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Backgammon - Narde
Narde is a board game for two players in which the playingpiecesare moved according to the roll of dice. It's similartobackgammon, uses the same board, but it has differentinitialpositions and rules.-Internet Game-Connection restore-Moveplayingpieces by tap or dragging-Rating game-Globalchat-Privatemessages-Undo by Back button while last pieces notmoved-Bluetoothmode-Support tablet device-Support two players onsamedevice-Support playing vs AILIKEUS:
Backgammon Plus
Backgammon Plus is played and liked by hundreds of thousandsofplayers on Facebook.Download Backgammon Plus for free, andplaywith your friends.Double the stakes and make new friends.Joinyourfriends’ tables and play instantly.Chat with other playerswhileyou play.Win thousands of free Chips every day!QUICKPLAYStartplaying right away with a single touch. No need to lookfor emptytables!PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDSJoin tables with yourFacebookfriends with a single touch.SELECT YOUR ROOMYou can selectfrom awide range of rooms to play with different players andhigherstakes.CREATE ROOMSDo you want to create your own room?Create aroom catering to your play style and start playingrightaway.DOUBLE THE STAKESDouble the stakes anytime you wish towinmore.Backgammon is one of the oldest board games, playedworldwidewithmany variants. Backgammon Plus is designed for fans ofgamessuch asbackgammon, tavle, tawla, tavli, gammon, nackgammon,sheshbesh, mahbusa, narde,tapa, acey-deucey, gul bara, portes,plakotoand fevga.Additional information:• The game is free toplay;however, in-app purchases are available for additional contentandin-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99USD.•Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms ofService,found at ©2017 ZyngaInc.
Backgammon Offline
Backgammon by SNG is now available for android mobile phonesandtablets with its high quality and superior artificialintelligence.You can download the best Backgammon dice game forfree. Our maincontribution is offline backgammon plus high levelartificialintelligence.Features:- Real dice probabilities.- Smoothgraphicsand game play.- High level artificial intelligence(machinelearning and neural networks)- No need for an internetconnection.-Totally free!- No banner ads.Our game is part of a Phd.Thesis onreinforcement learning and neural networks. AI(ArtificialIntelligence) bot is trained 1 millions times with anunsupervisedlearning algorithm. Winning ratio of our agent is 64%.Manycomments about rigged dice are not true since our AI agentisnearly a master player.Backgammon has received a bunch ofdifferentnames over the years such as: Tapa, Tavla, Tabula, AceyDeucey,Tawla, and etc.Backgammon offline is intended for adultaudiencesand does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunityto winreal money or prizes. Practice or success at our game doesnotimply future success at "real money gambling".Enjoy this newgamefrom SNG.May the luck be with you.
Backgammon Game with 16 games
The Best Features of our Backgammon game:● includes 16 games Youcanplay 16 Backgammon games (Backgammon,Табла, Mahbusa,Tabla,Portes,Tawla 31 ( طاولة زهر ),十五子棋 , Long Backgamon,Tavla,Tavli ,Длинные нарды, Gamão, Nərd, Fevga, Moultezim ), Tapa (Plakoto ),Narde, Nackgammon,Takhteh,Shesh besh, Moultezim,Gioul,Thepingame,Plakoto express and Gulbara.● Any kind of Multiplayer-LAN(WiFi) - Online multiplayer - Internet- Local 2-player(hot-seat)-Bluetooth● Smaller size about 10MB● Daily Challenges Wingames vsDroid with exact rules and conditions each day and be thebestplayer.● Multi Games TournamentDesign your tournament. Listwhichbackgammon games will be played.● One of theBeststatisticsStatistics are grouped by game,year and month●BackgammonGame DESIGNERDesign your backgammon game with customchips startingpositions.● TRNG is embedded ( fair Backgammon diceroll ), OnlineRandom Generator● Google Play Game Services - Playonline inreal-time, chat, invite friends, auto-match withrandomplayersGames included:- Play Backgammon ( Tavla, Tabla,Tawla,Nərd, Portes, Tavli, Короткие нарды, Gamão, 十五子棋 ) game- PlayTapa(Plakoto, Тапа, Mahbusa) game- Play Gulbara ( Гюлбара ) game -PlayLong Backgamon - Narde ( Длинные нарды ) game - PlayNackgammongame- Play Backgammon to lose game- Play Race Gammongame- PlayTakhteh game- Play American Acey-Deucey- Play Fevga game-PlayMoultezim game- Play Gioul game- Play Tawla 31 game( طاولة زهر)-Play The pin game- Play Plakoto(Mahbusa) express- Play Plakoto/Tapa 2 game- Play Shesh besh game- Fast start-upBackgammonWidgetOther features:- Live Dice- Advanced Backgammon AI-AI Setup-Undo function- Automatic move- Rush mode (4,5,6,7) sec-Doublingcube- Five themes (black,droid,classic, metal,treasure)-Supportall resolutionFor Questions, Concerns, Problems and Help:Write usto
Backgammon Live – Free Backgammon Online
Play the best FREE BACKGAMMON game with Backgammon Live! The#1Classic Board Game is here. Roll the Dice and test yourskillsagainst people from around the world. Played for thousandsofyears, the backgammon board game has always been one of thebestgames to play with friends. Join millions of players in one ofthebest strategy board games online! Sharpen your skills as youplayincreasingly challenging games against increasinglychallengingopponents. Match up against players from around theglobe in livebackgammon tournaments and show that you have what ittakes to playlike a pro! Multiplayer We know that playing the mostfun freeboard games is even more enjoyable when you compete againstyourfriends – this is why our players can play 2 player gamesagainstyour Facebook friends!Make It to The TopDon’t know therules?Backgammon Live games teach you how to play backgammon soyou’reprepared for one-on-one matches, as you play against yourfriendsor random people from around the world. Make your way to thetop ofthe charts by competing in multiplayer tournaments andagainst yourFacebook friends.Boards and DiceTake a trip around theglobe andadd some color to this classic game! Play on differentbackgammonboards with unique themes from around the world! From NewYork toParis, Hawaii to Istanbul, Backgammon Live gives you theworldlyexperience you’ve been looking for. Roll the dice to unlockmorespecial items including different types of die ranging fromwoodento rainbow!Test Your Skill! Backgammon Live isn’t youraverage freebackgammon game. offering different challenging boardsto provethat you’re a winner! Test your speed with our Nitro Board,whereyou have 20 seconds to make your move. Try out ourHyperBackgammon, where each player starts with just threecheckers.Frombeing an ancient Egyptian game to becoming one of themost popular2 player games in the world, backgammon has received abunch ofdifferent names over the years such as: Tapa, Tavla,Tabula, AceyDeucey, Tawla, and many more!Backgammon Live is fun,easy, andwildly entertaining. WeloveBackgammon/ΤΑΒΛΙ/ששבש/Tabla/Lord/Gamão/十五子棋 /Tavla/طاولةالزهر/нарды/Plus. Play now! • The games are intended for anadultaudience.• The games do not offer "real money gambling" oranopportunity to win real money or prizes.• Practice or successatsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at "realmoneygambling"
Narde Tournament
Welcome to the most social Narde app!Key features:- tournamentsfor8-16 players with HUUUGE prizes- play with your VK friends-offlinegame vs strong AI- awesome game board design- online gamehistory-bonus coins every few hours- detailed leaderboard (day,week,month, all time, friends)- players blacklist if you don't wanttobe disturbed- absolutely fair dice rolls- game mailNardeiswell-known game, that make you think strategically. Fusionofawesome design and wide functionality will allow you to playNardewith maximum comfort.It's time to download Narde Tournamentforfree and become a champion!
Backgammon Mighty
Backgammon Mighty is a challenging backgammon game which you playina highly realistic 3D environment. You can select to play withotherbackgammon players in Multiplayer - Online mode or you canselect toplay against AI in Singleplayer - Offlinemode.Multiplayer - Onlinemode:• Play with your friends online•Quick-Play with a randombackgammon player online• Invite yourfriends to play • Earn pointsby winning multiplayer games and usethese points to compete withyour friends and other players fromall over the worldSingleplay -Offline mode:• Play against a smartand tough opponent• Earn pointsby winning singleplayer games• Playoffline without active internetconnection• Opponent resigns whenhe thinks you are the winner• Youcan resign if you do not want toplay till the last piece • Abilityto set level of difficulty•Ability to specify number of games toplay• You can play as a guestif you do not want to compete online•Random dice rolls, nocheating.Also in this board game:• Beautiful3D graphics withsmooth animations• Ability to change the directionof move• Undoyour last move• Move aid; highlighting the availablemoves &snapping onto closest slot• Suitable for tablets andphones• Bestof all; it is free!"Backgammon Mighty" challenges you!
