Top 25 Apps Similar to Shreveport Louisiana Community App

Kazyon 1.1
Inova LLC
* Kazyon Market is the largest “Egyptian Hard Discountsupermarketchain” in Egypt. Kazyon works to provide basic foodcommodities atthe best price to fight inflation. Kazyon aims tooperate more than1,000 stores and accordingly to hire more than10,000 Egyptianemployees. Kazyon Market is an Egyptian joint stockcompany, thatsupport’s Egyptian economy. * Through this app youcan: - Be thefirst to know about our most recent offers - Detectthe closestbranch to you - For delivery, can check if this serviceisavailable in your area and call directly the respective store*This is the official Kazyon app
Cicek Sepeti – Online Gift and Flower Store 5.0.5
• Instantly see all discounts and campaigns, •Don’tforget your loved ones’ birthdays with the BirthdayReminderService, • Same day delivery for flower orders and “freeshipping”advantage on all gift products. Our Android app makesonlineshopping easy for you! Place your flower order with only acoupleof clicks without going to a florist. Quickly place an onlineorderfrom your mobile device by filtering hundreds of gift productsfromflower and gift categories. Download the Çiçek Sepeti Androidappnow to your mobile phone to send flowers. We offer samedaydelivery anywhere in Turkey with our extensive florist network!TheFlorist in Your Pocket Besides being the closest floristavailable,Çiçek Sepeti is the online flower service giving you thebestvariety of products. Boxed flowers, terrariums, infiniteroses,lush flower arrangements, romantic rose bouquets, whitedaisies,exquisite orchids and more. In Turkey’s flowermarket, prepares handmade arrangements to send fordeliveryon the same day to delight your loved ones. WithdeliciousBonnyfood (edible flowers) and fruit basket products,personalizedgift options are available in your pocket at affordableprices withthe Cicek Sepeti Android app. Birthday Reminder ServiceForgettingabout your loved ones’ birthdays is not a problemanymore! Thanksto the birthday reminder service in our app, youwill be notifiedof your loved ones’ birthdays just in time. Forlast minute orders,experience the ease of quick shopping with ourAndroid app. 
OnlineShopping App You can add the flower arrangementyou like to yourshopping cart by making a selection from productsfiltered bycategories like the purpose of sending, flower type, andspecialday. Specify address details and the desired delivery timeslotalong with a flower card note and complete your online orderwithinseconds. Also, you can order custom design products fromboutiqueflower sellers and vendor gifts from members of ourmarketplace.
Advantages of the Cicek Sepeti Android App • Be thefirst to knowabout promotions, discount coupons, and special deals.• Receivenotifications of your loved ones’ special days through ourreminderservice. • Create an online order and track its statusthrough theapp until your order delivers. 
• Easily and edit your profile information. 
• Viewpreviousorders, past order dates, and card notes.
 • Save addressdetailsof loved ones using your personalized address book,proceedingsmoothly with the order.
 • Reach customer supportthrough the appto quickly get assistance. Don’t forget to follow uson SocialMedia:
Flippy - Rewards Cards Wallet 3.0.5
FLIPPY CARD IS FAST SAVER:- With the camera you can addloyaltycards within seconds.- You can have him ready screen to scanitemsto show in properly equipped stores *.FLIPPY SAVER CARD E'simpleto use:- No registration, you can begin using immediatelyafterdownload Flippy Saver tab is not required;- Choose from morethan400 cards available:IKEA, Esselunga, Carrefour, Giant, MediaWorld,Nectar, Coop, Conad, Crai, Despar, Sephora, Decathlon,SubwaySubcard, Marcopolo Expert, Payback, Alitalia, OVS, LaFeltrinelli,Bennet, Conbipel, Intersport, Passbook, Giunti, Shell,Sidis,Trenitalia, IKEA, Saturn, Prenatal, Being Wellbeing,Expert,Alitalia, Billa, Bennet, CafèNoir, Bottega Verde, Conad, You&Eni, Alitalia, Auchan, Avis, Benetton, Blocco31, Bricofer,Brums,Coin, Decathlon, Despar, Desigual, Dorint, Elite, Esselunga,Esso,Euronics, Famila, Fiorella Rubino, Freddy, GameSpot, hardrock,Iberia, Ikea, KIKO, Libraccio, Marcopolo, PAYBACK,PUPA,PittaRosso, TotalErg, and many other Unieuro ;- Manage yourwalletcard.*IMPORTANT:Many shops still use the old scanningtechnologies(eg. Laser scanner or flatbed). These scannersunfortunately cannot read smartphone dispay. In this case, simplyask the cashier tomanually enter the code.Found an error?Send ane-mail to ask forhelp or suggestions for lab@movisystem.comWe'lltry to fix it!
