Top 49 Games Similar to Thumbelina and Her Lil Friends

Thumbelina endless runner 1.5
~Kids Games~
Help the Thumbelina avoid obstacles.Enjoy the beautiful game ... :)
Thumbelina. Easy runner. 1.2
~Kids Games~
A simple game with a nice 3D design.Run along the path andrunaround obstacles.
100 Years Love with a Vampire 1.2.0
Lady Wizard
The one who has appeared from my grandma's jewellery box is…alittleVampire !?New story has come up from the tip of your finger!!Let'sreveal a secret of a 100 years…!◆◇Game Details ◇◆Sakura whois aheroine of this story, has received a beautiful lacqueredjewellerybox from her grandma as a memento. However, a littleVampire, thesize of a hand,has popped out from the box…!?This mayhappen to you,someday!?Let's enjoy our casual light fantasy!◆◇This is recommendedto those who◇◆・likes myths・likes fairy tails・doesn't have time butwants to play games ・wants to do simple andeasy games・likesJapanese games◆◇This app is translatedin◇◆・Japanese・English・Traditional Chinese・SimplifiedChinese・Korean・French・Spanish・Italian・ThaiTap the iconin the lowerright corner of the title screen to set the language.
Live Jigsaws - Thumbelina 1.0.6
Live Jigsaws
Follow the story of Thumbelina and her flower-fairy Prince!Thestory unfolds across 20 beautiful levels, as brought to lifebyacclaimed book cover artist, Phatpuppy.Thumbelina contains20beautiful scenes of animated artwork for you to choose from,withthe ability to totally customize your jigsaw piece style andnumberof pieces - you'll never play the same puzzle twice!It's noteasybeing small - Thumbelina needs help to overcome the harshelementsand evil intentions of Mr. Toad and Mr. Beetle!Amazingendlesscustomization options:- Choose between 4, and a whopping713pieces- Pick a cut style from 6 different choices, or have notabsat all for an extra challenge!- Take your pick from 9differentedge styles- Square or curved pieces - it's yourchoiceGameFeatures:- Choose your piece style and number of puzzlepieces-Puzzles are brought to life by subtle animations- 20beautifulscenes- Pinch to zoom and pan the puzzle area- Stunning3DeffectsThis app is certified Actually Free© which means you getthefull game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signupnow for our newsletter or learn moreathttp://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOKUS:
Hidden Scenes Thumbelina 1.0.2
Hidden Scenes is a game similar to a jigsaw puzzle where youswapand flip the pieces to reveal the hidden scene. When all piecesareflipped / swapped into their correct location, you win!Followthestory of Thumbelina through 20 beautiful scenes!Fivedifferentmodes of play:SWAP - swap the pieces into their correctspot, easyand relaxingFLIP - swap and flip the pieces into theircorrectspot, a little more challengingROTATE - swap and ROTATE thepiecesinto their correct spot! Can be very challenging!RADIAL -swappieces of a circular puzzle, very unique!CHALLENGE - Playthroughexciting fast paced timed and move counting games! Are youfastenough to make it through all 50??Get bonus power-upsduringgameplay! 500 coins - make correct matches in a row 500 coins-quickly match three in a row 500 coins - complete thepuzzlewithout using the preview button 1000 coins - complete theentirepuzzle without making any mistakes!Download this dynamicjigsawpuzzle now and join in on the fun! Uncover the beautifulhiddenscenes and treasures this app has to offer!
Baby Hazel Snow White Story 4
Relive the glorious era of Snow White, one of the most lovedfairytales for kids with Baby Hazel! It is a tale about Snow White,whowas exiled into the dense forest by her wicked stepmother.Enjoyplaying the Baby Hazel Snow White Story game featuringunpleasantbehavior of wicked stepmother towards Snow White, themagic mirror,the poisoned apple, the glass coffin andprince.Awesome gamefeatures:• Help king to set up the crib for babyhazel Snow White•Enjoy decorating Snow White's room using all theattractivedecoration supplies• Help queen in dressing up baby hazelSnowWhite in cute-looking outfits and accessories• Enjoy funactivitiesat carnival along with Snow White and King includingpotterymaking, carousel ride and more. • Dozens of elegant gownsandmatching accessories to try on Snow White• Help the witch queeninpreparing the magical potion • Collect diamonds and coinsbycompleting fun-packed activities to unlock amazing items• SpintheFortune Wheel to win a surprise gift What's inside:•4+nice-looking dresses, hair bands and shoes to try on babyhazelSnow White• 4+ royal outfits and accessories including gowns,hairbands and shoes to dress up Princess Snow White• 4+differentshades of eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, mascaras andcoloredblushes for Snow White to look beautiful• 3 mouth-wateringflavorsof ice creams for Snow White to feast on• 4+ props for SnowWhiteto have fun• 4+ types of pots to make at carnival• 4+ designsandshades for designing the potBy downloading this game, youareagreeing to our terms of use which can be foundat[] and our privacypolicywhich can be found at[] ©2015 Axis EntertainmentLimited. All Rights Reserved.© 2015 AxisEntertainment, Baby Hazel, and allrelated characters, music,and images are licensed trademarks andcopyrights owned or usedunder license by Axis EntertainmentLimited and are protected byinternational copyright laws. BabyHazel is a trademark of AxisEntertainment Limited in the UnitedStates and other jurisdictions.All rights reserved.Pleasesubscribe to Youtube Channel for BabyHazel Videos: us– us Twitter– us– us on Google Plus- Pinterest -
Cinderella : 3D Pop-up Book 1.5
CluePoint co., Ltd
★If you could not download pop-up Book on Google Play, you cangetit on Amazon appstore, Samsung appstore.Do you want to see,hearand play with your kids?Here we have for you'Cinderella'.Cinderella consists of 3D pop-up scenes with RPG(characterrole-playing game) elements of the characters incombination withinteraction for young readers (interaction betweenuser andcomputer). Children can experience the pleasure of gameandeducation effect at the same time. Sit down with your child asyouare running the apps, and talk about what lessons Cinderellaistelling us while listening to the music and touchingtheinteresting objects inside it. It will be a valuable time foryourchild to cherish for lifetime. Charles Perrault's Cinderellahasbeen redefined with fun and exciting pop-up scenes like'Cleaningthe floor', 'Getting help from a fairy', ' Dancing withthe princeat a ball', 'Getting home leaving a glass slipperbehind’, 'Finding the owner of the slipper ',' Reunion with theprince'. Havefun completing the wonderful story by touching andmoving thecharacters and objects with the excitingthemes!