Narde (classic backgammon) is one of the oldest board games fortwoplayers. Even chinese mahjong is younger than classicbackgammon(long nardes). Spreading of this board game began withthe ancientEast and now Nard is wellknown all over the world.Sometimes nameNard meant simply "board game", as at Spaniards -tablero, Italians— a tavol, Turks — a tavla (or tawla, tavli),Iranian - narde(nard, nardi); sometimes it were own names: Greeks —plakoto or afevga, Uzbeks - gulbar, French a trictrac (ortrik-trak) andbackgammon — at British. In russian narde (classicbackgammon)playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice,and aplayer wins by removing all of his pieces from the boardbefore hisopponent. Backgammon (narde) is a member of the tablesfamily, nowyou can play backgammon online free!Although luck is oneof thedetermining factors in the outcome, strategy plays a moreimportantrole in the long run. With each roll of the dice, playersmustchoose from numerous options for moving their checkersandanticipate possible counter-moves by the opponent.Board gameswouldbe incomplete without this diamond! Noone would pay attentiontothe beautifull strategy of chess, precise math of poker,largenumber of variations of dominoes and replayability ofsolitaire,without this queen of board games! Backgammon (nardi)took theirrightful place on the pedestal table games.Gamefeatures:-Singleplayer game- Multiplayer game over internet(online) and onone device (hot seat), play backgammon free withfriends or randomopponent- Multiplayer game over bluetooth-Scoreboards andleaderboards- Online shop with 12 unique backgammon(narde)gameboards- Achievements and rewards- Play backgammonfree-Fairness control- In next update new nardes game types willbeadded (gulbar, crazy gulbar, fevga, plakoto)Show everyone whoisthe real master of backgammon!
Backgammon Online
Backgammon (Narde) is a board game for two players on aspecialboard.The aim of the game - to pass all the checkers fullcirclebefore the opponent, rolling dice and moving the checkers,andwithdraw the checkers from the "house”. The game requiresapermanent internet connection.• Free Credits several times aday.•Real online multiplayer game with real people all over theworld.•Two types of game (Narde, Backgammon).• User-friendlyminimalisticinterface.• No ads.• Horizontal or vertical orientationchangingduring play.• Private games with password protection andability toinvite friend.• Possibility to play next game with sameplayers. •Linking your account to your Google Account.• Friends,chats,smiles, achievements, leaderboards.
Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for two players.Theplaying pieces are moved according to the roll of dice, andplayerswin by removing all of their pieces from the board.-Playonline viaInternet-Auto Install to external memory Android2.2+-Move piecesby tap or dragging-Bluetooth mode-Undo byBackbutton-Statistics-Full screen mode-Support tabletdevice-Supporttwo players on same device-Support playing vs AI-Candrop checkerto vertical line-Enlarged capture area-Drop offcheckers by slideto side of table-Turn on/off sound and hints inmain menu byhardwaremenuForum:
Backgammon – Lord of the Board – Backgammon Online
Play Backgammon - Lord of the Board, The #1 Free BackgammonApp!Enjoy backgammon quick play with our great board games!Outsmartyour opponent and play to win online backgammon!Challengeyourselfand others to master the backgammon rules with one of themostpopular board games that has ever existed!Download Backgammon-Lord of the Board today and get your free welcome bonus! Competeinchallenging online board games and put your skills to thetest!Chat with your friends in one of the best multiplayerstrategygames – Backgammon – a classic board game.Forget all youknow aboutboard games and other multiplayer games. Backgammon -Lord of theBoard is one of the most competitive and addicting gamesout there!The adrenaline rush of winning backgammon tournaments andadvancingto a top spot in the leaderboard is simply unbeatable.Join ourcommunity of online multiplayer games and getstartedtoday!Backgammon – one of the oldest strategy board games intheworld AKA: Narde, Tavli, Gammon, Nardi, Shesh Besh! Playwithbackgammon masters in one of the top 10 board games. Playonlinegames with friends and practice your strategy development.Learn tooutsmart your opponent and become a backgammon champion.Play forfree the best new board games and have fun playing withfriendsonline.Download one of the best backgammon app and playbackgammonwith friends!Roll the Dice & Join the Fun! Everyoneiscompeting in one of the best board games on Google Play! Whilesomemay call it Nardi or Narde, Tavla or Tabla or shesh besh, therulesare the same and the fun is universal. Beginner backgammonplayeror seasoned expert, rookie bets will get you started rightaway.Play free backgammon live alongside thousands ofcompetitorsworldwide. Roll dice, move pieces, win BIG! EnjoyBackgammon freedownload to become #1 place on the board! Join ourbackgammontournaments and be the backgammon champion today!BecometheBackgammon MasterPlay backgammon online and master this gameofdice, gain experience, earn coins and make your way to thetop!Enjoy our one on one gameplay and multiplayerbackgammontournaments, which are all free to play. Unlock new andexcitingcontent as you progress within the backgammon game, levelup andlead the board in a highly popular game. Challenge otherskilledplayers and see if you have what it takes to beat thecompetitionand become the Lord of the Board! Invest in StrategyWhen you’replaying against other backgammon masters, in one of themostchallenging thinking games out there, every second counts!Reachyour true potential by focusing on your backgammon gamestrategyand leave the rules and regulations to the app. Instead ofwastingtime on counting steps, plan your next move and outsmartyouropponent! If you’re looking for two player games you came totheright place! Backgammon – LOTB is an extremely fun game toplaywith friends and other players online!Built by ProsBackgammon-Lord of the Board is brought to you by the creators of some oftheleading online social games out there! Enjoy incrediblefeaturessuch as:• Enticing Graphics• Easy Enjoyable Gameplay•Exciting GameProgression• Playful Chat Options• Live Tournaments•PlayerStatistics Profiles• Dice Roll - Completely Random!(SophisticatedRNG)• Lots of Free Bonuses, Rings, Trophies, Prizes& More!•Unique Competitive LeaderboardsLike us on Facebook forFREE COINOFFERS! for the game? Contact us at is intended for adults and does not offer real moneygamblingor any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Successwithinthis game does not imply future success at real moneygambling.
Backgammon King Online
Play the popular backgammon game online for free!- Playlivebackgammon game against opponents around the world.- Get*FREE*chips every day! Play backgammon and bet on your chips.-Compete intournaments, and see your ranking compared to the topplayers inthe world.- Easy and convenient way to play with yourfriends andcompare your ranking.- Chat with opponent whileplaying.Have fun!:-)
Tawla 31
Tawla 31 (طاولة زهر, also known as just Backgammon, is similartoMoultezim, Tavla in Turkey and Fevga in Greece) is a variantofBackgammon game played in Middle East. The board game does notneedspecial representation, as well as, for example, chess,checkers.This game is one of the oldest board games for twoplayers. Tawla31 rules are very similar to Long Narde.Features:* NoBanners, onlyads between games!* 8 game boards and ALL for FREE!* 6difficultylevels* Online multiplayer* Online ELO rating*Bluetoothmultiplayer* One or Two player mode* Game dice statistics* Diceswithout cheat* Game does not eat battery* Long move* Undomove*Small package size
Chess Free
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Chess Free is the bestfreeChess game on Android and is currently the highest ranked (attimeof writing) from the 120+ free chess programs listed!Itsfirstclass tutor makes it great for both developing Chess Strategyandimproving your chess skills. Completely free! This is not ademo,and has no locked options. Featuring: -- 12 playlevels(Novice->Expert) This uses intelligent weakening forlowerlevels. Good for beginners.-- Casual and Pro modes. Learn onCasualand progress to Pro.-- Chess Tutor. This powerful optionshows arecommended piece to move, excellent for developing chessstrategyand avoiding simple mistakes.-- Analyse move. Performdeeperanalysis on your move.-- “Show CPU Thinking” option for level3+.Allows the user to see what the AI is considering.--Achievements,Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! Uses yourGoogle+ account--Provides ELO Rating based on your results againstCPU in ProMode.-- Review game mode. Step through your game!--Load/Save gamefiles & PGN Export-- Designed for both Tablet andPhone,supporting Landscape mode for Tablets. -- 2 player hot-seatandonline. Play against your friends!-- Chess Stats, Timers, HintsandHandicaps-- 8 Chess Boards and 7 Chess Piece Sets-- UsesTreebeardChess engine (as used in Microsoft's MSN Chess). This hasa unique"human-like" style. This free version is supported by 3rdpartyads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and thereforesubsequentdata charges may apply. The photos/media/files permissionisrequired to allow the game to save game data to externalstorage,and is sometimes used to cache ads. Download the best ChessforAndroid now!
