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aNdClip Free - Clipboard ext -
The app can keep clipboard history and easily paste thedata.Supported OS: 1.6- For instance, when you want to paste thedatathat you copied two times before, aNdClip stores the previousdatawithout copying them again. The app can also manage thefrequentlyused email addresses or set phrases, and assists copyingandpasting process. The main features are notes taking to setphrases,support folder management, paste data on Contacts, dataencryption(AES), and more. For further information about otherfunctions orthe paid version features, go to the link of theofficial websiteshown at the bottom of the screen. *The freeversion contains ads.*Correspondence authority will be used onlyfor advertisement.
Clipper - Clipboard Manager 2.4.15
Clipper is a powerful clipboard manager that automaticallysaveseverything you copy. Access your clipboard history laterandorganize clippings in lists. Copy, paste, view, edit andsharetheir contents. Store repetitive pieces of text in Clipper andcopythem whenever you need to. Take control of copy and pastewithClipper!✔ Automatic & seamless clipboard history andextension.All copied text is collected and saved for later use.Don’t worryabout copying over anything important.✔ Easy clippingorganizationand editing. Copy a clipping back to the clipboard witha singletap. Define custom folders for storing your collectedclippings.View, edit and extract contents.✔ Quick and easy access.OpenClipper through your status bar for quick access toyourcollection. Predefine quick snippets for easy copying and takeyournotes in Clipper.✔ And much more. Customize clipboardcollection,notification functionality, the user interface and morethrough thesettings. Clipboard management couldn't be easier.+Upgrade toClipper Plus to get online clipping sync, unlimitedclippings,search, dynamic values and new options.Copy and Paste 2.0ishere!(After installing Clipper, you will need to start it oncetoactivate monitoring. You will see a quick start tutorial.Taskkillers may interfere with Clipper.)If you need help or haveanysuggestions or complaints, please don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected] Your feedback is invaluable tous.Usedpermissions:✔ Photos/media/files: import & exportbackupfunctionality to internal storage or SD card
Clip Stack - Clipboard Manager 1.8.3
Catching Now
Clip Stack is an open-source project. This is the only OFFICIALapp. Promovideo: , by Max Patchs.If youhave any suggestions or complaints Please don't hesitate tocontactme at [email protected] . Clip Stack The easiest waytoextend multi clipboard for Android.✓ Free ✓ No-Ads ✓MaterialDesign ✓ Open-Source ************- XDA-Developers: Thedeveloperoffers up an app that allows you to control your clipboardandeasily store multiple links and copies.- Droid Views:Afterextensively using this app I must say this app is a truewinner inactually making it easier for us to freely copy text andthen useit some other time. - Android Community: The app is anopen-sourceproject and so it is absolutely free and with no adstoboot!************🌐 Unlimited ClipboardsClip Stack can rememberallyour clipboard history and recover text after reboot. It'saclipboard manager,a user friendly notebook, and maybe a tinyGTDmanager.You can easily copy, share, star, delete, and mergeeverytext.🌐 Works EverywhereWhatever phone, tablet, and wear,allAndroid devices are supported. 🌐 Powerful NotificationClipstack'snotification is simple and powerful. You can switch therecent 5texts just in notification. Notification will be displayedonlywhen copying new text and you can dismiss it by swipe orevendisable it by long press.🌐 PermissionUsageRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED:Start a background service to listenthe system clipboard. It onlycost 4.5M - 6M RAM. You can close itin Settings if you reallydon't want it. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE andREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:For export clipboard history. This app won'twrite any other filesto your SD card. VENDING.BILLING: Only fordonate. Clip stack is afull free app.------------ImportantNotice:Recently Google Playupdated its policy and normal apps areforbidden to use theAccessibility API, otherwise they will beremoved within 30 days.Asa result, Inputting+ may no longer beavailable on Google Play.Some feature of Clip Stack (floatingbubble, black list, autopaste)has been removed.Sorry for bringingyou inconvenience but wecan not do anything. MoreInfo:
Clipboard Actions 1.43
Clipboard Actions creates actions based on your copied textshowsthem in the status bar as notification or in a nice list intheApp. 🌟 No Ads, No Freemium, just donations 🌟 🌟 Share images/videos: Download and share images and videos with just one touch🌟Jump to previous clipboard entries! Or manage all Clips in anicematerial designed List! 🌟 Speak out Clips: Listen to yourcopieditems, for convenience or for pronunciation 🌟 LinkShortener:Shorten Links with with one click! 🌟 QR Code: Copyany textand create a QR code to share it directly 🌟 Define: Definea wordright in the notification bar 🌟 Currency Conversion: Convertanycurrency to any other, by using google 🌟 Share: Any copiedcontentcan be shared by clicking on the notification 🌟 Open Link:Whendetecting a link open it in the browser. 🌟 Search: Searchthecopied text on google. 🌟 Show on map: Copy an address anjumpdirectly to the map! 🌟Translate: The translate action jumpsrightto Google translate and uses your preferred language. 🌟 Emailto:Filter email address and start to compose a new mail with thefoundaddress. 🌟 Call: Filter a phone number and call it. Itiscomparable with Clipper, Paste+ or Clip Stack, in a sense thatitruns in the background and has a very light service (consumesnobattery) and reacts on copy actions. Clipboard Actions canbecombined with other Clipboard managers. Permission: In apppurchase( Explanation: ClipboardActions shouldstay free of charge and Ads which is why we areasking for somedonations this is done by using in app purchase.Permission: run atstartup(android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED) Explanation: Weuse thispermission to start the service when your device startsand we canrun the background service if it is enabled. Permission:preventphone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK)Explanation: Weneed this to make sure that the background servicewill be startedand not killed while starting. But the service itself does notconsume any battery. Permission: internetExplanation: Needed toquery external resources like Wikipedia or adictionary. This is aiterative project. New features will be addedsoon. If you like theproject, please give me 5 Stars and commentwith a feature requests,or even better got to the github project,report issues and featurerequests. Logo by
Clipboard Manager 2.5.3
I hope you like application "Clipboard Manager"!Clipboard Managerissimple and powerful application to manage your clipboard,keephistory, fast access to your notes in history, etc.Just copyyourtext anywhere and clip will be added to history.Check outfeatures:* Create unlimited categories. * Copy and paste unlimitednotes. *Automatically save note from clipboard. * New noteconfirmation. *Paste your notes from keyboard * Auto cleanclipboard content *Auto clean up default category. * Auto cleantrash. * Search inyour notes. * Share note/few notes * Merge notes* Ordering *Automatically backup to the cloud (optional) * Importand exportdata to the file * Smart actions * View notes * Fastaccess torecent notesCheck it out and give us feedback!Note:Automaticallyclear clipboard is turned off by default.
My Clipboard 2.5.1
My Clipboard — is a powerful clipboard manager thatautomaticallysaves everything you copy. Access your clipboardhistory later.Copy, paste, view, edit and share your history itemscontents.Storerepetitive pieces of text in My Clipboard and copythem wheneveryou need to. Take control of copy and paste with MyClipboard!KEYOPPORTUNITIES ✔ Automatic clipboard history andextension. Allcopied text is collected and saved for later use.Don’t worry aboutcopying over anything important.✔ Unlimitedhistory of the creatednotes. You define yourself how many noteswill be stored, you wantone or hundred or one thousand - there areno problems with MyClipboard;✔ Mark clips with any number of tagsfor fast filter andsearch;✔ Intuitive organization and editing ofnotes. Copy notesback to the clipboard via single click. Lookthrough, edit, deleteor share the notes with your friends.✔ Addingof notes to thefavourites. Add notes to the favourites and you willalways be ablequickly to filter them from among all that is alreadykept in thehistory.✔ Search in contents. You will always be ablequickly tofind and filter the notes by any occurrence of theentered symbol.✔Instant and easy access. Open My Clipboard at anytime via thenotification panel or simple swipe from any corner ofthe screen(can be configured via the app settings screen) for fastaccess toyour notes. Create notes from often used information, forfastaccess to it.✔ Import and export data to a file. Any data cannowbe restored from a previously saved backup.UNIQUE ADVANTAGES★NoAds: we don't consider necessary to show advertizing insimilarapplications;★ High performance: it is one of the keyqualitativecharacteristics of the application.★ Low resource usage:occupiesless than 1.5 Mb, consumes 15 Mb RAMS.★ Always nearby: itisavailable from notification bar or from any applicationwithoutneed for switching of a context of a window - just slide outon thescreen.★ Adaptive and user friendly design: only theGoogleMaterial Design.★ Personalization: adjusted individually.★Nocollecting statistics: we don't collect your personal data; ITISDESIRABLE TO KNOWThree simple actions which you can make forevenmore convenient work with our application:1) After the MyClipboardinstallation, you will need to start it for start ofmonitoring ofa clipboard - it is possible and not to start, butthen what senseto put?)2) Bring My Clipboard in an exception ofyour taskkiller(if such is established) since it can unload it fromthe startedprocesses.)3) Allow My Clipboard display of the FloatingWindows insettings of your device is will allow to open ourapplication viaswipe and without the need for switching of acontext of theapplication. It is real cool!)WANT HELP TO TRANSLATE?-http://workbasket.oneskyapp.comWE ARE IN SOCIALSupport us inthesocial networks, we need new people and responses forimprovementof a product:)Twitter - rules ofourapplications:1) NO complicated and not intuitive forms2)NOadvertisements within the application and for the promotion oftheapplication3) NO any review of "Indian" observers and statementsby"popular" magazines;
Clipboard Manager Pro 2.5.3
I hope you like application "Clipboard Manager"!Clipboard Managerissimple and powerful application to manage your clipboard,keephistory, fast access to your notes in history, etc.Just copyyourtext anywhere and clip will be added to history.Check outfeatures:* Create unlimited categories. * Copy and paste unlimitednotes. *Automatically save note from clipboard. * New noteconfirmation. *Paste your notes from keyboard * Auto cleanclipboard content *Auto clean up default category. * Auto cleantrash. * Search inyour notes. * Share note/few notes * Merge notes* Ordering *Automatically backup to the cloud (optional) * Importand exportdata to the file * Smart actions * View notes * Fastaccess torecent notesCheck it out and give us feedback!Note:Automaticallyclear clipboard is turned off by default.
