Top 18 Apps Similar to Osteria Calaviolina

Wine Diary 2.1
TEW Simple
Wine Diary is where you keepandretrieveinformation about all the wines you have tasted. MakingaWineDiary entry is simple, just enter in the wine'svineyard,variety,year, and give it your personal 1-5 star rating.Then enterinanything else you'd like to remember about the wine inthecommentssection. You can even take a picture of the wine labelandattachit to the wine entry.All of your wine entries are shown in a table where youcansortthem by vineyard, variety, year, or rating. At any timeyoucanview the details and picture associated with any entry.Thisisextremely handy when you're at the restaurant or store,andyou'retrying to find a wine you've tasted and you know tobegood.Wine Diary is useful and fun! And, it's Ad Free And UsesNoDataTime!
Wine Find 1.0
Welcome to Wine Find.The Number 1 Lifestyle App on iOS isnowavailable on Android.As featured in/on:- The Daily Mail-ChrisEvans' Radio 2 Breakfast Show- ITV1's This Morning- StephenFry'sGadget ManThis App is for Wine Connoisseurs and Students ofWinealike. You can get Information about:- Wine that matches withtypesof food.- Food that matches with types and particularvarieties ofWine.- Pick a Wine by flavour.- Ask the Expert? - Anyqueries abouta Wine why not ask an Expert and then can email youback specificadvice about it.- Ever wanted to remember a Wine forlater that youhad at a restaurant? Ever wanted to recommend it to afriend? Thatcan be done through the Label Library. You can take apicture ofyour Wine label, add notes to it i.e. price and thenshare thatlabel with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.-Forgotten thename of a Wine? Why not add it to your favourites,rate it andshare that with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.-Check outour partner UCB restaurants and the great variety of foodtheyoffer on their menus. See what wines go best with that menu.-Wantto test your knowledge of Wine? Take the test your knowledgequiz.Take easy, medium or hard quizzes, find out how many you gotright,then find out some information on why that answer was right.-Wineof the week, weekly there will be a new Wine shown withinformationon price etc.
Wine Lists 1.0
Reference Geek Apps
Do you love wine? Do you love the great history, cultureandtraditions about wine? Do you want to learn more abouttheetiquette of serving and drinking wine? If so, this is the appforyou. It is simply a collection of great lists, articles,timelinesand advice for those who are passionate about wine. A fewof theitems included are: How to Serve WineCooking with WineBestWineRegionsHow to Remove Wine LabelsWine in the Refrigerator?HowWinesare NamedSacramental Wine ShortageDrinks for VegansAboutWineCorksLake Michigan Shore Wine TrailHas the Wine Gone Bad?BecomeaWine ExpertEtiquette: Wine Tasting Wine Hotels Around theWorldWine Making Getting Started Wine Making Equipment Starting aFineWine Collection Red Wines Under $20 Host a Wine TastingPartyHoliday Wine Tips Wine Storage Wine Sales Statistics Is WineGlutenFree? and much moreMore Common Wine Questions and muchmore.Updates added frequently... more lists and articlesaddedregularly... All lists and articles are stored on your deviceandwill work with or without Wifi.
