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This app provides you all acupressure treatment for all diseasesandwill shows the information about acupressure points,reflexologypoints, massage therapy, hand acupressure, triggerpoints, healpoints, leg acupressure and neck acupressure.acupressure points tohelp you get better when you pain.acupressure is natural healingand is most effective method forself-treatment of tension-relatedailments and home remedies. Learnto relax and heal yourself withthese Body Pressure Points. If youknow the right body pressurepoints, you can cure many healthpoints, beauty, fitness and selfboost up problems on your own. Howto use Acupressure: Using thefingers to gradually press keyhealing points, which stimulate thebody's natural self-curativeabilities. In (TCM) Traditional ChineseMedicine there are 2000+acupressure points are there. In that majoracupressure points aregiven in this app. By pressing these pointsyou can cure andprevent all diseases Daily press each point 30 secs- 60 secs.Spend 15 minutes / Day. Within one or two month you canfeel thedifference. Whatever disease you have Benefits ofAcupressure:Acupressure therapy can be used to relieve pain, reducetension inmuscles, improve circulation and promote deep states ofrelaxation.It is often done by massage therapists and otherbodyworkers, butcan also be learned as a massage therapy techniqueto be doneourself by using Acupressure Points Tips. AcupressurePoints FullBody App for 100+ Diseases Feature: - Most PopularAcupressurePoints - Best Acupressure Points for Weight Loss - 5SimpleAcupressure Points for Diabetes. - Acupressure Points Chart-Acupressure Points for Relieving Hangovers - 5 SimpleAcupressurepoints for Anxiety and Stress - Insomnia & SleepDisordersAcupressure Points & Tips - Acupressure Points forColds andFlu - 5 Simple acupressure points for headache -Acupressure Pointsfor Relieving Acne, Pimple and Other SkinProblems - How to UseAcupressure Points for Migraine Headaches -Acupressure Points forSinus Problems & Nasal Congestion - Howto Use Acupressure toInduce Labor - Acupressure Points forRelieving Stomachaches,Indigestion, and Heartburn - 5 EasyAcupressure Points For BackPain and Lower Backaches - How to UseAcupressure Points for FootPain - Acupressure Points for Beautiful,Healthy Skin! - FootReflexology Simple foot reflexology points -Acupressure Points forRelieving Toothaches & the painassociated with gum disease -Acupressure Points for RelievingShoulder Tension - AcupressurePoints in Hands / Hand PressurePoints / Hand Massager -Acupressure Point for Depression -Acupressure Massage for LowLibido in Men and Women - AcupressurePoints for Relieving MotionSickness - Acupressure Massage forEarache - Acupressure Massagefor Gallbladder Pain - AcupressurePoints for Relieving Wrist Pain- Acupressure Massage for Arthritis- Acupressure Points forRelieving Ankle Problems - AcupressureMassage for Improve Memory -Acupressure Points for Nausea -Acupressure Points on Face -Acupressure Massage for Liver Flukes -Acupressure Massage forKidney Infection - Acupressure Points forRelieving PMS, Cramps andMenstrual Discomfort - Acupressure Massagefor Eye Pain / EyeStress - Acupressure Massage for High BloodPressure - AcupressureMassage for Cough - Acupressure Points forRelieving Impotency& Sexual Problems - Acupressure Massage forAddiction to Food,Drugs, Caffeine, Chocolate and Alcohol -Acupressure Massage forDiarrhea - Acupressure Massage for HeartIrregularities -Acupressure Massage for Vertigo - Acupressure forConstipation andmuch more! You can also stimulate your own pressurepoints massagetherapy at home. But if you choose to do so, youshould read up tolearn how to do so correctly. Recommended that youuse thisinformation under the guidance of your physician. ***Please doRate the App and leave a reply on your valuablesuggestions andimprovements :) ***
Acupressure Points 4.2.2
This app provides you all acupressure treatment for all diseasesandwill shows the knowledge about acupressure points, footreflexologypoints, ear acupuncture, easy acupuncture 3d andacupuntura etc.acupressure points to help you get better when youpain. acupressureis the most effective method for self-treatmentof tension-relatedailments and home remedies.Acupressure PointsApp Feature:- Insomnia& Sleep Disorders Acupressure Points& Tips- AcupressurePoints for Colds and Flu- 5 Simpleacupressure points for headache-3 Acupressure Points forBeautiful, Healthy Skin!- 5 SimpleAcupressure points for Anxietyand Stress.- Acupressure Points forRelieving Stomachaches,Indigestion, and Heartburn- 5 SimpleAcupressure Points forDiabetes- 5 Easy Acupressure Points For BackPain and LowerBackaches- How to Use Acupressure Points for FootPain- AcupressurePoints for Sinus Problems & Nasal Congestion-How to UseAcupressure to Induce Labour- Best Acupressure Points forWeightLoss- Foot Reflexology : Simple foot reflexology points-Acupressure Points for Relieving Hangovers- How to UseAcupressurePoints for Migraine HeadachesAnd More!Hope you enjoywithAcupressure Points. ^___^
ethanapp.acupointsceng 2.70.5
Zappol L.
Learn TCM acupuncture points, promote our health.Experimentallocalization for point details: French, Indonesian andHindi forpoint detail available via settings -> Language News:The firstIOS version is online just recently, check it outhere: === * 20 meridians, 361 acupuncture points, and 61extrapoints * Text and picture, locate with ease * Search, Bookmark(andcustomized category) * Add own note for each acupuncture point*Backup and restore notes/bookmarks from google store * Overviewofeach meridian and flow hours for 12 meridians *Additionalcategories such as Five Element points, Xi Cleft points,Back-Shupoints, Front-Mu points, Ghost points * And there is anoption towatch short rewarded video to get more personalcategories, and asa benefit it also dismiss Ads for the day. I wishyou can benefitfrom it and enjoy it, please feel free to let meknow if you haveany suggestion or comment! Special thanks to PeerBrouwers foroffering WHO images and correcting spellings, Aajuna deSilva for agood long list of ideas to make the app better (someideas in theTODO list). And thank you guys for taking time topointing outmistakes in text and position etc., S gurumanickam,Matias Scafati,Jean Pisani, Jacquesolivier Ramponi and many others,thank you,your input is crucial to keep data more accurate and makeit moreuseful, I highly appreciate that and welcome anyinput!===PERMISSIONS=== android.permission.INTERNET - online adsrequiredpermission android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - onlineadsrequired permission android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE -onlineads required permissionandroid.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -store acupunctureinformation, notes etc.
Acupressure Guide in Hindi 1.1
Dudly World
This app will shows the information about acupressurepoints.Thisapplication about Acupressure Points to help you getbetter whenyou pain. Acupressure is the most effective methodforself-treatment of tension-related ailments by using the powerandsensitivity of the human hand pontos,ailment,quicker.You canseetreatments by Symtoms like you have diabetes problem, thenappgives you actual solution for that.Acupressure treatment foralldiseases and will shows the information about acupressurepoints,reflexology points, hand acupressure, leg acupressure,neckacupressure, foot reflexology points, ear acupuncture,easyacupuncture 3d and acupuncture etc. acupressure points to helpyouget better when you suffering from pain.
com.ryohei.haruki.Athletic 2.3
Let's escape from House of athletics made with beautifulgraphics.Easy escape game that you can play. Method of operation -There isan auto-save feature. · Let's examine the place to beworried abouton the screen in the tap · You can magnify items bydouble tappingitems. · You may be able to use other items forenlarged items. Andmovement is also that you can by tapping thearrow, or a specificlocation at the bottom of the screen. Andacquisition item can beselected in the tap. Items in the selectedstate, can be used bytapping a particular location. • When solvingpacked mystery, youcan get a hint by looking at the video ad.twitter : @HarukiRyoheiinstagram:@nakayubi_corp Grumpy Moai byhugoelec is licensed underthe Creative Commons - Attributionlicense.
Shiatsu Massage 1.13
Learn different Shiatsu massage techniques from Japan, andotherAsian massage styles.Shiatsu massage is a Japanese style ofmassagetherapy used to treat psychological and physicalcomplaints.Shiatsu, also known as acupressure, is a finger pressuremassagetechnique that is sometimes confused with acupuncture.Shiatsumassage therapy and acupuncture are founded on theChinesemedicine.If you tried Swedish or Thai massage in the past,butnever heard about Shiatsu massage, you will love thisfreeapp!Shiatzu Massage includes a new feature called caller IDthatwill not only assist you to identify calling numbers inreal-time,that will help you to identify who is calling you even ifyou don'thave that number in your contacts. It will also help youto callyour shiatsu masseuse quicker and easier, with a simple tap.Youcan disable this feature whenever you want if you feel it'snotuseful for you.Learn all shiatsu massage techniques today withthisfree app.
com.zennya.zennya 1.4.2
Zennya, Inc.
Turn your home into a Spa with zennya, the world's first on spaondemand app delivering 5-Star hotel quality therapists to yourhome,hotel, condo, or office at the touch of a button. Get highqualityreliable massage service delivered to your door within 30minutesfrom booking. Enjoy incredible service provided by highlytrained,thoroughly vetted therapists, equipped with the highestqualityorganic massage oils and aromatherapy, accompanied withambientmassage background music. • See available therapists nearyou withreal time estimated time of arrival (ETA) • Track therapistarrivaland receive notifications when they arrive • Cashlesspayment andtipping • After your massage we email receipts to you•Automatically book your favorite therapists • All zennyatherapistsundergo comprehensive background checks • Reach a realpersonthrough SMS support within minutes zennya is currentlyavailable inthe greater Metro Manila area currently in Makati, BGC,Pasig, SanJuan, and Taguig, with new areas opening weekly.
Jain Reflexology (OLD) 2.1.0
Jain Chumbak
The highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology evolved byusafter extensive research and development and is theadvancedversion of Reflexology Acupressure therapy. For fast resultusingmicro magnets.