Universal Copy 2.4
Sometimes you want to copy text from an app and you cannot usethedefault Android long press? Universal Copy takes that painaway!Activate the Universal Copy mode and select the text you wanttocopy, that's it! Copy text from any application: Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, News Republic... Easy. Simple.Totallyfree. No ad! Universal Copy allows you to copy text withouttheneed to use the long tap action. ********* ★ Featured byAndroidPolice★*********How to use? - download and install the app - activate theUniversalCopy accessibility service (Settings > Accessibility)- go to theapp (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any app) you want tocopy textfrom - open your notification drawer and click on"ActivateUniversal Copy mode" - tap the text you want to copy, itwillhighlight in blue - click on Copy and you're done! Note forSamsungusers: On Samsung Galaxy devices (SG 5 and later), check tosee ifyou have App Battery Optimizer in Samsung Smart Manager appenabled.Please disable this as it is known to disable UniversalCopyAccessibility Service: go to Android Settings > General>Battery > look under App Optimization and select Details.Thenfind Universal Copy and turn it off. Do not hesitate to leavearating and a review if you like Universal Copy. Use Universalcopyto copy hashtags from Instagram! For more copy - pastefeatures,make sure to check our other application: Easy Copy - Thesmartclipboard. This app usesAccessibilityservices. (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to access thetext displayedon your screen to be able to copy it)
KDE Connect 1.10.1
KDE Community
KDE Connect provides a set of features to integrate yourworkflowacross devices: - Shared clipboard: copy and paste betweenyourdevices. - Share files and URLs to your computer from anyapp,without wires. - Virtual touchpad: Use your phone screen asyourcomputer's touchpad. - Notifications sync: Read yourAndroidnotifications from the desktop. - Multimedia remote control:Useyour phone as a remote for Linux media players. - WiFiconnection:no USB wire or bluetooth needed. - End-to-end TLSencryption: yourinformation is safe. Please note you will need toinstall KDEConnect on your computer for this app to work, and keepthe desktopversion up-to-date with the Android version for thelatest featuresto work. This app is part of an open source projectand it existsthanks to all the people who contributed to it. Visitthe websiteto grab the source code.
Clipboard Manager : Clipo 13.2.0
Maubis App
Clipo creates quick and smart actions for your copied text andshowsthem as a notification or a intuitive and beautiful list inthe app!👍 No Ads, No Freemium Stuff! Free Clipboard made for you!If youwould like a few bonus features and support us... Try ourClipo Pro.👍 See all your clips, in a clean and intuitivematerially designedlist! You can quickly copy an older clip to theClipboard for using!👍 Search: Get a quick action to search thecopied text on the searchengine of your choice - Google, Bing,Baidu, AOL, DuckDuckGo! 👍Call: Filters your clips and detectsphone numbers to give you a onetap to call experience! 👍 Add toContacts: Filter phone numbers andquickly add to contacts! 👍 OpenLink: Quickly open a link in yourclip! 👍 Shorten Link: Quicklyshorten a url and get it to sharequickly! 👍 Email: Detect emailsand get a tap to write email action!👍 QR Code: Convert text to QRcode instantly with one tap and shareit to your friends! 👍 Define:Quickly get meanings to words youcopy! Get notification for thedefinition and also inside appanytime! 👍 Speak Out: Speak out theword you copied with one tap! 👍Translate: One tap to translate thetext you copied to the languageof your choice! 👍 Export: Export toSD Card 👍 Export/Import/Backup:Backup and Import your clips! 👍Cloud Backup and Sync acrossmultiple devices! Access your clips onany device on our website More Features:👍 Title: Set a title toyour clips 👍 Tags: Set tags to your clips!👍 Get a floating bubblewhen you copy text! 👍 Mark Clips asfavorites, archive them forlater! 👍 Select your notificationbackground from a wide variety ofcolors! 👍 Timeout andautomatically remove notifications Fullycontrolled notificationbehavior, so you can customize to yourchoosing! It is comparableto other Clipboard apps like ClipboardActions, Clipboard Manager,etc, but provides a intuitive, clean androbust interface for youto feel comfortable with! We are expandingthe app quickly to makeit better and more useful! This is a projectfor all of us! We keepadding new features, and on request! Pleasegive us 5 stars andrequest for something cool, which will make thisapp better foryou! Download the free Clipboard for android now, andsupport us!It's the only Clipboard Manager you'll ever need!
Free Multi Clipboard Manager 4.0.2
Fininity Apps
A multi platform Clipboard Manager App that is designed tomakeusers the ultimate organiser of copy, paste and keepingimportantnotes which nevertheless simplifies the copy pasteoperations onsmartphones. Problem: You can not copy multiplephrases together inany smartphone. You can only copy and keep onephrase at a time. Itis also time consuming to type everything(Name, Email,address....etc) again and again when you need.Solution: Use SmartMulti Clipboard Manager which lets you copy anynumber of phrases,keeps them in stack so you can use any of them atanytime quickly.The Notes feature lets you write and save anydetail so you canpaste anytime later. Why Multi Platform? Use thisapp onSmartphones, Tablets because this synchronises and keepssamecontent on all devices no matter where you copy and can beaccessedas well from computer using the Web App. Complete AppInstructionavailableon: Whatmakesus different: Launched new fast Website App (Website) toaccess allcopied clipboards or notes by signing in with "same" useraccountyou are logged in on your mobile device. • Web App (Accessible from PC as well) •Notesand Clipboard Synchronization between multiple devices withWebSync Feature. • Multi Copy Feature: The app lets you copymultipleitems at a time and automatically store them on theclipboard instack to access whenever required at the destinedplace. • EasyReach to Other Apps: The copied content stored on theclipboard canbe accessed and pasted at various other applicationsdirectly usingthe Smart Multi Clipboard. Unlimited: Createunlimited categories,unlimited length of clip content and unlimitednotes. • Easy Reachto Other Apps: The copied content stored on theclipboard can beaccessed and pasted at various other applicationsdirectly usingthe Smart Multi Clipboard. • Easy OTP Accessibility:The OTP codeis auto-viewed and copied. A notification appears onthe screendisplaying the OTP code to manually enter it at therequireddestination. • Mighty Bubble: The bubble touch lets openthe SmartMulti Clipboard App which then allows the accessibility ofalreadycopied items. The bubble can be enabled or disabled usingtheapplication settings. * Automatic backup: You don’t need tobackupyour data every time, SMC does it * Instant and easy access:Accessyour notes and Clipboards instantly. * Compatible witheveryAndroid version 4.4 and up. * Clipboard Journal: A clipboardlistmanager functions. * Clipboard Monitor: Keeps a history ofsavednotes and clipboard. * Copy paste manager- Manages all yourcopypaste items. * Text manager- Manage all your text irrespectiveofthe size. * Easy Copy- Get your text copied easily. *Notesorganiser- Organises all your notes, and makes it easy tosearch. *Auto OTP reader- Read OTP automatically as it arrives. *Auto OTPdetect- Detect OPT automatically without going to theinboxseparately. * Multiple device synchronization- Don’t limityourselfto a single device. * Device synchronizer- Connect multipledevicethrough by logging through a single google account on theapp. *Direct copy and paste- You just copy paste willfollowautomatically. * best app for copy paste- Haste free appwhich letsyou enjoy copy paste. * Large text copy paste app- Don’tworryabout the limit of the text or notes. Let us know yourfeedback: Wetend to provide finest services to our users and so Wevalue yourfeedback! Whether you have a bug report, complaint,concern, asuggestion or an enthusiastic review, please let us [email protected] because it either helps usimproveour app or gives us the immense feelings we love workingfor!
