Top 49 Games Similar to Monster Mash

Monsterfy - Monster Face App Photo Booth 1.4.2
Apptly LLC
Change your face into the face of a zombie, werewolf, vampire,orother scary creature with Monsterfy!See yourself as a ghoulorghost, or as another ghastly being, with a fun and free appforAndroid on Google Play. Monsterfy lets you swap your face withamonster and bring that scary monster to life with crazyanimations.Your zombified or ghostified self can drink blood, vomitslime, andmore.View your animated monster self through photo bootheffectsthat turn your phone camera into a monster making machine.As oneof the many monsters you can transform into with Monsterfy,you’llbe able to snarl and growl at friends and family by sharingyourfun pictures and videos online. FeaturesMonsterfy is a fun andfreephoto booth app that offers the following features:● Take aselfiewith your phone’s camera and change yourself into a scarymonster!●Choose which monster face you want to swap your face for●Snarl,snap, and flick your fangs just like a real scary monster●See ifyour friends are scared by how they react to your monstergames andantics● Take a pic or record a video of you bitingfingers, ordoing other crazy monster stuff● Download your pictureor video toshare online or saveYour Animated Monster SelfinReal-TimeMonsterfy lets you get special animations based onrealoccurrences, like full moons! Transform your pic into awerewolfthat howls or a vampire that burns in the sunlight!FunMonsterGamesPlay around with Monsterfy and have fun with games thatletyou use flamethrowers to char other zombies to a crisp. Becomeanew Monster each Month (occasionally for a small fee) and enjoynewmonster content that’s added every month (you can even giveinputon what monsters you’d like to see added)!Monsterfy alwaysadds newgames and content, including fun holiday monsters, andholidayeffects. For Christmas, turn into a Nutcracker monster andeventoss snowballs! For Valentines day become the"GhostBride"!Monsterfy is the best photo booth app in the GooglePlaystore, giving you tons of ways to have fun with monsters andmakeyourself act like a scary monster. Change into your monsterselfnow! Download Monsterfy today for free!
Avatar Maker: Monster Girls 3.2
Want to create an avatar of a new cartoonish monster student?Ormaybe you dream of a picture of your favorite character but arenotgood at design? Our game is what you need! The app offers alargevariety of fragments for you to mix and match and make upyouroriginal monster character: angel, demon, wyvern, werewolf,vampireor anything you can think of. Customize your character’seyes,lips, hair, clothes, wings, horns and other attributes. Shareyourpic or set it as wallpaper. ☆ 10,000+ magic character options☆Save and share features ☆ Flexible color options ☆ A greatvarietyof stunning accessories Create an awesome teenager monsterin ourapp. Make it your avatar or add your characters to comics, tomakeup your own club for monster girls! 0:-)
Incredible Monster Superheroes Ring Battle 3.0
Would you dare to step into the robot ring for hero monsterclashand face the skilled superhero fighters in best of actiongames?Then, let’s enter into the world of action games heroeswrestlingring to show your champion power and defeat your rivals.If you’reexpert enough to control a giant robot in top free monsterwargames then, you are absolutely on the right track to get yourdailyventure doze with this futuristic battle. This incrediblemonstercity hero war will give you the real machine fightingexperience,best of kids games. You can test your fighting andcontrollingskills in this stunning and real robot fight game. Thisis a newgenerous of top free superhero games for kids with patch upofsuper spider games with a new combat style. Be ready foractionpacked game, designed for kids to play with different andmarvelousarena, including martial arts, technical knockouts andkick box aswell. Don’t ever miss a chance for kids to play thisfightingsimulator because multi heroes’ combat is here. Thisbrilliantboxing game will definitely give you the chance to relishyour moodwith robot fighting in best games for kids. Show off yourrapidityand win the war in INCREDIBLE MONSTER SUPERHEROES RINGBATTLE,amalgam of all ring fighting games and monster battlegames.Selectyour favorite monster superhero to put him on theground and letthe fun begin in this monster game, best of kidsgames. You havethe super power steel boxing armor hands. Everymonster hero hasexclusive potential of punch, kick and jump. Takecontrol on yourreal super hero and defeat your rivals badly in thisclash ofmonsters, supreme of action games. You will have todefenseyourself from enemy attacks and keep fighting till yourlastbreath. There are 12 incredible superhero monsters ready tocomeinto the battlefield to fight. You will need to fight foryourrespect and glory. Two different game modes one on oneandchallenging modes are designed for you. In one-to-one mode, youcanselect a player of your choice as well as your opponent tofightwith but in challenging mode, you can only select your playerofyour choice, opponent will be selected by its own. You canbecomethe strongest fighter on the earth by playing thiswrestlingsimulation. Fight to save your city, knockout your allfoes withyour punching hands and showoff your brilliant superpowerslikehero games for kids. This monster war combines withactionfights and real experience of boxing simulation.IncredibleMonsterSuperheroes Ring Battle Features:
- Option to select aplayermonster hero
- Variety of multiple modern fighterplayers
-Extremely hard superheroes ring fighting simulatorchampionship forfanatic of action games
- Big boxing tournamentwith big rewards
-Fascinating 3D & HD graphics
- Stunningindoor monster heroeswrestling environment
- Outstanding fightinganimation flying kick,punches and jumps
- Smooth on screencontrols
- Brilliant soundeffectsGet ready for robot ring fightingbattle and select yourplayer to challenge any bulk incrediblemonster hero forsensational match, finest of action games. Destroyall youropponents by hitting hard on their head and body. Lace upyourboots and grab your gloves to finish your rivals in this realrobotsteel game blend of all monster hero city battle games andsuperrobot games for kids. Due to strange power of your hero youwilllove to play this simulator likehero games for kids. Be asuperfighter and create a record of winning robot fights. Amazeyourselfwith thrilling fight and become a true incredible superheroin thishero monster city war simulator, unseen in best of kidsgames.Counter the enemy attack and don’t allow them to strike backbyshowing off your hero ring fighting skills. Get enter intotheworld of war and download INCREDIBLE MONSTER SUPERHEROESRINGBATTLE, supreme of all monster hero games.
Monster Land - Zombie Video, GIF, Photo Editor 2.01
Welcome to World's best free zombie and monster app.Monster Landisa free and fun photo app in Worldwide that you had neverseen.Monster Land lets you get special animations & feel basedonreal occurrences. See yourself or any of your friends picture asaghoul or ghost, or as another ghastly being, with a fun&enjoyable.Swap your face with a monster and bring thatscarymonster to life with crazy animations and funny things&sounds. Your zombified or ghostified self can drink blood,vomitslime, horror faces and so on.Monster Land is the best photoboothapp in the Google Play store, giving you tons of ways to havefunwith monsters & zombies and make yourself act like ascarymonster.We have added 25+ different horror zombie andmonstereffects that you will fun to use. like Voodoovine,Infernofoot,Halloween, Taintbeast, Hauntstep, Zeke, Gutclaw,Bowelfreak,Vaporface, Undead, Soulface, Dawnstrike, Them,Auragolem,Slackjaws, Gallmouth, Skels, Roamers, Necrotics, Lurker,Grabbers,Infected, Halloween Day Effect, Noob and so on.View youranimatedmonster self through photo booth effects that turn yourphonecamera into a monster making machine. As one of the manymonstersyou can transform into with Monster Land, you’ll be able tosnarland growl at friends and family by sharing your fun picturesandvideos online. Key Features:→ Choose picture from gallery orTake aselfie picture with your phone’s camera and change yourselfinto ascary monster & Halloween!→ Choose best monster face thatyouwant to apply in your face.→ Apply Snarl, snap, and flickyourfangs just like a real scary monster→ Take a pic or record avideoor make GIF of you biting fingers, or doing other crazymonsterstuff→ Save your final result to your gallery and on your SDcardin form of picture or video or GIF→ Sharing with yourfriends,family and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,Instagram andmore social appsWe would love to hear yoursuggestions, feedback& comments. So send your
Tunisian Monster Cave [No Ads] 5.5
Tunsoft Games
This shadow mafia monster and legendary warrior cave allow youtoact like a super puppet, a super hot list in thissuperherobreakaway mission, as you have an eagle eye to crush andattack themonsters , escape obstacles.As an incredible hero and acave offlying monsters, get ready to play this last battle betweenanamazing mutant strange monster, as a soldier managed on thisworld,connects the hero of the city and the superheroes of theflyingspider in this outdoor action adventure simulation game.Howto play:* Press right or left to jump, and collect coins on thisfunarcade game.* Try to avoid hindering your super monsterflyinghero.* Collect magical hearts as much as you can.TheTunisianMonster Cave is a fun game with a super retro jump and anadventurerace :* Many obstacles are hard, but fun.* Manyexcitingadventures.* A very interesting and fun arcadegame.Excellent 3Denvironment :* Fun and fabulous sound effects.*GUI anduser-friendly controls.* Best Shot First Person Action.