Acupressure Tips 3.2.3
Revolxa Inc
This app provides you all acupressure treatment for all diseasesandshows the information about reflexology points, acupressurepoints,hand acupressure, neck acupressure and leg acupressure.acupressureto help you get better when you pain.acupressure tipsapp feature:-How to Use Acupressure Points for Foot Pain-Acupressure Points forColds and Flu- How to Use Acupressure Pointsfor Migraine Headaches-Most Popular Acupressure Points-Acupressure Points for RelievingStomachaches, Indigestion, andHeartburn- Best Acupressure Pointsfor Weight Loss- Insomnia &Sleep Disorders Acupressure Points& Tips- 5 Simple AcupressurePoints for Diabetes.- 5 Simpleacupressure points for headache- 5Easy Acupressure Points For BackPain and Lower Backachesand muchmore!*** Please Do Rate the APP andleave a reply on your valuablesuggestions and improvements ***
Doctor Dash : Hospital Game 1.44
Hey Doctor, Build your hospital empire and diagnose, treat andcurethe diseases of your patients in this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.This is your hospital explore it and give best treatment toyourpatients in this doctor game you will be having amultispecialtyhospital game where there will be having differentclinic for eachdisease. It looks like a kid’s game but it’s not. Inthis hospitalgame you have to manage and upgrade different clinicsthat aremention below with is the core of this Doctor Dash HospitalGame.Clinics and Doctor: • Lungs clinic which has Lungsdiseasespecialist doctors. • Kidney specialist doctors • Dentalcareclinic • Heart disease cure center doctor • Neurosurgeons forbrainclinic You will get a realistic hospital feel in this DoctorDashHospital Game with different clinics and treatments. In thisdoctorgame you will get an X-ray room too to diagnose diseasebetter andperfect and can suggest a patient if they require asurgery oroperation or they can be treated by medicine only. Inthis timemanagement game patients will keep coming so here is thegood newsyou have a nurse to assist you in this Doctor DashHospital Gameand she is the one who will help them back to health!Manage yourtime with your busy nurse and work fast to diagnose,treat and cureall those in need of your skills. In this Doctor DashHospital Gameyou will get a wheel chair also to serve criticalpatients andreception desk to help you best. Be prepared foremergencysituations where you have little time to save lives! Makecrucialdecisions; combine the best medicine and all kinds of othermedicalprocedures on your patients. In this multilevel DoctorDashHospital Game you can unlock various features in this doctorgameat various levels. Design, expand and build it to make itbigger,upgrade and decorate it to make it prettier, staff andmanage it tomake it the best hospital ever.
陣痛きたかも -出産当日でも安心!スグ使える陣痛計測アプリ- 3.2.13
*「陣痛きたかも?」と思ったら押すだけ!ワンタッチでカンタン計測!*ボタンを押したら家族にお知らせ!家族モードもあります!*緊急連絡先も登録OK!アプリから直接電話もかけられます!「もうすぐ予定日・・・陣痛の記録って大変そう」「時計とにらめっこで時間を測る・・・そんな余裕あるのかな?」「病院や両親にスグに電話したいけど慌ててしまいそう」そんな妊婦さんの不安を解決!陣痛きたかもは、ダウンロードしてすぐ使える!陣痛計測アプリです。◆「陣痛きたかも」にはこんな機能があります◆◎使い方はカンタン!陣痛を感じたら「陣痛きたかも」ボタンをポチ!陣痛が続いている時間を測りつづけます。陣痛がおさまったと分かったら「おさまったかも」ボタンをポチ!前回の記録があれば、その時間から次の陣痛までの間隔時間が自動的に表示されます。手元で時計やタイマーを見続ける必要はありません^^◎緊急連絡先も複数登録OK! 病院や両親など、緊急連絡先を複数登録しておけます。登録できる内容は、名前・住所・電話番号。電話マークのボタン1つで登録した電話番号への発信機能もついています!電話連絡だけでなく、タクシーに乗った時に住所を伝えるのにも役立ちます。いざという時も慌てないように、あらかじめ登録しておきましょう^^◎知識情報「ママ知識」では妊娠・出産の様々な知識を知ることができます。閲覧は無料!妊娠・出産・育児の基礎知識から、「こんな時どうするの?」という小さな不安も解決!ぜひご活用ください!◆これからママになるみなさんへ◆  妊娠おめでとうございます!妊娠がすすむにつれ、おなかも大きくなってきているかと思います。日に日に近づく赤ちゃんとの対面の日・・・出産予定日が近づき、楽しみな反面、色々不安になこともあると思います。でも、きっと大丈夫です。赤ちゃんと会える日に備えて準備をしておきましょう^^ ***************アプリをご利用頂きましたら まで、是非皆様のご感想をお聞かせください!お待ちしております!***************
育成!男の娘~男の女優 葵編~【放置系】 1.1.4
メイクさん達をタッチして男の子、葵(あおい)を女優へと変身(女装)させていこう!変身が進むとストーリーが進んでいき彼?が人気女優への階段を上っていくシンデレラストーリーが楽しめます!エンディングは3種類あり選択によってどんな女優に成長するか変化します! 遊び方1.時間の経過とともにメイクさんが集まってきます。2.集まってきたメイクさんをタッチして男の子を変身させていきましょう。3.進行度が進むと男の子の洋服や髪型が変化し、ストーリーが進んでいきます。4.男の子にタッチするとセリフが出ます。 使用素材:効果音ラボ様 小森 平様 魔王魂様 きまぐれアフター様 ぐったりにゃんこ様 Boytouch the make's us, andAoi the (blue) to actress Let's nottransform (transvestite)! Itwill advance the story andtransformation progresses He? There youcan enjoy a Cinderella storyto go up the stairs to popularactress! By ending the three typeshave selection It can change orgrow in any actress! How To Play 1.Make-san will come togetherwith the passage of time. 2. Let's nottransform the boy Touch themake who had gathered. 3. degree ofprogress is a boy of clothesand hairstyles change and advance, willadvance the story. 4. I getthe words when you touch the boy.Materials used: Sound effects lablike Komori flat like Devil soullike Whim after like Limp Nyankolike
Acupressure 1.1.0
This application is a perfect guide to all the informationrelatedto Reflexology(Acupressure points on the hands andfeet).Itprovides information about:1) Science of Acupressure2)Features ofAcupressure3) Instruments required to apply pressure tothepressure point.4) Common FAQsYou can get instant relief fromyourailments by:1) Search for a specific health related problem 2)Getthe list of points on your hands and feet associated withtheailment3) Press or apply pressure to that pointFor ex, if youarehaving problems with your "stomach":1) Open the app and taponSearch button. 2) Type "Stomach" in the search field.3) Getthelist of pressure points.4) Click on any one of the point.5)Pressor apply pressure to that point to get relief.You can alsoquicksearch about common diseases using the links below the searchbar.Some quick links are diabetes, sinus, blood pressure,throat,tonsils, common cold, stomach issues, pitta, vatta,thyroid,kidney, heart.According to the science of Astrology,individuals ofspecific zodiac sign are likely to suffer fromspecific ailments.Using this application you can select your zodiacand get thecommon ailments for the same. Also, it will list thepoints to bepressed to minimise the effect of such ailments.Now,you can getthe above information in Hindi and Marathi too, alongwith English.You can anytime change your preferred language.1) Gotto any screenin the app.2) Click on the globe icon in the footer.3) Select anyone language as your preferred language.4) LearnAcupressure usingyour preferred language.
Dienchan Facy Therapy 1.3
The Dienchan FACE DIAGNOSIS-CYBERNETIC THERAPY will help youto:•Improve your health and beauty.• Relieve aches and pains insuch asimple, rapid, and effective manner.Are you looking for waystoreduce stress, relieve anxiety, or some simple methods to helpyourelax in this modern hectic society? Are you a suffererofmigraines or tension headaches and want to reduce the need forpainmedications? Do you want to help manage pain and fatigue incancerpatients? Are you a potential cancer patient who is lookingfor apersonalized solution to reduce anxiety and improve thegeneralquality of life? Are you a sufferer of premenstrual symptomsormenstrual problems and are looking for relief?Isconventionalmedicine proving ineffective at curing your chronicaches and painsor ailments? Discover how to ease menstrual cramps,calm an upsetstomach, and fight the flu without any medication.Welcome to theworld of alternative medicine. Learn how to naturallyimproveoverall health, strengthen your immune system, slow theagingprocess, and make your own medical revolution today.Themission ofthis application is to further promote and educate thepublic onthe present and immediate benefits of an amazing methodoftreatment from Vietnam - Dien Chan (Facial Reflexology),whichmakes it possible to anyone to discover and develop a part oftheenormous potential for self-healing and self-regulation wellhiddenwithin his or her own self.Dien Chan is a Vietnamese systemoffacial reflexology that incorporates more than 500 pressurepointsand can be amazingly effective to treat many common ailments.Themethod divides the face into grids to help locate thespecificpoints and use simple instrument such as the rounded end ofa ballpoint pen as a tool to massage the points. Anyone regardlessof ageand gender can learn this technique in less than ten minutestorelieve tension and experience immediate healthbenefits.ThisDienchan application is to help you discover and learnthistreatment and self-healing method via mobile application fromthecomfort of one's own home anywhere in the world. You canexperienceimmediate relief benefits within ten minutes of learningthis newtreatment and healing method.But please do not simply justtake ourwords for it. We want you to actually try the treatmentforyourself since they are easily verifiable in practice. Donotsimply believe or expect miracles from anything new you may hearorsee just because it sounds so fabulous and wonderful. Once youarefamiliar with the treatment concepts and have experiencedtheactual benefits for yourself, you can explore, learn, orevendevelop yourself more advanced treatment techniques to furtherhelpyourself and others.These self-help, self-caretherapeutictechniques not only can have direct benefits to peopleof all ages.They are cost effective and are 100% safe since theyare facialmassage techniques with the use of fingers or blunt hardobjectswhich you can learn to do it yourself, and absolutely nomedicationinvolved. Knowledge of these self-help techniques canbelife-saving in many situations such as emergencyfirst-aid,reducing or eliminating chronic pains, preventing strokesdue tohigh-blood pressure when no medication is available,reducingdizziness while driving, reducing pain and anxiety whilewaitingfor medical treatment or transit to a hospital, etc.Once youhavelearned a specific treatment technique, you can enjoy theimmediatebenefits such as reducing or completely eliminating one ofthefollowing problems in less than five minutes, allwithoutmedication.- Eliminate back, neck, shoulder pain andstress.-Reduce fever, cold sweat, insomnia, migraines withoutmedication.-Digestion and bladder disorder, constipation.- Improvementalconcentration, memory and alertness.- Stabilize bloodpressure(even diabetes).- Improve wellness.
