Top 44 Apps Similar to Inspire 2016

PrintAway 4.2.2
This app was the first to support Cloudprint service ( in 2011),and has already more then 2 Milion downloads. It allows youtoprint files from your phone, to any printer. To configureyourprinters you need to go to : (onyour pc) or take a look at thisvideo Main features:-printer management - Share printers with friends - sms printing-contacts printing - print job management - print fromfacebook,dropbox, google drive, Box etc. - make and print drawings- mailprinting - internal file browser - webpage printing - Printfromclipboard WHY WE NEED CONTACTS READING PERMISSIONS ? - becauseweallow you to print your contacts If you have an Cloudprintreadyprinter (Epson, Kodak etc) or HP E-Print enabled printer youdon't need your pc to be on, for other printers your pc needsto beON. Awesome translation team :Fabrizio Alberti aka technofab(IT),Awesome Dutch user(NL),Awesome German user (DE),roaddanfromQuébec(FR), me (PT),Dani Mediavilla(ES)
com.hammermill.premium 12.20.0
Aftograf LLC
Print directly from your phone or tablet via WiFi, Bluetooth orUSBcable without a computer to virtually any printer. Directmobilescanning is available for selected multifunctionprinters.IMPORTANT: Hammer Print app is NOT FREE. In order to printrealpages, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium Mode by makingin-apppurchase. We do recommend printing a free test page priortoupgrading. NOTE: Unfortunately, we had to remove the SMS andCalllog printing features from our app due to the update tothePermissions policy on Google Play. Dear customers, we are asmuchupset by this issue as you are. And we are doing our besttoresolve the issue. For this reason please stay tuned to theappupdates. Once we obtain the necessary Messages and Calllogpermissions from Google, we are planning to bring the featuresbackto the app. If you've installed the sponsored version of theappbefore July 1, 2018, you will not be affected unless the appisuninstalled from your device. Thus please do not uninstall theappfrom your device if you got it while it was free. Updating theappshould be fine though. The premium version of the app letsoneprint: - Office documents, including MS Word, Excel,PowerPoint,PDF; - Text files and other popular file types; - Photosandimages; - Web pages, emails and attachments; - GoogleDrivecontent; - Events from Calendar app; - Contacts; - Facebookalbums;- Files from Dropbox; - Files from Box; - Files fromOneDrive; -Files from Creative Cloud; - Files from SugarSync; -Notes fromEvernote; - Content shared from other apps. Print to Macor Windowsshared printers, Workgroup, Domain and Active Directory.Printdirectly via USB cable from Android 4.0 and above. Print toGoogleCloud. Share the printer with our free software for Mac andPC, and print to any printer as long as you canprintfrom the computer. You can print via: - Wi-Fi (using a Wi-FiDirectprinter or using a Wi-Fi router as a middle man); -Bluetooth; -USB if USB OTG is fully supported by your device and ithas Android4.0+ installed. Please note that some of the mobiledevices areunable to communicate with a printer properly even ifUSB Host modeis supported. This happens due to specific electricaldesign of theUSB port. Sadly in such case the app is not likely toworkproperly. - PC or Mac (if your printer is shared usingPrintHanddesktop client or standard tools of your computer's OS); -GoogleCloud Print; Please make sure that your printer is supported.Youcan try to print test page in our free app, but forunlimitedprinting you have to make in-app purchase in free app.
com.sec.print.mobileprint 4.08.009
HP Inc.
Print, Scan or send Fax wirelessly from your Android phone,tablet,or any other supported Android device to almost any* SamsungLaserPrinter. Samsung Mobile Print empowers to print or send fax,mostof the digital contents like Office documents, PDF, images,emails,web pages or even the contents on your social network sites.Letyour content be on your phone or on Google drive it’s just easy.Italso supports scanning from your network multi-functionaldeviceand saving in various formats like pdf, jpg or png. Sharingyourscanned documents is just a click away. Key Features >Intuitiveaction bar style user interface. > Automatic discoveryofsupported network devices. > Select multiple images, tap tocropor rotate. > Supports multiple image sizes and multipleimageson a page. > Print or send faxdocuments/emails/emailattachments/web pages/images. > Supportscontents at GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Box andFacebook. > Scanfrom flatbed or ADF and save as PDF, PNG, JPG.> Print or Scanpages as big as A3*. > Share to open any ofthe supportedcontent from any other App. > For corporateenvironment,supports security features like Job Accounting,Confidential Printand Secure Release. > Integration support forAuto TonerOrdering Service (US and UK) > Integration support forfollowingprinter's Wi-Fisetup(M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/301x/306x Series,CLP-360Series, CLX-330x Series, C410/460/430/480 Series) **SupportsOnlySamsung Printers** * Scanning and sending fax is supported onlyonsupported N/W printers. * Printing can be done onprintersconnected via Print server or Shared. * Maximum print andscan sizewould depend on the media size supported by the device. *If youuse the CJX-1050W/CJX-2000FW printer, please install ""SamsungMobile Print Photo"" instead this app. Supported Model List*M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/4370/5370/4580 Series*C410/460/1810/1860/2620/2670/140x/145x/4820 Series*CLP-300/31x/32x/350/360/610/620/660/670/680/770/775 Series*CLX-216x/316x/317x/318x/838x/854x/9252/9352/92x1/93x1 Series*ML-1865W/2150/2160/2165/2250/2525/257x/2580/285x/2950/305x/3300/347x/331x/371x/405x/455x/551x/651xSeries*SCX-1490/2000/320x/340x/4623/4x21/4x24/4x26/4x28/470x/472x/4x33/5x35/5x37/6545/6555/8030/8040/8123/8128Series* SF-650, SF-760 Series Permission Details: Below are thedetailsabout the permissions Samsung Mobile Print app isusing.READ_CONTACTS: For selecting Fax number from Addressbook.GET_ACCOUNTS: For showing registered accounts in emailprinting andprinting contents from Google drive. USE_CREDENTIALS:For printingfrom Google Drive. CAMERA : To use Camera. INTERNET:For anynetwork communication. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To write toSD Card.NFC : For direct connection between mobile device andPrinterVIBRATION : To notify when NFC tag was read properly
KYOCERA Mobile Print
With the KYOCERA Mobile Print app, you can use your Androidmobiledevice to discover compatible KYOCERA printing devices onyourlocal Wi-Fi network. If supported by your printing device,Wi-FiDirect lets you connect directly to a printing device withoutalocal Wi-Fi network. When connected, you can do the following:•Print photos and documents stored on your Android mobiledevice.KYOCERA Mobile Print can handle a wide range of fileformats,including .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, and .TXT. You can alsoprint.HTML files at lower resolution • Scan your documents onacompatible printing device and save them to your Androidmobiledevice or a supported external service • Attach and senddocumentsthat are stored within the app by email • Print webpagesaccessedthrough the app's built-in web browser The followingexternalservices are supported in KYOCERA Mobile Print: • Dropbox•Evernote • OneDrive • SMB (Shared Folder) The KYOCERA MobilePrintapp is compatible with the following Android mobile devicesandKYOCERA printing devices: • Android mobile devices runningAndroidversion 4.4 or later • KYOCERA printing devices that supportPDFDirect Print 1.4 or later For supported KYOCERA Models, pleaseseethe linkbelow:
