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Backgammon - Narde 5.62
Narde is a board game for two players in which the playingpiecesare moved according to the roll of dice. It's similartobackgammon, uses the same board, but it has differentinitialpositions and rules. -Internet Game -Connection restore-Moveplaying pieces by tap or dragging -Rating game -Globalchat-Private messages -Undo by Back button while last pieces notmoved-Bluetooth mode -Support tablet device -Support two players onsamedevice -Support playing vs AI LIKEUS:
Backgammon Plus 4.10.0
Backgammon Plus is played and liked by hundreds of thousandsofplayers on Facebook. Download Backgammon Plus for free, andplaywith your friends. Double the stakes and make new friends.Joinyour friends’ tables and play instantly. Chat with otherplayerswhile you play. Win thousands of free Chips every day! QUICKPLAYStart playing right away with a single touch. No need to lookforempty tables! PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS Join tables withyourFacebook friends with a single touch. SELECT YOUR ROOM Youcanselect from a wide range of rooms to play with differentplayersand higher stakes. CREATE ROOMS Do you want to create yourownroom? Create a room catering to your play style and startplayingright away. DOUBLE THE STAKES Double the stakes anytime youwish towin more. Backgammon is one of the oldest board games,playedworldwide with many variants. Backgammon Plus is designed forfansof games such as backgammon, tavle, tawla, tavli,gammon,nackgammon, shesh besh, mahbusa, narde, tapa, acey-deucey,gulbara, portes, plakoto and fevga. Additional information: • Thegameis free to play; however, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. In-app purchasesrangefrom $0.99 to $99.99 USD. • Use of this application isgoverned byZynga’s Terms of Service, ©2017 Zynga Inc.
Backgammon Pack : 18 Games 6.048
Our game offers premium backgammon with its 18 variants ofthebackgammon game! This fun and free game lets you enjoy one oftheworld’s most popular strategy games with friends you alreadyknowor people you meet online. The Best Features of ourBackgammongame: ● 18 Games are included You can play 18 variantsofBackgammon games for free (Backgammon,Табла, Mahbusa,Tabla,Portes, Tawla31 ( طاولة زهر ),十五子棋 , Long Backgamon,Tavla,Tavli ,Длинные нарды, Gamão, Nərd, Fevga, Moultezim ), Tapa (Plakoto ),Narde, Nackgammon,Takhteh,Shesh besh, Moultezim,Gioul,Old EnglishBackgammon game, The pin game,Plakoto express and Gulbara. ● Anykind of Multiplayer. Play backgammon with friends, orchallengeother players. - LAN (WiFi) - Online multiplayer -Internet - Local2-player (hot-seat) - Bluetooth ● Small game size ~10MB ● DailyChallenges Win games vs AI with exact rules andconditions each dayand be the best player. ● Multi Backgammon GamesTournament Designyour tournament. List which backgammon games willbe played. ● Oneof the Best statistics Statistics are grouped bygame,year andmonth. ● A Designer for Backgammon Game is embeddedDesign yourbackgammon games with custom chips starting positions. ●TRNG isembedded ( fair Backgammon dice roll ), Online RandomGenerator ●Google Play Game Services - Play online in real-time,chat, invitefriends, auto-match with random players List of FreeBackgammonGames included: - Play Backgammon game (Tabla, Tawla,Nərd, Portes,Tavli, Короткие нарды, Gamão, 十五子棋 ) - Play TurkishTavla game -Play Tapa ( Plakoto , Тапа, Mahbusa ) game - PlayGulbara ( Гюлбара) game - Play Narde ( Длинные нарды, LongBackgammon ) game - PlayNackgammon game - Play Backgammon to losegame - Play Race Gammongame - Play Takhteh game - Play AmericanAcey-Deucey - Play Fevgagame - Play Moultezim game - Play Gioulgame - Play Tawla 31 game(طاولة زهر ) - Play The pin game - PlayPlakoto express - PlayPlakoto / Tapa 2 game - Play Shesh besh game- Play Old EnglishBackgammon game Other features of our game: -Fast start-upBackgammon Widget - Live Dice - Advanced BackgammonGame AI - AISetup - Undo function - Automatic move - Rush mode(4,5,6,7) sec -Doubling cube - Five themes (black,droid,classic,metal,treasure) -Support all resolution This game does not offerreal money gamblingor any opportunities to win real money orprizes. Success withinthis game does not imply future success atreal money gambling. ForQuestions, Concerns, Problems and Help:Write us [email protected]
Backgammon Mighty 2.19
Tough Pixels
Backgammon Mighty is a challenging backgammon game which youplayinahighly realistic 3D environment. You can select toplaywithotherbackgammon players in Multiplayer - Online mode oryoucanselect toplay against AI in Singleplayer-Offlinemode.Multiplayer - Onlinemode:• Play with yourfriendsonline•Quick-Play with a randombackgammon player online•Inviteyourfriends to play • Earn pointsby winning multiplayer gamesandusethese points to compete withyour friends and otherplayersfromall over the worldSingleplay -Offline mode:• Playagainst asmartand tough opponent• Earn pointsby winningsingleplayer games•Playoffline without active internetconnection•Opponent resignswhenhe thinks you are the winner• Youcan resign ifyou do not wanttoplay till the last piece • Abilityto set levelofdifficulty•Ability to specify number of games toplay• You canplayas a guestif you do not want to compete online•Random dicerolls,nocheating.Also in this board game:• Beautiful3Dgraphicswithsmooth animations• Ability to change the directionofmove•Undoyour last move• Move aid; highlighting theavailablemoves&snapping onto closest slot• Suitable for tabletsandphones•Bestof all; it is free!"Backgammon Mighty" challengesyou!
Chess 2.5.1
Chess Prince
Hi Players, As you know Chess is one of the oldest strategy gamesinthe world. Chess is an excellent board logic game that developssuchskills as tactics, strategy, visual memory. I tried to createanapplication that allows a player of any level to enjoy thegame.Chess pieces: - The pawn moves to one field forward or twofieldsat the first move of this figure, beats diagonally to onefieldforward. - The king moves to one field in the vertical,horizontalor diagonal. - The queen moves to any distancevertically,horizontally or diagonally. - The rook moves to anydistancevertically or horizontally. - The knight moves to thefield, whichis in two fields along the vertical and onehorizontally or onefield vertically and two horizontally. - Thebishop moves to anydistance diagonally. The goal of the game is tocheckmate the otherking. - Check - the situation in chess, when aking is underimmediate attack by opponent's pieces - Checkmate -the situationin chess, when the player whose turn it is to move isin check andhas no legal move to escape check. - Stalemate - thesituation inchess, when the player whose turn it is to move has nolegal moveand is not in check. (draw) Two special moves in Chess: -Castlingis double move, which is performed by the king and therook, thatnever moved. - En passant is a move in which a pawn cantake anopponent's pawn if it jumps over a field under the pawn'sblow.Features: - Ten difficulty levels - Game Assistant (Helper)-Undo-free stars for levels - Six different themes - Two boardview(Top - 2D and Front - 3D) - Alternately mode - Two player mode-Realistic graphics - Save function - Sound effects - Small sizeIfyou want to play good Chess, you can help me make appbetter.Please write your feedback and suggestions here, I will readthemand improve the quality of the application! Thank you.
Backgammon Free 2.28
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Backgammon Free is thebestfree Backgammon game on Android! Backgammon is a game of skillandstrategy; one of the world's classic parlour board games,playedfor recreation and gambling. Like Mahjong, Backgammon isplayed insocial groups in coffee houses and bars. Historically,variants ofthis game are believed to have originated in Egypt over3000 yearsago, from where it was adopted by the Romans and thenlatertravelled to India. It also spread to East Asia, but waslargelyreplaced by Xiangqi (Chinese chess). It is now very popularin theWest. Features: -- Strong Backgammon AI -- 5 Difficultylevels --Full match play + Doubling Cube & Crawford ruleoptions -- 4Boards and Piece Sets -- Single Player vs Computer orlocal 2Player -- Hint & Stats -- Random Dice generator orManual Diceinput -- Designed for both Tablet and Phone This freeversion issupported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internetconnectivity, andtherefore subsequent data charges may apply. Thephotos/media/filespermission is required to allow the game to savegame data toexternal storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.*Does itcheat? See "CPU Strategy" page + Manual Dice option (usereal-worlddice) to prove to yourself that it doesn't*
Tawla 31 11.9.0
Tawla 31 (طاولة زهر, also known as just Backgammon, is similartoMoultezim, Tavla in Turkey and Fevga in Greece) is a variantofBackgammon game played in Middle East. The board game does notneedspecial representation, as well as, for example, chess,checkers.This game is one of the oldest board games for twoplayers. Tawla31 rules are very similar to Long Narde. Features: *No Banners,only ads between games! * 8 game boards and ALL forFREE! * 6difficulty levels * Online multiplayer * Online ELO rating*Bluetooth multiplayer * One or Two player mode * Gamedicestatistics * Dices without cheat * Game does not eat battery *Longmove * Undo move * Small package size
Backgammon King Online 2.7.3
Play the popular backgammon game online for free! - Playlivebackgammon game against opponents around the world. - Get*FREE*chips every day! Play backgammon and bet on your chips. -Competein tournaments, and see your ranking compared to the topplayers inthe world. - Easy and convenient way to play with yourfriends andcompare your ranking. - Chat with opponent whileplaying. Have fun!:-) Privace Policy: of Service:
Chess Time® -Multiplayer Chess
Chess Time - Free Multiplayer Chess! Play chess for freeagainstreal people! ------------------------------------- ChessTime is anonline global chess community for correspondence chessplayers.Chess Time is a long-distance online chess game. Findplayers inthe USA, UK, Germany and more! Communicate by an in-gamechat, tagfavorite opponents as friends and more! - Play chess withanyonefrom anywhere with an internet connection. - Play againstyourfriends with the top three mobile platforms. - Tag playersasfriends for easy re-invite. - Choose from different chess setsandthemes! - Chat in each chess game against your opponent. -Historyof recent games! - Auto-calculated ELO rating for eachaccount. -Train against stronger opponents with unrated games! -Export gamesas pgn and screenshots. - Leader Board by rating andcountry Allopponents are human with available players every minute!Pleasenote: This is a notification based system. Chess Time willsend anotification when it is your time to make a move for eachgame.
