Top 46 Games Similar to Tora The Runner | Casual game

Onet Fruit
Onet Fruit is classic yet innovative casual game!Connect 2matchingfruit cards using three or fewer straight lines to clearfruitcards, clear all match pairs to go next stage.
Bird Mania 2018
Bird Mania 2018 is a very addictive free casual game. This gameisdifferent from other match 3 games, such as smash candyorcookie,Bird Mania 2018 gives you a new casual game world, thisgamecan help you to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears,alsocool boosters and crazy explosion!* You also need thebirds’sability to blast the forest devils! * Bird Mania 2018 cancrush theice and get the fish and then feeds the lovely cats, Thisis a veryinteresting.* Bird Mania 2018 also can help the bear toharvest itsfruit or yummy nuts!The Bird Mania 2018 features:* Over550 levels,more on the way* Numerous of in-game characters , hopeyou willlove them- New feature: icy shot (enjoy with Bird Mania2018 freefall now)- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar,free falland sweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% Bird Mania2018 freegame to play and enjoy with fall in loveBird Mania 2018FREE toplay with FREE updates including new levels, obstacles,treats, andmore every week!Match 3 games have never been so sweet!Last butnot least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who hasplayed BirdMania 2018 for free! 

New - Bird Mania
Bird Mania is a very addictive free casual game. This gameisdifferent from other match 3 games, such as smash candy orcookie,Birds Mania gives you a new casual game world, this game canhelpyou to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears, alsocoolboosters and crazy explosion!* You also need the birds’sability toblast the forest devils! * Bird Mania can crush the iceand get thefish and then feeds the lovely cats, This is a veryinteresting.*Bird Mania also can help the bear to harvest its fruitor yummynuts!The Bird Mania features:* Over 500 levels, more on theway*Numerous of in-game characters , hope you will love them-Newfeature: Collect candy boom, icy shot (enjoy with Bird Maniafreefall now)- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar, freefalland sweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% Bird ManiaMatch freegame to play and enjoy with fall in loveBird Mania FREEto playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and moreevery week!Match 3 games have never been so sweet! Last butnotleast, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedBirdMania for free! 

Bird Legend
Bird Legend is a very addictive free casual game. This gameisdifferent from other match 3 games, such as smash candy orcookie,Bird Legend gives you a new casual game world, this game canhelpyou to pass time with lovely birds, cats and bears, alsocoolboosters and crazy explosion!* You also need the birds’sability toLegend the forest devils! * Bird Legend can crush the iceand getthe fish and then feeds the lovely cats, This is averyinteresting.* Bird Legend also can help the bear to harvestitsfruit or yummy nuts!The Bird Legend features:* Over 550levels,more on the way* Numerous of in-game characters , hope youwilllove them- New feature: icy shot (enjoy with Bird Legend freefallnow)- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar, free fallandsweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% BirdLegend free gameto play and enjoy with fall in loveBird Legend FREEto play withFREE updates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and moreevery week!Match 3 games have never been so sweet! Last butnotleast, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedBirdLegend for free! 

Cat Bubble Match 3
Top Free # 3 casual gameJoin the exciting bubble match 3galacticadventure! Pop bubbles, collect the lightnings and winlevels. Doyou love online puzzle games?Can’t get enough of excitingbrainteasers?Then this app is simply perfect for you!cat bubbleMatch 3is an addictive bubble shooter game with hundreds ofchallenginglevels to satisfy your itch for fun puzzles and brainteasers!Startthe thrilling adventure today and explore plenty ofstarry levelspacked with awesome power-ups and challengingpuzzles.Thanks forplaying and enjoy the game!When playing you alsoneed good strategythinking, you must use the balls of the rightcolor and match 3bubbles, use free items or you can buy them in theshop to increasethe power to complete the task in a way. Easier andfaster.
Fruits Garden Mania
Here comes the new adorable fruits match-3 game. Swap andmakemouthwatering lines of 3 or more cute cropsies to solve100+amazing puzzles. Plunge into Fruits Garden Mania and stock uponsweet tomatoes, beckoning blueberries, ripe carrots, greenpeppers,violet broccoli and cuteturnips.===========================================✦ 144 deliciouslevels -challenging and uniquely fun✦ March through 3 delightfulmaps- Broccoli Lane, Radish Clouds, Veggie Meadow✦Match3 or more cropsies to collect appetizing fruits and veggies✦Gathervarious cropsies to win tasteful levels before you run outof moves✦Powerful boosters, amazing props, interesting obstaclesskyrocketyour fun✦ Cute veggies and adorable cropsies graphics ✦Enjoyclassic and addictive match-3 gameplay for FREE✦ Easy toplay, hardtomaster============================================JoinFruitsGarden Mania now! I want all those cropsies!
Bird Blast Match 3
Bird Blast Match 3 is a very addictive free casual game. Thisgameis different from other match 3 games, such as smash candyorcookie, Bird Blast Match 3 gives you a new casual game world,thisgame can help you to pass time with lovely birds, cats andbears,also cool boosters and crazy explosion!* You also need thebirds’sability to blast the forest devils! * Bird Blast Match 3 cancrushthe ice and get the fish and then feeds the lovely cats, Thisis avery interesting.* Bird Blast Match 3 also can help the beartoharvest its fruit or yummy nuts!The Bird Blast Match 3features:*Over 300 levels, more on the way* Numerous of in-gamecharacters ,hope you will love them- New feature: Collect candyboom, icy shot(enjoy with Bird Blast Match 3 free fall now)- Match3 games filledwith ice candy, sugar, free fall and sweet treatsawait!- Adventurethrough hundreds of delectable fantasy levels-Addicting frenzygames and mini games take you on the adventure of alifetime!-Collect sugar drops to advance along the sugar track forspecialsuprises!- 100% Bird Blast Match 3 free game to play andenjoy withfall in loveBird Blast Match 3 FREE to play with FREEupdatesincluding new levels, obstacles, treats, and more everyweek!Match3 games have never been so sweet! Last but not least, abig THANKYOU goes out to everyone who has played Bird Blast Match 3forfree! 