================================================ ImportantNoticeSupport for the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan app endedonApril 30, 2018. We recommend using the successor app, RICOHSmartDeviceConnector. Print Settings, Scan Settings, Authentication Settings,and thedevices registered in the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scanapp suchas MFP’s, printers, and print servers can be imported tothe RICOHSmart Device Connectorapp.================================================ RICOH SmartDevicePrint&Scan has the following features: Print -Printphotos inan Android device. -Print PDF documents stored in anAndroiddevice. -Print texts saved to the clipboard. -Print webpagesdisplayed in RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan. -Print imagesorPDF saved in cloud storage.*1 -Print photos or documentsopenedfrom another application using [Application Selection].*2-SetPrint settings such as staple.*3 -Print securely using theusercode authentication or Locked Print function. -Print usingtheon-demand print option.*4 -Print using the Location Freeprintserver.*5 Scan -Import the PDF documents and images withScanner.-Set Scan settings such as resolution and file type. -Savethescanned data on Android device to the cloud storage. -Sendthescanned data on Android device to other applicationsusing[Application Selection]. Others -Searching for printers orMFPs onBonjour. -Registering printers or MFPs with IPaddress orHostname.*1: Support cloud storages are Dropbox/GoogleDrive. *2:Itdoes notmean that you can print in the all applications and fileformat.*3: You may not be able to set parameters depending on theprintfile format, print method, printers or MFPs. *4: On-demandprintapplication to print with: Enhanced Locked Print NX V2 *5:LFprinter server to print with: Enhanced Locked Print NXFlexReleaseServer V2
Bluetooth Print 2.1
Please contact for any issues if you face while printingbeforeleaving any negative review Bluetooth Print is basicallyabluetooth printer app which allows to you to print from androidtoyour bluetooth thermal printer. It is very easy to printfromphone. You can print any kind of text to any thermalprinterconnected via bluetooth to your android device Add printingdata -Add text with different formats like normal, bold,underline,Double Height, Double Width, Double Width + DoubleHeight, Smallfont etc. Also set alignment - Set text encoding - Addtext intabular format. Set any one column as double width column.Setright alignment for last column - Add image with any formatandsize. Set alignment. It will get printed automaticallywithsupported size on your printer - Add horizontal lines, left&right aligned texts - Add barcode, QR code etc. - Add notepad,PDF,CSV file - Add multilingual text (in UTF format) so that youcanprint data in almost any language See preview beforeprinting.Note: Sometimes texts look improper in the app but theseprint wellon the printer Supporting any size printer - Just setyour printersupported page size and app will adjust printaccordingly Add Shortcodes - If you need to add date, time invarious formats at runtime or add any number which should incrementwith every print, youcan make it very easily Entries & backup -Save your all ofentries into single group. Create as many as groupsas you need.Also take backup for later retrieval Printing from anybrowser withyour own website - If you have a web app and want toprint any dataon thermal printer through this thermal printer app,you can do itvery easily. Just put a hyperlink on your webpagewhich will passparameters and make a respone webpage on yourwebsite which willreceive same parameters to send back requiredprinting data tobluetooth print app. - You can print data from anyandroid browsere.g. UC browser, Chrome browser etc.
StarPrint - Mobile Print App 04.01.50
It’s really simple to print from android devices to any printersviaWifi, Bluetooth, USB and shared networks. Use our print app toprintdirectly without installing drivers or starting PC. Save timeandefforts with StarPrint!¤ All print features are FREE withadsplacement inside app. You can always remove ads bypurchasingpremium package: - Run StarPrint > My Purchase >Check Price-Follow instruction, make payment and enjoy unlimitedprinting!¤Check if your printer have been supported beforepurchasing fullapp version here:¤ Help usimprove betterprint app for your need by answering thissurvey: this mobile print app, youcaneasily print out PDF books, Open Office documents, MS Officefiles,research papers, family pictures, postcards, favoriteinternetarticles, email, contact, recipes, map (new!), and menuright fromandroid phones/tablets.★ IMPORTANT ★In this version, itis mucheasier to add frames and effects before printing photosfromsmartphones and tablets. In order to use the feature, pleasechooseto print photo, select photo and then press on the 'pencilicon' inthe bottom right. You will be prompted to download anextensionapp. Please download it to use this feature.★ WhatStarPrintsupports ★¤ Wireless mode: printing via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi¤Othermode: printing via USB, network printer, shared printer (SMB,IPP,LPD/LPR), printer box, router based printer share (FritzBox),JetDirect¤ Compatible with AirPrint printers¤ 4000+ printermodelslike HP, Canon, Epson, Brothers, Samsung, Kodak, Dell,Lexmark,etc. ★ Get help for your print app (preferred English)★There aremany unexpected reasons that might lead to printingerrors. Trythese steps:1. Self-help with StarPrintFAQ: Or send us supportrequestvia Ask Expert function in app. Open app > Menu >AskExpert3. If you want to get your printer supported within 24hrs,let join our "Printing without Stopping" campaignat: Please be informed that we stop supportfromJuly 2017Find us on social media:-Facebook: more informationtoprint from android, please visit ourwebsite:http://android-print.comThis mobile print app is similar tohpeprint and other print apps. Moreover, it can print tovariousprinter brand names, and accept multi-print at one time!
com.hp.printercontrol 6.3.190
HP Inc.
Print, scan, and share with your HP Printer anytime, anywhere!HPSmart makes printing easier than ever and puts the tools youneedin the palm of yourhand:·         Set up andmanageyour HP printer directly from theapp·         Viewprinterstatus and send prints on thego·         Print, copy,scanand share documents and images directly from your mobiledevice·         Use yourmobiledevice’s camera to create high-quality scans,thenpreview/edit/save them as PDFs andJPEGs·         Ordersuppliesand get support straight from the app HP Smart is formerlyknown asHP All-in-One Printer Remote. For a full list ofsupportedprinters,visit: HPSmart functionality requires you to have either internetorcellular service.
com.sec.cloudprint 2.19.002
HP Inc.
