. * Confident, fluent English learningandspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as you are providedfacilityto even record your own English exercise sessions in yourown veryvoice for each lesson and save it for future reference. *APortuguese speaking person will also like going through each ofthechapters which are completely interactive in nature, coachingyouthroughout to gain more knowledge as you learn speakingEnglishlanguage with command. * Every Portuguese to Englishlearningchapter is sufficiently provided with quality informationto ensurethat your speaking fluency gets further enhanced. This ishow youcan use this application: ***** Text Based Portuguese toEnglishLearning ***** Audio Based Portuguese to English Learning*****Save your voice recordings for future reference and trackyourimprovement against each exercise. ***** There are sixseparatechapters that are devoted individually for Scenarios,EnglishInterview, Expressions, Colloquial English Speaking,Etiquette andPhrasal Verbs. ***** Take a quiz test on Englishlanguage aftercompleting these chapters. ***** Hence thereby learnhow to speakEnglish using Portuguese Fluently. This languagelearningapplication can also be used by those Portuguesespeakingparticipants who are preparing for BPO, Call Center,EnglishDiscussions and Debates as well as English job interview. Ifyouwant to learn english grammar, it is advised that you initiallygothrough this application get yourself ready for yournextassignment. If I want to learn english, I should beapproachingthis application for the same and go through all thechapters. Thisapp can help you learn english fast using audio. Itis easier tolearn the language using English conversation ratherthan throughan English Dictionary. Learning Spoken English hadnever beeneasier. Exercises, vocabulary and business english makethisapplication a very special one.
Drops: Learn Japanese language, kanji and hiragana 30.32
What if 🇯🇵 Japanese vocabulary learning would be a crazy fungameinstead of boring memorisation drills? Drops makeslanguagelearning an effortless fun. Practical vocabulary is boundto yourmemories through beautiful graphics and quick mini-games.The crazypart? You have only 5 mins per day. Might sound insane butworkslike charm! :) These are the ingredients of the secret sauce:👀100% illustrated: Pictures directly carry the meaning - youdon’thave to use your native language at all! No intermediary.Faster,more effective and of course more fun! :) 🏎 5 minsessions:limiting practice time sounds crazy but it it makes itincrediblyaddictive - which is cool thing for learning. The barrierof entryis close to zero so you can’t have any excuses: you’ll have5minutes even on the busiest day! 🕹 Effortless play: We knowwhygames are fun and addictive and distilled the essence intoDrops.The result is a truly immersive experience but it’s not wasteofyour time while you play because you build a valuableknowledge.⚡Qucik: Keyboard typing is painfully slow. Welcome rapidswipes andtaps! Trust us, you’ll need those extra seconds duringthe quicklearning session ;) 🎯 Vocabulary only: Zero grammar,justhandpicked practical words. That’s our focus and we do itextremelywell. The app teaches the Korean “alphabet” Hangul(hangoul) too!💁Forge a habit: Drops wants to make you languagelearning addict.Effectiveness is nothing without a well establishedhabit. We helpyou build one! We are extremely proud of our lovelywordpronunciations by seasoned voice talents! Drops is free forcasuallearners: more than 2500 words in 100+ topics are allavailable foreveryone. Hardcore language learners can subscribe forpremium toprogress faster with unlimited learning time. 🌍 Our goalis toempower people of the world via language knowledge byproviding aspecial tool that utilizes the universal language we allspeak:pictures. p.s.: be careful, this app really can get youaddicted toto language learning. ----------------- 😍 If you loveDrops as muchas we enjoyed building it, please leave us a review!:) Questions?Contact us at [email protected]
Assamese to English Speaking - English in Assamese 11.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensiveAssamese to English Speaking Course which is meant forteaching youEnglish speaking. This is an English Speaking Courseand SpokenEnglish in Assamese. * This is a Assamese to EnglishSpeakingtutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodologywith very interactive English audio sessions for each ofthe sixdedicated chapters. * You are systematically coached to getmorecommand over English language with Asomiya with each andeverylesson that you take. * Confident, fluent English learningandspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as you are providedfacilityto even record your own English exercise sessions in yourown veryvoice for each lesson and save it for future reference.LearnSpoken English in Assamese. * An Assamese speaking person willalsolike going through each of the chapters which arecompletelyinteractive in nature, coaching you throughout to gainmoreknowledge as you learn speaking English language with command.*Every Assamese to English learning chapter ensures thatyourspeaking fluency gets further enhanced. This is how you canusethis application: ***** Text Based Assamese to EnglishLearning***** Audio Based Assamese to English Learning ***** Saveyourvoice recordings for future reference and track yourimprovementagainst each exercise. ***** There are six separatechapters thatare devoted individually for Scenarios, EnglishInterview,Expressions, Colloquial English Speaking, Etiquette andPhrasalVerbs. ***** Take a quiz test on English language aftercompletingthese chapters. ***** Hence thereby learn how to speakEnglishusing Assamese Fluently. This language learning applicationcanalso be used by those Assamese speaking participants whoarepreparing for BPO, Call Center, English Discussions and Debatesaswell as English job interview. ***** Learn English in Assamese inamethodical and step by step manner. ***** Learn EnglishwithAssamese language in 30 days. This is a systematic app thatteachesyou to understand English Speaking in Assamese better. *****Thisapplication tries to use the best possible techniques forEnglishLearning. ***** Feel free to use this app and learnEnglishSpeaking from Assamese. ***** This app uses tips and tricksforteaching English using Assamese in a proper fashion. ***** Thisappis useful in giving you the knowledge of English Basics beforeyoustart learning Business English. After completing thistutorial,you will be able to figure out common mistakes In English.Oftenpeople jump start with Grammar and Parts of Speech, but itissuggested that you first learn with this Asamiya or ÔxômiyatoEnglish Phrasebook. Learn to Speak English by Play &Learnmethod. You can Learn Languages free using the techniquesspecifiedin this learn english magazine. This app gives you a basicBPOInterview Briefing. Once you completely understand the contentofthis app, you can later choose to learn Idioms & Phrases.Usethis speaking english book free and make full use of thisspeakingenglish course app. Your next step could also be a groupdiscussionapp for interview or an app on English for competitiveexams - itwill completely your choice. Comprehending English verbsthroughEnglish listening can also be your future course of action.Hereyou can also learn to some extend, English for BPO. LearnEnglishby Listening and find here Interview Questions and Answers.Youwill also be able to Learn English Words or LearnEnglishVocabulary Daily. This can be your first step towardslearningEnglish for Bank Exam. Later, you can refer an Idioms andPhrasesDictionary and strengthen your English. If you are wonderingas tohow to speak english fluently in 30 days, this can be yourperfectdestination. We suggest that after you have completedperusingthrough your app content, you can memorize Synonyms andAntonyms orchisel your English for Banking & SSC preparation.
LEARN KOREAN IS THE APP WHICH HELP YOU START SPEAK ANDUNDERSTANDKOREAN LANGUAGE AS ADVANCED AND IT ALSO HELP YOU WITHKOREANCULTURE . by make you close to korea habits .Speak Korean”will beone of your best friends that will make your Koreanlearningexperience easier and more practical. Our content istranslated andrecorded by native speakers with the right intonationandexpression. This way you can truly utilize the power oflisteningin your Korean learning adventureCATEGORIESSpeak Koreancontainsmore than 1000 essential phrases in the followingcategoriesKOREA,KOREA LANGUAGE ,KOREA CULTURE ,SOUTH AND NORTHKOREA NEWS*Greetings* General conversation* Numbers* Directions andplaces*Transportation* Eating out* Time and date* Accommodation*Shopping*Colors* Towns and provinces* Countries* Touristattractions*Family* Dating* Emergency* Feeling sick* TonguetwisterslearnKorean online how to learn Korean learn Koreanlanguage Koreanlessons Korean language learning Korean languagecourse Koreanlearning Korean language lessons learn to speak Koreanhow to learnKorean language Korean lessons online learning Koreanforbeginnersonline Korean lessons learn Korean online free howtolearn Korean fast learn Korean learn Korean grammar how tolearnKorean language easily best way to learn Korean learn Koreanfasthow to learn Korean easily learn Korean free i want to learnKoreanKorean lessons for beginners how to learn Korean forbeginnerslearn language learn Korean language online Koreanlanguage forbeginners how to learn Korean in 10 days Korean classesonlineKorean course learn Korean phrases learn Korean app learn tospeakKorean for beginners free Korean lessons Korean languageonlinelearn Korean words how to learn Korean quickly Koreancoursesonline Korean course online learn basic Korean englishKoreanlanguage Korean english language Korean translation toenglishenglish to Korean language Korean english language englishtoKorean Korean language translator english and Koreanlanguageenglish to Korean language translation language Korean toenglishlanguage english Korean translate english to Korean onlinefromKorean to english Korean online from english to Korean Koreanandenglish language translation english Korean translateKoreanenglish Korean words in english translate english intoKoreanKorean to english language online english translation toKoreanKorean language translation in english Korean translationenglishenglish into Korean english Korean language online englishtoKorean language translation english to Korean translationappKorean english language online translate english to Koreanlanguagelanguage Korean how to learn Korean language fast Koreanlanguagelessons for beginners Korean online course Korean languageclasseshow to learn Korean language in 10 days online Koreanlanguagecourses i want to learn Korean language Korean onlinelessons howto learn language learn Korean online free learn Koreanfor freeKorean learning online learn Korean learn how to speakKorean howto learn Korean online learn Korean language easilyKorean languagecourse online learn Korean learn Korean app learnKorean onlinestudy Korean online learn Korean learn Korean learnKorean onlinefree for beginners learn Korean language learn Koreanonline Koreanlanguage online course how can i learn Korean quicklythank you forreading and welcome any question
Learn English In Nepali - Listen, Read and Speak 1.8
English is also one of the easiest languages to learn, but youneedsome guidance and preparation. This app provides you acompleteknowledge to make you able to read and speak Englishlanguagefluently. Learn English within 7 days. Everything istranslated inEnglish and Nepali which helps you to understandeasily. Thewebsite of this app has been awarded with many titlesand also itis one of the most popular and trending web app inNepal. TheFeatures Includes: - English Grammar - Translation ofEvery Words /Sentences in Nepali - Way to pronounce English wordsand EnglishSentences in Nepali and English - Powerful EnglishVocabulary -Conversation Between two/ three Person in English. TheApp alsoincludes the following Categories: - Greeting the people inEnglish- Etiquette - Expressing your feelings in english -AskingSomething or Questions in English - Requesting politely inEnglish.- Apologizing/ Expressing Sympathy/ Empathy in EnglishLanguage -Showing/ Expressing Anger - Ways to Talk While WorshipingGod -Conversation While Shopping - Useful and most common questionsandanswers about weather - Wishes - Speaking / Conversationbetweentwo person in a phone call Excluding these features this appalsoprovides you a functionality to ask any question ordifficultchapters to the writer. If you like or have any suggestionfurther,you can email us at: [email protected]
Any English - English Dictionary, 32's Translate 2.1.1
MaMon Studio
Study English through "any English". ① Intuitive understanding②Fast memorization ③ Learning to use in real English conversation.■Image association learning - The images provided in "AnyEnglish"are designed to intuitively express the English words. -This notonly enhances the memorization effect through imageassociations -By understanding English words more intuitively, youcan train themto use English without interference. ■ Real-timetranslationfunction & notification area & input as picture- Do youspeak English that you do not know? Select the letter andcopy it,and I'll translate it in real time. - English word isexposed inthe notification area. Improve your English learning. - Iwillautomatically type and translate the English in the book.■Speaking and learning English - Learn English words whilespeakingthrough speech recognition. - It is possible to memorizeEnglishwords faster than simply memorizing them with the eyes. -Englishwords learned while speaking can be easily used in realEnglishconversation. ■ Speed ​​Memorization Game -Stimulus-Reactionlearning principle is provided as a game, whichallows strongcombination of word meaning and English words. - Thisgreatlyenhances the ability to respond to situations (stimuli) inrealEnglish conversation. ■ Efficient learning system -Speed​​memorization As you play the game, you will be able tomemorizenot only memorization of English words but memorizationlevel. -English words with insufficient memorization areautomaticallyclassified and can be studied efficiently. ■Dictionary andtranslation - English dictionary and Englishtranslation in 32languages.
