Top 48 Apps Similar to MyKad Smart Shopper Discover

SpareRoom UK — Room & Flatmate Finder
As the UK’s leading flatsharing service, we’ve helped over7,000,000people to find their perfect flatmate or flatshare. Withour apps,you can do it all while on-the-go. Suitable for EveryoneWhetheryou’re starting university, relocating to the UK, tired oflivingalone, weighing up what to do with an empty room, or, quitesimply,searching for another flatmate or flatshare, we’re theservice foryou. Unrivalled Choice With thousands of flatsharingopportunitiesto choose from in London, Manchester, Birmingham,Leeds, Edinburgh,Glasgow, and right across the UK, you’ll be ableto find yourperfect flatmate or flatshare. Our PhilosophyExperience has taughtus that flat sharing is as much about thepeople as it is about theproperty. To help you find the best ofboth, we provide unparalleledtools, choice, and support. As aresult, someone finds a flatmate orflatshare every 3 minutes. Help& Support Our award-winningcustomer support team are here tohelp you with your search. If yourequire support, come across aproblem, or want to provide feedback,you can get in touch usingour new feedback option at the bottom ofthe home screen.
Download the Property24 app and find your perfect home. Find allofSouth Africa’s leading Estate Agent properties for sale and torenton your phone or tablet. The intuitive interface makessearchingfor property quick, easy and fun. KEY FEATURES: ★ Searchfor housesfor sale and to rent in South Africa ★ Browse propertiesin yourarea of interest via the map ★ Instant access to the mostaccurateand up-to-date real estate listings in South Africa ★Addproperties to your Favourite list ★ Save your Search so youcaneasily perform the same search again ★ Comprehensivephotogalleries – view full screen, high resolution photographs ★Viewyour recently searched areas PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED:LocationServices - Allows searching of nearby areas ExternalStorage -Allows Google Maps to cache map data in the device'sexternalstorage area
Enlte - Decentralised Social Network 5.3.9
A decentralised blockchain based system to solve real-lifeproblemswithout going through a procedure of a centralisedgovernment or anorganisation. It is a location based social enginecreating anadjustable small world network, with faster and betternetworkingcapabilities. It aims to give power to the people byproviding theman option to rate any experience from their accountor using theanonymous feature and broadcasting it to the networkwith real-timeupdates to the people nearby and leaving a geo-stampalong withgeo-fencing the experience. Negative experiences arebroadcasted tonearby nodes in real time and giving the opportunityto nearbynodes to earn Enlte coins by helping them and for thebroadcastingnode also to spread awareness and standing up againstit.
SmartShopper Malaysia 4.0.8
Blue Tangents
WHERE TO SHOP TODAY?Helping MORE THAN 500,000 Malaysians tosavemoney since 2013 by planning groceries shopping smarter**Oneminute a month, that's all it takes to easily save RM100!Coupleofclicks and you'll be ready to save back on spending every timeyougo grocery shopping** Savings decision made easy!Identifyproductsyou intend to shop, sit back and let our Savings Plannerfunctionadvise you the best retailer that saves you most today:Where ToShop Today?** Reliable with extensive popular productsandretailers covered! Expect to see promotion priceinformationfor:All popular grocery products, spanning acrosscategories frombaby milk powders, diapers, food, drinks, personalcare toiletries,household care products etc.Tesco, Giant, Aeon,Aeon Big, Econsave,Mydin, The Store / Pacific, Watsons, Guardian,Caring ... justnaming a few and online retailers too. Easily manyretailers nearyou to be compared to decide: Where To ShopToday?Every time youthink of grocery shopping = think SmartShopperto ensure you tosave, Save, SAVE! Because wasting money whenSmartShopper alreadymade it so easy to save, is .... ahem... notvery smart (yes, beingpolite here)
Rijksmuseum 3.0.12
Free Multimedia Tours: discover more and easily find your wayaround• Explore the museum your way: by area or on your own route.You’llget recommendations for new areas and tours nearby. Usinganinteractive map with route directions, the app guides you tothestarting point of a chosen area or tour. During your tour theappwill take you from room to room, and you can listen tostoriesabout the works of your choice. Your location is alwaysshown inblue. Be sure to activate your location services andBluetooth touse this feature. • The tours: perfect for everyone!The aim is tosee more. Each work has more layers: a 3D audio clip,an animationthat allows you to discover unique and surprisingdetails about thecollection, and for a number of works you canaccess additionalcommentary by inspiring experts and passionateenthusiasts.Rijksstudio: enjoy your favourite artwork anytime,anywhere •Enjoying the collection is now even easier and moreexciting withRijksstudio in the new app. You can scroll and swipethrough theartworks, zoom in on the smallest details and easilysave theimages. Tickets • Easily purchase tickets in the app, savethem andscan them at the ticket checkpoint. Information Bydownloading thisapplication you agree to the general terms andconditions whichapply to the use of the Rijksmuseum app and theservices providedvia the app. You can read Feedback orquestions?Send an email to [email protected] Like the app?Leave areview in the app store. We would love to hear what youthink!Bring your headphones to the museum If you want to use theapp inthe museum, be sure to bring your headphones. You can alsopurchasea headset at the museum for €2.50. Sponsor The app has beenmadepossible by KPN, a main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum.
CloseBy - Discover People 5.2.4
CloseBy is a location based social media app which allows youtodiscover photos, videos, stories shared near you on InstagramandTwitter. You can enjoy CloseBy even without having to beregisteredto Instagram,Twitter or other social networking apps!Features: ✓Discover people within 10 km radius of your location ✓Watch nearbyInstagram stories anonymously ✓ Check out tweets andInstagramposts for the latest happenings around you ✓ Send messageto makenew friends nearby ✓ Follow people you are interested inonInstagram and Twitter ✓ Search any place on the map to explorenewfriendship and events ✓ Build your local social network easilyTellus what you would like to know in your neighborhood. Meetingnewpeople is easier than ever. Enjoy!
Job Search Locally SearchJob-MapquestKey
Search for part-time, full-time, freelance and contactor jobsnearyour current location. Find jobs in the USA, UK, Canada,Europerecruitments, and in many other parts of the world. Searchjobs inover 60 countries with over 16 million jobs available inthedatabase.All jobs are grouped into one screen for fast andeasynavigation. Expend every job listing for more details and applyfora job link (opens original indeed website).Find jobs as youmove.Each time you change location, just press "Find Jobs" buttontofetch available job opportunities at your current locationwithin1km to 200km radius.You can select radius of your jobsearches,find jobs with specific keywords, filter the results tonarrow onlyjob opportinities meeting your criteria. Select whattype of jobyou are looking for: Full-time, Part-time, Contract,Internship,Temporary or any. You can search for a newly advertisedjobs or anyage of the the job listings.When you start job searchapp we arepre-populating your latest job search filters, whichimproves youroverall user experience.You can add selected joblistings tofavorites and review them later, or remove one by one ifno longerrelevant or interested.The Job Search Locally free app hasverysimple layout and easy navigation with 25 job listing per page.Usenext / prev buttons to navigate between the pages.You cansearchusing external Indeed job search engine.Job Search Locallyapp usesIndeed APIs only.PLEASE NOTE THIS APP NEEDS LOCATIONSERVICES TO BEENABLED, WHICH ALLOWS THIS APP TO SEARCH NEARBYJOBS.This app isnot affiliated with Indeed or any other 3rd party,and no databeing shared with anyone.