Samsung Cloud Print is a free cloud service that allows you toprintfrom your smartphone or tablet to your Samsung printer or MFPandscan files directly from supported Samsung MFP devices to youoryour friend’s free, secure cloud based My Drive Account fromwherethey can be previewed or printed. During installation of theSamsungCloud Print app, you register with the Samsung Cloud Printservicejust using your mobile number for authentication. Yourmobile deviceand network connected printer or MFP can be pairedautomatically bytapping the built in NFC tag on certain models.Supported Printers& MFPs on the same WiFi network as yourmobile device can besearched & registered with a single buttonpress oralternatively you can manually enter its MAC address. Oncepaired,you can print or scan from anywhere and everywhere. SamsungCloudPrint allows you to print Microsoft Word and PowerPointdocuments,as well as PDF and image files, e-mail messages and webpages. Youcan send scanned files from your MFP to anyone usingSamsung CloudPrint using their mobile number. For more details, [Key features and Benefits] -Intuitiveuser interface. - Use your mobile number to authenticate-- no otherlogin necessary. - Pair to your Samsung printer or MFPusing NFC,WiFi connection or by inputting MAC address from smartphone. -Supported printable contents are Microsoft Word andPowerPointdocuments, PDF, image files, e-mail messages and webpages. - Usingthe Samsung Cloud Print PC Driver, send any printjob from your PCto your registered print devices or your dedicatedcloud storagearea. - Send print jobs to other Samsung Cloud Printapp users ortheir shared print devices. - Upload print jobs to "MyDrive" toprint later from any Samsung Cloud Print-enabled Samsungprinter orMFP. [Etc.] - Printing directly from the cloud serviceonly toselected Samsung printers and MFPs. - Uploaded files in thecloudare deleted after 72 hours. - Data size of print and scan maybelimited depending on the selected media size. - Supportscloudprinting/scanning using cellular data network (2G, 3G, LTEetc.) orWi-Fi. [Supported environment] - Android 4.1 and above.[CompatibleSamsung Printers and MFPs] Visit the website [App Access Privilege] Toprovidequality service, the app needs below app access privilege.You canuse basic function of app without consent of Optional Appaccessprivilege: - Mandatory Access Privilege . Storage: Thepurpose isto access files to be printed, saved to the user'scloud-basedaccount . Internet: The purpose is to send requests andreceiveresponses to and from the server . Contacts: The purpose isto addand manage the user's friends - Optional Access Privilege .Camera:The purpose is to take photos to be printed, saved to theuser'scloud-based account . SD card: The purpose is to access filesto beprinted, saved to the user's cloud-based account . Browser:Thepurpose is to access web pages to print, save to theuser'scloud-based account . NFC: The purpose is to register NFCenabledprinters
Print Anywhere 2.0.69
Print Anywhere Android is a FREE application that allows youtoprint documents pdf and to modify them taking them from yourdeviceor your cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive) so simple fast andwith afew simple clicks. In order to exploit the full potential ofthisapplication you must have an account Google CloudPrint( "Google Cloud Printis anew technology that connects your printers to the web. WithGoogleCloud Print you can make available to you and the people youchooseyour printer, home office applications you use every day.GoogleCloud Print works on phones, tablet, Chromebook, PC and anyotherdevice connected to the Internet from which you want to print." Inthe event that the user application does not have a GoogleCloudPrint account or has not associated with any printer to it,noproblem! It's can do it directly from the app using thesimplebuilt-in the app. 19.3.144
HP Inc.
The HP Print Service Plugin is the only print driver thatyou'llneed to easily print documents, emails and picturesfromprint-supported applications to a variety of HP Printers,includingHP OfficeJet, HP LaserJet, HP DesignJet, HP Photosmart, HPDeskJetand HP Envy. You can discover and print to HP printers thatare: •Connected to the same network as your mobile device •Broadcastinga Wi-Fi Direct network • Connected to the mobile devicevia a USBOn-the-Go cable You won't see the app on your device, butit'sthere! Just select Print or Share to PSP when you need toprint.Just tap the menu button to reveal the print option. Locationof menu button may vary depending on your model of Android™device.The HP Print Service Plugin simplifies printing on yourAndroid™Kitkat™ (v4.4) and newer devices. If you use Android6(Marshmallow) or earlier, you might need to enable the HPPrintService Plugin in your device's settings For more informationonusing the HP Print Service Plugin or details on supportedHPPrinters, goto: information on Mobile Printing in general, goto:
Cloud Printer 3.1
***Limited time offer price for premium upgrade.*** CloudPrinterapplication can make any network connected printer "GoogleCloudReady Printer". No need of any external hardware or Chromerunningon the PC. Note: Your printer should have a PDF interpreterto beable to release documents. Please Watch the video tounderstand thefunctionality MOBILE PRINTING: You can also printdocuments,pictures, Facebook photos or content from other cloudstoragesolutions like Drop Box, Drive, Box from your mobile phone.Thisapp is truly a Global Follow me solution and you can releaseyourprint jobs at your convenience. CLOUD PRINT ENABLER: Printanydocument, from any where and from any platform ( PC, Mobile,Chrome) and collect at your printer at home/office. GLOBAL FOLLOWME:Release the documents securely at your convenience. Deleteanyunwanted print jobs or Save it for future use. Your print jobsareliterally at your finger tips. DIRECT PRINTING MODE: As soon asadocument is submitted to the "Google Cloud Printer", thisappdownloads the print job from cloud and prints on theconfigureddevice. ECONOMY MODE: Turn on Economy mode and saveprinting costsby converting the print jobs to Duplex & Grayscale PREVIEW:Preview the print job before printing the documentNote: Anyquestions or problems please send a mail
HP Sprocket 2.75.2 (6917)
HP Inc.
Printing your favorite social media photos has never beeneasier.Connect your social media accounts to HP Sprocket App andinstantlyturn any of those photos into colorful prints. Customizeyourphotos before you print with the HP Sprocket App. Text,borders,emojis, and more add a pop of personality for snapshotsandstickers that are totally and uniquely you. This app pairedwiththe HP Sprocket printer enables you print wherever you go.Iteasily fits into any bag, so you can create 2x3-inchstickablesnapshots whenever the moment strikes.
epson.print 7.1.1
Print, scan, and share directly from your Android phone ortablet.Print photos, emails, webpages and files includingMicrosoft® Word,Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDF documents. Alsosupports Box, Dropbox,Evernote®*1, Google Drive™ and MicrosoftOneDrive™. Epson iPrintmakes printing easy and convenient whetheryour printer is in thenext room or across the world. Key Features •Print, scan, andshare directly from your Android phone or tablet •Print fromanywhere in the world to email-enabled Epson printersusing remoteprint functionality • Print photos, PDFs and MicrosoftOffice Word,Excel and PowerPoint files (Microsoft Office filesrequire accessto Google Drive for rendering into printable PDF) •Print storedfiles, email attachments, and online files from Box,Dropbox,Evernote, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive • Capture adocumentwith your device camera, format, enhance, then save, readyto print• Scan from your Epson all-in-one and share your file (saveto yourdevice, send via email or save online) • Copy documents andphotosusing your mobile device and a nearby Epson printer •Transferfiles between your device and an SD card or USB drive viaan Epsonprinter • Check your printer’s status and ink levels •Print withina complex network environment using manual IP printersetup • Gethelp with a built-in FAQ section Advanced Features •Print highquality photos with automatic backlight and color castcorrection •Choose and print multiple photos • Print your emailattachments andstored files • Configure your print optionsincluding paper sizeand type, number of copies, page range and one-or two-sidedprinting • Print with and without borders • Switchbetween color ormonochrome printing • Choose from differentscanning resolutionsand image types • Optimize print quality • Buyink and supplies foryour printer • Setup & register to EpsonConnect • Manageremote printers Printers Supported See thefollowing website forsupported printers. * Touse iPrint with aWi-Fi Direct connection, you must allow the appto use your device'slocation services. This allows iPrint tosearch for wirelessnetworks; your location data is not collected.*1 Evernote is aregistered trademark of U.S. Evernote Corporation.The Bluetooth®word mark and logos are registered trademarks ownedby the BluetoothSIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Seiko EpsonCorporation isunder license. We welcome your feedback.Unfortunately, we cannotreply to your e-mail.
HP ePrint 4.3.4
HP Inc.
HP ePrint for Android is solely a printing app and not intended asasetup, scan or copy solution for your HP printer. If you needtosetup your new HP printer or use the HP recommended copy,print,and scan app, you will need to install HP Smart (PrinterRemote) for Android will be retired soon and is no longer theHPrecommended solution. Please consider using therecommendedsolution HP Smart (Printer Remote) The HP ePrint App mayallow youto print from your Android smartphone or tablet, howeverwerecommend for best results you should consider usingtherecommended solution HP Smart (Printer Remote).
