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Todoist: To-do lists for task management & errands
Life can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. WithTodoist,you can keep track of everything – from simple errands likegroceryshopping, to your most ambitious projects – so you canstartgetting things done and enjoy more peace-of-mind along theway.When you don’t have to worry about forgetting to-dos, you’llfeelmore calm, in control and motivated to accomplish yourgoals.Todoist helps get all your tasks and thoughts out of yourhead andonto your to-do list anytime, anywhere, with real-time syncon allof your favorite devices – including your Android phone,tablet,desktop and web browser. Even when you’re offline. ❝Todoistis thebest to-do list app right now. It’s available on virtuallyanyplatform you can think of. It’s clean, fast, easy to use andmakesaccomplishing tasks on your to-do list lightning-fast.❞ - TheVergeWith Todoist, you can: ▸ Capture and organize tasks into yourto-dolist the moment they pop into your head. For example, simplywritea task like “water the plants every Thursday at 9AM #errands”andTodoist will automatically set a task and reminder foreveryThursday at 9:00AM in your “errands” project. ▸ Rememberimportantdeadlines and build lasting habits with powerful recurringduedates like "every second Monday." ▸ Free up mental spacebydelegating tasks and errands to people in your shared projects.▸Highlight your day’s most important activities withcolor-codedpriority levels. ▸ See an overview of your daily andweeklyaccomplishments with beautifully customized productivitygraphs.You can make Todoist your central, organized task managementhubfor getting things done with access to 60+ popular appintegrationslike Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Zapier, IFTTT, and Slack.Even teamsand small businesses can get more out of task managementwithTodoist. From stand-alone tasks to multi-phase projects,Todoist’sBusiness version gives your team a clear overview ofeverythingthat needs to get done on every platform, with real-timesync.Todoist is free forever with the option to upgrade toTodoistPremium. With Todoist Premium, you’ll enjoy unlimited accesstopowerful task management features that’ll help you accomplishyourgoals faster while feeling confident and in control. ❝Todoistis apowerful to-do list app that can do pretty much whatever youneedit to do.❞ - Android Authority At the end of the day, you canrest,relax and recharge for tomorrow with the peace-of-mind ofknowingthat your task management is 100% organized and accountedfor. Joinover 10 million people who rely on Todoist for gettingthings doneand who feel more calm and in control of their lives.
MeisterTask: Task and Project Management for Teams 1.9.4
MeisterTask lets you create visual, Kanban-style projectboards,invite your team members and collaborate with them inreal-time.The dashboard offers a quick overview of all your activeprojects,open tasks and notifications from your team members.MeisterTask’sproject boards are completely customizable, so you canadapt themto perfectly fit your team’s needs. Section actions letyouautomate your workflow to ensure you work consistently and getmoredone together. MeisterTask for Android is the free companionapp toMeisterTask’s online version and ensures you stay on top ofyourto-dos no matter where you are! FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS: - Createanunlimited number of projects and invite others to collaboratewithyou - Dashboard with quick access to all your tasks -Notificationskeep you up to date on what’s happening in your team -Real-timecommunication across all devices - Activity stream inprojects andtasks - Commenting and liking on tasks - Time trackingwitheditable time slips PRO FEATURES: - Create project groups -Uploadcustom background images for dashboard and projects -Automate yourworkflow with Section Actions - Statistics &Reports ADDITIONALPRO FEATURES IN THE WEB VERSION: - Unlimitedintegrations withother tools you use NOTE: Requires a free accountregistration.
TickTick: To Do List with Reminder, Day Planner
Appest Inc.
TickTick is a simple and effective to-do list and task managerappwhich helps you make schedule, manage time, remind aboutdeadlinesand organize life at work, home and everywhere else.🗓 🔔 ✔TickTickis here to help you make the most of your day and getthings done(gtd). Whether there is an idea you want to capture,personal goalsto achieve, a work to accomplish, or make acollaboration withother colleagues, even to create a shopping list(with a help of alist maker). Achieve your goals with ourproductivity planner. Easyto use TickTick is easy to get startedwith its intuitive designand personalized features. Add tasks andreminders in mere secondsand then focus on important work, it isbetter than otherorganization and time management apps. Sync acrossyour devicesYour goals will sync within cloud so that you can viewand managethem wherever you are for better goal achieving. Quicklycreatetasks and notes Add them by voice input or typing. With SmartDateParsing, the date info you enter into the new field willbeautomatically set as due date for task reminder with alarm. Stayasproductive as you can with this time manager and to dochecklist!Instant task to do list reminder There's no need to keepall thingsin mind! Just put them to TickTick and it will remembereverythingfor you and provide instant task to do list reminder, foryou togtd. Set multiple notifications for important tasks and notestonever miss any deadline! Sleek calendar Get a clear overviewforyour plans weeks or months ahead in to-do calendar - DayPlannerfree. Want to be more specific and know what to do at exacttime?Try 3-Day View to check and make a schedule according toyourtimeline, use time manager. Third-party calendars can alsobeintegrated, such as Google calendar, Outlook, etc. Handy WidgetGeteasy access to your tasks and notes by adding a checklist widgettoyour home screen. There are various sizes and types ofwidget.Choose one that you like the most. Flexible repeat Set taskstorepeat for those that need to be done regularly. Choose arepeatingperiod (for example, daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthlyanydo).You can customize the repeat like: online course every 2weeks fromMonday to Thursday, project meeting every 2 months on thefirstMonday. - Keep it all organized and know what to do in todolist -Classify your tasks and todos with list maker, folders andtags. -Make checklists and notes. - Prioritize goals and focus onthe whatreally matters to do it tomorrow. - Sort goals by date,priority,and title. - Attach photos, records and other attachments.- Swipea task to quickly edit, long press to batch edit.Seamlesscollaboration Share lists (todoist), assign goals tocollaboratewith colleagues, friends or family. Spend less hours inmeetings,on phone calls or on email. Improve the efficiency incollaborationapp. - Organize your life with TickTick Pro - Choosefrom a varietyof different themes to match your personality. - Viewthe businesscalendar in grid format (better than in other timemanagementapps). - Unlimited Planning in todo list. - Take chargewith 299lists (todoist), 999 tasks per list, and 199 subtasks pertask. -Add up to 5 notifications to each task with subtasks. -Share atask list planner with up to 19 members. - Use the checklistwidgetformat and type a description in the same task. - Subscribetothird-party calendars and day planners in TickTick. Learnmoreabout TickTick at: Connect with us at:Facebook:
LYRIA: To-Do List 7.2
siteface ug
LYRIA is the easiest way to get things done. It was developedtoorganize your tasks, manage your to do lists and optimizeyourproductivity. It's beautifully designed, simple and fast.MANAGEYOUR TASKSEasily create tasks, add them to your to do listandaccess them from everywhere. Add a shopping list, planyourhousehold, organize a holiday or manage your daily work -it'seasy. SHARE AND COLLABORATEShare your lists andworkcollaboratively on projects with your colleagues, friendsandfamily. LYRIA makes teamwork easy andeffective.NOTIFICATIONSGetnotified when important changes happenvia emails or pushnotifications. ATTACHMENTSAttach files to anytask on your to dolist. Feel free to attach photos or documents ofanykind.COMMENTSDiscuss and comment on the tasks on your to dolists.Add as many details as you want.TASK PRIORITIESFocus onwhat'simportant using LYRIAs color-coded prioritylevels.WIDGETSManageyour tasks from your homescreen. You are freeto create as manywidgets as you want. WORKSPACESLYRIA is suitedeven for biggerteams. Lyria enables you to add workspaces andmanage yourprojects.DATA BACKUPLYRIA provides a backup service, soyou willnever loose your data. BEAUTIFUL DESIGNLYRIA prodivesadistraction-free design. You are even free to customize yourtheme,change the background colors and make it your own.WHYREGISTER FORLYRIA?The registration enables you to collaborate withotherpeople, backup your data, write comments and synchronize yourdatabetween all your devices (like phone, tablet and pc). Weguaranteethat your e-mail address is being kept secret and we sellno datato other people or companies. Please also read our terms ofuse.:)You need a perfect and most beautiful task management? ThentryLYRIA. It's easy, it's beautiful, it's free! :o)Websitewithadditional
LIST - To-Do List | Task List 1.6
Beavers App
LIST is an app that allows anyone to create to-do list veryeasily.It is a very simple, free app, with no excess features. LISTallowsyou to write down and sort through lists easily whenever theycometo mind, including things that you might want to do or whichyou donot want to forget; for example, items to buy, officialpaperworkto be done for government/public offices, or even thosereallysmall things that you just want to keep in mind. If you havesomuch to do in your personal life that you often end upbeingdisorganized and forgetting things, then this app is perfectforyou! App Features 1. A very simple, free app, with noexcessfeatures. 2. Simply run the app, tap the bottom of thescreen,enter some text, and then press a button. Writing down anitem inyour list is quick and easy. 3. Place your finger on theright ofthe items and move them up and down to reorder your listseasily.To delete an item, just move it to the right or left. LISTcan beused easily with just one hand. 4. Add headings to easilygrouptogether a random collection of items. The headings can alsobemoved up and down to change their order. 5. Customize the colorofyour lists as you wish. 6. Create secret lists that arenormallykept hidden.
Bright TODO 4.2.5
Bright TODO
Checklist and todolist with franklin style and planner styleSupportwidget! How to get your goal. 1) Create big year check list2)Create small month check list 3) Create detail todo or checklist inweek view. 4) Create habit on daily. 5) Always check yourcheck listwith widget Please help translate this project:) This applicationrequestbelow permissions • READ_CALENDAR : To show user scheduleinapplication • WRITE_CALENDAR : To write user schedule inandroidsystem • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Some devices storeringtones inexternal storage • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Saveencrypted backupfile on external data
Tasks: Todo list, Task List, Reminder 1.22
Tasks is a beautifully simple, free todo list, task listandreminder app that will help keep your busy life organisedeveryday.No matter who you are or what you do Tasks can help! Getstarted inno time, quickly and easily add new tasks as you think ofthemusing quick add, via a shortcut (Android 7.1 and higher) orevencreate from another app by sharing with Tasks. Note forReviewersIf there is a feature you would like or you require anissue to beresolved please email me and I will gladly help. Abeautifullysimple todo list app Tasks is a simple todo list appthatemphasises simplicity and ease of use. Whether you want ashoppinglist, grocery list or you just have lots of things torememberTasks is built for you. With Tasks you can build powerfullists,colour code them and then manage them with intuitive gestureslikedrag and drop to re-prioritise or swiping to delete. Useremindersso that to-dos can be delivered at the right time andwithactionable notifications there is no need to open the app,simplymark a task as done or snooze for later. Have your say Tasksisdesigned to be beautifully simple to use. This app is inactivedevelopment with the most popular feature requests /suggestionsadded. So if you want to shape the future of Tasks justgive usyour feedback.