※Review-Rating★★★★★ August9th,2012 AndroidTapp"The appencourages reading and thestory includes a number of participatorytasks for children to playwith. Part educational, partentertainment, it’s a great app forengaging small children for aperiod of time- a holy grail forparents." -Rating ★★★★★ 23.AUG,"Cinderella 3DPopup Fairy tale app is really a goodentertainer for the kids. Atthe same time they play, children willalso gain some valuableknowledge to add to their knowledgedatabase."- 23.AUG,2012 - By ※ Intended for:★Kids ages 2-8(Preschool-aged) ※ Features:★ Full 3D experience -It’s just like areal book, Lifelike 3D Pop-up scenes filled withbeautifulillustrations and music★ Touch or drag interactiveelements in the3D pop-up scenes★ Fun and exciting interactivity toenhance theliveliness of the story theme★ Fancy and lovelycharacters poppingup out of the impressive scenes of the stories★Three dimensionalrotation effect for a natural reading experience ★The classicalversion of “Cinderella” written by Charles Perrault※Other FairyTale★ Ant&Grasshopper:3D Story Book (Free)★Cinderella 3DPop-up Book Lite (Free)★ Puss in Boots : 3D Pop-upBook★ Thumbelina: 3D Popup Book ※ More Information :★ Website:★ FaceBook :★YouTube : (Book Type : 3DPup-Up Book,eBook, Story Book, Toddler Book, English Audio Book,Reading Book,Fairy tale book for kids)
Surface: Lost Tales Collector's Edition 1.0.0
Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete theadventure!Arefairytales real or just stories from our collectiveimagination?What if both are true? When you start havingstrangehallucinations, you seek help from a therapist. But whatshould bea regular visit takes a sinister turn when your doctorturns intoan axe wielding maniac! It turns out that you’re a realstorybookprincess, and you may be responsible for the fate of bothour worldand Fairyland!• TRAVEL BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN TWOWORLDS!Severalother fabled characters are trapped in our world aswell. To helpthem, you’ll have to reassemble the missing pages ofthe storybookthat holds their reality together.• CAN YOU ESCAPE THEWICKEDHUNTSMAN?Stay one step ahead of your pursuer throughlegendaryhidden object scenes. • GET SOME HELP FROM THE CHESHIRECATThisenigmatic furry feline will aid you in solving fantasticpuzzlesand magical mini-games.• LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT ANOTHERFAIRYTALE INTHE BONUS CHAPTERDiscover more bizarre secrets andenjoy additionalCollector’s Edition exclusives includingcollectible Figurines,morphing objects, and more!• Find thousandsof hidden objects, plussolve tons of mini games and puzzles!•Unlock this incredibleCollector's Edition to gain access to all ofthe amazing bonusesand additional gameplay!*** Discover more fromBig Fish Games***Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a newrelease orpromotion again: outour entiregame library with our Big Fish Games app absolutely FREEhere: Big Fish Games, a leadingdeveloper,producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual,card &casino games!VISIT US:
Children's stories 0.0.1
Children's stories to read and soon video is a compilation ofsomeof the classic children's stories, to see fairy tales andchildrencan enjoy with their children soon text and videos ofclassicchildren's stories .It is a program where you can see andreadtraditional children's stories, always classics for young andold ,who can get the values ​​provided.Here you'll find someclassicssuch as: little Red Riding HoodHamsel and GretelThe Ant andtheGrasshopperThe 3 Little PigsCincirellaSleeping BeautySnowWhiteTheWizard of OzThumbelinaCinderellaEtc ...Veras as in everyfairy taleyour child will enjoy each and every one of thechildren's classicstories online and watch them anytime throughyour device.
Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure 1.0.37
FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS IN MAGICAL LANDS!Start your epicadventurethrough Magical Lands with our new hidden object game!Search forhidden objects scattered throughout each level, collectinterestingand useful items, complete puzzling quests, earn hugerewards, andmeet a variety of fun characters on your hidden objectjourney!FUNHIDDEN OBJECT GAMEPLAYIn each level you'll search forhiddenobjects to earn your rewards, complete the level, andprogress tothe next. We've hidden objects by picture, word andshadow to keepgameplay fun and challenging! Zoom in on the scene tohelp findtricky objects, and ask Fiona the helpful fairy for hintsif youget stuck. She knows these Magical Lands better than anybodyand isthere to guide you on your way.MEET WONDERFUL CHARACTERSAsyousearch for hidden objects throughout your adventure,you'llencounter interesting characters who would love to help you!MeetSparkles the lost goat, Fritz the forgetful bird, Haroldthebotanist, and many more! Help them find objects they've lostandreceive special rewards inreturn.===============MAINFEATURES:===============★ Meetinteresting characters and completequests★ Collect hundreds ofunique items and get rewards forcompleting collections★ Travelthrough a variety of lands withdifferent themes★ Find hiddenobjects by Picture, Word, and Shadow★Zoom in on the beautiful HDimages to uncover those hard to findobjects!★ Replay levels inharder modes to earn more rewards★ Gettips from Fiona the Fairy,your witty guide★ Earn Gold as you playand use it to buy items★Collect increasing daily rewards★ UseSpells to recharge Energy★ UsePotions for lasting effects thathelp your progress★ Use powerfulRings to help find objects★Complete daily challenges from theTreasure Goblin!★ A free app,and no internet connection is requiredto playCOLLECT HUNDREDS OFUNIQUE TREASURESGather items on youradventure and add them to yourtreasure collection. You'll receive abig reward every time youcomplete a collection of five items.Rewards will give you evenmore items to add to your collection –it's a treasure hunter'sdream!USE POWERFUL MAGIC ARTIFACTSFindmysterious items throughoutthe world that can help you in yourhidden objects quest. Use magicrings to help find hidden objects,quaff potions to apply temporaryboosts, and use spells to rechargeyour energy.STUNNING, IMMERSIVEGRAPHICSEach land has a customillustrated theme. Enjoy a hiddenobjects experience like neverbefore as you immerse yourself ineach one of our diverse, uniquelands, each with their own theme.Which one is your favorite? Wecan't decide!YOUR JOURNEY ACROSS THEMAGICAL LANDS...Land 1 -Tranquil GardensBegin your journey in abeautiful land full ofrelaxing gardens always in bloom.Land 2 -Magical AnimalsEncounter avariety of magical animals and help themalong their paths as youfind hidden objects.Land 3 - EnchantedDaydreamsWhat mysteries willbe revealed in this fairy taleland?Land 4 - Aquatic WonderlandMeetpirates and ducks in thiswonderful water-themed world!Land 5 -Eternal SpringNew growth,flowers, butterflies, and sunshine! Butwatch out for the return ofa certain witch...Land 6 - MysticalMoonlightThings appeardifferent by the light of the Moon!Land 7 -Mysteries of theMistWhat mysterious mysteries are hidden in themist?!Land 8 -Wishful ThinkingA dreamy land of beautiful images.Meet Fiona'sfairy sisters!Land 9 - Summer GardenYour magicaladventurecontinues in a sumptuous summer Land.Land 10 -Storyteller’sDomain!Complete your final quests in abeautifulstoryteller-inspiredworld!==========================================EXPLOREMAGICALLANDS & FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS -DOWNLOADTODAY!==========================================