Candy Sweeten - Match 3 Fever & Matching Adventure
Play this candy match 3 casual game!Candy Sweeten, crush match3game, blast candies in candy dreaming kingdom!Challenge friendsandjoin adventure game players worldwide on an epicpuzzlequest.Sweeten the value of neighboring yummy or colorfulcookiecandies to be candy fever blasting.Solve perplexing puzzles,andcraft your own scrumptious candy spells, and get excellentorgreat!Poping the fantastic fun world of delicious fruitcandy,simply slide the rows or columns to match groups of 3 or moresamecandies.Show your matching skill with protagonist ofLolita:-Journey the lollipop-candy wonderland, explore wondrousdeliciouslyplaces.- Thousands of fun levels filled with vividelements, greatpuzzles.- Crush sweet candies in this Wonderfulisland, Unlock theFree chest, it's extremely addictive!Fun game forfree: Match 3candies and unlock new dreaming world!Match 3 candypuzzle games:Matching games with colorful candies.Epic adventurequest forcandy: Earn extra lives and other sweet rewards in thisfun gamewith power-ups!Features:- Delicious sweet candies, Yummy!-Kinds offree Lollipops, windmill, Whirlwind sugar.- Stunningeffects andVivid graphics.- Challenge friends in leaderboard!GetReady for thedreaming happiness with Candy Sweeten? Download thecasual gameapp, join all the sugary Lolita in epic wonderland.
Big Fish Games App
Discover new Big Fish games for your Android devices! Be thefirstto know about new releases, see recommended games, and searchforgames with ease all with one app! Big Fish is THE place to findthebest high-quality, immersive game experiences with no virtualitemsand no interruptions. Try each one free, unlock it once, andown itfor life!With the Big Fish Games app, you are instantlyconnectedwith all of the fun, high-quality games in the BigFishcatalog!Download the Big Fish Games App and stayup-to-date!Sign upnow for our newsletter and never miss a newrelease or promotionagain: BigFish Games, a leadingdeveloper, producer, and publisher of puzzle,adventure, casual,card & and casino games.VISITUS:http://www.bigfishgames.comWATCHUS: TOUS:
Toy Crush
Best Casual Matching Game Ever Click on any 2 adjacent toy cubesofthe same. Enjoy the amazing toy world in Toy Crush! How toPlay-Tap 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same to crush- Break upeggs tocollect gummy bears- Achieve required score to pass levels,no timelimit- The more cubes get crushed each move, the higherscore youwill getToy Crush Features- 144 brand new levels which arefull ofinteresting toys- Popular and classic gameplay- Colorfulanddelicate cubes design - Whip your way through Easter Town,IcicleTunnel and Jelly Maze- Build up your toy block by collectingmorecubes- Playing addictive game for FREEAll toy lovers! Collectasmany wonderful toys as you want in Toy Crush!
Fruit Yummy - Juice Mania Jam
Start your addiction to the delicious fruit match 3 casualgame.Dash through the puzzles alone or challenge friends to see whocanget the highest score with many type of mission:- Mostsimple:Fruit Match 3 same color or more to get enough score ofmission-Harvest Quest: collect enough type fruits in target.- MinerType:you must dig a some line to pass this mission, every level,youmust dig a certain line.- Sand Breaking: identical positionofsand, and match fruit at those position to break sand-Collectcookie: you must swap how to bring the cookie to the bottomline tocrush them.If you are a fan of match 3 puzzle, Fruit Yummy -JuiceMania Jam is the perfect game for you! Try to get all stars ineachlevel to beat leader board and walk through more than 500+levelsin this fruit trip puzzle adventure. And in your journey, youwillmeet obstacle prevent you achieve the target, but don't worry,ifyou meet a difficult mission, the little cow milk in thisfarmmania will give you booster to help you easier than to crushfruitsand harvest them in the same time, you could use it in anytime youwant:- Glove: harvest one of type orange, strawberry,lemon, ...-Refresh: exchange all position in garden.- Grave: fruitblast acolumn.- Trowel: fruit blast a row.- Pop Blast: harvestthree rowand column in farm.How to Play:- Swipe fruit in link 3same coloror more to break it.- Match-3 or more fruits of the sametype fruitto eliminate the color.- Match more than 3 to makespecial fruitslike bomb and blaster, even amazing magic.- Match 4candies orfruits will create blaster could be blast entire row orcolumn-Match T-Shaped or L-Type fruits to create bomb.- Use yourskills atsolving puzzle games to help you beat levels and explorecolorfulcities around the globeFeatures:- Tired of the same fruitjuicegame? Fruit Yummy - Juice Mania Jam is unique puzzle questgame.-Battle challenge with top players, who are best of the best.-Betcoin for challenge other players depend on your talent andskill-Stunning graphics, smooth juice splash animation.- SolveDailyEvents & collect resources and rewards- Easy and fun toplay,but hard to earn 3 stars, and more difficult challenge tomaster .-Everyday, you will give a bonus item or bonus coin, theywill helpyou pass level easier.- You can link with your friend insocialnetwork to play together and help them.- Go top and becomelegend,a juice jam heroes.- Travel from garden to jungle, anytime!Earntravel vouchers to unlock the city of your choice.- ChallengeOver500 challenging exciting levels across dozens exoticgarden.-Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full gamefeatureswhen connected to the Internet.- Unlock unique boosts toget rid ofblocks: Shuffle, Lightning, Shovel, and more!- Connectsocial andplay with friend, help them, send them more live or sendrequest tothem. With every friend you invited, you will receive ancertaincoin, play with friend, more fun, and more exciting.- Slotmachine,extra lucky with free everyday.Please note:Fruit Yummy -JuiceMania Jam is completely free to play, but some in-game itemssuchas extra moves or lives will require payment.If you haveanyfeedback or meet any problem when playing game, please let usknowby contact via email.Enjoy Fruit Yummy - Juice Mania Jam andhavefun!Candy Match 3 King.