Massachusetts Alerts 6.0.3
Ping4 Inc
Massachusetts Alerts is the must-have local emergency alertingappfor residents of, and visitors to Massachusetts. TheMassachusettsEmergency Management Agency (MEMA) will send youup-to-date publicsafety information to keep you informed and safe.You will receivepublic safety alerts relevant to where you are inthe state. Aslong as your phone’s Location Services are turned on,you willreceive alerts and information based on your location,proximity toan event or incident, and the preferences you select.Your privacyis 100% protected. Massachusetts Alerts will neverrequire personalinformation. There are no advertisements. No Spam.No directmarketing lists. You are in control every step of theway.Customize Alert Settings to receive public safety informationthatis relevant to you! If you are in or near a public safetyincidentor major event, you will receive critical real- timeinformationthat will keep you safe and informed: · Severe Weatheralerts·Amber Alerts about missing children · Critical informationaboutnatural disasters such as evacuation andshelter-in-placeinformation· Shelter information· Information aboutpower outages,including restoration times· Tips to prepare and staysafe - andMore Massachusetts Alerts is the best all in one 211,411, locationbased emergency alerting app available for downloadinMassachusetts. Download Massachusetts Alerts to receiveimportantpublic safety information wherever you are inMassachusetts.Massachusetts Alerts is also a great way to locatenearby publicsafety facilities. Just tap "Places" and type whatyou’re lookingfor, or use one of the handy preset categories.You’ll getinformation about nearby fire stations, policedepartments,hospitals, and other public safety organizations thatare close toyou, with directions and links to call or get moreinformation. Ifyou have any feedback or suggestions, feel free tocontact us We are always looking for new andbetterways to provide effective public safety alert services. Buy & Sell Nearby 1.56.4
Distilled SCH
Buy and sell for free on Ireland’s most trusted onlinemarketplace.Join the Irish sellers making MILLIONS every weeksellingsecond-hand stuff. Browse over 850,000 ads for new andusedfurniture, Lego, Ikea products, iPhones, tvs, sofas, guitars,cars,laptops, men and women’s fashion, and much more on thisvirtualflea market! MAKE MONEY selling your unwanted items. Ittakes lessthan a minute to post an ad. FIND BARGAINS in your localarea. Getyour items posted or meet the seller nearby. Why • is a Dublin-based Irish company that hasbeen matchingbuyers and sellers for over 10 years. • It’s free tojoin and nolisting fees in nearly all categories, so you can makeeven moremoney! • In 2016 sellers made over €130Million. •Browse over 850,000 ads and find great deals in yourarea. • OurDublin based support staff are available any day to helpwithqueries, questions or feedback. • With’s uniquefeedbacksystem you can buy from and sell to trusted, reviewed andverifiedusers. • Search by title, filter by price, location orbrowse adsin your local area using our Nearby feature. • Stayinformed on thebest deals by following your favourite sellers orcreating searchalerts. • Ask questions by publicly commenting onthe ad’s page andfinalise deals through instant private messages. •Sell quicker orrecommend ads to friends by sharing on Facebook,email and Twitter.• Get a Top Seller badge by gathering positivefeedback and makingsales. • Sell faster by Bumping your ads to thetop of SearchResults, or make your ads to stand out with a specialPremiumbadge. • Businesses can set up a shop account and acceptpaymentsthrough credit card and Paypal. • Buy credit (or bump yourad)using Paypal. Facebook: ABOUT US Adverts.ieis one ofIreland’s largest marketplaces with over 1 millionregisteredusers. Buying and sellings couldn’t be easier so join thesellersmaking serious cash today! Everyday thousands of new ads arelistedin: laptops, macbooks, iPhones, bikes, Lego, desks,tvs,second-hand Ikea items, Nintendo, Xbox, wardrobes, sofas,stoves,clothing, dresses, iPads, shoes, furniture, tables, mirrors,babyclothing, books, cars, tickets, games, jewellery, cameras,beautyproducts, painting, antiques, and much more. Install the appandenjoy a whole marketplace right in your pocket!
flok - Loyalty Cards App 7.2.6
flok (formerly LoyalBlocks) is the FREE mobile rewards card appthathelps you discover nearby businesses with loyalty programs andstartearning rewards. Join the club. Get rewarded.flok offers itsloyaltycard app at a wide variety of businesses including coffeeshops,salons, restaurants, retailers, and more. So wherever yougo,rewards will follow.Most businesses offer a reward just forjoiningtheir loyalty club, so you get rewarded as soon as youdownload theapp!Rewards everywhere! flok clubs can offer rewardsfor joining theclub, checking in, inviting friends to join, yourbirthday, or justbecause they love you.How it works: *Discoverplaces near you thatoffer flok rewards and join their clubs(remember - it is totallyFREE)*Get a punch on your digital punchcard every time you visit*Earn even more rewards by checking inwhen you visit *Redeemrewards whenever you want!For questions,comments, or feedback,please be in touch with us: [email protected]
Stamps 8.8
22 Inc.
Have you ever felt frustrated with a bunch of cards fordifferentstores in your wallet? Stamps is here for you to help!!You canmanage dozens of stamp cards and point cards in your walletwiththis app. Stamps can be used as a stamp card, so you don’teverhave to carry so many shop cards. Stamps reads the QR cord atashop and store stamps or points. “I don’t want my wallet togetbulky, so I don’t receive a stamp card.” “I feel like I’m goingtolose a point card, so I don’t make it.” “That’s my favoritestore,but I don’t go there every week. I’m not sure if I shouldmake ashop card or not.” “I prioritize my cards and carry only themostuseful ones. Otherwise, my wallet gets too fat.” “It bothersmethat I have to carry a card purse besides my wallet.” Youdon’tever have to worry about these things if you have Stamps!There areso many stores that have introduced Stamps! You can use itatvarious stores such as clothe stores, restaurants, hairdressers,beauty salons, and karaoke. [How to use Stamps] ①Afterstarting theapp, long in with your Facebook account or input youremailaddress, sex, and date of birth, and then touch the button foranew registration. ②There will be a popup that says “do youagreewith the user policy?”. Please touch “yes” to completeyourregistration. ③All you have to do is to read the QR cord atastore, or on a shop flier with the camera in the app! Stampscanalso create a new stamp card by reading the QR cord. It takesonly3 seconds to read the cord by your camera and completeyourregistration. [Stamps work the best for these people!] -Yourwalletis filled with stamp cards and point cards. -You like tocollectstamps and points. -You would like to receive information ongooddeals and coupons from stores. -You use coupons often. -Youhavenoticed the coupon you had was no longer valid. -You like astamprally. You would like to try more. You can store 100 cards inyourapp! No more bulky card case or wallet! You can use the app atyourfavorite stores! More stores have been introducing this appsystem!Check out the latest information on our homepage!
mobile-pocket loyalty cards
mobile-pocket wallet is the easiest way to put all yourloyaltycards in one place. Download the mobile-pocket wallet forfree, addall your loyalty cards and membership cards, and nevermiss out onany loyalty points, discounts or benefits! Features andadvantages:+ Barcode and QR code view of loyalty cards andmembership cards(offline available) + Add your cards with atemplate from ourpreset cards catalogue + Add any not presetloyalty card andmembership card as "other card" + Photograph bothsides of the card+ Easily discover benefits from the brands youlove + Backup,synchronize and restore your loyalty cards andmembership cardswith the account function: Register via mail(mobile-pocket walletaccount) or with your Facebook- or Googleaccount + Protect yourcards in your mobile-pocket wallet byactivating passcode + AndroidWear support: Earn your loyalty pointswith the flick of your wristSome of the retailers are using scannertechnologies that cannotread smartphone displays. In this case justask the cashier to typein your loyalty card or membership cardnumber manually. By tappingon the barcode or number the code getsenlarged and the screenbrightness increases.