Free Gift Cards Generator 2018 1.2
Now We Are Presenting Best Online Gift card Generator AppforAndroid. With Our Online Free Gift Code Generator app youcanGenerate Free Gift Codes and Earn Free Discounts and VouchersWeareGenerating Codes for Game, Commercial Website, Shoppingwebsite,Online Store, Wallet, and Google Play or Get Free Discountwith OurOnline Dummy Free Gift card Generator AppFree Gift CodeGeneratorThat Will Easily generates Your Favorite Dummy GiftCard.New freegift card generator that will easily generate yourfavorite giftcodes, any free gift generator codes. First select theformat foryour favorite service, then press Generate to generatethe code. WeSupport a variety of Different code For the FollowingApps andFollowing are Discount Price or Voucher you can earn: #Free AmazonGift card Generator# Free Steam Wallet Gift CardGenerator# FreeGoogle Play Gift card Generator# Free EBay Gift CardGenerator#Free ITunes Gift Card Generator# Free Xbox Gift CardGenerator#Free PlayStation Gift Card GeneratorFeatures• Get Amazondummy FreeGift Code Generator.• Get Steam Wallet dummy Free GiftCodeGenerator.• Get Google Play dummy Free Gift Code Generator.•GetPlayStation dummy Free Gift Code Generator.• Get Ebay dummyFreeGift Code Generator.• Get iTunes dummy Free Gift CodeGenerator.•Get Xbox dummy Free Gift Code Generator.Free generatecoupons codeshare with your groups and family members.It'sautomaticallygenerate the gift coupon code.It's Free generatecoupon code andgift your friends.Note : Free Gift Card GeneratorApplicationGenerate Gift Code Generated is dummy code. It may ormay not work.
Free Gift Code Generator loducode
Free Gift Code Generator Application is Generating Codes forGame,Commercial Website, Shopping website, Online Store, Wallet,andGoogle Play or Get Free Discount with Our Online Free GiftCodeGenerator AppSupport Different Free Gift Card Generator:AmazonFree Gift Code GeneratorSpotify Free gift CodeGeneratorGameStopFree Gift Code GeneratorSteam Wallet Free GiftCode GeneratorGooglePlay Free Gift Code GeneratorEBay Free GiftCode GeneratorITunesFree Gift Code GeneratorXbox Free Gift CodeGeneratorPlayStationFree Gift Code GeneratorSupport Different FreeGift Cards :🎁 AmazonGift Card Generator🎁 Google Play Gift CardGenerator🎁 Steam WalletGift Code Generator🎁 Ebay Gift CodeGenerator🎁 Itunes Free GiftCards🎁 PlayStation Free Gift Cards🎁GameTwist Free Gift Codes🎁GameStop Free Gift Codes🎁 Xbox Gift CardsGenerator - Xbox LiveMembership Gold🎁 Walmart Free Gift CardsGenerator🎁 Target FreeGift Codes Generator🎁 Netflix Free Gift CodesGenerator🎁 PaypalGift Cards GeneratorGenerate Different Free GiftCards : 🎁 AmazonFree Gift Card Generator - $10, $20, $25, $50, $75,$100 AmazonGift Cards 🎁 Google Play Free Gift Card Generator - $10,$20, $25,$50, $75, $100 Google Play Gift Cards 🎁 Steam Wallet FreeGift CardGenerator - $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100 Steam WalletGift Cards 🎁Ebay Free Gift Card Generator - $10, $20, $25, $50,$75, $100 EbayGift Cards🎁 Itunes Free Gift Card Generator - $10,$20, $25, $50,$75, $100 Itunes Gift Cards 🎁 PlayStation Free GiftCode Generator- $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100 PlayStation GiftCards 🎁 GameTwistFree Gift Code Generator - $10, $20, $25, $50,$75, $100 GameTwistGift Cards 🎁 GameStop Free Gift Code Generator -$10, $20, $25,$50, $75, $100 GameStop Gift Cards 🎁 Xbox Free GiftCard Generator- $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100 Xbox Gift Cards 🎁Walmart Free GiftCard Generator - $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100Walmart Gift Cards 🎁Target Free Gift Code Generator - $10, $20,$25, $50, $75, $100Target Gift Cards 🎁 Netflix Free Gift CodeGenerator - $10, $20,$25, $50, $75, $100 Netflix Gift Cards 🎁Paypal Free Gift CodeGenerator - $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100Paypal Gift Cards FreeGift Code Generator is automatically generatethe gift coupon code.Free Gift Code Generator is searched bydifferent keyword: 🎁 FreeGift Card Generator 2018 🎁 Free Gift Cards🎁 Free Gift CardGenerator New 🎁 Free Gift Code Generator 🎁 FreeGift Code Generator2018 🎁 Gift Code Generator 🎁 Gift CardGeneratorNote : Free GiftCode Generator Application Generate GiftCode Generated is dummycode. It may or may not work.🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁IMPORTANT NOTE 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁CodeGenerated is dummy code. It may or may notwork. just entertainmentapplication.We don't take any userInformation and we are notviolateDevice and Network Abuse policyand sections 4.3 and 4.4 ofthe Developer Distribution Agreement.And Also Our App don'tinterfere with, disrupt, damage, or access inan unauthorizedmanner the user’s device, other devices orcomputers, servers,networks, application programming interfaces(APIs), or services,including but not limited to other apps on thedevice, any Googleservice, or an authorized carrier’s network.FreeGift CodeGenerator app is an unofficial application and is notassociatedwith original application by any manner.
GoCoupon 1.0.8
Waheed Mousa
אפלקציה הקופנים הראשונה בישראל אפלקציה גו-קופון מאפשרת ללקוחלקבלקופונים להנחות מיוחדות במגוון רחב של בתי עסק. באפלקצייה ישנםהרבהאופציות לחיפוש עסקים כמו קטוגוריות , אזורים , קרוב אלי,וקופוניםחמים וגם קניה מחול בכל האפשריות האלה אתה יכול למצוא ביתהעסק שאתהמחפש במגזר הערבי ואתה יכול לקבל ההנחה מיוחדת דרך הברקוד .האפלקציהקלה ויעילה .
elo 3.6
Download this app and get notified about our promotionsbeforeeveryone else!
iDiscount Card Holder 1.8.3-r
iDiscount LLC
A simple wallet for all your business cards, discount orloyaltycards, coupons and paper tickets. Create you personalelectronicbusiness card and share it using QR, messengers or socialnetworksIf you have a lot of business cards or plastic discountcards, youcan use the application and easily convert them intoelectronicform, and always have on hand in your smartphone. Animportantadvantage is that the app is free and without built-inadvertising!App iDiscount Card Holder designed to make life easierand moreconvenient to customers: - All your discount cards andbusinesscards are always in your phone; - You can't forget, can'tlose andcan't broken it; - You will always have current contact ofyourfavorite shops or cafes, whose electronic discount card youown; -You forget what the bursting of the excess cards wallet; -Card'sbar code can be considered right from your phone's screen; -Youcan see your size of discounts in application. There are 2 typesofcards in iDiscount Business Card Holder: 1) business ordiscountcard manually added by the user. They have no connectionwith thecompany, but allow the user to fill in the necessaryinformationabout the store and hold it all in a mobile phone(address, phone,e-mail, card barcode number); 2) electronicdiscount cards - theyare available, when the company use iDiscountBusiness App andissue the card to your address. They give you thebestopportunities: - You can see all company's addresses andcontactinformation of each store; - You can see your currentdiscount, theamount of savings on the card and detailed terms ofcumulativediscount; - You can follow the news of the company andgettingnotification of sales promotions. Let us make our livesbetter :)
Saviry - Deals,Freebies,Sales 3.1
Lanuta LLC
People use Saviry to find amazing deals in electronics,discoverlatest clothing sales and get the best prices for theirdailyshopping. Saviry helps you save and gives you ideas at thesametime! It shows you the most recent deals in electronics,clothing,gifts, HDTVs, blu-ray movies, games, groceries, homeessentials andmany more..You can vote for deals and see what otherpeople liked.You can follow friends and get followers that shareyour dealtaste. You will discover new things and get yourshoppinginspiration from savvy shoppers with similarinterests.Discoveryour deal inspiration and savor the savings withSaviry!MainFeatures:★ Deal notifications. Saviry will notify you assoon asnew deals appear (based on your keyword/forum selection).Knowabout the newest deals first.