Top 3 Games Similar to Adventure Ninja Run

Ninja Run
Ninja RunPlay the most EXCITING RUNNER game. Be a NINJA for adayand RACE through the Enemy and obstacles!Get the most point asyoucan. Touch and slide on screen to control the NinjaThisgamerequire high skills of players, so let be a true Ninja!
Madara Ninja Run
Madara Ninja Run game is the game in the face of obstaclesLikeUchiha madara collects Inari zushi, let us help the uchihamadaraevery level. The game consists of 3 main levels, easy, mediumandhard in which each level has a different difficultylevels.Featuregame uchiha ninja:- The number of levels in eachlevel- Tap yourmobile to make madara jump- Collect inari zushi toearn points-Graph interesting picture- The game is very easy toplay,- Thereare 3 options difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard-There ishelp {help} in order to facilitate to playThe uchiha madarais anarcade/action games with simple gameplay intended for Kids.Thisgame is an adaptation from Super Heroes manga that kids willloveto play. Simply an addicting game for kids with graphic tonarutoon! This game is free!! Try to beat your own high score andbe theBest! The strongest there is!!Disclaimer: This is anunofficialUchiha Clan ninja members: Sasuke, Itachi, Obito, Madara,Shisui,.Images are from Fan fans and used simply for aestheticpurposes. Nocopyright infringement is intended.Please Download, andhave funswith this game...!!!**Please, make sure to rate this freeadventureninja run app and let me know your feedback.***Thank You
Adventures in East – Ninja Run 1.0.3
Adventures in East – Ninja Run in Garden City is the latestexciting3D runner game featuring several nimble ninjas breezingthrough abeautiful city in the East. Your mission is guide theninja dash andrun to escape from the Evil Warrior Hunt. Are youready for theaction? Game Play:* JUMP to dodge obstables* DUCK toavoid beinghit* SWIPE to turn on corner* TILT to collect coins*RUN on thewall* THROW darts to break barrel* RACE as fastaspossibleFEATURES:* Stunning colorful 3D HD graphics withmultiplegame scenes to run from* Choose from many cute ninjacharacters*Complete daily mission for rewards * Plenty of power-upsyou canupgrade from the collected coins* Facebook integration toinviteyour friends for challenge