To Do List with Reminder 2.3
You can use the app to manage your routines, plan your scheduleandorganize your daily tasks in a clear and easy way. The app helpsinincreasing your productivity and keeping track of your to bedonetasks. You can easily add repeated alarm for yourroutineactivities, or add an alarm to any specific task so youwon't missany of them. New features : Versions 1.7 , 1.8 : ☆Synchronization,you can synchronize your tasks with Google Tasks. ☆Widget has beenadded. ☆ Lists , create and manage lists to groupand classify yourdifferent tasks. ☆ Alarm snooze. ☆ Minutesrepetition , Beside(months, weeks, days, hours) now you can set therepetition in(minutes). ☆ Other theme and performance enhancements.Version 1.6: ☆ Periodic repetition , beside weekdays, now you canset therepetition to any time periods (months, weeks, days, orhours). ☆Night mode , dark theme has been added. ☆ View type, Youcan choosethe view type (list or grid). ☆ Now you can also create atask withonly date without determining specific time. ☆ Add theability tocreate multiple tasks at once (saving each line asseparate task).☆ Select many tasks and share them as one task. ☆You can set thedefault ringtone for all tasks from app settings. ☆Other usabilityimprovements.
Todo list 2.6.1
With this "Todo list" App you can: - Create folders, tasks,subtasksand comments; - Set priority to each task; - Use Reminderwith"Repeat" options; - Use Filters like "Folder" and "Calendar";- Useit as a Checklist or a Grocery list; - Enjoy efficiencyandsimplicity in action with "Todo list" application. Please,leavecomments. Let's make "Todo list" better. Feel free to contactme ifyou have any issues or questions. e-mail: [email protected]
Ike - To-Do List, Task List 2.0
"What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent isseldomimportant." - Dwight 'Ike' EisenhowerIke is a playful to-dolist inthe spirit of President Eisenhower's priority matrix.Organizetasks by importance and urgency. Manage tasks usingintuitivegestures. Never forget a thing by adding due dates andlocationreminders. Go pro to unlock all the themes, widgets, theability toadd multiple reminders to each task, location reminders,images,and audio recordings.PrioritizePrioritize tasks, todos,andreminders into a priority matrix depending ontheirimportance/urgency. The Eisenhower method, also called aprioritymatrix, was popularized in Steven Covey’s “7 Habits ofHighlyEffective People”. Prioritizing tasks upfront is thecornerstone ofIke; prioritizing a task is the first thing you do,rather thanselecting it afterwards.Due DatesAdd a due date to atask to giveit a deadline. Due dates can repeat daily, weekly,monthly, yearly,or be customized to a variety of configurations,such as “every 3weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”, or “every3months”.RemindersAdd multiple time or location-based reminderstoeach task. Tasks with due dates have time reminders depending onifa due date is at a set time or is an all day event, andreminderscan fire once or repeat. Default reminders for due datescan becustomized in the app settings. Location-based reminders canbeadded and customized for arriving at or leaving from alocation.View a map or get driving directions while viewing a taskthat haslocation-based reminders. The geofence detection radius canbecustomized as well as the detection time when arriving atalocation.Images and AudioAdd an image to a task to addmoreinformation about it, or to jazz it up. Images are seendirectly inyour task list so you don’t have to dig for it. Addaudiorecordings to a task using Google’s speech to text. Audio isplayeddirectly from the task list, and a speech to text is shownwhilethe audio is playing to make it easier to access. If you wanttoquickly add a task with a lot of information, audio is the waytogo.NotesAdd notes and descriptions to your tasks. We give youanentire screen to add whatever detailed informationyouwant.Customize and CelebrateCelebrate your accomplishmentswithdelightful animations, and visualize progress as youcompletetasks. Task lists can be customized with a variety of colorthemes,some free and some pro.WidgetsCreate widgets to add,edit,complete, and view tasks. We currently have a quick addwidget, atask list view widget, a task chip widget, and severalmatrixwidgets to efficiently get an overview of your to-do list.Ikeisfree to download and use.For a one time purchase, upgradeyourexperience to Ike Pro to unlock all themes, widgets, up tofivereminders per task, images, and audio recordings.Rate it ifyoulike Ike, tell us if you don’t! [email protected] if you have any support issues,questions, orfeedback.
I Remember 1.7.14
Did you remember that you forgot to make to-do list? Now, trytomanage through I Remember my ideas and things on the lock screen.Iwill always remind you to do it so you can't forget even ifyouwant to forget it!When you are walking the road and suddenlyanidea comes up,When you want to keep your promise to yourimportantfriend,When you make a list before going to a store,Whenyou arecreating a bucket list,Try to use me as a notepad,vocabulary,scheduler, to-do list, checklist and more!Notes, plans,goals,reminders, etc.I will help you with pretty wallpaperandeasy-to-use features!What features do I support?○ Main screenㆍEasytask management (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ View list of tasksbydate ㆍ Categories the task with colors ㆍ Set the due dateandDisplay remaining period ㆍ Various quotes○ Lock screen ㆍ Easytasksmanagement (swipe to done / remove) ㆍ Security lock(PIN /pattern)ㆍ Preview of push notifications ㆍ Quick Launcher ㆍ Variousandbeautiful wallpaper ** To use the lock screen feature, pleasesetthe I Remember - menu - lockscreen settings - lock type.**Pleasedo not hesitate to contact us if you have any bugs orimprovements.** Banner ads are included at the bottom of lockscreento providefull functionality for a lifetime free. I always rememberthatbetter features are available for free! ** Anyone who can helpwiththe translation your language, please contact us.----Permissions*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Get user image forwallpaper*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save newly set wallpaper*READ_PHONE_STATE- Unlock screen when receiving a call*DISABLE_KEYGUARD - Controlthe default lock screen*SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Show app lock screen
Daily check: Routine Work 2.6.2
~~ The simple daily routine management app is here! Roubit~~★Description This is an application that specializes inmanagingyour daily routines. There are absolutely no uselessfeatures inthis app. If you want to create a routine task, it's assimple astapping the plus button. To remove a routine task, simplypress andhold the task in the list. By creating daily routines, youcan formgood habits that will change your life. ★Usage example・Yourfavorite weekly TV shows ・Weekly magazine releases・Garbagecollection day ・Any daily tasks you can think of It is upto youhow you use this app.! ★Contact us If you have anyopinions,feedback, or ideas about new features you'd like us toimplement,please email us. [email protected] ★Librarybutterknifeactiveandroid floatingactionbutton drag sort listview★LicenseLicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the"License"); youmay not use this file except in compliance with theLicense. Youmay obtain a copy of the Licenseat Unless requiredbyapplicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributedunderthe License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUTWARRANTIESOR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. SeetheLicense for the specific language governing permissionsandlimitations under the License.
Clean My House – Chore To Do List, Task Scheduler 2.1.4
Manage your house cleaning schedule with our schedule maker!CleanMy House is the number 1 app to organize and schedule errandsandall housekeeping related daily tasks. No more worrying of whattodo every morning. You will get a reminder of things to do forthatday. This app will make your life so much easier and your housesomuch cleaner! Whether you live alone or with a family, managingahouse can be challenging. Many times we are not sure what todowhen we wake up each morning and may miss our dailytaskscompletely. If you've ever thought, I need an app that canhelp meplan my house cleaning schedules and remind me every day ofthedaily tasks and things to do, this app is for you. Ratherthanusing a generic daily planner or organizer, it’s a much easierwayto create a schedule that focuses on housekeeping choresanderrands.=====================================================================BESTFEATURES OF CLEAN MY HOUSE – THINGS TO DO & DAILYPLANNER:=====================================================================•A FREE app to make your life so much easier • Focusingonhousekeeping and errands around the house. • Organize thechoresbased on Categories. • Daily reminder - set a reminder foryourdaily tasks. • Set and schedule one time tasks or repeatedtasks. •Simple to use and view. You can also choose any chore fromtheMaster Task List! It’s a Premium Feature that will save you alotof time and effort when using our schedule maker! === HOW TOUSECLEAN MY HOUSE: === 1. Click on “+” button to add a task. 2.Addthe name of the task. 3. Choose Category (default Categoriesareall the rooms in your house, but you can edit the Category ontheSettings) 4. Add the due date for the task. 5. AddRepeatfrequency. “No repeat” if it’s a one time task or select therepeatfrequency. (For example: Repeat every 2 days) 6. In theSettings,you can set whether or not you want to set a reminder andwhat timewill the app remind me. 7. When you are about to do thetask, presson the task and Start Timer. You can also Mark asCompleted. Usingour app is very easy and intuitive. If you like toknow more abouthow to use the app, you can view the How-To Videoson YouTube: So,nowyou know how to use this daily planner to help you managingandorganizing the house cleaning schedule. Aside from thefeaturesmentioned, Clean My House also has PREMIUM FEATURES. Youcan unlockALL Premium features with ONE TIME payment (notsubscription based)to get useful many features to help you managingyour errands suchas: - Remove ads - Master Task List - 292 types oftasks to choosefrom (you don’t have to type in the tasks manuallyanymore) - EditMaster List - Backup your schedule - View futuretasks & whatto do for tomorrow, this week, this month, and nextmonth. -Perform Actions on multiple tasks at once - Mark Completed/ Delete/ Archive/Restore / Skip / Change Category To make the apprunssmoothly, please allow the following permissions: RequiresIn-apppurchases and internet to remove ads RequiresPhoto/Media/Files, tobe able to save and restore the backup filesto internal storagesdCard/CleanMyHouse/ folder Follow WoohooSoftware: Clean My House- Cleaning Tips & Tricks - FacebookGroup: FacebookPages: sendan email to [email protected] if you encounter aproblem inthe app and I will fix it ASAP! Thanks for using CleanMy House.Please leave a rating and/or review to show your supportfor theapp!