PrinterShare Premium Key 3.7
Mobile Dynamix
This key unlocks premium features of free PrinterShareapplication.It cannot be used on its own! If you haven't done soalready,please install main free PrinterShare app and print testpagebefore purchasing this key.With PrinterShare you caninstantlyprint Office documents, bills and invoices (Word,Excel,PowerPoint, PDF, text files and more) directly from yourtablet orphone (from internal memory, SD card or cloud source suchas GoogleDrive / Google Docs) to a printer right next to you oranywhere inthe world!Premium Features:* Unlimited Nearby directprinting viaWi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB without PC;* Unlimited Remoteprinting.The receiving end (Windows or Mac) would not have to buypages orsubscribe;Have a good print!
Brother iPrint&Scan 6.1.1
Brother iPrint&Scan is a free app that lets you print fromandscan to your Android device. Use your local wireless networktoconnect your Android device to your Brother printer orall-in-one.Some new advanced functions have been added (edit, faxsend, faxpreview, copy preview, machine status). For a list ofsupportedmodels, please visit your local Brother website. [KeyFeatures] -Easy to use menu. - Simple steps to print your favoritephotos, webpages, emails (Gmail only) and documents (PDF, Word,Excel®,PowerPoint®, Text). - Print your documents and photosdirectly fromthe following cloud services: DropboxTM, OneDrive,Evernote®. -Scan directly to your Android device. - Save scannedimages to yourAndroid device or email them (PDF, JPEG). -Automatically searchfor supported devices on a local wirelessnetwork. - No computerand no driver required. - The NFC function issupported, thisenables you to print or scan by simply holding yourmobile deviceover an NFC mark on your machine and tapping thescreen. - Theremote print function enables you to print fromanywhere. (Yourmachine needs to support Google Cloud Print to usethis function.)*Memory card needed for printing and scanning. *Touse the NFCfunction, both your mobile device and your machine needto supportNFC. There are some mobile devices with NFC that cannotwork withthis function. Please visit our supportwebsite( for a list of supportedmobiledevices. *As the remote print function is based on GoogleCloudPrintTM, you must first register your machine in yourGoogleaccount. For detailed information, please see the GoogleCloudPrint Guide available on the Brother supportwebsite( "[Advanced Functions](Onlyavailable on new models.)" - Edit previewed images usingtheediting tools (scale, straighten, crop) if necessary. - Send afaxdirectly from your mobile device.(This app feature requiresaccessto the contacts list on your mobile device.) - View receivedfaxesstored on your machine on your mobile device. - The copypreviewfunction enables you to preview an image and edit it ifnecessarybefore copying to avoid copy errors. - View the machine’sstatussuch as ink/toner volume and error messages on your mobiledevice.*Compatible functions will depend on the selecteddevice.[Compatible Print Settings] - Paper Size - 4" x 6" (10 x15cm)Photo L (3.5" x 5" / 9 x 13 cm) Photo 2L (5" x 7" / 13 x 18cm) A4Letter Legal A3 Ledger - Media Type - Glossy Paper PlainPaper -Copies - Up to 100 [Compatible Scan Settings] - DocumentSize - A4Letter 4" x 6" (10 x 15cm) Photo L (3.5" x 5" / 9 x 13 cm)Card(2.4" x 3.5" / 60 x 90 mm) Legal A3 Ledger - Scan Type -ColorColor (Fast) Black & White *Compatible settings willdepend onthe selected device and function. *Google Cloud Print isatrademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject toGooglePermissions. *Evernote is a trademark of Evernote Corporationandused under a license. *Microsoft, Excel, and PowerPoint areeitherregistered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporationin theUnited States and/or other countries. *Please note theemailaddress is for feedbackonly.Unfortunately we cannot reply to inquiries sent to thisaddress.
Brother P-touch Design&Print
[Description] P-touch Design&Print is a free applicationthatenables you to design and print labels from yourAndroid™smartphone/tablet to the Brother P-touch Cube (PT-P300BT)labelprinter using Bluetooth technology. [Key Features] 1. Easilycreatelabels from templates for KITCHEN, STORAGE, GARAGE &GARDEN,HOME OFFICE, and GIFTS & ENTERTAINING 2. Design labelswithmany fonts, symbols and frames 3. Create labels fromscratchquickly and easily 4.Connect to your printer in secondsusingBluetooth 5. Save created labels 6. The app canautomaticallydetect label color and tape cassette size 7. Nocomputer or printerdriver is required [Compatible machines] P-TOUCHCUBE (PT-P300BT)[Compatible OS] Android 5.0 or above
Mobile Print - PrinterShare 11.24.0
Print directly from Android phone or tablet to almost anyprinter!Print photos, emails, documents (including PDF, Microsoft®Word,Excel®, PowerPoint® and other files), bills, invoices,messages,web pages and more. PrinterShare makes printing easy andconvenientwhether your printer is right next to you or across theworld!IMPORTANT: Some of the features are NOT FREE! To unlockthesefeatures, you would need to purchase and install thePrinterSharePremium Key app, a stand-alone tiny application thatsimply needsto be installed on the device to unlock the PremiumFeatures of thefree app. We highly recommend printing the test pageto ensurecompatibility with your printer prior to purchasing thePremiumKey. NOTE: Unfortunately, we had to remove the SMS and Calllogprinting features from our app due to the update to thePermissionspolicy on Google Play. Dear customers, we are as muchupset by thisissue as you are. And we are doing our best to resolvethe issue.For this reason please stay tuned to the app updates.Once weobtain the necessary Messages and Call log permissions fromGoogle,we are planning to bring the features back to the app.WithPrinterShare you can easily print images and photos (JPG,PNG,GIF), emails (from Gmail) and attachments (PDF, DOC, XLS,PPT,TXT), contacts, agenda, web pages (HTML) and other digitalcontentfrom device memory, cloud storage providers such as GoogleDrive,One Drive, Box, Dropbox and other applications using Shareaction.You even can print text messages for trial or legal matters!PrintUPS shipping labels directly from a browser on Android devicetosupported thermal printers by logging to UPS website. Also, youcanconfigure many printing options such as paper size,pageorientation, copies, page range, one- or two-sided printing(duplexmode), print quality (resolution), color or monochrome,media trayand more. With the free version of the app, you can: *Print withcertain restrictions on nearby wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth)anddirect USB OTG connected printers; * Print on Windowsshared(SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers; * Print via Google CloudPrint(including Save as PDF); * Print 20 pages in the remote modeoverthe Internet. For unlimited printing, you would need to havethePrinterShare Premium Key app installed on your mobiledevice.Premium Features include: * Unlimited Nearby direct printing(PDFs,documents, photos and more) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth withoutacomputer; * Unlimited Remote printing. The receiving end(Windowsor Mac) would not have to buy pages or subscribe.PrinterSharesupports a wide variety of HP, Canon, Brother, Kodak,Samsung,Dell, Ricoh, Lexmark, Kyocera, OKI and other printersincludinglegacy networkable. A full list of supported printersavailable at Youcan alsoprint to unsupported and legacy printers with our freecomputersoftware for Mac and Windows available at is the list of printers supported byPrinterShareapp: Makesurethat your printer is supported. Please note: 1)Requestedpermissions are needed to print content and are not usedto collectyour personal data. For a more detailed explanationplease see ourFAQ at 2) GoogleCloudPrint requires the latest version of Chrome browser on yourcomputeror Google Cloud Print capable printer. For more setupinstructionsplease read Ifsomething isn't working as expected, please send us an Have a good print! P.S. For directnearbyprinting to selected printer models PrinterShare downloadsand usesdrivers provided by HPLIP ( ( These driversaredistributed under GNU General Public License, version 2.