com.graphicvizion.visualacupuncturefr 3.3
Study acupuncture or acupressure visually and interactively. Getagood feel for the flow of meridian channels and their(anatomical)acupuncture point locations. Includes a completeinteractive 3Danatomy model (muscles, bones and organs), which canbeinteractively edited (hide, fade etc). Each acupuncturepoint,meridian (and anatomical model) contain full textualdescriptions,which can be edited and saved. Contains extendedsearching options;search by acupuncture point name, function or byindication for anyacupuncture points. All internal meridianchannels are included,along with their connected organs andacupuncture points. Allacupuncture point groups are included, alongwith additionalinformation about each point group. Display optionsallow to eithershow the anatomical model, only the skin, isolatemeridians oracupuncture points and much more. Quiz and testyourself on allincluded subjects; meridian channels, acupuncturepoints andanatomy (muscles, bones, organs). Useful for TCM,acupuncture,acupressure, trigger point and reflexology or massagestudents.This app is created as an interactive manual to learnacupunctureand acupressure in a more visual and intuitive way. Theapp wascreated alongside specialists in the field ofacupuncture,acupressure and reflexology and co-created byTotalHealth anacupuncture institute. Acupuncture points can also beused inacupressure or reflexology massage or even martial arts.Thisacupuncture app is meant as a learning aid or study tool, thatisfully interactive and in 3D, which should aid in getting abetterunderstanding of the flow of meridian channels andacupuncturepoint locations in 3D (which is easier than studyingacupuncturefrom books or 2D charts/diagrams). The app will befurther updatedin the future to contain even more information.Please let us knowif you have any ideas or comments. Terms ofuse:
Jain Chumbak
The highly effective and beneficial Jain Reflexology evolved byusafter extensive research and development and is theadvancedversion of Reflexology Acupressure therapy. For fast resultusingmicro magnets.
Acupressure: Heal Yourself 3.0
AM Mobile
Feeling run down with everyday stresses? Pressure points are agreatway to release nerve endings and ease tension in the body forallover spiritual and physical comfort. You can also useself-massageof points to relieve anxiety and to help you get tosleep atnight."Acupressure: Heal Yourself" is easy to use appwithillustrated instructions how to make point massage,completelyoffline, does not require Internet connection.Acupressure is anancient healing art that uses the fingers to presskey points onthe surface of the skin to stimulate the body'snaturalself-curative abilities. When these points are pressed,theyrelease muscular tension and promote the circulation of bloodandthe body's life force to aid healing. Foremost among theadvantagesof acupressure's healing touch is that it is safe to doon yourselfand others - even if you've never done it before. Youcan also useself-acupressure to relieve anxiety and to help you getto sleep atnight.App contains over 90 points combinations to beused indifferent situations e.g. to relief the headache, to giveupsmoking, to reduce high blood pressure etc. All thecombinationsare present in the following groups: • Maintaininghealth; •Emergencies; • Stop addictions; • Pain relief; • Senseorgansdisorders; • Circulatory disorders; • Digestive disorders;•Respiratory disorders; • Urinary disorders; •Reproductivedisorders; • Other common disorders.This application isnot asubstitute for medical advice. Users of the applicationshouldconsult their healthcare professional before making anyhealth,medical or other decisions based upon the data containedherein.This application is intended for educational purposes only.Personsusing the data within for medical purposes should not relysolelyon the accuracy of the data herein. Any and all liabilityarisingdirectly or indirectly from the use of this application isherebydisclaimed. The information herein is provided 'AS IS' andwithoutany warranty expressed or implied. All direct, indirect,special,incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising fromany useof this application or data contained herein is disclaimedandexcluded.
Credihealth - Aapka Health Partner 4.7.03
Credihealth is Aapka Healthcare Partner for all your medicalneeds.From doctor appointment,doctor advice,onlineconsultation,doctorconsultation at top hospitals to onlinemedicines, homecare anddiagnostic test booking, Credihealth app haseverything to help youtake care of your health With Credihealth youcan : ★Find andconsult doctors, get doctor advice,consultations andhospitalappointment across specialities and cities. ★You can finddoctorsnear me in hospitals near me and get free doctorconsultation atselected hospitals using the Credihealth doctorconsultation app★Get medical services at home from professionalmedical experts★You can book doctor appointment and get medicaladvice inhospitals like Medanta,Fortis,Apollo,Columbia Asia &more usingthe hospital appointment booking app ★Become a Crediplusmember andavail first free consultation at selected hospitals ★Buymedicinesonline with exciting discounts and offers. ★Bookdiagnostic testsat diagnostic labs and diagnostic centres near youat excitingdiscounts & offers. ★Find doctor and top specialistdoctorsacross specialities & specialists likeCardiologist,Oncologist, Neurologist, Gastroenterologist,Gynecologist,GeneralPhysician, Diabetologist,Dermatologist &much more. Finding theright doctor for your medical treatment isnow easy withCredihealth From a regular checkup to surgeries andmedicalprocedures,Credihealth is your doctors app for findingdoctorsonline and consultation. We have a wide network of verifieddoctorsand hospitals across India to help you search doctoronline,bookdoctor appointment,consult a doctor,get doctoradvice,medicalconsultation & more. Homecare: Get medicalservices fromprofessional medical experts at your home Weunderstand that thereis nothing like home & to get you wellsoon, we provide medicalservices from professional medical expertsat your home. Crediplus: Exlclusive healthcare membership for youand your family Become acrediplus member and avail excitingbenefits on your appointmentbooking,medicine orders and more.Getcashback on every appointmentyou book through CredihealthHealthcare Articles : For readingeverything about healthcare Yourultimate destination for all thehealthcare information, medicalinformation and everything relatedto healthcare, medicine anddiagnostic. View the latest health newsand explore articles onfitness, diet, nutrition, parenting,pregnancy, diseases and healthyliving and much more on Crediblog.Order Medicines Online : Whentime is money and health is onpriority Not able to take out timeand visit the medicine store toget all the medicines that have beenadvised to you? Don’t youworry! Credihealth is your online medicalstore for all yourmedicine needs. Order medicines online atCredihealth or on theCredihealth app and get exciting discounts& offers with ahassle free door step delivery of medicines.Video consult :Convenient and quality medical treatment at yourplace Want adistant relative or parents in your hometown to consultthe bestdoctor? Credihealth’s online consultation helps you consultwiththe best doctor in the town. You can consult doctors onlinewhilesitting at home. Book appointment & consult doctorandspecialists-CardiologistOncologist(cancerspecialist),Neurologist,Gastroenterologist,Gynecologist,GeneralPhysician,Diabetologist,Dermatologistandmuch more. Download theapp to explore all the features andexperience medical service atit’s best. We would love to hear fromyou! Drop us a feedback or aquery at more about us at :https://www.credihealth.comCrediBlog:
Learn Acupressure Basics 8.0
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Learn Acupressure Basics provides you various important points&tips to simplify concept of Acupressure. Our AcupressureBasics isthe best app which will help you to get all informationaboutacupressure points.Acupressure is based on the concept oflifeenergy which flows through meridians in the body. Intreatmentphysical pressure is applied to acupuncture points withthe aim ofclearing blockages in this meridians. Pressure may beapplied byhand, by elbow, or with various devices. Some medicalstudies havesuggested that acupressure maybe effective at helpingmanage nauseaand vomiting ,for helping lower back pains, tensionheadaches,among other things although such studies have been foundto have ahigh likelihood of bias. Using this application you willget toknow the all information about acupressure points.Acupressurebasic app is best for you and it has following topics :- 5 SimpleAcupressure points for Anxiety and Stress. - 5 SimpleAcupressurePoints for Diabetes - Most Popular Acupressure Points -5 MostEffective Points - Best Acupressure Points for Weight Loss-Acupressure Points for Colds and Flu - Insomnia and SleepDisordersAcupressure Points and Tips - How to Use Acupressure toInduceLabour - Foot Reflexology : Simple foot reflexology points-Acupressure Points for Relieving Constipation - How toUseAcupressure Points for Migraine Headaches - 3 AcupressurePointsfor Beautiful, Healthy Skin - 5 Simple acupressure pointsforheadache - Acupressure Points for Relieving Hangovers -AcupressurePoints for Relieving Acne, Pimple and Other SkinProblems -Acupressure Points for Sinus Problems and NasalCongestion -Acupressure Points for Relieving Toothaches and thepain associatedwith gum disease - Acupressure Points for RelievingLower BackAches - Acupressure Points for Relieving Shoulder Tension-Acupressure Points for the Hands - Acupressure Points forRelievingCramps and Spasms - Acupressure Points for RelievingStomachaches,Indigestion, and Heartburn - How to Use AcupressurePoints for FootPain - 5 Easy Acupressure Points For Back Pain andLower BackachesFeatures of Learn Acupressure Basics : 1. It haseasy interface touse. You can easily see all topics that you canlearn and switchbetween them. 2. Awesome interface that will giveyou greatexperience while learning acupressure points. 3. Searchforspecific health related problem.Get the list of points onyourhands and feet associate with the aliment. 4. You can alsosharethe link of Acupressure basic app with your friends,family,relative is via Facebook WhatsApp and Twitter. 5. Our appwillprovide you all information about science of acupressure,featuresof acupressure and instruments required to apply pressureto thepressure points. We are always striving to provide the bestuserexperience for our user. We are also looking for yourfeedbacksuggestion or recommendation. Please feel free to email so we can continue to bring you thebestexperiences and updates.
