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Ya Paper Soccer 1.7.1
Ya Paper Soccer (Yet another) is classic Paper soccer game.Thisgame is often played in school during boring lessons. Now youcanplay it on your phone (or tablet)!You can play or normal, smallorbig pitch, either classic or with half line. There is ofcoursecomputer player - for some it may be challening but nothingischallenge for true champions.Two-player can be played either ononedevice or via Bluetooth or wifi locally. Also added supportforPlay Services multiplayer.Parts of the source code, singleplayer,are available ongithub: fun!
Paper Soccer 1.1.1
Paper Soccer is an electronic version of well known game fortwopeople, traditionally played on a sheet of graph paper. Thegameconsists in skilful drawing on a specially designed pitch, withaview to scoring the opponent's goal.Paper Soccer allows runningnotonly singleplayer, which is given us to face with computeropponenton one of four available difficulty levels, but also letsyou playwith your friends - on one phone or through Bluetooth.
Paper Soccer (Russian variant) 1.1
Play the classic abstract strategy game on the paper -papersoccer.This Russian variant of paper football involvesdrawinglines to adjacent points on a grid, and players extendingthe lineto three points each turn. The line can change direction ateachpoint but must not touch any existing line (there are nobouncemoves). If a player becomes trapped with fewer thanthreeunoccupied points available at the start of their turn, thentheirturn is forfeited and the opponent gets a "penalty kick".Thisspecial move is a straight line in any of the eightcompassdirections, extending six points, and is the only occasionthatother lines may be crossed. If the penalty lands onanalready-occupied point, an additional penalty kick is earned.Youcan play vs computer and human opponent.
Paper Football (Logic game) 0.5.24
Ana Capatina
*** Best - NO ADS! ****** Check more info and winning strategiesonhttps://paper-football.comAlso known as Paper Soccer orFootballLogic, is a logical, addictive and challenging game. Theoriginalone is played on paper and now you can enjoy it on phone ortablet.The opponent is computer controlled with 3 difficulty levelsthatmight be challenging for some but not impossible.Leaderboardsarevisible in Google+ either as public or just in your circlesforversions up to 0.5.10.Starting with 0.5.11 Google+ integrationwasremoved, since Google introduced Gamer IDs to its Google PlayGamesservice. This enables anyone to claim a unique handle thatdoesn’thave to link to an existing account, which means you canpick arandom name instead of displaying the real name you have tiedtoyour Gmail or Google+.Achievements were introduced in 0.5.11!***Enjoy :)
Paper Soccer 0.14
Paper Soccer is a digital version of a popular strategic 'pencilandpaper game' for two players known as 'Paper Soccer' or'PaperFootball'.Play against Android or a friend on onedevice.Playonline with your Google+ friends or randomopponents.Compete withother players in a leaderboard.Win variousachievements and improveyour skills.
Paper Soccer for Geeks 1.1.4
Train your brain with Football for Geeks – a new, challengingandcreative paper soccer game! Paper soccer fans, the wait isover!This game has an unbelievable hard to beat AI on "difficult"level.Developed only for true geeks.THIS APP MAY HANDLE ORREQUESTSINSTALLED APPS USER DATA FOR ADVERTISING PURPOSE ONLY.BYINSTALLING THIS APP, YOU ARE GIVING YOUR CONSENT.Prove you areageek by completing all Achievements in the game! Compete withyourfriends in four different Leaderboards!HOW TO PLAY1. Touch theballand move it to one of the nearby nodes.2. You can useasintermediate positions the other nodes once they have beenalreadyused in a move by you or by your opponent.3. You canfinalize yourturn only when you move the ball in an untouchednode.4. You cannotmove using a line which has been already used byyou or by youropponent.5. Your target is to put the ball behind theopponent’sgate line.6. You can win also by blocking your opponentany optionto move in an untouched node.7. The football field’sedges areconsidered used lines. You can use the nodes at thefootballfield’s edges as touched nodes.8. Coins can be used forhint moves,undo last computer’s move, add new lines, delete usedlines orperform additional moves.9. When switching to Booster mode,you candelete lines, add new lines or perform extra moves. Theseoptionsare charged with coins.10. ENJOY!FEATURES1. Play againstthecomputer or with your friends;2. Three difficulty levels:easy,normal and difficult;3. Use booster mode to increase yourchancesagainst computer: add new lines, delete used lines orperformadditional moves; 4. Use Hint button when not sure what tomove. Asolution is showed to you for use;5. Use Undo button toreverselast computer’s move or your current move.6. When playingwithfriends, use booster mode to create fun & differentgame-boardsby adding new lines or delete used lines;7. See yourcurrentposition among other players in four differentLeaderboards;8.Share with your friends your progress for ninedifferentAchievements;By downloading and playing this game, youagree withFootball for Geek’s Terms and Conditions which can befound here:
football wallpaper 2.1.2
want cool football wallpaper? find out a amazing footballwallpapershd stadium wallpaper and soccer ball, get now freefootballwallpapers and background●Lionel Messi(Barcelona)●Cristiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid)●Antoine Griezmann(Atletico Madrid)●Sergio Ramos (RealMadrid)●Gareth Bale (RealMadrid)●Andres Iniesta (Barcelona)●IscoFrancisco Alarcon (RealMadrid)●Zlatan Ibrahimovic (ManchesterUnited)●Sergio Agüero(Manchester City)●Eden Hazard (Chelsea)●PaulPogba (ManchesterUnited)●Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)●PhilippeCoutinho(Liverpool)●Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)●Kevin De Bruyne(ManchesterCity)●David de Gea (Manchester United)●RobertLewandowski (BayernMunich)●Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund)●ManuelNeuer (BayernMunich)●Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (BorussiaDortmund)●JamesRodriguez (Bayern Munich)●Mario Gotze (BorussiaDortmund)●ArjenRobben (Bayern Munich)●Mats Hummels (BayernMunich)●Thomas Müller(Bayern Munich)●Francesco Totti (ASRoma)●Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus)●Paulo Dybala (Juventus)●MauroIcardi (InterMilan)●Leonardo Bonucci (AC Milan)●Andrea Belotti(Torino)●DriesMertens (Naples)●Gianluigi Donnarumma (ACMilan)●Daniele De Rossi(AS Roma)●Giorgio Chiellini(Juventus)●Neymar da silva (ParisSaint-Germain)●Edinson Cavani(Paris Saint-Germain)●Kylian Mbappé(Paris Saint-Germain)●ThomasLemar (Monaco)●Marco Verratti (ParisSaint-Germain)●Radamel Falcao(Monaco)●Daniel Alves (ParisSaint-Germain)●Mario Balotelli (OGCNice)●Nabil Fekir (Olympiquelyonnais)●Thiago Silva (ParisSaint-Germain)●Dimitri Payet(Olympique de Marseille)●Jean MichaëlSeri (OGC Nice)●Angel DiMaria (Paris Saint-Germain)●Luis Suarez(Barcelona)●Karim Benzema(Real Madrid)●Gerard Piqué (FCBarcelone)●Fernando Torres (AtleticoMadrid)●Luka Modric (RealMadrid)●Sergio Busquets (FCBarcelone)●Jan Oblak (AtleticoMadrid)●Toni Kroos (RealMadrid)●Ivan Rakitic (Barcelona)●Marcelo daSilva (RealMadrid)●Saul Niguez (atletico madrid)●Marco Asensio(RealMadrid)●Ousmane Dembélé (FC Barcelone)●Mesut Ozil(arsenal)●RomeluLukaku (Manchester United)●David Silva (ManchesterCity)●MohamedSalah (Liverpool)●Alvaro Morata (Chelsea)●soccerbackground●DeleAlli (Tottenham Hotspur)●N'Golo Kanté(Chelsea)●David Luiz(Chelsea)●Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)●SadioMané(Liverpool)●Leroy Sané (Manchester City)●ThibautCourtois(Chelsea)●Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)●ChristianEriksen(Tottenham Hotspur)●Cesc Fàbregas (Chelsea)●Leon Goretzka(FCSchalke 04)●Thiago Alcântara (Bayern Munich)●Timo Horn(FCCologne)●David Alaba (Bayern Munich)●Lukasz Piszczek(BorussiaDortmund)●Timo Werner (RB Leipzig)●Sandro Wagner(Hoffenheim)●NabyKeita (RB Leipzig)●Claudio Marchisio(Juventus)●Radja Nainggolan(AS Roma)●Marek Hamsik (Naples)●MarioMandzukic(Juventus)●Alessandro Florenzi (AS Roma)●Samir Handanovic(InterMilan)●Miralem Pjanic (Juventus)●Ciro Immobile(Lazio)●footballwallpapers●football wallpapers hd●sportswallpapers●footballstadium wallpaper ●stadium wallpaper●soccerball●footballbackground●brazil wallpaper●argentinewallpaper●Germanywallpaper●france wallpapers●spainwallpaper●Italywallpapers●portugal wallpaper●Belgiumwallpaper●soccer backgrounds●England wallpapers●world cup russia2018●free football background●football games●football results●Stephan El Shaarawy (ASRoma)●Suso (AC Milan)●Lorenzo Insigne(Naples)●Edin Dzeko (ASRoma)●Patrick Cutrone (AC Milan)●soccerwallpaper●soccerwallpapers●Ivan Perisic (Inter Milan)●FaouziGhoulam (Naples)●AndréSilva (AC Milan)●Arkadiusz Milik(Naples)●M'Baye Niang(Torino)●Fabio Borini (AC Milan)●AmadouDiawara (Naples)●RicardoRodriguez (AC Milan)Football WallpapersHD+4K brings you a lot ofwallpapers in fantastic quality.