com.dynamixsoftware.printhand 12.20.0
Print directly from your phone or tablet via WiFi, Bluetooth orUSBcable without a computer. Direct mobile scanning is availableforselected multifunction printers. IMPORTANT: PrintHand app isNOTFREE. In order to print real pages, you’ll need to upgradetoPremium Mode by making in-app purchase. We do recommend printingafree test page prior to upgrading. NOTE: Unfortunately, we hadtoremove the SMS and Call log printing features from our app duetothe update to the Permissions policy on Google Play.Dearcustomers, we are as much upset by this issue as you are. Andweare doing our best to resolve the issue. For this reasonpleasestay tuned to the app updates. Once we obtain thenecessaryMessages and Call log permissions from Google, we areplanning tobring the features back to the app. Using PrintHand youcan printthe following content: - Office documents, including MSWord,Excel, PowerPoint, PDF; - Text files and other popular filetypes;- Photos and images; - Web pages, emails and attachments; -GoogleDrive content; - Events from Calendar app; - Contacts; -Facebookalbums; - Files from Dropbox; - Files from Box; - FilesfromOneDrive; - Files from Creative Cloud; - Files from SugarSync;-Notes from Evernote; - Content shared from other apps. Print toMacor Windows shared printers, Workgroup, Domain and ActiveDirectory.Print directly via USB cable from Android 4.0 and above.Print toGoogle Cloud. Share the printer with our free software forMac andPC from, and print to any printer as long asyou canprint from the computer. You can print via: - Wi-Fi (using aWi-FiDirect printer or using a Wi-Fi router as a middle man);-Bluetooth; - USB if USB OTG is fully supported by your deviceandit has Android 4.0+ installed. Please note that some of themobiledevices are unable to communicate with a printer properlyeven ifUSB Host mode is supported. This happens due to specificelectricaldesign of the USB port. Sadly in such case the app is notlikely towork properly. - PC or Mac (if your printer is sharedusingPrintHand desktop client or standard tools of your computer'sOS);- Google Cloud Print; Here is the list of printers supportedbyPrintHandapp: is the list of supported portableprinters: sure that your printer is supported. Our Printer SetupWizardwill detect your printers automatically and guide throughtheconfiguration process if needed. In a few clicks you’ll be abletoprint. You can now scan documents directly from theselectedmultifunction printers to your device. This feature isavailable inbeta mode, please contact fordetails. Listof supported devices availableat You can trytoprint test page in our free app, but for unlimited printingyouhave to purchase premium app or make in-app purchase in freeapp.Have a good print!
Network Print 4.1.0
You can print out the files you have registered via internetinadvance on a Sharp Multi-Function Copier in a convenience storebyusing the Network Print Service. Simple 3 steps to use! 1.Registerthe file you want to print in the APP. (*Priormembershipregistration (free of charge) is needed.) 2. Go to aconveniencestore having Sharp Multi-Function Copier. 3. Selectnecessarynumber of copies to print. For details of usage, clickhere. Youcanprint on a Sharp Multi-Function Copier in the followingconveniencestore in Japan. - Seicomart - FamilyMart - Lawson *Theservice maynot be available in some stores. Network Print Serviceallows youto; - register photos and print in L/2L size. - print IDphotos,calendars and posters. - print Word/Excel®/Power Point/PDFfiles aswell as photos. - register map image of travel destinationandprint. - share with everybody by using one account (flyer,pamphletor free paper etc.) - resolve urgent print needs while onabusiness trip at the nearest convenience store. - print thehotelvoucher or confirmation of reservation coupon quickly in Japaneventhough you forgot to bring them. *Please see the web siteofNetwork Print Service for moreinformation. 2.6.0
Canon Inc.
"Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY is the print and scan app forPIXMA,MAXIFY and SELPHY from your Android smartphone &tablet*1/2.*1: Available for devices with an ARM processor only.*2: Functionsand services may not be available for all printers orin allcountries, regions, and environments. [Key features] - PhotoPrint*3 Photo trimming is available - Document Print *4 Print PDFfiles& Microsoft Office® documents - Web page Print *4 Easilyprintweb pages from “Share” - Scan  Seamlessly scan & savedocumentsand photos as PDF or JPEG - Cloud Link to PIXMA Cloud LinkservicePrint pictures and documents from select social mediaplatforms andstorage sites, as well as crafts from CREATIVE PARKwith PIXMACloud Link from just about anywhere - Copy You can adjustyour copysettings from your smartphone or tablet Especially helpfulonprinters that don't have an LCD screen - Smartphone Copy Takeapicture of a document with your smart device and apply autoskewcorrection for a print - Printer Settings Allows you to checkyourInk levels, ink model number, buy ink, and access an onlinemanualfor your printer - Bluetooth setup *5 Allows you to easilyprintand scan without registering your printer, receive errormessages,and skip password entry when copying by a remote userinterface -NFC-touch print and scan *6 Touch your device to the NFCenabledprinter after selecting photos to print from the ""PhotoPrint""app Set a document to be scanned and touch your devicedisplaying""Scan ""on this application to an NFC enabled printer*3: OnlyJPEG files supported. *4: Incorrect print results may occurif datadoes not display properly on the screen. *5: Functionavailable forAndroid 5.1 and later. This function is not guaranteedto operateon all Android devices *6: The function available forsmartphonesand tablets with NFC. [Supported printers] - CanonInkjet PrintersPIXMA TS series, TR series, MG series, MX series, Gseries, Eseries, PRO series, MP series, iP series, iX series MAXIFYMBseries, iB series imagePROGRAF PRO / TM series *Except forsomemodels - Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP900 series, CP1200,CP1300[Supported OS] Android 4.4 and later [Supported medias] -Mediatypes Plain Paper, Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, Photo PaperProPlatinum, Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, Photo Paper Photo PaperPro,Photo Paper Pro II, Photo Paper Plus Glossy, Photo PaperProLuster, Glossy Photo Paper, Matte Photo Paper, Ink JetHagaki,Hagaki, High Resolution Paper, Other Photo Paper、GreetingCard,Cardstock - Media sizes *7 Letter 8.5""x11"" 22x28cm,Legal8.5""x14"" 22x36cm, A4, A5, 4""x6"" 10x15cm, 5""x7""13x18cm,8""x10"" 20x25cm, A3, A3+ 13""x19"" 33x48cm, 10""x12""25x30cm, B5,B4, 14""x17"" 36x43cm, L 89x127mm, 2L 127x178mm ,Hagaki100x148mm,Credit Card 2.13""x3.39"" 54x86mm, Card 2.17""x3.58""55x91mm,Wide 4""x7.1"" 101.6x180.6mm, Square 5""x5"" 13x13cm,Square3.5""x3.5"" 9x9cm, Square 4""x4"" 10x10cm, Square12""x12""30x30cm, 7""x10"" 18x25cm, 11""x17"" 28x43cm *7:ForPRO-500/PRO-1000, the maximum output size is A3+ (13""x19""33x48cm ) while in use of this application."