Ant&Grasshopper:3D Story Book 1.6
This is a full 3D interactive pop-up story book, recreatedfromclassical fairy tales, featuring wonderful pop-up pagesofinteractive 3D scenes weaved with beautifulillustrations,fascinating music and narration.It offers ourchildren and youngreaders a whole new experience of a unique andimmersivethree-dimensional journey into the world of fairytales.※Features:★ Full 3D experience - It’s just like a realbook,Lifelike 3D Pop-up scenes filled with beautiful illustrationsandmusic★ Touch or drag interactive elements in the 3D pop-upscenes★Fun and exciting interactivity to enhance the liveliness ofthestory theme★ Fancy and lovely characters popping up out oftheimpressive scenes of the stories★ Three dimensional rotationeffectfor a natural reading experience ★ The classical version of“Theant and the grasshopper” written by Aesop※ Intended for:★ Kidsages3-9 (Preschool-aged)※ More Information:★★
Jacky's Farm 1.1.2
Become the best farmer in the game 3 in a row based on yourfavoritefairy tales! Go on an exciting adventure, traveling theworld of theloved fairy-tale characters. Defeat the evil Giant whorobbedJacky's farm. Go after him on a beanstalk and help to returntheloot and teach the scoundrel a lesson. Grow crops on the farmto getdaily rewards. You can play alone, or with friends to shareavictory and overcome challenges in the game. Picturesqueplaces,colorful graphics, stunning effects and a fascinating gamegenrewill keep you at the edge of your seat during the game. Theworldof farming and fairy tales is waiting for you!
Animal Village Rescue 1.0.0
This game will spirit you away! The magical village is a messandall of the cute creatures have disappeared. These littleanimalsneed your help! • The uniquely magical atmosphere of afairytalewood.• A huge menagerie of cute birds and animals.•Endlessgameplay for all ages.• Clear the mess and decorate thelandscape.•Unusual buildings and a deep ecosystem.• Even the evilcritters arecute!•• Important! We use the """"""""Device ID""""""""permissionto keep track of in-game analytics.The creatures requirea lot ofcare but you'll have great fun growing special food for allanimalsand building homes for them. So banish the critters, cleartheweeds, and repopulate the glade with animals. Then decoratethearea, collect resources, feed the animals, and make suretheirhomes stay clean and cozy. Some animals will only fall in loveifother animals are present, or if they’ve been washed, so makesureeverything they need is to hand. Thankfully, a fewhardworkingGnomes can build you all sorts of wonderful devicesandbuildings.Delightfully designed and animated with a kindhumour,the Animal Village Rescue is a fairy tale garden for you tomakeyour own. It's not tough work though as the hardy Gnomes willhelpyou. You just need to relax, enjoy and take in the wonders oftheWonder Wood._____________________________________FOLLOWUS:@Herocraft WATCH US:
Unicorn Fantasy Run 3D
An endless unicorn run game for unicornlovers!Start your journey in a fantasy world by running on arainbowpath.Choose your favorite unicorn and run in a fantasymagicalland.Run ,jump , collect hearts and collect amazing powerups inyour way.Upgrade different powers ups to double thefun.Features-Endless fun in an endless unicorn run game.-Beautiful magical world at the horizon of rainbow.-ride the unicorn rainbow like a fairy tale.-virtual unicorn in 3DDo you love unicorns? Try this free game and start your journey inamagical fantasy world like a fairy tale.
Princess Coloring Pages 1.6
Welcome to the fairy-tale world of beautiful princessesPrincessColoring pages for adults & kids!💖 Princess ColoringPages iscool girl coloring pages game.💖 Princess Coloring Pages isthe bestcoloring book for everyone who love princess games andcoloringgames.💖 Princess Coloring Pages has 50+ beautiful princessgirlcoloring pages for having fun and creativity!The most cuteandbeautiful princesses are waiting for your princesscoloring!Creative and color princess with Princess ColoringPages!Coloringprincess dress, hair, crown. Princess Coloring Pagesis perfect forkids imagination! Try Princess Coloring Pagescollection forabsolutely free: * cartoon princess in PrincessColoring Pages *realistic and modern princess in Princess ColoringPages * fairy inPrincess Coloring Pages * cute and little princessin PrincessColoring Pages * dreaming and romantic princesses inPrincessColoring Pages * famous fairy-tale princesses: Cinderella,SnowWhite, Swan Princess, Rapunzel in Princess Coloring Pages *fashionprincess in Princess Coloring Pages * accessories princessinPrincess Coloring PagesPrincess Coloring Pages is very easy touse:* download coloring game Princess Coloring Pages from GooglePlay *open and select one coloring page of Princess Coloring Pages*color princess with 3 built-in palettes * zoom in, zoom outforcoloring of small details of princess * select another onepicturein Princess Coloring Pages * сolor princess and recolor asmanytime as you want * сreate your own color combinations inthisawesome princess coloring game * all colouring princess aresavingin gallery of Princess Coloring Pages automatically * shareyourcoloring princess with your friends and family inFacebook,Instagram, Twitter, WatsApp and other social networksPrincessColoring Pages is the game for all ages of girls: teenagergirlscan use it for relax and beautiful coloring, kids and toddlersforfun coloring game. It is a free and beautiful girl coloringpagesfor all ages. Everyone can select perfect princess for herandcolor it like she want. Also you can use Princess Coloring Pagestolearn how to draw a princess on a paper: Princess ColoringPagesincludes drawings for beginners and experts.This coloringgameWorks offline! No wifi needed to relax and enjoy the bestgirlcoloring pages.Princess Coloring Pages is absolutely free:- nopaidcontent- no registration- no coins- all for freeEnjoyprincesscoloring with the Princess Coloring Pages game!We arewaiting foryour comments and suggestions about our PrincessColoringPages.Belive in fairy-tale!