Hospital Rush : Simulator Game
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Hospital Rush : Simulator Game with More Fun, More Patients,MoreTreatments!!! Amazing fun hospital nurse simulator kidsgame.Turnyourself into a professional star doctor, operate your ownclinicand hospital, cure different kinds of patients withvariousdiseases along with your assistant nurse! Unlock them andprogressfor more treatments like, killing bacterias, tummy cure,bonestreatment, dentist treatment and much more. Cure your waythroughthe quirkiest and funniest diseases in Hospital Rush :SimulatorGame .The ultimate nurse simulator hospital game where youcure,manage and maintain your very own hospital ! In thisrealisticsimulation game, your objective is cure patients and toput yourmedical facility at the number one spot in the worldhospital. Withaddictive and fast-paced gameplay, a fun soundtrack!Play as abudding doctor and prove your healthcare prowess throughcarefulprioritization and diagnostic skills. Can you handle yourhospitalor handle the hospital cafeteria with best chef gordonramsay ?Patients Treatment - Eye Care- Tummy Care- Medicines -Injections -Body Maze- Dentist TreatmentHave you got what it takesto becomethe world’s hospital manager? You can be a real doctor inthisamazing nurse simulator game !
Therapy: Hand massage 1.1
Learn hands reflexology with this great app!Reflexologyorreflexotherapy is an ancient technique of treating ailmentsanddiseases through the application of massage on specific pointsofthe feet, hands, ears, etc., to achieve beneficial effects oneveryorgan of the body.Reflexology has been used to relieveailmentssuch as headache, back pain, constipation, menstrualcramps,asthma, etc.The reflex zones used in the foot massage arewellknown, however, sometimes you can not apply yourself amassagetherapy foot: as when you're at the office, on the street,etc.Therefore, this application lets you quickly and accuratelyknowwhat the appropriate pressure point on the hands to achievethesame effects, so that therapeutic massage can apply at anytime,easily and discreetly, without relying on someone else .Thehandmassage, in addition to relaxation and well-being, can be usedtohelp other people, or even to maintain a beautiful andromanticmoment with your partner.*** Some features of theapplication: ****English descriptions* Keep it simple: an animationwill show youwhere to apply the massage in each case.* Quickly andeasily findremedies for many diseases and ailments.* Locatepressure pointsreflections of each area and important organ.* Learnthe history ofreflexology hand.* Study application techniques ofhand massage.*Meet the precautions and contraindications ofreflexology.Do notyou think, leads Therapy: Massage of hands inyour pocket and usereflexology to improve your welfare.***Acknowledgements ***Imagesby
com.softama.twitamaplus 2.1.6
タブ付きWEBブラウザのような使い勝手で、様々なユーザーのタイムラインや関連ページを自由に行き来することができます。「ツイタマ+」はツイタマのアップグレードバージョンです。【ツイタマとの違い】 ・画面に広告を表示しません。・登録できるアカウントが5つに増えます。 ・以下の機能と設定が利用できます。■マルチカラム・画面内に複数のタイムラインを表示。タブレット端末に最適です。■ストリーミング・検索ページをリアルタイム表示。(日本語の検索はハッシュタグのみ)・新着ツイートを自動スクロールして表示します。※ストリーミングにはWiFi接続が必要です。モバイル回線では利用できないのでご注意ください。--------------------Android 4.xをお使いの方へ最近Twitterの仕様が変更されたことにより、Android4.4以下の古い端末からAPIにアクセスできないことがあります。なるべくAndroid5.0以上の端末でお使いください。(将来的にはアプリの最低動作環境をAndroid5.0へ引き上げる予定です)-------------------- ツイタマ forAndroidのよくある質問は以下のリンクを参照してください。ツイタマ+へのご意見・ご感想・バグ報告などはこちらへお寄せください。 ツイッターアカウント:@softama または ハッシュタグ:#ツイタマ It is as easy to use as a tabbed webbrowser, and you canfreely move around the timeline and relatedpages of various users.Tsuitama + is an upgraded version ofTsuitama. [Difference withTsuitama] ・ Does not displayadvertisements on the screen. ・ Theaccount which can be registeredincreases to five. ・ The followingfunctions and settings areavailable. ■ Multi-column ・ Displaymultiple timelines in thescreen. Ideal for tablet devices. ■Streaming -Display search pagein real time. (Japanese search ishashtag only) ・ We automaticallyscroll and display new tweets. ※WiFi connection is necessary forstreaming. Please note that it cannot be used on mobile lines.----------------------- For Android4.x users Due to recent changesin Twitter specifications, you maynot be able to access the APIfrom Android 4.4 or lower devices.Please use Android 5.0 or higherterminal as possible. (We plan toraise the minimum operatingenvironment of the app to Android 5.0in the future)----------------------- Please refer to thefollowing link forfrequently asked questions of Tsuitama forAndroid. send feedback, comments, bugreports, etc. to Tsuitama +here. Twitter account: @softama orHashtag: # Tsuitama
Acu Homes 1.2
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Acupuncture homes are the unique treatment centres located alloverIndia. This app helps you to find an Acupuncture home near byyourlocality.
Foot Reflexology 1.25
With this application you will learn in depth what theReflexology,with explanatory videos on techniques for applyingreflexology,massage, tips, latest news and a gallery full mapimages standingin reflexology.Through Foot reflexology, relaxationand improvedblood circulation is promoted. In addition, Reflexologyis used fornumerous treatments such as reducing chronic pain,migraines,stress, fluid retention, headaches, digestive disorders,arthritis,back pain, insomnia and muscle tension among others.Learneverything you need to know about the Reflexology in a simpleandfree way.If you believe in alternative medicine ortraditionalChinese or Asian medicine, you will like this app. Useit togetherwith our apps reiki, yoga, relaxation or acupuncture.You 'll likeit.
日本日付ミニ 5.1
背景が日曜、祝日は赤、土曜は青に変化します(2x1のみ) 電池残量も表示できます(4x1のみ) 新元号 "令和"に対応しました。2021年までの祝日、年中行事情報内蔵 ウィジェットをタップすると月カレンダー(先月、今月、来月)の表示ウィジェットサイズは2x14x1 広告表示なし ウィジェット一覧に表示されない場合は、スマートフォンを再起動して下さい。 Thebackgroundturns red on Sundays and holidays, and blue on Saturdays(2x1 only)You can also display the battery level (4x1 only) Addedsupport forthe new era "Rekazu". Public information by the end ofthe year2021 View the calendar (last month, this month, next month)bytapping the widget Widget size is 2x1 4x1 No ad display If itdoesnot appear in the widget list, please restart your smartphone.
幸福の科学最新ニュース 1.1.9
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「幸福の科学最新ニュース」は、幸福の科学初の公式アプリです。関連各サイトの最新ニュースへ、ダイレクトショートカットを提供します。《主な機能》 -幸福の科学の行事、新刊、LibertyWeb等の新着ニュースを閲覧できます。 -インターネット番組「TheFACT」や、YouTube公式チャンネルに、簡単にアクセスできます。 -幸福の科学の基本教義や活動概要を紹介します。 -全国の精舎・支部マップから、お近くの支部や精舎を調べることができます。 -「本日の格言」公式メールマガジンを簡単に登録できます。"Institute for Research in HumanHappiness Latest News" is theofficial app of the Institute forResearch in Human Happinessfirst. To the latest news of eachrelated site, I will provide adirect shortcut. "Main function" - Ican view the new Institute forResearch in Human Happiness newsevents, new books, etc. ofLibertyWeb. - Internet programming suchas "The FACT", the officialYouTube channel, I can easily access. -I will introduce thesummary of activities and basic doctrine of theInstitute forResearch in Human Happiness. - You can branch fromAbode-map of thewhole country, to investigate the Abode or branchnear you. - I canhelp you get the official e-mail magazine "sayingtoday."
