Top 38 Games Similar to Cat Jump With Bean-jam pancake

Twins: 1.1.1
Olivia Ashley
There are many cubes being placed on 4 endless lanes.Your missionisto avoid those cubes at all cost.You can do that by tappingtheright/ left side of the screen.Keep pressing to keep the ballsstayin the outside lanes.Or just lift your finger up to have thembackto the middle lanes.
Mimitos Virtual Cat - Virtual Pet with Minigames 2.50.1
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Mimitos now, your new virtual pet! It's a funny andlovingcatthat is waiting for you to be looked after. Can you keepithealthyand happy?He needs you to adopt him and also look afterhim.Feedhim, play with him, tickle him...! Customize yourlittleMimitosand make him a unique and charming cat. Also, you canfind12amusing minigames and a beautiful and a customizablegarden!+HOWTOPLAY Mimitos Virtual Cat - Virtual Pet with Minigames+There arealot of cats and pets games, but this, is different. Yourgoal istotake care of him as if it was a real cat. In the end, allofthemhave the same needs. You will have to feed him, keephimhappy,relaxed and clean. -Take Mimitos home and, start toplaywithhim!-Dress him as you like it, choose hisgarments,hisaccessories, etc. It's up to you! Dress him up withthemostbizarre costumes, or with the most typical ones. You'vegotmorethan 100 pieces of clothing to choose. -Customize hishome.Choosehis furniture, decorate his bedroom, customize thekitchen,choosethe color of his living-room walls, the pattern onthefloor...Free your creativity! -Enjoy your garden and becomeanexpertfarmer. Customize it and be the envy of alltheneighborhoodcats!-Feed him. You have got lots of food tochoosefrom, but...just a tip: he loves sushi. -Play with him andticklehim. Rememberthat he needs your cares to be happy! -WashyourMimitos and keephim clean to avoid illnesses. -Take him to bedtorecover all theenergy to play. Show off that you can lookafteryour virtual petand your virtual garden very well!The game hasmorethan 200challenges to unlock and all of them have a prize.Ifyouwant, youcan share your records in the social networks orvisityourfriends' cats to have a look at their clothesanddecoration.
The game includes several funnyandkawaii minigamesthat will provide you cash to buy food, clothesandfurniture foryour cat, not everything is gonna be cleanandcustomize your petand garden!:RUN! Run as much as you canandcollect all the cashthat you will find. The rockets will makeyourun faster!
MEMORY.Train your memory with Mimitos cards.
BUGS.Many bugs attack yourvirtual cat' food. Avoid it not to runout ofit!
SPACE. Mimitosgoes to space with his sidereal spaceship.Avoidthe obstacles andcollect all the cash that you will comeacross.
JUMP! Jump fromplatform to platform without falling to openspace.Try to collectas much cash as you can duringyourjourney.
ROULETTE. Give it achance and win cash and bells whenyouget a line ofobjects.
CATCH. Catch all the ballsyoufind!OBSTACLES. Dodge allthe obstacles moving to another lanewiththe finger.
TRAFFIC. Gothe furthest you can! But, watch outbeforecrossing!
GUMMY. Jointhe same color gummies and break thebubblesbefore you out ofmovements.BUBBLES. Make combinations ofbubbles toburst them. Getrid of all of them to go up a level.PIANO.FollowMimitos rhythm.Press on your kitten's icons and play abeautifulsong.Need anyhelp? Want some more advice?Visitusat: will also findusonFacebook Mimitos VirtualCat–Virtual Pet and Minigames and give us your opinion!Thankstoallthe players of our virtual pet! Here you have thefunniestjokeabout cats:"A group of cats composed by a Mimitos,anamericanshorthair and a russian blue, went for a walkinnerarMimitosgarden. Suddenly they saw an huge siamese kitten appearandMimitossaid: "miau miau miau", and the shorthair freaked out:"meowmeowmeow", to which the blue said "miyau miyau miyau". Thehugekittenbecome very cheerful and replied: "Miau meowmiyau"."Miaumeowmiyau!" Mimitos was right, and the 4 catsbecamefriendsforever"Really funny, right? XD Many thanks forplaying themostkawaii free game, Mimitos Virtual Cat – Virtual [email protected]
MewSim Pet Cat 1.4.0
Hi, I’m a MewSim cat and I’m looking for someone to give me anameand cater to my every whim. That means keeping me fed withtastytreats, buying me a stereo or a radio-controlledhelicopter,brushing my fur, keeping the fleas away and generallymaking sureI’m always happy.I think you’ll like my apartment. It’sa bitboring and dull right now, but if you look after me wellenoughI’ll let redecorate it to your taste. I’ve got twoabsorbingmini-games so we can have tons of fun!My friends tell methat I’martistic and reckless by nature, and I think they’re right.I loveto make funny faces and do crazy things! I’m full ofsurprises, asyou’ll see if I decide to adopt you as my owner. Ifyou want to bean important part of my life, to become my friend andprovider, andto feed me with tasty meat, fish and ice-cream, thenyou’d betterhurry up. I’m already starving! Yours sincerely,Yourfuture MewSimPet Cat.Key features: + An amusing and comicallyanimated maincharacter.+ Nurture a uniquely talented pet.+ Chooseyour MewSim’scolor, name and sex to influence your cat’spersonality andbehavior.+ Redecorate your MewSim’s home to yourtaste.+ A widerange of in-game items to diversify the gameplay.+ 3absorbingbonus mini-games.
My Talking Angela
Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates ❤️AFABULOUS FREE VIRTUAL PET GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF MY TALKINGTOM!❤️ ADOPT A BABY KITTEN AND RAISE HER! Bathe her, decorate herhomeand feed her delicious food so she can grow up to be abeautifuland healthy cat girl! 🛁🍹🍰 TALKING ANGELA WILL BECOME YOURBESTFRIEND Have fun dancing, playing cool mini games andsolvingpuzzles! 🎮 You can collect cute stickers in your album andswapthem with your friends. IT’S ALL ABOUT FASHION! Go shoppingforthat perfect dress and shoes and give her a stylish makeoverbymatching her outfit with a cute hairstyle and makeup. 👠👗💄 Feelingabit more adventurous? Explore her collection of face paintsforthat extra added sparkle. CHECK OUT HER AMAZING DANCE STUDIO!Hereyou can learn the cool dance moves to your new favorite song. 💃🎶Just press play, feel the music and swipe away! No matter ifyouprefer ballet, K-pop or disco - take the stage and make somemagic!DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AND START PLAYING MY TALKING ANGELA NOW!MAKE HERYOUR SUPERSTAR! This app is PRIVO certified. The PRIVO safeharborseal indicates Outfit7 Limited has established COPPAcompliantprivacy practices to protect your child’s personalinformation. Ourapps do not allow younger children to share theirinformation. Thisapp contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's productsand advertising -Links that direct users to other apps andOutfit7's websites -Personalization of content to entice users toplay the app again -The possibility to use and connect with friendsvia social networks- Watching videos of Outfit7's animatedcharacters via YouTubeintegration - Items are available fordifferent prices in virtualcurrency, depending on the current levelreached by the player -Alternative options to access allfunctionalities of the appwithout making any in-app purchase usingreal money (levelprogress, games, in-game functionalities, ads)Terms of use: EEA privacypolicy: US privacypolicy: Rest of the world privacypolicy: Customer support:[email protected]
My Boo - Your Virtual Pet Game 2.11.3
Tapps Games
Meet Boo, your very own virtual pet! Enjoy countless hours of funinthis addictive and entertaining game brought to you by TappsGames!Each Boo is like a real pet that needs lots of attention,and yourtask is to take care of it in the best way possible. Feedit, washit, take care of its health, put it to sleep and play withyour Boo- while you have lots of fun with over 20 thrilling minigames thatwill surely keep you entertained and your Boo happy as apuppy! Ifyour Boo is hungry, you can find an array of deliciousandnutritious food in the pantry: from yummy tacos to sometenderbarbecue ribs, or even a portion of octopus sashimi if you’reinthe mood for a more exotic food! Your sweet tooth will besatisfiedwith mouthwatering candies, such as pumpkin pies, milkshakes andcolorful lollipops! You can also dress up your boo anyway youlike! Go to his closet and style it like your favouritemovie orbook character! Choose its hair and accessorize, from tophats to aregal crown, or even a leprechaun hat! Choose your attire!Fromformal to fun - and every style in between! You can buynewaccessories to customize your Boo as you level up! Your boowillget dirty from time to time, and like any other pet, a bathisnecessary! Taking care of your pet also entails giving itsomemedication whenever needed, and you can play with magic potionsandenergy drinks! You can also decorate its house with fun postersanddecorative rugs - not to mention redo the walls withbeautifulwallpaper and some fancy flooring! You’ll LOVE thisBOOtiful gameso much, you won’t be able to leave it alone!HIGHLIGHTS • ADOPTyour Boo, give it a special name and watch itgrow up! It’s socute! • DRESS it up with countless outfits to giveyour Boo thebest look! Just they way you want! • FEED Boo withcandy, cookies,fruits, pizza or even sushi for a treat! Yummy! •TICKLE, playkeepie uppie, trampoline or jump rope with your Boo tokeep ithappy and smiling! • TUCK your Boo in when the day is overand Boois tired! • BATHE your Boo to keep it clean and happy! •DECORATEevery room of your Boo's house with dozens of awesomeitems! And alot more! There’s always so much to do in My Boo! Youwill neverget tired of your cute little pet monster! MINI GAMESHave fun withexciting mini games and earn coins to buy items andfood for yourBoo! • Boo Mix - Match Boos • Piano Boo - Tap the Boosand avoidthe white tiles • Basket Boo - How many points can youscore inthis basketball game? • Matching - A match-3 style game tocombineBoos • Bubble Pop - Launch and combine Boos of the samecolor Andmany more! Please note! This game is free to play, but itcontainsitems that can be purchased for real money. Some featuresandextras mentioned in the description may also have to bepurchasedfor real money.
Little Live Pets
Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop!Adoptyour own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize yourpetmouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the petshopand care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games tolevelup, earn coins and unlock surprises!Features:- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in thepetshop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, DigitheGaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten,SweetBeat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playingwiththem.- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash,MouseHurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese QuestandCleverkeet Augmented Reality.- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings withtheSweet Repeat game.- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitatsandcleaning materials from the Store.- Unlock new items as you play along and progress throughthelevels.Have fun with these caring activities:- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast ofdeliciousapples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel andshowerhead to wash your pet.- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keepithappy.- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collarsandmany other accessories.- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will seeitmove, feel, react and sound like a real pet!Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you andyourpet! Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in theagilitycourse and run as fast as you can to win loads ofpoints.Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry againstherfrog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to getspeedypower-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch thecheesepower-ups to emerge as the champion of the MouseHurdlesmini-game.- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in theTweetAlong mini-game.- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious disheshe’sdreaming about in Puppy Jumble.- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish linebeforetimer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigatebridges,spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese andgiveyour pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in theCleverkeetAugmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing,dance andplay with him. Dress him up with cute and coolaccessories.Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets!Privacy Policy:
My Virtual Pet 🐾 2.1
🐙 Meet My Virtual Pet Bobbie, your new best friend! 🐙 Everyonehasone of those my virtual pets games like talking dog or talkingcat,but this cute, tiny pet monster is a whole lot different fromallother my talking pets! This virtual pet has a pet salon,minigames, coloring books and many more interesting things. Adoptyournew, fluffy virtual animal now! ARE YOU READY FOR BOBBIE MYVIRTUALPET? Do you have what it takes to take care of your veryownvirtual animal?! Feed it, bathe it, play mini games with it,colorbeautiful coloring pages inside this my virtual pets game,gothrough various outfits and costumes while advancing throughlevelsand unlocking new features. Bobbie has everything you needtocreate your unique pet monster - possibilities are endless! 🐾MYVIRTUAL PET GAME FEATURES: 🐾 🐙 ADOPT baby Bobbie, choose anicename for your talking pet and take good care of it! 🐙 DRESS UPyourcute pet monster with countless combinations. Find the outfitofyour choice to give Bobbie the best look! 🐙 FEED Bobbie withcandy,cookies, fruits, vegetables and pizza. 🐙 BATHE your talkingpet tokeep it clean and happy! 🐙 PRETTY PET SALON – Bobbie likes tobebeautiful all the time, take care of his looks. 🐙 COLORINGPAGES–show your creativity while playing with My Virtual Pet 🐙 TUCKyourvirtual pet in when it is tired! 🐙 DECORATE every room inBobbie'shouse with dozens of awesome items! 🐙 PLAY MINI GAMES – wecreatedover a dozen mini games for you to have fun and earn coinsfor newoutfits 🐙 SHARE your favorite moments with your talking petso yourfriends can see how much fun you're having 🐙 GROW withBobbie andenjoy endless fun with your adorable, personalizedmonster pet 🐙COMPLETE DAILY MISSIONS to win coins and diamonds tospend atpretty pet salon 🐾 MY VIRTUAL PET – YOUR NEW FAVORITETALKING PET 🐾Virtual pet games teach you to take care of a pet. MyVirtual PetBobbie does that too, but it also helps you getcreative! You cando anything you want with it while having tons offun and enjoyingendless possibilities of creating your virtual petat the prettypet salon. Bobbie is a talking pet, as well. So talkto him whileyou're playing. Who doesn't love to chat. Tell Bobbieyou love himand your talking animal will say “I love you” back.What are youwaiting for? There is so much to do with Bobbie thevirtual pet!Download My Virtual Pet game now and you will never gettired ofthis baby pet monster! My Virtual Pet Game is theintellectualproperty of DigitalEagle.
Virtual Dog Shibo – Virtual Pet and Minigames 2.50.1
Axelerum S.L.
Meet Shibo now, your new virtual pet! It's a funny and lovingdogthat is waiting for you to take care of him.He needs you toadopthim and also take care of him. Feed him, play with him,ticklehim...! Customize your little Shiba Inu and make him a uniqueandcharming puppy. Will you be able to keep it healthy and happy?Inaddition, the game has 12 funny minigames and a beautifulgardenwhere to grow your own food for your virtual dog.++HOW TOPLAYVirtual Dog Shibo – Virtual Pet and Minigames++There are a lotofdogs and pets games, but this with a Shiba Inu, is different.Yourgoal is looking after the cutest virtual puppy as if it was arealpuppy. You will have to feed him, keep him happy, relaxedandclean.- Adopt Shibo and, start to play with him! 
- Dress himasyou like it, choose his clothes, his accessories. It's up toyou!.You've got more than 100 pieces of clothing to choose.
-Customizehis home. Choose the furniture, decorate his bedroom,customize thekitchen, choose the colour of his living-room walls,the pattern onthe floor... Free your creativity!
- Take care andcustomize yourgarden, be the envy of all the neighborhood!- Feedhim. You havegot lots of food to choose.- Play with him and ticklehim. Rememberthat he needs your cares to be happy!
- Wash yourvirtual pet andkeep him clean to avoid illnesses.
- Make him go tobed to recoverall the energy to play.Show off that you can lookafter yourvirtual puppy and your virtual garden very well!The gamehas morethan 200 challenges to unlock and all of them have aprize.If youwant, you can share your records in the social networksor visityour friends' Shiba Inu to have a look at their clothesanddecoration.
++++ MINIGAMES ++++
The game includes several funnyandkawaii minigames that will provide you cash to buy food,clothesand furniture for your dog, not everything is gonna be cleanandcustomize your dog and garden!:RUN! Run as much as you canandcollect all the cash that you will find. The rockets will makeyourun faster!
MEMORY. Train your memory with Shibo cards. 
BUGS.Manybugs attack your virtual dog' food. Avoid it not to run outofit!
SPACE. Shibo goes to space with his sidereal spaceship.Avoidthe obstacles and collect all the cash that you will comeacross.
JUMP! Jump from platform to platform without falling toopenspace. Try to collect as much cash as you can duringyourjourney.
ROULETTE. Give it a chance and win cash and bells whenyouget a line of objects.
CATCH. Catch all the ballsyoufind!OBSTACLES. Dodge all the obstacles moving to another lanewiththe finger.
TRAFFIC. Go the furthest you can! But, watch outbeforecrossing!
GUMMY. Join the same color gummies and break thebubblesbefore you out of movements.BUBBLES. Make combinations ofbubblesto burst them. Get rid of all of them to go up alevel.PIANO.Follow Shibo's rhythm. Press on your puppy's icons andplay abeautiful song.Need any help? Want some more advice? Visitusat: will also find usonFacebook Virtual Dog Shibo – VirtualPetand Minigames and give us your opinion!Thanks to all the playersofour virtual pet, here you have the funniest joke about aShibaInu:"A group of friends composed by a Spanish Shiba Inu,anAmerican bulldog and a Russian terrier, went for a walk inthegarden. Suddenly they saw an huge German Bulldog puppy appearandshibo said: "guau guau guau", and the bulldog freaked out:"woofwoof woof", to which the terrier said "gav gav gav". The hugepuppybecome very cheerful and replied: "Guau woof gav"."Guau woofgav!"Shibo could not be more right, and the 4 becamefriendsforever"Shibo is really funny, right? XD Many thanks forplayingthe most kawaii Virtual Dog Shibo – Virtual [email protected]
Miss Hollywood: Lights, Camera 1.3
Budge Studios
Play mini games with Miss Hollywood and her pet friends and becomeasuperstar!Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood - Lights,Camera,Fashion! Join Miss Hollywood and all her pet friends tolive theceleb life at her mansion in the Hollywood Hills! Jumpinto theaction of movie scenes with fun mini games and winfabulous prizes!Dress up in glamorous outfits and bring themansion back to lifewith beautiful decorations! Experience truemovie magic and become aHollywood superstar!HOLLYWOODADVENTURESDECORATE all 7 of your pets'unique mansion roomsDRESS UPyour pets in cool outfitsCHASE and jumponto the chopper!BUILD themovie setsGRANT the costume wishes ofyour pet friendsSWING yourway to the pirate treasureFLY throughstars and space!DANCE toBollywood beatsATTEND your own moviepremieres7 PET FRIENDS, EACHWITH THEIR OWN PERSONALITYMISSHOLLYWOOD: the supreme fashionistaChihuahuaPRINCESS: the royalwhite kittenHOP: the hip-hop bunnyMISSPUGGY: the HollywoodactressALLIE: the rock star black catMAX: thegamerPAW DADDY: theR&B swag-dogVisit us: www.budgestudios.comLike Follow us: @budgestudios Watchour apptrailers: HAVE QUESTIONS? Wealways welcomeyour questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us24/7 [email protected] COPPA COMPLIANTBudge Studiostakeschildren's privacy seriously and ensures that its appsarecompliant with privacy laws, including the ChildOnlinePrivacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacy legislation intheUnited States of America.   If you would like to learn moreonwhat information we collect and how we use it, please visitourprivacy policy at: .If you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: [email protected] you download this game,pleasenote that this app is free to play, but additional contentmay beavailable via in-app purchases. It also may containadvertisingfrom Budge Studios Inc.  regarding other appswepublish and from partners, and social media linksthatare only accessible behind a parental gate. BUDGE STUDIOSis atrademark of Budge Studios Inc.End User License Agreement:
My Alien Virtual Pet Care 3D 1.3
My Alien Virtual Pet Care 3D is a game about all kind ofcolorfulcute Alien. You take care of them, feed them, make themtake abath, and mostly, play with them in beautiful 3D minigames.By thecreator of My Piou – Virtual Pet Care 3D :) - AMAZINGFEATURES :Youcan have up to 50 Aliens simultaneously !Customizeyour wonderfulAlien house, from wallpaper to furniture. Your Alienswill lovewatching TV or sleep near the fireplace, many amazingitems anddecorations to discover ! Do Quests to earn extra coinsand makeyour Aliens so happy. You can share your mini games scoreinleaderboards and compete with your My Alien friends. -COLORBREEDING SYSTEM :My Alien has a powerful color breeding systemtomake you able to create colorful cute and rare colors. Youcanstore colors to recreate Aliens from it, create your own breedandshow it to the My Alien Community.- COLLECT ITEMS :Collectwearablehats, collect coins, golden eggs. If you love surpriseeggs, you’lllove this game. There is plenty of way to get coins,discover themall to be rich fast and make your Aliens lovely.- EASYTO PLAY :MyAlien is both easy and challenging game to play with youfriends.It is translated in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese,English.Features are well explained (it includes TIPS) andaccessible foreverybody.- CONNECT WITH FRIENDS :You can playMultiplayer 1 vs 1in an amazing game mode, dexterity and rapidityare the keys. Notenough items or coins to buy medics for yourlittle cute Aliens ?It’s ok, get connected with your Facebookaccount and request helpfrom your My Alien Friends. You can visityour Friend’s house,clean their house and collect extra coins andexperience points.Join the Google + or Facebook Official My AlienCommunity anddiscover news, tips, and unlock codes to get freeitems.- TABLETAND SMARTPHONE SUPPORTMy Alien is designed forsmartphones as wellas tablets. What are you waiting for ? Join theMy Alien Communitynow ! It’s the Virtual Pet Care Game you everwanted !- MINI GAMESLIST (More to come !) : - Match3 : Align foodand make themexplode, gain energy and spend it to create comboswith powerfulskills and go through 50+ Levels !- Kick : Make youralien fly asfar as possible, collect coins, eat food and make yourAlien Bigger!- Memo : Play the song as your cute Alien does, thisgame willhelp you get a better memory !- Snake : Eat food and yourAlienwill lay egg that will follow it, try to get eggs as muchaspossible without running into them !- Repeat : Speak andyourlittle caring Aliens will repeat what you said like a parrot!-Swing : Tap screen to change Alien’s fly direction, try to gethighas much as possible !- Garden : Take care of a Plant, water itandit will produce different kind of Food, from tomatoes tohamburger- Floppy : Tap to make your Alien fly in the air, avoidpipes, goas far as you can and collect Orbs. Orbs will unlock newlevel.There are 4 Levels inside Floppy Piou !- Floppy Multiplayer:Connect to Google Play and compete against your friend in a 1 vs1Mode.- Firework : Tap the right button to explode the fireworks!-Football : If you don’t have time to play a mini game, thisonewill make all your Aliens play alone and recover their happinessbythemselves !Please note : This game is free to play, butitcontains items that can be purchased for real money.
Kitty Cat - Virtual Pet cat, happy Christmas 2.0.5
Happy Christmas theme free! Kitty Z is your most realisticvirtualpet. He is a very cute and affectionate cat that is waitingforyou. The kitten needs you to adopt him (you can choosebetweenthree at the beginning) and also that you take care of him.Feedhim, play with him, pamper him and caress him! Customize yourroomand your kitty and make your mascot a unique, kawaii andcuddlycat. Your kitten loves to play with the balls and with thelaserpointer. Take it to augmented reality to see it in real life!Whenyour cat is sitting, you can move it and leave it on the floorin avery funny way. In addition, the game has several mini-games,agarden, a room full of toys and magic. There are many games ofcatsand games of pets, but this one is different. You have to takecareof KittyZ like a real kitten. You have to feed him, keep himhappy,relaxed and clean. We are improving the graphics and changingthelook of the kittens. They now have bigger and brighter eyes,tohave your own stuffed animal kitten as a real mascot. Ty forplay!*** HOW TO PLAY *** You adopt Kitty and start playing withhim.Walk around the neighborhood and meet your neighbor's horse anddogthanks to the level of cat simulator that contains this freegame.Wear accessories such as a necklace, glasses, hats and partyhats.Customize the whole house based on the Haloween partyandChristmas. Bath your kitten every day with authentic andrelaxingbubble baths. Take it to the kitchen and feed your kittyKittyZ tomake her happy. Play with the cat and tickle it: you willsee howit purrs. Turn off the light for your kitty to sleep, it'sverycute. You have daily prizes in roulette of the fortune Shareyourcat on social networks or put it as wallpaper. Make your catseeyou on TV! *** MINIGAMES *** * Augmented Reality: take yourkittento real life: you will see your pet on the floor of yourhouse,pass it on the street as if it were real! * Platform Game,platformgame that you will have to cover in the least possibletime. * GameBalls Out, which consists of expelling the balls asfast aspossible from the field of play. * Game Match (pairs). Speed​​upyour mind with this fun couples game with kitten themes. *CatSimulator, to take your pet kitten to the street and play inthethird person. * Aquarius Simulator: A tropical aquarium fullofrealistic virtual fish that follow your hand. * Fireworks:throwsan infinity of artificial games next to your virtual mascot.* Inthe rooms of the house, have your pet cat chase the ballsbyclicking on them. You will earn coins and your kitten will getinshape, thinning. * Coming soon: Kitty and the floor is lavaminigame. Need help? Do you want advice? Visit us onFacebook:Https:// Also on [email protected] KittyZ and give us your opinion!
AiKo: Cute Virtual Child Pet 2.1.5
Create your own kid and take care of him/her. Play mini-gamestoearn gold and experience to buy new customization itemsandprogress through the game. AiKo is an extremely cute game andit'svery easy to play. 100+ different customization items(Clothes,Hairstyles, Environment, etc.) ⚝ Recommended for thefollowingpeople: ⚝ - People who like Anime ( Shota / Loli) artstyle. -People who want to kill some time in school or work. -People wholove Otome / Simulation games. - People who like to playVirtualPet or Tamagotchi like games. - People who like Japaneseculture. -People who like cute characters. - People who love kids.- Peoplewho like to relax and spend some time with fun. ☆ Price ☆Free toplay ★ Art ★ Daria [OreExist] Ekz ★ Sound ★Syncopika( MatthewPablo(
Boxie: Hidden Object Puzzle 1.9.0
Discover the wonderful world of adventure! Play Hidden Object,Match3 and Bubble games with your Virtual Pet. Treat him withyummies andmake a collection of Surprise Boxie-Pets! Compete withyour friends,exchange free gifts and set new records! Gamefeatures: ★ Petsimulator ★ Arcades, mini-games, match 3 andbubbles ★ Educationalgames and puzzles ★ Mini games, HiddenObjects, 2048 ★ Findfantastic beasts in the game ★ Free games forkids and adults ★Encyclopedia of the game about animals Everwanted to slip into thesecret life of pets? Meet Boxie! An amusingvirtual pet, panda, lolsurprise dolls, Dino.. If you like dogsimulator games - you willhave talking dog then. Boxie is anamiable talking virtual pet,which can grow into any animal,depending on food you treat it with.How many fabulous pets can youget? This toy dolls simulator wouldgift you a best friend, you canfind many surprises in this lolsurprise boxie game. Nurture yourBoxie, feed it with om nom fruitand veggies, or meat delicates.Sated, Boxie likes to play freegames with his friend Bubbu. Visitpuzzle playground for logic andboard games, like mahjong solitairemini-game or memory game. Arcadesandbox is waiting for you to playBubbles games or match 3 blitz.If you prefer seek and find games,crawl into a haunted castle forfinding dory and other hiddenobjects. This sim game will alsobecome one of your kid's favouriteeducational apps. Stuffed withlogic puzzles and arcade mini-games,it features cool animations.Let your children play a Tom Doctor ormake fun dressing Boxie. So,play games and earn money andachievements in this free virtual petsim and MewSim and Tinymals.My Boxie is my best friend! He likesplaying Hidden object games,Bubble games, Match 3, mahjongmini-game, search for items inEnglish and solve other puzzles.Boxie will certainly become yourbest friend! Enjoying Boxie: HiddenObject Puzzle? Learn more aboutthe game! Facebook: Website:http://absolutist.comYouTube: Questions? Contact ourtechsupport at [email protected]
PDF Downloader 1.4
KEI co.
In some cases when you try to save a PDF file from the link inabrowser, can not see the PDF files failed todownload.Thisapplication is intended to solve it.As a cause fail todownload,you have issues or set of Web servers, andpasswordauthentication.Using it is easy.Press and hold the portionof thelink of the browser, or enter the URL of the link with PDFfiles,please select the "PDF Downloader" from appearing there"share"link. Address is sent to the URL input field of PDFDownloaderthen.Please enter your user name and password if apassword isrequired to obtain the PDF file if.And begin downloadingthe PDFfile, the file will be saved in the SD card. After that,pleaselook at your PDF viewer. When the download is complete A listofapplications can open the PDF file as shown will bedisplayed.Whenyou manually enter the URL of the link is easy to dousing the copyand paste.From Ver.1.3 is now able to change thedestination to theSD card. Please change the settings from MENU.
Cat: Talking Cat Virtual Pet 3.0
Just talk to the Talking Cat and virtual pet. The cute catanswerswith her funny voice and reacts to what you say or yourtouch. Witha lot of exciting games with many levels to play! If youliketalking animal games like talking cat or talking dog oranimalgames in general then you will love Cat: Talking Cat VirtualPet!★★★ Features: ★★★ ✔ High quality 3D graphics ✔ Talkinganimal:talking cat ✔ Cat game - cat games ✔ The cat repeatseverything yousay with a funny voice ✔ Fun for the whole familyCat: Talking CatVirtual Pet is a free application. Download Cat:Talking CatVirtual Pet now and please rate it with 5 stars if youlike it.
cat's sushi shop 1.2
Cats are easy and fun game to make sushi.Tap the button oftheordered sushi,Let's make sushi as ordered.Sometimes the tunafairyappears.Tapping the fairy is a bonus mode!A simple rule thatanyonecan easily play, it's fun to become addictive!But, since mystomachis decreasing, people who are on a diet should playmoderately.
Hot Pot Master 1.4
If you like authentic Chinese food , cannot miss this game.To beaFoodie , a Hot Pot fan, or mini game player , this game is madeforyou!How to play:Tap when the chopsticks pointing to the food.Thenyou can have a big meal.Features:• Simple gameplay to beginwithbut challenging to master it.• More than 100 cuteingredientswaiting for you!• Beautiful graphics and cute food• GameaboutChinese food , looks so delicious.• Compete with friends.Follow“Happy Elements Mini” to get the news of newest funny gameinFacebook: [email protected]_Minigame:
Tap the Frog: Doodle 1.9
Tap the Frog in DOZENS of MINI-GAMES in one awesome app!Join10,000,000 million Tap the Frog players across the globe! Somuchfun for everyone!#1 GAME IN MANY COUNTRIES.Tap the FrogDoodlefeatures hours of gameplay, diverse mini-games filledwithlight-hearted humor and achievements to keep you coming backformore. Easy to pick-up yet challenging to master, Tap theFrogDoodle will have your fingers begging for more alone time withthecutest frog on your device.32 ACTION PACKED MINI-GAMES, badges,andmore! Customize your frog and share your creativity withyourfriends on Facebook and Twitter!So what are you waiting for?Gettapping. Get Tap the Frog Doodle!THE CRITICS LOVE TAP THEFROGDOODLE:★ APP OF THE DAY: A huge range of variety in acollection ofmini games…you'll find yourself going back to playthem again andagain because you're desperate for a proper score.–★ Tap the Frog is a fun-filled casual gamewithplenty of entertainment for all. –★ Tap theFrogis one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever played.–MakeUseOf.comAlready a fan? US:
KleptoCats 5.3
KleptoCats are cute. But they have a dark side. They can'tstopstealing!!! But then again...your room is kinda empty. WhataCAT-astrophe. I guess your furry friend's frisky paws may beaperfect match to fill your room. Send your cat away to gatheritemsto fill your room with amazing treasures. PAW-some!!! Youneverknow what KleptoCats will bring back next.
Bubbu – My Virtual Pet 1.57
Meet Bubbu, your new virtual pet. He is a cute, emotionalandadorable cat who loves to eat tasty food, take selfies,visitfriends and dancing. Have fun at Bubbu’s home and find outothersecrets about your pet’s life. He will surprise you forsure!Explore Bubbu's colorful world with many adventurousactivities! •Bubbu is waiting for you to be fed, dressed, cuddledand bathed.This lovely cat needs your love and attention every day,so takegood care of him from morning to midnight. In one word, makesureyour kitty is always happy and smiling, but never hungry,sleepy,sick or bored. • Take Bubbu to the funky showroom and dresshim upstylishly. Also don’t forget to make a dream house for yourlovelypet. Customize and decorate it with an awesome collectionoffurniture to make kitty’s home beautiful, warm and cozy. • Over30fun mini-games will provide you with food or with coins tobuyitems for your virtual cat. Have fun playing Catcher, CatConnect,Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons,CheeseBuilder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat,Diver,Stick Ninja, etc. Challenge your friends and follow theirhighscores through global leaderboard. • Sometimes Bubbu needsdoctor'shelp, because he keeps making stunts, jumping on the sofaorplaying mini-games too often. Take Bubbu to the cat's hospitalandheal him with cool tools. Cure his toothache, fever, hurt tailorbroken bones. Let the doctor fun begin! • Spin the wheel offortuneevery day, complete daily challenges and explore friends'houses toget some extra rewards. Finishing achievements gives youfreediamonds to buy something special for your pet! • Bubbu'slandoffers you tons of activities. Customize Bubbu’s house intoalovely cat villa. You can grow organic food in the garden andmilka cow everyday as a real farmer. Pimp your cool car and getreadyfor a hill ride. Take a walk to the seaside and fish or godiving.You can go to the city or even travel into space by rockettodefend your planet against alien invasion. Play footballandbasketball, pass across sea rocks or climb up the tree. Trytochange between day and night and enjoy listening to the soundsofmother nature. If you have ever wanted your own cat, this game isaperfect choice for you. So, come on, what is keeping you?AdoptBubbu and make him the happiest virtual cat ever! This game isfreeto play but certain in-game items and features, also some ofthosementioned in game description, may require payment viain-apppurchases which cost real money. Please check your devicesettingsfor more detailed options regarding in-app purchases. Thegamecontains advertising for Bubadu’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect users to our or third-party site orapp.Privacy policy: Termsofservice:
My Tiny Pet 1.4
What if a virtual pet hatched on your phone or tablet? Do youhavewhat it takes to take care of your very own pet?Join millionsofother pet lovers to discover loads of fun by making yourvirtualpet part of your daily life. Name it, feed it, play with it,tuckit into bed, enjoy its life-like emotions and dress it upanywayyou want! It’s like Tamagotchi on your Android devices. Lookafteryour adorable little pet and play all the exciting minigamesnow!Game Feature:- Adorable character and stunning graphics-Play10+ awesome mini games and collect coins- Visit and check outyourfriends’ pets and send them greetings
Tom Kitty Cube Crush 1.3.4
Panda Box
tom kitty cube crushcat cube crush is a new Tap and pop thecubesgame with unique and special game play like never before!yourtarget in the game is to blast the blocks and solve thelevelpuzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boosters you willgetthat will help to to solve the puzzle and bring down all the toytoblastthe game is challenging, it look easy at start to helpyoulearn it but afterwards you will have the think hard andconsideryour tactics, we promise you that you will have the besttimeplaying and as you progress you will enjoy it more and more,thereis nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks and smashingallthe cubes.
Optic illusion 2.5.3
char room
It is a game by illusion. Let's elaborate eyes and arrange inthesame length and position.
Happy Pet Story: Virtual Sim 2.0.7
Happy Labs
FAQ :────────────────★ YOUR PERFECT DREAM TOWN COME TO LIFE ★ ✔ CREATEand TAKE CARE ofyour own virtual pet! ✔ DECORATE your very ownhome and make yourfriends envious! ✔ VISIT your friends’ town andinteract withplayers from all over the world! ✔ Step into a happystreet full oflively animal neighbors! Meet Whiff, the poker-facedmonkey, Albertthe cranky wolverine professor, Bubbles who’s ashiny popstar, andBizkit the ever-hungry sheep! ✔ PLAY mini gamesand level up! Gofishing, play Rock Paper Scissors, tap along tomusic rhythms andmore! Also, complete your friendly neighbors’requests for coolrewards! ✔ CHECK OUT the latest fashion at theFurniture Shop,Fashion Store, Salon, Cafe, and much more!──────────────── ★FEATURES THAT YOU’LL LOVE ✔ FREE to download& FREE updates! ✔Simple, intuitive and easy gameplay. ✔ Uniqueart style and vibrantworld that is immersive, charming and cute! ✔200+ unique outfits,300+ furniture and decorations, 200+customizable looks! ✔Multiplayer! Visit and check out your friendson the leaderboard! ✔Offline mode available! No internet required.✔ Guaranteed hours offun for everyone from kids to adults. ✔Available in English, BahasaIndonesia,中文,日本語,ไทย, Español,русский, Português ✔ Optimized forSamsung S6/Note 4/Tab and alllarge screen devices! ────────────────DOWNLOAD NOW!──────────────── ❤ Write a review to support us! ❤Feedback:[email protected] ❤❤ ❤──────────────── Happy Pet Story is freeto play but includesIn-App Purchase. Please turn this off in devicesettings if youdon’t want to use this feature.
Arcade Game Box
Arcade Game Box - Play cool mini games with your Friends!Ourfree101+ frivolous Games collection includes:- Racing Games- CoolMathGames- Makeover Games / Dressup Games- Friv Games- CandyGames-Clash Games- Car Games- Highscore Games- Match 3 Games-PuzzleGamesAnd many more!Supported Languages: English,Portuguese(Brazilian), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian,Dutch,Turkish and Polish!
Daily Kitten : virtual cat pet 3.4
Honikou Games
Daily Kitten offers you your own cat; it's just for you. It candoanything as long you take care of it. Caress it, feed it, teachitto stay clean, play with it, put it to sleep ... you canaccompanyit in its dreams, dress it up the way you like and make itpurrwhen you stroke it. To make a long story short, it's yournewcompanion and you help it grow and have a lot of fun.FEATURES:-Play over 10 mini-games while playing with your animal pet. Youcanearn gold and emerald to buy him stuff.- You can interact withyourcat by taping on the screen, he will came to you to receivesomepetting... so cute !- Take care of an adorable pet !- The gameiscut in 10 days. Each day your kitten grows up and can use newtoysand stuffs !- You can take pictures of your adorable cat toshareit with your friends !- Give food to your own kitten, playball ofwool, play with a lasersight, help him to scratch his nailsin cattree, like a true kitten !- This kitten is really realistic,youcan watch him live in your house, he will move around and playwitheverything- Show at your friends how your kitten is beautiful!-Make fun with your little animal and take care of it ! Youcandeguise him with a lot of stuff !- There is differentmissionduring the game. would you be able to finish everything?Takecareof your cat simulator !Daily Kitten is available infrench,english, spanish, german, chinese, japanese, turkish andrussian.
Girls Craft: Virtual Pet Shop 1.40
Free game for girls! Have your own virtual pet! Cute kitten,dog,panda or even a DRAGON! All cute tiny pets are waiting to beyourfriends! Craft & build a cute cube house for your squarepixelanimals, feed them and love them! Provide food and love!Rescue apet if it’s in trouble! Your virtual pets are so sweet! Cat- thewalking pet, Tiny Princess Panda & the talking puppy dog,evena Dragon or Dino can be your pet friend! This pocket editiongamefor girls, inspired by free games for top girls and boys letsyoucreate a world, build with blocks, craft and make friendswithanimals! An infinite sandbox world! All for free! Craft&create! Exploration put to another level. Build a pet shop ornailsalon and be a top girl! Make your own story with animalfriends!Unicorn and Pony! Your own little girls paradise!Rainbowseverywhere! Even a cat can be your pet! Make your own petstory!Start an adventure with your new animal friends! Say hi to aKitty!Hug a fluffy dog! Design pink interior, build and design akitchen- start cooking and baking! Take care of your friends -animals!Building a whole city with a spa salon, pet nail salon, petshop,Make-up & beauty salon or a sweet shop with candies inthisgame for girls won’t be hard anymore! Cute animals all aroundyou!Puppies, kittens - all for you! A serious pocket game forseriousgirls who love to be adorable princesses! Build your ownshoppingmall and take part in a fashion show now! Feel like aprincess! Nodolls for little girls - no pony or other stuff forlittle girls!This game is for a serious top girl! Wear high heelsshoes andexplore randomly generated sweet cube worlds, build andcreateamazing & perfect structures from the simplest of homesto thegrandest of tasty sweet cube fortresses and castles made outofglitter and shiny materials! Create your pink sweet kingdom!Usepink - fabulous blocks to build beautiful pink and colorfulsweetstructures. Become a an adventurer with pets as your friends!Thiscreative game for teenage girls (Pocket Edition) contains alargenumber of different cute glitter blocks (pink, yellow,colorful)with which you can craft your own teenage girls cubeworld! You canplant flowers in the garden, bake cakes, build ahouse for yourpet, pony, unicorn and friends or even build your ownpalace inthis building games for girls! Be like a princess!Princessexploration with sweet and candy blocks in this buildinggames forgirls! Build SPA, Beauty Salon, Shopping mall, Hair salonfor yourpet, Pet shop and bake a Strawberry Cake! This litebuilding gamecontains: block placing, cube world, real time cuteprincess worldgeneration, exploration and a free run mode! Buildinga candygirl’s cube world with cute animals! Girls craft & pets- greatbuilding and crafting game for girls! Multiplayer - candygirls& pet game editionGirls Crafting - Supermodel modeSurvivalmode- girls game modeCube crafting modePet Salon mode - pet yourownkitten, dog or unicorn!Story modeBuild battlemodeRecipesCandyZombiesBaking and cookingLove games for top girls?See our othergames for girls!Make friends with tiny cutepets!Explore theinfinite cute world!Build houses for your newfriends!
Cat & Dog Online: Pet Animals 1.9
Foxie Games
Get ready for the ultimate cat and dog simulator. Start off asavirtual pet (kitty or a pup) and roleplay in a huge onlinecitywith other animal lovers. You can role play and form clansandbattle other players from around the world, or just jump onthecouch for a lazy nap!ROLEPLAY IN FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYERStartyouradventure in the front garden of your new home in the city!Makefriends with other friendly cats and dogs, explore the virtualcitytogether and form a clan. Remember, you are stronger in a packthanby yourself! You can even gossip to your online friends in chatasyou role play this immersive MMO!Who said a kitten and apuppycan’t get along?BUILD A FAMILYBuild a life with your friendsinthis simulator by starting a doggy or kitty family! CAT ANDDOGBREEDSThis sim allows you to choose from all sorts of cutefelineor canine animals. Husky, Dalmation, German Shepherd and ofcoursea puppy and a kitten are all available to adopt!START ACLANStartyour very own clan and invite your friends to join! Agreeon wherethe clan’s home will be, and then go out together as apack. Youcan venture out together to explore or take on other clansin epicPVP battles! When you win a battle, you will collect loot tolevelup your cat or dog in true RPG style!ROAM THE STREETS OR FINDAHOMEBeautiful 3D graphics! You can play as a stray androamoutside, or find a nice cozy house to call home. Lay on thesofa,jump on the bed or stroll around the garden. If you’reanadventurous puppy, or it’s too jam packed inside, you canventureinto the wild and go exploring. But make sure you bring afriend incase you get lost – and beware of the Wolf!PERSONALIZEANDCUSTOMIZEChoose a name that’s all about you! You can customizeyourpet with beautiful trails and sparkling effects that show offyourpersonality!UPDATES: Foxie Games are planning lots ofstableupdates to make the game even more fun. Expect even moreanimals toadopt and role play with! PLAY FOR FREE! Guess what? Youcan playthrough the whole game without paying any real money!However, Cats& Dogs Online contains upgrades that can bepurchased for realmoney.Visit our official website
Junk Norris' Challenges 4.51
Junk Norris, the supreme entity of the universe, is getting alittlebored. After all, there are no challenges or foes capableofentertaining him. That's why, to solve this problem, Norrisshapeda mountain with his fists and created the IMPOSSIBLECHALLENGETOWER, that he calls home sweet mini games home!JunkNorrisImpossible Challenges, Macho Alpha Edixon is an action-packedgamecomposed of many impossible mini games, filled to the brimwithTESTOSTERONE! Prepare yourself for the superhuman adventuresthatonly the real alpha males can tackle! Check out the mainfeatures:-TOWER OF CHALLENGES: Play Norris' action-packed minigames andunlock new adventures while you go up in the tower!- NEVERGIVE UP:Find out where your testosterone can lead you in theinfinite minigames mode. Norris finished all of them... twice!-COMPARE WITHYOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS: See who the real alpha male isamong yourfriends!- WHEEL OF TORTURE: Receive bonuses daily tounlock newmini games and continue to go up in the tower!JunkNorrisImpossible Challenges is the hardest action and adventuregame ofall time. Only 0.000000001% of the players will be able tobeat it.Are you MACHO enough to face Junk's tests? Prove to yourweakfriends that you are the best. Download now and become thealphamale legend!
Pregnant Talking Cat Emma 1.9.8
Your fave virtual pets & talking pets, Emma the Cat andOscar,are expecting little kittens Pregnant Talking Cat Emma needsyourhelp until she brings little talking kitties into the worldoftalking pets. Play my talking cat game & join thevirtualpregnant cat Emma on her pregnancy journey, listen to thiscattalking organize a baby shower for this talking kitty catandprepare virtual cat Emma to be a mom! Get this virtual pet gameandhave fun with Pregnant Talking Cat Emma! BE THE FRIENDPREGNANTTALKING CAT EMMA NEEDS IN HER VIRTUAL PET PREGNANCY Myvirtual petgames and my talking cat games have just got moreinterestingbecause talking cat Emma, your fun virtual pet, is aboutto havethree little talking kitties and she needs all the care apregnantcat can get. You’ll need to take this pregnant mommy cat toherpregnancy doctor so that the kitty cat virtual pet can doanultrasound and other check-ups to make sure her talking kittiesaresafe and sound. But that is not all! Take a look at thefeatureslist of this talking cat virtual pet game and make sure youcheckout every item on there! PREGNANT TALKING CAT EMMA FEATURES:🐱LISTEN TO this cute pregnat cat talking & repeating everywordyou say and have fun 🐱 CHECK-UP: take your pregnant cat, apregnanttalking pet for an ultrasound, blood pressure check-up,etc. 🎁 BABYSHOWER: surprise my talking cat Emma with a gift partyfor herlittle talking kittens and collect all the items to winawards 🐱Get to level 31 to deliver kittens with Emma 🐱 PLAY MUSICto thethree talking kittens while they are in Emma’s belly and helpmyvirtual pet raise healthy kitties 👗 DRESS UP your talking kittycatEmma into lovely pregnancy clothes 🐱 Advance through the levelsandchange room decor so that your pregnant cat virtual pet feelsmorecomfy in her home 🎁 Win coins and diamonds, unlock levels andgetfun awards in this virtual pet game 💅 PET NAIL SALON: makeyourvirtual pet turn into a beautiful pregnant cat 🐱 NAME mytalkingcat as you like 🎁 Play talking kitty cat games and win coinstoprogress 🐱 Share your virtual pet with the world on popularsocialnetworks Oscar the Cat and Emma are super happy to havethreelittle talking kitties virtual pets join their family. Withthenewborn kittens, the world of virtual pets and talking petshasjust reached another level. REMEMBER: you have to take careofvirtual pregnant cat Emma, feed her, bathe her, take her tosleepbecause my talking cat needs all the love and attention avirtualpet can get in this period! You can also make your talkingcatvirtual pet feel more comfortable by changing her room decororcollecting the items Emma the Cat virtual pet will need oncethetalking kittens are born. Get Pregnant Talking Cat Emma, afuntalking pet game, and help Emma and Oscar, your favoritevirtualpets, get ready for the era of parenthood. Enjoy! PregnantTalkingCat Emma virtual pet game has been developed by Peakselandpublished by DigitalEagle - all rights reserved.
Talking Cat Funny 1.93
Reality Cat
Talking Cat Funny repeats everything you say with a funnyvoice.Play as a real cat, explore huge houses. Enjoy hours of funandlaughter with Talking Cat Funny . He is especially fun forchildrenof all ages. Play with Talking Cat Funny : - Talk to Catand hewill repeat everything you say with a funny voice. - Cat isreallysweet. - look at cat dancing. - Cat has a sleep. - Cat isthemonster of circus. - Poke cat's head, arm or feet. - Cat canwalkand run in different scenes. - Beautiful locations to explorewithtons of objects to destroy. - Simulate talking cat to explorethecat's world.
Cthulhu Virtual Pet 3.11
Have you ever dreamt of raising a Lovecraftian God from infancytoglorious monsterhood?Whether you're a lifelong Lovecraft fan, orifyou don't have a clue what a Lovecraft even is, this isyourchance! In this virtual pet game you help Cthulu evolvefrominfancy through adulthood from the comfort of yourpocket!Gainpoints in any of the five great mini games, and use themto keepCthulhu happy, healthy, and well fed. Name your Cthulhu,turn outtheir light for bedtime, and wake them up to feast!Have funwiththis 8 bit retro virtual pet game just like you may have asachild!
Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat 3.3
🌟 Welcome to the world of #1 fashion diva - talking cat! Whowillput a new talking pet on a throne? KIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKINGFASHIONCAT IS YOUR EXCLUSIVE VIRTUAL PET GAME, DIFFERENT FROM ALLTHEOTHER VIRTUAL PETS! Explore the world of a real fashion staramongthe talking animals and watch my talking cat Kimmy rise tofame andfortune! Let your talking cat be in all magazine covers!Completedaily missions, collect diamonds, experiment at the nailsalon andmakeup salon with my virtual cat and enjoy daily rewards!DOWNLOADKIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKING FASHION CAT! 💖💎 TALKING FASHIONCAT DRESSUP VS SUPERSTAR DIVA PHOTOSHOOT! 💎💖 Play with your newfabulousvirtual pet and start a real talking pet games adventurewith thisedgy fashion diva! Kimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat isnot justa regular virtual pet! You can dress her up just like othervirtualpets, but talking pet Kimmy also has a new feature. IT’STHEPHOTOSHOOT ROOM! Let your snappy virtual cat be right inthespotlight. Prepare my virtual pet Kimmy for a celebrityphotoshootwith a spa day. Take a bath and brush and polish herteeth. You caneven put a peel off mask at the same time and havethe sameglamourous nail polish to steal the show! Watch my talkingpet poseas a diva and become a cover star of all fashion magazine!Collectdiamonds and coins and get daily bonuses to buy designerclothesfor your talking cat after the photoshoot! As you progresstohigher levels, Kimmy’s rooms will be more edgy and glamorous.Themore magazine covers with this talking animal you collect, themoreexclusive the living space for your talking animal will be.Whatare you waiting for? Download Kimmy Superstar: Talking FashionCat!💖💎 KIMMY SUPERSTAR: TALKING FASHION CAT FEATURES: 💎💖 🎬📷PHOTOSHOOTROOM - Have a photoshoot for famous magazine covers andbuy thelooks for my virtual pet Kimmy 🏠UPGRADE KIMMY’S ROOMS - Eachlevelgives your talking cat a new fabulous room design 👗DRESS UP-Customize my virtual cat with many style options 💄MAKEUP SALON-Polish your talking kitty at the superstar salon 💅 NAIL SALON -Dothe nail polish to my virtual pet 🍛🍹EXCLUSIVE FOOD AND DRINK-Notice luxurious food your diva Kimmy can eat 💤 SKIP SLEEPINGtocontinue playing with your talking cat, a real superstar angel🏆DAILY BONUS - Come play with fabulous Kimmy superstar andbeawarded for being a loyal player ☸️ SPIN THE WHEEL tocollectdiamonds and coins in talking pet games 🐾 SHARE Kimmy’smagazinecovers on social networks 🎮 MINI GAMES - Play DiamondSplash, TicTac Toe, Tower Builder to earn coins while playingtalking animalgames My virtual cat Kimmy is much more than just aregular virtualpet. Kimmy the cat will win your heart, because sheis the boldestfashion diva of all talking pet games. Don’t miss thefun! DownloadKimmy Superstar: Talking Fashion Cat and show who isthe greatestsuperstar! Please note that Kimmy Superstar: TalkingFashion Cat isfree to play, but it contains items that can bepurchased for realmoney. Some features mentioned in the descriptionmay also have tobe purchased for real money. Still, you will surelyenjoy playingwith my talking cat! This virtual pet game has beendeveloped byPeaksel and published by DigitalEagle.
Oscar the Cat - Virtual Pet 2.4
🐱 He's white, he's fluffy and absolutely adorable! 🐱 Oscar the Cat-Virtual Pet is a new talking cat game ready to win your heart!Witha sticker album, lots of mini games, talking cat coloringpages andmany other features, this furry little virtual cat thattalks is areal game changer! Download talking cat game and checkfor yourselfwhy this virtual pet is so special! OSCAR THE CAT -VIRTUAL PETFEATURES 🐱 AWESOME GRAPHICS with super cute animations🐱 FUNNYPOTIONS - buy your virtual pet a potion and see what he'lldo(Spoiler alert: it will be hilarious!) 🐱 COLLECT STICKERS, putthemin a sticker album AND 🐱 WIN AWARDS for every completed pagein thealbum or a rare sticker of a talking virtual pet youcollected 🐱 CATCOLORING PAGES – adorable talking cat coloring bookwith lots ofcute drawings 🐱 DRESS UP – buy home decorations andclothes for yourvirtual pet 🐱 DAILY BONUS – come back every day toplay with yourtalking cat and receive daily bonuses 🐱 DAILYMISSIONS – completedaily missions with your virtual pet and winlots of coins anddiamonds 🐱 SPIN THE WHEEL and try your luck: youcan win some prettycool gifts such as rare stickers, lots of coinsor cool outfits foryou talking animal 🐱 MINI GAMES – earn coinswhile you play withyour talking cat 🐱 OSCAR ON FACEBOOK – Log inwith your Facebookaccount to see your friends' virtual pets LEAGUEOF EXTRAORDINARYPETS If there was such a league of talkinganimals, Oscar the Cat -Virtual Pet would definitely be one of thelead members. Next toalready famous talking animals such as Emmathe cat and talking dogCharlie, talking cat Oscar would lead theway into the newvictories. There hardly is a person who couldresist the cuteness ofthose virtual pets and talking animals. Justlook at those goofyeyes! Download Oscar the Cat - Virtual Pet andhave fun with yournew favorite virtual cat that talks! LEGAL INFOOscar the Cat -Virtual Pet, a talking cat app, is an intellectualproperty ofDigitalEagle.
Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet 1.9
Talking animals and virtual pet games now have a new talkingfriend!Emma the Cat - My Talking Virtual Pet is a kitty cat gameeveryoneis going to fall in love with! Get this talking pet gameand havefun! Some might say that this virtual pet game is like anyothertalking cat app. There is a talking animal you need to feed,batheand take care of. When your virtual talking pet is wellrested, youcan also play mini games. Virtual cat Emma is nothinglike any othertalking animal. Even if you are not a fan of virtualpet games, youwill make an exception for this talking kitty cat.FEATURES OF EMMATHE CAT - MY TALKING VIRTUAL PET: 🐈 Once you adopta virtual pet,you can give this talking cat a name you like 🐾Virtual cat is bydefinition a talking animal, which means you canlisten to yourkitty cat talking back to you 🐈 Emma will grow asyou take care ofher; your virtual friend will even get a birthdaycake 🎂 🐾 Becareful: if you don't pay attention to your virtualtalking pet, thekitty cat will get sick 🐈 Pet nail salon – playnail art games andmake your talking cat pretty 💅 🐾 Teeth brushingtime – keep theteeth of your talking animal clean and healthy 🐈Play the violin –become a master at playing violin with yourvirtual pet 🎻 🐾 Dress upgames – you can customize everything inthis talking cat game justthe way you like 🐈 Coloring spree – aspecial coloring section withthe most popular cat coloring pages 🐾Kitty cat games – many kittygames that help improve concentration,hand to eye coordination andmemory 🐈 Counting mice whenever yourtalking cat can't fall asleep 🐭🐾 Share your talking friend withthe world on popular socialnetworks (VIRTUAL) CAT vs (VIRTUAL) DOGGet yourself a virtual cator virtual dog (or both!) and your realpet, if you have one, willnot be jealous. Virtual pets games havemany advantages and this isone of them. Emma the Cat - My TalkingVirtual Pet will be a greatchoice if you feel like playing with atalking virtual cat. Minigames inside this talking cat app willamaze you. If you are aparent, you'll have an extra reason todownload this talking catgame. Virtual pet Emma is waiting to winyour heart! Don't let thiscute little virtual cat wait for toolong! ENTERTAINMENT FOREVERYONE There are many who have enjoyedplaying My Talking KittyCat game or My Talking Dog Charlie. Catthat talks Emma is a newface but not less popular. Virtual catgames and talking animalshave always been great entertainment forboth boys and girls, youngand old. When you hear this cat talkingback to you in a funnyvoice, it will make you laugh your heart outno matter the age. EvenSigmund Freud said that time spent withcats is never wasted time.So get on it! Play with Emma the Cat -My Talking Virtual Pet andhave fun! Emma the Cat - My TalkingVirtual Pet is a free game andit's an intellectual property ofDigitalEagle.
Pop Cat 2.4.5
LinkDesks LLC
Pop Cat from LinkDesks Inc. is an addictive pop cat game with1000+puzzles! Join millions now in the best free pop cat game ever!☺PopCat brings you much more fun and happiness! 🏃Hurry to jump intothepop cat bubble world! Our game is designed for both kids&adults! Enjoy this superior pop bubble cat game! Pop Cat!😻Cats arein a mess~~~~~ Blast them and win🏆!!!------------------------------------ 😎 Features of popbubblepuzzle cat game: ✓ With all new experiences & design! ✓NewBubble Blocks - 5 Styles of Cats. ✓ Google Play ServiceSupported.😍 How to play pop bubble puzzle cat game: ✓ Tap two ormore bubbleblocks of the same cats! ✓ There is no time limit! Reachthe targetpoints of the stage. ✓ Magic fish can help you to changethe colorof cats. ----------------------- How to play pop bubblecat gamefree for android: Very simple to play! Just tap! 4000points in onestage: star of pop cat game. 5000 points in one stage:super starof pop cat game. 6000 points in one stage: super superstar of popcat game Pop Cat - Match, Blast & Pop Bubble Game isgloballyFREE now! More than millions of players & 1000+ puzzlesarewaiting for you in Pop Cat!💪
Cute Cat - My 3D Virtual Pet 1.8.3189
Kiwi Go
Do you want to adopt a little cat but can’t do it? In here, youcanraise your own cat. It’s just like a real cat. Its cute voicewillmelt your heart at once! Take care of your kittens and feedthem togrow up. Let this cute fluffy cat accompany with you as agoodfriends. Features: ※Feed, clean, bath, and play games withyourkitty ※Take your cat to comfy bed when it’s sleepy. ※Upgradeyourcat and unlock new tools and food ※Find hidden coins in thelivingroom. ※Simple controls but endless fun Have aninterestingadventure with your cat! More functions will be releasedsoon.Please stay with us!
Talking Kittens virtual cat that speaks, take care 0.4.2
Talking Kittens, cats that can speak and repeat what you say. Isafree game very realistic virtual pet, done in 3d which is abletorepeat what you say with a funny voice. It is also a virtualpetyou have to care and feeding. The cat that speaks is cuteandrealistic! Now with Augmented Reality! to see your cat in therealworld. Select a kitten, give it a name and play. You can takecareof the kitten and anytime you can change your appearance andname.You can take pictures to use as wallpaper or share withfriends.Your kitty can play with the bugs on the floor. You mustcare andfeed. Occasionally needs a good bubble bath. The bathroomis themost spectacular moment, you'll see authentic foam andbubbles. Ifthe cat was dirty, as you rub will go running clean.Play and touchyour kitten so that it is not sad. Talk with kittenpressing themicrophone button. Earn points minigame to buy food andaccessoriesfor your kitty. Features: You can feed your kitty withmilk, foodor treats. You can talk to the kitten and he respondslike so funnyThe kitten gets fat or thin realistically. If the catis dirty, youcan bathe with lots of foam and many bubbles will bemade. You cantake a picture at any time. Visit the store to buyfood andaccessories. Points can be earned by playing. Includes cardgame'Memory Kitty' to earn points and expedite the mind. Thisappincludes advertising to support the developer, try notveryinvasive. Advertising can eliminate buying premium accountbyclicking on the button 'No ads'. If you need to buy many items,youcan purchase 50000px and equip your kitten.