Dama - Online 10.4.0
Turkish Draughts (also known as Dama or Damasi) is a variantofcheckers played in Turkey. The board game does not needspecialrepresentation, as well as, for example, the backgammon,chess orcards game. Checkers is a challenging board game that cantrainyour logic and strategic skills. Challenge your strategicskillswith this relaxing game. Features: * On-line multiplayer withchat,ELO, invitations * One or Two player mode * Bluetooth * Undomove *Ability to compose own draughts position * Ability to savegamesand continue later * Parental control * Attractive classicwoodeninterface * Auto-save * Statistics * Sounds The game rules: *On an8×8 board, 16 men are lined up on each side, in two rows,skippingthe back row. * Men can move forward or sideways onesquare,capturing by means of a jump, but they cannot movebackwards. Whena man reaches the back row, it is promoted to a kingat the end ofthe move. Kings may move any number of squaresforwards, backwardsor sideways, capturing by jumping over any pieceand landing on anysquare within permissible path beyond thecaptured piece. * Piecesare removed immediately after being jumped.If a jump is possible,it must be done. If several ways of jumpingare possible, the onethat captures the most pieces must be chosen.No difference betweenking and man is made during capture; eachcounts as one piece. Ifthere is more than one way to capture themaximally possible numberof pieces, the player may choose which totake. * The game endswhen a player has no legal move, eitherbecause all his pieces arecaptured or he is completely blocked. Theopponent wins the game. *Unlike other draughts variants, sinceenemy pieces are removedimmediately after being jumped, as piecesare captured and removedfrom the board, it is possible to cross thesame square more thanonce in the same capturing sequence. * Withina multi-capture,turning 180 degrees between two captures is notallowed.
Chess Free 2.73
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013 / 2015) ★ Chess Free is the bestfreeChess game on Android and is currently the highest ranked (attimeof writing) from the 120+ free chess programs listed! Itsfirstclass tutor makes it great for both developing Chess Strategyandimproving your chess skills. Completely free! This is not ademo,and has no locked options. Featuring: -- 12 playlevels(Novice->Expert) This uses intelligent weakening forlowerlevels. Good for beginners. -- Casual and Pro modes. LearnonCasual and progress to Pro. -- Chess Tutor. This powerfuloptionshows a recommended piece to move, excellent for developingchessstrategy and avoiding simple mistakes. -- Analyse move.Performdeeper analysis on your move. -- “Show CPU Thinking” optionforlevel 3+. Allows the user to see what the AI is considering.--Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud save for stats! UsesyourGoogle+ account -- Provides ELO Rating based on yourresultsagainst CPU in Pro Mode. -- Review game mode. Step throughyourgame! -- Load/Save game files & PGN Export -- Designed forbothTablet and Phone, supporting Landscape mode for Tablets. --2player hot-seat and online. Play against your friends! --ChessStats, Timers, Hints and Handicaps -- 8 Chess Boards and 7ChessPiece Sets -- Uses Treebeard Chess engine (as used inMicrosoft'sMSN Chess). This has a unique "human-like" style. Thisfree versionis supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internetconnectivity,and therefore subsequent data charges may apply.Thephotos/media/files permission is required to allow the game tosavegame data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cacheads.Download the best Chess for Android now!
Backgammon Ultimate 1.4.3
G Soft Team
Play the ultimate game of Backgammon for free. Move thepiecesaround the board according to dice rolls. Get all the piecesin thehouse to take them out according to your dice. Be the firstplayerto get all the pieces out to win the game. Start playing now!★ ★ ★FEATURES ★ ★ ★ ✓ very challenging AI ✓ lots ofcustomizationoptions ✓ auto bear off ✓ easy to select and movepieces ✓ fluidanimations ✓ HD graphics ✓ detailed statistics ✓ nicemusic andsound effects ★ Support and Feedback If you have anytechnicalproblems, please email us directly [email protected], don’t leave support problems in ourcomments – we no longercheck those and it will take longer to fixany issues that youmight encounter. Thank you for yourunderstanding! Already a fan ofBackgammon Ultimate? Like us onFacebook or follow us on Twitterfor the latest news: but not least, a big THANK YOUgoes out to everyone who hasplayed Backgammon Ultimate!
Dice With Buddies™ Free - The Fun Social Dice Game 6.0.1
*Dice With Buddies* Dice With Buddies is a fun, new spin onyourfavorite classic dice game! Enjoyed by millions of players, youcanplay free multiplayer board games with family, friends, ornewbuddies! Share the fun playing free games wherever your opponentissitting, either next to you or thousands of miles away! Rollthedice with all your friends in a fun, new social boardgameexperience! Dice board games are easy and exciting to play!Take onopponents with brand new custom dice, easy-to-use interface,newgame modes, and exciting daily tournaments! Play thisexhilaratingboard game from the same account on any iPad or iPhone!How to PlayDice with Buddies: In Dice With Buddies, the objectiveof the gameis to score the most points by rolling differentcombinations. Your5 dice can be rolled up to 3 times per turn toscore in a category.Once a category has been used in the game, itcannot be used again.The game consists of thirteen turns. Feelinglucky? Roll afive-of-a-kind and score 50 points! Score more pointsthan youropponent to win the game and earn rewards! This dice gamehas alsocalled Poker Dice because there are fun combinations likeFullHouse, Three-of-a-Kind, Four-of-a-Kind, Small Straight,LargeStraight ñ all that resemble poker. If you love Yathzee, YatzyandFarkle, then you will love Dice With Buddies! Play thisclassicdice game anywhere with your friends and family, and preparetohave fun! Dice With Buddies Features Dice Master Showdown: Beatthetower of Dice Masters for great prizes! Dice Game Bonuses: -FinishDice games to win in-game scratchers with a chance to wintons ofbonus dice rolls. - Activate a bonus dice roll to get anextra diceroll right when you need it. Take part in multiplayertournaments:- Dice tournaments are a new, thrilling challenge! DiceSolitaire,Dice Bingo, and Dice Stars are completely new ways toplay thisclassic game! Tournaments are running daily! - Playthrough 10+leagues to win exciting prizes! Social Games withFriends - Playwith friends and family. Create your own family ingame to groupchat and share rewards! - Multiplayer games withrandom opponents ñplay dice games with players around the world -Chat, challenge,and favorite your friends with the new socialbuddies system!Personalize your dice rolling experience: - LOADS OFCUSTOM DICE! -LOTS OF SPECIAL PORTRAIT FRAMES! - TONS OF THEMEDGAME BOARDS! Fansof card games and fun social experiences will LOVEDice WithBuddies! Entertaining games with friends await in DiceWithBuddies! Download today and roll the dice! Please contact [email protected] with
Brazilian Dama - Online 9.15.0
Brazilian Damas (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Brazil. The boardgamedoes not need special representation, as well as, for example,thebackgammon, chess or cards game. Checkers is a challengingboardgame that can train your logic and strategic skills. Challengeyourstrategic skills with this relaxing game. Features: *Onlinemultiplayer with chat, ELO, invitations * One or Two playermode *Bluetooth * Undo move * Ability to compose own draughtsposition *Ability to save games and continue later * Ability toanalyse savedgames * Parental control * Attractive classic woodeninterface *Auto-save * Statistics * Sounds The game rules: * Theplayer withthe light pieces makes the first move. * Pieces cancapturebackward and forward. * The long-range moving andcapturingcapability of kings, and the requirement that the maximumnumber ofmen be captured. * Capturing is mandatory. * A piece iscrowned ifit stops on the far edge of the board at the end of itsturn. *Crowned pieces can move freely multiple steps. * A playerwith novalid move remaining loses. * A game is a draw if neitheropponenthas the possibility to win the game. * The game isconsidered adraw when the same position repeats itself for thethird with thesame player having the move each time.