Wine Lover 2.3
Always forgetting what wine you love to drink? We were too! Sowecreated an app to find, track and store your favoritewineinformation. Whether you have a few bottles in the fridge oranextensive collection in a cellar, this app will make sure therightwine is always at your fingertips (or in your glass!).TheWineLovers app stores all the information about your favoritewinesand the ones that might be your favorites. You can add winestoyour collection by searching through our direct link database or manually adding it yourself. You can eventakea picture of the label to help you remember! Add your owntastingnotes or other detail comments. Find out what theprofessionals aresaying about the wines you like and keep it withyour selections.Search wines in your favourites by using keywords.Wine notesavailable as well!Multi-language capabilities.Languages supportedincluded: English, French, Spanish, German,Dutch, Hindi, Japanese,Mandarin, Portugese, Danish, Swedish,Italian, Russian, Hungarian,Polish
Wine Collectors 3.0.1
iCollect LLC
Quickly catalog, filter, sort, and manage all of the wine youown.View information, label, and add personal details. All typesofwine! Uses barcode scanning, database search and manualbarcodeentry. Here are just a handful of the features you get withthisapp: - Create a free account and store your wine collectionlist inthe cloud online. Access from any iOS device any time! -Create aWishlist of existing and new wines that you'd like toeventuallyown. - Sort with the words The and A in the title. - Addyourperson details to a wine: Purchase Price, Storage Location,etc. -Edit any wine details that are incorrect. All of our data isuserdriven so correct it as need and it will fix it for everyone!-Support for all type, year, notes, regions, and more. -Highresolution labels and pictures for each wine. - Bulk Scanningtoadd your wins to the application even quicker. - Shake to selectarandom item in your collection. - Sort on any field ofinformationwithin a wine. - Library or List views. View yourcollection asyou'd see it on a wall. And coming soon:- Offlineviewing ofcollection, export your collection, extra themes, andmore!- Filteron any field of information within a wine. - Acoverflow view tosee all of your wines when you turn your devicesideways. ** Checkout other apps by Sort It! Apps to manage mostany collection youown. **Hands down better than anything fromCollectorz or any othermovie, media, or collection managementsoftware or apps!
Corkz - Wine Info App -Reviews 5.14.16
One of TIME Magazine’s top 50 apps for 2012 “Corkz if thebestall-purpose wine app available for serious wine drinkersandcollectors” – The New York Times Corkz is the easy way to getthemost out of wine, whether you’re an expert or beginner! Uncorkthepower of CellarTracker’s enormous wine database of over 1.7millionunique wines and over 4 million tasting notes. Corkz is theonlyapp with side-by-side comparisons and loads of extra featureslikeReviews, Wine Cellar Management, Social Media, and a WinePlacesguide. One low once off purchase gives you access to allourinformation and features without any ads or in-appcharges.Launched in 2008, Corkz has a reputation forinnovation,dependability and customer service – it’s like having asommelierin your pocket! Check us out and you’ll see why The WallStreetJournal called us “[one of] our favorite wine apps,” we wereone ofFast Company’s 25 “must have” apps, and featured inGeekWire,AT&T ads and even by Apple in their retail storesSIMPLE WINESEARCHING With Corkz you can easily find whichever winebottleyou’re searching for. Red wine, White wine, Dry wine,CabernetSauvignon, Merlot– we’ve got them all! You can eitherbrowse bywine regions and varietals or you can simply use our winesearchfeature. If you are enjoying your wine bottle among friendsathome, at a restaurant or at a wine bar, and have the bottlewithyou our wine scanner is just what you need. Simply scan thebarcodeand find what you’re looking for fast – without having totake apicture of your wine bottle in a dimly lit restaurant!WINEEDUCATION With our professional ‘wine encyclopedia’, you canlearnall about the different wine terms, wine varietals andwineregions. Amaze your friends with your extensive wine knowledgeatyour next wine tasting party! SIDE-BY-SIDE WINE COMPARISONSWe’rethe only app that lets you compare wines side-by-side on thesamescreen – makes those hard decisions easy when you’re decidingwhatto buy at the restaurant or wine shop. Compare wine ratings&reviews, wine prices, drinking windows and more!ACCURATEINFORMATION Instant pricing from hundreds of online sourcesand theimmense database of over 1.7 million unique wines and morethan 4million tasting notes puts the world of wine at yourfingertips! NOSURPRISE CHARGES Pay once and you’re done! Other wineapps are freeat first but then hit you with a monthly subscriptionor in-appcharges to get all their features and listings. Our lowprice givesyou complete access to our entire database and all ourservices!LOADS OF EXTRA FEATURES · Wine Cellar Management – Browse,rate,and manage wines right from your phone! Add and removeinventory inreal-time! · Ratings, Tasting Notes and Wishlists –Rate the winesyou drink and find the ones you want. · Places – Seewine bars, andmore, in your area! · Near You – See what others aredrinking andlooking at near you · Social Media – Tell your friendsabout thewines you’re drinking in real time. · References –Definitions andarticles make it easy to learn more about wine.HELPFUL CUSTOMERSUPPORT Customer service is important to us! Anyquestions,comments or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you! Wewant you toget the most out of Corkz and are always looking forways toimprove it. For general questions, technical issuesandsuggestions, please visit our support site. Or emailcustomersupport at [email protected] -- a real person will read youremail andget back to you as soon as possible. ***** If you likeCorkz,please consider giving us a 5-star rating. We love to seecustomersenjoying the work and care we put into making Corkz thebest wineapp possible. ***** Note: Some features require aCellarTrackeraccount, which can be set up easily within Corkz. Dueto the sizeof the database, Corkz requires an Internet connection.
