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Sick of manually testing your WiFi speed. Perform manualorscheduled speed tests with Speedcheck ProMain Features:✓Performmanual or scheduled speed tests✓ Professional analysis toolsofyour connection speeds including graphs and statistics✓AutomaticBackground Speed Checks of new WiFi connections.✓ Optionto getnotifications of the speed of your current WiFi network.✓ RunSpeedChecks for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE connectionstoimprove your coverage.✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed andPingof WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.✓ Worldwidehighspeed data server network for reliable results.✓ Keep track ofyourinternet speed tests in your personal result history. Thisincludesdownload and upload speed, ping, signal strength, networkname,internal and external IP and the test date.✓ Compare yourdifferent3g, 4g, LTE cell speed tests. Study the reliability ofyourbroadband dsl, adsl, cable connections over time.✓ Simpletounderstand Speed Test illustrations.✓ Colored results formaximumclarity.✓ No unnecessary permissions.Please contact us forfeaturerequest or bug reports at with thesubjectSpeedAnalytics
Wifi Speed Test
Wifi Speed Test app is an Internet speed meter. It can testspeedfor your mobile cellular connections including WiFi hotspot,LTE,4G, 3G networks. Features of Wifi Speed Test🔧 One-click speedtestof download, upload and ping🔧 Save the past results of Wifispeedtest automatically🔧 Display IP address 🔧 History of all speedtestssaved to your device🔧 Easy sharing of speed test results🔧WifiSpeed Test is compatible with a wide array of AndroiddevicesStartyour free wifi speed test on Android today!
Meteor: Free Internet Speed & App Performance Test
Connection testing with Meteor’s speed test and download testissuper fun and easy! Does your wifi or internet connectionqualitysupport the upload speed you need to really maximize yourfavoriteapp’s performance? Just do a quick signal, network speedordownload test and check streaming video speed and upload speedtofind out!Meteor’s speed test and download test for appperformancechecks your wifi and internet connection quality:perform afacebook test or twitter speed test before you post ortweet. Speedtest network and connection testing with Meteor meansthat you canrest assured all your favorite apps are performing wellso youdon’t waste time on annoying delays and slowconnections.Speed TestNetwork: Top 3 Reasons to Download The MeteorSignal and ConnectionQuality TestWifi, download test and speed testnetwork (streamingvideo speed, upload speed, download speed andmore).Wifi connectionand internet quality test for app performance– twitter speed test,facebook test, instagram speed test and moresocial mediaconnection testing. Connection testing for signal andspeed – useapps best suited for your network speed and performance.Meteor’sinternet speed test methodology gives you expected speeds,not peakspeeds that rarely happen! Save and share your app choicesinMeteor’s history of test locations: perform a twitter speedtest,YouTube test for streaming video speed or instagram speed testandsave the connection quality score. Speed and performance scoresfor6 apps at a time selected from 16 popular apps means that youcanperform a YouTube test for internet streaming video speed, doaTwitter speed test, instagram speed test or facebook test tocheckthe connection quality for your social media apps.Networkspeed andperformance scores and numerical results are super easy touse:find them, along with more specific app activities, on theDetailpages. With the Meteor speed test network you can quickly doafacebook test or YouTube test. Meteor helps facilitatesmoothcommunication by testing the app performance of Gmail,Skype,WhatsApp and Twitter! Never get a dropped signal when you’reon theroad: perform a speed connection quality and speed test onGoogleMaps, Street View, Uber, Waze to ensure your navigation is uptoscratch.And, you can even test network, broadband and wifispeed& app performance in 9 different languages (English,Chinese,French, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian&Spanish)!Meteor’s signal and speed test network app makes yourlifeso much easier: Connection quality: Amazon, Chrome,Flipboard,Spotify Music and my other favorite apps?Upload speed:Perform aquick twitter speed test before you tweet or an instagramspeedtest before sharing images on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsapporTwitter.App performance: Can I Skype my friends or access GmailandDropbox?Streaming video speed: Perform a YouTube test and findoutif you can watch Netflix or Youtube without the hassle ofslowvideo speed.Download speed: Will my navigation apps GoogleMaps,Street View, Uber or Waze work well? Download the free Meteorappfor the easiest and best way to test network speed, dataconnectionquality and performance of all your favorite apps.
Speed test 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi & network coverage map
More than a simple speed test, nPerf brings you the best andthefullest mobile connection quality measurement tool for speeds upto1 Gb/s! Full QoS test & Network speed indicator : In only afewseconds, test your bitrate speed (download & uploadtesting),latency, browsing speed and video streaming quality onyour mobiledevice. Comparison function: Compare your results withthose ofother users and for each provider with a real timebarometer.Interactive map: Check network coverage and carrierperformance inyour area (EE, Three, O2, Vodafone). Ideal to measureyour internetcoverage! Network monitor: Stay informed on data speedin real timeon the top of your mobile screen (status bar). Reportsyour dataplan usage (in notifications). A sliding menu (hamburgericon ontop left corner) allows you to test network speedindicatorsseparately, such as : - Network speed test (latency,upload &download bit rate) - Browsing test - website loadingspeed -Streaming test All your results are saved in a history withalltest locations on a map. Easily share your results onsocialnetworks with nPerf sharing pictures which present a usefulsummaryof your test. Customize your application by switchingthebackground theme using the Settings.nPerf relies on tophomemadetechnology and a wordwide high speed server network whichcandeliver the bitrate you need for connection speed tests.WithnPerf, you do not blow up your data plan: with manyoptimizations,testing consumes up to 2 times less data thancompeting speedtests. In addition, a data indicator will notify youif the monthlythreshold you can set in the menu Settings isexceeded. Tosummarize, with nPerf you have : - A reliable networkspeedindicator for Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G & LTE Band Test - Anaccuratetest for your internet reception with: latency, upload&download- The best network speed test to measure yourinternetcoverage & your internet reception. Test your wifieasily ! -The best WiFi, 2G, 3G & 4G LTE speed test to measureyour bitrate. Who has never asked themselves about the quality oftheirwifi signal or the speed of their wifi network? nPerfprovidesthese answers with its connection speed test. Allconnection typescan be tested over 1 Gb/s speeds! 2G, 3G, 4G,Wimax, WiFi &Ethernet speed test. All WiFi technologies aresupported. WiFi802.11 a/b/g/ac dual-band, tri-band &quadri-band All LTEtechnologies are supported. LTE, LTE Advanceddual-band, tri-band& more 3G / 4G coverage & speeds maps :USA : AT&T,Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless.Canada : Bell,MTS, RogerWireless, Videotron, SaskTel, Telus, WIND.Malaysia :CellCom, DiGi,Maxis, U Mobile.Singapore : MobilOne, SingTel,Starhub.and manymore countries all over the world !With ourconnection speed test,Test your internet reception (bit rate),diagnose connectivityissues and keep your Internet service providerand carriers honest!Measure your speed wifi network easily !PERMISSIONS DETAILS Accessto Photos/Media/Files is mandatory forGoogle Maps cache and forshare picture storage. There is no accessto other files. Device ID& call information is used to generatea UUID for each device.No private data is used. IMEI is used forUUID generation but nevertransmitted or stored in any way.WE NEEDYOUWe are looking forspeed test servers:If you represent a hosteror ISP company andwant to support nPerf project by providing aspeed test server,please contact us. We are looking fortranslators: Your nativelanguage is not supported yet? You want tocontribute to the nPerfproject? Contact us if you want to translatenPerf in yourlanguage. You'll get a lifetime premium subscriptionon allplatforms.
Speed Check Light
Speed ​​Check Light is a lightweight Internet testing tool.Thisapplication helps you to measure the downlink speed(download),uplink speed (upload) and delays in the transmission ofpackets(latency/ping). The program is equipped with a simpleuserinterface and a multitude of configuration options. One ofthemajor advantages of Speed Check Light tool is automaticadjustmentof the testing algorithms to the type of your connection(WiFi or2G/3G mobile networks). This ensures a high accuracy oftheresults.Additional features of Speed ​​Check Lightapplication:•the ability to select the default server,• history ofresults withdetailed information about the tests,• IP addressdisplay,• abilityto filter and sort your results according tovarious criteria,• twostandard units (Mbps and kbps),• the abilityto manually adjust thenumber of threads and the duration of thedownload/upload/pingtest,• system clipboard and social networkshandling (easy topublish the results on Facebook, Twitter orGoogle+),• low demandon system resources.