Backgammon Free
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★Backgammon Free is thebestfree Backgammon game on Android!Backgammon is a game of skillandstrategy; one of the world's classic parlour board games,playedfor recreation and gambling. Like Mahjong, Backgammon isplayed insocial groups in coffee houses and bars. Historically,variants ofthis game are believed to have originated in Egypt over3000 yearsago, from where it was adopted by the Romans and thenlatertravelled to India. It also spread to East Asia, but waslargelyreplaced by Xiangqi (Chinese chess). It is now very popularin theWest.Features:-- Strong Backgammon AI-- 5 Difficulty levels--Fullmatch play + Doubling Cube & Crawford rule options-- 4Boardsand Piece Sets-- Single Player vs Computer or local 2Player-- Hint& Stats-- Random Dice generator or Manual Diceinput-- Designedfor both Tablet and PhoneThis free version issupported by 3rdparty ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, andthereforesubsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cacheads.*Does itcheat? See "CPU Strategy" page + Manual Dice option(use real-worlddice) to prove to yourself that it doesn't*
Backgammon - Play Free Online & Live Multiplayer
"The Best Backgammon app for Android!"Backgammon by PlayGemofferspremium backgammon at its finest! This fun and FREEbackgammon gamelets you enjoy one of the world’s most popularstrategy games withfriends you already know or people you meetonline.Millions ofplayers worldwide have downloaded PlayGemBackgammon live from theGoogle Play store. So, get the FREE apptoday and join in the fun.Play multiplayer backgammon online livewith friends!PlayGemBackgammon takes the world’s oldest board gameand turns it intoone of the coolest games on the Internet. Installit on your cellphone or another mobile device and hook up withFacebook friends,or let the app match you with another player fromsomewhere in theworld.Take part in online tournaments, get bonuses,and improveyour skills as you challenge players who are having funlikeyou—and getting increasingly better.Climb The LeadersBoardLearn orperfect the rules, gain experience (XP), unlockachievements, andthen climb the Leaders Boards to rise tointernational fame! Inviteall of your friends to join you in thechallenge. Is it possiblethat they’re better than yours? Pair up inthis live strategycontest and find out. Beautiful and UniqueBoardsAs you make yourway through PlayGem Backgammon, you’ll beable to unlock sevenbeautiful and exotic playing boards. Each hasits own special musicand theme!Connect With Your FacebookFriendsEnjoy live challengeswith your Facebook Friends! This appworks on all mobile devices,so you can go up against friends nomatter what type of cell phonethey have.FeaturesYou’re just a fewclicks away from the bestbackgammon app on the Internet. Downloadand set up the FREE app toenjoy the following features:• Livecontests that are quick,simple, and smooth• 100 percent certifieddice• Works on allplatforms• Best customer support• FREE unlimitedgames!If you’rewondering how to enjoy backgammon no matter whereyou are in theworld, this app is the answer. This popular game hasmany differentnames, depending on a player’s location. However,it’s stillexciting, and it still offers the same greatpossibilities forbecoming an expert strategist.Other Names ForBackgammonPlayersfrom all over the world love backgammon, but theyall call it bydifferent names. You might see it referred to as:Tavla, Tawla,Tawleh, Tavli, Tapa, Trictrac, Tric Trac, Tabula, AceyDeucey,Narde, Shesh Besh, Nackgammon, Plakoto, Gul Bara, TakhtehorMoultezim,שש-בש ששבש,שש בש . They all mean the same thing, andweLOVE them all! Even if you misspelled the word and wrotebackgammon, nackgammon, nack gamon, backgamon, bacgamon, bakgamonoranything else, it doesn’t matter–we don’t mindmisspellings.Everyone’s invited to join in the excitement!Grab yourdice andplaying board and download PlayGem Backgammon today. Youcan startchallenging your friends immediately!*The games areintended for anadult audience.*The games do not offer "real moneygambling" or anopportunity to win real money or prizes.*Practice orsuccess atsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at"real moneygambling."
Chess With Friends Free
Take no prisoners and protect your King at all costs! Brought toyouby the makers of Words with Friends, Chess with Friends Free isthebest way to play the classic Chess board game onAndroid.Connectwith friends and challenge them to one of theoldest, most popularstrategy games in the world. Play multiplegames at the same time,track your moves and improve yourstats.Download Chess with FriendsFree and start playing the mostsocial chess game today!Features:★CONNECT with Facebook to playfamily and friends, or find andchallenge a random opponent★ TRACKyour record, skill rating, andhead-to-head stats to improve yourgame play
 ★ SIZE UP youropponent by viewing their matches andstats on their profile★PRACTICE MODE - Choose your skill level,train your brain, and learnnew tactics by challenging Chesster theChess coach. Play him onlineor offline to sharpen your skills★RELIVE the glory by replayingmoves on the board in existing andpast games★ ENCOURAGE, boast ortaunt your opponent with in-gamechat★ PLAY multiple chess games atonce across Android andiOSPlayer Reviews:★“Great app for playingwith friends or anybodyelse that loves the game”★“I love thisgame!!! It’s as simple asthat. A must have for the chess player inall of us” ★“Great gamethat challenges your mind, and helps youlearn new skills whileplaying with friends” ★“My favourite app. Thefirst app I checkeach morning. The only game I play every day. I’vegot a dozenopponents across the globe. My favourite appbyfar.__________________________________Already a fan of thegame?★Join the community on Facebook to discuss the game, givefeedbackand find more friends toplay★ Follow us onTwitter for all of the latest news★Followus on Instagram fordailychallenges andinspiringquotes__________________________________ADDITIONALDISCLOSURES● Useof this application is governed by the Zynga Termsof Service.These Terms are availableat● Forspecificinformation about how Zynga collects and uses personal orotherdata, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field in the Developersectionbelow.● The game is free to play, however in-app purchasesareavailable for additional content and premium currency.In-apppurchases range from $0.99 to $99.99.● This game does permita userto connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and assuchplayers may come into contact with other people when playingthisgame.● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to inthisgame may also apply to you.● You will be given the opportunitytoparticipate in special offers, events, and programs from ZyngaInc.and its partners. ● Must be 13+ to play.● Use of thisapplicationrequires a Facebook or Zynga With Friends account
Dear Player,Do you remember this board game from yourchildhood?Checkers - traditional and inspiring game gives you a lotof funwith challenging computer or playing with other person onmode 2players offline. Relax with yor family or friends andplayCheckers. Share the game with children and show them thebestentertainment from your schoolyears. Are youaboard-game-enthusiast? Would you like to create or think overastrategy to win? Checkers will help you to learn andpracticelogical thinking. You can change settings and choose yourown rulesi.e. to capture backwards or to choose mandatorycapture.And what'smore, you can get this app and play forfree.Checkers is theclassic board game but in this app you can findfeatures which makethe game even more exciting. Different levels ofdifficultyLet'sstart from the easiest level and check if you candefeat thecomputer. The more experienced you are, the more likelyto win withthe expert. Take up the challenge and go through all4levels!Different rulesThere is no one and only way toplayCheckers. Everyone has various habits and usually prefers toplayexactly the same way as in the past, that is why decide onyourfavourite rules:🇺🇸 American Checkers (English Draughts) –capturingis mandatory but the pieces cannot capture backwards. TheQueendoesn't have long moves but only one step. The queen hasability tomove and capture backwards.🌍 International Checkers -capturing ismandatory and all the pieces can capture backwards.Also the queenmoves differently, it has long moves – it means thatthe queen canmove any distance diagonally if the square is notblocked.🇪🇸Spanish Checkers (Damas) – these rules are based ontheinternational but the piece cannot capture backwards;🇹🇷 orTurkishCheckers (Dama) – dark as well as light squares of the boardareused. Pieces start on the second and third rows, do notmovediagonally but forward and sideways. The way that queens movearesimilar to the chess queen.Have you found the best rules foryou?If not, choose your own rules. It's really easy, justenterSettings (upper right corner) and choose the options thatyouprefer.I wish you had a good game!Best regards,Łukasz Oktaba-author
Hello Players,I created my Checkers app as example of goodcheckersfor me and posted it on store as free board game for you. Ihopeyou enjoy it and get a lot pleasure from playing.:)Features:-support ten different rules of checkers- seven levelsofdifficulty- two players mode- game assistant (Helper)- fivethemes(dark, light, gold, art and black)- realistic graphics-soundeffects- some help about rules- small sizeRules:- EnglishCheckersalso called American Checkers- Russian Draughts-BrazilianCheckers- International Checkers- Spanish Checkers-ItalianCheckers- Thai Checkers also called Makhos- TurkishCheckers- CzechCheckers- Pool CheckersYou can help me expand and doit better. Ifyou have some comments and suggestions then can writeit here. Iwill read your reviews and go ahead!Thank You,Alex F.