Property24 Philippines
Download the Property24 Philippines App and find your perfecthome.Get all of the Philippines’ leading Estate Agent propertiesforsale and to rent on your phone or tablet. The intuitiveinterfacemakes searching for property quick, easy and fun withfull-screenphotographs and location-based searching to findproperty near yourcurrent location.KEY FEATURES:★ Search for housesfor sale and torent in the Philippines★ Instant access to the mostaccurate andup-to-date real estate listings in the Philippines★Find propertyusing the new map search★ Manage your favouriteproperties★Comprehensive photo galleries – view full screen, highresolutionphotographs★ Save your property search criteria★ Savecontactsdirectly to your address book and contact the Agent on thego★ Viewyour recently searched areasPERMISSIONS EXPLAINED:LocationServices- Allows searching of nearby areasExternal Storage - AllowsGoogleMaps to cache map data in the device's external storage area
SBI Rewardz 5.2.0
SBI Rewardz: All State Bank of India customers can earnRewardPoints for transacting across the following banking services:DebitCard | Internet Banking | Mobile Banking | Personal Banking |Loans| Rural Banking | SME Account SBI customers can also earnEXTRAReward Points by using their SBI Debit Card at 8000+ Max GetMorepartner stores. These partner stores include Lifestyle,RelianceRetail, Globus, Nature’s Basket, GRT Jewellers, Prestige,Lenovo,Kalyan Jewellers and many more prominent retail brands.KeyBenefits: Using the SBI Rewardz app, you can:  Register andaccessyour SBI Rewardz account anytime anywhere  Redeem rewardpointsacross multiple redemption options  Receive periodic alertsofspecial offers and discounts Registration: Once you downloadtheSBI Rewardz app, you can register your account in 4 simplesteps: Enter your debit card or CIF number  Enter the last 5digits ofyour account number  Enter the OTP sent to you on yourregisteredemail address and mobile number  Create a username andset apassword of your choice Multiple Redemption Options: You canchooseto redeem your Reward Points for a variety of redemptionoptions asbelow: Mobile Bill Payment: You can recharge your mobileusingReward Points instead of money. You will find a host ofnetworkproviders on SBI Rewardz including Airtel, Vodafone,Reliance Jio,Idea, BSNL, Aircel, Tata Docomo, MTNL and more. DTHRecharge: Stayentertained using your Reward Points to recharge yourDTH servicesfrom Tata Sky, Dish TV, Videocon D2H, Airtel DigitalTV, Sun TV,Reliance Digital TV and other DTH connections availableon SBIRewardz. Flight Tickets: SBI Rewardz has partnered withleadingairline carriers such as Air India, Indigo, Jet Airways,Spicejet,Go Air and others to book your flight tickets across theglobeusing your Reward Points. Movie Tickets: Book movie ticketswithyour Reward Points at your favourite theatres in your city.ShopMerchandise SBI Rewardz app has an extensive collection ofproductsin diverse categories across Electronics, Home &Kitchen,Personal Care, Stationery, Clothing, Gifts, Books,Jewellery, etc.where you can shop with your Reward Points. ConvertReward Pointsinto JP Miles If you happen to be a JetPrivilegemember, you caneasily convert your Reward Points into JP Miles.Special OffersOnce you register yourself on SBI Rewardz, you willreceiveperiodic alerts of special offers/discounts from Max GetMorepartner stores. So download now and enjoy the benefits ofSBIRewardz app.
LetyShops cashback service 1.3.6
Buy in AliExpress, Gearbest, eBay and more than 1000 storesthroughour application and get part of the purchase price back asacashback. You can buy any goods and services: from clothingandequipment to air tickets and hotel reservations, withthecashback-service LetyShops Choose a store in the app, go to itandmake purchases, as usual. Cashback will appear in yourPersonalArea. Cashback, regular offers and sales from LetyShopsbring you,even more, value and pleasure from shopping! Shops forall tastesMore than 1000 partner shops, where you will find exactlywhat youneed: gadgets, clothes, shoes, beauty products, householdgoods,travel tours, training courses and even more. Sign up BonusAfterthe registration, we will give you a Premium-account for 7days.“Premium” is a special status. It raises the base rate ofthecashback by 30%. Loyalty Program The more you buy, the higheryourpercentage of cashback. Thanks to purchases, cashback can growby30% of the base rate. Bonuses for Invited Friends Invitefriendsand receive cashback on their purchases! Every time yourfriendmakes a purchase with LetyShops, you get 15% of his cashback.Donot worry, cashback of your friends will be safe andsound!Favorite Stores Do not miss the best offers from yourfavoritestores — add them to Favorites for quick access. PersonalArea Inthe Personal Area, you can control your cashback and itsstatus foreach purchase at any time. Withdrawal of Payments You canwithdrawpayments directly from the application to a credit card,mobilephone account or electronic wallet. Notifications Stayinformed!Cashback charges, promotions and best offers — we willremind youof everything that is important to you. Follow us onsocialnetworks: registration number 1890126
IMPORTANT: There is a known bluetooth issue in Android6.0.0(Marshmallow) that is affecting Tile’s connectivity withAndroiddevices, making Tiles inoperable. Please be aware that thisappwill not work until the release of 6.0.1, which we haveconfirmedwill fix this problem. Welcome to Tile, the world’slargest lostand found. This app works with Tile, a tiny Bluetoothtracker thatfinds everyday items in seconds—like your phone, keys,and wallet.You can order Tiles at http://www.thetileapp.comAttachor stickTile to anything you need to find fast. Use the app to helpyoufind your Tiled items quickly and easily. You can also useyourTile to ring your phone — even on silent! *Ring your things.Usetheapp to ring your stuff. If your Tile is within the100-footBluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you findit.*Ringyour phone.Can't find your phone? Press any one of yourTiles tomake your lost phone ring—even if it's on silent.*See whereyou hadit last.Give your memory a break. The app automaticallyrecords thelast time and place it saw your item. So, if you left itsomewhere,you know where to look first.*Ask others to help.Stillcan't findyour Tiled item? Expand your search using all Tile appsin ourcommunity. This feature is 100% private, so no one knowsyou'relooking for a lost item but you.*Find each other.Our appturns anyphone or tablet into a virtual Tile. Simply download theapp on allof your devices—and use the app on one to find the other.It'scross-platform, so no need to choose favorites: An Androidphonecan ring your lost iPad, and your iPhone can ring your lostAndroidtablet.Notes:* The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)tocommunicate with your Tiles. The maximum range is 100 ft.* Theapputilizes Location Services to record the last known locationofyour Tiles, based on your phone’s geo­-location data.*Continueduse of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.* Works with Android devicesrunning at leastAndroid version 4.4.2, and that have Bluetooth LowEnergy support.
Fidall loyalty cards
Never have the right loyalty card on youatcheckout after shopping in your favorite store?With Fidall, save all your loyalty cards on your mobile!
➤ Create a backup for all of your cards by registering eitheronthe Fidall app or website, both are perfectly synchronized.Withthis backup, you can have access to your loyalty cards whenyouchange your mobile, and share them with your family orfriends.However, you don't have to register to use the app.➤ Fidall displays the bar code corresponding to your card number.Ifever some scanners are too outdated, the checkout operator canstillenter manually the number that always appear in theapp.➤ Thanks to its location based service feature, Fidall displaysamap indicating where your favorite stores are, so that younevermiss out on their special offers.➤ From time to time, Fidall sends you special deals correspondingtoyour specific loyalty cards so they always suit yourneedsperfectly. Some of these special deals can be a refundoffer:photograph your receipt and choose your method of repayment.Fidalltakes care of the rest!

Fidall is the most comprehensive app available to save timeatcheckouts and never miss out on rewards or special deals onyourloyalty cards!Please feel free to send us your comments or [email protected] informed on our latest news by following us on:Facebook
Tractive GPS Dog and Cat Finder 3.1.0
Where is my dog? Where is my cat? 🙀 With the Tractive GPS dogandcat finder you never have to worry again! 😻 Get the TractiveGPSdevice now to have peace of mind! ☆ The Tractive GPS dog andcatfinder app works with the GPS tracking products of Tractive. ☆Youcan get your Tractive GPS device on thewebsite: Locate and Track If you are oftenworriedabout your puppy running away, the Tractive GPS device isyourideal pet accessory. It will help you locate yourpet'swhereabouts. Besides locating your dog or cat, the app alsoallowsyou to track your pet in real-time. The main features thisappoffers you are: ☆ Track your dog, cat or other animal inreal-time☆ Follow the trace of your pet ☆ See the history of whereyour petwas ☆ Set a virtual fence (Safe Zone) and get notified assoon asyour dog or cat leaves this area ☆ Have peace of mind toknow whereyour four-legged friends are at any time! Using theTractive app,you can track the exact GPS location of your pet atany point intime. The Tractive GPS device works in over 90countries and isavailable in your closest electronics store, petstore or Interactive MAP The fully interactivemap displaysall your pets that use a Tractive GPS device. You canadd anunlimited amount of pets with GPS trackers in the Tractiveapp. Usetwo fingers to tilt the map in 3D View! You can also switchbetweenthe regular map view, hybrid view or satellite imageview.Real-time Tracking If you are searching for your pet, you donotwant to get position updates just every few minutes. Tractivesendsan updated position every few seconds. Sharing You can shareyourTractive GPS device with your friends and family. This isveryuseful when your dog runs away or a family member goes on awalkwith your four-legged furry friend. Augemented Reality You canalsotrack your dog in an augmented reality view. This way it'seasierto have an idea where your dog or cat is running around.HistorySee the trace of where your pet has been! With a simple tapof abutton, you can see the trace and where your pet has been!VirtualFence (Safe Zone) The virtual fence feature allows you todefine aso called Safe Zone, where your dog or cat is allowed tomove. Assoon as the pet runs away, you will receive a pushnotification oremail so you can get your pet back before it reachesthe road.Easily move this virtual fence anywhere in the world anddefine itssize as you see fit. Notifications Get notifications assoon as oneof your pet leaves a pre-defined area, e.g. yourbackyard, publicpark or camping ground. Notifications can bereceived directly onyour smartphone and/or through email. UpdatedBattery Status Alwaysknow the battery status of your Tractive GPSDog Tracker. The appshows you how much battery is remaining andreminds you if thebattery runs low.