Simple Speedcheck
Simple Speedcheck makes it easy to test your internet speed.It’seasy, fast and accurate and the test results are presented inauser-friendly way with icons explaining what the internet speedcanbe used for.Main Features:✓ Simple to understandtestillustrations.✓ Colored results for maximum clarity.✓Nounnecessary permissions.✓ Run tests of cellular networks on 3g,4g,LTE connections to improve your coverage.✓ Test the ping,downloadand upload speed of WiFi hotspots on dsl, adsl, cableconnections.✓Worldwide high speed data server network for reliableresults.✓Keep track of your tests in your personal result history.Thisincludes download and upload speed, ping, signal strength,networkname, internal and external IP and the test date.✓ Compareyourdifferent 3g, 4g, LTE cell tests. Study the reliability ofyourbroadband dsl, adsl, cable connections over time.
Internet Speed Test
Internet Speed Meter is an Internet Speed and usage monitor foryourAndroid phone. Internet Speed Test can test speed for WiFi,GPRS, 2G, 3G , 4G.Features of Internet Speed Test🕒 Discover yourDownload,Upload and Ping 🕒 Test download speed (downlink).🕒 Testupload speed(uplink).🕒 Select the default server🕒 History ofresults speed test🕒IP address display🕒 Share result on socialnetworks🕒 low demand onsystem resources🕒 Simple to understandSpeed TestIf you have anyquestions or suggestions on how we couldmake this Internet SpeedTest app better, feel free to contact usvia email. Thank fordownload speed test app!
Net Master - Speed Test
What do you expect from a great Network Master app?​NetworkBoost,Speed Test, Security Check, Signal Enhance, Data Monitor,​FreeWiFi, Wi-Fi Spy Detect​. —— Net Master(Speed Test) has all youwant!!!It is exactly the best Network Master app you are lookingfor.★Boost ​Your phone is slower?Network Boost​ can improveyourphone speed by ​stopping background apps that using networkormemory, give all the broadband and CPU to the app you areusing.★Speed Test ​Net Master(Speed Test) can test your downloadspeed,upload speed and PING time, very accurate andprofessional.Real-time speed is also shown in dashboard​.★ Wi-FiSpy Detect​Check how many devices are sharing the bandwidth andwhat their MACaddress are to protect your Wi-Fi. ★ SecurityCheck ExceptBoost and Speed Test, ​Net Master(Speed Test) also hasan SecurityCheck feature.Check your network's security​, Net Masterprotectyour phone from insecure public Wi-Fi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing.​★ SignalEnhanceSignal too weak?Why not try Signal Strength Enhance, Makeyoursignal strong immediately!Net Master can enhancing the signal,giveyou the best network experience.​★ Data Monitor ​Monitor mobileandWi-Fi data usage listed by day and month.Data Monitor alsosendnotification to you when your mobile data is about to runout.★Free Wi-Fi​ Lots of Free Wi-Fi hot spot shared by users aroundtheworld. Easy to find the nearby FREE Wi-Fi foryou.★Multi-Language​ Available in English, Indonesia, Portuguese​andSpanish.​ This Network Master app can be used for allpeople.★Feedback​ You are welcome to contact Net Master developerby✓ Here is your best network masterandnetwork manager, don’t hesitate to download it!​
Speedcheck is the only speed test that lets you test yourinternetconnection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep trackof yourspeed tests and contribute your results to a crowdsourcedmap ofWi-Fi Hotspots that shows the speed of each hotspot. You canusethe included Wi-Fi Finder to find Free and Fast Wi-Fi - inHotels,Cafes, Restaurants - anywhere in the world.Main Features:✓RunSpeed Tests for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE connectionstoimprove your coverage✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed andPingof WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.✓ Helpmakefinding free WiFi Hotspots with fast network connectionspossibleby contributing your test results to the crowdsourced Wi-FiFinderdatabase✓ Worldwide high speed data server network forreliableresults✓ Keep track of your internet speed tests in yourpersonalresult history. The includes download and upload speed,ping,signal strength, network name, internal and external IP andthetest date.✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speedtests.Study the reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl,cableconnections over time.✓ Use the Wi-Fi Finder to access acoveragemap that let’s you easily locate free, fast WiFi Hotspotsaroundyou in Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants and other publiclocationslike stores, bars and libraries
4G Speed Test & Meter
Speed Test for Mobile helps to measure and verify the downloadspeedand upload speed in a short span of time.Meter to checkInternetSpeedDiscover the blazing speed of internet connectionconnectionwith the new android app.Other Features* Measures allnetwork speedaccurately on GPRS, 3G, 4G and wifi connections.*Share the speedresults with your friends.* Troubleshoot or verifythe speed youwere promised.
FIREPROBE Speed Test is very accurate tool for analysis oftheInternet connection. It offers a scheduler for automatictestplanning, WiFi refresh for quick connection quality improvementandfast cache cleaner for increasing device efficiency. As averylight application, it saves your device resources.UsingFIREPROBESpeed Test you can perform the following tests for WiFiand mobileconnections 2G, 3G, 4G LTE:• ping test – network delaystestbetween device and Internet,• jitter test – variation ofthenetwork delays,• download test – how fast you can get datafromInternet,• upload test – how fast you can send data toInternet.Theadvanced quality summary is shown after every test. Youcan see howgood will work the basic Internet services you are usingeveryday:• websites browsing,• streaming of low and high qualityvideose.g. YouTube,• voice calls e.g. Skype, WhatsApp,•onlinegames.FIREPROBE Speed Test gives you also:• automatic ormanualreference server selection,• speed unit selection: Mb/s(megabitsper second) or kb/s (kilobits per second),• creating testresultshistory with filter options,• exporting test results in CSVfile,•tracking test result location on the interactive map.UsingPROFEATURES you can:• scan application cache for unnecessaryfileswhich may slow down your device – removing them may increasedeviceefficiency and speed,• refresh WiFi connection to increaseoverallquality,• schedule the automatic connection speed tests inthebackground using options: time interval, maximum testcount,maximum data transferred amount and connection type (WiFi,2G, 3G,4G LTE).
Speedtest by Ookla
Use Speedtest® by Ookla® for an easy,one-tapconnection internet speed and performance test —— accurateanywherethanks to our massive global server network.Millions of people have made Speedtest the #1 tool fortestinginternet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionalsthroughoutthe industry:- Discover your download, upload and ping- Real-time graphs show connection consistency- Mobile carrier coverage maps- Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised- Track past tests with detailed reporting- Easily share your results
Internet Speed Test - Broadband Speed Test
🔥Internet Speed Test - Broadband Speed Test : Free WiFi networktooland Broadband speed checker to Test My Internet Speed andDiscoverFast Internet Network Speed and WiFi Signal. 🔥Do you knowhow fastis my internet?Do you want to learn how to check internetspeed?Doyou know what is my internet speed?Do you want best toolto Check MyInternet Speed? SpeedTest(WiFi Speed Test) is powerfulBroadbandspeed checker to Test Internet Speed and Check MyInternet Speed andadsl speed test. Internet Speed Test - BroadbandSpeed Test is anbroadband speed checker and wifi speed test.SpeedTest and wifispeed test can test speed for your mobilecellular connectionsincluding WiFi hotspot, LTE, 4G, 3Gnetworks.Internet Speed Test -Test Internet Speed is good wifispeed test and network speed testtools, you can do speed check andbandwidth check.With just one tap,Internet Speed Test - BroadbandSpeed Test will test internet speedthrough thousands of serversworldwide and show accurate broadbandspeed test results within 10seconds.Internet Speed Test - BroadbandSpeed Test is the onlyspeed test that lets you test your internetconnection on bothWi-Fi and cellular networks.Internet Speed Test -Test InternetSpeed makes it easy to test your internet speed. It’seasy, fastand accurate and the test results are presented in auser-friendlyway with icons explaining what the internet speed canbe usedfor.Internet Speed Test - Broadband Speed Test: Top 3Reasons toDownload.✩ Download test and speed test network(streaming videospeed, upload speed, download speed and more).✩Wifi connection andinternet quality test for app performance.✩Connection testing forsignal and speed – use apps best suited foryour network speed andperformance. ✩✩Rate Us 5 Stars if you foundthis app useful, andthe following you can do✩✩Test speed ofDownload, Upload andPing.Check internet speed.Speed test online andbroadband speedtest.Real-time graphs show broadband connectionconsistency.Savethe past results of Internet speed testautomatically.How to checkinternet speedInternet speed testHow tosee my internet speedWifispeed testTest wifi speedHow to detectinternet speedWhat is myInternet speedHow to test inernet speedTestinternet speedHow totest my Internet speedHow to test networkspeednetwork speed testTest network speedSpeedTestCheck wifispeedDetect internetspeedDetect network speedCheck networkspeedTest My SpeedTestinternet speedTest network speedTest myinternet speedDownload thefree Broadband Speed Test app for theeasiest and best way to testnetwork speed, data connection qualityand performance of all yourfavorite apps.