Tasty Treats Blast - A Match 3 Puzzle Games
Enter the sweetest adventure and travel through magical landsofcandy-like treats.Match, splash and crush two or more blocks ofthesame color to clear the level with your furry best friends!Makethe most delicious combinations and get through challenginglevelsfull of fun! Smash fruits together and match the raresttreats tofeed your animal friends. Remember, they don’t all eat thesame!Jam, jelly,popcorn, cupcakes and more treats are on the menuforyou to discover in this land of tasty,tastytreats!*******************************************************************************************TheSWEETESTWAY to Play: PLAY WITH FRIENDS -Show off your gamingprogress on theleaderboard to your friends! Beat your friends’score on every leveland keep track of it!WONDERFUL BOOSTS! -BLASTthrough Gummies withease with powerful combos and specialpieces!THE BEST LEVELS-HUNDREDS of levels to beat and NEW LEVELSadded every week!Syncbetween devices and play anywhere, anytime!Over 500 levels packedwith fruits, candy, gummies, jam and moretreats for you and yourfurry friends! Start yourdeliciousadventurenow!********************************************************************************************FollowTasty Treats on Facebook for more bonus! Enjoythesweetness! in touch: Please note thatTasty Treats is acompletely FREE match 3 puzzle game. It’s free todownload and play,but there are game items available for purchasewith real money.
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2017 is a very addictive match 3 game. DownloadJewelsStar 2017 for fun now.How to play- Match 3 or moreidenticaljewels.- Match the jewels until the board transparency,the jewelsstar will appear.- Make the jewels star down to last lineto passthe level.Tips: Complete the game as soon as possible to getmaxbonus scoreYour mission is to win Jewels Star 2017, pass thelevelsand try to get three stars for each level.Features- More than300exciting levels- Match 4 jewels to win the jewel's bomb and1lighting.- The timing bonus can extend the playing time.- Match5jewels to win color-changing jewels and 2 lighting.- Everymatchfrom 3 jewels you will accumulate energy for mighty bomb,thathelps to destroy obstacles for you.- For the chained jewel, youcaneliminate the jewels around to unlock it.- For the frozenjewel,you can eliminate the jewels around to release it.- The bombbonuscan eliminate the jewels around.- The lightning jewel caneliminatejewels in one row.Let's go to a Jewels Star 2017 journeyfrom yourMarble Diamond kingdom while you are solving Fun Match 3puzzlesacross 300 exciting levels full of beautiful Gem islands,JewelForest, frozen ice river, colorful Diamond fields andHistoricalTreasure.
Candy Bug Mania
The happy Candy Bug Mania love spending their days relaxing intheirlush paradise. Tall trees shelter their nests and keep theair freshand clean. But the Bug Mania have other plans for theForest. Jointhe forest animals in their fight to take down theBoss Beaver andhis minions. They will help you blast your waythrough the obstaclesthe Beavers have created for you.Play CandyBug Mania today and makethe Beavers pay!Match 3 Features:◆Exciting match 3 puzzle game playwith hundreds of unique levels◆Amazing power-ups and combos◆Restore the forest and the animalhomes◆ Easy game to learn, yetchallenging to masterExtraFeatures:◆ Cool rewards! ◆ Play offline!◆Support on multipledevices and platforms!Candy Bug Mania : Match 3Game is an easy andfun puzzle match game for the whole family toenjoy! Download forfree today and jump into the match 3 fun!
Sweet Fever
Big fan of playing candy puzzle games? Sweet Fever isperfectlysuitable for you and all your friends. Arrange at least 3identicalcandies in line to blast, reach the target score andcollectcookies and lollipops to help you move to the nextcompellinglevel. Features:- Addictive and irresistible match 3gameplay-Enjoy 240 levels of thrilling fun- Travel though 5 brandnewsceneries: - Smart power-ups- Unique obstacles: cake,chocolate,ices etc. - Well-designed UI and cool effects- Simple andfun tostart, yet challenging to master- Play anywhere and anytime-AllfreeEnjoy this amazingly fantastic candy realm!
Jewels Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018 is another classic puzzle match3 game now launchonGoogle Play.Do you remember Classic Jewels games? This is ournewversion about gems. It plays just like Jewel Star, but has abigupdate you will find in the game. It is also designed withstunninggraphics effects and challenging level, with two modesArcade andClassic .Try to get highest score at each level todigging to maniatreasure .It will provide you a very funny andchallenging time.-How to play:☆ Match 3 or more identical jewelsin a row to removecells☆ Match the gems until the boardtransparency, the jewel starwill appear.☆ Make the star down tolast line to pass the level.-Game features:★★★ Arcade Mode ★★★:More than 300+ challenging levelsand many pretty worlds in thegame.☆ Match 3 to clear the cells☆Match 4 can win the jewel bomband 1 lighting.☆ Match 5 can wincolor-changing jewel and 2lightings.☆ Specials Items☆ The bomb caneliminate the jewelsaround.☆ The energy can eliminate to any othercolored.☆ The timingcan extend the playing time. ★★★ Classic mode★★★◆ 8 differentdiamond style and many special items (lightningblaze, blast bomb,colorful star, combo time...)◆ Stunning graphicsand effects , trapand boost itemsLet's play Jewels Star 2018 torelax and subjugateyour Everest!Thanks for playing Jewel Star2018!Jewels Star 2018 ismatch3 Reviews another classic puzzle gamenow launch on GooglePlay.Do you remember games Classic Jewels? Thisis our new releaseabout gems. It plays just like Jewel Star goal:has a big updateyou will find in the game. It est aussi designedgraphics withstunning effects and challenging level, with two modesArcade andClassic TRY format climate to get at Highest score Eachlevel todigging mania to treasure.It will Provide you a very funnyandchallenging time.- How to play:☆ Match 3 or more identiquesjewelsin a row to remove cells☆ Match the gems up to theboardtransparency, the jewel star will APPEAR.☆ Make the star downtolast line to pass the level.- Game features:★★★ ★★★ ArcadeMode:More than 300+ challenging levels and pretty Many worlds inthegame.☆ Match 3 to clear the cells☆ Match 4 can win the AFC bomband1 lighting.☆ Match 5 can win color-changing jewel and 2lightings.☆Specials Items☆ The bomb can Eliminate the jewelsaround.☆ Theenergy can Eliminate to-any other colored.☆ The timingcan extendthe playing time.★★★ ★★★ Classic mode◆ 8 different styleanddiamond Many special items (lightning blaze, bomb blast,colorfulstar, combo time ...)◆ Stunning graphics and effects, trapandboost itemsLet's play Jewels Star 2018 to relax and subjugateyourEverest!Thanks for playing Jewel Star 2018!