PrinterOn Print Service Plugin 1.3.8
PrinterOn Inc
The PrinterOn Print Service Plugin for Android lets youprintsecurely from any application on your mobile device thatsupportsnative Android printing without using a 3rd party app.Thiseliminates the extra steps required to print resulting in amuchmore natural and streamlined workflow. With the PrinterOnPluginand one of PrinterOn's mobile printing solutions (PrinterOnHosted,PrinterOn Express, PrinterOn Enterprise), you can easilyfind andprint securely to any PrinterOn enabled printer withinyourorganization or at a public print location no matter where youmaybe. In addition to the plugin, PrinterOn also offers anAndroidprinting app, which you can use to print content from appsthat donot yet support native print. Benefits of native Androidprintingthrough the PrinterOn Plugin: • More natural print workflowlikeFile > Print on your laptop • Print directly fromanyapplication that supports native Android printing without theneedfor app • Unlike other print plugins, you do not need to be onthesame network as the printer, print from anywhere • Securereleasecode for all print jobs prevents documents from being pickedupaccidentally as well as preventing print waste NOTE: Ifyouexperience any issues, please send an rather than posting an issue in thereviewsection. We can assist and get you printing quickly if youcontactus directly. More information about PrinterOn MobilePrintingSolutions can be found at: Enterprise- Express- Hosted- 2.6.2
Canon Inc.
Canon Print Service is software that can print simply from themenusof applications that support Android's printing subsystem. Itcanprint from smart phones and tablets using Canon printersconnectedto wireless networks. Main features: - Switching betweencolor andblack-and-white printing - 2-sided printing - 2 on 1printing -Borderless printing - Stapling pages - Setting papertypes - Secureprinting - Department ID management - PDF directprinting - Printerdiscovery by specifying IP address - Recall fromthe share menu *Items that can be set vary depending on theprinter you are using.If you are using a mobile terminal withAndroid 6 or earlierinstalled: You need to activate the CanonPrint Service for printingusing it. The Canon Print Service is notactivated immediately afterinstallation. Activate it using one ofthe following methods. - Tapthe icon displayed in the notificationarea immediately afterinstallation, and activate the service inthe displayed settingsscreen. - Tap [Settings] > [Printing]> [Canon Print Service],and activate the service in thedisplayed settings screen. * If youare using a mobile terminalwith Android 7 or later installed, theservice is automaticallyactivated after installation. Compatibleprinters: - Canon InkjetPrinters PIXMA TS series, TR series, MGseries, MX series, Gseries, E series, PRO series, MP series, iPseries, iX seriesMAXIFY MB series, iB series, Business Inkjetseries imagePROGRAFPRO series, TX series, TM series *Except forsome models * Whenusing this application, the largest output sizeof the PRO-1000 isA3 extended. - imageRUNNER ADVANCE series - ColorimageRUNNERseries - imageRUNNER series - Color imageCLASS series -imageCLASSseries - i-SENSYS series - imagePRESS series - LBP series- Sateraseries - Laser Shot series - Compact Photo Printers SELPHYCP900series, CP1200, CP1300 Compatible OSs/Terminals: - TerminalswithAndroid 4.4.2 (KitKat) or later installed.
Aktualisieren - Deutsch - Update alle automatisch 10.0.1
Scannen und aktualisieren Sie automatisch die Software inIhremTelefon - dank der deutschen Benutzeroberfläche können Siesofortverstehen, was Sie tun müssen - es automatisiertAktualisieren Scanand automatically update the software in yourphone - thanks to theGerman interface, you can immediatelyunderstand what you need todo - it automates Update
Princh 3.3.1
Princh A/S
The Princh app lets you easily locate printers nearby andprintdocuments directly from your device. App quick-guide: - Locateanearby printer on the Princh map and go there. - Open thedocumentyou wish to print and tap “open in” Princh. - Select theprintereither by typing in the printer ID or by scanning the QRcode bythe printer. - Finish by paying for the print job with yourcreditcard or other payment form and collect your document intheprinter. That’s it! The Princh network consists ofpubliclyavailable printers in a multitude of locations such aslibrariesand print shops etc. We want to give you the bestprintingexperience possible, so if you have any comments, questionsorproblems we would love to hear from you at support@princh.comThankyou for your support!
PageScope Mobile for Android is an application that allows youtoeasily connect to KONICA MINOLTA printing devices from yourAndroiddevice using Wi-Fi. It enables you to print documents andimages aswell as import scanned data. [Introduction of MainFunctions ofApplication] Print Function: The data in "My Documents"can beprinted using Konica Minolta multifunction printers(hereafterprinters) that support this application. Documentsscanned fromprinters or files attached to Emails can be saved in"MyDocuments". Supports Authentication and Secure Print to provideyouwith a more Secure printing environment. It is possible toprintEmail messages and attachments received by the Emailaddressprogrammed in this application. Attached files can be savedinto"My Documents". Web pages can be viewed and/or printed fromthisapplication. Pictures taken using the camera function can besavedand printed. WebDAV Scan Receive Function: Data that hasbeenscanned from multifunction printers can be saved into"MyDocuments". Scan Function: Data that has been scannedfrommultifunction printers can be saved into "My Documents"withPageScope Mobile operation. Intent Function: By using theIntentfunction, data stored in the Android device can be printedvia thisapplication. Online Storage function: Documents that havebeensaved in Online Storage can be printed. Documents and scanneddatacan be uploaded to Online Storage. (Supports GoogleDrive,SharePoint Online, Dropbox, Evernote, and Shared folder.) MyPrintManager Link: The data stored in My Document and OnlineStorage aswell as Mail and Web pages that have been managed by thePageScopeMy Print Manager Port app for Android can be spooled tothePageScope My Print Manager server that is designated by theuservia the application and then can be printed using a printerthathas registered in the PageScope Mobile app. NFC Functions:Thefollowing functions can be executed using NFC. -Touch andprint-Touch and scan -Touch and authenticate -Touch and registerMFPPlease refer to Help for details on the featuresavailable.[Operating Environment] The following environments aresupported.OS: Android 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0/ 7.0 /7.1 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 9.0 Tested devices: Samsung GALAXYNexus(OS4.0.1) Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi(OS 4.0.4) Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi(OS4.1)ASUS Nexus7(OS4.2) ASUS Nexus7(OS4.3) LG Nexus5(OS4.4)HTCNexus9(OS5.0) Motorola Nexus6(OS5.1) Huawei Nexus6P(OS6.0/8.1)GooglePixel 3(OS9.0) The device must be a mobile computingdevicesuch as smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity enabled.Thedevice must have undergone the Google CTS test.(Deviceswithindependently customized operating systems such as e-bookreadersare not supported.) Please refer to the following pageforadditional operating requirements.URL:[Supportedprinting devices] Please refer to the following page forsupportedprinting devices.URL:
Samsung Smart UX Mobile 1.01.004
HP Inc.