Internet Speed Meter Lite 1.2.16
Internet Speed Meter Lite displays your internet speed in statusbarand shows the amount of data used in notification pane. Thishelpsyou to monitor network connection anytime while usingyourdevice.The app is completely Ad-Free.Lite Features- Real timespeedupdate in status bar and notification.- Daily traffic usageinnotification.- Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFinetwork.-Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.-BatteryefficientPro FeaturesNotification DialogA notificationdialogappears when you tap the notification having - Graph tomonitorlast minute internet activity - Time and usage of currentsession -Today's app usage for mobile and wifi - Realtime speed ofrunningapplicationsSmarter notificationsNotification appears onlywhen youare connected to internet. You can change priority ofnotification.You can also hide the notification when connection isidle forspecified amount of time.Themes supportYou can manuallyselect thecolor of user interface.Blue status bar iconOption tochoosebetween blue or white status bar icon. (only for KitKat andbelowversions of Android)Upload and Download SpeedOption to showuploadand download speed in separate notifications.Warning: Do notmovethis app to SD card. It will stop (Force close) when you removethecard.
Speed Indicator Free
If you find a bug please send a feedback to be better with your help!Speed Indicator is a simpleandbeautiful app to display your internet speed on status bar andviewyour data usage for the past days, months and years.Somedeviceswill kill background processes to save memory and battery.Pleaseadd it to the whitelist.Features:★ Show internet speed (upanddown) on status bar.★ Show internet speed (up and down) onfloatingwindow.★ Show current apps using internet.★ Beautiful UI.★Verylittle battery consume.★ View data usage for the past days,monthsand year.★ More feature developing.If you like this appplease ratea 5-star. If you have any question or feature requestingpleaseemail to for help.
Internet speedmeter check wifi
You want to know how Test Speed Control in Kbps and Mbps soanalyzerwifi speed is a free network command tool, the mainactivity is totest and check speed your network status as (PING,DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD)and then speed up WiFi signal strength. internetspeed test meterapp is an internet speed test app. It can checkSpeed for yourmobile cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE ... it's forseveralobjectives like showing notification download speed test,and, datameter .test internet connection speed. It can test thespeed of bothinternet & WiFi.internet download speed test Isfor showing yourhome internet speed test (Data network as Testspeed of Download,Upload and Ping.. ) Speed Mobile Internet andWiFi And Use Of TheCurrent Day As Well As Internet Speed Alerts InThe Notification Bar(Notification). It helps to gauge the speed ofdownloads, ping, anduploads with precision (kb/s) and secures thenetwork security ofWiFi hotspots.test your connection by speedchecker is the onlyspeed test that lets you know data meter,internet connection onboth Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep trackof your speed tests anddata speed results every time by yourmobile also shows the speed ofeach hotspot. You can use theincluded Wi-Fi Finder to find Free andFast Wi-Fi - in Hotels,Cafes, Restaurants - anywhere in theworld.Internet-Speed-Check isthe only speed test that lets you testyour high speed internettest and real internet speed test.Thislatest WiFi Booster andSpeed Test application are completely free.Main Features:0-Display IP address with Simple to Speed Test Dialin Kbps andMbps1-Ping, Download and Upload Result in the samescreen2- WifiSpeed Test is compatible with a wide array of Androiddevices3-Worldwide high speed data server network for reliableresults4-Test the Download and Upload Speed and Ping of WiFiHotspots onDSL, ADSL, cable connections.5- Worldwide high speeddata servernetwork for reliable results6- Run Speed Tests on WiFiand for yourcellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE connections to improveyourcoverage7- Easily share your results meter 8- Save the pastresultsof Wifi speed test automatically9- Help make finding freeWiFiHotspots with fast network connections possible bycontributingyour test results to the crowdsourced Wi-Fi Finderdatabase10- Savethe past results of Wifi speed testautomatically11- Save the pastresults of Internet speed testautomatically.12- Test speed ofDownload, Upload and Ping.13- Boostyour phone and improve theefficiency of high speed net.14- Historymeter of all speed testssaved to your device15- Save the pastresults of Internet speedtest automatically.16- Real-time diagramsshow broadband connectionconsistency. 17- One-click speed test ofdownload, upload andpingnotes :Multiple tests will give youdifferent results, even ifyou take the same test double or twice.This is because testservers are located in separate fields and thenumber of peopleonline also check that you use VPN connected thatalso can pretendyour speed. It is best to take a good sample oftests to see whatyour average is.that you can identify your speedeasily on the topof screen Android device, Real-time Speed OfRunningApplications.Internet Speed-Meter is compatible with2G,3G,4G, andwifi.use your smartphone sensor to check the speed ofyour data orWi-Fi connection, and describe all of the results. It’salsopossible to get accurate speed test results over Wi-Fi (usingasmartphone), but wireless interference will sometimes skewtheresults!
Internet Speed Meter Pro - Speed Test
Internet Speed Meter displays live internet speed and data usageperapp.Internet Speed Meter LiteDisplays your internet speed instatusbar(Download/upload) and shows the amount of data usedinnotification pane. This helps you to Monitor NetworkConnectionanytime while using your device.Internet speed boosterandoptimizer is best solution if your wifi or mobile network isslowto see internet current speed and be hopeful that soon Yourdevicewill finally load web site. Internet Speed Meter, speed test&monitor internet. Internet Speed Meter /Data UsageMonitor(speedtest & monitor internet) is check your wifi, 3G,4G, and Mobiledata used by per app.Internet Speed Meter 2018displays Liveinternet Speed, Wifi Speed and Data Usage Per app. Setbillingcycle with Specific Date and Limit For Metered as well asSpeedTest Meter.Data can be Drained and Speed Can be Sacrificed ifyoudon’t follow or measure your broadband speed. With NetworkSpeedtest, yet highly functional app you can make use of thebroadbandSpeed Checker and always see the speed on thenotificationpanel!Internet Speed 2018, One tap speed test makes itpossible toget Internet Speed Test result within 20 seconds. So,you could getthe result of WiFi speed test as soon as you want.Speedcheck Prois a fast internet speed meter. You can test speed injust onetap.Key Features- Real time speed update in status barandnotification.- Internet Speed Meter or Data Monitor orBandwidthMonitor or Speed Test Live Download and Upload Speed-Internetspeed indicator Measures all network speed accurately onGPRS, 3G,4G and wifi connections. Internet speed optimizer.- CheckDailytraffic usage in notification section bar internetspeedometer.-Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.-Monitors yourtraffic data for the last 30 days.- Battery efficient-Internetspeed indicator Measures all network speed accurately onGPRS, 3G,4G and wifi connections. Internet speed optimizer.-SimpleSpeedcheck is made for easy, fast and accurate internetspeedtesting. Internet speed reader show your internet speed ininternetspeed test.- Test internet speed kb, kbps internet speedlite,internet speed notification barInternet speed 4g fast networkischecked download and upload speed, ping, signal strength,networkname, internal and external IP and the test date.- Workswith alltypes of network (3G,4G & LTE, WiFi)- Simple, intuitivedesignand easy to use UI.- Internet Speed Meter is a Data ManagerwhoMonitor, Manage and count data usage.- 24x7 OfficialSupport.-Absolutely Free.SpeedTest-Internet Speed Meter,Notificationappears only when you are connected to internet. Youcan changepriority of notification. 4g Fast Speed Browser Test isfastest,smart and battery efficient way to check internet(Data)usage.Innotifications application displays current "InternetSpeed",available mobile data (by default monthly data plan is1024MB),today's mobile data usage and today's wifi data usage. InInternetSpeed Test application there are displayed available mobiledataand daily recommended data usage. SpeedTest - InternetSpeedMeter.Keywords :- Internet speed meter, Internet Speed Test,SpeedTest, Free Internet Speed, 4g Fast Speed Browser Test, HighSpeedInternet.
Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter
Network Speed a small, fast and free network tool. You canmonitoryour network speed in real time and show accurate infoinstantly inthe background.Ever wonder why your webpage is loadingslowly orlooking for internet speed meter for monitoring? Now youcan checkyour network speed with ongoing notification or floatingwidget forreal time statistics at a glance.Network Speed -Highlights 💯💯★Real-time speed update★ App usage statistics★ Networkconnectionsmonitor (netstat)★ App usage statistics★ Lots ofcustomizationoptions★ Battery & RAM efficientFeatures:★Detailed daily datausage statistics★ Download & upload speedgraph★ Daily trafficusage in notification★ Monitors your trafficdata for the last 30days★ Show ping result on floating widget★Accurate data usagemonitoring★ Data usage alert★ Compatible withall types of network(3G ,4G & LTE, WiFi, VPN)and more! Downloadnow and experienceit yourselfAbility to display at:- Notificationbar- Floatingwidget- Quick settings- Crashing or having problem?Email us to getitresolvedGuide:
WiFi Master–Speed Test&Booster
WiFi Master is a signal booster and WiFi speed test app thatcanmake your network speed faster, secure and more stable. Youcanconduct speed test to boost WiFi signal, detect WiFi securitytoavoid phishing hotspots, use WiFi monitor to check who’sstealingyour WiFi and search for more high-quality free WiFi tosave datausage. Is your signal strength getting weak while playinggames?Want to conduct speed test to get better WiFi strength? Checkthissignal booster app to fix slow network speed problems. WiFiSignalBoosterWiFi Signal Booster can maximize your network speedand WiFisignal strength to help you to get a more stable and fasterWiFiconnection. WiFi Speed Test WiFi Speed Test provides you withareal-time network speed test and helps you to diagnoseconnectivityissues to troubleshoot slow WiFi signal. WiFiSecurityDetectionWiFi Security Detection automatically preventspotentialWiFi threats like APR attacks and DNS hijack for you allthe time.WiFi MonitorWiFi monitor supports you to check who isstealing yourWiFi and block unknown devices timely to protect yourhotspots fromall kinds of attacks. Personal HotspotPersonal Hotspotlets youcustomize and share 3G/4G portable hotspots to your friendsortheir laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. BoostMobileBoostMobile stops your background running apps & freeRAM, boostphone speed to make you enjoy a faster phone and networkspeed.Contact usWe value your feedback very much, if you haveanyquestions or any new needs for this network speed test andboosterapp, please email us at
Internet Speed Monitor
The Internet Speed Monitor is an application specialized fortheinternet speed display.You can always display on the screen,youcan know the internet speed in real time.Release popularfeaturesof Data Usage Monitor as applicationFlexible settingbecamepossible and advanced function.Free version features-Monitorinternet speed.- Added various setting items.PRO versionfeatures-Judgment function of applications currently incommunication.- Hideads.
Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter displays live internet speed and data usageperapp, check hot spot usage, background and foreground usage,Setbilling cycle with specific date and limit for metered as wellasunmetered network.Key Features: • Displays live internet speed(netSpeed 4G)in status bar.• Shows Data usage per app. Easilyidentifymost data-hungry apps in your device.• Separate statisticsforMobile network (SIM1 and SIM2) and WiFi network.• Monitorstrafficdata for the last 30 days, Daily, Weekly, Monthly &Yearly.•Set Billing cycle for metered and unmetered networkseparately. •Alerts before you hit your data limit — never besurprised byoverage charges again!• Displays all statistics in BarGraphs &Pie Charts.• Only app on play store, having Hotspotusage • CheckBackground and foreground usage for each app.• Simple,intuitivedesign and easy to use UI.• Daily Mobile and WiFi usagesummarynotification.• Reminder notification on completion of 100%batterycharging.• Internet Speed Meter is a Data Manager whoMonitor,Manage and count data usage.• It shows NetworkSpeed(WiFi,5g,3G,4G) in Status-bar. • Data Counter, Mobile DataSaving,Internet Speed, App Usage, Internet Usage, Data usage, DataUsageMonitor,Internet data Manager,Data Management, Data Plan,HotspotUsage, Data Setting, Datausage and Internet Speed, DataCounter,Speed meter, speed counter• Useful settings for allfeatures.• 24x7Official Support.• Absolutely Free!
Speed Test - WiFi / Cellular speed test
Speed Test is an App belongs to CM Security. It helps scan yourWiFienvironments, check the security and speed of the connection,andthen optimize the speeds as much as possible. Here are thekeyfeatures :■ Simple 1-tap test to check your Wi-Fi security■Warnagainst malicious Wi-Fi hotspots■ Real-time network speedtest■Boost and optimize speeds■ Free Wi-Fi connection in the top100airportsCM Security ranked #1 by the AV-TEST again! AV-TEST,aleading independent organization in Germany, conductregularappraisals of all antivirus products on the market and handitawards for excellence. Their award is regarded as like an Oscarinthe field of IT security and antivirus research. AV-TESTevaluatesantivirus software based on how well they can detectviruses, howuser-friendly they are, and awards high-qualityproducts theircommendations.
Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,LTE,Wifi
Internet Speed Test 3G,4G,LTE,Wifi is an application help youtestyour network speed include download and upload. Beside ofmainfeature - network speed test which helps you to measureInternetconnection speed on Android test speed for WiFi ,GPRS, 2G ,3G ,4G, LTE...Main feature:✓ Tests download speed (downlink)✓Testsupload speed (uplink)✓ Real-time upload and download speed✓IPaddress display✓ Share result with your friends viasocialnetworks.If you have any questions or suggestions on how wecouldmake this Internet Speed Test Meter for 3G,4G,LTE,Wifi appbetter,feel free to contact us via email download speed test app!