To Do List Notes Alarm Color Reminder Note Notepad 11.0
To Do List color notes Alarm Reminder Color Notepad to do taskslistnote color Lazy Alarm App haveUninstall Protection PatternLock andPin code protectionColor Notes like Dairy with differentAlarmssounds and IconsAlarm App With Lazy Alarm Color Notes withAlarmVoice Recording Notes with text Text Speaking Robot , Readyour textwith soundIcon Stickers for easy identification UnlimitedAlarmswith Flash Light 3 ways for Select Alarm Ring Tones BackupandRestore yours all ToDo Notes in single DB file Save , ShareandEmail DB File for future restore or in case of change yourMobileset. Stop Watch with laps , Timer counting app 3 ways forSelectAlarm Ring Tones Builtin custom Alarm Ring Tones Custom AppthemeTrash for deleted notes, for restore them again BuiltincustomAlarm Ring Tones Calculator for lazy Alarmmathematicalcalculations Lazy Alarm with Math and Captcha with EasyMedium andHard levelCustom Alarm Snooze and fixed snooze for to donotes ToDo List Notes Alarm Reminder Lazy Alarm App is a simpleToDo/TaskReminder app for Android to just remind you everything ataspecified time!To Do List Notes Alarm Reminder With Timer andStopWatch .To Do List Notes Alarm Reminder Lazy Alarm Appperfectsolution for quick notes,voice memos and all at one place.With aneye catching and user friendly interface we can quicklytakenotes,voice memos,reminders and snapshots at your finger tips.Mayit be a meeting ,a seminar,an appointment,a dairy, a to-do listyoucan quickly pen down your ideas. Notes Never let a thoughtescapeyour mind just because you do not have pen and paperaround.To DoList Notes Alarm Reminder Lazy Alarm App Features:-User can set aDaily To Do List Notes Alarm Reminder to be remindedof things youneed to do every day- Notification will be come onevery To Do ListNotes Alarm Reminder- User have option to edit theTo Do List NotesAlarm Reminder- User have option to Delete the ToDo List NotesAlarm Reminder- User have option to view the detailsof To Do ListNotes Alarm Reminder- Backup and Restore To Do ListNotes AlarmReminder- To Do List Notes Alarm Reminder with pin andpatternlock- To Do List Notes Alarm Reminder uninstall protectionfor CallRecorder appTo Do List Notes Alarm Reminder Lazy Alarm AppFree andPREMIUM features:→ Free version with PREMIUM features.→SecurityPIN and Pattern Lock.→ and it is Ad Free.To Do List NotesAlarmReminder Lazy Alarm App Permissions Needed:Internet – Googlein-apppurchases.Note : 🔒 This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission 🔒This permission for Prevent uninstallingapps forunauthorized access of this app. After you enable thisadvancedProtection, nobody can uninstall this app without password.If youwant to uninstall it, please disable Uninstall Preventionfirstfromsettings.To Do List Notes Alarm Reminder Lazy Alarm AppisPerfect APP with Google Admob Ads.So what are you waitingfor.?Please install and enjoy with all features , its free
Smart Task Manager 3.3.0
Smart Task Manager(STM) is the overall system application.Task,Application, Sd card, Device, system information can bemanaged ina single shot. ● Task Management (Tasks) - Multi-select,commandsupport - If you hold the specified item, manage menuwillappear.(On the Settings page, you can specify the click action)-List of service, background, empty applications. * ServiceProcess: Hidden service to users, but running process (mp3 musicplaying,atmospheric transmission network, etc.). Should be reviewedwhenending. * Background Process : Hidden applications which canbesafely ended. * Empty Process : End-able process.Cachedapplication - Used Memory information - Package information -Theprocess stop, restart, delete, and detailed information -Addexception list and exception list management - Auto-End task-Shake-End task - Startup-End task - One-touch-End task -Favoriteapplication list(Widget service support) -Applicationshare(Recommendation) ● Application Management (Apps)-Multi-select, command support - If you touch the item, managemenuwill appear.(On the Settings page, you can specify theclickaction) - A list of installed applications - Packageinformation -App Version information - App file size - Applicationexecution,deletion, update confirm, evaluation, comment, anddetails - Backupto SD Card - Application search - Favoriteapplication list -Application share(Recommend) ● Backup andReinstall - Multi-select,delete, restore (reinstall) support -Backup to SD Card - Restorefrom SD Card - External APK file installsupport. (package installfile) (path : /sdcard/smartmanager) - Thebackup file size - Backupdate information ● Real-time Process ●System Info - Deviceinformation - CPU info - Ram info(Total, Used,Available) - BatteryInformation(Temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit)- Internal storagespace, information(Total, Used, Available) -External storagespace, information(Total, Used, Available) ●Settings - AboutSmartWho Task Manager - Smart Task Manager Setting- Volume Control- Screen Brightness - Wireless Network - MyLocation (network, GPS)- Application - Bluetooth Setting - LanguageSetting - Date andTime ● Home Screen Widget - Widget Update TimeAdjustabl e -Specify the possible actions when clickingwidgets(one-touch end:Insafe mode or task management screen) -Update info / Avail Ram(1×1) - Update info / Total Ram, Avail Ram(2×1) - Internal Storage/ External Storage Info (2×1) - ActiveTask, Ram, Storage info(3×1) - Favorite Application Link (2×2) -System Dashboard (4×1)Once using shortcuts on the main screen, youcan easily accessSmart Task Manager program. If you use widgetsfeature, you caneasily see status of the current Ram and access toSmart TaskManager. Please, let us know if there is any bugs, issuesor ideas.We will review them as soon as possible.
Do It Now - RPG To Do List | Task List
Do It Now - tasks management system which allows you to createandtrack your everyday tasks and develop your virtual self alongwithskills, characteristics and level-ups. » GamificationWiththis app you will get virtual copy of yourself and ability totrackyour skills and characteristics. Every created task can bebound toskills and characteristics. And when this task is performedin reallife - your virtual hero will get skills andcharacteristicsincreased and also gain additional XP. » SelfimprovementTrack your personal growth in different areas withcustomizablecharacteristics. Basic set of which is Intelligence,Wisdom,Strength, Stamina, Dexterity, Perception, Memory, Charisma,Health,Workmanship and Willpower. If you want different - justedit,delete them or add new. Bound skills to any numberofcharacteristics. By performing your everyday tasks andimprovingyour life you can level up skills and enhancecharacteristics.Besides, higher skill level – fastercharacteristics growth. Try togamify your routine to do list andimprove yourself, your life andvirtual RPG character. His skillsand abilities will grow withyours. Make him more powerful andimprove your life. Any number ofcharacteristics can be bound toeach skill! For instance, you canadd skill “Weightlifting” and bindit to characteristic Strength.Every time when “Weightlifting” skillwill level up – Strengthlevel will be also increased. That’s easyand interesting way toimprove your life and develop cool virtualRPG hero. » To dolist app Add your tasks, goals and missionsin todo list of ourlife rpg app and bound each task to any numberof skills. Forexample, you can add task “Gym workout” and bind itto skill“Weightlifting”. Then when you perform workout, this taskwill bedone and “Weightlifting” skill XP will grow. » HabitsGenerateuseful habits. Any long-running task can be easilytransformed tohabit, just enable habit generation in task editscreen. Generateany habit as in RPG game! » Visualization Takea look at yourself improvement progress with fancy charts. ThereareCharacteristics and Skills charts which will reveal your strongandweak sides. Also there is tasks-per-day chart which will helpyouto track your progress over the last week. » Flexibletaskssetup Tasks management system allows to add really flexibletasks.You can set custom intervals for repetitions (everyday, every3days, on days of week, month, year), infinite repeats, finishdate(and time), difficulty\importance\fear (which will affectgainedxp), enable tasks auto-fail on overdue, bind negative andpositiveskills, combine tasks in custom groups and much-muchmore.» Rewards system You can gain gold for any performedtask.With this gold you can buy self-assigned rewards. E.g. you canaddreward "Watch a movie" with 100 gold price, buy it when yougetenough gold and indeed watch a movie as a reward for hardwork!» Notifications Add notifications reminders for criticaltaskwith flexible setup. » Themes Ability to change appappearancewith custom themes. Our tasks tracker app has a lot ofthem!» Widgets Home screen widget with tasks list andeasilyaccessible "New task" button. Another widget for single taskstohave it on hand. » Automatic synchronization betweendevicesYou can enable automatic synchronization with Dropbox tokeep yourprogress backed up and synced through your devices. Orjust saveyour entire progress to file on your device.» Languages Do ItNow speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian,Polish, Portuguese,Spanish, German and Finnish. Develop yourvirtual self to makepromotion and improvement in real life. --- Ifyou have anyquestions about our task tracker, feel free to sendfeedback [email protected]! And if you enjoy our app, wewould reallyappreciate it if you would leave us a review.
Things to list 1.4.4
With ThingsToList you can create lists of tasks or things youwantto do, you need to do or you have already done and withremindersso you will not forget anything.You can create andseparate bycategories, add icons and differentiate them by color.With Thingto list improve your productivity and never forget thatdetail thatyou did not write it down.You can also share your listswith yourfriends on social networksListaDeCosas allows you tocreate plansfor your next trip and mark them as completed when youcompletethem.No more oversights and notes in the pockets, no morejusthandwrite.Download Things to list and enjoy it on yourSmartphoneand Tablet!Keywords: lists, things, stuff, categories,plans,tasks, listas, cosas, productivity, everything, tareas.
Chatwork - Business Chat App 4.49.0
ChatWork Inc
Take your business communications to the next level withChatwork.Chatwork is an all-in-one chat, task, video andfile-sharingplatform that inspires teams to collaborate moreeffectively and behappier at work. Features: - Secure messaging -Collaborate acrossdevices - Faster than email - Real timecommunication - Chat withtext, images and voice recordings - Assigntasks to group members -Share files with your team - Voice andvideo call
Advanced Task Manager 6.4.2
Works on Android Nougat 7.0 with latest system update!! Killtasks,free memory, speed up phone, save battery life, 1 tap boostyourphone. ■ Feature ----------------------------- • Killselectedtasks • RAM Cleaner • CPU lagging monitor (Remind user ifCPUlagged by some apps) • App or game killer • AntiVirus - VirusScan(Trustlook Supported) • Android optimizer • Ignore apps whenkilltasks • Auto kill tasks on every screen off • Regular kill•Startup Kill • One click task kill widget • Quick uninstaller•Show battery life • Support all android version • Kill GPS:Killapps to stop GPS • Memory Booster, RAM Booster • MemoryCleaner,RAM Cleaner • Permission manager addon for Android 4.3 (AppOps) •Holo style ■ Description ----------------------------- TheAdvancedTask Manager can list all the running tasks on your phoneand itcan help you stop any of the tasks easily and quickly. It isalso atask management tool which can manage all the installed appsonyour phone. The task management mechanism of android systemhasbeen changed after the release of the version 2.2 of theandroidsystem. Task killers cannot kill the services andnotifications onyour phone. By use of the Advanced Task Manager,you can thoroughlystop tasks in the following steps: 1) long pressthe task that youwant to stop 2) chose the “force stop” option 3)press the the“force stop” button on the application info systempanel If youwant to manage running services, clickmenu->service, then itwill open the system service panel whereyou can stop runningservices. **Please note that installing othertask manager or taskkiller tools may make your phone unstable orcause potentialconflict.** ■ FAQ ----------------------------- Q:Why do appsrestart again after killing? A: Some apps are restartedby systemevents. Apps cannot be prevented from restarting becauseof systemlimitation. We suggest you to enable auto kill insettings, and itwill kill tasks on every screen off. It will helpto save batterylife and release memory for the phone. Q: How can Iadd apps to theignore list? A: You can long press the task that youwant toignore, and then you will get a poped up context menu,click"Ignore". The ignored apps will not be shown in the task list,andwill never be killed. You can manage the ignored apps insettings.Q: How can I manage startup apps? There is "Startup Kill"insettings. It can help you to kill tasks when system starts up.■Trademark ----------------------------- The Android robotismodified from work created and shared by Google and usedaccordingto terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 AttributionLicense.