Clipper Plus with Sync 2.4.15
Clipper Plus is a powerful clipboard manager thatautomaticallysaves everything you copy. Access your collectedclippings laterand organize them in lists. Copy, paste, view, editand share theircontents. Store repetitive pieces of text in Clipperand copy themwhenever you need to. Take control of copy and pastewith Clipper!✔Online clipping and note synchronization. Have yourclippingsavailable on all of your devices and view them!✔ Unlimited collected clippings. Keep more thanthe20 newest clippings or disable automatic cleanupcompletely.✔Dynamic values. Place the current date and time in yourcustomsnippets.✔ Clipping search. Find what you’re looking foreasily.✔New settings and options. Choose whether to collect eachclippingmanually, and more.✔ No ads. Clipper Plus is completely adfree,and your purchase supports development.And of course, all thebasefeatures of Clipper Free:✔ Automatic & seamlessclipboardhistory and extension. All copied text is collected andsaved forlater use. Don’t worry about copying over anythingimportant.✔ Easyclipping organization and editing. Copy a clippingback to theclipboard with a single tap. Define custom folders forstoring yourcollected clippings. View, edit and extract contents.✔Quick andeasy access. Open Clipper through your status bar forquick accessto your collection. Predefine quick snippets for easycopying andtake your notes in Clipper.Copy and Paste 2.0 ishere!(Upgradingfrom Clipper Free? Clipper Plus installs as aseparate application,so start it after installation to migrate yourdata and uninstallthe free version.)If you need help or have anysuggestions orcomplaints, please don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected] Your feedback is invaluable tous.Usedpermissions:✔ Photos/media/files: import & exportbackupfunctionality to internal storage or SD card
Clipboard Pro 1.7.0
HDM Dev Team
Designed to be practical and easy to use. Convenient clipboardappwith overlay display. Automatically record all copied text. Youcanrecord the content and URL of the article you care about, copytheproduct name, etc. and search the web later. Because it hasmemofunction, it is useful for shopping and going out. • Can bequicklyopend anywhere • Easily buckup memos • Easy to Use You cancheckthis app's functions and operations with a free trial. Pleasecheckthe functions and operations by free trial before youbuy.►Overlay display Can be displayed in the upper layer ofother apps.►Floating button Can be quickly opened anywhere by themovablefloating button. ►Quick search Search the word when copied.►Import/ Export Easily backup memos.
Easy Copy+ The smart Clipboard 3.3
The fastest way to copy & paste in all your apps! WithEasyCopy, you will save time with your copy - paste! Easy Copyallowsyou to reduce the number of taps required to perform the copyandpaste actions. Note: Unfortunately the Facebook app doesnotauthorize the copy function to copy messages, comments orstatusesso you will not be able to use Easy Copy to get aroundthatlimitation. ********* Lifehacker: "Easy Copy will appear likeanactually-useful Clippy" "using the appisincredibly simple" – 20 unique Android apps that offerincrediblefunctionality ********* Easy Copy has 3 main features toimprovethe standard Android Copy Paste feature: - Copy in 1-Tap toperformquick actions (translate, locate, share…) from all the apps- Anenhanced clipboard to save your copied items and manageyourfavorites - A Paste feature accessible from all your appswhichallows you to paste anything from your clipboard in 1-Tap ★Copy:In all your apps, the Easy Copy popup will appear whenever youcopysomething, allowing you to select quick actions: - locate inGoogleMaps - send by text or email - call the number - translatewithGoogle Translate - create an event - modify the text youcopied(very useful in Hangouts when you only want to copy part ofamessage!) - share (when not already implemented in thegivenapplication) - add your own custom actions to open any app★Enhanced Clipboard: Easy Copy automatically saves everythingyoucopy. Add favorites and use copied elements again and again!-Create favorites to access them quickly - Use and reuse theitemsof your clipboard - Search in all your copied items - Editordelete the items you copied ★ Paste: In all your apps, accesstheEasy Copy clipboard via the notification bar to quicklypasteitems! When you focus a text zone, just open the notificationbar,choose the Easy Copy entry to open the clipboard. Thensimplyselect the item you want to paste and it gets automaticallypastedinto your text zone! Easy Copy+: With the + version, enjoythe fullEasy Copy experience: ★★★ Unlimited number of items andfavoritesin the clipboard ★★ No ads ★ You show us your support andhelp usmake it an awesome app! Easy Copy is a very useful toolthatsimplifies Copy Paste on Android, for work purpose orpersonalusage! Don't hesitate to rate us 5 stars and spread theword if youlike it! Below are a few examples that illustratesbetter how youcan save time with Easy Copy. Easy Translation: Paulis a Frenchboy and is dating a German girl. He does not understandvery wellwhen she texts him in German. Now he uses Easy Copy totranslateher texts quickly. - Before, he had to copy the text, openGoogleTranslate, select the text input area, paste the text. - NowwithEasy Copy he just taps Copy and Translate! Easy Location: JCisvisiting customers all around the city. He often receivesanaddress in his emails and wants to open them in Google Maps.-Before, he had to copy it, open Google Maps, select the textinputarea, paste it and tap on Search. - Now with Easy Copy he justtapsCopy and Locate! Easy address share: Someone asks you byHangout tosend him your complete address to come to your party! -Before youhad to tyyyyyyyyyyype it entirely every time someoneasked you -Now with Easy Copy you just tap on the Paste feature inthenotification bar, choose your favorite item ‘address’ and pasteit!This app uses Accessibility services.(BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICEto read the text you typed on screen)
Native Clipboard Manager 4.8.1
🏆 #9 on Android Police's Picks For The 20 Best Android Apps Of2015🏆#7 on PhoneArena's Best Android Apps Of 2015"The double-tapactionis impressively fast for an app like this." -AndroidPolice"NativeClipboard Is a Clipboard Manager That Stays Out ofthe Way"-LifehackerNative clipboard provides easy and seamlessaccess toanything you copied by simply double clicking the desiredtextfield. Then choosing a clip will automatically paste it.Theclipscan be :• Swiped away to delete them. • Long clicked to viewthewhole text. • Pinned to prevent deleting (Using the 3-dotmenu).Howto use•Accessibility - Double tapping edit fields (otheroptionavailable under Advanced)•Xposed - Long pressing the Pastebutton ORfrom contextual action bar which appears when you selectsometextFloating layoutThe clipboard can be moved to show thekeyboard,for example adding a space or a new line. Add andEditAdding newclips or editing existing ones.(long click on clip,then eitherdouble tap or open the 3-dot menu)ThemableThe colors oftheclipboard can be easily changed though the app. Or choose oneof thepredefined themesSizes & limits• The height of theclipboard canbe changed (set it to match the keyboard for a betterlook).• Thelimit of how many clips can be stored can also bechanged (defaultis 25).• The text size in the clipboard can alsobe changed.• Thenumber columns in the clipboard can bechanged.Sorting •Sort by thetime (newest first)•Sort by state(pinned first/last)MaterialDesignThe app follows the guidelines asclose as possible. -Snackbarfor Undo, and floating labels for thetext fields will be addedsoon.Browser supportAccess the clipboardin Chrome using thefloating circle. (only 5.0+)Xposed• The appwill work on 4.0+(ICS+)• Blacklisting : Choose the apps that willnot be monitoredfor copied text (ex. Password managers).• Browsersupport(Chrome,Firefox and System built-in based browsers)• Canedit andadd clips•This app is OpenSource a detailedcomparisonsee(•Accessibility |vs| Xposed module•Works on:- 4.3+ || 4.0+•Xposed:-No|| Yes•Usage:- Double tap || Long Clickpaste/Selectionmenu•Browsers:- No || Yes•Blacklist:- No ||Yes•Clipboard:- Bottom|| Top/Bottom•Keyboard:- Stays Open ||Closes•Move Cursor:- Yes ||No•Speed:- Faster ||•Compatibility:-Wider || Permissions:-Run atstart up: Used for xposed users withincompatible built-inClipboard managers.-Draw over other apps: Toshow the clipboard.