Legendary Monster (Unreleased)
jiang qunxi
Legendary Monsters is asimpleyetmind-captivating game that needs you to collectmonstersduringyour adventure and fight against your enemies.1.HELP YOUR MONSTERS GROWThey become more and more mature as you advance andacquirepowerfulskills to defeat the evil monsters.2.BUILD UP YOUR OWN MONSTER TEAMThe spots on your team are limited and an intelligenttrainerwillchoose wisely to fit the qualifications andbecomeundefeated3.NEW STAGES AND CHALLENGESThere is new challenges added on the adventure here and onlythebestmonster trainers get the final victory and glory.
My Singing Monsters 2.3.2
Welcome to My Singing Monsters! Breed them, feed them, listentothem sing! Raise a monster pet, then feed your musical Monstertohelp them grow. Take care of a collection of fun Monstercharactersin this free musical game for the whole family! Create anislandfull of Singing Monsters, then watch your song evolve as youbreedand upgrade happy Monster pets. Design and build uniquedecorationsto make your world look just the way you want, thenshare yourcreation with friends! You’ll love exploring thewonderful fantasyland of the Monster World! Download My SingingMonsters today —Happy Monstering! FEATURES: • Collect and level upover 150 cuteand funny Monsters — dragons are so last year…. •Customize yourIslands with cool decorations and catchy music •Enjoy awesomegraphics and character animation • Play with friendsaround theworld • Discover new updates and events year-round________ STAYTUNED: Facebook: PLEASE NOTE! MySingingMonsters is completely free to play, however some game itemscanalso be purchased for real money. If you don't want to usethisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.My Singing Monsters requires an internet connection toplay (3G orWiFi). HELP & SUPPORT: Get in touch with theMonster-Handlersby visiting orcontacting us in gameby going to Options > Support.
Monster Defence 1.19
HOW to PLAY Monster Defence1. Touch a grave and summon amonster2.Combine two same monsters into a stronger one3. Build upyourmonster legion to defend the tower against HUMANS.4. Level upatbattles and challenge higher rankWhat is special atMonsterDefence1. You lead a legion of monsters2. You willexperience CUTEand SCARY moments3. You can be friends with awesomemonsters
My Singing Monsters: Official Guide 1.3.0
Calling all Singing Monsters fans! My Singing Monsters:OfficialGuide is the comprehensive companion to My Singing Monstersand MySinging Monsters: Dawn of Fire. Join the ranks oftheMonster-Handlers and learn the secrets of the Monster World, allinone handy, easy-to-use place.Ever wondered how to breed a Ghazt?Orhow many Coins an adult Furcorn produces on Space Island? Howabouthow to wake up the Wublins? This is the app for you -downloadtoday! Features: • An interactive guide for EVERY knownspecies ofSinging Monster• BREEDING combinations for SpecialMonsters…officially revealed for the first time!• Checklist andFAVORITEtoggles for the Monster pages you use the most• Craftingrecipesfor COLLECTIBLE items in the world of Dawn of Fire• Andmore! HappyMonstering! ______PLEASE support the Monster-Handlers byrating thegame after you update! Come sing with us. Join the MySingingMonsters community:Facebook( & SUPPORT: Get a hold ofthe Monster-Handlers by orcontacting us in the app by goingto Options > Support.
Monster Superhero Ring Battle 3.0
Are you enthusiast to enter into the world of action gamesorfighting ring to start the battle? So, get ready for top freefightin the ring as a super fighter. This top free simulator putstheintensity and power of the emotions of wrestling in the palmofyour hand. You might have played many ring fighting games andbestof kids games, but you would have never experienced thefuturisticone on one hero fight before in any action games. Don’tmiss achance kids to play this fighting simulator because the supermultihero fighting game of the future is here. It’s time for kidstoplay the eventual monster hero game of this era, best ofkidsgames. You can take pleasure in this futuristic monster battleandexperience the fight of monster hero in the ring, just likegamesfor kids. This one is specially designed for the extreme fansofmonster hero ring fighting games and monster hero citybattlegames. Take down the ultimate robot warfare with its ringfightingand monster hero boxing skills, never seen before best ofkidsgames. Show off your swiftness ability and win the chaos warinMONSTER SUPERHERO RING BATTLE, summation of monster battlegamesand monster war games.

Earth war is beginning between goodandevil monster fighters. Take part in the ring war and defeatallyour opponents, unseen in games for kids before. The game playofthis super monster hero is very interesting and simple. Youhavemulti players with super powers, like games for kids. Everysupermonster hero has unique capabilities of jump, punch and kick.Getcontrol your real monster hero and defeat them badly inthismonster boxing ring fight game with an aroma of super spidergamesand super robot games. A monster superhero ring battle notonlygive you satisfaction of wining but also give you all challengehowto take down the rivals, best of action games. It’s all aboutyourrespect and glory, so high your hero ring fighting experienceinthis grand ring fighting game. Keep in mind that you will havetodefense yourself from enemy attacks. Knockout your opponentwithyour super power punch on the face and fight like you didneverbefore. There are 12 different monster heroes and ready tocomeinto the battlefield. So challenge the multiple monster heroesandget ready for the robot ring fighting battle in this amazingheromonster clash, unseen in games for kids.
Monster SuperheroRingBattle Features:
- Excellent indoor robot wrestlingenvironment
-Realistic monster hero fight and battle soundeffects
- Fantasticfighting animation, flying kicks and punches forfanatic of actiongames
- Astounding HD, 3D Graphics
- Variety ofmultiple heroes forfight
- Option to select a player monster hero
-Marvelous playerstrengths and superb wrestling capabilities

So,what are youwaiting for? Let’s experience the thrilling fight inthis finalbattle game and become a truce incredible hero in thiswar citysimulator, finest of games for kids. Enjoy the blend ofboxinggames and superhero games with the extreme hero monstercitysimulator. Be a super fighter and create a record of winningringfights. Show off your fighting skills and become a fabledfighterand counter the enemy attack, but don’t allow them to strikeback,supreme of action games. Get ready to take part in thissingleMONSTER SUPERHERO RING BATTLE, test your fighting skills intheamalgam of all monster games and monster hero games.
Monster Doctor Halloween Games 1.3.1
Happy Duck
Monster Doctor Halloween GamesHi Kids, Its emergency time andsomemonster kids need you! This time you will become an expertMonsterDoctor in these Halloween Games and you will do ER surgery.Theyare 4 cute monster characters.In this free kids game ---MonsterDoctor Halloween Games, you can use many different kinds ofmedicalinstruments to treat injured monsters.Select your favoritemonstercharacter and become an 'Expert Monster Doctor' by playingthesefree halloween games cleaning monsters, lower temperature,stitchthe wounds, check patient heartbeat and more!Monster DoctorERSurgeon, please help cure these cute monsters and makethemrecover.FEATURES:• 4 Monster Characters - Bruce, Adam, SarahandTim• Check temperature, Clean your characters• Kids FriendlyCaringTools• Drag the X-ray machine onto the patient to find outthefracture parts• Drag the band-aid to cover the patient’sscratches•Dress up your characters with lots of costumes• Snapshotsof yourcute characters can be saved in your photo album• FunnySoundsTeamis continuously working for improvements of this game,please feelfree to send us your feedback and suggestionsthanks.CONTACT USLetus know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?Technical Support?Contact us at happyduckstudios2013@gmail.comLikeus:
Monster Blasters 0.31.2
WELCOME TO AN EPIC BATTLEFIELDIntroducing Monster Blasters! Anepicbattlefield where you can join forces and fight with your Armyorturn to the dark side and become a Monster! Enter the Armyvs.Monsters MOBA online multiplayer arena where the defendingArmychallenges the invading Monsters to save the city.Chooseyourcombat character and team up with other real-time PVP MOBAfromaround the world in an epic, joint-force operation to defeattheenemy in an extensive battlegroundUnlock new Army unitsandMonsters, discover new cities and improve your battle skills asyouupgrade your favorite Army units and Monsters. Which side areyouon? Choose your side for battle! Become a Monster hell-bentondestruction or a Hero fighting to save the city. It's yourchoice!Join the Army Rally up troops! It's time to save yourcity!Monsters are approaching the city, ready to wreak havoc anddestroyeverything in sight. It’s your job to defend the city andbring themonsters down before you'll run out of time.With eachbattle youfight you earn points, upgrades and unlock newcities.There are 10different army characters to unlock, whichinclude soldiers, mechs,helicopters and fighter aircraft, each withmultiple upgrade levelsand vastly different abilities. WreakingHavoc As a Monster It’strue – Monsters do have more fun!Wish tobecome a Monster? Rack updark energy to enter the battlefield as afierce Monster! As youenter the online multiplayer arena, you’ll bepaired with a secondMonster and pit against the defending army, butyour main missionis to conquer districts by utterly destroyingeverything in yourpath. Welcome to the dark side! The Master of theBlaster Join thefearless and the ferocious battling on this epic,real-time PVPMOBA and work your way up through the districts ofdifferentcities. You’ll be assigned to a crack Army unit or aMonster teamon the PVP battleground with approximately the samelevel of combatskill as yours. You’ll also be matched against asuitable enemy tomake for challenging, fair fights. Every Army unitand Monster has2-3 special abilities and each side also has theirown mission, butall players on both sides receive:👾 Glory on thePVP multiplayerscoreboard👾 Reward chests that upgrade your playersand unlockpowerful abilities👾 Dark energy that you can collect toplay morebattles in Monster mode👾 Gold to buy upgrades👾 XP tounlock newcities👾 Gems & coins to upgrade your units 👾 Freedaily rewardsand upgradesHow much you get depends on how awesomeyou reallyare!This is an addictive, multiplayer PvP battlegroundthat’ll bedevoured by upper midcore players!Choose a side and blastyour wayall the way to the top!* Requires a persistent internetconnection.* Required specs for Monster Blasters: Android 5.1 orabove and atleast 1 GB RAM.