アサルとスパイ 20121104
企業スパイの世界へようこそ!?■タイトル:アサルとスパイ■ジャンル:ノベルゲーム      スパイ・コメディ■プレイ人数:一人■価格:フリー■ファイルサイズ:約97M■対象年齢:全年齢■難易度:簡単選択肢を選ぶタイプのノベルゲームです。どなたでもカンタンにプレイでき、空き時間のプレイなどに最適ですので、ぜひ遊んでみてくださいね!ゲームの詳細は、公式ページをどうぞ!上で動作する本家アサルとスパイがダウンロードできます。■:利用規約このソフトを利用する方は無条件に利用規約に同意したものとします。このソフトは著作権を放棄していません。お借りしている素材を除いて、著作権は「ebiKatudon」および「カツとじ和善」「えび道楽」に帰属します。また、お借りしている素材の著作権は各権利者に帰属します。このソフトを利用して起こった如何なる問題も、利用者自らの責任において解決してください。このソフトおよび各ファイルのデータ(絵・曲など)を抜き出したり、印刷などをして使用する事は禁止します。このソフト・データを無断で二次配布・再配布・第三者に渡す行為および販売・配信を禁止しています。■ゲームエンジン:NScripter        ONScripterWelcometo the world of corporate espionage! ?■ Title:Assal and spy■ Genre:novel gameSpy Comedy■ Play persons: oneperson■ Price: Free■ FileSize: about 97M■ Age: all ages■Difficulty: EasyThe type of novelgame to choose the option.Anyonecan play in easy, because it is thebest, such as in the play offree time, but please try to playit!Game more information, pleasethe officialpage! can download theupstream Assaland spy running on the PC.■: Terms of UseIf you makeuse of thissoftware assumes that you have agreed unconditionallyto our Termsof Use.This software does not have to abandon thecopyright.With theexception of the material you have borrowed,copyright belongs tothe "ebiKatudon" and "Katsu Flip Kazuyoshi,""shrimp debauchery".Inaddition, the copyright of the material youhave borrowed are theproperty of their respective owners.Anyproblems that occurred byusing this software also, please toresolve in their ownresponsibility the user.You can extract thethis software and thedata of each file (such as painting, music),it is prohibited to beused in the printing, etc..The soft datawithout permission andprohibits the actions and sales and deliverypass to the secondarydistribution and re-distribution and thirdparty.■ game engine:NScripterONScripter
楽天でんわ -番号そのままで通話料がお得-
楽天でんわは、電話回線を使って番号そのままでスマートフォンの通話料を節約できる通話アプリです。・アプリから通話するだけでスマートフォンの通話料を30秒20円(税別)→30秒10円(税別)に節約!※・月額基本料0円!使った分だけ後払い!更に最低利用期間はなし!・通話品質は普通に電話にかけた時の品質そのまま!・今お使いの090/080/070番号がそのまま電話をかける相手に表示される!・通話するほど楽天スーパーポイントが貯まる!■こんな方にオススメ! ・スマホの通話料が30秒20円(税別)のプランに申し込んでいる人・通話料定額プラン以外の人・docomo、au、softbankなどで契約している通話料が高いと感じる人・050plusを月額料金の割には活用できていないなと感じる人・LaLaCallのように050番号ではなくご自身の番号そのままで安くしたい人 ・月々の携帯代が高いと思っている人■どうして安いの?発信する時に0037-68-を自動でつけることによって、楽天グループの楽天コミュニケーションズの電話回線経由で通話ができ、通話料が国内のどこにかけても10円/30秒(税別)と半額※に、国際電話は32カ国一律10円/30秒(非課税)になります。■LINE電話やSkypeと何が違う?無料通話アプリの場合、お互いがアプリをインストールしなければならない。例え親しい間柄でもさすがにビジネスシーンで使うには気がひけます。楽天でんわなら、アプリをインストールするのは電話をかける方だけ!相手にもあなたの番号がそのまま通知されるのでかける方も受ける方も安心してご利用できます!■楽天でんわはどう使うの?①楽天でんわの利用登録をする。 →楽天会員なら簡単1分で登録可能!②楽天でんわアプリをダウンロード!③初期設定をすませて利用開始!普段スマホで電話するときと同様に相手の番号にかければ30秒10円(税別)で通話ができます!■楽天でんわの主な機能・よく使う項目からの発信 ・連絡先からの発信 ・無料通話リスト登録 ・通常発信 ・184をつけて発信・グループ機能■楽天でんわの新機能!! ・無料通話リストの時間帯指定 ・マイページへのリンク ・新しいアイコンデザイン■注意事項・110番、119番など緊急電話番号、0120などの一部の番号には発信することができません。・アプリケーションのご利用について利用規約をご確認ください。※通話料が30秒20円(税別)のプランを携帯電話事業者と契約中のお客様の場合(国際通話を除く)Rakuten Call is acall application that can save the call charge ofthe smartphonewith the number as it is using the telephone line.-Save the callcharge of the smartphone to 30 seconds 20 yen(excluding tax) → 30seconds 10 yen (excluding tax) just by callingfrom the app! ※ ・Monthly basic charge 0 yen! Pay only for what youuse! Furthermorethere is no minimum usage period! -The call qualityis the same aswhen calling a normal phone! ・ The current090/080/070 number willbe displayed as it is to the person makingthe call! ・ Rakutensuper points are accumulated so as to make acall! ■ Recommendedfor people like this! ・ A person who applies tothe plan of 30seconds and 20 yen (excluding tax) for the callcharge of thesmartphone ・ Persons other than the flat rate plan ・Person whofeels that the call charge contracted by docomo, au,softbank, high ・ Person who feels that we can not use050plus for monthlyfee ・ A person who wants to make it cheaper withhis own numberinstead of 050 number like LaLa Call ・ Person whothinks thatmonthly cell phone charges are high ■ Why is it cheap?Byautomatically attaching 0037-68- when making a call, you can makeacall via the Rakuten group's Rakuten Communications telephoneline,and the call charge will be 10 yen / 30 seconds (excludingtax) anda half price * everywhere * anywhere in the country. Thephone willbe uniform 10 yen / 30 seconds (tax exempt) in 32countries. ■ Whatis different from LINE phone and Skype? In thecase of a free callapp, each other must install the app. Even ifit's a closerelationship, I would be tempted to use it in thebusiness scene.If you use Rakuten phone, you only need to call theperson whoinstalls the app! The other party will be notified ofyour numberas it is, so you can use it with peace of mind! ■ How doyou usethe Rakuten telephone? 1 Register for use of Rakutenphone.Http:// → If you are an Rakuten member,you canregister in 1 minute! 2 Download the Rakuten call app! 3 Setup andstart using! You can make a call for 30 seconds and 10yen(excluding tax) if you call the other party's number the samewayyou normally use your smartphone. ■ Main functions of Rakuten・Dialing from frequently used items ・ Call from contact ・ Freecalllist registration ・ Normal dispatch ・ Send with 184 ・Groupfunction ■ New features of Rakuten! ! ・ Specify time zone offreecall list ・ Link to My Page ・ New icon design ■ Notes ・ You cannotmake calls to emergency numbers such as 110 and 119 or somenumberssuch as 0120. ・ Please check the terms of use for usingtheapplication. ※ In the case of customer contracting a mobilephoneoperator with a plan with a call charge of 30 seconds and 20yen(excluding tax) (except for international calls)
MH4G Skill Simulator 0.18
モンスターハンター4Gのスキルを発動させるための装備をシミュレートするツールです。不十分なデータですが、更新は随時行っていきます。※特に発掘装備は存在しないものも含まれていると思いますが、検索結果に含めたくない場合は除外設定してください。コメント等で要望を寄せていただければ検討します。不具合をコメントする場合には機種も併記していただけると助かります。よくある質問Q.ネットワークアクセスや位置情報は何に使っているの?A.アクセス許可はSDカード書き込みを除いて広告で使用しています。悪意のない利用であることは信用していただくしかありません。Q.MH4からの引き継ぎは?A.MH4版でエクスポートしたファイルはMH4G版からインポートできます。インポート・エクスポートは護石管理画面のメニューにあります。Q.エクスポートしたファイルはどこにあるの?A.SDカードのルート直下の「mh4skillsim」ディレクトリに出力されています。ファイルは上書きせず新しいファイル名を割り当てます。不要なファイルの削除は適当なアプリを使用してください。インポートもこのディレクトリから行います。Q.スキル:○○がないのですが?A.ハンタータイプを確認してください。例えば、斬れ味レベル+1(匠)は剣士用スキルですし、連発数+1(速射)はガンナー用スキルです。検索ハードキー・メニューからの検索による絞り込みも活用してください。Q.マイナススキルの指定が無効なのでは?A.マイナススキルを指定すると、そのスキルが発動しないような組み合わせを検索します。マイナススキルが発動するような検索は力不足なので赦してください。Q.シミュレート結果通りに装備してもスキルが発動しませんが?A.頭装備のキャップとヘルムを間違えていませんか?それでも発動しない場合はお手数ですがその装備の詳細をご連絡ください。Q.発掘装備もってないんだけど?A.除外設定に発掘装備があるのでチェックを外してください。「発掘」で検索してトグルすると割と簡単に全除外できます。また、バージョン0.8でハンター設定に「発掘防具を除外する」を実装しました。」Q.固定装備設定はできないのですか?A.除外設定で「全て選択」→「固定したい装備のチェックをはずす」→「トグル」で実現可能です。Q.スキルが見つけづらいです。A.検索ボタンまたはメニューボタンからの検索でスキル名や系統で検索できます。Q.スキルポイントの詳細を知りたい。A.検索結果詳細画面で右にフリックすると部位ごとのポイント表が現れます。Q.護石の管理がしづらい。A.護石一覧でメニューボタンを押すとソートや追加ができます。Q.防御力順に並べ替えたい。A.検索結果一覧画面でメニューボタンを押してください。検索中は処理の都合上、並べ替えできません。Q.手持ちの装備が検索にヒットしない。A.検索結果が多いと途中で諦めてしまいます。除外設定や防御力による足切り(0.10で実装)を使用してみてください。Q.言葉遣いが変では?A.仕様なのです。更新履歴(0.2)*データを更新しました。(0.3)*データを更新しました。*特定の防具(傾向としてリストの後半)が含まれる検索結果の詳細が見られない不具合を修正しました。(0.4)*データを更新しました。(0.5)*データを更新しました。(ありえない発掘装備も含まれてるかもしれません)*護石のスキル1の値の上限を20にしました。(上限値が判明するまでの措置です)(0.6)*データを更新しました。(発掘防具に刀匠+5は無いとのご指摘をいただいたので削除しました)(0.7)*データを更新しました。*進行度の「G★3」の上に「すべて」を追加しました。(従来は「G★3」が実質「すべて」でした)(0.8)*データを更新しました。*ハンター設定に「発掘防具を除外する」を追加しました。(0.9)* データを更新しました。(0.10)*データを更新しました。*ハンター設定に「検索結果表示設定」を追加しました。-装飾品のみ異なる組み合わせを集約する設定(一例のみ表示され、最大表示件数が増えます) -最大レベル強化後の防御力で足切りする設定*スキルポイントの詳細を表示できることをアピールするようにしました。(機能自体は初期からありましたが……)(0.11)*データを更新しました。(0.12)*データを更新しました。(0.13)* データを更新しました。(0.14)*データを更新しました。(0.15)*データを更新しました。(0.16)*データを更新しました。(0.17)*武器スロット設定の発掘武器が文字化けしていたので修正しました。