Internet Booster & Optimizer 1.9
INTERNET BOOSTERThis app is intended to enhance yourinternetbrowsing experience. Your internet speed is determined byyourInternet Service Provider and we cannot change that, but therearemany other factors that may affect how your device takesadvantageof this speed.This is where this app starts boosting. Weautomatizea series of commands and optimizations that will put yourbrowserin the top of priority on your Android System making sureyou getthe most out of your ISP Internet speed and device resourcesfor asmooth browsing experience.This is no magic, these commandsareactions you can perform manually one by one without the help ofanyapp, but due to the time it'd take and other reasons it couldbeconsidered impractical, and this is the reason thisappexists!OPTIMIZATIONS TO ACCELERATEWhether your device is rootedornot, or if you have a WiFi or Mobile Data connection (2g, 3g,4gLTE), we perform a series of automatized tasks in ordertoaccelerate internet speed and browser's performance.Pausingsecondary processes, cleaning RAM memory, cleaning cachememory andflushing DNS are some of these tasks.TCP/IPOPTIMIZATIONWe runcommands intended to optimize the way your deviceconnects withothers through the internet. In most cases thisimproves ping andboosts overall speed resulting in a snappierinternet browsing. MTUsize, TTLL hops, buffer size and more, aresome of the settingsoptimized. These are available only for rootusers.DISCLAIMER* Ifyou are connected to a router, it might limityour MTUindependently of your device settings.* We cannot guaranteeall thedesired results for all android devices. Androidversions,frameworks and their settings are too many, but weencourage you tocontact us if you find a bug or problem or send areport in case ofcrashes and forced stops.* (to root users) Thisapp attempts aseries of commands that could fail to apply ifsuperuser permissionisn't grantedTECHNICAL TERMSMTU-
Internet Speed Meter
Internet Speed Meter or Data Monitor or Bandwidth Monitor orSpeedTest Live Download and Upload Speed Daily and MonthlyBasisInternet Usage Record.Real Time Speed in status barandnotification barReal Time Graphical representation ofDownloadUploadMultiple themesCustom home pageSimilar to DUmeterMonitorsdata for the last 30 daysSeparate stats for Mobile andWifiBatteryefficient
⚡ Free Internet Speed for Chromecast - SpeedCast ⚡
SpeedCast is the easiest way to measure the quality andInternetspeed for your Chromecast device. Follow the app steps tofind yourdevice and launch the test in yourscreen.InternetConnection Speed Recommendations:Below are theinternet downloadspeed recommendations per stream for playing TVshows and moviesthrough Netflix.• 0.5 Megabits per second -Required broadbandconnection speed• 1.5 Megabits per second -Recommended broadbandconnection speed• 3.0 Megabits per second -Recommended for SDquality• 5.0 Megabits per second - Recommendedfor HD quality• 25Megabits per second - Recommended for Ultra HDqualityDownloadspeed is most relevant for people who are consumingcontent on theinternet, and we want to be a very simpleand fast speedtest.To calculate the download speed, Fast.comperforms a series ofdownloads from Netflix servers.100% compliancequality app:✓ Simpleto understand test illustrations.✓ Nounnecessary permissions.✓ Runin all Chromecast versions.✓ Don'tsave any kind of user data.✓Totally free. No fee surprises.Pleaserate our app in the GooglePlay store.Your app experience isimportant to us. If you encounterany problems or issues, for adirect response.This IndependentApp doesn't have anything to dowith Netflix or All showedlogos are property ofNetflix.Thanks for testing.
Version 1.3- Speed test is now available- It will test yourinternetconnection speed and provide you with your internetspeedVersion1.2Bug fixes:- Keyboard is now hidden bydefault.Features:- Usersnow have a favorites list which consistsof last 10 addresses theyused.============This app is a simpleping for android. We tried tokeep it as simple as possible. Thistool can be used to determine ifyour device is connected to theinternet.Ping is a network utilityused to test reachability of anIP address or a host. It can measurethe packet trip time which iscalled latency. Ping uses ICMP forrequest packets and waits for anICMP response. Ping is useful tocheck a server'savailability.Keywords: ping, network, utility,icmp, lan, wan,internet
4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test. Find Signal & Data Now.
OpenSignal app is a powerful and freenetworksignal & wifi tool.Run a speed test to check connection quality to your ISP orcellnetwork, monitor data usage, compare coverage, viewconnectionhistory e.g. how much 4G you get. OpenSignal does itall.With free wifi maps & cell tower maps, you can see where togoto improve your wireless experience. Use coverage maps tocomparenetworks & data speed in your area.Download now to find high speed data and strong signal forcellcalls.Features✓ Cell tower direction - follow our signal compass tostrongersignal✓ Download, upload and latency tests - for 2G, 3G, LTEandwifi✓ Database of your speed test results so you can view test history-stored in app, so see results offline✓ Compare coverage and connection quality on a map✓ History of your mobile connection - see stats on yourconnectionto 4G and 3G and your data usage✓ Find fast wifi with our interactive wifi map✓ Free and no adsEasy, Fast Speed Test• Test download speed, upload speed and ping performance on yourISPor mobile network• High speed test - runs fast using a network of CDNs toshowrealistic measurements• Units in mbps and ms• History of results saved to a database - speed test history onamap• Speedometer style interface• Save to sd card as a CSV• Works for mobile and cable broadband (ADSL)Signal dashboard• Shows direction of your connected cell tower - walking towardsit,or out of the way of obstructions, can improvecellularconnection• Ping test for quick speed check• Signal strength in dB• Become a network master: get notifications when you have nodataor can't make phone callsCell and Wifi Maps• Where we have data, see the cell towers on *your* network-including, Verizon wireless, T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T,USCellular + more• Wifi hotspots map and list - find free wifi nearby• Unique network tools: signal compass, signal strength indBm• Uses Google Maps• By using the app you help crowdsource data - automaticallyaddingnetworks and wifisView history and stats• View data usage on wifi and cellular• How long have you had access to 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G, or spentinsignal notspots? See your stats for network availability• Save to SD Card as a CSV - see your history of LTE,3Gmeasurements and moreCompare networks with our coverage map• Interactive maps covering mobile networks worldwide• Compare performance on Verizon wireless, T Mobile,Sprint,AT&T, US Cellular and many more• Coverage checker for if you're moving home or going abroad, seeifyou can make calls or get fast data• View average speeds for download, upload and latency andnetworkstrength• 100% independent, our data is based on real measurements fromappusersCrowdsourcingSince launching in 2010, OpenSignal has built the largestglobaldatabase on mobile performance.With hundreds of billions of readings of mobile networksignalstrength and speed tests, OpenSignal shows the performancewhereyou live. Download the app to automatically contribute dataonspeed and 2G, 3G and LTE signal, or you can choose to turn offdatacollection settings.Want to check app performance - know if you can get fast videoonYoutube, or if WhatsApp will send messages - check our sisterappMeteor which is powered by OpenSignal technology.PermissionsLOCATION so we can show you nearby wifi and antennasPHONE SETTINGS allows network reset on some Android OSsSMS required to count the number of SMS sent to track yourusage,SMS are never read (use a packet sniffer to check!)Advanced NotesOn CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint you will seefewertowers than on GSM networks such as T Mobile andAT&T.Supported languages:English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Brazil&Portugal), Indonesian, ThaiHelp test and develop features! Join the OpenSignalbeta to help us improve theapp.We're developing other advanced network tools - we'd love tohearfrom you
V-SPEED Speed Test
V-SPEED Speed Test is a powerful, advanced tool which helps youtomeasure Internet connection speed on Android. The applicationisequipped with a modern, intuitive interface. For moreexperiencedusers, there is also a large number of configurationoptions. Themain features of this app:• WiFi and mobile signalfinding tool,•the ability to select the default server for speedcheck,• testsdownload speed (downlink)• tests upload speed(uplink)• measurementof data transfer time delays (latency, ping)•two typical datatransfer units (kbps, Mbps),• automatic selectionof speed checkparameters depending on the type of a connection(LTE, 3G, WiFi)•basic information about the connection (IP address,Internetservice provider and organization, SIM operator or name ofthe WiFinetwork)• history of results with options to filter andsort thelist according to the different criteria,• ability tocustomizespeed check parameters to meet your needs (the duration ofthetest, the number of connections),• detailed information aboutthetests (measured value of download/upload/ping, connectiontype,date, settings),• easily copy your IP address and results totheclipboard,• vibration handling,• publication of results onsocialnetworking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.),•compatibilitymode with less powerful and older devices (switchon/off tweenanimations)• appropriate warnings for testing mobileInternet.
FAST Speed Test
Use the application to help you see how fast yourinternetconnection is, whether on mobile or broadband, anywhere intheworld. It is ad free with a streamlined design that is quickandeasy to understand.