Home Arcade 1.2.0
Home Arcade is the greatest arcade collection the 1980’s forgottomake! Designed by the award winning team at Big Blue Bubble aspartof a retro game jam, Home Arcade is packed with 10fun,challenging, and nostalgic games! With Home Arcade there aresomany ways to play. Will you fight your way through a heavymetalundead corn maze in Day of RockOning, sneak and steal in theoldtimey wild west adventure game Railroaded, or maybe you’llproveyou’re the kind of squirrel that can handle Dee’s Nuts? Allthesegames and more will fit right in your pocket withHomeArcade!Features• 10 retro inspired games• Leaderboards• Highscoreshowdowns• Retro console quality, mobile portability!PLAY completely free to play, however some game items can alsobepurchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature,please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.WreckingSquad requires an internet connection to play (3G orWiFi).HELP& SUPPORT: Get a hold of us byvisiting orcontacting us ingame by going to Options > Support.
MASH 1.53
teatime media
Remember the game MASH- Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House, fromthe80's? Play MASH to discover who you'll marry, where you'll gotocollege, where you'll live, and how many kids you'll have!! Lotsoffun to play with friends or solo. Features:★ Writecustomresponses★ Pick random results★ Txt & Email results★ Drawaspiral like on paper★ Hope you get a mansion!A classic 80'sgamereimagined for the smartphone era. 1.0
Grimace Monster Theme is different from traditional keyboardthemesthat all you have seen. It is of latest series Super 3Dsupremethemes developed by Kika AI Team, which you definitely cannotmiss! With this Grimace Monster Theme, you can customizeanimationsand sounds of every button independently ( This functionwill becompleted soon). Grimace Monster Theme perfect personalizedreal 3Dexperience will subvert single styles of previouskeyboard.Engineers redesigned every button area and its corner ofGrimaceMonster Theme revolutionarily, which achievedproprietarycustomized experience ! Each user has a unique Super 3DGrimaceMonster Theme, which absolutely makes you have good a time.WithGrimace Monster Theme, you will enjoy typing ! ThiscustomizedGrimace Monster Theme meets young people’s fashionableanddiversified stylish keyboard.The Grimace Monster Theme willgobeyond your imagine, touching the future tech. Let us have funwithreal 3D technique and enjoy the Grimace Monster Theme! ★ Notice★The theme supports Kika Keyboard only. Click here to downloadKikaKeyboard for FREE! ★ About Kika Keyboard ★ Kika Keyboard is asmartkeyboard app for Android that makes typing fast, easy, andfun.★Kika Keyboard Features★ •800+ Emoji & Emoticons•ColorfulThemes •Search & Send Animated GIFs •Swipe-to-Type•WordPredictions & Suggestions •Smart Auto-correct •Support60+Languages/Dictionaries •Customized Fonts •Voice Input•KeyboardClick Sounds •Lock screen wallpaper •Customized layoutsincludingone-hand mode & split screen ★ Contact Us ★ Click heretodownload Kika Keyboard for FREE!
Smashy City: Monster Rampage 1.3
Ace Viral
Smashy City : Monster Rampage! Play one of the highest ratedbestFighting games on the Google Play store free today.Hatchthebiggest monsters and assemble the best team on the road tobecominga LEGEND!Compete in monster games and build up a hugerampage whileyou become champion in this Smashy City sequel. SmashyCity:Monster Battles gives you the chance to discover new breedsofmonster, whether it be a gorilla, a wolf, a demon, or agiantrabbit. Hatch them all and build a team as you compete inthestrategy game that doesn’t take itself tooseriously.Features:-Unlock and battle with Monsters (more addedevery month)- Learneach monsters strengths and skills to becomesuper effective-Awesome Rampage cutscenes, Destroy everything inyour path with adevastating attack- Battle in the cities indifferent locations. -Endless fighting modeGrow your Monster andlet him build a strongerrampage to turn all other monsters intodust in an epic fightinggame.Now introducing the brand new TrainingMode, where you cantrain your monster to smash down buildings onefloor at a time andcollect candy to level up! Endless GauntletArcade mode gives you anever ending line of monsters waiting toduel with you. How far canyou get? Legend has it that nobody hasbeaten more than 10, can youprove the legend wrong? If its aMonster Game you're looking forthen stop looking! This is the oneyou NEED!!Download now and jointhe monster battle! Play NOW!
Monster Super Wars 1.0.9
Welcome to the game Monster Super Wars, in the dark forestwheremonsters appear, you need to protect the village you areliving,Play as a strategist, control your machines to destroymonstersinvaders. The strategy of extreme games is very importantto yourcollective concentration. You will not want to see themonstersbreaking through your fence. ☀️ Options and play of thegame ☀️ Youhave a massive arsenal of upgrades + Added items to helpyoudestroy monsters + Put more weapons together to increase thepowerto destroy more powerful monsters Collect more coins to getmoreupgrades + Extremely attractive graphics, scary sound Do notletthe monster frighten you, try to overcome to destroy so muchtoprotect the villagers. Extensive game play in the game youwillprotect the various villages to become a killer monster.☀️Features game monster☀️ + Try strategic, protect theterritoryUltra-lightweight, easy to install + Train yourself tobecome awarrior 🎯The best game in the game 🎯 If you have anyproblems withthe registration process or you want to leave acomment, pleasesend an email to Thankyou fordownloading Monster Wars, let's make a dream and protectthevillagers
Incredible Monster Super Hero Ring Battle 1.0
This ring battle gigantic monster fight is a lead introductionforenthusiasts of super incredible monster ring battle games.Whetheryou are monster fighting games fan or super spider boxinggameslover this finest to superhero ring battle wrestling game isforyou! Our spectacular incredible monster superhero is anunflawedinclusion to real boxing games, witness real time kickboxingsimulator with unbelievable punching techniques and powerfulkicksin this summit of incredible monster battle games. Your veryowncharacters; Incredible monster, Green master, spider lead heroandSwashbuckling warrior have come face to face to earn titleof“INCREDIBLE SUPER HERO SUPER RING FIGHTER”. Select yourfavoriteincredible monster hero character and take control ofyourcontemporaries in the battle ring in this best ofincrediblemonster games. Be ready for charisma of amazing punching,extremekicking, blocking and super combo techniques to take downopponentswith your super spider monster ring fighter in thisultimate ofsuperhero ring battle games. Incredible heroes battle isjust notanother super spider wrestling game or incredible monsterfightinggame, it will show you how real ring fighting is done withtheseimmortal monster super stars! There are four differentgiantmonster superhero who are ready to step into the battlefield.Sochallenge your rivals and get ready to ace superhero monsterbattlein this amazing monster hero city ring fight game. Do notgive upfighting even if you are the last hero standing! ***GameplayFeatures*** • An absolute overdose of zest for lovers ofincrediblesuper hero ring fighting games with comprehensivegameplay of 4missions (each mission has 5 levels).• Cool on screencontrols forfans of Incredible monster hero games. • Realisticsuper heromonster hero battle sound effects for fans of mrincrediblesuperhero.• True graphics and picturesque environment.•Playable onmultiple devices.These heroes are seen showing theiradroitness onhazardous sludgy boulevard but this maverickinnovation makes thempursue their fearless protagonist ploy with norespite. Get readyto relish these irate street fighting maniacs whowould now betaking initiative in their heroic acts inside thebattle ring,these battle heroes will take on each other in thevertex of ringfight game.So, what are you waiting for? Be theultimate super heromonster rope fighter, experience electrifyingfighting in thismonster super hero ring battle and prove yourselfas the captain of. Score more to win a fight and do not give up asthis is thehighest world reward of achievement for any fighter.Download free“INCREDIBLE MONSTER SUPER HERO RING BATTLE” and enjoythe finest ofincredibles super hero games.