Happy Soccer Physics - 2017 Funny Soccer Games 2.8
The players on the pitch like tumbler shuffling back and forth,avariety of wacky action.Tap to play soccer,an amazing andfunnysoccer physics game.It is very easy to play, only tapscreen.Thisis very nice game you will play on mobile phone.You canshare gameto your friend with twitter and facebook.You can play itwith youfriends in one screen.In this soccer physics game,you cantap withyour friend and can't stop laughing.This is a uniqueleisure andFunny football game, this game has a lot offunny,quickly to enjoyit.[How To Play]Click the button to kick theball fired into thegoal villain.
Football wallpaper HD 1.1
I'm sorry if I did not put pictures of your team and yourfavoriteplayer just contact me or write a comment and yourapplication willbe processed immediately,Thanks in advance. wantcool footballwallpaper? find out a amazing football wallpapers hdstadiumwallpaper and soccer ball, get now free football wallpapersandbackground.+1000 HD Wallpapers of best players and thegreatestfootballers players in worldFootball HD Wallpaper is an appforsoccer fans. Awesome "football Wallpaper" +1000 Photos ForanySmartphone,can easily fill you with adorable feelings of loveAndhappiness. best players Wallpaper image quality is alsoavailablein HD and 4k. So it is perfect to add the impression thatyou arereally an soccer Wallpaper fans.Category :- live sportswallpapers-Football HD Wallpapers Lock Screen Wallpaper- FootballHDWallpapers- Football 2017 - Football 2018- Live Wallpaper oftopbest players- Football HD 4K Wallpapers- top bestplayersWallpaper- Football Players HD Wallpapers - Teams LogoWallpaperHD- Football Strike- Football Wallpaper Wallpaper-FootballWallpaper Wallpaper 2017- Football Wallpaper Wallpaper2018-Football Wallpaper walpaper 2018 Hd- Football Wallpaper 2017Hd-Football Wallpaper Wallpaper 3D- Football Wallpaper Wallpaper4K-Football Wallpaper Wallpaper App- Football Wallpaper WallpaperHd-Football Clubs Logo- winner football- League the football-teamsnational Wallpaper 2018- Teams World cup 2018- World Cup2018-world Cup jeux- Wallpaper sport- Wallpaper sport HD-Wallpapersport 4k- Wallpaper football hd- Wallpaper football-Wallpaperfootball HD 4k - Lionel Messi Wallpaper- cristiano ronaldolivewallpapers - Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpaper - AntoineGriezmannWallpaper - Sergio Ramos Wallpaper - james rodriguezwallpapers -Andres Iniesta Wallpaper - Isco Francisco AlarconWallpaper -Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wallpaper - Sergio Agüero - EdenHazard- PaulPogba - Harry Kane - Philippe Coutinho - Alexis Sanchez- Kevin DeBruyne - David de Gea - Robert Lewandowski - Marco Reus-ManuelNeuer - Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - gareth bale livewallpaper -Mario Gotze- arjen robben wallpaper - Mats Hummels-Thomas Müller -Francesco Totti - Gianluigi Buffon - Paulo Dybala-Mauro Icardi -Leonardo Bonucci - Daniele De Rossi- GiorgioChiellini - Neymar dasilva - Edinson Cavani - Kylian Mbappé - MarcoVerratti - RadamelFalcao - Nabil Fekir- Dimitri Payet- Luis Suarez-Karim Benzema -Gerard Piqué- Fernando Torres - Luka Modric - ToniKroos- IvanRakitic - Saul Niguez- Marco Asensio- Mesut ozil livewallpaper -Romelu Lukaku - David Silva - Alvaro Morata- footballbackground-free football background- fond ecran foot- jeux de foot-resultatfoot- fond d ecran football- fond ecran football- fond decran defoot- fond ecran joueur de foot- Dele Alli- N'Golo Kanté --Memphis Depay - David Luiz - Hugo Lloris - Sadio Mané -RaheemSterling- christian Eriksen - cesc Fàbregas- thiago Alcântara-Timo Werner- Claudio Marchisio - Radja Nainggolan - Marek Hamsik-Mario Mandzukic - Ciro Immobile - football wallpapers-footballwallpapers hd- sports wallpapers- football stadiumwallpaper-stadium wallpaper- soccer ball- football background- freefootballbackground- fond ecran foot- jeux de foot- resultat foot-fond decran football- soccer ball wallpaper- famous soccerplayerwallpapers- soccer wallpapersDISCLAIMER:This app is madebyFootball HD Wallpapers 2017, and it is unofficial. The contentinthis app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored,orspecifically approved by any company. All copyright andtrademarksare owned by their respective owners. The images inthisapplication are collected from around the web, if we are inbreachof copyright, please let us know and it will be removed assoon aspossible.
La Liga TV - Official soccer channel in HD 4.0.14
Do not miss out on the day´s goals or highlights of yourfavouriteteam´s match. The best football videos on the official LaLiga TVchannel All the results from LaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3,theWomen´s First Division - Liga Iberdrola on the LaLiga TV app.OnLaLiga TV you can enjoy the following CONTENT for FREE:✔HIGHLIGHTS:Relive the goals from all the games with football videosfromLaLiga Santander, LaLiga 1|2|3 and the Women´s First Division.✔WOMEN´S 1ST DIVISION. LIGA IBERDROLA: Highlight videos,livecontent and special programs linked to the Liga Iberdrola. Allthedetails of the top level women´s competition. ✔ LFPWORLDCHALLENGE: Videos and live broadcasts of the main sportseventsbacked by LaLiga Santander. ✔ PREVIOUS SEASONS: Highlightsvideoswith the goals of all the LaLiga matches of past seasons.Reliveall the most legendary moves and remember the best goals byyourfavourite side: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Sevilla,AtléticoMadrid, Real Sociedad, Villarreal, Athletic, Celta, Eibar,LasPalmas, Espanyol, Alavés, Málaga, Betis, Deportivo,Leganés,Valencia, Levante, Girona and Getafe.✔ PRESS AREA:Reactions fromthe stars of the day´s games. Do not miss out on asingle detail ofevents. Interviews and match ratings immediatelyafter they finish.✔ REPORTS: Discover the more human side of yourfavourite footballplayers. You will find content about Messi,Cristiano Ronaldo, LuisSuárez, Iago Aspas, Fernando Torres, Piqué,Sergio Ramos andGriezmann among others. You will also find videosabout footballlegends. ✔ LA LIGA FANTASY MARCA: Here, each week youwill find allthe keys and tips for each matchday to make you thebest LaLigaFantasy MARCA manager, the only official manager game ofLaLigaSantander.✔ LaLiga4Sports: LaLiga with Spanish sport. Auniquespace where you can find interviews, reports, livebroadcasts...LaLiga4Sports offers you all the Spanish sports newsto make sureyou miss out on nothing!You will also be able to enjoyall the LigaTV content more conveniently and easily thanks to theSECTIONS:➞ MYTEAM: a section that enables you to directly accessall of yourfavourite football team´s videos, ordered according tohow recentthey are and organised into categories: goals, highlightsandprograms.➞ ON THE HOME PAGE: It can be configured so that thefirstfootball videos that appear are those of your team. Here youwillfind the latest videos with the best play and the best goalsbyyour favourite players from the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga1|2|3teams. Are you a fan of Real Madrid or Barça? Do not miss outonanything and find out the results from games! ➞ FAVOURITES: Youcannow select and store videos from your favourite football gamesinwhich your players and team have shown their full potentialandscored their best goals, which means you can view them wheneveryouwant.➞ WATCH LATER: A list where you can add the footballvideosthat you want to watch later.➞ NOTIFICATIONS:Completelyconfigurable, you receive notifications of the contentthat is ofinterest to you, highlights, press area, etc.LaLiga TV isthe appyou can use to immediately access live games and the day´sgoalswherever you are. So that you can sleep easy, knowing that youhaveseen all the action. More information on our official webandSocialNetworks: LaLiga apps on ourwebsite:
Football Star Cool Theme 1.1.6
football madrid theme is ready for your android phone!Applybarcelona football madrid theme, and enjoy thousands of freethemesand wallpapers! football madrid theme gives you footballmadridlive wallpapers with star background and cool football madridhomescreen. football madrid provides star cool icon pack.Thisbeautiful football madrid theme is specially made for guys wholovestar and barcelona. football madrid theme is a perfect themewithHD live wallpaper and brings you a cool experience. Makeyourdevice cool and barcelona with customized app icon pack,lockscreen themes, organized folders, sliding screen effects,HDwallpapers and widgets. You will love this barcelonafootballmadrid theme to customize your android home screen. Nomatter youlike star HD live wallpaper or barcelona mobile phone,you willlove this star theme with cool decoration. Beautify yourandroidhome screen with this football madrid theme now! footballmadridtheme is available on most android phones.Features1、footballmadridtheme lock screen with star barcelona HD livewallpaper.2、starbarcelona icon packs decorate your homescreen.3、football madridtheme HD live wallpaper with star stylegives you a visualexperience you've never seen before.4、footballmadrid themeprovides advanced security system and lock screenthemes. Yourandroid system will be protected, safe, secure, fastandconvenient, with less power consumption.5、star skin withbarcelonaicon makes you feel cool.6、3D dynamic launcher makes yourandroidphone barcelona style.7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best themecenterand turns your creative ideas into unique themes right onyourphone! football madrid theme - How to apply?football madridthemeis specially designed for Launcher. Install our launcher firstandapply it successfully. football madrid theme does not supportanyother Launcher app. football madrid theme with star cool HDlivewallpaper is free now! football madrid theme will let you enjoyafaster and smoother mobile operating experience. footballmadridtheme has star balloon and wallpaper, with the barcelona iconpackstyle. After apply football madrid theme successfully, you canalsoonly change the background wallpaper and lock screenwallpaperwhile keeping the star barcelona icon the same. If you donot likethis football madrid theme, you can also uninstall itanytime, youcan always find your favorite themes on 3DLauncher.There are pink,red, yellow, lovely and romantic themes forcute girls; Blue, grayand black theme for business, tech and auto& vehicle fans;Colorful themes for cartoon and movie addicts;Abstract themes andlive wallpapers for art fans; Cute pets &animals for animallovers; Football and basketball celebrities forsports fans;Greenery themes for those who love nature; And thestarry nighttheme for those who love stars. During holidays, youcan find ourbeautiful festive themes when it's time to celebrate.There arealso 3D themes, live wallpapers and other fashion elementstoredefine your vision. football madrid theme is made for launchertocustomize your mobile phone with football madrid themelivewallpaper and barcelona lock menu. Anything you like can beputinto your home screen!