Mills – play for free
The Mills board game by LITE Games: play the popular game Millwithonline multiplayer options for free on Android devices. Millsis ahugely popular game throughout the world, characterized by thefactit is so easy to learn – and it’s even older than chess.Nowadaysthe game that's also well known as Nine Men's Morris, TheMillGame, or Cowboy Checkers is a national pastime in manycountries.The aim of the game is to hit as many enemy stones aspossible byforming so-called Mills (3 stones in a row). However,you can alsoblock your opponent by cleverly moving your own stonesaround,rendering them unable to make a move.If you think thatyou're amaster of strategy: try to win against the strongestplayers of theLITE Games community. 😉Features◎ Completely free andin English 🇺🇸🇬🇧◎ Unlock amazing achievements 🏆◎ Climb to the top ofthe onlinehighscore leaderboard 🔝◎ 👤 Single player and multiplayer👥◎ Can beplayed online and offline 🆚◎ Customizable rules to suityourindividual needs ☑️The mobile Mills board game is offered inhighquality localization in the following languages: English,French,Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish,Turkish,Russian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.Mills is arealclassic travel game and offers a strategic challenge forbeginnersas well as experienced veterans.Join in and get yourself atop spotin the Mills player community best players will beproudly displayed each weekon here to find out aboutourother free Android games: http://www.lite.gamesOr give us yourAppfeedback heresupport@lite.gamesThanks for playing!
Rento - Dice Board Game Online
Rento is free business dice game. It is board game for 2 to6players.Trade lands, build houses, win auctions, roll wheeloffortune and Russian Roulette and most importantly - have fun.Ifyou like Ludo or family dice games - you will like Rento too:)Thegame is live MULTIPLAYER so you can play with your friendsandfamily remotely and also you can play versus players onourhttp://BoardGamesOnline.Net website. You can play the game in4modes: -ONLINE (vs real people live)-SOLO (versusAIrobots)-BLUETOOTH multiplayer with up to 4 players-Pass 'NPlay(Pass the same device to others)Enjoy the first and onlytrueonline multiplayer business game in the market.*** Please playonsolid WiFi connection to avoid connection problems ***
Disney Magical Dice : The Enchanted Board Game
*User information will be only used for adding in-game friendswhoplay around. All data will be encrypted for your security TheMagicof Disney at your Fingertips!Get ready for a magical adventurewiththe very first Disney board game for your mobile device.Travelaround the board, purchase landmarks, and relive all theexcitementfrom beloved Disney classics as you play to win!ChooseDisneyfriends to play alongside you as you level up your gamepieces andbuy properties on the game board, including Elsa'sBedroom,Cinderella’s Carriage, Pooh’s Honey Pot, andBelle’sCottage!Explore the world of Disney Magical Dice: TheEnchantedBoard Game in friendly matches with other Disney fansanytime,anywhere.Roll the dice to start the fun! Featuringsimplified gamemechanics so it’s easy to pick up and play foreveryone. Challengeup to 4 friends or players from across the globein multiplayergame modes. The fun of game night and the magic ofDisney cometogether in the all-new Disney Magical Dice: TheEnchanted BoardGame!Key Features: - Experience the magic of playingwith over 30beloved Disney characters such as Elsa, Anna, Mickey,Peter Pan,Stitch, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and more.- Journey throughElsa’skingdom of Arendelle, visit Zootopia or take flightacrossFantasyland on Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger! - Collect fanfavoriteDisney landmarks like Oaken’s Barn or Ariel's Grotto andlevel themup to gain the advantage against your opponents and takeover thegame board.- Embark upon a whimsical adventure in Saga modeas youand your character pals complete quests to earn memorableDisneyitems.- Challenge family and friends in a completelyrevampedmultiplayer mode! Are you ready to rule the board and scorebig ongame night? Play Disney Magical Dice: The EnchantedBoardGame!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------[RecommendedSpecs](AOS)RAM 1GB, OS 4.0※ Authorization for the external storagewill only beused to save game data. ※ User information will onlybe used foradding in-game friends to play with. All data will beencrypted foryour security- Please note: This app offers in-apppurchases. Youcan disable this feature by adjusting your device’ssettings.Bydownloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms ofService andPrivacy Policy.- Terms ofService: of Game Night with your Family and Friends!
Yazy the best yatzy dice game
Join millions of fanatical Yatzy players. Get the best dicegameever: Yazy! It is simple, fast to learn and offers youguaranteedfun!Yatzy is composed of 13 rounds. There are five dicethat can berolled up to three times in each round. At any momentyou canchoose one of the 13 category boxes to score the resultyouachieved. Many of the sets are Poker like, such as 3 of a kind,4of a kind, straights, etc. Some call it dice poker game.You havetoscore once and only once in each category box. You mustthink,judge and develop your skills to progress and improve yourgamingabilities. As the game unfolds your category boxes start torunout. The objective is to achieve the highest score from these13rounds.Features:- The best tutorial for the new players-Best,easiest interface you will find anywhere- 4 playing options*-Customizable dice colors * This amazing Yatzy dice game has4playing options:- One Solo Game: One column game- TriplesGame:Longer three columns game- Play versus opponent: Play againsttherobot- Local pass and play: Play a friend using the samedeviceThisis the coolest yatzy dice game ever. Try it now and letus knowwhat you think! We are always improving. The game is alsocalledPoker Dice Game, The Yacht Game, Yatzy, Yam’s, or Yatzee.Somecommon typos are yahtzy, yahtzee tm, yatze, yatsy, yazee and.It isa fantastic family dice game.
Parchisi STAR
Parcheesi STAR is an online multiplayer version of popularclassicboard game Parcheesi. Parcheesi board game is a popular inSpain asParchis, and known by different name in other countries. Itis aboard game of the Cross and Circle family. It is an adaptationofthe Indian game Pachisi or Parcheesi or Ludo orParchisOnlineFeatures- It is totally FREE to play- 2 or 4 playerParcheesiboard game- Chat and send Emoji while you play the game-Designedfor Tablet & Phone- Daily Magic Chest. Open to win upto 50KCoins everyday- Unlock achievements while you play thisamazinggameParcheesi is played with two dice, four pieces perplayer and aboard with a track around the outside, four cornerspaces and fourhome paths leading to a central end space. The mostpopularParcheesi boards in America has 68 spaces around the edge oftheboard, 12 of which are darkened safe spaces. Each corner oftheboard contains one player's nest, or starting area.If you arefreeand want to spend quality time then Parcheesi is here for you.Weall have played this in our childhood. So here we are offeringyouonce again your childhood. So that you can live that momentagainItwas once played by Kings and is now enjoyed by you. Parchishasbeen favorite online game of people across the world.EnjoyParcheesi OnlineNOTE:Use of this application is governedbyGameberry Labs Pvt. Ltd. Terms of Use. Collection and useofpersonal data are subject to Gameberry Labs Privacy Policy.Bothpolicies are available at
The number 1 Tavla (Backgammon) online social game isnowavailable!Do you want to show people that you are the bestTavlaplayer? Do you want to play online with the top players?DownloadTavla VIP and enjoy an experience you have never seenbefore. Thisis not just a game, this is a massive online communityof playerswho are here to win! You can play on your phone or onFacebook oron the web. All game types are available! Sheesh, 31 andothertypes are waiting for you to try them.VIP Tawla is asimulation ofthe real life Backgammon online game. This Turkishversion of thepopular game VIP Tavla offers 3 different modes toenjoy themall:Sheesh BeeshMahbousa31Chat, meet new people, sendthem giftsand build your own profile in the largest Tavla gameavailableonline.Bet and win millions of chips in the game,subscribe orcharge your account to get a VIP status. You will beable to playwith users who are beginners or experts, play with yourfriends,and win great prizes!Compete with friends from around theworld,showoff your skills and climb the ladder to be number 1 ontheleaderboard. Backgammon has never been this fun! Register todayforfree, spin the wheel of fortune and get free chips everyday!VIPTavla has the following features:Play online with yourfriends24/7Different levels and player skills (beginner,expert,professional and VIP)Compete in the weekly leagueCreate yourownleague and set the prizesRealistic game play and rules, greatvoiceovers and custom emojisChat and meet new friends, speak inprivateor in public.Send gifts and chips to your friendsInviteyourfriends on Facebook to play VIP Tavla and get free chipsVerysmartAI systemFair play rulesLeaderboards for the top winners,mostliked, and the richest in the game.Thousands of players onlineatany given timeImmediate support and community management forourplayersCross platform, play against other iPhone, Android,Facebookor Web playersYou can play with your friends on anyplatform, themore you play, the more rewards you will get. Dontforget that youcan play the game also on the website athttps://viptawla.comPleaserate the game and tell us what you thinkon our Instagram andYoutube channels. We really care about youropinion and will workhard to accommodate any request.This game isbrought to you byTamatem Games, the leading mobile games publisherin the MENAmarket.