Italian Dama - Online 10.5.0
Italian Dama (also known as Draughts or Checkers) is a variantofthe Draughts game family played mainly in Italy andNorthernAfrica. The board game does not need specialrepresentation, aswell as, for example, the backgammon, chess orcards game. Checkersis a challenging board game that can train yourlogic and strategicskills. Challenge your strategic skills withthis relaxing game.Features: * On-line multiplayer with chat, ELO,invitations * Oneor Two player mode * Undo move * Ability tocompose own draughtsposition * Ability to save games and continuelater * About 80compositions/puzzles to solve * Parental control *Attractiveclassic wooden interface * Auto-save * Statistics *Sounds The gamerules: * White always moves first. * Men move onesquare diagonallyforward. Should they reach the file farthest fromthe player towhich they belong, they become kings. * Kings can moveforward orback one square, again only diagonally. * Capturing ismandatory. *The huffing rule was removed from the official rules. *Men mayonly capture diagonally forward, and can capture a maximumof threepieces in a row. * Kings move, as well as capture,backwards; also,they are immune to men. They can only be capturedby other kings. *A player wins when he has succeeded in capturingall of hisopponent's pieces, or if his opponent resigns. * A drawoccurs whenneither player can theoretically take an opposing piece.
Backgammon 2.7
Backgammon is one of the oldest board games for twoplayers.Reliably known that people have been playing this game forover5,000 years. Backgammon perfectly improves your tacticalandstrategic thinking and equally with chess and dominoesBackgammonis a member of the tables family, one of the populersgames in theworld.Features of our version of Backgammon:- Great,realisticgraphics.- 7 versions of the game, including Nards,Nackgammon,Tavlya etc..- The opportunity to play together on asingle board.
Family's Game Travel Pack Lite 1.973
Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of more than 40traditionalboard games ! Discover a large game set: ★ Strategy:Chess,Draughts, Checkers, Backgammon, Reversi, Nine Men'sMorris,Neutron, Alquerque, Bagh Bandi, Bagh Chal, Tic Tac Toe,ConnectFour ★ Family classics: Domino, Mexican Train, Ludo, Game ofGoose,Snakes'n Ladder, Memory, Animal War, Dots'n Boxes,Battleships★ Cards: Crazy Eights, Nain Jaune, Russian Bank, NordicRussianBank, King's Corner ★ Solitaires: Peg Solitaire, Mastermind,Mahjong Solitaire, Shisen-Sho, Sudoku, Minesweeper, 40Thieves,Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Golf, Pyramid, Poker Squares,The KingPile, 4 Aces ★ Wooden games: Air Hockey, Passe Trappe★ Dice games:Yatzy, Shut the Box, 421 All these games are packedtogether in asmall application, offering robot players, local andonlineleaderboard. Up to 6 players can play together around asingledevice. Note : This application is the lite, free todownloadversion. It is supported by advertisements. The fullversion comeswith no advertisement and exclusive goodies.Authorizations : Thisapplication requires internet access todisplay advertisements andoffer optional online leaderboards. Italso needs Wifi &Bluetooth authorizations to handle playingbetween multipledevices. These features can be disabled in theapplicationsettings. We collect anonymous usage statistics usingGoogleAnalytics to make the game better and more enjoyable.Pleaseconsult our pivacy policy for more informations.
Russian checkers - Shashki 10.2.0
Russian checkers, also known as Shashki, Шашки, Russian draughtsisvery popular logic game in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus,Kazakhstan,Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Russian Checkers is achallenging boardgame that can train your logic and strategicskills. Theapplication contains powerful algorithm of game andfriendlyclassic interface. Challenge your strategic skills withthisrelaxing game. Now you can enjoy the game of checker anywhereyoumay be, directly from your smart phone. Features: * Online -ELOrating, online games history, leaderboards, achievements,chat,players blocking (VIP). * One or Two player mode - test yourskillsagainst the computer AI or challenge a friend on tablet *AdvancedAI engine with 8 difficulty levels, AI also uses gameopenings forrandomess * Ability to compose own checkers boardposition *Ability to save games and continue later * Ability toanalyze savedgame, replay game from chosen position * Game openings- you cananalyse described game openings * Checkers puzzles -solvedprepared compositions with different difficulties * Playedgamesstatistics * Parental control - lock game settings withpasswordand check your child productivity later in statistics *Auto-save *Classic interface and several board skins * Ability toundo movealso after game over Game rules: * The game is played on a8×8board with alternating dark and light squares. * Each playerstartswith 12 pieces on the three rows closest to their own side.The rowclosest to each player is called the "crownhead" or "kingsrow".The player with white pieces moves first. * Men moveforwarddiagonally to an adjacent unoccupied square. * If a player'spiecemoves into the kings row on the opposing player's side oftheboard, that piece to be "crowned", becoming a "king" andgainingthe ability to move back or forward and choose on which freesquareat this diagonal to stop. * If a man becames king it cancontinue acapture, it jumps backwards as a king. The player canchoose whereto land after the capture. * Capturing is mandatory andcannot bepassed up to make a non-jumping move. When there is morethan oneway for a player to capture, one may choose which sequenceto make.Player must make all the captures in that chosen sequence.Acaptured piece is left on the board until all captures inasequence have been made but cannot be jumped again(Turkishcapturing rules). * A player with no valid move remainingloses.This is the case if the player either has no pieces left orif aplayer's pieces are obstructed from making a legal move bythepieces of the opponent. A game is a draw if neither opponenthasthe possibility to win the game. The game is considered a drawwhenthe same position repeats itself for the third time, with thesameplayer having the move each time. If one player proposes a drawandhis opponent accepts the offer. If a player has three kings inthegame against a single enemy king and his 15th move cannotcaptureenemy king.
Checkers 2.0.0
AOA Inc.
Checkers by AOA Inc famous as Draughts is a board game withallcheckers variations:American checkers, Spanish checkers,turkishcheckers, ghanaian checkers...In AOA Studio we develop allour appsand games with passion. to provide you with the bestexperiencepossible.Damas and Draughts supports both 1 player and 2playergame play, so you can play checkers against friends or testyourskills against a challenging computer opponent.Damas andDraughtsfeatures:->1 player or 2 player game play- >5 levelsof thedifficulty- >Different rules to choose from:International,Spanish, English checkers and more ...- >3 gameboard types10x10 8x8 6x6.- >ability to undo wrong move->option toenable or disable forced captures- >quick responsetime->animated moves- >easy to use interface design->auto-savewhen exit or phone ringInstruction to Star play:Intuitive touchcontrols make it easy to play checkers on yourphone, just tap apiece and then tap where you want it to go. If youaccidentally hitthe wrong spot, The undo button lets you take backyour move andtry again.
Nardy: Championship online
Play Nardy online and pass championship across ex-USSRcapitals:Baku, Erevan, Tbilisi, Astana, Minsk. Win Cups of all thecitiesand become a champion! Nardy Championship is differfrom"backgammon" game. It is famous in Russia as "Dlinnye Nardy" Inthegame you will find: * Thousands of real players online. *Dinamictournaments with different prizes. * Seasonal race(Championshiptournament, which lasts 3 months). * Players League(weeklycompetition in a small group of players with a similarlevel). *Lots of free bonuses - the game can actually be played forfree. *Easy communication system (prepared phrases, emoticons).*Exclusive tournaments to mark the holidays and othersignificantevents. The game is constantly progressing, and in frontyou willfind a lot of interesting innovations!
Backgammon Masters Free 1.7.20
★ Play Free Online Backgammon Today! ★ Want to learn how toplaybackgammon wherever you go? You are in luck! Backgammon Mastersisan aesthetically pleasing game for online and singleplayerbackgammon. Enjoy the ancient board game in crisp, moderngraphicson your smartphone or tablet! All board game fans willappreciatethe easy to use interface, detailed visuals and manyfeatures.There is something for everybody! You can personalise yourprofile,challenge online players, make bets, gammon opponents,participatein tournaments, chat live, find new friends and learnall thetricks of this ancient and exciting board game! Want to playwithfriends and family? Easy! Play with your friends in hotseatmode,via bluetooth, organise tournaments and improve your skill!Out ona trip and have no internet connection? Just challenge our AIinany backgammon style you wish! One match will take you only 5 to30minutes. Backgammon Masters supports many styles of backgammon:»Classic backgammon - the core of the game. » Narde (Nardi) -verypopular in Russia. Longer play, since you can't hitopponent'scheckers. » Tavla (Tavli or Turkish Backgammon) - popularinTurkey. Very similar to backgammon with some ruledifferencesregarding checker play. » Nackgammon - variationinvented by NackBallard with 2 differences from the original game.» Old EnglishBackgammon - a style popular in United Kingdom.Despite the game'sold age millions of people all around the worldstill enjoy thisfantastic board game and its variations up to thisday. Join andbecome a true Master of Backgammon! Game Features: ● 5backgammonstyles: Backgammon, Narde, Nackgammon, Old English andTavla ● 4game modes: Online game, Bluetooth peer-to-peer, againstAI andHotseat ● 100% fair and completely random dice rolls ● Optiontocheck dice fairness in the game in your profile and on the server●6 beautiful boards: Classic, Metal, 10,000BC, Profi, CasinoandWhite Crocodile! ● 2 difficulty levels in game vs AI ●Dailytournaments in Backgammon, Narde, Tavla and Nackgammon ●Extensivestatistics for the last match ● Share your success onFacebook orTwitter! ● Highlighting of available moves ● Find newfriends andopponents in global chat! ● Elo score support and skilllevels forplayers. Can you reach the top? ● Free and regularupdates! ●Collect daily free bonus coins! ● Multi language support:Russian,German and Turkish translations! ● Cross platform supportfordevices all over the world - Android, tablet or iOS, iPhoneandiPad! ★ Best part? The game is FREE! So download and startplayingtoday! ★ Like us and follow us for the latest news, updatesandfree offers: »» If you enjoy BackgammonMasters,leave us a rating! We listen to our players and workconstantly toimprove the game and make it better.