★ Categories. Explore deals inavariety of categories, such as: Games, DVDs, Music, TVs,Computers,Cameras, Apple products, Apps, Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes,Babies,Food, Health, Home & Kitchen, Sports, Travel, Gift Cardsandmore....★ Widget - enjoy deal updates right on your desktop.★TopTrending deals. See what other people think are the bestdealsright now. Thumbs up or down the deals you feel stronglyabout.Your opinion will help the good deals to come to the top.You'llalso earn points for your input. People may follow you ifthey findyour deal selection interesting. Your friends will be abletoeasily find your likes, so that you can comment and discussthem.★Favorites. Save to favorites the deals you love, so that youcaneasily find them later.★ Fast UI. Simple, clean, easy to useandtime saving user interface. Only two touches to switch betweentheforum categories.★★★★★Thank you guys! Your good reviewsandsuggestions help us to release updates and serveyoubetter.★★★★★FAQsIf none of the Saviry links work, and when yoclick"linky" it is unable to open the page, try following:1)Disable anyad-blocking apps (such as AdBlocker Plus)2) If you haverooted yourdevices, thena. Use a file explorer app like Rootexplorerb.Navigate to system/etcc. Click on Mount R/Wd. Rename thefile,hosts, to hosts.bakAll links should work now. Thanks Ryan forthissolution. If you still have any issues please email us.
buyinvite 3.1.1
buyinvite is a premiere online shopping club offering savings ofupto 80% off. Membership is FREE! Every day we host new salesforinternational and local brands, including womenís, menísandchildrenís fashion, accessories, beauty and homewares. Atbuyinvitethe best designer brands are always on sale! Shop on thego via thebuyinvite app and access all of our sales in three simplesteps:Browse: Scroll and select your favourite items across allsales andcategories. Select: Clear display of available sizesandinformation enables fast selection. Checkout: Secure checkoutthenreturn to browse for more... All sales are exclusive tobuyinvitemembers and last approximately 3 days. 60% of stock issold in thefirst 48 hours and many items are not available throughotherretailers so get in early!
com.tourbillon.freeappsnow 1.4.4
Looking for the best apps that you can install on yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet? Want to find the best-paid apps thatare freefor a limited time and download them easily while saving alot ofmoney? Looking for an app that can give you the best new appsandthe most excellent apps deals? If your answer is yes, then youneedto stop looking elsewhere because you have to download andinstallFreeAppsNow on your Android smartphone or tablet to get allthosefeatures and many more for free. FreeAppsNow is a new andmodernapp coupon app that will provide you with a list of paidAndroidapps that are available for free for a limited time and letyoudownload them easily. Our apps deals app can also be usedtodiscover the best apps, and you may find some useful ones foryouthat you can use without paying anything. Why choose todownloadand install FreeAppsNow on your Android smartphone ortablet forfree instead of other apps deals apps? ★ Easy ★ ✓ VeryEasyInterface to use and you will be able to see all the apps onthehome screen. You do not have to create an account to startusingour app coupon app. ✓ Install all apps directly to yourAndroiddevice without going to any other website to redeem theoffer. ★Free ★ ✓ Our Best apps app is free, and you do not have topay anyspecial memberships to start using it. ★ Daily updated ★ ✓We willupdate our app daily to let you get the latest apps deals. ★Hideinstalled apps ★ ✓ Hide any installed app to guarantee thatyouwill only see the new apps. ★ Smart search ★ ✓ Want to find anappeasily? Use the smart search feature and tap any app name youwant.★ Sort by ★ ✓ You can order the apps by newest, downloads,price,rating or expiration date. What are you waiting for?DownloadFreeAppsNow and enjoy getting the best-paid apps for free.