Babbel – Learn Languages
Speak a new language with confidence. Learn Spanish,French,Italian, German and many more languages with Babbel.— getthe appnamed one of Google Play’s Best Apps 2015! Try out the firstlessonfor free. THE BABBEL METHOD Here’s what makes Babbel moreeffectivethan any other language learning app: ★ Confidence — Weteach youhow to engage in practical, everyday conversations, makingiteasier for you to have authentic experiences in your newlanguage.★ Comprehension — Our lessons immerse you in relevantculture andreal-life conversations. ★ Retention — We know you’rebusy. That’swhy our lessons are short but sweet: about 10-15minutes, anddesigned to send your new language straight tolong-term memory.*Named 2016’s “most innovative company ineducation” by FastCompany* *The World’s Highest Grossing LanguageLearning App**Google Play’s Best Apps of 2015* FEATURES • Extensiveselection ofinteractive courses for 14 different languages. • Idealfor bothbeginners and advanced learners. • 10-15 minutesbite-sizedactivities that fit in your schedule. • Entertaininglistening,writing, reading and speaking exercises. • Learnvocabulary from awide range of topics (including travel, culture,and business) •Speech recognition technology aids pronunciation •Review Managerkeeps vocabulary in your long-term memory • Learningprogresssynchronized across all your Android devices and on the webAVARIETY OF LANGUAGES With Babbel you can learn Spanish,French,German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish,Polish,Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. BABBELHELPS YOUACHIEVE YOUR GOALS After just one month, you will be ableto speakconfidently about practical topics, such as: •Transportation •Shopping • Directions • Making friends andsocializing • Dining •And much more! WHAT PEOPLE SAY “Babbel is oneof the stalwarts ofthe online language-learning sphere.” -The NextWeb “Babbel’slessons, unlike Duolingo’s, first focus on buildingbasicconversational skills.” -The Economist “Babbelexceedsexpectations, delivering high-quality, self-paced courses in13languages.” -PC Magazine --------------------------- PLEASENOTEYou will need a subscription in order to get access to thefulllearning materials for one language. Each subscription willbeautomatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least24hours before the end of the current payment period. YourGooglePlay account will be automatically charged at the same priceforrenewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of thecurrentpayment period unless you change your subscriptionpreferences inyour account settings. When a subscription iscanceled, access tothe app’s courses and features will expire atthe end of thecurrent payment period. ---------------------------VISIT US FOLLOW US LIKEUS Education from Babbel: Babbeloffers you a complete onlinelanguage learning experience forthirteen different foreignlanguages. Learn French, Spanish,German, Italian, Portuguese,Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian,Russian, or any one of theScandinavian languages — Swedish, Danishand Norwegian. Whetheryou're using your mobile phone, tablet orcomputer, Babbelautomatically synchronizes your study progressacross all yourdevices. This means you can brush up on yourgrammar and work onbuilding an extensive vocabulary anytime,anywhere. Beginner?Advanced? Babbel’s courses are perfect forlearners of all levels.Want to concentrate on French verbconjugation, or perhaps Spanishtense review? Babbel’s languagecourses are arranged thematically,and cater to just about everyinterest.
Learn English in Bangla: Speak Bangla to English 16.0
* This free application helps you to learn English easily. * Youcanlearn spoken English in just a few hours. * This is anEnglishspeaking course for learning English easily. * Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly. *And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on Englishlanguagecan help you do so. * This app has a chapter on Englishvocabularyas well. * If you are looking forward to learning Englishonline itis better that you initially start with this application.* Thereis also a chapter on English pronunciation. * There aresimpleEnglish words as well, in one of the lessons which you canfindhelpful. * Learn English phrases and idioms easily. * Thisfreeapplication is in fact a Bangla to English speaking tutorial. *Ifyou are seeking to talk English the right way, this can be agoodbeginning. * Learn English using Bangla with effectiveEnglishlistening in Offline mode using top techniques. * This appusesbest practices in teaching English. * You can learn how tospeakEnglish fluently. * Speaking English with Bangla is easy. *Thiscan also be useful for those who are seeking to join BPO orCallcenter. * Also if you want to participate in Englishdiscussionsand debates, you can begin with this application. *Thisapplication uses both text and voice audio to teach Englishtheproper way. * Learning English grammar could be easier ifyouinitially get to know these basics. * Learn to speakEnglishfluently with Bangla. * Also if you are preparing for anEnglishinterview, spend some time learning the tools provided here.* Anexcellent beginning for a Bengali speaking person. * Startlearningthese English lessons and improve your English knowledgewith thisapplication which is for beginners. * These Englishpracticelessons and tutorials will make you comfortable inimproving youEnglish skills. * Learn English using Bengali languageand acquirethe skills which are are looking to achieve. * You willlearn somebasics of English which is important to understand beforeyou startlearning professional English. * Learn English Speakingusing avery easy and simple English Speaking Course which you canuse forteaching yourself Bangla to English speaking. * This isanexcellent Bangla to English Speaking tutorial that utilizes arealgradual teaching methodology with appreciable interactiveEnglishaudio sessions for each of the given six specific chapters.* Here,you are systematically coached to start getting commandoverEnglish language as you complete each and every English lessonthatyou take. * For confident, fluent English learning and speakingusethis simple and easy app that provides function to record yourveryown English exercise sessions. This you can do in your ownvoicefor all lessons. You can then save audio files forfuturereference. * A Bengali speaking person could also want togothrough the chapters that are completely interactive. This appcanbe coaching you throughout so that you can gain moreEnglishknowledge as you get to learn speaking English languagewithcommand. * Every Bangla to English learning lesson or chapterisprovided with solid quality information. This will ensure thatyourown English speaking fluency gets more enhanced. Here are thestepsthat show how you can use this application: ** You get to haveTextBased Bangla to English Learning ** Also, Audio Based BanglatoEnglish Learning is provided ** You can store and save yourownvoice recordings that can be used for future reference. Youcanthen track your improvement in English language againsteachexercise. ** There are six different chapters that areusedseparately for different scenarios. ** Hence you can learn howtospeak English fluently. This English language learningapplicationcan be used by those users who are preparing for: * BPOor CallCenter or English Discussions * Also use this app fordebates aswell as English job interview.
Polish in 7 Lessons 4RUSSIANS 3.2.5
Olena Shypilova presents the free course “Polish in 7 Lessons”forRUSSIAN speakers, an application that will help you bringyourPolish skills to a level of comfortable communication onbasictopics!Application developed by http://speakasap.comTailoredtobeginners, this course is simple, logical, structured andshort.Thecourse includes only Basic Polish grammar, the type ofgrammar usedmost by people for everyday communication inPolish.Every lesson isoffered in audio format: we provideunderstandable explanationsthat make it easy for you to listen toour course anytime on thego.All the exercises address a specifictopic with useful andcommon vocabulary. All answers are provided inaudio format.Incontrast to typical exercises where you simply clickon the correcttranslation of a word or the correct verb form,leading to boredomand the inability to think on your own, wecomposed our exercisesin a different way. In our exercises youtranslate the wholesentence at once. You can always check youranswers. You will find80% of all words used in the exercises eitherin the lessonmaterials or in previous exercises, so it’s notnecessary toconsult a dictionary all the time. Moreover, memorizingnew wordscomes with practice, especially when you construct phrasesorsentences without assistance.Features:• Full version of thefreecourse “Polish in 7 Lessons”• Interactive exercises forassessingyour knowledge and teaching the material• Audio materialswith theexplanations of the lessons and exercises• Video materialswith theexplanations of the lessons (requires an internetconnection)•Easily access speakASAP online• Quickly get in touchwith theLanguage Support service• All materials (except videomaterials)are stored on your electronic device and availablewithout aninternet connectionJoin ourgroups: ourYouTube Channel: will be happyto receive anycomments and propositions from you. Write [email protected]! Test it! Let us know about bugs!Studywith pleasure! For additional information refer tooursite course’sfounderOlena Shypilova and the speakASAP team.