NL Task 3.2.5
NL Task provides you:- working with your contactswithoutremembering emails;- separate chats for each task;- a smartsystemof reminders;- sharing your calendar with other users.
Remember The Milk
Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people.You'llnever forget the milk (or anything else) again. • Get to-dosout ofyour head, and let the app remember for you • Get remindedviaemail, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications • Shareyourlists and give tasks to others to get things done faster •Staymagically in sync on all of your devices • Organize the wayyouwant to with priorities, due dates, repeats, lists, tags, andmore• Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searchesasSmart Lists • See tasks nearby and plan the best way to getthingsdone • Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter,Evernote,and more • Used by millions worldwide to be more organizedandproductive --- "Remember The Milk is a veritable Swiss Armyknifeof to-do list management." - Lifehacker --- Get more donewithRemember The Milk Pro! Remember The Milk is free to downloadanduse. Purchase a Pro subscription in the app to unlock: •Subtasks -break your tasks down into smaller, more manageablepieces •Unlimited sharing - share your lists with others to getthings donefaster • Color your tags - make your lists bothorganized andcolorful with tag colors • Advanced sorting - sort andgroup yourtasks however you like • Get reminded - never forget atask withreminders on your mobile device • Badges and widgets - seeyourtasks at a glance and always know how many are due • SyncwithMicrosoft Outlook - keep your tasks seamlessly in syncwithMicrosoft Outlook • Unlimited storage - keep track of all yourhardwork with unlimited completed tasks • And more!
My Effectiveness: To do, Tasks 0.23.1
A powerful, yet simple and logical productivity framework. Muchmoreelaborate than usual todo/task apps. Helps you understand whattodo, why you need to do it, and then do it. Like everything inlife,requires some learning investment. The idea is: 1. Write whatisyour mission in life. 2. Write down what concerns you have andwhichones you can influence - visualize them in the circles. 3.Defineyour roles. Look at your life from different points. 4. Setthegoals you want to reach for each role. You can set long-termorshort-term goals. 5. Define concrete steps - actions. You canhavea single step actions, or you can define complex,multi-levelproject, or simple checklists. 6. Prioritize youractions using 2x2matrix (a.k.a. Eisenhower matrix). 7. Assign tasksto week days(use weekly planning). Use recurrences and reminders.8. UseWorkodoro to fight procrastination (when you need to).Features: +Define your principles with mission statement + Removedistractionswith Influences/Concerns + Goal setting + Create acomprehensiveaction plan + Set your priorities + Put the tasksintoProjects/Actions/Checklists + Manage tasks recurrencesandreminders. + Use weekly plan view for week actions and weekgoals!+ Concentrate on the next action + Fight procrastination withtheWorkodoro pomodoro timer + Keep your notes, thoughts, ideasnearby+ Backup to and restore from Google Drive™ If you haveissues,feedback or a simple thought about the application that youwant toshare with us, we are very happy to get that. Please, sendthem [email protected], or write them anywhere inthe, or within the review comments.Thefeedback from you is very welcome! Account permissions arerequiredfor Google API access.
Goal Meter: Goal Tracker, Habit Changer,To-Do List 2.7.92
Achieve your goals or change your habits faster. Create to-dolistfor your goals or habits. Improving your daily routine.Scheduleyour day in advance. Increasing your productivity.Improving yourefficiency. Change your bad habits and create newgood habits.Theseare what you can do with Goal Meter, your To-DoList for goalachieving and habit changing.Have you ever wonderedwhy some peopleachieve significant results in a day, while theaverage person isalways busy but achieving not much? The answer isthat successfulpeople plan their day in advance, and work on theirgoals orhabits.With Goal Meter you can remove your bad daily habitsandroutines into good habits and achieve your goals or removebadhabits faster than ever.TOP FEATURES★ Free★ Best user-friendlygoaltracker and habit changer app★ Beautiful Design: Goal Meteriswarped in a beautiful design with tons of funny cartooncharacters,making it one of the most beautifully-designed apps onthe market.★Time Management: Broken down into daily routines andhabits,suitable for anyone who wants to do more in less time.Efficientgoal tracking system to maximize goal achievement andhabittracking. ★ Daily or Weekly Routine Schedule Planner: You canputyour goals or habits into daily or weekly routines. You cancreatea To-Do List to track your goal or habit progressefficiently.★Goal/Habit statistic analyses: Set your goals, measurethem, andsee statistics about your progress. Best goal planner andachieversystem for short-term and long term goals or habits★Notificationsand Reminders: Goal Meter sends you notificationsabout when totake action and work on your goal★ Auto Backup andSync: Your datais automatically backed up and synchronized with ourservers.★Goal/ habit templates: Goal Meter comes with tons of readyto pickgoals and habits such as:● Study: Study hard, prepare for anexam,read a book● Exercise: General Exercise, Stretching,Running,Walking, Bicycling, Swimming, Yoga, Climbing, Dancing,Soccer,Football, Skiing● Diet: Eat Breakfast, No Fast Food, LoseWeight,Eat more Fruits & Vegetables, Eat Fish● Work: WorkHard,Schedule my Day, Networking, Apply for a New Job, OrganizeyourWorkplace, Stay Focus at Work● Health: Health Checkup,DentalCheckup, Meditate, Get Enough Sleep, Lunch Break, Go onVacation●Bad habits to stop: Stop Smoking, Stop Drug Addiction,Stopwatching too much TV, Stop overusing drugs,● Financial: SaveMoney,Get out of Debt, Pay off Credit Cards, Pay off StudentLoans,Emergency Fund, Live on Less than You EarnYou can use GoalMeter asa to-do list, daily task reminder, student calendar,timetableplanner, routine schedule organizer, productivity habittool, dailytime manager or daily planner. And it can be moreconvenient than acalendar for routine tasks, as it doesn't clutteryour calendarschedule. We want Goal Meter to be a powerfulproductivity tool foryou, so if you like it don't hesitate to tellus what you'd like toadd.FOUND A BUG OR ISSUE?If you found a bug oran issue, please,please send us email ([email protected]), wewill fix anyproblems your may have. Please don't leave bad commentsbeforeemailing us your issue. Thanks!TRANSLATIONSGoal Meter isavailablein:English and Polish (More languages are beingtranslated)YOU AREIMPORTANTGoal Meter is still young and for thatreason your supportis crucial. If you like it and think it has agreat potentialplease give us a nice review, it really helps.Thanks! But if youreally don't, please tell us what you would liketo change, wereally want to know in order to improve. Many manythanks!
Checklist 6.4
Checklist is a free ToDo list management app with which youcaneasily sync your life across devices and with your friends,familyand colleagues. Unlike other To do apps, it is 100% Free withNOin-app purchases or monthly pro versions. Features: • Createanunlimited number of checklists and (sub) tasks • Quicklygetstarted by choosing from thousands of pre-made checklisttemplates(unique to our To Do app) • Easily syncs with your account to access on other devices and fromyourdesktop/ laptop. Works in offline mode • Manage your tasks:check,mark important, reminders, repeat tasks, task notes, drag anddropto reorder and more • Share your workload with friends, familyandco-workers by easily inviting them and assigning individualtasks •Let the smart lists highlight what’s important in your liferightnow • Send your checklists to any app on your device(Email,Facebook, Twitter etc.) • Quickly keep track of what’simportantvia the Checklist widgets • Run Audits & Inspectionsvia ourChecklist Runner • Multilingual • Great to do app for bothTabletsand Mobiles • 6 different themes for you to choose from!Benefits:• A simple, clean, easy to use TODO app that keeps you ontrack •Keep yourself productive by jotting down what’s important inyourday • No need to reinvent the wheel and manually inputchecklists.Re-use other people’s checklist templates to get a headstart. •Stay in sync with the people around you from any place andanydevice • 100% free - all features are included and noin-apppurchases or pro version upgrade needed. Examples whereChecklistcan be useful for you: • As your Shopping list. Createyour grocerylist in your browser, share it with your partner sothat when theyare on the way home, it is available on their (oryour) mobile. •Movies & TV series. Set weekly reminders at theright time soyou never miss a show again. Keep a tab on the moviesyou haven’tstill watched • Private & Work. Keep them separatedwith achecklist for each • Bills. Never forget to pay a bill ontime.Just add a friendly monthly reminder • Templates. Looking forawedding checklist, moving checklist or baby checklist? Going onatrip and need a travel checklist or more adventurous and needacamping checklist? We have thousands of checklist templatestochoose from • Great for GTD - Getting Things Done Oursite: Contact us: Our termsofuse: Our privacypolicy:
Memory Helper : To do list notepad 70
Do you easily forget things? ​ Try using the Memory Helper app!​Write down your list of things to do! ​ Be reminded everytimeyouturn on your phone! ​ Don't forget things you have to do fromnowon! ​ ​ ​ Particularly useful for: ​ - Those who frequentlyforgetto do things 3.16.11
Meet the project management tool your team will actuallyenjoyusing. focuses on people, success, and gettingthingsdone. Take it on a test drive with our 14 day trial andyou'll seewhat we mean! Project management the way you is asimple and beautiful way to manage everything yourteam is workingon. Manage your projects, tasks, processes, andworkflows in oneplace. Plan ahead visually, and never miss adeadline. It's superflexible and customizable, so you can work theway that's best foryour team. Communicate better with your teamWhen everyone's clearon their responsibilities, all you need is thefreedom to connectand collaborate. In, you cancommunicate with yourteammates, share files, mention people, andstay updated withreal-time notifications. Say goodbye to endlessmeetings andpainfully long email threads. Get things done fasterand celebrateHappy teams achieve amazing results! With,you can seehow your work fits into the bigger picture and feelrecognized forwhat you do. Your team will get addicted tocompleting tasks andturning them green. We call this "donetherapy." :) "Best projectmanagement tool in the world" —MichaelPoolier, General Manager ofHEGS "The most life-changing softwareyou'll ever encounter!"—Sarah Kersley "I want to hug the peoplethat created this." —EmmaJ Coulson Join 45,000+ teams who workbetter and faster Try it out on our 14 day trialand see what it can dofor you.
Task Manager (Task Killer) 2.3.5
One-stop task manager. Monitor and kill task, speed up phone,andsave battery. Features: * 1*1 widget to monitor memory usage,fastkill task or launch application when click. * Kill task tofreememory. * Sort task by name. * Auto-kill task when screenturnsoff. * Context menu to switch, uninstall, ignore, auto-killorsearch application. * Ignore preferred application when kill.*Bulk select and rich notification. * Directly force stop taskforrooted device. If you would like to translate this applicationtoyour native language, please contact [email protected], thanks.
GTasks: Todo List & Task List 2.2.9
Appest Inc.