Clipboard Small App 1.4.3
Ever having tedious multiple copy and paste when you read ane-bookand you want to save it into your personal notes? This appwillmake you copy text faster than ever by remembering the historyandthen you can paste the text you want into yournote.Feature:1.Floating Window which represents Android Clipboard2.MultipleClipboard History to remember3. Click on a preferredClipboard Itemto copy back to the system clipboard so the nextPaste event willcontain the string value that you've selected inthis small app.4.Swipe left/right to erase clipboard item or ClearAll button forinstant clearance.5. Edit Clipboard Data directlyfrom the smallapp By clicking the Pencil icon or Long Click theItem6. BackgroundMonitoring (Donate Version Only)7. Start App onDevice Startup(Donate Version Only)This app is FREE! However, ifyou feel helpedwith this small app, you can donate to me via thisapp donationlink on the setting page. :)PS: if you have any requestregardingthis app, please write on the review page. Thanks.[SmApEx4SoPr ]Small apps extension for Sony products [sonysmallappsextension ]
ClipSync 1.2.2
Jules Colle
Ever wanted to copy paste text from Android to Windows, fromWindowsto Android or from Android to Android?ClipSync does it all.ClipSyncautomatically synchronizes your Android clipboard withyour Windowsclipboard.Copying text in Windows (CTRL+C) willautomatically sendthe copied text to the clipboard of all youandroid devices on thesame LAN over WIFI. Just long press any textinput field and pastefrom the default context menu.Copying text inAndroid willautomatically update your Windows clipboard, and theclipboard ofall other Android devices connected to the sameLAN.You will need toinstall "ClipSync Server" on your Windows PC.You can downloadClipSync Server at 1.2.2* Somemore bug fixes and stability updates. Ifyou experienced force closewhen copying on your android device,this update will likely fixit.* Check for WiFi before you try toconnect.Version 1.2.1* Somebug fixesVersion 1.2* IMPORTANT! If youare updating from version1.1 you will first need to close anduninstall your current ClipSyncServer for Windows. Then go to and install the newserver.* User interfaceupdated* No need to manually input IPAddress. App now scans foravailable servers in your network.* Addeda managable list ofrecently used ClipSync Servers so you can easilytoggle servers ifyou use ClipSync on more than one computer ornetwork. * Addedpreferences - Turn on/off notifications - StartClipSync on boot(beta)Version 1.1* Status bar notification whenservice shuts downunexpectedly or when WiFi is lost* If wifi fallsaway, ClipSyncwill pause and automatically resume when wifi becomesavailableagain.
aNdClip -Clipboard extension-
The app can keep clipboard history and easily paste thedata.Supported OS: 1.5- This is the paid version. Please try thefreeversion first. The paid version is ad-free, contains adifferenticon color and other special features. For instance, whenyou wantto paste the data that you copied two times before, aNdClipstoresthe previous data without copying them again. The app canalsomanage the frequently used email addresses or set phrases,andassists copying and pasting process. The main features arenotestaking to set phrases, support folder management, paste dataonContacts and Bookmarks, data encryption (AES), and more.Forfurther information about other functions or the paidversionfeatures, go to the link of the official website shown atthebottom of the screen.
Clipboard Manager : Clipo Pro 13.2.0-pro
Maubis App
Clipo creates quick and smart actions for your copied text andshowsthem as a notification or a intuitive and beautiful list inthe app!👍 Cloud Backup and Sync across multiple devices! Accessyour clipson any device on our website 👍See allyour clips, in a clean and intuitive materially designedlist! Youcan quickly copy an older clip to the Clipboard forusing! 👍 Search:Get a quick action to search the copied text onthe search engine ofyour choice - Google, Bing, Baidu, AOL,DuckDuckGo! 👍 Call: Filtersyour clips and detects phone numbers togive you a one tap to callexperience! 👍 Add to Contacts: Filterphone numbers and quickly addto contacts! 👍 Open Link: Quicklyopen a link in your clip! 👍Shorten Link: Quickly shorten a url andget it to share quickly! 👍Email: Detect emails and get a tap towrite email action! 👍 QR Code:Convert text to QR code instantlywith one tap and share it to yourfriends! 👍 Define: Quickly getmeanings to words you copy! Getnotification for the definition andalso inside app anytime! 👍 SpeakOut: Speak out the word you copiedwith one tap! 👍 Translate: Onetap to translate the text you copiedto the language of your choice!👍 Export: Export to SD Card 👍Export/Import/Backup: Backup andImport your clips! More Features:👍 Title: Set a title to your clips👍 Tags: Set tags to your clips!👍 Get a floating bubble when youcopy text! 👍 Mark Clips asfavorites, archive them for later! 👍Select your notificationbackground from a wide variety of colors! 👍Timeout andautomatically remove notifications Why Pro? 👍 ExtraFeatures : AppTheme selection, Floating Panels etc. 👍 Support Clipodevelopment!(Cloud costs us to maintain) 👍 Early access to newfeatures (Newreleases ship first) 👍 Higher Priority to suggestions(We focus tofix bugs and add suggestions first) Fully controllednotificationbehavior, so you can customize to your choosing! It iscomparableto other Clipboard apps like Clipboard Actions, ClipboardManager,etc, but provides a intuitive, clean and robust interfacefor youto feel comfortable with! We are expanding the app quicklyto makeit better and more useful! This is a project for all of us!We keepadding new features, and on request! Please give us 5 starsandrequest for something cool, which will make this app betterforyou! Download the free Clipboard for android now, and supportus!It's the only Clipboard Manager you'll ever need!
"SUPER CLIPBOARD " Clipboard app is a usefully clipboardmanagerthat automatically saves all of things you copy and timethatthings you copied. ♦ Automatic run service. All copied textiscollected and saved in Clipboard manager. ♦ Easier to copy. Copyatext with a single tap. ♦ You can edit, add new content inyourclipboard manager.♦ You can search your data in clipboard.♦ Youcanget extract url in your text that you copied.♦ Quick and easiertoaccess. Open Clipboard manager through your status bar forquickaccess to your collection. You can copy text that you havejustcopied before on your status bar.This Application developedbybackbencher limited
Clipboard 1.7.0
HDM Dev Team
Designed to be practical and easy to use. Convenient clipboardappwith overlay display. Automatically record all copied text. Youcanrecord the content and URL of the article you care about, copytheproduct name, etc. and search the web later. Because it hasmemofunction, it is useful for shopping and going out.Features►Overlay display Can be displayed in the upper layer ofother apps.►Floating button Can be quickly opened anywhere by themovablefloating button. ►Quick search Search the word when copied.►Import/ Export Easily backup memos. This is a free version thatallowsyou to check the app's operations and functions. It willexpire 2days after installation. ProVersion
CopyClip - Clipboard Manager 1.7
Seth Lugibihl
CopyClip is a powerful and easy-to-use Clipboard Managerthatautomatically saves everything you copy. You can access yourrecentclippings through a non-obtrusive drop down notification andpinyour favorite clippings to save them for later use. You don'thaveto open the app to access your clipboard! CopyClip is apowerfulclipboard manager that automatically saves everything youcopy.Access your clipboard history later and organize clippingsinlists. Copy, paste, view, edit and share their contents.Storerepetitive pieces of text in CopyClip and copy them wheneveryouneed to. Take control of copy and paste with CopyClip!✔Automaticand Seamless clipboard manager✔ Access Clipboard in anyapp!✔ PinYour Favorite Clips!✔ Set how many items to save in yourrecent andpinned buffer✔ Edit your Clips✔ Delete any clips
AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard
AnyCopy is a powerful clipboard manager that allows you tocut,copy, and paste multiple texts and save them for later use.Haveyou ever found yourself flipping between two or more apps inorderto copy and paste texts from one to another? Have you everneededto paste the same set of text over and over again? Would youliketo store text for future reference? All you have to do is copythetext as you would normally do and it is now available foryourfuture reuse or reference. AnyCopy automatically saves everyplaintext that you copy to the clipboard. And you could triggertheclipboard history by double-tapping any input fields and pasteyourdata just in one tap without leaving the current applicationthatyou are using. And it does not stop there. AnyCopy showsabsoluterespect to your privacy without requiring any NetworkPemission andAnyCopy provide ultimate care to your data security by★ provide a4-digit app passcode to prevent others accessing yourapp. ★provide independent locker for your notes and folder. ★provideadvanced data encryption algorithm for all your data. ★providebackup and restore your data with Google Drive in multipledevice.Here come the feature list: 1, Automatically save any notesthatyou have copied to Clipboard. You could even copy an entirearticleto read later, or copy selected quotes as you read them. 2,AnyCopydoes not require network permission. It fully supportsoffline modefor notes creating, viewing & editing. You, andonly you, canaccess your notes any time you want. 3, AnyCopysupports keywordsearch in all your notes and you could get thesearch resultinstantly. 4, AnyCopy can be started quickly from yourstatus bar.You can copy and reuse any frequently used text such asemail orpassword in a single tap. 5, Generate date templatesautomatically.You could get any desire date format based on thecurrenttimestamp. Permission Explanation Write Storage Permissionis usedto export notes from AnyCopy into your SD card. ReadStoragePermission is used to import notes from your SD card intoAnyCopy.Draw over other App Permission is used to pop up an undooption onnotes being copied.