Travel affiliate network Travelpayouts covers the whole rangeoftravel services: flights, hotels, car rentals, insurance,transfersand even more.With the Travelpayouts app all your data isnowavailable right on your mobile device!— Searches and bookingsforthe last week— Current balance and new payouts— Pushnotificationsfor the new bookingsPlease check the more information about theaffiliate network.
BOI Star Rewardz 1.4
Bank of India
BOI STAR REWARDZ is Bank of India’s Credit/Debit Cardloyaltyprogram. Every time you use your Credit/Debit Card forshopping ormaking payments, you earn StarPoints which can beredeemed to getproducts & services for free. On this app youcan Track yourStarPoints Redeem them to get clothes, utilities,jewellery,kitchenware, electronics & more for free RedeemPoints for freemobile/DTH recharge Use Points to get free movietickets RedeemPoints on the spot at any store using mPoint LocateMax Get Morepartner stores to earn upto 5X Points Earn RewardPoints Alwaysshop using your Bank of India Credit/Debit Card &earnStarPoints. These are equal to cash & can be redeemed togetanything for free. Shop at Max Get More partner stores toearnPoints faster. Redeem your Reward Points anywhere using mPointWiththis new feature, your redemption options are unlimited. Youcanredeem your Points at any store of your choice for any shopping-at your local grocery store, medical store, restaurant,generalstore & more. All you need to do is generate an mPointQR Codefor the amount you want to redeem on your BOI STAR REWARDZapp.Show it to the shopkeeper/cashier who will scan it onhissmartphone using mPoint Business app. The amount isdirectlytransferred into his/her bank account and your StarPointsareredeemed against the product/service. In case of insufficientpointbalance, you can pay the remaining amount using yourdebit/creditcard to generate mPoint for the required value. You canalso redeemyour StarPoints on app & choose from over 10,000products inour product catalogue, book movie tickets for free &getmobile/DTH recharge for free.
Shop Your Way
Shop Your Way® is at your service 24/7helpingyou save time and money on the things you value most inlife.Whether it’s shopping your favorite brands, eating at yourfavoriterestaurants, or simply taking an Uber to a party, you getrewardedwith money-saving points that can be redeemed on millionsof itemsacross our Partner network. You can even connect with aPersonalShopper to find everything on your list so that you canspend moretime enjoying life and less time on the details. Therewards areendless with Shop Your Way and they add up fast everytime youconnect. It’s easy - the more you do, the more you get, sostartearning your rewards today.The Shop Your Way app is the easiest and fastest way to connectwithyour member benefits. SHOP and gain access to thousands ofbrands,partners and deals that earn you points with everypurchase. Plus,the more you connect, the more personalized theoffers and benefitsare for you. CONNECT with friends when youinvite them to downloadthe app then chat, shop together, sharegift ideas and more! REDEEMyour points on millions of items andsave money with every purchase.There’s so many more ways to findvalue and convenience in youreveryday life and the Shop Your Wayapp is your connection to itall. Make the discovery today.Download the Shop Your Way appFeatures:* Membership is FREE* Earn rewards for every day purchases across thousands ofBrandsand Partners* Earn rewards with Shop Your Way MAX FREE 2-Day Shipping* Earn rewards for riding or driving with UBER (Refer a friendandearn more!)* Earn rewards for Gas, Grocery and Dining* Earn rewards for Travel* Earn rewards for Exploring & Engaging* Earn rewards for Playing Sweepstakes* Earn rewards for just being YOU* Connect with friends, family, or members withsharedinterests* Connect with a Personal Shopper to help tackle lists* REDEEM on MILLIONS of products you want, need and LOVE withinourPartner network* View your PIN, member information, purchase history &pointsbalance
Winggz 2.0.3
Winggz is the best way to get rewarded at places you love.WithWinggz in your pocket, you’ll discover great businessesnearby,track your points, and get notified when you earn rewards atshops.Our Benefits • No Loyalty card required. STOP carrying lotsofLOYALTY CARDS! • All you need is a phone number to earn pointsandrewards at businesses. • Save money by using exclusivedeals,discounts, vouchers and coupons. • No nuisance.Receivenotifications only when you desire. • OFFERS,DISCOUNTS,REWARDS…ALL IN YOUR MOBILE! • Receive personalisedOffers. Nevermiss deals & offers at your favourite stores. •REDEEM WHILESHOPPING • Store all your Cards in your mobile inWinggz APP likeyour Airline loyalty card, your Supermarket cards,your Lifestyleshop cards and others. • EASY TO USE - Sign in withyour phonenumber - See your reward program details at one place -Getnotified instantly when you’ve earned points and rewards -Discovergreat Winggz businesses nearby - View businessdescriptions, seetheir hours, and easily get directions - Check-inwith the mobileapp at 100+ stores: We've added the ability tocheck-in using justthe mobile app. We work for business types likewe feature qualitybakeries, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets,salons, pharmacy shopsand many more. We adapt our services to caterthe needs and wishesof our customers. To ensure a wonderfulexperience, we partner withvarious shops to provide you with therichest variety. For moreinfo visit: Reviews& Feedback: If youneed help or have any feedback orsuggestions, email us [email protected] We'd love to hear fromyou. Follow us onFacebook ( on Twitter
Task Nearby : Location Reminder 4.0.3
Verma Yash
We often forget tasks that we’ve to do on our way, for e.g.buyinggroceries while returning home. It’s common to go outforperforming multiple tasks on our way and coming back onlytorealize that we’ve forgotten something and now we’ve to gobackthere. Pretty annoying, right? Well, not anymore becauseTaskNearby has got your back with the awesomely personalizedlocationreminders.Task Nearby provides elegantly designed, easy touselocation reminders which are highly personalized for you. Nowyouwon’t forget the tasks you’ve to do on your way. Just tellTaskNearby the reminder details and it’ll auto-magically remindyouwhen you reach there. You can specify •  Reminder distance foreachtask•  Date range •  Time interval •  Alarm or notificationforeach task •  Alarm tone •  Snooze times It includesawesomefeatures like ★  Voice alerts Don't want to look at thescreenwhile driving or walking? Just turn on Voice Alerts and theappstarts talking to you! ★  Intelligent batteryoptimizationEfficient battery use for location sensing, turn onPower Savermode to save even more battery.★  Reusable remindersResetreminders easily without adding them again. Saves a lotofeffort.★  Google Maps directions Get directions to tasklocationdirectly from the app. ★  Switch between GPS and cellularnetworksDon't want to use GPS for getting location? Just turn onPowerSaver mode to use Cellular network location reminders. ★ Autoturn-off location updates The app automatically turns offlocationsensing when you're not moving and saves battery. ★ SupportsAndroid Oreo Works like a charm even with Android Oreowhere othersimilar apps won't work. ★  Place Picker Provides theplace pickeroption to select a place from map for setting yourplacereminder.★  Search by Address Add place reminders by searchingforaddresses in place picker. This makes setting location remindersabreeze.★  Multiple distance units Use the meteres/km system ortheyards/miles one as per your choice. Here's how it might helpyou• You won't forget bringing groceries on your way backhomeanymore.•  The app is there to remind you to buy books forTanyawhen you're near the bookstore.•  It'll remind you to checkoutthelatest sale at Zara when you're near it.•  There's no need foryouto remember everything when you've this app. Just set areminderand be tension free.The most reliable, accurate andbatteryefficient location reminder app. - Our usersMaximize yourday’sproductivity by using the most reliable and efficientlocationreminders from the Task Nearby app and complete tasks in atimelymanner and saved travelling.