Candy Fever
Super big fan of delicious candy puzzle games? Match and collect3or more scrumptious candies in Candy Fever. Create sweetboostersto achieve highest score and win 3 stars with each puzzle.Join andspread the fun in amazing Candy Fever!- Journey throughmore than200 enchanting levels. Updates come out all the time!-Explore asweet world of delicious candies: Chocolate Villa,Ice-creamBakery, Whipped Citadel and Pastry Carnivals- Use boostersto burst5 layers cake, Jam Virus, Gummy Skull, Chocolate, Ice etc.-Showoff your gaming progress on leaderboard- Never ending funofmatch-3 puzzle game- Slide, swap, switch and match 3 or moresamesweet candies- You will be able to get a special candy if 4 ormorecandies are matched- Appetizing and delightful candy designwithsweet charm and charisma- Play anywhere anytime: Internet isnot amust- Completely FREE match 3 candy gameTry exciting CandyFeverand test your matching skill with interesting yet challengingcandylevels!
Birds Crush Match 3
birds crush match 3Birds Crush gives you a new casual gameworld,this game can help you to pass time with lovely birds, catsandbears, also cool boosters and crazy explosion!simple, fun,andcasual match 3 gameplay!rescue the birds to earnvaluablerewards!over 560 fun yet challenging levels with more tocome!callon your island friends for amazing boosters to beat eventhe mostchallenging puzzles!explore new islands with unique puzzlesandgame mechanics!check back often for events, free rewards andnewlevels!
H5 Game Box -The best casual game center!
Millions of players recommend, beyond the historical and sweepofthe world, the year's most eye-catching leisure game boxiscoming!H5 GameBox is an application that includes dozens offreegame style to play on your device.We offer 100+ free mobileh5games with best graphics and gameplay! PlatformFeatures:Richcontent, Lots of fun, Extreme classic, Instant update,Completelyfree.Game Feature1.These games can be released onlinedirectly,without signup or download required.2.Enter a world ofHTML5 gamefor all ages and all tastes:3.We also add new games dailyto ensurethat you won't get bored with playing old games again andagain.4.It's 100% free and safe!5.Enjoy an amazing gameboxincluding:Action gamesArcade gamesSports gameCardgameBoardsgamePuzzle gameEasy gameBeautiful gameGirl gameStrategygameDefensegame Risk gameCool math gamesBrain gamesDress up gamesand make upgamesCooking gamesJump gamesFootball and basketballgamesZombiegamesPlay the best fun games and discover new mobilegames everyday! No additional downloads!TIPS:Some games in our GameBox maybelaunched by some other publisher. If your product is onourGameBox, you don't want us to release it, please emailusimmediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.We'll be glad to seeyourfeedback at
Pop Dog
Play now the #1 match 3 blast game of the year! Pop Dog is newtoysblast casual game for free with 999 LEVELS. PopDog! FREE now -aninteresting elimination puzzle game! Try to clear all dogs,youwill get more bonus points! If you could get 4000 points inonestage, you are the star of Pop Cat game! Pop Puppy ispuzzlePopStar classic games, FREE and Fun! Matching game 2017. Havemanypuppies in this Dog Blast game - Popping Game Classic : Pop Dogisan amazing pop match - 3 puzzle game for kids and adults!Downloadthis classical pop star game for free and start the poppingdogdash today! Train your brain with one of the best “poppingpuzzlesfree” of charge - improve your capacity of memorization andboostup your brain power with this simple, but fun 2017/2018 popgame!Excellent and addicting match 3 breaker blast game! In CubeMatchyou enjoy more mode game play.THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLEGAMEWITH UNIQUE MAGIC POWERS AND BOOSTS!♥ ♥ ♥ Join the fun world ofAnyand help collect her precious toys!♥ ♥ ♥ Beware!! Once you pop,youcan't stop!Match three or more puppies blocks of the same colortoclear the level, rescue dogs, collect the toys from wheretheystuck. But be careful! It is not that easy to save all thetoyswhile your moves are limited! Your talent in solving puzzleswillbe your best tool while playing this super addictive game. Nomorecrushing candies, breaking diamonds, crunching cookies orfarming.Bust the dogs and enjoy this colorful adventure! FreeAddictiveBlock blast Game! Fantastic fun!!! Easy Crush Play! BestCasualMatching Game Ever! This is popular puzzle games.DiscoverAny’sworld to make her smile. Play with the sweetest toys that willdragyou to Any’s enjoyable world. Crunch all the same colored cubesbyusing various boosters such as brick-busting blasts,rechargeablepower-ups and many more!Click on any 3 same adjacentcubes and takeon this smashing fascinating cube blasting trip incube blast andrescue puppies!Pop Dog Features:- 999 fun levels andwill updatemore soon!- Build up your toy block by collecting morecubes-Playing addictive game for FREE and rescue the pets- Manytoysattached with your childhood memory: toy box, pop star, ...-Minigames: toy collapse puzzle games, spin wheel - Amazingblockpuzzle game will improve your resolve ability. How to playPopDog?- Tap 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same to blast-Achieverequired score to pass levels, no time limit- The more cubesgetblasted each move, the higher score you will get- Try yourbestclear all cubes, you will be rewardedPower up Boosters:- TNTbomb:explode around cubes like popstars- Balloon Pop: explode samecolorcubes to make big toddler toys- Crush Shovel: splash one cubetocreate pop blast- Collapse Blast: crush verticle and horizonpopcubes- Cube Blast: destroy blocks same color blast Easy to playandpleasurable game for all age. Simply Drag the blocks, and match3cubesYou can play Toy Crush Blasts Cube games for FREE! Pop Dogistoys blast and block cubes crush Puzzle gameSo Download now PopDogfor free and start playing and enjoying Dog Rescue game! Let'spopdog, pop bird ! Let's have fun.