Smart Clip - Clipboard Manager 1.9
Set-upPlease set up by the following procedure.1. Turn on theswitchon top-right corner in the screen of the "SmartClip".2.Accessibility screen is opened. Please select the "SmartClip" itemfrom the list.3. Turn on the switch on the top-rightcorner.4. "UseSmart Clip?" dialog is displayed. Then choose OKbutton.In Android5.0 or later, an error may occur.If an erroroccurs, install the"Alert Window Checker" from below, please stopthe app that inhibitthe activation.AlertWindowChecker・ActivityClipboardThisscreen is specialized for editing and organizingclips &lists.You can create a list and categorizeclips.・OverlayClipboardThe clipboard can be displayed over otherapps.You canquickly copy and paste while checking the textarea.・HotkeyClipboardcan be called from the volume key, bluetoothkeyboard or etc.Actionssuch as text selection, copy, cut, pasteand etc. are also assignedto hotkeys.・ShortcutThe shortcutfunction can be used from"Toolbar", "Assist" and"Notification".Shortcuts that you do not usecan bedisabled.・ThemeTwo themes of "Light" and "Dark" are preparedasdefault.Color, size, background color etc. can be changedaccordingto user's preference.・FavoriteFavorites can associate thescreenwhile entering and a list.For example, it is used when youwant toautomatically open the list which registered id and passwordforlogin screen.・Select ListThe list table is displayed by touchingonthe list name.Even if the number of lists increases, it ispossibleto select list smoothly.・Realtime SyncSync startsautomaticallyafter detecting changes in the clipboard."Theme","List", "Clip"and "Favorite" is synchronized.・BackupAutomaticbackup usingAndroid backup feature is possible.Backup can be savedmanually asa file.NoteSeveral features may not be used in the textarea on webpage, document creation app and etc.AboutAccessibilityThis appuses accessibility.If you activate theaccessibility, pleaseconfirm the explanation, agree, and activateit.
AnyCopy Plus:Copy & Paste 3.3.1
Update: Now you could access your notesfromhttp:// and push your notes from desktoptothe clipboard of your mobile device directly.Now any text couldbeconverted into image.AnyCopy is a powerful clipboard managerthatautomatically saves everything you copy. No matter whichsocialmedia app you are using or even surfing on the Internet,wheneveryou run into some information that matters to you, all youhave todo is to copy it to system Clipboard and it will beautomaticallysaved to AnyCopy and synced to Cloud Server for freeforever. Youcould even clipper the web page by selecting all thetext and copyit to Clipboard. You will never ever miss anythingthat matters toyou.1, Automatically save any notes that you havecopied toClipboard. You could even copy a whole long article tosave it forlater. 2, Fully support notes creating, viewing &editing inoffline mode. You could access your note anywhere at anytime.3,Support key words search in all your notes. You could gettheresult instantly.4, Quick start app through status bar. Youcouldcopy your frequently used note such as email and password tinasingle tap for further usage.5, Generate datetemplatesautomatically. You could get any desire date format basedon thecurrent time stamp.6, Four secure layers to protect yourdata. ★You could set a 4-digit app passcode to prevent othersaccessingyour app.★ You could lock a special folder with an extrakey tostore sensitive notes such as password. ★ All your notesisencrypted in local cache. You do not have to worry losing yourdataeven your device is lost.★ Instant push notification messagewhenyour account is logged in a new device. You could evenremotelylock and erase all your notes on other device.This versionofAnyCopy, which is named as AnyCopy Plus, will sync whateverplaintext you copy to cloud server. And I do realize that thisfeatureis a double edge sword. It definitely bring us convenience.But itindeed have an issue regarded to privacy. Hereby, if I might,Iwould like to state that I have no malicious intention thoughIcould not proof myself. If you do not trust me, pleasedownloadanother version of AnyCopy, which is named as AnyCopyBasic, whichdoes not require any network related permission, whichmeans thatyour data won't be saved to Cloud Server, which means youhave yourprivacy absolutely guaranteed. But please be aware that ifyouuninstall the app, you will get lost all your data. So AnyCopyPlusor AnyCopy Basic? It is all up to you. You are the one whoshouldmake your choice.
Saver Reposter for instagram
Saver is the first app that will help you to copy text,hashtags,save images & videos from instagram posts to yourphone ortablet, so you can share them back on other apps or justkeepingthem on your device, all in one app, very easy to use, fast&smooth transition between Insta & Saver. Downloadingimages& videos has never been easier and faster, and copyingtext oronly hashtags has never been possible before. Now it is withSaver.What makes Saver better than the other similar apps is that:- Youcan view the downloaded media in your phone gallery. - You cangoto Saver in one click and go back to instagram in just one click.-The first app to give you the ability to copy thepostsdescription. - The first app to give you the possibility tocopyonly hashtags from posts description or copy descriptionwithouthashtags. - Downloading can be processed in background. HowTo Use:1- Copy "Share URL" from instagram. 2- Paste the URL or justclickon the Saver icon in notification bar. 3- Choose to Save theimage,video or copy the text & Enjoy!
Clipper Sync Plugin 1.1.1
Clipper Sync Plugin enables online synchronization in theClipperPlus with Sync clipboard management app. This is only anaddon tothat application: please install Clipper Plus touseClipper.Clipper Sync allows you to synchronize savedclippingsacross all of your Android devices. You can also view andmodifysaved clippings online at e-mail [email protected] if you need any supportorassistance.Permissions:✓ Internet access: to connect to thesyncserver✓ Access network state: to check internet connectivity✓Getaccounts & use credentials: optional sign-in with yourGoogleaccount (the system will prompt for extra permission whenthesepermissions are used)
AutoHash 1.5.3
Uri Eliabayev
Are you tired of adding hashtags manually on Instagram? Areyoutired of searching for the best hashtags on Instagram?AutoHashwill get you all the best hashtags without anyeffort.New:Location-based Hashtags!Just turn on the GPS and gethashtags thatrelevant to your location.How does it work? AutoHashuses supersmart computer vision algorithms to find you the besthashtags foryour Instagram photos. Just select a photo and afterless than asecond you will get all the best hashtags you need. Ouralgorithmrecognizes the objects in your photo and then offers youthe mostrelevant hashtags. You no longer need to copy passedboringhashtags list that doesn't match your photo - AutoHash willget youthe most suitable hashtags for each and everyphoto.Moreover, wealready made all the hashtag's research for youand we found themost popular hashtags on Instagram by differentcategories. Forexample, each time our algorithm recognize food, youwill getautomatically the best food related hashtags (#foodi,#yum#foodporn and more). Using the right hashtags will help yougetmore followers, likes, comment and views on Instagram. AutoHashcanbe useful for professional Instagram Users, Social mediaagencies,Influencers and more.Besides helping its users get thebesthashtags for Instagram, AutoHash has few more features thatcanhelp Instagramers:1. Hashtags counter - Not everyone knowsbutInstagram allows every post to have only 30 hashtags(Why?Instagram why?!). AutoHash will allow you to count yourhashtags inone click.2. Favorite hashtags - We understand that youmight haveyour own favorite hashtags and we respect it :) AutoHashlets yousave your favorite hashtags (Just long press the heartbutton) andthen add them in one click. 3. Copy to clipboard - Youcan clickjust one button and copy all the hashtags to theclipboard. Thenyou can add them to the post or just paste them inthe firstcomment.4. Share directly to Instagram - AutoHash can helpyoushare your photos with the hashtags. Unfortunately,Instagramdoesn't allow us to put the hashtags automatically in thepost sowe just add the hashtags to your clipboard. Don't forget topastethem at last step before publishing the post.**Importantmessage:If Autohash doesn't work, try to go to Setting, Apps,AutoHash,Permissions and then active the "Storage" permission. Itmight fixeverything :)**
Easy Open Link 1.5.4
Marc Nause
Easy Open Link makes it easy to open links from text documentsviathe share function of many apps. No more cumbersome copy andpaste.Easy Open Link also allows you to open several links at thesametime.1. Roughly select the URL(s). It does not matter iftheselection also contains additional text or white spaces.2.Pressthe "share" symbol.3. Select "open link"The share functionhasbecome a common feature in more recent versions of Android.Thisapp requires Android 1.5 or newer, but is most useful withAndroid4.0 or later.The app does not add an icon to the launchersincethis is not necessary. The complete functionality of the appisaccessed via the "share" menu. Copyright information canbedisplayed via the "open" button of the Play Store app. The appisad-free, and it is open source software (GPL).ThepermissionRECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED is required to check if browserwhichsupports opening links in incognito mode (Firefox 55+, Fennec55+,Jelly) is installed.For more details regarding thepermission,pleaseread
Unicode Pad 2.4.0
Input all characters in Unicode with UnicodePad.And input stringcanbe copied to the clipboard or input directly by Mushroom.Youcanfind out where selected character is in list.By longclicking,larger character and code point will be shown.Favoritecharacterscan be memorized. If you can't see special characters,you have toget a font such as Noto font and select it.You candownload Notofonts from: - InputcharacterLong click - Show characterinformationYou can contributeto this app inGitHub. Thisapplicationincludes a modified version of UnicodeDataFile.(©1991-2018 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved.Distributed undertheTerms of Use in
Text Scanner [OCR] 5.0.14
This is the best Text Scanner [OCR] ! Highest Speed &HighestQuality in All Android Apps! You can convert an image totext. Whenyou access the URL or phone number written in magazinesorbrochures, it's really hard to input the URL or phone number bythekeyboard. So please use Text Scanner [OCR]! Becauseitautomatically recognize the characters from an image, it'spossibleto access to the URL or phone number immediately! When yourecordthe memo written on the blackboard or white board, it'sverytroublesome to transcript it by the keyboard. But you can doitvery easily by Text Scanner [OCR]! It's possible to recordcontentsimmediately! [Features of Text Scanner[OCR]] ● Worldhighest speedreading ● World highest accuracy reading ● Supportphotos of youralbum ● Support more than 50 languages ● Supporthandwriting ●Recognized text, it is possible to perform thefollowing operation    - URL access    -Telephone call     -Copy to clipboard    - Send e-mail    -Save to Google Drive    - Save to GoogleKeep    - Share onGoogle+    - Share on Google Hangouts -etc...[Permission of the Text Scanner [OCR]] Use only"Camera"permission.