NearBy Places 1.2
NearBy Places is a location based application which helps youtofind nearest places around you with detail informationlikeratings, review, opening time, closing time etc. Features ofNearByPlaces are as follow:-1. Places are divided into theCategorieslike Banks & ATMs, Shopping Centers, Food&Beverages,Salons & Spa's, Gym & Fitness Centers,Hotels, Gas Station,Worship Places etc.2. Each place detailsinclude rating, address,phone number, images, distance from yourcurrent location, website,user reviews, working hours.3. You cansee all the places either inListView or Google Map4. Share theplace with you friends onFacebook, What's App, Gmail etc5. AddPlaces to Favourite list6.See the last five search result inHistory list7. Sort the searchresult according to the closestdistance or by place Rating
UNICARD app is useful addition to your Unicard loyalty card. Itiscreated to make it more mobile and easy to use. You getvirtualcard, which makes point collection and redemptionmoreentertaining. You also get all locations where Unicardpointcollection is available and you just start to get ourspecialoffers to get more from Unicard.Firstly, you need to log inintothe app, turn on location service and get started to:• Trackyourpersonal transactions;• Get a virtual loyalty cardimmediately;•Collect and redeem points using your virtual card;•Redeem pointsinto desirable gifts; • Find where to collect points;•Receive newsand special offers.UNICARD App is free to join and easyto getstarted:If you are registered at, you can logintothe app with the same user by entering your e-mail andpassword.Ifyou have a Unicard but you are not registered user yet,all youneed is to follow registration instruction.If you don’t haveaUnicard but you want to get it immediately, all you need istofollow registration instruction and create a virtual Unicard.
Tripoli Guide 1.0.12
Offline & Free Guide. Expert Tripoli guide with thousandsofplaces to visit, customised trip itineraries createdautomatically,easy to use offline maps & navigation, augmentedreality andtrip sharing!FEATURESWould you like to discover to findyour easyin Tripoli and nearby towns ?• Free download & Freeupdate.•Tripoli guide will follow you wherever you go. With morethan +2000places, discover Tripoli & nearby towns,and give youropinionand share your favorite places (Restaurant, attraction,shoppingsand more) with your friends.• Travel guide with topattractions,shopping, accommodations, restaurants, Business,Services, Healthand events. Includes ratings, reviews and dailyupdates.• Around mefeature helps you discover places near yourlocation.• Intelligenttrip itineraries automatically personalisedfor you based on yourtravel interests, trip dates, accommodationand the ratings ofother travellers.• Offline map &location-based navigation GPSto help you find nearby places tovisit and show you how to getthere.• Share your trip with familyand friends by sending them apostcard or photos directly throughthe app!• Content updated dailyfor free.• Find important contactsplaces & more.• Add yourbusiness, place at anytime.Appavailable in Arabic and English.
GPSme Friends & Family Phone Tracker
GPSme friend locator is a simple find my friends app thathelpspeople stay in touch and in case of an emergency situationuserscan send help alert. GPSme is not a spying or secretsurveillancesolution. ★ See exactly where your friends and familymembers are,and show them your own location ★ Navigate to themeasily when youare meeting up in crowded areas ★ Search for a lostor stolen phone★ Help your friends find you when you are waitingfor a pick up ★Track your friends' travels anywhere in the world ★Set upDangerous zones to receive alerts when your relatives enterthem ★In Premium version, enable Blackbox feature - recording ofgeodatawhen Internet is off ★ Access all information from yourAndroidphone or online at ★ View location historyfor 2weeks ★ Receive automated alerts when your loved onesarrivesomewhere (home, school, or any places you set) ★ In caseofemergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert ★ Inareaswithout a GPS signal, see approximate location based on thenearestcell phone tower. This can help when the phone is in thesubway orunderground parking ★ Add unlimited number of friends andfamily toyour account ★ Be informed when their phone battery is lowor theapp is disconnected ★ Built-in diagnostics warn you when theapphas geolocation or connectivity issues ★ In short, you getaconvenient and precise GPS monitoring tool! It is find myfriendsand GPS phone locator in one app. To get started and set upthe appfor maximum accuracy: 1) In your phone settings, enableGeolocationin High Accuracy mode. This will allow the app toreceivecoordinates from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks and celltowers. 2)Open the GPSme friend locator and wait for the map toload anddisplay your location in the center. Your status shouldshow "Now"or "1-2 min ago". If not, check your internet connection.You canuse Wi-Fi indoors, but mobile data is necessary when Wi-Fiis notavailable. 3) Check the accuracy of your location. With goodGPSreception or a Wi-Fi network nearby, the accuracy is 10-40meters(30-130 feet). If you see "No GPS" next to your avatar,receptionis too poor to use GPS or Wi-Fi, and the app is using thelocationof your cell tower. Try to move to an open area with abettersignal. Otherwise, you will see LBS coordinates of GSM towerswithan accuracy of 300-5000 feet. 4) Invite your family membersorfriends by clicking "Invite new user" in the upper-rightcorner.After they receive your invitation, install GPSme and entertheinvitation code, their locations will be shown on your map.Simplydouble-click someone's avatar and wait a few seconds to gettheirreal-time location. 5) The app should be allowed to work inthebackground and in sleeping mode, and to autostart afterphonereboot. 6) Create Places (geo fences), such as Fitness,School, orHome. When your kids, parents or close friends enter orleave oneof these areas, an alert is sent to your phone. GPSmefriendlocator is optimized for intelligent battery consumption, andituses 3-5% of the battery during the day. The tracker sendsyoualerts for connected phones with a battery level below 15%. Theappcan not be installed remotely or secretly. To join thisserviceuser has to install the app himself and enter the invitationcodefrom the inviting user. Users have the option to stopsharinglocation for some time or log out from an account orcompletelydelete the app. The app is visible in programs. Users cansharelocation only inside one account. If you need assistancewithconfiguring the app, please contact our tech support directlyfromthe Help section in the app. Your reviews help us to makeGPSmefriend locator more useful!
Wallapop - Buy & Sell Nearby 1.60.2
Wallapop is a free, mobile virtual flea market/classifieds appforAndroid devices (4.0+). Use it to buy and sell great items inyourneighborhood. It's fast and easy to be selling and buying,local!It's better than a garage sale, and open 24/7. Wallapopisavailable everywhere to download and use for free, but ourmostsupported cities are: New York, Chicago, WashingtonDC,Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Austin, St.Louis,Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. MAKE MONEY SELLINGTHETHINGS YOU DON'T USE With Wallapop it’s easy, fast and free tosellalmost anything you like! Just take a picture and list itonWallapop—and voila, it's instantly available to buyers inyourlocal area. Are you selling vintage or collectible items?Movingand have furniture to sell? Loved no longer wanted tablet?TryWallapop to make money! DISCOVER AND BUY GREAT NEW STUFFWallapopis a local flea market or yard sale in your pocket.Everything forsale on Wallapop is displayed according to how fastyou can get toit! Chat directly with sellers, meet locally, checkout the itemand buy it. Are you looking for second hand goods? Justmoved inand want to buy furniture, cheap? The last model of phoneperfectfor you? Gently loved and barely used items your style? Lovegreatdeals? Wallapop is your classifieds app! It's local, withyourneighbors, in your community, like a flea market, estate sale,andgarage sale combined! More than TEN MILLION people havejoinedWallapop, join the community and discover great thingsnow!FEATURES *Make money and save money on great items *Nodeliverycharges, wait time, misleading descriptions,time-consumingreturns. Transactions happen in person, locally.*Categoriesincluding items like cars, electronics, phones, tablets,fashionand accessories, vintage clothes, babies and children,sportsequipment and leisure, books, bikes, videogames, films,furnitureand more, you can find what you’re looking for, and sellwhat youdon’t need *Be environmentally friendly and sustainable:you canrecycle, upcycle, and keep useable items out of the landfillwhilefilling your pockets. Find your unloved items new homes!*Private:your exact address is always confidential, while yourcurrentlocation is displayed within about ½ a mile from yourreallocation. Your personal info will never be utilized forcommercialuse. Download Wallapop now and join the community. If youdon’t useit, Wallapop it!