Ludo Game : New(2018) Ludo SuperStar Game 6.75
Ludo board game is fun and hilarious game to play with friendsandfamily. It is the best of all board games, lets you sharesomewonderful time with your loved ones. Don't wait any further,getthe dice rolling and play Ludo SuperStar! It is also knownasPachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game, Parchís.Thisgame has stayed popular throughout the ages, varying only alittlein its game structure. The game is played between 2 to 4playersand you have the option of playing the game against thecomputer,against your friends, or even against people from aroundthe world.Ludo by BlackLight lets you define your own rules thatsuit yourrequirements. Ludo Classic Features: - Added rules/optionswhichare played and popular in the world. - Option to showsafecells(square) which is represented by star icon. - Option togetanother turn on both dice number 1 and 6. - All the rulesareoptional so you can play both international version. - Newmoderndesign with wooden board. - Option to choose the dice number6which will start the coin. - Option to choose the number ofcoinsto be played with 2,3 and 4. - Multiplayer in the same device,2and 4 player Real-Time Ludo. - Play against Computer. In ludotheobjective is pretty straightforward; each player gets 4tokens,these tokens must make a full turn of the board and thenmake it tothe finish line. Whoever gets all four tokens to the endfirst isthe winner. However, each move can only be made based onthe numberdecided by casting a six-sided die, and each token canonly moveout of their home by casting a six. Additionally, thecompetitionfactor of the games is upped by the fact that whilemoving ifanother player’s token lands on the same square as yourtoken, thenyour token will automatically be sent back home andyou’ll need toroll a six again. Coming soon: - Creating privateroom to play withfriends and family in multiplayer mode - Optionsmenu with morerules and settings - Score history and statistics -Sounds andnotifications Check our Web Site for out latestblogs **Localized name of the game:Mens-erger-je-niet(the Netherlands), Parchís or Parkase (Spain), LeJeu de Dada orPetits Chevaux (France), Non t'arrabbiare (Italy),Fia med knuff(Sweden), Parqués (Colombia), Griniaris (Greece). SomeArabicPachisi variants are : Barjis / Bargis (Palestine), Barjis(s)/Bargese (Syria), Pachîs (Persia/Iran). da' ngu'a ('Vietnam')FeiXing Qi' (China) Check more on Wikipediaat
Ludo : The Dice Game 5.1
Ludo is board game played with family, friends & kids. LudoGameis Download for Free! Ludo is a head of board game. Ludo gameisplayed all ages people like kids , young and old man game. Ludois amind game. Ludo is a king of board game. Ludo is one type ofpuzzlegame. Ludo is a also known as difference name like chopat,PacheesiBoard game Race game Dice game Ludo Game plated with :- -Playagainst computer - Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer) -Play WithPeople around world. The game is played between 2 to 4players andyou have the option of playing the game against thecomputer,against your friends, or even against people from aroundthe world.With plenty of features, Ludo Game brings you a reallyunique gamingexperience. Ludo ( लूडो ) games Ludo 3D MultiplayerLudo Game LudoGame Free, Ludo Game 3D Ludo Game Ludo Ludo Game VSandroid(computer). The game and its variants are popular in manycountriesand under various names. **Localized name of thegame:Mens-erger-je-niet (the Netherlands), Parchís or Parkase(Spain),Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux (France), Nont'arrabbiare(Italy), Barjis(s) / Bargese (Syria), Pachîs(Persia/Iran). da'ngu'a ('Vietnam') Fei Xing Qi' (China) Fia medknuff (Sweden)Parqués (Colombia) Barjis / Bargis (Palestine)Griniaris (Greece)Some rules of Game :- Each player chooses one ofthe 4 colours(green, yellow, red or blue) and places the 4 piecesof that colourin the corresponding starting circle. A single die isthrown todetermine movement.
Battle Ludo 2.6.6
Battle Ludo (Aeroplane Chess) is a Simple & Fun classicboardgame! You would wonder why this simple game from childhoodcouldstill be this entertaining! Enjoyed by adults and childrenalike,It is very similar to the traditional game Ludo. Players taketurnsto throw the dice. The player have all four pieces finishingtheirjourney wins! The dice is absolutely 100% random for computerAI.Suggest easy mode for starting. Enjoy! ;) What are you waitingfor?Let's get it started! FEATURES:-------------------------------- -Support 1-4 Multiplayers! - Playagainst 1-3 computers AI with 3levels - Nice Sound Effects -User-friendly interface - Classicmemorable theme - MultipleLanguage (English,中繁,中简) - Auto savegame - It’s Free ! The ludogame is called 飛行棋,飞行棋,Flying PlaneChess in China. It may be knownas Mens-erger-je-niet, Fia medknuff. For any issues/bugs, pleaselet us know at :[email protected] (with device+Android version), weMUST FOLLOW UP.We will keep improving the game. Please leave ussome comment! Oremail to: [email protected] Note:for the GET_ACCOUNTpermission, itsused by Push notification Sohomob will not collectany emailaddress.
Parchisi STAR Online
**Best Board Game of 2018** Parchisi STAR is an onlinemultiplayerversion of popular classic board game Parchis. Parchisboard gameis a popular in Spain as Parchis and known by differentname inother countries. It is a board game of the Cross and Circlefamily.It is an adaptation of the Indian game Pachisi or Parchis orLudoor Parchis Online Features - It is totally FREE to play - 2 or4player Parchis board game - Chat and send Emoji while you playthegame - Designed for Tablet & Phone - Daily Magic Chest. Opentowin up to 50K Coins every day - Unlock achievements while youplaythis amazing game - Dice Collection Parchisi is played withtwodice, four pieces per player and a board with a track aroundtheoutside, four corner spaces and four home paths leading toacentral end space. The most popular Parchis boards in Americahas68 spaces around the edge of the board, 12 of which aredarkenedsafe spaces. Each corner of the board contains one player'snest orstarting area. If you are free and want to spend qualitytime thenParchis is here for you. We all have played this in ourchildhood.So here we are offering you once again your childhood. Sothat youcan live that moment again It was once played by Kings andis nowenjoyed by you. Parchis has been the favorite online game ofpeopleacross the world. Inspired by the Indian Classic Game:Pachisi,pachisi Enjoy Parchisi Online NOTE: Use of this applicationisgoverned by Gameberry Labs Pvt. Ltd. Terms of Use. Collectionanduse of personal data are subject to Gameberry Labs PrivacyPolicy.Both policies are available at
Sheesh Ludo: Best Dice Game 2018 1.15.21
Sheesh Ludo Star is fun and hilarious game to play with friendsandfamily. It is a new and unique type of board game, lets yousharesome wonderful time with your loved ones. Don't wait anyfurther,get the dice rolling to be the king of Board Games. It isalsoderived from Ludo, Pachisi, and is very similar to a Spanishboardgame, Parchís. This game has stayed popular throughout theages inArabian countries, varying only a little in its gamestructure. Thegame is played between 2 to 4 players and you havethe option ofplaying the game against the computer, against yourfriends, oreven against people from around the world. Download thiscrazy fastpaced Ludo and bing them all. Best Dice game of 2018 NewFeature: -DICES: Use Fantastic dices to reduce the undo cost - Howto winDICES? Complete quests and get chest that gives dices. SheeshLudoStar Classic Features: - Added rules/options which are playedandpopular in the world. - Option to show safe cells(square) whichisrepresented by star icon. - Option to get another turn whenyouroll a double - New modern design with sheesh board -Multiplayer 2and 4 player Real-Time Sheesh Ludo. - Use Gems to undoyour diceroll - When gems / gold by spinning the 'Spin2Win' wheel.Theobjective is pretty straightforward; each player gets 4tokens,these tokens must make a full turn of the board and thenmake it tothe finish line. Whoever gets all four tokens to the endfirst isthe winner. However, each move can only be made based onthe numberdecided by casting a six-sided dices, and each token canonly moveout of their home by casting a six. Additionally, thecompetitionfactor of the games is upped by the fact that whilemoving ifanother player’s token lands on the same square as yourtoken, thenyour token will automatically be sent back home andyou’ll need toroll a six again. If you like our game Ludo Star,then Sheesh LudoStar is going to be crazy. Download thismultiplayer unique boardgame now.
Farkle 2.6.0
Farkle is the best game of such type. This application enablesyouto play at any convenient time. You can play individuallywithout arisk of loosing your chips, practicing and gainingexperience,developing new strategies of the game. You can take yourchancesand put the chips in a kitty, and if you collect thenecessaryamount of points, you will get an increased bet. Dependingon thetype of the game you choose, you can double, triple orevenquadruple the bet. The program also enables playing withfriendsand strangers. Multiplayer will give an opportunity to feeltheexcitement of a real fight with real people. In a tournamentyouhave possibility to compete in real time with players aroundtheworld and to prove that you are the best Farkle player.Gamefeatures: • Simple registration: create a nickname or enteryourname. • At Facebook registration you can play on severaldevices,using your account. Data of your chips are synchronized onalldevices you entered using profile. (Bonus is 10 000 chips).•Online game with friends and strangers. • Extra Dice: therearethree types of Extra Dice: - х2 - doubles the points for around. -6 - adds 6 dice for a round. - F – Unfarkle. • Extra Dicecan beused only once at a game. All three types of Extra Dice canbe usedin one round. • Multiplatform: possibility to play withfriends whohas iOS. • Participating in weekly, monthly and generalrating. •Purchase of different dice and cups for a game. Be unique,playwith non-standard dice and cups. Earn chips and choose the typeofdice or cup which you like the most. • Daily bonus: play everydayand get chips and extra dice for a game.