Carta de Vinhos para Tablet PRO
Menu Digital - Carta de Vinhos (Wine List) - VersãoProfissionalpara Bares, Restaurantes, Lojas de Vinhos, etc..Desenvolvido pelaBrasystem Informática, empresa atuante há mais de20 anos no ramode criação e desenvolvimento de soluçõestecnológicas paraautomação comercial, a solução Menu Digital contaagora com maisuma super novidade para o seu corpo de aplicativos a"Carta deVinhos"(Wine list).A Carta de Vinhos foi desenvolvidavisandoauxiliar o sommelier e o cliente durante o processo deescolha deum rótulo.Com a Carta de Vinhos você poderá:- Cadastrarvinhos, comsuas respectivas fichas técnicas completas, incluindofotos dosrótulos e mapas das regiões onde foram produzidos.-Cadastrar tiposde uvas e tipos de vinhos.- Filtrar rótulos jácadastrados porpais, tipos de uva e/ou tipo do vinho além de poderselecionar aordem de apresentação da pesquisa, podendo ser pordisponibilidadeem estoque, preço, ordem alfabética, ordem porpaíses e muitomais.- Funções de importação e exportação de dadosentre uma oumais carta de vinhos.- Pesquisa de imagens de rótulos emapas viaWEB.- Selecionar vinhos e classifica-los como favoritos.-Marcar umvinho como "Dica do sommelier" para possíveis promoçõesecampanhas. - Reduzir custos com a impressão de cardápios depapelultrapassados e perecíveis.- Ferramenta indispensável paraseusommelier durante o ato da venda.- Designer inovador eintuitivo.-Todo o seu estoque de rótulos pode ser integradoautomaticamente nacarta de vinhos, bastando inclui-los apenas umaúnica vez, e em umsó lugar. (*)- Estoque atualizado na Carta deVinhos em tempo real.(*)- Gerencie preços e disponibilidades comfacilidade. (*)-Sistema desenvolvido para dispositivos Android de7" e 10.1", e iOS(iPAD).(*) Disponível apenas na versão SERVER.Fale com a BrasystemInformática para mais detalhes, por favoracesse nosso site e entrena sessão "Fale Conosco".Wine List (WineList) - - Digital MenuProfessional Version for Bars, Restaurants,Shops Wine, etc...Developed by Brasystem Computing, companyoperating for over 20years in the creation and development oftechnology solutions forbusiness automation, Digital Menu solutionnow has one more supernew to your body applications to "Wine List"(Wine list).The winelist was developed to assist the sommelier andthe client duringthe process of choosing a label.With a wine listyou can:- Registerwines, with their full technical sheets of labelsincluding photosand maps of the regions where they were produced.-Register kindsof grapes and wine types.- Filter by Country labelsalreadyregistered, grape varieties and / or type of wine and it canselectthe order of presentation of research and may be forstockavailability, price, alphabetically, by country and ordermore.-Functions to import and export data between one or more winelist.-Search label images and maps via WEB.- Select wines andclassifiesthem as favorites.- Select a wine as "Tip of thesommelier" forpossible promotions and campaigns.- Reduce costs ofprinting menusexceeded and perishable paper.- Indispensable for hisSommelierTool during the time of sale.- Innovative and intuitiveDesigner.-All of your stock labels can be automatically integratedinto thewine list, simply include them only once, and in one place.(*)-New stock in Wine List in real time. (*)- Manage pricesandavailability with ease. (*)- System developed for 7 "and10.1"Android devices and iOS (iPAD).(*) Available only inSERVERversion. Talk to Brasystem Computers for more details, pleasevisitour website and enter the session "Contact Us".