Mojostreet - Local search 2.9
Mojostreet is a popular location based mobile app fordiscoveringnearby friends and amazing places. This app helps youknow whereyour Mojostreet and Facebook friends are and what theyare up to inreal time. You can even just dial your favoritebusinesses orrestaurants from the app.Using mojostreet you can findthe nearest(Local search)- Best Restaurants & Coffee Shops -Best Spa andbeauty saloons- Shopping options- Fun and Recreationcenters-Cinema/movie Theaters- Tourist locations, Travel agencies& Cabservices- Fuel stationsYou can even get directions usingGoogle'sGPS Maps or just dial the number directly from the app.Also, getready to be surprised with freebies, discounts and offersatparticipating merchant locations in your city. TIP: UseFacebookconnect to find where your Facebook Friends are and knowabout thecool places they are visiting everyday. You canseamlesslycommunicate with your Facebook friends directlyfromMojostreet.Additional Info:'Read contact data' permissionisrequired by mojostreet to suggest friends and places of interesttothe member. This data is used in a secure encrypted format andisnot used for any other purpose.
Gradoid - Nearby Feed 1.9.6
Gradoid is a local app that shows you a feed of what's goingonaround you. - share your recommendations or advices - askquestions- share your thoughts, anonymously or not - share news,events,jokes, stories - start a discussion about differenttopics:shopping, food, sport, services and more Gradoid cares aboutyourprivacy. Your location is not constantly tracked and is notsharedwith anyone. And the best part - it's completely free. Don'tmisswhat's going on around you right now!
Find My Phone - Phone Locator 1.4.7
The Best Real-Time Phone Locator Download our app now,andexperience a whole new level of convenience when meeting people.•One-tap interface for easy location sharing. • Circles to addallyour important contacts and manage them with ease. • Chatsforquick communication and easy planning of fun evening withfriendsor family meetings. • GPS location history to check all theplacesyou’ve been to. • Cell phone finder to locate your gadgetquicklyin case you lose it. • Important areas and zones for easyactivitycheck in places that are crucial for you. • Speed limit.The appwill send you notification if the member of your circleexceeds acertain speed limit. • Help alert feature allows you tosend aquick SOS-message in a tough situation. • Battery alert. Getanotification if the battery of one of your circle members is 10%orbelow. Let’s dive into more details about our awesome features:✓Seriously, today no one’s got time to deal with heftyapplicationsand difficult settings. Our application takes fiveminutes to set,and you’re good! Share real-time location, switchoff GPSinformation when you don’t need it, set friend groups and alotmore easy and fast. ✓ Notifications can be a lot to handle evenifit’s only five people, and it becomes a nightmare with 25. Thatiswhy our app has circles. Add people that belong to one ofyoursocial groups (family, friends, etc.) for faster planningandlocation sharing. ✓ Making a specific GPS location sharingappwithout a chat to discuss plans with your friends or loved onesisjust as irritating as those “where are u” texts. Of course,ourfamily location sharing app does have a chat for quickandconvenient communication among members of your circles. ✓ Doyouwant to find the name of that one awesome place you’ve beentothree weeks ago? No worries, because our app saves all thehistoryof your phone and all the other devices added to yourcircle. Checkthe place quickly to find out its name and bring backgoodmemories. You can also plan another evening with your friendsthereright away using the group chat! ✓ Losing your phone isahorrendous experience. But thanks to modern GPS technologies,yourchances of getting the device back become very high. Just askoneof your friends or family members who also have our app tocheckthe position of your phone, and go look for it! Remember thatthiswill work regardless of your phone’s battery or whether it ison oroff. ✓ Save crucial areas to know when members of your circleenterand leave them, for example, your children leave the “School”area.You can also manage notifications to get a reminder if youneed it.With our application, sharing your real-time position takesonly afew taps. And the advanced GPS we use allows the app to showyouraccurate position to the point your friends will see youwalkinginto the building! The app is optimized for intelligentbatteryconsumption, and uses only 3-5% of the battery during theday.Important note: the app cannot be installed remotely orsecretly.To join this service the user has to install the apphimself andenter the invitation code from the inviting user. Usershave theoption to stop sharing location for some time or log outfrom naccount, as well as completely delete the app. We remind youthatthis app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution.
AlmaBay Beta 1.0.33
Your go-to app for alumni/students for their entire careerrelatedqueries and services on your iPhone or Android device.Whetheryou're looking for a new job, networking, seeking mentors,along-lost friend, or want to share your good news—may it bebaby,marriage, career move, book publications or a new venture orjusttrying to catch up on all the impressive things communitymembersare up to - Download this app!Get connected and networkedwith asmany people as possible for guidance for studies, preparingforexams, choosing stream or subjects, career options, selectingacompany, finding a job, opening a new company,entrepreneurshipetc. AlmaBay App provides it all.Main features oftheapplication:JOB SEARCH - AlmaBay App help you get hired quickly!Itgives you all the tools you need to easily find your dream job –orlet it find you. Quickly find career opportunities whereveryouwant with location-based search. Get automatic recommendationsandnotifications based on your job searches. Apply jobs is now justafew taps away. MENTORSHIP PROGRAM - You can always interact withaCareer Mentor to get answers and learn about theresourcesavailable to you. Collaborating and leveraging theknowledge withinyour community help you answer your careerquestions and often canhelp uncover unique future opportunities andcreative partnerships.Other features are* Alumni Directory* NearbyAlumni Locator* EventTracker* News Updates* Social Media Share*Photo Galleryand muchmore....Download the AlmaBay App now tonetwork with your Seniorsor Peers from your Alma mater!!!
Usalama 3.7
Usalama links you to help. It allows you to send emergencymessagesto emergency service providers and three predefinedcontacts ofclose family and friends. This makes use of GPS tocapture yourexact geographical location, which is relayed togetherwith thecrime scenario.Usalama has multiple features:1. CRIMEDISTRESS CALL- Allows victims to communicate quickly with theirnext of kin.2.TIMER - Set automated alerts if you are going to arisky location.3. NEWS ALERTS- Location based to allow you to shareand receivenews on crimes and criminal activity4. USALAMA AROUND -Allows forUsalama users to view and connect with nearby userswithin a 200mradius5. WALK WITH ME - Allows multiple usalama usersto keep tabson each others position as they move.Link to youremergency serviceprovider on the providers tab and get helpinstantly from them.
TTD Online Seva Booking 2.0.3
TTD Online Seva Booking Smart app with which devotees can checkforthe TTDonline Sevas and Special Darshan availability Quotasforbookings and other useful (TTD)information on the go.TheMainobjective of this Smart App is to provide intuitive userfriendlysmart interface to book availability Sava’s and Darshanamsandother useful information about the TTD (TirumalaTirupatiDevasthanams) for the pilgrims along with thenearbyTirupati-Tirumala temples and other visiting placesdetailedinformation. Pilgrims can check the below information withthisSmart App *Special Darshanam availability slots forBooking*Accommodation Availability (* Registration is required)atTirupati and Tirumala *Sevas Availability slots for Booking*UserRegistration to avail the (TTD)onlie services *Nearby Templesinand around Tirupati-Tirumala *(TTD)e-Darshan BookingCountersacross the country and it's location on the GOOGLE MAPS*(TTD)Callcenter Info for 24/7 support *(TTD) latest News andUpdates*(TTD)sevas and Booking Quota Details *(TTD)Weather updatesNote:TTDOnline Seva Booking is not an official Smart App.