Checkers 1.56.0
Dear Player, Do you remember this board game from yourchildhood?Checkers - traditional and inspiring game gives you a lotof funwith challenging computer or playing with other person onmode 2players offline. Relax with yor family or friends andplayCheckers. Share the game with children and show them thebestentertainment from your schoolyears. Are youaboard-game-enthusiast? Would you like to create or think overastrategy to win? Checkers will help you to learn andpracticelogical thinking. You can change settings and choose yourown rulesi.e. to capture backwards or to choose mandatory capture.Andwhat's more, you can get this app and play for free. Checkersisthe classic board game but in this app you can find featureswhichmake the game even more exciting. Different levels ofdifficultyLet's start from the easiest level and check if you candefeat thecomputer. The more experienced you are, the more likelyto win withthe expert. Take up the challenge and go through all 4levels!Different rules There is no one and only way to playCheckers.Everyone has various habits and usually prefers to playexactly thesame way as in the past, that is why decide on yourfavouriterules: American Checkers (English Draughts) 🇺🇸 Capturingismandatory but the pieces cannot capture backwards. TheQueendoesn't have long moves but only one step. The queen hasability tomove and capture backwards. International Checkers 🌍Capturing ismandatory and all the pieces can capture backwards.Also the queenmoves differently, it has long moves – it means thatthe queen canmove any distance diagonally if the square is notblocked. SpanishCheckers (Damas) 🇪🇸 – these rules are based on theinternationalbut the piece cannot capture backwards; TurkishCheckers (Dama) 🇹🇷– dark as well as light squares of the board areused. Pieces starton the second and third rows, do not movediagonally but forwardand sideways. The way that queens move aresimilar to the chessqueen. Have you found the best rules for you?If not, choose yourown rules. It's really easy, just enter Settings(upper rightcorner) and choose the options that you prefer. I wishyou had agood game! Best regards, Łukasz Oktaba - authorFacebook:
Dice Clubs 2.5.5
Challenge your friends from all over the world, rediscover themostpopular competitive game ever! ★★★★★ Over 3 million gameseveryday! Join them now! ★★★★★ Climb the leaderboards,completeachievements and compete with up to 4 players from all overtheworld! Dice Clubs (previously known as Dice Duel) is aclassiccompetitive dice game with simple rules. It’s a uniquecombinationof luck, skill and strategy that you all know and love.Challengeyour buddies or look for opponents online, start rollingdices andshow them who's the master! ATTENTION! This game is basedon theoriginal rules of the classic dice game. No additional cupsor dicerolling - the only thing that counts is your skill (...and alittlebit of luck ;))! Most important features: ★ classiccompetitivedice game that you know and love (also known as Yams,similar toAmerican Cheerio) in a multiplayer version ★ win Diamondsandcollect beautiful cups and dice ★ the real-game feeling anddesign(rolling the dice, shaking the cups) ★ Quick Mode allows youtoplay with your buddies in real time ★ You don’t like thetimepressure? Play in the turn-based mode! ★ find opponentsonFacebook, by email, contact list, username or using randommode!★create an account and continue playing the classic dice gameon adifferent device ★ built-in chat allows you to communicatewithother players ★ Achievements and Daily Challenges will alwayskeepyou busy ★ level up and climb the Leaderboards (monthly /weekly /all-time) to become the real dice master ★ The onlycompetitivegame that allows you to test both your luck and strategyskills!Your Friends using different systems? No problem! In DiceClubs youcan play together with your buddies no matter the platformyou'reon! This classic competitive game is completely free. Alllevelsand achievements can be completed without spending realmoney. Weuse device identifiers to constantly improve your userexperienceand to personalize ads. We also share such identifiersand otherinformation from your device with our social media,advertising andanalytics partners. See details:
DroidFish Chess 1.73
DroidFish is an Android port of the very strong Stockfishchessengine, combined with a feature-rich graphical userinterface.Features: - Opening books: Internal, polyglot, CTG -Clocks -Analyze mode - Two player mode - Edit board -PGNimport/export/edit - FEN/EPD import - Adjustable playingstrength -One Touch Moves - Blindfold mode - Color themes -Animated moves -Scid DB support using "Scid on the go" - Highlyconfigurable -Third party UCI engines - Configurable UCI engineoptions - Supportfor "open exchange" engine apps, such as texel andkomodo 8. -Gaviota endgame tablebases - Syzygy endgame tablebases -Free,GPLv3 Source code is available from my web page. Thefollowingpermissions are used: Modify/delete SD card contents Tosave gamesto SD card Full internet access To optionally communicatewithnetwork chess engines Control vibrator To optionally vibrateaftercomputer makes a move
Checkers 1.0.18
Magma Mobile
Addictive Hours ahead of you!Checkers is a simple butchallengingboard game involving strategy and played by two playerson a 6x6,8x8 or 10x10 board game. Thanks to this Android version,you cantake this classic version of Checkers with you on the goOneplayerhas dark pieces, and one player has light pieces. They taketurnsmoving their pieces. Players move their pieces diagonally fromonesquare to another square. When a player jumps over theiropponent's(the other player's) piece, he takes that piece from theboard. Bydefault a potential piece will have to be taken but youcan setcustom rules and disable this rule.The player's goal is totake allthe pieces of its opponent.With this version of Checkers(alsoknown as Draughts) , you can play with a friend who sits nexttoyou or play against your phone. We have included variousoptionswhich will let you create custom rules accross differentboardgamesThe artificial intelligence embedded in the game allowsaplayer to play a very easy mode but also much harderandchallenging modes.Will you be able to beat the most difficultleveldesigned ?Checkers is a Free game which includes a lot ofexcitingfeatures, including:* Great Checkers graphics* Configurableplayernames and score tracking thanks to Scoreloop* Ability tochoosefrom a wide variety of Checkers boards* SupportsCheckersInternational Rules and US Rules* Outstanding Magma MobileAIengine* Play with Friends or against or Magma MobileArtificialIntelligence Engine* Undo function * Option to set upCheckerscustom rules* App2SD. Checkers can be moved to your SD card
Yachty Free 2.9
★★★★★ Officially the best dice game ever, and the bestlookingyahtzee game on the store. Have fun with friends, family ornewopponents on the mobile version of this beloved classic boardgameA game of Yachty Deluxe consists of 13 rounds. In each round,youroll the dice and score the result in one of 13 categories.Youmustscore exactly once in each category, so skill and strategyarerequired as the game progresses and your options start to runout.The aim of the game is to make the biggest score you can fromthe13 rounds. [i]Yacht[/i] is the original name for this publicdomaindice game, but you may also know it as yatzy, yatsy, yahtzeeorpoker dice. Featuring: ★ SOLO MODE ★ A standard patience gameforone player. Supports multiple yahtzee bonus and wildcards.★MULTIPLAYER GAMES WITH FRIENDS ★ Play games with friends andproveyou’re the best dice roller Social multiplayer games whereanythingcan happen! ★ TRIPLES MODE ★ A more in-depth patience gamefor oneplayer, using three scoring columns. Use your best strategyandpick your scoring columns wisely out of the x1, x2 and x3scoremultipliers. ★ PASS & PLAY ★ A two-player game needingnointernet connection - just pass the device to your friendwhenyou've taken your turn and have twice the fun. ★ ACHIEVEMENTS★With lots of different achievements to chase down, you willneverbe short of extra challenge. ★ REALISTIC DICE ★ The dicearerendered in full 3D and shaken using an advancedphysicssimulation. This brings an unprecedented level of realismtoAndroid dice gaming. ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ Rules of the game, forallgameplay variants, are included within the game. Best dice appeveraward here:
Othello - Official Board Game for Free 4.3.9
LITE Games
Play the official LITE Games version of strategy board gamesOthellowith offline and online multiplayer mode now for free onyourAndroid smartphone and tablet. 👉 Features 👈 ⚫️ Completely freeandin English 🇺🇸 ⚪️ Unlock amazing achievements 🏆 ⚫️ Climb to thetopof the online highscore leaderboard 🔝 ⚪️ 👤 Single playerandmultiplayer 👥 ⚫️ Can be played online and offline 🆚 ⚪️Customizablerules to suit your individual needs ☑️ Othello (alsonamed Reversi)is one of the most favorite strategy board games fortwo players.The goal is to have the majority of disks reversed todisplay yourown color at the end of the game 😉 This well knownclassic holds upto his original claim on mobile devices: “A MINUTETO LEARN… ALIFETIME TO MASTER™” and as such this free appoffers something foreveryone. With the right strategy, tactics andobservation skillsyou will eventually find yourself amongst the topplayers of theLITE Games community and earn yourself a spot in thegloballeaderboards. Can you make it? Play the official Othello™game nowfor free! The official Othello™ board game is offered inhighquality localization in the following languages: English,German,Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese,Polish,Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian. Thegame isperfect for fans of iTurnStones, Checkers, Backgammon,Solitaire orMills and offers a strategic challenge for beginners aswell asexperienced veterans 😎 Join in and get yourself a top spotin ourplayer community The 10bestplayers will be proudly displayed each weekon TM&©Othello,Co.andMegaHouse. You can find our general terms and conditionshere: ...and our privacy policyhere: Visit us for more free Androidsmartphoneand tablet games: Or give us yourappfeedback here: [email protected] Thanks for playing!