Any Chinese - Chinese Dictionary, 32's Translate 1.5.1
MaMon Studio
※ Chinese Reading Guide Please add Chinese language data ofGoogleTTS. Chinese language data must be installed before normaluse ispossible. ☆ ★ Free Chinese handwriting recognitiondictionary,translator function ☆ ★ Study Chinese through "anyChinese". ①Intuitive understanding ② Fast memorization ③ Learningto use inreal Chinese conversation. ■ Image association learning -Theimages provided in "Any Chinese" are designed tointuitivelyexpress the Chinese words. - This not only enhancesthememorization effect through image associations - ByunderstandingChinese words more intuitively, you can train them touse Chinesewithout interference. ■ Real-time translation function&notification area & input as picture - Do you speakChinesethat you do not know? Select the letter and copy it, andI'lltranslate it in real time. - Chinese word is exposed inthenotification area. Improve your Chinese learning. - Iwillautomatically type and translate the Chinese in the book.■Speaking and learning Chinese - Learn Chinese words whilespeakingthrough speech recognition. - It is possible to memorizeChinesewords faster than simply memorizing them with the eyes. -Chinesewords learned while speaking can be easily used in realChineseconversation. ■ Speed Memorization Game -Stimulus-Reactionlearning principle is provided as a game, whichallows strongcombination of word meaning and Chinese words. - Thisgreatlyenhances the ability to respond to situations (stimuli) inrealChinese conversation. ■ Efficient learning system -Speedmemorization As you play the game, you will be able tomemorize notonly memorization of Chinese words but memorizationlevel. -Chinese words with insufficient memorization areautomaticallyclassified and can be studied efficiently. ■Dictionary andtranslation - Chinese dictionary and Chinesetranslation in 32languages.
Malayalam to English Speaking: Learn English 21.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensiveMalayalam to English Speaking Course which is meantfor teachingyou English speaking. * This is a Malayalam to EnglishSpeakingtutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodologywith very interactive English audio sessions for each ofthe sixdedicated chapters. * You are systematically coached to getmorecommand over English language with Malayalam with each andeverylesson that you take. * Confident, fluent English learningandspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as you are providedfacilityto even record your own English exercise sessions in yourown veryvoice for each lesson and save it for future reference. *AMalayalam speaking person will also like going through each ofthechapters which are completely interactive in nature, coachingyouthroughout to gain more knowledge as you learn speakingEnglishlanguage with command. * Every Malayalam to Englishlearningchapter is sufficiently provided with quality informationto ensurethat your speaking fluency gets further enhanced. This ishow youcan use this application: ***** Text Based Malayalam toEnglishLearning ***** Audio Based Malayalam to English Learning***** Saveyour voice recordings for future reference and trackyourimprovement against each exercise. ***** There are sixseparatechapters that are devoted individually for Scenarios,EnglishInterview, Expressions, Colloquial English Speaking,Etiquette andPhrasal Verbs. ***** Take a quiz test on Englishlanguage aftercompleting these chapters. ***** Hence thereby learnhow to speakEnglish using Malayalam Fluently. ***** Learn Englishin Malayalamin a methodical and step by step manner. ***** LearnEnglish withMalayalam language in 30 days. This is a systematic appthatteaches you to understand English Speaking in Malayalambetter.***** This application tries to use the best possibletechniquesfor English Learning. ***** Feel free to use this app andlearnEnglish Speaking from Malayalam. ***** This app uses tipsandtricks for teaching English using Malayalam in a properfashion.***** This app is useful in giving you the knowledge ofEnglishBasics before you start learning Business English. Aftercompletingthis tutorial, you will be able to figure out commonmistakes InEnglish. Often people jump start with Grammar and Partsof Speech,but it is suggested that you first learn with thisMalayalam toEnglish Phrasebook. Learn to Speak English by Play& Learnmethod. You can Learn Languages free using thetechniques specifiedin this learn english magazine. This app givesyou a basic BPOInterview Briefing. Your next step could also be agroup discussionapp for interview or an app on English forcompetitive exams - itwill completely your choice. ComprehendingEnglish verbs throughEnglish listening can also be your futurecourse of action. Hereyou can also learn to some extend, Englishfor BPO. Learn Englishby Listening and find here InterviewQuestions and Answers. Youwill also be able to Learn English Wordsor Learn EnglishVocabulary Daily. Use this speaking english bookfree and make fulluse of this speaking english course app. Thislanguage learningapplication can also be used by those Malayalamspeakingparticipants who are preparing for BPO, Call Center,EnglishDiscussions and Debates as well as English job interview. Ifyouwant to learn english grammar, it is advised that you initiallygothrough this application get yourself ready for yournextassignment. If I want to learn english, I should beapproachingthis application for the same and go through all thechapters. Thisapp can help you learn english fast using audio. Itis easier tolearn the language using English conversation ratherthan throughan English Dictionary. Learning Spoken English hadnever beeneasier. Exercises, vocabulary and business english makethisapplication a very special one.
Sejong Korean Vocabulary - Beginner·Intermediate 2.05
Sejong Korean vocabulary learning app is a free learningappdeveloped by King Sejong Foundation for elementary andintermediateKorean learners all over the world. Try to learn basicvocabulary(1,700) and intermediate vocabulary (3,000) and collectword cards(1600) and culture cards (200) My Korean language skillswillimprove day by day. ** Content Introduction ** 4languagessupported (Korean, Chinese, English and Spanish) ​Today'sword -You can learn five vocabularies selected every day.VocabularyLearning - At the beginner level, you can learn 1,700vocabulariesby 53 subjects. - At the intermediate level, you canlearn3,000vocabularies by 27 subjects. Check your progress bytakingquizzes! Search ​- Search for 1,702 vocabularies at thebeginnerlevel. - Search for 2,978 vocabularies at the intermediatelevel -You can search various vocabularies using the Internet wordsearchfunction. ​My Vocab Cards - Make your own vocab cards. CardBox -Check your word cards and culture cards that you collectedwhilelearning. Game ​- Learn Korean through various games! BBS -You canfreely communicate and share information with friends whostudyKorean all over the world! King Sejong Institute Introduction-Let's learn about Korean on the website ‘King SejongInstitute’,‘King Sejong Institute Foundation’, and‘Nuri-SejongInstitute’( ** I wouldappreciate it if youcould put your comments on it. ** If you likethis app, pleasewrite your rating and review. Your feedback,suggestions, or advicewill help us develop our app in the future.​Please send yourcomments to [email protected] ​ ** AboutKing SejongInstitute ** Website:​
Portuguese best dict 1.22
User will be satisfied with this Portuguese - Englishdictionarybecause:- It has the largest vocabulary- Detaildescription foreach word and a lot of samples- Simple UI & highperformancemake you feel easy when using* Full supportpronunciation for bothEnglish and Portuguese will help you so muchin study theselanguages.(This application can run in offline modebut need theinternet connection for the pronunciation and webbrowserfunctions.)This free dict works well in all androiddevicesincluding mobile and tablet, it is very useful for all kindsofpeople although in offline environment.- For student, pupilorresearcher, this app is the largest thesaurus help them makethedeeply investigation in each words and phrases includingidiom,slang, noun, verb, adjective, adverb... The largestvocabulary andlexicon will help people find all special words inall branch;medicine, medicinal, math, chemical, horoscope, biology,aetiology,physics, physiology...- For the English learners, this istheperfect tool to improve your lexicon, idiolect and grammar skillbyso many detailed examples and conjugation supported.Thisdictionary has all the advantages of other dicts so it willhelpyou improve skills in speaking, writing, reading,listening,conversation and well prepare for the tests such asTOEFL, IELTS...- For the translator or interpreter, this tool willgive youquickly the good translation and also the pronunciation ofbothlanguages by only one tap.- This is also the indispensable toolfortravelers, with this dict in your mobile you can finish thejourneyin anywhere in Portugal or Brazil without any communicationproblemwith local people.Good luck and merry using my product :)
6 Minute English - Practice Listening Everyday 2.5.0
Learn English through simple English Conversations from BBCLearningEnglish Program: 6 Minute English, English At Work, TheEnglish WeSpeak... Each lesson comes with audio, transcript andvocabularylist, which help you to improve your English Grammar,EnglishSpeaking and expand your English Vocabulary Learn Englishthroughsimple English Conversations from BBC Learning EnglishProgram: 6Minute English, English At Work, The English We Speak...Each lessoncomes with audio, transcript and vocabulary list, whichhelp you toimprove your English Grammar, English Speaking andexpand yourEnglish Vocabulary The English We Speak is your chanceto catch upon the very latest English words and phrases. In under3 minutes, wehelp you stay ahead of the pack by giving you 'musthave' phrasesthat you can use in your everyday conversation. Amazeyour friends,impress your teachers and delight your parents withthese fantasticwords and phrases. 6 Minute English Ourlong-running series oftopical discussion and new vocabulary,brought to you by yourfavourite BBC Learning English presenters.Drama You can also listento our versions of Gulliver's Travels, byJonathan Swift, TheImportance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde,Jamaica Inn by Daphne duMaurier, A Christmas Carol by CharlesDickens and Alice inWonderland by Lewis Carroll. We will add TheRace and Frankensteinsoon. News Report Improve your listeningskills with News Report -our English language teaching series thatuses authentic audio newsstories from the BBC. LingoHack Getup-to-date with the latest newsand understand it too withLingohack. Listen to and watch authenticBBC World news bulletinsand learn key words and phrases that helpyou make sense of thenews. App’s Features: + Listen & Readlesson with Audio &Transcripts ( Auto Scroll Transcript ) +Search lesson. + Recentlesson. + Words Bookmark. + Download audiofile. + Background AudioMode. + Two listen mode: Online or Offline.+ Easy to use, easy tounderstand, easy to practice! + Improvequickly listening skills,gain more useful and practical EnglishCurrently available forFeatures English: ● The English We Speak. ●Words in the News. ● 6Minute English. ● 6 Minute Vocabulary(Lower-Intermediate) ● 6Minute Grammar (Lower-Intermediate) ● 6Minute Vocabulary(Intermediate) ● 6 Minute Grammar (Intermediate) ●LingoHack ●English at Work ● Drama. ● News Report ● ShakespeareSpeaker ●English At University