GTasks is a simple and efficient todo / task management appwithGoogle synchronization. You can customize your to do list,setreminder, send tasks to your friends, family members orcolleaguesand sync with your Google Tasks perfectly. With it, youwill nevermiss a task and focus on what really matters to boostproductivity.Latest Update: ** New Material Design update to adaptto Android L(5.0) ** Import tasks from Astrid ** Widget doesn'twork if GTaskswas installed on SD card. Please move it back tophone internalstorage and reboot your device. Features: 1.ICS(Android 4.0) stylewith bulk indent/move/set due date/delete andso on 2. View yourtasks on Google Calendar 3. Synchronize withmultiple Googleaccounts automatically; also support local mode 4.Customize syncmode: auto sync, manual sync or sync whenopen/exit/background sync5. Batch add tasks 6. Scroll horizontallyto switch betweentasks/task lists 7. Sort your tasks by duedate/name/createtime/priority 8. Re-arrange your tasks easily bydragging &dropping 9. Indent to create subtasks 10. Send tasksto friends,families and colleagues 11. Set customized repeatingreminders:daily/weekly/monthly... and so on 12. Quick add tasks bypressingthe search key 13. Quick add tasks via ‘note to self’ voicecommandwith Google Now 14. Quick search tasks 15. Create differenthomescreen Widgets (scrolling in LauncherPro/ADWLauncher/GOLauncher)We are asking for permissions to access Contacts, Phonestatus,Microphone & Calendar on your phone in order to offerrelatedfeatures.
Todo Reminder Pro + Widget 1.0
Todo list functions: • Create tasks with title, description,duedate and image• Resizable, interactive widget for your homescreen•Mark tasks directly on the widget• Be reminded• Useshortcutbuttons in the notifications• Share your tasks• Moderndesign•Multiple layouts With todo task list you will not missanyappointment anymore. It does not matter if it is a shoppinglist,birthday, meeting or just notes. You can easily create newtasksand todo task list will remind you at a specific time.Furthermoreyou can add an image, e. g. of your handwritten notes.You receivenotifications where you candirectly mark the task asfinished, notfinished or you can reschedule your todo task list toremind youlater. You can do thisall directly in the notificationvia theshortcut buttons without launching todo task list. To keeptrack ofyour tasks you can add an interactive, resizabletodotasklist-widget to your home screen. In the widget you candirectlymark tasks as finished, edit your tasks or create newones.Everytask can be shared with several apps. In addition, youhave thepossibility to switch between themes to change the look ofyourtodo task list.
Fieldwire - Construction Management & Punch List 1.8
Get the #1 construction app for the jobsite. Fieldwire connectsyourentire field team, from the project manager all the way downto eachspecialty contractor's foreman, on one constructionmanagementplatform. Making it effortless for anyone to view theirdrawings,schedule work and track their punch list while they arein thefield. Construction management is hard but Fieldwire is easytodeploy, learn & use every day across multiplesubcontractors.Our app combines the fastest blueprint viewer onthe market with apowerful task management engine, saving peopletime both on thejobsite and in the office. Get started now, andjoin over 200,000+construction projects who trust our constructionapp every day torun lean construction operations. It's so easy touse that anyonefrom the foreman to the project manager can be upand running inminutes, even on a large project. Our clientsinclude owners,architects, general contractors and specialtycontractors. -FEATURES - Drawing & blueprint app: • Fast HDplan viewer (worksoffline) • Automatic hyperlinking & OCR •Automatic versioningwith Box / Dropbox • Automatic sheet versioncontrol • Blueprintfolders • Markups & annotations (Clouds,text, arrow...) •Measurements & on screen take off • Progressphotos & RFIhyperlinking • Layered PDF blueprint export • Asbuilt drawingarchives Lean construction scheduling app: • Taskmanager withlocation, trade, priority and owner • Scheduling withdue dates orpriorities • Instant notifications • Related tasks onmobile • Trackcost & manpower • Productivity reports Buildinginspection &punch list app: • Construction inspection &checklist templates• Progress photos with annotations &markups • Two stepverification for punchlist items • Detailedbuilding inspection /punch list reports • Signature block - OTHERTHINGS THAT REALLYMATTER - • Offline mode • Project selective sync• Blueprintselective sync • Push/Email notifications • Automatedreports •Amazing customer support • The slickest UI you can findon mobile -COMING SOON - • Custom forms (RFI, change order, dailyreport,etc...) • 2-way integration with Primavera P6 - YOU ARESTILLREADING - Well it's quite simple actually. We believe that wehavethe best construction app out there because we were in thetrenches(on the jobsite) with you. Construction management needsto betailored for the field. Last year alone, we shipped over 60updatesto make your life better on site. So get ready for the bestcustomerservice you have ever seen.
Engross: Work Better. Timer, To-do & Day Planner 5.3.12
Engross Apps
All the essentials you need for a productivity day are in it! Itisa therapy for low focus and bad time management. Engross helpsyoustay focused at work/studies and improve efficiency Engross usesaunique ‘Hit me when you are distracted’ method which ensuresthatyou remain focused at the task you are on. It is simple to useandgives you results right away, it triggers you to get yourfocusback at work. It records the number of times you getdistractedduring work or study and that becomes a measure of yourfocus. Yourchallenge in the next sessions will be to reduce thecount andimprove your focus. A Pomodoro inspired Timer Inspiredfrom thePomodoro technique, Engross provides a very practical andeasy toset timer. It also shows you the end time while setting thetimerso you get the proper idea of when your work will be over orbywhen you want to finish it. A session length can be set to upto3hours, long enough to accommodate all kinds of tasks, includingamock exam/test. The timer comes with two extra settings - RecapandRevise. Both of these enable you to set a time for revisingthework before or after a session, helps to get a better hold onworkand better time management. A very useful feature, especiallyforstudents. A Todo list that can manage long-period tasks It isasimple to use todo list to help you manage all the tasks rightherewith the timer. A highlight of this todo list is that youcancreate progressive tasks/todo with it. Say, you want tocomplete200 pages of a book, set the target of 200 pages and itwill createa progress bar for you where you can track your progressas youmove towards completing the target. Day planner to planyourschedule You can plan your complete day or week here. Createslotsfor all different jobs you do throughout the day and staynotified.You can also attach timer with a scheduled slot, say, youwant towork for one hour on something with two sessions of 25minutes eachand a 10 minute break in between. To do this, set therequiredtimer settings when adding a schedule, click on theschedule alarmnotification and you will be all set to start yoursessions. Labelsessions and tasks Label your timer sessions andtodos and keeptrack of all the time spent on different kinds ofwork. Also, forstudents, labels can work as subjects/topics. Settarget and keepgoing You can set a target for number of hours youhave towork/study and Engross will keep track of it as you completeyourtimer sessions. Statistics and Analysis that help you grow(Premiumfeature) It gives you Daily, Weekly and Monthly Statisticsof yourwork time and todo with multiple graphs, also helps youtrack timespent on different labels. Focus analysis uses yourdistractionspattern and provides analysis of your focus with thehelp ofgraphs. More features - •  Auto turning off of WiFi duringworksessions. •  Add a goal to a timer to keep yourself focused atit.•  Additional Black theme to save on battery. •  Sessionalmostover warning. •  Add custom quotes to show during a sessionto keepyourself motivated. •  Advance reminder for tasks to getnotifiedsome time before a todo’s time. •  Pause a work session.(Premiumfeature) •  Fast forward to next session/break. (Premiumfeature)With Engross, your days will be focused, organised andproductive.
Advanced Task Killer 2.2.1B216
The Most Classic Task Killer or Task Manager, Speed Booster,BatterySaver. Advanced Task Killer helps over 70 millions Phone.You canuse it to kill applications and boost memory. It doesn'tspeed up orsave battery directly. However if you kill any appsconsumingbattery or CPU, you might feel it speed up your phone andsaved yourbattery.*Services and front apps cannot be killeddirectly, you haveto ignore or 'force stop' them*Features:-IgnoreList-One tapwidget-Auto kill-Customize item heightATK is oftenused to kill appand clean memory. We do suggest people use ATKmanually kill appsinstead of auto killing app.1. How to use it(for new users to quickstart)?ATK is pretty simple. Open this tooland take a look at therunning applications list? Uncheck some appsyou don't want to kill(such as Advanced Task Killer and somesystem apps) Tap the button'Kill selected apps', it will kill allapplications checked. 2. Howto use it (for new users to domore)?If you don't want to kill anyapp, you can tap it on therunning applications list. Then it'schecking box will turn togray. 3. Why there are app running that Ihaven't used or evenopened?Some app will start up once you turn onyour phone or beinvoked by some events. 4. What is ignorelist/ignore?Ignore listis for you to ignore some app you don't wantto kill. If you longpress on the app listed on the main screen ofATK, the menu willpop up, then you can select 'Ignore', theapplication would bemoved to ignore list. When you tap 'Killselected apps', it won'tbe killed any more. 5. What is defaultaction for long press?Youcan set your default action for long pressand click on thesettings. The system default action for long pressis pop-menu.That means you when you long press on the application(displays onthe running applications list), a pop-menu would showsup. Forexample, if you want to switch to the application after youlongpress on it, you can set the default action of long pressto'Switch to'. 6. Why I lost my network connection after I tap'killselected apps'? This is because some apps related withnetworkconnection are killed, such as 'voicemail'. You can ignoreitinstead of killing it. 7. Why my Home reloaded?This is becausesomeapps related with Home are killed. Such as 'HTC Sense','Mail'(ifit is integrated with Home). You can ignore it instead ofkillingit. 8. Why I cannot receive notification of Email?This isbecauseyou killed 'Email'. Instead of killing it, you need toignore it.9. What is Auto Kill?If you want to kill appsautomatically youneed to choose one of auto-kill level- Safe: Onlykill the appsaren't running but still consume memory.- Aggressive:Kill the appsrunning background and apps aren't running.- Crazy:All apps exceptfor apps you are using with.You should be able tosee Auto Killinformation shows on the title, like 'Auto-Kill:12:20'. That meansauto kill will start at 12:20, you can alsochange the frequency toimpact the auto kill start time. App killeris only a tool to killapps and task. It won't help your batterydirectly. But if you killany app which consumes battery a lot, youmight think app killer ishelping your battery.Advanced Task KillerPro is paid version whichdoesn't contain ads.Note: For android 2.2and later version, taskmanager cannot kill services and front apps,you have to force stopthem. If you use task manager to kill them,services might restart;also notification won't be erased from thetop bar. So we don'tsuggest people use task manager kill them.