Messi Wallpapers HD 1.3
Are you a Football Lover then this app is for you.100+ HDWallpapersof Lionel Messi the greatest football player inAction.Fall in Lovewith Messi Adorable Wallpapers.Handpickedwallpapers of Messi inaction.Features# Share with Friends.#Save inPhone.#Set asWallpaper.#Set as Lock Screen.#Share on Whatsapp,facebook,Instagram and all social apps.# High resolution HDwallpapers.# Morewallpaper added regularly.
Madrid Football Theme 1.1.5
madrid football theme is ready for your android phone! Applycoolreal madrid football theme, and enjoy thousands of free themesandwallpapers! madrid football theme gives you madrid footballlivewallpapers with red background and soccer madrid footballhomescreen. madrid football provides red soccer icon pack.Thisbeautiful madrid football theme is specially made for guys wholovered and cool real. madrid football theme is a perfect themewith HDlive wallpaper and brings you a soccer experience. Make yourdevicesoccer and cool real with customized app icon pack, lockscreenthemes, organized folders, sliding screen effects, HDwallpapersand widgets. You will love this cool real madrid footballtheme tocustomize your android home screen. No matter you like redHD livewallpaper or cool real mobile phone, you will love this redthemewith soccer decoration. Beautify your android home screen withthismadrid football theme now! madrid football theme is availableonmost android phones.Features1、madrid football theme lockscreenwith red cool real HD live wallpaper.2、red cool real iconpacksdecorate your home screen.3、madrid football theme HD livewallpaperwith red style gives you a visual experience you've neverseenbefore.4、madrid football theme provides advanced securitysystemand lock screen themes. Your android system will beprotected,safe, secure, fast and convenient, with lesspowerconsumption.5、red skin with cool real icon makes youfeelsoccer.6、3D dynamic launcher makes your android phone coolrealstyle.7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best theme center and turnsyourcreative ideas into unique themes right on your phone!madridfootball theme - How to apply?madrid football theme isspeciallydesigned for Launcher. Install our launcher first andapply itsuccessfully. madrid football theme does not support anyotherLauncher app. madrid football theme with red soccer HDlivewallpaper is free now! madrid football theme will let you enjoyafaster and smoother mobile operating experience. madridfootballtheme has red balloon and wallpaper, with the cool realicon packstyle. After apply madrid football theme successfully, youcan alsoonly change the background wallpaper and lock screenwallpaperwhile keeping the red cool real icon the same. If you donot likethis madrid football theme, you can also uninstall itanytime, youcan always find your favorite themes on 3DLauncher.There are pink,red, yellow, lovely and romantic themes forcute girls; Blue, grayand black theme for business, tech and auto& vehicle fans;Colorful themes for cartoon and movie addicts;Abstract themes andlive wallpapers for art fans; Cute pets &animals for animallovers; Football and basketball celebrities forsports fans;Greenery themes for those who love nature; And thestarry nighttheme for those who love stars. During holidays, youcan find ourbeautiful festive themes when it's time to celebrate.There arealso 3D themes, live wallpapers and other fashion elementstoredefine your vision. madrid football theme is made for launchertocustomize your mobile phone with madrid football themelivewallpaper and cool real lock menu. Anything you like can beputinto your home screen!
beIN SPORTS 4.8.5
The beIN SPORTS app is your one-stop shop for all the latestsportsnews, videos, highlights, scores, standings, and exclusiveanalysisfor the sports, leagues & stars you love!Why are wedifferent?-Personalized Experience - Choose your favorite sports,leagues, andteams & we’ll curate the best and latest contentfor you.- LiveMatch Push Notifications - Receive alerts during livematches ofyour favorite teams.- Exclusive Highlights - Watch thelatest goalsfrom LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1, CONMEBOL etc. as well ashighlightsfrom MotoGP, MotoAmerica, WTA and many other sports.- OnDemand -Watch full episodes of popular beIN SPORTS TV content suchas TheLocker Room, LaLiga World, PitLane and many other shows.-Want towatch games LIVE? Check out the beIN SPORTS CONNECT app –you'reone tap away from accessing the best live sporting events ontheplanet!
Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpapers HD 4K 2018 6.1.1
Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpapers HD is an application thatprovidesimages for cristiano ronaldo fans. cristiano ronaldowallpaper hdapps has many interesting collection that you can useas wallpaper.want cool football wallpaper? find out a amazingfootballwallpapers hd stadium wallpaper and soccer ball, get nowfreefootball wallpapers and background●LionelMessi(Barcelona)●Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)●AntoineGriezmann(Atletico Madrid)●Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)●Gareth Bale(RealMadrid)●Andres Iniesta (Barcelona)●Isco Francisco Alarcon(RealMadrid)●Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)●SergioAgüero(Manchester City)●Eden Hazard (Chelsea) ●Paul Pogba(ManchesterUnited)●Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)●PhilippeCoutinho(Liverpool)●Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)●Kevin De Bruyne(ManchesterCity)●David de Gea (Manchester United)●RobertLewandowski (BayernMunich)●Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund)●ManuelNeuer (BayernMunich)●Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (BorussiaDortmund)●JamesRodriguez (Bayern Munich)●Mario Gotze (BorussiaDortmund)●ArjenRobben (Bayern Munich)●Mats Hummels (BayernMunich)●Thomas Müller(Bayern Munich)●Francesco Totti (ASRoma)●Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus)●Paulo Dybala (Juventus)●MauroIcardi (InterMilan)●Leonardo Bonucci (AC Milan)●Andrea Belotti(Torino)●DriesMertens (Naples)●Gianluigi Donnarumma (ACMilan)●Daniele De Rossi(AS Roma)●Giorgio Chiellini(Juventus)●Neymar da silva (ParisSaint-Germain)●Edinson Cavani(Paris Saint-Germain)●Kylian Mbappé(Paris Saint-Germain)●ThomasLemar (Monaco)●Marco Verratti (ParisSaint-Germain)●Radamel Falcao(Monaco)●Daniel Alves (ParisSaint-Germain)●Mario Balotelli (OGCNice)●Nabil Fekir (Olympiquelyonnais)●Thiago Silva (ParisSaint-Germain)●Dimitri Payet(Olympique de Marseille)●Jean MichaëlSeri (OGC Nice)●Angel DiMaria (Paris Saint-Germain)●Luis Suarez(Barcelona)●Karim Benzema(Real Madrid)●Gerard Piqué (FCBarcelone)●Fernando Torres (AtleticoMadrid)●Luka Modric (RealMadrid)●Sergio Busquets (FCBarcelone)●Jan Oblak (AtleticoMadrid)●Toni Kroos (RealMadrid)●Ivan Rakitic (Barcelona)●Marcelo daSilva (RealMadrid)●Saul Niguez (atletico madrid)●Marco Asensio(RealMadrid)●Ousmane Dembélé (FC Barcelone)●Mesut Ozil(arsenal)●RomeluLukaku (Manchester United)●David Silva (ManchesterCity)●MohamedSalah (Liverpool)●Alvaro Morata (Chelsea)●soccerbackground●DeleAlli (Tottenham Hotspur)●N'Golo Kanté(Chelsea)●David Luiz(Chelsea)●Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)●SadioMané(Liverpool)●Leroy Sané (Manchester City)●ThibautCourtois(Chelsea)●Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)●ChristianEriksen(Tottenham Hotspur)●Cesc Fàbregas (Chelsea)●Leon Goretzka(FCSchalke 04)●Sandro Wagner (Hoffenheim)●Naby Keita(RBLeipzig)●Claudio Marchisio (Juventus)●Radja Nainggolan(ASRoma)●Marek Hamsik (Naples)●Mario Mandzukic(Juventus)●AlessandroFlorenzi (AS Roma)●Samir Handanovic (InterMilan)●Miralem Pjanic(Juventus)●Ciro Immobile (Lazio)●footballwallpapers●footballwallpapers hd●sports wallpapers●football stadiumwallpaper ●stadiumwallpaper●soccer ball●footballbackground●brazilwallpaper●argentine wallpaper●Germanywallpaper●francewallpapers●spain wallpaper●Italywallpapers●portugalwallpaper●Belgium wallpaper●soccer backgrounds●Englandwallpapers●soccer wallpapers●Ivan Perisic (InterMilan)●FaouziGhoulam (Naples)●André Silva (AC Milan)●ArkadiuszMilik(Naples)●M'Baye Niang (Torino)●Fabio Borini (ACMilan)●AmadouDiawara (Naples)●Ricardo Rodriguez (ACMilan)DISCLAIMER:This app ismade by cristiano ronaldo fans, and itis unofficial. The contentin this app is not affiliated with,endorsed, sponsored, orspecifically approved by any company. Allcopyright and trademarksare owned by their respective owners. Theimages in thisapplication are collected from around the web, if weare in breachof copyright, please let us know and it will beremoved as soon aspossible
Ronaldo Wallpapers HD 1.3
Are you a Football Lover then this app is for you.100+ HDWallpapersof Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest football player inAction.Fall inLove with Messi Adorable Wallpapers.Handpickedwallpapers of Messiin action.Features# Share with Friends.#Save inPhone.#Set asWallpaper.#Set as Lock Screen.#Share on Whatsapp,facebook,Instagram and all social apps.# High resolution HDwallpapers.# Morewallpaper added regularly.