Russian checkers - Shashki
Russian checkers, also known as Shashki, Шашки, Russian draughts,isvery popular logic game in Russia and in all formerSovietrepublics. Russian Checkers is a challenging board game thatcantrain your logic and strategic skills.The applicationcontainspowerful algorithm of game and friendly classicinterface.Challenge your strategic skills with this relaxing game.Now youcan enjoy the game of checker anywhere you may be, directlyfromyour smart phone.Features:* Online - ELO, online gamesstatistics,leaderboards, achievements, chat* One or Two player mode- testyour skills against the computer or challenge a friend*Ability tocompose own game position* Ability to save games andcontinuelater* Game openings* Statistics* Auto-save* Attractiveclassicwooden interface* Several different boards* Undo move *Advanced AIengine* SoundsGame rules:* The game is played on a 8×8board withalternating dark and light squares.* Each player startswith 12pieces on the three rows closest to their own side. The rowclosestto each player is called the "crownhead" or "kings row". Theplayerwith white pieces moves first.* Men move forward diagonallyto anadjacent unoccupied square.* If a player's piece moves intothekings row on the opposing player's side of the board, that piecetobe "crowned", becoming a "king" and gaining the ability tomoveback or forward and choose on which free square at thisdiagonal tostop.* If a man becames king it can continue a capture,it jumpsbackwards as a king. The player can choose where to landafter thecapture.* Capturing is mandatory and cannot be passed upto make anon-jumping move. When there is more than one way for aplayer tocapture, one may choose which sequence to make. Playermust makeall the captures in that chosen sequence. A captured pieceis lefton the board until all captures in a sequence have been madebutcannot be jumped again (Turkish capturing rules).* A player withnovalid move remaining loses. This is the case if the playereitherhas no pieces left or if a player's pieces are obstructedfrommaking a legal move by the pieces of the opponent. A game is adrawif neither opponent has the possibility to win the game. Thegameis considered a draw when the same position repeats itself forthethird time, with the same player having the move each time. Ifoneplayer proposes a draw and his opponent accepts the offer. Ifaplayer has three kings in the game against a single enemy kingandhis 15th move cannot capture enemy king.
BGC: 2-4 players Party Game
A fascinating collection of mini-games for up to 4 players.Playwith friends at a party, pass the time on a trip,defeatschoolmates during recess or entertain children. You cantrain withbots before a battle or fight online. Turn-based gamesfor arelaxed atmosphere or arcades and action for a fast-pacedmatch.The games involve attention, reaction, reasoning andaccuracy.Simple and understandable rules. Good luck invictory!Features:★Multiplayer with up to 4 players on a singledevice★ Simplecontrols★ Funny Party Games★ Arcade, Action,Turn-Based Games★Online multiplayer"Battle Games Collection" is aunique app thatwill help you have a great time with your friends orfamily!
Dice Duel
Challenge your friends from all over the world, rediscover themostpopular competitive game ever! ★★★★★ Over 1 million gameseveryday! Join them now! ★★★★★ Climb the leaderboards,completeachievements and compete with dice gamers from all overtheworld!Dice Duel is a classic competitive dice game withsimplerules. It’s a unique combination of luck, skill and strategythatyou all know and love. Challenge your buddies or look foropponentsonline, start rolling dices and show them who'sthemaster!ATTENTION! This game is based on the original rules oftheclassic dice game (also known as Yams, similar toAmericanCheerio). No additional cups or dice rolling - the onlything thatcounts is your skill (...and a little bit of luck;))!Mostimportant features:★ classic competitive dice game that youknowand love (also known as Yams, similar to American Cheerio) inamultiplayer version★ win Diamonds and collect beautiful cupsanddice★ the real-game feeling and design (rolling the dice,shakingthe cups)★ Quick Mode allows you to play with your buddiesin realtime★ you don’t like the time pressure? Play in theturn-basedmode! ★ find opponents on Facebook, by email, contactlist,username or using random mode!★ create an account andcontinueplaying classic dice game on a different device★ built-inchatallows you to communicate with other players ★ AchievementsandDaily Challenges will always keep you busy★ level up and climbtheLeaderboards (monthly / weekly / all-time) to become the realdicemaster★ shake your device to throw dice - rolling like aclassicdice game pro!★ the only competitive game that allows you totestboth your luck and strategy skills!Your Friends usingdifferentsystems? No problem! In Dice Duel you can play togetherwith yourbuddies no matter the platform you're on!This classiccompetitivegame is completely free. All levels and achievements canbecompleted without spending real money.We use device identifierstoconstantly improve your user experience and to personalize ads.Wealso share such identifiers and other information from yourdevicewith our social media, advertising and analytics partners.Seedetails:
Battle Ludo
Battle Ludo (Aeroplane Chess) is a Simple & Fun classicboardgame!You would wonder why this simple game from childhoodcouldstill be this entertaining!Enjoyed by adults and childrenalike, Itis very similar to the traditional game Ludo and Pachisi.Playerstake turns to throw the die. The player have all fourpiecesfinishing their journey wins! The dice is absolutely 100%randomfor computer AI. Suggest easy mode for starting. Enjoy!;)What areyou waiting for? Let's getitstarted!FEATURES:--------------------------------- Support1-4Multiplayers!- Play against 1-3 computers AI with 3 levels-NiceSound Effects- User-friendly interface- Classic memorabletheme-Multiple Language (English,中繁,中简)- Auto save game- SupportApps2SD-It’s Free !The ludo game is called 飛行棋,飞行棋,Flying PlaneChess inChina. It may be similar to the board gamelikeSorry!,parcheesi,etc.And some other places it may be knownasMens-erger-je-niet,Fia med knuff.For any issues/bugs, please letusknow at : (with device+Android version), weMUSTFOLLOW UP.We will keep improving the game. Please leave ussomecomment! Or email to: info@sohomob.comNote:for theGET_ACCOUNTpermission, its used by Push notificationSohomob willnot collectany email address.
Yatzy Ultimate
The most addictive dice game you can ever play! Refreshyourchildhood memories with this all-time classic game andcustomize itthe way you want. Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy and American Yatzymodes willgive you hours of fun playing alone or against opponentsfromaround the world.No matter if you’re a beginner or master ofthegame, we added hints and 3 difficulty levels to suit yourskillsand let you advance the game. You can choose to practiceyourskills in training mode, or play against realopponents,Head-2-Head with the best from around the world. As forthe risktakers, use Chips to bet and take risks and feel theultimate powerof winning. If you’re looking for a relaxed matchwith yourBuddies, go to Play & Wait and play freed fromtimepressure.Yatzy Ultimate is one of the most popular andaddictiveYatzy games with over 5.000.000 downloads. Every singlereview youwrote was carefully read and analyzed. Now, wecompletelyreinvented for you and made it even more exciting byadding new andunique game features.Start the journey as a Newbie onNoob Alley,and advance to higher levels with little luck and usingyourskills. Play Online and Bet games, win chips and soon you willbethe Titan of the Passage of the Titans. Build your own buddylistby adding your friends and family, or meet new friends fromallover the world. Your buddies will always be there when you’reinthe mood for rolling the dice and winning!As a reward foryourloyalty we are giving you 5000 Chips for free.Let us knowyoursuggestions and improvements or issues/bugs is free to download, and all levels canbecompleted without spending any money. The game offersoptionalin-app purchases from 0.99 USD to 49.99 USD.Yatzy isintended foran adult audience and do not offer "real moneygambling" or anopportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice orsuccess atsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at"real moneygambling.Supports:• 5 000 initial free Chip• 7 levelsand rankswhich will provide you constant challenge playing withhigherstakes• Select your favourite game configuration:Yatzy(Scandinavian - 5 dice), Maxi Yatzy (6 dice) & AmericanYatzy(5 dice)• Invite your buddies and play with them OnlineorPlay&Wait matches• Chat - Chat with your Buddies whileplaying(predefined chat for non-buddies)• Online - play against thebestopponents from around the world• Bet - take risks and winmore•Play offline: alone, against Computer or with your friends -Passn’ Play• Progressive daily bonus• Timers for Online mode• PlaywithNearby players via Bluetooth • Get additional points for thesecondYatzy in American Yatzy mode• Global Leaderboards - beathighscores and climb straight to the top• History of your games•Shareyour results on your favourie social network• Serverconnectivityindicator to keep track of your connection for playingOnline andBet games• Crisp graphics and sounds effects• Availablein 8languages: English, French, German, Danish, Swedish,Spanish,Russian and TurkishWhether you call it yahtzee, yacht,yatzee,yachty, there is only one ultimate version of the yahtzeegame -Yatzy Ultimate! Let's roll!Yahtzee names and logos aretrademarksof Hasbro.