Candy Blast 2017 - Free Match 3 Puzzle Game
Candy Blast 2017 is a puzzle and casual game. Graphics isverybeautiful, and the candy is very attractive.How to play CandyBlastMania 2017:- Swap the candy to match 3 in a line to removethem-Match the candy until the board transparency,the candy starwillappear.- Make the candy blast down to last line to passthelevel.Features:☛ We have two Game Modes: Arcade &Classic.☛Arcade Mode: more than 294 challenging levels☛ ClassicMode: Thereis no time to waste which can help you lose fat☛ Match 4jewels canwin the jewel's bomb.☛ Match 5 jewels can wincolor-changing jewelsand 2 lighting jewels.☛ Jeweled bomb caneliminate the jewelaround.☛NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Games you can playoffline.☛FREE ALLThis is a completely free game, even the propscompletely free!Feelthe unforgettable atmosphere of a new versionof match-3 type maniagame with nice graphics and enjoy solving theriddles in CandyBlast Mania 2017, let's start!Update infogame:
Fruit Link Deluxe
This game is a very addictive and best match-three casual gameinthe google play!How to play:1. Connect three or more samefruitssplash to score points.2. Archive the target points to levelup.3.Eliminate the more fruits line quickly can get extrascores.Gamefeatures:1. More than 200 challenging levels & manygameprops.2. The Fire props can eliminate fruits in one row.3.TheWater props can eliminate the fruits around.4. The Ice propscanunfreeze the frozen fruits.5. Sweet and delicious UI &coolanimation effects.6. Play the game and Have Fun!!!
Forest Mania - Pop & Match Lovely Pets
Forest Mania is a deliciously sweet match-3 casual game. Swap,Swipeand match 3 or more same magic animals to master the fun ofcasualmatch-3 game.Forest Mania Key Magical Spells- Addictiveandirresistible match-3 gameplay- Unlock appetizing anddelightfulforest map- 201 perplexing and puzzling forest levels-Charming andcute AnimalsTopped With- Challenging but fun obstacles:Rocks, Iceetc.- Wonderful arsenal for props and power-ups- Enjoyhigh qualityvisuals and exciting special effects- Attention: PlayForest Maniacould lead to strong desire for cute animal!Have awonderful rest.Play awesome Forest Mania filled with amazingfascination now!
Superstar Chef - Match 3 Games
Superstar Chef takes you to a match 3 games world full ofcookingdelicacies. Join us in solving over 250 mouthwatering levelsofmatch 3 collecting orders, delivering pizzas, clearing platesandcollecting special hats. With a fresh Express Mode, start amatch 3mania games battle to increase your rank, collect therewards andbecome the best Superstar Chef! Make matches of 3 ormore dishes ofthe same type to collect them. Create special foodsby matching 4or 5 items. Traverse through various kitchens to keepexploring thetasty world of match 3 cooking mania puzzles!GameFeatures: * 250gourmet levels with 10+ crazy new uniquefunctionalities.* Earncooking mania stars to show off yoursuccess!* Top the SuperstarChef match3 Leaderboards!* Level up andupgrade player profile toplay tougher levels!* Create fantasticcombos to reach the targetin the least number of moves possible!
Pyramid Mahjong Solitaire is a free solitaire matching gamethatusing mahjong tiles. Simple rules and engaging game playincasual.FeaturesEasy to play, tap & tap to match two tiles,makethem crush.Designed for all ages, have fun withyourfamilies.Thousands of levels with challenges.Free hints helpyou tomake game easier.Complete daily mission, claim powerfulrewards.Allstyled themes for FREE!Optimized for portrait mode,playing game inone hand!How to PlayTo match open pairs of identicaltiles.Removethem from the board.Collect stars to unlock new levels.
Sweet Candy Pop
Here comes the organic and hit candy matching game. Tap 2 ormorecandies of the same. Pop all the candies by using specialcandiesand boosters smartly. Play with the sweetest candies inSweet CandyPop.★ Explore around 144 well-designed free andexcitingly sweetlevels★ 3 wonderful candy paradises: Sweet Valley,ChocolateCottage and Sugarshell Bakery★ Many stunning and sweetcandies:Cherry Pea, Peppermint, Banana Heart, Blue Bonbon andViolet Candyand many more★ Addictive and classic match-3 gameplay★Easy toplay, challenging to master★ Enjoy high quality visualsandexciting special effects★ Destroy all challengingobstacles(JellyMonster, strawberry chocolate cake, Cherry Cupcakeetc.) andindulge yourself in endless sweetnessGet ready to yourtour to awonderful world in Sweet Candy Pop!
Merry Christmas: Match 3
Merry Christmas: Match 3 and new year game is aboutWinterWonderland and xmas games! Also our xmas countdown adventuresofsanta clause are the best of casual games and diamond gamesworld.Solve puzzles and decorate your christmas tree with toys,casualjewels and christmas games diamonds to celebrate the match 3gamesending of 2017 and meet the new 2018 games year!The MerryChristmas– match 3 diamond puzzle game – super puzzles of SantaClaus gameswhich won’t let you feel bored!Christmas is a holidaywhen childrenand adults believe in magic! They wait for Christmassurprises,decorate Christmas tree and eat candies. Santa Claus hasto behurry to deliver in time long-awaited sweet presents aroundtheglobe. Only for this holiday Christmas deers, the loyal friendsofSanta Claus, are able to take off with his casual sleigh to goforthe xmas adventures and deliver him to any corner of the worldfromhis land of Winter Wonderland. You can help to xmas gamesheroes byyour savvy and solving difficult, but very interestingmatch 3puzzles of Santa games. Get through the banks of snow! Match3Christmas toys in a row, overcome obstacles, take bonusesforsuccessfully completed levels and help Santa to givespecialpresents for each inhabitant. It is time for adventures andjewelmania!