Monster! 1.2.01
App Holdings
Welcome to Monster Age, the best Monster RPG gameonGooglePlay! Collect hundreds of cute and AWESOME monstersasyou step inside a world full of adventure, battles, quests,darkquests and PVP!Are you ready to battle?GiantBattles-Playgiant battles!-Combine elements to destroy youropponents!CollectMonsters-Collect and catch over 200+ monstersthrough adventures,PvP, Raids and Dark Quests!-Collect all 6elements - Fire, Water,Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light!Evolve yourMonsters-Evolve andboost your monsters!-Teach and train yourmonsters to createstronger monsters!-Fuse together monsters tocreate and unlock abetter one!-Over 80+ accessories to enchant yourmonsterswith!-Revive your monsters and unleashtheiroptimum performance!Challenges-Adventure Mode (Normal&Hard): Gain various loot items and monsters!-PvP Mode: Competewithothers to earn rewards!-Special Quest: Earn giant rewardseachday!-Dark Quest: Challenge yourself inthismarathon tournament!-Guild Raid: Cooperate with your guildtoearn rare loot items!Join a Guild-Join a Guild and become thebestguild master!-Compete with other guilds !-Raise Deity withyourguild mates and use it to help you on Special Events!The gameneedsstorage access to store the game assets on your device,pleaseaccept the permission when asked .
Grand Incredible Monster Superhero City Battle 17 1.0
Dolphin Games
Welcome to Grand Incredible Monster Superhero City Battle 17gameand join the city battle as a monster hero which is a reallegendhero. Having a super muscular body and with strange mutantpowers,you are above the humanity. Being big hunk hero you willhave tochase the criminals by driving cars and bring the gangstersto thepolice station. You as monster hero fight against thesemutantvillains in this final battle. The city has been attacked bybadguys, mafias and bad gangsters. The battle is going on againstthemafia and gangster as monster hero futuristic monster robotspowersskills. Being Grand real Monster flying Hero you have tofight andcatch the bad guys, drug dealers and criminals. It’s timefor youto finish the futuristic battle and become a trulyincrediblesuperhero monster against gun shooters in thesuperherogames.Superheroes are turning against each other and thistime theincredible monster has decided to take a final revenge fromsuperspider heroes in this heroic battle. Big Monster has joinedthegangsters, jail criminals and mafia of the crime cityanddestroying peace. They have been controlled by strange superpowersand they have forgotten they were used to be the universedefenderand where the super mutant hero of this city. Get ready toplaythis last battle between incredibly strange mutant monstercityhero and flying spider superheroes in this open world actiongames.This free to roam action adventure simulation 3D open worldgamecomes with thrilling levels and critical rescue missions allowyouto crush monster and defeat evil defenders. Becomeincredibleshooter and to kill terrorists, gangsters, super villainsandspider hero use your super mutant strange powers &combatfighting & gun shooting skills. Play this amazingGrandIncredible Monster Superhero City Battle 17 game and enjoytheaction of the incredible monster hero. The eventful environmentofthis incredible game allows you to feel like a true monstersuperhero of city full of criminals, terrorists, gangsters, mafia&street thugs to fight. Army military is also trying to combatthevillain terrorists with their modern weapons & gunslikeassault rifles, US army snipers & machine guns but it won’tbepossible without your super monster mutant hero strangepowers.Join hands with military navy, army & air force todefeat theterrorists with the help of their aircraft, fighter jets,snipershooters, weapons, guns & fearless commando soldiers. Notonlythese but military army has trained special sniper shooters&developed special steel battle mech robots for this mission.Drive,drift, drag & race cars on the city roads full oftraffic, freeroam the huge city, shoot the terrorists &complete plenty ofobjectives & missions to save your city fromterrorists.GrandIncredible Amazing Robots Monster Superhero CityBattle 17Features:- Be the super incredible monster hero andAvenger-Realistic Environment & epic fighting levels.-RealisticPhysics monster.- Fight with police robots & cartransformingrobots. - Monster Superhero rescue mission.- Jump highfor thegrand superhero monster Robots.- Realistic Sound and Musiceffects.
com.naquatic.monstercrafter 1.8.7
Naquatic LLC
THE SEQUEL TO GUNCRAFTER! • DREAM IT. BUILD IT. BATTLE IT. SHAREIT• Craft your own pet monster. Train and care for it.Adventurethrough harrowing, boss-filled dungeons. Battle onlineagainst yourfriends, your enemies, or anyone in the world.MonsterCrafter iscrafting + digital pets + monster battling…andthere has never beenanything like it. • PLAY YOUR WAY • If you candream it, you canbuild it. Create your monster any way you like.The way you craftit, the way you train and care for it…EVERYTHINGaffects yourmonster's personality, companionship, and performancein battle! •ENDLESS CONTENT • The entire MonsterCrafter world ispopulated byplayer-created monsters! Every monster you see andbattle has beencrafted by someone. Show them who's boss! • INSTANTMULTIPLAYER •Enter the multiplayer arena and get placed in alag-freemultiplayer match in 5 SECONDS. With Naquatic's exclusiveQuickMatch system, you never have to stop playing. No waiting. Nolag. •JOIN OVER 50 MILLION GAMERS WORLDWIDE • And find out whyNaquaticapps like Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown have lit up thetopcharts and been featured by everyone from Apple to Google,Amazon,Microsoft, IGN, AppAdvice, and TouchArcade.
VoxelMonster 1.0.6
You can breed comical monsters. Monster evolve. (egg ->baby-> child -> adult -> ultra) You beat an enemy(orfriend)and get new database.
Wrecking Squad 1.0.6
Collect a colorful cast of unique characters and smash yourwaythrough a fully destructible 3D city in an all new physicsbasedpuzzle game from Big Blue Bubble. Breaker and the WreckingSquadare the only ones capable of smashing the abandoned buildingsofToppelopolis and keeping it safe from the robo-jerks. By usingtheWrecking Squad's unique abilities like explosives, drills,andstructure destroying science you’ll be able to smash everythinginsight!Features:• Unique characters with special abilities• Levelupyour squad• Fully destructible 3D environments• Over 250puzzlinglevels to destroyEnlist today, join the WreckingSquad!:Facebook( is completely free toplay, however some game items can alsobe purchased for real money.If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. WreckingSquad requires aninternet connection to play (3G or WiFi).HELP& SUPPORT: Get ahold of us byvisiting orcontacting us ingame by going to Options > Support.