Internet Speed
Internet Speed Meter displays Live internet Speed, Wifi SpeedandData Usage Per app. Set billing cycle with Specific Date andLimitFor Metered as well as Speed Test Meter.Internet SpeedMeterLiteDisplays your internet speed in statusbar(Download/upload) andshows the amount of data used innotification pane. This helps youto Monitor Network Connectionanytime while using your device.Datacan be Drained and Speed Can beSacrificed if you don’t follow ormeasure your broadband speed. WithNetwork Speed test, yet highlyfunctional app you can make use ofthe broadband Speed Checker andalways see the speed on thenotification panel!This is no magic,these commands are actions youcan perform manually one by onewithout the help of any app, but dueto the time it'd take andother reasons it could be consideredimpractical, and this is thereason this app exists!Internet SpeedMeter, One tap speed testmakes it possible to get Internet SpeedTest result within 20seconds. So, you could get the result of WiFispeed test as soon asyou want. Speedcheck Pro is a fast internetspeed meter. You cantest speed in just one tap.Test you ConnectionSpeed Test, One tapInternet speed test makes it possible to gettest result ofInternet speed test.The test report will clearly showyou the speedof ping, downloading, and uploading.Internet speedtest, One of themajor advantages of Speed ​​Test Light tool isautomatic adjustmentof the testing algorithms to the type of yourconnection. Features-Real time updates with the Internet Speed-speed view the internetconnection in the notification panel-Today's app usage for mobileand wifi- No unnecessary permissions.-Run tests of cellularnetworks on 3g, 4g, LTE connections to improveyour coverage.- Testthe Download and Upload Speed and Ping of WiFiHotspots on dsl,adsl, cable connections.- Worldwide high speed dataserver networkfor reliable results.- Option to show upload anddownload speed inseparate notifications.- Automatically adjustsnetwork settings toprovide you with superior performance.- Batteryefficient- Internetspeed indicator Measures all network speedaccurately on GPRS, 3G,4G and wifi connections. Internet speedoptimizer.- jio internetspeed Test the Download and Upload Speedand Ping of WiFi Hotspotson dsl, adsl, cable connections.- SimpleSpeedcheck is made foreasy, fast and accurate internet speedtesting. Internet speedreader show your internet speed in internetspeed test.- Testinternet speed kb, kbps internet speed lite,internet speednotification barInternet speed 4g fast network ischecked downloadand upload speed, ping, signal strength, networkname, internal andexternal IP and the test date.- Works with alltypes of network(3G,4G & LTE, WiFi)- Internet usage on basis ofdaily/weekly/yearly- Database of your speed test results so you canviewtest history - stored in app, so seeresultsofflineSpeedTest-Internet Speed Meter, Notification appearsonlywhen you are connected to internet. You can change priorityofnotification. "Internet Speed" is monitor live usage ofPhonethrough WiFi, Data Network. 4g Fast Speed Browser Test isfastest,smart and battery efficient way to check internet(Data)usage.UserCan Set Monthly Internet Data Plan and Application willwarn whenuser exceeds average daily usage of mobile internet data.Innotifications application displays current "InternetSpeed",available mobile data (by default monthly data plan is1024MB),today's mobile data usage and today's wifi data usage. InInternetSpeed Test application there are displayed available mobiledataand daily recommended data usage. SpeedTest -InternetSpeedMeter.Tags : 4g Fast Speed Browser Test, Internet Speed Meter,HighSpeed Internet, Internet speed test
Speed Test Wifi, Test Internet Connection Speed
The speed test and 3g 4g wifi application will help you testnetworkspeed on your phone or tablet quickly. You can easily checkthedownload speed and upload speed of the network you are usingwithjust 1 touch.Let's find out more about the application!Features ofthe wifi speed tester and signal strength app: -Perform a manual orscheduled network speed test- Automaticallytest the speed of newWi-Fi networks.- Option to receivenotifications of current Wi-Finetwork with test wifi signalfunction- Check the network speed test3g 4g, LTE, check wifispeed. Check wifi signal strength withInternet speed tester app-Check wifi connection and Internet speedtest 2g 3g lte wifi inreal tme- Check download Internet speed test3g 4g wifi, uploadspeed, measure wifi speed and ping. Test 4gspeed- Track thehistory of Internet tester include: upload anddownload speeds,ping, signal strength, network name, internal andexternal IP andtest date.- Compare speed tests of 3g speedInternet, 4g speedtest, LTE networks to study the reliability ofDSL, ADSL, cableconnection.- Analyze the network speed of email,browser, playinggames, streaming, video call with speed testerInternet appHighlights of test Internet speed application: ✓Professionalnetwork analysis tools, test wifi connection in testwifi strengthfunction✓ The results of network speed test and wifitester speedare shown on graphs and statistics✓ Worldwidehigh-speed dataserver network for reliable results✓ The averagenetwork speed isshown by day, week, month, year✓ Easy to understandnetwork speedanalysis results, check Internet speed meter✓Backgroundnotification option for more eye-catching ✓ Allow takeoutput ofnetwork speed test results✓ Clear layout of testInternetconnection speed application, easy to use ✓ 4g signaltester, 3gsignal tester, wifi Internet speed test✓ Small capacityofapplication, fast download✓ Free to measure wifi signalstrengthand 3g speed checkerPerform a network speed test inseconds, we'llshow you the most accurate upload and downloadspeeds. No memoryconsumption, no slowing down phone, our compactcheck Internetconnection and wifi speed measure application willhelp you checkyour network speed quickly and easily. Download ourapp to checkyour network speed wherever and whenever.If you haveany commentsabout the speed Internet tester app, please email orleave acomment below so that we can improve and upgrade the app. Wealwayswant to bring users the best application with the bestexperience.Do not forget to rate 5 * to support the developer!
Net speed tester - Internet speed test&App test
🔥Brand New: Internet Speed Test and Network ToolsSearch🔥WiFiExpress is a free WiFi network tool with WiFi speedtest. WiFispeed tester to test your internet speed. Just one-tapconnectiontesting in under 30 seconds, speedtest result will alwaysbeaccurate. Speed test and download test for app performancechecksyour wifi and internet connection quality when using apps.WiFiscanner can scan devices in seconds to know who is on yourWiFi.Common network tool allows quick detecting any computernetworkproblems, ip address detection.WiFi Express is aprofessional toolfor better WiFi speed experience. This is amust-have app for2017.🔥WiFi Express - Highlights🔥Know yourconnection quality in onetapUse WiFi Express to find out thereal-time connectionperformance. Compatible with WiFi, cellular 2G,3G, 4G and LTEsignal, In one tap WiFi Express can discover yourdownload, uploadand ping.Reliable bandwidth testing and real-timelatencymeasurement. It helps you to know every aspect of yourInternetconnection and troubleshoot performance issues with WiFiManager, asimple and easy network tool.Wifi connection and internetqualitytest for app performanceSpeed and performance scores frompopularapps means that you can perform a YouTube test forinternetstreaming video speed, do a Twitter speed test, instagramspeedtest or facebook test to check the connection quality foryoursocial media apps.Speed test network and connection testingwithWiFi Express means that you can rest assured all your favoriteappsare performing well so you don’t waste time on annoying delaysandslow connections.Wifi, download test and speed testnetwork(streaming video speed, upload speed, download speed andmore).Scanand view who is connected to your WiFiDo you want to knowifsomeone is connected to your wireless network withoutyourpermission?Do you want to know if someone are stealing yourWiFiwhen your connection is slow, and who is on my WiFidownloadsomething? It’s designed to monitor your WiFiconnecteddevices and protect your WiFi security. As asuper-fastnetwork scanner, it can scan all devices connected toyour WiFiHotSpots in seconds, and monitor your WiFi connectioninreal-time.powerful network toolkit for speed up andsetupnetworksWiFi Express combines the most popular networkutilitiesusually found in desktop PC. They will help you fix anetworkproblem easily or optimize the network when you arehundredskilometers awayWiFi Express provides access to the mostpopularnetwork utilities that administrators and users often use ontheircomputers. Such as: - Router Manager to login on routerinterfacepage - Ping - Wake on LAN - Whois - more will come…Lightbutpowerful ★ Simple UI design. ★ Accurately test "Ping" value ofyournetwork. ★ Show detailed information about the tests (speedvalueof download/upload/ping, connection type). ★ Low demand onsystemresources. ★ Professional analysis tools of your connectionspeedsincluding graphs and statistics. ★ Automatic BackgroundSpeedChecks of new WiFi connections. ★ Appropriate warnings fortestingmobile Internet.Come on and have a try!We continue workingtoimprove WiFi Express and we greatly appreciate that you shareyouropinions whether positive or negative.Please, if you haveanyproblem/suggestion, do not hesitate to send it to us, inyourcomment or with email:, and we willtryto fix it.