Farm Harvest 2 : fruit juice heroes match 3 games
Farm Harvest 2- match 3 games, it's a new free match3 puzzlegamecreated by LET'S FUN GAME, and you can keep playing forFREE.FarmHarvest 2 - match 3 games is a farm juice jam heroes stylegames,it's not easy, but very funny, if you like play match 3games, Youcan try it.Hardworking Squirrel owns a beautiful farm andshe hasmanaged it hard in each passing day. As time goes by,she'sstarting to feel anxious about her grown-up vegetables,becauseRabbit Slacker nearby often come to her farm tostealvegetables.Let's help her to protect the farm and drive thethiefaway.CharacteristicsFine images and game effects offarminggame;New upgrade. The playing way of matching andeliminatingyou've never seen before.5 targets, never get bored!800levels andmore, updates will meet your expectation.If you like thisgame,please don't hesitate to follow us and thumbs-up us inFacebook.You'll learn the latest contents, new levels, excitingcompetitionsand other concerning newson
Candy Gummy 2
Be sweet on super hit casual game Candy Gummy2now!-----------------------------------------Immerse yourfingersinto sweetest Candy Gummy 2. Collect gummy candies to marchthroughthis amazinglysweetstory!-----------------------------------------Candy Gummy2Features:- 135 deliciously gummy levels to guarantee yoursweetteeth satisfied- Travel through 3 sweetest maps: Candytopia,SpaCastle, Lollipop Clouds- Match 3 or more gummies to collecttastysweets- Gather various gummies to win sugary level before yourunout of moves- Unique boosters and props (IncludingCount-downCandy, Jelly Shooter, Rainbow Candy, Angry Trick Candyetc.) - Newboss levels added- Yummy new candies and stunninggraphics- Easy toplay but challenging to master- Playing addictivematch-3 gameforFREE-----------------------------------------Sugaring up yourlifewith Candy Gummy 2 now!
Bubble Shooter
HELP! These cute little doggies need to be rescued! They aretrappedby colorful bubbles. Shoot and match bubbles of the same toreleasethem. Immerse yourself in the world of incrediblyinteresting BubbleShooter.- SHOOT & MATCH 3 or more bubbles ofthe same to burst-Play almost 200 fun and challenging bubbleshooting levels,challenge your brain- RESCUE all the doggiestrapped in colorfulbubbles by shooting- Smooth bubble shootinggaming experience- Lotsof amazingly powerful props: Fire Bubble,Aiming Line, Color Bubble,Extra Bubbles etc.- Enchanting andrefreshing background music-UNLEASH the power of special bubblesand props to win difficultlevels- Enjoy beautiful bubble designand enchanting backgroundgraphic- Completely FREE bubble shootinggame- Easy for kids toplay, difficult for even adult to master-Casual game for ALL:Commuters, Domesticated Wives, DelightfulYoung Ladies, ElderlyPeople, Children etc.- Addictive gameplay:Kill your boring time byshooting bubbles and rescue cute littledogsPlay Bubble Shooter withyour WHOLE FAMILY & share the fun!
New - Farm Garden
MATCH. FARM. SERVE. REPEAT!The creators of the hit game,FarmGarden, present a juicy new match 3 puzzle game with bushelsoffruity challenges! Embark on this fruity adventure today!Matchandcollect tasty candy treats in New - Farm Garden, theamazinglydelicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy yoursweet tooth!Simple and fun to play but a challenge tomaster.Features:◆ Brandnew power-ups and ways to play!◆ Farm Gardento concoct sweettreats!◆ Swap and blast your way through everexpanding newworlds!◆ Check back often for events, free rewards andnew levels!◆Free and filled with adventure!New - Farm Garden isFREE to playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles,treats, and moreevery week!.
Jewel Star 2018
Jewels Star 2018 is a free game which are puzzle and casualgame.Howto play:- Classic Match 3 or more identical jewels.- Makethe jewelsstar down to last line to pass the level.- Match thejewels untilthe board transparency,the Jewels star willappear.Tips: Eliminatethe jewels quickly can get extra scores.Gamefeatures:- Match 4jewels can win the jewel's bomb.- Match 5 jewelscan wincolor-changing jewels and 2 lighting jewels.- Two GameModes: Arcade& Classic.- Jeweled bomb can eliminate the jewelaround.-Color-changing jewel can eliminate to any other coloredjewel.-Lighting Jewel can eliminate jewels in one row or column!-TimingJewel can extend the playing time!- Lighting Jewel caneliminatejewels in one row or column!- More Than 200 LevelEnjoy itand havefun!
Jelly Quest - Yummy Juice
What an unstoppable spreadable game! Welcome to Jelly Quest whichisone of the most popular match-3 puzzle game!Match more jelliesinsame color can form more powerful jelly! Jelly Quest providestheultimate experience of high quality entertainment to eachplayer.Hundreds of well-designed levels are ready foryourexploration!Jelly Quest Features:- Harvest the mostdeliciousjellies- Hundreds of jelly filled levels withupdatingcontinuously- Unlimited chances to challenge levels as youwant-Various of powerful booster are prepared- Easy and fun toplay, yetchallenging to fully masterNow Jelly Quest is completelyfreedownload in Google Play. You will come across a varietyofinteresting levels on your travels! It's time for you to showyourjelly-collect skill now! Don't miss it!