Appito - Revolutionize your football 2.00.92
The time has come to revolutionize your game with the footballappthat is changing the way the sport is played in Brazil andaroundthe world.Appito is your personal assistant that allows youtomanage your group and team, rent a field, organize matches andevenfind football games happening near you that fit your profile.Ifyou use the functionalities it offers, it promises to changethelives of football lovers, in and out of field.Organizeyourfootball in one place:- You can manage your entire group andteam,creating weekly matches and one-off events.- Invite playerseasily:via Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, link, email or by theappitself.- When you organize your football on Appito, you willalsohave a presence list for your crew, with a list ofconfirmations,refusals and waiting lists. In addition, this controlcan bedivided between the monthly and one-off players.-Controllingpayments is also much easier! With the payments tool youcan manageall the cash flow of the group, controlling if the moneyof theteam has already been paid or not, month by month. No morewastingtime with spreadsheet or that outdated notepad.- Through thewallof the match, you can talk with other players and share imagesofthe group.- In addition, if you need to complete a team, justturnthe privacy of your game to ‘public’ and Appito will inviteplayersin the community with the profile of your game. Never againwillyour football suffer from lack of players.Real-life videogameexperience:- If you're the kind of player who always loves toplayfootball and even when he gets home plays video game, now youhaveeverything in one app.- Create your own player profile, likeinvideo-games, based on your real gameplay characteristics.-Duringand after the end of the games, you can score thefootballstatistics, adding goals, assists and defenses for allplayers. -At the end of the games, all players rank each other,generating aranking of the best players of the match, top scorer,bestplaymaker and best defender. The ranking is generated fromthegrades and statistics that each player receives fromotherplayers.- The ranking influences your player level in the appandallows you to follow your evolution, completely based onyourperformances on the pitch.Play more football!- If you feelthaturge to play football, you can now find matches that willhappennear you and that fit your player profile and availability.-Nowyou can play football whenever you want, anytime. And restassured,we'll let you know if there are football matches that fityourprofile and fit your schedule."You were interested in a game,butyou're still not sure if that game is really for you?" Contactthesoccer organizer via the chat or even give him a call.- At theendof the game, you can evaluate both the game and the organizerofthe game, so you will help other people decide where and howtoplay.Renting a field has never been easier:- Now it is possibletorent fields, directly through the app, without complications.Checkprices, availability of schedules and available fields, all inasimplified way and in one place.- Book with exclusive deals inthebest fields near you.- And if you want, you can still find manynewsoccer fields near you on the map!
Italian Soccer 2017/2018
Italian Soccer is the app already downloaded by more than 5millionsoccer fans in Italy to follow all the Italian football andthebest of the European leagues:- Italian leagues: Serie A, SerieB,Lega Pro, Serie D, Campionato Primavera- Cups: ChampionsLeague,Europa League, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana ed Europea,CoppaItalia Lega Pro- European leagues: Premier League,Bundesliga,Ligue1, La Liga, Eredivisie, Primeira Liga- Nationalteam: Europei,Mondiali, Confederations Cup, Under 21FOOTBALL ONTVDon't miss asingle match broadcasted on TV: bring with you thecompleteschedule of all matches on terrestrial and sat channels,togetherwith the weekly listing of sport programs.ODDSComparingodds of themain bookmakers has never been easier: quickly check theopen oddsand who's offering the best odds among the availablebookmakers,including Eurobet, Sisal, SNAI, TotoSì, Intralot,Lottomatica andothers.FOLLOW THE CHAMPIONS ON TWITTERItalian Soccerbrings to youtweets, photos and videos posted by teams and players,so you'llalways be updated on news and gossip straight from yourfavoritefootball champions.HISTORYWho conquered the ChampionsLeague trophyon 2010? Who won the derby the last year? Thanks tothe completearchive, you'll have the answers to these an many otherquestions:football has no more secrets.FAVORITE TEAMAll the infoyou'll everneed about your favorite team always with you: thecomplete matchschedule, players' detail, team awards andlatesttransfers.FANTACALCIOItalian Soccer is the definitive toolfor allFantacalcio players, thanks to the ratings always availableaftereach matchday, and to the detailed data available:-probablelineups- goal with minute and assistman- scored, saved andmissedpenaltiesWATCH GOALS AS THEY HAPPENVideos of the ongoingmatchesimmediately available, so that you can see goals and thebesthighlights as they happen.SOCIALDiscover the Social section,whereyou can share the passion for your favorite team, andjointhousands of other football fans who already support theirteams onItalian Soccer.
Onefootball - Soccer Scores
The World Cup is over, but the 2018-19 European soccer seasonishere and Onefootball is the only soccer app you need tofollowthousands of teams and hundreds of leagues worldwide. Packedwithall the latest news, videos, fixtures, scores, stats and keydatesfor your favorite teams during the season.⚽️All Leagues.AllCompetitions. One App. Onefootball.✔SOCCER NEWS, SOCCERSCORES,HIGHLIGHTS, TRANSFERS, STATS AND VIDEOSAll you need to knowaboutyour favorite US and international soccer teams: fixtures,insidernews, live scores, transfer news and rumors, player profilesandvideo channels are always on hand in the teamsection.✔PERSONALISEDCONTENTWhether you’re mad for Zlatan, WayneRooney or Messi, crazyabout Real Madrid or Atlanta United, selectyour favorite players,soccer clubs, national teams and leaguesunder the ‘Following’ tab,to get up-to-the-minute soccer contentand scores that matter toyou and your team. Get the latest soccernews articles daily,written by our international newsroom of soccerjournalists fromall over the globe. Follow competitions from MLS,Premier League,Champions League, Copa MX and Fútbol Liga MX wherethe Apertura isabout to get underway. Get the latest scoop on CR7,Neymar orMbappé. Get team news notifications and live match updatesfor LaLiga and Bundesliga opening day fixtures.✔LIVE COMMENTARY&INSTANT PUSH NOTIFICATIONSFollow our expert analysis, predicttheresults of all soccer matches and vote for the best player.Getminute by minute updates during games. Customize pushnotificationsto receive team line-ups key events, goals and redcards in thecompetitions you want to hear about. Whether it’s abouta surpriseMan United team selection or a last-minute winner in theMLS, wecan keep you updated. ✔ALL THE LEAGUES & TEAMSExplorethe worldof soccer with access to schedules for all theinternationalcompetitions and teams. If you follow Major LeagueSoccer teamssuch as DC United, New York City FC or LA Galaxy youcan cheer withfans all over the world! From the first match of theseason to theChampions League final in May. If you love La Liga,have PremierLeague passion or are a Bundesliga buff, Onefootballhas youcovered!Stay in touch and share your feedback withus! Twitter:@OnefootballENInstagram:OnefootballEmail: [email protected]
Real Soccer League 1.0.0
Now this awesome sport game is better than ever! The soccerplayersare fast and angry, nothing stop them in front of thewinner’spodium. You can try your abilities to go through thisfuriouschallenge. Here you have rules of the game: Score pointsbycarrying the ball from a starting point into the opposition’sendzone. Use end zone in front of your team to score and don’tletopposing team to reach yours. Run the show on offense anddefense.A play begins as usual when the ball is moved from theground intothe hands of the players. Of course you will be harassedby theother team but this is the American football.Game is dividedintofour quarters of 60 seconds each. So, build your own offensiveanddefensive teams. You have an opportunity to play asquarterback,receiver, linebacker, cornerback by yourself during thegame.Thisaction sport battle is the most immersive, streamlinedfootballexperience on mobile. It’s time to play football!Show offyourskills on the pitch like never before to be aworldchampion!Features:Fight your way forward with running plays.Playas the franchise quarterback.Practice strategy and specialplays.Cross the opposition’s goal line with the ball.