Checkers 4.1.2
Hello Players, I created my Checkers app as example of goodcheckersfor me and posted it on store as free board game for you.I hope youenjoy it and get a lot pleasure from playing. :)Features: - supportten different rules of checkers - ten levels ofdifficulty - twoplayers mode - game assistant (Helper) - auto-savefunction - sixthemes (white, dark, light, gold, art and black) -two board view(Top - 2D and Front - 3D) - realistic graphics -sound effects -some help about rules - small size Rules: - EnglishCheckers alsocalled American Checkers - Russian Draughts -Brazilian Checkers -International Checkers - Spanish Checkers -Italian Checkers - ThaiCheckers also called Makhos - TurkishCheckers - Czech Checkers -Pool Checkers You can help me expandand do it better. If you havesome comments and suggestions thencan write it here. I will readyour reviews and go ahead! ThankYou, Alex F.
Ludo Game : 2019 Ludo Star Game 2.3
Ludo Game
Ludo is board game played with family, friends & kids. LudoGameis Download for Free! Ludo is The Dice Game is depend on LuckLudois a king of board game. Ludo is a mind game. Ludo is one typeofpuzzle game. Ludo game is played all ages people like kids ,youngand old man game. Ludo is also known as Pachisi, and is verysimilarto a Spanish board game. Ludo game onther name is Parchís.Parchisi.Ludo ( लूडो ) Happy New year Ludo Game Ludo 2018. LudoGame platedwith :- - Play against computer - Play with Friends(LocalMultiplayer) - Play With People around world. - Playlocalmultiplayer - Play Online The game is played between 2 to 4playersand you have the option of playing the game against thecomputer,against your friends, or even against people from aroundthe world.With plenty of features, Ludo Game brings you a reallyuniquegaming experience. Ludo Game Free, Ludo Game 3D Ludo GameLudo LudoGame VS android (computer) Ludo 3D Multiplayer Ludo GameBoard gameRace game Dice game The game and its variants are popularin manycountries and under various names. Some rules of Game :-Eachplayer chooses one of the 4 colors (green, yellow, red or blue)andplaces the 4 pieces of that colour in the correspondingstartingcircle. A single die is thrown to determine movement. Ludogame isa best game of 2017, Ludo games free, Ludo multiplayer, FreeLudo
Draughts 10x10 - Checkers 10.5.0
Checkers 10x10 - also known as "International checkers","Polishcheckers", "International draughts", is very popular logicgame inthe Europe and Africa. International Checkers is achallengingboard game that can train your logic and strategicskills. Now youcan enjoy the game of checker anywhere you may be,directly fromyour smart phone. Features: * Online multiplayer -ELO, chat,achievements, games history, games statistic * One or Twoplayersmode * Ability to compose own game position * Ability tosave gamesand continue later * Ability to analyse played game *Ability todisable undo move * Statistics * Auto-save * Undo move *Attractiveclassic wooden interface and sounds * Several differentboards
Chess Online 4.6.2
Play Chess Online with more than 1,600,000 registeredplayersworldwide or against strong computer for appis a perfect tool for everyone, includingamateurs, pro players orchildren. Features: ★ Big internationalcommunity, chessmultiplayer - More than 1,600,000 registeredplayers on ★ Strong computer for offlineplay - 20strength levels ★ Mistake Preventer – Never make a mistakeor amisclick again ★ Various time control options - Classic, BlitzandBullet chess games ★ Rated games - Track your ratingandperformance ★ Unrated games - Play chess live for fun, trainyourchess openings, improve your chess results ★ Play chess freewithfriends ★ Rankings and detailed statistics with charts ★Playeraccount - User profiles with real rating ★ Play chess onlineandexport your games to video analysis ★ Access your accountfromvarious platforms, including web browsers and mobile devices★Multiple languages supported Enjoy this online chess game andhavefun!
Yatzy 2.5
Yatzy is one of those strange addictions that is betterexperiencedthan explained. It's hard to discover what makes rollingthose diceover and over again so fun, but it's beyond delight whenyoufinally see those sixes line up. Yatzy is a simple brain gamethattrains analytical thinking. It's a classic dice game.Theobjectiveof Yatzy is to score the highest possible score within the13rounds of the game. Players roll five dice in order to makethedesired combinations, which have different fixed or variablepointvalues. The results of each turn are recorded on a specialscoresheet.Yatzy is played with five dice. This popular game, lastsfor13 rounds as the players roll the dice and attempt tocompletevarious combinations. The rules of yatzy are simple, andthe gameremains popular among people of all ages. Simply roll thedice,make your choices and score some points. At the end of the13turns, the player with the highest point total wins the gameDothebest dice combination in the this multiplayer Yatzy game. Halfofthe fun of this game is to yell out the game's name if and whenyouroll one. A Yatzy occurs when a player rolls and all five dicearethe same number. Rolling five "sixes" is the best roll in thegame.Special Yatzy rule is, the first time you get a yatzy in agame itis worth 50 points (if you use it in the yatzy slot). If yourollanother yatzy after you have already got the 50 points (i.e.,youdidn’t take a zero), you will get a 100 point bonus.TheYatzyscorecard contains 13 scoring boxes divided between twosections:1) Upper section 2) Lower sectionIt is a game of greatchance, luckand also of smart thinking and strategy. If you are aYatzy addictthen this is the best game for you.Download and playthis freeYatzy game and enjoy all the fun strategy elements thatcome alongwith this classic dice game.◆◆◆◆ Yatzy Features◆◆◆◆✔ PlaywithFacebook Friends or as Guest ✔ Easy to Learn✔ Addictivegameplay✔Phone and Tablet SupportPlease rate and give your feedbackforYatzy for further improving the game.We will be grateful tohearyour opinions and improve - whenever needed - in futureversions.
2 Player Games Free 1.7.5
This is a collection of singleplayer / multiplayer games whichcanbe played by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even as many as 6 players onthesame device (smartphone of tablet). Each of the games hasverysimple rules and is easy to pick up. You don't need wifi ortheinternet because this game is for offline, local multiplayer.Youcan play the games with random people on a dance party, or usethemas icebreaker in awkward situations like your first date. Theappis also ideal for married couples to play together, forbrothersand sisters, kids and parents, and for friends to pass thetime.For some reason, these two player games tend to getverycompetitive and funny. Each of the games is a two player gamewithextra modes for 3, 4, 5 and 6 players. The more peopleplayingtogether, the more fun! But if you have no one around toplay with,you can also play alone in the 1-player mode to trainyour skillsfor your later victories when you play with yourfriends. We've gotmini-games here with unique rules, but alsore-makes of famousmobile hits. They are all adapted to the crazyrequirement ofletting up to 6 players play on the same screen. Forexample: -multiplayer endless runner - multiplayer birds withflapping wings- platform jumping game - 3-in-a-row with Tic-Tac-Toelike rules -crossing a busy road together - bingo - a strategy gamewhere yousend armies to capture castles (has nasty AI insingle-player) -football / soccer (close to Pong and hockey) - amultiplayerversion of the 1024/2048 puzzle - tapping only your owntiles -balloon popping We regularly add new mini-games. Stay tunedforupdates and recommend this game to your friends! By installingthegame you agree to privacy policy of Google(AdMob): and Unity(UnityAnalytics):
Chess With Friends Free 1.85
Take no prisoners and protect your King at all costs! Brought toyouby the makers of Words with Friends, Chess with Friends Free isthebest way to play the classic Chess board game on Android.Connectwith friends and challenge them to one of the oldest, mostpopularstrategy games in the world. Play multiple games at thesame time,track your moves and improve your stats. Download Chesswith FriendsFree and start playing the most social chess gametoday! Features: ★CONNECT with Facebook to play family andfriends, or find andchallenge a random opponent ★ TRACK yourrecord, skill rating, andhead-to-head stats to improve your gameplay
 ★ SIZE UP youropponent by viewing their matches and stats ontheir profile ★PRACTICE MODE - Choose your skill level, train yourbrain, and learnnew tactics by challenging Chesster the Chesscoach. Play him onlineor offline to sharpen your skills ★ RELIVEthe glory by replayingmoves on the board in existing and pastgames ★ ENCOURAGE, boast ortaunt your opponent with in-game chat ★PLAY multiple chess games atonce across Android and iOS PlayerReviews: ★“Great app for playingwith friends or anybody else thatloves the game” ★“I love thisgame!!! It’s as simple as that. Amust have for the chess player inall of us” ★“Great game thatchallenges your mind, and helps youlearn new skills while playingwith friends” ★“My favourite app. Thefirst app I check eachmorning. The only game I play every day. I’vegot a dozen opponentsacross the globe. My favourite app byfar.__________________________________ Already a fan of the game?★Join the community on Facebook to discuss the game, givefeedbackand find more friends toplay ★ Follow us onTwitter for all of the latest news★Follow us on Instagram challenges and inspiringquotes__________________________________ ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURES ●Use ofthis application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service.TheseTerms are available at ●For specificinformation about how Zynga collects and uses personalor otherdata, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field in the Developersectionbelow. ● The game is free to play, however in-app purchasesareavailable for additional content and premium currency.In-apppurchases range from $0.99 to $99.99. ● This game does permitauser to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and assuchplayers may come into contact with other people when playingthisgame. ● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to inthisgame may also apply to you. ● You will be given the opportunitytoparticipate in special offers, events, and programs from ZyngaInc.and its partners. ● Must be 13+ to play. ● Use of thisapplicationrequires a Facebook or Zynga With Friends account
Loto Online 1.7.3
R-Soft LLC
Loto online - it's online bingo game with classical Russianrules.Game can be played up to 6 people. At the beginning of thegame allplayers receive three cards with numbers from 1 to 90.During thegame the barrels with numbers are getting out of the bagrandomly.Players are closing numbers, if they are on the card. Thewinner isthe first one who close one of their cards. The firstplayer whocollect one or two rows on the card will also getadvantage.