Casual dieting-weight manager- 1.1.4
New weight-management app with very popular cute illustrationsfromJapan!This is a must-see for everybody who has ever triedaweight-management app without being able to actually stickwithit!The cute rabbit and Pisuke will casually support your dietthistime![Characteristics]1.- Cute graphs!The illustrations thatshowup change depending on your weight's increase or decrease.Youcanuse the illustrations that appear on the graphs as stickers forthejournal integrated within the app.This ensures you won'tfeeldepressed even if you gain some weight!2.- Very completejournalfunction!Not only you can keep a journal of your weight andbodyfat, but you can also write what you ate along withdailyhappenings!Over 100 different stickers that you can choose tousedepending on your daily mood!The more you use the app, themorestickers you get, so that you can continue to enjoy keeping adailyrecord!3.- You can use the stickers as wallpapers!You candownloadthe stickers that you used on the journal aswallpapers!5backgrounds available to choose from as well!Keepwriting on yourjournal to complete your wallpaper!4.- Ideal forthose who:- wantto go on a diet- are looking for a healthy way tomanage theirweight- just had a rebound after a diet- always give upafterdieting for a while- find that regular journal apps are notenough-are looking for cute wallpapers- love cute illustrations-likeKanahei- use the LINE sticker series "Pisuke & Rabbit" alot![Arequest from the app]We would appreciate it if you wouldcontact usregarding any malfunction of the app via the "Contact"optionavailable within the "Others" menu in the app. If you reporterrorsin your review, we may not be able to further inspect theissue. Weappreciate your cooperation in helping us to improve ourservice!
Hidden Object - Dreamscape 1.0.0
Embark on a fanciful and relaxing adventure in our latestHiddenObject gem – Dreamscape. Travel through a variety ofbeautiful,fairy-tale scenes while searching for artfullyhiddenobjects.-------------------------------GAMEMODES-------------------------------▸Free PlayFind hidden objectsat your own pace. Find objects by theirpicture, silhouette, wordor random combination. Sit back, relax andplay casual rounds withno time pressure or – if you fancy achallenge – you can play thetrickier timed modes. Can you find allthe hidden objects beforetime runs out?▸ Campaign ModeFor theultimate hidden objectadventure, try the campaign mode! Explore 200stunning locations inDreamscape and complete hidden object puzzleswith increasingdifficulty. Hunt down objects in a variety of ways,playchallenging timed levels, and enjoy fun bonus rounds andminigames!When trying to find hidden objects, it can be difficultifthe items are too small. That’s why we’ve made it possible tozoomand pan the HD images on each level – just tap on thesearchobjects to enlarge them. Stuck on a puzzle and can’t findtheobject? Hints are always available when you needthem!------------------------------------------------HIDDENOBJECTHIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------•200hidden object levels• Explore stunning locations on yourDreamyadventure• Tap to zoom on an object• Earn coins & receivefreedaily rewards• Fun match 3 and memory mini games to play•3-starratings and highscoresWhether you’re in the car, commuting towork,on holiday or anywhere else, you can enjoy HiddenObject:Dreamscape wherever you are! No internet connection isrequired toplay, so you can dive in and enjoy a fun hidden objectexperienceany place, anytime!====================================================================EXPLOREDREAMSCAPE& EMBARK ON A HIDDEN OBJECTADVENTURETODAY!====================================================================
Dark magic descendants 1.0
In the regal academy you will have a new adventure!💜The daughterofthe Malificent, a schoolgirl teenager Mal returns to hisnativeIsland, where the evil from all children's fairy talesisimprisoned.Find out what Mal learned in the new school! Helpherovercome Uma, daughter of the villain of the underwaterworld.Plunge into the stunning world of fairy tales and go on anexcitingadventure with descendants. Go through all the levels ofthemagical castle and overcome all the bosses!Help the princesslearnall the new spells and successfully complete the training inthecollege heirs. For each level, earn coins and spend them onnewclothes! Go through incredible tests to discover new clothesandcreate a unique image for a charming blonde!Use the magic wandtodefeat all pirates. Unlock all kinds of magic wands and learnallthe new spells.FREE FULL VERSION OF THE GAME - DOWNLOAD NOW!Themagical world is near.FEATURES💜 Favorite fairy-talecharacters💜Great music and sound effects💜 Bright graphics andanimation💜 Sharethe game with your friends on social networks💜 Freegame with Maland her friendsHow to playDestroy the pirates with thehelp ofmagic symbols, draw them on the screen of your phone ortablet!Freeeducational games for children and adultsPlease, supportus with anassessment and a response. Your feedback will help usmake the appeven better!
Khmer Fairy Tales
This application take video from Khmer Fairy Tales ChannelonYoutube that you can watch when you have free time.It alsohassetting for you to change background color of theme applicationandnotification.Khmer comedy, Khmer Fairy Tales, Khmer Comedy,Cartoonspeak Khmer, Cartoon Khmer.This is the link Khmer FairyTalesChannel:***NOTE***Allvideo,we are took them from social network and Youtube Channel. Ifyoudon't want to show your video in my app. You can email to , i will remove that video from my app.Thankyou.
Magic Country: fairy farm and fairytale city 1.40
Dive into the secret country of magic! Evolve fairy farm tofairycity and magic township. Build mystery fairy town, a secretcity ofmagic. Craft magic hay and become wizard or witch one day!Inhabitmagic country with your favourite characters: wizards andwitches,dragons and princesses, elves and goblins, fairies anddwarves!Create magical artifacts and help the characters withtheiradventures. Master magic and witchcraft creating your ownstory ina fairy town. Make friends with various magic creatures,wisewizards and naughty witches. The Princess of the Fairylandisenchanted, the citizens grieve and need your help! Where isthePrince who can wake up the sleeping beauty? Nobody but you canhelpthe Prince to break the spell and save the fairy Princess.