Blue Monster Keyboard Theme 4.5
Input theme
DOWNLOAD FREE , decorate your mobile keyboard with our BlueMonsterKeyboard Theme now. Blue Monster Keyboard is our latest freethemewith cute monster face. This Blue Monster Keyboard theme ofTypanyKeyboard will input a real new look & feel into yourkeyboard.Check this FREE personalized design for your Typany EmojiKeyboardright now! Enjoy this Blue Monster Keyboard and change thelook ofyour device into new blue shinning Monstrous View ! Becreative anddifferent! With this blue monstrosity, your device willbe broughtto life with every text you write. Stand out, be thecenter ofattention, type with this Blue Monster Keyboard! No matterwhereyou are with the new Blue Monster Keyboard! Be different,customizeyour keyboard and express your unique personality throughchangingyour texting experience totally with the lovely Emoji.Texting willbecome a new way of relaxing for you because this BlueMonsterKeyboard will simply enchant you. Use this Blue MonsterKeyboard totext easy and fast. How to Apply Blue Monster KeyboardTheme? 1)Download the Blue Monster Keyboard Theme keyboard theme,tap theINSTALL button. 2) Download Keyboard Launcher from GooglePlayStore. If you already have Keyboard Launcher installed, pleasetapon the APPLY button. 3) After Keyboard launcher is installedandapplied, the Blue Monster Keyboard Theme will beautomaticallyinstalled on your phone. Features of Blue MonsterKeyboard ThemeAuto Complete and Word Prediction: Auto-complete thewords you aretyping and offer you accurate next-word prediction.Auto CorrectionCorrects your typos with various language correctionmodels. EmojiMaker Free! Share the fun! Design your own emoji fromhundreds ofoptions, and then send your creation to your friends.EmojiPrediction Recommend your favorite emojis as Typany remembersnotonly words but also emojis. Text Bang Offers a revolutionary waytoedit long sentences by allowing you to easily copy or deleteanywords you choose. Expanding Theme Choices Hundreds offancykeyboard themes to make your keyboard style and new themesaredelivered weekly! The Most Compact File Size Takes up lessspace.Do more with your phone. Multi Supported Language for BlueMonsterKeyboard Theme Blue Monster Keyboard Theme Typanycurrentlysupports over 90 languages! English (US, UK, AU), Spanish(ES, LA,US), Portuguese (PT, BR), Russian, German, Indonesian,Thai,Turkish, French, Persian, Arabic, Italian, Hindi ETC.MultiSupported Device for Blue Monster Keyboard Theme BlueMonsterKeyboard Theme with most Android phones, including but notlimitedto: Samsung Galaxy Note7, Note 6, Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S7and S7Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5,SamsungGalaxy J7; Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4; Huawei P9, HuaweiP8,Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8; HTC 10, HTC OneA9,HTC Desire 10 Pro. Don´t forget to Rate Us!!!
com.bigbluebubble.msm2 1.21.0
Think you know your Singing Monsters? Travel back in time towhenMonsters first erupted into song and witness the glorious DawnofFire. Experience catchy tunes, gorgeous graphics andintuitivegameplay in this exciting prequel to the hit mobilesensation MySinging Monsters. FEATURES: Each Monster has its ownvoice! As youunlock each lovable character, their unique musicalstylings willbe added to the song to build upon the symphonycreating richersounds. Some Monsters are vocal virtuosos, whileothers playsplendorous instruments. Until you hatch it, it's asurprise! Breedand grow your Monster musicians! Want to grow yourSinging Monstercollection? That's simple - breed Monsters withdifferent elementstogether to create new ones! Level them up byrewarding them stuffthey like and nurture your very ownone-of-a-kind orchestra. Crafta multitude of unique items! Buildimpressive structures, collectresources, and master the intricatenew crafting system! Learn therecipes for anything your Monstersmight ask of you, and put upwacky decorations to add that personaltouch! Discover new landsand catchy tunes! Expand your horizonsbeyond the Continent andexplore the diverse and wondrous OuterIslands. Each has its owninfectious melody, as performed by yourSinging Monster maestros!Who knows how many there are to discover?Get ready to bask in thegolden age of Monster music in My SingingMonsters: Dawn of Fire.Happy Monstering! ________ STAY TUNED:Facebook: PLEASE NOTE! MySingingMonsters: Dawn of Fire is completely free to play, howeversomegame items can also be purchased for real money. If you don'twantto use this feature, please disable in-app purchases inyourdevice's settings. My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire requiresaninternet connection to play (3G or WiFi). HELP & SUPPORT:Getin touch with the Monster-Handlers or contacting us in game bygoing toOptions > Support.
Alone Dog Vs Monsters 1.4
Story starts in forest world where you have to fight withforestmonsters like monkeys and spiders vs your Dog.This Game smartandclassic adventure is for all Kids: and the best way to spendtimewhen you are in you home or wait pakdam pakdai or forsomething.Nowstart getting some energy and some friends to get into the forest.Invite your Friends to help you in this adventure its not easy youneed help.Rescue your dog in this adventure it s bigBravery.Yourtask in this game is to control Dog, hits enemies,avoid traps,spiders, cats crash bad enemies and others and beatingall monstersand teach them a lesson.also there are lots of hiddenbonus itemsand diamonds.This game bring back lots memories of oldcity arcadegames with many adventures world of this gamecontainswell-designed levels, various enemies ,monsters ,bosses,easygameplay, nice graphics and fun musics and sounds.
Monster Tom Fills 1.3
Every drummer wants to stand out by the way they play.A gooddrummeris capable of impressing every crowd with her/hiscreativity andoriginality.To be able to stand out and impress anycrowd, it isessential to have a vast repertoire of Fills.MonsterDrums - 100 TomFills will help you to play amazing fills using thetoms asprotagonists.Many drummers don't have a clear idea of howto includeToms while creating new fills. Monster Drums – 100 TomFills willhelp you by showing you many different Tom Fillcombinations. Byusing a proven method, our app will clearly showyou how to playevery combination. From a drummer's perspective,you will see everymove being performed with Animations and Audiocues with differentspeed choices. You can reduce the speed to theslowest setting andturn on the loop function so you can practiceby playing along withyour Drum Set or by tapping the screen withyour fingers.Unleash thewhole potential of your Drumming abilitiesand become the bestdrummer you can be. - 3 different speedsettings. - Loop function. -Turn Metronome on/off. - Adjust theMetronome to every specificfragment of every fill. - Add fills toyour Favorites for better,faster access. - An unique, proven kindof Tablature to help youunderstand the most complex fills.
Monster Truck Crot 2 3.0.4
AS Digital
Monster Truck Stunt Crot 2---Is an Action Racing Game, Allow youtoexplore Black Zombie Forest since the world was destroyed byvirusof zombie, and all you can do is to find zombie nest anddestroythem all to revive the world from the zombie virusbeat allthebeast Vehicle don't let them drag you and destroy yourMonsterTruck.---You can choose your favorite Monster Truckthere are27Monster Truck ready to race again the beast and zombie.Destroythemand collect their coin to collect more Monster Truck.Hitallzombie, and let her head fly and swing freely but carefullywiththe Missileshe will bring you down and surprise you!!---AllGraphicwas designed for HD Resolution, Massive, and Fun---Kill allzombie,clear all level to unlock endless modeBeat all player scoreand getthe top should play this game or the zombie wouldbe inyour houseSave the world and play to kill all zombiedriveyourAwesome Monster Truck,--Monster Truck Crot ExtremelyAddictive,feel massive gameplayyou should Play this GameHighlyRecommended--Walkthrough/Guide:
Slingshot Monsters - Angry Defenders Of Planet X
Team Honcho
Get ready to fling your army of angry monsters! The evil ASTROShaveinvaded Planet X to mine the monsters’ powerful energycrystals!Take down their defenses with your awesome slingshotskills and ahuge arsenal of 10 different monster types with supermind-blowingabilities!!! Kill 2 birds with one stone: save PlanetX whilstsimultaneously creating amazing chain reactions ofdestruction!! -Use your SLINGSHOT to catapult each monster at theinvading Astros -CHOOSE your ammo order! - Fly the awesome FLAPPY- tap-tap-tap tokeep that bird soaring! - Crazy REAL WORLD PHYSICSbased gameplay -Huge CHAIN REACTIONS - Awesome BOSS fights - Outof this worldDESTRUCTION WOW... OVER 6 WORLDS TO EXPLORE Over 140levels acrossstunning landscapes like Grasslands, Ice, Desert,Tropical and Lava!So come on and help the legendary heroes embarkon the adventure ofa lifetime. Fling your monsters and blast thosepesky Astros andtheir big boss machines off the face of Planet X!Join the MonsterResistance today! Slingshot Monster is completelyfree to play, butthere are optional in-app purchases available.Either way, it'sloads of fun!