Wineoox Italian Wines 2.1.2
Wineoox , the first social network for Italian wines, withscanner.•Every man has a story to tell• Every wine has its ownstory• Scan abottle of Italian wine to learn about its story,territory andcharacter in few seconds• Find the best wines closerto you• Rankingof the best wines• Allows you to set the favoritewines in yourbookmark• Share your favorite moments with yourfriends or otherwinelovers• Take inspiration from yourfriendsWineoox simplifies thepath to enjoy great wines.Theapplication helps you to remember yourpreferences, to learn moreabout the wine you are uncorking andwhich one to choose indifferent moments. Scan a wine of any kind,and while you enjoy it,Wineoox will automatically recognize thewine from our database ofover 100.000 items. If the wine is not inour database, our teamwill find it for you and will respond as soonas possible.Learneverything you've ever wanted to know about wines,explore thefeedback of your friends and get personalrecommendations from theexperts, based on the tastes, just browsethe wine shops around youor simply identify them on your WineooxWish List .After all : it'sfree!The main features :• Scan a bottle,recognize it and save thephoto with the wine details.• You canmanually identify by thesearch bar the few wines not immediatelyrecognized.• Simple andstraightforward - find everything you needfor a wine, taste andassessments.• Add to Wish List wines to ensuregreat futureexperiences - and to know where to buy the wines withour section“Wines around you”• Connect with your friends withFacebook,Twitter or Gmail and be inspired by theirwine-experiences.• Browsewines, ratings and reviews.• Review theirratings.
My Cellar : wines and dishes 2.14
My cellar is a free app to manage your wines easily and tofindwines correspponding to a dish.Main functions :- Save winesbyorigin, producer, year,...- Find availables wines correspondingtoa dish- Possibility to rate wines and take picture ofbottlelabel.- Display available wines list by color (red, white,rosé).-There is shortcuts to pull a bottle from stock, to seewinedetails, and to edit or delete wine.- Another list shows outofstock wines.- You can send by SMS or email your availablewineslist.If you have bugs or ideas to improve it, please send anemail.
Winenote 1.0
Winenote is a free application for wine professionals andwinelovers. With this app, you can create a tasting note of winesveryeasily at tasting exhibition, at restaurants or at home, justbytapping and choosing tasting terms from the database editedbyprofessional Wine Advisers.Main featureEasy creation ofWineTasting Note1) Easy creation of a tasting note just by tappingandchoosing tasting terms from the database edited byprofessionalWine Advisers.2) 2 photos can be stored per tastingnote, forexample, bottle shot or closeup photo of the label, withfoods thatyou are matching with or any image you want.3) You canpost data oftasting note to your Evernote if you register youraccount throughthe Setting page in this app. Website Viewer1) Youcan connect toSmile Corp's Wine Search website and get all theinformation on thewines imported by Smile Corp.2) Barcode reader isinstalled and youcan get information by scanning barcode on theback labels. (Winesimported by Smile Corp only)3) You can alsoaccess Smile Wine Newswebsite and read the latest articles andinformation on newrelease, feature story etc.
Wine Fog 1.2.3
Wine Fog is a wine journal, helpingyoukeeptrack of the wines you drink and discover new wines youmightlove.With Wine Fog you can:- Keep track of all the wines you drink, whether at home oroutwithfriends.- Manage your wine collection at home.- Discover new wines that you might love.Wine Fog is completely free, built on a community of wineloversthatenjoy sharing their discoveries.In addition to the basics listed above you can also:- Find list prices for wines and options to purchase.- Backup all of your data into the cloud in case you switchphonesoruse multiple devices.- Take photos of all the wine labels in your collectionforeasierinventory.Whether you love a good Cabernet with dinner or relaxingwithaZinfandel on the patio watching the sunset, WineFog canhelponyour journey of exploring the wines of the world.