English Vocabulary Challenge 1.1.3
MBL Apps
Test yourself with top 2222 English vocabulary and itsArabicmeaning
Spoken English Guru 2.1.5
Spoken English Guru App is designed & developed by India’sthelargest Spoken English Portal, having1million+ online students, 4 Lac+ YouTube subscribers, 1Million+Book readers in India. This app contains the lesson wiseVideos ofSpoken English Guru YouTube Channel along with the lessonwisewritten material in Hindi, English & Roman language. Thisappis developed with the vision of “Saksham Bharat Mission” App Content: Grammar Concepts, PracticeExercises,Test Papers, Daily Use English Sentences, VocabularyExercises,Pronunciation Modules, Listening Practice Exercises,Hindi toEnglish Translation Exercises, Newspaper Article English toHindiTranslation Exercises, English Speaking Practice Exercises andlotmore….. About the Owner: Spoken EnglishGuruChannel is owned by Mr. Aditya Rana. He is a former Voice nAccentTrainer, worked in International BPOs for 7 years. He has 15yearsof experience in teaching Grammar & Spoken Englishinprestigious institutes in Delhi & Uttrakhand. He isco-authorof India’s the best selling “ EnglishSpeakingCourse Book”. He is a social activist, who has taughtvoluntarilyin many institutes in his career and distributed morethan 1 Lac+copies of his book to poor students. He has a vision ofhelpingfinancially excluded students in his life. Keywords:- *SpokenEnglish App * English Learning * English Master * EnglishGuru *English Grammar * Grammar Learning * Daily Use English *CommonEnglish * Advance English
Learn Korean - Language & Grammar Learning 3.1.3
Learn Korean with LuvLingua 🌅 Begin the learning experiencealreadyenjoyed by over 2 million language learners. LuvLinguaeducationapps teach you to speak and read through fun games, and abeginner& intermediate level course. This Korean learning appis funfor ALL ages. 🌎 Understand and speak Korean to communicatemoreeffectively! 🏆 COURSE DESIGNED BY LANGUAGE TEACHERS Studyessentialwords and phrases to build a strong foundation of KoreanGainconfidence and level up your language ability with thebeginnercourse. 200+ lessons that systematically teach and reviewnewvocabulary, as well as help you build sentences andquestions.Designed for students to train and improve fundamentallanguageskills & knowledge. Recommended for anyone who wants tolearnKorean including kids, students, travellers, and businesspeople.⭐GAMES WITH DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES Games and quizzesthatsupport you to learn Korean by catering to differentlearningstyles. ✅ Visual (Picture Quiz, Memory Game) ✅ Auditory(ListeningQuiz) ✅ Read-Write (Writing /Multichoice Quiz, WordGuess) ✅Kinesthetic (Animation Game) 🐇 LuvLingua promotes learningthroughgames to remember new words in a FAST & FUN way. 📒PHRASEBOOKFULL OF USEFUL CATEGORIES Everyday conversation alongwith manycore words and phrases sorted into helpful categories.Phrasebooksets include: greetings, numbers, hobbies,accommodation,adjectives, animals, body, colors, clothing,countries, dates,days, directions, emergencies, food, religion,school, shopping,transportation, travel, verbs, weather and work.Study a new setevery day and practice it in the Games Section. Thisphrasebook isconvenient for travel. 💎HIGH QUALITY AUDIO BY NATIVESPEAKERSListen to high quality authentic audio of native speakerswithclear pronunciation. Test your listening and speaking ability.🌏CAREFULLY TRANSLATED INTO 30+ LANGUAGES All language iscarefullytranslated by bilingual native speakers and NOT bycomputers/onlinetranslators. Translated into English, Spanish,French, German,Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Dutch,Polish,Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Korean, Japanese, MandarinChinese(simplified and traditional characters), Thai, Vietnamese,Turkish,Indonesian, Malay, Farsi/Persian, Arabic, Khmer, Hindi,&Nepali. 🔎 SEARCH, FAVORITES & SETTINGS SECTIONS Quicklyandeasily lookup a word or phrase in the Search section. Savewordsand phrases to the Favorites section for later study. Changeuserlanguage and turn off the daily word notification in theSettingssection. Option to hide/show romanisation. GET CONFIDENTWITHHANGUL CHARACTERS (ALPHABET) You can learn to recognise andreadKorean Hangul characters, and pronunciation in the AlphabetSectionof this app. Read about traditional food and famous places.Studyconversation tips and grammar in the Grammar Section. 🌏LearnKorean for travel in South Korea, work, school, fun, or totalk toyour friends. Reviewers have said this app helps themtocommunicate better with their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife,orhusband. 🐰 The beautiful pictures and easy pace are greatformother and child to learn Korean together. This is anofflineKorean learning app. Created by a team of language teachers,nativespeakers and mobile developers and is updated regularly toimprovecontent and features. Many free sets and games. Upgrade tothepremium version to unlock all the content. Bugs, feedbackorsupport => [email protected] Love Learning LanguagesLuvLingua("love ling-gwah")
English 5000 Words with Pictures 8.0.5
► Application: " English 5000 Words with Pictures " is the easyandfun new way to learn English, You can learn vocabulary by seeinganimages to illustrate words, with audio supportphonetictranscriptions and pronunciation recordings by nativespeakers. ►It's offline and free .No more boring when learningEnglishvocabulary. Have fun and learn English vocabulary as easyaspossible. Give it a try and download now ! Features: ►Qualityaudio pronunciation and images. ► No internet connectionrequiredwhile learning (offline). ► There are many mini games foryou,playing game to learn English. ► Add all your new vocabularytoReminder, it will remind you to learn your English vocabularydaily► Commonly-used English vocabularies ► 100% Free: Nolimitations ofcontent or functions in an attempt to make you buy apaid version.Everything is free. ► IOS: Email : [email protected]
Translator Speak and Translate
Pavel Donov
This translator will turn your mobile device into asimultaneousinterpreter, which is always with you. Travel,communicate, holdbusiness negotiations with Speak and Translate. Inany country asat home! Voice translator automatically detects andconverts speechinto one of 100 foreign languages. Want to go toanother country,but do not know whether there will be online? Not aproblem - savefavorite phrases in Favorites and pronounces themoffline. Learnlanguages, check your pronunciation or use Speak andTranslate as adictionary or phrasebook. Traveling around the worldwith itwithout knowing the language is not a problem anymore!Advantages:► Automatic language detection ► Several modes ofoperation ►Google and Microsoft translation services use ►Communication in adialogue mode without additional clicks ► Thepossibility to playany previously translated phrase from Favoritesin OFFLINE ► Thepossibility to sort phrases in Favorites bycategory ► Thepossibility to filter phrases in Favorites bycategory and languagepairs ► Available widgets for fast access toFavorite’s categoriesand to other program functions ► A visualdisplay of all phrases ofa dialogue ► A visual display of thesupported mechanisms (voiceinput, “text to speech”) for eachlanguage ► Repeated voiceplayback of any translated phrase ► Uniquealgorithm of speechactivity detection ► The possibility totranslate without pressingthe buttons ► The possibility to set thequality of recording ► Thepossibility to manually set the languagefor each phrase Important:► Use the voice translator for foreignlanguage learning ► Improveyour vocabulary ► Check yourpronunciation Free version limits: 1)Only Microsoft translationserver are available. In PRO-version youcan select translationserver. The user can select between Googleand Microsoft servers.Google server additionally supports 25languages 2) Limitation forthe number of recognized words ONLY if"Language auto-recognition"is selected. Limit for FREE-version is7 words only 3) Limitationfor the number of trials of operation in"live dialog" mode. Limitfor FREE-version is 5 only. After it youcan restart program to use"live dialog" mode again.
Speak English communication 1.2.9
"Speak English communication" is a free application for learningtospeak English. "Speak English communication" contains lessonsthatgive special attention to English pronunciation andeverydaylanguage, over 2000 commonly-used English phrases andvocabulariesfor travelers and beginners.FEATURES• Commonly-usedEnglish phrases& vocabularies• Easy to store and manage yourfavorite items •Pretty UI, simple and user-friendly,support multilanguage• Hugeamount of audio content, video content• Remind learnwords orphrases• Speaking EnglishCATEGORIES:Contains over 2000essentialphrases in the following categories- Communicate-Topic:"Greetings""General Conversation""Numbers""TimeandDate""Directions &Places""Accommodation""EatingOut""Shopping""Countries""Family""Dating""Emergency""TouristAttractions""Colours"-Common phrases:"Commonexpressions""Greetings""Travel &directions""Numbers &money""Location""Phone & Internet& Mail""TimeandDate""Accommodation""Dinning""MakingFriends""Entertainment""Shopping""CommunicationDifficulties""Emergencyand health""GeneralQuestions""Work""Weather"*Easy to use, easy tounderstand, easy topractice!*Improve quickly listening skills, gainmore useful andpractical English*No internet connectionrequiredDeveloped byAwabe.
Learn Japanese Phrasebook 0.8.2
Nugalis IT
Learn japanese easily with this japanese phrasebook that helpsyouto memorize and practice phrases and vocabulary.Features:*Nativejapanese pronuntiations* Configure your own list ofvocabulary*Options and writing exercises* Practice to writehiragana, katakanaand kanji* No internet connection needed* AdsfreeThis free versioncontains:* Introductions* Learning japanese*Everyday conversation*Numbers* Hiragana* Katakana
English Complete Course 1.2
Now you don't need to go any tuition center or learning academyforthis purpose because we bring now complete corse for youpeople..This app is for all those learners who want to speakEnglishfluently but don't know some basic of language. Don't worrynow !This app will fulfill your all need to learn it quickly andeasily.Once if you are Pashto & Urdu speakers, then learningthislanguage is just like 123 for you, Because of this app, youcanspeak,write & read very much easily Whats this App Include:Englissh to Urdu Dictionary Englissh to Pashto DictionaryGrammar& Sentences wordy by word Lots of things, Name, CitiesNameAnimals Name Dress Name in Ennglish Talkshak via TelephoneWritingLetter Apart from this, you can read lot of importantchapterswhich is nicely translated in all these 3 languages. Thebook ispublished by Zaib Art Publishers. Don't forget to share thisappwith your friends because sharing is caring.