Dunzo: 24x7 delivery
dunzo digital
Dunzo is an on-demand delivery service available 24x7 inBangalore,Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. We ensuredistance isno bar, while you enjoy great offers and deals! We pickup anddeliver anything in your city: food - your favourite pizzaorburger, pharmacy, groceries, laundry, pet supplies, books,yournext phone or any other electronic item. No cash, no hassle -useonline payment options like debit or credit cards, netbanking,ormobile wallets like Paytm and Simpl. Live track your deliveryrightto your doorstep. We pick and drop whatever you need whetherit’s aforgotten phone charger at home, the dabba that won’t make itonits own, the home keys that need to be duplicated, thedrycleaningyou don’t have time for, the last minute anniversarypresent youneed tonight or drinks for those surprise guests Quickfooddelivery from restaurants near you, from those far away andalsofrom chains like Dominos, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut,FreshMenu,McDonald’s, Subway, Fasoos, Cafe Coffee Day, Taco Bell,Starbucksand more Enjoy hassle-free online grocery shopping andhomedelivery of a wide range of products including fresh fruitsandvegetables across various brands including Aashirvaad,Amul,Bisleri, Cadbury, Complan, Fresho, Haldiram, Himalaya,Horlicks,Kellogg’s, Lays, Lizol, Nandini, Nescafe, Nivea,Nutella,Patanjali, Saffola, Sunpure, Surf Excel, Vim, Zespriamongst manymore. We also deliver organic and meat products Orderall youressential medicines online whether allopathic, homeopathicorayurvedic and Over the Counter (OTC) healthcare products fromtheconvenience of your home If you feel like writing to us aboutyourtasks, improvements or just a friendly hello, drop in a [email protected], and we shall get back to you.
Haroo – Calendar Reminder, Task Scheduler, Note 1.0.3
Yunasoft Inc.
Do you need a to do list planner or task planner to know what todoevery day? Do you want an app that can help you set a reminderandschedule your daily activities? If you do, you need todownloadHaroo now and manage your tasks and calendar easily forFREE! Haroois a virtual agenda book where with three main featuresthateveryone needs: notes, calendar, and to do list planner.Itimmediately integrates your Google calendar and helps youmanageyour schedules, appointments, notes. You can also easily setareminder for upcoming events on our app. Read more to find outwhyyou need this daily planner and schedule maker inyourlife!======================================FEATURES OF HAROO–VIRTUAL AGENDA BOOK & TO DO LISTPLANNER:======================================CALENDARSynchronizeyourGoogle Calendar with our app and view all your plannedactivities,events, and things to do in monthly view. Tap on anydate to viewthings to do and events for that day more closely.NOTESAdd Notesfor any day on the calendar. You can add text or useyour cameraphone to take pictures. TASK PLANNER & SCHEDULEMAKERPlan yourtasks and make schedules easily on our app. You cancreate a To dolist planner to plan things to do for certain days.This way youwon’t ever forget what to do on a particular dayanymore. You canalso schedule an Event such as birthdays, meetings,appointments orother things to do. You can also add Guests, set areminder, andshow you as busy on that day to prevent you fromdouble schedulingor someone from adding you to their events.Ourtask planner app isalso very user friendly so you don’t need tospend a lot of timesjust to set up everything. Haroo is really ajoy to use for everyuser, whether you are a busy professional or abusy stay at homemom!
Tasks Reminder 2.2.0
KMJ Apps
My Reminder is the best solution for forgetfulnessFeel Relaxed.Itwill remind you everything!!My Reminder will helps you to remind-Daily Todo Tasks, Meetings, Homework , Appointments, Birth days,Shopping , Occasions , and more ..It will help you organizeyourtasks.It will help you to wake up. My Reminder has followingkeyfeatures- Simple and quick to set reminders.- Customizeyourreminder with repeat options every day , week days ,Monthly,Yearly ...- Can set Reminding time before event time toremind yourearly.- Listing Reminders in categories (default, work ,Tv show,Personal ,Shopping ,homework , Occasion ... ETC). - canManage andadd new categories - every category has its properties(name ,color, icon , ....and more) - Listing Tasks (Today,Tomorrow, Daterange,by category ... ETC). - Multi reminderconfigurations at applevel and task level (Notification , alarm ,Notification beforealarm )- Customize ringtones for (app , category, reminder).-Backup and Restore app data for reinstalling app ormove it toanother device- Can control alarm volume for reminders.-Share yourtasks and reminders with your friends - family member.- Alot ofoptions in the interface settings.- Stay tuned for morefeatures innext versions. We will be happy to receive your commentsandsuggestions on e-mail or the [email protected]******Thanks :) *******
To-Do Calendar Planner
The ultimate personal organizer!• Use a powerful task list that supports batch operations• Enjoy a fully scrollable calendar with daily, weekly, monthlyandagenda view• Define your personal goals and add tasks to them• Set multiple reminders for tasks and events• Divide your tasks into subtasks• Set repeating tasks and events• Use resizable Widgets in 4 different formats• Attach files and photos to your tasks and appointments• Sync your data between devices without effort• Attach Google Maps locations to your tasks and events• Use a daily journal to keep track of your life• Never forget the birthdays of your friends• Apply GTD principles to your daily life• Schedule your tasks directly on the calendar• Draw your own notes and attach them to tasks and events• Convert your tasks, goals, notes and events into each other• Create audio recordings and attach them to your tasksandevents• Access your data from a PC (web version features (Premium Upgrade):- Plan your goals in project view- Collaborate on tasks, projects, events.- Track your progress with detailed progress reports- Get organized with a daily step-by-step routine- Use the Clean-Up feature to easily prioritize your tasklist- Create backups and restore them- Sync your To-Do list with Google Tasks- Protect your data with a password- Export your data to CSV filesWith isoTimer you can:...orient yourself toward your goals...prepare each day with care using a calendar and ato-dolist...balance your professional and your private life...focus on the most important tasks...never forget ideas or eventsIsoTimer organizer is the ideal companion for planning all partsofyour life!The perfect ToDo Calendar Planner for personal andbusinessuse. To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner
To do list, Calendar and Reminders by is simply a MUSTHAVEAPP on every Android device (NYTimes, USA TODAY, WSJ&Lifehacker)Over 20 Million people trust to keep lifeundercontrol and get things done. With To-do list, Calendar,Remindersand Daily planner in one app, you’d be able to get moredone.THE #1TO DO LIST & TASK LISTSYNCS SEAMLESSLY between yourmobile,desktop, web and tablet. Keeps all your to do list,tasks,reminders, calendar & agenda always in sync so you’llneverforget a thingGET REMINDERS for a scheduled time, when youreach aparticular location or set recurring reminders so you nevermiss athingWORK TOGETHER with shared lists and assigned taskstocollaborate and get more done, with anyone.HOMESCREEN WIDGETwithsimple and powerful features to keep your to do list andcalendarevents always at handCOMBINED WITH A SIMPLE & POWERFULCALENDAROUTLOOKEASILY VIEW your events and to-do list & Tasksfor theday, week & monthSYNC SEAMLESSLY in real time with yourphone’scalendar, google calendar, facebook events, outlook calendaror anyother calendar so you don’t forget an important eventFOLLOWUP WITHTASKS and action items after a meeting, while it's stillfresh inyour headALL-IN-ONE APP FOR GETTING THINGS DONETo easilycreatereminders we added voice entry so you can just speak yourmind andwe’ll add it to your to do list. For better task managementflow weadded a calendar integration to keep your agenda always upto date.To enhance your productivity we added cross-platformsupport forrecurring reminders, location reminders, sub-tasks,notes &file attachments. To keep your to-do list always up todate, we’veadded a one-of-a-kind daily planner.TO DO LIST, CALENDAR&REMINDERS MADE was designed to keep you on top ofyourto do list and calendar each and every day with no hassle.Thanksto the intuitive drag and drop of tasks, swiping to markto-do's ascomplete, and shaking your device to remove completedfrom your todo list - you can keep yourself organized and enjoyevery minute ofit.POWERFUL TASK LIST MANAGEMENTLooking for more?Add a to do listitem straight from your email inbox by [email protected] Attachfiles from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Driveto your tasks.Print, Export and share your lists of groceries anddaily errands.Never forget to call back friends, family members orworkcolleagues thanks to our unique missed call reminderfeatureLIFEORGANIZER & DAILY is a to do list, acalendar, aninbox, a notepad, a checklist, task list, a board forpost its orsticky notes, a project management tool, a remindersapp, a dailyplanner, a family organizer, and overall the simplestand mostuseful productivity tool you will ever have. Best of all –it’sfree for basic use!SHARE LISTS & ASSIGN TASKSTo plan&organize projects has never been easier. Now you can sharelistsbetween family members, assign tasks to each other, chat andmuchmore. will help you and the people around you stayin-syncand get reminders so that you can focus on what reallymatters,knowing that you had a productive day where you crossedmany tasksoff your to do listGROCERY LIST & SHOPPING LISTAny.dotask listis also great for shopping at the grocery store. Rightthere onyour to do list is a handy shopping list option that youcan sharewith others. Forgot to buy post-it notes? Want reminders?Simplycreate a list on, share it with your loved ones andsee themadding their shopping items in real time. You won’t believehowyou’ve done shopping or grocery lists beforeCAPTURE WHAT'S ONYOURMINDWith built-in speech recognition software, you can typelessand do more. Quickly jotting down your thoughts is madeeasierthanks to’s powerful auto-suggest that anticipates andnotesthoughts for you and adds them to your to do list, subtasksorcalendar
DGT GTD & To-Do List [Alpha] 0.9.5 alpha
DGT GTD is a FREE! app designed for managing tasks,todo,checklists, shopping lists and commitments that you need orwant toget done.FEATURES:- Organize tasks by folder, context,location,tags, star, and subtasks- Capability of managing infinitehierarchylevels- Advanced repeating options- Automatic taskscreation onmissed calls- Nagging alarms- Organize your notes intofolders-Light and dark theme- Synchronize with Keepdevicesin synch using your Dropbox or FTP account- Backup &Restore toDropbox- Llama & Tasker integration- Samsung MultiWindow-Scrollable/Resizable widget (only for Android 3.x and4.x)GTD® andGetting Things Done® are registered trademarks of theDavid AllenCompany ( GTD is notaffiliated with orendorsed by the David Allen Company. WORK INPROGRESS !!!IT'S NOT AFULL IMPLEMENTATION !!!You can post anyfeedback in the forum orsend an email. The application is not readyyet and your publicnegative comments may harm DGT-GTD even beforeit is ready.The useof this software is done at your own discretionand risk and withagreement that you will be solely responsible forloss of data thatresults from such activities.You are solelyresponsible foradequate protection and backup of thedata.PERMISSIONS===========-Read contact data: in order to create"contact" tasks: email, call,sms- Storage: to backup & restoreyour data- Read phone state:to disable notification sound when youare in a call- Globalsearch: search tasks using the device searchbutton- Wake Lock: tolet notifications wake-up the screen (useroption)- Boot complete(aka "Run at startup") is used to schedulethe next reminder'salarmSupported languages:- English- Korean-Czech- PortugueseBrazil- Russian- German- Spanish- Danish- Italian-French-Hungarian- Polish- Swedish- ChineseSupported 3rdpartyapplications:- Llama, how-to: Toodledo(DGTGTD Toodledo required)- Pure Calendar and Pure Grid Calendar(DGTGTD Pure Widget required)- Agenda Widget for Android (DGT GTDPureWidget required)- Executive Assistant (DGT GTD PureWidgetrequired)KWNOWN ISSUES:- Shortcut creation might fail onMotoroladevices- Samsung devices with ICS and Jelly Bean are notable toresize the widget; don't blame me, it's a TouchWizissue: 3.x, 4.x device the widget can be RESIZED !!!- Commentlike"Forces close" is useless, please send the error reportand/orcontact the developer !!!