Tagawine 4.0.5
Vous ne vous souvenez jamais de ce que vous avez dégusté à undînerentre amis (oui, il paraît que ça arrive) ? Vous êtesplutôtconnaisseur, vous aimez partager autour du vin, trouver lesbonsaccords et dénicher de bons plans pour compléter votre cave ?Vousvivez des moments de solitude lorsqu’il s’agit de choisir unvin enmagasin ?Vous avez envie d’améliorer vos connaissances vinsetretrouver d’autres passionnés de vins ?Tagawine estl’applicationFrançaise de tous les amateurs et passionnés devins.Elle a étéconçue pour vous ! Téléchargez-la GRATUITEMENTTROUVEZ DESINFOSPrenez en photo l’étiquette d’un vin, notretechnologie dereconnaissance d’images vous indiquera les avisd’autresutilisateurs, leurs suggestions d’accords mets et vins,lescépages, les prix constatés selon le lieu d’achat,oùl’acheter…Explorez notre base et découvrez des dizaines demilliersde vins par pays, appellation, couleur, etc. GARDEZ ENMEMOIRE VOSDEGUSTATIONS OU LES VINS QUE VOUS DESIREZ DEGUSTER-Commentez,notez et conservez dans l’appli les vins que vousdégustez, pour neplus oublier ceux que vous avez aimés. Mettez dansvotre Wishlistles vins que vous aimeriez déguster ! PARTAGEZ AVECLA COMMUNAUTE-A votre tour, en donnant votre avis, contribuez àenrichir Tagawinepour votre communauté. Partagez avec vos amis enleur envoyant vostags via vos comptes Tagawine, Facebook, Twitterou parmail.TROUVEZ VOS AMIS ET CREER VOTRE PROPRE COMMUNAUTE DEPASSIONESDE VIN Trouvez vos amis (ou invitez-les), suivez leursdécouverteset partagez vos fiches vins avec eux. TROUVEZ DES VINS-Grâce à lagéolocalisation, repérez des points de vente proches devous. -Découvrez les offres de nos partenaires vendeurs(promotions,nouveautés…).- Faites bénéficier la communauté de vosbonnesadresses en associant les lieux d’achat et les vins que vousvousprocurez.AMELIOREZ VOTRE CONNAISSANCE ET GAGNEZ DES POINTS Achaquefois que vous faites une action dans Tagawine, vous gagnezdespoints. Pour gagner encore plus de points jouez aux quizzTagawine.Vous progresserez ensuite de niveau en niveau, pourarriver auniveau 10, et remporter un Coravin* !*Dans la limite desstocksdisponibles et sous réserve de conditions SUIVRE LESACTUALITES DUMONDE VINIVITICOLEGardez un œil sur l’actualité du grâce à la rubrique « actualité » directementdansl’application Tagawine** TAGAWINE PREMIUM ** (surabonnement)Conçuepar de vrais amoureux du vin, dans un esprit desimplicité,l’option gestion de cave vous réconciliera avec lesentrées etsorties de bouteilles. Tagawine Premium c’est l’outil degestion decave par excellence. - Consultez vos vins par région,couleur,maturité, et identifiez par exemple ce qui pourraitmanquer.-Suivez la valeur de votre cave et le différentiel entrevos prixd’achat et les prix constatés par les autres utilisateurs -Gérezvos entrées/sorties de cave pour toujours connaître lestockdisponible - Trouvez le bon vin pour un dîner en tenant compteà lafois de son prix, sa maturité et des suggestionsd’accords,critères renseignés par la communauté Pas d’internet dansla cave ?Pas de problème, c’est prévu. Une fois que votre caveestrenseignée dans l’appli, vous pouvez y avoir accès partout etàtout moment.Abonnez-vous à l’option Gestion de CaveTagawinePremium pour seulement 4,99€ (à vie)Tagawine c’est aussi-lasécurité : toutes vos données sont stockées sur nosserveurssécurisés en France - la fiabilité des données : toutnouveau tagsoumis est contrôlé par nos équipes, pour vous assurerfiabilité etqualité des informations partagées sur les vinsN’attendez plus,téléchargez Tagawine, le plaisir du vin à portée demain !Nousfaisons de constantes évolutions de l’application etvotre avisnous est précieux.N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vosremarqueset suggestions d’amélioration sur [email protected] what you've eaten at a dinner with friends (yes, itseemsthat it happens)?Are you more knowledgeable, you like toshareabout wine, find the right chords and find good plans tocompleteyour cellar?You live for moments of solitude when it comestochoosing a wine store?You want to improve your wine knowledgeandmeet other wine lovers?Tagawine is the French implementation ofalllovers and wine enthusiasts.It was designed for you! Downloaditfor FREEFIND INFORMATIONTake a photo of the label of a wine,ourimage recognition