Domino - Dominoes online
Enjoy the classic Dominoes on your mobile device!Join thelargestDominos community and meet new friends. Play ALL FIVES, DRAWGAME,BLOCK GAME, ALL THREES and KOZEL domino online oragainstchallenging computer opponent.Features:• five classic Dominogamesin one app• intuitive user interface with easy controls• 2 to4players in any game• play Dominoes online with yourFacebookfriends or random players• challenging computer opponentknows howto play Dominoes• detailed stats for both online andoffline game•leaderboard will show who is real pro in Dominos• getbonus coinsevery few hours• choose your favorite domino tiles• AllFives scorehints• send gifts to your opponents, while playingDominoes• askyour friends for free coins and receive free coinsfromthemDownload Domino - Dominoes online free and take your wayfromthe Beginner to Elite! Play Dominos free anytime, anywhere!Joinourofficial Domino - Dominoes online communityonFacebook:
New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice Game
Roll dice & play New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! It’s a funboardgame classic with a reinvented look. Play dice with friends inthisnew multiplayer dice game. Challenge friends to play thisfamilygame for hours of endless fun! Yahtzee, the #1 dice game,isreimagined in the brand New YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Puzzle gamefan?Then you’ll love this new multiplayer dice game! Don’t have acluewhat YAHTZEE® is? Download now and you’ll soon findout!Yatzee,yahsee, yatze, yatzy, or whatever words you choose,there’s onlyone Yahtzee! Give it a roll and find out why millionshave playedthis classic family game for over 50 years!Classic &Fun BoardGame on the GoPlay the #1 dice game officially licensed byHasbroat home or on the go.Social game meets dice challenge: Rolldiceagainst other players in epic gameplay.Play dice with friends:Youcan even chat while you play! Now that’s a socialgame!NewMultiplayer Dice Game Multiplayer challenges with FacebookfriendsAND current Dice with Buddies™ opponents.Fun, even bettergame& epic gameplay – you’ll be rolling in no time! Puzzlegamesyour thing? Then you’ll love this fun board game!Play DicewithFriends - Roll for Bonus Rolls Win Bonus Rolls, Custom Dice,prizesand rewards! Defeat new Dice Masters daily to score.Roll diceinepic battles that put you head to head against skilledDiceMasters! Multiplayer matchup winners crowned in fun battles –proveyou’re the best dice roller among all your friends!SocialGame: NewYAHTZEE® With BuddiesPlay dice and test your game skills.No needto puzzle over the rules, you’ll be playing in no time!BonusRolls,Custom Dice and amazing prizes are yours to score. Roll dicewithflair! Personalize your Yahtzee experience by winning CustomDiceand vanity frames! Whether you’re a wiz at words or astrategyenthusiast, there’s just no escaping the fun you’ll haveplayingNew YAHTZEE® With Buddies! Want us to clue you in on whyit’s sogreat? It’s just SO addictive!Download New YAHTZEE® WithBuddiesand experience the world’s best family game and fun boardgameclassic come to life! You’ll be lost for words!Playthismultiplayer game with friends, challenge daily Dice Masters orDicewith Buddies™ players to keep the action rolling!Experiencethrilling gameplay and hours of addictive fun! The clueis in thename: yatzy, yahtzee, yatzee, or yachty, there’s only oneauthenticYahtzee!Pick up your shaker, roll dice and prepare toshout“YAHTZEE”!The HASBRO GAMING and YAHTZEE names and logosaretrademarks of Hasbro.© 2018 Hasbro, Pawtucket, RI 02861-1059USA.All Rights Reserved. TM & ® denote U.S. Trademarks.
Chess Time® -Multiplayer Chess
Chess Time - Free Multiplayer Chess! Play chess for freeagainstreal people!-------------------------------------Chess Timeis anonline global chess community for correspondencechessplayers.Chess Time is a long-distance online chess game.Findplayers in the USA, UK, Germany and more! Communicate by anin-gamechat, tag favorite opponents as friends and more!- Playchess withanyone from anywhere with an internet connection.- Playagainstyour friends with the top three mobile platforms. - Tagplayers asfriends for easy re-invite.- Choose from different chesssets andthemes!- Chat in each chess game against your opponent.-History ofrecent games!- Auto-calculated ELO rating for eachaccount. - Trainagainst stronger opponents with unrated games!-Export games as pgnand screenshots.- Leader Board by rating andcountryAll opponentsare human with available players every minute!Please note: This isa notification based system. Chess Time willsend a notificationwhen it is your time to make a move for eachgame.
Yachty Dice Game 🎲 – Yatzy Free
Yachty Dice GamesYatzy is a free board dice games. Amultiplayerthat you can play with bubbies and fun offline game youcan playanywhere. Yachty is a classic time killer for you andfantasticfamily pastime. People call it yatzy, yachty, yahtzy,yatzie, pokerdice or any other way but be sure that this is the onedice gameyou and your buddies like!If you are not familiare withclassicyachty dice game, don't worry! Get ready to have fun in theworldof this classic board and addictive yachty free game. Therules aresimple and clear. You will learn how to play yatzy easilyand willbe able to tell your friends and family how to play.Yatzyis thedice games where players should score as many points aspossible,by throwing combinations of dice. There are only 13 roundsin thegame and you should fill in all 13 combinations. This dicegame isalso called poker dice. Here, in the game 5 identical diceis thebest combination which is called Yazty. There are a numberofcombinations such as Full house, Three of a Kind, Four of aKind,Small Straight, Large Straight. If you re-throw Yatzy, JokeRulewill be activated and you will get a bonus and could writeeverycombination. You can find full details on our website,dedicated toour fun and addictive dice game. Let’s play Yachtyfree!- Pass yourtime with Yachty if you are bored and alone, trainfor being thebest dice roller- Challenge your friends and family,activateonline multiplayer mode and enjoy classic free yatzy-Choose youropponent according to your level - Roll and play regularyachtytournaments- Score prizes and gets super bonuses everyhour!Playthis best classic free dice game everywhere! Enjoy yatzyyourself,get fun with family and friends, be the king of yachty
Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes Board Game
Have fun with this great classic:Dominoes!create private matches and play with your friends, tryto defeatyour opponents with strategy, reasoning and a little bitofluck..Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes Board Game is an app forDominoesfans! With it, you can have endless fun whenever andwherever youwant. Check out its main features:- Play with bots, friends and others players: Playonlinewith your Facebook friends or challenge others playersfromanywhere in the world! If you want, you can train with ourbotstoo.- 4 different modes: Choose your favorite Dominoesmode:TurboDominoes, Draw Dominoes, Dominoes All Fives andBlockDominoes.- Matches with 2 or 4 players: Choose if you will createamatch with just two players or two teams.Other features:- 3 difficulty levels;- Customize the table and the cards from the deck;- Statistics from your matches.If you like board games like Checkers, Mahjong, BackgammonandChess, you will love Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes BoardGame.What are you waiting for? Get the tiles and score tovictory.Download Dominoes: Best Classic Dominoes BoardGamenow!
Checkers Online
Checkers - a board game that does not need specialrepresentation,as well as, for example, the game of chess,backgammon or cards.Known since ancient times, it allows you tohave a great timeanywhere, anytime, for now, just phone or tabletto compete againstthe computer, a friend or random opponents. Keyfeatures: + Game aswith computer and with real people - on onephone, online or viaBluetooth. + Large selection of game modes -russian checkers,international, british and others, including thegame by theirrules, plus a giveaway. + When you play online, youcan select theflag of your country and see the name, profile photoand statisticsopponent, chat (with emoji) during the game. + Has agloballeaderboard in ELO, as well as the statistics of your games,bothonline and with your computer. + For the better to learn toplayhas an editor position, as well as the history of youronlinegaming on the moves together with the history of chat. +Largeselection of pieces, boards, and backgrounds, plus anon-intrusivevoice gameplay. + Standard features such as how tocancel moves,save the game, highlighting the possible moves,multiple difficultylevels. Unique (not yet copied) function toautomate routine andincrease usability:+ Automatic move, when oneoption.+ Repeat yoursuccessful moves by database (database iscreated and updated basedon your games won).+ Turn in one touch(enough to break fingers!)free cells, if there is one option.+Automatic selection of figure,when one option.+ As well as otherthings that distinguish the gamefrom the competition, howeverbetter try it for yourself and vote.