Jewels Star Legend
Magic diamond power is in your hand now!Slide fingers to takeonhyper enchanting challenges in adventure filled Diamond Star.HowtoPlay- Swap to connect 3 or more diamonds of the same- Match4diamonds to generate 1 Special Diamond- Switch 2 SpecialDiamondfor even greater crunching effect- Match 5 diamondsvertically orhorizontally for 1 Color Diamond- The Special Diamondcan cleardiamonds of one same color- Attain level aim withinrequiredmovesTips: Crunch more diamonds each time. You will berewarded!Diamond Star New Features- 144 new tricky diamond levels-Enchanted& fresh scenes (Magic Woods, Morning Glade, CliffTrail)-Breathtaking diamond crunch effects- An amazing arsenal ofcombosand power-ups- Various preciously spectacular diamondelementsStart off for diamond exploring venture with epic DiamondStar!
Farm harvest 3- juice jam heroes free match 3 game
Squirrel Tony planted a farm at the foot of Alps,he want to beaheroes to protect his farm. all the crops in this beautiful farmisused to provide daily needs to the people in the village. Suchas,to send Josh Bakery juice jam,fruits, and blueberries, toprovidePolice Station fruits packages, Ballet School’s vegetablelunch,Prince Coffee’s tomatoes, onions and fruit juice, theStevens’radish and broccoli, the Damiens’ rhubarb pepper and so on.Tony’shard working brought rich fruit and joy to Dearfully Village,andhis farm business also managed well increasing the familyincome.However, it didn’t last too long, the bad rabbit Nick cameto robthe results of Tony’s Farm every few days. In order to ensuredailydemand for the people in the village's, please come and helpHeidikeeping the farm away from Nick’s rob,to be a farm heroes HowtoPlay: 1. match 3 to collect fruit juice features to make thefruitsa good harvest. 2. match 3 to clean the dirty place of thefarm. 3.match 3 to collect rice straw which are provided for cows.4. match3 to find the chicks and bunnies hiding under the board. 5.match 3to collect fruit juice jams and make fruit juice jam orders6.match 3 to change money by a rare gold beans hiding under themudfloor.7. Nick! Stop!!! The bad rabbit robs the vegetablesagain!Hurry up and stop him!8. become a farm heroes to finish alllevels.
Match Cooking 3
Have you ever played such amazing match 3 puzzle game?MatchCooking3 is the game which you will be addicted to.Collectvegetables andmeat to make a great dinner with your friends!- Morethan 200exciting levels- Delicious and well-designed vegetables-Four kindsof powerful boosters- Match 3 or more vegetables tocollect-Interesting music and effect- Use less moves to get higherscore-Easy to play but hard to be masterDownload the Match Cooking3 inGoogle Play Store for free! Come and be a master of chef withyourfriends!
Cookie Mania - Sweet Match 3 Puzzle
Cookie Crush is an amazingly new style match 3 time killergame!With a deliciously sweet cookies and chocolate , this match 3gameis full of fun and challenges. Travel through magical worldofcookie village, visiting lovely panda, deer and littlemonster'swonderland. Float your way though hundreds of challengesby makingdelicious cookie combos, or your batch combo will besmashed by thewizard you summoned!Cookie Crush is completely freeto play butsome in-game items such as extra moves or lives willrequirepayment.Come and enjoy the addictive match 3 gamingexperience youcould ever have.- Swap to match 3 or more yummycookies- Match 4 ormore luscious cookies to create powerful specialcookie- Smashcookies or special task to complete levels- Delectablecookiedesign and amazing sound and graphic effects after crushingcookie-160 unique and funny levels that are filled withfascinatingchallenges!- Visit match 3 world rank through facebookconnect,playand contest with friends!- WIFI freeAre you ready totravel onmagical cookie paradise with us?Follow us to get news andupdateson facebook: Acquire uptodate cookie crush game news and update- Special rewards andeventsall the time,such as game world rank- Seamless sync acrossmultipledevices
Garden Yards Blossom
garden yards blossomYou can play blossom garden endlessacasualmatch-3 game about family, making friends and explodingfruitbowls. What are you waiting for? Go on a gardening adventureandrestore your beautiful gardenHundreds of addictive match-3levels:swap, match and crush all the fruit you want!garden yardsblossomfeatures:❤ journey through almost 500 enchanting levels.Updatescome out all the time!❤ This is a completely free game, nolifelimited. You can play blossom garden endless.❤ Enjoythesebeautiful flowers. You can get fun and knowledge.❤Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels!
Candy Burst - Sweet Sugar Blast
Candy Burst - Sweet Sugar Blast is a deliciously sweetmatch-3casual game. Swap, swipe and match 3 or more same candies tomasterthe fun of casual match-3 game. Escape to this superbCandyparadise and match to sweet triumph!Candy BurstFeatures--Addictive and irresistible match-3 gameplay-- Unlockappetizing anddelightful, Charming and taste candies-- 210perplexing andpuzzling candy levels-- Charming and taste candies--Challengingbut fun obstacles: Fruit Cake, candy etc.-- Wonderfularsenal forprops and power-ups-- Enjoy high quality visuals andexcitingspecial effects-- Attention: Play Candy Burst could lead tostrongdesire for tasty candies!Have a delicious rest. Play awesomeCandyBurst filled with amazing fascination
Get it now! It is free for a short period of time. Fairy Mahjong3Dis a new, highly innovative and addictive 3dimensions,skill-based, unique and fun match three majong for free.Combiningoutstanding new levels, colorful 3D graphics and greataudioeffects it is one of the most original and fun majongwithdifferent difficulty levels on the Google Play. Fairy Majong3Dcombines mahjong and match three game-plays with fun touchcontrolsin a new 3D environment. Playing this majong is verysimple: findand match three of identical tiles. Match all tiles tocomplete theboard. Do you love classic free majong? You will loveit more. Trythe easy, normal and hard difficulty levels too.☆ 45levels☆Beautiful 3 dimensions graphics☆ Easy, normal and harddifficultymah-jongg free game modes☆ Great soundtracks and audioeffects☆Fun, new and addictive mah-jongg game play elementsFairyMahjong 3Ddoes not connect to the classic mah jong love tiles. Didyoufinished and love the easy mode? Play the new harddifficultymode... It is much more challenging than easy difficultymode andfree! ;)Connect and download our great mahjong called ArtexMahjongg: if you have any problem with this mahjong game.