Spanish dictionary 1.7.22
The Spanish dictionary has a wide base of words in Spanish thatwasconstantly updated. It is offered in a free way!Characteristics: ♦More than 100000 definitions. ♦ Offline! It doesnot need anInternet connection. The Internet connection is usedonly when aword is not found in the dictionary ♦ You can flickthrough thewords with your finger! ♦ Voice Recognition ♦ Dark Theme♦Bookmarks, Favorites and History ♦ Underline of FavoritesandHistory ♦ Random search button, useful for learning new words♦Widget with random words without entering the app ♦ Highlighttextand search Spanish Dictionary ♦ Words not found are added inthefollowing updates ♦ Simple and functional user interface
Learn to speak German with busuu
busuu Limited
Join 80 million busuu users waiting to help you learn German!Becomea member of the busuu community and have your speaking andwritingexercises corrected by native speakers. Plus, you can helpothers inyour native language! FEATURES ★ Learn German basics withvocabulary& grammar units, audio dialogues, language games andinteractivetests. ★ Submit practice exercises where nativespeakers will helpyou perfect your skills. ★ Set yourself apersonalised goal toensure you are reaching your learningobjectives. ★ Personalised tofit your style of learning, ensuringyou become proficient in theshortest possible time. ★ Learn themost important 150 topics and3000 words, specific languagetraining. ★ Test your knowledge withfun quizzes and word games tosee how much you have learnt. SUPPORT& FEEDBACK Languagelearner, are you having problems or do yousimply just want to helpimprove the product with your feedback?Please, visit our helpcentre at contact us directlyat [email protected] We are more than happy toanswer all thequestions and solve any issues, so make sure youcontact us beforeleaving your rating. MEDIA NEWS Forbes – “Quicker,Smarter, Better”New York Times – “easy to use & feels cheerful”Google – “MustHave App” BBC – “easier way to learn” FOLLOW USLanguage learningis not only about practice, make sure you followus on social mediaand on our blog. We will share a lot of tips,tricks and languagegames! Facebook: Twitter: https://blog.busuu.comWebsite: OTHERINFORMATION Our German languagelearning app is available inEnglish, French, Spanish, Portuguese,Italian, German, Polish,Japanese, Turkish, Russian and Chinese asinterface languages. It’savailable in all countries, and regardlessof whether you're usingyour smartphone, tablet or computer.Learning German is easier thanyou think, so download the busuu appnow and start working on yourGerman pronunciation, grammar andvocabulary right away!
Learn English for free! 3.6.1
Curso inglés
Welcome to your free English Course! A great community where youcanlearn and practice the English language in an easy and fun way.✔LEARN: You will find the course organized in different levelswhereyou can study everything from the basic concepts of Englishgrammarto the most advanced. All English grammar simply structuredwithexamples and audio for easy comprehension! ✔ PRACTICE: Doexercisesand activities related to the lessons and evaluate yourknowledge. ✔CHAT: Converse in English with other Curso Inglesstudents in ourchatroom, you can receive help from our teachersand also communitymembers can help each other. ✔ RESOURCES: Alwayshave on hand usefultools which will assist you in your studies ofEnglish: adictionary, translator, verb conjugation tool and apronunciationtool! ✔ PROGRESS: Track and improve your knowledge ona daily basis.From your profile you can follow your progress inthe course and setyour preferences in the app. Download the freeapp now and beginhaving fun learning English today! Free vsPremium Get even morefrom the app by purchasing a premiumsubscription. You will getaccess to all free and premium contentwithout ads and even whenoffline. Use any of the in app triggersto become premium. Try it !
Drops: Learn German. Speak German. 30.25
What if 🇩🇪 German vocabulary learning would be a crazy fungameinstead of boring memorisation drills? Drops makeslanguagelearning an effortless fun. Practical vocabulary is boundto yourmemories through beautiful graphics and quick mini-games.The crazypart? You have only 5 mins per day. Might sound insane butworkslike charm! :) These are the ingredients of the secret sauce:👀100% illustrated: Pictures directly carry the meaning - youdon’thave to use your native language at all! No intermediary.Faster,more effective and of course more fun! :) 🏎 5 minsessions:limiting practice time sounds crazy but it it makes itincrediblyaddictive - which is cool thing for learning. The barrierof entryis close to zero so you can’t have any excuses: you’ll have5minutes even on the busiest day! 🕹 Effortless play: We knowwhygames are fun and addictive and distilled the essence intoDrops.The result is a truly immersive experience but it’s not wasteofyour time while you play because you build a valuableknowledge.⚡Qucik: Keyboard typing is painfully slow. Welcome rapidswipes andtaps! Trust us, you’ll need those extra seconds duringthe quicklearning session ;) 🎯 Vocabulary only: Zero grammar,justhandpicked practical words. That’s our focus and we do itextremelywell. The app teaches the Korean “alphabet” Hangul(hangoul) too!💁Forge a habit: Drops wants to make you languagelearning addict.Effectiveness is nothing without a well establishedhabit. We helpyou build one! We are extremely proud of our lovelywordpronunciations by seasoned voice talents! Drops is free forcasuallearners: more than 1700 words in 99 topics are all availableforeveryone. Hardcore language learners can subscribe for premiumtoprogress faster with unlimited learning time. Subscriptionsstartfrom $2.99 / month. 🌍 Our goal is to empower people of theworldvia language knowledge by providing a special tool thatutilizesthe universal language we all speak: pictures. p.s.: becareful,this app really can get you addicted to to languagelearning.----------------- 😍 If you love Drops as much as weenjoyedbuilding it, please leave us a review! :) Questions? Contactus [email protected]
Learn German. Speak German 1.1.1
ATi Studios
Learn German with 5 minutes of practice daily. Mondly is thequickfix that will teach you core German words and German phrasesforconversation, just like a phrasebook. If you want to learnbeyondthe basics, there are also German grammar lessons available.It’seven great for kids! With Mondly you can learn German sentencesandexpressions FREE with daily German language lessons online.Thisapp is the effective way for beginners to studyverbs,pronunciation and how to speak like a native with dailypractice.The secret path to language learning Remember the Germanlanguageclasses in school? You started with hundreds of basic wordsandexpressions, continued with tons of German grammar lessons andatthe end of a full semester’s language course you couldbarelytranslate a sentence or say “Hello!” to a local. Does itsoundfamiliar? That’s the traditional way to learn a language. Butit’snot the fastest and not the most efficient way. Mondly hasadifferent approach, that’s opposite to the average languagecourse.This is how the future of language courses looks like TheApp getsyou started with a basic conversation between two people.Youquickly start memorizing core words, use them to buildsentencesand phrases, and at the end of a 45-minutes module you areable toreconstruct that conversation with your own voice. It’saneffective way to learn German phrases. State-of-the-artNaturalSpeech Recognition and Spaced Repetition Algorithms make theappeffective for learning languages. Here are the key featuresthatmake Mondly a great tutor for you: - Crystal-clear audioandprofessional voice actors. Learn the right Germanpronunciationfrom conversations between native speakers. -State-of-the-artSpeech Recognition. Mondly knows exactly how tolisten to yourGerman words and phrases. You will only get apositive feedback ifyou speak German clearly and correctly. Thiswill improve yourpronunciation. - Useful phrases for realsituations. Memorizinghundreds of words is not the way to go whenit comes to learningGerman. Mondly teaches you German vocabulary byoffering you corewords and phrases. The app breaks the learningprocess down intobite-size chunks and puts them into themed packsof lessons. -Learn conversational German. Unless you plan onreading sciencebooks, conversation is the main reason to take thisfree course. Itwill help you build a core German vocabulary withwidely-used nounsand verbs and speak German clearly. - Verbconjugations.Conversations are fun, but the foundation of a foreignlanguage isgrammar. If you want to learn more during this course,just tap theGerman verbs and get the full conjugation on thescreen, includingthe translation. It’s faster and better than adictionary. -Statistics that make sense. The App uses intelligentreporting, soyou can always follow your progress. Build yourvocabulary step bystep and become better daily. - The Leaderboard.We made learningeasy and fun, so why not throw in some more gameelements, such asscore? See how your friends are doing and competewith people fromall over the world to become the best learner inthe Mondly family.Take the Weekly Quiz to become even better. -Adaptive Learning. Wewanted to craft Mondly in such a way that itwill suit everylearner’s needs, even complete beginners. Along theway we noticedthat learning German is different from person toperson. So wetaught the app to learn from your way of learning.After littletime spent together, Mondly will understand what suitsyou best andit will become your own guide and customized teacher.Before youknow it, at the end of these German lessons, you willmaster themost useful 5000 words and phrases and you will be on thefast laneto learning a new language. Kids will love it as well.