Dama - Online
Turkish Draughts (also known as Dama or Damasi) is a variantofcheckers played in Turkey. The board game does not needspecialrepresentation, as well as, for example, the backgammon,chess orcards game. Checkers is a challenging board game that cantrainyour logic and strategic skills. Challenge your strategicskillswith this relaxing game.Features:* On-line multiplayer withchat,ELO, invitations* One or Two player mode* Bluetooth* Undomove*Ability to compose own draughts position* Ability to savegames andcontinue later* Parental control* Attractive classicwoodeninterface* Auto-save* Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* Onan 8×8board, 16 men are lined up on each side, in two rows,skipping theback row.* Men can move forward or sideways one square,capturingby means of a jump, but they cannot move backwards. When amanreaches the back row, it is promoted to a king at the end ofthemove. Kings may move any number of squares forwards, backwardsorsideways, capturing by jumping over any piece and landing onanysquare within permissible path beyond the captured piece.*Piecesare removed immediately after being jumped. If a jump ispossible,it must be done. If several ways of jumping are possible,the onethat captures the most pieces must be chosen. No differencebetweenking and man is made during capture; each counts as onepiece. Ifthere is more than one way to capture the maximallypossible numberof pieces, the player may choose which to take.* Thegame ends whena player has no legal move, either because all hispieces arecaptured or he is completely blocked. The opponent winsthe game.*Unlike other draughts variants, since enemy pieces areremovedimmediately after being jumped, as pieces are captured andremovedfrom the board, it is possible to cross the same square morethanonce in the same capturing sequence.* Within amulti-capture,turning 180 degrees between two captures is notallowed.
Farkle Dice Game
Play Farkle Dice Game! We have finally created FarkleforAndroid.The rules of Farkle are very simple:In 'Multiplayer',youneed to accumulate 5000 or 7500 points before your opponentdoes.In'Single Player' and 'Tournament', you need to accumulate asmanypoints as you can in 10 moves.You have 6 dice. When you rollthem,you get different scoring combinations. In order to bank thepointsfor your score, you need to accumulate at least 300 points.If youroll a Farkle three times in a row, you get -500. If you havenotrolled a meaningful scoring combination, you "Farkle" and get0points.Full rules are here: game Farkle is also knownas 10000, Greed, Hot Dice, Squelch,Zilch, Dice Poker, Zonk orFarkel.
Yachty Free
★★★★★ Officially the best dice game ever, and the bestlookingyahtzee game on the store.Have fun with friends, family ornewopponents on the mobile version of this beloved classic boardgameAgame of Yachty Deluxe consists of 13 rounds. In each round,youroll the dice and score the result in one of 13 categories.Youmustscore exactly once in each category, so skill and strategyarerequired as the game progresses and your options start to runout.The aim of the game is to make the biggest score you can fromthe13 rounds.[i]Yacht[/i] is the original name for this publicdomaindice game, but you may also know it as yatzy, yatsy, yahtzeeorpoker dice.Featuring:★ SOLO MODE ★A standard patience game foroneplayer. Supports multiple yahtzee bonus and wildcards.★MULTIPLAYERGAMES WITH FRIENDS ★Play games with friends and proveyou’re thebest dice rollerSocial multiplayer games where anythingcanhappen!★ TRIPLES MODE ★A more in-depth patience game foroneplayer, using three scoring columns. Use your best strategyandpick your scoring columns wisely out of the x1, x2 and x3scoremultipliers.★ PASS & PLAY ★A two-player game needingnointernet connection - just pass the device to your friendwhenyou've taken your turn and have twice the fun.★ ACHIEVEMENTS★Withlots of different achievements to chase down, you will neverbeshort of extra challenge.★ REALISTIC DICE ★The dice are renderedinfull 3D and shaken using an advanced physics simulation.Thisbrings an unprecedented level of realism to Android dicegaming.★HOW TO PLAY ★Rules of the game, for all gameplay variants,areincluded within the game.Best dice app ever awardhere:
Checkers Elite
*** Over 10 million downloads! ***Checkers board game(Draughts,dame, damas – various languages) is well-known ancientgame, thatstill very popular over the world for its simple rulesandaddictive gameplay, which hide deep tactics andvariability.PlayCheckers Online – a special mode where you cancompete with otherplayers. Gain new levels and ranks, climb up inleaderboards(daily, weekly and global) or play in specialTournaments withawards. Use your awards to obtain and customizedesign of yourCheckers pieces. Checkers Online mode is completelyfree. It uses«energy» which can be obtained in many ways: as dailyrewards,defeating your opponents or wining in the tournaments.Gamealsosupports offline mode where you have plenty of game modes tochoosefrom. For example, Russian, English/AmericanCheckers,International or Brazil Draughts. And we have some specialguesthere for you. It's called Random Checkers and it's completelyfunand addictive. Let the random generator decides how manypieceswill be on board, where they will stand and what rules apply.Alsoyou can disable force jump option via Settings. Game features:•Online Checkers mode with leaderboards, levels,ranks,customization and ELO-rating• User profile withdetailedstatistics, also you can change nick and upload your ownavatar•Search opponent with desired game level or play with friendsviaprivate room or ID• Online tournaments with cups and awards•Chatin online mode• 14 game types: English/AmericanDraughts,International (Checkers 10x10), Russian, American Pool,GiveawayCheckers, Diagonal, Thai, Turkish, Italian, Sparse,Self-Eaters,Brazilian, Blind and Random Checkers (10x10 randomplaced pieceswith changing movement rules).• 4 difficulty levels •Excellentgraphics • 2D and 3D perspective modes • Unlimited undofunction •Play with friend via "Hot-seat" mode• Over 100 specialdesigns forcheckers pieces & 4 board designs
Backgammon Ultimate
Play the ultimate game of Backgammon for free. Move thepiecesaround the board according to dice rolls. Get all the piecesin thehouse to take them out according to your dice. Be the firstplayerto get all the pieces out to win the game.Start playing now!★ ★ ★FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ✓ very challenging AI✓ lots ofcustomizationoptions✓ auto bear off✓ easy to select and movepieces✓ fluidanimations ✓ HD graphics✓ detailed statistics✓ nicemusic and soundeffects★ Support and FeedbackIf you have anytechnical problems,please email us directly Please, don’tleave support problems in ourcomments – we no longer check thoseand it will take longer to fixany issues that you might encounter.Thank you for yourunderstanding!Already a fan of BackgammonUltimate? Like us onFacebook or follow us on Twitter forthelatestnews: least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who hasplayedBackgammon Ultimate!