Simulated It is Toa tool equippedfor making the trigger the skills of Monster Hunter4G.It is notenough data, but the update will continue to go at anytime.I thinkespecially the excavation equipment is also included ifthey do notexist ※, please exclude setting if you do not wantincluded in thesearch results.Consider if it is possible toapproach the demand inthe comments and the like.Also helpful andable to also shownmodels if you want to comment aproblem.Frequently AskedQuestionsQ. Can the network access andposition information is usedto what?A. permissions we use inadvertising, except for the SDcard write. There is only asked totrust that it is available freeof malice.It takes over fromQ.MH4?File that you exported in A.MH4edition you can import fromMH4G version. Import and export are onthe menu of Mamoru-sekimanagement screen.Where is the Q. exportedfile?A.SD it is output tothe "mh4skillsim" directory directlyunder the root of the card.File is assigned a new file namewithout overwriting. Deleteunnecessary files, please use theappropriate application. Importalso you will do from thisdirectory.Q. Skills: The But there is no○○?A. Please check thehunter type. For example, taste level +1(Takumi) Cut down is to isa swordsman for skills, volley number +1(rapid fire) is a skillfor Gunner. Please be also utilized Filterby search from thesearch hard key menu.Q. than minus skillsspecified the invalid?A.If you specify a minus skills, to find acombination like thatskill is not triggered. Please search minusskills, such as totrigger forgive because shortage.Q. does notactivate skills and beequipped to simulate as a result?A. If you donot cap and it hasnot or? Still activate the wrong helm of headequipment sorry totrouble you, but please contact us the details ofthe equipment.Q.I do not have excavation equipment?Please removethe check becauseA. there is excavation equipment to the exclusionsetting. Locateand you can easily all excluded and grouts When youtoggle the"excavation". In addition, we implement a "exclude theexcavationarmor" in version 0.8 to Hunter setting. "Q. Do not befixedequipment set?A. excluded by setting "Select All" → "Removetheequipment check that you want to fix" → It is feasiblein"toggle".Q. I am skills hard to find.A. you can search inthesearch from the search button or menu button on the skill nameorlineage.Q. I want to know the skill points of detail.A.Searchresult detail screen point table of each site and flick totheright will appear in.Q. it is difficult to manage theprotectionstone.A. You can sort and additional If you press themenu buttonon the protection stone list.Q. I want to sort thedefenseorder.Please press the menu button on the A. search resultlistscreen. The convenience of processing during the search, it cannotbe sorted.Q. hand equipment is not hit in the search.A. Whenthesearch results are often it will prematurely give up. Please trytouse (implemented in 0.10) foot cut by exclusions anddefenseforce.Q. is is a strange language?A. Ispecifications.Changelog(0.2)* Data it has been updated.(0.3)* Datait has beenupdated.* I was corrected details are not seen failureof specificarmor (the second half of the list as a trend) searchresults thatare included.(0.4)* Data it has been updated.(0.5)*Data it hasbeen updated. and (unlikely excavation equipment mighthave alsoincluded)* The upper limit of the skills one of the valueof theprotection stone it was 20. (It is a measure until the upperlimitis found)(0.6)* Data it has been updated.(I have been removedsincereceiving your pointed out that swordsmith +5 is not intheexcavation armor)(0.7)* Data it has been updated.* I addedthe"all" on the degree of progress of the "G ★ 3". (Previously "G ★3"was the real "all")(0.8)* Data it has been updated.* I addedthe"exclude the excavation armor" to the hunter setting.(0.9)* Dataithas been updated.(0.10)* Data it has been updated.* Added a"searchresult display settings" to Hunter setting. - Settingtoaggregate ornaments only different combinations (appears onlyonecase, increases the maximum display number) - Set to becutback in the defense force after the maximum level strengthening*Itis now appealing that you can see the details of the skillpoints.(Although function itself had from the initial ...)(0.11)*Data ithas been updated.(0.12)* Data it has been updated.(0.13)*Data ithas been updated.(0.14)* Data it has been updated.(0.15)*Data ithas been updated.(0.16)* Data it has beenupdated.(0.17)*Excavation weapon weapon slot set I was fixedbecause it wasgarbled.
Escape Game - Grandpa's Hobby Room 2.3
Let's escape from grandpa's Hobby Room made with beautifulgraphics.Easy escape game that you can play. Method of operation -There isan auto-save feature. · Let's examine the place to beworried abouton the screen in the tap · You can magnify items bydouble tappingitems. · You may be able to use other items forenlarged items. Andmovement is also that you can by tapping thearrow, or a specificlocation at the bottom of the screen. Andacquisition item can beselected in the tap. Items in the selectedstate, can be used bytapping a particular location. • When solvingpacked mystery, youcan get a hint by looking at the video ad.twitter : @HarukiRyoheiinstagram:@nakayubi_corp
ノートちゃん 4.0.20
ポケモンレーティングバトルでの対戦記録、KP集計を行うツールです。(サンムーン対応)相手のレート、パーティー、試合結果などを入力することで以下のデータが得られます。・対戦ログ・KP表・各種条件に合致する対戦ログの検索、戦績、KPの集計・勝率、被選出率、先発採用率等の情報・お互いのパーティーに登場するポケモンが抽出されたポケモン図鑑・ダメージ計算機能(サンムーンに対応しました)・相手のパーティーとこちらのポケモンのすばやさ比較他にも過去シーズンのレート帯別KP表(作者調べ)も参照することができます。使い方を記事にしたので使い方がよく分からないときは下記URLを参考にしてください。ポケモン名の入力について・ver3.6.3よりポケモン名の入力はオートコンプリート機能にて行われるようになり、以前のメニューキー等は廃止されました。Playrecordin the Pokemon rating Battle, it is a tool to perform aKPaggregate. (Sunmoon correspondence) Opponent of the rate,theparty, the following data by entering such as game resultsareobtained.Theissen log· KP Table· Search of the competition logthatmeets the various conditions, KOs, aggregation of KP·Winningpercentage, the election rate, information such as thestartingadoption ratePokédex of Pokemon that appear in the party ofeachother has been extractedDamage calculation function (nowsupportedSunmoon)- Opponent of the party and the quicknesscomparison hereof PokemonRate band of the other in the past seasonby KP table canbe referenced (author examined) also. Please referto the followingURL to reference when you use do not know wellsince the use inthearticle. Pokemon name· Ver3.6.3 input of Pokemon name than isnowperformed by the AutoComplete feature, it is like the previousmenukey has been removed.
ENT Doctor Treatment v1.2769
Recently the flu has become more and more serious. The hospitalENTtreatment department is really busy because there are lotsofpatients today. Our beautiful ENT doctor need one assistanttotreat her patients as soon as possible. Come to help her andbecareful to teat every patient. Measure the body temperatureforeach patient and according to their symptom to teat their nose,earor throat one by one. At last, you can dress up for the nicedoctorand decorate her working desk to make it as amazing as youcan.Features: 1. Measure each patient’s body temperature 2. Letthepatient take the test report to the ENT department 3. Treatthepatient according to their symptom carefully 4. Dressupbeautifully for the doctor 5. Help the ENT doctor to treateachpatient carefully. Decorate her working desk 5.1.0
TCM Points
★ 90 day money back guarantee ★ The #1 app in the medicalcategoryand #2 in all paid apps in the world ★ The largestacupuncturepoints database in the world ★ Full description of 390acupuncturepoints with illustrations (all regular points plus 29extrapoints). ★ Each point includes: - Original Chinese name -Meaningof the name - Point Category - Localization with highqualityimages - Point Actions - Point Indications - Point targetarea ofeffect - Unitary Channel ★ Option to add your own notesandinformation about each point. This data is sync betweenotherdevices and included in suggestions search. ★ A search forpointsuggestions according to signs, symptoms and patterns. ★Timecounters for patients rest time control. ★ Buy once and use inallyour Android phones and tablets. Acupuncture Assistant is morethanan Acupuncture Point Atlas, it has a quick search where youcanlook for any information like signs, symptoms, desiredpointactions and instantly has suggestions of the most adequatepointsfor the treatment. This Application is just starting. Newfeaturessoon! Any suggestions or complains please, feel free tocontact us: ABOUT APP PERMISSIONS:Internet: We needinternet access to backup and sync your notes (ifenabled). Accessuser data: Required by Google Drive. We do NOTaccess any of yourpersonal data.