Soccer Tactic Board 5.1.1
Jan Soukup
Football Tactic Board, allows you to create your own tacticsforevery match situation, for FREE and NO REGISTRATIONS norpaymentsare needed for more advanced tools ;). Intuitive UI,simple, quickusing.You can change the field, to six differentoptions. Fullfield view, Half field view, Freekicks left, right,straight and ofcourse penalty!FTB provides you seven tools!Rectangle with numberinside! Sipmle Line, Arrow, Dotted arrow, Pen,Text and Area!Everything you need to create your tactic!Save yourtactics intoone frame, or do frame by frame ANIMATION, for moreadvancedtactics! You can set animation speed to make it simply theBEST.Youcan analyse your own photos and your own videos!Create yourteamsand players! ***manual on bottom of the page***FTB allowsyouseveral ways to share tactic or animation with others!- fortactic- you can do photo of your tactic or you can export it intofile-for animation - you can export it into fileThis file can beeasilyimported into app on any other device ;)***manual on bottomof thepage***Simply remove objects, if you want to rework yourtactic,with remove function! Or you can reset everything with justoneclick!Create football tactics/*More field options*/*Fullfield*Halffield*Freekicks*Corners*Penalties/*Tools*/*Arrow*Dottedarrow*Line*Rectangle*Pen*Text*Area*Delete/*Usefulfeatures*/*Changeplayers size*Save tactics*Export/Import tacticsandanimations*Frame by frame animation*Portrait/Landscapemode***HOWTO ADD YOUR TEAM***Go to edit window (top right toolsbutton),click on team1/team2 edit button on the right of team, addnew teamand players. Then select this team by clicking on it.***HOWTOEXPORT TACTIC / ANIMATION***Go to tactic / animationloadingwindow, on the bottom click on EXPORT, and then click on thetactic/ animation which you want to be exported.Tactics are thenexportedto your device to folder /FootballBoard/TacticsAnimationsto/FootballBoard/AnimationsNow you can send them to others andtheycan import them ;)***HOW TO IMPORT TACTIC / ANIMATION***Copytactic/ animation file to your device folder- tacticto/FootballBoard/Import/Tactics- animationto/FootballBoard/Import/Animations(if this folder doesnt exists -Goto tactic / animation loading window, on the bottom click onIMPORTand folders will be created)Now you have tactic / animationinright folder, so now it is very simple:Go to tactic /animationloading window, on the bottom click on IMPORTIn importwindow,there are shown tactics / animations which are copied inimportfolderand now you just click on the tactic / animation whichyouwant to be imported.
Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer 1.8.1
You’ve never played a football game like this before. Take onyourfriends in multiplayer free-kick face-offs, or make a nameforyourself in the Career Mode!Challenge the world acrossdifferentonline game modes! Hit the targets in a fast-paced,time-limitedbattle for points in Shooting Race mode, or take turnsas bothstriker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kickmode!Customiseyour striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockableitems! Show offyour style or represent your team’s colours!Take onCareer mode,travelling through different stadiums around the globeand takingon unique soccer challenges to unlock medals!With simple,fastgameplay, Football Strike is easy to play and offersendlesscompetitive football fun!KEY FEATURES:• Take your shot andmakeamazing saves, all with the flick of the finger!• Play onlineinShooting Race and Free Kick modes!• Play against friendsorchallenge players from across the world!• Represent yourfavouriteteam! Play as FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, FC Zenit,FC Schalke04 and more!• Conquer an extensive Career Mode to earnmedals!•Upgrade your player and equipment and take on the world’sbest!•Fast-paced gameplay means there’s always action!--DownloadFootball Strike by Miniclip NOW! --This game needs aninternetconnection to playDon’t miss out on the latest news:LikeMiniclip: us onTwitter: about Miniclip: http://www.miniclip.comTERMS ANDCONDITIONS:
MLS: Live Soccer Scores & News 18.7.1
The official app of Major League Soccer keeps you connected withthelatest soccer news, schedules, match highlights, real-timevideo,live scores and standings all for FREE. Choose your favoriteCluband customize your MLS app experience with easy access to allthematch content, players and soccer news you care about. Theall-newMatch Center brings the game to life with live scores,videotimeline, live lineups and new stat visualizations. MLSFantasyplayers can have their line-up at their fingertips withinthe appwith an integrated new design and gameplay. Otherhighlights: • Livescores for every official MLS match, Gold Cup,CONCACAF ChampionsLeague and many international soccer matches•Free highlight videosand clips during games• Match Center deliversreal-time stats,video, match highlights, and photos for everygame• Startinglineups, stats, videos, photos, box scores and morefor all MajorLeague Soccer matches• Personalized notificationsabout yourfavorite teams and personalized content• Easy access tobreakingnews, videos and analysis from North America's bestsoccerreporters- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - 2018 MLS Clubs:* Atlanta United FC* Chicago Fire*ColoradoRapids* Columbus Crew SC* D.C. United* FC Dallas* HoustonDynamo*Los Angeles FC* LA Galaxy* Minnesota United FC* MontrealImpact*New England Revolution* New York City FC* New York RedBulls*Orlando City SC* Philadelphia Union* Portland Timbers* RealSaltLake* San Jose Earthquakes* Seattle Sounders* Sporting KansasCity*Toronto FC* Vancouver WhitecapsOther coverage:* US &Canada'sMen's National Soccer Teams
UFL World Fantasy Cup Football 4.0.5
The must have Fantasy Football game for this summer's hugefootballtournament in Russia. Play all 64 games from the groupstages tothe final, and experience the new way of watching livefootball. ★NEW ★ Now play against your mates during this summer’smatches inRussia with our all new friends games feature. Enjoy thegames andhave loads of fun by competing against up to four of yourmates!★★Enjoyed by over 1,000,000 football fans from over 200countriesaround the world during the 2017/18 season ★★★★ Featuredin 10 ofthe BEST Football Apps & Games by The Guardian ★★ Jointheaction today and start playing against friends and fellowfootballfans from across the world!TOP FEATURES OF UFL WORLDFANTASY CUPFOOTBALL:★ NEW! for 2018 Play directly against yourmates with thefriends feature 🆕★ NEW! for 2018 Data Scout givesincredibleinsight into the form of teams and players 📈★ Excitingdraft systemto pick your players for every World Cup 2018 Match 🔢★Pointsupdate LIVE during matches based on real-life actions on thepitch⚽★ Use power-ups to boost your players or trade them out ⚡★EnterCONTESTS and prove you’re the number one Fantasy Footballplayerfor 2018! 🔥PLAY WITH FRIENDS:Beat your mates with the newfriendsfeature. Compete with up to four of your friends and findout whichone of you truly knows the most about football during theWorldCup. DATA SCOUT:Get unique in-match data showing you thebestplayers and teams during live games. Build up yourfootballknowledge and share it with your mates after!PRE-DRAFT ORDRAFTYOUR PLAYERS:With the new Pre-Draft feature, pick your 5players inorder of preference before line-ups come in. OR play theexcitingLIVE DRAFT when line-ups come in and pick your 2players!WHO WILLYOU DRAFT?Enter your game room and then startdrafting your twoplayers. The draft system means only one of youcan own anindividual player. That means for England matches, onlyone of youcan draft Harry Kane!SCORE POINTS DURING LIVEGAMES:Follow yourtimeline to keep updated on all the points yourplayers areearning. Your score goes up for every action your playercompletesin real-life - passes, tackles, interceptions and muchmore!BOOSTOR TRADE YOUR PLAYERS IN-GAME:Devise your own strategy touse yourPOWER-UP cards! Use Double Points or Sharp Shooter if youthinkyour player is about to make a big impact, then celebrate whentheyscore! Want to try to stop an opponent from pulling ahead?Freezetheir player!CHALLENGE YOURSELF AGAINST THE WORLD:Every matchhas alive global leaderboard with Fantasy Football fans from allaroundthe world playing during the 2018 World Cup. Try and finishfirstfor a special badge on your profile and maximum respect!CLIMBUPTHE LEADERBOARD:Find out if you truly are the best FantasyFootballplayer for the 2018 World Cup! As soon as you join, youwill beranked on a leaderboard for your club, country and globally.Workyour way up the leaderboards each month, and fill yourselfwithpride when you find out you're the number one UFL player inyourcountry!Follow UFL for all the latestupdates!Twitter: policy: ofService:*DISCLAIMER:*All gamescoringis based on live data licensed from Opta. This game is notendorsedby, nor associated or affiliated with any person, team,stadium,competition, organisation or association. For moreinformationplease refer to Terms of Service.
Football Predictions Prima Tips 1.8
Football/soccer predictions calculated using followingcriteria:current ranking, performance in last 10 games, head toheadperformance and a few more. Those statistics are taken for home/away with high weight and also overall with less weight.Everycriteria has its own weight specific for teams and theyareadjusted during the season for best results.Prima Tipscalculatesprediction for: - Standard 1X2 - Double Chance 1X and X2- Over /Under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals - Both Teams to ScoreInaddition youcan sort by different criteria such as high probabilityfor homewin, or Over 1.5 goals. In this way you can see toppredictions ingiven category and select those that are mostsuitable for you.Wecover more than 150 leagues and internationalfootball/soccertournaments from more than 90 countries.
Soccer 24 - soccer live scores 2.28.1
Soccer 24
Fast and accurate soccer live scores from more than 1000soccerleagues and cups. Livescore, results, standings,statistics.Mainfeatures:- fast and accurate live soccer scores andresults -comprehensive stats including line-ups, goal scorers,cards andsubstitutions - live commentary for the most popularsoccerleagues- overall/home/away standings and play-off draws-fulltablet version- push notifications with detailed settingsSoccer 24app has been created by Livesport s.r.o. company, thatcurrentlyprovides live scoring services for over 60 million usersworldwide.