The Smart UX Mobile app enables you to operate Samsungmultifunctionprinters from Android mobile devices. Print, scan orsend faxeswirelessly from your Android phone, tablet, or any othersupportedAndroid device. You can also use Smart UX Mobile withmost digitalcontents, like Office documents, PDFs, images ordocuments stored inSamsung Cloud Print. In addition, the app letsyou scan documents onan MFP and save the files in a variety offormats on your mobiledevices. Using Dynamic Workflow Mobile, youcan build your ownprocesses, combining multiple tasks – likeprinting, scanning, OCR,and faxing – to make repetitive jobssimpler and more efficient.*This app needs the Samsung SmartUXMobileServices, you shouldinstall it to use Smart UX Mobile appthoroughly. [Key features andBenefits] - Launcher style appproviding widgets to utilize printerfunctionalities - Copy, Scan,Print, Fax widgets provided to useprinter wirelessly from yourmobile device.- With Dynamic WorkflowMobile, makes you create yourown workflow with printer andinstalled apps.- Supports scan toSamsung Cloud Print and print fromSamsung Cloud Print.[Supportedenvironment]- Android 4.1 and above.-Requiredpermissions:=======================================CALL_PHONE:Allows an application to initiate a phone callSET_WALLPAPER:Allowsto set the wallpaperSET_WALLPAPER_HINTS : Allowsapplications toset the wallpaper hintsVIBRATE : VibrateGET_ACCOUNTS: Access tothe list of accounts READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Read fromSDcardBROADCAST_STICKY : Sendsstickybroadcast.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Receive bootcompletebroadcastINTERNET : Access to internetSMARTUX_SERVICE :AccessSamsung SmartUX MobileServicesWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Writeto SDcardACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Access to networkACCESS_WIFI_STATE:Access to WIFIREAD_PHONE_STATE : Access to readphonestateREAD_CONTACTS : Access toreadcontacts=======================================[CompatibleSamsungPrinters and MPFs]*M458x/M4370/M5370/X4300/K4350/X7600/K7600Series*X3220/X3280/K3250/K3300 Series(V3.00.08.07 orhigher)*K2200/M4070/M4080 Series* C3060 Series(V3.00.06.01 orhigher)
Hungerbox Operation 1.30
Operation app for hungerbox. This app is for operations teammembersof hungerbox.
Sharpdesk Mobile 2.4.2
Sharpdesk Mobile can receive, preview and store scanneddocumentsfrom your scanner to your mobile device connected to yourWi-Finetwork. Sharpdesk Mobile can also print the documents storedinyour mobile device to your printer, attach the scanneddocumentsstored in this application to e-mail, and send thedocuments toother application in your mobile device to utilizethem. Fordetails, see Sharpdesk Mobile Website: a trademark or registered trademark of SharpCorporation in theU.S. and other countries. New features mayrequire options andfirmware updates for printer/scanner. See yourlocal support website for the detail. We do not reply individuallyto any e-mailssent to the Developer E-mail address in "ADDITIONALINFORMATION".
com.sec.print.mobileprint.plugin.googledrive 1.00.014
HP Inc.
Samsung Print Extension for Google Drive
com.sec.print.plugin.dropbox 1.00.020
HP Inc.
Mobile Print Extension Dropbox app
Print Extension 7 1.00.15
HP Inc.
Samsung Print Extension for OneDrive 7.1.4
MyQ Mobile Printing Welcome to the Android app for MyQSolution.This MyQ Mobile Printing app will assist you anytime andanywhereto manage your print jobs remotely when you’re on the go.** Thisapplication is the personal client and extension of MyQprintingsolution and must be installed first in your printingenvironment.For more information please visit** Thousandsof smart companies or schools already use MyQ printingsolution tobe more efficient and reduce costs. MyQ simplifies dailyworkflowsfor managers, IT admins, and other employees who print,copy, scanor fax sensitive documents. Managed print solutions giveyou:Workflow optimization: one-click automation increasesproductivity.Cost reduction: cost reporting helps to track costsper client.Environmental impact: various options help you to scanmore andprint less. Document security: pull-printing feature helpstosecure sensitive data. As everyone needs to print sometimes fromasmartphone or tablet, MyQ Mobile Printing helps you to savetime,save money, and save the planet – simply and securely. Whatyou cando with this app: •  Print easily and securely from yourmobile onany printer managed by MyQ Solution •  Print PDF files,MicrosoftOffice documents, and photos straight from your device • Securelyrelease your print jobs on whatever printer that you select• Unlock a printer/copier by scanning its QR code •  Manageyourprint jobs, favorite frequent jobs, or re-print alreadyprintedjobs •  Recharge MyQ credit •  Register and setup MyQ serverviascanning its QR code In case your printing environment isnotequipped with MyQ printing solution, visit www.myq-solution.comandlearn how easily and quickly you can save your time, companycosts,and our environment. MyQ lets you focus on what you do best.MyQlogos are registered trademarks of MyQ, spol. s r. o. 07.05 S.A. is a cloud platform for building enterprise mobileappswithout programming. The is capable ofproducingapplications for virtually any industry in a simple,personalizedand excellent cost-benefit ratio. Join more than 70,000Members!Join now and learn.
HP SureSupply 6.2.2
HP Inc.
HP SureSupply mobile app Key Features - Ensure you arebuyingoriginal HP cartridges with the ‘Verify’ feature by scanningthesecurity label on cartridge packaging [1] [1] The HPMobileAuthentication program is available only with security labelsthatfeature the QR code on the package. This code may also bescannedwith most standard QR code readers. Security labels may notbeavailable on all cartridges or countries.
HP PrintOS for PSP 3.3.0
HP Inc.
Absolute control is what you want, and it’s exactly what yougetwith the HP PrintOS Mobile app.Now you can easily use yourtabletor smartphone to check in on the status of your productionfloor,virtually anytime and anywhere. Gain visibility into yourHPconnected printers to observe trends, stay on top ofdailyprojects, and make data-driven decisions—even when you’renotphysically on the premises. Get the information you need,literallyat your fingertips, to drive press and productionimprovementstoday and over time. But this isn’t just about gettinga snapshotof what’s going on in the moment. The HP PrintOS Mobileappprovides accurate historical data and production trends, aviewinto your fleet’s current status, and insights into what youcan doto optimize its performance moving forward. Tap intotheadvantages: • Gain visibility into production-floor trends.Combinehistorical and real-time data to learn more about productionfloortrends. Match site operations with key performance indicatorsandstart making truly informed decisions. • Keep productionmoving.Increase uptime with fast, independent troubleshooting andone viewinto all service activity. See what printers are printing,monitorqueues and completed jobs, view alerts that interruptproduction,and take immediate action. • Make continuousimprovements. Boostpress/printer output and minimize downtime bydiscovering newopportunities to enhance utilization andperformance, improveoperations, and reduce costs. You’re never farfrom your site withthe HP PrintOS Mobile app. Take advantage ofconvenient fleetmonitoring capabilities and access to real-timeinformation. Gaininsight and make data-driven decisions. See whatreal control feelslike. Download PrintOS Mobile today andexperience the possible. *Available features may vary depending onyour HP printer or press.