Kick the Prince: Princess Rush 2.2.27
Lime Society
Princess Rush, the immensely popular game enjoyed by amillionusers, returns with an exciting new look in a newseason!ThePrincess is still out for revenge, looking to capturetheflirtatious Prince Charming - and we need your help!Stay tunedforcontinuous updates and additions!# Blow away your stress asthechase continues #Do princess fairy tales really end with a“happilyever after”? Turns out, our Prince Charming in all thetales areactually the same guy - playing games and cheating on alltheprincesses. Our story begins as we chase him down for revenge-with our weapon of attack, the squeaky hammer.# Ready for somerealaction! #Tired of games where all you do is run? How about awhackon the Prince with that squeaky hammer to blow away somestress?#Will you finish all the Quests? #Complete each quest tocapture thePrince and some gold! Let’s get started and kick somebutt!#Various skins and mounts #A variety of skins for princessSnowWhite, such as Robin Hood, Angel, Cute devil, Equestrianuniform,Sheep pajama, Cat Princess, Hanbok, Santa Claus!A varietyof skinsfor princess Sleeping Beauty, such as Halloween, Pajama,Cook,Santa Claus!A variety of mounts, such as Chicky, Ragdoll,Cloudy,Death, Unicorn, Dolring, Bald Eagle, Yangban Tiger,Manekineko,Bamboo Panda, Moon Rabbit!Match your skin and mount todecorateyour favorite set!
Cotton Tree 1.94
- Cotton Tree is so cute and may stop your heart!(Watch outyourheartbeat)- You could water Cotton Tree!(Waterproof phoneisrecommended)*How to play Cotton Tree*1. Touch and pick thecotton2. Combine two cottons and grow them into another one 3. Goon anadventure with a higher level cotton! You will meetsomethingbeyond!
Clawbert: ToyTown 1.0.1_238
Manage a city filled with the cutest and most amazingtoys!Yourfavorite claw machine character of 2017, Clawbert, is backinaction! You are the manager of ToyTown, a fantastical worldwhereyou build amazingly cute toys!!!CLAW-some!!!Construct allyourfavorite toy characters from the original Clawbertclassic,including: Toby, Poopy Muffin, Mr. Nanner, Pio,Quartermelon andeven everyone’s favorite spud, Sad Potato. VisitToyTown HQ andtake Clawbert's toy orders. Constructs toys anddeliver them toClawbert and get awesome rewards!Clawbert: ToyTownand the Clawbertfranchise is made by Bow3, a division of HyperBeardInc. (makers ofKleptoCats & Chichens), and based in Santiago,Chile. If youwant to make suggestions or tell us your feedback, hitus ontwitter @Bow3games
Rainbow Cube 1.0.16
Fun to play, click on the cube to crush them, solve allthepuzzlesMatch the same cube and turn it into a powerful boosterthathelps you through hundreds of levels!Countless kinds ofmatchingpuzzles that need to be played with your smart talent tomaster thekey to completion+500 easy and fun game points!Staraward: Amazingrewards when your level improvesDaily Turntable forfreeprizesNumerous boosters and powerful combinations to help yousolveall the problems.The rankings compete with friends and playersfromall over the world!
Fairy Tale Princess Dress Up 1.1.3
Calling all Princesses! Dress Up with Fabulous Fashion inthisCreative Game! Play Dressup with 4 Beautiful PrincessesfromClassic Fairy Tales! Visit magical places with your Princessinthis Gorgeous and Stylish Game!Cinderella, the Princess andthePea, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - all of yourfavoriteprincesses together in a creative, magical and interactivedressupgame! Show off your fashion skills and imagination by mixingandmatching gowns, crowns, accessories and more. Hundreds offashioncombinations to choose from! Kids can even make Cinderella,SnowWhite, the Princess and the Pea or the Sleeping Beauty talkwithour voice-recording microphone! Make up your own dialogue anddressup your individual fairy tale princess in fantastic fashionsin awonderful make believe dressup game. Visit the palace, thegardenand the magical kingdom - tons to explore. Kids can taketheirfashion sense and dress up their princesses in this creativegame!9item categories in Fairy Tale Princess Dressup Game:★Crowns,sparkly, festive and funky★ Hairstyles - up, down, coolhairstyles!★ Necklaces - jewels, colorful, fancy and fun★ Dresses-gorgeous and fabulous!★ Shirts - different styles fordifferentprincesses★ Gloves - don’t forget that a princess likeshergloves!★ Pants - lots to choose from★ Skirts - short, long, lotsofstyles★ Shoes - high heels or casual - you can never have toomanypairs!You’ll find all you need to design and style theperfectprincess! Put gloves on Cinderella, fancy shoes on SnowWhite,funky crowns on the Princess and the Pea and gorgeous dressesonthe Sleeping Beauty, and get the princesses ready for aparty!Thisinteractive princess dressup app provides endless hoursof fashionfun with its animated scenes loaded with colorful effectsandengaging interactions. Cinderella and Snow White joinSleepingBeauty and the Princess and the Pea in a fashionable gamekids willlove! With amazing high-quality illustrations, it’s justlikedressing up a real princess! Cinderella and Snow White haveneverlooked so good!Features in Fairy Tale Princess Dressup Game:★4beautiful princesses including Sleeping Beauty and the Princessandthe Pea from the most famous fairy tales.★ Hundreds of dressupcombinations.★ Visit 4 fully-interactive scenes and discoverfunactivities.ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognizedforits commitment to launching high-quality and innovative appsonAndroid. With over 1.5 billion downloads and growing, TabTalehasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps. Visit us: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: FOR PARENTSThe app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Destiny 13.1.2 build #2698
Bungie, Inc.
The official Destiny 2 Companion App keeps you connected toyourDestiny adventure wherever life takes you. Join usingPlayStationNetwork, Xbox Live, or - See all thelatestnews, updates, and community creations. Discover what eventsandactivities are live in the game. And stay connected withthecommunity through forums and groups.CLAN -- Create and manageyourClan with its own unique shared identity -- or search foranexisting clan to join. Track your clan level, progress, andallshared rewards. And stay connected with your clanmates throughtextchat on one or more clan specific channels.PROGRESS -- Viewyourcurrent milestones per character, your progress towardscompletion,and the available rewards.GEAR -- Inspect all yourfavorite weaponsand armor, view item stats and perks, and move yourequipmentbetween your characters and the vault.FIND FIRETEAM --Search thelist of requests and choose a team to join -- or createand managea new Fireteam request and communicate with yourteammates.