SpinDeals app 1.34
SpinDeals is a FREE Cypriot mobile app which gives youtheopportunity to play and win unique coupons from different shopsandservices. We have partners in multiple industries. Justchooseshops with Active Spins inside the app from Nicosia,Limassol,Larnaca and Paphos, press the Spin button and you have thechanceto win unique coupons, deals and offers. No prepaid coupons.Noemails. Just show the coupon that you have won to the cashiertoredeem it. Simple as that. Our app gathers all coupons in oneplaceeasy for you to find.
Shukran 4.1.2
We've completely overhauled our app's design with a freshinterfacethat’s far simpler, cleaner, more modern and relevant thaneverbefore.  SIMPLER • Navigate quickly and easily withourthumb-friendly tab bar menu • Enjoy offers, events andcouponscloser to where you actually are • Easily calculate howmanyShukrans you can earn or spend for your favorite brands both onandoff sale MORE SECURE • Sign in swiftly and more securelywithfingerprint • Enjoy greater digital card security withananti-fraud shimmer FAR MORE USEFUL • Receive personalizedcouponsand offers right from your Home screen • Access yourreceipts andtransactions • Use Inbox to instantly message yourfeedback toShukran and receive great offers • Control your email,text andpush communication preferences in a snap from My Account
Lu8ta 3.4.9
An application for circulars from the major supermarkets in Egypt.
DiscountCalculator free 1.0.36
10% discount, after that 20% discount.... It is difficulttocalculate like this. But this app make easy like thiscalculation.Input price and select discount percent. You cancalculate by onlythis operation. This app also can set tax rate andcalculate tax by1 tap. The color of the calculator you can choosefrom threecolors.
yoCard 3.3.9
yoCard - це додаток для зберігання всіх твої дисконтних ібонуснихкарток. Все просто: додай картку в yoCard, та покажи екранпід часрозрахунку. Додаток відборажає актуальний стан бонусів такупонивід Преміум Партнерів. Перелік Преміум Партнерів постійнозростає,і зараз включає Фора, Фокстрот та інші! З питаннямитарекомендаціями звертайся до нас на Будеморадіпочути твою думку! yoCard is an application for storing allyourdiscount and bonus cards. It's simple: add a card to yoCardandshow the screen during the calculation. The applicationdiscardsthe current status of bonuses and coupons from PremiumPartners.The list of Premium Partners is constantly growing and nowincludesHandicap, Foxtrot and more! Contact us at info@yocard.comforquestions and recommendations. We will be glad to hearyouropinion!
Blue Kangaroo 5.0
Blue Kangaroo
What’s the Roo found for you? The more you shop, the more itlearns.Whether you're on a mission to save or in the mood toexplore, theRoo is here to satisfy.Features• Product and dealrecommendationsfrom your favorite stores• Compare prices• Seeprice history and setprice drop alerts• Deal notifications whenbrowsing shoppingwebsites• Search stores, brands, categories,products, and deals•Create boards• Add products to Blue Kangaroofrom Chrome's sharebutton
Capitec Masterpass
THE ONLY APP YOU NEED FOR ANY QR CODE The Capitec Masterpassappfrom Mastercard makes it easy to pay for just about anything,fromgroceries to bills to online shopping. It combines securityandconvenience, ensuring you’re never caught short, or caught outwhenit comes to making payments. Using Capitec Masterpass is aseasy asscanning a QR code (Scan to Pay). It even works with otherQRpayment providers, such as Zapper, SnapScan, and Pay@. USE ANYBANKCARD It doesn’t matter who you bank with, or what bank cardyouuse, you can load as many cards as you like onto the app.Then,when making a payment, you simply choose the card you want touseand enter its PIN to authenticate the transaction. FAST ANDSECUREAll the info you need to make payments is stored on yourCapitecMasterpass app. So, the days of carrying cash and cards area thingof the past. With your shipping details saved on the app,onlineshopping is a breeze too, from booking concert tickets tobuyingthe latest gadgets or sending flowers to that someonespecial.Capitec Masterpass is centrally hosted by Mastercard. It isfullyPCI-DSS compliant, giving you a simple way to pay anywhere intheworldwide Mastercard Masterpass acceptance network. MAKE IT PARTOFYOUR DAY, EVERY DAY Capitec Masterpass is so easy to use:Downloadthe Capitec Masterpass app and follow the simple steps.Authoriseyour device. Tap “Activate.” We’ll send you an SMS withaone-time-pin to validate Scan your card, enter its details,andyou’re done!