Findrr - Search Nearby Products and Services 3.9.25
Findrr is a one stop destination to find all your daily productsorservice needs. It has made it easy for you to search forthingssuch as Groceries, AC Services and Repairs, Doctors,Clothing, DJ,Salon and many more products and services nearby.Isn't it a realinconvenience not knowing where to go buy somegroceries or veggiesor finding some services nearby you in a cityyou are unfamiliarwith? Forget all about it just with a few taps onFindrr. • Allnearby products and services, now at your fingertips.• Now choosecarefully after comparing the price and distance of theshops fromyour place. • Option to search from some other locationsalso. •This app is free of charge for sellers and customers alikeforlifetime. • Interactive and simple UI to make yoursearchingexperience easy and regular. • Navigation is made easierwith ourhighly accurate GPS and mapping system. • Findrr lets yousearchfor a single product or create an exhaustive product listforfaster checkout. • Findrr not only lets you search forparticularservices but also book an appointment with a serviceprovider inadvance. At Findrr, we are bringing best of both worldsfor sellersand customers as we provide endless options for acustomer toSearch and choose from, while simultaneously increasingtheawareness for Shopkeepers and Service Providers amongstcustomers.At Findrr, we offer a classic concept to make a bridgebetweencustomer and a seller, where customers will get alltheirrequirements at one stop and on the other hand a seller willbebenefitted to get a huge customer base. Daily Utility Products-Grocery, Dairy, Stationary, Personal Care, Fashion, Clothing,Food,Namkeen and Sweets etc. Special Utility Products -Furniture,Electronics, Household Products including Kitchenware,AutomobileAccessories and much more. Professional Service Providers- YogaInstructor, Photographer, Make-up Professional, EventPlanner,Interior Designer, Hobby Trainer, Counselors, Taxconsultant, etc.Home Services – House Maid, Electrician, Plumber,Carpenter, Homecleaning, AC repair services, Pest control servicesetc. Features •Wide Range of Products – Findrr works on a conceptbased oncustomer convenience, better experience, best price, aunique rangeof products like Grocery, Stationary, Personal Health& Care,Furniture, Electronics, Households including Kitchenwareand manymore at one single tap. • Home Related Services – Notonlyproducts, but at Findrr, you will find all the householdservicesand instant arrangement of reliable service providerslikeelectricians, plumbers, home cleaners and other experts. •ExpertProfessional Services – At Findrr, hiring a professionalservice isso easy and you can easily access the expert services,book anappointment, and navigate the place with an easyaccessibility,where you can avail a variety of services likeBeautician, Doctor,Advocate, Photographer, Yoga or FitnessInstructor, InteriorDesigner, Event Planner, Hobby Trainer andothers. • TrustedProfessionals – Here at Findrr, We screen theprofessionals andpartner only with the trusted retailers andservice providers whoare having rich portfolio of expertise. • Feelof Real TimeShopping – Communicate with the retailer directly andpay at thetime of delivery. • Convenient Shopping and Booking - Youcanpurchase a product or book the services from your home atyourconvenience and availability of time in hand.
Raxi 1.00136
Raxi LLC
Raxi is a social mobile search app that seamlesslyconnectspassengers with drivers nearby. Whether you’re a driverlooking togive a ride or a passenger looking to get a ride, Raxiwill makeyour life easier. Find drivers, read real reviews, booktripsinstantly, and more. Passengers: • Our search algorithm letsyoudiscover drivers by price, type of car, rating, payment method,andmore. • Filter your search to match with drivers with thebestquote. • Read reviews about the driver from other passengers.•Accept trip instantly from a list of available drivers tochoosefrom. • Contact your driver via phone or in-app messaging.•Enjoyed your trip? Add drivers to your favorite to rideagain.Drivers: • Access available trip requests from passengernearby inreal time. • Bid on a trip or set your own price terms. •Readreviews about passenger from other drivers.
Rovo - Find Sports Buddies
Rovo is a free app that helps you play more of the sports youlove.By connecting you with players, coaches & courts nearby,Rovohelps you play more Tennis, Badminton, Squash, TableTennis,Basketball, Football, Soccer, Cricket, Volleyball… + more Weknowhow tough it is to organise regular games of your favouritesport.Whether its.. Finding players of your skill level nearbyGettingRSVPs amongst your friends Finding tennis, badminton,squash, tabletennis courts Playing competitive yet fun matches oreven take partin tournaments Learning a new sport through coachingor lessonsRovo allows you to do that all seemless from one app!Here’s aglimpse of how Rovo works: 1) TAKE THE FIRST STEP TOIMPROVE Startby creating a Rovo sports profile by taking a simpleskillassessment. You’ll know what your strengths & areasofimprovements are. 2) FIND GAMES & PLAYERS NEARBY Oncedone,Rovo will suggest games happening near you that you can joinorplayers of your level that you can invite to play. 3) TRACKHOWYOU’RE IMPROVING Track your match scores, collect badges,feedback& points for every game you play. You can even rankamongstyour friends & your city. 4) GET YOUR FRIENDS PLAYINGMORE Youcan even create a Rovo group to privately track matchscores,exchange badges like “super serve” & create a funleaderboardwithin your group. Get the free app & #PLAYMOREtoday!
UKRSIB online 1.91.4
Our new application allows: - top up mobile - pay utility bills-transfer money from card to card - transfer money betweenaccounts- view the categories of your expenses on the charts -createmonthly budgets - find discounts from the partners of thebank inthe loyalty program "Ochevygoda" - set up automaticregularpayments - view balances - view the history of operations-download statements - manage card limits - block and unblockcards- manage the SMS-service - repay loans, including earlyrepayment -replenish deposits - have a chat with Contact centreagent (nobots) - find ATMs and branches
Tootle - Find Freelance Services & Jobs Nearby 0.4.22
Tootle India
Find & hire freelance service provider near you &beingHired for jobs in your local area has never been easier.AtTootleyou can find local freelance service providers in yourarea(Designers, developer, Tutors, etc.). by postingjobs/requirementsyou want done with the specific details(for thelocal serviceprovider to view) and view, select and hire relevantlocal serviceproviders.Need some work done?Post a job you need donewith thehelp of our multiple categories of services and browse theprofilesof all relevant local service providers in yourarea.Tootlefunctions in the local area of the users. i.e., You willsee peoplelocated near you based on relevance to your requirement,who can beeasily reached via in-app chat and On-site presence mightbepossible.Send a text on our chat box, make an offer and strikeadeal.Whatever the service you may need, Tootle will providerightin your local area within few mins.Tootle has multiplecategoriesand subcategories of services provided by thelocalfreelancers.Such as, • Designers: Web designer, 3Ddesigner,Interior Designer, Graphic designer, Animator, Videoeditor andVideographers. • Developer: Web developer, mobileappdeveloper, UI/UX developer, software developer, softwaretesting. •Photographer: Party photographer, portfoliophotographer,baby/child photographer, real estate photographer,etc. • Writers:Content Writers, Copywriters, Technical writers,translators, etc.• Tutor: Math tutor, English tutor, science tutor,commerce tutor,all subject tutor, music tutor, dance tutor, foreignlanguagetutor. • Event: Event management, decorator, caterer, DJ •Health& wellness: Yoga instructor, Massagetherapist,physiotherapists, Gym trainer. • Finance & Marketing:Accounts& book-keeping, income tax filing, SEO, social mediamarketing,public relations, market research, sales &businessdevelopment. • Beauty services: Bridal make-up, Partymake-up,Mehendi, Salon/parlour services, tattoo. • PestControl: ForHome and for commercial spaces. • Repair: Mobile,desktop / laptop,AC, TV, refrigerator, washing machine  •Performing Arts:Actor, dancer, musician, comedian, anchor. •Models: Fashion model,Runway Model, Promotional Model •Electrician: For Homes andfor commercial spaces. Lookingfor Local freelance jobs?Have askill which you can use to earn afew quick bucks? Need some helpwith your bills or some quick cash?Install Tootle to browse andapply to all the job opportunities inyour local area and getconnected right now.Specify the kind ofservices you provide or thetag that best defines your work from themultiple job category andsub-category tags.Hundreds of people aremaking cash or havingtheir work done right now. Don’t wait anymore,Install now andSTART TOOTLING!