T2S: Text to Voice - Read Aloud 0.7 RC7
Features• Create or open text file, read aloud it, or export textasaudio file.• A simple built-in browser: open your favoritewebsite,let T2S read aloud for you.• "Type Speak" mode: just readaloud whatyou typed• Easy to use across apps: > Copy-to-speak:turn on"copy-to-speak" in the settings, then you can copy text orURL fromother apps, press the pop-up speak button > Share textor URL toT2S > on Android M(6.0)+ devices, you can selectedtext, and tap'Speak' option form text selection menu⚠ Some apps(such as Chromebrowser) have text length limitations for sendingto other apps viathe text selection menu. you can use"copy-to-speak" or"share-to-speak" in this kind of apps, to avoidT2S accidentaltermination of reading due to received incompletetext.NOTE• Pleasemake sure you set right language for speechengine, otherwise it maynot work properly• Recommended Googlespeech engine, it has bestcompatibility with T2S Googlespeechengine:
Clipbrd Beta 0.11.6
Your security and privacy is our top priority, so clipboardsarefully encrypted using your password.— Copy on your PC, pasteonyour Android.— Copy on your Android, paste on your PC.— Copyonyour PC, paste on your Mac.You get the idea...
Alt-C 1.37
Alt-C is an app that makes getting text between your PC andSmartDevices extremely easy.Copy text from your PC to yourSmartdevice's clipboard, and Paste text from your device'sclipboard toyour PC, instantly! All you need is the PC application,and theAndroid application on your device. No sign-in is required.(You doneed to be signed in to your Google Account on your devicesincethe application uses Google Cloud Messaging)Configure Alt-C toopenspecific types of text in various applications. Open URLs inyourWeb Browser, Email addresses in your email app, GPSco-ordinates inyour Maps app, Phone Numbers in the Dialer and Textin yourfavourite note taking application. Configure your Alt-C AutoLaunchexperience under Settings! (ALL Text is parsed on thedeviceitself)1. Download this app and the Windows or MAC clientapp.( Run the Client app, andopenthe app on your device and complete the quick syncingprocess.3.Start copying.Copying to your Smart Device from yourPC:Highlightsome text on your PCPress the Copy Hotkey (Alt + C isthedefault)The text will arrive on your device's clipboard.Pastingfrom your Smart Device to your PCSelect some text on yourSmartDevice and copy itPress the Paste Hotkey on your PC (Alt + Vis thedefault)The text will arrive on your PC's clipboard andbeautomatically pasted.Alt-C doesn't require your smart deviceandyour PC to be on the same network, as long as both are connectedtothe internet - and you're logged into your Google account onyourdevice - you're good to go.Get the PC client apphere: of your data is stored onourservers at all - this includes data that identifies your deviceandPC as well as any text that is copied. All data is transferredviaSSL to keep it secure.
Text Faces For Chat - Lenny Face, Shrug : EmoText 1.0
Ux Studio
Text Faces For Chat allows you to express your emotions withamazingText faces ! It Contains all of your favourite Textfacesavailablenowhere else! Like Lenny face, shrug emoji, Donger,Disapproval faceand a lot of emojis.With Text Faces you can turnyour chatconversations in Messenger, SMS,... into a fun andamazing chat byusing the funny text emoticons like the shrugemoji, lenny face,donger, look of disapproval, text emojis.How ItWorksText Faces ForChat is simple to use you have just click onthe text emoticon youwant and it will be copied to the clipboardit is a (emoji copypaste), or Long Click on the text emoji ( shrugemoji, lenny face,donger, look of disapproval emoji ), to share itdirectly to anymessenger you want.Share to:★ Text Message★ Email★Facebook★Whatsapp★ Google+★ Twitter★ And MoreFeatures- Simple andcleandesign- Easy to use- Multiple text emoticons categories (Positive,Negative, Funny, Animals, Special ) - Famous text facesare includedFunny Text faces | Lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), shrug face¯\_(ツ)_/¯,look of disapproval, and more…- Copy emoticon to theclipBoard withone click- Share emoticons with a simple long click-Search for textemojis easily ex: ( Lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), shrugemoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,look of disapproval )- And More...If you like Textfaces | Lennyface ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), shrug emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Donger, lookof disapprovalemojis this app will help you a lot to express yourfeelings andopinions with your favourite emoticons. (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿̿)Disclaimer:TextFaces For Chat is based on an open source app,and licensed underthe GNU General Public License.Share This appwith your Friends tohelp them enjoying these amazing emojis: Lennyface, shrug emoji,Donger, look of disapproval
URL Shortener 3.0.5
Thomas Devaux
The fastest and prettiest way to shorten URLs and get theirclickanalytics.Shorten long URLs and squeeze them into fewercharactersto make links easier to share, tweet, or email tofriends. Using ashortened URL leaves more room to say what'son your mind.For example, is a convenientshorthandrepresentation for the longlink analytics of anyshortURL, including the raw click counts and their distributionacrossreferrers, browsers, platforms, and geographicallocations.The appalso lets you• Shorten URLs and share themquickly• Access yourhistory - always synced with• Getcolorful analytics reportsof any short URL, not just yours -without leaving the app youclicked from• Android Beam - push ashort URL onto another deviceby tapping the devices together•Shorten links through "share" inany app and get rich notifications•Star your favorites• Generateand share QR codesHave a bug report orfeature request? Pleasecontact me by email or on Google+.You canhelp translating thisapp! Contact [email protected] for moreinformation. Thanksinfinitely to all who already contributed:extendwings, BrunoMioto,fedec96, siveZ, johan98, Bigomby,HeinrichReimer, SHURman, keem1,Yari27, echelonx, Froony,aniquewetzels and many others.This appis in no way affiliated norendorsed by Google Inc.
Screenshot Crop & Share 2.11
Daniel Huber
Screenshot Crop and Share is a multifunctional andpowerfulscreenshot application, tailored to your needs. Take ascreenshotand this app will be your personal screenshot-assistant.Once youcreated a screenshot this app will open and it’s going toofferhelpful tools like direct sharing, editing, deleting,takingscrolling screenshots and more. Main Features: • Takescreenshots •Edit screenshots • Crop screenshots • Apply a blurfilter to hideprivate information on screenshots • Draw on yourscreenshots tohighlight certain things • Share screenshots directlyAdvancedFeatures: • Take scrolling screenshots *new* • Takepartialscreenshots • Cut status bar and navigation bar • Copy textfromscreenshots to your clipboard with Text Recognition •FloatingBubble to create screenshots everywhere, even in fullscreenapps •Demo Mode *Experimental* • Custom Quick-Settings Tiles tofastercreate screenshots, partial screenshots and scrollingscreenshots •Share other pictures from your gallery to this app andyou will beable to edit them too Check out the video „How To CreateScrollingScreenshots“: app isunique, it's helpful, it’s powerful and it’s mostlyfree as well!