Speed Test
Broadband/3G/4G/5G Speed Test & Meter is the best toolofinternet speed test. It is also the best wifi analyzer.MainFeatures:- It checks both download and upload speeds as wellasPING / Latency.- Worldwide high speed data server networkforreliable results.- Uses smart speed testing technology.-Fast,Reliable and Smart servers help to produce fine results.-RunSpeedtest for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE ,5gconnectionsto improve your coverage.- Network booster: refresh netspeedPleasecontact us for feature request or bug with the subject SpeedAnalytics
Internet speed meter
Now, you can monitor your internet data usage easily withsinglescreen simple & smart app.Monitor upload & downloadspeedseparably or combine on your status bar. Track record ofusage.Keyfeatures of Internet speed meter- Identify upload &downloadspeed instantly.- Identify your internet or data usage&requirement.- Check internet speed on your status bar withwhitetext.- Smart settings to on off speed meter with interneton/off-Consume less battery usage tested with low memory devices-Workwith high speed internet data.if you have any queryaboutapplication email us on studio.bootapps@gmail.comWe are happytohelp you.
High Speed Internet
High Speed Internet is easy, fast and powerful internetspeedmeter!4g Internet Speed Meter, The most accurate report, TestsWiFidownload speed(downlink) & upload speed(uplink) inseconds!HighSpeed Internet, Internet Speed Meter or Data Monitor orBandwidthMonitor or Speed Test. With Speed Check, one-tapconnection testingin under 30 seconds — accurate anywhere.HighSpeed Internetdisplays your internet speed in status bar and showsthe amount ofdata used in notification pane.Internet Speed MeterLite is simpleand very useful, Eject all the applications runningin thebackground, freeing resources for these and making themavailableto enjoy faster Internet, preventing other processes usingtheconnection while browsing Window.Entry to multimedia, videoandmessaging applications from anywhere in the world, Unlocksocialnetworks VK, Classmates or access to mail, Wi-Ficonnectionsecurity, Ensuring security and privacy when using mobiledevices.Faster internet for your favorite sites and faster speedprovidessafety. When you are in Jio4G or WiFi environment, TheBrowserDownloads and Uploads Contents Through The LatestMulti-ThreadTechnology.Speedcheck Pro is an Internet Speed andusage monitorfor your android smartphone.Now Data Usage MonitorYour InternetSpeed Smartly, Safely and In a Correct Way.We runOrder InternetSpeed Meter Lite displays your internet speed instatus bar andshows the amount of data used in notification pane.4GSpeed Test& Meter Show Real Time Graphical representation ofDownload orUpload. Internet Speed Meter Lite Speed Mobile Internetand WiFi& Use Of The Current Day As Well As Internet SpeedAlerts InThe Notification Bar!By Using 4g Fast Speed Browser TestYou CanCheck Real-time Speed of Running Applications.High SpeedInternet-Test The Ping, Download and Upload Speed of WiFi hotspots!Withit, Automatic Background Speed Checks of new WiFi ConnectionsorData Usage. Simple Speed Test for Mobile helps to measureandverify the download speed and upload speed in a short span oftime.In addition, it can also scan wifi security of the connectingWiFihotspot. is the best tool of Internet speedtest.Speedtest is the best wifi analyzer also.Internet SpeedMeterLiteHelps you to monitor network connection anytime whileusingyour device.Internet Speed Check 2018 is the only speed testthatlets you test your internet connection on both Wi-Fi andcellularnetworks.--Main Features: ** Features ** - Internet SpeedTest:Simple Speed Test illustrations - Professional analysis toolsofyour connection - No unnecessary permissions - AutomaticBackgroundSpeed Tests - Run Speed Tests for your cellular Networkon 3g, 4g,LTE - Tests download speed - Tests Upload speed -Worldwide highspeed data server network for reliable results -Colored resultsfor maximum clarity - Daily and Monthly BasisInternet Usage Record- Many Customization For Widget AndNotification - Separate statsfor Mobile network and WiFi network -Battery efficient - Easilyshare your results - Test the Downloadand Upload Speed and Ping ofWiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cableconnections. - Worldwide highspeed data server network for reliableresults - Easily share yourresults - Save the past results ofInternet speed testautomatically. High Speed Internet, your besttool of internetspeed test, tests speed in one tap. Thanks.Tags :4g Fast SpeedBrowser Test, Internet Speed Meter, High SpeedInternet, Internetspeed test
NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter 1.7.3
A cleaner and simpler way to monitor network connection speedonyour Android devices. NetSpeed Indicator shows yourcurrentinternet speed in the status bar. The notification areashows aclean and unobtrusive notification displayingupload/download speedand/or daily data/WiFi usage.Keyfeatures:• Real-time internetspeed in status bar• Track and monitordaily data and WiFi usagefrom notification• Hide when not connectedto anynetwork• Unobtrusive notification to let you focus onwhat'simportant• Highly customizable• Battery and memoryefficient• Noads, No bloatFeature details:Real-timeIt adds anindicator in yourstatus bar that shows mobile data or WiFi speed.The indicatorshows the current speed at which your internet isbeing used byother apps. The indicator updates in real-time showingthe currentspeed at all time.Daily data usageTrack your daily4G/3G/2G data orWiFi usage right from notification bar. Whenenabled thenotification shows daily mobile data and WiFi usage. Noneed of aseparate app just to keep track of your dailydatausage.UnobtrusiveThis provides and easy way to monitor yournetworkusage and speed throughout the day without needing to openaseparate app. Additionally the notification area shows acarefullydesigned notification that takes minimal space andattention sothat it doesn't come in your way ever.HighlyCustomizableYou cancustomize almost everything you want. Easilyshow and hide theindicator if needed. Decide for you where you wantto show theindicator in the status bar, whether it should be shownonlockscreen or whether you want to use bytes per second (e.g.kBps)or bits per second (e.g. kbps) to show the speed.Battery andmemoryefficientThe indicator is designed keeping in mind that wedon'thave unlimited battery backup, and our experiments shows thatitconsumes significantly less memory compared to otherpopularInternet Speed Meter Apps.No ads, No bloatNo ads that caninterruptyou. No bloatware or unnecessary features to help youfocus onwhat's important for you. It never sends anything over theinternetto ensure your privacy.Keywords: Network Speed Indicator,InternetSpeed Meter, Network Speed Notification, Status bar SpeedMeter,Internet Speed Monitor, WiFi Speed in Status bar
Speed Check
Speed Check, the most powerful internetspeedmeter, with the most accurate report, tests WiFi speed inseconds!It supports speed test of WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G,3G,4G). WithWiFi speed test and internet speed test, one tap speedtest makesit possible to get test results within 20 seconds. Inaddition, itcan also scan wifi security of the connecting WiFihotspot. Itcould check environment of the connecting WiFi. It isalso a phonebooster that could clean up RAM,speed up your phone.itis the besttool of Internet speed test. It is also the bestwifianalyzer.-----------FEATURE-----------☆ LiteSpeed Check occupies less RAM on your phone. It is a liteinternetspeed meter. So,you could test speed of your phonefast.☆ Convenient to UseOne tap to test WiFi speed. As a wifi analyzer, It is convenienttotest the speed of Internet. Speed Check could offer WiFi speedtestin seconds with one tap. It offers the maximum convenienceforspeed testing, is the best WiFi analyzer. You could test WiFispeedor Internet speed by clicking on the “Start Test” button. So,SpeedCheck is a portable WiFi test meter, you can test speed inonetap.It is the best internet speed meter.☆ FastOne tap speed test makes it possible to get Internet speedtestresult within 20 seconds. So, you could get the result ofWiFispeed test as soon as you want. It is a fast internet speedmeter.You can test speed in one tap.☆ SafetySpeed Check helps to scan security of the connecting WiFihotspot.Speed Check offers all-around WiFi test for your devicewhen yousurf the Internet. Speed Check could also ensure whetheryour WiFiis encrypted or not by WiFi test. With WiFi test providedby SpeedCheck , you will have a better WiFi environment. It is notonly awifi analyzer , but also a wifi protector.☆ RAM CleanerSpeed Check is also a phone booster. It could boost up your phoneinseconds. It solves problems of lagging by cleaning up RAM. Ithelpsto clean up RAM in one tap. It can boost up your phone in onetap.It clears RAM and releases background apps. It is not onlyainternet speed meter, but also a phone booster.-----------MAIN FUNCTION-----------► Speed Test1.Wide-Ranging Test: Speed Check supports speed test ofmulti-typesnetwork connection, such as WiFi hotspots and GPRS (2G,3G,4G). So,Speed Check could test the speed the current connectingWiFi. It isa useful wifi analyzer and you could test speed of yourdeviceanytime.2. Test Data Report: One tap speed test makes it possible togettest result of Internet speed test.The test report willclearlyshow you the speed of ping, downloading, and uploading. Itis auseful tool of WiFi speed test.It could provide you a detailedandaccurate report of WiFi connected.3. History Record: You can check the historical speed testrecordsof WiFi connected.► WiFi SecuritySpeed Check helps to scan security of the connecting WiFihotspot.It could scan WiFi security of the WiFi connected.► Clean RAMIt helps to clean up RAM, release storage. Background appsoccupiesphone RAM and cause lagging of phone. So it is a phonebooster tospeed phone up in seconds. Speed Check could let RAMfaster.----------Speed Check, your best tool of internet speed test, tests speedinone tap. It tests speed of internet &WIFI. It helps toexactlyacquire the speed of ping, downloading and uploading, andensurethe network security of WiFi hotspots. It can also scansecurity ofthe connecting WiFi hotspots, it helps to clean up RAMtoo.Speed Check, one ta p to test speed and get the network speed.So,it is convenient to get the results of 4G/3G and WiFispeedtests.Speed Check, scan security of the connecting WiFi.Speed Check, clears RAM in seconds. Your best phone booster tocleanup RAM.