The Fishercat 2.0.2
Become a cat and hunt down fish with harpoons.Play withvariousharpoons and items as you enjoy fishing.Encounter all sortsoffish, ranging from the cute to the bizarre.Simple Controls -Aimand fire your harpoon to catch fish.Various Fish - Catch over80species of fish and complete your collection.Unique Equipment -Trydifferent harpoons and fun support items to catch even thetoughestfish.Cute Graphics - Experience the unique and charming artofFishercat.Hidden Secrets & Events - Discover all sortsofsecrets as you experience various events while playing.*Externalstorage read/write access(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): Will only be usedwhen user watches theRewardable Ad, in order to store informationrelated to theadvertisement. (Applies only to users of Android 4.3or lower)*Callstatus read permissions (PHONE_READ_STATE): Used tostop ads onlywhen a call comes in while watching ads. (Applies onlyto users ofAndroid 4.3 or lower)
7 Second Challenge 3.0.9
Are you a creative person?Do you like new challenges?Do youhaveenough courage and unlimited energy?This game is for you!7SecondChallenge is a popular game known all over the continent!Youdon'tknow what it's all about? Don't worry! There's a completeguide onhow to play!In few words complete the challenge in 7 secondorless!You claim you can do it? I wouldn't be so sure!Are youwithyour friends? Face them in the challenge!Are you home? Playwithfamily! Don't worry, game doesn't acquire vulgarchallenges.Gamethat you are about to download acquire the biggestdatabase ofchallenges available on the Internet!It guarantee youthe most funpossible!Thousands of people already took the challenge- becomeone of them!Famous Youtubers can't imagine not having a 7SecondChallenge film on their channel!Take the 7 Second Challengeandbegin the game!---Some of our icons were designed by Freepik&Icon Monk & Roundicons from www.flaticon.comSome ofourgraphics were designed by Freepik & iconicbestiaryfromwww.freepik.comBaby Chick Sounds by ALEXANDER is licensed underCCBY-NC 4.0
Slav Armada 2.2
Privet my fellow comrad! Today we will conquer the galaxy withyourown private armada of dancing SlavsNow you may ask, how we getallthe dancing gopniks? Well, you recruit Slavs with loads oftopquality Vodka. And with your newly trained fierce Armada, youtakeover the entire world. Very simple, my friend!Your faithfulSlavswill even squat for you when you're sleeping!We'll belookingforward for your services, comrade!
Sandiego Inc. 1.8
Welcome back agent, we were waiting for you.Join Sandiego Inc.,themost prestigious investigations company on the planet, in searchofdangerous criminals wanted all over the world.Look for clues inthemost recognized cities of the globe to approach thesuspect'shiding place. Catch all the criminals you can and makeyourself aname in the company.Good luck, Agent. We count onyou.Signed,TheBoss.A tribute to the classic Carmen Sandiego.
GivingTales - H.C. Andersen 2.5.0
Enjoy engaging and entertaining versions of HansChristianAndersen's classic and charming fairy tales for children,read outloud by world-class celebrities!★ The Princess and the Peanarratedby Sir Roger Moore, KBE★ The Ugly Duckling narrated byStephen Fry★The Little Match Girl narrated by Ewan McGregor, OBE★The Emperor’sNew Clothes narrated by Dame Joan Collins, DBE★ TheSnow Queennarrated by Joanna Lumley, OBE★ Little Claus and BigClaus narratedby Sir Michael Caine, CBE★ The Little Mermaidnarrated by DavidWalliams★ Thumbelina narrated by CharlotteRampling, OBE★ It’sQuite True! narrated by Paul McKenna★ TheSteadfast Tin Soldiernarrated by Sir Roger Moore, KBEExplore awonderful and colourfulworld through our beautifully illustratedstorytelling app, and letyour imagination run wild in the timelessstories of Hans ChristianAndersen, in English!Read the fairy talesin your own language (AR,CH, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT) together with ourworld-classcelebrities!Be enchanted by charming, lullaby-likemusic!Findinspiration and learn from these classic adventures ofheroes andfools written in short, modern versions!Over one hundredyearssince the stories were first written, find joy in thesetimelessclassics and their touching morals that still ring truetoday!Openup the Fantasy Chest, and discover our entertainment areawherekids can learn, play and have fun!Thanks to our ParentalModefeature, children can enjoy and play with our storytelling appattheir will! All features and content that are meant for parentsarelocked away, preventing the little ones from accessing orreleasingany type of information.Visit forcooltips, news and more!
Rabbitdom 1.3.9
Fire the balls, destroy the evil bricks!Work and study is soboring?Just play Rabbitdom, it's so much fun!The most addictivecasualgame! You can save game at any time, and continue at anytime.Playon the road, play in the car, play while eating!Challengefriends,challenge the world's players, compare who scoredhigher!You willcontrol different bunnies in the game, aim at theevils bricks,using ejection skills, fire the strange balls,destroy the evilbricks that invaded the Rabbit Kingdom!Rabbits mayencounter theblessing of angels or the curse of the devil. But donot be afraid,your strategy and your luck can get you out oftrouble.Come to jointhe Rabbit Kingdom, meet the dawn of victorywith the littlebunnies!If you would like to interact with friends,or if you haveany suggestions or questions, please go to ourfanpage↓
Spark 1.8.1
Deuski Games
Spark is an idle incremental game in which you take on the roleofan ethereal Spark of Life that pops into existence. Gather therawmaterial that exists around you and use your influence to guidetheevolution of both the Cosmos and yourself.Click on theMatterbutton to begin amassing your influence. When you feel ready,swipeleft and begin evolving.Features:- Multiple resources that canbeunlocked, purchased, and upgraded- Story elements that appearasplayer progresses- Reset mechanic
Nothing idle clicker 1.0.13
Idle about nothing. No characters, meaning, cookies, heroes,oranything to distract you from the target of gettingmorepoints!Ideal to play while you do other things like watching aTVshow, listen to a podcast or music.You must tap to add pointsandbuy machines that work for you. Use those points to updatethemachines, add more points and progress through levels.Canyouunlock all the achievements?WARNING: This game maypotentiallytrigger seizures for people with photosensitiveepilepsy. Playersdiscretion is advised but an option to dim theflashing lights isavailable. Warning: It can be very addictive!Youcan read about thephilosophy behind the gamehere:
Temple Unicorn Dash 3D: Jungle Run Adventure
Temple Unicorn Run 3D is a running&ridding girl game - Little robot unicorn dash 2, fairy andRainbowponies in magic temple forest! fairy tale and Magicworldexploration.Ride the Cute last unicorn - have it as your pet!Free game forgirlswith cute animals saving adventure. our game is a freerunningunicorn dash horse with a magical dreaming world.Help my cute and little pony licorne run through this foresttoreturn to his home in unicorns island and help him in hisevolutionto a Pegasus and return to his princess in ponyland.Help Licorne pet to avoid different enemies attacks andobstaclesand also collect some rainbow cake because it is veryhungry and toget his magical powers again and become extinct.How to Play:- Tap the screen to let baby temple unicorn run jump and flyusingwings.- Run away and escape over the rainbow to the end of themagicalforest to pass the level.FEATURES:+ Beautiful picture and animation of unicorn and jungle castlerunwhere you can ride.+ lots of levels of fun and more will be added soon.+ Pink fluffy creature can be played with your familly by boysandgirls.We hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!! :)
Cookie Clickers™ 1.45.25
redBit games
The most exciting cookie game is now on your iPhone, iPod andiPad.Download it now for free!Be prepared for endless hours of funandentertainment!The game is very simple:- Bake as many cookies asyoucan by tapping on the giant cookie. The faster you tap, themoreyou bake!- As soon as you have enough cookies, head over totheshop and use them to buy upgrades to bake even faster!- Keep aneyeout for the golden cookie rain! Don't miss it!CookieClickers'endless gameplay will allow you to play for an indefiniteamount oftime-- or at least until you bake such an extraordinaryamount ofcookies your device won't be able to count themanymore!Become theCookie Clickers God by baking 1 QUADRILLIONcookies!Log-in toFacebook to play with your friends and compareyour Cookie score inthe leaderboards! The Game Center is alsoenabled! Don't wastetime... start now! Every second counts when itcomes to bakingcookies! Already a fan of Cookie Clickers? If so,visit ourwebsite, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter not least, we want to give a bigTHANK YOU to all for playingCookie Clickers!