Max Get More 2.3.3
OVERVIEW Max Get More helps you to make most out of yourbank’sreward points. Check reward point balance of 19 banks,combinethem, redeem them for various products and services, checkfornearby stores where you can redeem your points, earnadditionalreward points and more. KEY FEATURES My Offers: Under ‘MyOffers’you can explore a plethora of deals and offers from variousbrandswhere you can redeem your existing points and make somelongawaited purchases. My Rewardz: The ‘My Rewardz’ feature givesyouimmediate access to redeem your points on recharge, movie,flightand bus bookings. You can also redeem your points to grabsome ofyour favourite products and services from a bouquet of10,000+products on this app. My Points: This is the space where yousimplylink your banks’ debit or credit card loyalty program from alistof Max Get More associated bank loyalty programs and club allyourpoints together. Nearby Stores: With ‘nearby store’ feature youcanlook out for the nearest ‘Max Get More’ retail partners. Everytimeyou transact at any of our partner stores, you earnadditionalreward points. You can earn up to 5X reward points everytime youtransact at our partner stores. All you need to do is shopat our8000+ partner stores using your below Max Get Moreassociatedbank’s Debit/ Credit Card. 1. State Bank of India DebitCard –State Bank Rewardz Loyalty Program 2. Bank of Baroda DebitCard –Baroda Rewardz Loyalty Program 3. Punjab National Bank Debit&Credit Card – PNB Rewardz Loyalty Program 4. Union Bank ofIndiaDebit & Credit – Union Rewardz Loyalty Program 5. Bank ofIndiaDebit & Credit Card – BOI STAR REWARDZ Loyalty Program6.Federal Bank Debit Card – Utsav Rewards Loyalty Program 7.CentralBank of India Debit & Credit Card – Anmol RewardzLoyaltyProgram 8. Indian Overseas Bank Debit Card – IOB RewardzLoyaltyProgram 9. Corporation Bank Debit Card – Corp RewardzLoyaltyProgram 10. YES BANK Debit Card – YES Rewardz LoyaltyProgram 11.Karur Vysya Bank Debit Card – Anmol Rewardz LoyaltyProgram 12.Canara Bank Credit Card – Canara Rewardz Loyalty Program13. SouthIndian Bank Debit Card – SIB Rewardz Loyalty Program 14.IDBI BankCredit Card – IDBI Delight Loyalty Program 15. UCO BankDebit Card– UCO Bank Rewardz Loyalty Program 16. Bank ofMaharashtra DebitCard - Maha Amulya Rewardz Loyalty Program 17.Lakshmi Vilas BankDebit Card – LVB Rewardz Loyalty Program 18. DenaBank Debit Card –DENA REWARDZ Loyalty Program 19. TamilnadMercantile Bank DebitCard – TMB Rewardz Loyalty Program We handpicksome of the mostexclusive deals from Max Get More to suit yourshopping needs.These ‘Made for you’ Discounts are only sent out toselectedconsumers based on their purchase history. Get more out ofShoppingRewardz and Special Offers. Download Max Get More app now
Everland 4.0.9
To maximize your time at Everland, having the Everland Mobile appisnecessary! You can make reservations for attractions and showsonmobile app! Do not miss the special offers & promotions forthemobile app users!
PICA - Universal Incentives Platform 1.1.24
Experience the most rewarding way to get the most out ofyourfavourite Merchants by earning Reward Points, Rewards, andeStamps.Take and redeem FREE eCoupons without an eMembership!Stayup-to-date with information regarding your favouriteMerchantsthrough our Merchant News page!KEY FEATURES:1. eCoupons -Receivediscounts or freebies by ‘taking’ an eCoupon and redeemingit! Gainaccess to hundreds of offers with just a couple of taps!Take aneCoupon today!2. Merchant News - Stay up-to-date with thelatestnews about your favourite Merchants.3. eMembership Cards -Physicalmembership cards now on your smartphone!4. Reward Points -Collectas much Reward Points as you can from purchasinggoodsand/orservices from your favourite Merchants.5. Rewards -Enjoydiscounts, freebies, and special deals using your hardearnedReward Points!Shop for Rewards whenever and wherever!6.eStamps -Collect eStamps and receive special rewards from yourfavouriteMerchants!HOW IT WORKS:1. Download the PICA application2.Registerfor a FREE account3. Start taking eCoupons!For moreinformation, goto our website: Help usimprove yourexperience and send us your feedback at:[email protected] US ON:Facebook: PICA Pinas Instagram:@picapinas Twitter:PICA_Pinas YouTube: PICA_Pinas LinkedIn: PICAPinas
Australia Post
Get the Post Office in your pocket. Track and manage yourdeliverieson your phone, tablet or Android Wear, pay bills andmuch more...Features: • Track your important parcels – withnotifications ofestimated delivery dates and locations of parcelsawaitingcollection • Sign up for 24/7 Parcel Lockers to get yourdeliverieswhen and where it suits • Easily collect Parcel Lockerdeliveriesusing your phone or Android Wear • Requesteligiblesignature-on-delivery parcels be left in a safe place(eligibleparcels are shown in the app) • Quickly scan and pay yourbills •Find postcodes when you’re out and about • Find nearby PostOfficesand street posting boxes • Android 7.1.1 users can accessour mostpopular features by long pressing the app icon
play by TR 5.5.0
Place the power of Total Rewards in the palm of your hand. PlayByTotal Rewards is your portal to Caesars Entertainment gamingandresort destinations worldwide. The best of Las Vegas,AtlanticCity, New Orleans and more is now at your fingertips.Explore ourhotels, resorts, shows, restaurants and nightclubs andcreateunique experiences wherever you are, whenever you want.Featuresinclude: • Conveniently explore 40+ casinos, resorts andhotels. •Make mobile reservations for rooms, shows and restaurantseasilyand securely. • Enjoy a personalized experience withlocation-basedcustomer service. • Join Total Rewards and startearning rewards. •View and book Hotel rooms safely & securingin the AppExclusive features for Total Rewards members: • View yourRewardCredits and tier status at a glance. • Access your offersanytime,including the ability to book hotel room offers • Saveitinerariesfor future stays and keep your plans handy.
Environmental Info Push App 3.0.05
The EPA provides the public with detailed informationthroughreal-time air quality forecast notifications andpracticalenvironmental information. Users can monitor the qualityof the airin their surrounding area anytime via the EnvironmentalInfo PushApp. With the air quality index shown in different colors,it iseasy to learn about the air quality status and followsuggestionsin the app for corresponding actions and preventionmeasures. Theapp perfectly integrates 6 different indices to showthe real-timeenvironment info, such asAir Quality Index (AQI),PM2.5concentration, Ultraviolet Index (UVI), River PollutionIndex(RPI), weather forecast and etc., and displays in gaugeanddifferent colors, so that users can understand how serious itis,without knowing the complicated definition of those indices.Thenewly added Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems observationdatahelps users to watch the particular pollutant sources, andavoidvisiting specific polluted areas. Environment Info Push Appgives ahand in providing useful outdoor suggestion andforecast.Historical trend chart is also provided to quicklyunderstand thepast, so that they can have a reliable info resourcewithin oneapp.
TrackSolid 1.7.1
By this APP, you can get your devices' real-time position,playbackyour historical track, and get the alarm message send byyourdevice and so on.
Polarsteps - Travel Tracker
Automatically track your route and places you've visited whileyouare traveling. Just carry your phone in your pocket and theappcreates your own beautiful travel journal. Once connected totheinternet, your travel routes, locations and photos areseamlesslytransferred to your personal traveler profile, where yourroute isplotted on a colourful world map that can easily be sharedwithfriends and family. PRAISE FOR POLARSTEPS "Polarsteps helpsyoutrack and share your journeys in an easy and visuallyappealingway." - The Next Web "There are many apps that you can usetorecord different moments from your travels, but none areasall-inclusive and easy to use as Polarsteps." -Refinery29"Polarsteps replaces your travel journal, making iteasier and morebeautiful." - National Geographic KEY FEATURES ■Easily track yourtravels Automatically keep track of your route andplaces you’vevisited without taking your phone from your pocket. ■Ride alongwith your friends Follow your family and friends on theirtrips andfeel like you're in the passenger seat. ■ Get an instantphotoalbum Generate a beautiful printed photo album that includesyourtravel stats and route. ■ Minimal battery consumption OurTravelTracker uses very little battery because we use smarttechnology todetermine your location. ■ Full privacy control Logyour tripsprivately, share them with friends and family at home orinspirethe rest of the world! ■ Tracking works offline Track yourentireroute without being connected to the internet. Theappautomatically synchronizes when you're back online.COMMUNITYFollow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for thelatest appupdates and travel PROBLEMS?FEEDBACK? The more you tell us,the better the app gets. Pleasesend your feedback [email protected] or on Your privacy is reallyimportant to us. We only ask forthe permissions we need for theapp to serve at its best as yourpersonal travel journal app /travel diary app / travel blog app. Ifyou have any more questionsget in touch with us - see the helpsection.
NoteCam Lite- photo with notes 3.15
Derekr Corp.
  Have you ever forgotten a place in a photo? Have youeverforgotten a person in a photo? NoteCam can solve thisproblem.  NoteCam is a camera App combined with GPS information(includinglatitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy), time, andcomments. Itcan leave a message, and put all information togetherinto aphotograph. When you browse the photos, you can quickly knowtheirlocation and their further information.   For moreinformation,please refer to the following document.  ■The difference between "NoteCam Lite" and "NoteCam Pro."(1)NoteCam Lite is a free App. NoteCam Pro is a paid App. (2)NoteCamLite has a "Powered by NoteCam" text (watermark) inphotographs'bottom right corner. (3) NoteCam Pro can use the textwatermark orthe graphic watermark. (4) NoteCam Pro can import auser-definedfont file. (5) Both are ad-free.