English Pronunciation 1.2.4
az-20 Apps
Improving your English pronunciation is possible even offline.LearnEnglish pronunciation by listening to how words arepronounced andrepeating them. It is important to learn the rightpronunciation ofEnglish words from the beginning. Learn Englishthe right way bypracticing every day. Learn English daily throughpractice usingEnglish Pronunciation app to improve your Englishpronunciation ofwords. English Pronunciation is a quick tool toreach out to when indoubt. Simply enter the text and you will heara pronunciation ofthe word. Tap on the flag at the top rightcorner of the screen toselect either American or Britishpronunciation. Learn the differentpronunciations of words inBritish and American English.Don't arguewith friends over whichpronunciation is American and which one isBritish. Just use thisapp to settle your differences. It is veryuseful to all, students,teachers, workers, etc. who may need tocheck the pronunciation ofa word on the go. It is a simple app tohelp you learn and speakEnglish the right way.Improve your Englishspeaking skills toprepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC exams.Speak confidentlywith your friends, boss, colleagues, and tourists.Goodpronunciation is essential for learning, speaking andunderstandingspoken English well.The ultimate mobile Englishpronunciation aid,for both students and teachers. The EnglishPronunciation app helpsyou learn, practice and play with Britishpronunciation andAmerican pronunciation of words wherever you are.EnglishPronunciation app teaches you how to pronounce Englishtextproperly. English pronunciation: learn English, speak English,andspeak it right! Main Features: - Clear pronunciation of words-Simple straightforward interface- American andBritishpronunciations- Use the flag icon to select language-History oflearned words- Swipe left to delete word- Small app size-Worksoffline
English Word Formation 1.1.6
The offline word formation dictionary is a helpful tool forthosewho learn and teach. Ideal for the FCE,CPE ,CAEexaminations.ItOffersTranslation of the main words Translation ofthe derivingwords that have a different meaning from the rootwordAudiopronunciation with British and American voiceversionsAlphabeticallistingFavorite list for those who want to savewordsKeyboardsearch of words while you are typing•pron,adj,determiner,prep,advstand for pronoun, adjectivedeterminer, preposition andadverbDictionary features:•Share theword with derivatives•Appusage does not require internetconnection•Regular updates•Flexiblefont size settings for yourcomfort•Setting a different layout forTABLET
English vocabulary daily 1.1.6
If you are looking for an app to improve your Englishvocabulary.This app is an free offline application to help youlearn Englishvocabulary with a simple and efficient way. No moreboring whenlearning English vocabulary. Have fun and learn Englishvocabularyas easy as possible. FEATURES * 7 LEVEL Englishvocabulary • Easyto store and manage your favorite items • PrettyUI, simple anduser-friendly,support multi language • Huge amount ofaudio content* Remind learn words and phrases * Speak English *Listening *Easyto use, easy to understand, easy to practice!*Improve quicklylistening skills, gain more useful and practicalEnglish. *Nointernet connection required. Developed by Awabe.
Learn English in Kannada Free - Kannada to English 11.0
* This application helps you to learn English easily. * Youcanlearn spoken English in just a few hours. * This is anEnglishspeaking course for learning English easily. * Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly. *And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on Englishlanguagecan help you do so. * This app has a chapter on Englishvocabularyas well. * If you are looking forward to learning Englishonline itis better that you initially start with this application.* Thereis also a chapter on English pronunciation. * There aresimpleEnglish words as well, in one of the lessons which you canfindhelpful. * Learn English phrases and idioms easily using thebestin class techniques. * This application is in fact a KannadatoEnglish speaking tutorial of top quality. * If you are seekingtotalk English the right way, this can be a good beginning. *LearnEnglish using Kannada with effective English listeningOffline. *You can learn how to speak English fluently. * SpeakingEnglishwith Kannada was never easier. * This can also be useful forthosewho are seeking to join BPO or Call center. * Also if you wanttoparticipate in English discussions and debates, you can beginwiththis application. * This application uses both text and voiceaudioto teach English the proper way. * Learning English grammarcouldbe easier if you initially get to know these basics. * Learntospeak English fluently with Kannada. * Also if you arepreparingfor an English interview, spend some time learning thetoolsprovided here. * An excellent beginning for a Kannadaspeakingperson. * Start learning these English lessons and improveyourEnglish knowledge with this application which is forbeginners.This application provide skills in Basic English. Youwill startpreparing yourself to learn Business English. Finding outcommonmistakes in English and common errors in English isimportant. Youwill be able to do so after going through this app,to a largeextent. You will learn some English Vocabulary aftercompletingwhich you will be able to go ahead and learn Synonyms andAntonyms.Using our apps, you can learn languages free. You canthereafterproceed with learning English Grammar and Parts ofSpeech. This appcan also be used as a Kannada to Englishphrasebook. What is forsure is that you will be able to learnEnglish Vocabulary Daily.You will also be able to learn as to howto speak English Fluentlyin 30 days. First learn this and then goahead and then you canalso use an English Idioms and PhraseDictionary. This app can alsobe useful for those who want to learnEnglish for CompetitiveExams. You can also hereafter jump-startwith a Group Discussionapp or an Interview Questions and Answersapp. Learn how to speakEnglish fluently in 30 days. Many can alsouse this app as a LearnEnglish Magazine app. This app can be usedto improve English forBPO Interview. You will also be able to LearnEnglish words daily.You will slowly become more familiar withEnglish verbs. A warmwelcome is also extended to those who want tolearn English forBank Exams - English for Banking. Some can usethis for SSCpreparation. To put it in simple words, play and learnEnglishusing this app. You will become better with Kannada toEnglishspeaking if you also use a Kannada to English dictionary orEnglishto Kannada dictionary apart from this application. * TheseEnglishpractice lessons and tutorials will make you comfortableinimproving you English skills. * Learn English usingKannadalanguage and acquire the skills which are are looking toachieve. *You will learn some basics of English which is importanttounderstand before you start learning professional English. *Thisis an english conversation speaking app.
Learn English by English story & English Reading 1.0.6
English Stories is completely offline english story book appwithover 300+ stories for English reading.and moral lessons forkids.No internet Required for reading stories . You have your storybookevery time with you now as all the stories areofflineCATEGORIES:1.Comical Stories2. Courage Stories3. DiligenceStories4. EducationStories5. Fables Stories6. Family Stories7.Friendship Stories8 .General Stories9. Inspiration Stories10. LifeStories11. LoveStories12. Mischief Stories13. Moral Stories14.MotivationalStories15. Shrewd StoriesFEATURES• 300+ stories•Supported readingby Translator• Commonly-used English phrases &vocabularies•Easy to store and manage your favorite items • PrettyUI, simpleand user-friendly,support multi language• Remind learnEnglish*Easyto use, easy to understand, easy to practice!*Improvequicklyreading skills, gain more useful and practicalEnglishDeveloped byAwabe.
Dictionary Spanish 1.9.3
The Spanish dictionary explains the meaning of words in Spanish,based in Spanish . Free!features:♦ Over 149000definitions.♦Offline! No internet connection needed . The Internetis used only when aword is not found in the dictionary♦You canbrowse through wordswith your finger!♦ Voice Recognition♦ Issueswith the text colordefined by the user♦ Bookmarks and history♦random search button ,useful for learning new words♦ friendlyinterface and functionaluser♦ Share your favorites definitions
Learn Brazilian Portuguese
MosaLingua Crea
★Learn Portuguese from Brazil in no time! MosaLingua's effectiveandaddictive teaching method will help you memorize loadsofvocabulary, key phrases and conjugations in record time★ Byusingthe dialogue exercises, you'll be able to improve bothyourBrazilian Portuguese comprehension and your speaking skills atthesame time. MosaLingua was designed by a Brazilian professor andateam of native speakers and polyglots who actually usesMosaLinguaon a daily basis. Did you know that you can get by justfine onvacation knowing less than 500 carefully-chosen words?Spendingjust 5 minutes per day for two months will allow you tomemorize600 words and key phrases in Brazilian language! Learntheessential 20% that will apply 80% of the time. Afterwards youcanchoose an area of focus that is relevant for you (travel,sports,business, technology...). Already have an app to speakportugueseor a dictionary to learn portuguese ? Then tryMosaLingua, the bestway to study Portuguese. We're positive youwon't regret thedownload! Whether you are starting from scratch oryou already knowthe basics of Brazilian language, MosaLingua isadapted to suityour language needs. It's like having your ownprivate tutor inyour pocket! Whether your motivation for learningPortuguese fromBrazil is for school (diploma, class, course,CELPE-Bras),vacation, business purposes or simply for the joy oflearning,MosaLingua will have you speaking Brazilian Portuguese inno time:MOSALINGUA CONSISTS OF: - 3000+ flash cards of vocabularyandphrases in Brazilian Language, including audio pronunciationsbynative speakers - 14 diverse categories (e.g.Accommodation,transportation, shopping, tourism, social,emergencies...) -morethan 100 sub-categories (e.g. At therestaurant, at the hotel,buying, partying, flirting...) - Up to 10levels to complete, fromthe basics to more specialized vocabulary -17 dialogues presentingcommon situations that come up on vacation(or when traveling) -Study Portuguese lessons and Brazilianlanguage tips that will aidyour progression - More than 100 bonusmaterials - Possibility tocreate your own cards to learn portugueseLEARN THE ESSENTIAL 20%THAT WILL TAKE YOU 80% OF THE WAY: - Learnthe most useful/mostused vocab (and the most simple) first - Learnonly the most usefulphrases for your studies, for your travel, orfor CELPE-Bras HIGHLYEFFICIENT AND PROVEN LEARNING METHOD:MosaLingua uses the SpacedRepetition System (SRS), the product ofseveral years of scientificresearch - Calculates review dates forthe flash cards according tohow difficult you find each one, toencourage efficient and longterm memorization - Spend time learningwhat you find useful, notwhat you already know - MosaLinguaconstantly adapts to your needsand pace (like a private teacher) -Use both audio and visualmemory - Sustained learning (long-termmemory) LEARN BRAZILIANPORTUGUESE ON THE GO - You get to decide howlong each lesson willbe (it doesn't matter whether you have only 2minutes or more than30 minutes to spend) - You can stop a lesson ofBrazilian languageand then pick up where you left off whenever youwant - You don'tneed an internet connection, all the lesson andcontent isavailable OFFLINE to help you learn portuguese FUN ANDADDICTIVE -Unlock bonuses as you progress (dialogues, jokes, funfacts,sayings, tips) - Learn how to speak portuguese from dialoguesbasedon realistic situations that you may encounter on vacation -You'llbe amazed at how quickly you will learn new words and howaddictiveit becomes - the App keeps track of your progress givingyou themotivation you need to succeed If you have a suggestion orneedassistance, please click on the customer support link below--youare guaranteed a reply Note: All the content listed inthisdescription is already included in the application at no extracost(in-app purchases are available should you wish topurchaseoptional content).