com.dynamixsoftware.printhand.premium 12.20.0
Print directly from your phone or tablet via WiFi, Bluetooth orUSBcable without a computer. Direct mobile scanning is availableforselected multifunction printers. NOTE: Unfortunately, we hadtoremove the SMS and Call log printing features from our app duetothe update to the Permissions policy on Google Play.Dearcustomers, we are as much upset by this issue as you are. Andweare doing our best to resolve the issue. For this reasonpleasestay tuned to the app updates. Once we obtain thenecessaryMessages and Call log permissions from Google, we areplanning tobring the features back to the app. Using PrintHand youcan printthe following content: - Office documents, including MSWord,Excel, PowerPoint, PDF; - Text files and other popular filetypes;- Photos and images; - Web pages, emails and attachments; -GoogleDrive content; - Events from Calendar app; - Contacts; -Facebookalbums; - Files from Dropbox; - Files from Box; - FilesfromOneDrive; - Files from Creative Cloud; - Files from SugarSync;-Notes from Evernote; - Content shared from other apps. Print toMacor Windows shared printers, Workgroup, Domain and ActiveDirectory.Print directly via USB cable from Android 4.0 and above.Print toGoogle Cloud. Share the printer with our free software forMac andPC from, and print to any printer as long asyou canprint from the computer. You can print via: - Wi-Fi (using aWi-FiDirect printer or using a Wi-Fi router as a middle man);-Bluetooth; - USB if USB OTG is fully supported by your deviceandit has Android 4.0+ installed. Please note that some of themobiledevices are unable to communicate with a printer properlyeven ifUSB Host mode is supported. This happens due to specificelectricaldesign of the USB port. Sadly in such case the app is notlikely towork properly. - PC or Mac (if your printer is sharedusingPrintHand desktop client or standard tools of your computer'sOS);- Google Cloud Print; Here is the list of printers supportedbyPrintHandapp: is the list of supported portableprinters: sure that your printer is supported. Our Printer SetupWizardwill detect your printers automatically and guide throughtheconfiguration process if needed. In a few clicks you’ll be abletoprint. You can now scan documents directly from theselectedmultifunction printers to your device. This feature isavailable inbeta mode, please contact fordetails. Listof supported devices availableat You can trytoprint test page in our free app, but for unlimited printingyouhave to purchase premium app or make in-app purchase in freeapp.Have a good print!
Drag & Print 1.2.2
Drag & Print
Drag & Print - imprime, fotocopia e digitalizaCom a Drag&Print é possível imprimir, fotocopiar e digitalizar aosmelhorespreços do mercado.Acabaste de receber um documentoimportante noteu smartphone, estás no meio da rua e não sabes o quefazer para oimprimir? Agora já tens solução! A Drag & Print éum sistema deimpressão self-service que permite aos utilizadoresimprimirdocumentos directamente a partir da cloud ou de uma pen.Além deimprimir os documentos também os podes fotocopiar edigitalizar.Nos quiosques Drag & Print podes imprimir a coresou a preto ebranco, e também podes selecionar apenas as páginas quepretendes.Cria uma conta para poderes imprimir a partir de 2cêntimos!Drag& Print - prints, copies and scansWith Drag &Print canprint, copy and scan at the best market prices.You justreceived animportant document on your smartphone, you are in thestreet andnot know what to do to print? Now you havesolution! The Drag& Print is a self-service printingsystem that allows users toprint documents directly from the cloudor a pen. In addition toprinting documents can also photocopy andscan. Kiosks Drag& Print can print in color or black andwhite, and you can alsoselect only the pages you intend. Create anaccount to be able toprint from 2 cents!
ekiosque, Digital Newspapers & Magazines 5.9.0
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e-BRIDGE Print & Capture
e-BRIDGE Print & Capture is an application that allows youtoprint and scan from TOSHIBA e-STUDIO MFPs utilizing yourAndroiddevice. Integrated with TOSHIBA e-BRIDGE Re-Rite OCRsoftware,e-BRIDGE Print & Capture allows you to convert scannedimagesor photo documents into one of 22 editable file formatsincludingMicrosoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Key Features:- Printdocuments (JPEG/PDF) from cloud storage services (Box,Dropbox,Google Drive, OneDrive, Evernote) or a network folderthroughe-STUDIO MFPs or shared printers - Print images stored inAndroidor captured by the device's Camera - Print web pages andemailswith Android print services - Utilize advanced MFP printsettingssuch as number of copies, duplex, color mode (BW/Color/TwinColor),Print Mode (Normal/Private/Hold/Multi Station*), Paper Type,PaperSize, Staple, Omit Blank Pages and Toner Save - Scan documentsfroman e-STUDIO MFP and save them onto your Android device, anetworkfolder, upload it to a cloud storage service, or send it byEmail -Convert scanned images or photo documents to an editableformatsuch as searchable PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPointbyusing TOSHIBA e-BRIDGE Re-Rite OCR software or the OCR*functionwithin the MFP - e-STUDIO MFPs can be discovered on yournetworkvia scanning the QR code printed from e-BRIDGE Print &Capturewith the scanner on e-BRIDGE Print & Capture or bysearchingthrough your history of the most recently used MFPs - NFCfeaturescan be used by tapping the pre-configured Android forMobileAuthentication and Connection Handover. (only for supportedMFPs) -Authentication and department codes are recommended tomaintainoffice security * Optional Enablerrequired------------------------- System Requirements - SupportedTOSHIBAe-STUDIO models should be used - SNMP and Web Servicesettings onthe MFP must be enabled - Please contact your dealer orsalesrepresentative about configuring this application when usingwithuser authentication or department codes-------------------------Supported Languages Czech, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English (US),English (UK), Finnish,French, German, Hungarian, Italian,Norwegian, Polish, Russian,Spanish, Swedish, Turkish------------------------- SupportedModels Please refer to thefollowing page for supportedmodels. OS Android 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x,9.x------------------------- Website for e-BRIDGE Print &CapturePlease refer to the following page forWebsite. - Before using this App with a cloudstorage service, installthe cloud storage app on your device -MFPs may not be discoveredunder the following conditions. If notdiscovered, you may manuallyenter hostname or use the QR Code*IPv6 is used *SSL is used in theWeb Service Setting *Otherunknown reasons - It is recommended toprint the QR Code in Blackand White for best scanning results -Hold/Private prints areavailable with the e-STUDIO2550C series whenan optional hard diskis installed - When using Android printingservices, the contentsdisplayed on the preview screen may differfrom the printed result- User name cannot contain "@" mark - Partof the feature may notfunction properly with your device dependingon the support levelof the service The company names and productnames are trademarksof their respective companies.
HP Connected Photo 3.0
The HP Connected Photo App is now the Snapfish App.Don't worry,allyour Snapfish photos are still preserved on theSnapfishCloud.Check out the Snapfish App to unlock great features!
SIGI PRINTS is a retail chain that offers printing servicesallunder one roof. We aim to make printing a simple andhassle-freeprocess for both business customers and individuals. AtSIGIPRINTS, we promise to provide unique, affordable and easyprintingsolutions. We cater to the printing needs of everyone whohas aprinting job at hand! You just upload your document file, makethepayment and you are sorted! We will deliver the prints atyourdoorstep. The simple and easy to navigate process will haveyourorder placed in a matter of minutes! Our online printingservice isfast, low cost and convenient. Check prices, upload files&order documents without even leaving your desk. All you needis aninternet connection.
HP Networking 2.0
Kami Inc.
This app will help you to solve the problems with your HPNetworkingproducts. There is huge amount of data available on theHP sites.This app is an temptation to compose the necessary HPNetworkingresources together in one place. 30-40% of all supportcases relatesto the out of the date software, so, use the built inHP softwaresearch module which is integrated into the app. hp notassociatedwith development of this app, all responsibility belongsto KamiInc.