Lifestyle - لايف ستايل 6.24
Shop Lifestyle's wide selection of makeup, home decor,homefragrances & more. Enjoy easy returns & cancellations,earnvaluable Shukran points and favourite the products you want tosavethrough the app. تسوق تشكيلتنا الواسعة من المكياج، ديكورالمنزل،عطور المنزل والمزيد من لايف ستايل. بإمكانية استرجاع الطلباتبسهولة،اكسب نقط شكراً، واحتفظ بالمنتجات التي تحبها عبر التطبيق.
Villagers 6.15
Shop on ‘Villagers’ to get the best deals on millions ofproductsfrom multiple categories. Get maximum discounts onfeaturedproducts. The best offers on top of the range items andsuperiorbrands. Become a premium user and avail massive discountson ouropening sale.Sign up with your credentials to get a VillagersGiftVoucher worth INR 100. Moreover, become a premium user andavailmaximum Cashback on referral.The internet is the most powerfultoolavailable to mankind today and we, at Villagers, believeinleveraging it to its utmost potential. Our company’stagline(Farmers to Customers) aptly describes our motivation,vision, andmission behind the business. We dream of a country wherea farmerwon’t have to struggle for the right marketplace or pricefor hisproduce. Our objective is to empower farmers of the countrytobecome an independent retailer on our portal and introducetheirproduce to our huge customer base. At Villagers, we believe intheYCYP policy which is “Your Crop Your Price.” Categories toshopfrom:• Lifestyle• Agriculture• Groceries Refer &EarnPolicyLove Villagers? Refer a Friend today and enjoyamazingrewards!"Refer our App to a friend and get Villagers GiftVoucherworth INR 100. What's more, get a cashback of INR 50 inyourVillagers Wallet when your friend registers as a premium user."1.Free User⦁ Refer & Share our App's link through social mediaofyour choice. ⦁ On sign-up (either as a free user or a premiumone),you get a free Villagers Gift Voucher worth INR 100. (*)2.PremiumUser⦁ Refer & Share our App's link through social mediaof yourchoice. ⦁ On sign-up (if as a free user), you get a freeVillagersGift Voucher worth INR 100.(*)⦁ On sign-up (if as apremium user),you get a balance of INR 50 in your VillagersWallet.(*)⦁ The sumof money in the Villagers wallet istransferrable into a BankAccount and can also be used to shop onour official website orApplication.(*)Join Villagers as a PremiumUser to become anindependent retailer!Join the Villagers movementand become anindependent retailer. Get a chance to showcase yourproducts to ourenormous customer base present across the country.Sign-up as apremium user and feature your signature products on ourrecurrentsale and soar your revenues! For any feedback, suggestion,query,complaint, write to us at
CashMint - Online Shopping 1.2.0
CashMint, India’s Best Cashback Shopping APP..! Shop fromyourfavorite online stores and earn Cashback in addition toFreeCoupons, Offers, Deals and Discount codes for over 2000+IndianOnline shopping websites. ★ What is Cashback? For everytransactionyou make via CashMint, you are offered some amount as areward forsmart shopping. This is in the form of Cashback which isover andabove any discount the online store provides. You can usethe freecashback amount as real cash by recharging your phoneortransferring it to your bank or digital wallets. ★ How togetCashback? Browse - Find amazing offers through our exclusivefreecoupons and discount codes for your favorite merchants.CashMintlists over 100+ online merchants such as Flipkart,Amazon,Snapdeal, Paytm, Freecharge, Jabong, Myntra, Domino’s, etc.Shop -Get free discount coupons & promo codes and click on thelinkprovided to visit your favorite online stores and shop asyoualways do. Earn - Sit back and relax while we track yourpurchaseand transfer the cashback to you. ★ How Cashback Works?When youshop online through CashMint, we get a commission fromonlinemerchants such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm,FreeCharge,Mobikwik etc which we share with you in the form ofcashback. ★ Whyshould you care about Cashback? CashMint's Cashbackis actualmoney. Every rupee you earn as cashback is a rupee you canspend onsomething you care about. ★ How to Redeem the CashBack ?You canredeem your cash backs as Bank Transfer, Wallet Transfer,GiftCards etc. ________________________
Linxale 2.3.2
Linxale is a geo-social shopping application which offersyoubargain shopping in leading shopping centers effortlesslyandconveniently.This application shows all real-time sales atyournearest retail chains and shopping centers. You can alsopartnerwith another user in order to share a sale for abest-pricepurchase. ******** Main application display ********Theupperscreen displays the name of your nearest shopping center.Press thename to display the names of other shopping centers andsee saleselsewhere. The main screen displays all sales in thecurrentshopping center, allowing you to like sales or sharewithfriends.In the top-right corner of the screen, there is asearchicon, allowing you to search by store name, and openingthepossibility to add new sales.******** “Find a partner”button********The “Find shopping partner” button, located onsharablesales, locates a nearby partner for money-saving smartpurchases.Once the application locates a partner you each receive amessageand a chat thread starts for you to coordinate the sharedpurchase.Shared sales with requests and chats are located at thetop of thescreen.******** Hot sale ********A Hot Sale is identifiedby aflashing “Join partner” button, indicating that a share requesthasbeen submitted by another user. Tap the button to initiatetheshared purchase. We bring you smart saleshoppingconveniently.Download the application now and start savingfromyour first purchase…
Earrings online shopping app 1.7.3
Earrings online shopping app
Reward Me Now : Buy Gift Codes 3.9.1
Start saving now! Begin your 60 DAY TRIAL for just £1 withthecoupon REWARD60 - that’s only 50p per month. Being a memberofReward Me Now gives you instant, exclusive discounts of up to18%at over 160 popular brands - both high street and online.Savemoney on everything from fashion, to food, and anything inbetween.Get your savings in seconds... Trust us - it’s faster tobuy one ofour discounted eGift Codes than it is to get your purseout of yourbag at the till! So many great savings are at yourfingertips, andonly a matter of seconds away. Stackablediscounts... This uniquefeature will help your savings skyrocket!Multiple discounts atonce? Yes, please. In store savings... Withthe Reward Me Nowshopping card, you get an instant 7% saving atmany high streetretailers.
Best App Sale 3.13
Best App Sale shows you the best sales on the Play Store, Steam,PSN(Playstation Store), Xbox (360 and One), GOG (former GoodOldGames), Origin, Nintendo eShop, Humble Store, Humble Widget,Uplay,Indiegala, Gamersgate,, Games republic, Greenmangaming,Gamesplanet, Indie Game Stand, DLGamer,Microsoft,, Nuuvem, Square Enix, Direct2drive, BundleStars,Wingamestore/Macgamestore, Twitch, Gamebillet, Epic GamesStore.You will see the Games Bundles(Humble Bundle, Indie Gala,Bundlestars, Indie royale) too. You will found all the sales ofapps& games for your Android device, all the sales of theSteamstore (for PC games and apps), for your Playstation devices onPSN(PS3, PS4, PSVita, PSP), for you Xbox devices (Xbox One orXbox360), the games on GOG or the games on the Origin platform(byElectronic Arts), the games for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U andWii,PC/Mac/Linux games on Desura and the Bundles of Games. Youcanfilter the deals displayed based on the download count or bythepercentage of reduction. By clicking on the developper's name,youcan list all the apps from this developper. Price history Thepricehistory of the app is displayed, which tells you the pricechangesin the past, if the price had been lower, how long ago andat whichprice. Follow list / Watchlist You can manage a "follow"list to benotified when a specific app is on sale (or in a bundle).It's likeyour wishlist. You can also choose to be notified of allnew sales.To follow an app from the Play Store, Steam, PSN, Xbox,GOG orOrigin website, use the "share" button and select "best appsale"to open the page of this app on best app sale. You will findthefollow button and the price history. You can also use thesearchfunction. Other functionalities - Sort by date ofdiscount,popularity, discount, release date - You can choose thecountry(thus the currency) and the language of the store - You canseeended sales - Share the sales to your friends - Nearly all appsandgame are available in best app sale ! All the best price cut,pricereduction are available in the app. You will miss no deals, nogameor app that is on sale. Best App Sale will be the best friendofyour wallet, for the best app on sales but also for the bestgameson sale. If you would like to buy a package of multiple gamesfor areally low price, the functionnality to list the bundles ofgameswill let you buy multiples games for as low as 1$ (by example)!The in-app purchase is for removing the ads