Learn Languages LingQ: Read, Listen,SRS Vocabulary 4.7.1
Learn languages by immersing yourself in a world ofinteresting,authentic content! Start with easy beginner (A1)lessons butquickly progress into learning languages frominteresting,authentic content. Our accelerated reader for languagelearnerscontains 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, books,interviews andmore, all with transcript. LingQ even lets you importand learnlanguages from any content you find on the web! Use LingQas anaudiobook player and read along. Listen to podcasts and readalong.Start your language learning journey today! Listen to lessonsandfollow along in the text. Look up and learn new words andphrases.Track which words you know and which words are new to you.Watchyour vocabulary grow! Track all your language learningactivitiesincluding listening time, words of reading and more.Review andlearn vocabulary in context and using SRS review tools.Registeryour account and have your data synced to our webapplication soyou can study languages on the web along with onmobile. The LingQapp also lets you learn languages offline andsyncs up when you getback online. This lets you take advantage ofdead time and shortbreaks throughout the day to spend more timelearning your newlanguage. No other app will take you as far. LingQwill take youall the way to fluency! Features: * 1000’s of hours ofdownloadableaudio mp3 files all with transcript. Podcasts,audiobooks and more* Look up and learn new vocabulary usingintegrated dictionaryresources * Review and learn vocabulary usingSRS review system *Track how many words you know, which words arenew & which youare learning * Keep all your language learningstatistics includinglistening and reading time * Use Playlist toeasily play andshuffle all your current lessons * Sync word data,playlist dataand lesson data to the web and across devices * Studylanguagesoffline and update data when back online *Receivenotifications forall LingQ learning activities from web or mobileincluding forumand tutor activities from the web * Manage and learnall your savedvocab * See your language learning targets andmeasure yourprogress * Watch your avatar grow as you learnlanguages * Studyall available languages: English, French, Spanish,Japanese,Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish,Korean,Dutch, Polish and Greek. (Activate additional betalanguagesthrough our web version: Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto,Ukrainian,Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Finnish, Hebrew, Turkish. Theselanguageswill then be accessible on the app.) “Built by languagelearnersfor language learners!” LingQ Co-Founder, Steve Kaufmann,one ofthe world’s leading polyglots, has learned 15 languages usingthisapproach. Steve is the “Godfather of language learning”Getlanguage learning tips from Steve at his: Blog- YouTube Channel- ACCELERATE YOURLEARNINGWITH LINGQ PREMIUM • Unlimited LingQs - Look up & saveall newwords and phrases in our reader • Word Tracking - Trackknownwords, new words to accelerate your learning • UnlimitedVocabReview (SRS) • Unlimited Imports - Import & study textfrom theweb • 50% off Tutoring on the web ------- Feedback? Let usknow.Send suggestions and feedback to [email protected] You can alsovisitus: * on the web - * on Facebook- (Throw us a like!) * on Twitter- * at Youtube-
Instant self-study English 1 V 1.5
Preface The book "Instant self-study English – Express myEnglishskills” includes 184 pages which are compiled according tothepurpose "Learn English anytime, anywhere". Integrated - audiobooks(audio) mark each sentence, so when you read or listen toasentence and want to listen again, you only need to touchthesentence and the sound of sentence will be played again;SmartBooksalso has the feature of recording your voice (your voicereadingthe learning sentence) by clicking the icon Micro (iconRecorder),when you click on the icon Headphone (listen and write -listeningand writing), screen appears with a lot of features tohelp youlisten and write the sentence heard by key or by hand,...This isour breakthrough advance in the age of technology and itwill helpyou a lot in learning language and reading conveniently.Tri ThucViet Center of Book Compilating and Translating
French to English Speaking - Apprendre l' Anglais 25.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensiveFrench to English Speaking Course which is meant forteaching youEnglish speaking. * This is a French to EnglishSpeaking tutorialwhich uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodology with veryinteractive English audio sessions for each ofthe six dedicatedchapters. * You are systematically coached to getmore command overEnglish language with French with each and everylesson that youtake. Apprendre l Anglais. * Confident, fluentEnglish learning andspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as youare provided facilityto even record your own English exercisesessions in your own veryvoice for each lesson and use it forfuture reference. * An Frenchspeaking person will also like goingthrough each of the chapterswhich are completely interactive innature, coaching you throughoutto gain more knowledge as you learnspeaking English language withcommand. * Every French to Englishlearning chapter is sufficientlyprovided with quality informationto ensure that your speakingfluency gets further enhanced. LearnEnglish in French language.This is not a french to englishtranslator app but an Englishlanguage trainer. ***** Text BasedFrench to English Learning *****Audio Based French to EnglishLearning ***** Save your voicerecordings for future reference andtrack your improvement againsteach exercise. ***** There areseparate chapters that are devotedindividually for Scenarios,English Interview, Expressions,Colloquial English Speaking,Etiquette and Phrasal Verbs. *****Take a quiz test on Englishlanguage after completing thesechapters. ***** Hence thereby learnhow to speak English usingFrench Fluently. This is not a french toenglish dictionary that isavailable offline free. This languagelearning application can alsobe used by all those French speakingpreparing for BPO, CallCenter, English Discussions and Debates aswell as English jobinterview. If you want to learn english grammar,it is advised thatyou initially go through this application getyourself ready foryour next assignment. If I want to learn englishwith thisapplication, go through all the chapters. This app canhelp youlearn english fast using audio. Learn the language usingEnglishconversation rather than through an English Dictionary.LearningSpoken English now. Exercises, vocabulary and businessenglish makethis application a very special one. * Apprendrel'anglais parlanten utilisant un facile, simple mais completfrançais à l'anglaisParlant de golf qui vous est destiné àenseigner l'anglais parlant.* Apprendre l'anglais en 7 jours:Instructions étape par étape,petit à petit. * Ceci est un françaisà l'anglais tutorial Parlantqui utilise une méthode d'enseignementsystématique et progressiveavec une très interactifs sessions audioanglais pour chacun dessix chapitres dédiés. * Vous êtessystématiquement coaché ​​pourobtenir plus de commande sur lalangue anglaise avec le françaisavec chaque leçon que vous prenez.* Confiant, courammentapprentissage de l'anglais et de parlerdevient assez simple etfacile que vous disposez installation mêmed'enregistrer vospropres séances d'exercice dans votre anglaisposséder voix trèspour chaque leçon et l'enregistrer pour référencefuture. * Unepersonne parlant français sera également passer parchacun deschapitres qui sont totalement interactive dans la nature,tout aulong de coaching vous pour gagner plus connaissances quevousapprenez parler anglais avec la commande. * Chaque françaisàl'anglais chapitre apprentissage est suffisamment fourni avecdesinformations de qualité pour assurer que votre maîtrise separlerencore renforcée. Voici comment vous pouvez utilisercetteapplication: ***** Texte Basé français à l'anglaisapprentissage***** Audio Based Learning français à l'anglais *****Sauvegardezvos enregistrements vocaux pour référence future etévaluer votreprogrès contre chaque exercice.
Business English speaking fluently app for free 1.1.7
Innovative K
English speaking is not hard, everything you needis:Englishvocabulary to understand English exactlyListening Englishsentencesfully (because people speak English complete sentences,not word byword)Speaking English complete sentences in order tospeak themfluently (don't speak word by word)English grammar isonly forreading and writing (you don't have time to think aboutgrammarwhile you are speaking)Learn English naturally by listening=>understanding => speakingThis app follows all above tips tohelpyou speak English fluently.-----Business English is vitalforinternational working environment, do you need it foryourjob?Communication skills are essential for work nowadays, doyouneed to improve them?English language skills are required fortheposition in multinational companies you 'd like to applyto?SpokenEnglish is essential for your future advancement andsuccess?How tolearn English is a hard question for you?How to speakEnglishfluently is a challenge for you at this moment?Congrats,this appis for you.We collect and provide most important Englishvocabularyand conversations, which are frequently used in dailybusinessconversations. All of them are grouped in 6 main topicsbelow : +Finance and budget + HR and employment + Planning andscheduling +Sales and delivery + Working with customers + MarketingandadvertisingEffortless English approach, which is applied inthisapp, will help you study English easier by natural process:listening => understanding => speakingEnglish PRACTICEpartwill help you practice COMPLETE SENTENCES, which are essentialforfluent understanding and speaking English.English TEST partwillhelp you test COMPLETE SENTENCES, which are learned fromLESSONS aswell as PRACTICE parts.English WRITING part will help youpracticelistening and writing essential sentences in BusinessEnglish. Thiswill help you listen better as well as remember allimportantvocabulary and sentences for daily business conversationsatwork.Feature SPEAK FLUENTLY will allow you practice speakingwithany sentences you want. Just type or paste your own sentencesandlet the application help you to speak them correctly.This appisnot only to help you quickly learn English for Business, butalsoto help you feel confident in multinational companies or anyotherEnglish speaking environment.It's never too early toimproveEnglish skills as well as don't miss any opportunities toshowgreat skills to your boss.Feel free to try it now.
My Dictionary - Free: polyglot 5.3
Do you want to learn a foreign language quickly? A uniqueprogramfor memorizing words will help you to do it. The mainsuccess oflearning a foreign language consists in the most rapidvocabularyreplenishment: you should repeat words time and again.For thispurpose people often use the notepads, what is notalwaysconvenient. New app "My Dictionary: polyglot" combinesseveralfunctions and advantages: • 90 kinds of dictionaries(English,German, French, Spanish, etc.); • 8 types of training:word search,writing the words, searching for a translation,comparison of thestudied words and its translation; • Automatictranslation of anadding word; • Evaluation of learning the words; •Completelylearned words can be hidden or deleted from the main listof study;• Short statistics, that shows the dynamics of learning;•Pronunciation of a word; • Quick search of words andtranslationsin the dictionary; • Tags for words, search by tags,training bytags; • Transcription for words and usage examples; •Archivingdatabase and fast recovery from a backup file; • Imageeditor forwords; • Import from Excel (XLS and XLSX); • Export toExcel; •Notifications (also for other devices like smartwatch); •Set ofwords from server; • Synchronization with the cloud withtheability to use one database on different devices; • Ability tousemultiple databases of different users on the same device; •Nightmode. This app allows you to expand your vocabulary fastenough.Its main advantage is the availability of 8 differenttrainings forlearning. 90 kinds of dictionaries include the mostpopular worldlanguages, such as English, German, French, Spanish,Italian,Chinese, Portuguese. As a result, it is possible tolearnsequentially or simultaneously speaking several languages. Theappprovides a unique opportunity to learn multiple words per dayandit is the fastest way to learn the language because vocabularyisthe basis of a quick study. The more new words you learn,thebetter you will understand your interlocutor, and the easieryouwill communicate with him. Of course, the grammar isalsonecessary, but we recommend to learn it after learningvocabulary,at least the basic words. Otherwise learning a foreignlanguagewill be much harder, longer and more boring. This app willbeespecially useful for those who read foreign literature,visitforeign forums and sites. Finding a new unknown word in thetext,the user can simply add it to his dictionary, see thetranslation,and then learn with the help of training. Usuallywithout adictionary people forget a new word soon, and seeing itagain theyhave to look for it once more. During the app’sdevelopment thecomplexity of "manual" search of translation and thepsychologicalaspects of learning of words, including the lack offree time, weretaken into account. So: Having met in the text anunknown word,just go to the app, enter a new word in the dictionaryand see thetranslation. If it’s necessary, add it to the list ofstudiedwords. During studying the program shows the level ofmastering thewords (in percent). When the word is learned, it isenough to tick"Studied" on the appropriate word and it ceases toappear intraining. Learned words do not appear in the list fortraining, butremain in the dictionary that allows you to find themquickly whenit’s needed. Thus, the application “My Dictionary:polyglot” is aninvaluable aid in learning a foreign language.Anyone can verifythis on his own and learn any foreign languagequickly enough.Differences from the paid version: • The presence ofadvertising. •Free upload of up to 300 images to the cloud (up to600 in paidversion). • Free sharing up to 3 sets of words for allusers (up to9 in paid version). • A slightly more expensivesubscriptions forunlimited upload of images to the cloud.