Football Prediction 1.3.16
This free app is about forecasting football results.Predictionsarebased on years of statistical data as well as the latest newsandinformation on different teams.To help you choose the best matchtobet, we included statistics such as:- Statistics of the seasonforeach team- Latest matches Statistics- Statistics goals intheseason- Statistics last matches between the two footballteams-Classification of the League, points, goals, Home / AwayStats.
Football 11 players vs AI Game : Real Soccer World 1.2
Do you have Football(Soccer) dream ? Lets download realfootballGame by Getting this Realistic Soccer game you will playrealfootball game with 11 players. Get you own new real footballcluband glow soccer game in 2017.Play Game offline soccer andfeelfootball rivals fever in this football league game 2017.SelectYour football club from Americans, Brazil, Argentina,Germany,Russia, Chile, Portugal and Spain in best footballgameoffline.Enjoy the heat between real football rivals. Useyourfootball tactics and strike the football as it touchdowns totheground and make it to the goal post.Tricky passes, Strongdefensiveand attacking player AI form a challenging and addictiverealfootball physics will give you Football counter strikeWithintuitive controls, excellent visuals and Retina display.GettheBall and use football dribbling skills and finally shoot aneffectshot which ends into the opponent's goal post.This playworldfootball league game is  Football Fever that is designedtoimprove your skills in real Football game. Improvise yourfootballdribbling skills in this  11 player champions offootballworld cup game and be the master in the football game andmake yourplayers the top football heros among the other players.Choose your11 players Team wisely and according to the game plansand needs.Show some hardcore skills to get the game going.Tacklingyouropponents is not easy, but giving astonishing passes to otherteamfellows can make you winner. In this Football WorldChampionshipaccording to your skill you can play at positions ofquarterback,defense, Front, attack etc.So Your Football movesmatters a lot inthis master football game. You are football teammanager as well.Its your chance to make your way to opponent's goalpost and andkick the football right into goal post.HowtoPlay:-------------------------"Pass button" to pass andtackleopponent, "Kick button" for shoot/Strike thefootball."Joystick/Directional keys" to move the player.Good Luck!
Betting Tips Football 1.0.24
Tipstero INC
NEW NEW NEW - Special Feature dedicated to the World Cup2018Tournament with group standings, personalised analyse foreverymatch, special predictions for every match. We created BettingTipsFootball app because we are a team of passionate footballbettingexperts. We like to analyse all opportunities and have ahigh winrate when placing a bet.Every day we study many footballbettingtips and select the matches with big odds and highestwinprobability. Our strategy of finding football matches with bigoddsand provide the best betting tips has been tested successfullyinthe past and proved to be a winning long termbettingstrategy.UNIQUE FEATURE - Star Rating System to show ourlevel oftrust for every of our betting tips.The main features thisappprovides are:• Betting Tips - Football Matches with very highwinrate• History for our betting tips• Predictions with bigodds•Friendly and easy to use interface• No registration orpersonalinfo required• Push Notification when new betting tipsareaddedTipstero’s Betting Tips Football has a friendly interfaceanda couple of customisation options. A great visual impact(twothemes / background colours to chose from), customised timezone,push notifications, star rating system for ourbettingtips.Keywords: betting tips, betting tips football,football, bigodds, best, soccer, predictions
Guess The Soccer Player. Football Quiz 2018 2.1.14
Qindo Apps
"Guess The Soccer Player" (or Guess The Football Player By Club)isa new quiz checks your knowledge of player's career. Sinceitsfirst official club to the present. There are more than150players! Your task is to try to guess what kind offootballer(soccer player) here is hidden. Do you think it is easyto handle?Let's try.Including all summer transfers for season2017/18.
Best of Belgian Football 5.0.0
BBF means all Belgian football matches in your pocket.BBFmeansofficial rankings of all the Belgian football seriesquicklyavailable.BBF makes you able to follow the statistics ofyour son,your girlfriend, your colleague or any other footballplayer inBelgium.BBF is the only app that sends you pushnotifications assoon as a match involving your favorite team ispostponed(individual cancellations).BBF, it’s also the app thatgives youthe opportunity to see the matches your friends willattend, usingthe new BBF Friends functionality. And maybe you’llattend ittogether.BBF, because of a growing community, it’s the appwhereyou can see the result of a match, even before itbecomesofficial.BBF, it’s the place where you can see generalfootballmatches cancellations decided in Belgium. In short, Best ofBelgianFootball is the application that you need to download if youwantto follow the Belgian football every day.
Lineup11- Football Line-up 1.1.6
LINEUP11 is the best application for making your ownfootballline-up.Create your own team and select your uniform fromvariousdesigns.Feature- Make your own football line-up- More than2000 ofFootball Shirts- New stadium- Various choices for your ownteam -One click sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Underworld Soccer Manager 18 4.1.3
The Beautiful Game, Corrupted.Welcome, football managers, tonextlevel in football management! Have you ever dreamed ofbribing,attacking or generally causing mayhem to your opponent’steam? ThenUnderworld Football Manager is the game you have beenwaiting for.There is nothing like it out there today!You´ll startbuilding andmanaging your football empire by taking over a club andthen, usingbribery, vandalism and other nefarious methods, battleplayers fromaround the world in a bid to win promotion to newleagues andultimately making it to the A League.A networkconnection is alsorequired.Underworld Football Manager 2018FEATURES- Battle in realtime against players from all over theworld- Hundreds of leagues,tournaments and teams to conquer-Upgrade and improve your city togive you extra bonuses and cash-Bribe players to score own goals,get red cards and attack otherplayers!- Vandalize your opponent´sstadium, training ground andmany other buildings- Buy specialweapons and power ups to enhanceyour players and give them anedge- Form alliances with players inyour league to take down yourrivals- Join a syndicate to form asuper team and battle othersyndicates from around the world - Playin exhibition matches tolevel up the skills of your players andperfect your team´s tactics- Bid to sign new players in a real-timeauction systemSo, come putyour money where your mouth is and testyour skills against morethan 5,000,000 players from all over theworld. Play UnderworldFootball Manager 2018 now.We're constantlyadding new features — solet us know what you think [email protected], andjoin our Facebook Languages:English,Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish,Hebrew,Arabic, Russian, Bosnian and Serbian
L'Équipe - Sport en direct : foot, tennis, rugby..
Find all live sports news on your Android smartphone or tabletwiththe new L'Équipe App. You can follow in particular theFrenchsoccer Ligue 1, the new Formula 1 season and a special focuson theChampions League! Specially designed for Android devices,theL'Équipe App is constantly modernizing. From now on, alltheL'Équipe's contents and services are gathered in the sameApp..WHAT TO DISCOVER IN THE NEW VERSION : - LIVE SPORTS : Findallsports (Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Golf, Cycling,WinterSports, etc.), and all competitions (Champions League, theFrenchsoccer Ligue 1, Grand Slams, ATP tournaments, WTAtournaments, SixNations Championship, French Top 14 Rugby, OlympicGames etc.). Youcan also follow transfers news, with a regularupdating.- CHRONO :all the sports news continuously and in realtime.- RESULTS: Findout all calendars and results for each sport(Soccer , Rugby,Tennis, Cycling, etc.) and each competition ( theFrench soccerLigue 1 and Ligue 2, Champions League, the Englishsoccer PremierLeague ,the Spanish soccer Liga, the Italian soccerSerie A, theGerman soccer Bundesliga, results and ranking of theNBA, Masters1000 tournaments, Formula 1, etc.)- LIVES : Follow allgames: Foot,Rugby, Tennis, Basket etc. Choose your favorites teamsand followtheir results in real time.- VIDEOS : Discover the latestvideosand tops videos of your favorite sport (Soccer ,Basketball,Tennis, Rugby, Winter Sports, Golf, etc.)- ALERTS :Dont' missanything of sports news by receiving notifications fromus! Weinform you in real time about last news : results, FrenchsoccerLigue 1 ranking, Champions League results, ATP ranking,French Top14 rugby ranking, Transfers, etc.) + Personalize theL’Équipe Appto get scores and news alerts about all of yourfavorite teams andleagues!- The L'Équipe TV channel: : Follow live,replay andhighlights on the L'Équipe TV channel (formerly L’Equipe21).DON’TMISS SPORTS NEWS- SOCCER :Calendars and results of theFrenchsoccer Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, Champions League, the EnglishsoccerPremier League ,the Spanish soccer Liga, the Italian soccerSerieA, the German soccer Bundesliga and all otherschampionships.-TENNIS : Calendars and ATP Ranking, WTA Ranking, allresults ofWimbledon, Roland Garros, Us Open, Australian Open, FedCup, DavisCup etc. - RUGBY : Calendars and results of the SixNationsChampionship, the French Top 14, World Cup, Champions Cupetc.-BASKETBALL : Calendars and results of the NBA, Euroleague,Frenchbasketball Pro A etc- CYCLING : Results and Ranking of theTour deFrance, the Giro, and the Vuelta, but also of all theclassic races(Milan San Remo, Liege Bastogne Liege etc.) - FORMULA1: Resultsand Ranking of Australian Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prixand allothers Grand Prix.- WINTER SPORTS: : Alpine Skiing, FigureSkating,Biathlon, Cross etc.- BUT ALSO : Auto-Moto, Baseball,Boxing, Golf,Handball, Olympic Games, Judo, Swimming, Triathlonetc.To get afully enjoyment of L’Equipe App, you can also have apremiumsubscription. From 12:30 AM, the L'ÉQUIPE newspaper indigitalformat and other L’Équipe’s news are available on our App.Visitour new version called “The Digital “: the best ofL'Équipe'scontent in a special edition, adapted to yourscreens.Choose theright offer (your Google Play account will becharged directly):-Purchase of a single premium article (0.99 €). -Purchase of a packof 10 premium articles (3.99 €)- Purchase of acomplete edition ofL'Équipe (0.99 €) or an edition of another title(L'ÉQUIPEMagazine, Hors-Série, Sport & style etc.) Enjoy yourreadingwith L'Équipe! Please fell free to send us your feedbacksandsuggestions: [email protected]
Soccer On Desk 1.1.2
The latest work of the school series presented by SAT-BOX oftheapplication "Drop Eraser"!The long-awaited football appeared tobea smartphone application!Everyone's desk becamefootballground!Operate cute characters, kick off!It's simple, butenoughfighting football game!We also set up formations andpositions andchallenge the nation's strongest school with theoriginal team!Hotdrama like high school soccer is waiting! ![Methodofoperation]Left hand ... Activate athlete with virtual padPassandkick shoot with virtual button ... right button[Practicemode]Modethat you can play easily anytimeLet's practice a lothere![EventBattle]"Expedition" Battle with the strong schoolnationwide,compete for the number of wins and losses in aweek!"TournamentCompetition" Aim for World's best to win theprefecturalconvention, area competition, nationwidecompetition![BattleMode]Two people can play at the same time on oneterminal!Enjoy itin battle![Ranking]A ranking of expedition will beseen![Gacha]Pullgacha and get uniforms andspikes![MiniGame]Challenge everyday toPointGet !![Teamorganization]Make your own original high schooland organizeplayers!