Duel Otters 1.705
The cutest head-to-head (literally) 2-player game onmobiledevice."When was the last time you played a 2-player game andhad ablast together?" Challenge your friends, grab each end ofyourdevice and get ready. Compete in a series of wild missionsallspecially designed for two players to play on the samescreen.Featuring lively and adorable otters.Having this game onyourdevice is just like always having a game console and 2controllerson you, ready to play together anytime!Features : -11highly-competitive games that will put your reactionspeed,dexterity and finger muscles to the test.- In Two PlayerMode, beatyour friend in 3 out of 5 games to win the match or playendlesslyin big party in champion-stays-loser-switch style.- Thisgameshines when played 2-player but an AI opponent is also includedinTraining Mode. Perfect your skills before you ultimately faceoffwith your friends or earn Achievement Points (AP) bydefeatingharder AI and completing special challenges, then top theAPscoreboard in Game Center.- Select each game as you like, orchoose"Random" for a true test of dueling mastery.- Colorfulotters!...and they can (kind of) speak.Watch the official trailer: the official Facebook page tokeepin touch! :
My Singing Monsters: Official Guide 1.2.0
Calling all Singing Monsters fans! My Singing Monsters:OfficialGuide is the comprehensive companion to My Singing Monstersand MySinging Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Join the ranks oftheMonster-Handlers and learn the secrets of the Monster World, allinone handy, easy-to-use place.Ever wondered how to breed a Ghazt?Orhow many Coins an adult Furcorn produces on Space Island? Howabouthow to wake up the Wublins? This is the app for you -downloadtoday! Features: • An interactive guide for EVERY knownspecies ofSinging Monster• BREEDING combinations for SpecialMonsters…officially revealed for the first time!• Checklist andFAVORITEtoggles for the Monster pages you use the most• Craftingrecipesfor COLLECTIBLE items in the world of Dawn of Fire• Andmore! HappyMonstering! ______PLEASE support the Monster-Handlers byrating thegame after you update! Come sing with us. Join the MySingingMonsters community:Facebook( & SUPPORT: Get a hold ofthe Monster-Handlers by orcontacting us in the app by goingto Options > Support.
Funny Fruit Splash 159.0
Ms. Q
Different link style, lovely fruits, interesting levels, allyouwant is in this new splash game! Join us now in this matchpuzzlegame.Walk through the mushrooms and weeds, fill fruits intobasketsand free the birds. Even you can help the little hungry petto getmore icecreams, but take care of the movable monsters orghost, itwill swallow the beautiful fruits as them can.* FruitSplash canoffer you *Plenty of LevelsFunny GoalsSmoothControlDownload it andenjoy the game RIGHT NOW! No internetrequired, no experiencerequired!Different link style, lovelyfruits, interesting levels,all you want is in this new splash game!Join us now in this matchpuzzle game.Walk through the mushrooms andweeds, fill fruits intobaskets and free the birds. Even you canhelp the little hungry petto get more icecreams, but take care ofthe movable monsters orghost, it will swallow the beautiful fruitsas them can.* FruitSplash can offer you *Plenty of LevelsFunnyGoalsSmoothControlDownload it and enjoy the game RIGHT NOW! Nointernetrequired, no experience required!
Midnight Castle: Hidden Object 1.14.20
Beyond the gates of a mysterious castle lies a story richwithpuzzles, thrilling secrets, and a hidden object maze foryourtablet! Use each hidden object you find on the castle groundstocraft exquisite relics, secret potions, and poisons! Craft asmanyas you can and be rewarded each time! From the beautifulroyalty tomenacing dragons and trolls, experience a secret world ofwonder,discover each unique hidden object, and solve every puzzle!Startplaying Midnight Castle on your tablet today!• Play for freeonyour tablet and other devices! Solve puzzles!• Stunningvisuals,hidden objects, and spooky characters! • Craft incredibleitems tohelp you on your quests!• Enjoy the fantasy & secretswith yourfriends!• Beautiful game play, especially on Googletablets!Bydownloading this game you are agreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse: Sign upnow forour newsletter and never miss a new release or great dealagain: *** Discover more from BigFishGames*** Search for “Big Fish Games” in Google Play, or lookforthese specific titles! • Big Fish Casino• FairwaySolitaire•Fairway Solitaire BlastVisit Big Fish Games, a leadingdeveloper,producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual,card &and casino games for tablet and other mobile devices.VISIT US:www.bigfishgames.comWATCH
Planet Pi 1.0.7
This simple game combines elements of the clicker andstrategy.There is no deep meaning and complex mechanic. Everythingis verysimple:Your planet is surrounded by hostile tribes. Addbuildingsto get enough resources, and start capturing the world.Trainsoldiers and send them to the neighboring planetoid. Themorecolonies you have, the bigger your army becomes. Your goal istounlock all 5 major planets and capture the galaxy!Allgameprocesses occur in real time. While you are resting, theextractionof resources continues, the ships are flying toward theirgoal,your army is growing...