technology will give you the opinions ofotherusers, their suggestions of agreements dishes and wines,grapevarieties, the prices recorded by place of purchase, wherebuy...Explore our database and discover tens of thousands of winesbycountry, name, color, etc.KEEP YOUR MEMORY OR TASTING WINE YOUWANTTO TASTE- Comment, rate and keep the app in the wines youtaste,never to forget those you loved.Put in your Wishlist winesthat youwould enjoy!SHARE WITH THE COMMUNITY- Your turn, givingyouropinion, contribute to enrich Tagawine for your community.Sharewith your friends by sending them your tags via yourTagawineaccounts, Facebook, Twitter or email.FIND YOUR FRIENDS ANDCREATEYOUR OWN COMMUNITY WINE passionesFind your friends (orinvitethem), follow their discoveries and share your wine cardswiththem.FIND WINE- Thanks to GPS, locate nearby stores you.-Discoveroffers from our vendor partners (promotions, news ...).-Takeadvantage of the community your favorite places by associatingtheplace of purchase and the wines that you purchase.UPGRADEYOURKNOWLEDGE AND EARN POINTSEach time you make an action inTagawine,you earn points. To gain even more points to play Tagawinequiz.Then you will progress from level to level, to get to level 10andwin a Coravin *!* Subject to availability and subjecttoconditionsFOLLOW THE NEWS OF THE WORLD VINIVITICOLEKeep an eyeonthe news with wine with the "news" directly intheimplementation TagawineTAGAWINE ** PREMIUM**(subscription)Designed by true wine lovers, in a spiritofsimplicity, cellar management option you reconcile with theinputsand outputs bottles. Tagawine Premium is the cellarmanagement toolpar excellence.- Consult your wines by region,color, maturity, andidentify for example what might be missing.-Follow the value ofyour cellar and the difference between yourpurchase price and theprices recorded by other users- Manage yourinputs / outputs cellarforever know the available stock- Find theright wine for a dinnerin the light of both its price, maturity andsuggestions ofagreements, criteria informed by the communityNointernet in thebasement? No problem is expected. Once your cellaris filled in theapp, you can access anywhere, any time.Subscribe toOptionManagement Cave Tagawine Premium for only € 4.99(lifetime)Tagawineis also- Security: all your data is stored on oursecure servers inFrance- the reliability of data submitted new tagis controlled byour teams, to ensure reliability and quality ofinformation sharedon the winesDo not wait, download Tagawine theenjoyment of wine athand!We make constant changes to theapplication and your feedbackis valuable.Feel free to send us yourcomments and suggestions forimprovement on [email protected]
Caffè Duomo Ristorante 1.0.14
“ Caffè Duomo Ristorante: la nostra professionalità, alvostroservizio…”In centro a Carpi vi aspetta dalla mattina allaseraCaffè Duomo Ristorante, locale intimo e accogliente dovepotretedegustare piatti prelibati in un’atmosfera unica.E nonsolo…Ilnostro staff si occupa anche di organizzare servizi dicatering pertutte le occasioni, sia per le occasioni di festaprivate (comeBattesimi o Compleanni…) sia per grandi eventi inAzienda.E nonsolo…Attraverso potrete acquistaredirettamenteonline comodamente seduti sul divano, i vostri vini eliquoripreferiti, le migliori etichette al mondo a prezzidavveroimbattibili."Coffee Dome Restaurant: our professionalism, atyourservice ..."In the center of Carpi awaits you from morning tonightCoffee Dome Restaurant, intimate and friendly atmosphere whereyoucan taste delicious dishes in a unique atmosphere.And notonly...Our staff is also involved in organizing catering servicesforall occasions, whether for festive occasions private (asBaptismsBirthdays or ...) and for major events in the Company.Andnot only...Through can purchase directly onlinecomfort ofyour sofa, your favorite wines and spirits, the bestlabels in theworld at unbeatable prices.
Vinum bibendo!
Vinum bibendo! is the app from wine lovers to wine lovers.WithVinum bibendo! you can act as a real sommelier. You can analyseandrate your wines, manage your cellar. And share your resultswithyour friend!Vinum bibendo!, the first app that runs better withabottle of wine (and a lot of friends) :)PS: the app isprovidedwith a wine info and its rating and analysis forms asexample.