Backgammon 2.28
★ Top Developer (awarded 2013) ★ Same as our "Backgammon Free",butno Ads. Backgammon is a game of skill and strategy; one oftheworld's classic parlour board games, played for recreationandgambling. Like Mahjong, Backgammon is played in social groupsincoffee houses and bars. Historically, variants of this gamearebelieved to have originated in Egypt over 3000 years ago,fromwhere it was adopted by the Romans and then later travelledtoIndia. It also spread to East Asia, but was largely replacedbyXiangqi (Chinese chess). It is now very popular in theWest.Featuring: -- Strong Backgammon AI -- 5 Difficulty levels --Fullmatch play + Doubling Cube & Crawford rule options -- 6Boardsand 4 Piece Sets -- Single Player vs Computer or local 2Player --Hint & Stats -- Random Dice generator or Manual Diceinput --Designed for both Tablet and Phone *Does the Backgammonenginecheat? See "CPU Strategy" page + Manual Dice option (usereal-worlddice) to prove to yourself that it doesn't*
Sea Battle 2 1.8.4
Sea Battle 2 is the game we’ve all known since childhood, nowwithnew features and an extended arsenal! Millions of people aroundtheworld play this game. You will have ships, planes,submarines,mines, radars and much more at your disposal. Place yourships onthe board, attack the opponent’s positions, and use yourvastarsenal to sink the opponent’s ships. Create your own strategyanddon’t leave your opponents a single chance! Face opponents fromallcorners of the world online and in real time! Take part inbattlesbetween platforms! Sea Battle offers eye-catchingnotepad-stylegraphics and special effects that add to the game’soriginality andan unforgettable atmosphere! Game features: ONLINEBATTLES Confrontopponents from all over the world! Defend yourplatform! Eachplayer can define the final result! RANKS Win battlesto earn newranks – from a recruit to an admiral! CONFRONTARTIFICIALINTELLIGENCE Pick the most appropriate difficulty leveland try todefeat the AI (artificial intelligence). Earn points andgrow yourrank! PLAY OVER BLUETOOTH Engage into battles with yourfriends,colleagues and random players over Bluetooth. PLAY WITHYOUR FRIENDON A SINGLE PHONE Play with your friend on a singlephone (tablet),set your ships on the board in turns, select weaponsand share theexcitement of a battle! CHAT AND PROFILE Stay in touchwith youropponents during battles using a built-in chat. Pickanawe-inspiring name and a flag for your fleet. SELECT ANDCONFIGUREGAME MODES Select the classic or advanced game mode.Modify yourarsenal as needed. GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS Become the bestplayer onthe global leaderboards by the number of general victoriesandvictories for your platform! Victories are only counted forbattleswith random opponents. ***** It’s time to find the strongestSeaBattle player!
Backgammon NJ for Android 4.3
Jimmy Hu
● Google Play Games -- Play online in real-time, chat,invitefriends, auto-match with random players ● Versatile -- Playofflinevs. computer or against a friend in 2-player mode ●Customizable --More options than any other backgammon app Play& learnbackgammon at skill levels ranging from beginner toworld-class!This app is designed for both Android phones &tablets.Backgammon NJ for Android is a full-featured game whichuses anadvanced, neural network-based, artificial intelligence.Playagainst a computer AI, against another person in 2-player modeonone device, or online against friends & others. UsingTutorMode & Hints, Backgammon NJ for Android can show you howtoimprove your game! Discriminating players will appreciate howwellthe AI plays. It uses a neural network trained on millionsofpositions, a bearoff database, & a match equity tabletoachieve strong gameplay that will challenge even expert players.ISTHIS GAME RIGHT FOR YOU? This game is best for people: •Whorecognize the strength of neural network backgammon bots • Whowantto improve their game by playing against a world-class level AI•Who are willing to use in-depth, technical features included inthegame to prove that it ishonest( • Who won't expect towinconsistently on the higher skill levels FEATURES •Neuralnetwork-based AI • 2 game types: Standard or Nackgammon • 4skilllevels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert • Mersenne Twisteralgorithm forrandom number generation • Doubling cube • Singlegames or matchplay up to 25 pts • Crawford rule for match play •1-player modevs. computer • 2-player mode on one device • GooglePlay Games:Play real-time online matches with friends & otherplayers •Chat with your online opponent • Online Elo leaderboard •Blocklist for auto-match • User-friendly, tap-to-move interface•Highlighted checker movement options • Hint & Undo • LearnwithStatus Meter & Tutor Mode • Game & dice stats,includingElo rating & ER • Match info: GnuBG ID, win chances,equity,top 10 moves, & cube decisions • Email match files •Practicemode with unlimited undo (1-player vs. computer) • Manualmatchrecording mode with unlimited undo & speed mode option•Options to reverse board direction, resign, use one-tap moves,autobearoff, auto finish, use Jacoby rule, & much more •Matchanalysis (in-app purchase): Analyze past match files, viewmoves& errors for match, step through match, jump to position,playfrom position, save match files permanently IMPORTANT Ifyou'rehaving issues: • Make sure a task killer isn't killingBGNJprocesses. • Run BGNJ from main memory, not from memory card. •Wecan't respond to crash reports submitted through AndroidOS.Contact us directly:
Snakes and Ladders 1.1
Drunken Ducks
Snakes and ladders is a very simple and exciting game, whichisbased on sheer luck, with some mind blowing graphics.In thisgame,you will have to roll down the dice, in order to move todifferentpositions on the board, wherein on the journey to thedestination,you will be pulled down by snakes and raised to ahigher positionby a ladder.Another interesting feature of thissnakes and laddersgame app is, you get to collect stars on the wayto yourdestination, which can take you some positions backwardorforward.This game consists of two game play modes - Singleplayermode and multiplayer mode.In single player mode, youcompeteagainst an enemy robot. In multiplayer mode, you have theoption ofplaying with your friends.Refresh your childhood memory,byplaying, this snakes and ladders game. This snakes andladdersgame, is also a must-play game for children, who are alwayslookingfor fun and entertainment.Check your luck by rolling thedice, inthis snake and ladder board game, board game app, dice appfree,snake and the ladder game, which is one of the best snakeandladder classic games, board games app, snakes and laddersfreegames and classic games offline.Kill your boredom, by playingwithyour friends, in this snake and ladder multiplayer game, boardgameonline, new snake and ladder game, snakes and laddersmultiplayeroffline, which is one of the top snake and ladder freegames,snakes and ladders new games.Challenge your opponent, toreach theend of the board, in this snake and ladder new game,traditionalboard game, snakes and ladders board game, snakes andladdersonline game, which is one of the best snake and ladder twoplayersgames, board games online and classic games for boys.Thereareladders to take you to the top and snakes to pull you down inthissnake and ladder online game, dice game app, snakes and laddersfortwo players, snakes and ladders offline game, which is one ofthetop snakes and ladders classic games, dice games offlineandclassic games free.Have fun playing this snake and ladderwithfriends or snake and ladder with computer and this game is oneofthe best snake and ladder games, dice board games free, boardgameswith dice and new dice games for kidsGet your wish number fromthespin wheel, by playing this snake and ladder offline game,dicegame for kids, classic game, snakes and ladders for kids, whichisone of the best snakes and ladders dice games and dicegamesonline.Play this snakes and ladders with friends or one of thetopdice games with friends, in your free time.It is time to getthissnake and ladder game download, board game download or one ofthebest dice games, dice games for couple, board games for kids,dicegames free offline and classic board games free.Instructionsforsnakes and ladders master1. Get moving, by rolling the dice,byclicking it.2. Repeatedly roll the dice till you reach number100on the board.3. The dice has values from 1 to 6. Upon rollingthedice, if the value is 1, then the player moves onepositionforward. If the value is 2, then he moves 2 positionsforward andso on.4. If the value on the dice appears as 6, then theplayergets another chance to play.5. On collecting the star symbol,theplayer is either moved 1 to 6 positions backward or forward.6.Onreaching number 100 on the board, you win.Key features1.Amazinggraphics and engaging game play.2. Two modes - Single playerandoffline multiplayer.3. Snake and ladder best game.4. Boardgamefree and dice board game.5. Classic snake and ladder game.6.One ofthe best dice games and board games offline.Download thissnakesand ladders game app for free, to have some fun in yourleisuretime. Get this snake and ladder game free download, dicegamedownload, snake and ladder app, board game for kids, boardgameoffline, dice game online, snake and ladder for kids.