Farm day:rescue pets and animals
❤️❤️🐶🐶Match two or more blocks of the same color to clear theleveland rescue the pets!🐥🐥❤️❤️🌷🌷My best chef,It is also a cookinggamebeyond the crazy kitchen!❤️❤️ cook for rescuing your pets!Theyaretoo hungry to wait now! You will have three pet withyou:🐱Cat,🐶Dogand 🐴Horse,whom help you rescue the animal and at thelevel youcook for them.Cat like peet coffee☕,dog like noodle🍜,horselikesoda🥤 ...❤️❤️Treat them comfortable as at the hotel orrestaurant.❤️❤️ Crush the blocks! Do your best to make greatcooking foryourpets!😍😍---------------------------------------------Make suretokeep an eye out for cool updates and new levels!Find bugsandprovide good suggests, and you will get a big gift.Tapthe""contact us"" inGamenow:rright@qq.com Farm Day!
Sweet Fruit Mania
Sweet Fruit Mania is the new super addictive match-3 puzzlegameplay for FREE. It's super fun and easy to play for freeonAndroid!Join mission with Poppy the rabbit to collect as manysweetfruits mania and magical Easter egg to satisfy his sweettooth. Youneed to swap and match 3 or more similar fruits in a row.At eachlevel you have specific list of goals that need to becompleted.Tap them to make them crush and blast.Come hop on to joinPoppy’sadventure to unlock the sweet fruit mania wonderland.Unlockboosters to match 3 or more for sweet-tooth-licios megaeffects.You can collect free coins for free booster. Sweet FruitSodafeatures:- More than 500 levels, there is a huge challenge.-Newelimination of play.- Many sweet candy & delicious fruit&Hateful thief.- Free props, no purchased.- Play anytime,anywhere,no network can play!- Completely free to play- The perfectgamingexperience, fun index is very, very high!- Easy and fun toplay,challenge mastery!What can we bring to you?☛ To bring you ahappyhappy and interesting time.☛ To help you pass the boringtime☛Train your brain and your fingers☛ Experience anunprecedentedstraightforward.☛ So that you and your friends moreclosely.SweetFruit Candy is now the most popular casual puzzlegame.Suitable forall countries and all languages.If you or yourfamily is a fan ofcandy puzzle games then sweet fruit candy issuitable for you.Ibelieve you will love it!What are you waitingfor? Download it nowand play with you friends!Enjoy this deliciousand addictive puzzlesweet game!
Candy Cupcake
Five-star candy game is ready for you now!Swap, switch and match3or more candies in this sweetly fun matching game. Sailarounddelicious Candy Cupcake! Candy Cupcake New Features- 144deliciouscandy levels. Stay tuned for upcoming new ones!-Challenging butfun obstacles- Brilliant and mouthwatering mapscenes- Easy toplay, hard to master- Adorable and tasty candydesign- Divine andaddictive match-3 gameplayHow to Play- Swap andswitch 3 or moreadjacent candies of the same- Achieve level targetsbefore run outof movesLet’s go for amazing Candy Cupcake journey!
Candy Day
Candy Day is the sweetest with lots of interesting elementmatch-3game.Swap and match 3 or more candies together will collectthesetasty candies. Help Mr.Panda to complete orders and delivertodifferent animals in the candy forest! Remember to achieve thegoalbefore running out moves in every levels!Unlock and challengemoreunique levels in Candy Day. Moreover, we have prepared someusefuland powerful boosters to help you overcome difficulties ifyouneed! Try to match more candies together wisely which willcreatespecial candies and make higher score!Candy Day features:*Hundredsof challenging levels to crush* Delicious and sweet candiestocollect* Many funny game mode to play* Match 5 candies in a lineorrow will form magic candy* Fluent play-experience and bestgameeffect* Easy to play but still be hard to be a master* ConnecttoFacebook and play with your friends* Continuously updatemoreattractive levels How to play Candy Day:* Candy Order - Matchandcollect enough candies to each customers* Chocolate - Match nexttochocolate and pack them up* Cookies - Match candies on cookiefloorto collect* Tiger's Order - A distinguished guest. Completeorderone by one* Werewolf - Defeat the greedy werewolf byspecifiedcandiesAs a well-designed puzzle game, Candy Day iscompletely freeto Download in App Store. There are some in-apppurchases canassist you! If you love playing Candy Day, leavefeedback on googleplay will absolutely encourage us a lot! If youhave anysuggestion, you can contact and email to!FacebookPage: yourself inCandyDay!
Chibble -The Best Match 3 Game
Chibble is a fun and addictive matchinggamefor kids and adults.Chibbles are cute and fluffy little aliens from Betelgeuse thathavebeen stranded on Earth. Your challenge is to match 3 ormoreChibbles of the same colour to beam them back home.Earn extra points for matching more than 3 Chibbles and formatchingthe elusive Rainbow Chibbles.Sounds easy? It is at first, but watch out for the stubbornChibbleswho don’t want to leave and the giant Chibbles blockingthe pathhome.Three types of game play are available: Classic, ZenandSpeed.
Garden World
Welcome to the paradise of Garden World! Tap on two or moreadjacentcrops to make them crush. Connect colorful lines of fruitsandvegetables to solve compelling levels in this puzzle adventure.Joinand share the fun with your friends in Garden World!Features:-Over200 awesome levels! Updates come out all the time-Travelthrough 5brand new sceneries: Vegetable Finca, Fruit Garden,Tomato House,Fruit Shores and Orange Castle- Unique barriers:Sandwich, IceFloor, Chocolate Bar, Fluffy Ball, etc.- Collectbreads and cakesfor the preparation of hassle conditions.- Supersmall game size-Completely free to play- Fine arts and smoothanimationeffectsDownload the game in Google Store now, you willenjoy neverending fun in Garden World!