IELTS Vocabulary - Words with Meaning and Examples 3.9
Are you looking for an English vocabulary offline app to helpyouwith IELTS preparation or to just improve your Englishvocabulary?Don't worry. With this app you will learn English fastand easyway. ✔ it has more example sentences for each word than anyotherapp in the market. ✔ 350 most important IELTS words. ✔ dualanddefinition helps you understand each word really well. ✔ ithaseasy to reach tabs for your learned and favorite words. ✔Audiopronunciation for each word in the app. ✔ beginner,Intermediate,and advanced vocabulary levels. ✔ Smart English quizgame willteach you words more effectively. Have you ever looked foranoffline flashcard app for English vocabulary without anyannoyingads? Well, here you go. IELTS vocabulary builder app hasmore than350 IELTS vocabulary words especially handpicked by anexpertteacher. Now you don't have to learn 4000 to 5000 IELTS wordsforyour IELTS preparation. Each word has simple English meaningwithaddition to Spanish, Hindi and Bengali which are translatedbynative speakers. IELTS vocabulary builder app provides at least3sentences with each word which makes easy to learn difficultwordsof English vocabulary. We offer each word with audiopronunciationthat will increase your listening skills and you knowhow topronounce English word in voice. The app also providesthreesections of quiz flashcard games with beginner, intermediateandadvance words. If you find any particular vocabulary worddifficultto learn then you can favorite the word and practice itwithflashcard game until you master the word. Also, you canexerciseyour learned word list without any trouble. Flashcard gameThissaying is really old…old enough to be one of those Latinphrasesthat’s engraved into stone somewhere in the sprawl of theformerempire: Repetitio mater studiorum est. Repetition is themother ofall learning. So, we have added a repetition flashcardgame tolearn vocabulary or you can also test and practice yourvocabularywith our IELTS vocabulary builder app.
अंग्रेजी बोलना शिखे 1.2
In today's world, it is really very necessary to know how tospeakin English. If you want to learn how to speak Englishfluently,this app will help you achieve your goal. This appincludes total30 days program with various features which taughtyou How to SpeakReal English. Most of the time we face many kind ofproblem due topoor english speaking like to get a job and in manysocialactivities. This is offline app and does not requireinternetconnection.* This application helps you to learn Englisheasily.*Learn to speak English fluently with Hindi.* Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly.*And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on Englishlanguagecan help you do so.* This app has a chapter on Englishvocabularyas well.* If you are looking forward to learning Englishonline itis better that you initially start with this application.*There isalso a chapter on English pronunciation.* There are simpleEnglishwords as well, in one of the lessons which you can findhelpful.*Learn English phrases and idioms easily.* If you areseeking totalk English the right way, this can be a goodbeginning.* LearnEnglish using Hindi with effective Englishlistening.* You canlearn how to speak English fluently.* SpeakingEnglish with Hindiwas never easier.* Also if you want toparticipate in Englishdiscussions and debates, you can begin withthis application.*Learning English grammar could be easier if youinitially get toknow these basics.* This is an English speakingcourse for learningEnglish easily.* Also if you are preparing foran Englishinterview, spend some time learning the tools providedhere.* Anexcellent beginning for a Hindi speaking person.* Startlearningthese English lessons and improve your English knowledgewith thisapplication which is for beginners.* These Englishpractice lessonsand tutorials will make you comfortable inimproving you Englishskills.* Learn English using Hindi languageand acquire the skillswhich are are looking to achieve.* You willlearn some basics ofEnglish which is important to understand beforeyou start learningprofessional English.* It is very important toknow how to speakEnglish in the modern world.* This app is a 6 to 7days program andhas several which can teach you How to Speak RealEnglish.* Angreziseekhe and achieve your goal using this Englishspeaking course.*Angreji sikho and learn the basics to crackinterviews with thisSpoken English apps.* Use this free Englishspeaking course andprepare for a bright future.* Learn English forcompetitive examsand achieve your goal soon.* This angreji bolnasikhe app has manyfeatures to help you learn English quickly.* ThisEnglish learningapp is preferred for kids.* If you are wonderingthat angreji kaisesikhe, you have reached a proper place. You canalso learn angrejigrammar.* Hindi to angreji application is an easyway to gainconfidence. So, here is your opportunity to learnenglish speakingand improve your spoken english with this offlineapp.* If you havemade up your mind to speak english in 30 days, youcan go for thisapp and achieve your target much earlier.* ThisEnglish Tutor Appteaches you to understand some concepts in Englishquickly.* Anenglish learning app is required to teach you certainprincipleseasily. This is an English Teacher app. Learn EnglishSpeaking withease.* Learn how to speak english perfect andeasy.Help you preparefor competitive exams like:SBI, SSC APSPSC,CSAT, UPSC, MPSC, IPS,IFS, CDS, Post office, IBPS, IAS, IRS, NDA,RRB, IBPS Clerk,StaffSelection Commission - SSC, CTET, UPSC, SSC,Bank PO, REET, UKSSSC,HPSC, SBI PO, IBPS SO, CTET, OPSC, RBIOfficer, GATE, GPSC, JPSC,GMAT, SSB, RBI, WBPSC, APSC exam, SBIClerk, SBI Banks PO, AIEEE,CAT, PCS, SBI Clerk, KPSC,RBIAssistant,RBI Grade B Officer,National Defence Academy State PSCexams.Download For Free !!
Learn 50 languages 11.2
Learn 50 languages for free using your nativelanguage! contains 100 lessons that provide you witha basicvocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn tofluentlyspeak short sentences in real-world situations in no time.The50languages method successfully combines audio and textforeffective language learning. 50languages corresponds to theCommonEuropean Framework levels A1 and A2 and is therefore suitableforall types of schools and students. The audio files can alsobeeffectively used as a supplement in language schools andlanguagecourses. Adults who have learned a language in school canrefreshtheir knowledge using 50languages. 50languages is availablein over50 languages and in approximately 3000 languagecombinations, e.g.German to English, English to Spanish, Spanish toChinese etc. The100 lessons help you to quickly learn and use aforeign language invarious situations (e.g. in a hotel orrestaurant, on a vacation,small talk, getting to know people,shopping, at the doctor, at thebank etc.). You can download theaudio files to your mp3-player and listento them anywhere- at a bus stop or a train station, in the car, andduring a lunchbreak! To get the most out of 50languages, learn onelesson a dayand regularly repeat what you have already learned inpreviouslessons.
Learn English Speaking in Urdu Language 1.1
Unisoft Apps
Learn to Speak English with Powerful English Learn App Free. Nowyoucan learn English in just few days. All you need to do istodownload our Best English Learning Application and you canlearnEnglish in just 10 Days.Our English Speaking Coursecontainsadvanced learning methods. You you easily understand thathow youcan improve your English Speaking Skills. By downloading ourSpokenEnglish APP, you can become more fluent in EnglishConversation.This is an app where you can learn English in Urdu.With our appyou can also Learn English Grammar and EnglishVocabulary. Sirf 15Dino main English Bolna aur Parhna Seekhain,Learn English in Just15 days.Abhi Hamari Learn English App downloadkarain or bohatasani sy ghar baithy English Seekhain. Hamari Appmain Mojood hain,English Grammar, English Tenses, EnglishVocabulary, DirectIndirect or Active/Passive Voice. Is app mainMojood hai LearnEnglish ka Mukamal Course to abhi hamari appdownload karain orkuch hi dino main far far English Bolna Seekhain.Note: This isComplete English Course for those who want to learnEnglish.If youwant to Learn English Speaking, you have come to theright place,you can now Learn to Speak English Fluently with ourLearn to SpeakEnglish App. If You are looking for an app which canteach youEnglish both reading and Speaking and you are looking foran appwhich can answer you Question " How to Learn English ", thereyouhave it. Our Easy English Learning App can help you to makeEnglishMaster in just few weeks practice. Get our App and LearnEnglishSpeaking and improve your Spoken English offline withourapplication in a few weeks time. This is a offline app so youdontneed Internet Connection all you need is to download our freeappand get Best English Learning App for free. In our Applicationwehave also added English Dictionary for you Convenience, So thatyoucan also learn Daily English Word to Increase youEnglishVocabulary. Download our app and Start Easy English SpeakingCoursetoday.
English listening daily 1.1.6
Listening is the most important skill in English. This softwarewillhelp you to practice English listening easier. The voicefromconversations is quite slow. Therefore, you can listen almostwordsin the conversations.FEATURES• English conversation withslowvoice.• Commonly-used English phrases & vocabularies• Easytostore and manage your favorite items • Pretty UI, simpleanduser-friendly,support multi language• Huge amount of audiocontent•Remind learn English*Easy to use, easy to understand, easytopractice!*Improve quickly listening skills, gain more usefulandpractical English*You can download audio to useOFFLINE.Developedby Awabe.