Tiny Striker: World Football 1.3.5
Become the world's ultimate Striker in Tiny Striker: WorldFootball!From the makers of the smash hit Tiny Sports series.Joinyour TinyStriker as they go pro, rising from the lowest leagues.It is yourjob to train and craft your Striker to compete againstsoccer clubs,across many divisions, to become the ultimatechampion.Can youcompete on the world stage? Rank up your StrikerLevel and transferto other worldwide teams in up to 5 countries,each with their own2-tier league fixtures with a world cup to earnin each of them.Playnow forFREE!========================================FEATURES:+Flick tokick your soccer ball+ Curl or lob your shot arounddefenders +Choose your English league starting team+ Battle throughmanysoccer leagues+ Train your Striker to boost their coreskills+Transfer to 5 other countries, teams and leagues+ Playagainst theworld's best teams in the UK, Spain, France, Germany,Italy and theNetherlands+ Attract up to 30 sponsors and improveyour earningpotential+ Work alongside your soccer manager toadvance yourcareer+ Capture and share your match highlights tosocial media+View match highlights recorded byotherplayers========================================The TinySportsseries has had over 2 MILLION downloads. The original TinyStrikergame was a top 10 sports game in 22 countries and it evenreachedthe dizzy heights of #1 free game in Ireland.Need help orjust wantto tell us how to make the game even better? Get in touchand letus know. US:
World Cup 2018 App - Yeah - Soccer 2.2.4
Enjoy the World Cup 2018 with this comprehensive World Cup app.Trythe World Cup 2018 Yeah app and you will see a lot of functionsandinformation about the World Cup in Russia. This appcontainsinformation about teams, stadium, cities. A livescore witha lot ofdetails is available to follow all World Cup matches. Mostof theinformation in the app can be usedoffline.Functionality:-Information about teams, coach and player-WC 2018 group overviewwith schedule- Complete match schedule, datesand fixtures of allWorld Cup 2018 matches - Referee overiew-History Overivew (Allwinners, all standings and results of WorldCups 1930 - 2014)-Twitter-Integration read the latest tweets ofyour team- World Cupknowledge with a lot of information about theWorld Cup- CompleteRoad To World Cup for the qualified teams- Savematches in thecalendar- See all stadiums on map withdetailedinformationEverything you need to enjoy the World Cup 2018.Try theWorld Cup 2018 Yeah app now and you will like it.
Football Quiz: Guess Football Player 3.1
The most popular football quiz, soccer quiz finally has arrivedinyour country.The concept is simple, you have some clubs andtimeswhere a football player have been played ! How many will youbeable to recognise ? Try this and guess your favourite player.Comeand test your skills!Only 1% of players have managed to finishthegame!PLAY IT NOWWhether you are on a plane, at your place, orevenat work you can take part in the fun and test yourknowledge!Theonly rule: guess the player with their career, throughthe timethey played and the clubs the have played!Players fromallcountries!No sign-upPlay offlineUNLIMITED FUN SUPPORT 5DIFFERENTLANGUAGESOur app is designed for all fans of the mostpopular sportin the world. This app will test your knowledge aboutfootballplayers and this is probably the best logo quiz. Prove yourabilitywith this game. You can use 4 kinds of help.Featureshelp:1.Discover a letter you want.2. Remove unnecessary letters.3.Showthe position of him4. Show his national team.Features app:*Morethan 100 players for your, more and more* 500 free coins foryou* 4kinds of help* Frequent updates* Source of knowledge:* greatfun*football triviaHundreds of teams available!New teamsaddedregularly in real-time. No need to update to continueplaying!ACONTINUOUS CHALLENGE HAVE FUN!!!!
All Football - Latest News & Videos 3.0
※ More than 20 MILLION downloads!※ Top 10 in more than30countries!Main Features of "All Football":- Football News -LiveScores- Match Details- Transfer News- Videos &Highlights-Professional Stats "All Football" app provides you withthe latestand comprehensive football news, live scores, matchvideos andhighlights. With "All Football" app, you can follow yourfavoriteteams and players, get live scores and results from all thematchesand competitions as well as the latest Football news allaround theworld. Everything you need to know about football, all atyourfingertips.Here’s the description of the main Features of"AllFootball".✔ Football news Our app provides you with thelatestfootball news all around the world. You can alsoacquirepersonalized content based on teams you support like RealMadrid,FC Barcelona, Manchester united, Chelsea, Liverpool,CrystalPalace, Everton, Dortmund, and your favorite players likeCristianoRonaldo, Lionel Messi, David Villa, Kaka, etc. With ourapp youwill not miss any news about the team you support or yourfavoritefootball star.✔ Match Live You can get live scores aboutall thefootball matches for all the leagues and competitions,includingMLS, Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga,Champions Leagueand so on.✔ Match DetailsLive text commentary, teamline-ups, matchanalysis… All in our Match Centre. You can also viewon-the-spotscene in GIFs. Follow matches you’re interested in andget instantpush notifications about goals and all other matchevents.✔Transfer windowOur app offers you the latest transfer news.You cancheck all the official transfers and rumours about MLS andEurope’sTop 5 leagues in our Transfer window. ✔ Professional StatsGet thetables, fixtures, results, squad, player profiles andperformancestats on "All Football" app. "All Football" app is themostprofessional football app for football fans to follow alltheleagues and competitions. If you have any questions orfeedback,please feel free to contact us. We fully appreciate yourkindlyadvice and will reply you ASAP.The Chinese version can visitthefollowingwebsite:https://m.dongqiudi.comEmail:[email protected]:@allfootballappTwitter:@allfootballapp
King Betting Tips
King Betting Tips gives daily free winning betting tips fromanexperienced team. Our team analysis daily matches and givesbestpossible sure bets and high odds betting tips everyday.WinningKing Betting Tips wins daily with over 90% success rate. Wealsoprovide vip betting tips for free. We give football,basketball,volleyball and tennis betting tips predictions.BettingTips Predictmatches worldwide:Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal,Argentina,Switzerland, France, Spain, Chile, Poland, Peru, Denmark,England,Tunisia, Greece, Mexico, Colombia,Uruguay, Croatia,Netherlands,Italy.King Betting Tips app gives you:- Free FootballPredictions-Winning Tips over 90%- Trusted Predictions- DailyBetting TipsPrognose- Free Premium Betting Tips- High Odds Tips-Vip BettingTips- Livescore- Instant Notification System- Simple andclean userinterface
Dream Kit Soccer v2.0 2.8
Get your costumize Dream League Soccer kits!Thank you forallsupporters that has download Dream Kit Soccer on previousversion.Now We bring to you Dream Kit Soccer version 2 with moreDreamLeague Soccer kits.With new interface and more easier toDLSfanatic.Keep in touch with us, and wait for new updatecomingsoon.** Please uninstall the old version and download againthisversion.
Rabona—soccer memes, football news, world cup 2018 3.0.2
YOU’LL NEVER LAUGH ALONE• Enjoy thoroughly selected soccergifs,jokes, memes and videos• Like and share the best ofthem•Contribute by commenting (no registration required)WelcometoRabona, where you can always find the funniest soccer gifs,jokes,memes and videos.We manually select the funniest contentevery day,so you can get a distilled product of user generatedfabulousness.You can read, like, share it with friends and comment.And the bestpart? You don't even have to sign in to do that. Youcan find themost liked memes, gifs and videos in the 'Best' tab.Even yourfavourite team can let you down sometimes. Rabona isalways readyto cheer you up.Download Rabona & get the funniestsoccermemes, gifs and videos every day!