Internet Speed Meter -Smart
- Real time speed update in status bar and notification.-Dailytraffic usage in notification.- Internet Speed Meter is anInternetSpeed and usage monitor for your smartphone.- Separatestats forMobile network and WiFi network.- Reset Data-used Mobileand WI-Fiinternet 30 Days Total Traffic.- Live Internet SpeedMonitors YourTraffic Data For The Last 30 days- Compatible with alltypes ofnetwork (3G,4G & LTE, WiFi).- Not consume Battery.-Networkspeed meter on lock screen- shows your internet provider'sname andunits- Real-time graphs show connection consistency. -InternetSpeed Meter Notification Dialog Appears When You TapTheNotification Having- Internet And WiFi Download And UploadSpeedShow- Graph To Monitor Last Minute Internet Activity.- Today'sAppUsage For Mobile And WiFi Total Data.- Real-time Speed OfRunningApplications.Warning: Do not move this app to SD card. Itwill stop(Force close) when you remove the card.Smart InternetSpeed MeterDownload And Enjoy......!
Independent measurements and benchmarking of Radio CoverageandInternet Service Quality. Internet Speed Testing.Mobile andfixedoperators and service providers ranking in your location.Checkbefore you decide to buy new SIM or BroadbandInternetAccess.Mobile application RFBENCHMARK allows measurementsof radiocoverage of mobile operator and testing of Internetconnectionquality for different radio access technologies, such as:GSM, 3G,LTE, Wi-Fi, as well as fixed Internet servicesBy usingRFBENCHMARKsoftware you will be able to analyze radio coverage ofoperator,report problems and perform Internet Speed Test, allowingtodetermine which services can be used with providedInternetQuality. You can compare your results with mobile operatorsrankingin your location.Mobile operators ranking is based on signalandInternet quality using interactive map and ranking function.Youcanfilter results by access technology : GSM, 3G, 4G - LTE.By meansofweb portal access: collectedmeasurements(Coverage/Internet Speed/Reported Problems) can beviewed andanalyzed.Application allows to display in Main Screen -terminaldesktop actual Internet Speed.You have an access to variousnetworkand quality of service information. Among the others:signalquality, Internet Quality, IP and service provider name,neigbourcell data, data usage split per application, passivethroughputuplink/downlink.
Internet Speed Test 4G, 3G, LTE, Wifi, GPRS
Speed Checker easily, quickly and accurately measures yourInternetSpeed (download, upload and ping) up to 1Gbit. It isspecificallycreated for mobile devices to ensure accurate andreliable results.Great for gamers and VOIP users to testconnections : Users canchoose to test the speed to servers locatedWorldwide. IncludingUK, USA, EU, Far East and South America. Yourresults history canbe filtered and sorted to show Wi-Fi ormobile-only results.Identify the fastest providers in your areausing our dynamicresults map to compare results in your area. Thebuilt-in Androidcleaner will free up memory and data storage toboost mobileperformance. Features: • Accurate up to 1Gbit • 4G, 3G,LTE, Wi-Fi,GPRS • Worldwide servers • Full history can be sortedand filtered• Dynamic map shows all users' results • Built-inAndroid memoryand data cleaner • Easy sharing of resultsSpeedchecker is behindthe most popular speed testing websites andis trusted by the BBC,Which?, the Guardian and other media outlets,ISPs and Governments.
Internet Speed Check 2019
Internet Speed Check 2019 is the only speed test that lets youtestyour internet connection on both Wi-Fi and cellularnetworks.--MainFeatures:✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed andPing of WiFiHotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections.✓ Worldwidehigh speeddata server network for reliable results✓ Easily shareyourresults✓ Save the past results of Internet speedtestautomatically.
Internet Speed Meter (Indian)
Indian Internet Speed Meter For Android Full Version->SpeedMobile Internet and WiFi And Use Of The Current Day As WellAsInternet Speed Alerts In The Notification Bar(Notification)->Internet Speed Meter Settings ToNotification-bar And Speed MeterInformation.-> Internet SpeedMeter Start To Click Bottom ButtonTo Start.-> Separate stats forMobile network and WiFinetwork.-> Internet And WiFi Download AndUpload Speed Show->Graph To Monitor Last Minute InternetActivity.-> Today's AppUsage For Mobile And WiFi TotalData.-> Real-time Speed OfRunning Applications.->To IndianInternet Speed Meter The Use OfInternet And Wi-Fi Daily-used DataReport And Show Date InRight-side-> Consumer Reports Mobile andWI-Fi internet 30 DaysTo Resolution Pictures And See The TotalTraffic.-> LiveInternet Speed Meter Real Time Speed Update InStatusBar,Screen-lock And Notification.-> Reset Data-used MobileandWI-Fi internet 30 Days Total Traffic.-> Live InternetSpeedMonitors Your Traffic Data For The Last 30 days.-> ShowStatusbar Mobile and WI-Fi internet Speed.
Internet Speed Meter ( Data Traffic Monitoring )
internet speed meter is simply mobile application, displayyourinternet speed in status bar / notification pane.monitoringyourmonthly data usage and last 30 day data usage.== Features ==-Change notification color- Network name show notificationpane-Display today wifi & mobile data usage by notificationpane-Monitoring traffic data of the last 30 days with date- Showliveinternet speed status bar- Clear old data usage ( remove appdata)if you like this application please give your best review with5star.
Internet Speed Meter Live
Live Internet Speed For Android Download And Upload SpeedInScreen-lock And Notification-barTo Internet Speed Meter The UseOfInternet And Wi-Fi Daily-used Data Report And Show DateInRight-sideLive Internet Speed Meter Features:-- ConsumerReportsMobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days To Resolution Pictures AndSeeThe Total Traffic.- Live Internet Speed Meter Real TimeSpeedUpdate In Status Bar,Screen-lock And Notification.- ResetData-usedMobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days Total Traffic.- LiveInternetSpeed Monitors Your Traffic Data For The Last 30 days.-Show Statusbar Mobile and WI-Fi internet Speed.- Speed MobileInternet andWiFi And Use Of The Current Day As Well As InternetSpeed Alerts InThe Notification Bar (Notification)- Internet SpeedMeter SettingsTo Notification-bar And Speed Meter Information.-Internet SpeedMeter Start To Click Bottom Button To Start.-Separate stats forMobile network and WiFi network.Live InternetSpeed MeterNotification Bar And Screen Lock Dialog:-Internet SpeedMeterNotification Dialog Appears When You Tap The NotificationHaving-Internet And WiFi Download And Upload Speed Show- Graph ToMonitorLast Minute Internet Activity.- Today's App Usage For MobileAndWiFi Total Data.- Real-time Speed Of RunningApplications.LiveInternet Speed Meter Download And Enjoy......!