Clever Wine
Clever Wine is a free mobile app helping you to learn moreaboutwine in a fun, new way.ScanPut your mobile close to thebarcode ofa bottle with the Clever Wine label and press the buttonabove toscan it.If it is an NFC label, there is no need to scan it,becausethe description of the wine opens automatically in theClever Wineapp!EnjoyLearn everything about the many features of thewine: itsaromas, the grape variety(ies) used to make it, itshistory and thebest conditions in which to drink it or store it.Find out tooabout the estate it comes from and the producer, whomadeit.ShareIf you like this wine, add it to your favourites andyoucan go back to it whenever you like. Recommend it to yourfriendsby E-mail or Facebook.Web site :
Wine Manager (Managing cellar) 1.4.1
Consult your wine cellar like a pro! Wine Manager is anapplicationfor managing wine cellar in a simple and comprehensiveway.Ergonomics and fine management are the primary qualities ofWineManager. Get your wine cellar, show it and share it withfriendsfrom your phone or your tablet. All your wines bottles inhand. Getyour wine cellar everywhere in the world ! Features:Managewineries Manage bottles Take a photo of the bottleSave/Restoreyour wine cellars everywhere on Dropbox Search toolManagecountries, regions and appellation of wines around theworldStatistics about the locations of your bottles and colors ofyourwines ! Feel free to rate the app on the Playstore in ordertoparticipate in its development and encourage the developer! Joinuson Facebook: on Twitter : Web site:
Bebiendo Nuestra Tierra 1.0.1
App de vinos Mexicano¿Te interesa ampliar tus conocimientos sobre el VinoMexicano?¿Quieres informarte de las múltiples opciones que ofrecenlosmagníficos vinos producidos en México?¿Deseas enterarte cuántas bodegas vinícolas hay en el país,cuálesson, cómo se llaman, cuál es su historia, en dónde están,cómo sonsus etiquetas y qué uvas utilizan.¿Donde los puedes comprar ?Disfruta la belleza de los viñedos mexicanos, de lasbodegasvinícolas y de sus deliciosos productos a través de la máshermosacolección de fotografías sobre el tema.Mexican wines AppInterested expand your knowledge about VinoMexicano? Would you like to inform you of the many options offeredbythe superb wines produced in Mexico?Want to find out how many wineries in the country, what aretheirnames, what their history, where they are, what their labelsandwhat grapes used.Where's you can buy?Enjoy the beauty of Mexican vineyards, the wineries andtheirdelicious products through the most beautiful collectionofphotographs on the subject.
EuroCave 2.1
EuroCave SA
EuroCave on your Smartphone : Manageyourcabinet with easeEUROCAVE, YOUR VIRTUAL WINE CABINETAccurately and realistically reproduce one or several ofyourwine cabinetsSAVE TIME WITH EUROCAVEIntegrating more than 100 EuroCave wine cabinet models tohelpyou automatically design your cabinetYOUR FULLY CUSTOMISABLE BOTTLESSelect the grape variety for each bottle of wine, enteritsvintage or even add a photo of its labelMAPPINGRecord the geographic coordinates of each of your bottles tofindthem more easilySIMPLE MANAGEMENTAdd new bottles, move or organise them in the blink of aneyeBECOME AN OENOLOGISTTaste and appraise the wines in your cabinet, rate them andenjoythem according to your preferencesYOUR WINE SELECTION AIDUse the "Wine Lottery" application to select a wine for youtoenjoy from your cabinetPLANNING WHEN TO DRINK YOUR WINEDon't lose track of time, the tasting calendar classes yourwinesaccording to their year of ideal maturityWINE JOURNALA history of the wines that you have enjoyed to help youeasilyfind those you most appreciatedSYNCHRONISE YOUR CABINETSynchronise your cabinet to your various devices usingyoursecure online accountBACK UPNo loss of datas using your secure online accountSHARE YOUR BEST BOTTLESShare information on your favourite wines with your friendsonsocial networksAN ACCURATE CABINET LAYOUTQuickly export and print your wine cabinet layout forimprovedbottle management