Spider SuperHero VS Incredible Monster City Battle 1.0
Fualdev World
Mr. Incredible has to take revenge from spider boy who betrayed.Youhave to be a true monster super hero of the city full ofcriminals,terrorists, gangsters and mafia. This free to roamaction adventuresimulation 3D open world game comes with thrillinglevels andcritical missions allows you to crush monster and defeatevildefenders. Become incredible shooter and to killterrorists,gangsters, super villains and spider hero use your supermutantstrange powers & combat fighting & gun shootingskills. Youhave to act like a super soldier in this superheroescape missionas you have got an eagle eye to crush and attackmonsters, smashcities. This is a clash of monsters and you have tomake heroesalliance in order to defeat super villains and villainterrorists.Destroy traffic which is controlled by strange supervillains asdeadly criminals are taking control of the city whereweed dealermafia is getting ready for future fight with actionheroes and theyare going to take help of monster warriors.Superheroes are turningagainst each other and this time incrediblemonster has decided totake a final revenge from super spider heroesin this heroicbattle. Big Monster has joined the gangsters, jailcriminals andmafia of the crime city and destroying peace. Theyhave beencontrolled by strange super powers and they have forgottentheywere used to be the universe defender and were super mutanthero ofthis city. Get ready to play this last battle betweenincrediblestrange mutant monster city hero and flying spidersuperheroes inthis open world action simulation game. This free toroam actionadventure simulation 3D open world game comes withthrilling levelsand critical missions allows you to crush monsterand defeat evildefenders. Become incredible shooter and to killterrorists,gangsters, super villains and spider hero use your supermutantstrange powers & combat fighting & gun shootingskillsGetinto your superhero alien suit and save the world withspider boystrange rope hero powers in this new superhero fightinggame. As aflying spider boy ropes climb hero, roam free inextensive 3Denvironment where you fight people and rescue thecitizens from thedeadly criminals and gangsters incredible monstersof the of Vegascity and miami crime city to end bombs reign in thisspider boyarcade flyer. This game is a heroic battle againstgangsters anddeadly criminals of open world mafia. Play plenty ofcriticalmissions filled with thrill and action as a flyingspiderincredible brave hero, drive high speed cars and chase downthevice town open car thugs, deadly criminals and gangsters ofmiamiextreme crime city. You have been people's savior and alwaysfoughtlike a fearless fighter so fight people, arcade flyer &thesuper villains who are on verge to destroy the city and endthereign of evil from the city in this superhero fighting gamewithyour survival flight. As a Spider Web Shadow you have gotsomeamazing rope hero powers, your walk like a shadow and fightlike amonster.
Fusion Generator - Digital Fusion Monster 3.2.76
Fuse hundreds of monsters in this digital fusion generator!Thereare 10,000's of combinations of DigiFuseMon!Fusions rangefromcool, cute and funny!* Keep your favorites!* Save and sharemonsterfusions! (please support us so we can add moremonsters)Enjoy!
Monster Heroes 1.05
Collect, tame and evolve 3D creatures in this monstercollectiongame!Join the adventure and discover a world fulloflife!--------------------------------------------------------------Followthe story of Lucas, a junior tamer who will embark on anadventureto save the world! Battle against wild monsters and evilforces andcatch new creatures to fight for your team!Train yourmonsters andlevel them up! Unlock and teach them stronger attacksas they becomemore experienced.Help them reach their final form sothat they cantruly become Monster Heroes!Draw your monster skillsdirectly onscreen to make them attack! The power of their attackswill increasewith your ability and the time you take to completethedrawings!Choose your team wisely and exploit theelementalweaknesses of your opponents to deal more damage and winbossfights!Detailed features:Capture new monsters for your team -Over100 monsters to capture and evolve with new monsters addedeveryupdate!Evolve your monsters into powerful creatures – Eachmonstercan evolve into impressive beasts.Tap and draw your monsterattacks– Master the drawings of your team's monsters to make themfight attheir full potential!Hundreds of different elementalskills! –Fire, water, earth and wind attacks are all available inthe game!Choose your team wisely to exploit elementalweaknesses!Explore anexciting 3D world – Monster Heroes world is infull 3D and so aremonsters ofthegame!--------------------------------------------------------------FollowMonster Heroes on Facebook and Twitter and get the latestnews onour games!Facebook: is a completely free to play monster collectiongame, howeversome items such as coin and gem packs can also bepurchased withreal money. If you do not want to use this feature,please set uppassword protection for purchases in the settings ofyour GooglePlay Store app.Any reference to any third-partyproducts (e.g.yugioh, pokemon, digimon), services, names, or otherinformation, bytrade name, trademark, manufacturer, developer,supplier orotherwise, does not constitute nor imply endorsement,affiliation,or sponsorship. All trademarks, service marks,product, service, orother names mentioned herein, are the propertyof their respectiveowners, and no claim is made to any such mark,product, service orother name.
com.honeycommb.littlemonsters 1.40.2
Welcome home, Little Monsters. This is for us. All of us.LittleMonsters is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather,create,and to inspire. Share your passion and creativity in acommunityfull of art, acceptance, monsters, and Gaga. Remember tobe brave,be kind, be respectful and most importantly... beyourself!
TAMAGO Monsters Returns 3.45
The 2013 world hit game TAMAGO Monsters is back!Only 300 Hits&Surprise Monster Reward!Collect and growcountlessMonsters!Features1. ADVENTURE - forest of elves,dragonblight,zombie road2. COLLECT - normal, rare, unique, legendmonster3.EQUIP - frozen tuna, angel sword, ak-474. GROW - magicalfood foryour monsters5. FEVER - challenge! gold rush mode*TAMAGOMonstersReturns contains third party advertisements.Please see ourprivacypolicy for additional information.TAMAGO Monsters Returns isfreeto play,but you can choose to pay real money for some extraitems.
Neeko interactive monster Free 1.21
Have you ever wanted to own a monster? This is yourchance.MeetNeeko, the cutest and friendliest little monster. Tapand ticklehim, make him laugh and help him on his mission to getrid of peskybugs. If you succeed, you'll also get to know hisfriends--Meeko,Peeko, Jeeko, Teeko and Chreesmo.Neeko is a curiouscreature.Short-legged, large-eyed, with rubbery hair—and impossiblycute. Helikes to dance, play and have fun all day long. But hefaces achallenge that only you can help him with. Annoying andirritatingbugs came to Neeko's town and he's not happy about it. Heneedsyour curiosity and fast fingers to help him get rid of allthetroublemakers. When you catch enough bugs, you can playacolor-matching mini-game, earn coins and unlock five of hiscutemonster friends: Meeko, Peeko, Jeeko, Teeko and Chreesmo. Eachofthem has its own behavior, laughter, sounds anddifficulty.Neekowas designed specially for kids—with much attentiongoing todetails, colors, sounds and monster personas. This is aperfect appfor your toddler or a preschooler.However, the game issuitable forall skill levels and ages. Gradual learning curve willtake youfrom a beginner to a master at your own pace. Built-intutorialswill help you get to know Neeko and teach you how tointeract withhim.No matter what your age, you'll find hours of funwith thisamazing 3D game.Features: * Engaging interactivecharacters * Playwith cute monsters, poke and turn them around, andmake them laugh.* Choose from 6 monster friends, each with its ownbehavior, soundsand difficulty. * Amazing 3D graphics, optimizedforhigh-resolution screens * A Game for young and old alike *Superfun and entertaining
Combine Helper Monster Warlord 3.00.01
An App that helps you to know how to combine successfully togeteasy your monsters on Monster Warlord game.Gives informationaboutATK and DEF increase.Gives information about which monstersarenecessary combine to get an specific monster.NOW YOU CANCOMBINEPLUS AND REGULAR MONSTERS!!
Pink Monster Keyboard Theme 10001004
What makes you want to try smart typing? What makes you feellikechanging the tedious keyboard? Check out and download thesepinkmonster themes. Start a new typing style and try adifferentkeyboard. This is a set of pink monster themes. Itconsists of notonly cartoon monster element, but also beach. Thecombination ofthese elements makes these pink monster themes moredistinguishedand personalized. Characteristics: This set of themesarecharacterized by the following: 1. Both cartoon monster andbeachelements are presented. 2. Setting colorful as thebackgroundcolor. This colorful color serves as a perfect backgroundto makethe feature of cartoon monster and beach elements stand outinthese pink monster themes. 3. Cute element has been appliedtohighlight the characteristics of pink monster theme. Howtodownload these pink monster themes? To download this set ofpinkmonster themes, you need to download and apply our inputmethodAPK. With that installed, you can then enjoy these uniquepinkmonster themes. More benefits for downloading these themes:1.Cloud Prediction function at hand: typing more efficientlywithcloud data powered prediction function to accurately predictyourinput. 2. Gesture Typing: instead of typing one letter a time,justswipe through letters to enjoy easier typing. 3. GIFs: hugeamountof funny GIF images. Typing can be fun. 4. Thousands ofthemes:themes of various styles including cute, cool, tech andluxuryones, etc. There is always one for you. 5. Clipboardfunctionavailable: cut your input for a quick paste, fast andconvenient.Thanks for using our themes. You can show your favor andsupport bygiving great ratings. Thanks!