2048 Plus 5.1
2048 Plus is an upgraded version of the current popular gamesof2048.Join the numbers and get to the 2147483648 tile!Swipe tomovethe tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, theymergeinto one.Get 2147483648 in one tile to win a game! Exploredeepchallenge for your mind!It is a super 2048,It hasmorefeatures.2048 Plus support auto move. Support two swipemodes:continuous sliding, moving once and moving severaltimes.Supportfour auto move modes: Corner, Swing, Swirl,Random.Support multipleauto move speed: 0.1s, 0,2s, 0,3s, 0.5s, 1s,2s.Support autosave.Support undo.Support Night mode.Support turnon/offsound.Support Gravity mode.Support English Alphabetskin.SupportChemical elements skin.Support Chinese dynastiesskin.Support MerryChristmas skin.Support multiple sets of customskin, you can customyour own skin.Support Backup and Restore yourgame progress.Supportcustom game background andtransparency.Support multi-stepundo..Support more play modes:1.3x32. 4x43. 5x54. 6x6 (default)5.8x8More and more people joined the2048 plus game, play it andenjoy it.
Lunar Blade 3.1
111% 9th game Lunar Blade!! Jump and destroy buildings withawesomeswords! Conquer famous buildings around the world! Upgradeto gainpower. Get stronger swords for ultimate smashing!This is asimpleand addictive game.How long can you survive on LunarBlade?Simple,but AddictiveLunar Bladeby111%--------------------------------------------------------------------GameFeatures:-Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.- Easyand fun toplay.- Check our facebook page, 111%, to get hiddensword.- ColorfulUI, Fun sound effects, Attractive swords.BBTAN,CCTAN, DDTAN,POPONG!, Charles, CtrlCV, Good night RUDY, RoadStarand LunarBlade.Share your screenshots online SNS such as Facebook,Instagramor Snapchat.Enjoy Luna Blade while you commute, on adate, in thebus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime,anywhere youcan play Lunar Blade!!11
Children's book (South Korean) 5.0
This app is story book for children in Korea .About 300 story,Allfree.Let's reading and heard to start !
KleptoCats 2 1.08
Cute cats… Am I right?!?OK OK. There's more to KleptoCats thanjusthilarious, a-MEOW-zingly kawaii, blow-your mind cute cats…theyhave a dark side too. They can't stop stealing!!! Watch astheysteal random, but funny… kinda useful, but not really… items,fromeverywhere in the galaxy. Let these furry friends and theirfriskypaws fill your house with the strangest oddities and themostmagnificent treasures. How do they accomplish this incredulousfeatof mystifying thievery?! Well… you'll just have to play thegame tofind out. ;-)KleptoCats 2, the sequel to the viralphenomenon,KleptoCats, brings back all your favorite feline friendsalong withsome fresh new kitties. It's 2x more cute, 2x more fun,2x moremysterious...and, yep you guessed it, 1337x purePAW-someness! OMGjust go tap "Install" right now!!! KleptoCats arewaiting foryou!“You've got be KITTEN me!” - super fanNo madam (orsir), wenever joke about cats! This game is PURRR-fect for kids,moms,mom’s moms, senioritas and cool dudes alike. Download it todayandlet us know what you think on Facebookat or twitter@hyperbeardYounever know what KleptoCats will bring back next.
Fishing Adventure 1.7
You can fish for anything if you have a white sail, wind andaspear.Old man's reckless voyage to the end of theocean.Withpersonal combination of fish ability and spearing skills,catch thefish together with the old man![How to enjoy FishingAdventure!]1.With the spinning spear, earn gold by catching a lotof fish.-Leave on a voyage to get various fish by getting a betterboat!2.Collect various spears.- Spears have variousattributes.Catch fishby getting a spear that fits your personalplay style.3. Grow thecaught fish in your fish farm!- Fishes in thefish farmautomatically generates gold.Also, if you bring them on avoyage,they assist by using a special skills.4. Check the fishguide- Youcan check the various ability and characteristics ofvariousfishes5. Find out what waits on the end of the ocean withyourunique spear and fish combinations.- Find out your uniquevoyagemethod to race to the end of the ocean, by usingwell-combinedspear attributes and fish skills.If you have anyquestions, pleasecontact to※ How to recoverwhen lost savedata1. Delete the app completely.2. Reinstall theapp.3. As soon asyou start, Sign in using your existing Googleid.4. Make sure thatthe Google Cloud Load UI automatically pops up2 ~ 3 seconds afterlogin.5. Select save data to load.If the data isnot recoverednormally,Please mail to I willhelp you recoveryour data.Official Webpage: Facebook Page: language support:LeyreGonzález PérezSara Rey Rodríguez
Catapult King
Wicked Witch
Become the catapult!Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon intheaward-winning Catapult King—the King of castle crushers! Rescuetheprincess and defeat the enemy in this beautiful, 3Dfantasyadventure.This app offers in-app purchases.  You may restrictin-apppurchasing using your device settings.• ONCE UPON A TIMEPrincesses are constantly getting themselves kidnapped bydragonsand this one is no different. Now it's up to you to get herbackusing your arsenal of cannonballs and power-ups.• SMASH THE NASTY KNIGHTSThe Nasty Knights are helping the dragon keep the princesscaptive.Teach them a lesson in over 100 fun and challenginglevels.• POWER-UP YOUR 'PULTComplete levels to earn magic, then use this to enchantyourcatapult. You can give your catapult a line of sight foraccuracy,use the Earth Shock to blast the bad guys away, or call inadevastating Lunar Strike!By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Tap Tap Gun 4.12
**** The # 1 game app in South Korea****Here comes 'TapTapGun'!Shoot the dummy with infinite bullet and raise yourgunlevel!Collect dozens of guns, dummies, and drones.All you havetodo is touch the screen and shoot the gun.Tap! Tap! & Shoot'EmUp!
Deepsea Story 1.0.11
You are about to meet amazing underwater inhabitants and settleinthe unusually colorful and enchanting underwater world in searchofa way to return home. Underwater world will change withyourarrival! You can teach and amaze its inhabitants withnewtechnologies and things from surface and they will show youtheirworld as it is.IN THIS GAME YOU CAN:- Create your ownunderwaterfarm and beautify it with wonderful decorations;- Tamedifferentsea creatures;- Set up the Underwater Park and inviteyourfriends;- Travel over different territories;- Studynewprofessions: jeweler, engineer, hunter;- Learn interestingfactsabout the underwater world from the Wise Turtle;- Findnewresources and inhabitatnts on new territories;- Completedailyquests and get great rewards;- Gather elements of collectionsandexchange them to gems and energy;- Get a lot of achievementsforthe development of your farm!SUPPORT AND CONTACTS:- Welcome toourofficial website: your questionsin the our support Join to ourcommunity onFacebook: