Top 48 Games Similar to Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Smasher 1.8
Italy Games
Zombie Smasher is the #1 addicting and entertaining gameavailableon Google Play.Get ready to defend your home as a mob ofzombies isabout to invade your town! Those undead creatures areback, andit's up to you to keep them brainless. Use your finger totap onthe zombies to smash and eliminate them before they breakdown yourdoor.How to Play:- Simply touch the zombies to kill them-Don't hitthe kids surfers from neighborhood- Use the specialpower-upswiselyGame Features:- Story Mode (60 levels and more tocome),Survival Mode, Time Mode- 7 totally terrifying enemy zombiebreeds(normal, dog, oilworker, timberman, ghost, baby & fatboss)-Amazing visuals & immersive CD quality audio-Intensezombie-blasting action game play fit for subway time
Temple Run 1.9.3
The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android! Allyourfriends are playing it - can you beat their high scores?!You'vestolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have torun foryour life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at yourheels.Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls andalongsheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoidobstacles,collect coins and buy power ups, unlock new characters,and see howfar you can run! "In every treasure hunting adventuremovie there’sone scene in which the plucky hero finally gets hishands on thetreasure but then has to navigate a maze of booby trapsin order toget out alive. Temple Run is this scene and nothingelse. And it’samazing." - REVIEWS ★ "Most thrillingand funrunning game in a while, possibly ever." - ★"A fastand frenzied experience." - ★ "Very addicting…definitely avery different running game." - ★ VotedbyTouchArcade Forums as Game of the Week ★ One of TouchArcade'sBestGames of the Month ★ Over 50 MILLION players worldwide!
Subway Surfers 1.93.0
DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! HelpJake,Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and hisdog. ★Grind trains with your cool crew! ★ Colorful and vivid HDgraphics!★ Hoverboard Surfing! ★ Paint powered jetpack! ★ Lightningfastswipe acrobatics! ★ Challenge and help your friends! Join themostdaring chase! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics. ByKilooand Sybo.
Stupid Zombies 3.0.0
Those stupid zombies are back, and you are humanity's last hopetokeep them brainless. But beware, ammo is limited so you willhaveto get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split-andbuckshots in the most effective way possible to survive the720levels. One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies.
Sonic Dash 3.8.6.Go
Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash, jump and spin yourwayacross stunning 3D environments. Swipe your way over andunderchallenging obstacles in this fast and frenzied endlessrunninggame. SONIC… The world famous Sonic the Hedgehog stars inhis firstendless running game – how far can you go? …DASH! UnleashSonic’sincredible dash move that allows you to run at insane speedanddestroy everything in your path! AMAZING ABILITIES UtiliseSonic’spowers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speed aroundloopde loops. Plus defeat enemies using Sonic’s devastatinghomingattack! STUNNING GRAPHICS Sonic’s beautifully detailed worldcomesto life on mobile and tablet – never has an endless runnerlookedso good! MULTIPLE CHARACTERS Choose to play as one ofSonic’sfriends, including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles. EPIC BOSSBATTLESFace off against two of Sonic's biggest rivals, the alwaysschemingand cunning Dr. Eggman and the devastatingly deadly Zazzfrom SonicLost World! Use all of Sonic's agility and speed to takedown thesevillains before it's too late! POWERUPS Unlock, win orbuyingenious power-ups to help you run further. Including headstarts,shields, ring magnets and unique score boosters! KEEP ONRUNNINGGet more rewards the more you play! Level up your scoremultiplierby completing unique missions, or win amazing prizesincluding RedStar Rings & additional characters by completingDailyChallenges and playing the Daily Spin. SOCIALLY CONNECTEDChallengeyour friends on the leader boards or invite your friendsthroughFacebook to prove who the best speed runner is… - - - - -PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase. This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, theSEGA logo,SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC DASH are registeredtrademarks ortrademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or itsaffiliates.
EDGE Demo 2.2.0
Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube withinageometric universe. Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine tomakeEDGE a rich and very comprehensive game. Try out twelve levelsforFREE in this demo version of EDGE. You can play all 48 levelsinEDGE and 48 more in EDGEExtended!FEATURES:─────────────────────•An original game ideallysuited for mobile devices• Catchyelectronic soundtrack!• A simple,addictive game for every type ofplayer• 12 level in the demo - tryEDGE for all48!AWARDS:─────────────────────BEST MOBILE GAME-Videogame FestivalMilthon Award, ParisEXCELLENCE IN GAMEPLAY- IMGA(InternationalMobile Gaming Awards) WinnerBEST MOBILE GAMEBESTiPHONE GAMEAUDIOACHIEVEMENT- Triple finalist in IGF Mobile(Independent GameFestival)REVIEWS:─────────────────────9/10 Award)5/5 - FingerGaming.com4/4 -slidetoPlay.com4,5/5 -Touchgen.com4,5/5 -
Jetpack Joyride 1.10.12
Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds thatpoopmoney! Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks evermadeand test your skills as legendary action hero BarrySteakfries.Over 500 million players can’t be wrong. Download FREEand startyour adventure today!FEATURES:* Fly the coolest jetpacksin gaminghistory* Complete daring missions to boost your rank*Customiseyour look with ridiculous outfits* Dodge lasers, zappers,andguided missiles* Collect coins and make boatloads of money*Stormthe lab in giant mechs and crazy vehicles* Equip high-techgadgetsand power-ups* Earn achievements and battle it out againstfriends*Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls***Thisgamecontains optional in-app purchases. You can disable thisfeature inthe settings menu of your device.View our privacy policyat our terms of serviceat
Angry Birds Classic 7.9.6
Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedypigs'defenses!

 The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dishoutrevenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use theuniquepowers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defenses. AngryBirdsfeatures challenging physics-based gameplay and hours ofreplayvalue. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve.

Ifyou get stuck in the game, you can purchase the MightyEagle!Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase in Angry Birdsthatgives unlimited use. This phenomenal creature will soar fromtheskies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs intooblivion.There’s just one catch: you can only use the aid of MightyEagle topass a level once per hour. Mighty Eagle also includes allnewgameplay goals and achievements!

 In addition to the MightyEagle,Angry Birds now has power-ups! Boost your birds’ abilitiesandthree-star levels to unlock secret content! Angry Birds now hasthefollowing amazing power-ups: Sling Scope for laser targeting,KingSling for maximum flinging power, Super Seeds to supersizeyourbirds, and Birdquake to shake pigs’ defenses to theground!

HAVING TROUBLE? Head over to https://support.rovio.comwhere youcan browse FAQs or submit a request to our support flock!Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
 This application mayrequireinternet connectivity and subsequent data transfer chargesmayapply. Important Message for Parents This game may include:-Direct links to social networking websites that are intended foranaudience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internetthatcan take players away from the game with the potential tobrowseany web page. - Advertising of Rovio products and alsoproductsfrom select partners. - The option to make in-apppurchases. Thebill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
Plants vs. Zombies FREE 2.3.30
Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombiesisabout to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49zombie-zappingplants — peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs andmore — tomulchify 26 types of zombies before they break down yourdoor. Thisapp offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-apppurchasingusing your device settings WINNER OF OVER 30 GAME OF THEYEARAWARDS* 50 FUN-DEAD LEVELS Conquer all 50 levels of Adventuremode— through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftopandmore. Plus fend off a continual wave of zombies as long as youcanwith Survival mode! NOT GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS Battlezombiepole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucketheads and 26 morefun-deadzombies. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need tothinkfast and plant faster to combat them all. Requires acceptanceofEA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. SMARTERTHANYOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE Be careful how you use your limited supplyofgreens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they'll jump,run,dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. OpentheAlmanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to helpplanyour strategy. FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGER Earn 49powerfulperennials as you progress and collect coins to buy a petsnail,power-ups and more. GROW WITH YOUR GAME Show offyourzombie-zapping prowess by earning 46 awesome achievements andshowoff your zombie-zapping prowess. COIN PACKS Need coins forgreatnew stuff? Buy up to 600,000 coins right from the MainMenu.*Original Mac/PC downloadable game. Be the first to know!Getinside EA info on great deals, plus the latest game updates,tips& more… VISIT US: FOLLOW US: WATCH Agreement: Visit forassistance or inquiries. EA may retireonline features and servicesafter 30 days’ notice posted Consumer Information. Thisapp contains direct links tothe Internet Requires acceptance ofEA’s Privacy & CookiePolicy and User Agreement
Snake VS Block 1.26
Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break thebricks.Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additionalballs andmake the biggest snake ever! Very easy to play but veryhard toreach high scores! Game Features: - Free to play - Endlessgameplay- Simple swipe control - Challenge your friends with thebesthighscore
Zombie Catchers 1.0.28
Let's go zombie hunting! Catch zombies for fun and profit! ***TOP10 game in over 90 countries! *** *** TOP 5 action game in over100countries! *** Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game inaworld riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet Earth is infestedwiththe undead, but we’re in luck: A.J. and Bud, twointergalacticbusinessmen, have decided to set up shop on ourhomeworld!Together, they plan to catch all the zombies and makeEarth safeonce more - while also making a handsome profit... Use anarsenalof gadgets and traps to hunt and capture ripe zombies, takethem toyour secret underground lab, and... profit! FEATURES -Catchzombies! - Discover new territories! - Unlock exciting newgadgets!- Build a juicy and delicious business empire! - Expandandmicro-manage your own underground lab! Notice: Zombie Catchersiscompletely free to play, but the game also allows you topurchasesome items for real money. If you do not wish to use thisfeature,change your device's settings and disable in-app purchases.ZombieCatchers is allowed for download and play only for persons 12yearsof age or over. Please refer to our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy for more information. Download now, and get ready tocatchsome zombies!
Geometry Dash Lite 2.2
RobTop Games
Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-basedactionplatformer!Prepare for a near impossible challenge in theworld ofGeometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump,fly andflip your way through dangerous passages and spikyobstacles.Simpleone touch game play that will keep you entertainedfor hours!Checkout the full version for new levels, soundtracks,achievements,online level editor and much much more!Game Features•Rhythm-basedAction Platforming!• Unlock new icons and colors tocustomize yourcharacter!• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!•Use practicemode to sharpen your skills!• Challenge yourself withthe nearimpossible!Contact: [email protected]
Piano Tiles 2™
Cheetah Games
Top 3 of free music games in the world! Loved by 1.1 billionplayersin the world, combining rhythm and music, a challengingfree musicmobile game! Game feature: 1. Simple graphics, easy toplay andeverybody gets playing the piano! 2. Breath-taking rhythmwillchallenge your handspeed limit! 3. Top challenge mode givesyouthrill and risk! 4. Update of numerous songs, original,classic,bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste. 5.Share yourrecord with your friends, and compare with world-wideplayers on theranking list! 6. Sound of high quality makes youfeel like in aconcert. 7. Save your progress via Facebook accountand share theprogress in different devices. 8. More challenge,more bonus and abetter self. Gaming mode: Don't tap the whitetiles! Tap the blacktiles according to the melody and don't missany tile! Concentrateyourself and maximize your reaction! Support:Are you havingproblems? Send email to [email protected] orcontact us ingame by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.BusinessCooperation: Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting alltheamazing mobile game developers globally to achieve mutualsuccess!we are looking forward to the great games! Contact uson:[email protected] PrivacyPolicy: TOSPrivacy: AdChoice:
Fruit Ninja®
Welcome to the dojo, ninja. Your objective: become a masterofslicing fruit! What better way to do that than play FruitNinja,the original hit fruit-slicing mobile game? 🍉Unsheathe yourbladeand start the juicy carnage with the three classic game modesthatbillions of players have come to know and love. Experiencethethrill of setting a new high score in the fan-favourite Arcademodeas you focus on dodging bombs and slicing massive combos withthehelp of the special Double Score, Freeze or Frenzy bananas.Needsomething less intense? Simply relax and slash for stressrelief inZen Mode. Finally, cut as much as you can in the endlessClassicmode – just avoid the bombs and make sure you don’t drop thefruit!Make your game even more exciting by equipping specialpowerupsthat will give your score a juicy boost. 🍓Once you’vesharpenedyour skills and reflexes, put them to the test in Eventmode, whereyou’ll enter challenging and intense clashes withcharacters likeTruffles the pig, Mari and Rinjin for the chance towin uniqueswords and dojos that can be used in Classic, Zen andArcade mode.Spice up your day and make yourself more energetic inour dailyChallenge mode - can you out-slice the other ninjas forspecialprizes and glory? 🏆Prove to your friends and family thatyou’re thetop ninja around. Show them how much you can cut in ashared-screenlocal multiplayer match, or compare your score withyour friends torise through the ranks and reach the top of theleaderboard! Bigfan of Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots? Be sure tochallenge yourselfwith the entertaining and addictive minigames andfind yourfavourite! 🍒What are you waiting for? Whether you'replaying forsome mindless fun and trying to relax and pass the time,or tryingto improve your skills as a master ninja, this is the gamefor you.Enjoy the awesomeness and believe the hype of Fruit Ninja –chopchop! ⚔️View our privacy policy at Viewourterms of service at help withthegame? Email us at [email protected]
Manuganu 1.0.10
PURE ACTIONRun, jump and slide from ropes, dodge rocks! Notenough?There is much more in Manuganu. Avoid swinging hammers andjumpover moving ice blocks. Don’t get burned and jump between wallstocollect coins and medallions. Break stone blocks andactivateplatforms before you fall into fog and much more...ARUNNINGADVENTUREManuganu is a 3D side- scroller running game, inwhich youcontrol the boy “Manuganu”.Unlike other usual runninggames,Manuganu brings on the “Halt feature” to avoid swingingrocks,hammers, flames and other enemies with the right timing.Anotherimportant feature of Manuganu is the ability to switchfrom“running” mode to “rope climbing” mode when needed. But becareful!This mode has its own challenges.GAME FEATURES•PlatformingActions:Double Jumping, Wall Sliding, Hovering, Wall Jumping,Rolling,Breaking Stone Blocks•Run through 30 different levels, eachwithit’s own unique design according to the level theme.•Twobuttoncontrols and specific swipe controls.•Run into alternatepaths toget 3 Star in all Levels.•Three different environments withfull 3Dgraphics.•Original Soundtrack by TolgaYURDABAK•Turkish-EnglishLanguage Support
Subway Princess Runner 1.3.7
Subway princess runner gameRush as fast as you can dodgetheoncoming trainsSave your loved beautiful princess, run in thesnowsubway, what are you waiting for? Use skateboard afterdoubletapping, experience the unique board in the subway.challengethehighest score of the rank with the world players. if you are agoodrunner, this is the best place for you. complete everydaytask,observe the reward of score multiplier. the more scoremultiplieryou are, the higher score you get.The most excited subwaysnowthemed runner game, escape from the Santa Claus, run as fast asyoucan. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the skytoobtain more coins, excited slide to safety! Subway princessrunneris an endless princess running game, to be the best runner,savethe beautiful princess. More characters, such as Bruce Lee,SantaClaus, choose your best liked runner, rush in the beautifulsnowsubway scenes.Subway Princess Runner Features:.Snow subwaythemedgame.Best princess runner .Rush as fast as you can.Influentscreentouch & gravity control.Double tap for skateboard,feeling thespecial running.Challenge the highest score withworldplayers.Grind trains with your cool crew.Colorful and vividHDgraphics.Powerful music.Upgrade all the properties to getendlesspower.Get more and more gems.Complete task, observe morereward ofscore multiplier.
Doodle Jump
Lima Sky LLC
Named Best of 2015 by Google Playeditors!Thank you for all of your support.One of the hottest mobile games of all time! Easy to pick upandplay. Wildly addictive.See for yourself why Touch Arcade called Doodle Jump “possiblythebest [mobile] game ever created” and Macworld called it “aperfectmicro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciouslyreplayable.”How high can you get?Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping fromoneplatform to the next, picking up jet packs, avoiding blackholes,and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laughwithdelight as you blow past other players' actual scoremarkersscribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game isinsanelyaddictive!Features:- Many fantastical worlds to play in - Ninja, Space, Jungle,Soccer,Underwater, Snow, Halloween, Frozen Ice, Easter andPirates!- Awesome power-ups to pick-up (JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS,ROCKETS,trampolines...)- Trippy obstacles to avoid (UFOs, black holes, and many,manymonstrous monsters)- Mad platforms to jump on (Broken, moving, disappearing,shifting,EXPLODING…)- NEW! - More than 100 missions to complete for rewards- Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat yourfriends’scores!How to play:Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.As seen on TV (Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, Bad Girls),movies(Battleship), late-night (Jimmy Fallon) and on tour with LadyGaga,find out why Doodle Jump is a true cultural phenomenon.* BE WARNED: This game is INSANELY addictive!* Don't doodle jump and drive!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::If you bought Doodle Jump in the past, make sure you haveitinstalled on your device* when you install this new version!Thatwill remove the ads. If you have already uninstalled/deletedtheold paid Doodle Jump version, you can re-download it from"MyAndroid Apps" -> "Other apps in my library" or by goingdirectlyto:* This will work for most devices, but unfortunately not theonesthat the old paid version is not compatible with. We are tryingtocome up with a solution for those.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
SWAT and Zombies - Defense & Battle 2.1.14
- The defense game with over 11 million downloads is back withmoreadvanced graphics and systems!- Kill or be killed! It’s one ortheother! It's the breathtaking confrontation for mankind'ssurvival!-Stay frosty! The tension never lets up as you move to thesecondhalf of the stage! Feel the intensity!- Join the andkill all the zombies. You must protect Perfectville, thelastremaining safe zone.- Shoot all the guns at an endlesszombiehorde! Use bombs too!- A new defense game that offers FPSsnipermechanics with strong addictive authentic defense elements!Go andimmerse yourself in this fun game!■ Game Features ■-CollectWeapons: Collect around 50 different types of weapons.Improve yourFPS skills with them!- Bizarre Zombies: Skateboarding,bowling,spear-wielding, fat, pink-wearing, and even dog zombies!Face allkinds of zombies!- Challenge Hell Mode! Hell Mode Stagesstimulatethe desire to fight, but will be tough without upgrades!If youhave the skills and confidence, try it!- Challenge InfiniteMode!Eliminate endless zombies and challenge the world rankings!Savehumanity with your friends.- Experience our concept of areal-timebattle mode! Compete with S.W.A.T. teams around the world!Checkyour skills through the real-time network battle!- WorldCleanupDay! Let's clean up constantly appearing zombies! Sweep awayallthe zombies that have conquered the planet with players aroundtheworld!- Ultimate Weapon System: Drag your finger on the screentotarget zombies with the best weapon, the sniper!- CreatetheStrongest S.W.A.T. Team: You can make your S.W.A.T. more andmorepowerful with
Smash Hit 1.4.0
Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, moveinharmony with sound and music and smash everything in yourpath!This experience requires focus, concentration, and timing tonotonly travel as far as you can, but also break the beautifulglassobjects that stand in your way.* Smash your way through abeautifulfuturistic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets inyour pathand experiencing the best destruction physics on mobiledevices.*Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effectschange tosuit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune.* Over50different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, andrealisticglass-breaking mechanics in every stage.Smash Hit isplayable at nocost and free from ads. An optional premium upgradeis availablethrough a one-time in-app purchase that will enable newgame modes,cloud save across multiple devices, detailed statisticsand theability to continue from checkpoints.
Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 2.1.3
A sequel for the Call of Mini™ Zombies!► ► ► ► ►Secondaryweaponsand a combo system are here. Fight off hordes of zombies andtakeon powerful bosses to save the world again!► ► ► ► ►• 10deadlyweapons• 5 awesome characters with unique secondary weapons•10fearsome zombies• 8 engaging environments• Real-timelightingeffects• Monthly updates: new avatars, guns, bosses, modes,etc. ►► ► ► ►• Complete various missions in fast-paced battles•Fluidshooting gameplay with a great combo system• CompleteDailyMissions for extra rewards• Challenge new bosses: Chef andRugbyPlayer
Penguin Diner 1.0.0
BigWig Media
The #1 ORIGINAL SMASH HIT web game - Penguin Diner is finally here-on MOBILE and it's 100% FREE! Penny the Penguin goes offtrackduring an Antarctic trek and finds herself completely lostandbroke. Help Penny earn enough money to get her home to herfamily!Download NOW to get the WHOLE GAME for FREE!Features:- Playthrough3 exciting diners- Get cool upgrades in the shop- Followadelightful comic-style storyline of Penny's adventure- Meetthecutest-ever inhabitants of the Antarctic!Questions?Comments?Dropus a line! onFacebook!
Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox 2.103
Gaming App of The Day -"[Payback 2] manages to createasense of overblown fun that permeates everythingfromstraightforward races to capture the flag-inspired heists ...animmensely entertaining experience" - Featuredasone of the best games of the week by The Guardian"There’s a tonofstuff to do which is what gives Payback 2 such aninterestingatmosphere" - Super Game DroidAndroid Authority's IndieApp of theDayDESCRIPTION:Payback 2 includes everything from tankbattles tohigh speed helicopter races to huge gang battles - butyou reallyhave to try it get a feel for how much variety there is,and we'readding more all the time!FEATURES: • VARIED CAMPAIGN.Fiftycampaign events featuring massive street brawls, rocket carracesand much, much more! • TAKE ON THE WORLD. Battle your friendsorover a million other players online with the game'sextensivemultiplayer, leaderboard and Google Play support. •HOURLY, DAILYAND WEEKLY CHALLENGES. Try to beat the rest of theworld in thelatest new events! • ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY. Make yourown events in"custom mode" using any combination of the game'sseven cities,nine game modes, varied weaponry and dozens ofvehicles.
Stack 2.1
Stack up the blocks as high as you can!◉ Simple &Beautifulgraphics designed◉ Compete for the best score in the world
Rider 1.2.1
Get ready for some flippin' action!Perform insane stunts whileyoucruise through the never-ending world of Rider! Grabyourmotorcycle and start flipping like a maniac!◉ Complete100Challenges◉ Collect 40 Awesome Bikes (including 4 Secrets)◉ReceiveDaily Rewards◉ Complete all 32 Levels◉ Unlock 10 Themes◉Compareyour highscore with players worldwide◉ Make insanestunts!Downloadnow and push your skills to the limit in Rider!
Granny 1.5
Welcome to Granny. Granny keeps you locked in her house.Nowyouhaveto try to get out of her house, but be careful andquiet.Shehearseverything. If you drop something on the floor, shehearsitandcomes running. You can hide in wardrobes or underbeds.Youhave 5days. Good luck! The game contains advertisement.
Red Ball 4 1.3.21
Red Alert! Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into asquareshape. Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah,that'sright!Red Ball to the rescue! Roll, jump and bounce through75exciting levels full of adventure.Make your way throughtrickytraps and defeat all monsters. Features: - All-New RedBallAdventure - 75 Levels - Epic Boss Battles - Cloud Support-Exciting Physics Elements - Groovy Soundtrack - HIDControllerSupport
Tigerball 1.1.8
Bounce your way to glory in this endless arcade!Featuring :-Superrealistic tigerball physics- Silky smooth swipe control- Fastpacedbut relaxing gameplay- 100 handcrafted levels set in 20 worlds
Cookie Run: OvenBreak 3.55
Bake no prisoners! Help GingerBrave and his Cookie friends breakoutof the Witch's oven! Explore the wicked lands of the tastyCookieWorld in this endless runner! # Jump and Slide to eatJellies andavoid obstacles! # Collect over 120 Cookies & Pets!With a newCookie & Pet updated every month! # Upgrade Cookies,Pets, andTreasures to achieve a higher score! # New excitingevents withawesome rewards every month! # Enjoy a variety of gamemodes: -Breakout Mode: Run with up to 20 Cookies - Trophy Race:Compete withplayers from around the world - Champions League: Aleague only forthe toughest - Island of Memories: Unravel Cookies'behind stories -1vs1 Race: Face your friends in an epic challengeTerms of Service: PrivacyPolicy: ParentalGuide: Help andSupport: or contact usfromthe game by going to Settings > Help and SupportOfficialFacebook OfficialForum * External storage read/writeaccess(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) : Will onlybe usedwhen user watches the Rewardable Ad, in order to storeinformationrelated to the advertisement. (Applies only to users ofAndroid 4.3or lower)
Rail Rush 1.9.14
• ABOUT THE GAME • Get ready for this epic adventure! Step intoyourcart and begin this exploring frenzy! Accelerate throughtheseinsanely fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoidtheobstacles. Your job is to collect precious stones, so getthosegold nuggets and gems! There will be surprises along the way,andspecial gifts to earn if you're lucky! Break the rock eggstoreveal what’s inside of them and pick up all the gems foryourpersonal explorer’s collection! Find new and exciting pathstoexplore across the mine, and go through those special levelstoearn more nuggets! Featuring many exciting environments in10different settings: dash through the Crazy Caves, fight thehordein the Zombie Caves, make your sweetest dreams come true inSweetWonderland, hurtle through the lush and dangerous Amazonjungle,immerse in the terrific Undersea World, take a dive in theHorrorLand, visit the wonderful Snow Land, navigate on the SteamFactory,find your way on the Jurassic Jungle and explore thePharaoh'sTomb, all this and many surprise levels which will amazeyou withtheir colorful scenarios. You can also equip your cart withpowerups to extend your chances inside the mine, whilecompletingmissions and ranking up, in order to become the ultimateexplorer!KEY FEATURES: • 18 different characters • Cool power ups •10different worlds and many hidden levels • Stunning graphics•Action packed gameplay • Many in-game achievements •Gamestatistics • Game Center leader boards How long can you last intherails? Find out, by downloading Rail Rushnow!**************************************** Try also the freewebversion of Rail Rush on ourwebsite: Find out moreaboutMiniclip: “Like” Rail Rush onFacebook: Watch the official gametrailer: Follow Rail RushonTwitter:!/railrush Follow Miniclip onTwitter:!/miniclip
BBTAN by 111%
BBTAN!!!Swipe your finger down to throw balls and break bricks!The angle is key point!This is a simple but addictive arkanoid game.How long can you survive on the BBTAN?BBTAN by 111%Game Features:- Unlock 35 balls, including some unique ball, simple ball,supermini ball, etc.- Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.- Easy and fun to play, challenging to break 100stage.- Check facebook page, 111%, for getting hidden ball.- Using physical game engine.- Colorful UI, Fun sound effects,Attractive character.Share your screenshots online such as Facebook or Instagram.Enjoy BBTAN while you commute, on a date, in the bus orsubway,waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you canplayBBTNA!!"BBTAN is Simple, but Addictive."You can read a review of BBTAN here.
ZigZag 1.22
Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!Just tapthescreen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall offtheedges!How far can you go?
Gold Miner Classic 1.10.38
Gold Miner is an absolute classic. Many might remember thisoldschool arcade game from the early 2000s. Be ready to bebroughtback in time, right here on your mobile phone. As peopleusuallysay, the game is old, but gold. THE SIMPLE CLASSIC IS BACKReturnto the well-known classic digging game. Become the gold minerandcollect gold, stones, minerals and all the other things youcanfind underground. Get rid of unwanted stuff with stick ofdynamite,prepare for each level by buying items at the shop, andtry to getthe most gold out of the gold mine. COMPETE AGAINSTFRIENDS ONLINEThe game now features a brand new online leaderboardsfor you tocompete against friends and strangers. Become the bestgold diggerof them all. FEATURES + Addictive gameplay that justdoesn’t allowyou to put the game down. Feel the gold rush. + thegame issuitable for everyone, be it young or old, boy or girl. + 30uniquechallenging levels to test your gold mining skills. +Classicalgraphics for old school game with a friendly userinterface + Tonsof achievements and a global leaderboard + Supportsup to 26languages + A lucky wheel and daily rewards to get therewardscoming + 6 awesome miners to pick from ABOUT US Senspark isastudio located in Vietnam, who was behind top downloadclassicgames such as: Shoot Dinosaur Egg, Line 98, Vietnam Poker,…CONTACT US - Visit our official site at your feedback via [email protected] - Like & followon
Running Princess 1.33
The game for girls. In the game you have to help the princessgetinto the castle. It will have to overcome all the zigzags.We'llhave to hurry, the bridge collapses.
Stupid Zombies 2 1.3.6
What's a good zombie story without an epic sequel?The undeadreturnin this new, jam-packed release with exciting, brainlesscreatures,weapons, puzzles, moody environments all wrapped up in aslick,player-friendly package. They say you can’t kill what isalreadydead, but it can’t hurt to make a splash by shooting intheirgeneral direction.It is just you vs zombies, so make sure tostopthe endless angry hordes before you run out ofbullets.Features:Funtastic gameplay, now even better! Now with 600levels. Choosebetween a male and female hero character.
Tap Tap Dash
* Insanely addictive game-play! Don't say we didn't warn you *Taptojump or change directionDon’t fall off the pathUnlocknewcharactersOnly 1000 levels to beat. That shouldn't be toohard,right?Be sure to get your friends to play to see who can getthefurthest.Good luck!--Required Permissions FAQ:GET_ACCOUNTSisrequired for sending push notifications to your friends whenyoubeat their progress.WRITE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required toloadand display ads in game (Tap Tap Dash is anad-supportedgame).PrivacyPolicy:
Cooking Fever 2.8.1
Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world inthisFREE addictive time-management game! With a choice of 20uniquelocations, from Desserts and Fast Food to an Sea Food andOrientalRestaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in avarietyof settings and cooking techniques. Use more than ahundredingredients to cook several hundred tasty dishes. Try allthepossible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookerstopizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurantstoattract more clients. Make your own freebies, such as cookiesorcupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personalandmemorable – just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchenandproduce an even greater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we saythatthis game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? Havefuncooking and don’t forget to share your delicious meals withyourfriends on Facebook!IMPORTANT NOTE:Cooking Fever nowrequiresaccess to the internet in order to play. The game uses asmallamount of data for features like our Cooking Fever dailyrewards,restoring lost game progress, and other gameplayimprovements. Wehope that you have a great time running our latestrestaurant!Features:* More than 400 dishes to cook using 150ingredients* 20unique locations* More than 400 levels to complete*Hundreds andhundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliancesandinteriorCooking Fever asks permission to fully enablesomefunctions:* Access location – to provide region specificin-gameoffers* Access external storage – to correctly save yourprogress
Vector 1.2.0
Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you astheexceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system.Thegame opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedomandindividually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heartofa freerunner is strong, and you soon break free. Run, vault,slideand climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urbanninjasport of Parkour all while being chased by “Big Brother” who’ssolepurpose is to capture you and bring you back.Inspired bythepractice and principles of Parkour, Vector’s intuitivecontrolsplease players of all levels, and sophisticated leveldesignschallenge the most demanding players with fast-paced timingpuzzlesas the traceur “flows” over the dystopian rooftops.GameFeatures:-Arcade gameplay from the makers of the hit Facebookgame-Astoundingly lifelike Parkour-inspired moves made possiblebyCascadeur animation tools- 20 challenging levels (40 in the"DeluxeVersion")- Quick to learn, challenging to masterThebestparkour-inspired action game! Vector lets you break free andrun!Don’t get caught!The Press Loves Vector:“The way Vector mimicsthemovements of real-life parkour practitioners is quiteimpressive...I can’t wait to be entrapped in Vector’s promising mixof directionand magnitude.” ( “Vector is thrilling,rich invariety and it reminds us of Stick Run, but offers muchmoreelaborate animations.” ("The only cool way to runfromall your problems." ( “The game looks smashing …”(
Monster Dash 2.7.3
Test your reflexes as you rocket yourwaythrough menacing, monster mayhem!Join the brash badass Barry Steakfries as you shoot your waythrougha trail littered with zombie hordes, deadly pitfalls, andwho knowswhat else?FEATURES:● A range of killer weapons to unlock● Challenging missions to test your limits● All your favorite monsters (zombies, vampires, yetisandmore!)● Insane vehicles such as the Machine Gun Jetpack and BadasHog!● Upgrade Barry’s stats by levelling up● Challenge your friends – who can set the best high score?● Add strategic boosts to Barry with lucky charms youcollectin-game!***This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at
PAC-MAN 6.6.3
Enjoy the world famous arcade videogame, PAC-MAN, for FREE!Earnhigh scores as you guide PAC-MAN through the maze to eat allthepac-dots and fruits while avoiding the pesky Ghost Gang! Orturnthem blue by eating a power pellet to chomp on them!Who canforgetthe retro addictive gameplay of this pop culture icon?Remember allthose countless hours of free time and quarters spentat the localarcade back in the 80's? Re-live those classic gamingmoments onyour mobile phone! PAC-MAN is the retro arcade game youknow andlove, now better than ever before! Join millions of fansandexperience this classic along with new features such asoriginalmazes, weekly tournaments, and token rewards!CLASSIC 8-BITARCADEACTION• Play the original coin-op icon, PAC-MAN• Pixelperfect -Looks, sounds, and feels just like your remember!•Addictive oldschool gameplay - Run away or chase the ghosts!NEWMAZES• Uniquechallenges await with brand new mobile exclusivemazes!• Easy tolearn, hard to master - Just one more game!• Thedefinition ofsimple and timeless game designDAILY PAC-MISSIONS!•Earn tokenrewards by completing daily gameplay challenges• Eat 20ghosts, eat4 fruits, get 1000 points, etc. the list goes onandon!TOURNAMENTS• Take the weekly tournament maze challenge toearntokens!• Compete at your own pace with 3 difficulty levels•Gethigh scores and climb the leaderboards!TOKEN REWARDS• Spendearnedtokens to unlock new mazes, or earn more tournamentattempts!• Earnfree daily rewardsRediscover the retro classic allover again!Bring the old school arcade action of PAC-MAN anywhereyou go! Didwe also mention that PAC-MAN was inducted to the WorldVideo GameHall of Fame in 2015? Download PAC-MAN for FREEtoday!AdditionalFeatures:• Achievements and Leaderboard support•Insider Pro-Tipson how to be the best maze runner in the worldLikeus on Facebook: ourwebsite:© 1980, 2008-2017BANDAINAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Ninja Subway Surf: Rush Run In City Rail 3.1
Subway Ninja Surf: Rush Run In City Rail is a great arcarde gameonPlaystore created by Alphaway Studio. It is a fantasyendlessruning game with cute design, fun and interestinggameplay.Thisninja game is an adventure of a ninja trying to escapeafterfighting with shadow ninja warriors in a island. He was lostin theforest and suddenly open a mystery gate which is actually afrozentime machine. After a big blast, the gate move him and theninjateam into 21st century. It drops him into subway rail in cityandhe continue run to escapse the enemy. Luckily, some utilitiescanhelp him alot like shoes, rocket, magnet andskateboard.Gamefeatures:+ 3D Game+ Vivid sound and music+Intersting graphiceffect+ Cute characters+ Thrilling moment, deathspeedHow to play+Swipe left to turn left+ Swipe right to turnright+ Swipe forwardto jump+ Swipe backward to scroll+ Tap toslash, fight or throwshurikenItems in game:+ Magnet: collect coinseasier+ Shoes: jumphigher, run faster, jump over the train thatblock you and overtraffic jam in city+ Rocket: a jetpack to fly ontop through theskies, collect many coins without a hitch+ Mysterybox: get bonusto boost your score by double the coins from rushsurfers+Skateboard: surf on the rail safely & quicklyAs aendless runsurfers game, you need to collect as many gold coins aspossible tobuy items and characters.These gold coins can purchase avariety ofitems and also buy in-game characters new subway in2017.You guysare fan of arcade and fun run games can surprise thatthe classicimperiments like witch, princess, castle, fruit, animalsarereplaced by ninja, train and darts.Ninja Subway City anofflinegame - well, it's not a online game ... but it worth to be afree3d running games of the year on because of the hd graphicsandvivid sound effects which is optimize for mobile andandroidtablets.This is a classic 3D endless fun run game, but youshouldnot compare Ninja Subway City with rail rush or bus rushbecause ofthe different in characters design, obtacle designandgameplay.With our effort to design a fun game for free, weexpectthe player can feel that: the game is fun and cute whichissuitable to play anytime and anywhere wherever drive a bike, onthetrain, the bus, the plan, in a temple, eating candy or being intheoffice. Game are easy to play and suitable for everybody. Allagesunder or over 18, kids and children, women and stickman,adults,workers, gold digger can play and feel satisfied.When youplaygame, keeping a good strategy thinking and a goodreaction.Remember to collect coins as much as you can because youneed it tobuy a lot of power items and characters.We reccommend notto playmore than 6 hours a day, spend time of relaxing,working,exercising, watch football and pets if you want to. Justplay tofulfill your mania.And we don't let you angry by waiting tolong.Download it now and start your Subway Rush run and railsurfers,join the most thrilling dash.Run along the chaos complextrafficsubway and escape from the enemy. Let's run like hell andchallengeyour limit!ContactUs:Fanpage:[email protected]
Zombie Ragdoll 2.2.6
RV AppStudios
The most addictive and entertaining zombie based physicsgame,Zombie Ragdoll promises hours of fun as you aim, tap, andshootzombies into deadly weapons to complete levels. Get ready tobebombarded with Fun with this zombie infested physics game. Thegamecombines the physic feel and firing of a ragdoll with zombies.It'sa deadly combination that promises hours of zombie killing funandentertainment. The game is super easy to play, simply tap tofire,but hard to master. If you love physic games, then this gamewillchallenge you as you progress through the levels! It requiresyourbest zombie shooting skills. Zombie Ragdoll offers tabletoptimizedUI and game play. Download and play this fun zombieshooting game,on any Android optimized tablet and enjoy HD graphicsand sounds.Key Features:♥ Plethora Of Weapons To Shoot ZombiesInto♥ Feel TheSensation Of Firing Zombies Wildly♥ Tap & AimControls, Fun ForAll Ages ♥ 160 Extremely Addictive Levels ♥Amazing Graphics &Fun Zombie Sounds♥ Compete With Your FriendsOn Facebook♥ GoogleGame Play Services Integrated The game fullyintegrates Google GamePlay Services, and Facebook for added fun& competition betweenfriends. Simply, login to Facebook andGoogle Game play Servicesand see how you are doing compared to yourfriends. Compete withfriends to see who can complete all the levelsfirst. Specialfeatures for parents or users who are not fans ofshooting games orgames with blood and gore. Zombie Ragdoll includesa less goreoption within settings. The heart of this game is alevel basedphysics puzzle ragdoll firing game; so if you love thosetypes ofphysics puzzle games, then this is for you. Download thisfunphysics zombie game now!
Angry Birds Rio 2.6.10
FREE FULL GAME – DOWNLOAD NOW! What happens when everyone'sfavoritefierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get veryangry! OFFTO RIO! The original Angry Birds have been kidnapped andtaken tothe magical city of Rio de Janeiro! They’ve managed toescape, butnow they must save their friends Blu and Jewel – tworare macaws andthe stars of the hit movies, Rio and Rio 2. THEMIGHTY EAGLE! TheMighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase thatyou can use forever.If you get stuck on a level, this coolcreature will dive from theskies to smash those meddling monkeysinto oblivion. There’s justone catch: you can only use the MightyEagle once per hour! MightyEagle also includes all new gameplaygoals and achievements.POWER-UPS! Boosting your birds’ abilitieshelps you complete levelswith three stars so you can unlock extracontent! Power-ups includethe Sling Scope for laser targeting,Power Potion to supersize yourbirds, Samba Burst for dancingdestruction, TNT for a littleexplosive help and Call the Flock fora blizzard of Macaw mayhem!320 FUN LEVELS! Plus 72 action-packedbonus levels across 12addictive episodes! SPECTACULAR BOSS FIGHTS!Put your bird flingingskills to the ultimate test! CALL THE FLOCK!Get some demolitionhelp from your Macaw buddies! POWER POTION!Juice up your bird!Power Potion transforms any bird into adevastating giant! UNLOCKBONUS LEVELS! Find objects hiddenthroughout the game to unlock evenmore levels! ----- Follow us onTwitter: Become a fan of Angry BirdsonFacebook! Terms ofUse: This application mayrequireinternet connectivity and subsequent data transfer chargesmayapply. Important Message for Parents This game may include:-Direct links to social networking websites that are intended foranaudience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internetthatcan take players away from the game with the potential tobrowseany web page. - Advertising of Rovio products and alsoproductsfrom select partners. - The option to make in-apppurchases. Thebill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
Glow Hockey 1.3.8
Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easytoplay,hardtomaster. Challenge yourselfwiththecomputeropponents!FEATURES:+2-player mode (on thesamedevice).+3themes.+ Colorful glowgraphics.+ Smooth andresponsivegameplay.+Realistic physics.+ Quickplay mode(singleplayer),challengeyourself with 4 difficulty levels(easytoinsane).+ 4selectablepaddles and pucks.+ Vibratewhengoal.+Support almostall Androiddevices. 16.0.4
Hide&Seek Live online hide and seek! Hide and seek game inwhichyou hide and find others live with many players Become anobject andhide well like you were part of the map from thebeginning. Becomeit and find the hidden objects. [Game Features]Real-time onlinemultiplayer game If you survive for 3 minutes asan object, you winIf you find all hidden objects that are tongue,you win Level UpSystem Please send your inquiries by e-mail
Zombie Evil 1.20
FT Games
In 2013, the human race was labeled as the biggest threattocontinued progress on Earth by Dr. Evil. In the eyes of theDoctor,humans were no longer fit to wear the crown of masters ofthisworld.To him,it is time for the Zombie the next evolutionarystepto becoming masters of the Earth.The Doctor has amassedenormouszombie armies and has begun unleashing them on the world.The worldhas plunged into crisis. Our species is facingextinction!As theworld’s governments fall, one after the other,it’s up to you and ahandful of survivors to take the planet backfor the living.HuntDr.Evil across the globe, using wormholes tojump through space andtime, destroying legions of the undeadeverywhere you go.They haveyou outnumbered, but you have themoutgunned! The world is waitingfor a savior to bring hope back forthe human race. 19 differentweapons to use in your quest to rid theplanet of the walkingdead!6 different characters with 5 differentskills to develop andupgrade. Upgrade your character in differentways to make theadventure unique.3 World maps! 21 classic scenes!126 levels! Atruly global adventure! Sweep away all zombie enemiesin the chaosof time and space.21 different zombie enemies! Pick upyour weaponto smash them to atoms!Thrillingly tough BOSS battles!Morechallenges and better rewards if you have the skills toconquerthem!Completely free! Endless free gold and level clearancerewardswill make you enjoy the game without paying anything!Put onyourearphones and relax to a symphony of gunfire while you taketheEarth back for humanity!
Subway Scooters Free -Run Race 5.1
Ciklet Games
Rush you can pass the upcoming cars, bus and scooters insubwaycity. Delivery pizza with surfers by scooter on time. Getyourspecial scooters on the subway and pass on the barriers inrunninggame. Become the fastest scooter surfer drivers. Show thebestscooter driver and show the fastest surfer drivers in racegames insub city. Collect more gold in mission mode. Get newcharacters andscooters with the gold you earned. Earn surprisegifts with daily.Use the special powers and pass the otherracers.Subway scooterfree - run race is an endless running game inracing games. Becomethe best scooter in subway city. Give morepizza. Most likedcharacters are waiting for you: Fire Dragon,Sweety girl, Rapper,Neon man... and more. Choose one now and startrunning on thesubway racing with all scooter drivers.Touch on rightand left -swipe up and down. Control easily to yourscooter.Superior HDGraphics - Mission modes with full of actions -Impressivecharacters - Special powers - Surprise bonuses.Performfastdrivings to extend your pizza shop. Obtain new charactersandscooters.Use new characters to unlock perfect power andspecialabilities.Complete different modes and mission actions toearnsurprise gifts.9 Different Languages : English – German –Italian –Spanish – Russian – Chinese - Japanese - Korean SubwayScootersFree - run race Features:.sub themed game endless run andracegame.Best scooter race runner .Rush as fast as youcan.ImpressiveHD Graphics.Excellent Places.7 SpecialCharacters.Surprise BonusCharacters.Mission modes with full ofactions.Developed SpecialAbilities and Powers.Surprise Bonus Gifts( ingame ).Daily Tasksand Surprise Gifts.9 Different Languages★★★JOIN US ★★★ Facebook : Twitter:
Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy
Yikes! Shaggy is imprisoned in an eerietomb.Help Scooby free Shaggy while exploring spooky levels. Keep aneyeout for mummies, ghosts and ghouls as they will be hot onyourtail. Collect power-ups and everyday objects to stay onestepahead. Can you survive the tombs and free your trustedfriendShaggy?*************★ Many levels and worlds of spooky fun!★ Avoid the scary monsters and all the sinister trapstheyset.★ Use transport tunnels, skateboards, vases and other objectstokeep you safe.★ Collect bones and snacks to free Shaggy!*************TM & © 2015 Turner Entertainment Co. ScoobyDoo and allrelatedcharacters and elements are trademarks of and © 2015TurnerEntertainment Co.
Earn to Die 2 1.3
Not Doppler
Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massivefollow-upto the chart-topping hit Earn to Die!An evacuation shipis waitingon the other side of the country. The only thing thatstands in yourway: city after city overrun by zombies . With onlya run-down carand a small amount of cash you face a familiarsituation... to drivethrough hordes of zombies in order tosurvive!BRAND NEW STORYMODEEarn to Die 2 introduces a massive newStory Mode, five timeslonger than its predecessor. The gamedeparts its familiar desertsetting and delves into the depths ofcities infested by zombies.MULTI-TIERED LEVELS:Levels are nowmulti-tiered! Drive acrossdecayed highway overpasses, viaunderground tunnels, or smashthrough epic zombie filled factories.Whichever path you choose totake, you won't be able to escape thezombie hordes - your onlychoice is to smash through them!BUILD AZOMBIE-SMASHINGMACHINEUnlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles,including a sportscar, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van.Each vehicle can beequipped with a range of upgrades, such asarmored frames,roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombieswill stand nochance.DESTRUCTIBLE VEHICLESVehicles are now fullydestructible.Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed tosmithereens ifyou aren't too careful.MORE ZOMBIES. MOREDESTRUCTION. MOREMAYHEM.What are you waiting for? That rescue shipisn't going towait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - andseriously,there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filledfactories!Earnto Die 2 is a bigger and better version of theoriginal web serieswhich includes Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die2: Exodus.Earn toDie 2 is free-to-play, however contains 3rd-partyadvertising andoptional in-app purchases.For more information onadvertising,please see our PrivacyPolicy: is required to load anddisplay adsin game (Earn to Die 2 is an ad-supported game).