Monster War 1.2
Italy Games
Monster War is the #1 acclaimed action fantasy defensegameavailable on Google Play.The Undead Horde of vampires,werewolvesand mummies are at your town gates, the villagers are onthe brinkof death, and only your troops stand between the enemy andcompleteannihilation! Use your finger to slide a vast arsenal ofweaponstogether and flick to fire at your command before themonstersbreak down your door.Now get ready for an epic journey todefendyour town!How to Play:- Slide the weapons together in a groupof 3or more- Slide the group of weapons to the front launch area-Flickthe weapons forward to fire at the monstersGame Features:-Hours ofgameplay with 60 levels & more to come- Extra Endlessgame modethat will challenge your tactical skills to the limit-5specialized weapons and 5 uniquely designed power-ups tocustomizeyour strategy- High definition awesome illustrated cartoonart
Bouncing Monster-Christmas Fun 1.5
Bouncing Monster is a simple entertaining game with abouncingmechanic add on. Celebrate this holiday season with thenewChristmas theme and Santa Claus character. With the help ofthebouncing monster, you will jump high and crack all the blocksthatgets in your way in the town.Alike any other endless touchgames,the game is really addictive and have its own appeal andquirkydesign to fit the bill. The game have a very simple controls,justtap with colorful and fun animation.The game is verychallengingbut addicting; you will keep trying "one more time" justto beatyour personal high score.+ Keep tapping your screen tokeepbouncing over the blocks+ Endless game-play withunlimitedtransitions.+ Always explore new game play elements.+ Makesureyour monster live longer and enjoy his adventure.+ Alwaysbounce& crack the blocks or platform before moving forward.+Simpletapping game - It looks easy at first, but the game becomesmorechallenging time after time. + Cool designs, sound, controlsandgame play.+ 10 new characters - Unlock them as you score highoryou keep cracking.+ Unlock new achievements and become a masterofyour skill.+ Bouncing mechanic adds fun to the journey ofmonster.+Explore the Christmas theme and play with Santa Clauscharacter toget into festive season.The monster with his wackysmile, jumps andbounce from one block to another. If the monstermiss a blocks, itfalls down and the game ends.You will fall in lovewith this superaddictive game, hilarious sound effect and the cutesmile of themonster. Nice to try if you are looking for simpletapping game.One of the best monster game available on thestore.Download nowand set your high score.
Monsters Catalog 1.00.04
Watch Devs
This is a complete catalog of monsters for Summoners War gamefromCom2uS.With this application you can see all data of allmonstersin the game. This data includes Stats at the maximum level,skills,awaken form, fusion materials, suggested runes and more.Youcanmark your favorite monsters.You can mark all monsters thatyouhave.You can mark your monsters that are used in arena.Youcansearch for more information about a particular monster in themostused websites for summoners war players.You can search monstersbytheir names.You can filter the monsters by stars, attribute,awakenor not.You can order the monster by name, HP, attack, defenseorspeed.And all of this packed with a nice and friendlyuserinterface. Sweet :)tags: Summoners War Guide, Summoners WarMonsterGuide
Monster Buster: World Invasion 1.22.13
Tag of Joy
Outstanding monster fights with a twist on reality! MonsterBusteris an Augmented Reality monster fighting and collecting gamethattakes you outdoors. Explore your city and find rare monstersfromparallel universes invading our world. Detect, engage, fightandcapture – then head out to your next big adventure. The thrillofthe chase is on! - Discover and collect tons of incrediblemonstershidden around in your city. - Locate creatures in yourenvironmentusing the camera of your smartphone. - Fight in dynamicduels usingunique abilities of your monsters. - Gain experience andgrow yourcreatures to pursue even bigger challenges. - Take a photowith amonster, save it to your gallery and post it to Facebook. -Dozensof original handcrafted 3D monsters and more constantlyadded. -See creatures in Augmented Reality. - The game isconstantlyupdated and improved. Are you looking for a game with aton of funand unique mons to fight and collect? Do you want to goon areal-world adventure and treasure hunt? Then this game isperfectfor you! This turn based fighting game featuresinnovativeaugmented reality and geo location technology to let yousee andhunt creatures in the real world! Exciting and action packedfightswill constantly keep you engaged, because dueling aliencreaturesrequires strategy and bravery! So, go out there, use yourmap andmon radar to search your environment, meet and poke otherbustersand enjoy unique creatures, because no matter how fierce orstronga beastie in Monster Buster is, it eventually evolves andbecomesyour loving pet. Become a warrior, a hunter, the protectorof yourworld and a mighty champion in battle. Become a MonsterBuster!
4x4 Mountain Climb Monster trucker 1.0.0
Welcome to the best simulation and racing 4x4 uphill dirtmonstertruck game to the mountain climbing. Ready to get behind the4x4hill dash racing truck and start your journey with a monsterracingchallenge. This is the time you have to compete your rivals.Theexciting new models of 4x4 monster trucks, 4x4 SUV, jeep isinfront of you. Just pick up your favorite vehicle, boost upyourvehicles, ignite the v8 engine and accelerate your 4x4monstertruck for climbing on the uphill mountain stunt roads. Crazy4x4hill dash monster truck is full of adventurous, driving funandthrill riding on the tricky stunt tracks. Experience thebestracingThe worlds ever difficult and impossible (monster truckstunttrack) journey with your multiples cars in front of you. Yourtaskis to drive safe on the climbing mountains and stunts track.Avoidto hill with other stones or hurdles. You should also avoidtofalling from a cliff or stunt track. You should reach the endtothe hills and collect all the coins in maximum time. Accept themadmonster truck racing challenge on tricky roads and chase it.Youare the bes4x4 monster rider of the world. So, choose yourbestvehicles and try to reach the hill as far as possible. Withmonstertruck mountain climb racing game you can become bestmountainracer. So, download this uphill mountain monster truck andshowyour stunt skills to the world. Control and graphicsThis theworldone of the best climb racing and simulation dash game that youwillnever find before on google play store. With the latest RCC3.1smooth control, you have options to choose multiplemonstercontrollers. Like steering, tilt and buttons control. Withanycontrol, you can drive and race easily and chase your rivals.WithHD and amazing 3D mountain environment., you can feel betteryourmountain climb adventure. Sound effect gives you another pieceofpleasure. So, go to the google play, download the 4x4 monstertruckmountain climb game and stay cool with best climbingadventure.What’s new:This is the world’s first futuristic mountainclimbingsimulator game which gives you an adventurous drivingjourney. Youhave multiple options to select any 4x4 vehicle anddrive fast onuphill mountains.This is the best hill mountain gameof 2018. Ihoped people enjoyed the hill mountaingame.Features:Awesome anddifferent gameplayRealistic, multiple andsmooth controlSteering,tilt and buttons controlMultiple 4x4vehicles optionLot ofadventurous challengesDifferent mountainclimbs tracksThrilling andAddictive physicsAttractive soundplaysHeavy v8 engineFree to play
Ah! Monster 4.0.0
Wow! There are weird monsters!!!!Mysterious monsters living inamysterious world. What were they born for? What do they livefor?Still, no one knows. . .------- About this world-------Somehow, amysterious perfume ball is hanging from thesky.And mysteriousmonsters who prefer the perfume cometogether.There are many kindsof perfume ball.There are monstersthat prefer eachperfume.Perfumes have their own level, and you canraise thelevel.As the level of perfume rises, more unusual monsterswillcome together.What you need to raise the level of perfumesarecoins.Coins can be obtained by touching and destroyingmysteriousmonsters.You can develop new perfumes.If you want todevelop newperfumes, you need to gather eggs that are necessarymaterials fordevelopment.Eggs can be obtained by touching anddestroyingmysterious monsters.You already understand?To know thisworlddeeply, you should repeat the process below.1. Hanging aperfume.2.Get coins and eggs from mysterious monsters.3. Raise thelevel ofperfume with coins, and develop new perfumes with eggs.4.Change aperfume and lure new monsters.By repeating these, you canencountermore and more unknown monsters.There are many monsters inthisworld.It is the purpose of this game to meet all monstersandreveal all the collections.The secret of each monsters is statedonthe collections.Now, from today you are a resident ofthismysterious world.Please do not return to the original worlduntilyou know everything.Here we go!■ TIPS 1The point to advancethegame is to develop new perfumes.Check the "Develop perfume" menuinadvance, and know the types of egg to be required fordevelopment.■TIPS 2If you touch a image of monster on thecollections, you cansee the information of monsters.There is adescription about themonster appearance time zone.This means thatsome monsters onlyappear at a certain time!The time is linked withthe real world,and the color of sky changes with time!■ TIPS 3Whena perfume levelis maximized (Lv.6), something weird will happen!