Football Quiz 2.0.4
The ultimate football quiz 2018 is here! Will you know theanswersto all football trivia questions? Football Quiz is a freesportstrivia quiz app with the most interesting sports quizquestions andanswers and fun facts. Download now and complete allthe footballtrivia questions before someone else does!How much doyou reallyknow about the most important secondary thing in theworld? Playthis football player quiz and answer the best footballquizquestions about the Champions League, World Cup, Euro Cup,CopaAmerica, Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera and much more!Only3%of users can complete this free football quiz with questionsandanswers? Are you one of them? Do you know who was Zlatan'sfootballidol? Which player appeared in more Premier League gamesthanManchester City? How much time did Lewandowski need to score5goals? Do you think you know the answer to thesefootballquestions? Download Football Quiz 2018 and test yourknowledge withfootball questions and answers!🏆 FOOTBALL QUIZ –SPORTS TRIVIAQUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FEATURES 🏆⚽ FOOTBALL QUIZ IN 14DIFFERENTLANGUAGES: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English,French,German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian,Spanish andThai⚽ HINTS - if you get stuck on a certain question,hint can beof help OR you can⚽ SKIP A QUESTION, lose one life andmove to thenext football question⚽ HEARTS are your lives, eachincorrectanswer is one heart less⚽ ASK A FRIEND for help if you runout ofall hints⚽ CERTIFICATE - you get it once you answer allfootballtrivia quiz questionsFun sports quizzes and sports triviaquestionsin general are a nice way to have a good time and learnsomethingnew about football or other sports, depending on the typeof sportsquiz questions you're answering. With so many sportstriviaquestions and answers + fun facts for each one of them,thisFootball quiz 2018 is a must-have among the sports quiz apps.Witha possibility to answer quick sports quiz questions in allthelanguages you know, this Football quiz is more interestingthanever! So get Football Quiz game and enjoy learning newstuffthrough quick sports trivia questions and answers!🏆 LEGALINFO🏆Images used in Football Quiz - Trivia Questions and Answersgameare under Public Domain or Creative Commons License. For moreinfo,please visit the About App section within the appitself.FootballQuiz - Trivia Questions and Answers game is anintellectualproperty of Quizzes by Peaksel.
Benchr 1.42
Wissl Media
An unfair penalty? An amazing goal? Coaching that turnsuptrumps?With Benchr, you can finally react and give youropinionswhile the match is live!It’s your turn to speak:Benchr!Whileyou’re watching a match on TV, react to what’shappening in thegame, evaluate players and compare your analysis towhat otherBenchrs think.Is your team playing tonight? Download theapp nowand kick off your Benchr experience:• evaluate players, yourteam,the coaching and the refereeing• rate goals and how theplayerscelebrate• call a foul and decide whether the card orpenalty isjustified• call for or confirm a substitute• suggest yourown teamcomposition• see players live stats• get notifications ofTopBenchrs, the players voted best by the communityTrackyourfavourite team’s matches in all five major Europeanfootballchampionships: France, Spain, Italy, England,Germany.Benchr, thesecond screen app for football fans, is free andavailable inEnglish, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese.—3G, 4G orWi-Fi connection required —
Soccer wallpapers 4k 1.0.12
Soccer Wallpapers 4k (Ultra HD) offers:- Free sportswallpapersassociated with soccer.- A huge database of wallpapers ataresolution of 4K.- Every day new wallpapers- Wallpapers can setasthe primary display or as a lock screen, contact..- Searchengineof best images.- Preview wallpaper with the possibility ofzoom.-Changing the beautiful wallpaper in just a few clicks.-Ability tocreate your own database of favorite wallpapers.- Fastandintuitive interface.- Sending wallpaper by Email, SMS,MMS.-Sharing wallpapers with friends through socialnetworking.-Animated loading screen, about theme of soccer.-Ability to modifywallpaper size for your needs.What it is 4Kresolution?- 4k orUltraHD has a resolution of 4096x2160 or3840x2160- QHD or QuadHigh Definition (1440p =2560x1440) wallpapersare 2.4 times smallerthan 4k- Full HD, 2K - (1080p = 1920x1080)wallpapers are 4 timessmaller than 4k- HD (720p = 1280x720)wallpapers are 10 timessmaller than 4k.What gives me resolution of4k:- High Quality - HQ-You can do huge zoom without loss ofquality.- You can do clippingsof objects, for example ball withoutlosing quality.Ratewallpapers:- Add a thumb up if you likedwallpaper about soccer orthumb down.- Ratings are up to datecollected and updated on thewebsite.- Results of votes onlive.Supported devices:- Screenrotation support.- It supports allscreen resolutions and devices,tablets and even televisions in theresolution of 4k.This and muchmore can be found in SoccerWallpapers UHD, and it's completelyfree.We do not charge any fees.
Head Soccer La Liga 2018 - Soccer Game League 4.4.1
"⚽HEAD SOCCER LA LIGA 2018 - Soccer Game League ⚽ is theofficialfree sports game for Spanish League Soccer for 2017-2018season!Choose your favourite soccer player among the officialLaLigateams, unleash your powerful shots and take your footballteam tothe top of the soccer world rankings! ¡Score thousand ofgoalsusing the big head of your footballer and become theultimatechampion and the hero of your sport dream team! Downloadthissoccer game for free and enjoy playing football with all thesoccerclubs and superstars from LaLiga!Start as a newbie and levelupthrough all categories: rookie, professional, champion,all-star…and finally reach the top of the world and be a soccerlegend.Impress the FIFA and the fans by scoring incredible goals inthebest official soccer stadiums: Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón, …Whatis your favourite soccer team? Select a football team fromthedream league and play as a mini footballer with a bobblehead.Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, … only Head Soccer LaLiga2018has all the official football players from LaLiga!Join millionsofplayers in this exciting soccer game and enjoy playing withallyour favourite footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi,Griezmann,…Now you just need to choose your big-headed soccerplayer, get outon the field, show off your skills and wintournaments in-game!Onlythe best players are able to take on thissoccer challenge! Showoff your ball skills and beat each round asthough it were a final!Try to survive in the most astonishingsoccer matches jumping ashigh as you can, kicking stronger andsprinting faster than allyour rivals within the game. Score amazinggoals in every clash andwin all the cups, leagues and tournaments.Download Head SoccerLaLiga 2018 - Soccer Game League now, the bestsport game offootball team !== GAME FEATURES==OFFICIAL LICENSESFROM LALIGA⚽Playfootball in real stadiums with all your idols. Theonly sports gamewith the original soccer clubs and players from theSpanish LeagueSoccer for 2017-2018 season!TRAIN AND IMPROVE⚽Evolveyour soccerplayers and their skills: SPEED to move quickly down thefield,SHOT to make it unstoppable, JUMP to leap higher in eachattack anddefense, SPRINT to overtake your rivals, POWER UP toreduce thetime between special shots… Level up and be the ultimatescorehero!AMAZING SPECIAL SHOTS⚽Defeat all the opponents usingtheshocking special kicks: Dragon Ball, Orange Machine, FallingStar…And more! Each with stunning light and sound effects!Ultimateextreme football!DIVISIONS⚽Create your player and compete.Choosefrom three categories within the game: bronze, silver, andgold.Win games to reach the Gold category and beat other players intheranking. Victories will earn you rewards that you can use tolevelup your player.GAME MODES⚽Try the CUP, where championsareremembered! Go down in history through all of the rounds andenjoyplaying in the Final Cup!Start a FRIENDLY match and playsocceragainst any club you want!Consistency is key to success intheLEAGUE! You must face off against all of the teams and gainpointsfrom each match to be ranked at the top of the table by theend ofthe season.Make your own huge head football player with theamazingEDITOR!BEAT YOUR FRIENDS⚽Sync your progress with Google PlayGamesand Facebook. How many goals could you score?Even Luis Figohas funplaying Head Soccer LaLiga, check itout: in the DreamLeague,reach the Gold Division. Enjoy playing Head Soccer LaLiga2018 -Soccer Game League!This app uses Wi-fi or mobile data(ifavailable) to download game content and advertising. Youcandisable mobile data usage on this game from withinSettings/MobileData. Visitusat:http://laliga.es
90min - Live Soccer News App
Minute Media
Do you eat, drink and sleep soccer? The 90min news app is amusthave for every soccer fan and sport lover!90min is the largestfangenerated media platform in soccer for all the latestbreakingsoccer news, transfer rumors, fixtures, results, tables,schedules,live scores, and more - straight to your phone ortablet.Features:•Live feeds with the most up-to-date soccer news,tailoredspecifically for you• The best of European footballtournamentslike Champions League and Europa• Country league livenews –Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga •Readpersonalized, original and unique stories you won’tfindanywhere else. • Push notifications for breaking news andlivematch updates, so you're always the first to know the latestnewsand results• Live match line-ups, stats, commentary and more,soyou'll never miss a moment of any match• Enjoy 90min fromyourtablet or mobile• Easily share the latest-breaking soccer newsviaFacebook, Twitter, e-mail or any social network• Team-centricfeedsso you can easily navigate all the news of your favoriteclub90min/ FTB pro is best app to consume the latest transfer andfootballnews.
Futebol na TV 1.1.3
David Gouveia
Esta aplicação lista os jogos de Futebol que serão transmitidosemcanais de TV portugueses (públicos ou cabo).This applicationliststhe Soccer games will be broadcast on Portuguese television(publicor cable) channels.