みんなの野望Neo 戦国SLG 1.6.8
Boosim Lab
ボーシム研の道具屋シリーズスタッフが贈る、東北から九州まで、全国61ヶ国の統一を目指す、簡単操作の本格戦国シミュレーションゲームです。おかげさまでDL数8,000に到達しました。価格を315円から240円に値下げしました!■ゲームの特長・535人の武将の中から好きな武将でプレイ可能!選ぶ武将により難易度は変わります。織田信長、武田信玄、上杉謙信、伊達政宗、真田幸村、黒田官兵衛ら名将はもちろん、女性武将も登場。結婚や育児もできます。・大名ではない武将でもプレイできます。忠実な部下として昇進を目指すのも、裏切るのも思いのままです。・1565年と1582年から始まる2つのシナリオ。プレイヤーの行動次第で本能寺の変を回避することも…?・予想外のイベントが起こるストーリーモードもあります(現在14本)・上級モード、仮想モード、縛りモード、城有りモードといった各種モードが充実!・武将には布教、一揆扇動、剣術、茶道などの特技があります。・一向宗やキリスト教の布教・弾圧といった戦国時代当時の世相をリアルに再現。・トロフィー集めやクリア達成率といった、やりこみ要素満載!・武将のイラストはボーシム研の道具屋シリーズでおなじみの李央氏!・地図を直接タッチして切替や選択もできます。・戦国武将列伝で様々な武将のエピソードを読めます。■注意・画面の大きいタブレット端末の場合は、オプションでパッドタイプをタブレット用にしてください。・ダウンロード出来ない場合は、以下のページをご覧下さい。・ボタンの表示がおかしい場合は、オプション→パットタイプで、木目調ボタンを黄色ボタンに変更してください。・着信などでアプリが中断された場合は「つづきから」のオートセーブで再開できます。・お手数ですが、お問い合わせは、メールか以下の掲示板にお願い致します。・4Gamer様に記事を掲載して頂いています。イラスト担当:李央 音楽担当:ピーチタイムス Thisis an easy-to-operate real-worldSengoku simulation game aiming atunification of 61 countriesnationwide from Tohoku to Kyushu, a toolshop group staff gift fromBosim Lab. Thanks to you, we have reachedthe DL number of 8,000.We reduced the price from 315 yen to 240yen! ■ Features of thegame · You can play with your favoritewarlords from 535 warlords!Difficulty will change according to thewarlords you choose. OdaNobunaga, Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin,Date Masamune, SanadaYukimura, Kuroda Official Governor and others,as well as femalewarlords appeared. We can also marry andparenting. · You can playeven non-daimyo warlords. As a loyalsubordinate, aiming forpromotion and betraying is as it is. · Twoscenarios starting from1565 and 1582. It is also possible to avoidHonnōji 's changedepending on the player' s behavior ...? · Thereis also a storymode in which unexpected events occur (currently 14)· Variousmodes such as advanced mode, virtual mode, tied mode,castle modeare enriched! · There are special talent such aspropagation,instantiation, fencing, tea ceremony etc inwarlordsmen. -Realistically reproduce the society at the time ofthe WarringStates era such as Ichikata and Christianity propagationandcrackdown. · Containing trophy collecting and achievement rateofthe trouble, loading in elements! · The illustration ofmilitarycommander is Mr. Li's familiar with Bosim Laboratory toolshopseries! · You can also switch and select by touching themapdirectly. · You can read episodes of various warlords withSengokuCommander Commander. ■ Attention · For tablet terminals withlargescreen, please use pad type for tablet as option. · If you cannotdownload it, please see the followingpage. · If thebuttondisplay is wrong, please change the woodgrain adjustmentbutton toyellow button with option → put type. · If the applicationisinterrupted due to incoming calls etc., you can resume with"AutoSave" from "Continued". · Sorry to inconvenience you butpleasecontact us by email or the following bulletinboard. · 4 Gamer postsarticles. Illustrationcharge: LiMusic person: Peach Times
Reflexology Tutorial 1.5
Reflexology is a very effective form of therapeutic footmassage,and is a natural form of healing which uses the feet totreat theentire body. This massage technique aims to bring aboutgood healthby looking at the whole body and not just a singlepart.Reflexology is a method of activating the healing powers ofthebody and is a completely natural way of increasing circulationtothe internal organs through the feet, thereby working torestorefunction of the body to normal. The technique ofReflexologyinvolves a specialized form of compression massage,applied to thefeet (and also the hands in certain cases) with thefingers andthumbs. Every part of the body has its correspondingreflex pointon the feet (or hands). By working over the reflexareas on thefeet, imbalances in the energy pathways may bedetected. Theseenergy pathways are the longitudinal zones, whichrun throughoutthe body. Reflexology should be thought of as apreventativetreatment as the aim is to trigger the body back to astate ofequilibrium or balance and to promote good health and asense ofwell-being. One of the most important steps towardsachieving thisis through reducing stress and inducing relaxation,which is one ofthe areas where Reflexology can be most beneficial.
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 1.0.1
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 Free App!Wealllove when people around us like our friends and family smile.Butfor beautiful smile you need strong and clean teeth. Did youeverdreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctor in virtualdentistchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of your mad patients teeth.In this VirtualDentistHospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 entertaining app, youneed totake the role of best crazy mad dentist. Use all your dentalskillsto perform the fun virtual treatment of decayed teeth. Yourduty ishelp those poor patients and to bringing them back fromshock anddistress at your virtual dentist officehospital.Features:★ Selectfrom 5 adorable patients! ★ Tons ofdifferent levels and activitiesto play.★ Includes dozens of awesomemini-games.★ Fight bacteria toprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dentaltools commonly seen in aclinic.★ Select ingredients to make yourown toothpaste! ★ Superbgameplay with friendly interface.★Enjoyable kids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful highquality HD graphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements ofthis game, please feelfree to send us your feedbacks andsuggestions.
Beauty Acupressure Points ++ 0.5.1
√ Make Your Skin Look Beautiful with Traditional ChineseMassagePoints √ Easily find the right Massage Points with simpleFull HDVideoclips and Photos √ Never forget a Massage with abuilt-inReminder "In short, it [Acupressure] provides maximumbenefitswithout the dangerous side effects associated with many oftheapproaches of conventional medicine." -William MichaelCargile,B.S., D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Chairman of Research for theAmericanAssociation of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine TheBeautyAcupressure is perfectly suitable for you with theseimmediatebenefits: √ You do not need to spend time visiting adoctor. √ Youdo not need to spend a considerable amount of money. √There is nodanger of being hurt or hurt your child, infected orexperiencingpain. √ You massage the points gently with your ownfinger. √ Theapp reminds you automatically of your massageappointments. Here iswhat you can get from the App right now tomake your skin lookbeautiful: → Get an easy-to-find massage pointeach day for thenext 10 days → Get an overall order of the pointspersonallydeveloped by me to maximize the treatment effect → Getremindedevery day in order not to miss any massage to maximizethetreatment effect The massage points offered are: √especiallyeffective √ easy to find, no need for someone else'sassistance √shown with professional Full HD Photos and Videos Withthe massagepoints you will be able to:→ smooth out wrinkles→improve skincolor→ prolong tan → increase skin elasticity→ reduceskinperspiration→ reduce allergic skin reactions → strengthen thehair→improve the general well-being and moodThousands have doneitalready. Download the App now! It works also withoutinternetconnection (on the plane, abroad, on the train etc.) For aprice ofa cup of coffee, you get a proven Beauty Helper for everwith freelifelong updates containing more massage points. If youaredissatisfied with the product, let me know and you will getyourmoney worth back. Are you interested in more massage points?Shareit on my Facebook page and get people interested. The largerthefollowing, the faster you will get the update of the app.Free.Have Fun with the App! Your Dr. Bargak Have some questions?Feelfree to get in touch: -Facebook:
放置ファーム ~のんびり畑づくりゲーム~ 1.7.1
色んな作物や動物を育てて、世界一の農園を目指そう! のんびり楽しめる簡単放置育成ゲーム。スキマ時間に気軽に完全無料で楽しめます。農園を大きくしてどんどん賑やかにしていきましょう。放置ファームの主となって農園を経営する農業シミュレーションゲーム!放置で楽しめるので暇つぶしにオススメです! ■ファーム■ファームはあなたが作っていく農場です。野菜や果実、動物など色んな育て、放置するだけでお金をゲットできます。ゲットしたお金で、どんどん新しい農地を開拓していこう。農地だけではなく、ファームにある家をタップしたり、キノコや草をあつめることでお金をゲットできるよ!●野菜 ・にんじん ・じゃがいも・キャベツ ・トマト ・トウモロコシ ・かぼちゃ ●果実 ・りんご ・ぶどう ・バナナ ・もも ●動物・豚 ・牛 ・ニワトリ・ひつじ など ■ショップ■ ショップでは収穫を助ける色んなアイテムを買うことができます。●強化バッジ強化バッジは農地に実った作物の収穫量を増やしてくれる重要なアイテム!収穫量の少ない作物でも強化バッジをつければたくさん収穫できるようになります。  ●設置アイテム設置するアイテムは農場の収穫量を倍にしてくれるよ。 どんどん設置して農園を賑やかにしていこう。 ・トラクター ・風車・サイロ・牧羊犬 ・ビニールハウス ・移動販売車 ・かかし ・遊覧船 ・井戸 ・噴水 ・ハチの巣箱 ・ホテル など    ■目標達成■どこまでもやりこめるボリューム満点の目標を用意しているよ。達成すればお金もゲットできるから農園を大きくするために積極的に達成しよう!■収穫祭■ 収穫祭は1時間に1回開催できる、農園のお祭り!農場から現れる野菜や牧場を横切る動物たちをたくさんタップしてお金を稼ごう!Grow a lot of crops andanimals, will aim at the world of the farm!Easy left training gamewhere you can enjoy leisurely. Served inthe feel completely free toclearance time. Let's more and morebusy to increase the plantation.Farming simulation game to run afarm become the main standing farm!So enjoy the left isrecommended to kill time! ■ farm ■ Farm is afarm where you go tomake. Vegetables and fruit, brought up manysuch animal, you canget the money by simply standing. In get themoney, let's cultivatemore and more new farmland. Not onlyagricultural land, or tap ahouse in the farm, can get the money bycollecting mushrooms andgrass! ● vegetables ·Carrot - Potatoes·cabbage ·Tomato ·corn·pumpkin ● fruit ·Apple ·Grape ·banana·Peaches ● animal ·Pig·cattle - Chicken ·sheep Etc ■ shop ■ You canbuy a lot of items tohelp harvest in the shop. ● strengtheningbadge Important itemstrengthening badge that will increase theyield of crops that grewon agricultural land! Even in low yieldcrops will be able toharvest a lot I mean a strengthening badge. ●Installation itemsItems to be installed us to double the yield ofthe farm. Let inthe bustling the farm more and more established.Tractor - Windmill·silo - Sheep dog ·vinyl house - Mobile cateringvehicles -Scarecrow - Pleasure boat ·well ·fountain - Bee hiveHotel Etc ■goals ■ It has prepared a target of volume perfect scorethat scorea point over even anywhere. Money if achieved trying toachieveaggressively in order to increase the plantation because canget! ■Harvest Festival ■ Harvest Festival will be held once perhour, afestival of the farm! Earn money by tapping a lot of animalsacrossthe vegetables and ranch emerging from the farm!