ToDo List Task Manager -Pro
ToDo Task Manager -Pro is a powerful to-do task management toolwitha simple and completely customizable user interface. It allowsyouto quickly and easily track and organize all of your to-dotasks.Create custom filters so you can easily organize and switchbetweento-do lists. Use the calendar month view for a quick way tosee allof your upcoming tasks. Some Features Include: ●Customizable to-dolist view. ● Customizable sorting and filtering.● Save and namecustom sort filter. ● Optional quick search. ●Calendar month view.● A view details screen that automaticallycreates links tolocations, websites, email addresses, and phonenumbers. ● Repeatingtasks. ● Repeating reminder alarms. ● Abilityto snooze the alarm. ●Customizable home screen widget. ● Exporttodo task list as TXT,XML, CSV or Outlook CSV files to the SDcard. ● Import XML and CSVfile. ● Automatically backup to-do tasksto the SD card on a fixedschedule. ● Send a to-do task to theGoogle calendar. ● Optionalmicrophone buttons for speech to textinput. ● Selectable themes. ●Online user manual. Visit the ToDoTask Manager website for moreinformation. Frequently AskedQuestions: Q: How can I automaticallydial a phone number entered ina task? A: Type in a phone number ineither the contact field or inthe note field to display that phonenumber as a link when viewingit on either the 'Task Detail View'screen or the 'AlarmNotification detail' screen. Clicking on thelink will automaticallydial that number. Q: How do I create acustom filter? A: To savecustom filters press the phones menubutton while you are on the'Sort and Filter Settings' window. Amenu will pop up. Select 'SaveFilter Settings As..'. Then type inthe new filter name and pressOK. Q: Can ToDo Task Manager syncwith Google? A: To add a task toyour calendar long press on a taskin the task list until a contextmenu pops up. Then select theoption 'Add to Google Calendar'. The' Sync Add-on-Beta' add-on will sync with the web On theToodledo website there are third party tools tosync will Google ( This shouldallow you to sync my application with Googleindirectly. Q: CanToDo Task Manager sync with Outlook? A: Myapplication does notdirectly sync with Outlook. It provides theoption to import andexport tasks to Outlook using a CSV file. The' SyncAdd-on -Beta' add-on will sync with the web Onthe Toodledo website there are third party tools tosync willOutlook ( ).Thisshould allow you to sync my application with Outlookindirectly. Q:How can I search for a specific task in the to-dolist? A: Thesearch feature is turned off by default. In theapplicationsettings select 'Searching, Sorting, and Filtering'.Then check the'Quick Search On/Off' setting. When quick search isturned on myapplication will filter the task list based on the texttyped inthe text field at the bottom of the task list screen. Q:How do Icreate a new category? A: To create a new category simpletype inthe new category in the category field on the task editscreen. Thebutton next to the category field displays all of theexistingcategories in all of the other tasks. Q: How can I enteradditionalinformation in a new task without having to click on thetask inthe task list? A: Click on the add task button withoutentering atask title in the text entry field to automatically openthe taskcreation screen. You can also set default values for mostof thefields.
To Do List, Tasks, Notes & Reminders - When.Do 4.0.1
When.Do is a simple and easy to use To Do List app. It isdesignedto boost your productivity, and make your life easier. Youcan workwith a single checklist of to-dos, or have a number oflists sortedinto different notebooks. Key Features - Efficient taskmanagement.- Navigate between lists and tasks by swiping left andright. - Getreminded on time. - Set up recurring tasks. - Homescreen widgetsshow you what to do, and when to do. - Flawless syncwith GoogleTasks. - Use multiple Google Tasks accounts. - Addmultiple tasksat once in batch mode. Complete Feature List - SortTasks - Choosefrom four different sorting options: due-date,urgent, alphabeticor user-defined order. - Sub-tasks - When usinguser-defined order,drag and drop to change order, and to createsub-tasks. -Expand/Collapse sub-tasks tree to avoid visual clutter.- Choose tohide/show completed tasks. - Choose to automaticallymove completedtasks to bottom of the list. - Tag tasks as urgent tomake themstand out. - Notebooks - Organize your lists intonotebooks. Swapnotebooks with the click of a button. - Move tasksacross lists,and lists across notebooks. - Color code lists foreasyidentification. - The 'All Tasks' List - See all your tasksfromall your lists in one place, either sorted by due-date or bylistname. - Quickly create tasks from the Quick Task toolbar. -SearchTasks - Perform an alphabetic search to instantly find thetasksyou are looking for, and edit them there and then. - Reminders-Set reminders to get reminded before, or at the due timewithnotifications. - Recurring Tasks - Set a repeat frequency, sothatthe task's due date and reminder is automatically updated whenitis marked as completed. - Set custom repeat frequencies suchasevery X weeks, months or days etc. - Set recurring tasks torepeatat intervals from date of completion. - Multiple Themes -Choosebetween a light and a dark theme. - List Widget - Choose anylistfrom any notebook, belonging to any account, to show on thewidget.- Mark tasks as complete, add new tasks, or navigate to ataskdirectly from the widget. - Icon Widget - Open a particularlist,or add a new task to a particular list from the home screen.-Interactive Notifications - Mark tasks as completed, or snoozetaskreminders from the notifications. - Add a Status bar inthenotifications area, to view your overdue and today's tasks.-Multiple Accounts - Use a local account or add multipleGoogleTasks Accounts. Switching between accounts is easy.*Limitations* -Features not supported by Google Tasks such asnotebooks, recurringtasks and reminder times are NOT synced acrossdevices. All otherdata is. - Move to SD card is not allowed becauseit can causeWidgets and Reminders to malfunction in certainsituations. - InAndroid 6 (Marshmallow) and above versions, batteryoptimizationson some devices can block Reminder notifications.Please addWhen.Do to the exception list of your batterymanager.*Permissions* - GET_ACCOUNTS: Required to see Google TasksAccountson your device for Google Tasks sync. PrivacyPolicy: -English - Russian (by Aliaksandr Malinouski) -Italian (byPierfrancesco Passerini) - Portuguese(BR) (by LucasStamper) -Spanish (by Juan Carlos San Román) - Bulgarian (by Boby)- Chinese(Traditional) (by Kai) For feature requests or bugreporting,please email [email protected] If you want tohelptranslate the app, please email [email protected] provided by icons8:
GQueues | Tasks & To-Do Lists 1.5.6
GQueues is a full-featured task manager for your Google Accountthathelps you stay organized, be more productive and reduce stressinyour life.A GQUEUES SUBSCRIPTION ( $25 / YEAR ) IS REQUIRED TOUSETHIS APP.★ ALL NEW USERS GET A 2-WEEK FREE TRIAL ★Whetheryou're newto GQueues or already have an account on the web you'llfind theGQueues app for Android is the perfect tool for managingyour tasksand todo lists on the go.BENEFITS:◆ Intuitive - lets yousave thehard thinking for your real work◆ Powerful - makes stayingorganizedeasy with GQueues doing all the work◆ Reliable - worksoffline,syncs to the web, so your data is always availableKEYFEATURES:★Google Calendar integration★ Reminders for tasks withdue dates★Assignments★ Comments★ Tagging★ Subtasks★ Repeatingtasks★ Voiceinput★ Search★ Attachments with Google Driveintegration★ Quick ViewWidgets★ DashClock Extension★ SSL encryptedsyncing of all data toyour GQueues account in the cloudLEARNMORE:
Tasks: Astrid To-Do List Clone 6.3.1
Alex Baker
Tasks is free and open source task management software based onthesame code as Astrid! The complete source code is availableat Visit to readthedocumentation, or contact [email protected] with any questionsorfeedback * Organize your tasks with tags * Location basedreminders* Includes Astrid's flexible task recurrence * Dynamiclists usingcustom filters * Google Task synchronization * Hidetasks until alater date * Add tasks to your calendars * Manuallysort your tasksand create subtasks * And more! Subscribe to unlockadditionalfeatures: * Synchronize with multiple Google Taskaccounts *Synchronize and share task lists with CalDAV (compatiblewith AppleReminders, OwnCloud, NextCloud, fruux, and more!) *Customize theapp by choosing a light, black, dark, wallpaper, orday/nighttheme, along with 20 theme colors and 17 accent colors *Apply 20colors to your tags, Google Task lists, and CalDAV lists *Taskerplugins * DashClock extension Tasks includescrowd-sourcedtranslations in over thirty languages, and fullsupport forright-to-left languages. Users can add additionallanguages ormodify existing languages by visiting is not affiliated with Yahoo orTodoroo
Accomplish: To-Do list reborn 1.2.1
Use Accomplish to schedule to-do’s and reminders.Accomplish isaTo-do list that takes task management one step further. Notonlydoes it help you remember the tasks that you need to do, withaconventional and simplistic to-do list, but it also letsyougraphically plan out your time, with a daily planner builtin.Using Accomplish, you can drag tasks straight from your to-dolistinto a calendar-like “day view”. You can graphically plan outwhenyou will get each of your tasks done. We believe that planningoutour time is key to getting more done. We also believethattime-management (or schedule) apps should not waste your time.Theyshould be fast and simple, so that you can spend your timeactuallydoing things.These two points capture the essence ofAccomplish:plan, fast. Accomplish is a to-do list and time planner.It’s atool for short-term time management. Accomplish isn’t builtto letyou schedule an event, share it with 4 friends who willcomment onit and accept it, and make that event repeat twice a yearonWednesdays in August. No. for that you can use yourcalendar.Accomplish is here for small things. For planning out yourtime,your personal life, day by day. It's simple, andit'sFAST.Accomplish is made up of two parts:1. The AccomplishTo-dolistThis is where you put all your tasks, so that you don’tforgetthem. The to-do list is placed in a panel that slides outfrom theright side of the app. 2. The Accomplish Day-viewThis iswhere youplan out your time, day by day. It’s like the day view ofacalendar, but much more intuitive. You can plan your time usingtheday-view in two ways – either by dragging tasks out of yourto-dolist and into the day view, or by creating tasks directly intheday view. Editing tasks in the day view is much easier than inmostcalendars – in Accomplish there are no “edit task” pages. Whatyousee is what you get. To change a task’s time or make it longerorshorter, there is no need to navigate complex menus. You cansimplydrag the task up and down in the day view, and stretch it tochangeits length. Fast.Here’s how we recommend that you useAccomplish:•Whenever you remember something that you need to do –add it to theto-do list or put it straight in the day view• Make ahabit ofplanning out days in advance. For instance, we useaccomplish everyevening to plan out the next day. We look at theday view to seehow much free time we have, and then look at theto-do list to seeour tasks. We then decide which tasks we can getdone tomorrow anddrag them from the list into the day view, settinghow much timeeach task will take and when we will start doingeachtask.Accomplish’s features:• The day-view syncs withGoogleCalendar• Fast, graphic, gesture-based controls• Manydifferenttask colors and app themes• Powerful custom popupreminders•*Experimental* recurring tasks• Clean modern designWehopeAccomplish will help you get more done!Feel free to contact usforwhatever reason you have (contact us through the app)Thanks,andenjoy!
m-ATPGeo 2.1.16
Android application for RBS ATP process.