Çanak Okey 2.6.5
Welcome to the World’s and Turkey’s most fun and socialFacebookÇanak OKEY game with Free Chat and lots of Daily rewards.MynetÇanak Okey is now available on Google Play Store for yourAndroidSmartphones and tablets, you can download CANAK OKEY free ofchargeand play the most amazing mobil Çanak OKEY game everywhereandanytime you want. CANAK OKEY is being developed by ‘MynetGames’and Mynet is the number 1 developer of the most popularTurkishgames like 101 OKEY ÇANAK, Backgammon Online, Batak, KingandTurkish Poker. You can play Çanak Okey either as a guest orwithyour Facebook account. Play with your Facebook friends or meetnewfriends and chat with them. To make your Çanak Okey gameexperiencemore fun, you are daily awarded with free Mynet Liras.Don't forgetto come back every day and earn more daily bonus. THERULES ofÇANAK OKEY GAME? Okey is a traditional Turkish game andverysimilar to Gin Rummy and Rummikub but playing with differentrules.Çanak Okey's main goal is to break the 'pot' by finishing thegameby lefting out your 'joker' tile. With it's striking designandeasy playability you can fulfill your Çanak Okey experience.Theplayers who breaks to pot wins the Mynet Liras accumulated inthepot. You can spend what you earned on tables with higherstakes.Don't waste any more time and start playing Çanak Okeybydownloading it now for free of charge! THE FEATURES of ÇANAKOKEYGAME? - Çanak Okey is played online with real opponents. - Allingame graphics are Retina Display. - Multitouch is supported -ÇanakOkey is the easiest to play Okey game available. - Allanimationsare high quality. - There are real opponents waiting foryou 24/7.- Multiplatform support. (You can play with the sameaccount onyour iDevices and PC.) - Play online using 3G , Edge orWirelessinternet. - Play instantly by using 'Play Now' feature. Youcancontact us for your suggestions, questions and for [email protected] . The latest news and bonus rewardsareavaliable on our Facebook Fan Page whichis Have an enjoyable timewithÇANAK OKEY.
Backgammon Masters 1.7.20
Want to learn how to play backgammon wherever you go? You areinluck! Backgammon Masters is an aesthetically pleasing gameforonline and single player backgammon. Enjoy the ancient boardgamein crisp, modern graphics on your smartphone or tablet! Allboardgame fans will appreciate the easy to use interface,detailedvisuals and many features. There is something foreverybody! Youcan personalise your profile, challenge onlineplayers, make bets,gammon opponents, participate in tournaments,chat live, find newfriends and learn all the tricks of this ancientand exciting boardgame! Want to play with friends and family? Easy!Play with yourfriends in hotseat mode, via bluetooth, organisetournaments andimprove your skill! Out on a trip and have nointernet connection?Just challenge our AI in any backgammon styleyou wish! One matchwill take you only 5 to 30 minutes. BackgammonMasters supportsmany styles of backgammon: » Classic backgammon -the core of thegame. » Narde (Nardi) - very popular in Russia.Longer play, sinceyou can't hit opponent's checkers. » Tavla (Tavlior TurkishBackgammon) - popular in Turkey. Very similar tobackgammon withsome rule differences regarding checker play. »Nackgammon -variation invented by Nack Ballard with 2 differencesfrom theoriginal game. » Old English Backgammon - a style popularin UnitedKingdom. Despite the game's old age millions of people allaroundthe world still enjoy this fantastic board game and itsvariationsup to this day. Join and become a true Master ofBackgammon! GameFeatures: ● 5 backgammon styles: Backgammon, Narde,Nackgammon, OldEnglish and Tavla ● 4 game modes: Online game,Bluetoothpeer-to-peer, against AI and Hotseat ● 100% fair andcompletelyrandom dice rolls ● Option to check dice fairness in thegame inyour profile and on the server ● 6 beautiful boards:Classic,Metal, 10,000BC, Profi, Casino and White Crocodile! ● 2difficultylevels in game vs AI ● Daily tournaments in Backgammon,Narde,Tavla and Nackgammon ● Extensive statistics for the lastmatch ●Share your success on Facebook or Twitter! ● Highlightingofavailable moves ● Find new friends and opponents in global chat!●Elo score support and skill levels for players. Can you reachthetop? ● Collect daily free bonus coins! ● Multi languagesupport:Russian, German and Turkish translations! ● Cross platformsupportfor devices all over the world - Android, tablet or iOS,iPhone andiPad! ● Free and regular updates! Like us and follow usfor thelatest news, updates and free offers:» » you enjoy Backgammon Masters,leave us a rating! We listen toour players and work constantly toimprove the game and make itbetter.
Plakoto - Tapa - Mahbuse 11.3.0
Recommend the game to your friends, go online and play withthem!Plakoto is one of three backgammon games popular inGreece(Πλακωτο). The other two are Fevga and Portes. The threegamestogether are called Tavli. Plakoto is also played in Bulgariawhereit is known as Tapa and in Middle East where it known asMahbouseh,محبوسة, Mahbuse. Features: * No Banners, only ads betweengames! *7 game boards and ALL for FREE! * 6 difficulty levels *Onlinemultiplayer * Online ELO rating * Bluetooth multiplayer * OneorTwo player mode * Game dice statistics * Dices without cheat *Gamedoes not eat battery * Long move * Undo move * Small packagesizeMain difference from Narde and Tawla 31: pinning the blots.InPlakoto player's skills give more than 90% probability towin.Regular Backgammon gives only about 70%.
Ludo King™
*THIS IS OFFICIAL LUDO KING™ GAME 100 Million Downloads! LudoKing™is a classic board game played between friends, family &kids.Play the royal game of kings! Recall your childhood! Ludo Kingis across platform multiplayer game that supports Desktop, Android,iOSand Windows mobile platform at same time. This game alsosupportoffline mode, where player can play with Computer or,Localmultiplayer (play and pass mode). Ludo King is also a favoritegameof Bollywood superstar. What's new: * Real chat with friendsandbuddies * Auto move system (No cheating allowed now!) * Resumegame(Got a call? No worries!) * Make buddies worldwide *ChallengeFacebook friends/buddies * Improved online connectivity *Save/LoadLudo game option * Player statistics with XP and level upsystem *More user-friendly UI * Support extended to low end devices* Bugfixes & improvements Ludo King is the modern version oftheroyal game of Pachisi. A Ludo game which was played betweenIndiankings and queens in ancient times. Roll the Ludo dice andmove yourtokens to reach the center of the Ludo board. Beat otherplayers,become the Ludo King. Ludo King follows the traditionalrules andthe old school look of the Ludo game. The Ludo game hasevolvedthroughout the centuries to come to your mobile phone. Justlikethe kings and queens of India's golden age, your fate dependsonthe roll of the Ludo's dice and your strategy of moving thetokenseffectively. Features of Ludo King: * No internetconnectionrequired! Play against the computer. * Play with yourfamily andfriends through Local and Online Multiplayer. * Play 2 to6 PlayerLocal Multiplayer Mode. * Play Online Multiplayer Modethrough 9competing game rooms. * Invite and challenge your FacebookFriendsin a private game room and beat them to become Ludo King. *Playwith world players and make them your buddies. * Private chatwithyour Facebook friends & Buddies. * Express yourself bysendingemojis to your opponents. * Play Snake and Ladders on 7differentgameboard variations. * Simple rules which can be followedbyplayers of all ages. * Graphics with a classic look and the feelofa royal game. Ludo King is a family game as well as kids gamethatwas once played by kings and now it can be enjoyed by you andyourfamily and friends. While the Ludo gameplay might seem simpleatfirst, the Ludo game is immensely enjoyable and challenging.You'llbe playing this Ludo for hours and its fun for the wholefamily.Try to beat your opponents and compete for the highestscores onthe Ludo leaderboards. Ludo King is a perfect time passgame ofLudo board game. You played Ludo in your childhood, now playonyour phone and tablet. Another nostalgic game similar instructureis Snakes and Ladders. Like Ludo, you may have played thisboardgame when you were young. Ludo King now incorporates thisclassicgame as a whole new level. The objective of the game issimple: youstart on 1 and you have to be the first one to make itto 100.However, you can only move the same number of tiles as thenumberyou roll on a die. As the name suggests, the board is alsolitteredwith snakes and ladders. If you land on the same tile asthebeginning of a ladder, then you can take the ladder as ashortcutand move on up. But if you land on the mouth of a snake,then downyou go to its tail. A game of ups and down, Snakes andLadders hasbeen a favorite for generations; and now you can play ittoo, withLudo King. Ready to roll the dice! Make your moves andbecome LudoKing. Follow us to get news and updates: *Facebook: *Twitter: *Youtube: *Instagram: **LUDO KING™ PUBLISHING RIGHTS RESERVED WITHGAMOTRONIX