Zalgo 1.0
H̵̡͟E ̨C̡͠O̶ME͘͢S͞Easily generate Zalgo text from the comfortofyour clipboard! Simply copy, open, press, andpaste!Features:-Material Design- Buttons- The hive-mindrepresenting chaos
AnySoftKeyboard 1.9.2445
Any Soft Keyboard is an on screen keyboard with multiplelanguagessupport with emphasis on privacy. This is one of themostcustomizable keyboards available. To activate:Launch'AnySoftKeyboard Settings' App, and follow the instructions.Mainfeatures: * Multi languages keyboard support via externalpackages.* Completion dictionaries for multiple languages. * Alsocompletesyour typed words from you contacts names (Android 2.0+)! *And,learns your typing behavior to provide next-word prediction.*Multi-Touch support (as in, pressing SHIFT along withothercharacters). * Extension keyboard (swipe your finger all theway upout of the keyboard). * Voice Input support (Android 2.2+).*Compact/Phablet Mode. * Gesture support: ** Swipe left or righttoswitch layouts ** Swipe up to shift ** Swipe down to closethekeyboard. * Theme support (comes with a few built-in skins).*Build-in user dictionary words editor. * Build-inabbreviationsdictionary: create shortcuts for words and sentences.* Utilitykeyboard (swipe up from space-bar): ** Clipboard actionscopy,paste, select-all, select selectively (long-press select andusearrow keys). ** Voice input ** Arrows * And many morefeatures!Supportat:
Jbak2 keyboard. Keyboard constructor. No ADS 2.32.11
Fork of the Jbak keyboard. Professional, fully customizable,lite,fast keyboard for phones, tablets, rounded smartwatch and etc,withmulti-clipboard, arrows, big buttons, 3 built-in typesofcalculator, unlimited number of custom gesture, hapticfeedback,sound and other features. It requires very little memoryYou canconfigure: - Key height (for portrait and landscape mode) -List oflanguages - Switching between languages (using a separatekey or bya gesture) - Layouts (for portrait and landscape mode andfor eachlanguage) - Layouts for rounded smartwatches - Fonts forlabels onkeys - Current theme (9 built-in skins) - Content (defaultstring)and color of the Autoinput window - Gestures (you candisable) -Font for fullscreen editor - Haptic feedback for long andshortpress and time intervals (in milliseconds) - Shift keybehavior(for example, you can disable the CapsLock function) -Caseswitching and inserting/deleting spaces when you typeKeyboardfeatures: - creating your custom layout for any language,even ifit is not in the keyboard - height adjustment of keys (aswell asvertical correction) - additional characters on keys (bylongpressing) - multi-clipboard - ctrl and alt, as well as allkeycodes (keycode) - adding your custom templates - large selectionofthemes and layouts - transliteration - built-in calculators:basic,scientific and programmable - DEL key: delete character totheright of cursor - voice input (if supported by the device) -hotkeys - emoji keyboard - full text editing - autoinputandautocorrect text (you need to install the appropriatedictionaryfor each language) - arrows and scrolling by page -unlimitednumber of gestures - tabulation - support for macrosAfterinstalling the keyboard, you need to activate it. To know howto doit or if you have any questions, read "How to use thekeyboard".There, you can find answers to almost all your questions.*Holdingthe 123 (opt) key, you call the main menu of the keyboard.Itcontains various useful links: Settings,Multi-clipboard,Templates, Calculator, etc. You can also customizemenu items todisplay. By holding the Enter key, the layout forsmileys will bedisplayed (there is also an emoji layout in thekeyboard). *Themulti-clipboard stores 20 (the value can beadjusted) textspreviously copied with the ability to insert intoinput fields.*Templates are user-customizable, they can contain anytext toinsert into input fields and some special instructions. *Byholdingthe Shift key, a special layout for text editing will bedisplayedthat contains arrows, clipboard commands allowing you toeasilyselect, copy and paste text. Built-in languages: English,Russian,Ukrainian, Belorussian, Greek, German, French, Italian,Spanish,Swedish, Turkish, Tatar, Bashkir, Hebrew, Armenian,Kazakh,Latvian, Arabic, Indonesian, Georgian, Polish, Estonian,Norwegian,Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Portuguese. Additional Features: <Thiskeyboard supports all languages of two-letter (iso639.1)(ru,en,etc.) and three-letter (iso 639.2) (rus,eng,etc.)codes.< Jbak2 keyboard is a layout (keyboard) constructor. Youcancreate any sort of layouts, for any language you want.Forinformation on how to create your own layout, check out themanualthat is in the jbak2layout application. < There are atleast twolayouts for each language. In total, as of August 2016,thekeyboard contains more than 70 layouts for differentlanguages.< You can also create your own skin (theme) (themanual is inthe jbak2skin application). Separate applications weremade inorder not to increase the keyboard size.
Downloader for Instagram - Repost & Save photos 1.6.3
Downloader For Instagram allows you to download Instagramphotos& videos in HD quality, allowing you to see themanytime,anywhere. Repost For Instagram makes it easy to repostyourfavorite photos & videos when you find something you wanttorepost on Instagram. NOTICE:Instagram users who settheirphoto/video to private will not show Copy URL link, so pleasedonot try to download these photos. ★------ InstaSave MainFeatures------★ ※ Fast download speed ※ Repost for Instagram ※Downloadfull size photo & video ※ Set photos as wallpaper ※Swiftlyshare to friend ※ Quick access to Instagram app ※Withoutwatermarks. ※ All features are free ★------ How to use------★【Automatic Download】 1. Open app and turn on the button of"autodownload". 2. "Copy Share URL" of photos or videos.3.Photos/videos will start downloading automatically innotification.【Manual Download】 1. Open Downloader app. 2. "CopyShare URL" ,then paste to clipboard on photo/video you want tosave. 3. ClickDownload. Disclaimer: 1. This app is not affiliatedwith Instagram.2. Please do not use Downloader to save photos /download videoswithout the permission of the owners. Respect therights of theInstagram users. 3. Any unauthorized action or repostofphoto/video and/or violations of Intellectual property rightsisthe sole responsibility of the user. ========== Contactus:[email protected]
Keep My Notes - Notepad & Memo 1.36.1
Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick notetaking,for writing a diary or as a private notebook. Features: *Offlinenotebook that you can use to write on all the notes torememberwithout the need for internet connection. * Notepad withpassword.You can make all your notes password protected. * Memoalarmreminders for your to do list or checklist notes. Thenotepadalarms of the reminders can be repeated daily, monthly oryearly. *Write notes with finger (handwritten note taking &drawings). *Take audio notes using the voice recording notepad. *You can setprivate note locks for specific notes or checklistswithout havingto lock the entire app. * Exchange your recordednotes that youtake or your diary with other apps. * Spell checktext of yournotes and diary. * Wordpad styles : bold, italic,underline,strikethrough and highlight options. * Sticky note widget(notesfor home screen). * Speech to text notes using androidvoicerecognition. * Picture attachments for notes. * Notepad withnolines (no lines under the text of your note). * Light themeanddark theme. Choose the theme you are most comfortable withwhenwriting notes. * Adjust the text font color used for writingnotesor diary. * Control the text size used when writing notes.*Offline backup and restore of all your recorded notes. *Litenotepad app that opens and loads quickly. * Can be used inportraitmode for android phones and landscape mode for androidtablets. *Free diary app & notepad for android phones andandroidtablets. Facebook: thefrequently asked question section on the website beforeaskingquestions: for 'Keep My Notes':
EzRepost+ Repost for Insta 1.0.5
Bill Creative
Stop copying URL and start using EzRepost+ !EzRepost+ forInstagrammakes it easy to download, save and repost photos orvideos onInstagram from your Insta feed without copying URL, it'sthe bestviewer for Instagram :- Browse your insta feed onEzRepost+- RepostInstagram without copying URL and with originalCaption- Copyingcaption now is done super easily.- Caption iscopied to clipboardduring repost, just paste it - Repost instagramprivate accounts-Repost instagram photos and videos from your feedor likes. -Download photos or videos from your feed or likes. -Search foramazing photos or videos by user or hashtag- RepostwithoutWatermarks- Fast video repost- Download and repost fullsizephotos- With this application you can repost instagram andshareamazing pictures and videos and get more followers- With ourfreevideos downloader for instagram you can download videos andwatchthem later and share them with your friends.Features includes:-Save Instagram photos & videos to your device.-regraminstagram videos & photos.- Super fast video repost.-Instagramvideos and photos downloader- Save Videos & photos InSD Card-Download & Repost private profiles.How to use :1- Opentheapp2- Login into you instagram account3- Browse your feed 4-Selecta instagram video or photo 5- Repost EzRepost+ is a repostapp forinstagram, this requires an instagram account touse.EzRepost+ isNOT associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored orapproved by©Instagram or ©Facebook.You know what to do, Enjoy !
VT View Source 1.9.14
This application can be used to view the HTML, CSS, JavaScriptorXML sources of webpages and remotely located files. Itsupportsdifferent syntax highlighting themes, adjustable colors,linenumbers, text wrapping, in-source active links, mobile anddesktopbrowser modes and other features. The source code can beopened bytyping the URL address or using "Share page" functionalityofdevice browser (native Android browser, Opera Mobile,Dolphin,Chrome, Firefox, etc.). VT View Source is free with no ads.Pleasesee the feature list below for details. HOW TO USE Option 1:Browsefor the webpage in your favorite phone browser, then select"Sharepage" command from your browser's menu and tap on "VT ViewSource"in the list of applications you can share the link with.Option 2:You can also use application by specifying the URLaddressdirectly. Go to Menu->Open URL and type or paste thewebpageaddress or CSS/XML/JavaScript file address. FEATURES View(X)HTML,XML, CSS and JavaScript sources. Currently supports thefollowingMIME types: "text/html","text/x-server-parsed-html","application/xhtml+xml","application/xml", "text/sgml","text/x-sgml", "text/plain","text/css", "text/xml","application/rss+xml","application/rdf+xml", "application/atom","text/javascript","application/x-javascript","application/javascript","text/ecmascript","application/ecmascript", "text/jscript","text/vbscript","image/svg+xml". Open source code by typing orpasting the URLaddress. Open source code using "Share page"functionality ofdevice browser (native Android browser, OperaMobile, etc.). Syntaxhighlighter with more than 35 predefinedthemes. Syntax highlightercan be disabled for best performance.Show/hide line numbers insyntax highlighter mode. Line numbers areshown as they appear intarget source - text wrapping will notincrease line numbers.Adjustable background color. Adjustable textcolor for highlighterdisabled mode. Adjustable default font size.Support of textwrapping to fit the device screen width. Support oftext zooming.Search in source code functionality. Option to makelinks appearedin source code clickable. Can handle most of absoluteand relativeURLs, email addresses, HTML links, JavaScript and CSSlinks. Canopen inner links in source view mode (if supported) or indefaultdevice browser. Copy unformatted source code to clipboard(forfurther paste and edit in external editor). Shareunformattedsource code with other applications. Save unformattedsource codeto local file system. Optional Desktop Browser Emulatormode allowsto read the content of remote webpages as a regulardesktopbrowser. This mode is useful when webpage has differentmarkupdepending on mobile or desktop browser. Bookmarks support.Supportof Internationalized Domain Names (.рф, .中国, بھارت. etc.)inAndroid 2.3 (Gingerbread) and higher. Show request andresponseHTTP headers. Free, with no ads. ISSUES ANDLIMITATIONS=============== Read this before rating negative. -Currentlysupports only UTF-8 encoding for non-English content.-Internationalized Domain Names are not supported in Android2.2(Froyo), please use Punycode instead. - Cannot readpasswordprotected pages. - When sharing pages with the contentbased oncookie or session state, the source code may not be thesame as indevice browser. - Cannot read local files (e.g. read via"file:///"protocol). - It is not possible to edit source codedirectly inapplication. However, you can use "Copy All" menu itemto copyunformatted source code and paste in external text editor oryoucan use "Share" or "Save File" menu items. If you meetproblemsusing this app, please inform me details. I'll try to fixASAP.PLEASE BE AWARE: This application requires INTERNET permissiontoaccess remote pages and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission tosavesource codes locally. Please rate to support furtherdevelopment.Report bugs or send feature requests [email protected]
Message Symbols & Characters
AR Technology
Message Symbols & Character App a simple single onescreenapplication which let you decorate your simple text withnicebeautiful 1000+ ASCII symbols & 10 different Categoriesofsymbols and characters. Some Features of Message Symbols&Character ✔ Pro Version is here withoutadsand No Splash Screen in start of Message Symbols & Charactersoyou can quickly open app no waiting Screen more. ✔ Work bothonphone and tablets, responsive with all screen sizes ✔1000+different symbols and characters ✔ 12 different symbolsandcharacters categories (Stars, Hearts, Chess & Cards,Arrows,Music, Numbers, Cross’s, Most Uses Symbols, Bullets, Math,Mixed) ✔Easy copy to clipboard ✔ Can use (Paste) anywhere in phoneortablet ✔ One click share ✔ Can share via Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, Whatsapp, Bluetooth, Email, Hangout, Gmail,TextMessage, and more. . . . . . ✔ One click show/hide keyboard ✔MoreSymbols are coming soon We are trying to add more and moresymbols& characters if you cannot find a specific symbol inMessageSymbols & Characters App please contact [email protected] we will add that symbol in coming updateofthis application. Permission INTERNET : To show ads in this appifyou don't like ads in this app please Install Pro versionofMessage Symbols & Characters from here ➜ Some Application like official Facebookand Twitter Apps arenot supporting text sharing except web URL’s soyou can copysymbols and past it in these apps manually. All Symbols&Charters are showing great with us on Samsung GalaxyE5 but ifyousee empty boxes it will be you phone android OS version andBrandissue it's mean your phone not support these symbols. Thanksforusing Message Symbols & Characters App Find us onfacebook
Copy Bubble 1.3
1. Intuitive --- Easy to access through a float bubble 2.Powerful--- Clip text and image in any app just by tapping built-incopymenu3. Lightweight --- Only 1M. Don't worry about yourandroidstorageTo close the bubble: Just close it as regular apps.We areworking on a version to hide the bubble easily. It willbeavailable in a few days.Thanks for your patience.
Emoji Letter Maker 😍 3.0
Elad Finish
In this app you can create awesome letters using emoji.Over halfamillion downloads! ✅Write letters in the text box and thenchooseemoji from the collection that exists for Android.To open theemojikeyboard, press the key near the space containing the smiley.Youcan also copy the desired emoji from WhatsApp and pastehere.Notethat the WhatsApp deletes spaces and new lines at thebeginning ofthe message string, so when copying the emojis, a dot(.) is addedto the head of the message.If your device localizationisright-to-left, you can invert the output horizontally throughthefloating menu.You can share the message either as text or asanimage or just copy it.Text is recommended forverticalorientation.Image is recommended for horizontalorientation.😍Customizable text😊 Copy to clipboard😎 Easy toshareYou're welcometo try out the beta version of the app and bethe first to discovernew features!Scroll down to "Become a betatester" and click "I'min".Impress your friends with a stunningmessage of emojiletters!😍😊😎❤💖👏👍🏻   💚   💛💙💜      ❤💗 💚💛  💙💜 ❤💗    💚💛💙💜   ❤💗💚💛💙💜  ❤💗💚💛💙💜❤   💗💚 💛💙  💜❤ 💗💚   💛💙 💜❤         💚💛   💙💜  ❤💗💚 💛💙 💜❤ 💗💚💛💙💜❤💗💚 💛💙💜❤ 💗💚💛💙 💜❤  💚💛  💙💜  ❤💗   💚💛💙💜❤💗 💚💛💙💜❤💗💚 💛💙  💜❤ 💗💚   💛💙  💜❤  💗💚  💛💙💜❤💗💚💛  💙💜❤💗💚💛    💚 💛💙💜❤  💗💚💛💙💜❤💗 💚💛 💙💜❤💗 💚💛  💙💜  ❤💗     💚💛💙💜 ❤💗💚💛💙💜    ❤💗 💚💛 💙💜 ❤💗 💚💛 💙💜 ❤💗💚💛💙💜    ❤💗💚💛 💚💛💙💜   ❤💗 💚💛 💙💜 ❤💗💚💛 💙💜 ❤💗  💚💛  💙💜  ❤💗   💚💛💙💜❤💗 💚💛💙💜❤💗💚 💛💙   💜❤  💗💚  💛💙  💜❤   💗💚 💛💙💜❤💗💚💛  💙💜❤💗💚💛 Reviews and comments arewelcome.Link:© All rightsreserved toElad Finish.Tags:Emoji, Flagstext to emojiemoticons
Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary v0.13
Myanmar Clipboard Dictionary (MCD)For those who speaksMyanmarlanguage and want a quick way to look up English wordsinEnglish-Myanmar dictionary while using another app such aswebbrowser or email. Quickest way is to copy a word from anyapp.Someapp may not have copy function or the source document maynot betext. In such cases, a click on notification icon will bringa textbox to enter a word to search for its definition. Englishwords canalso be looked up by searching with Myanmar words....areverselook-up. Text-to-speech feature of Android is used to listento thepronunciation of the words, and the words can be stored forfuturereference. Trivia games are also added for those who wanttochallenge themselves.I hope you would find this app helpfulinlearning whatever you need to learn in English language.
Decoration Text Keyboard v1.9.4
Keyboard Professional Writing ornament from which you canornamentyour writing different types of finishes and decoration ..directlyusing the keyboard without having to copy and paste thedecorationwill appear as you type directly and can switch easilybetween themotifs and writing English language parser with theability toactivate and deactivate the patterning and writingwithout it.Keyboard features ornament writing : ★ Keyboard supportfor emojiand Japanese Emoticons. ★ contain clipboard copied, cutand pasteand save words are not limited. ★ add, change thebackground of thekeyboard in the studio feature through thesettings. ★ add, changethe color of the keyboard characters throughthe settings feature.- Contains more than a dozen types ofdecorations can easily switchbetween them while typing . - Thepossibility of writing withEnglish language parser . - Contains tendifferent themes and formsa wonderful suit all tastes . - Abilityto control the size of thebuttons and the size of the letters onthe buttons . - Voicecontrol buttons and vibration. - Control thekeyboard height in thevertical and horizontal position of thedevice. - Offer suggestionsfor punches to facilitate writing. -Full support for alllanguages​​. - Feature audio input. Thesupported keyboard layoutsinclude: - Armenian (Հայերեն) - Arabic(العربية) - Bulgarian(български език) - Czech (Čeština) - Danish(dansk) - EnglishDvorak (language "en_DV") - English (QWERTY) -English/British(en_GB) - Finnish (Suomi) - French (Français,AZERTY) - German(Deutsch, QWERTZ) - Greek (ελληνικά) - Hebrew(עברית) - Hungarian(Magyar) - Italian (Italiano) - Lao (ພາສາລາວ) -Norwegian (Norskbokmål) - Persian (فارسی) - Portugese (Português) -Romanian(Română) - Russian (Русский) - Russian phonetic (Русский,ru-rPH) -Serbian (Српски) - Slovak (Slovenčina) -Slovenian(Slovenščina)/Bosnian/Croatian/Latin Serbian - Spanish(Español,Español Latinoamérica) - Swedish (Svenska) - Tamil (தமிழ்)- Thai(ไทย) - Turkish (Türkçe) - Ukrainian (українська мова)