Verses and prayers of healing 1.0.6
Verses and prayers of healing and cure all diseases, the HolyQuranand Sunnah
WHAT IS THE SUJOKTHE SUJOK APP is an innovative healthcaresocialnetworking mobile application which is specially designedtoprovide natural care for your well-being. It will help youtobecome healthier and smarter for your health.Clean andClearinterface and the integrated features of the app will give youanexclusive experience which u simply love. and with 4languages(ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, HINDI, HEBREW)Мобильное приложение TheSujok(СуДжок) - инновационная, ориентированная на здоровьесоциальная сеть,специально разработанная для заботы о вашемсамочувствии. Онапоможет вам улучшить здоровье и повысить вашизнания о здоровье.Простой и понятный интерфейс, а также внедренныеприложения, дадутвам уникальные возможности, за которые вы полюбитенаш продукт. c 4языками (АНГЛИЙСКИЙ, РУССКИЙ, ХИНДИ, ИВРИТ) FeatureHighlights:Health Information : This is the prime feature of ourApp. Wewould love to connect everyone for the betterment of theirHealth.our App contains highly professional, Realtime healthinformationand self support videos for you and your loved once!!!You canaccess it by using our search engine / using searchingtool,anytime - anywhereChatting System : Yes, It containschattingsystem also. A first its kind of social networking platformwhichwill bridge you and your loved ones. Chat, share, embed andenjoyour services without any limitation. Chat with individualsandgroups. Express your love & care by sharing Sujok videosandhealth tips with your loved ones, friends, colleaguesandothers. Care & Share : Caring is our nature. Weprovideyou the health management video everyday, without fail whichcan bestored in your app account. You can see it any time anywheretohelp yourself. You can also share this videos with your friendsandwith group using this app.Databank : We have a huge databankofaccurate real time health information which support yourhealingprocess prepared by highly professional doctors, researchersfromall over the world. our experts update this databank EVERYDAYtomeet your need.It’s Free and we will keep it Free : Highlyvaluableinformation for up gradation of your knowledge and wisdomhaving a“NO COMMERCIAL VALUE” Use it as much as you want.Manymore isyet to reveal…Just be with us to shape your feature /healthysmiling life.Join us and enjoy the health embedded inyourhands.Enjoy our care, free of cost and share it with yourlovedones. We're always excited to hear from you! If you haveanyfeedback, questions, or concerns, please emailusat:help@thesujok.comEnjoy & Be healthier with TheSujokapp.(Sujok acupressure point, Headache relief with Sujok,Healingyourself , Reflexology point, First Aid with acupressure,Sujokmassage point,Sujok therapy, hand and foot acupressure,Medicalinformation, Health Guide, Daily Health tips, HealthCoach,Acupuncture point of Sujok, Sujok HealthVideo Guide)
夢のタウン誌編集部シミュレーションゲーム!テーマや切り口を決めて、読者の心をつかむステキな特集を組みましょう。取材に出かければあっと驚く特ダネをゲットしてしまうかも。ゲームを進めていくと市長からスカウトを受けて、なんと地元の町づくり事業にも参加できるようになります。「声かけ運動」「納涼浴衣コンテスト」等の公共事業や、「ファミレス」「健康ランド」等のお店の誘致が助言できて、町の更なる発展が期待できますね。はたしてキミの町のタウン誌は、どこまで発行部数を伸ばせるだろうか? --他のゲームは「カイロソフト」で検索してね。http://kairopark.jp遊んだことがあるかもしれないような無料ゲームや売り切りアプリが盛りだくさん!2Dドット絵のカイロソフトゲームシリーズだよ。最新情報はツイッターをフォローしてね。 Dream Townmagazine Editorialsimulation game! Determine the theme and cut,let's set a nicefeature to grab the reader's mind. You might getthe exclusivesurprised Jack Robinson if Dekakere to interview. Asyou completethe game in response to a scout from the mayor, howthe local townplanning business Also you will be able toparticipate. And publicworks such as "voice over exercise,""Summer Night yukata contest","family restaurant", "health land"Made advice shops attract etc.,it can be expected furtherdevelopment of the town. Would reallyTown magazine of Kimi of townis, how far can stretch thecirculation? - The other game I searchfor "Cairo soft". Lots of playing thing is suchas may be donefree games and selling out app! It Cairo soft gameseries of 2D dotpicture. We have to follow the Twitter the latestinformation.
Kids Doctor 2.2.2
Happy Duck
Hi kids,This educational fun game 'Kids Doctor' will teach howyoucan be a great kids doctor and will get you familiar withtheentire doctor's visit experience. So that you will learn howtotreat kids in a children's hospital.Weather it's a flu or abikeaccident an expert kids doctor knows exactly what to do.Childrenare coming to the clinic, some of them are injured and theymightbe afraid or puzzled. Some are suffering from variousdiseases, youneed to take on the role of a specialist kids doctorand cures sickpatients.Meet a diverse group of boys and girls inthis fundoctor's office. There will fun interactive minigames toplay andthey present various injuries like inspect arms, throatinfection,fever and much more unique injuries. These minigames willmaketreatment even more fun and will help get your hands on alltheexciting kids doctor tools.Features:★ lots of adorable smallkidsto treat.★ includes different fun minigames.★ tons of Dr.toolscommonly seen in a clinic.★ awesome gameplay with userfriendlyinterface.★ enjoyable kids sounds, animations, expressionsandbeautiful high quality HD graphics.★ includes lots of kidswithcolorful clothes, different bandages, arm plasters, syrups andmuchmore.Often, No kids like going to doctor's clinic but kidsyougonna love playing these games!Team is continuously workingforimprovements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestionsCONTACT USLet us know what youthink!Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact usathappyduckstudios2013@gmail.comLikeus:
Doctor Kids 1.48
M by Bubadu
With the help of this game you can see what is like to be adoctorand treat kids in a children's hospital. You can make themhealthyagain and put a smile back on their faces. Children arecoming tothe clinic and they need your help to get better. Once youappointthe little patients to the right doctor’s office, you canhave funplaying interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.Gamepresents different kinds of doctors and treatments, withmanycolorful objects to match patients’ characteristics. Everydoctor’soffice includes a unique minigame to make treatment evenmore fun.And don’t forget about the ambulance car that is always ina hurry.Within this game, you can do the following: Appoint yourpatientsto the dentist to brush and fix their broken teeth.Diagnosepatients to heal them from strange diseases. Make aneyeexamination test to improve kids’ eyesight. Use a microscopetomake some lab tests and eliminate viruses. Use the X-ray machinetoscan bones. Drive an ambulance car and give first aid topatients.Treat an ear infection and take a hearing test in theXylophoneminigame. Features: • beautiful high quality HD graphics•intuitive, easy to use user interface • infinite gameplaywithnumerous combinations • many different patients in variousclothes• offers 7 unique doctor’s offices: dental care, eye check,skinrashes cure, lab test and X-ray, ear doctor, ambulance carwithemergency room (ER doctor) • includes 7 thematic minigames •tonsof colorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrupflavoursThis game is free to play but certain in-game items andfeatures,also some of those mentioned in game description, mayrequirepayment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Pleasecheckyour device settings for more detailed options regardingin-apppurchases. The game contains advertising for Bubadu’sproducts orsome third parties which will redirect users to our orthird-partysite or app. Privacypolicy: Terms ofservice:
WCCFApp 2.0.6
セガのスポーツカードゲームWCCFの管理アプリです。主な機能として『カード検索』『コレクション管理』『チーム管理』『データバックアップ』を実装しています。【カード管理】 ・各種条件検索 ・13-14対応 ・レアKP、コンビネーションKP対応 ・スーパーサブ、キャプテンシー対応 ・ビッグマッチプレイヤー、ジャイアントキラー対応 ・コレクション管理 【チーム管理】 ・メンバー編成 ・フォーメーション編成 ・KP指定【データ管理】 ・カードデータ更新 ・データバックアップ(保存・読み込み) ※『内部・外部ストレージへの書き込み権限』を使用していますItisa Sega sports card game WCCF management app. It providesanimplementation of the "card search," "collection management","teammanagement", "data backup" as the main feature.[Cardmanagement]·Various conditions Search· 13-14 correspondenceRea KP,KPcombination correspondingSuper sub, captain SeacorrespondenceBigmatch player, giant killercorrespondenceCollection management[Teammanagement]MemberorganizationFormation organization· KPspecified[DataManagement]Card data updateData backup (save andload)I am using ※the "write access to the internal and externalstorage"
Marbel - Hospital Adventure 2.0.3
Educa Studio
This application could develop kids' empathy with others byplayingas a doctor and curing patient in hospital. Be a good doctorandget the adventure. Create lovely healthy hospitalityhospital.FEATURES: - Heal the burn injury caused by cooking - Helpcuteanimal who has fever - Be a good doctor by fixing the brokenbone -A good dentist must be able to cure toothache - Check thepatient'sear - Using eyedropper to get clear vision. - Don't forgetto bathethe patient - Be careful, someone is allergic, let's curehim. - Bebest of the best nurse in the world. ABOUT MARBEL &FRIENDSMarbel & Friends is a special game for kids aged 6-12yearsold. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus onlearningapplication, Marbel & Friends focus on game. However,thisapplication still has learning value for kids. For example,Sasalearn about professions through simulation game, learn lovingpetsand other animals, learn creativity, and many more. SUPPORTTHEAPPLICATION DEVELOPMENT We appreciate your suggestion, so don'tbehesitate to send it to: # Email: support@educastudio.comMoreInformation about Marbel: # Website: #Facebook: # Twitter:@educastudio #Instagram: Educa Studio For moms who love playingwith kids, give atry to play Marbel. Besides happines, kids willalso get knowledge.Learn while playing? Why not? Let's accompanyour kids studying withMarbel.
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app 1.0.2
Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor - free app, the BESTandroideducational and learning fun app for kids!Hi kids,Thiseducationalfun game 'Little Kids Hospital Emergency Doctor' willteach how youcan be a great kids doctor and will get you familiarwith theentire doctor's visit experience. So that you will learnhow totreat kids in a little children's emergencyhospital.Features:★Tons of different levels to play.★ includesdozens of awesomemini-games.★ lots of Dr. tools commonly seen in aclinic.★ superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ enjoyablekids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.★includes lots of kids with colorful clothes, differentbandages,arm plasters, syrups and much more.Team is continuouslyworking forimprovements of this game, please feel free to send usyourfeedbacks and suggestions.
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure 1.0.4
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure Free App!Heykidswe all love when people around us like our friends andfamilysmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth. Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctorinchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of patients teeth.In this crazy dentistclinichospital entertaining app, you need to take the role of bestcrazydentist. Use all your dental skills to perform the funtreatment ofdecayed teeth. Your duty is help those poor patientsand tobringing them back from shock and distress.Features:★ Selectfrom 4adorable patients! ★ Tons of different levels and activitiestoplay.★ Includes dozens of awesome mini-games.★ Fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dental tools commonly seen inaclinic.★ Select ingredients to make your own toothpaste! ★Superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ Enjoyable kidssounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements of this game,please feelfree to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.