Poke Clash: Monster Hunter 2.2.1
Poke Clash: Monster Hunter - The most amazing monster fighting&catching game!Welcome to the Poke Clash World, where you canbattle,catch, train, evolve your monster on the journey to becomethe BestMonster Hunter!FAST PACED GAMEPLAY WITH UNIQUE CONTROLMECHANICSUseyou finger to draw shapes on the touchscreen. Matchthe shapes onhealth block to attack monster and capture them.Gotta catch themall! Along side with your partner monsters, eachhas their ownunique attack skill! IMMERSIVE WORLD WITH DOZENS OFWILDMONSTERSPoke around looking for powerful monsters andbattle,capture, train and evolve them with unique statsandskills.BREATHTAKING DUELS IN MINING MODEIntense andaction-packedbattle with a boss monster. Lead your partner to thevictory byyour drawing skill and receive thousands of gemsasreward!FEATURES: • Intuitive gesture recognition drawinggameplay.• Dozens of monster type to be captured. • Enjoy battlewithwonderful Items. • Hatch monster eggs. • Mine gem by fightingwithdangerous monsters. • Make a rain of fire meteors! • Freezingallthe wild monsters! • Blow away all the monster on your wayofbecoming the best monster hunter! • Race with friends andbecomeone of the top hunters.We love hearing any feedback fromyou.Pleasecontact us if you have any trouble with
Monster Wars 1.2
Liv Games
The follow-up to Legendary Wars unleashed on Android! There aretwosides to every story. This is the legend of theMonsterWars...They've been hunted for gold and XP for years, andnow it'stime for revenge! Take command of over 50 Monsters, in aperfectblend of Castle Defense, sidescrolling-action and RPG.Build-up apowerful Monster Army and conquer the land ofLegendaria!*************************************Press Quotes:"Oneof the bestmobile strategy games of the year " -Touch Arcade"A deepandfrantic Real-Time Strategy experience with healthy missionvariety,lots of unit types, and an utterly huge campaign."iFanzine4.5/5"The game looks gorgeous. But underneath thosecartoonish goodlooks though beats a clever, strategic heart."-PocketGamer**************************************Monster WarsFeatures:-Choose your Monsters!Over 15 Customizable Monsters tochoose from.Upgrade your monsters through the game to unlockpowerful newspecial attacks and over 30 different mutations.HugeWorld toExploreCampaign mode features 7 different environments andover 60levels each with unique gameplay and secret unlockablemodes. Thisis not the world you remember.-Unique Gameplay:Action-RTS-RPG Takedirect control of any Monster on the battlefieldand unleash theirspecial attacks! Command huge armies and destroythe forces oflight. Features a variety of gameplay stylesincluding; Hack andSlash action, Castle Defense, Catapult Siege,Arcade, Castle vsCastle, Side-scrolling, and more!-Gorgeousgraphics andanimation!Over a dozen beautifully detailedenvironments witheye-popping parallax scrolling. Contains dozensoff charmingcharacters in a visually stunning 2D experience. -EpicSoundtrackBeautiful orchestrated epic soundtrack writtenexclusively forMonster Wars. A melody that perfectly fits themonster mood.&the fun is not over yet! Unlock over a dozenendless modes, 66Achievements, and multiple difficulties. Take yourupgradedMonsters to a whole new level and earn bonusrewards.**Optimizedfor Android TabletsFollow us Add MonsterWars on facebook! Send us feedbackat:
Monster Bike Motocross 3.61
Have fun in extreme big bike race with POWERFUL MONSTERMOTORCYCLES!Perform dangerous flips and stunts, drive inbreathtaking extremeloops, jump through flaming rings of fire anddrift in abandonedsand quarry off road track! Will you dare toparticipate in thisdangerous monster bike race with your awesomemonstrositymotorcycle?!! GAME FEATURES: ◆ CHOOSE your favoritemonstrositymotorcycle from more than 12 brand new bikes:Sandstorm, Warrior,Danger, Wroom-Wroom, Nitro Boost, Hot Wheels,Commander, GhostRider, Smoke, The Devil, Monstrosity and Cobra! ◆PREPARE forchallenging sand drifting and extreme hill racing game!◆ RIDE ondangerous moving constructions, massive breath takingloops andmuddy swamps, jump through flaming rings of fire! ◆PERFORM extremestunts and dangerous flips while racing in thischallenging sandquarry offroad track with your big bike! ◆ AVOIDdeadly rockfall,spiked crushers, dangerous bombs and barrelsexplosions! ◆ DEFEATyour opponents and win extreme hill racinggame! ◆ GAIN coins foreach successfully completed game level inthis challenging big bikerace. Collect even more coins by findinga secret room! The morecoins you get the more awesome bikes youcan purchase! ◆ MASTER yourmonster motorcycle offroad drivingskills. Learn to drift, performextreme stunts and flips! ◆ ENJOYuser friendly interface, bigbuttons and simple game controls. ◆CLICK GO button to drive forwardand ARROWS to balance yourmonstrosity motorcycle or perform flipsand stunts! ◆ PREPARE forexciting 24 hill racing tracks. ◆ HAVE FUNin two bike race worlds:Sand Valley and Sand Quarry. ◆ REALISTICphysics-based offroadmotorcycle racing experience in sand quarry. ◆ENJOY high qualitycartoon game graphics, cool bikes, animatedcharacters, smoothphysics simulation, awesome sound effects,realistic voice-oversand best suited soundtrack! Will you dare toparticipate in thisextreme monster bike hill racing game? If yes,then hop on yourfavorite monstrosity motorcycle, perform cool flipsand stunts andprove that you are the best powerful motorcycleracer! Drive inchallenging offroad motorcycle racing tracks withmany differentbikes!
Monsters and Planets 6.0
Play monsters, jump on the planets!A fun game in which you havetoplay for monsters! Jump on the planets, collect coins, buynewmonsters! The game was created for entertainment, you willnotbe able to play for a long time. If you need to kill a littletimeor take a little rest, then this is exactly what you need. Jumponthe rotating planets, save on new monsters. Our game will giveyoua lot of positive emotions and good mood. Funny monsters willnotlet you get bored!Features:- fun game;- A fun arcade game;-jumpingon the planets;- Great time killer;- beautiful graphics;-anendless plot;- Different monsters;- funny music;- Free game.Howtoplay:Jump on the planets, collect coins.Here you will findallinformation about our games:VK-
Capsule toy Monsters 1.1.1
Real-time Battle monster training RPG "Capsule toyMonsters"Createdparty just for you,let's aim Arena No. 1!Easyoperation and brainwarfare, turn-based command battle!Evolution,capacity building,the upper limit release. You can enjoy deeptraining.Let's completethe magical toy monster that jumps out fromthe capsule!● Aim for aNO.1 in the Arena mode! ●- Can users andreal-time match-up of thewhole country!● Very high difficulty questmode! Are you able toclear! ? ●- In solo play, auto mode and speedmode installing!Easily could be playing!- Multiplay mode commingsoon!- To clearthe daily mission, trying to get a reward everyday!● about 200species of monsters! Strategy is infinite, dependingonorganization! ●- Monster add one after another in the future-Upperlimit release by combining the same monsters!● luxury arenareward!You can further strengthen your monster! ●Favorite statuscan beenhanced if you use the "Egg"! It is available with the winin thearena.- Try to customize the monster to their liking!
Incredible Monster vs Spiderhero: City War 1.2
Incredible Monster vs Superhero: City Battle Get ready to playthislast battle between against wild monsters in this open worldactiongame. There are many bulky monsters in this superhero vsincrediblemonsters 3d game. They have attacked on a beautiful cityin yourstate. Peoples are crying, blasting and calling some helpfromtheir forces but nobody here to help them. Come on help them.Youare only who can help them because of hidden powers. Go, saveyourpeople and save your city from the dangerous group ofcriminals.Game features:- Easy and user friendly gui and control Abrilliantstory line that will keep you playing for hours Beautifuland eyecatching graphics No connectivity required while playingAddictive,loving & Full of fun. Gps is available to findenemieslocation. Give your feedbackat:-