Simple To-Do List 1.5.1
The app „Simple To-Do List“ offers you an easy opportunity towritedown your tasks and to-do's. Break up your to-do's into groupstoget a better overview over all your tasks. The app providesyouonly the most important functions for to-do's and renouncesonunnecessary things.What this Todo List offers you:-Appealingdesign and easy handling- Reminder- Repeat reminders-Create groupsand subgroups for better clarity- Dark Theme-Different colorsAndthe best is: This task list is free :-)
MyLifeOrganized: To-Do List
MyLifeOrganized (MLO) is the most flexible and powerfultaskmanagement software for getting your to-dos finally done. MLO 2forAndroid leads to a new level of productivity - you will be abletomanage not only tasks, but projects, habits and even lifegoals.Optional contexts, stars, dates, priorities,completelycustomizable filters and views make MLO flexible enoughto adapt toyour own system for managing your tasks. Add even morepower toyour task management and use MLO Cloud service* tosyncautomatically with the world-class Desktop versionofMyLifeOrganized**. You can sync your to-do lists withmultiplecomputers, share a single task list or collaborate withotherpeople. Join the users who sync more than 40 million oftheirto-dos via the secure and robust MyLifeOrganized CloudSyncService! Alternatively, sync directly over your own privateWi-Fior work completely offline. Most MLO features are FREEforever: •Unlimited hierarchy of tasks and subtasks: organize yourtasks intoprojects and break down large tasks until you havereasonably sizedactions • Next Actions: automatically display onlyyour nextactions. So you can see only those tasks that need to bedone hereand now. • Full GTD® (Getting Things Done®) support • MLOSmartTo-Do List Sorting using the priorities of the task and itsparents• Filter actions by context • Inbox for rapid task entry •Startasks • Zoom: concentrate on a specific branch of tasks •Reminders• Templates for different task management systems such asGTD®,FranklinCovey and Do-It-Tomorrow. They are includedinMyLifeOrganized for Desktop to help you quick start your owntaskmanagement system PRO features, FREE for the first 45 days:•Project tracking • Complete tasks from your list in aspecificorder • Dependencies: MLO can work with sequential andparallelprojects, holding tasks that can not start until othertasks arefinished. • Calendar view: analyze your daily workload •Nearbyview: get a list of actions for your current GPS location,withreminders as you arrive at the location • Password protection•Custom views with filtering, sorting and grouping, to matchthesystem that works for you • Recurring and regenerating tasks•Workspaces (tabs): switch quickly between projects or views•Review: flag tasks for regular review to add new subtasks orchangepriorities • Multiselect: perform an action on severalselectedtasks at the same time Upgrade to PRO to continue usingadvancedfeatures after trial period expires. MLO offers freesupport [email protected] and an active users forum onGoogleGroups. If you have any questions, our support team andmembers ofthe user group will be glad to help you! Follow us forupdates *MLO Cloud is alow-cost, fee-basedsubscription service allowing you to sync yourto-do listswirelessly between different MyLifeOrganizedplatforms.**MyLifeOrganized for Desktop to-do list app soldseparately.
To-do list + 2.34
ForAnyList is a versatile list manager that allows you to createandmaintain all kinds of lists, like to-do lists, check listsorshopping lists. It lets you manage your lists in an intuitiveway.For example, you can easily reorder the tasks of a to-do listin alogical sequence (e.g. most urgent at the top), change thetextcolor of a task to indicate status, or create sub-tasks(insub-lists or folders) to structure your task list. Optionallyyoucan mark a task as urgent or link a task to one or morepersonsand/or locations. You can then view your collection of tasksorother notes in four different ways: 1. All notes: A list ofallyour notes (tasks, products, wishes, etc.), typically dividedintosub-lists; 2. Today: A list of tasks or other notes that needshortterm attention; 3. People: A list of tasks associated with,orassigned to, specific persons, so a to-do list per person;4.Places: A list of tasks associated with specific locations, soato-do list per location. Another nice feature is the archive.Useit to show tasks or notes that have been completed/deleted inthelast 3 months. For example, the tasks you completed todayoryesterday, or all completed tasks for "Project X" in thepastmonth. Furthermore, you can restore (accidentally) deletednotesfrom the archive, or supplement a shopping list witharchivedproducts (you bought before), so without the need tore-enter theseproducts. Other features are: • Automatic detectionof websites,email addresses and phone numbers. • Add pictures orotherattachments. • Add values or calculations (quantity x price)toyour notes and show totals per list (also works in combinationwithshopping lists). • Search your collection of notes by keywordandbrowse through the search result. • Choose the date on which ataskshould appear in the list Today. • Receive a reminder at thechosenday and selected time. • Define recurring tasks that show up,say,every Wednesday or every 1st of the month. • View allscheduledtasks and change them if you want. • Copy a task to yourcalendar,including repeat information. • Create sub-lists inside alist. Thenumber of levels is unlimited (multi-level). • Easily movea note(or a list) from one list to another. • Drag a note into asub-list(with undo). • Swipe a note to the right to delete (withundo). •Delete multiple notes easily (useful for erasing a shoppinglist).• Sort a list by alphabet or by other attributes (such astextcolor). • Define your own color sequence for sorting. • Sort alistautomatically after adding a new note. • Copy a list(includingsub-lists). • Use the widget to show the list “Today” onyour homescreen. • Create shortcuts on your home screen to yourlists andsub-lists. • Print your to-do list or shopping list with abrowser.• Exchange lists with other ForAnyList users. • Importnotes fromordinary text files. • Make a backup of all your notesandpreferences and restore when needed. • Email your backup file,forexample to your new smartphone. • Lock your shopping list whenyouare in the grocery store. • Change the appearance ofForAnyList.Choose from seven predefined themes. • Help is available(but youprobably won't need it). • Use ForAnyList in portrait orlandscapemode. • Move the app to the SD card (if you don't need thewidget).• No internet permission to protect your privacy. Theonlypermission ForAnyList needs, is the right to accessexternalstorage, for example for storing photos and reading backupfiles.There is also a free trial version available in the GooglePlayStore. Search for “ForAnyList To-Do List". The free versionofForAnyList offers exactly the same functionality as thisregularversion, except that the maximum number of folders(read:sub-lists) is limited to 10. To-do list, check list, wishlist orshopping list. It makes no difference. This list manager isFOR ANYLIST.
LeaderTask: To-Do List & Tasks 14.2.1
LeaderTask is a user-friendly service for timemanagement.Createyour lists of tasks for every day, arrange them byprojects, dividetasks into subtasks, set reminders for importanttasks, attachdocuments to tasks, assign them to yourfriends/colleagues and alot more!Organizer LeaderTask is developedfor those who want toget all at once: tasks, subtasks, notes,assignments, projects,tags, attaching of files and search.What doesLeaderTask can offeryou but other can`t:➽ You can divide tasks intosubtasks in anynumber and nesting level. Subtasks can be alsodivided into smallertasks➽ Unique system “Antiforgetfulness”. Itallows you to rememberall the tasks you planned to performyesterday and days beforeyesterday, but you didn`t do this. Thesystem transfers overduetasks in the list of tasks for today➽ Youcan visually highlighttasks (by coloring them)Users of the programhas already createdmore than 20 000 000 tasks!Our keyadvantages:1. Offlinemode (you can work with tasks even without theInternetconnection)2. All time management systems are supported:GTD,Autofocus, Superfocus, Pomodoro Technique, Do It Tomorrow,StephenCovey System and so on.3. Data (tasks, notes, projects…) arekeptin encrypted form on our cloud serverOffline mode allows youtowork with tasks even without the Internet connection. Ifconnectionis lost you can continue working. When you go onlineagainLeaderTask sends all new changes in the cloud automatically.Forexample, tasks you assigned to your colleagues offline will besentto them immediately. LeaderTask helps you to achieve thefollowingresults:✰ You escape the total forgetfulness✰ You get yourtasksunder control✰ You have much more free time for your family,rest ,hobbies and so on✰ You can do more them before✰ You raiseyourefficiency and achieve goals fasterFree account allows:✓ Usethelatest versions of the program as long as you want(unlimitedtime)✓ Create any number of tasks, subtasks, notes, tagsand colorsfor tasks✓ Set reminders✓ Work offline✓ Update theprogram to thelatest versionsPremium account makes it possible touse much widerfeatures of the servicePremium account allows:✰ Allfeatures of thefree account✰ Keep the data in the cloud server(tasks, notes,files…)✰ Have the access to your data from any device(Windows,Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad). It allows you to have one andthe samelist of tasks on all your devices✰ Assign taskstofriends/colleagues (they have to have LeaderTask too)✰Discusstasks (every task has a built in chat where the performerand theowner of the task can discuss important things)✰ Give accesstopersonal projects (if your friends and colleagues haveLeaderTasktoo you can share access to your projects with them, thenthey cansee tasks, and discuss them in chats and also add newtasks)✰Create more than 25 projects✰ Search tasks✰ Attach files totasksand notes✰ Create repeated tasks✰ Create tasks out ofE-mailsThecompany LeaderTask is more than 11 years on the ITmarket. Duringthis time the number of users comes to100 000!LeaderTask – agoal achieving booster. Are you ready tomove heaven and earth?
OpenTasks 1.1.13
dmfs GmbH
An Open Source task app in Material Design.This app supportsbasictask management and provides user friendly userinterface.Tocomplete a task in the list view, just hold it for amoment andfling it from the left to the right.To edit a task flingit fromthe right to the left.NOTE: This task app doesn't supportrecurringtasks yet. You'll see recurring tasks, but you can notedit singleinstances. Any changes you make will apply to the entireseries!Please keep that in mind.It works in Android 2.x, butit'soptimized for Android 4.x. Support for Android 2.x will beimprovedin future releases.Open sourceThe app is open source.Please feelfree to join the developmentat: bugsTo report bugs, pleaseusethis bug tracker: to come:* moretranslations* support for recurring tasks*support for alarms*support for categories* sortings and filters*many morePlease don'trate missing features, but only features theapp already has. Theapp is still under development and lots offancy stuff is still tocome.PermissionsAt present the app doesn'tuse the "read contacts"permission. This permission has been addedin advance for futurereleases. It's planned to support addingattendees to tasks and toprovide auto-completion for the contacts.