Ludo Game : New(2018) Dice Game, The Star
Ludo board game is fun and hilarious game to play with friendsandfamily. It is King of all board games, lets you sharesomewonderful time with your loved ones. Don't wait any further,getthe dice rolling to be the king of Board Games.It is also knownasPachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game,Parchís.Thisgame has stayed popular throughout the ages, varyingonly a littlein its game structure. The game is played between 2 to4 playersand you have the option of playing the game against thecomputer,against your friends, or even against people from aroundtheworld.Ludo by BlackLight lets you define your own rules thatsuityour requirements. Ludo Classic Features:- Addedrules/optionswhich are played and popular in the world.- Option toshow safecells(square) which is represented by star icon.- Optionto getanother turn on both dice number 1 and 6.- All the rulesareoptional so you can play both international version.- Newmoderndesign with wooden board.- Option to choose the dice number 6whichwill start the coin.- Option to choose the number of coins tobeplayed with 2,3 and 4.- Multiplayer in the same device, 2 and4player Real-Time Ludo.- Play against Computer.In ludo theobjectiveis pretty straightforward; each player gets 4 tokens,these tokensmust make a full turn of the board and then make it tothe finishline.Whoever gets all four tokens to the end first is thewinner.However, each move can only be made based on the numberdecided bycasting a six-sided die, and each token can only move outof theirhome by casting a six. Additionally, the competition factorof thegames is upped by the fact that while moving if anotherplayer’stoken lands on the same square as your token, then yourtoken willautomatically be sent back home and you’ll need to roll asixagain.Coming soon:- Creating private room to play with friendsandfamily in multiplayer mode- Options menu with more rulesandsettings- Score history and statistics- SoundsandnotificationsCheck our Web Site for out latestblogs**Localized name of thegame:Mens-erger-je-niet(the Netherlands),Parchís or Parkase(Spain),Le Jeu de Dada orPetits Chevaux (France),Non t'arrabbiare(Italy),Fia med knuff(Sweden),Parqués (Colombia),Griniaris(Greece).Some Arabic Pachisivariants are :Barjis / Bargis(Palestine),Barjis(s) / Bargese(Syria),Pachîs (Persia/Iran).da'ngu'a ('Vietnam') Fei Xing Qi'(China)Check more on Wikeipediaat
Italian Dama - Online
Italian Dama (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Italy andNorthernAfrica. The board game does not need specialrepresentation, aswell as, for example, the backgammon, chess orcards game. Checkersis a challenging board game that can train yourlogic and strategicskills. Challenge your strategic skills withthis relaxinggame.Features:* On-line multiplayer with chat, ELO,invitations*One or Two player mode* Undo move* Ability to composeown draughtsposition* Ability to save games and continue later*Parentalcontrol* Attractive classic wooden interface*Auto-save*Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* White always movesfirst. * Menmove one square diagonally forward. Should they reachthe filefarthest from the player to which they belong, they becomekings.*Kings can move forward or back one square, again onlydiagonally.*Capturing is mandatory.* The huffing rule was removedfrom theofficial rules. * Men may only capture diagonally forward,and cancapture a maximum of three pieces in a row. * Kings move, aswellas capture, backwards; also, they are immune to men. They canonlybe captured by other kings.* A player wins when he hassucceeded incapturing all of his opponent's pieces, or if hisopponent resigns.* A draw occurs when neither player cantheoretically take anopposing piece.
Brazilian Dama - Online
★ Unlock the ad-free VIP app version with AppGratis code★BrazilianDamas (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantof theDraughts game family played mainly in Brazil. The board gamedoesnot need special representation, as well as, for example,thebackgammon, chess or cards game. Checkers is a challengingboardgame that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challengeyourstrategic skills with this relaxing game.Features:*Onlinemultiplayer with chat, ELO, invitations* One or Two playermode*Bluetooth* Undo move* Ability to compose own draughtsposition*Ability to save games and continue later* Ability toanalyse savedgames* Parental control* Attractive classic woodeninterface*Auto-save* Statistics* SoundsThe game rules:* The playerwith thelight pieces makes the first move. * Pieces can capturebackwardand forward.* The long-range moving and capturingcapability ofkings, and the requirement that the maximum number ofmen becaptured.* Capturing is mandatory.* A piece is crowned if itstopson the far edge of the board at the end of its turn.*Crownedpieces can move freely multiple steps.* A player with novalid moveremaining loses.* A game is a draw if neither opponenthas thepossibility to win the game.* The game is considered a drawwhenthe same position repeats itself for the third with the sameplayerhaving the move each time.
Ludo Raja LIVE – Classic Indian Ludo Board Game
Ludo Raja LIVE(लूडो) is an online ludo board game played inIndiaand around the world. It is also known as parchisi gameorparcheesi game, and is similar to a Spanish dice game,Parchís.Ludo games are one of the most widely played board gamesamongfriends and families. Recalling your childhood, ludo game isnowavailable online! Ludo Raja LIVE offers multiplayer online modeforyou to beat the players and be the king of ludo boardgame!Download this multiplayer board game now and get thedicerolling!About Ludo RajaLudo Raja LIVE is a strategy board gamefor2-4 players and you can play this dice puzzle game againstthecomputer, against your friends and families, or evenagainstplayers from around the world through online matchmaking!Chooseyour favorite colour, roll dice and get all your 4 tokenspass theboard and make them to the finish line. Whoever gets all 4tokensto the end first is the winner. Join us with this familyboard gameand have fun rolling dice! Ludo is fun.Every Ludo gamehas a nailbiting finish. Enjoy your time with friends and play thisonlineludo game!Ludo Raja LIVE is one of the most classic ludogames foryou to recall your childhood. We bring this ludo boardgame onlineto our phone and tablet with original taste andfeature.You canplay this online ludo game everywhere with both yourfriends andplayers worldwide. Roll a six and choose your movewisely to win.Ludo Raja LIVEFeatures:- 2-4 player parchis onlineboard game-Create private rooms and invite your friends and familymembers tojoin this family ludo game- Play against worldwideplayers, orcomputers to be the king of ludo games- Real-timematchmaking foryou to find the right opponent- Chat and send emojito make friendsonline- Super network connection, works both on 3G& WiFi- Freefortune wheel every daySo roll a six and start aludo boardgame!Find us on Facebook if you haveanyquestions.
Ludo : The Dice Game
Ludo is board game played with family, friends & kids.LudoGameis Download for Free!Ludo is a head of board game.Ludo gameisplayed all ages people like kids , young and old man game.Ludo isamind game. Ludo is a king of board game.Ludo is one type ofpuzzlegame. Ludo is a also known as difference name like chopat,PacheesiBoard gameRace gameDice gameLudo Game plated with :-- Playagainstcomputer- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer)- Play WithPeoplearound world.The game is played between 2 to 4 players andyou havethe option of playing the game against the computer,against yourfriends, or even against people from around theworld.With plentyof features, Ludo Game brings you a really uniquegamingexperience.Ludo ( लूडो ) gamesLudo 3D MultiplayerLudoGameLudo GameFree,Ludo Game 3DLudo Game LudoLudo Game VS android(computer).Thegame and its variants are popular in many countriesand undervarious names.**Localized name of thegame:Mens-erger-je-niet (theNetherlands),Parchís or Parkase(Spain),Le Jeu de Dada or PetitsChevaux (France),Non t'arrabbiare(Italy),Barjis(s) / Bargese(Syria),Pachîs (Persia/Iran).da' ngu'a('Vietnam') Fei Xing Qi'(China)Fia med knuff (Sweden)Parqués(Colombia)Barjis / Bargis(Palestine)Griniaris (Greece)Some rules ofGame :-Each playerchooses one of the 4 colours (green, yellow, redor blue) andplaces the 4 pieces of that colour in the correspondingstartingcircle. A single die is thrown to determine movement.
Russian Checkers
Traditional Russian Checkers with official rules* Improved AI*6levels of difficulty* 18 megabytes of endgame tablebases with upto5 pieces* Player and computer can offer a draw* Forced drawinthree position repetition and in other situations according totherules* All games with computer are stored automatically,it'spossible to load and view them later* Leaderboards for allplayers*Two-player mode* The game supports more than 10 languages*Severalboard skins: wood, marble and leather* Moves selection ispossibleby touching and dragging* Sounds are available and can beturnedoff* Additional useful settings: possible move highlighting,quickmove selection, disable screen dimming or deny screenauto-rotation
Farkle is the best game of such type.This application enables youtoplay at any convenient time.You can play individually without ariskof loosing your chips, practicing and gaining experience,developingnew strategies of the game.You can take your chances andput thechips in a kitty, and if you collect the necessary amountof points,you will get an increased bet. Depending on the type ofthe game youchoose, you can double, triple or even quadruple thebet.The programalso enables playing with friends and strangers.Multiplayer willgive an opportunity to feel the excitement of areal fight with realpeople.In a tournament you have possibility tocompete in real timewith players around the world and to provethat you are the bestFarkle player.Game features:• Simpleregistration: create a nicknameor enter your name.• At Facebookregistration you can play onseveral devices, using your account.Data of your chips aresynchronized on all devices you enteredusing profile. (Bonus is 10000 chips).• Online game with friendsand strangers.• Extra Dice:there are three types of Extra Dice:-х2 - doubles the points for around.- 6 - adds 6 dice for a round.-F – Unfarkle.• Extra Dice canbe used only once at a game. Allthree types of Extra Dice can beused in one round.• Multiplatform:possibility to play with friendswho has iOS.• Participating inweekly, monthly and general rating.•Purchase of different dice andcups for a game. Be unique, play withnon-standard dice and cups.Earn chips and choose the type of diceor cup which you like themost.• Daily bonus: play every day and getchips and extra dice fora game.
Backgammon King
Backgammon is the oldest board game playedbymany people from the Bronze Age to modern times.The origin of many board games.There still is popular in many countries.[Rules]All stones come in to their headquarters, you can removethestone.You pulled out all his stones than your opponent to win in thefirstgame.If you come up with only one stone at a Cannes party, you cangetyour own stone.[Features]Single Player: 4 levels of difficulty support2 Play: Offline Friends and charged with a mobile deviceMultiplayer: Online battle with the worldSimple and comfortable graphicsHomepage: :